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By: Stephan Spencer


Wendy Paquette
“The outside world is a direct reflection of the inner world.”
Wendy Paquette

In a world where the tangible often overshadows the mystical, today’s episode invites you to an exploration of the mind’s untapped potential.

Wendy Paquette is a podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, and channeler. Her story begins with an extraordinary discovery at the age of 16—the world of telekinesis. This early encounter with the supernatural opened her mind to the possibilities that lay in the unseen and the unmeasured. Over the years, Wendy has evolved her spiritual advising to focus on helping creators unlock more capability through timeline shifting.

In our dialogue, Wendy takes us back to her pivotal moments of discovery and the subsequent journey that led her to dive deep into theta hypnosis. She shares her experiences harnessing metaphysics and exploring the quantum world within. Wendy’s journey is a testament to the mind’s ability to transcend conventional limits and redefine reality. We’re about to explore the dynamic intersection of vision, energy, and manifestation in this thought-provoking conversation. So without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

    • [02:06]Wendy Paquette recounts her childhood experience and how she found herself exploring her highest energy.
    • [10:40]Wendy describes entering a quantum space where aspects of herself pop out and conversing with God.
    • [18:42]Wendy discovers she can neutralize other’s emotions by reverse-engineering her own responses.
    • [23:23]Wendy explains multi-dimensional timeline shifting.
    • [32:23]Stephan asks Wendy to differentiate timelines from the multiverse.
    • [43:14]Wendy believes that new programs will arise in one’s life and discusses the importance of eliminating negative programs to create a more positive reality.
    • [54:27]Wendy shares how you can work with her.

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Wendy, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks, Stephan. It’s so great to be here.

I’d love to start with your origin story to let our listeners know how you got into the world of woo-woo and what your crazy, wildest story is.

First, I wanted to shift that woo-woo word because it could be construed as that, but really, it’s science. It can be quantum physics and even new science because they are things that we haven’t realized yet. I always leaned away from the woo-woo.

Anyway, my story came from a deep-seated curiosity about fun, new, and energetic things. Fast-forward to when I was doing this work. I have been interested in alternative therapies since I was a teenager.

To be honest with you, it was my 16th year. I was 16 years old. At the time, I had a boyfriend, if you can call them that, at that young age, who got a hold of a magic book my mother had at my house and was playing around with it while I was at school one day. I came home, and it was around Christmas time for him to share this cool thing he learned from this magic book, which was how to make this ring disappear.

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The interesting thing about it was that he was using this book, teaching himself how to do this magic trick, and he told me, “I got to tell you something. First, watch this.” He showed it to me. He had a ring that he had bought me for Christmas, which I knew about. In this ring box, he put this handkerchief durag things over the top of it.

He says, “Okay, see, it’s in there. I take the durag off, open it up, and now it’s gone.” I’m like, “Wow, that’s a cool trick, man.” He’s like, “I know.” I’m like, “Do it again.” He goes, “Okay, well, I have to tell you something first. When I was learning how to do this, I had this thought pop into my head that I don’t need all this trickery. I’m just going to make it actually disappear.” I was like, “Okay.” He goes, “And I did. Watch.” He did it again. I was like, “Come on.” He’s like, “No, seriously.”

It came down to it where he kept taking away all the pieces. He took away the ring box and the durag. He held it and showed me that he had the ring there. When he closed his hand and eyes and opened it, it was literally gone. I was like, “What the heck was that?” At 16, you want to talk your mind blown wide open to all things possible when someone in front of you is making things disappear. Not only disappear but come back.

For a few days, perhaps, we sat in my room. He brought stuff from downstairs in the living room up to my bedroom. There was a pile of things there, including a McDonald’s straw. I heard it. He hit the palm of his hand, came in, grabbed it, and then showed it to me. It was bizarre.

A lot of the workings of our universe are energetic.

At the time, we thought it was more like magic because it stemmed from the idea of a magic book, but what we didn’t know is that a decade later, I figured out that it was telekinesis. At 16 years old, when we didn’t know anything about that stuff, we thought, “This is insane. They’ll lock you up because they think what you’re doing is otherworldly.”

It went on from there. We sat together. He practiced, but I could never do it. I’m like, “Tell me what you’re doing.” I went right into the deep details of what he was seeing. How is he doing this? How is he imagining this? He just went on to describe it to me. I tried it, of course, to no avail whatsoever.

Anyway, that was my first mind-blown, open experience, not realizing that what he was doing was being tested in universities, even back then. From that moment forward, my mind was wide open to all things possible. I was deeply curious in every way about all things alternative or otherworldly. That led me in my later years, a decade later or more, into deep-state theta hypnosis and what that could do.

I ended up finding Dolores Cannon when she was still alive. I ended up learning her process, like taking her course and learning how to do that. That was my work. People were coming to my house and having sessions. They were having these miraculous experiences on the couch at my house. I was doing these sessions and was really dumbfounded by all this magical appearance of what was happening.

Let’s just say there are a couple of decades between that first experience at 16 and then in my later thirties doing QHHT(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). I explored all kinds of crazy stuff and found that a lot of the workings of our universe are energetic. It made sense to communicate with someone and have them go into a deep state of mental or brain wave that would allow them to dismiss their outer world and be completely frank with their truth, which would allow any of their truth to change the world they live in.

While I was doing these sessions with people, I was having moments of being deeply depressed. I’m thinking, “What is going on?” I’m facilitating these incredible experiences that are happening with these clients who are coming to my house. I’ve seen so many unbelievable requests for their highest energy to heal them if they have issues, whatever they’re doing. I’m seeing all this happen. “How can I be depressed?”

