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By: Stephan Spencer


Andre Ferrella
“Dear God, bring through me whatever information is necessary for me to receive on this side of the veil.”
Andre Ferrella

Would you like to know what your spirit guides look like? Well today’s guest, Andre Ferrella, can not only tell you, he can draw them for you in lifelike detail. He in fact has done that very thing for me and for my wife Orion. It was very cool!

Andre Ferrella is a metaphysical fine artist, illustrator of the Kryon Oracle Deck, creator of The Spirit Box and the discoverer of The Living Picture. Kryon, who is channeled by Lee Carroll, (by the way I’m a big fan of Kryon), calls Andre Ferrella “a Master of Light” and “an Evolutionary Artist.”

Here’s what the amazing Bruce Lipton has to say about Andre and The Spirit Box:

“Visionary artist Andre Ferrella has created The MERKABAH-Spirit Box, a dynamic, mesmerizing visual adventure that can induce a profound meditative state. Ferrella’s artistry creates a virtual Stargate, transporting the viewer’s mind into higher realms of consciousness.”

Wow, how cool is that?

Andre graduated as a Medical Illustrator from the University of Toledo/Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In this episode, we cover some really fun topics, like astral travel, sleep paralysis, reincarnation, Kirlian photography, third eye vision, and of course, spirit guides.

Get ready for an enlightening and inspiring conversation! And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest, Andre Ferrella, a fine metaphysical artist, illustrator of the Kryon Oracle Deck, creator of The Spirit Box, and The Living Picture’s discoverer.
  • [01:56]Andre talks about his gift of creativity and spiritual discoveries at a young age.
  • [04:57]Stephan wants to know how Andre opened his own Akashic Records and the ways he learned on spirit guides’ message.
  • [07:59]Andre shares the beginnings of his creative journey from painting Baby Jesus at age 12 and the results from painting it.
  • [19:25]Stephan wants to know the occurrence that leads Andre to connect with Kryon with Lee Carroll and his wife, Jan Tober.
  • [24:48]Andre and Stephan discuss the events that lead them to know Edgar Cayce and his works.
  • [31:57]Andre tells astral travels and narrates how he started having these experiences.
    Stephan asks Andre to share with the interested listeners the methodologies of astral travel.
  • [42:40]Stephan and Andre discuss visions, astral travels and the silver cord that connects your body with your soul.
  • [47:15]Andre shares having visions and seeing the tunnel of light, the Virgin Mary, the representation of Christ with the crown of thorns and the Sacred Heart of Christ.
  • [57:43]Visit Andre Ferrella’s website to get a spirit guide drawing and know more about him. Use the coupon code: SPIRIT2021 for a special discount of 30% for your first spirit guide drawing. Also, check out the new series he is working on, The Dream Directors.

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It’s so great to have you on the show, Andre.

Thank you very much. I am honored to be here.

I’d love to start with your origin story. I know you had an incredible childhood of having your artistry discovered at a young age and some cool spiritual discoveries as well. So why don’t we start there?

Sure. So I took my creativity and the gift I was given seriously when I was 12 years old. I painted a portrait of the Baby Jesus. I studied Edgar Cayce, the great sleeping prophet clairvoyant and I read everything that I can get my hands on. And I took a book out of the Carolyn Kennedy Library in Detroit, where I was born and raised and practiced advanced East Indian yoga. And I formulated myself a prayer that I still pray to this day which is, “Dear God, bring through me whatever information is necessary for us to receive on this side of the veil.” And that has been my life purpose. 

When I was 12 years old, I wanted to know the Akashic Records while reading Edgar Cayce. That started and spurred my entire quest to learn more about the Akashic Records. What do they do? How do they apply to us in this dimension? That led me to read many books on spirituality at the time. This is in the 60s, and there were some things out but not like today. So it was a lot of searching and trying to find the information that I was so hungry for. 

Dear God, bring through me whatever information is necessary for me to receive on this side of the veil. Share on X

Along the way, throughout my life, I have met channelers. I don’t even know who they were at the time, but they did. Psychics, astrologers, witches, Wiccans, religious leaders – they always had something important to tell me. And throughout my life, all these channelers and psychics that have just given me information, we’re talking about the same thing about me and who I am. 

These are different people throughout the years who do not know each other. And I learned to recognize that these were my spirit guides that led me into the path of enlightenment  – the path that I am on. To be of service to the Divine, Source, Infinite Intelligence, and God. That has been my life’s purpose.

When you started at 12 years old, down this path of study, did you learn how to open your own Akashic Records? Did you get readings from Akashic Records readers? How did you learn what your spirit guides were trying to tell you? Did you get the direct connection, or did you get it through channelers?

