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By: Stephan Spencer


Andrew Windham, Dr. Angelo Brown, and Spencer Shaw
“We are built and intended to be in community with one another so that we can love, support, encourage, and grow together.”
Andrew Windham, Dr. Angelo Brown, and Spencer Shaw

A little-known secret about me is that, for the past three years, I’ve been part of a men’s faith-based mastermind for entrepreneurs. We’ve been meeting every two weeks on Zoom. The premise is to read a particular book and come together to discuss it, a chapter each meeting. The books have included You Were Born for This and The Alchemist. There’s no charge for this mastermind, but it is invite-only. For me, it’s been nothing short of life-changing.

The mastermind was put together by one of our three guests today, Andrew Windham, founder of College Planning Institute. How I got invited was truly miraculous – divinely orchestrated, without a doubt, as you will soon hear. Other founding members included Dr. Angelo Brown, university professor and President of Shepherding Leaders, and Spencer Shaw, founder of the podcast production company, Podkick.

This is quite unusual for me to interview three guests simultaneously. I don’t think I’ve actually done this before. But these three guys have such different perspectives and personalities and each have contributed so much to me in terms of my transformation that I had to have all three of them on, together. And I think you’ll find the dynamic between all of us to be refreshing.

In this episode, we explore the intersections of faith, leadership, and the miraculous in everyday life. We each share examples of miracles and divine guidance in our respective lives, as well as our own unique perspectives on building a faith-driven business and community.

We discuss some of the myriad ways our connection to God has helped us navigate challenges and make sense of them. We share how to deliver God’s miracles to both strangers and loved ones alike. And when I say miracles, I’m talking about legit miracles that defy the odds. I have a feeling; during the course of this episode, you’re going to grow to love Andrew, Angelo and Spencer. And, of course, you’ll get plenty of wisdom nuggets along the way! So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [03:19]Stephan introduces his esteemed guests Andrew Windham, Dr. Angelo Brown, and Spencer D. Shaw, each with their unique journey in spirituality and personal growth. Andrew shares the genesis of their mastermind group.
  • [10:45]Dr. Angelo recalls how God used him to help a person in need and emphasizes the importance of recognizing God’s presence and action in our lives.
  • [16:26]Spencer discusses the “God Pocket,” with Stephan elaborating on the value of being a steward for God’s resources, including time, money, attention, and staff.
  • [19:28]Andrew and Stephan reflect on the significance of journaling and recognizing miracles in daily life.
  • [26:12]Spencer and Stephan elaborate on transferring credit to God, leading Spencer to share a miraculous story.
  • [30:20]Stephan expounds his insights from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, focusing on the concept that everything is already written
  • [40:04]Andrew, Dr. Angelo, and Spencer offer nuggets of wisdom about faith, leadership, and personal growth.

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Hey guys. It’s so great to have you all on the show.

SS: It’s amazing.

AW: Great to be here.

AB: It’s great to be here.

This is going to be unusual because I normally have one guest, and now I have three, so we’ll see how this goes. But I’m thrilled to have all three of you on because I’ve gotten to know all three of you so well from these calls that we would do every two weeks. It’s been life-changing. Andrew, maybe you could start by sharing how you brought me into the fold of these mastermind calls that you had set up or were in the process of setting up when we met. It was a pretty magical occurrence that I became part of. It seemed like it was just fate or something.

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

AW: I don’t know how I would describe it any differently than that, Stephan. We went into COVID, and I think everybody was in a state of disarray and trying to get their bearings. I’m in an executive Bible study, and a gentleman named Jim Croft has poured a bunch into my life. A couple of years previous, we’d had breakfast, and he’d given me the recommendation to read the Bible every day. I was looking for a silver bullet, and he just kept coming back to, “Read your Bible every day and apply what you learned.” That began a process that ultimately made me feel like I wanted to lead a group with a book, You Were Born for This, which we started with. Through quiet time and journaling, I basically came to the spot.

