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By: Stephan Spencer


Lisa Campion
“One of the things I love about my work is the ripple effect on the world. So my goal is to train an army of healers to go out there and save the planet.”
Lisa Campion

More and more people are waking up to their energetic nature, doing practices like Reiki, yoga, and meditation that can unlock their psychic abilities.

Today’s guest, Lisa Campion, had a fondness for horror movies as a child, which led her to pursue an education in the paranormal realm.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Lisa is a psychic coun­selor and Reiki master teacher. She has been teaching Reiki for over 20 years. She has trained more than one thousand people in Reiki and has conducted more than fifteen thousand individual sessions. Lisa is the author of the #1 best-selling book, The Art of Psychic Reiki, and her newest book, Energy Healing for Empaths.

In today’s episode, Lisa talks about intuition and psychic ability as excellent assets to life and work. She also shares her learnings and experiences of being a visual psychic and stories of people she’s helped. Furthermore, she explains the difference between someone’s own bad decisions and a curse and the distinction between intuition and psychic phenomena.

Get ready to take your spirituality to a deeper level. And now on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces his next guest, Lisa Campion, a psychic coun­selor and Reiki master teacher with over twenty-five years of experience.
  • [02:00]Lisa narrates the origin story of how she ended up knowing about Reiki and her psychic abilities.
  • [06:11]Stephan asks for an example that Lisa learned the hard way and did wrong at first.
  • [09:43]Lisa shared the worst stories of a person she had to work and help with.
  • [14:29]Lisa explains the difference between someone’s own bad decisions from having a curse.
  • [15:42]Stephan and Lisa talk about psychic self-defense and ways to put protection around oneself.
  • [24:20]Stephan talks about being optimistic and getting information through Angel numbers and further shares his psychic experience.
  • [30:05]Lisa says that the three big psychic openers are yoga, Reiki, and meditation.
  • [31:28]Stephan and Lisa discuss intuition and its difference from psychics.
  • [39:02]Lisa explains the difference between Reiki versus psychic Reiki.
  • [43:06]Stephan talks about Lisa’s ability to be a visual psychic. He asks about the ways she developed it so that she could see people’s auras and different entities.
  • [46:35]Stephan wants to know more about Lisa’s ability to see people’s energetic chords.
  • [50:51]Visit Lisa Campion’s website to know more about online Reiki and psychic development.

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Lisa, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

Thank you so much. I’m super happy to be here. I’m a big fan of your podcast, by the way. I love it. 

Oh, wonderful. I’m so glad to hear that. What’s your favorite episode? 

I kind of like the hacking episodes like the ones where you really get biohacking and lifehacking. I can tell you’ve spent so much time trying to figure it out. You said to optimize yourself and it just provides some really great hints on how to do that. So thank you for the work you’re doing. 

Energy Healing for Empaths by Lisa Campion

That’s awesome. I do love geeking out on some sort of stuff like wearables, quantified self, and what gets measured gets managed. Awesome. 

I’d love to get into Reiki, empaths, and psychic abilities. Let’s start with how you ended up knowing you had this ability. There must be some fantastic origin story that you can share with our audience. 

It’s kind of a crazy origin story. I grew up just outside Boston. I was born in the 60s so I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Back then it wasn’t really cool to be psychic. Not good. There were no psychics on TV, no podcasts, no books in the library about what was happening. I really had to figure everything out myself and spent a lot of time trying to understand what I was experiencing. I was seeing and experiencing perceiving things that clearly other people weren’t.

I spent a lot of time trying to pretend to be normal, just get by. Back then, if you saw angels and talked to dead people, you might land yourself in a psychiatric hospital. I was scrounging for information and trying to figure out what was happening. Fortunately for me, my parents were hippies. They took me to transcendental meditation when I was 10 because that’s what you did when you were a hippie in 1974. 

I had this experience and actually met Maharishi Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, and he was taking everyone in the back and giving people some Shakti pot to do an initiation and give them their mantra. He was speaking through his interpreter who’s like blah-blah-blah. 

Then he looked at me and he was like oh, honey, I’m so sorry. If you’d grown up in my country, we would know what to do with you, but because America is basically spiritually bankrupt, you’re kind of out of luck. You’re going to have a tough childhood, but you need to hang in there because you’re going to help a lot of people when you get older. 

I was like okay. It was amazing that somebody saw something in me that I was experiencing. I got a lot of my paranormal education by watching horror movies. When I was 12, I snuck into Poltergeist to see the movie. There’s this professional psychic and I was like oh my God, that’s a thing you can do? I’m going to do that. 

I decided in the movie theater at that moment, that that’s what I was supposed to do. She gave this little tidbit about what happens when you die, why some people get stuck in, and what you do to cross them over. I was like there are people who know things and it kind of sparked my mission to figure out what was going on and what I was going to do. 

