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By: Stephan Spencer


Yeliz Ruzgar
“If one is using spirituality to detach from reality, it can become a problem. One must use it to draw even more energy, a higher consciousness, and light to this world.”
Yeliz Ruzgar

The most important question you will ask yourself in life is, “What is my purpose?” Even asking it will start shifting your biology, your DNA. You’ll start looking at everything around you with a heightened awareness and eventually you’ll start noticing the signs, coincidences—it’s an incredible thing. My guest on today’s show, Yeliz Ruzgar, is a motivational and spiritual trainer, holistic life consultant, inspiring speaker, energy therapist, and author of a new book called Mana. Yeliz speaks from her heart, and her energetic stage presence can be felt beyond just words. 

In today’s episode, Yeliz discusses being mindful of our thoughts because thoughts become words, and then words become actions, and actions become a habit. What’s happening in our life is part of evolution, whether it’s war or a pandemic–anything with a massive ripple effect is a sign from the universe for us to wake up. We talk about what it is to be a human being in a digital world and slowing down to awaken to our life purpose because we are human beings, not human doings. So, without any further ado, on with a powerful show! 

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Yeliz Ruzgar, a holistic life consultant, inspiring speaker, energy therapist, and a feminine, caring leader. She now leads, with the purpose to inspire, energize and transform individuals and organizations.
  • [04:49]How can one measure a person’s aura?
  • [08:20]Yeliz describes her approach when she sees negative energy in a person’s body, for example, a body organ complication.
  • [11:42]Stephan explains how he does the Ana b’Koach prayer, the Kabbalists’ most powerful prayer.
  • [15:46]Yeliz states the problem of when a person uses spirituality to escape from reality or the physical realm.
  • [20:19]Yeliz expounds on the meaning of Mana, which is also the title of her book, Mana-Ruhun Dna’sı.
  • [23:54]Stephan and Yeliz talk about the Kabbalah Calendar and the Yin and Yang days based on Chinese studies.
  • [28:48]Yeliz speaks about the concept of Greg Braden’s book, Fractal Time, in finding out your life patterns.
  • [31:25]Stephan and Yeliz discuss Ho’oponopono and how it can be useful, especially today in this time of the pandemic.
  • [37:19]Visit Yeliz Ruzgar’s website at or join her Facebook group MANALand, to learn more about her.

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Mana by Yeliz Ruzgar

Yeliz, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Oh my god, Stephan, thank you so much. It’s an honor to be on your show.

Well, it’s an honor to have you, and it’s an honor and a pleasure to have you in my soul circle and for you to be in my life, in this incarnation. Let’s start off by sharing some of the things that we have in common with our listeners because we met nine years ago or something.

Probably 2010. Wow, almost 11 years. Oh, my god, I like that.

Here’s what we have in common from my perspective, we’re both massively into personal development and spirituality. We met through mutual friends in Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership. We both are into kind of the woo-woo stuff of things, Kabbalah, for example, a huge, powerful thing. It’s like the ancient self-help movements and neuro-linguistic programming, alternative healing, hypnotherapy, EFT.

You name it: Oneness University, meditation, Sufism. I do remember our walks on the beach if you can recall. In a nutshell, we met almost ten years ago; it was the end of 2010. At that time, I was managing a house in Palos Verdes. I remember that you came over and you stayed there. Our common friend, Jenna Larson, was hosting some events. She asked me to run to the kitchen, “Yeliz, we need good food, and also we need someone that we can do meditations with.” At that time, I was also working in Marina Del Rey at a company, which was measuring auras and chakras through a technological device. She said, “We want all of that.” You guys were meeting for social media and all these technical things that were coming up new. That’s how we met. And then, on our beach walks, I found out that you’re so into spirituality, you’ve been to Oneness University, and I was studying Kabbalah at that time, too. We were having these talks around blessings, auras, chakras, energies, how the world is turning into a digital world, and how we will keep our minds mindful and what we can do about it.

Yeah. Auras, how do you measure an aura?

