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By: Stephan Spencer


Stephan Spencer
“Change your frequency, change your life.”
Mas Sajady

No one wants to undergo a near-death experience to realize it’s time to change their life. And hopefully you won’t have to. Whether you’re aiming to resolve personal trauma, improve your career, overcome addiction, or become a better version of yourself, you have the power to make drastic changes in as little as 18 days. According to my guest, Mas Sajady, this is what Xponential Intelligence is all about.

Mas is known as a teacher’s teacher, a mentor’s mentor, a leader’s leader and an advisor to the 1%. As the founder of Xponential Intelligence, Mas’ hyper-Meditation program has proven to help change one’s life in as little as 18 days instead of decades. Mas has an XI podcast with 2 million downloads and 100,000 successful client sessions in the last ten years; he has traveled worldwide and reached over a million people with seemingly miraculous life transformations.

In this episode, Mas and I delve into the power of frequency and cover such fascinating topics as synchronicity, benevolence, past lives, and finding one’s path to higher consciousness. Around the end of the interview, Mas was kind enough to do a short energy reading on me, which was incredibly powerful. He revealed some things about my past and how they’re affecting my life now. It was eye-opening and very healing for me. I’m excited for you to hear it!

And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Mas Sajady, the founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI), will share his journey of utilizing the power of frequencies to optimize human potential, overcoming two near-death experiences, and other remarkable topics with Stephan.
  • [02:21]Mas tells his story and a tragic experience that transformed him from his time-bound self to his timeless self.
  • [07:47]Stephan describes in his point of view how the multiverse works and our impact on it, sparking Mas to explain it in the XI version.
  • [11:47]According to Mas, healing yourself is healing your ancestors as well. He goes into greater detail about what they do at XI in terms of healing at a cellular level.
  • [15:06]Mas talks about transforming with XI through the 18-day HyperMeditation program, while Stephan inserts the Kabbalistic concept.
  • [18:22]Mas and Stephan relate the 100th Monkey Effect in people’s consciousness, benevolence, synchronicities, and transformation as they raise their frequency.
  • [22:44]Mas wonders aloud which process Stephan believes in: creating reality or synchronicities.
  • [29:32]Through the story of one of his sessions with a client, Mas describes how a past life can be extreme and how an unresolved past life carries over into a future life.
  • [34:29]How do psychic abilities differ from the gift that Mas has?
  • [39:09]Both Stephan and Mas discuss the distinction between being connected on lower frequencies than higher frequencies and being surrounded by high-frequency people.
  • [44:56]Stephan shares the Bread of Shame concept he learned in Kabbalah.
  • [52:51]Mas explains how you can change yourself by creating yourself in the fourth dimension, which he refers to as simulation and is related to doing HyperMeditation.
  • [55:42]Stephan was intrigued and wanted to know what Mas had noticed in his energy while conversing.
  • [68:00]What was one of the lessons Stephan took away from his guides?
  • [72:31]To learn more about the XI modality or to join the 18-day HyperMeditation program, visit Mas Sajady’s website, subscribe to his YouTube channel at, listen to his Xponential Intelligence podcast, and follow him on social media.

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Mas, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Stephan, thank you for having me. I think it’s going to be exciting.

I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, enlightening, and inspiring. Let’s start with your origin story because I know there were two near-death experiences that you went through that were quite life-altering and defining for you. I’m sure that wasn’t the only thing that shaped your life. I’m curious to hear your origin story, and I’d love for our listener to hear that as well.

Sure. You’re absolutely right, Stephan. A lot of people have tragic experiences and so on. There are a ton of near-death experiences happening daily, but why don’t we get the abilities that I have? By the way, we all have these, and that’s what I do nowadays is hone people’s abilities without having that near-death experience, which is exciting for many people because how many people want to have that near-death experience to awaken in your life? You don’t, and that’s what Exponential Intelligence (XI) is about. 

I said that because I think throughout my whole life, I was always searching. So before my first near-death experience, I was always searching. I was always that kid in the corner as a young kid, in my early teens, and so on, and just observing why people do what they do. Parents, teachers, TV, and even my friends it’s like, why do they do what they do? So again, always understanding. 

And then always trying to figure out, is there a better version? Why are they doing that? Why are they ill? Even at a younger age, my first near-death experience gave me a lot of those answers. Kind of like Einstein when he goes, I want to figure out that one equation that equals the possibilities of life. That’s what that near-death experience allowed me to do. 

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I’m not going to get into all the details. You can find that on my website, But just some of the highlights, it was a warehouse accident. My jaws got crushed in a railcar accident. I was up on the rafters of the railcar trying to get some product out of place, and then somehow, my jaws got smashed between these huge doors in the railcar, and I was seeing myself dangling there. That was the key. 

I was seeing, observing myself dangling, and asking myself, what the hell am I doing here if my body’s over there? So it was just a complete disconnect. And then it was like the lights turned on. It’s like, oh my God. It was such a euphoric feeling. It was no experience of sadness, I died, or anything like that. But it’s like, wow, I’m dead. 

Again, it’s a euphoric feeling when you’re awakened. Because as you transition from the physical boundaries of who you are into the timeless boundaries of who you are. So you have a time-bound self, again, the 1% as I call it, all your experiences here, and then the 99%, you’re timeless or your limitless self. I had transitioned from my time-bound self into my timeless self, and I’m going, wow, this is how it is. This is what it feels like to be alive, have potential, and have that inner knowing. 

There’s a power within — that bigger, grander version of who you are.

Yoda from Star Wars would call it the power within or the force within. There’s a power within, that bigger, grander version of who you are. I experienced that, and it was amazing. You go through that transition of seeing your friends, a life review, and all that. I didn’t see the friends aspect; some people go through a near-death, but I transitioned into a life review. 

This is where all the things that you thought you did wrong, and all the things that you should have, you could have, why is God this way, why did that happen to me? All those scenarios I understood at a deeper level. It’s like, oh, that’s why it happened. It’s a life relive, literally, so you can graduate to a higher level. 

And then, somehow, I got pushed back into my body, where the pain of a cracked jaw started to take effect. But even then, Stephan, it was a euphoric experience. But that allowed me to see that expansive state. 

So after that near-death experience, it showed me that I was craving. It’s like, how do I get back to that expansive state that we all have within? Inside it, how do I turn it on? It took me 20 years, and then the second near-death happened in my late 40s. It was a drowning accident. This is where I learned the mechanics of how to expand from my 1% into using more of our potential, the 99%. It’s an inner expansion that I use. 

The people who practice XI don’t have to age and get ill like their parents and go through the paradigms of society.

That inner expansion, again, you start to claim the power that you are. This is where abundance comes through, all levels. I call it spherical abundance, aging, or becoming ageless. I’m turning 61 in a couple of days, and people go; I look younger and younger and younger. How could that be? 

What happens to a lot of people who practice XI? They don’t have to age like their parents. They don’t have to get ill like their parents. They don’t have to go through the paradigms of society. This is where you start to find our internal power of who we are. So that second near-death gave me the mechanics on how to rewire, I would say, or change the channel for you in your life. That’s the key, guys. I don’t heal things. I don’t help you heal things. I don’t do any of that. I literally go, hey, there’s another paradigm or another simulation of you that’s a lot better off. Let’s switch you over to that channel, which is very different from how most people see healing, nurturing, leadership, or success.

