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By: Stephan Spencer


Kute Blackson
“All of life is a one-man play. Our collective roles are influenced by the Divine—the infinite consciousness.”
Kute Blackson

In a world saturated with digital immersion, the quest for true inward and outward connection often feels untenable. Enter my guest on today’s show, Kute Blackson, a man whose life, stretched across four continents, has birthed the transformative philosophy of “Liberated Living.”

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute’s multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father defies all conventions. He is a next-generation world leader out to awaken millions to love and live their inspired destiny.

This is Kute’s second appearance on this show; his previous episode is #155. In this episode, we explore how some, despite overwhelming odds, sculpt their fate, while others, seemingly predestined for success, grapple with unfulfilled potential. Kute’s perspective marries the preordained with personal agency, suggesting that while certain trajectories are set, the journey’s texture is largely ours to define.

As we take a deep dive into generational patterns, the illusion of divine separation, and the miracles we often overlook, Kute bridges the chasm between the sacred and the mundane, asserting that each moment dances with divinity. This discussion is not just an exploration—it’s an invitation to challenge our perceptions, unlock our authentic selves, and stride with intention on the authentic path. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:36]Kute Blackson describes the concept of fate but also recognizes the importance of personal intentions and effort in shaping one’s life trajectory.
  • [10:00]Stephan asks Kute if we chose our parents in another dimension and if our soul’s energy gravitated toward us to learn specific lessons.
  • [12:09]Stephan and Kute discuss consciousness, leading them to share their mystical experiences.
  • [15:38]Kute reflects on his experience of God as an unchanging background that underlies all experiences beyond the fleeting nature of individual experiences.
  • [21:29]Kute shares his spiritual journey, realizing that God is not separate but present in every moment.
  • [26:26]Stephan and Kute share experiences of following signs and synchronicities.
  • [32:11]Kurt defines a miracle.
  • [39:59]Kurt highlights some nuggets of wisdom to strengthen your awareness.
  • [42:06]Kute Blackson invites listeners to learn more about his work and attend his upcoming event in Bali.

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Kute, it’s so great to have you back on the show.

It’s good to be here. 

Let’s talk a bit about destiny. I read some of your biography and how some of it you just counted as kismet. Kismet means destiny or fate. Is that something you believe in, and in what capacity or in what way?

I believe we are all born into a certain preset framework for ourselves, as in a family system. Based on that family system—the family system has an element of fate because if you are born as  Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, or Oprah Winfrey’s child, you have certain advantages at the foundation of your life. 

There are three elements to creating one’s reality. There’s fate, which is the element of fate that you are born into, and that’s about one-third of one’s life and affects one’s results and manifestation in life. Just because you are born into a certain reality—into a slum, in a favela in Rio, to Bill Gates, in middle America, or into a family with addictions, even though there’s a level of fate there, that doesn’t mean you are stuck in that. That doesn’t mean you don’t have certain intentions, options, and a capacity to elevate yourself out of your fate. 

Part of us as human beings incarnates into this human experience to reconnect with our authentic nature to elevate ourselves out of the fate we were born into.

Fate, by itself, doesn’t have the ability to determine your entire life trajectory.

Why is it that some people are born into dire circumstances but go on to achieve incredible things? Why are some people born into mega-zillionaire families and end up destitute, addicted, and not that productive? Fate, by itself, doesn’t have the ability to determine your entire life trajectory. That’s one element. 

The other element that has an impact on our life possibilities is our own intentional will, effort, and commitment. That comes from one’s perseverance, intention, creativity, willpower, and ingenuity. I think this is why you see some folks that have been born into really challenging situations through their intent, hard work ethic, willpower, mindset, and focus have elevated themselves out of the fate that they’ve been born into and have overcome some of the most difficult things in life. That’s 30%. 

The other element is one’s environment, which is the location of where one lives, one’s space, home, and the energy in one’s home. These things also affect one’s future, life, and manifestations. Even though we’re born into a certain fate, that doesn’t mean we are slaves to it. Even though we’re born into a certain reality, it doesn’t mean we can’t change it in some way. 