One of the things I love about my work is the ripple effect on the world. So my goal is to train an army of healers to go out there and save the planet. Share on X

I actually started working as a psychic when I was 19, and I haven’t really done anything else except train people to do energy work, Reiki, and really now train people. It was so painful for me to be lost at sea with no information and gleaning information from horror movies, which I have to tell you what sort of 50-50 on the accuracy of what was actually good information. 

It was so painful for me, but I was very dedicated to helping other people that were going through that experience to not have to suffer alone in confusion like I did. And now that’s my thing. I really think that more and more people are waking up to their sensitivity, doing practices like Reiki, yoga, and meditation that could pop your psychic ability open and, and it’s happy. I wrote the book I wanted to find in a library that I couldn’t find and I became the teacher that I wanted to find that it couldn’t find. That’s really my story.

That’s awesome. What a great lesson for us to push through the blockages and the things that seem like they’re not aligned or helping us and actually everything’s for our highest and best good. We just have to zoom out far enough to see it.

I think so. I’m sure the same thing happened for you. The pain that we go through sometimes becomes like rocket fuel for our journey and how we want to contribute to the world. That’s certainly been the truth for me. I did everything the hard way and made every mistake in the book. 

I’m super happy to pass on what I learned the hard way and make things easier for people.

I started doing house clearings in the 90s. There was nobody doing it, no manual. I was always kind of ahead of the curve so I had to figure it all out. It was hard, but I felt like it taught me really deeply. I’m super happy to pass on what I learned the hard way and make things easier for people. 

I do think that as we’re going through this expansion in human consciousness, more and more people’s abilities are popping open. More and more people are feeling their life purpose is to be a healer and want to be of service, especially young people. I like working with teenagers and young adults because they’re so bright and so open, and there’s so much more available for them than it was for me.

What would be an example of something that you learned the hard way and did wrong at first? Like a house clearing that went poorly or something?

So many. Nobody calls you to their house to do a clearing because they have great energy in their house. Nobody comes to my office because they’re having a good day. Our job is to take our little light and step into the darkness. I’ve seen things that you read about, that you see in horror movies, that are really dark spirits or things that linger after bad things happen. 

I took them home with me because I didn’t know better. I didn’t know how to protect myself. One time I brought a friend home and it took me probably 10 years to get rid of that thing. I actually had to move because it was really dug in where I lived. I’ve always been a bit of a ghost magnet anyway. 

People with a lot of psychic ability, especially mediums. Mediums or psychics that specialize in talking to dead people and anyone that has that tends to be a ghost magnet. I could move into a brand new house and it would be haunted five minutes later because they all come around. They’re like oh, look who’s in the house now. Let’s move in there and see what she does. That was the worst, was taking something home, not good. 

Our job is to take our little light and step into the darkness.

There’s a lot of curiosity in the paranormal and a lot of the TV shows. Don’t get your education by watching what they do on TV because they don’t always take steps to protect themselves or if they do, they’re not showing it on camera, so it’s sort of a high-risk psychic activity. 

I think a lot of people who are curious about the paranormal do things like that, which is a little bit not being sure you believe in sharks so chumming the water and then jumping in to see whether sharks are real. 

I like that analogy. 

It’s kind of like the spiritual equivalent of that. I’ve done a lot of cleanup for people who’ve gotten themselves into really dicey spiritual experiences because they don’t quite believe so they do some things. Don’t take the ouija board to the abandoned mental hospital on Halloween. It seems like fun until it gets real and then it’s quickly not fun.

What would be one of the worst stories that you came across of somebody that you had to work with and help? 

Somebody who was in a heavy metal rocker phase of their life; sweet guy, young man, but tattooed with a demon summoning sigil on his body.

Oh, no. 

Yeah. He was just haunted by the horrific. He would move and it wouldn’t go. Finally, one day, I was like do you have any tattoos? Yeah, look. Actually, now that you mentioned it, all my problems started after I got this tattoo. He was just going through like a teenage rebellion stage. It was a powerful symbol that he had no idea. He had a tattoo removal. Almost to the point of getting rebaptized and dedicating his life to the good. I hope he’s okay. At this point, I think he is, but that was one of the worst ones. 


Yeah, and ouija boards. People innocently play with them, especially psychic people who don’t know and don’t have very good boundaries or are really young. Ouija boards create a lot of problems.

Yeah, because it’s not filtered through divine and sacred beings. You’re putting your hand into murky water and hoping that good stuff is going to come out, but you don’t know what’s in there and it’s a lot of darkness.

A lot of it takes you directly to the bad neighborhood in the astral dimension, the not so good neighborhood, and it’s kind of a direct portal over there. They saw it as a game in a toy store. People don’t know. 

I embarrassed the heck out of my kids when they were teenagers once.  There were some kids playing with the ouija board in the park across from the school where my kids went to school. I just read them, and my kids were so mortified. Mom, we can’t show our face in school. I felt like it was an important safety tip and worth the lecture even if they didn’t listen to me. 

More and more people are waking up to their sensitivity, doing practices like Reiki, yoga, and meditation that can pop their psychic ability open. Share on X

Yeah, that’s worse than seeing some kids smoking crack or something on the playground.