That reminds me of learning from Donny Epstein. He’s the founder of NetworkSpinal, also known as Network Spinal Analysis, and he would speak about exchanging versions. He’s become a good friend. He’s a past guest on this podcast. Are you familiar with him?


Yeah, awesome.

He’s part of the Tony Robbins group if I’m not mistaken, right?

That’s right. 

Yeah. Super nice guy. I haven’t had a chance to meet him.

Exchanging versions, I’d love to talk a bit more about that. My understanding of how this works is we’re in the multiverse, and the slice of the multiverse, the shard of the multiverse that is ours—mine individually as the observer—I have a lot of influence over.  

I’m a co-creator of not just my own reality locally in my house, neighborhood, and family, but globally. Whether World War III happens or not is actually up to me, and my positive expectancy or my doom and gloom, doom scrolling, and expecting the worst outcome mindset influences what happens on a global scale. That’s my understanding of it. 

Every person has their shard of the multiverse where they have that level of influence. We have an infinite number of these universes happening simultaneously in the multiverse. And also, I just learned this recently: there’s a construct of time that is an illusion that everything is eternal now on the other side of the veil. Our understanding of past lives or things that have happened in the past, that’s all happening simultaneously, as our future lives happening simultaneously kind of stacked on top of each other. 

It's a euphoric feeling when you're awakened. Because you transition from the physical boundaries of who you are into the timeless boundaries of who you are. Click To Tweet

I’m curious to hear what your take is on all this. Am I accurate or inaccurate with what I described?

Well, it’s somewhat accurate. From what I’m seeing, this is my version of it or the XI version. How I see the accuracy is, will it give me bottom-line results here? Because we can have a lot of theories, but is it going to get you the results or life results that we want? There are a couple of things that you went through. Are all things happening at once? Yes and then no. Can all things happen to you at once? Again, it could, but the key is that—let’s put it in one way. 

You have a playhead; does that make sense? That head is on a video monitor, or back in the day, audio recording, they had a playhead. What happens at that head is what you’re listening to, right? 

Or a turntable. 

Zero-state reality is a really cool consciousness of what’s happening in this reality.

Or a turntable. Yeah, exactly. Wherever the needle is on that groove, that’s what’s playing. I call that the zero-state reality, and we’re diving in deep, which is great. It’s a really cool consciousness. 

It’s a zero-state reality, and this is what’s happening here in this reality. Are there possibilities of things happening out there? Yes, there are, but it depends on the consciousness you exist in and the timeframe in which you create yourself. I’ll clarify that. 

The other aspect is, can you be all things at one time, or can all things happen to you at one time? Well, it’s pretty hard because you’ve already been born, so that trajectory or that possibility is gone for you. It was available for you back in the day, but as you traverse through time, the possibilities, or the simulations of who you are, old possibilities release as new ones form through. 

In that sense, can you go back in time? You could, but mostly in memory or genetic makeup, so to speak. The difference is memory. You just recall what happened to you in the past. Genetic makeup, as I help people, and this is how I help people age younger, get healthier, or recover from an illness or a severe disease that they had. It’s literally reverse back time. 

Related to that, can you actually pray for your ancestors that they had a better life and it actually affects them? The life that they had so it becomes more positive because of your prayers.

Yes, you can. To go a little deeper on that thought, you are rendering, or you are the latest version of your ancestors. Does that make sense? So if you heal yourself, you’re healing your ancestors. This is the difference between psychological healing, emotional healing, or becoming successful at your internal self or a physical level. 

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins MD, PhD

What we do at XI, and this is how you heal the world, is that as you transform and as you render, heal yourself at a very deep level, I would say at a cellular level; literally, there’s a lot of physicists that have studied my abilities. They’re starting to see that I like the frequencies that I generate, which edit and transform DNA into a higher version of itself, which is really, really cool. And not by just a little, by a lot. 

So when you start to say change your genetic makeup, other things around you, including nature, pick up on that. And this is where you’re going, well, I’m the cause, or I’m partly the cause of World War III if it happens. So you are, and your DNA is always sending out or pinging out information and then receiving information, always trying to figure out the best stable reality for me to create within me. Does that make sense to you? So we’re always learning from other people. 

If you process that as I go on, so if you’re always learning from other people, you start to change yourself at a genetic makeup. You’re not a genetic mutation of your forefathers, your parents, grandparents, and so on. You decided to learn from those things but then remove the things that have been distorted because that’s what you’re sending out into the world. Does that make sense?

So there are packets of information that you’re always sending out, and it’s not just your conscious thought. It’s how you create yourself, how you think about yourself. So if you want to call it your self-image, it goes much deeper. But just for the sake of time, it’s your self-image that you’re sending out.

This is an example of no matter what you do, you’ll get into a relationship that abuses you if that’s the pattern you’re running. No matter how good you look or how good of a conversationalist you are, humor, or whatever, you try different people; what do you naturally attract? The same type of person that will abuse you in the end. Does that make sense to you?


There are deeper functionalities or deeper frequencies that you’re sending out that goes, hey, I am rendering this reality this way. Somebody else throughout the world in the neural network, so to speak, or just like the way the internet works, we’re all picking up on that. It’s like, oh, Stephan’s rendering himself this way. What can we learn from this? So there’s that wave. 

But as you change and release the old versions of yourself, literally release the old versions of your identity or accumulation of memories from ancestors, your parents, and so on, you become a newer, higher version of who you are. That has a more powerful frequency than most people around you. This proves that when people transform with XI, doing the 18-day hyper meditations, they start to change.

Without doing anything else, their kids start to change, or their spouse starts to change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse because sometimes, that spouse doesn’t want to change. So they try to control you back into your old state. The world starts to change. The person serving you coffee goes, whoa, what happened there? So they start to change, and that’s what we’re really here for. 

But in most cases, like you were talking about World War III and recreating itself, basically, we recreate from the past. That’s what humans do. Humans don’t evolve. We just are flatlining, basically. And then we just render the past because that’s what survived. 

Flatlining reminds me of a Kabbalistic concept. It’s like robotic consciousness or being on autopilot. In that way, everything is already written. You’re basically playing out a role that’s already the script for that movie. You stub your toe; you’re late for work; you get sideswiped on the freeway or whatever. These things are already written.

But my understanding is that you get a new timeline if you are especially benevolent, for example, or you’re especially malevolent. You drop to a lower timeline or a script, essentially, that has a lot more painful lessons. Probably, if you’re being malevolent and benevolent, you get lots more synchronicities.

Absolutely. Like you said, robotic states. What you’re doing is you’re repeating concepts of the past dependent on your parents. Say, for example, your hand gestures as you awaken, gosh, that’s just like my dad. You start to notice how robotic your life is. It’s not really your life. 