Both. I’ve been to the Akashic Records, at least that was the representation for me of what they are. And I saw this library of books, and we’ve been there several times. It was a library that left and right, up and down, filled with books – books went on infinitely in all directions. That was pretty interesting. It was quite mind blowing to see this; I didn’t know what it was. And then, I also had the opportunity to visit again. And when I visited it again, I saw these books, and they looked like these old leather-bound books. 

Akashic Records are multi-dimensional, Alpha Omega, no beginning, no end cycle of information.

Now, this is a representation because I’m sure it’s multi-dimensional. Akashic Records are multi-dimensional, Alpha Omega, no beginning, no end cycle of information. So I pulled out one of the books. And I opened it up, and I saw this script. And I was able to read the script. I didn’t remember what I read, unfortunately. But it was so fascinating. Because I was also writing a script like that, it was similar but very different. This was a much more advanced script than what I was writing. So it gave me an opportunity to have a representation, symbology, symbol of the Akashic Records. 

It’s really interesting because as we progress, what we know, what we see, what we’ve learned today gives us representations that we are familiar with so that we can have that experience and understanding. That’s my belief because I’ve had many incredible open-eyed visions and experiences. And they bring me representations of information that I already know, such as Mother Mary, God, Jesus, Buddha. And those representations are not particularly those individuals, and they also might be, but it gives you an acclamation to the experience. It’s amazing, it’s incredible.

You drew a beautiful painting of Baby Jesus when you were 12 years old; it looked like you were a master at such a young age. So can you share more about how did that come about? What was the result of you drawing or painting that picture?

Yeah, my parents gave each of us three children a gift of creativity. My brother learned music – played piano, my sister learned to dance – ballet. And they gave me art and oil painting. When I was very young – oh, God, it must be like eight years old, because I even won contests in grade school for pancake events, as an illustration, Max fluffy pancakes. So it was my mother, who’s still a practicing artist. She’ll be 97 this April. She gave us those gifts of creativity.

As soon as I got that oil painting set, I just loved it. I was fascinated by it, to the point where I knew these artists like Rembrandt. I’ve heard their names. I’ve seen some books my mother showed me, and I would go into the trash cans in Detroit and try to find window blinds because window blinds in the 60s were made out of canvas. So I would find these old window blinds in the garbage, and I would bring them home and cut them out. 

I would bring them to my parents’ basement. And I would light a candle because that’s how I thought the old masters painted. And I painted on canvas, and I started to paint these paintings, and they were fairly primitive, not bad. Then I painted this painting when I was 12 years old of Baby Jesus. I was just so mesmerized that I was able to do that. So that just urged me to draw and paint. 

Once you can draw the human body and understand the physics and the amazing system we all contain as humans, you have to believe in something higher – the evolution of you that is a higher or supreme consciousness.

Then my parents, at the age of 17, took me to an exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts, called 300 years after Rembrandt. And I was just so blown away by Rembrandt because I saw a portrait that he did when he was 18 years old. And I said, “Oh, my God, I have to get going.” So I came home, and I never stopped painting. So it was quite interesting because I moved from Detroit to Toledo because my father got transferred. 

In my senior year of high school, which was hard – it was a hard change because I knew everyone in Riverside High School. And I didn’t know anybody in Toledo, and in a lot of ways, it was my blessing. Because I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t have friends at the time. And I came home from high school, and I just painted, painted, painted, painted, painted all the time. And that started me to develop into a higher evolved creative person. I started to paint these still lifes. 

If you were to see these still lifes at the age of 16, you couldn’t believe that someone who was 16 had done this. I was on TV, way back then TV 13 on the June Miller Show, and it taught me about reincarnation because I already knew the old master formulas as I was cooking them on my parents’ stove. And I knew the old master techniques, and these paintings look just like Dutch master still lifes, and no one taught me how to paint. Now, that’s a mindblower. 

So it was also the encouragement of people going, “Wow, you’re amazing,” “Incredible.” TV shows, local shows. And that also really spurred me, and then I went to the University of Toledo, Toledo Museum of Art School of Design, which people didn’t want me to go to because they didn’t want me to change my style. After all, I was already an amazing painter.

I could do shading and make things look fairly real. It wasn’t until I took her class that I learned how to draw.

And I studied with a woman called Diana Attie. She was a professor of drawing. And then the first quarter, first quarter because we were on quarters at the University of Toledo at the time. I took a drawing class from her. And I was an okay draftsman; I could do shading and make things look fairly real. It wasn’t until I took her class that I learned how to draw. We studied, we drew the bones, muscles, the entire nervous system, the blood vessel system. And I learned how to draw the figure from a real master. 

Within one semester, she ended up starting to call me a little Raphael. Now, Raphael is a great Renaissance master, right, and it was “Oh my god. It’s such an honor!” So drawing is the core is the key to all creativity. I draw every day and continuously to this day because it is the pure expression of the subconscious. It is the Divine connection. Painting is one thing, but the core of it all is drawing. 

