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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Kim Redman
“Abilities come before control. Until we have control, our assets are perceived as liabilities.”
Dr. Kim Redman

Life is a journey, and there are many paths from where you are to where you want to be. There will be many lessons that you need to learn because you were chosen to come to this particular life school known as Earth. My guest for this episode, Dr. Kim Redman, explains life’s never-ending journey through ancient teachings and hard-core science.

Dr. Kim is the founder of Creatrix Go Quantum, a revolutionary system where “East Meets West for Quantum Success™.” Dr. Kim has one foot in science and one foot in spirit, and she acts as a living bridge between these two worlds. She works with conscious entrepreneurs who want to create legacy and mission.

In this episode, Dr. Kim shares what led her down the rabbit hole of quantum physics and how it intersects with neural linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and ancient wisdom. We also discuss astral projection and how to safely travel out of one’s body, how to tap into the supernatural abilities we are born with, what is karma and how it shows up in life, self-care and why it is important, how to rewrite your soul contracts, and much more. And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest, Dr. Kim Redman, a global leader in Quantum Consciousness and the international founder of the field of Quantum Leadership™, who works with the core competencies, skill sets and behaviors that allow human potential to expand vertically, bloom, root and grow.
  • [01:51]Stephan wants to know Dr. Kim’s origin story of getting into quantum physics, NLP, hypnosis, and ancient wisdom.
  • [06:59]Dr. Kim discusses the concept, methods and training needed in making an astral projection.
  • [08:56]Stephan and Dr. Kim talk about shutting doors, off-putting, and gaining psychic abilities.
  • [13:44]Stephan asks Dr. Kim about her experience of getting strangled at 18 and the gifts she discovered out of that experience.
  • [17:07]Dr. Kim and Stephan discuss their thoughts about the concept of releasing karma.
  • [22:24]Dr. Kim shares one of the most effective processes that she has worked with to transmute karma.
  • [31:35]Stephan and Dr. Kim talk about honoring self first before serving others to heal.
  • [35:07]Stephan is curious to hear Dr. Kim’s thoughts about soul contracts, what they are, and their reason for existence.
  • [41:37]Dr. Kim explains that fear leads to anger and love, which turns into behavior and actions.
  • [45:10]Visit Dr. Kim Redman’s website to start your spiritual journey. You can also reach her through Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Kim, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks, Stephan. Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Yeah, thank you. Let’s start by sharing, if you would, your origin story of how you got into quantum physics plus NLP, hypnosis, and ancient wisdom.

I didn’t have an awakening story. I came in woke.

Everyone loves this great, ‘I had this awakening story’. I didn’t have an awakening story. I came in woke. What I mean by that is at five years old, I was having arguments with adults because I remembered what the pyramids were there for.

I would go to sleep, I would float up, I would watch my body. I called her my friend. She was the lady in light. She would sit there and teach me things all night. Like any other little kid, I’d be like, can I please stay five more minutes? She’s like, no, you have to wake up and go to school and they brought me back into my body.

However, what I did have was a series of really catastrophic events that I think made sure that I couldn’t shut any of this down. That included a lot of physical abuse, a lot of trauma. That included getting strangled to death at 18, flatlining, and needing this incredible force of light and love. Just before I took their hand, I looked back and I said, but if I leave now, I won’t do what I’m supposed to do.

Part of my brain was even going, what are you talking about? Because I certainly had no idea in the front of my brain. The being of light just beamed at me with this laughter and I was instantly back in my body.

Along the way, I’ve had that, I’ve transmuted cancer, I’ve transmuted a C2 break, I relearned how to walk twice. Once it took me six months in a wheelchair before the shaman said to me, you have to stop breaking your body in ways that science says can’t be fixed just to prove that it’s fixable. You have to find a different way to teach people.

For me, it was about survival and getting my life on track.

It really began this journey for me. My life at that time, as you might imagine, was in chaos. I was in my early 20s. For me, there was none of this, ‘oh, let me seek zen’. For me, it was about survival and getting my life on track. I had this entire slew of intuitive gifts. I didn’t know how to use them. I was really at effect of them.

Think of any Marvel comic. The superhero is never happy in the beginning. They have to go through training to figure out how to use what they have. Apparently, I had the whole sampler set of a bunch of intuitive abilities. I needed to learn how to train them.

