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By: Stephan Spencer


Guy Sohm
“The best skill to learn is training your mind. When you master this, it will become your best asset in all facets of your life.”
Guy Sohm

At the age of five my guest, Guy Sohm’s mother said to him “You can help people heal by channeling energy. Ask first that it is for the person’s highest good, then bring energy in from the universe through your crown chakra and out your hand to where you wish that energy to flow.” Guy started doing hands on healing, then candle meditations and learning about chakras.

Guy is an unusual bloke to use the Aussie term—he lives in a treehouse made from local and recycled materials which have six levels, and every level represents a chakra. He is a tantric teacher, artist, DJ, blogger, and former festival promoter focused now on personal growth and awakening. As I got to know him through my good friend James Schramko, I was so impressed with his teachings, I knew I had to have him on the podcast. 

In today’s episode, we cover a lot of terrain, including training your mind with meditation, and the synchronicity that opens up in your life when you’re in a flow state. Stay tuned and gain a lesson or two from a super enlightening episode of Get Yourself Optimized. 

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Guy Sohm, a tantric teacher, artist, DJ, blogger, and former festival promoter focused on personal growth and awakening.
  • [07:33]Guy provides a practical application of one of his geometric structures to his meditation.
  • [14:14]Stephan and Guy discuss how synchronicities happen in life and share some of their fascinating recent experiences.
  • [21:05]What is Vipassana Meditation, and what are its benefits?
  • [26:37]Guy tells a story of him doing candle meditation at the age of five through the guidance of his mother.
  • [35:36]Guy explains the meaning of Tantra and its different paths; white. grey, black, and red.
  • [42:44]Guy shares a daily meditation practice that has been a game-changer for him, making him feel profoundly peaceful and connected every day.
  • [49:12]Stephan and Guy point out the advantages of meditating and how it makes a huge impact not only on your spiritual life but also in business.
  • [54:59]Guy describes what a fulfilled life looks like when you learn to let go of attachments and live in oneness.
  • [62:40]Visit Guy Sohm’s blog at to check out his various insightful websites and resources and learn more about him.

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Guy, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Good day, buddy. Thanks for that intro. I’m so grateful to be here. Thank you for your time and sharing. 

Well, I just love what you’re about. I know that we’ve met before at a James Schramko SuperFastBusiness event. James has been a guest on this podcast, on my other podcast as well on Marketing Speak. He’s a mutual friend. I’m very grateful to have him mention your name. He mentioned you a few months ago. 

I had just started on this big spiritual journey starting in January. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything is for a reason. When I saw your website after he mentioned you and then it had this Sacred Geometry symbol of a Merkabah, I just thought, well, I need to talk to this guy. I actually need to have him on my podcast. 

That’s where we are now, finally putting this episode into action. I would love to start by talking about what attracts you to Sacred Geometry. Then we’ll talk about some of the other modalities that you focus on like tantra and so forth in a few minutes.

Let’s start with Sacred Geometry. I know there are a number of symbols and structures, the Merkabah being one of them, which is also known as the three-dimensional star of David, also known as the Lotus flower. I would love to know how you see Sacred Geometry and what is the significance of it for you and for your clients.

A balance in nature is where everything is in perfect harmony.

Great question. Sacred Geometry has just captivated me. It’s profound, amazing. When you look at it, you just feel like wow, it’s so cool. It’s being practiced all around the world and it’s been in all the ancient sites. It’s something that the master artist used when they were painting like DaVinci. They’ve used this structure to get the golden ratio, which is that balance in nature where everything is in perfect harmony

What are some examples of different Sacred Geometry symbols? Merkabah is one, Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Metatron’s cube. Let’s go through some of these.

That’s great. The Flower of Life is a very powerful symbol. Inside the Flower of Life, you can create Metatron’s cube. You have the Tree of Life, you have the Seed of Life, and then you have the Vesica Piscis. The Vesica Piscis is the building block. That’s when two circles come together and the edges touch the center of each other. It creates two circles like the Audi symbol which is two circles. This represents the masculine and feminine coming together in divine harmony.

Together, they’re creating the Universe. If you look at it as two balls, two balls coming together touching the center points, the structure left in the middle is shaped like a UFO, and I say that’s the shape of the Universe. The theory there is that in sacred union, two hollow incomplete individuals coming together in perfect harmony create the universe. It’s allowing you to tap into that source, into that oneness. 