I just said, “Okay, Lord, I will invite people.” I clearly wanted to do it for entrepreneurial and business owners and entrepreneurial-minded individuals. We just wanted to have three really simple criteria: (1) We wanted them to be a guy because I wanted to build a community of men. (2) They had to be faith-driven and own a business. (3) And then, of those folks, I just want them to be committed to reading at the time, the chapter of the book, and to show up and do life 100% full out. 

I guess to put a bow on that piece quickly, I started inviting about 11. I basically just said, “Lord, I’m going to invite these people, and whoever you want to show up, that’s who’s going to show up.” And so we had a conversation with Spencer. I think we met through the Genius Network or a call that Joe Polish had made, and we set up a call. I think you were in Israel at the time, and we had a great call. Then, I guess about maybe five minutes into the call, I felt a nudge, as we would call it, to bring up the idea and invite you. I’m like, “Okay, so I really enjoyed our time. I feel a nudge to ask you a question. You may think I’m crazy. I’m perfectly okay with it either way. I’m starting a men’s group. We’ll meet every other Friday from 7 to 8 for a firm hour. These are the three things that I want you to be able to commit to. If you say yes, I’ll shoot you a book.” I did know you were in Israel, obviously, at the time. 

I said yes. But you know what happened before that when you and I hadn’t even chatted yet? I remember it was an I Love Marketing meetup on Zoom. Joe was one of the speakers and, of course, co-host of that show. I forgot who the speaker or guest was. I think it might have been Cameron Herold, but I saw you in the chat, and I think something happened where Cameron was talking about ADD and being a superpower. 

Believe that when you open yourself to the world, divine guidance will lead you to the right path. It's a comforting thought, knowing that you are not alone in this journey. - Dr. Angelo Brown Share on X

I shared something about how hunters and gatherers existed in the olden days, but so did the spotters. Nobody talks about the spotters, but those are the folks who are now labeled with ADD or ADHD. They kept the tribe alive because they were the first to notice that the herd was on the move. “There goes our food supply,” or “Hey, somebody’s sneaking up from us,” or “A whole group of people are sneaking up on us from a neighboring tribe, and they’re about to murder us. Quick, run for cover.” The spotters, evolutionarily, that kept our gene pool going, and it’s a superpower. So, I shared something about that on the chat.

I wasn’t even a speaker. My role was just participant attendee. You saw that and wanted to have a call with me to discuss it more. In the first few minutes of talking, I got a nudge. Well, first of all, I don’t say yes to everybody who says, “Hey, I’d love to talk more about that. Can we get on a call?” But I felt like I needed to have that call with you, so I got that nudge. But I also got a nudge when we were on the call to share a book that I had never read but had just learned about, and I felt like I needed to share that with you and tell you about it. It was My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.

I had only just recently heard of it. It’s from maybe 100 years ago; it’s a very old book. You’re like, “Dude, it’s on my bookshelf. I just read it for the third time.” It was profound for you. I was like, “This is a confirmation.” Maybe for you, it’s some sort of sign that, “Hey, this guy is somebody I’m supposed to invite into this men’s group.” It was just clearly, I think, for both of us that it was meant to be. We’re a soul family—all four of us. We’ve gone through such incredible transformations, epiphanies, insights, dark nights of the soul, and all that together as a group. It’s been magical. I’m grateful for every one of you.

Perspective is key.

AW: Well, I think we also have, over time, coined or co-created the term synchronicity, which means that nothing happens by coincidence. I also remember that, at the time, Stephan, you shared that you had had a long-term client for close to two years that had been canceled. That freed that time up that you wanted to confirm before you made an absolute commitment to join that that time was open, and you went and did that. I think our meeting, all of the things that unfold in our life, collectively, and our time together, for me personally, has at least made me significantly more in tune, aware and actively seeking what the Lord’s doing and what our role is within his plan.

Speaking of our role, we can really go up level and volunteer to deliver God’s miracles. That’s the premise of the first book we read together and discussed by Bruce Wilkinson. I just want to acknowledge all three of you guys for really stepping up and being great volunteers to God for your incredible, miraculous events. It’s just been amazing. One of my favorite examples is from you, Angelo, when you were at that dinner. Could you share your story about the $109?