What a great question. It depends on what you measure it with. What does that mean? We, as human beings, are the best biofeedback machine ever. Our bodies, our skin can measure the other person’s energy like that electromagnetic field. However, like in the past, we had less information that our eyes were exposed to through the years. We were more in tune with our intuition. We were able to feel more. But later on, as the economy got bigger and all this technology and everything, we tend to get into our minds a lot. So we forgot our inner faculties. In a way, our body, nervous system, and skin are the best way to feel. We still are good feelers. Sometimes you are good with a person, like you feel good when you’re next to someone. Or when you talk to someone, their sound, their voice makes you get relaxed, and you feel like,” Oh my god, I feel like I’m at home, I can relax.” Sometimes, people don’t even speak, but when you’re next to them, you feel their anxiety or nervousness, even the way they breathe. 

If one is using spirituality to detach from reality, it can become a problem. One must use it to draw even more energy, a higher consciousness, and light to this world. Click To Tweet

So there is an energetic electromagnetic field that one radiates out. This is how we can do it in terms of biofeedback if we use our bodies. But later on at UCLA, Valerie Hunt, and also a lot of scientists from India, said, “How can we use a device and put all this information that a human being can receive and turn it into data so that we can see somebody else’s auras and chakras on a computer screen?” That’s how our video station came out. Simply, there is a biofeedback handy-wise. When a consultant comes in, they place their hand on that biofeedback, so we measure their body temperature, even their breathing, and their heartbeat, as well as the vibrations that they’re sending out through the muscle movements or the pressure that they’re putting on. These are all data that we can, in the end, come up with a color, and we give color codes to the energies that are coming out. So that’s how we measure it.

I understand that some people can see auras. Can you see auras?

That’s right. You know me, I’m very comfortable with you. At the same time, I don’t want our listeners to think that I’m this woo-woo girl because of my background in science. So I combined science and spirituality. 

We, as human beings, are the best biofeedback machine ever.

Me too. Exactly. 

And after a while, yes, I get to see the colors. And since I’ve been doing this, and I’ve been focusing on this for over 22 years, I can see the colors even if I’m not seeing the person, how they speak, and the words that they use. So it’s a lot of indication of their consciousness because the vibration they wipe out represents where their consciousness is at. 

That resonates with me. So you can see somebody’s aura on a phone call, you can see somebody’s aura on a Zoom call when you see their likeness, but you don’t even need to see their likeness. They could be with their video off, and you can still see an aura essentially with different colors.

That is correct. Yes.

Yeah. I understand that some people don’t see the colors, but they see an energetic field. Not colorful, it’s just a field and somebody with a negative aura they know to stay away from or that the person is not healthy or not a good fit for them.

You are constantly growing and learning on your journey. Updating old beliefs and principles that don’t serve you or society is a means of evolution.

That’s right. The way that we see it, it’s not like in the movies that we see all these rainbow of colors. It’s more just like you said, and it’s the energy. So if there is a problem with an organ, somehow, my hand moves there. This is called being an “intuitive healer.” I don’t know what leads me there. But there’s some sort of an energy that wants to suck in energy, so my hand goes there. Because the most powerful place that we give our energies are our hands, and that’s why all healers go like this (raises hands, palms open), and the blessings are given from the palm in the middle of our palms.

Yeah, like when I give a Deeksha to somebody, I put my hands on that person’s head. And then I pray for them, and I pass divine grace through my hands into that person.

Kabbalah is the mystical part of Judaism, and Sufism is the mystical part of Islam.

Exactly. Kabbalah uses a similar system. Kabbalah uses ancient words and ancient alphabet, which actually when you look at an alphabet, it’s an energy that gets into your eye. So there is a vibration that you soak in. They use a special coding they call it 72 Names of God, representing the full certainty, full connection with Light, Universe, God, whatever you name it with that Oneness. Through those, they call it “scanning a chart” from left to right when you scan those alphabets, which is in the language of prophets who used to speak. So it’s in Aramaic. For example, people that have never studied Kabbalah don’t understand the language. However, since their DNA goes back to the origins of even when Adam and Eve were created, their soul feels that energy. It’s the same thing with Sufism. Kabbalah is the mystical part of Judaism, and Sufism is the mystical part of Islam. And they use Arabic words. I don’t speak Arabic; not many people even know the language, but some people, and that depends on the DNA of their soul, feel pulled towards Sufism. And when they scan those alphabets, they feel relaxed, or somehow they start yawning, which means that the heavy energies are being moved out of their aura.

So I do the Ana BeKoach prayer every morning and every night, most nights. It’s the Kabbalists’ most powerful prayer. I have it right here. And it’s the 42 letter name of God.