Very cool. The Merkabah, or in Hebrew it’s pronounced Merkavah, is a three-dimensional structure where you have a pyramid pointing up, and then you have a pyramid pointing down that is intersecting halfway in the first pyramid. It looks like a three-dimensional Star of David. It’s also looked at as a personal lightship, an angelic lightship in new age teachings. 

Is this something that you have focused on much? Because I see that’s actually in the symbology of your homepage in the big masthead image. Does that have a particular significance for you, or you just picked one of the Sacred Geometry symbols for that particular art that you’re featuring on the homepage?

The merkabah is a symbol of masculinity and femininity in harmony.

The Merkabah has been something that’s really got me. It’s the symbol of the masculine. The pyramid pointing up is going up to the sky, to the heavens, to the father. Then the pyramid coming down is going to the mother. It’s a symbol of masculinity and femininity in harmony. It’s a structure that I’ve just painted a lot and I’ve created. I’ve built pyramids out of copper. I’ve done that. 

There’s a meditation where you get your Merkabah body. Above your head about a foot is your star seed and then below your feet about a foot is your earth seed. They’re the points of the pyramids, and then you get that body. In most people, it’s just still, but you can activate your Merkabah body to spin. I say that if you get that spinning at the speed of sound, that’s how you can dematerialize. It’s what they believe. I’ve heard anyway.

You haven’t been able to dematerialize yet?

I’m working on it.

That’d be pretty awesome. I do like the Harry Potter movies. This stuff that sounds fantastical, science fiction, or fantasy stuff, some of it actually happened biblically. For example, a lot of people who are Bible scholars will say, “Oh, yeah, people did live to 900 years or whatever back in the day. They could levitate, walk on water, or something like that.” That was a thing and it was in the Bible. It was something that wasn’t just a metaphor. 

If you could maybe give us an example of practical use of something like a copper pyramid. Because I’ve seen people do meditations and different kinds of healings inside of these big copper pyramids. What would be a practical application of a copper pyramid or some geometric structure that you might have built?

With the pyramids, the Giza, I’ve built a lot of Giza pyramids. When meditating in it, it centralizes the energy. When I’m meditating inside a Giza pyramid. I can feel the energy coming into a central point. The focal point on the Giza is a third up from the base. If surgeons will use these pyramids to put their surgical instruments in there, it sharpens it apparently. They found food in the pyramids which are thousands of years old and they can still see the structure of the food. It preserves food.

The best skill to learn is training your mind. When you master this, it will become your best asset in all facets of your life. Share on X

It has a lot of benefits to being in that space. I feel like everyone should have a pyramid. The other one that I built, the Giza, is the golden ratio on the angle of the wall. There’s another one that is the length of the edge. It’s a lot taller pyramid. This one I found when meditating, my energy would rise up through me. I could feel the energy rising. That’s known as the heart chakra pyramid. 

There’s a guy who went crazy over those ones and built them all over the place. Apparently, extinct plants are popping up and all sorts of things are happening. There’s a mystery or there’s a lot to these pyramids, I feel. 

Interesting. Very cool. The Seed of Life is a particular Sacred Geometry pattern. What is that?

When you’re building the Flower of Life, you’re starting out with a circle and then you’re doing the Vesica Piscis. At the intersection point where the two lines cross, you do another circle with the compass. I highly recommend people give this a go. Make it by hand, use a compass, and work mathematically. By doing this, you’re going to integrate the wisdom, the codes of Sacred Geometry. It’s in the creation and this is why I’ve made pyramids. The Seed of Life is then the next stage of development from the Vesica Piscis to the first layer around it.

Is there a particular meaning that goes with the Seed of Life, or is it just part of the bigger structure of the Flower of Life?

I’m not particularly sure what the Seed of Life represents. 

I got you, okay. Now, the Metatron cube is one symbol I know a bit more about that I feel a particular resonance with. In fact, I got my wife a Metatron cube necklace that’s really quite beautiful and she loves it. I also got her a t-shirt that has the Metatron cube symbol on it. 

From that place of completeness, we attract other beings who are more complete.

My understanding of the Metatron cube is that it’s a device, a technology, or something that allows Metatron to bridge the different worlds of the physical reality of our three-dimensional world with the higher realms, the angelic realm. It connects those two universes or dimensions. That’s my very limited understanding of the Metatron Cube. 

There’s just something about it that feels very powerful to me and it just draws me in. I’m a big fan of it. There’s a Metatron prayer that I do every day that was given by Archangel Metatron to a psychic medium, Michelle Whitedove. She has that available on her website. 

