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By: Stephan Spencer


Terrance McMahon
“Faith and prayer can heal. These tools are medicinal for your mind and your heart.”
Terrance McMahon

There is beauty in the broken. In the Japanese art of Kintsugi, broken pottery is repaired with gold mortar, rendering a new piece that is more valuable than it was before the break. Kintsugi literally means to join with gold.

So, what does pottery have to do with today’s show? Well, Kintsugi applies to the life of today’s guest, Terrance McMahon. I am excited to share this profound conversation with Terrance, who has created a new life from one that was shattered and seemingly irreparable.

Terrance is a speaker, author, AI expert, and personal transformation coach who talks about his fascinating story of literally being on his deathbed in 2017 after suffering from alcoholic liver failure. As he contemplated his regrets and prepared to die, he was miraculously given a second chance by a high-risk organ donor who saved his life. After the liver transplant, his emotional, physical, and spiritual world expanded exponentially, allowing him to live a more connected and authentic life. We talk about this amazing journey and touch on concepts from the Bible and Kabbalah, as well as influential books that have impacted Terrance’s journey. It’s an inspiring story about miraculous intervention, reinvention, and finding your purpose, even if you have to walk a circuitous path to get there. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [03:07]Terrance McMahon shares his near-death experience that led to a remarkable transformation and impact on others.
  • [08:15]Terrance talks about the concept of Kintsugi, prompting Stephan to elaborate on the idea of being antifragile.
  • [16:10]Terrance describes how he was miraculously healed through reading the Bible, specifically the book “Conversations with God.”
  • [22:56]Terrance reflects on the importance of being in the light, while Stephan emphasizes humility and letting go of spiritual ego to be able to receive gifts.
  • [28:35]Stephan Spencer asks for a miraculous example of something in Terrance’s life that ties into a biblical insight or distinction.
  • [35:30]Terrance discusses the book Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner, which explores how people overcome incurable diseases through spiritual practices.
  • [43:16]Stephan recommends a book that resonates with the message Terrance received.
  • [50:15]Terrance gives his website and social media handle for anyone interested in learning more or reaching out for support.

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Terrance, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s good to finally be here with you.

I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to have you on the show for many months. I really enjoyed our meeting over a meal here locally, just a mile away from my home. I don’t know. Maybe that was some a year ago now. It was a while ago, but that was special. You’re an amazing human, and you’re such an inspiration.

When I heard your story, I just knew I had to have you on the show to talk about it. Why don’t we go through this origin story of how you skirted death? You just came out like a phoenix rising from the ashes, just turned your life around, and you’ve impacted many people. Let’s regale our listeners with that story.

Thanks. It’s been a while since I heard my bio read like that. As you’re reading it, I’m going through the movie in my mind of sitting in a hospital bed when a doctor is telling me that you need to get your affairs in order because it’s unlikely you’re going to last much longer. That was right before Christmas in 2017. My kids were there. It was right before we said goodbye when they were leaving.

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We didn’t mention the fact that it’d be likely the last time I’d see them, but it was just me and my mother at that point. We were waiting in Jacksonville because I was getting really sick. I was eating a sandwich late at night. I wasn’t supposed to eat that late, but I would be dead anyway, so I enjoyed a sandwich. I remember that.

The phone rang. In my phone is a number that I had coded, ‘Mayo on call liver.’ I saw the name come up, and I grabbed it. The nurse says, “Is this Mr. McMahon?” I said, “Yes.” She says, “Are you in Jacksonville?” I said, “Yes.” She says, “We have a potential donor for you.” I said, “Wow, incredible.”

There’s a catch, though. He’s what we call a high-risk donor. He is a prisoner, and he is also an IV drug user. This is what’s called a high-risk donor. I took it, of course. I said, “Yeah, we’ll be right in.” We went across the street to the Mayo Clinic.

SuperHero Self by Terrance McMahon

I bought a house just across the street. I was just sitting there waiting. I was there for a few months. The liver was not ready, the person was still alive, and the doctors were coming in throughout the day and saying that they were waiting to get other transplant teams in place. This kid was on life support. He was brain-dead but not dead.

To my understanding, they put dozens of transplant teams in place all over the country. His liver saved my life, but other parts of him saved other people’s lives. One day, I’m thinking I’m going to be dead, and I’m never going to see my kids again. The next moment, I get an organ in my body. At the time, I was swelled up pretty well. I was a big guy, as you read in my bio.

The next day, I had an incredible experience. My eyes woke up. My mom’s sitting there, and she’s crying, and we’re all crying. When I opened my eyes, my eye pupils were blue, but the whites of my eyes were red before that, but they were blue. My eyes had cleared overnight because the bile and the toxins were leaving my body, almost evacuating my body. I was supposed to be in the hospital recovering for a few weeks, and I walked out the door four days later. That’s how it ended.

I just want you to know where it ended, and then I can tell you where it began. In 2015, I started getting panic attacks, significant panic attacks. It was 350 pounds. I was the CEO of a major insurance company franchise in Northern New England, and I had 600 brokers and 150 agents. We had 60,000 customers. That’s what I was doing two years earlier.