AB: I want to share another thing really quickly. I didn’t know about Toledo, but my mom was born in Toledo. University of Michigan, absolutely, my heart certificate from there. I love that team. 

Nothing just happens. This was all aligned by God, and it was the perfect moment.

Andrew is a brother from another mother. We had created a relationship that when this came about, boom, it just made sense. And Spencer, he’s a better version of me. He’s me that’s doing what I wish I was doing what he was doing. That’s why I just love you guys. I want to make sure that I say that in the beginning—give you your roses now because you changed my life in many different ways. I’m certain we’ll talk about it as a smidge here, but we can also talk about it off-camera. 

So, at the dinner, I remember that we were reading this book, and I wanted to be a part of a miracle. My life was kind of in disarray a little bit because I was going through some struggles with my wife, and I just couldn’t get it together. We weren’t jiving as a married couple, but I had a chance to be with her and get something to eat. I remember sitting there and seeing three different things happen. God’s always working and telling us that there’s an opportunity. We have the Holy Spirit, and then he will use someone to help someone. I was that person.

In this particular instance, I knew that for every dollar I had in my wallet, I had to give to this waitress. I didn’t want to because that was all I had. I’m a pretty tight dude when it comes to money, but I just felt in my heart I knew the Holy Spirit was saying, “You’re here. This is what you’re supposed to do.” I remember when I handed the money to her and said, “Hey, this is yours.” She just looked at me, and tears started to fall down her cheeks. She was like, “I can’t believe this.” For her and me, we knew that God existed. Going back to what Andrew said, nothing just happens. This was all aligned by God, and it was the perfect moment. I’ll never forget that moment. I talk about that moment in some leadership conferences I’ve attended.

When I get a chance to speak, I talk about that moment and how God can use a woefully inadequate vessel like me to make a miracle. I know that waitress, and I’ve seen her since because she works at the local diner I go to, where they have huge cakes—and don’t judge me about me eating my cake. I go there often and see her; you can just know she’s lighter. She’s walking around with a different glow, and it’s all because God used me to help him do a miracle. And that, to me, is just crazy that God can use someone like us, like me, to do that.

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Something you left out makes this mind-blowingly non-coincidental, and that’s the significance of $109. You shared with us when it happened that one of the things you said to her while you were handing it over was, “How does a $109 tip sound to you?” She started sobbing and showed a text message exchange between her and her mom from that same day. Her mom was asking for a certain amount of money for some medicines. And how much was that? 

AB: $109, Yeah. 

That’s important

AB: Thank you for that.

I forgot that detail that makes this so much more magical and miraculous. It wasn’t just that you changed the course of her life and reawakened her faith, the waitress’ and probably her mom’s, too, but also that this was a non-coincidence coincidence.

AB: Honestly, what it did was it reawakened my faith because going through the struggles with my wife, I remember just talking to God and saying, “Man, are you real? Do you exist?” And I think that’s real. We oftentimes have that conversation, and then we see all these pieces fall into play. That was obvious.

Amazing. Thank you for sharing that with our group and now with the world through this podcast because we don’t know who will listen to this or watch the video, but somebody who’s meant to will receive this in a way that is perfect timing so that this miracle can continue. 

I wanted to loop in Spencer here. You have had some miraculous occurrences and delivered some miraculous things into other people’s lives. What’s been the most impactful thing that’s come, or maybe just one example? It doesn’t have to be the most, but something that really sticks out for you happened because of the book, our meeting every two weeks, and the kind of conversations and accountability that we’ve provided each other.

Nothing happens by coincidence.

Spencer Shaw: I’m going to use a phrase that I picked up from you, which is, why is this playing in your movie that rattles around in conversations weekly with my wife and I, and I’ll take that phrase and stage it with what happened from us first getting together and having what they call a ‘God pocket.’ The God pocket is having money that’s set aside for others. It’s not my money; it’s God’s money. This is to go and do some good. What happens is it shifts the responsibility. When we’re humanitarian-minded, we have our money with us, and we’ll go and look for opportunities. And then, depending on our mood, our generosity can swing and filter. When you have a God pocket, it’s not your money but God’s money. You’re tasked with the challenge of being receptive to the promptings and being the facilitator. That’s a big difference. 