It was too much for me one day. I sat at the kitchen table and looked around. I noticed that everything was perfect—everything looked perfect on the outside, except on the inside of me. That was a real problem, so much so that I couldn’t receive the reality I was experiencing at that moment. 

“There’s just no way. How am I seeing it? It’s happening, and I don’t feel that way. Why am I not feeling the euphoria that I’m watching them go through? Why am I not creating that type of illusory magic or something otherworldly when I have access to all of this stuff?” To the point of such depression and anger, tears, and crying in my house by myself, I decided to go to the bathroom. I’m literally reciting all the things I’ve ever learned, looking at myself in the mirror, staring at myself straight in my eyeballs, pointing to myself saying, “Listen, if ask and it is given is true, this is me asking. What is this? What’s going on that I can’t see with my eyes what’s happening in our world, that’s the energy around us, that’s changing all these things, that’s causing me to feel the way I’m feeling? Drop my gift on me now. What is it? What am I missing?”

I was in that space where something was deeply wrong, “I’m missing it. If I could see it in others and support others to get to these magical places, what’s wrong that I can’t do for myself? It’s not making sense.”

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Anyway, it was snotty, crying, screaming matched with just the air it appeared at the time, or the energy of the universe, but the air in my world, requesting, demanding to the point, “Drop my gifts on me now so that I can live on this planet joyfully, or pluck me off this godforsaken hurling stone in the multiverse because it sucks here, and I’m not having fun. I don’t want to live in a world like that.”

TMI, but all the great things happen in the bubble bathtub. I throw myself in the bathtub and meditate every day for hours. This time, I took myself in there and decided to do a session on myself as though I were the client. I know they often say, don’t do that or whatever at the time that wasn’t something that you did. You had someone else facilitate. I was like, “I don’t have anybody here. This is it. This is the end of my rope. It’s now or never.”

I actually did a session on myself in the bathtub. I suppose I did it with the intention of getting somewhere. What happened next was completely life-changing. I ended up experiencing a quantum world inside of myself in the bathtub while having aspects of myself walk me through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session and bring me into those spaces.

One of the first things you do in QHHT is take someone to their happy place. Of course, I’m taking myself to my happy place, and it’s a beach. I’m listening to the water. I run my hand through the sand, and the sand turns into a vortex. The vortex opens, I fall or get sucked into this vortex, and I land in this cement box. I’m like, “This is no happy place.”

One of the first things you do in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is take someone to their happy place.

I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I’m sitting in this room. It’s dim, cold, damp, and cement. It’s nothing like what I would dream a happy place would be.

I’m sitting there, and all of a sudden, I really feel myself. I have curiosities, anger, and rage. Then, all of a sudden I have this aspect that pops out of me that is questioning me. There’s two of me, and then there’s three of me. It was a literal quantum space. At the time, it didn’t seem odd because I think it was more of an alpha state or maybe deeper into theta. It was aspects of myself popping out and having a conversation together.

While in this box, I’m looking around, thinking, “This is no happy space. This is awful in here.” And to my peripheral side, I see someone sitting at the cement desk. An aspect of myself says, “What’s the matter? Are you afraid? Are you going to look?” Of course, my ego self is like, “Well, yes, I’m going to look.”

At that moment, I turned to look over my shoulder and saw this person stand up. They had the proverbial robe and sash and looked about seven feet tall. He stood up and walked around this cement desk—I’m not religious. I was born and raised Catholic, but all religions have a purpose in this reality—but this is God, the same picture of God that I see on my grandmother’s wall, the one you see there every time you go there.

I went in with the intention of getting answers, and here comes a master, or what many people would deem a master, walking in front of me with his arms open for a hug. In my head, all anger and all emotion disappeared instantaneously. I was like, “Yeah, I’m a hugger. I can hug.” This is inside of my theta experience.

I opened up my arms to hug him. He’s so tall. I could feel the warmth of his belly on my cheek. He was that tall. I thought, “Okay, this is the first bit of emotional relief I have felt in a long time.” As I hugged him and said, “Oh, there’s no moment,” he disappeared inside of me. My initial response is, “So that’s it, you’re gone, now what?”

Discover and use your unique processes and abilities to shape your reality.

It was the first time he spoke. He said, “Your first task is to love with my heart.” I was like, “Okay.” That was it. From that moment, I walked myself through the rest of a QHHT session to hop out of the bathtub and say exactly what every single person who was on my table during a session would say. “Did that actually just happen? Did that just happen to me?” I said the same thing.

In my deep curiosity, I had no emotions coming out of that, even though it was highly emotional. I came out of that with neutrality. I went downstairs, and I had this massive library. I’m looking for answers. I’m like, “What just happened? What did he say? Have I ever heard that before? What does it mean to love with my heart coming from a master deity?”

I was looking for answers, I guess, but it was still that part of it. It’s still blurry. I remember my husband coming downstairs, and I was sitting in the dark in the basement on the coffee table. My husband comes and sits down on the couch. He’s staring at me, and I’m thinking, “I’m trying to go through these books and find answers. Why is he staring at me?” And I’m getting upset.

Finally, I’m thinking, “Oh God, I should just tell him what just happened to me because I got to share it with someone.” But I think, “I can’t tell people I saw God. They’re going to think I’m literally insane.”

We can function in this reality by instantaneously transforming the belief systems we brought about ourselves into a neutral or joyful state.