I was running this big company, but I was like Tommy Boy, who met The Wolf of Wall Street and formed a person. I was a very loud personality. I used to drink a lot, and I used to have a lot of fun. That didn’t work out so well.

If you roll the clocks back 25 years, I left the University of Mass Lowell. I was a baseball player. My ex-wife, whom I met there, got pregnant, so I had to leave school. I had no money, I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know anything. The only job I could get in 1990 was selling life insurance door to door.

This journey started after becoming a hero on the baseball diamond, a scholarship baseball player to zero, and a door-to-door life insurance salesman. Then, I started my career and learned how to survive and ultimately thrive in life insurance, which I figured out. But what I never figured out was how I controlled my behavior. “How do I do the right thing and live a healthy and happy life?” I could never figure that out.

Part of the journey was just about trying to reinvent myself because I had alcoholic liver failure.

This journey brought me to the death’s doorstep. After my fall from grace in front of the world, it’s quite humiliating when you turn jaundiced in front of everybody. Part of the journey was just about coming back from that and trying to reinvent myself because I had alcoholic liver failure. That’s what I was diagnosed with a few months earlier. I was dying from alcohol. If you have had alcoholic liver failure, you have to be sober for six months before you’re eligible for a transplant.

What I also had to do was go to the addiction center. Right before I got the transplant, I spent a month in an addiction center, where they told me something that I didn’t like. They told me I was an addict, they told me I had a disease, and they told me there was no cure. Their recommendation was to go to meetings every day and talk about that and the past. And I didn’t like that.

That’s their version of what’s called rehabilitation, which is restoring something or someone to their original condition. After my transplant, I saw a video about a Japanese mending process called Kintsugi. Kintsugi is a way that the Japanese have historically repaired broken pottery, and they do it with this golden lacquer.

The golden lacquer is a symbol of perfection that has left and been replaced by a fracture. But these fractures aren’t considered to be ugly, and they’re considered to be quite beautiful. It’s proof that you’ve lived. They put this pottery back with this golden lacquer, and the repaired pottery is more valuable than the original unbroken pottery.

Kintsugi means golden rejoining, and I liked that because I started thinking about, like, “Okay, I can put myself back together. I can recreate myself, which means to make something new that has never existed before rather than rehabilitate.”

I wrote my first book. I said, “I got to put this down on paper. How am I going to rebuild myself because I was a disaster?” It looked like a piece of pottery was dropped and scattered all over the floor, so I had to put that back together. I wanted to do it because I wanted to make my children proud of me that I got off the cannabis, I came back in, and I made a play to that.

Kintsugi means golden rejoining.

Yeah, amazing. Kintsugi, I love that concept. It’s something I’ve talked about in other episodes of the show. One other concept I want to share with you, Terrance, is the idea of being antifragile. Are you familiar with the book Antifragile?

What’s his name? I haven’t seen the book yet. He wrote a couple of books, didn’t he?

Yeah, he wrote The Black Swan. Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard about it.

Yeah, he’s brilliant. The idea of an antifragile system, whether it’s your immune system, mother nature, capitalism, or whatever, is thriving on the chaos and breakage rather than just being resilient and weathering it. It blossoms, grows, evolves, and requires the stressors from the environment rather than just trying to weather them and live through them for another day.

That is a concept that I have applied not just to my immune system but to my personality, my consciousness, who I am, and how I show up in the world. An antifragile person isn’t merely resilient and able to let stuff roll off my back like a duck, like water off its back. “Nope, I am going to grow from this. I’m seeing this as an opportunity and not a challenge. It’s a blessing and just a blessing that hasn’t been revealed yet.”

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Nicholas Taleb

In Judaism, they teach that there are only blessings. All that exists are blessings, which are either revealed or unrevealed. Suppose you want more regular blessings that you can quickly identify as a blessing; pray for more revealed blessings. Otherwise, it’s a mix. I love operating in that realm of everything; it’s a blessing. I’m antifragile and growing and evolving through all of it.

One thing that is revealed to me every single morning that makes me think of Kintsugi is my scar. I have a scar that runs down my stomach, and it goes underneath my breasts. There are two scars in liver transplant. One’s like a sickle, and the other one’s a T. This big, massive scar sits in my body every time I look at it, and I see it every morning. It’s a symbol of the transformation.

Paulo Coelho said that your scars are like metals branded on the flesh. It’ll make your enemies terrified of you because you’ve come close to the end, but you didn’t. It’s an interesting concept. These symbols of hope and transformation had been a big part of why I wanted to make a comeback, to begin with, instead of taking another path.

The world has a suit that they want you to put on, the narrative that’s supposed to happen if you’re this, then you do this. I was still young. I had lost a lot. I don’t even want to tell you, but I lost most of my money, most of my friends, most of my dignity, a business that was cash flowing a lot of money designed for you to do it until you retire.

I went almost to zero when I got saved because I had a family meeting. In my family meeting, you’re pushing piles of your money away from you to your family and your church. My mom and dad were still alive at the time, so I was going to predecease them. I’m making all these decisions with my brother. After he was in the room. I was like, “Wow, all of this and everything is gone. What a mistake I’ve made with my life. I was pretty talented.”