I know. To me, it is. I was like, danger, danger. 

It’s more damaging. 

Yeah, it can be. 

Not that I know anything about crack, but our soul is eternal and when you’re doing stuff to your body, that does have lasting impact for this physical body in this lifetime. You mess around with the dark neighborhoods and this could be something that you carry on for many, many lifetimes. 

Exactly. You can go on the Internet now and download a demon summoning ritual. People, they do it and don’t have any idea. Those things are kind of like you said, if we make connections or contracts with those kinds of beings, they can and will follow us from lifetime to lifetime.

If we make connections or contracts with those dark neighborhoods or beings, they can and will follow us from lifetime to lifetime.

Sometimes down family lineage, too. I’ve handled some nasty critters that have come from your grandparents or great grandparents and it trickles down, sort of literally the family demon. That’s more common than people think.

Yeah, and generational curses too. 

Absolutely. I’ve been working for so long and I keep thinking I’ve seen it all, then I have to learn a whole bunch of stuff. I didn’t really believe in curses until I started working in a town that had a lot of immigrants from South America. Somebody came in to me once and said, “I think I’ve got a curse.” I was like, “No, you don’t.” Then I was like. “Oh, you do.”

There was this Brazilian lady that would put a curse on you for $500 and then she would take the curse off for $500. It’s kind of a good racket. Anybody that got into trouble in that town I lived in would get a curse. They really can impact you quite significantly in terms of your health or your luck in a way. Things just kind of go wrong for you. I had to become an expert in curse removal.

How do you tell that someone has a curse? If you just intuitively thought no, you don’t have a curse. Then you looked into it, how did you look into it and you find out that that person did?

The tricky thing is to tell the difference between someone’s own bad decisions because a lot of people come to me and say I think I have a curse. I’ll look at them and I’ll be like no, you just make terrible decisions. You got yourself into this mess. 

I see it as like a chain. I’m a visual psychic, so I can feel it.

I see it as like a chain. I’m a visual psychic so I can feel it. It’s more than what a cord looks like that connects us energetically. It looks like a chain and it’s usually wrapped around a particular part of us like it’s wrapped around your heart, then things won’t go well for you. You could have heart problems, or physical problems, or your relationships don’t go well after that. That to me, visually, is like a chain, sometimes like barbed wire too. I had to learn that. 

I had to learn quite a lot about black magic, which I also didn’t really believe in very much until I started seeing just incredible numbers of cases of people who have been impacted by that. 

Psychic self-defense is one of my favorite topics. I guess it’s like one of my specialties. Partly because it’s what I’ve encountered, it’s what comes in on my clients that I have to deal with.

Yeah, I do a lot of healings, clearings, and stuff like that, not for pay. I just do it for friends, family, and people that I just feel called to do that for. One of my mentors is Tina Zion, whom you might know. She’s written some Reiki books and books about medical intuition. She’s phenomenal. 

She keeps telling me, I am not doing enough to protect my backside, that I’m showing vulnerabilities on my backside, and so I need to keep mindful of this when I’m putting protection around myself, doing the prayers and spheres of protection, and so forth where it goes all the way around and not just thinking about putting a wall up or some sort of boundary that protects me from the front. 

Curse is more than what a cord looks like that connects us energetically. It looks like a chain, and it’s usually wrapped around a particular part of us, then things don’t go well.

I would love to hear more guidance around this whole psychic self-defense thing because I do keep getting interfered with. I don’t like it, but it’s kind of been something that’s been par for the course as I go into this area of helping people with healings because usually they have some sort of negative entities that are associated with their physical ailment.

Yup, so often they do. It’s an interesting thing you said that because I do find this to be very common for people that have a high profile in the world. As a public figure, we leave ourselves open to this kind of negative mojo more than other people. 

For me, as I’ve written a couple books (they were bestsellers), all the sudden I’m lowkey, somebody people know. What I get for you is that that’s part of it, too. You have to defend a little bit about jealousy, or something my friend calls the evil eye, which is like when people will wish you because you’re successful. That’s what I see a lot of. 

When you have that and you know about that, you’re going to front-load the front of your energy field because that’s where you’re protected. Your forward-facing self is your public self. You’ve learned already how to create a boundary or buffer between you and the people of the world, or the public, or the people who listen to you and follow you and all of that. 

As public figures, we leave ourselves open to this negative mojo more than others.

The back of the self is a little more about our personal self. Who’s in our inner circle? Who’s in our private life? Who’s got your back, literally? I think you’ve got really good people that have your back. I don’t think that’s a problem. 

What I sense is more about your level of compassion for people. I see a weak spot in the back of your heart because you’re super kind and you’re compassionate and you care a lot. That compassion is like a weak spot for you. I’m not saying it’s weak to be compassionate or that you shouldn’t be. 

Working on the back of your heart, if you’re more protected, you’re going to be able to help more people and flow your compassion even more open-heartedly. That’s what I think. Does that make sense to you, first of all?