That just put me on my journey of how do we get this information out to people. It took me from working with myself to working with kids and at-risk kids in some very dangerous environments, to working with all children who are flipping to working with adults, and just continually seeking because I think that’s part of that. If you’re going to be a leader in this field is that growth mindset where you’re eternally learning and you’re eternally seeking, and that’s a priority in your life to keep up-leveling those skills.

You said that you knew at age five what the pyramids were there for. What are they there for?

As confirmed by the Mystery Schools, they’re actually multi-dimensional access places. That’s why there are no bodies in them. They’re lined up on the ley lines. They line up to the Belt of Orion.

Yeah, and precisely size too to the size of the stars and the belt.

They create perfect Vesica Pisces. If you draw the two circles that overlap like the wedding rings, those are the same sacred geometries and ratios that we find in so many other places, including how our own cells form in conception. From the macrocosm to the microcosm, it’s all connected.

Abilities come before control. Until we have control, our assets are perceived as liabilities. Share on X

Yeah, very cool. You started astral projecting at a young age. For those that are unfamiliar with the concept of astral projection or going out of your body—OBE is out-of-body experiences—how do you help them to facilitate that process of actually, by choice, going out of body and visiting other realms, other dimensions, other places on the planet, visiting family members, loved ones, et cetera? How do you get them to make that jump?

I think the first thing that I’ve learned in my own training and in training others is to set up an environment of safety. For example, we have something called transformations, healing with joy, which is our Initiates Training mp3, where we teach them what sacred geometry is to put around themselves so that in the front of their brain, in the back of their brain, and in their higher self, they know that in fact they are protected.

There’s a natural, I think, reticence to doing this because when people don’t understand or they haven’t gone through some form of methodology training, that’s pretty much what we’re talking about here. The same method all the time we used to do this, they’re afraid that if they leave, they can leave their body. If they do that, we call that dying.

That’s on the bad list for referrals. We really, really want people to do this with some training, do this with a mentor. All of the intuitive skills are hardwired into us. However, access to them is usually counterintuitive.

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

A lot of us have abilities that we are born into, like you, but then we shut the door on that at an early age because we’re ostracized, ridiculed, or made fun of in some way like, stop talking to your invisible friends.

I interviewed Erik Luhrs last year and he shared how at a young age, he was able to see spirits, ghosts, entities, and stuff. It freaked him out. It got to the point where he’s like, okay, I’m done. He saw some big, scary-looking, balloon-type entity with a scary grin on his face. He’s like, okay, I’m done.

He shut the door and no more psychic abilities until well into his adulthood he decided to start dabbling at that point and getting back into it. It gets to be off-putting if you don’t know what you’re up to or what you’re up against.

I think it’s always off-putting in the beginning. I think that’s an important message to hear because abilities come before control. Until we have control, our assets are perceived as liabilities. I also quickly stopped telling adults what was going to happen or things that I saw. I would look into mirrors and see people I loved in different environments.

There were times when I attempted to close the door. However, the reality is you can’t close the door. The shamans said to me, that was really the purpose of trauma. Trauma created so much energy in motion that it tore through those false veils and allowed the stream of us to connect again. I’d rather show people how to do it without trauma.

Absolutely, but what about folks who say, how can there even be a God when there’s so much tragedy, trauma, evil out there in the world? The truth really is that there is no evil. It’s all an illusion. The only thing that is real is love, is God. This is just a school. It’s a learning environment, a simulation of sorts.

I actually say that. Yes, welcome to life school. It’s called Earth, how’s it going? We’re in a polarity universe. And because we’re in a polarity universe, some of us had to come down here and play the good guy. Some of us had to come down here and play the bad guy.

We’re here for our souls to evolve, not just the personality that is me.

It’s all about lessons of how well can you love, how well can you learn, how well can you forgive, how well can you create from the heart. Therefore, I think what we’re talking about here is we need to really address the different perceptions of what a god is. I always say to people, whether that’s a traditional god, whether that’s the intelligence of the universe in some form for you, whether that’s higher selves connected in a net of light, whatever that means for you, my perception at this point is that we are given free rein to have the experiences that our souls need to evolve.