That led me to become a medical illustrator. I had formulated that program myself because there was no program at the University of Toledo at the time. And I was drawing cadavers at the Ohio Medical College, and I never used it as a profession. But it gave me an understanding of the human body. And once you can draw the human body and understand the physics and the amazing system that we all contain as humans, you have to believe in something higher an evolution of you that is a higher consciousness, or a supreme consciousness. Because it is amazing and it is fascinating when you study it. So I had to study a lot of sciences. I have a huge science background as well. 

That led me to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I got my Master of Fine Arts. I was accepted as a printmaker because, in undergraduate school, I drew and painted, but I also did printmaking. And that was accepted at the time, which was one of the best printmaking schools in the country. And I had wonderful professors. And I did printmaking, lithography, etching, woodcutting. And that, to me, was getting a little bit boring. It was wonderful to do this work because I incorporated photographic imagery into my lithography and my etching plates, Because you can make multiple prints. 

Photography deals with light, what fascinated me was the ability to capture light and shadow.

That led me into the reverse of that. I took photography and made that into printmaking. So, in other words, I took the photographic negative, drew and scratched on it, embellished it with inks and rubbed ink into it like a printmaker would do an etching plate. I would also paint on the negative. Then, I would make these prints, and they were multiples again because they were prints. The printmaking experience was amazing. I couldn’t believe how I took it; I couldn’t believe it because this is all guided stuff. Little do you realize later on in life how all this is connected. Because photography deals with light, what fascinated me was the ability to capture light, not only light, light and shadow, catching light, and the antithesis of light. 

So I started to work on these negatives. And I had an electronics engineer build me a light brush. Similar to an airbrush, instead of pushing out paint, it emitted light with different fiber optic tips. So I invented this large-scale processing system with pumps and tanks, the bottom was developer, stop bath and fixer chemicals of photography. And I would hang huge sheets of photographic paper 60 inches by 90 inches. And a huge tray that I developed, and it was on a slant. So the developer would pump to the top of the tray across this to splash against the back running and cascading down across the paper, the photographic paper. 

As I stood there with my light brush and painted with light, different fiber optic tips, I would take light, and I would cast it through the glass to refract and bend the light into these incredibly beautiful patterns. And I would incorporate parts of my photography, selectively exposing. This was Photoshop before Photoshop was even Photoshop, which is a great program that I love. So I took this light and made these incredible light paintings, and it was so different than anyone had ever done in the course of photography. I had discovered a way to apply light to a photographic paper via a mechanism like an airbrush, light brush. 

That is so cool. 

It was cool. 

And when was this?

This would be late ’80 to ’92 approximately that.

I draw every day. It is the pure expression of the subconscious. It is the Divine connection.

That’s awesome. Did you play with Kirlian photography as well?

No, I did not. But I knew about it. I know what Kirlian photography is. That was a great invention. Oh, that was wonderful. That’s just amazing that someone found out that we are electromagnetic radiation beings. Right? We have an electrical system and can record that.

Right. So you could do before and afters. You could do some healing work, energy work on somebody and have a Kirlian photograph of, let’s say, their hands before and after?

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

How did you end up getting involved with Kryon with Lee Carroll and his wife, Jan Tober? And doing all this amazing work with them. Doing the oracle decks, and those are beautiful images of angels. And I own one of those decks. I love it.

Good for you. It’s a beautiful deck. Thank you. Yes, Stephan, I had always been into channelers. And I came across one of his books; I’ve heard the name Kryon for years, never picked up anything. And one year, I did; I picked up the book called The Twelve Layers of DNA. And I started to read that, and it became like a Bible to me. It was incredible. Kryon had talked about DNA, and I had reread that book several times, underlining things, and studied it. And I said, “This guy – what he does is amazing.” 

Prior to that, I had developed a device called The Spirit Box. That was around 2000. It was a box of 26 inches wide by 80 inches tall, three inches deep, made out of Plexiglas. And I put a being in there that came to me in a vision; it’s an amazing experience. At the same time, I was creating animations on the computer. I worked with light as an effervescent, center point, esoteric, and beautiful streaming color lights based on my Blue Star Series paintings because I had this amazing experience in California. Open eyed vision. That would be wonderful. We got to talk about that at some point if we have time because that’s amazing.

I realized I've been a servant for the Divine Millennia throughout my life. Share on X

It wasn’t till ten years later that I took the standard size video and confirmed it to the shape of that Spirit Box. Take a look at it because it is an amazing experience. What it does is it trance fixes you by itself. So I combined the video with the box and projected onto and into the box. So I said, “Oh my god, I got to show this to Lee Carroll, channeller of Kryon. He’s coming to town. I got to show him.” 

