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By: Stephan Spencer


Elaine Glass
“Quiet moments will lead to positive life transformation. It allows you to tune in and connect with your inner truth.”
Elaine Glass

My guest on today’s show has a superpower: she is a deep listener. Listening may not seem like a very exciting quality, but when you’re in tune with the universe and yourself, and you can get quiet, a world of possibilities is there for you.

Elaine Glass is a seeker of deep meaning in life. She intuitively knew that finding quiet places within her own mind and environment would allow her to hear her truth and help others do the same. She has witnessed hundreds of people thrive in personal and professional relationships because of her methods.

In this episode, Elaine talks about her origin story of being a contemplative child and how that informed her life path. As difficulties arose and complicated her life, she sought external solutions, but it wasn’t until she regained that stillness that she began to access guidance from higher realms.

If you’re curious about how to quiet the chatter in your brain and the distractions around you, this is an inspiring discussion about tuning all of that out and getting the clarity to access your broader purpose.

So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:10]Elaine Glass shares her background story of becoming who she is today.
  • [05:19]Elaine reminisces about her experience with the magic behind the labyrinth.
  • [07:21]Stephan asks Elaine about the method of walking to the center of your truth.
  • [13:13]Elaine emphasizes the importance of creating space.
  • [15:59]How to break negative patterns.
  • [20:17]Stephan and Elaine discuss reincarnation.
  • [23:52]Stephan and Elaine discuss how they believe thoughts are not private.
  • [26:54]Elaine explains her take on unhealed trauma.
  • [31:22]The benefits of getting quiet.
  • [38:43]Elaine talks about power and love.

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Elaine, it’s so good to have you on the show.

Thank you. It’s such a warm welcome. Thanks, Stephan.

Let’s start with your origin story. How did this become a focus for you in life that you wanted to make this your purpose or part of your purpose?

The origin story is that I was a quiet and contemplative kid. I love quiet spaces. I grew up in beautiful Northern California. Luckily, my parents supported me. That’s when I got comfortable with my true nature. Something was working.

A labyrinth can spark the magic of immediate peace and clarity. This portal allows you to shift your energies and experience positive growth. Share on X

But then, as we get older and life gets more complex and get into relationships, work, and kids, life gets loud. There’s a lot that comes into our world that we’re trying to process. I just always knew that if I could stay in that quiet space, I knew as a kid, I could stay connected to the messages, the energy or the universe or whatever you want to call it that guided me.

But it got hard because life got very complex and loud, so I had to figure out how to stay in this world that got very loud and complex but still be able to tune in to this guidance that I relied on since I was born.

Power Animals by Steven D. Farmer

The guidance you’re referring to, was it some sort of psychic ability, being able to hear your guides or angels, or was it to see visions of things or receive guidance, information, or prophecy via dreams? How did you receive that information?

All of the above, but I didn’t know what was happening as a kid. I think that’s a common thing that we know. As a kid, we’re not sure what we’re hearing. We just know that we know things. Sometimes, we’re known as know-it-alls. But you just know things. You’re just knowing. As soon as I got older, I finally realized what I was able to do. That was all that you just mentioned.

I had a dream of the house that I bought three years prior. It was exactly the house. Dreams were very vivid and true—guides, angels, just a very high level of intuition that I became very comfortable with. At first, it’s a little weird. You feel a little woo-woo. But you settle into it. You go, this is super cool. I think I’ll take this as a gift and play with it. Just have fun with it, and use it to the highest level possible.

What would be an example of something like our guidance, higher self, angels, or God speaking into our consciousness? Something that goes against the logic or convention you got when you followed it turned out to be an incredible gift. It defies the odds and all that stuff. It was something that came from somewhere else besides just your logical brain.

People are messengers for us, and we are messengers for people.

The answer that most might want to hear is these huge events. The subtleties of these experiences matter most to me and have been the most meaningful. Everyday occurrences make you wonder how that synchronicity could have happened. 

People are messengers for us, and we are messengers for people. Something I didn’t see coming into my life was someone guiding me to a church. In the back of the church, there was a labyrinth. I didn’t know anything about labyrinths, but I trusted this person and went because I was desperate to find answers.

When I got to the labyrinth, it was quiet, and I loved that so much. That’s what I need. That’s the reminder. I got to the center of the labyrinth, and I heard this Michael Jackson song, You Are Not Alone. I returned to my car, turned the car on, and that song was playing. These are things in my life that are happening and in other people’s lives that happen all the time. In my students’ lives, it happens all the time that we don’t pay attention to.