I was essentially led to that prayer and I do that prayer every day. It’s very powerful, very protective. It includes putting three bubbles of protection around you and your loved ones, putting yourselves in a Merkabah, and then finally a final sphere around everything that is a sphere of God’s white protective light. It actually works.

My little baby, who is a toddler now, had pulled down a piece of furniture and it just missed him. My wife had done this prayer minutes earlier. He was unscathed from that incident and he could have gotten really hurt from that. I know that that made a difference. I know it made a difference. If a skeptical person is listening to this episode and they’re still listening, congratulations on the willing suspension of disbelief, the fact that you’re still listening. If you have any belief whatsoever that prayers work, then keep listening because there’s a lot more to unpack here. 

This particular prayer is very protective. I found it to be very effective. Just give it a try for a couple of weeks. Let me know. Give me a shout-out or drop a line and let me know if this was something that had helped you. Do you have any particular prayers, Guy, one you want to share with our listeners?

There’s something that I do quite regularly and it’s called Metta. I’ve done a number of Vipassana, which I really recommend to change your life. Metta is what you get, I think on day eight. It’s a prayer that you do.

I’m a firm believer in prayer.

It’s just, may all beings live in peace. May all beings live in harmony. May all beings live with respect and love, with kindness and compassion, generosity, and mindfulness. May we all live sustainably. I do that prayer very often. I’m a strong believer in prayer. I experienced a lot of things in my life which just blows my mind. The synchronicities and the way that things fall into place. I’m a big fan of prayer. It enlightens my spirit. When I pray, it gets me so high. That’s something I would encourage others to do.

Let’s talk about some of these synchronicities. We’ll come back and talk more about Vipassana and other modalities. I want to explore this concept of synchronicities a bit more. This is something I’ve talked a little bit about in a few previous episodes. The term “synchronicity” I had recently learned was coined by Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst and one of the founding fathers of psychology, the collective unconscious, and all that. He was an amazing man. 

Synchronicity was something that he discovered by having it happen to him. It was just a without a doubt sign, essentially. It was something that couldn’t have just happened on its own. The odds of it happening were so infinitesimal that he decided to start doing research in that whole topic, created a whole book on it called Synchronicity, and ended up coining the term. 

I would love to hear some examples of synchronicities that have been without a doubt signs, clearly divine intervention not just a random chance for you.

That’s a good one. The first thing that comes to mind is when I was younger, I felt like a tiger. I’d set my sights on something and then I’d go for it. I’ll just go for it. My mom said to me this whole practice of letting go and surrendering. Okay, I’ll give that a go. I just started to let go, I keep letting go. The more that I let go, the more things just fell in my lap. I didn’t actually have to try to do anything. I think this is where synchronicity comes in. 

If you’re in a state where you’ve totally surrendered, you’re at a zero point, you’re like a magnet. You’re creating this connection with the universe. You’re not trying to put your ego and your will into it, but you’re just allowing it to flow. In those flow states, that’s where synchronicity just happens all the time. 

If you're in a state where you've surrendered, you become a magnet. You create this connection with the Universe, and that's when synchronicity happens. Share on X

What would be a specific example or maybe a recent example for you?

The things that happened are like, someone will say to me, “Oh, I need this.” Then someone else will call me and say, “Ah, I’ve got that. Do you know anyone?” Within a few hours, what that person needed, this person had offered. I’ve just bridged the gap. I feel like a rainbow bridge sometimes. You think of someone and then a few hours later, they’ll call you. Those synchronicities happen a lot for me. I just have to think of someone and generally, within a day or two, they’ll call me. 

That happens to me a lot too, like a lot. I just had a synchronicity happen to me just an hour ago. I was on a Zoom call with a friend that you may actually know. We have a mutual friend, I bet. His name is Greg Merrilees. Do you know Greg from Studio 1 Design?

Yeah, he’s a legend.

He’s awesome. We were just talking an hour ago right before this podcast. His cute little dog was hit by a car just recently. It looks like the dog’s going to be okay, but boy, it was very much touch-and-go for a couple of days in the emergency room. It was a miraculous thing that the dog is going to be okay now. He’s healing but it’s going to be okay. 