From the Mystery School perspective, and it’s universal worldwide, we’re here for our souls to evolve, not just the personality that is me, Dr. Kim, or you, Stephan. Over time, I will be the good of it and the bad of it, the male of it and the female of it. There’s a great book, The Little Soul and the Sun, I believe by the person who did Conversations with God.

Neale Donald Walsch.

Yup, Neale Walsch. He has a great book. It’s beautiful. We read it at many of our initiate weekends, The Little Soul and the Sun. It just gives you a great perspective of that. Life happens. How we respond to it is the choice.

I’m curious where you’re at with regards to getting strangled to death at age 18. Did you fully forgive the person who did that to you? What do you see as the gifts out of that experience?

In time, yes. It also realtered my entire life, which I believe was the purpose for it. My parents both come from immigrant parents, so I had a natural predisposition to languages and I wanted to travel. My plan on exiting high school was to study languages, get a job with the UN, and be paid to translate and travel. That was the whole thing. Then this happened.

Life happens. How we respond to it is the choice.

I needed to find out how this could happen to a loved, planned child because the perpetrator was my mother who had had a history of violence in her family. I went into developmental psychology. I began to get into different art therapies and the performing arts. Along the way, I studied emergency medicine and became an advanced paramedic. All of these different pieces were coming together to figure out how do we change generational trauma and how does that tap into or allow for us to grow.

Again, you need a lot of support because let me tell you, that was not easy to come by. It took a lot of work. It was worth every molecule, it allowed me to go back into the family dynamic and change it. That leads me to speak about something called the karmic line healer. If they’re in your audience, Stephan, they probably are the karmic line healer.

It sounds like a Buffy episode, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In every generation, there is one. In order to heal it, you have to experience it. If you’re going to be the healer of your family line, mine happened to involve physical trauma, then you need to experience the physical trauma and heal yourself. By doing that, you throw through the sacred geometries of the Vesica Pisces, the overlapping circles.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

We throw all of these opportunities and skills into the morphogenic field that never existed before. Your job as the karmic line healer is to heal you and to lead via that healing. There’s at least one in every generation and it happened to be my mother. My mother couldn’t complete that until she died. In the method of her dying of cancer, all of these family rifts were healed as my mother went through her transition process, which as hard as it was, was extraordinary to watch what happened to the family.

There’s this concept of releasing karma, that it’s not necessary to have karma anymore. It is a lower level of learning that we can evolve to or ascend to a higher level of learning that doesn’t require karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect, you reap what you sow, and this is across many, many lifetimes.

We’ve done horrible things, all of us, in past lives. That’s why these atrocities, tragedies, and terrible circumstances happen to us. What did I do to deserve it? Well, let me just show you what you did five lifetimes ago. It was pretty awful, like, oh, okay. If you put it that way, okay.

I’m going to really up-level this a little because I think between the Mystery Schools and the New Age movement, there’s a big gap here.


In the Mystery Schools, everyone has karma and the ability to transmute karma including the ascended masters. They come down to transmute our karma. We tend to see karma as a negative thing. Think of it as a bank account, so much light and so much love. There’s also not only based on what we do, but the karma of omission when we didn’t act and should have.

We’re all accruing frequency. I’m just going to put this on frequency for a moment. In order to elevate frequency, no one is exempt because we all carry a frequency. The teachers who come back will often have these experiences that others might perceive as negative, yet they’re there to hold space in the transmutation of a group of karma.

We need to step away from karma as good or bad, punishment or reward.

I think we need to step away from karma as good or bad, punishment or reward. I think it’s really helpful and it serves us to think of this moment, am I really walking the high road? Am I taking the time to develop emotional intelligence? Am I coming from my most heartfelt response, even when there’s no one there to see or hear? It’s not a social media blurb.

We have, it is said, five higher bodies that come online as we go through this ascension process. Yes, at the end of it, we are beyond the duality of this. We are yet still transmuting in the Pistis Sophia, in all of the sacred scrolls. Even the angelic hierarchies in The Hierarchies of Light are still transmuting frequency.

My point of view is to stop worrying about it and start living from your best self in the now, right now and the now because I have news for you. If you’re on this planet, you’ve got karma or you wouldn’t be on this planet.

Right. If we’ve managed to elevate or graduate to a higher level of being where we’re no longer incarnating, then we’re like an ascended master or a higher being. While we’re here, we’re still learning lessons. On the plus side, lessons can be painful, but this is just a place to learn lessons. This is a place to create to be on the leading edge of creation. It’s an incredible gift and opportunity.