I went down to zero, and one of the very few advantages to going to zero is there’s not much else to go but up. When you make any progress off a zero, just walking out of that hospital in four days because they said I’d never do it, I got up the next day. I got up out of bed, and I was walking around. That’s a win.

The world has a suit that they want you to put on.

I started doing things like binging on books instead of booze, drinking water, and having great conversations with people like yourself if I was lucky enough to bump into someone with a consciousness and a philosophy they wanted to share. All of a sudden, before I knew it, I was gaining momentum. In the momentum, I found the miracle, the algorithm, the recipe for computers and life. How do we become more healthy, happy, free, and successful?

There were just certain things I wanted to do. These dominoes that are behind me are a symbol of what’s called amplified force. It’s a domino, symbolic of the action potential. When it sits down without energy moving, it’s storing energy, which is potential. When moving forward, it creates a velocity.

Physics will tell you that a two-inch domino can knock over a three-inch domino 150% more.   It keeps repeating, so the domino effect can keep going, and that two-inch domino in 13 progressions can knock over a two-story building. I went from knocking them dead to nearly dead to making a comeback. That’s what this all is about.

Amazing. I love that analogy about a domino with an amplified force. It reminds me of an analogy I use when I talk to people about procrastinating something, and you have this potential energy. It’s like a rock on top of a hill. It’s all the stored energy. If you put the effort in and you just get the thing done that you’ve been procrastinating, you’ll release all this stored potential energy.

“Scars are medals branded on the flesh, and your enemies will be frightened by them because they are proof of your long experience of battle.” ― Paulo Coelho

It’s just this huge whirlwind of energy, excitement, and everything you can tap into. You get into the flow state, and you can accomplish so much more than you’re normally able to do just because you focused on what you’ve been procrastinating and got it done. You got that rock turned from potential energy into kinetic. The domino analogy is the same thing.

It’s hard to stop something that’s moving like that, and it’s also hard to start it.

Potentially, but we all get help from above. It’s insurmountable and impossible on your own. But holding God’s hand, everything happens with ease and grace and in perfect timing.

I reached out to a guy the other day. I have never mentioned this on a podcast. His name’s Shawn Smith. He’s a healer. The day before I got a transplant, this guy said, “We got to go to church.” I was in Jacksonville, so that’s the Bible Belt.

The One Hour Book by Terrance McMahon

There are these rockstar massive churches; he’s super churches. I was pretty sick. I could barely walk, but he brought me, and this healer was doing a seminar. It wasn’t a regular church. There were several 100 people in the audience. He looked up at me and said, you, come back. He sent someone up to pick me out of the crowd. He laid his hands on me and chanted.

At the time, the reason I thought I’d be dead was that my sodium was so low that I was nearly dead, but I was inoperable. I would go to the Mayo Clinic almost every day to get my blood tested because I had to be at a certain level to get transplanted just to be on the list. I wasn’t even listed yet. A week before I got my transplant, I wasn’t listed. This is a Thursday night.

I go in the next day, and my sodium miraculously goes up. They quickly put me on the list. I remember it was a Friday. The lady’s like, we got to get you on the list. We’re going to get you a liver. I was like, yes, we’re going to do this.

There’s no medical reason I’m alive. The doctors were repeatedly telling me, “Mr. McMahon, I can’t believe you’re still here.” It was the conversation with God. The Bible sat in my stomach, keeping me alive, reading the good book. They call it deathbed literature. Have you ever heard of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying?

I’ve heard of it but tell us.

Bronnie Ware is a hospice nurse. She heard these people talk about regrets at the end of life. I agree with them. They’re the standard regrets that I was feeling. “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. I wish I kept in better touch with my family. I wish I were kinder to myself with the words I said over my lifetime. I wish I lived a life that was more true to myself than the life the world had given me.” And I thought everyone else wanted me to live.

That’s called deathbed literature. If you want to read it, you can say, “Oh, I got it.” But the deathbed literature I read and connected with was the Bible. I read the book. It sits in my room right now with me. There’s just certain parts of that that helped me.

What’s an example of a part that helps you?

The challenge I’ve had as I started to get success again, frankly and transparently, is I don’t have the conversations with God that I once had on my deathbed.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. He will set your path straight. That was something I said to myself time and time again, and I always acknowledge him. It’s Proverbs, which was important to me, reading and reading the book.

The challenge I’ve had as I started to get success again, frankly and transparently, is I don’t have the conversations with God that I once had on my deathbed. My Christian mentor taps me on the shoulder once in a while to make sure I’m reading, bringing in, and I’m committed to doing that.

That’s awesome. I will share something with you that came in this morning for me. I asked God in the morning when I was doing my prayers and connection. God, what do I need to know or do today? Before this prayer, I do a Hebrew prayer called the Shema when I wake up. The bottom line is it’s a short prayer. “God is one, we’re all one, and we’re all part of God. There’s nothing that’s not of God.”