We can make any meaning we want with that. To me, that was my first experience with this labyrinth. Something’s magical here. 

What else did it tell you?

It told me absolutely everything. I went from being a single mom to struggling in a very difficult marriage to being in a job that was not satisfying to just sitting here with you right now, coaching, having amazing students, and having amazing partnerships with my fiancé. My whole life turned around because I was willing to stay open to this connection. When I got to the labyrinth, it was nature. It was a beauty. It was home to me. But to me, the real nature is this connection to the universal messages and these examples I’m speaking of.

That’s beautiful. I’ve heard walking meditation can be quite powerful, but I haven’t experienced it. What’s the method or the magic behind a labyrinth that you wouldn’t just have by going on a nature walk?

My whole life turned around because I was willing to stay open to this connection.

Wonderful question. It is a magic portal that is often overlooked because they’re worldwide. They usually are in churches, hospitals, or schools. I’ve never been formally trained to walk a labyrinth because I’ve never wanted to know that. I wanted to make it my own. I experienced just walking these paths, the way they’re situated. It’s not a maze. It doesn’t confuse the person walking it. It’s one way in and one way out. You can’t get lost.

It is a metaphor for walking to the center of you and your truth. What is true for you, and what your purpose is? It was an energetic shift because of the way the paths traversed. I felt immediate peace, calm, and clarity. That was fifteen years ago. Now I have a whole method, and I’m authoring a book around that. It was based upon walking to the center of that labyrinth, and back out taught me everything.

Some people climb mountains and learn lessons. Some people swim in the ocean. I walked a labyrinth and found everything that has brought me bliss and joy. I want this for everybody.

That’s awesome. Could you elaborate a bit on the method?

Sure. There are seven circuits or seven paths. The eighth I refer to is when you finally get to the center. The method is something I came upon that was helpful in my journey. What prevents us from getting to the center or the truth of ourselves? There are a lot of obstacles that we put in the way. They can be anything from physical, health, or body. It could be environmental. Maybe it’s the person we’re living with or the junk in our pantry. It could be mental or emotional. What is one’s mindset?

Get Quiet by Elaine Glass
Some things get in our way. Lies that we tell ourselves, self-sabotaging, unhealed trauma, poor health, etc. I went on this journey of cleaning and clearing because I knew I had to be like the lightness of being to get to the center. I had to discard everything that felt heavy and hard and not only heal myself but just let go of the things that felt so heavy.

This is my method of cleaning and clearing and getting to that center, so you’re just this oneness. You’re just one with everything. There’s more to it, but that’s the beginning of how to get to that center. This created a remedy, and lightness was surrendered.

I heard that, probably the second time I ever walked the labyrinth, “Surrender.” I reached the center and heard, “Surrender like a duck.” I was like, “What is that?” A duck has feathers, just like an image that came to me. I just kept getting messages over and over again. They all guided me to the truth, and it’s just a magical portal.

I like that. You’re talking about how you have this method of cleaning and clearing. It reminded me of Marie Kondo and her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s such a simple premise that she puts out, but it’s so profound. It just sparks joy. If it doesn’t spark joy, why is it in your home? Give it up. Send it on its way. That’s something that stuck with me. What would it be if you had to encapsulate in a phrase or a short sentence what your method approach is about?

It’s about deep listening for the inner truth.

How does someone with that monkey mind chatter all day long have their mind so busy that they can’t even fall asleep to get to that place of listening? I used to be there. That still small voice is your higher self and God commingling, answering, and guiding you in your everyday life and decisions—big and small.

I went on this journey of cleaning and clearing because I knew I had to be like the lightness of being to get to the center.

We think we might be talking to ourselves, we’re going crazy, but it’s not. It’s how we’re designed to connect to God by going within. How do they get to that place? I can’t even imagine this concept of hearing God or my guidance from above just by getting quiet.

From the students that have gone through my program that I take to the labyrinth, they can have the craziest monkey mind ever, but it’s sort of shocking how we can so instantaneously go from monkey mind to getting them in this portal of a labyrinth. That’s how magical it is. Everything falls away in terms of the beliefs and worries you have. Things gradually fall away.

There are these aha moments that happen almost instantaneously. I’ve seen people walk the first path and have aha moments. Certainly, by the last path, most of the time, they’re in tears because they finally have been able to feel themselves for the first time because it’s so quiet and powerful, and they’ve just created that space. We complain we have this monkey mind. It takes conscious effort to create that space and facilitate that experience.

