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By: Stephan Spencer


Keira Poulsen
“The body is a vessel for truths to come through. There are lots of powerful truths that got deleted, ignored and hidden off this earth, but there’s an opportunity for us to bring these truths down through writing.”
Keira Poulsen

All the things that happen to us in this life–the good and the bad–comprise our disposition, our perspective, and our purpose. My guest on today’s episode was able to recover from–and transcend–extreme trauma to become a resilient seeker of light.

You have a book to write, was the subject line of a mass email that changed Keira Poulsen’s life. The prompt put the notion at the forefront of Keira’s mind, and for the first time, she somehow knew that a book was going to come out of her–or possibly through her.

Keira is a sacred writing coach, the founder of Freedom House Publishing Co., and the host of Awakening Sacred Writing Podcast. As an intuitive healer and book medium, Keira supports authors in learning how to channel their books easily and quickly. In today’s episode, Keira touches on the 5-step process the Divine taught her to know how to prepare her mind, body, and soul to channel. What is a sacred space, and how do you create one? Can anyone learn how to channel? For answers to these questions and more, stay tuned to this fascinating discussion. So now, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [01:38]Keira explains how she embraced her calling and overcame her childhood trauma to shed light on others.
  • [07:32]Are there gifts behind traumas? Keira share hers that unlocked her calling.
  • [11:28]When Stephan and Keira exchange ideas on past lives, Keira shares how her vision led her to write her second book.
  • [15:46]What is the way Keira and Stephan convey the idea of the higher self?
  • [20:37]Stephan and Keira talk about their angels, spiritual entrepreneurship, and integrating the spiritual realm and physical worlds.
  • [26:41]Wny is it important to express your gift throughout your lifetime?
  • [31:52]Stephan and Keira discuss mentorship while keeping boundaries and learning to acknowledge others’ wisdom.
  • [33:54]The difference between channeling and intuition.
  • [37:21]Stephan talks about the true north of aligning oneself after learning it from Jan Tober. In addition, he shares Keith Cunningham’s concept of a thinking chair.
  • [43:45]What is a sacred space, and how do you create one?
  • [48:31]How do you get the divine to speak to you?
  • [51:47]Do you want to learn how to channel? Visit Keira’s website at You can also go to if you wish to publish a book.

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Keira, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you. I am so excited to be here. I was so excited when you invited me. 

I’m excited to have you on. I was impressed with the 10-minute talk you gave at Genius Network, which is how we met. I first saw you speak at the Genius Network annual event in February. 

I’d love for you to start by sharing your origin story because you received a calling. So many people just do whatever the easiest thing is or the thing that just kind of shows up at their doorstep. I think that you received a pretty clear calling. Maybe I’m wrong, but walk us through what happened.

Rise Up and Awaken to the Joy of Being Human by Keira Poulsen

First of all, thank you. I was very nervous about giving that talk, but I am happy I did it. It’s such a good experience. I love being in Genius Network. Everyone I’ve met has just been extraordinary. It was five years ago that I would say my awakening happened.

I have five beautiful children. It was always my dream to be a mother. I was a massage therapist for 20 years. I started when I was 17. I became a massage therapist very young. I always knew I wanted to heal, and that was my life. I hit a point where I was very unfulfilled. I had just done everything I’d ever thought I wanted to be, and I was stuck.

I remember it was my birthday dinner, and my husband said, “well, what are your dreams for this year?” We’re in the middle of the restaurant, and I just started bawling. I’m like, “I don’t have any more dreams. I don’t even remember how to dream. I don’t even know who I am anymore.” He invited me. “You have three days to come up with some dreams.” So I began to pray.

I’m a big prayer. I often work with the Divine and pray like, “Show me why I’m here five months.” My answer came in a way that I would never have imagined. It was intense. It was the thing that was the catalyst for everything that I do now, which is that all my trauma memories resurfaced.

I had all these memories of being sexually abused as a child pulled to the surface. It’s super traumatic for my body as it is for anyone. The cellular memory, all of it coming back. I was very suicidal. I was like, “I can’t live in a world with this much pain.” These kinds of memories raised my children- a world with this kind of abuse.

At that moment, when I chose I was going to end my life, I felt God say, “you have work to do. You need to stay.” So I made a commitment that I would do whatever I was inspired to do. If I were going to live in a world filled with hell, abuse, and all this trauma, then everything that came to me would be a yes. That was the beginning.

In 2018, I received a calling to start a publishing house, and I followed it.