Right to left, and each line of the seven lines has a meditation; I always get goosebumps pretty much, almost always, which is a good sign that you’re plugging into the power grid of the Creator—the first line here about the removal of time, space, and motion. So, in other words, time, space and motion, are constructs that in a larger 99% reality, we’re experiencing 1% reality; they don’t exist. And the power to transform all chaos and the tree of knowledge, good, and evil into a miracle world of the tree of life. Unconditional love. So I started thinking about this as, “Okay, this is a really good lesson for me because I’m all about learning and growing and trying to figure everything out and go down all these rabbit holes and everything.” 

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But that’s kind of a drug, it’s kind of an addiction, where you just keep going deeper and deeper, learning more and more. And it’s an insatiable thirst or hunger. And that’s a problem because that’s the tree of knowledge. And the more you learn about the good, and the more you learn about the bad of the evil, it keeps you up at night. It doesn’t bring you peace and harmony and connection, and it creates anxiety, fear, distrust, and all sorts of things. So I started to let go of that need to learn everything and focus on the tree of life, connecting to the tree of life, miracles, and just magic, and all the serendipity and everything that happens in the world. So that was very helpful for me. But then, I recently paid closer attention to what this says here, that it’s the power to transform all chaos.

It’s the miracles, wonders, and order. Yes.

We have the power to transform chaos, eliminate the darkness, and replace it with light.

Yes. So we have the power to create worlds inside of us. We have the power to transform chaos, eliminate the darkness, and replace it with light. So that was another kind of level for me. I’d love to hear your input on all of this.

First of all, that was deep. Am I allowed to go deep? I don’t know if our listeners will understand the jargon, so I’m going to make sure that we simplify for them because not many people can understand. But that was deep.

Okay. Let’s do that. 

Great, and I look forward to making even deeper conversations. Simply what you shared, in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, it is believed that if we think of life as 100%, 1% is called reality; they call it “Malchut.” And the 99% is the same thing with Plato’s ideas of the world. They say that 99% is another world, and whatever we’re living in, the 1% in Malchut is just a representation of what we have in that ideal world, or like the world of mana, actually, the name of my book. Like when you wake up in the middle of the night and do prayers, or like, when we scan ancient texts, we connect to that 99% realm. However, if one uses spirituality to be detached from reality or escape from reality, there is a problem. I agree with you. But if one connects to draw more energy, more high consciousness, and light to this world, that’s a different way of connecting to that oneness field. Do you know what I mean? And so what happens is, it’s like we have to be on board planes; spirituality doesn’t mean to let go of that 1%. True kabbalists, you wouldn’t even know them because they would be doing trading that you get to meet them in business, but you see them as these people who live on purpose, who are very attached to the good values and virtues. 

Distractions come so easily, it’s best to stay centered. Keep your foundation strong and always remember what’s most important.

They’re the modest millionaires.

Exactly. So they do their best not to feed their ego even though they donate so many big amounts of money to the world, but none of us know their names. Those are the real spiritual people, like doing their inner work but going out there in the world and simply being a channel of light. That’s how we say it at Kabbalah center, and Sufism centers too. Being a pure channel means that someone can erase their ego and become a channel to that 99% and work here in the physical realm.

Yeah, because that can be a problem if you get so kind of head in the clouds in spiritual awakenings and realizations. You can forget you’re in a physical realm where you have bills to pay, and you have to show up at work on time. And you have to do your client calls and all that sort of stuff.

Exactly. Marketing.

The real spiritual people are doing their inner work but going out there in the world and simply being a channel of light.


What you’re sharing is important because we see this in spiritual leaders a lot, even like yoga teachers and people who are into spiritual work, you really want to do work, but somehow they get sucked into that, “Oh, my God, this is so beautiful,” because what happens is, when you start studying those ancient texts and do meditations, then this energy comes in you, like, you want to sleep less, you want to eat less, but you have this shine, the energy, the aura gets bigger. But if you get detached from reality, that’s when the problem comes in. Those are the times that–I’m going to count myself in as well. I can connect to both worlds like I’m very grounded, my feet are on the ground, but my head is above those pink clouds. Which is a great thing because when I want to get inspiration, I let my soul soar up even over the clouds, get inspiration, then grounded because the manifestation completes when you can transform that inspiration into manifestation.