Those two pieces of me being forced to be receptive and say, “Why is this playing in my movie?” It is absolutely pivotal, and a change has happened in my life. I’ve got so many stories where the God pocket has been used. I look at it, and I think this would never have happened had I not been aware they needed it. I just happened to be the person that helped facilitate it. It wasn’t me, wasn’t anything else other than I’m the other end that got to be a part of that experience.

Yeah, we’re all stewards for God, for the money, resources, time, attention, business, staffing, and everything that we can deploy to assist and shine our light and spread the light to others. One thing that’s really made a big impact on my life is the epiphany that it’s his business. It’s not my business; it’s his. I remember learning about making God your business partner from a previous guest, Kurtis Lee Thomas. He had just really impacted me with that story. I’m like, “I want God to be my business partner, too.” And sure enough, when I asked, God said yes, and everything shifted. It’s his business; it’s his money. It’s not just 10% tithing. The other 90% is his, too. I’m just a steward for it. That’s been a real game changer, a huge perspective shift for me, and I’m sure for you guys, too.

One of the things believers struggle with from a faith perspective is that humans tend to lean towards tangible, provable evidence.

AW: Absolutely. I think it’s also, as you read through the Bible, New Testament, Old Testament, and we see miracles. For folks who are believers and followers, one of the things they struggle with from a faith perspective is that we’re human beings, and we tend to lean towards tangible, provable evidence. What makes Bruce’s book so meaningful and why I decided to start a group with it is that I wanted to be a part of a community that was actively living their faith on a day-to-day basis. One of the things that I’ve done more of and each of you has helped me personally, is journaling and keeping up with what’s going on because so often, we literally have miracles every moment of every day. It’s just our lack of awareness, capturing and celebrating those, and we’re called to celebrate our blessings, or we lose them. 

As we spent time together, we’ve gone through our ups and downs. There’s an incredible value, especially for men, who tend to be tough and do it all on their own. There’s just incredible value and vulnerability in doing life together. Having a place where you can show up and somebody can love you enough with empathy to see what’s good so that you have the ability to shift a perspective in something or a time where you feel like you’re struggling, that you see an opportunity.

We did that in a recent conversation, and we all need a mat carrier at some point in our lives. How often do we have somebody who would carry our mat when we’re not able to carry ourselves? That’s an invaluable piece I’ve gotten out of this group, and I would encourage anybody to listen. There’s just so much power in a community of faith, but also somebody who loves you. The other cool part about this is that I was ultimately the conduit for pulling all of us together. But we have so much more in common.

In a time in our world where media, culture, and all those things want to point to all the differences, you look at where we were, who we are, and how we live life. We all four do life significantly differently, but yet so similar in so many ways. That’s just such a cool thing.

We literally have miracles every moment of every day. It’s just our lack of awareness that prevents us from capturing and celebrating them. We’re called to celebrate our blessings, or we lose them.

AB: It is. Could I share something, too? I remember in 2021, I actually went to the hospital because I had COVID pretty bad. One of the things happening during that time was when my wife and I were trying to get back together. Andrew—I’m certain he spoke to you guys as well—came to the house and gave my wife some flowers, food, and stuff like that, and I’ll never forget that. She said, “Man, I’ve thought one way about you, and I’m getting emotional thinking about it,” but she said, “You have people in your life that care enough to bring me flowers and food to make sure I’m okay. You must not be as bad as I thought.” I just laughed and said, “Okay,” but what a cool thing to know that there are men in your life who care about you enough to make you look good.

AW: We’ll bump you on the head when you’re not doing stuff you ought to do, right?

AB: Well, that as well. 