Yeah, I really believe you just hit the nail on the head there. We’re sent here to learn how to create and to love. Along the way, the universe doesn’t waste any opportunity. If we do have some karma that needs to get worked out, sure. Even if we don’t of our own, as I said, the ascended masters come in and go through great suffering, usually, to transmute the karma of others. If you’re on the planet, regardless of where you are in that journey of journeying, it’s one of the laws. As soon as you hit a body and you hit the planet, you’ve got cause and effect.

We’re sent here to learn how to create and to love.

Yeah. This idea of releasing karma, Saint Germain, the keeper of the violet flame. The violet flame is an energy that can transmute or release karma and help you to clear some of those karmic debts and so forth, from past lives or from earlier in this lifetime.

I highly recommend him.

Do you have an exercise or a process that you prefer?

I do, actually. One of the most effective ones that I’ve worked with over the years is actually magnified healing. Magnified healing works through the teachings of Master Lady Kuan Yin, who used to be the keeper of the violet flame or fire of transmutation prior to St. Germain. She’s a Bodhisattva.

She was the first person to hit transcendence in a female body as her last body and said, “I’m not going to completely ascend until we’re beyond the suffering in this plane.” Magnified Healing, which works great with any other healing modality, works on a daily transmutation of karma between you and yourself. All misqualified energies between you and yourself, you and your parents, you and your family, you and your peers, you and the earth and humanity, you and the divine, and to continue to work with that daily absolutely.

You absolutely can transmute karma from other lifetimes.

You absolutely can transmute karma from other lifetimes. Of course, we can. That’s why we’re here. You can rewrite your soul contract with that. You also need to be quite intentional with that work. Because the first thing that happens, and this always makes me laugh, I’m over my ego. No, no, no, we need ego.

We have lower ego and we have higher ego. Lower ego is the ego where the problem “reside”. As soon as we have our awakening and we open up our spirituality, the very next thing that happens is spiritual ego kicks in. This is where everyone else’s modality is the wrong way except yours.

I’ll tell you a quick story. It was hilarious. We used to run a healing center. With the exception of the Buddhists and the indigenous people. Everyone else who came into the healing center said that we were doing it wrong. The Christians said we weren’t Christian enough. The Wiccans said we weren’t Wiccan enough. The Jewish people said we were not Jewish enough for them, and on and on and on and on.

The Buddhists walked in and went, oh, good. The indigenous people walked in and said, as it should be on Turtle Island. I thought that was just a great lesson. When we’re able to release attachment to the right way and the wrong way, when we shift our focus from the attachment of right and wrong to effective, loving, and kind, then I think we’re moving in the right direction. That includes setting some boundaries around all of that too.

Your job as the karmic line healer is to heal yourself and lead via that healing.

Yeah. I had an awakening last year. I did battle the hands with spiritual ego quite a lot. I learned some lessons. I got knocked down on my butt a couple of times. 

That will happen.

It was very helpful. It was a lesson in grounding, being more humble, discerning, and all that.

I remember being on the floor of the dirt cave. Obviously, it’s dirt. It’s a cave. With me, just tears streaming down my face. I rolled over on my back, I looked up at the ceiling, and I go, why does this have to be so hard? The shaman I was working with just looked down at me and went, well, at least you’re finally looking in the right direction.

He said it’s hard because you’re making it hard. Surrender to the experience. So many other life lessons go with that faith. I didn’t say a religion. I said faith. Faith that there is something bigger than you.

Surrender to the experience. So many other life lessons go with that faith.

Faith is, I think, a stepping stone to just knowing. Then knowing there’s a place beyond that called knowing beyond that. There’s no doubt it’s certainly beyond logic. It is from another realm or another dimension.

Yes, absolutely.

If you have faith, you can be like Peter and walk on the water as Jesus is calling him, but faith can waver and then you can start sinking. With the knowing, there is no water. There’s only infinite love. It’s a different level.

It is. I love two things about where this conversation is going. First, these are also skill sets. Therefore, there’s a process involved. Everyone goes, I’m just going to be loved. No, you’re not. You’re going to get your ass handed to you by the universe and you’re going to humble up. You can either learn the easy way or the hard way. But either way, you’re going to learn.

