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By: Stephan Spencer


Torsten Lange
“Reiki taught me that the cycle of life is part of a bigger cycle. The connection I feel in Reiki gives me this proof and a connection to awareness. I’m connected to something beyond physicality.”
Torsten Lange

You are powerful! And your energy can affect others. You were born with the ability to heal yourself and all living things. One of the ways you can use your healing energy is by doing Reiki. Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality we’re going to learn about from one of the world-leading experts on the topic.

Torsten Lange is the author of Reiki Made Easy published by Hay House. He is the founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has researched Reiki’s history and spiritual foundations and taught thousands of students worldwide.

In this episode, Torsten dives deep into Reiki and how it saved him and brought his life back on track. He also shares his spiritual journey beyond Reiki. And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces his next guest, Torsten Lange, the founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London and the only Hay House author for Reiki.
  • [01:35]Torsten refers to Reiki as a Japanese energy healing modality and explains further what makes Reiki special.
  • [04:33]Stephan wants to know more about the deeper roots of a physical issue.
  • [10:24]Torsten used the word surreal to describe Reiki since words are no longer there to describe these experiences, and they go beyond what we are used to in our everyday lives.
  • [13:59]Stephan asks Torsten whether he is doing Reiki, praying, or a mix of those when it comes to the process of consuming food and drink beforehand.
  • [19:09]Torsten talks about past life regression, and people get an image and an idea of what happened in a past incarnation that is somehow connected to a problem they suffer within this life which is helpful and healing.
  • [24:18]Stephan asks how to stay in both 3D and 5D worlds without getting too lost and being deeply connected.
  • [27:50]Torsten believes that we all have an army of helpers up there who are connected and guiding us. He also shares his latest book, Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity.
  • [32:59]Stephan and Torsten discuss challenges, annoyances or distractions as a learning opportunity and a learning cause.
  • [37:58]Torsten and Stephan talk about awakening, connection, and seeing the light and brightness that this higher connection can bring into our lives.
  • [47:59]Stephan asks Torsten about the events that lead him to become a Hay House author.
  • [52:34]Visit Torsten’s website, Reiki Science Academy’s website or Reiki Academy London website to know more about Reiki and how to work with him.

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Torsten, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much for having me here.

Let’s, first of all, define, for our listeners, what is Reiki, and why should they care?

That’s a good question. How much time have you got?

Well, we have an hour.

I’ll try. Reiki is commonly referred to as a Japanese energy healing modality that is as technical as it goes, but there’s much more to it. First of all, everything is energy. What makes Reiki special? This is a very big question. What makes Reiki special is that you can feel it. Everybody who uses Reiki, who learns Reiki, and everybody who gets a Reiki treatment can feel physically there’s something going on. Normally, given the use of your hands, you place your hands on the reception, even on yourself, or you keep the hand slightly away and people can feel something. It gets a bit warm. 

Reiki is commonly referred to as a Japanese energy healing modality that is as technical as it goes, but there’s much more to it.

Sometimes, it feels almost like an energy flow going through the body so that’s definitely something going on. It has results. It’s used in about 800 hospitals in the United States at the moment. It is officially recognized as a complementary therapy. Complementary in this case means it does complement traditional western healthcare, so it’s not a competition. It really is very beneficial to use it together. Of course, it wouldn’t be used in hospitals had it not had any results. It does bring results. It tends to reduce the pain. It tends to allow people to heal more quickly.

It’s absolutely extraordinary that after the use of Reiki, often the healing time of surgery accelerates by two or three times. It’s very, very quick. But there’s also another element to that, and that’s what I find so fascinating. 

When people receive Reiki, they sense not just something physical going on. They often see colors and the sensation of colors with your closed eyes basically is a way of our minds to translate an energetic experience into a visual. Something is going on. Something is lifting. It is really higher vibration energy, and often people get a lot of intuitive insight. It’s very interesting.

Somebody may have a physical problem and the treatment brings some awareness of the physical problem actually started with a psychological problem, a trauma they had in their lives. It’s merely a symptom of some kind of deeper root of a physical problem. It addresses all sorts of things. Did I stray a little bit from the topic?

No. That was perfect.

That’s in brief what Reiki does. It is a truly holistic therapy, so it works on all things. If you cut your finger when you cook, it will help it heal. If you feel bruised in a toxic relationship, it will work on that. It’s absolutely mind-blowing the reach of what it can do.

Reiki Made Easy by
Torsten Lange


I’m sure we will get deeper into that in a moment.

We will. I would love to know what you mean by deeper roots of an illness, chronic pain, or something. Is that at the spiritual level that you’re referring to? Tell me more about the deeper roots of a physical problem.

Three are different levels. First of all, that is a very simple physical level, if somebody’s got a knee problem, it may well be that the knee is not the problem. That they have a problem with their hips or a problem with their ankle. In Reiki treatment, the practitioner tends to intuitively be directed where to place their hands. They will find themselves moving to the lower back or to the hips or so, rather than staying at the knee because that’s where they’re directed to.