He was sitting there for so long. I finally looked over at him and said, “What are you doing?” He stopped, dead-started me in the face, leaned in, and said, “What are you doing?” I thought, “Okay, then now’s my moment. I’m just going to tell him what happened because I had no thoughts except for my mission of finding out what just happened.” So I told him.

I said, “You know how I do all these really cool sessions, and these amazing things happen. I was in a state; I took myself through a session, and God showed up. I talked to God.” At this moment, because I was saying it out loud, I think I realized it. I had actualized it into a real thing because up until then, I hadn’t said anything. I had no emotions, nothing. Now I’m vocalizing it, and I’m bawling. Tears were pouring out, and all these emotions were pouring out. I’m thinking, “He’s going to judge me.” He looks at me and says, “Why are you crying? Haven’t you ever heard of anybody seeing God before?” My reality had shifted so much from that moment that months after that were very much a blur.

It didn’t appear that anything had changed until one day, about eight months later, I watched my husband create this amazing opportunity. It was to make a significant amount of money over the weekend. All he had to do was drive up to Toronto to learn some technique, come home, and he would have it. I watched him create that opportunity, watch it come to him, and then watch him deny it.

That day came when he was supposed to drive to Toronto, and he decided he didn’t feel like driving that day. It was raining, and he didn’t feel like driving, so he didn’t go. Of course, they took that opportunity away from him, and that whole thing just disappeared. I was so frustrated, angry, and irritated about the fact that I watched him want it. I watched him create it, I watched it come to him, and I watched him deny it. I just couldn’t even stand myself. I was so angry. 

So, I hopped into the tub again. I’m holding out my hand, going, “What am I going to do? What is this? What is he being?” While I’m asking that question, I’m literally holding a ball of energy. The energy is getting heavy in my hand. I’m thinking, “What is he being? He’s being a person who creates opportunities and doesn’t take them.” Suddenly, I paused and thought, “Am I that?”

At that moment, I realized this heaviness; this weight was the energy of the programming of what he was being that was showing itself to me. I asked, “What do I do with this energy in my hand?” I heard, “You’re going to love it with God’s heart.” I took the ball of energy, held it in front of myself, and breathed in.

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My whole body was very visceral. I breathed in that energy. My whole body was breathing in every cell I could feel, moving or pulling in this energy and changing. I realized, at that very moment, I had no emotions. Now, I went from crying, angry, and irritated to zero emotions at that very moment. Zero. I was as neutral as they get. My first question was, “What just happened?”

I found that I’m going to reverse engineer what I just did. I’m going to find something else that irritates me about what my husband does. Poor guy. I did it again. I reverse-engineered what I had done to eliminate these lower-frequency emotions. And it worked.

It was so profound, it was unspeakable. The next day, I went to a ladies luncheon. A woman was running, saying a bunch of words. I was like, “Gosh, something feels off about what she’s saying.”

When she sat down to speak, she said, “Wendy, do you have a message for me? I feel like you got to tell me something.” I say, “Yeah, I hear you saying these words, but something feels off. Can I try something on you?” I tried it on her, and then I was like, “Look at that. It works on other people,” completely from an emotional state to neutral in a second. I said, “I don’t know what that was, but I know it works.”

Because we’re on a timeline, we don’t actually change ourselves. We transform that frequency and move to a timeline where the older one no longer exists.

From that moment forward, a decade ago now, I have learned to understand what that was. It was like I was a quantum physics experiment walking. I was witnessing the two-slit experiment, where the witness changes. In real time, I was being it instead of watching it. It was freaking bizarre.

What occurred was my only knowing was the facts and the truth. What’s happening? People go from having an emotional state or being triggered by something to absolutely not being triggered instantly. All right, that’s energetic transformation. With energy and science, you can’t create it, nor can you destroy it, but you can transform it. That’s what happened instantaneously. How? I will forget to ask how because I just know it works.

I’ve spent a decade understanding it better from all aspects of science, which it is, and new science, which I’m receiving on a regular basis, to understand how we can function in this reality by instantaneously transforming the belief systems that we brought about ourselves into a neutral and also known as a joyful state that impacts absolutely everything that we do instantaneously.

When we come into those same scenarios where we once were triggered, we don’t have a response that’s triggered anymore. We have a memory of how we used to respond, but we do not respond emotionally at all. We’re not triggered whatsoever. Imagine having that with anything that has occurred in your reality all the time.

Instead of going from being emotionally triggered by whatever happened in your childhood, whatever traumatic experience and every single human on this planet has had one that they can speak of, I haven’t met somebody who hasn’t had one, including myself, which we drag around with us as emotional baggage and most often identify with it, which prevents us from having what we want always.

We attach guilt to that and all things we’ve chosen that we think maybe we shouldn’t have based on judgment, rules or anything—societal rules, government rules, or what have you. We drag those lower-frequency emotions around with us, and then it indicates how we get to live the rest of our lives.

We can have this big, massive dream that we can’t have. We can’t actualize it because our baggage won’t let us. Our emotional triggers, our mental programming, where we recall something that happened and attach emotions to it that cause us to respond in a particular way, prevent us from having what we want.

The only difference between whether you can do something or not is that you have programming preventing you from believing you can do it.

If you have guilt, the programming around guilt will prevent you from having everything, not one thing. That’s the truth. I’ve seen it thousands of times. As soon as we shut off the programming of guilt, people are creating massive amounts of things. It’s unbelievable.