But we still want to go on social, watch the news, and get into that gossipy conversation. Those choices are fine but don’t complain about your monkey mind then. That’s what happens. A lot of people say they’re missing something in life. We’re missing ourselves. When we enter that labyrinth, we go, “There I am. I can feel myself. I can hear myself. I can hear the birds chirping for the first time. I can hear the crunch of my feet on the ground. It’s that noticeable.”

If our listener is thinking, running around, just barely keeping up, and they get home from work or their business, they’re exhausted and want to just edge out in front of the TV. They consume social media, watch YouTube videos, and then fall asleep. The last thing they watched was not very high vibration. It’s probably something on YouTube or Netflix—some great shows on Netflix are high-vibration and feed the soul, but a lot of it is pretty darn dark.

Healing comes from sitting with and feeling the pain.

That’s kind of a hamster wheel that’s very addictive. Do addiction recovery modalities come into play here? Is it as simple as walking the labyrinth using your eight-step process, and everything else falls in place?

I was in the dental hygiene profession and sat with about 50,000 patients over twenty years. I understand the human condition. I understand patterning and identifying patterns. I understand addiction and fear. All those things and the answer is that we are addicted to looking away at our lives. 

Let me tell you, that’s all of us. I’m not going to say that’s not me. I love Netflix, and I like my snowball cookies. But there has to be a pattern interrupt, where you say, “Life has got so bad,” or “My health has got so bad,” or “My relationships with my kids have got so bad, there’s got to be a pattern interrupt. I can no longer put this stuff under the carpet and look away.” The pattern interrupt can be many things, but you must want it.

Sometimes, we are addicted to looking away at our lives.

My life got so difficult during a divorce that I was desperate for anyone to come and rescue me, but nobody did. I had to rescue myself. This work is about self-leadership and being able to lead yourself and not rely on the meme that will inspire you, giving you the dopamine hit for three seconds. This work is infused within every cell of your body so you can lead yourself without relying on anybody else. A pattern interrupt for that person that day would be, “Let’s turn this off. Let me just say in my brain five things I’m grateful for.”

We hear these things all the time, and they sound super cheesy, but these are the pattern interrupts that get us back into facing the life that we live that day and not looking away.

You mentioned memes. It’s one of those things that gets a bad rap. You see some cat photo or something with a silly caption, and you’re on to the next silly thing. But memes can be used for good. They can be quite transformative. There’s a professor of memetics, an expert on memes, who defines a meme as a copy-me instruction backed up by threats and promises.

The pattern interrupt can be many things, but you must want it.

On a superficial level, some silly chain letter email made the rounds years ago. This doesn’t happen these days. “If you don’t forward this to fifteen friends today, you’ll get seven years of bad luck.” That’s an example backed up by threats. Promises would be, “You’re going to have good luck” or “You’re going to meet a soulmate in the next few months.” Do you see a role here for memes as a force for good and not just a distraction?

If a meme catches you, that’s your soul resonating. Any type of attraction and pull to any concept, it’s worth stopping and saying, “Something is here for me.” I think it’s just the constant scrolling of needing these various hits throughout the day and not going deep with one thought. If I read a book, I read it and go deep with it.

That would be the same with the meme. If something hits you, go deep with it, sit with it, and see how it feels. Why is it something that’s hitting you like that? Find the solution or the meaning behind it and have that become part of something you believe in for yourself or something that allows you to create that change or transformation.

I’ll just give a quick example of a meme I found doing a quick search. The caption is, “What do you mean you only live once,” and it’s a cat. It’s funny because cats are supposed to get nine lives, that’s cute, but on a deeper level, below the superficial, you think, “Do we only live once?” No, there’s reincarnation. These lessons and unresolved issues are what we get to carry on into our next life, so we get to carry our spiritual lessons so we don’t have to retake the class.

We’ve already learned it. We also get to carry over the painful karmic death that we’ve incurred by being a miserable louse in a past life, and we don’t get away with that scot-free. We must be on the receiving end to feel what that’s like. I’m curious to hear your take on the whole reincarnation thing.

I love this topic so much. It grounds my compassion for myself and others, humanitarianism, and kindness because I don’t want to return and go through the same stuff. I want to take care of as much as I can right now in this life. Not only for my legacy here and now in this lifetime, but I believe we have a soul’s legacy. That’s going to be floating around for an infinite amount of time. We’ve got to mind that as well.

Getting quiet and this gets quiet method returns us to kindness. It returns us to this humanitarianism that sometimes we forget. With my life and the things I work on now, it will make my next reincarnation even more magical.