My wife was in the background and she heard Greg talk about his dog. She’s like, “Oh, CBD oil. You need to make sure that you give your dog CBD oil. That will help with the healing and with the pain.” There was a reason that she knew about that because I had intervened this saved stray cat shortly before leaving Tel Aviv. We were in Israel for nine months and now we’re in Florida. But right before we left, there was a stray cat that I had befriended, and my family had befriended. She was injured or somehow not doing well. 

I didn’t know what was going on with her, but she was definitely in a bad state so I asked for guidance. The guidance I was given told me to take her to the vet. I’ve never taken an animal that wasn’t my own pet to the vet but I took her. Lo and behold, she had a broken pelvis. She had a pelvic fracture, and she would have died if she hadn’t gotten treatment. She was severely dehydrated. Even though there was water nearby, she was in too much pain to get that water. 

A sacred union is when two whole beings come together to create the universe.

She’s doing much better now. She’s almost completely healed. She also had a dislocated foot. This beautiful, cute little stray cat in Israel was very much on the mend now. The person who helped with the healing process—cage rest, and all that—recommended CBD oil. She’s been giving the cat CBD oil and it’s really been helping. That is why my wife Orion knew, it was top-of-mind—CBD oil. “Greg, make sure that your dog gets CBD oil.”

Here’s another synchronicity. Guess what kind of website his team had built not too long ago?


A CBD oil for pets website. What are the odds, right? Then I’m just doing a little bit of research in preparation for our podcast in between our calls and I go back to your homepage. What do I see on your homepage? There’s an article about CBD oil for pets. It was I think for cats specifically, but close enough. That was pretty wild. Those are examples of synchronicities.

By the way, since you do have some information about CBD oil for pets featured on your website, what can I tell Greg about where to get CBD oil for his dog in Australia because he doesn’t know where to get it? His client who has the CBD oil for pets website is not an Australian company. 

I’ve got a mate, Paul Benhaim. He’s got a company called Elixinol. It’s a really big company for CBD distribution. I’ll link those guys up and he’ll be able to help you.

A perfect example of synchronicity in action, live and captured on the recording. That’s great. Thank you for that. 

Let’s talk about Vipassana and what the benefits are, what it is. I’m only very surface-level familiar with the concept. It’s a 10-day silent meditation retreat and that’s where my knowledge of it stops. What is it really? For somebody who hasn’t experienced it? What would be the benefits? Why would they want to be silent for an entire 10-day period?

When you can just accept what is and be grateful, you win. It's a good life. Share on X

Vipassana is the teachings that Buddha gave 2500 years ago. It’s a retreat that you go to. You do it by donation. You sit pretty much. You get up at 4 AM or 5 AM. You start meditating. You’ll have discourses throughout the day giving you some guidance and then you finish at about 9 PM. Pretty much I go just for the food. It’s the best food you’ll ever eat. So healthy, so delicious, and you can feel the energy. 

As soon as you walk onto that property, you feel elated. It’s such a beautiful energy. You walk in there and it’s really amazing. They teach you these techniques. The first few days, you just focus on your nostrils. You’re feeling the air coming in and you’re just paying attention to that edge of your nose and paying attention to the subtle sensations.

Vipassana is bringing you back to focus. It’s training the mind. I believe that when you can train the mind, this is your greatest asset. You can master your mind. Your mind is not in control of you. You’re guiding it. It’s a powerful tool. Vipassana allows you to pull back those monkeys and go, “Hey, you sit back.” You’re trying to get those monkeys to do what you want them to do, rather than them just jumping around and thinking that it’s a circus.

The monkey in mind is that chatter of all the cacophony of things that you’re thinking of simultaneously and all of the busyness of life instead of focusing on the bigger picture, quieting the mind, and being receptive and open for messages from your angels, for example, or from beyond.

That’s it. The benefits of Vipassana are incredible. I’ve got a lot of friends that have done it. It’s changed their lives. My dear friend, Kate, had back issues for years. She went to Vipassana, the back problem is gone. 

I mean, you got to go through it. It’s definitely a discipline. I love the discipline behind it, like sitting still. If you can sit still for an hour with no movement, that helps your mind to really come into a deep place. I’ve enjoyed doing these practices to cultivate my discipline. As your mind grows, it goes from being scattered—thinking about different things jumping from one thought—to oscillating. It’s coming into being centered focused, then going back into a bit of scattered, and then you get deeper and deeper. 

It’s amazing what you can do by just meditating.