I do feel on a spiritual level that we’re souls that we incarnate into this human experience to learn, grow, and evolve. Life is like a university for our souls’ evolution in some way. That being the case, if we’re souls incarnating to learn, grow and evolve, perhaps we all have unique life lessons. What I might need to go through might be different than you, which might be different than my brother, my sister, the person in Brazil, the person in Canada, or the person in Japan. 

As souls, we can’t compare ourselves because we all have the life lessons we’re here to learn and the unique way we’re meant to learn them. With that being the case, I think the degree to which we can learn those lessons and the degree to which we can grow and realize who we truly are and evolve, the degree to which we do that, the degree to which we become more conscious and aware, is the degree to which we begin to free ourselves from our conditioning.

We all have unique life lessons.

From childhood, we’re all conditioned and programmed in certain ways from what parents say, from religion, the education system, school, media, social media, pain, and trauma. We’re conditioned to the degree to which we’re not free to choose. 

Many of us grow up unconsciously being run and unconsciously making choices that aren’t necessarily our choices. They’re our grandparents’ choices. They’re our parents’ choices. We are in reaction to Mom. We’re in reaction to Dad. We were in reaction to the pain that we went through, saying, “I’m never going to go through that again.” 

The degree to which we are conditioned is the degree to which we’re not free. When we’re not free, we’re not choosing. When we’re not choosing, we don’t have free will. We’re being run by the pain of our trauma and our conditioning. In that sense, we are fated to live out the conditioning of our unresolved issues, and we’re not free. 

Part of the path of living and being optimized and optimizing life and fulfilling one’s potential is becoming conscious and aware of one’s conditioning, freeing oneself of one’s conditioning, and doing the courageous mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual therapeutic work to free oneself of one’s conditioning, pain, and trauma so that we can connect with our authentic nature and our truth. From that place, we have more choices and the ability to respond to experiences.

As a result of our ability to respond to the experiences that happen, not only do we have more choices, but we can change our lives, destiny, and trajectory. Destiny is that trajectory that you are moving through, but we don’t have the ability to change that. 

As we heal ourselves, we can shift our generational patterns, generational karma, and the imprint of our grandparents.

As we heal ourselves, we can shift our generational patterns, generational karma, and the imprint of our grandparents. For many of us, we felt the feeling in moments where we may have acted certain ways or acted out certain addictions, and it was like an impulse that we felt was bigger than us that maybe were energies passed down through generations.

When we courageously face ourselves to do the work, then we have the ability to shift patterns. When we shift patterns, then we can shift our destiny, shift our lives, and shift our future. We have a curriculum that our soul is here to grow through and learn through, but I don’t believe we are simply at the will and effect of life and situations. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can control how we respond. We can control how we navigate the weather, which will determine our experience of life, where we go and what we do. 

Do you feel like you picked your parents? That you picked being born in Ghana? That you picked the generational karma that you inherited when you were born?

How about metaphorically, can I sit with you, Stephan and say, “Yeah, it’s proven I sat here in another dimension, and I picked them?” I mean, no. It’s not possible to prove that essentially. But I definitely don’t believe that it’s an accident that my mother is my mother, and I don’t believe that it’s an accident that my father is my father. 

I think we can go through life randomly like everything is just an accident, or we can dig a little deeper and realize, “Wait a second, based on my father being my father and my mother being my mother and me being a soul, what is it that I’m seeking to learn? What is it that my soul is seeking to evolve through, learn through, and go through as a result of this?”

Did I sit in a council in another dimension and go, “Okay, I’ll choose him. Not that way, but was there energy?” I believe that what we are is energy. More than anything, with consciousness that is energy. 

The Magic of Surrender by Kute Blackson

Is it possible that the essence of my soul and the lessons it was seeking to learn energetically gravitated toward the optimal teachers, experiences, and setup to be able to learn those lessons energetically? Yeah, maybe I gravitated towards them in some way. 