Yeah, that tough love. That’s always good. One Bible quote mentioned in You Were Born for This—the book by Bruce Wilkinson—is Isaiah 6 verse 8: “Here I am, Lord, please send me.” I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you, but I’ve incorporated that into my morning ritual, where I’m doing my affirmations, prayers, and just connection meditation. I envision myself at the feet of God, just like Isaiah was interrupting a heavenly board meeting or whatever, and just holding my hand up and saying, “Here I am, Lord, please send me” so that I’m volunteering to deliver God’s miracles, and not just passively waiting for that to appear. I do that on a daily basis. I don’t know your morning routines or if you’ve had any big, impactful additions to your morning ritual, but that’s one of mine that I love.

AW: Well, I mentioned journaling and trying to capture those and be aware of what the Lord’s doing in your life. That’s a piece of regular ritual. Most mornings that I do that is a combination of the nudges he suggests in the book that captures what’s going on, and I’ve heard people before say, “Hey, you should write down what you pray for and keep track of the prayers that God answers.” But I think this book and then just the habits and rituals are kind of like your morning routine, for me, really galvanized or solidified that. For me, that’s been a way to tangibly appreciate the intangible, if you will, and it becomes the solidifier in faith in a lot of ways.

Journaling is so important. I call my journal my God journal because I’m writing to God, and I’m thanking him for the challenges. I learned from my sister-in-law that I should thank him and appreciate the challenges as much as the obvious blessings because the challenges are actually just unrevealed blessings.

Habits and rituals are a way to appreciate the intangible in a tangible way, and they can solidify faith in many ways.

If we can contemplate that or reflect on that, it gives us the insight that “Hey, everything is for our highest and best good.” It’s just that we haven’t seen it yet. We haven’t seen the bigger picture. It’s all for our kind of spiritual refinement, but we don’t get the full picture yet. It’s not like it’s going to be any fun to live life if you’re given the entire movie script ahead of time. Who wants to watch a movie when you read the Wikipedia article about the film, its plot, and what happens before you see it? I just think journaling and appreciating all these messages that we receive as well, the nudges, and capturing that for later in case we want to write a blog post about something and now it’s part of our journal so that we can just refer back to it.

SS: There’s something I think about often: we live in a strange culture now, where philanthropy on the corporate side is often stated to position or posture the business. And then you’ve got the “social philanthropy.” You’ve got YouTube channels or social channels where people give away money. What we’ve done wasn’t to document or show the world. We’ve come to these Fridays, and we talk about things we’ve done, journal about it, and share about it, but it’s a shift in perspective, meaning we layer on. We’ll sit there and say, “God nudged me here, and here’s how I was able to contribute,” and we have a conversation. We see the behind-the-scenes movie script and, “Oh, okay, I get that.” Or us hearing about Angelo working a miracle with the waitress. And then now I look at it and say, “Okay, there’s someone I’m going to find today that I can perform this small miracle.” That’s different than doing it for recognition of the world.

Yeah. Step five in the process that Bruce teaches in the book is super important: to transfer the credit. Like, “Oh, thank you. This is so miraculous and amazing. I can’t even believe this happened to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It’s like, “Hey, it was all God, and we’re all just messengers. It’s not about me. It’s about you and your relationship with God. It could have been anybody. It just happened to be me who delivered it. It’s not about me. It’s about God.”

SS: There was a recent story that I can think of. This one happened a month ago. I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when we went to a restaurant. Immediately, I made friends with the owner of the restaurant. The menu was huge, and I didn’t understand everything there. So I just said, “Bring me out a bunch of food that you think I would like.” That was my order at the restaurant. He goes, “Okay.” Our family was sitting down, and he brought out a bunch more food to the point where it was like, “We can’t eat all of this.” We packaged it up, and our next activity was to go to the park, and I got this bag of food. We get into the park, and there are thousands of people. I said a prayer. I said, “God, someone needs this food. Lead me to the people that need this food.” We walked, and I’d see people to the side. There was no confirmation. I’d see other people. No confirmation.

We live in a strange culture now, where corporate philanthropy is often used to position or position the business.