What’s occurred now is I’ve got a process to identify the mental programming that people carry that’s attached to emotions, that is in their mind, that we can turn off, so now it shows up differently. Imagine a decade of understanding energy and seeing all kinds of crazy stuff. I’m now able to see in this matrix, in this reality, the binary sequencing of the programming that we carry in our mind and shut off because it runs in zeros and ones. It’s one when it’s running, then turn it off to a zero, and it stops running and has an energetic shift in your reality and emotional transformation.

Is this what you call the multidimensional timeline shifting?

That’s exactly what it is. Because we’re on a timeline, we don’t actually change ourselves. We transform that frequency and move to a timeline where the older one no longer exists, and the emotional one no longer exists.

We’re shifting timelines. I work with people with their vision because the vision is what’s going to direct the timeline you want to be on. What do you want to experience in this reality? What does it look like? Let’s walk on the pathway.

It’s not a psychic experience where you’re reading people’s stuff. It’s more of an in-the-moment experience. “Let’s look at the pathway. Let’s look at the timeline you’re on now. Where do you want to be?” And then I can see the programming that’s in the way.

Instead of saying, “What baggage do you believe you’re dragging?” we go into, “What do you want?” It’s more about how quickly we can get there. Moving these programs out of the way creates it instantaneously, energetically, and then we just get to walk through the timeline path as a regular journey, but you don’t have all that emotional baggage sticking around.

There’s no need to have it anyway, but as humans, we create attachments to things. That’s why it sticks around, not because it has any value per se, but things do happen. They’re memories and you can acknowledge that, but you don’t need to have the emotional fuel to let it drag you down. This reality is for experiencing things and living life joyfully despite what’s happening around us. That’s how the outside world changes.

We’re constantly learning new programs and reprogramming our internal processes.

When we change the inside world, the outside world changes. If you don’t like what you’re seeing with all the stuff happening in the world, think, “Oh, I’m only one person. I can’t change anything,” I want to call BS on that one because the inside of you, that mental shift that happens, changes the outside world. The outside world is a direct reflection of the inner world.

You’re programming your holographic matrix just by your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

That’s exactly what happens. I liken it to a computer. Just like if you have a computer, it’s the hardware. You have the programming; it’s the software. Then you have the actual, like when you’re in there, I would say, when you’re looking at a computer, remember back when the computer monitors were black and green, there was a big green cursor. I’m probably aging myself, but that’s what it was.

A programmer programmed it so that we can see the monitor and the black and green cursor, or the black screen with the green cursor, and then you put in whatever you want to put in there. It was a programmer who programmed that so we could see it. If our skin suit, body, or brain is the hardware, our mind is the programmer.

What we decide is true. What we’ve been through, what we make up about all the things, we’re programming ourselves as we go. That programming never ends. While you’re living, that programming is happening. Whether you programmed your brain to see negative things all the time or experience negative things based on your past, that’s something that’s been programmed most often unconsciously and subconsciously.

There are infinite timelines, infinite yous on infinite earth in the world you live in.

When you’re conscious, you wonder, “What the hell’s wrong with me? Why do I have all these crappy things happen? Why can’t I have what I want?” You’re asking those questions because you see other people have it, and you can’t understand why you can’t. It really should be that easy. To be honest, Stephan, it is.

Because the programmer is you, you’re programming it. Whatever you decide is true is. Whatever you believe to be true is—every single word of it. So if you believe you’re not good enough, you’re not. If you believe you’re not capable, you’re not. If you believe you can’t have it, you won’t.

Those statements are all programs. Whatever you decide is true, is. You’re wondering, “Well, how do I change that?” That’s what I’ve been doing for the last decade. As I grew into understanding this energetic reality, I was able to see with my eyes and my inner sight, and I know the energetic frequencies that are in your brain as programs; I can see them as binary sequencing.

They’re identified by words, emotions, and the whole nine yards. All the data in this matrix is there for me; it’s there for you. The difference is I can see it and read it. Also, I’m the programmer, so I can turn it on and off. I can edit it and do whatever I want with it, just like you. The only difference between whether you can do it versus I know that I can is that you have programming preventing you from believing you can do it. It’s so interesting.

Do you see auras, or do you see some sort of vision around people where the programming is the different belief systems or their potentialities? What do you see?

It’s not a psychic experience. It’s not like you’re going to say to me, “Okay, Wendy, what do you see?” It’s not like that. I can see it’s infinite. Your reality is infinite. There are infinite timelines, infinite yous on infinite earth in the world you live in. They’re all there.

Tell me what you want. What do you want to create in your world? What pathway are you on? And what do you think is in the way? From that space, I can see all of the programming on this timeline. It’s very specific. Where do you want to be? Where are you at? Let’s look at it from that perspective.

Karma is a program. If it prevents you from doing things, it is a program.

Can you tell me all the other programming here? Yes, and guess what—they’re all there, infinitely. But what’s going to impact your physical reality right now is where you want to go. What do you want to do? What do you want to experience? How do you want to play in this earthly reality, in this skin suit?

Now we’re talking because I can see the pathway now. It’s like a road. What’s in the way? Those things come up easily. There are pillars that I’ve discovered that every single human has categories of stuff that’s programmed in, from cultural stuff to collective things, all those things too. We handle those right out of the gate, so I don’t have to see them later and have them interrupt anything, including guilt.

Guilt is the number one thing that’ll prevent you from having everything. If you have a small bit of guilt about something, you won’t have it. You won’t allow yourself to because humans are naturally amazing, loving, and giving. If you believe you’ve done something wrong and are guilty, you will never allow yourself to have it. You won’t feel worthy of having it. We clean all of that stuff up first.