When I look at my dad being from Africa and my mom being completely Japanese, and when I look at part of what I feel I’m here to do in this lifetime. The purpose that I’m here to unfold in this lifetime is that it’s no accident that I chose these two seemingly opposite cultures to bring cultures together and to experience a deeper level of oneness underlying all the apparent differences. It’s probably no accident.

Yeah, cool. You said that we are energy, we’re consciousness. I believe that, too, and I’m curious to hear if you believe everything has consciousness.

Everything is consciousness in a certain sense. To me, life in existence is a manifestation of consciousness. Everything manifested from consciousness carries an aspect of consciousness. For me, consciousness manifests as a multiplicity of forms in all forms and all matter. Everything has a certain consciousness, and everything contains energy. Rocks carry energy. I’m not saying I’m a tree hugger, but I know many folks who want to go into nature and hug a tree. 

I am. 

Yeah, there you go. Hug a tree. Why? I don’t know. I just feel it. It carries a certain energy of thousands and thousands of years. You go into certain temples, it’s like, “Wow. Why do temples feel not just the energy of the land that flows through them, but the consciousness with which it was made, and the people praying in these particular places carry a certain energy and vibration?”

To me, everything is a manifestation of consciousness; that being the case, everything is consciousness and vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency energetically. Even in physics, nothing is solid in a sense.

Right, string theory. Are you familiar with David Hawkins and his chart of consciousness levels? The zero to a thousand scale?

I remember seeing that many years ago—the author of Power vs. Force

Have you ever read Letting Go?

I have not. 

Okay. You’ve read a thousand books, at least something like that, 800?

I read many books as a kid, and I read many books in my 20s. I still read sometimes, but I got to the point where I read so many books that I just experienced a difference between reading about something and directly experiencing it. It was like I just got tired of reading the menu. Going to a restaurant and reading the menu, it’s like, “Well, this is how good steak tastes, how good this salad is, and how amazing this curry dish is.” 

I felt like I was an expert at reading the menu, and I got to the point where I wanted to experience myself. I wanted to experience truth. I wanted to experience God. I wanted to taste and experience it. 

Miracles happen in the smallest moments. Tune into the magnificence, blessing, and grace that fill each moment. Share on X

There came a point where I stopped reading, but I stopped reading. It became less about the intellectualization of it and more about experiencing it and knowing it in my being and my essence for myself. That’s what my focus became after a while.

When I went to India on a Platinum Partnership with Tony Robbins, the Oneness monks explained that God is an experience, not a belief. It was a profound experience for me. What are your most profound experiences of God? Have you had any glitch in the Matrix–type moments, mystical experiences, or anything where you’ve felt oneness with the creator in all that is? 

In many ways, even from childhood, I felt certain things. I was growing up in a mystical environment with a father who was like a miracle-working African Siddha yogi in a certain sense. In my teens, I had certain experiences. 

Letting Go by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

I remember being in India in my early 20s, and many things occurred, but I remember one time I would run on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh every morning. I take a seven-mile run, then stop and stretch for half an hour and do made-up yoga on the banks of the Ganges. Then, I would dip in the Ganges every day for a month.I would dip in it every day. One day, I was sitting on the Ganges in meditation and opened my eyes. I don’t know what happened, but I was looking at this river, and everything was merging, and I was looking at all the waves crashing into each other. It was like a flash, but it felt like hours of teaching where this whole river is life, and this whole river is humanity, and we are all part of one river flowing from the same source, flowing into the same direction. 

Where one wave ends, another wave ends, crashing into each other. There is no separation between one wave and another wave. It was like this epiphany flash that was beyond my understanding. Something dissolved, and I saw the illusion of myself, the illusion of separation, the illusion that I am anything special, and the illusion of any sense of separate self that we are all one ocean, one body of water, one consciousness manifesting itself in this multiplicity of form, but it was just so clear at that moment. 

I remember crying and then laughing uncontrollably because it felt like a cosmic joke. This whole thing is a one-man play. Life is an entire one-man play. We are all being played by the one character called the Divine, the infinite consciousness. Trump, Biden, Bush, Clinton, all of it, all the seeming opposite polarities, are just masks that the infinite consciousness is wearing as the divine actor playing this play called life. 