I walk up and see a family, a husband, a wife, and a little kid. They were selling some kind of candies or something like that. The prompting was, “That’s the family.” I walked over, and I had to position it. I said, “Hey, we went to a restaurant, and they gave us too much food. Would you mind doing me a favor? We’re doing an activity right now and can’t take it with us. I want to share this with you.” He goes, “My family needs food.” I handed it to him. That was the last that I saw. But that was just me getting to be a part of that. If we look at it, it was a mistake the way that I ordered food. It was an opportunity for the restaurant owner, and it was a blessing for the family. That’s what’s so cool.

AB: I would argue that it wasn’t a mistake. God knew and used you because you don’t eat as much as I do. 

You’d be saying, “Where’s the second course?”

AW: Perspective is key. One thing I’ve gotten is a regular reminder to be with each of you guys.

Something about this relates to another book that we read together. I don’t know, Angelo, if you were here for this book, but it was a recommendation from Spencer, The Alchemist. This ties into what we were just talking about. This family getting food in the park from you, Spencer, and how it was magical and orchestrated and everything, even though it seemed like a mistake, it wasn’t a mistake. It was on purpose. It was all by divine providence. I learned an Arabic term from that book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, that made a difference in my life, and that’s maktub, which means it is written. It’s in the Quran. 

If everything’s already written, then the fact that you were supposed to order food in that way because that meant you would get way more food than you and your family could eat, and then you would then be guided to give it away in the park to just exactly the right family. That was already written.

I believe that once you’re open to it, things suddenly come your way because God knows -you will say yes, and then he continues to use you.

Some people might say, “Where’s the free will on that if everything’s already written?” I thought we had free will. Well, we do, but it’s not in the way that we think. It’s in the moments in between. I learned this in Kabbalah from one of my teachers: if you pause and you reign in your reactivity, you get off of autopilot mode, and you do something uncomfortable, and you can jump to another timeline. Now, I didn’t describe it as a new timeline, but everything is already written in the timeline that you’re in. But you can get a business class upgrade when you empty your wallet because you were nudged to do so, and you give that $109 to the waitress. That is significant. You’re on a different kind of path now, one that was also already written, but it was one of many other movie scripts to choose from.

Now you’re on a higher vibration, and this new script, with everything already written, is more aligned with your new vibration of being a person willing to empty their wallet if they feel that nudge from above. That’s incredible. It’s miraculous. It dovetailed so perfectly. That book, The Alchemist with You Were Born for This. We’ve also read other books, which have been great, but it’s such an impactful concept for me, the maktub, and so many others, with personal legend and everything. That’s a great book. Any other comments about that?

AB: I’d like to comment on what you mentioned about the higher vibration and how things seem to like. Once you’re open to something, it just seems to occur more. But I’ve been a part of maybe 1520 other miracles since that last one that I can designate as a real miracle, even though the fact that we four men are getting together with our schedules on a Friday and able to do this is a miracle as well. 

I believe that once you’re open to it, all of a sudden, things just come your way because we know, they know, God knows that you will say yes, and then he uses and continues to use you. When people are around you, they’re like, “Oh, my goodness, that was a miracle that just happened.” Then you always want to point back and say, “Isn’t God good?” Because my wife has said this, my kids have said this, and how people are just drawn to me, and they will ask me things that I’m certain they wouldn’t ask other people, and then I just listen.

A God pocket is having money that's set aside for others. When we're humanitarian-minded, we have our money with us, and we'll go and look for opportunities to create miracles. - Spencer Shaw Share on X

The one thing I took away from this whole time together as men is I would get there on a Friday waiting to hear the director from Andrew because he’s our general, so I knew he would tell us what we would do. I know Spencer was going to tie everything together because he’s our world traveler, and he’s seen so many different things. And then Stephan, in the end, would have some profound thing that I would write down and say, “Why didn’t I think of it that way?” I remember one thing, too, is that I used to always say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” But then I remember Stephan said, “No, you’re not. You’re not sorry.” You want to say, “Please forgive me,” which has stuck with me, as if you can’t believe it, as well as why this plan is in my movie and other things. But I think it’s just the accountability piece that as men that we had in this group and that we continue to have and that I know when I’m walking through this life, I think about you men all the time and say, “What would Stephan say? What would Andrew say?”