It helps recenter you after waking up. In between, I got an angel number that showed up: 555. I checked my phone. An alarm was set to go off in 55 minutes and 50 seconds. Okay, so 555. That’s an angel number. I jumped off the screen when I saw my mobile phone. And then I hear the word in my head, Proverbs. I asked God what I needed to know or do today. I got the word proverbs, and it’s like, “Oh, that relates to the angel number 555, doesn’t it?”

I Googled ‘Proverbs 555,’ and I got this in the featured snippet in the Google search results. It says, “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and do not lean on your understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Is that the same section that you were just referring to?

Yeah, that was the one that I kept saying over and over again. My mentor was saying that. Keep saying that prayer. He’ll set your path straight. That’s Proverbs.

Live life to the fullest, always strive to do the right thing, and set a good example for others. Share on X

Proverbs 3:5.

Yeah. I have a weird memory. I forget things. That’s one of the things I had from all the ascites in my brain. I have a little bit of a memory problem. When I do shows and stuff like that, I usually have a prompter. There are certain things that I remember, and I don’t remember, but I’ll never forget sitting there with hopelessness, just attaching myself to the hope of getting a shot to stay in the game. “Let me stay in the game. I will come back, and I’ll make you proud.”

I’ll play full out because there’s going to come a day when I’m going to be able to talk to God and say thanks for the extra time. “Wow, did I do many things with that time?” I spent more time with my family, in faith, traveling the world, writing books, and sharing ideas, less focused on money and more fixated on contribution. That extra time is a big deal.

It’s a gift. It’s a miracle. For me, this is profound. It’s just another example of synchronicity, where everything is so perfectly orchestrated from above and perfectly lined up with precision and accuracy. I got this Proverbs message this morning. I will look it up. I get that quote that I read out, and then I text it to my friend, who sends me bible quotes every day. He was the guy who introduced me and my wife in 2012 at the end of a Tony Robbins event, Date With Destiny. He’s a wonderful, wonderful human.

Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray

I texted it to him, and then I thought, “Okay, well, I was supposed to text it to him because I was, but I thought that was the end.” That was a message for me.

The message for me was to stop trying to figure everything out, lean on my understanding, and just trust more in God. I got that message loud and clear. But I thought, okay, message received, check. I’m moving on with the day it comes back. Then, here it is towards the end of the day, and it comes full circle back to one of the first messages I got today.

There’s another passage about when Lazarus healed them, he left, and he heard that he was sick again. Jesus was like, “I got to go back.” They said, “Go by night.” He says that the man who walks by day doesn’t stumble because he has the light of God. The man that walks at night stumbles because he has no light. I’m not saying that correctly because that’s just something I don’t do well.

I can tell you why it meant a lot to me. As I read that one, I was walking. I’d go for walks, and I didn’t have a job anymore. I had to leave my job in June. That night in New Hampshire, I’d go for walks just to get outside. Those frost heaves that come up out of the grounds up there if you ever lived up there, the roots come up, and the ice creates a bump, and I fell. It’s very dangerous for me to fall because I could bleed to death.

I only fell at night, only at night. She says, “You’re always falling at night.” There’s always this thing about the light. “Walk by day, be in the light.” Every time I hear and see it, I’m like, “Yeah, you got to be in the light.”

You don’t need to be hiding behind things; be yourself. This is the time when people have the courage to step up and speak out. In our country and around the world, there’s a departure from common sense. Faith isn’t in conversations anymore like it should be.

You don’t need to be hiding behind things; be yourself.

It’s so true. You have to say the uncomfortable thing because if not you, then who? And if not now, then when? That’s part of the test. It’s part of you being here and learning the lessons. You have to step up.

In a world of censorship and canceled culture, unapologetically pro-life and unapologetically pro-Christian, pro-constitution, we need these conversations to be brought up from the sellers back into the mainstream. People are going to start talking about it. It’s good for the world.

Yeah. Another quote I’ll share from the Bible that’s just been profound for me is Isaiah 6:8. “And then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘ Who shall I send? ‘ And who will go for us? And I said, here I am, send me.” I learned about this quote not from the Bible directly but from a book about how to become a delivery agent of God’s miracles. Bruce Wilkinson wrote it. The book is called You Were Born for This.

I think you gave me that book.

I recommended it. To you, that’s right. Did you read it?

Yeah, I got it. I remember we chatted about it.

Yeah, when we met in person.

I’m moving, so I just packed all my books. I chatted with you after about it by text. All my books are in boxes now because I’m moving on. My fiancé and I are moving somewhere, but we don’t know where. We will put our stuff in storage, spend a month in Mexico, and figure out where the world is.

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” — Isaiah 6:8 (NIV)

Wow, that’s awesome.

Let’s be guided, right? Yeah, we’re excited about it because, for the first time in our lives, neither of us had a house.

That’s cool. Good luck.

My beautiful books are going away.

You can get them on Kindle. Bruce Wilkinson wrote You Were Born for This. There’s another You Were Born for This book that’s by somebody else, but the one that I’m recommending is Bruce Wilkinson. You can do what Isaiah did. Imagine yourself at the feet of God. You’re essentially interrupting a board meeting. Archangels get their assignments of which miracles to deliver where and when by God. Here you are, like Isaiah showing up. Here I am, Lord, please send me.