A lot of times, it’s like, gosh, a lot of people go, God, this isn’t my life. I’m trying to change my life. They change location, jobs, spouses, or whatever it is, and it’s like, why does my life turn out to be the same? This is the reason why you are in a robotic state. 

What we do here at XI is literally start to wake you up and go, wait for a second, this is my dad’s pattern. Heart issues would be my dad’s patterns or my mom’s patterns. I don’t need that. We just don’t need that anymore going forward. This is where it is, and I don’t claim to cure anybody, but people age differently. They don’t have to age. Their body structure changes to a younger state. Literally, their physical body structure changes where. They don’t age where their hips get wider or age like a normal 60-, 70-, or 80-year-old. They can reverse that.

Psychology and Alchemy by C. G. Jung

The cool thing about it, and this goes back to what you’re talking about, is that wave that you’re always sending out that everybody is connecting to, your kids start to pick up that wave, and they don’t pick up the hereditary patterns either. And again, it’s amazing.

Kids can be half a world away, they could be grown up, and you changing yourself changes the field. That field is non-local. It’s spread across time and space, right?

Yes. It reminds me of The 100th Monkey Effect, where this monkey figures out how to use a tool on one island. And then, on another island, within seconds, another tribe of that monkey figures out how to use the tool. What happened? How did that work? Well, that monkey opened that door. It sent out that vibe, and that’s what humans do.

In human form, when somebody invents something, most likely that access of opening that door, however it opened, there’s another venture across the world that invented or got that aha moment pretty much at the same time. There’s a lot of coincidence there. That happens more often than you think; it’s not just about inventions or anything. 

It’s just when we figured out how to say raise consciousness or elevate us to a higher frequency, it sends out this flow, and everybody picks up on it. Nowadays, there are so many people practicing XI that are really shifting a lot of people around it; whether they practice benevolence, consciousness, or anything like that, they get forced to transform, which is really exciting. That’s how we really transform the world.

It’s not only that people are picking up on it, but the universe responds. It’s not just people. It’s like that 100th monkey or that 100th person will pick up on your new tool or whatever without you interacting with them. But synchronicities, chance occurrences that aren’t by chance, seem implausible. 

For example, my wife, toddler, and I were in Sedona just a few weeks ago. Prior to that, we were in Phoenix. We were there for a conference, Genius Network annual event, where I was speaking. Well, before we arrived, as soon as we were at the airport and the rental car place, we ran into friends who live in Toronto. Those friends were there for the conference too, but the likelihood of running into them at the car rental place was pretty low.  

The way it happened was we picked up the car, and after I pulled out, I noticed that the check oil light was on, which meant we had to go all the way back around and recheck the light. Do a whole complicated swap and everything. I’m like, okay, there’s a reason for this. It turns out we bumped into these friends that we wouldn’t have seen until the event. This is where it gets really weird and fun.  

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We didn’t have time to meet up for dinner or a meal like we were planning, and the event finished, so then we left for Sedona. And it turns out, they left for Sedona too, and we ran into each other on a rock and in a vortex in Sedona and said, okay, well, let’s have lunch. We had a really powerful conversation.  

That wouldn’t have happened—I can’t say it wouldn’t happen. I’d say it was much more likely that this kind of very improbable chance occurrence repeats. It probably would have been less likely if I had not been as benevolent, mindful, or in tune. 

Absolutely. Those are the programming that we have. As you awaken, you start to connect with people. I see that you had to connect with that individual to help each other again and go to a higher level of understanding of your consciousness. So no matter what you do, you’d have to connect. Even if you go, I can’t meet that person; not enough time; you’ll have to reconnect at some level until you have that discussion or that powerful experience that you all have. Does that make sense to you?

Yeah, totally. In fact, it seems like I’ll have a thought to contact somebody that I haven’t been in touch with for maybe years, and it won’t be a good moment for me to write it down or whatever, to act on it immediately, and then I forget about it, but then it pops right back maybe a day later or something and so then I know, okay, this is not random. This is a nod. 

So let me ask you, I see you’ve got a lot of background knowledge. You’ve studied a lot of modalities from what I’m seeing. Do you think it’s a process of you creating that moment, or do you think it’s something else?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I would see it as a future vision because, no offense, I can analyze anybody’s program. And really, that’s what I do best: Hey, Mas, what’s wrong with my life? Literally, people go, hey, what’s wrong with my life? I go, oh, at 17, X happened. Let’s help you release that. Let’s go back in time to release that. In fact, I can see the pattern. 

Is it more future vision for you, or do you create that moment? There’s a huge difference, by the way, and we teach people that difference.

I believe I can do both. That I co-create my reality, that I can co-create synchronicities and miracles, and that I can deliver miracles on behalf of the Creator. I also believe that I can see into the future, but that’s a trap with seeing into the future because if you get too wrapped up in that, you don’t live in the present moment.

Absolutely. That is true. Just a couple of scenarios, if you don’t mind. Yes, you are a co-creator but are you creating at a very deep level, say they give the 99% that I talked about or at the 1%? As you awaken, we all are creating our future events, but most of us don’t have access, control, or focus on which way we want to go. Your genetic makeup programming dictates those. 

It’s not just your hair color, eye color, and so on that you have inherited from your parents and their parents. It is the way you look at things, your concepts. You might go, well, I’m very, very different, but if you notice that the result of your life is very similar to that because you didn’t quite awaken, so your genetic makeup or your spiritual DNA, basically, is controlling or creating ahead of you the way it should. 

This is my point, as you awaken, you start to know what’s going on ahead of time while you’re in the present moment, which is exciting. And then you start to co-create on your own. This is where new moments literally get created into consciousness. You will see things from a very, very different perspective rather than the eyes of your predecessors. Does that make sense? So you can start to create and see the future vision at the same time.

Most people, though, can’t render.

It’s like awareness of your awareness.

Exactly, I love the way you said that. Awareness of your awareness gives you the power to materialize or manifest. Back in the day, they would call it—God. What do they call it? Not mental energy but the law of attraction but alchemy. That’s what it was. When you become aware of your awareness, stay at that higher level because a lot of times, when people become aware of their awareness, they snap back into it. It’s like they lost it.

Alchemy is literally about being at a higher level while you’re aware of the essence of yourself.

Alchemy is literally about being at a higher level and being aware while you’re aware of your essence of yourself, and this is where you can create cool things or put things together to create alchemy, which is cool.

Have you read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A long time ago, I kind of forgot about it. But yeah, a long time ago. It’s really cool.

It’s a great book. I just listened to it just recently. 

Oh, you did?

The audiobook. 

It makes me want to reread it.

Jeremy Irons was the narrator, the actor. So good. 

Now, I’ll have to check it out.

And another thing about The Alchemy I just learned, I was interviewing someone else the other day.

Maybe that’s why I’m saying it. If you’re reading it, maybe that’s why I’m picking it up. Okay, got it.

I just finished it. But the other thing that I just learned about, I haven’t read it. It’s a book by Carl Jung called Psychology and Alchemy. Terence McKenna was very inspired by that book. It sparked his interest in psychology at the age of 14 by reading Psychology and Alchemy. Carl Jung is amazing. He was the person who coined the term synchronicity and did all this research on it.