It does. 

I can see the front of your energy field looks tight, looks like you know how to do that. Even so I think every once in a while you want to do a clearing. I see little tiny chords that go from you that would be the people who follow you or listen to you. You care about them, too. You really do. Your attention like I hope I’m really serving everyone that I mean to be serving in your public persona. Those little chords could be cleared. 

I think if you find yourself tired or a little burned out on work, make sure you clear those readers, followers. Does that make sense? It’s a little tweak you could do that I think would help you. 

The best technique I have is to really bring in a lot of light into either your heart, or your solar plexus, or your lower belly, wherever you feel like the center of your being is. It’s kind of different for everybody. The center of you will reside in a specific place in your body and it’s called the soul seat. 

The best technique is to bring light into your heart, solar plexus, or lower belly, wherever you feel like the center of your being. The center of you will reside in a specific place in your body, called the soul seat.

When you breathe, if you pull light from the earth and light from the heavens into that space, on your inhale breath, you want to pull it in and make a big, big fall. On the exhale, blow it out all the way through. In the front it’s going to go easy, but make sure you do it in the back and bring that light all the way below you under your feet. Concentrate on that spot on the back of your heart—that’s better—and push it back—that’s really much better. 

All the way to the very edge of your energy field so that all you’re doing is radiating light through your soul, through all the layers of your energy field, all the way through the back. Do you feel that? Did that help? 

Yeah, it does

That’s the one. That’s sort of my no fail, do it before every session, because when the full light of your soul is radiating out and there’s no place it’s not radiating, nothing can get in. Nothing, no demon, no entity, nothing. It’s like if you turn on a faucet and water coming out of the faucet, nothing can get up the faucet. If you’re radiating that light, nothing’s going to get in on you. That’s my kind of go to.

We are so much more powerful than these entities are. So many of us are scared of these entities—me included—and yet if we zoom out far enough, we can see that they’re like gnats in comparison to us and we can just go flick out of the way and not even waste our time to focus any energy on them.

We’re the strong ones in this dimension, and they are here.

We’re the strong ones in this dimension and they are here. They live in fear, so the more you are afraid of them the more power they have. I’m hardly ever afraid of them even now. Actual people scare me more, living people, because you never quite know. With entities being spiritual beings, we’re always in the power position. We have way more power here than they do.

Tina Zion mentioned the Netflix show that was kind of dark and she decided to turn it off. Before she did, she heard this fantastic line that relates to what you were saying about the fear and feeding on that fear. The protagonist in that show said I have no more fear to feed you, to whatever entity or demon it was. That is just so profound because that is what they’re looking for from us. 

If we just unplug from all the negative news and all the dystopian, dark horror movies, and science fiction movies and we just focus on the light, it’s a pretty light meal for the darkness if we get in their way. There’s not much there for them versus somebody who is tormented by what’s going on in the world and then they’re just going down all these rabbit holes, learning more and more about what the darkness is up to.

I love that point and I really believe that our particular dimension is 50% dark and 50% light. That’s the nature of planet Earth down here. We have a choice about where we put our energy, put our thoughts, put our feelings, put our attention. 

One of my mentors said, Lisa, if you stare in the dark long enough, they notice you, and someone will start looking back at you. If you choose to look into the lights, then what you get is more light and we have to know enough. 

Your forward-facing self is your public self, and the back of the self is a little more about your personal self. Share on X

I was a martial artist so I spent a lot of my early life doing martial arts mostly because I just wanted to be a Jedi Knight, it was the only way I could figure out how to do it. It was really great spiritual training for me and psychic training as a youngster. 

Real martial artists aren’t afraid. The real Samurais, the real ninjas, and real martial arts masters because they walk gently and softly to the world. They can go badass if they need to, but they’re not that way all the time. 

You’re not always on guard. You’re soft and open until you need to be and then you are and then you go back to being relaxed. That’s always been my stance in the psychic world. I’m going to be open and cautiously optimistic until I have to tell myself I have to run out and then I will.

Yeah, I know. Speaking of this optimism, there’s a lot of information I get in different ways. One of the ways is through Angel numbers. I got multiple times yesterday, 7777. Then I Googled it. The two books I have on angel numbers only go up to 999. Four digit numbers, I got a turn to Google for. 

Angel Numbers 101 by
Doreen Virtue

By the way, my two favorite books for angel numbers are, Angel Numbers 101, that’s from Doreen Virtue, and the Angel Numbers book from Kyle Gray. So I googled 7777 angel number meaning and I got is the featured snippet. The number 7777 is a message from the angels to remind you to maintain a positive outlook and be upbeat no matter what happens. Be sure to keep in mind that every occurrence has both a positive and a bad aspect. Angel number 7777 encourages you to focus on the good things in life and to let go of the bad ones. 