There’s still a physical cause, but it shows that it’s somewhere else in the body. Of course, the knee is all about movement. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody has a knee problem who somehow feels stuck in their lives, whether it’s on their career path or whether it’s in a relationship and they really want to move on. They want to move away. They feel stuck on where they are. It may well be that that’s something completely different from the underlying reason. Rather than just working on the physical level, Reiki may bring up some thoughts about that.

Afterward, in the discussion with the client, they will say it’s so odd. I thought I was getting treatment for my knee problem. Instead, all I was thinking was my family and how family issues keep me from doing what I really want to do in life. Quite extraordinarily, I really find that Reiki is doing something to help with it. That’s something that I entirely didn’t understand when I started with Reiki. I used to have a business in London. I used to have a stall. I used to design jewelry, and I was terribly proud of myself for having the stall on famous Regent Street in London.

All that collapsed and I went bankrupt up to a point when I had lost my apartment in Notting Hill, my apartment in Germany, and even my family’s house because they guaranteed the loans. For a few months, I was homeless. I stayed with friends, but it was getting to a point where I really didn’t want to carry on with my life anymore. I tend to find that experiences like that often bring change. For me, there was no change for two years. At some stage, I just really didn’t quite know what to do anymore.

Reiki taught me that the cycle of life is part of a bigger cycle. The connection I feel in Reiki gives me this proof and a connection to awareness. I'm connected to something beyond physicality. Share on X

My mom was given a book and the book mentioned Reiki. She read it and thought this is pretty cool. You can have healing hands. Everybody can learn that. Somehow, I’m not so sure how she managed to get the money together, but she went on a course. Around the time I was offered a job, I thought, I can do it. Not terribly practical, but I can give it a try. I do have some property. I was refurbishing an apartment.

About a year or so later, I looked back and I realized that this was the turning point of my life getting back on track. There was more money coming in, more jobs coming in. Slowly, I could live a normal life again. I suddenly realized it’s really interesting that it took so long because I didn’t really bring the two together that this job started on a Friday. It was the very same Friday my dear mom started with her Reiki course. I thought, well, this is a weird coincidence, but of course, there are no coincidences in the universe.

When I talk about energy, energy or energy theory ultimately means everything’s connected. If one element in our life changes, everything can change. Once I understood that the element that actually had changed was the arrival of Reiki or higher vibrational energy, I was just absolutely mesmerized. I got my first Reiki course as a present from my mom for Christmas, because I didn’t want to do it. I really just wanted to get back on track and thought it sounds interesting, but what am I supposed to do with healing hands when I do our properties? Actually, it’s very practical because I now put Reiki into my power drill and it works much better.

It works on all sorts of levels, but I just started to learn it and I realized there are lots of things changing in my life. Not just physically, but also in terms of awareness. I got more intuitive and things just kind of fell into place. This led me to where I am now as a Reiki teacher. The beauty of teaching so many people is that I get daily feedback that I am not the only one where it works. That would be a bit off, but it really can work for everybody. You don’t even need to be open to it. That’s again another aspect of Reiki.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

You can just get a Reiki treatment and say, I’m so sorry. I don’t believe in that. But if you really want to waste your time, go on. Give me a Reiki treatment and I can guarantee people will believe in Reiki afterward.

That’s amazing, yes. It can be hard to win over a skeptic if you’re talking about something that’s in the woo-woo space. I was in that skeptic world up until age 42, until I got touched on the head by a monk in India. He zapped me and I saw everything in technicolor and everything. That was my awakening almost nine years ago. Until that point though, I was skeptical about everything. Now, it’s all about the willing suspension of disbelief and just being open-hearted, open-minded, and just amazing miraculous stuff tends to happen then.

Once we realize there is more that can be grasped with our five senses, a whole new world opens up. I think what’s surreal is the most often used word to describe Reiki because the words are not really there anymore to describe these experiences. I don’t really want to call it an out-of-body experience, but it’s something else. They go beyond what we are used to in our everyday life and that’s so extraordinary. We suddenly sense there’s something else. We see light. We just somehow feel there is a spiritual dimension in a way, another higher dimension. That’s what I find so fascinating about Reiki.

As you said about skeptics, it’s very difficult to convince skeptics and I normally don’t even try by explaining. I just say, have you got five minutes? I’ll give you some Reiki and then you can see it for yourself. I tend to find that when we have healing hands, when we feel that there is a connection, we change. 

I was talking about Reiki as a complementary therapy, using your hands and looking at the results, but in a way, you can trace it back. When you feel something, you can go up to your arms, into your body, and somehow sense what you are actually connected to where this particular high vibration energy is coming from. When you do that, you really feel a connection to something higher in the universe. 

I thought the more people have that and have this tangible physical proof of a connection to another realm, it changes so much. It changes the perception of our lives. It changes how we interact with other people. I thought it would be just great that more people had that, but how do you convert skeptics? For several years, I was asking my students to fill two glasses with tap water as long as they live in an area where it’s safe to drink it and give Reiki to some. Just have a glass of water, place your hands around, give it some Reiki, not to the other, and taste the difference.