Yeah, I really like Carl Jung’s work. Our work is very similar. It’s like bridging the gap. I would see it from a different level, but it’s parallel—where you’re that time down being, you’re bridging the gap we’re synchronizing with timeless being. The closer you are or the integrator you are, that’s where you become into singularity. When you’re in that singularity moment or singular—this is where great power—you can manifest pretty much anything, and you’re not bound by the properties and the physics of time and space. 

When you’re in that singularity moment, you can manifest anything, and you’re not bound by the properties and the physics of time and space.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how you get into this zone of being nobody, no time, no place, and nothing. Nothing, nothing is nobody. From there, you can manifest pretty much anything. You’re not sucked into this roller coaster of emotions, and I want, I need, and attachments. You just simply are. It’s much easier to co-create a very powerful, positive reality when you’re in that place.

Absolutely. I like Joe Dispenza’s work. In fact, people who go to Joe Dispenza doing XI accelerate a lot faster. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, or any of those great individuals have a lot of great content. The difference between XI and people like that, again, modalities are all fantastic because they all allow us to expand. We get down into the deeper core issues of who we are, almost like your genetic makeup, because we’re bringing that along into Joe Dispenza’s concepts. Does that make sense? And then we’re trying to enhance it. 

But what if we were a clear vessel? What if we were a clean slate and then learned Joe Dispenza’s concept? You would accelerate more. You’re not carrying the baggage of your health issues, burdens, mental state, and so on that you inherited from your parents.

But also, imprints from your past lives, too, right? What you did in an unresolved past life, you carry over into a future life, and you might have had a traumatic death. Let’s say you got decapitated, a lifetime of neck pain, and you have no idea why, but you didn’t resolve anything from that past life. Maybe you had a lot of karmic baggage or debt.

Yes. Can I share a story with you?

I would love that.

This is how extreme it gets past life. There’s a woman. I do a lot of Zoom sessions or over the phone. I’m picking up on her, and I can tell you a ton of stories, but this one is interesting. I tap into her, and she’s going, yeah, I’ve gone to doctors and so on. I just started analyzing or scanning her, and I go, and it’s very different from psychic abilities.

I go, God, it’s like when I see you, it’s like you’re dead inside. I don’t know what’s going on, but there are all sorts of organ failures or weak organs. But when I see you, it’s like you’re gray; your organs are gray. She’s like, yeah, well, I had some stomach surgery. That’s what they were concerned about. It wasn’t pink like the pretty color of an internal organ. It looked gray; they thought it was oxygen levels and all that stuff. 

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I go, well, I’m not a doctor or anything, but that’s what I’m seeing. So I continue to see her, and these are like 10-minute sessions where we can do a lot in 10 minutes because it’s not about psychology. It’s about changing your frequency. And I go, are your shoulders square? She’s like, yeah, my shoulders are square. It seems like things are coming off your nails, underneath your fingernails. Yeah, we can’t figure it out. It’s like calcium or potassium. It secretes out from underneath her fingernails. 

It’s getting freakier and freakier for me. I asked, does your hair fall out? Yeah, my hair falls out. So and then it’s like the flashback came for me, and then this is where she released it, and I helped her release it. Do you ever feel like you’re dying or you’re buried alive? She goes, yeah, I have dreams about that all the time. It was a past life scenario that had seeped into her current life. That door wasn’t completely closed, or, if you want to call it, that accounting year didn’t completely finalize. She was running from her past life.

Was she actually buried in her past life?

Yes, back in the day, she was literally buried alive, and she was remembering those last moments of death where she was scraping the coffin, and this is where she was recreating it. The slivers from your fingernails, scraping it.

The term dead ringer comes from accidentally getting buried alive, and they would have a bell attached to a string so that the person in the coffin, if they were alive, could pull the string, ring the bell, and dig them up—dead ringer.

Isn’t that sad? It became so prevalent now what they do—so I wonder how many people are really dead when they get buried. Now they take your blood away. They make sure that you’re dead when you’re dead. But yeah, back in the day, there were many people. She was literally releasing because the last moments of death get stuck in you as you transition. 

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

If you’ve not awakened enough, what happened is that you will re-render that or you recreate it into your next life. And then you’ll try to have resolved a lot. You’ll try to resolve past life issues in this life, but it’s really hard to do that because it’s a past life issue. 

Right, and you don’t have the memory of it.

You don’t have the memories. Absolutely. So you can’t delete it because the actual program is not there for you. The rendering of it is. You can release it. You can go back in time like we were talking about—time and space—release that moment, and then it releases your life here. 

This is also where people have gotten stabbed, and all those, and they still have wounds from it. Those wounds start to heal once you let go of those past life issues. I don’t know why we’re talking about past lives, but I think a lot of your audience would really benefit.

Yeah, it’s so fascinating. I’m reading or listening to an audiobook called Destiny of Souls. That one is about a past-life regression hypnotherapist. He would go through these patients’ past life memories, and then he started to get intrigued by their between life relays, and so he would delve into them, and then he became a specialist in between lifetimes. Then he started asking all sorts of questions. He’s got several books on this topic, one of which is called Destiny of Souls. 

I want to pick back up on something you were talking about. You picked up on her energy and the grayness of her energy. You said this is different from psychic abilities. Can you differentiate psychic abilities from the gifts that you have? Are your gifts or abilities unique, or have you heard of other people having these abilities as well? 

Well, I haven’t heard of other people at the level that I’m at. There might be somebody out there, but I train people to have these abilities, so we all have this potential. People have transformed. People are practicing XI in their modalities of energy medicine and psychology. A lot of psychologists come.

It’s interesting; many surgeons see me because they get to see what’s going on, which is really cool. There are business people that do it as well. So yes, it’s trainable. It’s not psychic abilities because psychic abilities use your five senses to understand information or even channeling. 

When you channel somebody, you also start to channel their personalities.

Channeling is where you’re using another resource that you’re logging into. Do you remember John of God? He used to say, hey, I channeled dead doctors. That’s what he would say. This is what’s wrong with channeling. Unfortunately, when you channel somebody, you also start to channel their personalities. When a certain doctor that he would channel abused women back in the day, he would also start abusing his clients, and that’s where he got into trouble.

Anyway, I don’t channel the five senses. This is more of a knowing. This is going back to the framework, the blockchain, or you get into the matrix where you’re actually accessing the higher version of who you are.

I just want to go back to that real quick. I just wanted to say about John of God. What I received about him is that he was framed.

I could see that he was framed, but I could also see that he would literally channel some other people. A lot of people do that, by the way. When they’re channeling somebody, they start morphing into that personality as well. 

You can channel your higher self, too, right, like Edgar Cayce?

You can channel your higher self, yeah. Edgar Cayce, yeah, he channeled his higher self, tapping into him. He channeled his higher self. But it was out of time or another reality. So he was looking at his higher self from another version of himself, looking at the higher self, and that’s where he got kind of distorted or started to get abused by his abilities. So they weren’t like a pure state, that’s why. Does that make sense to you?

A little bit. Not quite. 