So I talked to some people here and we made the connection. He said yes. He said he wanted to see it; I set it up in the hotel where he was coming. He came into the room and said, “Kyron led me right to this room.” And he had the experience, and immediately he was just awestruck. He invited me to come to Sedona to show it at his Summer Light Conference. And I was with the Kryon entourage for five years, sharing the stage with some incredible luminaries like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and others. 

A big fan of all of them.

To be with these people was incredible. I mean, we’re talking more that 1,000 people at a time. And here I am on stage presenting the Spirit Box Experience. I didn’t know what I had created. People come up to me and go, “Okay, what’s this going to do for me?” And I said, “I don’t know, have the experience and come and tell me.” And people started coming in telling me about their experiences. And I was so mesmerized by what they were saying. I realized, what I had developed, was a device for an interface for us to connect with our higher selves and beyond. 

I was deeply honored to be part of Kryon entourage because of the advancement of many people there, just incredible energy.

So that’s basically how I became part of the Kryon entourage. And I was deeply honored to be part of that because of the advancement of many people there, not just the presenters but the public, the audience, just incredible energy. All thinking like you do, and there are ones that don’t. Some of the men, because these are mostly women that come to the conferences, 85%. I tell people, “Share your experience with me because I want to know.” Some of these men would come up to me and go, “Andre, I was dragged here. I don’t believe this stuff, but after seeing the Spirit Box and experiencing that, I’m starting to understand.” And that’s wonderful because it’s like an opening. You’re becoming more open to the acceptance of what you are.

Yeah. Now you started studying from channelers, clairvoyance, and so forth. In your childhood, and you read Edgar Cayce’s work, he’s amazing – lived 100 years ago. You were twelve years old when you started reading Edgar Cayce? 


How did that come about? Where did that lead you to? Like did you end up, for example, joining ARE, I think it’s called Association for Research and Enlightenment., Tell us a bit more about where this led? What kind of rabbit holes did you end up going down because of Edgar Cayce?

What was your initial question?

When you got started at 12 or 13, how did you get led to Edgar Cayce’s work? Where did it lead you?

Actually, it was my uncle. I asked, “How do you paint?” My mom says, “Call Joe.” I called and asked, “How do you paint?” He goes, “Well, you just do it.” “Okay.” And then he mentioned something to me; I can’t remember for sure. But I’m wondering if he was the one that said to me, “You should read Edgar Cayce.” I said, “Okay.” And I found a book by Edgar Cayce. I started with Cayce, and I was like, “Wow, this is amazing stuff.” 

Edgar Cayce started me on the whole quest of spirituality.

My parents did go on a vacation. And of course, it’s to Virginia Beach, his headquarters. And I made them stop there at the building. I ran out of the car, and I went into the building. And I saw file cabinets and books, and I just wanted to be there. It just was such an honor to be amongst all those scripts. I never read anything. I didn’t do anything. So I ran back to the car, and we continued on the vacation. But it was wonderful because Edgar Cayce started me on the whole quest of spirituality. Because of that, I was able to go into a state of being where you can access the multi-dimensional collective consciousness and pull information from there for the greater good, for the benevolence of the person, or for the human race, for that matter. God bless you. What a wonderful gift.

I had never heard of Edgar Cayce until this year. And I remember reading something Michelle Whitedove; I don’t remember if it was a book or a report of hers. She’s an amazing psychic medium. She mentioned something in passing about the accuracy – accurate as of the psychics of the past, such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. And this was a big document I was reading in those words, Edgar Cayce; he just popped off the page for me. I don’t know why. I just know. Well, I didn’t at the time know why; I do now because it led me on a very important path. 

And that’s the thing you got to listen and act on your intuition. So I was being guided to follow this path. I ended up on, the ARE’s website. And right there on the homepage was a webinar being promoted on how to receive messages from deceased loved ones and angels. It was taught by Karen Noe, who’s now been on this show; a great episode, I highly recommend it. And she is just the most amazing medium. And I attended that webinar live. You can watch, you can pay for and watch the replay. 

After watching that webinar, I followed her instruction, one of the many to find one to receive messages. One way I could do it is to ask for a dream and to be woken up from the dream. So I asked and prayed for it. And that next morning is when I had those runs six-seven in the morning, and when I woke up at seven in the morning, I was awakened towards the end of the dream, and I had tears streaming down my face. It was unlike any dream I’ve ever had. It had a theory of quality that was angelic, higher dimensional; it was beautiful. I’ll never forget that dream. And that all happened because I saw the words Edgar Cayce. And it just popped off the page.

Major life changes may happen to your life. You may think that it will destroy or kill you. However, later in life, you will see it as a blessing.

Yeah, Cayce was the one that brought all this to the forefront. A lot of this started with Madame Blavatsky. Anyway, there was that revolution in the later 1800s where seances were becoming something speaking to the dead, and that all came from the history of who we were as other human beings. We’ve had talents like this, and it was coming to much more public awareness because of her. And I think Edgar Cayce was the one that brought this to the forefront. I mean, because we had radio and newspapers, so that information was starting to get out there. And more people started to realize – 

You’re talking about Madame Blavatsky.