That full year, 2017, I healed. I went into a lot of EMDR. In 2018, I received a calling to start a publishing house. At that point, I wasn’t coaching. Nothing was happening in my life that would say this was the path I should go on, but I followed it.

I remember going to the lawyer’s office to get a trademark. All five of my kids’ ages 2–12, are like backflipping in the lawyer’s office. It was a hot mess. I’m like setting up business bank accounts with babies asleep on me, and then nothing happened with the publishing house for two years. So I dove into my gifts for two years, serving and helping women wake up their purposes.

Fast forward, here we are four years later, and this publishing house is my purpose. My purpose is to help people bring powerful messages of truth and light to the world to transform humanity through these books. That’s a fast-forward version, but that’s where it all began facing my trauma.

Do you have any trouble talking about this? I imagine you get this question a lot, like, “how did this all start for you?” And then you have to bring that up. It was these trauma memories that resurfaced. I imagine that’s got to be painful to even talk about that today.

I feel like I’ve done a lot of healing work on it, and it’s not super painful. So I share it even though it’s very vulnerable because there are so many who’ve been through sexual abuse who told authorities.

I share my story because, for those who are listening, I want you to know that you’re never alone. It doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t make your life horrible. You get to choose what happens.

For those who’ve been through sexual abuse, I want you to know that you’re never alone.

One of my coaches is Benjamin Hardy. I love that he says, “It happens for you and not to you.” I would say that my trauma happened for me, and it made me who I am. I wouldn’t be the resilient seeker if it weren’t for all I’ve been through. I share because of that.

Right, and there’s another level. “Life happens for me, not to me, but life also happens by me.” It’s about being the co-creator of your life and this reality. How might you have opted in or volunteered for that trauma? Do you think that was a soul contract you entered before you incarnated?

Yeah. I do believe that I signed up for this. 

It sounds like you see the gift in what happened to you and for you. Was there a certain moment that brought you that clarity? Was it something that you were shown or something that you did that brought about that clarity?

Yes. I was driving down the road one day. I got this mass email from a big blogger. The headline was, “You have a book to write.” I’d never wanted to be an author. It wasn’t a dream of mine. I love books, but I never thought I would do that.

When I read that email headline, it popped off the page, went into my heart, and I heard it like, “oh my gosh, I have a book to write.” So I decided just to write. “Sure. What book do you want me to write?” So I just put it out there and didn’t think much about it.

One day, I’m driving down the road. Because I’m very visual, this is how the Divine works with me. I see a lot of visions. I saw a vision of a book from the top down, and I saw the word saying, “The hidden gifts within the trauma of sexual abuse.” I was like. There’s no way in hell I’m writing that book. There are no gifts in this drama. That is a lie, and yet I had made this commitment that I would do everything I was inspired to do, so I started to write this book.

I realized what a gift it was because I saw it.

As I wrote the book, The Hidden Gifts within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse, I was shown all the gifts. That was the very first book I wrote. That was the first experience where I understood what it was like to channel a book, where I was taught when I put my fingers on my computer and words came through my hands.

I realized what a gift it was because I saw it. I am a seeker because I had so much pain. I am resilient because of the pain, and I watched my whole life begin to make sense of every decision I made, who I was, and why I have this fierce passion for making a difference in the world. None of that would have been present if I hadn’t been through the hell that I’d been through.

Do you have a sense of past lives that it makes sense that this happened because of perhaps some terrible things that you might have done? It’s like, okay, what you put out there comes back to you ten times. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this because this isn’t our first time around the sun.

I was raised in a religion where there wasn’t a concept of past lives. I’ve moved past that religion container, which has opened my heart and mind to wander and experiment more. I don’t believe what we experience here is a consequence of a past life. I know that in my memories of any lives before this is only of trying to make a difference as a woman.

The Hidden Gifts within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse by Keira Poulsen

In most cases, that didn’t work so well for most women in the past. Most of them were burned or killed. So I feel very deeply grateful to be alive at this time. 

What I do wouldn’t have been accepted 100 years ago. Who I am, being a book channeler, being an energy healer, being a woman who owns a publishing house to bring ancient sacred truths to the earth, that wouldn’t have worked. I wouldn’t have lived. I feel so lucky to live right now so I can do my work. That is something I know down to my cells.

We absolutely would have been killed in past times for talking about this stuff. I was killed in my past lives for my beliefs. You still have to stand in your truth.

I remember hearing some news about these young women who were put into a cage in the ocean by ISIS so that they would recant their religion. I believe they were Christian. And they didn’t, so they drowned. On one hand, what a tragedy, how horrific. And on the other hand, what a beautiful thing for them to be so connected and know their truth that they’re not willing to recant and disavow themselves of their connection to the Creator.