When you’re channeling your higher self, you want to expand into your higher self, or what we do is allow your higher self to come into you, and then your physical state expands. So Edward Cayce and most people who channel go outside of themselves to channel. 

Again, it’s all about space-time. Your physical form is here, you’re connecting out here, and that time distortion messes you up. That’s the key. It could be a benevolent being or a great sage that you channeled or not so great, but the key is that time distortion distorts or disorients you. Or this is where people get diseased as they channel. 

There’s a great individual. I think he wrote a diet book or cleansing book. He works on people, and then he can’t see. I think he did the celery juicing deal. 

Are you talking about the Medical Medium

Yeah, I think the Medical Medium.

Anthony William

Yeah, Anthony William. So again, a great being, benevolent, but when he reads people or helps people, he channels maybe a higher version or a benevolent presence, and then he escapes his physical body here. He goes there and then as he goes on, and again, it’s his own words. It takes him a couple of days or maybe weeks to start returning. He has issues seeing because he’s out here rather than here. 

That’s the difference. Basically, what I’ve done is I’ve invited my inner self or my higher self within me, again, integrated. You’re that oneness, and then you expand into those realities where I can tap into somebody and analyze them or read them. That’s where I get my information. It’s not channeled to me. It’s accurate. 

So if I’m having a bad day, say you get into an argument with somebody, psychic abilities or psychics would have a distorted version because now that filter of whatever they went through with their spouse is filtering through. Or, if they’re ill, they’ll see illness through you because they don’t have to read. They’re stepping outside of themselves to read, but then there are all these filters in between what they’re reading in you. Does that make sense?

It does, and that also relates to something I’ve not long ago come to understand: when you lower your vibration because you get in a fight with your spouse, you tune into radio stations, the thoughts. These are not your thoughts. Most thoughts are not your thoughts. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

When you are at this lower vibration, you’re tuning into destructive thoughts, intrusive thoughts, or, at least, disempowering or not helpful thoughts. You tend to beat yourself up or speak badly about the other person; blame them in your own mind. These are not your thoughts. All you have to do is elevate your vibration, your beingness, and then you’ll start tuning into higher-quality radio stations.

Absolutely. Yeah, that is accurate. At the lower frequencies, there’s just so much static because so many frequencies are getting sent out by people. There are not many high-frequency people, so it’s like, gosh, this is very congested. 

A simple way to protect yourself, because a lot of people stay at the same level of consciousness. Again, there are a lot of people there, a lot of frequencies, and a lot of them are messed up, so you’re picking all that stuff up. Why don’t you go to higher airspace where there’s less traffic, or even better yet, go to even higher airspace and then you can look down and observe? Not like looking down on people, but just looking down on the consciousness, and you can see those individual frequencies that they’re sending out, and then this is where you can read people well.

You get a little perspective, and by sticking your head up above the clouds because you’re in a higher vibration, those other people who are already there, too, notice you, and then all these chance occurrences where they happen to reach out to you out of the blue. It’s like, wow, I haven’t spoken to you in 10 years. What inspired you to contact me? Well, I don’t know. It just came to my mind. It’s like we just popped our heads above those clouds.

You connect with higher level people. You don’t have to worry about getting all that stuff on you like a lot of people are empaths because you just don’t know. You don’t have to protect yourself or anything like that because at the higher levels, one, to be at the higher level, you’ve learned how to solid identity of who you are so you’re not observing people. Although you can learn from other people, you just don’t naturally absorb other people’s garbage. 

There’s just less traffic at a higher level, so it’s much easier to navigate what’s out there and come into your power.

You can only absorb what you want from that person. What’s going to benefit you to ascend higher? But at that higher level, again, there’s just less traffic, so it’s a lot easier for you to navigate what’s really out there and come into your power.

When somebody or something tries to infiltrate your field, if you’re at that higher level and you’re just as being of bright, beautiful light, they can’t even touch you.

They can’t even touch you.

Thoughts, too. Thought forms that are not helpful and are negative can just bounce off of you and you can have a program so that when they try and infiltrate your field, they get sent immediately to the Creator, to Ein Sof.

Yes. I look at it as if you’re boosting your immune system, your spiritual immune system. At the lower levels, you’re being bombarded by a lot of things. At the higher levels, you might still be bombarded because you’re still here in the physical space, space zero, consciousness zero, or density is created. 

But the key is that since your immune system is here, you’re running at a high level immune system because you’ve learned how to boost your immune system, get stronger, healthier, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and all that. You’re rendering yourself here, but you’re experiencing life here so there’s not a disconnect, which is really important. 

But as you render yourself at the base level where you should because it’s physical form, it’s the only place where you can have a physical experience, and that’s why it’s so precious here. You’re not entangled with all the patterns that people are actively running. 

Again, you create that shield, but when you’re creating that shield or when you’re resonating at a high level, other people pick up on it, and they go, wow, I can resonate at that higher level. This is where you really help start to help transform humanity. It’s like, wow, that person, how do they do that? Oh, wait, I remember that. I can create myself up here as well. You help people remember who they really are.

Yeah. It’s like you’re starting a chain reaction and your awakening is contagious.

Yes. When you’re really awakening, your success pattern when you’re creating a success level here—say that you come into a lot of abundance, a lot of money, and so on like that because of your hard work, or even if you’re at a certain level you win the lottery, you expand because that is a representation at the level that you’re at, so success is very, very different for you as well. 

At the lower level, success is redefined. Success is defined as the more money I have or the more abundance, which is just an accumulation of physical goods that I have means the more I’m valued. But then over time, what will happen is that success is a magnifier because it’s ill-defined at the lower levels. People who become really, really successful start to see that the more they have, the less value they actually have.

People who become really successful start to see that the more they have, the less value they actually have.

It amplifies or magnifies who they already are. One thing I’ve learned about Kabbalah is that there’s this concept called the bread of shame where if somebody didn’t earn the thing that they received, then it comes with side effects. 

Winning the lottery often leaves the person worse off than they were before they won that lottery because they didn’t earn it. Whereas if somebody worked hard, they dug ditches, and washed cars or whatever and then they were able to buy that car instead of getting it for free because they turned 16 and their parents spoiled the person, this earning of what you receive is crucially important, and I think that’s related to what you were just describing.

It is, and a lot of people would equate that to just like you said, really working hard, sacrificing, and so on like that. But what you’re earning is like frequency credits or spiritual credits if you want to get more precise. What you’re doing is you’re not thinking that you are a non-deserving individual here. What you’re doing is you’re earning credits to elevate yourself at a higher level. 

At this higher level, whatever abundance that is yours or should be yours because again, at the higher level, you’re always a reflection of who you think you are. Does that make sense to you?


So at the lower level, say you’ve made a million dollars, but again, it’s an escape. You think your million dollars is going to expand you or create your higher self-worth for you, but it doesn’t, and this is where people commit suicide and so on. Because they see how little they are compared to what they’ve actually earned. So again, that shame feeling. So shameful that they did disconnect. 

Elevate yourself to a higher level, and then money will naturally gravitate toward you.