Blavatsky, of course, I’m sorry. That’s right. 

I was just Googling while you were talking.

It is Madame Blavatsky. What a great person she was. Edgar Cayce pushed that forward. People would go to him for help—the ability for him to slip into a subconscious state of mind. And to me, what I think he did was to astral travel to the Akashic Records. Now, astral traveling is a whole other subject. That is wonderful.

My spirit guides led me into the path of enlightenment - the path I am on. To be of service to the Divine, Source, Infinite Intelligence, and God. Share on X

Have you astral traveled? 

Many times. Yes.

How did you learn how to do it? 

I didn’t learn; it was just here ever since I was a kid. I didn’t know where I was going, flying I mean. Many people I’ve heard fly in their dreams and travel like that. But later on in life, in my teens, I was starting to have these experiences where I would lay in bed, or on a couch, or something wherever it was, put my hands on my chest, and my body started to go numb. I couldn’t feel like the two distinguished hands; I put them together because then they became unified as one, which led to complete numbness of the entire body, disappearance of the body’s feeling. 

The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll

At the same time, I felt like I was nothingness because of that. I felt like I was everything simultaneously. And when I got into that state, it was a different feeling than sleep, a dream, or an awakened state. It’s a different state of being. And suddenly, I start to take off, I leave my body, and I shoot up, like faster than the speed of light, my body bowing backward like this, and I always go to this mountain top. I fly over these planets and star systems, and I go to these planets from way above. They’re called the Crystal Planet with the crystal cities where I eventually arrived. And I’m like this micro little dime against these gigantic crystals. 

And I eventually landed in a human spot; humans were there. Kind of primitive humans, like maybe like pilgrims sort of era. And I always have to climb or traverse a cliff pathway up to the top of this mountain, or even ride a bicycle up there sometimes. And I get to the top; when I get to the top, there are these incredible glowing, luminous cities. They’re just magnificent architecture. So I go up to the buildings, open the door, and go inside. And they’re kind of like large empty rooms and hallways, but they’re not empty. 

These beings there are twice my height. And I never can see their faces. But they have these beautiful, soft, luminous flowing clothing. And I know they’re looking at me, and I walked by like a human because we kind of walk a little bit funky like that, and they allow me to be there. And I go into these different rooms. And I am allowed to operate and study these devices. These devices are incredible. They’re mindblowers and nothing like we have here. But they are amazing, and I’m able to operate them, and there are just fascinating lasers like sort of mechanics.

So those astral travels are so amazing. And I’ve gone to these Crystal Cities often. And I believe that’s how I can bring in some of these devices. Yeah, this astral traveling it’s intense because sometimes I wake up, sort of wake up in the travel. And which you’re not supposed to, but somehow I do. And what happens to me is like, suddenly I’m like sitting up and lights are flickering everywhere in the room, everywhere there’s like, flickering all over the place. And the drapes are blowing; the big wind is blowing. And then I hear this noise go *shhhhhh sound*, and then I’m able to physically awaken this dimension. So it’s an experience. And I’m sure others have had this too. This is astral projection, astral traveling, and it just occurs naturally too, when we become aware –

So those astral travels are so amazing. And I’ve gone to these crystal cities often.

We don’t remember our dreams, and these aren’t dreams. These are actual experiences, visiting other realms, other dimensions, other places on Earth, or other planets. And we just chalk it up as “Oh, that’s our imagination.” Or where synapses are firing randomly while we’re sleeping. No, it’s not really.

I think there’s a reason for all that. 

So somebody who’s listening and they’re thinking, “Oh, I want to astral travel.” That sounds cool. How do they do that? How do they get started?

That’s a very good point. I do have a methodology to do it. It’s not easy. It takes, when I was younger, it just happened. I didn’t think about wanting to do it. It just happens. And I think that’s the better way to do it. But becoming aware of it helps you start understanding that it is possible. So there are methodologies to it. 

What’s yours?

One of the best ways to do this, there’s two of them. When you’re ready to go to sleep at night, and you’re laying down, your eyes closed, ready to fall asleep. You see that light that is kind of swirling in front of your eyes,  in your mind’s eye. Most people are not aware of that light, but it is present for everybody, I believe. We’re all the same humans; I believe it’s there for everybody. You got to be aware of it. So if you just see what happens, it’s dark, you’ll see the subtleties of light starting to formulate. 

For me, what usually happens is they start with a little tiny light. And they start painting a shape, and they go like this. Another one of pulse, and they start continuing to do that. At that point, if you’re aware of it, most people don’t even know they’re seeing it. That’s when they start slipping asleep. So they already go into sleep mode. Stay awake and conscious of the light. And as you do that, you’ll see more and more. And it will suddenly start to take shape. And for me, it usually takes shapes of faces. I’ll see faces; those will be right in front of me. And they were still photographed for many years. 