With my life and the things I work on now, it will make my next reincarnation even more magical.

Would you say this is the most important life you’ve ever lived?

100%. It’s the most awake I’ve ever been in terms of consciousness. I’ve done probably the most difficult things in this life so far. I’m not afraid of difficult things as much as I think I have in past lives. The lessons are clearer, and I’m so grateful for this experience.

Beautiful. If you could share an example of something that may be spilled over from a past life that needed resolution that you were able to resolve or get closure or you get the lesson from finally, what would be an example?

I have a lot of energy around this concept of being alone, and I was left alone. I felt alone, that people left me alone. Just this whole notion of this and what I’ve learned now is I am never alone. That doesn’t have to be with human beings. I’m not even referring to being with human beings. I am never alone because I know God is always with me. I know that I am so connected and attuned to the frequency of the universe that alone is so magnificent, supportive, beautiful, and powerful.

There’s so much love that I know in this lifetime, I’ve proven that I am not alone.

There’s so much love there that I know in this lifetime, I’ve proven that I am not alone. I am so connected to this beauty itself. I’m just so grateful that I’ve learned this lesson.

Amazing. In METal, I know a guy who gave me a hard time about something I said. I said that there are no private thoughts. He said, “Well, that’s a terrifying thought.” I’m curious to hear your take on that. If you believe that to be true that there are no private thoughts, what are the implications?

Does “There are no private thoughts” mean God is always listening?

Not just God, but we have a whole audience on the other side, in the upper worlds.

Sure. That’s such a great question. There are no private thoughts.

If somebody comes to that realization, they’ll stop watching porn. They’ll clean up their thinking. If they’re lusting after their neighbor’s wife, all that will come to a screeching halt if they realize they’re on display. Maybe billions of souls are watching them like they’re watching The Truman Show, and you’re Truman.

This is great. I would say an infinite amount of souls are watching, listening, and guiding us along with God, primarily our spirit team. First of all, there’s only love there. There’s no judgment. There’s nothing to be scared of. If you do something wrong, you go, “I’m in this human body, but I know that there’s also love watching over me and guiding me.” I think that’s the comfort there. Even if all those entities hear you in that private conversation or thought, you will only be supported with love and guidance.

That’s beautiful, and I believe that with every fiber of my being. We’re loved unconditionally. If we’re feeling ashamed or guilty about what we’re thinking about or what we’re watching, consuming, and doing, then that’s us being our own worst critics as we’re just living our life on this earth’s school, trying to figure things out as we hopefully get closer and closer to go through the process. Some people get wigged out by the concept of “I’m being watched.”

You can heal when you acknowledge what it is that was traumatic.

That’s very interesting. That’s a great concept for me. I love that.

What’s your take on unhealed trauma as a teacher? What’s the gift in that trauma? What’s the gift in the fact that it hasn’t healed yet, maybe even across lifetimes it hasn’t healed?

We get the opportunity as humans to feel deeply because healing comes from sitting with it and feeling it. This is how I’ve done much of my healing, sitting with it for a long time. Sometimes your whole life but at least looking at, not looking away from it and feeling it. You can heal when you acknowledge what it is that was traumatic. The lesson is always self-love, compassion and getting closer to God.

I don’t want to cut to the chase here, but that’s where we’ll end up. How fast can you get there? Those lessons and all those hurts remind me, “Okay, I know where this will lead, and I’m not going to resist that.” Because staying in the hurt and trauma is that resistance to getting into that space of God’s love.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō

What you resist persists. What we resist by feeding it attention persists, and this reminds me of a wonderful quote from Neville Goddard about resisting evil versus renouncing evil. We all still exist after we pass, just on the other side of the veil. 

Let me read this to you. I love this quote. “There is a great difference between resisting evil and renouncing it. When you resist evil, you give it your attention. You continue to make it real. When you renounce evil, you take your attention from it and give your attention to what you want. Now is the time to control your imagination and give beauty for ashes, joy, mourning, praise for the spirit’s heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He might be glorified.” That is approximating Isaiah chapter 61, verse 3. I love that.

Now, if you take that same concept of resisting evil, renouncing it, and applying it to everything else, that is what you don’t want. I think that’s one of the core teachings of Abraham if you’re familiar with Esther Hicks channeling these beings that go by the name of Abraham.

I am familiar. I have never heard them, but I am familiar with Abraham.

Yeah. This idea of kicking resistance in your path and the law of attraction and what you focus your attention on is what you get more. It’s kind of how the universe works.