I’ll tell you, this was a really tough weekend for me. It’s Monday now. On Saturday, I found out that the cat that I love dearly and had been feeding every day, morning and night, a stray cat we’ve gotten really attached to over the last six months since we’ve been here in this new house, got killed by a car and it’s really hard. It was really hard. 

My wife and I were guided to where his body was and I couldn’t just leave him in the street. He’s been there for a couple of days or his body has been there. He’s moved on, of course, but couldn’t just let his body get run over all day long. It was so hard having to pick his body up. I found a place to get him cremated. 

That was really hard, but it was a good reminder for me that the physical body is not who we are. It’s just a suit we wear and it’s a computer that is really miraculous. Yet we shut it, move on, and then we get another one, and then we move on from that one, and so forth and so on.

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry you had to go through that. That’s rough. The death of pets just get in our hearts deeper than we expect and when they die it’s an incredible heart-opening experience.

I found out that he was a pet of mine and my wife’s in a past life.

He came back for a visit. I get the sense, too, that he’s really grateful for the care that you gave him because I think he would have died a lot sooner if you hadn’t been taken care of. You had extra. You gave him extra time here.

Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray

I interviewed a famous pet psychic, Laura Stinchfield. In that interview, she connected with another stray cat that I saved last year back in Israel when we were living in Israel for a time. I just learned how to open my Akashic records. I opened them and asked what to do about this cat because we would feed her once a week when we went to this part of town where a network chiropractor was that we would go and see every week. 

She had a broken pelvis and dislocated foot, she was severely dehydrated, and she was in a lot of pain. She’s healed now, but she would have died. I was so grateful to have that guidance and to be able to hear what to do because this was all very new for me at that time. 

This whole psychic thing has been such a wild ride for me. It’s so different from a year-and-a-half ago when I was just practicing the willing suspension of disbelief but not going any further than that.

You’re super psychic. You’ve gone through a psychic opening your own. How did that feel?

Amazing. Such an incredible gift. The more people I talk to, the more say secretly, how yes, a very famous author told me yeah, I have an archangel helping me write my books. Another very successful business lady I’ve known for nine years, I told her I interviewed a lady who channels 12 archangels and she was super interested. I asked her why, what’s the curiosity? I saw an angel last year. She said, what?

Some people keep this to themselves because they don’t want the ridicule, the labeling, the derision, and all that stuff. It takes courage to put yourself out there. You get the skeptics who want you to prove it. 

I have zero interest in offering services as a psychic, medium, or anything like that. No, thanks, I don’t want to take your money for that. You can get coaching from me on business. We’ll delve into the biohacking and personal stuff too if that’s of interest to you and some spiritual stuff mixed in, but I’m not going to offer Akashic records readings, medical intuition, or mediumship as a service. No, thanks.

It’s relatively rare that people will have a business like I do of being a psychic, but most people who are psychic—and that’s most people as far as I can tell—use it like you do because it’s an additive skill to their skill set. You’re adding value. You made a commitment to connect to universal consciousness somewhere along the line. When we connect that way, we get psychic ability as a byproduct of spiritual growth. You’ve been on a spiritual growth path. That’s why yoga, Reiki, and meditation are the three big psychic openers. 

Yoga, Reiki, and meditation are the three big psychic openers.

What I see all the time is people who take yoga teacher training or work a lot with Dr. Joe. They start meditating and take Reiki classes, and boom, their abilities just pop open. They have a sudden psychic opening or a precipitous psychic opening like you did.

I think, well, that’s great because it’s going to add to whatever you’re doing. It’s going to help your clients. It could greatly help your business clients even if you never say any psychic stuff because you’re going to know what to do, what to say, where they’re at, and how to help them. It just opens up a whole nother level of gifts and skills that you can provide for people. I think it’s fantastic.

Yeah, it’s really cool. I’ll get an intuitive hit to introduce a client or even just a guest from my podcast to a particular practitioner, and then they’ll come back and say, oh my goodness, that’s changed my life. Thank you so much for that referral. 

It’s really cool and also magical. It just floors me. It blows my mind to think that nothing in this world is random. Whether we play the lottery and win or lose, whether we stub our toe, or whether we get some bad news about our business, our friendship, or whatever like that out of the blue, all of this is orchestrated. 

It’s preordained but in a way that we, of course, have free will—we choose to be reactive or non-reactive—and we choose to be proactive or just sit on our butts. 

I see all the time that people who take yoga teacher training or work start meditating and take Reiki classes, and boom, their abilities just pop open.

Because of that, we get different timelines. We keep either elevating or lowering the level of timeline that we were gifted with. We were preordained and predetermined to have wandered to that part of the neighborhood where the cat’s body was. I never go there, ever. That’s 99 times out of 100, I will go the other direction. This time, we turned right.

That’s such a powerful example of intuition. I make a distinction between intuition and psychic. Intuition is something definitely everybody has. That’s the feeling we have in our bodies, that if we’re really tuned into our bodies, we get it there. It’s our emotions, so our emotional states. I have a good feeling or a bad feeling, and then this sense of knowing. 