When the veils drop on waking up, or we die, the mask comes off, and we realize surprise, it’s just being played by one character. It was only one of us here all along. The person that broke my heart was not separate from me. It was just another manifestation of myself playing another character. 

Even in that sense, I saw that at that deepest spiritual level, there’s no one else other than me. There’s no one to forgive at that level because there’s no one else to forgive. It was just like this, it’s hard to explain, a cosmic joke that just saw some things.

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I’ll never forget tears rolling down my face and walking through Rishikesh, wanting to hug everybody. India is not the most touchy-feely place. I just wanted to hug people because it was a moment when you are me, and I am you, and no one else is here. In that inherent recognition of the shared being, there was just love present. All that there was was love because there was no separation. It was so overwhelming. It was a unique moment that has stayed with me in certain ways. 

God is not an experience. This was 20-some years ago, but God is beyond experience for me because experience comes and goes. Experience is a state that comes and goes. You have an experience of sadness, you have an experience of happiness, but that which contains all experience that is beyond birth and death doesn’t come and doesn’t go. 

To me, God is beyond experience. Because if it’s an experience, it can come and go. But that which is beyond experience, which is that which contains all experience, that which always is, always was, and always will be, that which we are, that which is the underlying essence in which all of it is happening in the waking you, the dreaming you, the deep sleep you, when it appears to be no you. 

God is here and now manifested as everything.

Experience is like a movie that is projected on a screen. The movie characters change. The movies sometimes change, and the colors change. Even if it’s a great movie, it’s like that’s not God. There’s something that is the background of all the characters and all the experiences that are unchanging. I would point to saying that’s God. 

What you said and what you said about the menu reminds me of a quote you’ll enjoy. It’s from Rabbi Rami Shapiro, “Aren’t all religions equally true?” “No. All religions are equally false. The relationship of religion to truth is like that of a menu to a meal. The menu describes the meal as best it can. It points to something beyond itself. As long as we use the menu as a guide, we do it honorably. When we mistake the menu for the meal, we do it and ourselves a grave injustice.”

Nice, that’s beautiful. 

Have you had an experience where you’ve heard God’s voice or seen a vision of God other than the one you described where the river and everything flowed into it, and all was the river? 

Here’s the thing. Right now, I’m looking at it on the screen. It happens to be manifested in Stephan Spencer, and that’s the fact that God is playing right now. Your voice is the voice of God. What other voice is it? For me, God is not some otherworldly separate thing in some ultimate 17th dimension. God is here and now manifested as everything.

When I hold my 14-week-old son in my hands, and he cries, and he’s going crazy and kicking, I look at him now. It’s like God is singing to me. “Is God singing to me right here? The sound of God. What else is it other than that? The sound of God singing to me.” 

God transcends individual experiences.

When I understood that, it transformed my relationship to where I wanted to meditate to see the blue light and God in some other dimension. God is right here singing to me in the screaming cry of my son. It’s like, “Wow. It changes everything for me.” For me, God is not some otherworldly thing. God is here now, alive in all, in you, in me, as me, as all, as everything. The world and everything that I look out now and see. 

I used to look for God. I sat with more gurus than you can even count. I chase more holy spiritual experiences than you could even count in one lifetime. And now I really don’t give a shit about any of that blue light psychedelic plant medicine. To me, spirituality is not some far-off thing. Spirituality is how you live your life. Spirituality is how you show up each moment. 

Can we recognize the divine? Right here, right now, you are God looking at me through those eyes in this apparent separate form of a white guy. I’m a brown guy. It seems different in this play, but it’s really what’s looking at me is looking at you, and there’s no difference. 

Spirituality is how you show up each moment.

For me, God is all. God is everything. Even the world, this physical domain. The world is the creative art expression of the mind of God. The world is a manifestation of God’s mind. Do you want to see God’s creative mind? Just look at the world. This whole world is that. 