We seek to turn stubbornness into tenaciousness. The first is that there’s a process and nobody is exempt no matter where they are. But wait, there’s more of where this is going. The second thing is in that process, there are different benchmarks. You’ll visit them all over and over every single time you raise your frequency.

Every time you raise your frequency, you will look at this spiral again because there are certain ideas that can only be held at certain frequencies, including negative ones. There’ll be certain ideas, beliefs, and behaviors until you realize that the more you know, the less you know. Then the knowing nothing is where we start to work with the paradoxes of knowing everything, and yet you still have to put your pants on the same way in the morning.

I had the whole sampler set of a bunch of intuitive abilities. I needed to learn how to train them. Share on X

One of the great, fun teaching stories is from one of the monasteries. One of the monks reaches transcendence and his protégé comes in, ”Master, master, tell me about transcendence.” He says, “Well, before transcendence, I sit and I meditate, I cook rice, and I do laundry.” He says, “Yes.” After transcendence he goes, “I sit and meditate, I cook rice, and I do laundry, except hemorrhoids heal faster.”

I think there’s this new age concept that when I get there, I won’t be me anymore. When we’re talking about transcendence, you’re always you. You’re just a more evolved version of you. Therefore, it’s not escapism, it’s a lifestyle.

Our awakening birth can hurt. We are exploring that area as escapism.

In the beginning, for many of us, we’re hurting. We’ve had our awakening. Our awakening birth can hurt. We are exploring that area as escapism. If we stick with the past then it becomes the journey. It’s just your lifestyle.

You do your best every day and that’s enough because what else can you do but your best? We forget to be kind and loving to ourselves. I think if I could challenge anybody this year on anything, it’s how do we empower us so there’s more of us to hold space for others? We tend to think about giving to others without filling self. You can’t drive a car if it’s empty. There’s no fuel in it.

You have to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others to escape.

Yeah. I think that’s a natural stage of the journey. When we’re at the beginning of the journey, it’s all about everyone else. I so honor the desire to serve and to heal. And yet, learning to honor yourself as divine means honoring us too. Ironically, that’s where most of the skill sets are lacking. We’re good with other people and maybe not so much with us.

Yeah. That’s something that I’ve found. I would not do enough self-care. I would not go to the gym. I’d cut corners with what I fed my body and so forth. That’s not good. That’s not sustainable.

I think that’s the word. It’s not sustainable, and we all do it. Someone said to me once, avoid aiming for perfection. The 80/20 rule works here too. Eighty percent of the good stuff, 80% of the time is going to leave you way filled up. I had a client recently say to me, “Well, can you define self-care for me other than food, water, and rest?”

Avoid aiming for perfection. The 80/20 rule works here too.

I said, yes, “I’d like you to play with the following definition. What fills you up every day? What fills up your heart? What fills up your body? And what fills up your relationships every day?” He looked at me and said, “Relationships? No, no, no, I just want to know about what to eat.” I’m like, “No, no, no, no.”

When we’re talking about keeping a frequency up, what brings you joy? You know what, sometimes your inner child needs hotdogs. That’s not going to throw the whole system off. Sometimes your inner child needs the chocolate cake. That’s not going to throw the whole system off either.

I think it’s more about intentionality, the why of it rather than the what of it. It’s a really simple question that we can ask ourselves. I know I’m working with this again this year myself. Do my habits support my goals? And if my habits don’t support my goals, then that’s where the shift in awareness goes because how many people do you know that have those lists of, I have to do this, I can’t do this, I should do this?

They may mean well, however, those words are really low-frequency words. What do you choose to do? What can you do? What do you have the opportunity and desire to do? That I think leads us in more practical divinity conversations. This Pope likes to say, pray for the hungry, but then go feed them.

One thing that you said earlier, you spoke just briefly about rewriting soul contracts. I interviewed Vasundhra Gupta not long ago and we spoke a lot about soul contracts. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are about soul contracts, what they are, why they exist. What is it about rewriting them that may be a good thing for us? I’d love to hear more about that.

You are chosen to come here; you are not here by default.

Interesting. Okay, big topic. First, we have them. I have these slides that I like to give in my courses, the entire inner matrix of the universe on two slides. We chunk up a little on all of the multi-dimensionality. We come here for a purpose. In every single Mystery School on the planet, you are chosen to come here, you are not here by default.