Death is only a doorway we’ve gone through many, many times. It feels pretty terrible for those who are left behind. But for those who are on the other side of the veil, yet again, that’s home. It’s an amazing, wonderful, beautiful place to be.

Being in this dense materialistic dark experience of life is hard. It’s really hard, but there’s so much that you get out of it. It’s like being in a pressure cooker where you get to grow and evolve at a much faster rate. You go from a piece of coal to a diamond much more quickly than if you’re just hanging out and partying on the other side of the veil. But it comes with hardships and hard times.

I agree with you. My second book was called Rise Up and Awaken to the Joy of Being Human. That came from this vision I had of me waiting to come down. I’m just so excited, in line, ready to go telling all my angels and friends, “help me remember my purpose when I get down there.”

Right before I jumped into this world, one person said, “You have to be aware that suffering is the biggest distraction.” I was like, “I got this. I know exactly what I’m supposed to do.” Then I watched. In this vision, I came down, and I got stuck in suffering. I wasted the whole thing.

I got back up there. When I got up, I was like, “Oh my gosh, I wasted the whole time? I waited in line for the best writers of my life, and then I wasted it.” So I watched in this vision where I got to ask my spiritual team, “You have to plant remembrances. You have to help me stay out of the trap of suffering.”

Right before I jumped into this world, one person said, “You have to be aware that suffering is the biggest distraction.”

When I woke up, I was shown to write this book, so I wrote this book. It’s a book plus a guide where people get to say, “Okay, what’s my thing right now? What do I smell? I don’t get to smell when I don’t have this physical body. What can I touch? What can I do that will bring me joy right here, so I don’t get stuck in the trap of suffering?”

What we have right now is magic, yet there’s a lot of hell, and there’s a lot of darkness. There’s a lot of trauma and pain, but there’s so much magic. When we find the magic, it makes this human experience worth every second.

That’s so true. I’d like to hear the process for you to receive channeling. Does it come in as automatic writing, or are you dictating what you’re hearing? Is it more of a knowing than a hearing of the words? Are there things you do to prepare, so the channel is open? Walk us through your process, please.

For me, it is automatic writing. Words come out of my hands that I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m saying when they’re coming out. Sometimes I have to look up what a word means. It’s like, “these are not my words.”

I have a five-step process where we prepare the body. Because in my belief, there are lots of really powerful truths that got deleted off this earth sometime in generations, maybe ignored or hidden. And there’s this opportunity for us to bring these truths down through writing, and we are the vessel.

I use this image in my talk at Genius Network: you wouldn’t take a coffee mug filled with mud to the sink, then fill it with water, and then drink out of it. You would clean the coffee mug repeatedly until it was clean enough to hold pure water. We are the coffee mug. If we’re going to go and ask that we channel through words, truth, and light, this has to be cleared.

Many powerful truths got deleted off this earth, and there’s this opportunity for us to bring these truths down through writing, and we are the vessel.

I use a five-step process that the Divine taught me that prepares my mind, body, and soul to know when to channel. If you want, we can walk through that. Do you want to walk through that?


Okay. I start with the smell. I have my smell here because I did it before you and I podcasted. I use rosemary, but I always tell people to find a smell that smells good to them. You don’t want to pick a smell you don’t like because you’re going to smell it all the time. We only use this smell when we’re about to channel. The purpose is you’ve connected the sense of smell to this practice.

At some point, you could just smell your essential oil, and your body will automatically move into this state of being because you’ve trained it over and over. I start with the smell. I put a few drops on my hands, rub them together, breathe them in, and then I visualize right at the crown chakra. At the top of my head, I visualize Divine light coming in, and this is the cleaning agent.

Think of a power washer for our energy. I asked the Divine light to come through and clean, cleanse, and clear my entire system down to my toes. Then I imagine this light coming out of my toes, going up and around my body, sealing it like a shield. Because if we’re going to open up a channel, it’s really smart and wise that we also place a shield of light around us so that we are clear. The only light is coming through. So we clean the body, shield it, and call in our angels.

Whatever you need, you just ask of your angels.

We have a spiritual team that supports our work. They work in the law of agency, which means that if we don’t ask, they don’t get to participate. If we ask, they are 100% in the greatest support team we’ll ever have. We call them in. We’re going to call in all of our angels, our guides, our leaders, our teachers, our helpers, our healers, the ascended masters who’ve been assigned to us.