If you know anything about chakras, it’s the first three chakras that that make up. That’s our intuition. Intuition is our inner knowing, the wisdom of our higher self that guides us. It’s a little bit like the rudder on a ship. 

Remember that game we used to play when we were kids, hot and cold? You go towards something and you’re hot. It’s that guidance system that comes from our own inner wisdom. We have incredible and intense inner wisdom.

The pain we go through sometimes becomes like rocket fuel for our journey and how we want to contribute to the world. Share on X

Psychic is really the ability to receive information from outside our own system. You have an angel connection, angel numbers. We all have a team of spiritual, nonphysical beings that are helping us. They’re our spirit guides. Our teams can vary with time. They might be anything from dead relatives or pets that come back and assist us to beings like angels, which aren’t human, never were. They’re super helpful. 

We all have this team. On your team, you have angels. I know that sometimes, what happens for you is that you open your mouth and the angel says something through you. You might be like, well, I said something extra cool. That was extra poignant. I bet people will tell you, oh my gosh, you are an angel for me today. You have a super-strong connection with them. That’s why they speak through the numbers, through angel cards.

That happens with others in receiving messages from the other side of the veil for us, too. I had saved that cat in Israel and the next morning, I’m on a podcast as a guest. The woman who interviews me, I mentioned what had happened because it was very fresh. I had taken the cat to the vet, she was recuperating, and so forth. 

We have incredible and intense inner wisdom.

The center viewer, a really cool lady, told me, you know what? My mother always said, you save a stray cat and you get a few extra years added to your life. That just gave me angel bumps because I knew that wasn’t random. That was a message from the other side for me.

That’s cool. That’s one of my things, too. People will say things to me, and that’s how I receive a lot. I really pay attention. If three people tell me the same thing, I really listen. That’s one for me. I know it’s one of my signals.

That reminds me of three people who told me just “randomly” in 2009 stuff like, you need to go to this Tony Robbins event. You really need it. It was within a short time span, those three different people. It changed my life. It started me down a path of personal development. I was going through a dark time going through a divorce, and it really empowered me.

I was still agnostic at that point in my life up until age 42, but because of the Tony Robbins seminars that I went to, I did get a spiritual awakening in 2012 in India. In one of his  Platinum Partner trips, a monk touched me on the head, gave me a deeksha oneness blessing, and it zapped me. It’s a psychedelic trip. 

All these things are written. They’re already written for us. This chance meeting that you’re going to have with somebody is a soul contract. This person’s going to be your soulmate, you’re going to miss the bus, the train, or whatever, and you’re going to meet this person because for one out of a thousand times, you happen to miss that train.

If three people tell me the same thing, I listen. That’s one for me. I know it’s one of my signals.

I feel like for me, that gives me a lot of faith. I still believe in the power of our choice. We still have to show up and choose, but I always feel comfort when I can step back and see that grand pattern of our individual lives but also the unfolding of the universe. 

It’s hard to fathom right now why we’re going through all the things that we’re going through—the pain, suffering, and chaos of the past couple of years—but I have faith that it’s part of the unfoldments of the universe that will take us to an upgrade. I think it’s part of the upgrade that we’re getting.

Yeah. One thing I was guided to that really gave me a lot of reassurance in that regard was a Kryon being channeled through Lee Carroll. It was a parable about a fish tank with some fish in it and how the fish tank was under construction. 

It’s really inspiring and it puts things into perspective. 

This is not all doom and gloom. It’s not the end of the world. Apocalypse is such a loaded term while apokálypsis in Greek means thinning of the veils.

Or a big revelation, the things to be revealed. That’s another way to think about it, what’s being revealed inside of us and in the world.

The Art of Psychic Reiki by Lisa Campion

Let’s switch topics for a little bit. I’d love to hear a few more things about this set of abilities that you have and how our listener can learn some discernment and some skills in these areas based on what they hear from you. 

For example, I would love you to differentiate for our listener, Reiki versus psychic Reiki because I know your book, the number one bestseller, The Art of Psychic Reiki, is different from just The Art of Reiki. What’s the difference?

The difference is that because I was teaching Reiki for the past 22 years and teaching psychic development alongside that, what I noticed was that for people who take Reiki, if you have latent psychic ability, it pops open just like yoga and meditation do too. It made sense to me that that would be true because I noticed that my students tend to be empaths, people who feel called towards doing healing work. 

If you’re a Reiki practitioner, having intuition and psychic ability is a great asset to your life and work as a healer. You’re going to be able to add a set of skills. It’s really useful, and clients really like it. It’s a fabulous tool to have in our toolkit as healers, so it makes sense to me that they go together like that.

One day, I was teaching Reiki. A student came to me and said, “I took Reiki five years ago, but I stepped away from it because after I went through my attunement, I had this massive psychic opening and it scared me. I started having ghosts walk through my house. I was seeing things about people. I was seeing colors around people.” 