Once all those programming pieces are gone, the sky’s literally beyond the limit. You can have anything you want. It’s easy. It’s just discovering, “What do I really want?” Because some people BS themselves. They wanted something because they believed that’s what they were supposed to say instead of what the truth is for themselves.

Where does karma fit into this?

Karma is a program. You name it. If it holds you back or prevents you from doing things, it is a program. You can see it as a binary sequence like everything else.

But isn’t it also a universal law? The law of cause and effect, like reap what you sow across lifetimes?

Guilt is the number one thing that’ll prevent you from having everything.

Those are all programming. That’s what you believe because you’ve been taught it. Naturally, when you connect with your spirit, do you know right from wrong? You’re making choices every day. You still know right from wrong. Do I need to tell you what to do?

Do I need to put the parameters there and tell you the rules? Or do you actually know that from birth? We’ve been taught, “Follow the rules and do this.” For what? To negate the fact that a sovereign entity in a skin suit doesn’t already have the capacity to know right from wrong? It’s incredible the amount of programming we are living with, which is why there’s so much anxiety on the planet.

We’re in this space right now, where the frequency of our realities on this planet, in this multiverse, is transparencies. I call it the age of transparency. We know so much. The programming is going, “But this, but that,” but we know something’s different. We’re trying to bust through all of that because what we know is greater than what we’ve been taught.

Humanity is coming to the point now where they’re questioning everything, as we should, to see the truth. A question is going to open up that powerful matrix into data, and it’s our job to discern and decipher the data to know the truth. It’s truly fascinating.

Could you differentiate, for our listener, timelines versus the multiverse?

Multiverse means multiple universes. There’s an infinite amount of universes, an infinite amount of ourselves in each universe. It just goes on forever. Imagine a fractal. In science, it’s fractalized. It’s everywhere in everything. What was the other thing you wanted to differentiate?

Timelines. There are lots of different choices and paths that you can take. Like in the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. Did you see that movie?

I probably did, but it was so long ago. I’ve forgotten it.

She misses or catches the train and ends up having a completely different life, and they follow both paths.

Yes. That’s an extreme version, but that’s what’s available. That could happen. When you put down your keys and walk away to get a coffee, you do whatever, go to the bathroom, come back, and your keys are gone, you’re like, “I just put them down there.” Most people say, “Oh, a ghost moved it, or maybe you forgot.” You go through a gamut of things that could have happened until you find those keys again. You hunt the house to come back to find them exactly where you actually put them down, in the same spot.

You’ve come in and out very subtly to a different timeline. That’s it. Because they all look very similar, they’re parallels. I hasten to ever use past life because I don’t believe that past or future truly exist because you are here now. It’s always now. All time and space is consciousness when you have time and space together.

There’s no past, and there’s no future, there’s now. You’re creating as you go, which appears we get in a label as the future. We label the past as an experience, now data in your computer. Whatever you’ve decided you want to hold on to, whatever emotions you attach to it, whatever meaning you give it, will remain there. Some of the things are going to float away. You’re not going to recall them.

The most recent movie I watched, and I thought it was super awesome as far as a message goes, was the beginning and ending of Interstellar. Have you seen Interstellar?

Yeah, great movie.

Okay. The beginning and the end are the two relative pieces. I can’t remember what happened in the middle because they weren’t relevant to a message. But the biggest message is that love is the most powerful frequency and can be the fuel to absolutely everything, really, truly. It is the most powerful thing that we can access. In Interstellar, the beginning shows the little girl saying, “There must be a poltergeist in my room because the books keep popping out.”

By the time he hits the end and spoiler alert for anybody who has not seen it, they go through the black hole into this quantum space, where all the timelines are available. He’s hunting through to find where his daughter is. Love got him there. Now he’s going through and realizing that he’s poking those books to his daughter. That’s what’s happening here now. That is the relative expression of us leaving ourselves breadcrumbs to the reality that we would like to experience generated in the causation of love.

It reminds me of an episode that I aired recently. It was Ray Brehm. He talked about how he was at a Hoffman Process event. The instructor walked him and the group through an exercise, where imagine your eight-year-old self and you’re going to send a message to your eight-year-old self of, I love you, everything’s going to be okay, I’m you in the future.

I’m butchering the story a bit, but at that moment, he remembered, “Wow, that’s right. I did have an experience at eight years old when I was feeling depressed.” He went through that same process and remembered hearing, “I love you, and everything will be alright. I’m you in the future.” What a time paradox for diehard materialists. How do you reconcile that one? It sounds similar to what you were talking about with the time paradox and the Interstellar movie.

Love is the most powerful frequency and can be the fuel to absolutely everything.

Yeah, absolutely. Imagine if that’s what’s happening now, and it is. It’s you everywhere you look. One of the first things that I teach is how to identify these limiting programs that you have thought about yourself and how you’re carrying them around with you, creating these limitations that you’re living. How do you identify them?

I’ll teach it to you right now. It’s as easy as this: Recognize in the moment that you are emotionally triggered by someone else’s experience or something else that’s happening, what you would say to you or with you, and you’re having a lower frequency. Emotional experience, meaning lower frequency, means anything in anger or irritation. I guess you’d say if you looked up lower-frequency emotions, you’d discover what they all are.

Anyway, if there is anything that makes you feel bad in any way, angry, or irritated, recognize at that moment that you are being triggered by it and ask yourself, “What are they being right now while I’m being triggered?” Most often, for simplicity’s sake, I would say people say, “Well, They’re judging me. Why are they judging me?”