Staying in the hurt and the trauma is the resistance to getting into the space of God’s love.

That’s right. That’s exactly what I connected the dots with probably twenty-five years ago when I opened Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. I had it in my dental hygiene room for twenty years because I needed to understand why people were getting sick. Why were people in a state of fear? Why were people resisting things to your point?

That was my first introduction to the mind and body connection. It was true every single time that I would sit with somebody. Even today, my students, if they have an ailment anywhere, I go straight to the mental-emotional. You have to combine those two things, and thoughts create things, whether good or not. We can call it manifesting, but it’s a mindful thing to keep present daily in your thoughts.

Everything that has come to me has come because I have focused the positive thought around it. Everything I have healed within my body has come because I have focused on healing it. That’s true 100% of the time. I’ve seen it thousands of times with my patients and students. It’s uncanny.

Yeah, and it’s never too late. Louise Hay didn’t start writing these best-selling books and creating her publishing empire until she was in her fifties.

When we are connected to the universe’s frequency, we can become supportive of others and powerful in our own magnificent beauty. Share on X

I have heard that, and I don’t know if you know this, but my book is being published by Hay House, which is such a full circle incredible moment for me because she was such a huge inspiration to me in my life. This is just really exciting. The thing that I didn’t see coming with the Get Quiet that I want to mention is there’s this cleaning and clearing and this brevity that happens, and you get to the center, and you’re able to connect to a new field of growth.

I heard I was connecting to this new field of growth. When I connected to this new growth field, I channeled genomic sequencing. I’m only bringing this up because people say, “I’ll quiet. I’ll hear the voice. I’ll hear God.” So much will happen in your life when you get quiet. I’ve never thought in a million years I would be so tuned in that now I can connect to this field. There’s a lot of talk about the quantum field. I don’t know a lot about it. Many people will discuss it in depth, length, and science base.

Every time I sit with somebody with an ailment anywhere, I go straight to the mental-emotional.

I started channeling genomic sequencing, and the next thing I had were eight energy points, which will all be in the book that laid perfectly on the paths on this labyrinth. In this method, you’re looking at your life but healing on a cellular level. This magic happens when you erase all the noise in your life and tune in. That’s what’s so exciting, too, this connection. It’s scary and weird. But it’s true and real because I feel so much love there.

We’re so loved. We’re so guided. Everything is so precisely, divinely orchestrated for our highest and best good. But we don’t see it in the movie because we’re in the game. We can’t see outside of the game that we’re so embedded in. I forgot who said it, but Joe Polish always says it: “You can’t read the label from inside the jar.”

I will share a little excerpt from the book Power Animals with you because I got a squirrel twice while we were on this interview, and I’m supposed to share some of this. This is just an excerpt from the book Power Animals by Steven Farmer

“You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish when your movements are motivated by clear intention. Yes, action is the key, but action that has a clear and conscious purpose rather than random and chaotic hustle and bustle. Take the path through the forest, allowing your direction to be determined by your inner knowingness and keep tracking your instincts, so you can determine what course of action or inaction to take. The shifting sensations in your gut tell you when, what to gather, and when and what to release. Not just material possessions but also judgments, fears, doubts and anxieties. As long as you stay tuned in to your body and trust your physical sensations more than your egoistic mind, no harm will come to you. So take what you need, no more, no less and give back what you will with gratitude. Trust that life is abundant, but don’t just repeat mantras and affirmations. Be willing to take the action that’s required.” Does that resonate?

Our thoughts, both good and bad, come to fruition in our lives.

Yes. It’s all about trust.

There’s another thing I want to share. It’s a little quote that came to me. I first learned about it from by Jonathan Fields. He spoke about how he ended up going from wanting to kill himself because of the tinnitus in his ear. It was incessant. It was dreading him nuts to use that as the impetus to get so deep into mindfulness meditation that it completely transformed his life.

The quote he cites that made all the difference for him in seeing the bigger picture was this one by Joseph Campbell. “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for. The damn thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center. You find the jewel and it draws you off. In loving the spiritual, you cannot despise the earthly.”

The path to true self-discovery can become blocked by emotional, mental, and physical barriers. Quieting ourselves can allow us to overcome these obstacles. Share on X

“In loving the spiritual, you cannot despise the earthly.”

What comes to you when you hear that? By the way, that came to me when you’re talking about getting to the center of the labyrinth, and it just came in the center; it’s like the center of the cave, the damn thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center, and that’s where the jewel is.