We got Iceland, Japan, Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein, Trump, Biden, and you got all of this. What an art piece, the creativity of the infinite with no limitations.

When I see life, I see the mind of God manifested as this world, and part of my process has become to love life as it is because, in loving life, it’s creation, nature, people, and life, I’m loving God. I’m loving the mind of God. I’m loving God’s creativity and expression. God is not separate. God is everything. Experiencing God right here, it’s like, “I’m serving the divine.” For me, that’s where it’s at. 

I used to look for God on mountain tops. I used to look for God with great Indian bearded gurus who could give me Shaktipat. Now I realize that my son at 2 AM screaming is my guru, my master, my teacher, and God calling me to myself. 

What you’re saying reminds me of a quote that I read every day as part of my morning routine. The main gist of it is from Joel Goldsmith

I grew up reading Joel Goldsmith. 

Raise Your Vibration Oracle by Kyle Gray

Oh, wonderful. “It is only knowing the truth that will set you free. And the truth is that I is your true identity, and at the center of your being that I am God, infinite individuality and your only reality. This has to be fully accepted and rooted in your consciousness by daily practice and opening to the I of your being to receive its grace.

Also, and equally important, is that everything else you perceive and experience, whether it enters your mind consciously or unconsciously, is a universal mesmerism formed by the world’s belief in two powers, good and evil. This occurs from the time of conception, so everything you are told, hear, see, and all that arrives from all the thoughts of the world floods into the mind daily from all those that have ever existed. Universal beliefs like birth, death, disease, evil, poverty, aging, etc. 

The I that you are is eternal, unchanging, immortal, and is your and everyone else’s soul, mind, consciousness, self, life, and the substance of all form. It is God manifesting his individual self infinitely. As we meditate on this daily, accept it, practice it, and live it, it will eventually become our realized awakened state of consciousness and that will dissolve all sense of separation from God and all the universal hypnotic appearances of the world’s beliefs that are constantly bombarding your mind.”

Beautiful. Joel Goldsmith is an OG legend. I love him.

Yeah, good stuff. I’m curious about what synchronicities and, without a doubt, signs of the unseen world you are getting on a regular basis. For me, for example, I get angel numbers a lot. I get a lot of information that I receive clairaudiently, through clairaudience. I get occasional visions, and I’m just curious to hear what are your receiving modalities, I guess? 

These days, things have become simple. I just follow my soul. I’ve just had to learn not to question. “Turn left,” turn left. “Turn right,” turn right. Why? I don’t know, Stephan. Just turn left, turn left. I have no idea. The deeper I go, the less I know the more humbled I feel. 

The world is the creative art expression of the mind of God.

I used to think I knew a lot. Now I feel like I don’t know anything, yet everything gets done and manifests. I’m like, “Wow, I thought I was the doer, but I’m not really the doer of anything, yet everything seems to be unfolding better than I could have imagined.” It’s like that quote. To enter the kingdom of heaven, you must be like a child, the innocence of a child. 

The deeper I go—this may sound strange—the less choice I have, the freer I feel. The more ego I used to be, the more choices I thought I had, and the more limited I was, because for me, more and more my will and thy will align more and more. 

These days, it’s just following life, allowing life to lead and show me. “Turn left, turn left.” “Okay.” I don’t need to know why. All I know is following the guidance. Sometimes, the guidance comes in a gentle nudging. Sometimes, the guidance comes from a subtle feeling in the body.

Paying attention to the body, the subtle feeling and the flow allows life to lead me, so I am becoming a follower of life and intelligence. Many things won’t make sense at the moment but will tend to make sense after the fact. I’ve just seen miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle happen. 

I was told to move to Phoenix; I moved to Phoenix. I had a house there. “Move to Miami.” I moved to Miami. I was told to go to Brazil; I went to Brazil, met my wife in Brazil, and had a child. All of these things are just cultivating and just listening. Sometimes, the listening is a voice, but sometimes, the listening is a sensation or a feeling. Sometimes, listening is just a vibe. Sometimes, it’s just a fleeting something, and I do my best to follow that more than anything. 