That judgment you’re recognizing in someone else is actually the reflection of a program you’re carrying and your programming that’s out of alignment with your true nature as source energy. How do you know? Because you’re emotionally triggered by it. It’s being reflected by someone else. People say, “Well, what happens if something beautiful happens?” It is also a reflection of you.

We’re only right now identifying the limiting programming you have. How do we identify it? Once you start understanding that, you are identifying the limiting program that you created and you bought about yourself. It’s only true because you decided so without even changing it; your acknowledgment that you created it is going to shift your perception just slightly to release some of the attachment that you have, “This reality sucks. This life sucks. I never get what I want.”

It doesn’t turn it off completely, but it certainly allows you to practice recognizing that, “I bought a lot of crap. I bought a lot of limiting programs in my life without realizing it because I’m so angry and sad all the time, or I got the crappy end of the stick. Bad things always happen.”

We’re in this space right now where the frequency of our realities in this multiverse is transparency.

When you’re using a causal reality, “Because I was abused as a child, I had an abusive spouse. I behave this way, or I won’t let somebody else in.” You’re limiting your experience of this reality by believing that.

I’m not saying it’s not true. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. It was a fact at the moment that it occurred. But when you decide what that experience means to you, you have now attached your emotions to it, put value in a lower frequency way, and kept it as programming. Now, everywhere you go, you’re going to see it. Somewhere with someone, you’re going to be irritated by it, and it’s going to remind you of what you experienced and drag you into that experience again to hold you back.

Is this different from a thought form, or is it similar? Do you know that terminology thought form?

My understanding is that when you think about something enough, it becomes a thought form, which can be thought about enough to become physical. Is that what you’re talking about?

Not physical. It is still ethereal, but it is its own entity at some point, where you feed it enough emotional energy, or there’s a group of people with similar thoughts. It could be a positive thought form, but usually, it’s negative, like a fear-based thought form around, “This country is going to hell in a handbasket” or whatever, and just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and then that becomes a group thought form that a lot of people are feeding.

Yeah. Is it like that? No, it’s not. Those things are probably out there. They’re frequency-based, collective quantum thought forms. However, programming is intrinsic. It’s to you. You’ve decided something. It’s very individualistic.

Everybody buys very similar programming. If we were to test the frequencies, they’re all going to have slightly different frequencies, but they are all very much the same. If it’s judgment, guilt, or whatever, it might be. It’s individual because you’ve decided.

Programming is intrinsic.

This reality is comprised of you, your viewpoint, and everything you see and experience. The inside world reflects in the outside world, and you see and experience it. Everything you believe to be true, you will experience, including when you change it.

When you don’t like something, it’s not working or causes some type of an emotional trigger, so you don’t have to keep that program. Just like if I were to go in and ask that programmer to come and remember the hardware and the software. We’re looking at the monitor; it’s green and black, and I say, “Guess what, guys, it’s time to reprogram it to color.” The programmer goes in and reprograms the computer, and suddenly we see color. It has changed.

I don’t wake up in the morning and say, “Gee, I wonder if it will be back to black and green.” It’s color because the programmer put it in there. Now it’s color forevermore. Could he change it back to black and green? Okay, you could try, but why would anyone? There’s so much more now. It’s the same thing.

Once you buy a program, you’ll live and be directed by that program, just like the computer. It will keep being a part of your reality until we shut it off, in which case, your reality will trigger it.

Is there a program still showing up in your life that doesn’t serve you, or have you shut all of them off?

Always. Could you shut them all off? I don’t think so. I think you could have tons of a difference in your reality when you shut most of the lower frequencies stuff off that you’ve bought. There will always be something, but like I was saying, it’s not a psychic experience. It’s, “What pathway are you on?”

Let your genius shine and forge your own path. Discover how timeline shifts can become natural and effortless.

I’m walking a pathway. I want to create something in my business. I want to create something in my life. I want to create something with my family. If I’ve eliminated a lot of the baggage from the past, because that’s what’s hanging around, and now I feel really neutral, really great most of my time—most of the time when you feel great, and that is possible, you’re going to choose a pathway where you’re going to accelerate and drive yourself higher, at least you’d like to, or something different. You’re going to run into some programs that you would never have had you not chosen that pathway, that timeline.

Are there? Of course, there are. How do I know? I’m emotionally responding to something. The people in your life are going to show you the biggest programs from your perceived past because they’re your family, maybe your spouse, or your children. However, once all those are cleared, the reflection of your transformation internally with those programming will show up in your family or your workplace.

Everywhere you’ve been close to, all of that will change relationships, absolutely change. In fact, my favorite ones are with marriages, too. And you’re still going to go, “Okay, I’m going to create something new,” because you still get to live into something.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you own businesses, you’re a CEO, or you’re someone in a directional place, you’re going to have a target for what’s next. The difference is you’re going to walk down that pathway with an accelerated experience because the baggage from whatever programs you had before is not going to drag you down. Now you’re going to run into new stuff. How do you know? You’re going to be emotionally triggered by something that shows up—a new VC, a colleague, someone new that comes into your life, or a situation.

When you acknowledge that you created the limiting programs, it is going to shift your perception to release some of the attachments you have.

New program pieces are always there. To be honest with you, we only experience these programs because we’re in a skin suit in a physical 3D reality. When you go beyond this experience, you don’t have anything to be emotional about. There are no emotions to experience because you don’t have a skin suit that allows that privilege to experience something that’s emotional.