She told me that her Reiki teacher at the time had no idea what to tell her. Her Reiki teacher she was working with was like, “Just cut that out. It’s weird and creepy. Stop doing it. I have nothing to say about it.” She was like, okay. She just stepped away from everything. She shut herself back down. I thought that was really sad.

Which is a real shame, by the way.

Right. Isn’t it sad?

It is such an incredible gift to have. I remember when I interviewed Erik Luhrs on the show. At the time, he wasn’t really out there saying that he was psychic, but he had abilities from his early childhood. He was seeing these scary-looking ghost balloons and stuff coming to his window. It freaked him out and he just shut the door. I’m done with that.

Which happens to a lot of people.

He didn’t have any psychic abilities show up in his life until his adulthood, then he decided he was going to start dabbling in that again.

That’s such a common story, both sides of that. People have these psychic abilities, these children get freaked out and shut it down, or their parents get freaked out and make them shut it down, and then something will happen that opens them. They take some steps in their spiritual growth and development, and then their skills pop open.

It was that moment where I was like, that’s not right. She needs help. I can help her learn to manage her psychic. She just needs to be taught. She just needs to know what to do with her psychic ability, what it’s all about, and how to manage her energy because that was hard for her too. She’s an incredible healer in her own way. She wrote a book. She has a healing center.

The Art of Reiki by Ariana Weber

One of the things I love about the work I do is the ripple effect that it has on the world. My goal is to train an army of healers to go out there and save the planet. It needs saving right about now. Anytime I can train somebody in Reiki or they’re psychic, I love to watch what they do, how they help, and how that ripples out into the world. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning pretty much. That’s how it came about.

To answer your question, psychic Reiki is just Reiki for people that have psychic ability. It’s the training that you need if you have psychic ability and you’re doing hands-on energy healing. To me, it’s peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to get because not a lot of Reiki practitioners or teachers teach the two together.

You mentioned earlier that you’re more of a visual psychic, so you’ll see things. Have you seen things since you were really young? How did you further develop this so that you could see people’s auras and different kinds of entities or beings? Tell us a bit more about that.

Thanks, it’s a great question. For the most part, my psychic development classes are divided into two groups of people. There are visual psychics that are just trying to figure out how to turn it off. They’re in the corner going, make it stop. Then, there are the other psychics with other skills and they’re more looking to turn it on.

For me, it was never a matter of turning it on. I spent the first 20 years of my life trying to figure out how to turn it off and not be overwhelmed because it’s a tricky one, the visual psychic. People think they want it. It’s the most rare, unpredictable, unreliable, and difficult. If you don’t have it, you’re a bit better off honestly.

A lot of times, because of what we see in the media, we think we’re not psychic unless we see things. I didn’t see anything, people told me that all the time. What I do is I ask them to change their words to perceive or experience.

I’ll do a guided meditation, a meet-your-guide meditation. People go, I didn’t see anything. I’m like, well, what did you perceive? What did you experience? Those words open us up to the other psychic senses. All of a sudden, they heard this, they felt this, and they knew this. They have a lot, and that’s good.

For me, the difficulty was in figuring out what I was seeing and what it meant. From the beginning, my very, very first memory is a weird psychic experience of being in my crib, being in my cradle, and having all these luminous beings standing around me smiling, waving, and blowing kisses. It was so amazing. Then, my mother opened the door, walked into the room, and walked through them, and they all disappeared. That’s my very first memory.

As we're going through this expansion in human consciousness, more and more people's abilities are popping open and feeling their life purpose: to be a healer and to be of service. Share on X

When I was six years old, my parents were driving down a highway and the traffic was stopped because there was an accident. We drove past it and there were two people lying on the side of the road. There were paramedics. One of them was leaning over this person and there was this huge white being that was there. It was an angel.

I said to my parents, that one’s going to get better. The other one had the same kind of being, but it was like a black angel. I was like, that one’s going to die. It wasn’t a dark spirit. It was a death angel, really, that was coming to lift up the spirit.

When I was three, my sister was born. My dad took me to look in the window with all the little baby bassinets, and I could see angels, spirits, and all kinds of things flying all around. I remember asking my dad what they were. He was like, I had a lot of imaginary friends. You have such an imagination.

For me, it was trying to figure out what I was seeing when nobody else could see it. That was tricky.

You also said earlier that you see the energetic chords. Do you just see them whether people ask you to look or not? Do you just see people walking down the street with chords and entities glommed onto them and so forth, or do they have to give you permission, and then you can see this stuff?

Like I said, I try really hard not to. I button myself up pretty good before I go out in public. If I’m on my game, I don’t see things because I’m like, I’m in the supermarket and I’m just here to buy vegetables. I have to do that, and then I don’t see it. If I’m not on my game and I’m a little tired or not feeling good, it’s a little harder for me. If I’m super relaxed, that’s the other place where I can slip in and then I see stuff.