Everybody is spiritual, even though they may not know it. We’re all spiritual because we are all spirits. We are all eternal souls temporarily in a body. This is basically what connects us all. Share on X

The vast majority can really taste the difference. Some even do it as a game at home, as a party game. Have two jugs with water and the whole family or group of friends taste it. It really brings change. I eventually found a laboratory in Switzerland that was able to measure these changes. They certify water as being from original natural salts, mountain spring water, or being tampered with, polluted, and then artificially cleansed afterward. They developed a method that eventually looks at the residue of the minerals in the water under a microscope.

An hour of Reiki increased the quality from decent level Swiss tap water to entry-level spring water, it was just amazing. I’ve got the pictures and they are on my website. For me that was a major breakthrough because I thought, this really at least inspires people to give it a try. Once people give it a try, hopefully, they stay with it, whether they only use Reiki or many of these beautiful other modalities like yoga or meditation. It doesn’t really matter as long as it helps to understand that there is more to life.

Yeah. One habit I’ve gotten into this year since I had a second spiritual awakening in January is to bless my food and drink, supplements, vitamins, et cetera before I consume it, or oftentimes I’ll forget and while I’m consuming it. I firmly believe that this is transmuting whatever I’m consuming. 

Where does Reiki fit into that? Do you Reiki your food and drink beforehand, you would just pray over it, just have an intention, or do you a mix of all the above? How does that work for you?

Rather than just working on the physical level, Reiki may bring up some thoughts about that.

I suppose it’s a mix. I’m a normal person and live a normal life. When I get a muesli bar, a salad, or whenever I go out, I don’t tend to sit in the restaurant and say, thank you for all these beautiful things. I’ll give it Reiki for a few minutes or so. I just tend to say thank you. Once I realized that I really should. I do that. 

Sometimes, I really give Reiki to particular foods as well when I want them to be particularly healing, when I don’t feel very well, or when I feel the quality should be improved. It can really do that. I once burnt a dish, a curry I made in London. It was so terrible. I was just about to throw it away. I just sat there and gave myself Reiki because I was really annoyed. It was for guests and they were due to arrive soon. The whole lunch was ruined, I thought.

Then I tried it again and suddenly, it didn’t taste as bad anymore. I thought, could it be that the Reiki I just gave myself had that effect? Then, of course, I bombarded the wok of curry with Reiki, 20 minutes later, there was not the slightest hint of being burnt. I told everybody over lunch, of course. They were extremely careful trying to taste whether there was anything wrong and there wasn’t anymore. These are some beautiful experiences. But I think it’s really important to say thank you and to realize it is a gift.

It is a gift from the planet, from nature, from the universe that we have something beautiful to eat and to drink, and this is something precious. The more we develop that, I find it the more we develop a connection with nature. We feel more part of the bigger picture. I mean we water the plants and then we eat the plants. It’s a cycle, and to realize we are part of the cycle of life is fascinating. 

What basically Reiki brought me to is to understand that the cycle of life is one part of a bigger cycle. For me, the connection I feel in Reiki really gives me this proof and connection to awareness. I’m connected to something beyond the physicality.

Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity by Torsten Lange

In other words, I’ve been around before I was born. I will go on after I die. This fascinated me so much over the years. I have a lot of students who are psychic, mediums, and they give messages. It’s fascinating. Often, these abilities open up much more with Reiki. I did some training with Brian Weiss as a past-life regression therapist. I do that as well and I think it just really blends in amazingly. It helps us to understand the difficulties of life. 

As you already said, often we need a breakthrough. Something that changes our perception, and most of the time, this is not a pleasant experience that this brings. It’s an accident. It’s a family problem. It’s something where we just hit a wall, and often we hit a wall again and again and again until we finally realize we need to change. I tend to find that Reiki brings change and health. It’s just extraordinary what it can do. 

You mentioned Brian Weiss and past-life regression therapy. I had Monica Berg on recently and she is involved with the Kabbalah Center. We talked a lot about Kabbalah, but we also talked about past lives and reincarnation. That’s actually a core principle in Kabbalah and because of its being the mystical core of Judaism, it’s thus in Judaism too. 

Many Lives, Many Masters was one of her favorite books. We talked a bit about it in the episode. I’ve been reading. I love the book and I’m curious, how does, let’s say, a disease, cancer, for example, that might be in the gut or in that kind of region of the body maybe relate to a past life injury, perhaps mortal injury like a bullet wound to that same area?

I’ve heard these things can happen and be connected and you basically carry it over from lifetime to lifetime. Neck pain where you’d gotten guillotined to death in a past life and now you’ve got all these neck issues. Can you talk a bit about that?

It’s very difficult to pinpoint. Occasionally, in past-life regression, people get an image. An idea of what happened in the past incarnation that is somehow connected to a problem they suffer with in this life, and then it’s helpful and healing. 