You know that it’s not me, it’s God. I’ll share something that you’ll recall fondly. I never say this word, but I said “punking.” You’re like, “What did you just say?” Because it was something about your relationship with your wife, and it’s not like she’s punking you. I forget exactly what. I never say that. But I was totally guided to say that from God because then you’re like, “What did you just say? My wife accuses me all the time, “Are you punking me?’” Can you share more about that?

Once you’re open to something, it just seems to occur more.

AB: I remember that I struggled with pride a little bit, and there were times when I would interact with my wife. We’ve had conversations and stuff like that. We had gotten to the point where there was one particular conversation where I wanted to respond a certain way because I wanted to have the masculine Angelo come out. But she didn’t need that, nor did she want that.

As we were talking, I sat here having this conversation with her, and I thought this whole time that she was punking me. So it was really that she was punking me, not me punking her. I said to her, “You know, why are you punking me like this?” That’s how I talk, and that’s what I would say. And then you and I had this conversation in the group, and. Then you said that, and my mind was, “There’s no way that Stephan would know anything about this conversation, that he would even have heard that vernacular coming out of my mouth,” because I didn’t talk like that with you guys. That was just so shocking to me that that word came to you. Then I knew, again, another miracle, that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The connection was exactly what it was supposed to be, and God was still in charge.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Yeah. I only knew about that word in some MTV show called Punk’d or something like that. That’s the only exposure that I ever had to that. Not that I watched that show, but I just knew about it. It reminds me of what we learned in the book You Were Born for This about the guy who attended one of Bruce’s seminars. Then, at his job the next day at the construction site, some guy’s complaining about his marriage or whatever. Normally, this guy would politely excuse himself or find a way to get busy with something else, but this time, he just listened and listened, and then when he got the nudge, he shared the most profound thing. That doesn’t sound profound, but it was, “You need to go home and make your bed.” The guy listening or hearing that, who was having marital problems, was like, “How could you possibly know that this is one of the biggest triggers in our marriage that she just hates? I just leave messes and don’t make the bed, which drives her nuts. How did you know? I’m going home right now or during the break, and I will make the bed, so she will come home to a made bed when she comes home from work tonight and probably save our marriage.”

AB: This group saved my marriage. There’s no question in my mind that this group right here saved my marriage. Andrew thought it was a small gesture, but it was huge. Just dropping off those flowers and showing my wife a side of me that she didn’t always see was huge. Listening to the conversations you and Spencer had about your wives and how you adore them, I was like, “I’ve got to change it up. I’ve got to do something different.” How good, Stephan, you are with words, and every time you say something, it matters and means something. I would just hazardly throw words out there and just say something to my wife that just was not of God. I would just continue to create a huge rift for us. But then, all of a sudden, when I became very thoughtful in the words. Andrew said something that I’ll never forget. He’s like, “You know, the one thing I’ve always thought, it’s much harder once they’re gone than to keep them when you got them.” I’ll never forget that because that was so true. It’s profound. It’s very straightforward. I think about those things as if I’m about to say something to my wife now, and it’s helped.

We’ve all benefited from this group and our brotherhood and fellowship, but we’ve also made a ripple effect into the universe. It’s all by design. It’s all maktub; it’s already written.

We are volunteers who deliver God's miracles to strangers and loved ones alike. - Andrew Windham Share on X

SS: It is. We’re a soul family, and it’s a miracle that we can get guys together from all over the world to do this.

Amazing. I know we’re out of time, but any last word of wisdom with which any of you want to leave our listener?

AW: I would just say, too often, we fail to put our unconditional yes on the table. And for me, that was to build this group. The blessings have been infinite. We’ve been getting together for close to three years, number one. Number two, too often, we seek to be in control versus to be aware and to respond. Number three, we are built and intended to be in community with one another so that we can love, support, encourage, and grow together. I’m incredibly grateful for each of you and that opportunity, the impact you’ve made in my life, and the indirect impact that that’s had in the lives of people like my sons, my wife, and my family. I’m a better human being because of the Lord putting each of you in my life, and I’m just thankful.

Too often, we seek to be in control versus to be aware and to respond.