You don’t have to use my words, but this is how I do it. I call them into the divine light, and then I give them an assignment. Right now, I have done this process before. I have seven kids at my house right now.

It’s summer. No one is at school. I asked my angels, “Can you please have the house be quiet for an hour so I can podcast?” So I give them that assignment. It’s been 32 minutes, and it’s been pretty quiet. Once that hour marker hits, though, it will get mayhem out there because they really support in the way we ask.

You can ask for quiet while you’re writing. You can ask for your mind to be clear. You can ask for the next chapter of your book to come through. Whatever you need, you just ask of your angels. So we’ll just put it into a place of asking that our angels will hold this space so that writing can come through with ease, with grace, with power, with potency, with light, and then I do the final step, which to me is the most important step.

I call it the “prayer of light” or the “preparation of the body.” Those are the words that I call it. All you’re doing is you’re prepping your body to receive. I ask the light to touch my ears so I can spiritually hear what needs to be heard. I ask that the light touch my third eye so I can access all my spiritual gifts. Then I ask if the light will cleanse my arms down to my fingertips so that I may only write what needs to be written. In that space, now I move forward, and I start to channel.

Beautiful. How many times a day are you doing this process?

I do this process a lot. I do this process before I podcast or I coach. I do this process every time I do anything that requires my higher self to run the show. So instead of my humaneness, flaws, and weaknesses, I do this to invite my higher self to come forward and really be the car’s main driver.

For somebody unfamiliar with “higher self,” I think that’s just yet another woo-woo expression, “light avatar,” “oversoul,” and all that. So how do you make it accessible to somebody who’s kind of skeptical? How do you convey that concept of the higher self? I’m just trying to imagine what somebody who’s not really into that concept would think.

When our higher version of ourselves shows up, we become a greater service to humanity.

A good way to be is like, “hey, look at your day. When are you functioning at your highest? Do you feel like you’re in flow? When do you feel like you are serving at the highest capacity?” To me, that’s your higher self. My human self shows up around 8 PM.

I am impatient, and I’m tired. I’m grumpy. My higher self, the higher way of Keira, isn’t present. I’m just human. All my flaws are loud.

It doesn’t really mean like this woo-woo thing, even though it could be. When our higher version of ourselves shows up, we become a greater service to humanity. When we are in our more human self, we’re a little bit in the survival mode, a little bit in the impatient, cranky mode. We all have both sides. It is all whole, but doing this process allows me to step into that higher self, that higher way of being easier, with a higher vibrational frequency than my human self.

A way that I’ve learned from Kabbalah is there’s the body consciousness that craves sugar, that wants sex, that wants all the pleasures, all the trappings of physical existence. And then there’s the soul consciousness that has the bigger picture in mind, wants to be benevolent and loving, and understands that there are ripple effects.

That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is just kind of a vertical view. If you’re on the ground in the trenches, you’re potentially in the weeds or getting stuff done on the physical plane. But there’s a higher vantage point above the tree line or above the tree canopy that can see more of the bigger picture, and that’s your higher self.

There's a lot of trauma and pain, but there's so much magic too. When we find the magic, it makes this human experience worth every second. Share on X

I don’t know if you’ve ever read the book, Destiny of Souls or Journey of Souls. Both of those books are about the time between lives. This past life regressionist would delve deep into his patients’ experiences, where he would have them focus on in between. What it’s like to be over there on the other side of the veil, processing their life here on earth. What they did right and wrong, the life review and planning for the next lifetime, the connecting with loved ones who were left behind, letting them know everything’s fine, and all that stuff.

One thing I remember from Destiny of Souls is that it’s only a percentage of your entire soul that goes into a body that connects at the base chakra. It might be 60% or 40%, but some of it’s left behind on the other side of the veil. You’re never completely over here. Part of you is over there. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on that.

I’ve never heard of it, but I love it. I’m excited. I want to read those books. It feels pretty accurate. That feels very true. I think we get to access that piece of us. I liked it. I like being in the higher realms.

When we combine the spiritual and physical realms, wild success is possible.

Working in crown chakra, and the third eye are my favorite places to be. There’s something really delicious about realizing that life here isn’t just about the matter- the things we can touch, the things that we see. There’s so much more. That piece is what my soul delights. I love the spiritual realm.

And yet you have to pay the bills, show up for work or clients, and all that. You can’t neglect your physical existence. You still have to go to the gym. You still have to show up to pick up your kids.