As we progress, what we know, see and learn will give us representations that we are familiar with so that we can have that experience and understanding. Share on X

I see them where they blink, and they move their eyes, and they talk move their lips. I can’t hear them at that point. And one time, I had a portal appear in front of me; I knew it was a portal because I was looking through it, and I saw the star clusters and everything. And I was able to step through that portal into the other side. That was an entrance into a whole ‘nother dimension. That’s very difficult to do. Because as I said, most people don’t realize there are lights; that’s what they’re seeing, and that’s what mesmerizes them to fall asleep. The plan is to stay awake; that’s one, that’s a really good practice because that’s a challenge. If you can understand and use that, and accomplish that. Not just once, but a bunch of times, things will start to happen for you and open up in ways that you will be mesmerized by. Just try it. 

The other way is putting the hands in a relaxed state laying down like this. And trying to eliminate all thought, that’s the key, that is extremely difficult to do. The method that I use is to hold the hands together, lightly, on your lap, totally relaxed, eyes closed. Relax your entire body and allow yourself to concentrate on your hands. And eventually, they will go numb, like, that’s just how the brain works. They’ll feel like they’re melded together, and then your whole body will become sort of like a melded unit. At the same time, you’ve got to eliminate all thought; that’s extremely difficult. So it’s becoming like the complete void. And when you can do that, you’ll start slipping into universal micro-macro consciousness. It’s a whole different way than we know. And that’s when you can begin astral projection.

Alright, that’s awesome. I’m going to have to try some of that.

It’s one of the most incredible experiences as a divine gift we’ve been given to access ourselves.

Let me know how it works for you. Because I think it’s incredible, it’s one of the most incredible experiences as a divine gift we’ve been given to access ourselves.

Have you had visions where you know you’re awake, and it’s like a scene where you’re being presented as more a warning perhaps or like a heads up? Just be mindful when you’re in this scene so that something doesn’t happen. Have you ever had anything like that?

Yes, I have.

Tell us about that. How do our listeners or viewers get that as well?

It’s only happened to me once. And I think it was for the purpose for me to understand that malevolence does exist. When I was a child, in my mid-teens, astral projecting happened naturally to me. I’d be walking down the sidewalks in Detroit, and suddenly, my steps would be twice the length. They were quadruple the length. And I would, “Oh my god,” this is like the feeling of elation and I let go. It’s like a feeling of complete, letting go. Complete open freedom. And that’s where I would get into that state of the astral projection automatically, and then I would take off. That’s how it started for me as a child. 

But one time, I was in a high school with lockers on each side. And I was starting to run down the hallway. And I was starting to take those longer leaps, and I started to fly. And something grabbed me on my foot, stopped me in midair, and it freaked me out. And I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done. Don’t do this to me. I don’t want it.” And it took me several years to get over that. But what I realized, for those listening, there’s nothing to fear because you are protected by what they call the silver cord. It comes out of your navel. It’s connected to your higher self. So you never have to worry about something’s going to happen to you.

Yeah. It’s the base of the spine. It’s connected to the silver cord that connects your body with your soul. I recently learned that from Tina Zion, a famous medical intuitive and Reiki Master. When people are slipping away to the other side of the veil, their transition that gets these terrible bedsores in the skin kind of peels away on their bum area, that’s from the silver cord starting to disconnect.

That’s interesting.

So somebody is having an astral travel or some experience while they’re sleeping, and they get freaked out. Sometimes, people report having sleep paralysis like they know that they are awake, need to wake up, want to wake up, and can’t. Or somebody is under anesthesia, they’re getting operated on, and they are aware of it. And they can’t let anybody know that they’re awake. 

The Spirit Box I developed was a device for people to connect to their higher selves and beyond. Share on X

So one thing I learned, that’s a very simple technique, if you’re astral traveling, or you’re having an out of body experience of some sort, you’re conscious, you’re awake, but you’re not in your body is simply saying the word “Body” to yourself in your mind’s eye, or your mind’s voice is going to snap you back into your body. You’re never going to not be able to get back in your body quickly if you’re astral traveling and you get freaked out by anything. 

Yes, you are safe, protected, and guided. I do believe that. And I also know that the hand of God is involved in everything. Even if it looks like it’s a malevolent force or some sort of dark agenda. There’s the hand of God there. It’s like, somebody might work for the dark side, but ultimately, they’re working for the light because the boss’s boss or the boss’s boss’s boss—that theater.

Right, yeah.

Now, something you said earlier in the conversation, I know we need to wrap up pretty soon. But you said we should maybe circle back to this because it’s so cool. Something about open-eyed visions or something, you know, can you give?