Energy theory ultimately means everything's connected. If one element in our life changes, everything can change. Share on X

I basically wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to say everything we have, we do, and we suffer from this life is kind of connected to a past life. It almost deflects a little bit from being here now and having to deal with this now. I tend to find the fact that we have it now means now is the time to change. Now is the time to open up. Yes, it may be connected to a past life, absolutely. For me, that’s not the key behind it. 

If a past-life regression helps, it’s amazing. Reiki can help. Often conventional therapies, surgery are needed as well. But what I do find is that there’s proof we get from past life regressions, which is amazing. I was doing a regression at a seminar a while ago. The lady who actually organized it all, she found herself. She allowed me to use the story. 

She found herself as a witch in the UK in the 17th century. I always ask people to see if they can get a date. She got a date. I need to check it out, it wasn’t 1643 or something like that. It was a very, very particular date. Straight away, afterward, she went to a phone and googled witchcraft in the UK, 16-something—whenever it was. It was the one year where that was an act of parliament outlawing witchcraft and she had to flee.

She saw herself fleeing to Scotland where she eventually burned on the stake. That was just fascinating, and this proved to actually get to date and get proof that there is something fascinating. What does it mean for this life? Well, she is extremely open to spirituality. She promotes openness and tolerance in spirituality. Maybe this is an effect of that past life, but for me, it’s more important to see this idea that there are past lives. It’s not about particular past lives, but it’s about the concepts.

You can have healing hands. Everybody can learn that.

Life does not end with death. In other words, everything I do here is an experience with a beginning and an end. Our whole life is an experience. If I look at life from that perspective as an experience, I tend to find it’s easier to live and easier to accept life. We may get a little bit more wild and think, I really want to have some experiences. We think, if I’m really stuck in a job I don’t want, what’s the point for the rest of my life? Is this something I want to experience? I have experienced 25 years of boredom. Now, I want to do something really exciting.

Now, I want to see what my real talents are, what I’m born with. I’m doing a 21-day coaching at the moment for people to raise their vibrations and realize what they’re basically here to do. One exercise is to really write down your talents and realize what you have brought with you. Of course, that’s a really interesting question. What are my talents? Am I a good communicator? Am I a fantastic artist? Am I good with children or whatever? All sorts of things and really didn’t do something about it and with it. But it also means we all have shortcomings.

The question is why did we bring these shortcomings? What was that meant to teach us? We are in this interesting package that is called incarnation in the body and we brought particular things with us to create the experience we were meant to have. But there is also something beyond that. This for me is so extremely important to understand life. These healing hands, what I feel there is this connection really is a daily reminder that there is something else, something beyond this life. To live in this awareness is just the greatest gift I think one can possibly have.

It is indeed. For people who are just waking up to this possibility, it’s intoxicating. They see that there’s so much to this reality that is beyond my previous concepts and understanding. Then you can end up getting lost in it, lose your grounding, and you still need to pay the bills. You still need to show up for work, answer the phone, and all that sort of stuff. 

What do you tell somebody, and I’m just perhaps talking about myself since I kind of got a little up in the clouds earlier this year and needed to get back down to earth as well. What do you tell somebody like that? How do they stay in both worlds? One foot in 3D, one foot in the 5D so that they don’t end up getting too lost and not being practical.

Once we realize there is more than can be grasped with our five senses, a whole new world opens up.

How do they also stay deeply connected? It sounds like practicing your Reiki every day, that’s how you bring the 5D down to the 3D. You stay connected between those two worlds. I’m curious, what would you tell somebody who’s not seeing themselves necessarily as a Reiki master or even as a practitioner, just a regular Joe or Jill?

That’s such an important question. I didn’t really want to do what I’m doing. I tried anything and everything to get back on my feet and to go back to being in business and my ordinary life because I didn’t want to sit there cross-legged on a nail board with a cup of tea or something like that. This is just not me. 

I wanted to live a normal life. I thought I had to decide between these two things. It turns out this is not correct. At the moment, I’m in LA. I’m going out. I’m having fun. I’m meeting people. I’m living a normal life. I do that and start my day every morning with a Reiki self-treatment.

I just place my hands on my body and for half an hour, I give myself Reiki. I start every morning with this connection. During the day, when something goes in the direction I don’t quite understand, then I tend to ask myself why is this? What am I supposed to learn from that? What’s the experience? 

It’s been a process bringing these two sides together, but I think it’s absolutely okay. I have a lot of accountants in my courses, interestingly. I sometimes wonder whether this job people can possibly do because they really open up to that. They carry on to be an accountant. One day, they didn’t want to do that.

She now opened up to all the spirituality and she really needed to change her life. Then at some stage, she realized that she actually likes what she’s doing and she’s pretty good at it. She works for a charity. By being good with figures and with the finances there, she can help them to do more, to stretch the money they had further. Ultimately, she realized that this is basically her job. It’s a great thing to bring these two together. 

We can change the world and make the world a better place by being spiritually connected.

I don’t think we need to make these big changes in our everyday life necessarily. Some people may, but for others, it’s really the awareness. For me, there are many beautiful concepts and many beautiful paths and modalities, but Reiki is so incredibly simple. Everybody can learn it. you don’t have to believe in it. You always have your hands. 