We negate it all the time as a privilege because it’s beautiful to feel love, peace, and joy. Why wouldn’t we eliminate all the programs that aren’t creating that experience in this reality now? It’s such a short experience here. I love working with the world’s elite because they’ve already accomplished many things. They’ve overcome a lot of their programming on their own. They don’t know how; they just have it because they’re on a different frequency altogether.

What they still have is this one little monkey on their back. They’ve learned to handle it, but inevitably, it’s still there, and they know it. It arrives when they least want it to. I don’t know why I call it a monkey. To me, it’s a program. It’s my favorite thing to eliminate because it’s so easy.

I am in a neutral space; I have no judgment or preconceived thoughts. “Oh, that’s what it is. Let’s shut that program off.” Instantaneously, that sucker is gone, and their whole life changes. Up until that point, as successful as they are, they still have had that monkey on their back that has initiated, moved them, and supported them in making decisions with it there.

That so-called it program, monkey, frequency, has been baked right in everything they’ve done up until then. Now, they can experience the next level with joy and ease without it. It’s right there. It’s so easy.

Can you give a few anonymized examples of these monkeys being removed and the life-changing difference it made?

There have been many. Ironically, it’s relationship-based because the money thing is never their issue. I’m just going to generalize it to make it easier. Their experience in their relationships and most often their marriages, if they still have one, is that it’s the one thing they’ve never solved, the one thing they still don’t understand, yet they just keep doing what they’re doing in order not to have that passionate, loving, exciting experience that they’ve always dreamed about, that they can create anywhere else but there.

When you move to a timeline, your desired experience is present.

When those programming pieces are addressed, it’s interesting because it appears like, miraculously, their spouse shifts to what they always wanted them to be. There’s nothing wrong there. There’s no right or wrong in that scenario. It was an individuated program that was creating the reflection of limitation in something so intimate and close that they believed they would never have it. They probably had looked elsewhere. They probably tested out other experiences while married to never find what they were looking for.

Once those programming pieces got shifted, miraculously, their spouse appeared to transform before their eyes and became everything they ever wanted. The next-level experience for them was the most intimate connection with their spouse they have ever had in 30 years. That changed the game. Not only did it change for them, but it changed for their spouse because their spouse now experienced them as being different.

Their family saw a complete transformation right before their eyes, not having any clue what had happened. “Oh, yeah, we noticed you’ve been getting along way better. You look like you laugh more, talk more, and have more fun. Now you’re going on vacations and sharing experiences where we never have known you all to do that.” Very different.

Would you say that your client and the spouse shifted timelines together? Or did your client shift to a timeline where the spouse, the family, and everybody is different?

Yes. When you shift timelines, you’re having an individuated experience.

It’s because you’re the observer.

Yes, absolutely. You’re in it, you’re experiencing it, and you are the observer of your own reality. When you shift, you move to a timeline where that desired experience is present. Sometimes, when we do that, the people we think will be in our lives suddenly disappear. It’s like you just don’t communicate with them anymore.

The holistic experience of letting go allows more higher-frequency love to come in.

They’re still on the old timeline doing the same thing, but on the new timeline, because they’re not aligned with your vision where you’re headed, and they weren’t in support of or everything was out of alignment, they’re no longer around. Suddenly, if it’s a partner, maybe they asked to be bought out. Things change.

I’m always saying there are no guarantees that when you want a relationship to be enhanced or better in some way, shape, or form by shifting these programs, they’re still going to be around because if it’s out of alignment, if they, their experience, and them being in your world is no longer in alignment with what you want, it won’t work out the way you think you’d like it to. You get to choose for your higher experience so that you can experience that. It might not be with that same person.

You have to be willing to let everything go to have what you want. You need to let go of the things you believe have meaning in your life. Let them go, like, “Okay, I’m going to let them all go. If they disappeared, I’m okay with that. If they don’t, I’m okay with that too.”

The holistic experience of letting them go allows more higher-frequency love to come in, and then what you’re after arrives. Whether it’s with them or someone else, that’s what occurs. It’s a very unique experience.

Believe me, those types of experiences—yes, they happen. I’ve experienced many of them in the last decade. It takes a little bit to get there because we carry so much garbage around. When I work with people to clean up all the basic programming that most humans have, it takes three months. I would love it to be faster, but the detox experience when you’re doing energetic work is real.

I’ve made myself really sick multiple times. Not because I wanted to make myself sick but because I got so excited about a group of programming I found. I shut it all off at the same time and instantaneously created lung and sinus infections within hours because the detox was so fierce. My experience of what happens is the programming that you bought, the frequency itself, carries a resonant toxin in your body.

The Four Questions by Byron Katie

When we turn off the binary sequence of that frequency, that programming, your body spits out the toxin because it’s no longer resonating. It’s the tuning fork experience. When it does that if you’re carrying a lot of that toxin, your body will go into a major healing crisis instantaneously, and that does occur.

We get there as quickly as we can without being harmed, like having a horrible experience with our bodies, because our bodies are the gift that we have. We’re individually based on the beautiful gold and gift that we are. Being someone else is an interesting concept to me.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to make a lot of money, start being you. Be you, be your genius. Do all the great things, the easy things, the stuff that comes naturally, and speak your language because that’s the gold. You’ll make more money than you ever dreamed of because people require that frequency of you, not the version of you that’s mimicking someone else, that has a process, that’s doing whatever.

Discover your process and use it. You can only get certainty in this reality by being what it is. I’m 100% certain that my processes work because they were my first experience. I was my first client. It was my first experience, my first success, all the things. I’ve never had it not work.