That’s why a lot of entertainers disconnect or a lot of people who become massively successful disconnect. This is where, like you said, those people who win the lottery, their programming can’t stand being at that level because they don’t know how to handle money or they don’t know how to handle their self-worth, and they have to lose it and get worse. What we’re saying is, hey, wait, elevate yourself to a higher level and then money will naturally gravitate toward you, and that’s that worth that you have.

Money becomes a reflection of who you really are, or success, happiness, health, youthfulness, or whatever else becomes a reflection of who you are up here. Down here, it becomes a facade of who you are. That’s the difference between having a lot of money and owning it, versus having a lot of money and faking it. Which really redefines what abundance is for us.

Are you familiar with the book, Power vs. Force by David Hawkins?

Yeah, I am. It’s really interesting. 

He talks about the different levels, the numbers that were a thousand, I think. Similar to what you’re describing, being at a higher level, higher vibration.

It is. It’s at a higher level. It’s a higher frequency. Absolutely. I did a seminar on that quite a while back. It’s a fascinating book. I guess it’s very similar to that. I went into it a little deeper from it as well, and we might revisit that, by the way. There are a lot of books that I’m going to revisit or review like Think and Grow Rich. We’re going to review that and do an XI version. 

Outwitting the Devil, that’s another good one. 

What is it?

Outwitting the Devil. It didn’t get released until after Napoleon Hill passed. Think and Grow Rich was published in his lifetime, but then his manuscript was too controversial he would have gotten too much heat according to his wife or widow. It wasn’t worth the risk of being targeted by talking about these esoteric concepts. That book was not released for 80 years or some really long period of time. So I would check that out too.

Oh, yeah. I love it. Actually, probably not as bad, but I actually did a podcast. It’s a lecture series. It was a podcast and we got that flack as well. It’s got nothing to do, but it was called The Science of Satan and how we render or manifest Satan in this reality, which isn’t true literally. It’s a physical manifestation that we’ve all rendered creating a version of Satan that’s not true and that destroys us. Does that make sense? It’s our inner weaknesses and so on. 

Yeah. In fact, in Kabbalah, they refer to him as the opponent, and also that he has a positive angel because he gives us something to push against, something to contrast with, so we work to elevate our consciousness even better.

In this reality, there’s control, sacrifice, and lack. Those three ingredients are everything that we control.

Yes. No matter what religion or spirituality, Satan was the closest thing next to God, right? It’s like, if you’re the closest thing next to God at that benevolence level, you’re pretty high up. It’s pretty hard for you to drop down because you couldn’t. You wouldn’t have human emotions. You wouldn’t have jealousy or any human rendition of that. It’s pretty hard to drop down like that. 

I think what it’s about, again in the Science of Satan, is there to explain it at a deeper level, but it’s like a control feature that humans have. We need to control. In this reality there’s control, there’s sacrifice, and then there’s lack. Those three ingredients are in everything that we control. That distorted version of Satan would be created in the realm of space and time. Those things don’t exist above in the no time zone or the timeless zone because you can’t. There’s just pure benevolence there. There are not two forces or anything like that.

Reality doesn’t really exist. It’s all an illusion. All there is is love. Anything less than love is an illusion. Evil doesn’t really exist. It exists in the way that we created or co-created by our believing in it, but we stop believing in it and it goes away.

That goes into observing the observer. If you’re within the paradigm that you’re creating, evil would have to exist because it would have to be, like you said in Kabbalah, it’s the pushing force. It’s a reflection of where you are in comparison to where you are. Does that make sense? 

You would never understand light if there was no darkness. You would never understand, appreciate, or anything love if there was no hate. That’s why we need it. And then over time, we’ve created the devil idea and concepts like that because we couldn’t reference or we couldn’t overcome because the darkness has a draw or distortions more of a draw than the light or the goodness. There’s a reason for that, by the way.

But if we ascend, if we render ourselves, or if we experience ourselves out of this physical plane, we experience ourselves here and know that this is a rendering here, we don’t need reference points like good, bad, dark, light. We understand that those are tools for us to render a space here, but we don’t use it as something to identify with. Because that’s why we identify. I’m good, they’re bad, does that make sense? It justifies who we are.

But like I said, if you go past the physical space and time model, you go here, you render, and know that this is a rendering, you don’t use that as a reflection of who you are because who you are at a higher level and there’s no need, for example, for a devil icon. The devil does not exist past time and space. It’s just pure benevolence. 

Like you said earlier, this is a simulation. You use the term simulation. 

Reality doesn’t really exist. It’s all an illusion. All there is is love. Anything less than love is an illusion.

Yes, it is a simulation. Can I just talk about that?

Oh, please. I want to also be respectful of your time. If you have to go, we can wrap up.

Just this last point is really cool. The simulation, so again, it’s where you create yourself in the fourth dimension is how you change yourself. What most people do is keep themselves in the same environment. 

Say you’re in a house that has no plumbing, no heating, or it’s dilapidated because you’ve inherited it from your original ancestors. You’re just another rendition within that house, literally. That’s why you have the same issue, same diseases. What you’re doing is you’re improving, you’re self-improving like, gosh, I got to fix the heater now. 

But the thing is hundreds of generations, oh, there is no heater or electricity and all that. That’s what most people do. They try to fix the rendering that they’ve created. But over here, there’s another simulation of yourself. This is what you’re talking about. There are millions of different scenarios of you, but there’s only one scenario that’s alive. There are different possibilities or millions of possibilities that you could run into, but most people don’t understand it, or there are not a million universes that are active right now. There’s a possibility of you being active right now.

You are creating that force that starts or turns that universe on. You’re over here, you’re in a simulation. You try psychology, you try whatever health foods, you try different people to be a better version, but you’re still in that same house. You’re not going to enjoy it. Why not go hey, let’s build another version here, or let’s find another version literally like a brand new house for you to exist in? 

This is where you go. Massive changes can happen in literally 18 days. We’re doing an 18-day hyper meditation where you jump from this space into your brand new home—updated technology, electrical, plumbing, and all that. This is where your life massively transforms and you can let go of these old patterns completely, even at a genetic makeup. It’s literally about simulations of where you create yourself versus psychology, belief systems, or anything. It’s really a cool concept.

This hyper meditation process is done remotely or virtual, or is it done in an event center?

People need to de-stress or re-energize themselves.

Yes, it’s on Zoom. We connect with 800–1000 people, I think, every other month. It became so powerful that we did it every other month. People need to de-stress or re-energize themselves before they go. The next one is in May. It’s really fantastic. You literally can transform yourself in that short period of time.

As you escape time and space, you don’t need time to heal or shift. You can literally change the channel, which is again, great technology.

Amazing. I know we’re wrapping up here, but I’m curious if there was anything that you spotted about me and my energy. Do you just automatically sense people when you are getting interviewed or you’re in a conversation with somebody? 

I do.

So what did you get about me? 

That’s why I was picking up the alchemist-type scenarios, then the other thing—past lives and all of that. It just comes naturally to me. I kind of dim it down, but I can scan you if you don’t mind.

For sure.