Right. So the words become actions, and you manifest your destiny and fulfill your soul purpose. I love that analogy of your head is above the clouds because what happens is when you vibrate on this higher energetic level, then people start seeking you out, who are also on that similar level. Like they are above the clouds too, and they’re like, “Oh, there’s Yeliz.” “Oh, there’s Stephan, and there’s so and so.” “We should meet up for a coffee,” “We should jump on a Zoom call,” “We should do a podcast together.” Like all these magical coincidences, serendipity, synchronicities start happening, people just show up as leads, and they’re just the perfect industry that aligns with your highest values. And this just becomes an example of the manifestation. 

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Absolutely. When you’re connected with your higher self, you become the ultimate attractor. Because like the energy, it’s somehow in the form that we don’t see connected already. Like all the things that we’re doing, we already have the footprints before us, and it’s already been done in the one, it’s time to have some fun. I like this one. Once in a while, I say this riddle to myself. Because my mind, even though I know what I know, my mind sometimes rushes, “Oh my god, what’s going to happen? What’s next? Is this good? Is this bad?” This is our analytical mind, which creates separation, but our emotional mind and when we are in the mindfulness state are in the flow. Everything happens for a reason, then that’s when, just like you said, coincidences start to appear in our lives. 

Funny enough, my book is all about this, like, we’re talking right now. The name “mana” means “soul power.” And so it is believed that in three religions, not only Judaism but also in Christianity. When Jews came out of Egypt, they had to pass the desert. And it took almost 40 days, and there was no food. Still, somehow, because they had a bigger purpose, and they had a goal to fulfill, which will serve humanity, they were able to pass the desert because of the mana, a bread from heaven that is given from the sky every morning. So I’m sure you heard from the spiritual teachers to wake up around four or five in the morning. It’s a lot of nourishment for the soul because that’s the time mana, the bread from the heavens, or the spiritual power is given to the person. In a way, if you take a look at the psychology and the sleeping patterns, that’s the time when the soul consciousness comes back to our body.

“Mana” means “soul power.”

Okay, so this is why people like Kabbalists and Jews, they’ll wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, and they will read from the Zohar, for example.

That’s right, exactly. If we have listeners at the moment that don’t believe in these things, that’s okay. So they can start looking at it as proto-psychology between four to seven in the morning. We have our venting dreams. This means before that time, everything is very cool, serene in our consciousness, but after almost five to seven in the morning, our body wants to release that distress from the day before. That’s why a lot of personal growth leaders say that in the morning, do your meditation, or do your prayer, or name out five people that you love or do a gratitude journal because what happens is when your mind goes to negative with the rituals that you do in the morning, you balance it out, so your day becomes flawless.

I have the Kabbalah calendar installed on my iPhone, which shows me which days are high positive energy days or negative energy days. What would you do to prepare for negative energy or a minus day versus a positive day?

Every living thing has energy. We are all connected one way or another; therefore, we all must learn to coexist in harmony.

Nice one, you are a loaded man. You have everything with you. Amazing. So again, prior to Kabbalah days, each day has a special angel tied with it and a special consciousness. Each day and then each week has a specific story attached or a specific consciousness attached to that week. Again coming from the day, then we have the week and then each month, and also each year has a theme in the macro-level. If we think of ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and our body as the micro-level of consciousness days, the yearly calendar, or the changes in nature, changes in the world, changes in the planets, all these affect each other. So that’s the macro-level. We get to see this in China studies too. Like, if you look at Chinese studies, very ancient, even close to 6000 years ago actually, every day has a color.  Every day has its own aura to know if a day is going to be a negative day or a positive day. So there can be a Yin day and a Yang day; think about the Yin and Yang. 

If it’s a Yin day, what you want to do is like you don’t want to push yourself. Maybe that day, you can go for a massage and go for a walk on the beach. If it’s a Yang day, it’s perfect to set goals and go after your business and share your wisdom and share your light. So ancient texts, it’s already been planned out. However, and this is the same thing in Islam too, they say that, in the end, the choice is always given to the heart. So you can alter your destiny, you can even go above your birth chart, you can even go about what it’s been told to you. So simply, what you can do is you can check in with yourself. Let’s say how you’re feeling on Mondays, how you’re feeling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? For example, I feel hyped, and I want to work. I want to show my light on Sundays. So my week starts on Sunday. I consciously choose to start my week on Sundays. I feel low around Thursday afternoon, so I make sure that I schedule a yoga class or go for a massage. So those are the things that you can do to balance your wellness. 