Faith isn’t in conversations anymore like it should be.

Just having that intention, for me, I actually imagined myself at the feet of God and making that request. The most incredible, miraculous, synchronistic, and serendipitous moments happen when I get to be God’s delivery agent. One of the most important things to remember from this process is it’s not just volunteering to be that deliverer of miracles, but you have to be humble through it, like you didn’t do any of this. This was God. This was all God.

It’s very tempting for your spiritual ego to take credit. “Don’t do it. Don’t take the bait of, oh, thank you, it was nothing, I’m happy to do it. No, this was God.” God delivered this, and I’m just an instrument. We’re all instruments of God on a chessboard being moved around. You really need to transfer that credit. It’s all God.

Even just saying, “Oh, I’m just a delivery person.” Well, there’s still I in there. No, you received this miracle from God. Done. I’m not in the sentence. This was all God.

As you elevate and get more and more spiritual, more connected, there are more miracles and beyond even comprehension level odds that happen over and over and over again, like what are the odds of this one, this is one in trillions, and this is the third time this week, you can get full of yourself like, “Wow, I’m special. I’m connected.” I’m just thinking of that Star Wars meme where the alien guy is like, “It’s a trap. That’s a dangerous trap. Don’t fall for it.”

Yeah, ego.

Yeah, that ego that is wearing spiritual clothing and looks all fancy like, “Oh, this is a very high-level ego.” No, that’s still ego. It’s just wearing a fancier costume. Don’t take the bait. What is another miraculous example of something in your life that unfolded that ties into some biblical insight or distinction for you?

I can tell you a crazy story. Four wacky things happened to me in my little journey, none of which were easy to understand. This one’s very difficult to understand.

In the fall or around November, I’m in Boston. I’m at the Harvard University Hospital, the best hospital in the world. I’m playing full out, and I’m going to survive. I’m trying to get my head right. I take a test. The doctor says that I have been drinking while I was on the transplant list. I hadn’t been. That’s impossible.

They did what’s called a transjugular biopsy. They put a cord on your neck, and they take a little snip out of your liver. They said we have traced alcohol in your liver. I said I haven’t had any alcohol at all. They threw me off the program.

The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

That was a pretty big deal because it was November. I had about 90 days left to live, and I was 60 days into that conversation. I had like a month, as they were telling me. I was getting visibly sick. I was swelling up. My breath was starting to smell like ammonia, which means you’re rotting from the inside basically because your stomach would fill up with what’s called ascites.

I had these taps that were called paracentesis. They take a needle, they stick it in your abdomen for a few hours, and they drain you. I’ve had many of those. I had multiple transfusions, but here I am, getting kicked off the liver transplant list. They claimed that I had alcohol in my system, so I got to be sober for another six months if that was true, and it wasn’t, or I’m going to die.

Something told me to go to Jacksonville. Someone mentioned it to me, and I just got fixated on going to Jacksonville, which is, by the way, the guy put his hands on me. But when I got there, I didn’t have an appointment with the Mayo Clinic. I didn’t have anything.

Something made me go to a lie detector test by an FBI agent at a secured facility. He administered a lie detector test, and he said he’s going to send the results to Mayo Clinic, which is where I directed them to be, so it’s secure. I never touched them.

The lie detector tests passed across the board, with no detection whatsoever. This was the one they gave one time, but it wasn’t the polygraph. It was like a sensory thing. He says, “You’re not lying.” I said, “I know I’m not lying. I had an appointment with Mayo Clinic.”

I had a concierge get me an appointment, and I told the psychologist there because you got to go there. He says, “When’s the last time you had a drink?” “May 26 was the last time I had a drink, the day the doctor told me I could never drink again, the night I found out I had liver failure. That was it, and I never drank again.”

He goes, “Why did you get that lie detector test?” I said, “I had no idea.” He goes, “We’re going to let you in the program.” They did not make me wait six months, so my life was saved right there.

Why did I go to Jacksonville? Why did I go to the lie detector test? I don’t know, I do now. It’s not something I was ever trained to do. It was just an instinctive play. That saved my life. The prisoners saved my life.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” — Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

If I stayed in Boston, and I was able to stay there, I wouldn’t have gotten a transplant because there are not as many organs available in New England as there were in Florida for some reason, so I would have died. They told me that after the fact, I probably would have died in Boston because there are just not that many organs up in the Northeast versus here.

These were all crazy, crazy things that I don’t tell people because they think I’m out of my mind. That didn’t happen. I said, yeah, it did. Did you see the Super Bowl when Tom Brady came back and scored four touchdowns in the last seven minutes of the game? That happened to me in life. It just happened. It didn’t happen, but it did. All that stuff happened.

There are no signs of me ever having the problem that most people have after they had a transplant. I’m never sick ever, and I never get sick. I had COVID for six hours, and it excited me. The bile that came into my body evacuated out of my body the next day, and then my eyes went white. It was crazy. That’s like the demons leaving my body.