You can keep it off on your podcast. It’s all up to you. There are bits and pieces of you all over the place, if that makes sense to you. Basically, that means that you have a lot of teachers in you. We need to come to an agreement or a oneness with all those teachers. Does that make sense to you?


There are aspects of you like in your 20s, there’s a segment. I want to say between 18–24 there’s a part—I don’t know if you left home, you found yourself, or you explored yourself. It was 18–24. That segment of you is part of you, but it’s like a module that you placed in you. It hasn’t been merged in you. Does that make sense to you?

I got married at 19. I was a foster child until my teenage years. I wanted to get a stable family and all that as quickly as possible.

Okay. That part of you, so just think of it. You’re identity of a foster child here, and then what happened is you left and that’s what I’m seeing. What happens is like, hey, I want to create a scenario of I want to have a happy family. I want to have a close bond and all that stuff. A happy family scenario, right? So you took that module here and then you placed it here, but it didn’t grow into you. It’s just a module in you. Does that make sense how that works?

It didn’t become you although you represent it, and quickly because you’re so easy to literally rewire, let’s just help you with that and you’ll see the difference.

Okay, cool.

You look at your spouse or your kids and you’ll go, wow, okay. You will really feel them, so to speak. You’ll really get integrated. When you were younger, I want to say 10 or 11, what happened there? I’ll tell you what I see and maybe you can relate it to your experience.

When you were around 10 or 11, it’s almost like you saw things happening outside of you, but you could not interact from that scenario. You didn’t have a chance, you didn’t have a choice, or you couldn’t for some reason. So you saw the possibilities out there. It’s like when I’m X, then I’m going to be out there. This is where you get excited about life. It’s like, I can’t wait until the day that I’m out there and actually in life and experiencing life. Much like a little kid that goes, when I get older, I’m going to go by that race car. Does that make sense? That sense of excitement.

At the higher level, you're always a reflection of who you think you are. Click To Tweet

What happened was for my fifth and sixth grades, I lived with my aunt. My grandmother had passed in the spring of my fourth grade. My grandfather didn’t want to keep me so I went to live with my aunt. We lived in Connecticut for a year, then Florida for a year, and then she got a divorce and took me back to Toledo to live with my grandfather.

Got it. I was seeing, you said you were a foster child, so I didn’t know that person.

Before being a foster child. At 13 or 14 I became a foster child.

Yeah, I’m seeing 13-14 is like a heavy hand on you, that kind of split, so to speak. Parts of you literally stayed with the family, and parts of you left being a foster child. Does that make sense how that works?


And then let’s go back. 

It feels amazing, by the way. 

Take a breath in and just notice your spine. Actually, your spine and then just right in front of your spine. It’s kind of strange, and I’ll explain. I’m not saying your spine is strange, but there’s your spine here and then I see another version of you here. There are almost like two spines that I see in you. That makes sense to you? Who is that, what is that? 

Oh, I get it. What happened to four, five, six? I get patterns or algorithms on how it affected you rather than the actual experience. Sometimes I get the actual experience, but four, five, six were a separation of sorts for you from what I’m seeing.

I was raised mostly by my grandparents up until fourth grade. I had some interaction with my mom in the earlier years, less so as I grew older. Until then, my grandmother passed and things shifted. Four, five, six I think maybe what happened around there was my father who was already out of my life for the most part left my mother.

Which is a good thing, by the way, Stephan. No offense, but it’s a good thing.

It’s all good. He left the area and moved to California. I probably had less interaction with my mother and father at that point.

What I’m seeing is there’s a destabilization in you. Now I understand why because again, father and mother icon. Does that make sense to you? Then your mom gets frazzled or just starts to break down, and then you try to support her but you’re so young. It’s like, how the hell do I support a grown woman type frequency? And then you create a separation, or basically, you either take on. Because you’re a loving guy, you take on. It’s like you see this heavy burden on your mom. It’s like, I can’t lift that thing, but I’m going to try.

My grandfather was so abusive to her and it was hard to take. The name calling and everything, it was bad.

You would absorb that. You would have absorbed that, so let’s help you. And again, I’ll just help you release all that if you don’t mind.

Oh, please. 

And then going back to your birth, that’s where I see the double spine. There are a couple of scenarios. One, your mom might have lost a kid or had an abortion. However, she lost it, it doesn’t matter. She might have lost three kids from what I’m seeing. Sometimes, however, you see it, that spirit hangs out with you or there’s an imprint of that loss of a child within her memory. And then you come in and it imprints to you. Does that make sense to you?

Yeah. I just learned about the full Court of Atonement is something from Amy Jo Ellis. There was something I was just reading about the absorbed twin from gestation. I was wondering, why am I reading this?

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

That’s why. That’s the bigger key. Again, you read about this stuff, but XI is literally about, okay, let’s do something about it. It’s not recreating time and space because that’s written in the sand. You can’t change what’s written in the sand, but take a breath in and just notice your spine, especially your lower half. What happens is that, again, you can’t recreate what happened, but you can render the meaning of what happened to you. 

As a higher version, it’s like, oh, that’s happened to me. Let’s take the benefit out of that. So let’s help you release that other version or that other identity. This is where you might experience in your youthful days two versions of you. Do I want to go, is this the Stephan that I want or is this the Stephan that I want? That makes sense to you?

It’s almost like, which way do I go? I have two opportunities. This is why because you have two renderings of you. By the way, it’s space-time so it kind of disorients you because again, you’re here, there’s another version of you here. As of late, by the way, this is what’s important, that version of you, you’re trying to push out and this is why you’re doing all that research on yourself. 

You’re trying to push out that other identity that shouldn’t be there anyway. But it’s a nice identity, but you just need to hold the pieces of that identity that you want, and then let go of that version that you’re creating or the double bone structure. I’m not a doctor or anything, Stephan, but when I see you have a softer bone structure from what I’ve seen. Your bones are softer or more flexible. It didn’t completely turn into an adult-type bone structure. 

Plus, since you took on the worries of your mom, you have a very sensitive feel to you as well. You see things from your mom’s frequencies. Does that make sense? Even women, you see it from their perspective, yes, which makes you very sensitive, but then also, it’s your mom’s perspective, which isn’t the best version of female. You’re always weeding that out, if that makes sense. 

You’re taking in—this is where you would observe something, then you consciously think about it, and you go, okay, this is true, this is true, this is true, this is not true. Let’s move that out. So you’re conscious of how you do that. Does that make sense how you do that? You observe what you’re observing and then you filter it out. That’s why because you’re starting to see your mom’s filter that’s trying to control you. Was there alcohol, by the way?

My foster father was an alcoholic. That was the only exposure I had. He died. 

I just see that wrapped around you, it’s not part of you, which is good. But you would be that person that would support people in that sense, or again, have situations where you would have a problem person because of alcohol, an addiction, or mental instability, if that makes sense to you.

Take a breath in again, buddy. What I’m doing for you is literally a lot of things. Disconnecting you from the losses of your mom. While she was pregnant with you, it’s almost like towards the end, the last two months or so she’s like, I don’t know if I should have this baby or not. She had this deal. They kind of messed you up as well.