God is present in the simplest moments — everything we experience is sacred and divine.

In terms of numbers, things, and superstitions, I don’t want to downplay or up play them, but 1111, seeing these numbers these days, things have become simpler where every moment is the moment. It’s not just, “Oh, I saw a number, so this means?” No, now it is 348. It’s a holy freaking sacred moment right now. Why? Because we are here. 

I have learned to assign less meaning to it’s 1111. It means whatever you choose it to mean. This means that at any moment, you can change your destiny with a choice of what you choose to make something mean at the moment.

It’s 349. It’s that special moment because we are here, you are here, I’m here, we hold that sacred intention and sacred awareness, we’re present, and we’re conscious. It’s no different than is it because you went to a temple that made it holy and sacred?

Somebody can be in a temple and be thinking about their job, thinking about paying the bills, thinking about making love to their spouse and not be present fully there. You could be in the toilet and taking a poop but still be in complete connection with the divine, complete gratitude and reverence for life and the life that is this moment.

The deeper I go, the less I know the more humbled I feel.

I think what I’ve been trying to do, and part of the path, is “Can we experience the sacredness in all things? Can we experience the sacredness in all moments where the seeming ordinary becomes extraordinary?” 

I’m someone who grew up seeing miracles happen. My father healed people, blind people seeing, and he put his hands on them. People would pick up the sand that my father walked on and wipe their faces with it, and they would stand up. The miraculous has always been part of my life, yet I’ve gone full circle to every moment. It is miraculous if we pay attention.

It’s all miraculous. You mentioned 349. I wanted to see in the Kyle Gray book what that corresponded to, and here’s what it is, “You don’t need permission to be who you are. You were born to be powerful. Accept it.”


Everything is a sign. Nothing is random. Everything is from God. 

Everything is a sign. If someone’s listening and you’ve been looking for your sign, this is it. The fact that you’ve incarnated into the human experience is your sign. You are ready. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready and meant to be here. Trust it.

Yeah, it’s not random that you’re listening to this right now, whoever you are. 

Yeah, it’s a sign.

Amazing. What’s your definition of a miracle?

A miracle is just being present in the magnificence, blessing, and grace at this very moment.

Miracle is just right now. I wish I could say a miracle is a shift. I don’t see it as something extraordinary anymore, something out of the norm. For me, a miracle is just being present in the magnificence, blessing, and grace at this very moment. When we can just be here now fully and take in our breath, that’s a miracle. 

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the moment you can’t breathe, it sure is a big deal. For me, miracles are just here. It’s just being here now. Being here present fully, right here, right now, and we miss it. 

I know in many moments of my life, because I was seeking the miraculous somewhere, I missed the moments. My mother died in 2017. She passed away due to stomach cancer. It was rough, man. It was challenging. I had some amazing moments with her, but what started as the worst year of my life became the best year of my life. The whole process of her dying was a miracle. It was miraculous—the greatest gift. 

The whole process of flying back and forth from LA to London to be with my mother during her chemo sessions. One week out of every month, I’d fly to be with her. And it was a lot. But we sat in her chemo, honestly talking about nothing much in life and eight hours just talking, shooting the breeze, and it was miraculous. I was just sitting there being with her; being present with her was a miracle. 

The only regret I had in my life—I don’t have many regrets—was the feeling of, “Why did I not spend more time with my mother?” Because I was too busy. I thought there was something more important. I thought there was somewhere to get to. 

God and spirituality can be found in everything. We need to embrace that truth to become conscious of the sacredness of each moment. Share on X

When I just sat holding my mother’s hand in chemo where this stuff is pumping through her veins, and we’re just talking about life and nothing much and everything, it was like, “This is it right here.” For me, maybe a miracle is just that recognition that this moment is it. Right here. This is it. Nowhere else. Right here.

I got a great definition of a miracle from Kabbalah a few years ago, and I love it. “A miracle is removing the illusionary veils that don’t allow us to see the light in every experience and moment.”