And so if the planets and the stars and so forth all affect how we feel and kind of our destiny and our energy, then astrology isn’t just for fun. Like looking at our horoscope, it has some kind of spiritual component or a spiritual place in our lives, right?

Humans are the best biofeedback machines. Our bodies can measure other people's electromagnetic fields and auras. Click To Tweet

Absolutely. I don’t know if you’ve seen the recent great conjunction that took place on the 21st of December. When you look at the planets, like a picture and a video of the planets, how they were going to come together, it’s called the “great conjunction,” and it looks like a DNA shape. So the planets, when you search them through the years, they’re creating a DNA-shaped form, which made me think, “Oh my god, I have this DNA from within me. It’s the micro-level. It’s almost like a human is a DNA form connecting to the DNAs out there, including the world’s DNA and the planet’s DNA.” Can you see the connection in between? It’s like we are part of a bigger molecule. We’re part of a bigger body. And even in physics, because of the moon, the waters move. So like you can see the whole big oceans moving because the moon attracts a physical force. Our bodies consist of 83% of water; of course, I’m going to get affected.

Right. So a fractal is something that, as you get smaller and smaller, still maintains that pattern. And also, conversely, you get bigger and bigger. Going from DNA to looking at the planets and the stars, you can see the pattern is retained.

Fractal Time by Gregg Braden

Absolutely. And there’s a book that I like, Gregg Braden, and it’s called Fractal Time. In his book, through math, he helps you to find out your life patterns. This means you can look one year before, three years before, five years before, seven, and 12 years before, get the pattern, like look at the things that happened in your life. And there is a ratio, and there is a formula that you can use. So you can make predictions about your future unless you make different conscious decisions. So all these things from spirituality and all this knowledge are a way for us to predict the future. We want to know things, and we want to feel certain. Spirituality gives us a lot of certainties that everything’s going to be okay, there’s a bigger system out there, so we can be happy, so we can relax now in time and enjoy our lives.

Yeah. I’ve learned many things from Kabbalah, but one is that certainty is not of this realm. It’s not in the Malchut. So if you are looking for certainty, don’t look for it on this terrestrial kind of plane. Pray for it and ask for the Creator to send it down from the higher realms to you. And it’s another thing too about the Shabbat time is that you have access to higher realms, the Binah energy, which you don’t normally have during the rest of the week. Even just last Friday night when it started and then ending on Saturday night, I felt so much energy, and it gave me a lot of access to perspective, to clairvoyance that I didn’t have earlier in the week.

This is not a coincidence that you’re telling me this. 

Okay. So tell me more about that.

Because last Friday, do you remember I shared with you that every day has energy and every week has a different consciousness than the week before the week after. Last week’s consciousness was all about splitting the red seed, and it was all about certainty. It was the day that 72 names of God which means the virtues of that Oneness, Universe, God, whatever you name it, that’s the day it has been revealed 100%. So what you shared with me indicates that you’re intuitively connected with that spiritual DNA even though you don’t know this. That’s why it’s no coincidence that you told me that you felt that certainty in a new way of awakening.

Ho’oponopono by Dr. Matt James

Yeah, well, there are so many of these coincidences, and they seem to be accelerating for me. I’m super excited. I know that I’m being communicated with; either it’s the Creator directly or my angels or something. But for example, I was reading your longer bio, and I see “Ho’oponopono,” and earlier today, one of my coaches, James Schramko, was sharing with me that he just got a book from a friend that was sitting on his desk called Ho’oponopono by Matt James. And in the Akashic Records readings, multiple of them, I had my Akashic Records Reader on this podcast, Anne Marie Pizarro. Amazing woman. Great episode, listeners, so please check that episode out if you haven’t heard it already. 

She shared multiple times with me Ho’oponopono, and I had never really given that much thought prior to a year ago, but it keeps showing up. And so many things keep showing up. Also, in the Akashic Records reading that we did over the podcast that aired in December was the appearance of Lakshmi in my soul council, as one of the Ascended Masters who’s helping guide me. And she keeps showing up all over the place. It’s like Lakshmi is just trying to give me a hint here that I should stop worrying, that I don’t need just to scrounge and scramble and just try to hustle all the abundance together and all the prosperity. It’s not just about money, it’s about overall prosperity, that it’s just going to come to me not without effort. I mean, in the Bible, it says, opens up a hole the size of a thimble, and I’ll open up a hole the size of a gate for you. So you do have to put in some effort, but it’s pretty amazing. 