That’s impacting you as well. I’m just seeing the last two months. I don’t see the exact scenario but how it impacts your algorithms or your patterns that you see in life. Let’s release that while we’re at it.

For you, you change so much you just will shift. It’s like, well, I’m totally different. Or you seem like you might just break down. If you break down just really get into it, allow yourself to break down, and then the next day, it’s like, whoa, I’m a different version of myself, which is really cool. Because you change really fast because of all the studying that you’ve done. 

Now we’re taking all those things that you’ve studied and actually putting it in motion for you. So it’s not a psychological thing. It really is in motion. There’s a lot of great knowledge but how do we integrate that knowledge within ourselves?

That was another lesson from my guides. It was like knowledge doesn’t count unless you apply it. Learning for learning’s sake does not change the world. We’re in a world of action. 

That’s what I’m saying. When you become the knowledge, you resonate that knowledge out, and that’s where people pick up on it. Whether they’re ready for that knowledge or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s higher level knowledge. They go, oh, I remember that knowledge because it’s all within us. Now we’re applying that knowledge.

Notice your neck, by the way. Let’s release.

I’m getting a lot of tension in my neck. A lot of tension on my neck and shoulders.

Every person has their own shard of the multiverse where they hold that level of influence.

Up into the head area, and it comes from birthing, by the way, and that double spine that I see.

By the way, it was a very long, arduous childbirth for my mom. Very, very long.

It seems like they torqued you to pull you out, which messed up your neck for some reason. It’s like they didn’t just please straight down. They literally pulled your head this way to move your shoulders or whatever, but it just messed up your neck because that’s a lot of torque. Again, those memories are in you as well. Especially when you’re coming into space-time. 

It’s like, God, this is your first introduction into space-time. It’s like, whoa, this doesn’t feel that great? Let’s help you release those memories or those patterns because that’s kind of locked in your bone structure where you’re still rendering from a younger version of self. Those memories are still imprinted in your bones. Does that make sense to you? 

What I do is I focus here. I call it spatial referencing where I focus in on a spot so I’m not looking at you. I stay here and then I expand into your awareness, and then I can just like literally log into your computer and just see things the way you would see them or how you experience them. But I actually have admin-level access.

I like it, superuser. 

I go to a deeper level and it’s like, oh, this is what’s going on with Stephan and you rewrite, not what happened but the meaning of what happened at a deeper level.

Tony Robbins says we are meaning makers.

Yup, there you go. What this will do is you’ll start to feel an integration of self because like you said, knowledge is here, knowledge is there, and experiences here are what you want and what you’ve created. Say a family or knowledge and so on, again, there are modules of you, but you didn’t combine or interact at a cellular level for you. Now, that process is going to start to happen for you.

Thank you.

And then you’ll start to integrate and you’ll start to feel like really literally one. You might even vibrate in and out, in and out type feel. Wow, it’s really cool for you, buddy. And again, you’ve got so much knowledge, now you’re going to access that knowledge, transform, and shift. That’s really cool. Nice.

It’s a lot of work for the first session. This is like decades and decades of therapy, and really I don’t know how long went by, 10 minutes. That’s why people can change so fast. Because I get to the core level of it. This is what’s going, this is what’s going on, this is what’s going on, rather than you going, well, I’m not having a great time, I can’t do this, or I’m sick all the time. It’s like, hey, let’s go fix this, this, this, this. People don’t even recognize that. Let me know how you feel afterward. Give it three or four days and you see that deeper integration. It’s really cool. Good stuff, buddy.

Thank you. Again, if our listener or viewer wants to work with you, learn the XI modality or system and just follow you and your wisdom on social media and all that, what are the various places for them to go to?

You can look at @mas_sajady on Instagram, Facebook. YouTube is really cool. If you go to, that’s my YouTube channel. And there is so many free content there for you, guys. It’s a half-hour clips. It’s online. It’s called Mas on Sundays. It’s live for you. This is where you get a chance where I can analyze all of you, not one-on-one but I analyze you. I tell you the underlying reasons on why life happens or world situations happen, and then help us come up to a higher level of consciousness. 

So that’s there. Xponential Intelligence podcast, XI podcast that’s on YouTube and other podcast platforms. Look at the 18 days when you go to, it’s really a great place to start. That’ll help you to get your feet wet and start helping you reprogram yourself just like I helped you, Stephan. 

Those people who are listening, by the way, might start to feel a change. I know this is a recording, but even on the recording, you’ll start to awaken as well. That’s how powerful we all are.

I learned that recently from getting some healings from Rob Morgan. He was bringing in Master Zoser, and so forth. If I really listened to it, they would show up and do the healing on me again as if it were live. That was mind-blowing.

Yeah, isn’t it cool? I do a lot of live things because I get the frequencies of the individuals and I pull them in. But listening to the recordings or even the show, your listeners will start to go, oh, wow, that really changed me. It’s not just a conscious opening. It’s literally a frequency opening for you. Really cool to see, and that’s the new technologies that are coming in, and it blows the doors off of anything that we’ve experienced before. So it’s a great time to be alive. It’s really cool.

It is. Amazing. I’m just going to get a tune into your live stream. It’s Mas on Sunday. It’s YouTube Live 30 minutes past 9 AM Central Time.

Central time, absolutely.

Thank you, Mas. This was fabulous. 

Thank you. 

Thank you, listeners and viewers. I’m really excited and just grateful for you. 

Thank you so much. 

Thank you and we’ll catch you on the next episode. 

Take care. Bye-bye.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Learn from the past and each other. This will allow me to gain new perspectives and help me make better decisions in life.

?Focus on achieving a higher level of health and performance of the mind, body, emotions, and actions.

?Release the old version of myself and let go of the limiting beliefs that came along with it. My past is not always who I am or who I will be

?Detach from negative energy and thoughts. Communicating with my higher self can keep me calm, grounded, and in tune with the world around me.

?Reconnect with others and help each other. Surrounding myself with mindful people will help me obtain a higher level of understanding of my consciousness.

?Protect my higher self and set healthy boundaries. Keeping protective light around me is one of the best things I can do to ward off negative influences.

?Remove greed from my heart. Greed turns people into corrupt and dishonest human beings, and I must restrain myself from becoming that way.

?Seek knowledge and resonate with that knowledge. Share the light so it keeps spreading and helping others.

?Create and see the future through my higher consciousness. Awareness of my awareness gives me the power to materialize or manifest.

?Check out Mas Sajady’s website to learn more about him and his services. Also, follow him on Instagram and Facebook for his latest updates and subscribe to his YouTube channel for free video content.

About Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady is known as a teacher’s teacher, mentor’s mentor, leader’s leader and the advisor to the 1%. Through two near death experiences, Mas Sajady has mastered highly advanced knowledge and abilities that he’s become the leading authority in utilizing the power of frequencies to optimize human potential.

The founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI). Mas has an XI podcast with 2 million downloads and 100,000 successful client sessions in the last 10 years; he has traveled around the world and reached over a million people with seemingly miraculous life transformations. Mas’ Hyper-Meditation program has proven to help change your life in as little as 18 days instead of decades.

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