If there’s a problem, you can start thinking about maybe this is the challenge. Maybe I’m supposed to learn something from it. Maybe this. Maybe that. You can get completely lost in your mind. With Reiki, what I do is I just ask Reiki, please help me. I placed my hands on myself. I feel the connection. I feel the energy, and I wait for my stress levels to reduce some intuition, something happening. This is my experience, it is just really extraordinary what it can do.

That’s really cool. Do you feel like there’s some angelic assistance or some light beings that are connecting to you and working through you as you’re using your healing hands, or is it just your connecting straight to the source and getting the energy from there? How do you relate to the angelic realm, the spirit guides, ascended masters, source spirit, and God the creator directly? How does all that work for you?

Just a few weeks ago, I published my latest book, which is called Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity. It refers to basically exactly that question. What are we actually doing? What are we connected to? What is going on there? First of all, I’m absolutely certain that everybody is a spiritual person, even though they may not know. We tend to distinguish between some people who are very spiritual and some people who are not. We’re all spiritual because we are all spirits. We are all eternal souls temporarily in a body. This is basically what connects us all.

I think it’s really important to say thank you and realize it is a gift.

But we are all also connected to these higher vibrational realms. I’m absolutely certain we all have an army of helpers up there. Sometimes I feel my dad or my grandmother or other people I have known in my life, I feel their presence and I just know there’s an opening and they are there. I feel support and I feel love. This is something a lot of people feel to their great astonishment in Reiki treatments as well, that suddenly there’s a presence of loved ones who’ve moved. 

There is, of course, another level of guides and helpers who primarily help us to develop and to make the most of our lives. Spirit helpers, guides, masters, ascended masters, whatever you want to call them. For me, it was and still sounds odd to say that, but it’s quite an extraordinary find over the years that the founder of the Reiki system who died 100 years ago turned out to be my guide. 

He basically guided me for a long time through the experiences I had, my bankruptcy, and all these things because they kind of mirrored his life experience. He also had a bankruptcy and was a businessman and then things changed with Reiki. Possibly because of that, I had this very strong connection with Reiki and this momentum to really teach it. Recently, I noticed another guide in my life. When I asked who it was, I got the image of an angelic being, whatever that means. No wings, but it was another level of connection.

It felt vast and higher. It’s very interesting that it also is very much in line with what Brian Weiss writes in Many Lives, Many Masters where he talks to the masters and guides in between during the past-life regressions. Some are very close to bodily experience here on the level of guides, and some are very far away and see a much bigger picture. This is just fascinating. 

When we start opening up to these things and we realize how vast the universe is, how many different levels there are, at some stage, we may get to a level where we talk about principles, about laws of the universe, and how they go through everything and guide and structure the universe as it is. We realize that we are bound by these principles. The most important being is love. That of course then eventually brings us to the idea of where is the universe coming from? How was it brought into existence? What is the source? 

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

For me, I call it light or I call it the source. Some people call it God. One of the great influences in my life has been Neale Donald Walsch who brought all these famous series of the Conversations with God books. I’m not so sure if I would have used the word God because I think it normally has all these religious connotations. But ultimately, it refers that there is a higher and there is the highest power.

The highest power is the starting and the endpoint of everything. This is what I can feel in what I’m doing. This is what my exercises even against the backdrop of the lawnmower outside, what my exercise can feel. This is so funny. Sometimes I have a real distraction and I think this is happening. This is just normal life. Why is it happening again? 

At the same time, I feel that there is something beyond. I’m still connected no matter what’s there in life. For me, this all started with Reiki and this is why I love it so much. There are so many beautiful modalities, but it’s this tangibility of the experiences that we have that I find so amazing.

Yes. The smallest little annoyances, distractions, or whatever can be a great lesson for us if we’re open to hearing the interpretation and to get the lesson from it. A great example of this is from just yesterday for me. 

My son, who just turned two, was messing around with some stuff on the bed table, some papers and things. One of the papers, I think it was an envelope, had something in it. It just flew off of the bedside table and then right under a wardrobe that is immovable. It has this tiny little slit of space at the bottom. There’s no way I’m ever going to retrieve that. I was really irritated about that, not to him, that was my fault for not being there. I was two feet away from them but I wasn’t fully present with him.

I was just irritated like how am I going to get that? I spent 15 minutes trying to get it to no avail. I was like, is there a metal ruler or something I could use? I don’t have one. What do I have that’s close enough to a metal ruler? It was a waste of time. I decided, actually, I’ve got a connection here. I’ll just ask, is this important? I don’t even need to speak it out loud. 

I just think about it in my head. Was that an important piece of paper? The answer is no. I was like, why did that happen because you weren’t paying attention to him. You need to pay more attention to him. I was like, right. That was already given to me as something I needed to do earlier in the week in an Akashic record reading. Sometimes it takes a couple of reminders to get the lesson.