Some people and I can speak from experience, lose that groundedness when they have an awakening. They’re like, wow, I’m so in the clouds and everything, and then everything falls to pieces. And then you learn, like, “oh, okay, I’m not supposed to be up in the clouds. I’m supposed to draw down that energy and bring it here to everyone and everything in this physical realm and not just be floating high.”

My angels are my marketing team. I have much better luck working with my angels versus Facebook ads.

That’s where the fun is for me. I love entrepreneurship, I love creating, I love business, and I love bringing both worlds together. I work with my angels. My angels are my marketing team. I have much better luck working with my angels versus Facebook ads.

My angels go out and find my perfect fit clients versus the Facebook ads that I spend all this money on. When we combine the spiritual and physical realms, wild success is possible, and it’s so much fun to pull them both together. That’s what I have found.

One thing that I’ve been advised on from above is that it’s not about so much getting your hustle on, although that is very helpful and important if you’re too much in the clouds. I had the heat turned on underneath me to get back into hustle mode, but I got a little too much into that. So they’re reminding me that it’s not so much about the hustle. It’s more about creativity. I add value, make breakthroughs, and make leaps in my income through my creativity, not my hustle.

I lost track of that, or I just thought, “wow, I’m hustling, hustling, hustling.” It’s like the Gary Vaynerchuk kind of hustle. It’s been an amazing last three months in terms of revenue, and yet it was not so much about creativity. It was about tuning in, getting my hustle on, and directing it intentionally and strategically.

I remember recently learning that Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, shared the story of how when he was broke, dialing for dollars, he was sort of a sales guy working in a sales role at a law firm software company. They’d have him go through the phone books of his region and, just alphabetical orders, call the law firms. Then he went to the Silva Method workshop and connected to his higher self and the other side of the veil, connected to the heavens.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

He stopped going through the phonebook in that way. He would only call the law firms where he felt this intuitive pull, and then the sales doubled. He did it another week or two, and the sales doubled again, and then sales doubled again. Within a few months, he was the VP of sales or some sort of VP at the company. He was promoted quite significantly.

This is an example of working with the energy in a way that it’s in partnership. It’s like you’re a conductor of an orchestra. You’re not just hustling. You’re not just tuning in and being all woo-woo. Not that woo-woo is bad. I love woo-woo. It’s like you have to be feet on the ground getting stuff done intentionally and strategically.

Yes. Amen to all of that. As I work with a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs and people who have these divinely guided messages that they are here to bring, the hardest part is bringing them over from the spiritual realm into “all this can’t happen if you don’t take action.” But the action can be divinely guided. Your action can intuitively guide you. But without the action, who cares if you received the best vision in the world?

Who cares if you received this message that will change people’s lives? Because if you don’t take action, it will not do anything. It’s just going to stay inside of you, and it’s going to weigh your body down because that’s what happens within inspiration. So when we don’t bring it through, it gets heavy inside of our bodies.

That’s the place I like to play. So with the people I work with in my mastermind, it’s like, “hey, here’s how you channel, and then here’s how we get into action.” Because without the action, nothing else really matters.

We live in a world of action. You can get sick if you hold your gifts in. There’s a lady I know. She’s a powerful energy healer. When she was living in a remote village in South America or Central America, people would come for healing from very faraway tribes. She was well-known as a child for healing people.

When she came to North America, she didn’t tell anybody about it. She didn’t do any healings, and she hasn’t done any since. Now she’s an old woman. That is not good.

My trauma happened for me and it made me who I am. I wouldn't be the resilient seeker if it weren't for all I've been through. Share on X

Living with expressing our gifts, in my belief, is how we live to our fullest potential and purpose. It’s very scary to share your gifts. It took me a long time to tell people that I could channel books. It took me a long time to say I could be a medium for someone’s book. But as soon as I owned my gifts, my heart exploded with joy.

This is what I came to do. There’s always fear in front of owning your gifts. But as soon as you do, the whole world opens up. It’s so much fun.

I don’t know if everyone here listening can relate to this, but I’ve seen it. It’s a super state of consciousness where somebody is unrecognizable in that super state. My spiritual awakening first got me out of agnosticism in 2012. It got me connected to the Creator.

A Oneness monk gave me a Deeksha. He goes into these super states where he doesn’t look anything like when he’s normal. You wouldn’t recognize him. He can barely walk. He needs help to move around when he’s in these super states. He looks like he’s drunk or something.

Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray

Just because somebody is in a super state doesn’t mean that they’re a good person in their normal state too. You can get kind of enamored by somebody being in a super state like, “wow, this person awakened me, or this person is clearly so connected to the divine.” I want that. Then the danger is to put them up on a pedestal as a guru when maybe when they’re in normal mode, they’re kind of a jerk. I’m curious about what your thoughts are on that.

