Episode 47 |

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life with Aslan Mirkalami

Everything that happens in your life, from your career, to your love life, can be controlled. Our lives are directly affected by our belief system, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can change your unconscious mind and bring success into your life. Here to discuss NLP is high-performance coach, serial entrepreneur and all-around healer Aslan Mirkalami. Manifest your dream reality with Aslan’s expert NLP techniques. We discuss how NLP works, how your belief systems are holding you back, changing your mindset to find success and more.

Episode 33 |

Question Your Thoughts and Beliefs to End Suffering with Byron Katie

Is it possible that any pain and suffering you feel is just a projection of your mind, and can be ended, for good? Byron Katie’s method, The Work, has helped countless people around the nation to live happier, more peaceful lives, and she believes that everyone can apply her method to create change. We discuss how to end pain and suffering, learning to forgive and find peace, how to become open to change and more.

Episode 31 |

Reframing Your Unconscious Mind to Transform Your Beliefs with Ken Dubner

Hypnosis can alter your unconscious mind and promote healing. In this episode, Ken Dubner explains how hypnosis isn’t at all what you’ve seen in childhood cartoons-it’s life-changing and can open you up to new possibilities. We all have deep-rooted fears, some that even affect our daily lives. What if you could stop those fears that hold you back, creating a positive, happier future? You can, and Ken opens up to give us the healing techniques that have helped thousands of people. We discuss what the real hypnosis is all about, using the creative part of your brain to promote change, techniques to change your mindset and more.

Episode 9 |

A Natural Approach to Healing Our Bodies with Cristo D’arcy

Cristo D’Arcy can’t tell you exactly what he does. He’s been a healer and energy restorer for around 15 years, and he manages to be simultaneously astounded by what he does as well as his biggest skeptic. Cristo has always been aware that he had skills that bordered on the fantastical. When he realized that his life wasn’t made for conventional schooling, he looked to alternative medicines to be able to use his gift with others. But to him, it perhaps wasn’t far-reaching enough. Instead, he was introduced to a kung fu grandmaster who taught him about energy healing, and something finally felt right. Now, he’s traveling across the country giving individualized healings and diagnostics of what is going on in the energy spectrum of the body. Our body is made of so much more than the physical that we know of it. Cristo is right there at the forefront realizing how energy has so much to do with our latent potential.Health has always been a huge priority in our lives; however we find so many people frustrated with the traditional path of wellbeing. Where traditional medicinal doctors are missing something, Cristo is cutting through the distractions to get at the real root of our problems, and getting faster results than he ever could have imagined. He generously reveals his insights on the subconscious, healing long-term pain, alternative medicines and more.