The more we develop a connection with nature. We feel more part of the bigger picture. Share on X

They’re not always pleasant but they are important. We need to stay on track. It’s so easy to get sucked back into normal life and the superficiality of life. I think superficiality is okay. This is why I am very concerned that I wasn’t aware that I was being filmed today and my head is completely out of place. But then, of course, beyond that superficiality, there is something else. 

Does my head do anything for what I say? Is it my words? Is it my connection? I was just sitting here before. I connected to Reiki. I asked for help and for guidance. If people want to see me with better hair, then they should go to my website otherwise.

Your hair looks great. Nobody would have even thought something about your hair.

Isn’t it funny that we ourselves make these things? There’s always something that can take us off track. This is very much the experience of life. I don’t see anything negative in that. I just see it not even as a challenge. I see it as a learning opportunity, as a learning cause. The more relaxed and open we become, the more we just rest ourselves, think, and realize I am a special being, anyway. Nothing can harm me deep inside. Everything else is just an experience. 

Often we need a breakthrough, something that changes our perception, and most of the time, this is not a pleasant experience.

Take a deep breath and just feel this connection. I tend to find we feel it best around our heart, which is just so incredible. When we really rest in our hearts, then from there, things start falling into place. We make a different connection to other people. I just go from there. Sometimes I struggle a little bit, but I’m trying. I’m working on it. 

As you said earlier, I think it’s just so important to not have to decide between these different concepts of normal life and spiritual life. But to realize that all life is spiritual, it just depends on your inner connection and how we then live. At some stage, hopefully, that has an influence on what’s going on around us. Whether it is about how we vote, whether it is how we treat people in different positions, how we see global resources distributed, and so on. 

At some stage, when we really feel this connection and realize we are all connected to each other and to this higher realm, then I feel it does bring quite a bit of responsibility as well. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to live up to that, but to constantly remind ourselves and try, I find we can really change the world and make the world a better place by being spiritually connected people. Again, everybody is spiritually connected, but spiritually aware people, I probably should say. 

Yeah, and I love thinking about it this way that I don’t just simply want to be aware, I want to be aware of my awareness.

Absolutely. Yes, very true. In a way, you watch yourself and you realize what’s going on in your awareness. You’re both. You are in your body, and you are your higher self and your higher perspective at the same time exactly looking at a problem. What is the higher perspective of it? What’s the higher take? What can I learn from it? 

Right. A great example is what happened just today with you because you were supposed to be interviewed by my wife, Orion, to be on the Stellar Life podcast. I’m getting more and more nervous while she’s not answering, not showing up. She was gone all day with her mom at some doctor’s appointments. I’m thinking, okay, well, I’ll just step in and do the interview. 

Normal life is a surreal spiritual experience. However, being spiritual is normal, and being restricted in a body and having these challenges are unusual and only temporary.

I have no idea who you are at that point, I didn’t even read your bio yet and I’m like okay, I’ll just step in like she had stepped in for me back in April when I was interviewing Karen Noé, an amazing psychic medium who has a course on how to receive messages from angels and departed loved ones.

I was very excited for that interview, but then there was an injured animal, a stray cat that I was asked to save from above. I opened my Akashic records because I just learned how to do that at a workshop a few weeks earlier. I was able to do that and ask for guidance like what am I supposed to do? Clearly, there’s something wrong with this cat and I really like this cat. I keep seeing it every week and feeding her because I just knew it was her. Turns out, it’s a her. 

Thankfully, the guidance was to take her to the vet because she ended up having a broken pelvis or a pelvic fracture, a dislocated foot, and she was severely dehydrated. She needed a vet. She would have died so I saved her. It turns out she was a pet of mine and past life, maybe multiple past lives, but for sure, at least one, and I missed my interview. My wife, Orion, stepped in and interviewed Karen Noé, and that was such a beautiful, amazing episode for the Stellar Life podcast. 

A few months later, I got another opportunity to interview Karen. It was like that was divinely orchestrated. The whole thing was meant to happen. There’s this beautiful, amazing thing that happened to my wife earlier that day where she was visiting her grandparents’ graves for the first time in her life and she got all kinds of incredible messages. 

I don’t think we need to make these big changes in our everyday life necessarily.

She got [11:11] on her phone. It was really, really beautiful. She talked a bit about it in the episode. That was an incredible opportunity for her to share that and for this amazing conversation and connection to happen between her and Karen Noé, and she didn’t previously have any interest in interviewing Karen. 

I’m so grateful that things turned out the way that they did for everybody, the cat included, and now I see it was meant for us to have this conversation now. You are meant to be on my podcast even though I had never heard of you before, and I’m so so grateful that you were so flexible to just step in and do that, fix your hair up, and be willing to be on video because Orion doesn’t do video for her podcast, so thank you.

It’s a great joy actually. I’m probably reasonably fit because I did some running just before just because I thought well I wouldn’t be there on film, so that was good. That really kind of helped my energy levels to get back up, so it’s fascinating. It’s a great honor to be here and I feel a great like-mindedness, and I’m sure this is between us and not just between us, but with so many people who are on this path, and it’s so beautiful to connect. 