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

All these things were things that I knew there was no medical reason I was alive. I’m thankful for the beautiful nurses and doctors at the Mayo Clinic. What a place. The Mayo Clinic is the Harvard of hospitals because I’ve been to the Harvard hospitals, and it’s a dump.

The Mayo Clinic was a great place to experience. It was in Jacksonville, which is in the heart of Christianity in the south. There were great preachers, and I would go to church. I went to the church Tim Tebow went to. That was the church I ended up going to. It was great.

I’ve never been a scholar of it, but I have a spiritual understanding of this miracle, the transformation, the gift, the donor who died, and the person who also died because they didn’t get the liver that I got. Three people are in the equation. I’m still alive, and those two are dead. That’s why I don’t drink anymore. That’s why I try to live fully, do the right thing, and be a good example.

These are all things I think about because of the people who are gone, and I’m here to honor the rejection of the organ. I’m not worried about it. I think we’ve blended as a soul, me and this traveler, along with this ride for me. He was 28. He had a different life than me. Another miracle if you want to hear it. I got another one. Do you want to hear this one?

Yeah, of course.

My Sister Kathleen was dying from liver failure, too. She had been on the list for many years. The week before I got my transplant, the Sunday night before me, Kathleen had called, and she had a liver donor guy died. The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Kathleen’s life was saved by a liver donor under a week before me.

When I tell them at Mayo Clinic that my sister had a transplant at Mayo Clinic, she goes, “What room?” I said, “No, in Scottsdale.” My sister was like, “Impossible.” It’s not impossible. It happens.

Yeah. These doctors are just so in the material world. They’re handing out death sentences like, oh, you have 90 days, and then the person disconnects from the Creator and thinks that, oh, that’s how much I have. It’s like, “Oh, do you really?” You tapped into the Creator and His plans, so it’s 90 days. That’s what the assignment was for this person. It’s just they’re playing God. They’re playing God and don’t even recognize or acknowledge that they’re doing that.

Have you ever heard of the book called Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner?


I looked at a lot of different readings after I was saved. Some about what’s called post-traumatic success, which is the opposite of post-traumatic stress. I call it PTS junction. You got one way or the other. Are you going to go with this? You have to change the moment. You have an opportunity to make a choice. You’ll be successful either way.

Post-traumatic success is just as common as post-traumatic stress.

Post-traumatic success is just as common as post-traumatic stress. You don’t get as much attention. If success could just mean that I’m living a healthy life, I’m meeting a new woman, I’m getting married this year, I see my children, I’m good with that. I don’t need to buy jets and fly around the world.

Dr. Kelly Turner wrote a book called Radical Remission because I was also interested in that. How do you come back from the unthinkable? She had done studies of pancreatic cancer, stage four. I think 450 different people who had it, that’s a death sentence, and all survived. All 450 people, let’s call it, did 73 different things that they credit to survival, but all of them did these nine things.

There are nine things that people did to survive, and the number one thing was faith. They had a connection with their Maker. Only three of them were physical things. Most of them are spiritual, things that you did, support, friendship, prayer, and contribution. These things are the medicine of the world. The transformation toolbox is not a vitamin or a pill. It’s in your mind and in your heart. These are the things that I connected with desperately quite, though.

That’s so cool. I have to tell you that you were meant to relay this to me right now because the person that I told you about that I sent that Bible quote to today, Proverbs 3:5-6, his name is Adel. He almost died from pancreatic cancer. It’s, I think, a 4% survival rate, so 96% die. He was in the 4%. And his faith is unshakable.

As you’re talking about the book, the author, and all that in the study, the thing that came through loud and clear from above was Adel needs to read this book. This goes in the book that he’s writing. Some of the key points or distinctions from the Radical Remission book need to go into his book, so I’ll forward that to him. Thank you.

Yeah, it’s quite a thing. My sister Kathleen, who has had a liver transplant, just survived pancreatic cancer.


Angels Among Us. I love that song. It’s as corny as it sounds. They’re here.

There’s another song about angels called A Hundred Thousand Angels. I love that song. It’s really beautiful. That’s by Blissful. A very calming and connecting. There are so many angels. It boggles the mind. It’s incredible how many angels there are. Anyway, I digress.

I’m also being nudged to point out to you that you used the word crazy. And it’s not crazy. I actually was just going through this whole conversation in an episode with Jennifer Lyall. She said, “Oh, this is crazy.” And it’s not crazy. It is by design. This is the way that the universe is supposed to work. And it’s disrespectful to call it crazy.

The miracles, the unfolding, the synchronicities and all that is the scaffolding of the universe. That’s how it works. When you dismiss it or talk about it with an exclamation like that’s crazy, it dismisses the way it’s meant to be, and it’s disrespecting the miracles that the Creator is lining up for you. It’s just something to consider.

Another thing I want to share with you is what you called instinct that you need to move to Jacksonville, that you need to get a lie detector test and all that. This is proof, if you need it, that you’re connected, that you hear God. It’s not just talking to God. That’s not enough. Prayer is talking to God, but it’s also listening. Most people don’t listen. They don’t think they can hear God, but we all can.