Who wants to go into a dark cave? There is so much uncertainty. That’s what that line of—a measure of a man is a man who can sit in a room alone. That’s the cave. To face his life, ask questions, feel the feelings, and finally do the hard work it will take to find that jewel. What I realized, though, was that we’re already the jewel. We already are the jewel. We already are the power. We are already loved. It’s already all there, but so much has gotten in the way of us feeling, seeing, and knowing it.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

When I got to the center this time in my life at the center of the labyrinth, I was like, “Oh my gosh, I am the love. I am the power. I am all of this already. Why did I think I wasn’t? Why did I think I was less then?” We’re born with such divineness. But then we just take the rest of our lives not to know that. It takes something in our lives to be challenging, like Jonathan’s ear issues, to remind us.

We’re just constantly reminded. That’s what I love so much about this labyrinth. You get to the center and go, “Oh my gosh, I already am all of this. Why did I beat myself up for so many years? I should be honoring myself at the highest level.”

Yet, forgetting has served us well. It’s there for a reason, just like our ego. Our job isn’t to crush the ego or kill the ego. Our job isn’t to remember all our past lives in every moment. It’s there for a reason. It’s part of the gift. It’s part of God’s creation. It’s not something to be tossed out, disregarded, disrespected, or unwanted.

That’s right. What I also found in the center of all this love, power, and divineness is that we don’t choose our purpose in life. I think it’s chosen for us. To be open to that, surrender to that, and be curious about that, I think we try to control and say, “What’s our purpose? Why am I here? What am I here to do?” We all feel lost and stuck. I’ve felt all of that. When I got light and clear and this lightness of being, my purpose came to me.

It was given to me. It’s like, you think it’s been all this? No, it’s this. It’s for you to help the planet. You thought it was this small? It’s not. It’s this big. You just play with this kind of stuff. You’re not scared of it. You just play with it, have fun, and take it very seriously at the same time. Being with you here today, allowing me to have this message on a platform like yours, is a thrill. My purpose, thank you.

Our ability to connect to universal messages reveals our true nature.

My purpose, thank you too. One last quote I’ll leave us with. Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” If we were to send our listeners to a particular resource or to learn more about your method, to work with you, maybe to do a workshop, retreat, or coursework you might have, where should they go? What do you recommend they do next?

They can visit me at There’s a free download that they’ll get right away for sharing their email with me. We keep in close contact. I’ve got a quiet community. We do a lot of fun things. We will meet in person. We also meet online. It’s very vibrant, and I would love people to share in that community.

Countless souls watch, listen, and help to guide us. God and our spirit guides lead the way. Share on X

Awesome. Thank you so much, Elaine, and thank you, listener. Go out there and make it a fantastic week. Reveal lots of lights. Make a difference in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Create moments of stillness and solitude. Connect with my true nature and find comfort in the quiet to support my inner peace.

?Deeply connect with my intuition. Understand my intuitive feelings, dreams, and inner voice. Trust my instincts and embrace my intuitive abilities.

?Pay attention to the meaningful coincidences and synchronicities in my life. These subtle experiences can hold profound messages.

?Consider exploring labyrinth walking and other methods to connect with my inner self and find my inner truth.

?Surrender to the natural flow of life. Let go of my desire for control. Connect deeply with both myself and with the universal energy that guides me.

?Identify and clear my obstacles to reach my inner truth. These obstacles can be physical, environmental, mental, emotional, or related to unhealed trauma.

?Practice clearing and cleansing my mind, body, and spirit. Cultivate the ability to listen deeply to my inner voice, higher self, and my divine guidance to reveal inner truth.

?Embrace the fact that I’m never alone. Trust in the unconditional love and guidance of the universe and my spirit guides. Release my fear or judgment of my thoughts.

?Break the addictive patterns that distract me from self-discovery and growth. I need to interrupt negative life patterns and allow myself to be led to positivity and freedom.

?Connect with Elaine Glass at and explore her free resources. Sign up on the Get Quiet waiting list at

About Elaine Glass

Elaine Glass is a seeker for deep meaning in life and inner peace; she intuitively knew that finding quiet places within her own mind and environment would allow her to hear her truth and help others do the same. She was on a search for the answers outside herself and expected to find them there. But where she found true peace, solitude, calm, good health and, ultimately, her purpose was when she chose to listen to and trust her own voice. Elaine has dedicated her life to showing people how to get quiet and listen to identify their truth and is passionate about helping people know themselves more fully. She has witnessed hundreds of people within professional and personal relationships thrive because of her methods.

You can email Elaine with questions at

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