I like this idea of lightworkers, and it doesn’t mean a ranking. It doesn’t mean that some people have it and all these understand and the other side is inferior. It’s just that some people have this awakening and see the light and the brightness that can be brought into our lives by this higher connection. The more we join forces, the more we can help others and bring more people on this path. I do feel this is ultimately the meaning of life, of an incarnation to open up and to get this understanding.

Yes. Funny that you mentioned the term lightworkers because up until this year, I didn’t like that term. I think it goes back to my first marriage and she was too woo-woo for me as an agnostic at the time. I didn’t get it. She signed emails, “love and light.”

The highest power is the starting and the endpoint of everything.

In fact, there was this one really important lesson I learned about this just in December and January. I had this big awakening in January, a second awakening where I prayed for a job, the veil was lifted, and it was immediate. It was beautiful. My listeners have heard this before, but it was inspired by me preparing for an interview with Sheila Gillette, who channels 12 archangels that collectively go by the name Theo

She was recalling her near-death experience and how she prayed to God, please let me stay on the planet. Let me raise my kids. Let me serve you. Please give me a job, I’ll do anything, just give me a job. That just stuck with me. A few months later, I decided I’m going to pray for that too. 

It was after that I realized, wow, I was really judgmental about lightworkers. In fact, there’s this one guy who’s now been a guest on this podcast and I love him dearly. He’s an amazing guy, Aaron Scotti. And I judged him. He was the Hollywood executive producer of the beautiful film Peanut Butter Falcon, about a boy with down syndrome. It’s really just a heartfelt movie.

I was researching whether to have him on the podcast because a mutual friend who’s in this mastermind that we’re in called METAL, pitched him as a guest for my show. I’m looking him up and I’m seeing From Executive Producer in Hollywood to Light Worker and Spiritual Teacher with Aaron Scotti. That’s the title of the YouTube video, the interview, or whatever. I’m like, please, and I just pass him up. 

I don’t even respond to my friend who pitches this guy to be on my show. I don’t respond to the guy directly at all. I just ghosted him and moved on, and that was really judgmental and arrogant, frankly, of me to do so. I went back a month later and apologized to Aaron. I explained what I did and he’s like yeah, I actually didn’t like that title at all. I thought that was not putting me in the best light, but I am a lightworker, I guess. It’s not really a term I go by, but I don’t know why I was so triggered by that, but it was a lesson. 

Anyway, I’m so glad to connect with you now. We had a powerful conversation. He told me about this amazing healer, Jaye Lasko. She is a miracle worker and she’s done incredible stuff for me, for a bunch of my friends I’ve referred to her, and that wouldn’t have happened. 

That podcast interview wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed in my judgment, if I hadn’t fixed the mess that I made by simply judging somebody. I could have moved on and said, that was in the past. But I said, no, I got to clean that up. Even though he had no idea that that went on. I just had to clean it up and am so glad I did. This stuff is all divinely orchestrated. It’s like everything is happening for us. It really is. It’s incredible.

Life does not end with death. In other words, everything I do here is an experience with a beginning and an end. Our whole life is an experience. Share on X

Yes, it’s fascinating. I’m going through this orchestration of my life at the moment without understanding it at all, and that’s really interesting. Being here in the States at present, nothing is quite working out the way I had anticipated, but what then happened was that I suddenly thought I really need to work on my third book. This is basically the to-do book, finally. 

The first is an explanation of the system of Reiki. The second is very much my life, the idea of past lives, and how that all comes together. It kind of shows in a way how the universe is structured. But how do we bring that into our everyday life and awareness? 

It’s these step-by-step exercises, realizing I’m a soul, I am loved, I can forgive because I am forgiven already. This is something that really needs to be practiced, and that’s what I’ve been working on for the last week. I’ve just been working on this book. It’s a fascinating journey that was so different from what I expected. 

Interestingly, against this backdrop of COVID, of the changes here, of the people I meet, and how they are affected at present, all this brings a certain urgency to that, and I really feel I need to write it now. It’s the right time. It’s just fascinating. I can’t deny that for a few weeks, I was properly frustrated. Out of that frustration, out of this running against the wall again and again and again, I realize okay, so what am I supposed to do? This came up, that is what I need to do now. Here I am.

The more we join forces, the more we can help others and bring more people on this path.

That’s awesome. How did you end up becoming a Hay House author? I don’t know if all your three books are Hay House Publishing. 

At present, only the first one. The second is an autobiography that they decided not to publish. Let’s see what happens with the next one, but it was a great honor to be asked by Hay House to write for a series of books. They used to be called Hay House Basics. Now they’re called Made Easy. The book is called Reiki Made Easy. I do try to make it easy, and it is actually easy to learn, but this is what they asked me to do to just write an overview of the system and how you learned it. Basically, everything that can be taught about Reiki in Reiki courses. Quite a few Reiki teachers use that as their manual now in their courses as well. It’s nice to have this presence in various places.

I had a lady on the course in London who picked up my book at the airport in Delhi, in India, and it’s just beautiful to be with Hay House and to have this exposure to like-minded people all over the world. Quite a few Hay House authors I’m friends with, so it’s a lovely community.