I have some thoughts. I’m just trying to decide if I want to share my thoughts. I would say that, yes, I have experienced this. It’s painful to have a guru or teacher who really shows up powerfully and then in their real life isn’t in the light.

That really taught me that I’m a big believer in support and coaches. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaches, programs, and being taught. I will always be a student. What that experience taught me was that no one gets to be my guru. I am the guru inside of me. I am my wise sage teacher.

I can always be a student, but nobody gets put on that pedestal because nobody should be on a pedestal. We are all broken at some level. I’ve got so many faults I could take up hours talking about all the areas that I fail in a week. Also, I choose to show up even though I’m not perfect. It’s those who say I’m perfect, and those are the ones you got to maybe be a little bit careful of.

Also, it’s so important to transfer the credit. Let’s say that you channel something that is amazing and life-changing. Maybe it’s just not even part of a book, a blog post, or a podcast interview. It’s just a one-on-one conversation with somebody. You’re relaying information that is so important that it changes that person’s life trajectory. It’s so important to transfer the credit.

That wasn’t me. Even the way you say it has to put you in the backseat or not even on the bus. That was all God. Instead of “I’m just the humble messenger,” no, that’s still about you. This was God.

God showed up for you right now, in your time of need. This is our God. It’s very important because you can get quite a spiritual ego, especially when it’s not just delivering good works but actual miracles. These are God’s miracles. You’re just the pizza delivery guy or gal.

Living with expressing our gifts is how we live to our fullest potential and purpose.

Right? I feel that. I’m writing a book right now. I’m so excited and nervous to put this into the world because my other books were top-level. I mean, it’s good. This one is like me showing up and sharing my gifts.

I start the book off like, “I don’t even know what I’m writing about in this book. This is all God. This is not my work.” That’s kind of scary to put out into the world, but I feel like those statements need to be said. I just get to be able to show up so that this message can come here, but this is not me. This is much bigger than me.

By the way, I think it’s important to distinguish for our listeners “channeling versus intuiting.” When you get an intuition for a book that you’re working on, which happened for me with my self-help book I am working on, Living in a Friendly Universe. That is through intuition, and it’s not channeling.

I’m not receiving exact paragraphs of copy from above, but I will, apparently, from what I’m being told, be getting that at some point for future books. I will be channeling future books, but not this one. Could you differentiate those two ways of receiving guidance and information for a book?

I like that distinction. I’m excited about your book, though. That sounds really beautiful. I love that title. I would say, for me, it’s both. It’s not just always pure channeling. It’s not just all pure intuition. They kind of dance together.

Channeling is when you are writing, words are just coming out of your hands, and you don’t even know what you’re writing.

Intuitively, I know where I’m supposed to go next or for my current book, I asked. I need a healing code for this subject, so I pray. I asked, my palms open, “Can I have this healing code, and who can teach it to me?” And then I just channeled it through. But intuitively, I know what healing code I need to ask for. It’s like it’s a dance. I know, okay, well, I have all these clients. They’re struggling with this. I’m going to ask for this healing code. Now, it’s intuitive mixed with channeling.

Channeling is when you are writing, words are just coming out of your hands, and you don’t even know what you’re writing. You go back and read it later, and you’re like, I don’t even remember writing this. That’s channeling, but intuition has such a huge piece. They’re not one without the other to me. You got to use both.

There will be pieces I get, like the title or the book’s subtitle, where that’s channeled. That was just handed to me. And then there is intuition around, like, “I should write about this. This is an important teaching point or concept.”

I’m excited. When does your book come out?

I’m not sure yet. It needs another round. We have a first draft, a manuscript that needs some work. I need to up-level the storytelling, but I’m excited to get it out there.

I’m excited, so let me know. That’ll be fun.

One thing I wanted to share with you and with our listeners that I think is just the most amazing kind of true north way to align oneself, is the Most Benevolent Outcome or MBO. This is a concept from Tom Moore. I learned it from Jan Tober. She’s the partner of Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon.

I did a reading with her. She shared this MBO thing. This gives you a way of asking for things like optimal health, the healing or dissolving of relationship difficulties, and all sorts of different things, world peace, everything. Just ask for the most benevolent outcome for this person and everyone else involved.

I love that.

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

It’s a great catch-all. I always ask for that because I don’t know what I don’t know. I don’t know the interplay or the inner relationships between all these different people.