You had to have some learning. Your soul had to have some growing before you were chosen to come to this particular life school known as Earth. You set up what you’re going to learn. Are you going to learn forgiveness? Are you working on the ray of trust? Are you working on a ray of social conditions and transforming those? You came for a purpose.

Here’s the thing. When we don’t have a body, there’s no pain. We’re up there on the inner planes with a whole menu going, I’ll take this, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this, this, and this. All the mentors are around us going, whoa, slow down. We go down the list and we’ll even check the box of others. And then we come here and go, what was I thinking?

Yes, you come here and you come here to do some things. When those things are achieved, you get to exit and continue your journey elsewhere. This is consistent all over the planet. Sometimes we make the lovingly, crazy decision that we want to do more while we’re here. That we saw an opportunity to make a bigger impact in the light and we took it. Those time periods will also include incredible initiations, life initiations, transformations.

Trauma created so much energy in motion that it tore through those false veils and allowed us to connect again. Share on X

It is said that we get up to three of those in a particular spin in the same body before we exit to perhaps come back as a teacher or perhaps, once we get to teacher status, to go elsewhere to teach. In all the heavens it says in all of the literature. Heavens, plural. Many, many dimensions, many places to go.

Sure, I absolutely think it’s a great idea. If you get the opportunity, I’d jump on it. If you get the opportunity, it will be something that is organically put in front of you. It’s not something you consciously decide. It’s something that’s presented at a choice point on the journey.

What was an example for you? If you’re given up to three of these opportunities, what’s been one for you?

Oh my goodness. One of the ones was actually right at 18. I’ll go to the one we already discussed. Do I stay or do I go? I absolutely could have affected change in the karmic line by leaving. However, I wanted to stay. I wanted to change the world for kids.

Your soul had to have some growing before you were chosen to come to this particular life school known as Earth.

My experience lit me up. Then I wanted to change the world for kids. Where did that leave me? That left me studying and coming up on situations where I was getting guided on the other side by teachers of light and physical teachers or having ego issues that went to destroy me by reputation.

They’re no longer teaching. We blessedly are holding space in the light. That was a real opportunity. Do I go back into the closet? That’s another one of those rewrites. Do I go in the closet and do this on the side or do I step into this in a national way, in a global way? That absolutely was one of the rewrites.

There was a lot of physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual pain in that transformation as that whole frequency got transmuted. Blessings on the other end of it. On the front end of it, it’s not fun.

Growing pains, but then, once you up-level, the opponent’s up-levels as well. Our internal opponent, the satan up-levels as well.

Lessons can be painful, but life is a place to learn lessons. This is a place to create and be on the leading edge of creation. It's an incredible gift and opportunity. Share on X

Not really. That’s, I think, the place where I just want to go, no. Your awakening, as you said, was a year ago. You’re still on the very front end of that where they do pace each other. I’m here to tell you that at a certain point, and it’s not that far in, they don’t anymore because that’s the blessing.

You have enough experience where you’ve learned to just go, oh, just shush. I’ve actually said out loud, shut up, I’m not listening to you. I was sitting over here. That’s a skill set. That muscle gets much stronger over time. It’s not an equal pacing. It’s really, really not. That’s a blessing. Because if it wasn’t equal pacing, why would we do that and who would have the fortitude to continue?

That’s an interesting perspective. It reminds me of something that one of my mentors told me she saw on a Netflix show, one of those supernatural shows. The line went something like this. I have no more fear to feed you. This antagonist told the darkness, the entity. That just popped off the page, off the screen for her, that one statement.

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.

I totally respect that. One of the ones that sit in my head a lot is from Yoda. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. If we can get ourselves at the fear point and flip it there, and I even want to stay away from the word love here because that can be such an abstract for people. On a practical note, what does that mean? It means kind behavior and compassionate behavior to yourself and others. It puts it into action, not an idea.

I think that’s really what we’re talking about in the awakening here for everyone. We’re turning love into behaviors and into actions, not just ideas that you can grab. Because reading the scrolls, you’re like, what does that mean? How do I do that? What do you mean love? I want to smack them upside the head.

There’s this perception at the beginning of the journey that it means never being angry or never having your human emotions. Even Christ wailed and railed in the garden. Mother Teresa was mad at God for 50 years.