There you go. That’s a nice way to put it. This moment is a miracle. It is being here with you having this conversation. Firstly, even if we were in the room together, the fact that two people from seemingly different backgrounds can sit and make these sounds, and you can understand, I can understand. We can now coherently have this communication and dialogue is a miracle.

The fact that you’ve incarnated into the human experience is your sign.

We act like it’s normal, but it’s crazy. We’re making these sounds, and here we are talking, and you understand me, and I understand you. Then add to the fact that now, let’s say we do this virtually, and I see you or a version of you on a screen, and now we are having another layer of that conversation. We’re not even in the same room. It’s miraculous, man. 

Of course, time, space, and motion are all illusions. We’re not separated by distance. 

Speaking of your mother, she was Japanese, and you must have learned some incredible things about life, yourself, how the world works and how God works through your exposure to Japanese culture.

The answer would be yes. It was unconscious. On many levels, my mother was simple. She just lived her life with such humility. Her life was devoted to being of service. My mother’s greatest teaching wasn’t what she told me or said. I didn’t realize it then, but it was just how she lived her life. She just lived her life with faith, trust, surrender, and with no ego. 

I’ll give you an example. Seven months into the process, we were at the doctor’s, and the doctors in the hospital said, “There’s nothing else that we can do for you, so get your affairs in order because you’re going to die any day. It could be days, weeks, months, but not years, so get ready.” That moment hit me hard.

Everything we experience can give us a divine sign.

My mother’s very emotional, so I thought she would break down, but she was very calm. This whole year, she was calm. I looked my mother in the eyes and said, “Mom, are you afraid?”

This little Japanese woman looked me in the eye and said, “No, I’m not afraid because I know I’m not this body. This body is just a temporary vehicle for my soul. This body will go, but I won’t. I will be with you always from the other side, beyond the physical.”

I’m like, “Wow. When I looked into her eyes, I could tell she wasn’t just saying these words or faking them. She was real. It was real for her. Then I asked my mother, “What can I do for you? What do you need? I wanted to be a good son. Can I buy something for you? Can I take you somewhere?”

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

My mother said, “There’s nothing I need and want. All I want is what God wants for my life.” At that moment, I saw that my mother was free. She wasn’t attached to living. She wasn’t attached to dying. She was just free. She was living in surrender. 

I understood her at that moment, and I realized I missed it my whole life. My mother is like a living awakened being, and I missed it. At that moment, I understood who she was and what she was, and then I looked at her life and how she lived. 

My mother married my African father and agreed to get married without ever having physically seen him, met him, or spoken to him, just following her soul because she felt her destiny was that. 

There were so many instances of what she lived that I observed, but because she’s my mom, I didn’t appreciate it, and I was just a kid. As I look back on her life, I see who she was and how non-attached to her ego and self she was. 

She lived service in a very profound way, and most of the spiritual practices we do to get off of our ego, she was just living it. It was very humbling. In that sense, yeah, my mother taught me a lot. Did I go to Japan many times? Yeah, that was all great, but my mother’s example taught me everything.

Beautiful. There’s a concept in Japanese culture called wabi-sabi. This is from Wikipedia. It says, “For Richard Powell, wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” 

By accepting the impermanence of this physical vessel that we’re in and that we can’t possibly complete everything on our to-do list, that nothing’s perfect and nothing ever is meant to be anyway. This is all just experience. This is all for fun and for learning, growing, and experiencing God in different ways. It’s just a beautiful thing. 

I agree. 

I know we’re getting close to time here. Is there one last nugget of wisdom you want to share that we haven’t already spoken about with our listeners? 

When we become aware of the sacred presence in everything, life takes on a different vibe and intention. Share on X

If there’s a question, it’s all God; it’s all sacred. More than anything, I hope people take that away. Even the simple moments, the ordinary moments, are all divine moments. There’s no separation between God and not God, between spiritual and not spiritual. When we can embrace that, every moment becomes sacred. That excites me more than anything—the dissolving of separation between spiritual and not spiritual. 