Beautiful, I love it. And Ho’oponopono, oh my god, I’m so happy that you brought that up because it is an ancient healing method coming from Hawaii. In their Huna tradition, I was there, and I got trained. I also was a speaker at a mental health conference there. So I had direct experience. But later on, I experienced Ho’oponopono at Tony Robbins events at Date with Destiny and many other places. So simply, what’s happening in our life is part of evolution, including the COVID, whatever we’re facing, like all the bad things, even including the war. And anything that looks negative is part of our evolution. It’s a sign from the universe for us to wake up, and Ho’oponopono is a beautiful and very tactful and very powerful tool to clear the connection between that event and us. This means whatever happens in life, there is a vibration field that starts to vibrate in the universe, let’s say this COVID thing or the war or a breakup or a new business deal. 

An intention is a center, a new equation is on the way, so it starts vibrating. However, if our DNA and doesn’t have to be this life’s DNA, it can be the old DNA or even coming from your dad, your mom, or ancestors, if there is a negative vibration in your DNA, with that creation, that’s when we have all these negative feelings and judgment and things that are not aligned with our life purpose. So what happens is if the vibration in between the event and our DNA is not aligned, then we say, “Thank you, I love you. If I ever have done anything even in my past lives, I’m sorry.” So that clears out our connection with that event or with that person. When COVID started, I was like, I had this huge smile on my face, and I started to say, “Thank you, I love you. Thank you, I love you, and I’m here to receive your teaching.” So that is my consciousness around what was going on.

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Right. Because whatever situation or problem such as the pandemic, with fear, anxiety, hatred, distrust, rage, any of those kinds of negative emotions, you are applying that negativity into the field, and you’re creating more of the same for everybody else.

Absolutely. Stephan, it’s not a coincidence that you are getting all these coincidences and synchronicities because we are waking up to our life purposes, the new world we’ve been talking about. It’s going to be about us remembering that we are human beings, that we are not human doings. So many of us will be awakening to our life purposes. And I’m very, again, and you started like that, let’s end it this way. I’m so very happy and grateful that our souls met on this physical plane. And I know it goes way back, and I’m very happily sharing these questions with you. Thank you very much for having me in this episode.

Oh, thank you, Yeliz. And again, your book is Mana. Where can people get that book and learn more from you, perhaps hire you as a coach, if that’s available? Like where do they go to follow you and all that sort of stuff?

I will not be coaching for almost another year. I’m teaching this Mana book at a university, so I’m more focused on that one. But our listeners can come to our Facebook group, and it’s called ManaLand. They can search and find me there.

Okay, awesome. And your website is

Correct. And the book is going to be in English and Hebrew, probably in less than six months.

Awesome. All right. Well, thank you so much, Yeliz.

Thank you very much.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Maintain the progress of my personal development. I am constantly growing and learning on my journey. Updating old beliefs and principles that don’t serve me or society is a means of evolution.

?Aim to remain more mindful even in the busy, modern world. Distractions come so easily, so it’s best to stay centered. Keep my foundation strong and always remember what’s most important.

?Learn more about chakras and auras. Every living thing has energy. We are all connected one way or another. We all must learn to coexist in harmony.

?Find activities that help me become more in tune with my intuition. Meditation, prayer, or spending time alone in silence are excellent ways to reflect on my life.

?Create more space for peace in my life. Let go of grudges and ego and just let it be. Don’t sweat the small stuff and only focus on things I can control.

?Aim to be a light. Guide others who are lost and offer a helping hand whenever possible.

?Be mindful of my thoughts; they become words. Then words become actions, and actions become a habit.

?Understand that there’s no such thing as uncertainty in this realm I’m in. When I seek certainty, ask my higher power to grant me peace of mind and security.

?Believe that nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. No matter how small a situation may be, every second counts in this lifetime, and every decision I make leads me closer to my destiny.

?Join Yeliz Ruzgar’s community by getting in touch with her through the ManaLand Facebook Group.

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After working a decade in branding, sales, and marketing, Yeliz Rüzgar now leads, with the purpose to inspire, energize and transform individuals and organizations. She is a Holistic Life Consultant, Inspiring Speaker, Energy Therapist, and a Feminine Caring Leader.


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live life to the max

How Optimized Are You?



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live life to the max

How Optimized Are You?

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