It’s not about not being human. It’s about at the end, what comes out of your mouth and what comes out of your behavior? Is it compassionate? Is it kind? Is it loving to yourself? Is it loving to others?

There was a lot of physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual pain in that transformation as that whole frequency got transmuted—blessings on the other end of it. On the front end of it, it’s not fun.

It’s with that pure intent too.

Right, exactly. It makes it just more doable. If we take it to a much simpler time, we’re talking about the golden rule of my grandparents. Can you do your best to just do good on a daily basis? Some days, we have a lot more fuel to do that than others and that’s okay. That’s how we develop the muscles. That’s how we develop the neurology, actually, to be able to hold these things as skill sets.

In frequency, it’s kind of like the matrix. When you up-level your frequency, you only perceive the world at that frequency. A lot of these negative things just are not impacting you because they can’t stick. You up-level your frequency and a lot of the things that used to bother you about you don’t stick either anymore. Every time we do this up-leveling process, which is why it’s a never-ending journey, the entire world changes for you. What a beautiful gift that is.

When you up-level your frequency, you only perceive the world at that frequency. A lot of these negative things just are not impacting you because they can't stick. Share on X

Amazing. If our listeners or viewers are interested in working with you or with your organization, up-leveling, and putting their focus and energy on their higher best self and becoming more of that they are meant to be in this life according to their soul contracts, as you said, rewriting those soul contracts, and jumping the line there, where do they go? How do they start this journey? What are some next steps? How do they work with you and your team?

Thank you for asking that question. You can go to our website, which is You can email our team at

You can also reach out on Messenger, Facebook, or LinkedIn. It’ll be under Dr. Kim Redman. I would just love to chat with your folks. We continually have open-ended events for conscious-minded people, and maybe they just want to bop into one if it jazzes them.

Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you, listeners, for taking the time and giving us your full attention on this important topic. Go out there and make the world a better place. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Set up a safe environment when training for astral projection. Always work with a mentor when first starting. This ensures that the experience won’t cause any trauma to my physical body.

?Be open to learning. To be a leader in the field, I should be eternally seeking new knowledge and wisdom to uplevel my skills.

?Address the different perceptions of what a god is. Whether that’s a traditional God, an intelligence of the universe, or a higher self connected in a net of light, embrace the perception that people are given free rein to have experiences so their soul evolves.

?Always have a lot of support when tapping on my gifts and abilities. Moral and emotional support is needed because there might be some old traumas that I need to deal with to fully utilize my gifts and abilities.

?Step away from karma as good or bad, punishment or reward. Instead, ask the following questions: Am I really walking the high road? Am I taking the time to develop emotional intelligence? Am I coming from my most heartfelt response, even when there’s no one there to see or hear?

?Stop worrying and start living my best life right now. Remember that I am on this planet because I’ve got karma. Or else I wouldn’t be on this planet.

?Surrender to my experience. There are many life lessons that I will learn because of my experiences. Have faith that there is something bigger than me.

?Be kind and love yourself. I can’t give love and kindness to others when I don’t give it to myself.

?Define what true self-care is. Ask these simple questions: What fills me up every day? What fills up my heart? What fills up my body? What fills up my relationships?

?Visit Dr. Kim Redman’s personal website and corporate website to get to know her more and work with her and her team. Also, connect with her and her team through email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Dr. Kim Redman

Dr Kim and Creatrix Go Quantum are where “East Meets West for Quantum Success™”. With one foot in science and one foot in spirit, Dr. Kim is a living bridge. She works with Conscious Entrepreneurs who want to create legacy and mission, wielding the Expert Model™ to break concrete ceilings and launch them nationally and internationally into crazy success. As a global leader in Quantum Consciousness, and the international founder of the field of Quantum Leadership™, Dr. Kim works with the core competencies, skill sets and behaviours that allow human potential to expand vertically, bloom, root and grow. Dr. Kim is Canada’s Board Designated Master Trainer (training trainers and opening institutes) in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Results Coaching. Pouring 30+ years as a Mystery School and Ancient Wisdoms initiate through the lens of quantum physics, psycho-neurobiology, quantum mechanical biology…and delivering with her dynamic onstage presence; fun, energy and education converge for excellence.

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