Because there’s nothing that is not God.

We define it. I’d rather meditate in that spirit, but when we bring awareness of the sacred in all things, life takes on a different context, vibe, intention, and everything. That’s when we realized we have no enemies. The true essence of namaste becomes real.

Because at the end of the day, it’s just us and God. 

Or, at the end of the day, it’s just God.

Yeah, that’s really what it is. 

God has something separate from yourself, like a cosmic vending machine of Santa Claus.

For me, there are three levels of prayer. The first level of prayer is going up in the church where we pray. The first level of prayer is a lot of separation, which is all about pleading with God. God has something separate from yourself, like a cosmic vending machine of Santa Claus, that you need to pray to God for this thing, to this being, to this cosmic Santa Claus, “Dear God,” and you’re pleading to God for help for something. It’s like, “Dear God, please help me.” Pleading, that’s one level. 

The next level–the gap shrinks a bit more, but you are kind of more praising in gratitude and praise to God, and there’s still a level of separation in that of like, “Thank you, God.” It’s as though it’s separate, and that’s the level of praise. 

The next level is presencing, where there is no separation, and you just rest in the presence. “Be still and know that I am God,” and you rest in the presence, and you commune with that which you are. That’s when magic opens up. 

Live life like a prayer because every moment is divine. 


Amazing. Where does our listener go to learn more from you and experience more of you?

A couple of ways. Get the book The Magic of Surrender. It’s a roadmap to living and surrender in life. Available on Amazon. Get the paperback version. Check it out there. Depending on when people listen to this interview, from December 5th through the 16th, I’m doing a very special event in Bali. It’s going to be my last event in Bali. I’ve done 21 events in Bali. It’s called Boundless Bliss – The Bali Breakthrough Experience. It’s 12 days. It’s life-changing.

If you’re someone who you feel ready for your next level in life, ready to transform, connect, align, and share your gifts with the world, Find all the info there and apply from December 5th through the 16th. My main website, Instagram, @kuteblackson. Facebook, @kuteblacksonlovenow. My podcast SoulTalk

Amazing. Alright. Thank you so much, Kute, and thank you, listener. Make it a great week and reveal some light in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Acknowledge the family system I was born into, which can influence my life but doesn’t entirely define my destiny.

?Understand the power of my intentions, hard work, willpower, and mindset in shaping my life’s trajectory.

?Be aware that my surroundings, including my location, space, and energy in my home, can impact my future and what I manifest.

?Engage in mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual therapeutic work to free myself from conditioning, pain, and trauma.

?View life as a university for my soul’s evolution. See life as an opportunity for my soul to learn, grow, and evolve. Embrace my unique curriculum of life lessons.

?Realize that God transcends my experiences. God is the unchanging, ever-present awareness that contains all experiences.

?Cultivate love and compassion for others and recognize their inherent connection to me. Understand that everyone plays a part in the same divine play.

?Shift my focus from intellectual understanding to direct connection and recognize the divine presence in my life.

?Train myself to see the sacred in every moment, no matter how ordinary it may seem.

?Visit or connect with Kute Blackson on his main website,, Instagram, and Facebook. Explore his book The Magic of Surrender, consider attending the Boundless Bliss, The Bali Breakthrough Experience event, and listen to his podcast, SoulTalk.

About Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute’s multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage laid the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual’s true gifts and greatness.

Though Kute was raised all over the world, he had always dreamed of life in America. As if by kismet, he won a green card just after finishing school in London. He came to America alone months later, with no connections or prospects.

When Kute arrived in Los Angeles, all he had to his name were two suitcases and the dream of seeking out the spiritual and self-help icons who had inspired him when he was a boy.

Kute quickly learned that the “outside-in” approach favored by many in the personal development space had to become an inside-out approach. So he decided to create his own method—a process that liberates the individual and the true self at the core and then pushes those gifts outward into the universe. This helps the individual get in touch with who they really are. It is a process of breaking free—so that the individual can live, give, and share the truest expression of their self. This is what Kute calls “Liberated Living.”

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