I have another one.

Let’s do it, I love it.

You don't need to hide your true self. Embrace your unique gifts and dare to speak your truth. Share on X

I don’t know what this one quite means yet. I’ve been doing these AI events, teaching people how to use this new technology. I found out about it on December 26th. I was in Mexico with my fiancée. I had a great year, probably the best year financially I had since I had my second life here. Not that I was celebrating. I was like, “Oh, things are going pretty good because my son’s in my business, my other son’s getting involved. That’s a pretty good thing.”

I’m reading through the internet’s ChatGPT, and finally, I see Jordan Peterson. He’s a person I respect that said ChatGPT. I downloaded it. I’m a copywriter. I know you have expertise in that space, too, in SEO. I’m pretty good at writing copy. I had a project coming up. I learned ChatGPT in a YouTube video. I wrote copy, and it was better than I could write right away already, after me being three decades learning copy, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, all the greats.

I did an event in Vegas. I had an instinct, a download that says, switch your TEDx event. We’re training people to do Ted and switched it to ChatGPT. We sold the room out. We ended up having 550 people. We sold out the room. That was fine. We made a little bit of money and had a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people. I met another person who’s interesting, but the next one we did was in Dallas.

In Dallas, I’m talking in the rooms that’s kind of a dump. It was the only one we could get, and on the left side was this guy that looked like Jesus. It’s like a beautiful human being, long hair, he had a beard. He had a big cross on his chest. He got me. I’m away to the bathroom, he goes, I need to pray for you. He says, let me. I said, of course.

He said a prayer. He told me about all these things I don’t have to worry about. I’m worried about fasting. I don’t want to fast, and the doctors don’t necessarily want me fasting. He’s like, “Jesus wants you to know you can fast. Jesus wants you to know that you need to pay attention to Ephesians 3 v.20,” which, at the time, I had no idea.

He prayed in tongues again. For the second time in my life, someone prayed with me in my tongue and had his hand on me. That verse is about asking for an incredible thing. I’m trying to internalize what that means. That was an interesting experience. A guy came and left my life as quickly as he came there. He’s a real person, and he just looked like Jesus, which is interesting.

That’s cool.

You have to ask for God’s big gift.

You got to ask for this big gift. I don’t even look at it as a gift. I don’t know exactly how to internalize it yet. I’ve read it several times since. That was an encounter. I have had lots of them. I keep having them.

There’s a great angel number book by Kyle Gray. It’s called Angel numbers. You can look up Ephesians 3 v.20, which is a critical part of the message for you. It’s what’s in the Bible there, but then the 3 v.20 jumps out at me, too.

I just want to read to you what’s in the Kyle Gray book under 3.20. God and the Ascended Masters are surrounding you with supportive and healing love, helping you to have confidence that everything is in divine and perfect order. That gives me goosebumps. That feels like an appropriate and precise message for you. How does that feel to you?

Incredible. I have another story to tell you. When I got sick, I met this guy. He’s a preacher in New Hampshire. He’s from Texas. New Hampshire was, at the time, and I believe still is, the least Christian state in the world or in our world in the USA. I think it was at 50, and it was dead last.

This guy came to New Hampshire and started a church called Manchester Christian Church. When I took over as CEO of this company, the old CEO, a committed Christian, was retiring, and they had prayer in the room every day. They go into the room, and they pray. I was Tommy Boy when they appointed me and met The Wolf of Wall Street. I’m a partier, loud guy, high-octane dude.

Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner

I met Jimmy, and we ended up blending beautifully without talking a lot of church. We talked about just good things, and he knew my heart was in the right place. I have known him for several years. I got sick out of nowhere. When I got diagnosed with liver failure, it was a Memorial Day weekend. I go to a hospital. I thought I was having a heart thing. The doctor came in and said, “You’re going to die from liver failure if you don’t get a transplant probably in six months.”

I found that out. I didn’t know what to do with it because I wasn’t connected to God. I called for an appointment with the preacher. I don’t know what it was about him. I have always been curious about him. I went to his church, and I had a building that I wanted to donate.

His name’s Bo. I said, “Bo, I want to donate this building to the church because I have a big tax bill coming up, too.” He looked at me and said, “You’re not here to donate any building.” I said, “What are you talking about?” “You’re not here to donate a building. Why are you here?” I looked at him and said, “I’m dying from liver failure. I’ll be dead soon. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to get a transplant.”

He invited me to church the following Saturday. I go to Manchester Christian church. I’m in the right part of the church. I’m sitting down by myself. He asked everyone. “Is anyone here sick?” I raised my hand. I didn’t raise it at first. I was embarrassed, but he looked at me a few different times. I raised my hand, and then several other people did, too.

He asked everybody in the church to put their hands on you. I had 25-30 people putting their hands on me and others. Within a month, I was baptized in my own pool. This was September, and I was failing quickly. My Christian birthday was August 31st. 

Anyway, that group of people is the CEO, who was my counterpart before I got there and was my Christian mentor. I said you’re my Christian mentor. The one thing he said to me while I was going through this thing, he says, “You’re on a mission. You’re going to have someone tap you on the shoulder and show you the way,” and I’ve been doing that since.