SS: I love you guys. I think that’s a big lesson in itself for grown men to be comfortable, confident, helpful, and to be able to say that they love each other. That is something that the world has forgotten. I genuinely love each and every one of you.

I love you guys, too.

AB: I agree. I love you guys tremendously. You guys have helped me with very obvious things—my marriage, being a better father, being a better man, my business, and all these different things have improved because I’ve been a part of this group—accountability, letting go, really saying, “Hey, God, you’re in charge,” and meaning it, and then knowing if I had to call one of you at 3 in the morning. We’re all in different time zones, but if I had to call you, I wouldn’t hesitate. I know that if you were available, you would answer the phone, and your first response would be, “Angelo, what can I do for you?” I know that, and that, to me, is powerful. It sustains me. I know I stand on the shoulders of giants, and you’re some giants that I’m able to get propped up by. I appreciate each and every one of you for different reasons but for the same reason. Like Spencer said, “Man, it’s really cool to say I got some brothers who don’t look exactly like me, but they are my brothers for sure.”

Beautifully said, all of you. It’s all miraculous; it’s all beautiful. I’m so grateful for each of you and for you as a collective group. I’m also grateful for my listeners. It’s all unfolding how it’s meant to, so relax and let it happen. Let go and let God. Love to you guys, listeners, and viewers. It’s meant to be that you’re listening to this now. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Keep a journal to record miracles, nudges, and God’s guidance in my life. Review my journal entries to celebrate blessings and stay aware of God’s hand.

?Volunteer to deliver God’s miracles to strangers and loved ones. Expect the miraculous and see miracles unfold in everyday life.

?Practice vulnerability and empathy by doing life together in the community. Show up fully, share struggles/wins, and be open to growth.

?Listen for promptings from the Holy Spirit and act on them. Promptings can be thoughts, feelings, visions, or clear inner voices.

?Designate a portion of money as “God’s money” to use as a prompt for others’ needs. This shifts my perspective to being a facilitator of blessings, not the source.

?Make God my business partner by surrendering control. See my role as managing God’s resources for a higher purpose.

?Pause to reign in reactivity and take an uncomfortable action to shift timelines. In those moments, pause and choose a new, stretching action.

?Look for the higher vibration and opportunities in every challenge. Challenges are simply unrealized blessings and catalysts for growth.

?Express love and appreciation for my brothers and sisters in faith because feeling truly seen and loved allows me to show up more authentically.

?Read transformational books like You Were Born for This and The Alchemist, and share perspectives, struggles, and how the book’s lessons apply to my life with my group.

About Dr. Angelo Brown

Being a self-professed dude with “superpowers,” Dr. Angelo Brown grew up with a pronounced stutter. Dad to Benjamin and Arabella and proud husband to Amber, he is now the CEO and President of Shepherding Leaders, a company focused on helping people reach their full potential through self-development.

He spends most of his days working as a Professor of Business at a large local public university. He is equally as proud of his role in helping to establish a school focused on helping autistic, dyslexic and ADD students receive the academic support they need.

Andrew Windham

As a parent, coach, entrepreneur, and community leader, I know that if you want to live up to your potential, you have to be willing to put in the work. This work goes beyond passively going through the daily motions. We must intentionally create the culture, career, and cash flow that supports our goals and empowers us to pursue our highest life purpose each day.

As the founder of the Educated Freedom movement, College Planning Institute, Georgia Prep Sports Network, and Windbrook Solutions, a financial planning company, I’ve learned countless lessons over the past decade—both through the school of hard knocks and wise mentors. I’m on a mission to share the simple principles we can all implement to challenge the limits of our potential.

Spencer Shaw

Spencer Shaw is the founder of, a podcast production company responsible for millions of annual downloads. They’ve been featured in Forbes, MSN and other publications.

Spencer has started and exited several businesses in the software, real estate, and internet industries. He is the host of the Business Growth podcast and is the co-host of The Prosperity podcast. He’s also an instructor on the Udemy platform leading over 9,000 eager entrepreneurs. He’s a family man and musician and loves to travel with family throughout the world.

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