Ah, yes. Events I had in California. Yes, I’ll tell you this. This might be a good way to wrap it up. So I was somewhere in California, I can’t remember. This was probably about 40 years ago, and I was looking out at the ocean while visiting a friend, and it was a cabin. And it was up in the hills. No one was around. And it was a wonderful day. It was beautiful in California, and no one was around; it’s peaceful. It’s great. There’s a little cottage, and earlier during that day, which was weird for me, I started to see in the rocks and in the trees, sort of symbols of like Jesus, the face of Jesus. That’s cool, you know, looks like that. I’m an artist. I see many faces and many things right. 

And so Twilight was starting to come, and I decided to go outside on the deck and look out towards where the sun was setting. Oh, it was so beautiful. And the sun was going down, twilight was coming out. And the stars were starting to be present—crystal clear night. So I’m looking at the stars. And I see all those stars. I mean, because I was far away from city lights. So the amount of stars visible to the human eye was incredible. And for some reason, I recognized the order in the so-called chaos of the star system. It’s interesting, seeing the order and the structure in the stars. And so I’m gazing, and I’m looking over here, and I suddenly get fixated on this one little star. 

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life where you stumble; there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for; the damn thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center. You find the jewel, and it draws you off.” – Joseph Campbell

Now that’s probably millions of light-years away. I’m just fixated on this little star; my eyes are completely open; this is no drugs, no nothing. And I’m staring at the star for some reason. Coming from this star, I suddenly see a little picture of the Ascended Master Mother Mary, as I know her because I was raised Catholic, and I was an altar boy for six years. So I saw this little Virgin Mary on that star; it’s crystal clear. There she was. That lasted for a few minutes, and then she fades away, and there was the Sacred Heart of Christ. The representation of the Christ with the crown of thorns and the Sacred Heart of Christ. 

Then that disappeared after a few minutes. And this suddenly appeared, the stream of light like a tunnel, from that little tiny star which became bigger and bigger and became a tunnel of light. That was the soft, undulating, moving clouds. And I’m like, “Oh, my God.” I’m staring at this. My friend goes, “What do you see, Andre?” I said, “I’m seeing this tunnel of light.” And she says, “Oh,” she was a psychotherapist. She goes, “Andre, you’re having a rebirth experience.” And I was so fixated on that tunnel of light, magic. So it was so mesmerizing because it’s soft and glowing. You felt nice. And then, after about 10 minutes of that, it started to fade away. 

And I actually, I must reverse that, first of all, I saw the tunnel of light, then I saw the Virgin Mary. Then I saw the Sacred Heart of Christ after the tunnel disappeared back. So I’m fixated on this star, staring at it and not taking my eyes off it. And these little blue spheres started to come at me, little tiny blue spheres that got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, bigger. And inside these blue spheres were these amazing flickering lights of electronic mechanisms. I blocked them. I didn’t want them at all. 

Another one. I’m still staring at the star. Another one’s coming in bigger and bigger and bigger. Just mesmerizing. Looking again, I don’t want this, scared of it, right? What’s going to happen? Another one came, and I said, “Okay, I surrender. That’s it. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen.” So this little blue sphere came in bigger and bigger and bigger. And I said, “okay,” it went through me or in me and through me. 

These spirits were coming at me one after another, containing all kinds of incredible things inside.

And it kind of threw me back in this ecstatic state, a feeling that I cannot describe it was this almost like astral projection, but it was like even beyond that. It was like the saints what they talked about being an ecstasy. Another one comes, this one had book encryption on it. And it was flipping from cover to cover, flickering and moving like this. And it came through me again. So these spheres were coming at me one after another for about 20 minutes, containing all kinds of incredible things inside, each time throwing me back in the ecstatic state, and then that subsided. 

Then that little star became the highlight on this gigantic translucent eye about like this. And it was blinking. And it was moving as if in the REM state, the dream state, as the eye moves quickly. Like it was looking down on everything. And I said to myself, “Oh my god, I’m being shown the eye of God.” So imagine this little tiny star was the highlight of the eye. That’s millions of light-years away. So imagine how big it appeared. Gigantic. And that was the end. That whole experience lasted probably about 40-45 minutes or so. What do you do? What do you say?


I came back home to Madison and I started a series of paintings called Blue Star paintings, the Blue Star Series. And I started to learn about the Hopis about the blue star. And the Pleiades. And the Aborigines talking about the Seven Sisters of Stars, the blue star, and this system. And realizing, “Okay, this is what’s going on; I believe what happened was I was being delivered, downloaded information.” They gave me Mary; they gave me Jesus; they gave me representation. So I could get acclimated to this situation and accept it. And it was like one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

Yeah, amazing. So it’s like being plugged in to like in the movie, The Matrix where Neo was plugged in to and downloaded different abilities, like Kung Fu, and dodging bullets and all that sort of stuff.