I’ve learned that it’s a lot like where I choose to shift my attention. Let’s say you and I were sitting at a bar talking and there was a TV playing behind your head that had all your past lives on it, your medical stuff, your relationship stuff, your future, and all your family connections, the whole thing. I could choose to look at you and ignore that because it’s an act of will where you put your attention. Just like you can choose to not look at a TV that’s behind someone’s head.

I’m like, okay, we’re talking. I’m going to get to you as a person right now and not go there. I have a real strong desire to teach ethics on this issue, actually, because I feel like we need it. We have ethical obligations as psychics to not share. My policy is if you don’t ask, I don’t tell. I would have zero friends if I just did everything. 

Do you see beings around me right now?

You got a whole bunch. There’s a whole choir of angels behind you, 20 high-level beings. You have so many because you came here to play a big game. You have a big impact in the world. They came to assist you because it would be very hard to do what you came here to do by yourself. 

That’s why there are angels, to bring light on and raise consciousness. They came to help you.

I feel like there’s a contract between you and these beings to be at the forefront of this energy movement. A bringer of light, they’re saying. That’s why there are angels, to bring light on and raise consciousness. They came to help you. They wouldn’t send you here by yourself with such a big mission. You have a lot of spiritual back-ups.

Then there’s probably at least one being around you that stands on that side, your left side. He’s a man. He feels more like an ascended master. He would be your spiritual director. He talks into your ear, so you hear him like a voice in your head. He’s more about your personal spiritual developments. 

He would have been the one that asked the people to tell you about Tony Robbins or have you missed that train so you could meet your soulmate. He’s the one that cares about you not just as a servant to humanity but your personal growth. 

He’s one of the ascended masters. Very kind, very like St. Germain possibly. That’s what he feels like to me. He says he’s worked with you before through many lifetimes. You bring peace, compassion, and love to the world.

St. Germain carries the violet flame from Quan Yin, which is the releasing of karma.

Yeah. He’s with you a lot. He’s super compassionate for the pain and suffering we have as humans. Very loving, very gentle.

Thank you so much. I know we’re out of time. This was fabulous, amazing, phenomenal, powerful, and inspiring. If our listener or viewer wants to work with you, read your books, wants to get readings, take your courses, and all that stuff, where should we send him or her to?

My website,, will be there. I teach online Reiki classes and psychic development classes of all different kinds. I have a little gift for people who are listening to help them learn to manage their energy. It’s Managing Your Sensitivity for Empaths. It’s a four-hour video class on how to set boundaries, ground yourself, clear yourself, just basic energy hygiene that we need as sensitives now more than ever. I just love to give that to anyone who wants it.

That’s awesome. I’m going to watch it myself.

It will do you some good. I just feel like you have great things. I’ll give a little bit of a parting message for you. Look out because the next couple of years is going to take you into spirituality on such a deep level. There’s a lot of impact you’re going to have in helping people make that shift in their own lives. Your own spiritual world and life is going to deepen, and then you’re going to share that in really, really beautiful ways. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.

Wow. Thank you. It’s such a gift. Thank you for sharing that. The free gift for our listener or viewer is at

Yup. If you go there and go halfway down my website, there’s a big, old box that says, click here to get your free gift. They could get it.

Thank you so much, Lisa, and thank you, listener, for your rapt attention and for wanting to do good in the world. You wouldn’t be listening if that weren’t the case, so thank you. Be a light in the world, and we’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephen Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Do practices like Reiki, yoga, and meditation that can wake up your sensitivity and pop open your psychic ability.

?Work on the back of your heart to be more protected, be able to help more people, and flow your compassion even more open-heartedly.

?Don’t get your education by watching what people do on TV because they don’t always take steps to protect themselves. Even if they do, they’re not showing it on camera, so it’s a high-risk psychic activity.

?Don’t play with the ouija board. It seems fun until it gets real, and then it very quickly becomes not fun. Ouija boards create a lot of problems.

?Bring a lot of light into your heart, solar plexus, or lower belly — wherever you feel is the center of your being.

?Start meditating, do yoga, and take Reiki classes to have psychic openings. It opens up a whole level of gifts and skills that you can provide for people.

?You have to show up and choose, take a moment to step back, and see that great pattern of your individual life and the universe’s unfolding.

?Have faith that what you are going through — pain, suffering, and chaos — is part of the unfolding of the universe that will take you to an upgrade.

?Help people to have that shift in their own lives as it will greatly impact your spiritual world, and your life will deepen.

?Visit Lisa Campion’s website to know more about online Reiki and psychic development classes of all different kinds and learn to manage your energy.

About Lisa Campion

Lisa is the author of the #1 best-selling book, “The Art of Psychic Reiki.” and the newest book “Energy Healing for Empaths” (New Harbinger Press). Lisa Campion is a psychic coun­selor and Reiki master teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. Lisa has been teaching Reiki for over 20 years. She has trained more than one thousand people in Reiki and has conducted more than fifteen thousand individual sessions.

She is also the host of the radio show and podcast, The Miracle of Healing on Empower Radio. She specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths, and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts since the world needs all the healers that it can get!

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