You’re on a mission. You’ll have someone tap you on the shoulder and show you the way.

“I’m doing my thing, but I’m waiting. When is your turn? When are you going to get tapped on the shoulder? What is it? Some of the things happening in this country right now make me feel like that might be it. Do they need help with this fight, this good versus evil conflict we have right now?”

No, that’s not it. At least, that’s what I’m receiving about it. That’s not it, but there’s a Neville Goddard quote that I’m being guided to share with you about that. 

“There is a great difference between resisting evil and renouncing it. When you resist evil, you give it your attention, and you continue to make it real. When you renounce evil, you take your attention away from it and give your attention to what you want. Now is the time to control your imagination and give your energy to what you want.” 

How does that resonate for you?

Resisting and renouncing?

Yeah. He’s phenomenal. Resisting, you feed it your energy. If you keep showing up every day wearing a bulletproof vest, the universe is going to provide you with an opportunity to use that vest.

It will send bullets your way, right?

There’s another thing too. I learned this from Kim White, another guest on this podcast. When you pray to the universe, you’re praying to the duality, the good and the bad, the dark and the light. You’re going to get it, the full spectrum. You pray to God, and it’s all light. It’s all benevolence. It’s all God. So pray to God.

When you connect with the divine, you discover miracles, algorithms, and the recipe for a fulfilling life. This is the key to becoming healthy, happy, unburdened, and successful. Share on X

The light again. 

It’s so important when people say, “Oh, call it whatever you want, the universe, the great spaghetti, whatever.” It’s like, “No, that’s disrespectful for one, and it also is a misdirection, being fed misinformation.” You can refer to him as God, the Creator, or some other respectful terminology, but the vibration of your words is not just, “Oh, it’s energy. It’s the quantum field.” No, this is the Creator, your Creator who created you. You are a creation. You’re not at the same level, not even close to God. So just be respectful.

Anyway, this has just been such an incredible conversation. I’m grateful for you being so open and vulnerable and sharing these experiences with your lessons and the gifts of it all. It’s just incredible. Thank you for being an inspiration and for being you. I know you’re going to do incredible things, and you’re going to reveal lots of light. You’re here for a reason, a big one.

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

Thank you for having me.

Terrance, if our listener or viewer is interested in learning from you, hearing more, I don’t know if they want to learn more, for example, about the AI and ChatGPT stuff, if they’re interested in learning more about recovering from addiction or from health challenges that are seemingly insurmountable, how do they reach out? Or how do they learn from you?

The best place to find me is on Instagram, where my name is @terrance.mcmahon. All my books are under my name and on Amazon. I got a few books. I just wrote The One Hour Book: How to Write a Book in an Hour with ChatGPT, which is a fun book. The website for the events is There are events. We are hosting our next one in Orlando on May 23rd-24th.

Thank you so much, Terrance. Thank you, listener. We’ll catch up with you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.


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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Believe in the possibility of miracles and second chances. Remember, my life can take unexpected turns. Nevertheless, miracles can occur when I least expect them.

?Cultivate unshakeable faith. Embrace a deep and unyielding faith when I face adversity.

?Appreciate miracles. Huge miracles such as surviving a life-threatening illness and small, daily miracles deserve my gratitude. Shift my perspective to see miracles as part of the divine design for my life.

?Pay attention to my inner nudges and instincts. Establish a daily practice of prayer and connection with the divine.

?Practice humility when I experience miracles. The miracles in my life are not based on my achievements or control. Recognize that I am an instrument of a higher power, and credit God for the extraordinary moments I encounter.

?Surround myself with a supportive community that shares my faith and values. Engage in conversations about faith and draw strength from collective energy.

?Seek guidance in my times of uncertainty. Turn to trusted mentors or spiritual leaders when I’m faced with uncertainty.

?Focus my energy on my desires. Place trust in the divine order. Allow the universe to align my desires with my purpose.

?Honor my importance and unique light. Reveal my light to the world through positively impacting and encouraging those around me.

?Reach out to Terrance McMahon on his website, or on Instagram (@terrance.mcmahon) for further insights.

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Terrence McMahon is a retired CEO and TEDx speaker who has helped financial advisors build profitable location-independent businesses. In 2016, Terrance McMahon was sitting in a hospital room, dying from liver failure. Doctors said he had 90 days to live and that his chances of finding a match for a liver transplant in time were slim. So slim that it wasn’t until the end of his 90-day death sentence that a liver from a young prisoner in Alabama was deemed a match.

Given a second chance at life, Terrance decided to recreate himself from a multi-millionaire, morbidly obese CEO of Mass Mutual – Northern New England to a healthy and re-created business mentor, speaker, podcast host, and 3x bestselling author. Today, he is an internationally recognized marketing and lifestyle expert who has helped thousands of people transform their lives and business using social media and online marketing systems.

Terrance McMahon grew up as one of six children in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He attended The University of Massachusetts-Lowell and The University of Alabama. He has two wonderful sons, Joseph and David, and lives in Florida with his partner Michelle.

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