Right? It’s like that, but it’s happening to you. That changed my life. And then I started to animate that blue star. And that became part of the Spirit Box Experience. And I realized all this information they gave me because I asked for it at 12 years old, whatever information is necessary. The living talents they’ve given me. And I’ve been given it, and they gave it to me realizing what a great gift they’ve given me, and a great gift. I’m able to communicate this with the skills that I have.

Yeah, so that prayer that you say, is that something that you received through just your guides telling you? Was it something that you read somewhere? 

It felt deeply connected and resonated with me so deeply. I felt I was connected to God.

It was just something I formulated at that age after I painted that portrait of the Baby Jesus, seeing that I realized I had made a huge advancement in my artistic evolution. I didn’t realize it at the time that I see it now. It was an evolution, a much more advanced level as a creator. And reading Edgar Cayce and meeting these different kinds of people practicing advanced East Indian yoga, it all came together and formulated; I knew this and it felt good. It felt benevolent. And I felt deeply connected and it resonated with me so deeply. I felt I was connected to God, and I realized I’ve been a servant for the Divine Millennia throughout my life.

Amazing. All right, well, we are out of time, but if you could share very quickly with us where to go for buying the Oracle Deck or any of the other stuff that you sell. The place they would go to book a drawing with you for drawing their spirit guide, which I had you do, and my wife, Orion, had you do as well, which is amazing. Where do our listeners go to for that?

Go to, that will take you to And you’ll just have many things to look at and many things to discover. I particularly say go to the Spirit Box Experience and have that first. And then, if you like, I can do your Spirit Guide Drawing. So, right now, there’s a special discount going on, like 30% off. I don’t know when you’re going to let this go out to the public announce it. But it’s SPIRIT2022. And that’s a coupon kind of thing for a discount; then you can look at all my artwork. The Dream Directors is a new series I was working on, which came through a change of a major life experience, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Nevertheless, it’s great, Stephan, throughout my life had these major life changes. And at the time, you think that they’re destroying you. Kill you. It becomes a blessing, and I learned that a little bit later on in life, but it becomes a blessing. So yeah, and have fun there.

Yeah, thank you so much. And what you said there about how it becomes the blessing that reminds me of a Joseph Campbell quote that I really love. And let me tell you what that is. “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life where you stumble; there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for; the damn thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center. You find the jewel, and it draws you off.

That’s amazing. He’s right. He was great too. All these great leaders we’ve had through the last, you know, 20-25 years has been. Thank God.

Yeah, They’re still there. They’re just waiting for us on the other side.

No, the ones that are here physically in this world. Yeah, because of the internet and more openness to spirituality. Ah, holy awesome.

Yes. Yes. It’s spreading like a virus, a good one. Yes, well, thank you so much, Andre, and thank you, listeners. It was such a pleasure and get out there in the world and make a difference, and we’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

Love and blessings to all of you.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Believe in my higher consciousness or in a supreme consciousness. Look deep within myself to discover a higher power that gives me strength.

?Be more receptive to guidance. My spirit guides will lead me on my path of enlightenment.

?Pay more attention to messages the universe is sending me. Sometimes distractions can hinder me from being more open to the calling of my higher power.

?Be more open and accepting of what life has to offer. Everything happens for a reason; even the bad things that occur have a purpose.

?Learn how to focus. Accessing my Akashic Records takes a lot of concentration and practice. Focusing on one aspect can help me gain more clarity and understanding.

?Be open to the mysteries of the unexplainable things in life. Even the beginning of the universe or how consciousness came into being still has no definitive answer. There’s so much in the world that’s unknown.

?Listen and act on my intuition, so I remain guided and impeccably attuned to my true path.

?Ask for signs. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence and be patient when waiting. Not all signs happen immediately. However, I should be prepared to accept the message once I get it.

?Don’t be afraid to astral travel. I’m being protected by a silver cord that comes out from my navel. It is connected to my higher self, so I don’t have to worry that something will happen to me.

?Visit Andre Ferrella’s website to know more about him and to get a spirit guide drawing. Use the coupon code: SPIRIT2021 for a special discount of 30% for your first spirit guide drawing. Also, check out the new series he is working on, The Dream Directors.

About Andre Ferrella

Andre Ferrella is an evolutionary artist, spiritual engineer, multimedia architect, the creator of The Spirit Box, and the discoverer of the living picture.

Andre graduated as a Medical Illustrator from the University of Toledo/Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Andre brings to his art a lifetime of spiritual study and exploration of the world’s sacred traditions and iconography. With his indisputable technical virtuosity, Andre is able to reveal higher orders of reality and the interconnectedness of existence that has been described by ageless enlightened teachers and mystics. Andre communicates these ineffable spiritual experiences and phenomena, at the same time that he enables our own explorations and awakenings.

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