I am absolutely certain of the changes that I’ve seen and witnessed in the world, not only in my life when I shift programs but also in my family, my children, my friends, and every client that’s ever arrived, and they go through a very similar arc in where they’re headed.

Some people only want to clean up all the old stuff, go off, and be free. After three months, they want to do their own thing and have so much fun, and they do. Some want that next-level experience that takes, I would say, about 10 to 11 months. They step into something they don’t even recognize themselves as, which is amazing.

How much does this process take you to go through? How does it work? And how does our listener start to work with you?

How much it is will depend on the time frame. I don’t work with everyone. This is a unique experience. It’s not everyone’s thing. I’m not for everyone. I’m also 100% certain of that, but it starts with a timeline assessment. It’s an aligned thing. I only do one-on-ones at this point. I have a couple of workshops and things, but aside from this work individually, getting there and turning off the programs. It’s one-on-one.

When you turn off the binary sequence of that frequency, that programming, your body spits out the toxin because it’s no longer resonating.

You have to be ready and give yourself an opportunity to see if we’re a great match together first. I hate to say that I’m picky and choosy. It’s not that; it’s that certain people tell themselves lies about what they really want because that’s what they believe to be true, and a lot of that programming is interesting to work with.

I like to be joyful in my reality. Someone who’s at that space, when they know that I’m their person and this work is for them, then do a timeline assessment and let’s get down to it. Let’s go in there. I’ll go in with you, and we’ll look at where you are, where you want to be, and what’s in the way, and discuss it to see what’s truly available and possible. Everything is available and possible, everything. It’s whether you’re truly willing to have that level of transformation. That’s the difference.

Speed is my thing. I always say, “People don’t pay me because I’m the only one on the planet that can do it.” There are probably other people doing it in their unique way. Everyone can do this. Is it your passion? Do you really want to do this? Do you want to take your lifetime to figure it out? Probably not.

You could if you wanted to. I believe everyone can do it. That’s why I say people pay me for speed, not because I’m the only one who can. I only have the results created in my world and am willing to go there. I love speed, joy, and peace. That’s what I like to experience in my world.

Someone who’s in that space where, if you think you can’t change the world you’re existing in, I’m here to tell you differently because you can. Experience is real and true. You can go to my website,, where there’s a timeline assessment. I’ve also given you a link for your listeners with $100 off that assessment.

Yes. Thank you for that. It’s Thank you, Wendy. Thank you for being so open with your journey and taking us on a wild ride. It was awesome.

I felt like I just spoke the whole time about a story, and I didn’t get to play around with you a little more like I would. So maybe we’ll have to do a part two. What I want to share with you and with your listeners is what I find in people who have done deep inner work like they’ve done EMDR or MDMA when they discover me, and it’s often after that, they think, “Oh my gosh, I put myself through all of that work to come to you to find that we could shut it off instantaneously.”

I’m sharing this with you because that is the common response after someone has put so much time, energy, and effort into doing that. This is a pre-notion if you’re considering those other therapies. I know that they work. They are exhausting. If that’s what works for you, I have nothing against any other process ever, but that is a common thing.

Most of my clients have done that work and thought, “God, if I knew this before, or if somebody told me that, I probably have believed it wasn’t true because I need to go through all that pain to get to this place where I’m willing to receive it. But I would feel remiss if I didn’t share that aspect because I hear it so much.”

But if somebody went through it already and got some results, but it was hard, this is earth school. This is where you’re going to have experiences and earn medals that you’ve achieved. And then you’ll also find shortcuts and Easter eggs in the video game.

Your reality is shaped by the beliefs you hold. When your beliefs limit you, you can use your internal code to release hindering programming. The triggers of negative emotions point to the need to change your programs. Share on X

That’s true. Good point. Thank you for saying that.

Awesome. Thank you, Wendy. Thank you, listener, for being open-minded and listening all the way through. It may challenge some of your beliefs, so perhaps take a moment to write down what your beliefs are and run Byron Katie’s The Four Questions.

That’s an old episode on this show. Is it true? Can I know with absolute certainty if it’s true? What would my life be like if this thought didn’t exist? And how does this thought make me feel? And see if that thought may not serve you anymore. That belief can be chucked into the bin. We’ll catch you next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Pay attention to my anger, irritation, sadness and other negative emotions. These emotions act as triggers to my old programming.

?Ask myself why a specific person or situation triggers me. Discover my internal patterns and beliefs that these triggers mirror.

?Acknowledge my perceptions about judgment or irritation from others reflect my own programming. My extreme reactions point toward my negative programming as it plays on a continuous, internal loop.

?Release my attachment to negative beliefs that I’ve created. Embrace my power to construct my reality and release disempowering beliefs.

?Free myself of the people and things that don’t align with my vision. Positive, transformative change may require me to distance myself from old, hindering relationships.

?Clarify my vision and my life goals. My vivid vision of my desired reality powers my future timeline shift and progression.

?Identify any mental programs that impede my goals — including negative emotions, patterns, and thoughts. I need to erase this specific programming to transform my future timeline.

?Embrace my uniqueness. Avoid judging the processes of others. I can follow my own blueprints to let my genius shine.

?Anticipate relational changes from all who relate to me based on my old, hindering programming. When my energy frequencies rise, my relationships may dramatically shift or end. Allow my natural relational realignment. Avoid forcing old dynamics that no longer work for me.

?Experience life-changing moments — don’t let old programs hold me back. Abstain intense, time-consuming modalities and let my energy shift through rapid reprogramming.

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As a result, her clients can access Self-Actualization and their peace paradigm with extreme clarity, achieving limitless visionary successes in life and business.

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