I would love to be a Hay House author at some point. If I’m probably going to tap a friend or two to make an intro because I’m working on a book myself that’s a self-help book about how we’re living in a friendly universe for the skeptic, for the person who’s not yet plugged in. You got approached by Hay House. You didn’t pitch them, they approached you.

I sent them my first manuscript and that was even more personal than the current one and they said we like it, but it’s too personal. It just doesn’t work at present, and because they liked my approach to Reiki, when they came up with this idea of the series, they asked me whether I wanted to write the book on Reiki.

That’s awesome. That’s quite an honor. I love Hay House. I love Louise Hay. I actually attended a huge birthday celebration for her and when she turned 90, I think it was in San Diego, and there was a huge convention center filled with people celebrating her birthday. It was really cool.

When people receive Reiki, they sense not just something physical going on. They often see colors and the sensation of colors. It is a way of the mind to translate an energetic experience into a visual.

I heard about that, seeing the pictures, and it is nice to be connected. I’m very pleased that I’ve worked with Alternatives, which is a post-speaking platform organizer, whatever they call it, in London. I’m the only person speaking about Reiki there. They had anybody from the Dalai Lama to Mother Teresa to Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra there. To be asked to basically join this group of people is a great honor.

I find it fascinating how we have so many different modalities, so many different takes, and so many different worlds often, but ultimately, we just mean exactly the same. We mean a connection out there and the realization that what we call normal life is in fact deeply abnormal. Normal life is a surreal spiritual experience. Being spiritual is normality, and being restricted in a body and having all these challenges are unusual and only temporary. I think this is ultimately what really all boils down to, and the more awareness we have in this life, the more we can also reach out and the more meaning life has. 

Yeah, this is just school. This incarnation is just a classroom for us. We’ve done this before. We’ll do it again. Every spiritual lesson that we learn, we get to take into our next life, so we don’t have to start all over again. 

We have so many different modalities, so many different takes, and so many different worlds often, but ultimately, it means the same.


Well, thank you so much, Torsten. This was just a lovely, powerful, and inspiring conversation. A lot of us have healing hands and we just haven’t tapped into it yet. Perhaps all of us do.

Absolutely, yes. 

Yeah, very, very cool. Thank you so much. If you could share, just quickly, your website address, and if you’re active on any social media, your socials, just so that our listeners who want to learn about Reiki, maybe even study it, and perhaps even work with you how they could do so.

Absolutely, thank you. As I said, everybody can learn Reiki and what is quite fascinating is you can even learn it online. If you do not find a teacher somewhere around you, there is an alternative, and I offer online courses. The kind of opening that we call attunement in Reiki is something that I do one-on-one at a fixed time over any distance, but it is a connection with me to really open up, and afterward, people feel something in their hands so they have healing hands. 

I offer these courses through my websites, my personal website, Then the US website, which is called The courses are all on there. In London, the life courses I offer through the Reiki Academy. The website is called I am on social media. I suppose they just have to somewhat type in my name. I do have a Facebook page, it’s Torsten A. Lange and I am on Instagram, and it is my resolve to post more there in the future. I also have a YouTube channel, it’s Torsten A. Lange, again. 

Okay, awesome. Thank you so much, Torsten. This was such a pleasure, and listeners, I would love it if you would apply a little bit of what you’ve learned today in this episode in your life and not just listen for entertainment or for curiosity, but actually put it to good use in your daily life. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Try Reiki for healing. Physical pain may have an underlying cause; rather than just working on the physical level, Reiki may bring up some thoughts or emotions, or situations that have caused your illness.

?Always bless or pray over my food, drink, supplements, vitamins, etc., before I consume them. Mindfulness before meals releases hormones and sets my brain to the mode for enjoyment.

?Be grateful. It is important to always say thank you in every situation or circumstance and realize that everything is a gift.

?Acknowledge my breakthroughs through hardships or challenges in life. Hard times stimulate growth in a way that good times don’t. Facing challenges and navigating one’s way through them builds your resilience capacity.

?Assess how I look at life. Life does not end with death. In other words, everything I do here is an experience with a beginning and an end. If I look at life from that perspective as an experience, I tend to find it easier to live and accept life.

?Take a rest. When I rest in my heart, things will start to fall into place. I can also make a different connection with other people.

?Be aware of my awareness. Always watch myself and what’s going on in my awareness. I’m both in my body and in my higher self and higher perspective. I can only change and make the world better by being spiritually connected.

?Encourage others to take a journey of awakening. Spiritual awakening allows others to understand the basis of existence and to feel open to more truths about life. The more people join forces, the more people can be helped to bring on this spiritual path.

?Realize that I’m a soul, I am loved, I can forgive because I am already forgiven. Practice this step-by-step exercise to bring more awareness to my life.

?Visit Torsten Lange’s website or Reiki Science Academy’s website to learn more about Reiki and how to work with him.

About Torsten Lange

Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange is the founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has taught thousands of students worldwide and his extensive research led to the world’s first scientific proof of how Reiki works.


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