If I just say, “please heal this rift between these two family members in a prayer,” that doesn’t take into account the highest and best good that’s coming about from that rift in other family members that are watching and saying, “you know what, I’m not going to do that.” I’m going to reach out and heal this rift between my other family members because I see what’s happening and all the pain being caused between these two other family members. I don’t know all the dynamics and everything that’s at play.

If I just asked for the most benevolent outcome, then that catches all of it. Or if I ask, let’s say, “Archangel Gabriel, please convey this message of request for forgiveness to this particular family member or friend,” then I say what I want to say. Then please convey this at the time and in a way that yields the most benevolent outcome for this person and for everyone involved. Then I know it will be so precisely orchestrated, and I don’t have to know all the details.

That’s so beautiful. I’m going to take that. Thank you for sharing that.

Another thing you shared that I want to point out that’s really cool is this idea of having something like an anchor. In your case, you gave the example of an essential oil that helps you anchor in the channeling. You only use it when you’re channeling as a process to open up the connection.

That reminded me of something I learned from Keith Cunningham. It’s very practical and not spiritual in the traditional sense, but I think an analogy here is pertinent. And that is he has this thinking chair that he will only sit in when he’s going to do big-picture thinking. What another amazing anchor to use.

I’m only going to use this essential oil when I’m doing this one type of process or opening a particular type of connection. When I want to do my big-picture thinking, I’m only going to sit in that chair at those times. I’m not going to be surfing my email, social media, or anything like that. It’s only big-picture thinking. I’m curious to hear if you have any other recommendations or examples of that sort of thing.

I do. I believe our environment is the catalyst for whatever we’re doing right. We would never put on our gym clothes and be like, we’re heading to church. We would never put on our dress and be like, I’m heading to the gym. The body responds to what we do in our environment.

My purpose is to help people bring powerful messages of truth and light to the world to transform humanity. Share on X

For me, a big piece of my work is teaching how to create sacred space, which is not hard. It’s just finding a space in your home, on your land, in your life where you dedicate it to communing with the Divine, to communing with your higher power. All that happens in that space is sacred work.

I have people who clear out closets, and they have it in their closets. I have people who have a corner in their bedroom where they have a chair, and they only sit on their chairs to do their sacred work. I have a tent in the back of my house on our land that overlooks the mountains. It’s dedicated to my sacred space, my sacred work.

There’s something really just tribal inside of us that everything in our body lines up when we set apart and dedicate something to our sacred work. It’s like it gets to be at peace. It gets to be at ease. So it’s a big part of the work that I do.

Very important. When you said sacred space, that reminded me of something I learned from interviewing a past guest. He lost his son in an accident. He’s been communicating with his son through what he calls thin spaces. His son’s bedroom is one of those thin spaces.

This is where he could get the messages the most clearly and the loudest. His name is Joe McQuillen. He’s an elderly gentleman, a really sweet guy. He wrote all about this in his books.

“All of your efforts are now paying off. Know that the universe and your angels are supporting you in creating and living an abundant life.” – Kyle Gray

Thin spaces it’s not just a place, three-dimensional places. It’s also in time too. He goes into his son’s room at 3 AM because that’s when he gets the best signal with his son. There are thin spaces all over the place, all over the world. You go to Sedona, and you’re like, “whoa, I feel these vortexes. I am plugged in.” Any examples of thin spaces or thin times that you want to share?

Early morning is definitely my thin space, and maybe it’s because I have five kids, and they’re all asleep. But that early morning spot, I like to wake up at five fifty-five. That’s a real magic time for me. So that’s my thin space.

I just led a Sacred Writing retreat in Zions in Utah. Holy Moly, the vibration in Zions was unreal. The work we did was like lightyears because we were in that. I love how he says that “thin space.” It was definitely that. But I will say, for everyone, it’s different. For me, mornings are when I can connect easier. A lot of people aren’t morning people, so the night is when they connect. There’s no right or wrong way. Everybody just gets to find what lands best for them.

Right. I’m inspired to share with you what 555 means, according to the book Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray. This is in the first section of the book, 555. “All of your efforts are now paying off. Know that the universe and your angels support you in creating and living an abundant life.” There you go, that’s for you.

I am a seeker because I had so much pain. I am so resilient because of my past. I watched my whole life begin to make sense of every decision I made. Share on X

Oh my gosh. I love that. Okay, you’ll have to send me the link to that book. I’m going to want that book.

Awesome. This was so fabulous. I just love connecting, sharing, learning, and all that. You’re a gift, a force for good in the world, and a force for God. If there is any last thought, a pearl of wisdom, or anything that you wanted to share with our listeners, and then, of course, your contact information and all that for folks to work with you and your company if they wanted to get their book out the door, what will be your wisdom nugget, and then your contact info?

First of all, thank you. Thank you for having me on. This has been delightful. Also, a huge thank you to our angels. I kept seven kids quiet for an hour. Huge props on that miracle.

For me, I think the message is it’s really easy to hear this and for people to say, “oh, but I am not gifted, I am not good enough, or how could I channel,” all these things. So my message is that anyone and everyone has this ability because God will speak to anyone and everyone. The Divine will speak to all if you seek and ask.

If you’re willing to participate in that kind of divine collaboration, you don’t have to be anything but willing. This is for everyone. It is a magical experience that will transform you down to your cells. That’s my message.

If you’re willing to participate in divine collaboration, you don’t have to be anything but willing.

Just the corollary on that, it’s not just that this divine collaboration is for anyone and everyone. It is our birthright, but it is also for all circumstances, from the very biggest, most challenging to the smallest, seemingly most trivial. A great example of that is parking angels. Somebody who just seems to get the best parking spots all the time, it’s like, “How does this always happen for you?”

The best parking spot just shows up. “I spend 15 minutes circling around parking lots, and you always get the best parking spots.” “Well, I have parking angels.” “Parking angels, are you serious? Don’t they have more important things to do than find you a parking spot?” It’s like, no, that’s not how it works.

The angels are working in collaboration with you on everything and anything that you want. If you desire it, it’s already there. The fulfillment has already happened. It’s not been revealed yet to you. The more you collaborate on the small things, the more you’re willing to call them in for the big ones.

Oh, that just gave me goosebumps. Yes. I ask my angels for help all day. It’s like, “Hey, I have two minutes to figure out what I’m cooking for dinner. Can I have an idea?” And I am literally shown different things in my pantry. Boom, it’s so fast. We can live such an easier life if we just ask. That’s the biggest piece.

It’s all in the asking.

It is.

Yup, and you mentioned “goosebumps.” Another way of framing it is “angel bumps.” This is a confirmation from above that what you just received is true. If somebody says, “oh, that just gave me goosebumps all over, that feels electric to me, it’s confirmation.” It’s like the Facebook Like that one was just received.

Yes. I love that. Thank you again for having me on the show. This has been delightful.

Yes, likewise. What’s your website and social media, and where do they best go to work with you?

Thank you. If they want to learn how to channel, go to I have two masterminds for men and women. I’m really excited to help men be in this space together, learning how to bring through their messages.

If you just want to publish, you can go over to We’ve got a lot of amazing books coming out right now. We have a book hitting almost every week right now. It’s just such a wild, fun experience to watch these beautiful authors become published and share their messages with the world.

On Instagram, @keirapoulsen or @freedomhousepublishingco. Everybody who’s listening can jump in and practice these tools so that they can start to bring these messages through.

Awesome. That sounds great.

Fabulous. Thank you.

Thank you, Keira. Thank you, listeners. Get out there and reveal some light. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Aside from praying for the things I want, ask for a job or mission from the Divine. Don’t be discouraged by all the situations and circumstances; God and the other High Powers listen and show up when seeked and asked.

?Don’t let past traumas to define who I am. Instead, ask for healing and allow the experience to mold me into a resilience and anti-fragility.

?Open up my heart and mind to spiritual abundance and possibilities. The spirit only waits for it to be accessed before it reveals all that is good in this world.

?Remember that suffering is the biggest distraction in life. Stay out of the trap of suffering and follow the lighted path the Divine has a plan for me.

?Create a sacred place dedicated to communicating with the Divine and Higher Power. Find a place in my home, on my land, and in my life for sacred work.

?Be more calm when writing with the help of essential oils. When the sense of smell is optimized, the crown chakra opens up. Smelling pleasing scents can help cleanse my entire system.

?Don’t hesitate to call upon the angels and guides when in feeling stuck. There’s a team of spirits that 100% supports me; all I need to do is seek and ask for them.

?Clear my mind of clutter. The inner voice is sometimes victim to cyclical negative thoughts and emotions. Clearing the mind allows the angels and guides to communicate freely.

?Prepare the body to receive. Ask the Divine to touch my ears so I can spiritually hear and access all my spiritual gifts..

?Visit Keira Poulsen’s website to learn more about her services and masterminds. Also, sign up for her free masterclass to learn more about how to channel my writing.

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Keira is also a mother to 5 children, lives in a little farm town in Idaho and is deeply passionate about awakening sacred writing in the world.

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