The more you meditate, the more neuroplasticity is deforming together. It’s like creating a calmness, a stillness. They’re proving this. My stepmother, Charlotte , she’s an incredible being. I’ll introduce you guys if you want to have her on your show. She’s a keynote and mindfulness speaker. She’s done a lot of studying around this. It’s amazing what you can do by just meditating. 

I pretty much hit a point where my meditation is like a switch. It may take up to 20 minutes for my mind to slow down. I find that the area where you do it really affects. You can do the energy in a certain place and that will allow you to drop in deeper, or in sacred places. If I’m at a special place, somehow I’m just dropping into such deep energy, bliss, and contentment.

It’s something that I found over the years. My mom got me into candle meditation since I was five. Thirty-seven years later, It’s definitely a winning thing. The Vipassana has taken my meditation to the next level by doing 10 days in silence meditating all day. It just really does something to you. 

The last one that I went to, I didn’t even want to leave. I just felt so good. I believe it’s created a space where it allows for you to just be. You’re not looking for anything. You’re just happy being because you’ve reached the point where you’re just experiencing the bliss of your body and you’ve opened it up to a point where it is just flying with all this amazing energy, amazing chi. 

That’s super cool. How many times have you done Vipassana? 

I’ve done four.

Four, okay. The first time you did it, how old were you?

That was probably 15 years ago. That was hardcore. The first one is, I believe, the hardest. I think a lot of people crack on day four. It’s like, “Oh, I couldn’t get out of here.”

So what, they just disappear? 

Yeah, unless the instructors can help them to stay. But I think day four is a bit of a breaking point. If you can get past that, you’re sort of over the hill and it just gets better. All I can do is encourage you. I think the thought to make your mind still is not a practical thing to have an ideal towards. It’s more guiding and getting focused from your mind. I’ve been doing this for 37 years and my mind still goes in different directions. It’s that continued practice that allows me to reach a depth of focus, peace, and contentment. It’s just the next level of living.

The practice of letting go allows things to come back into the flow.

You said you’ve done this for 37 years. You’ve been meditating?


You started at what age?

My mom put a candle in front of me. She’s like, sit with this candle, watch the flame, and see that that flame is a reflection of you. It just started when I was very little. The Vipassana really took my meditation to the next level. 

Wow, candle meditation. I hadn’t heard of this. You just stare at the candle and you see the flame as a reflection of you. What does that mean on a deeper level?

I guess it’s realizing the oneness. I’m a strong believer that there’s just this energy which I call God. You could call it source, true source, the Universe. That is in everything. 

When you were staring at the flame, would you have any out-of-body experiences? Would you have any breakdowns, spiritual epiphanies, it would just bring you to a sense of centeredness, or you’d feel connected to God—to the Creator? I’m curious what this would be like for a five-year-old to experience this. It’s amazing.

It’s very captivating. I’ve just looked at the flame and I’m just so captivated by it. It’s so magical. This is actually the starting of my tantric path. Fire is a huge one. Fire and water are two of the big elements. You work with the elements when you’re doing ceremony and ritual.

The fire, this is really the start of my tantric path. It’s sitting with the flame, looking at it, becoming one with it, and losing yourself. I would tap into space where it’s taking your mind out of the thought process and you’re just in a space of observation. That I think really brings about some profound experiences. 

When you say observation, it’s the awareness of your awareness. It’s seeing your mind and your body as not being you but being of you or being just something that you’re inhabiting.

Rather than identifying with an emotion, you can just observe it.

That’s it. You can step back. Rather than identifying with emotion, you can just observe it. You see, children will bounce back. They’ll have somebody to go on, they’ll be upset, a couple of minutes later, they’re just back on fire. That’s the ability to row with what’s coming up and it just moves with that presence. 

When you come back to the observation, you can just witness that. You don’t need to go into it, go into the story or the emotions. You can just put your toe in the water and just experience it. Let those emotions arise and then they pass. You don’t need to get caught up in something if you’re able just to witness.

What does this look like from a gratitude meditation perspective? Let’s say that you wanted to become more grateful, how would that tie into candle meditation?

I’m not sure about the candle, but I’ve had a lot of gratitude meditation. One of the ones that I do is 20 things that you’re grateful for. You go into one of those like my partner, Ruby Rose. I just go into 20 things just about her that I’m grateful for. I believe if you can just accept what is and be grateful, you’re winning. It’s a good life. 

I guess bringing the candle into that, you could just be sitting with the candle and just be grateful for the magic that is reality. When you’re looking at that candle, losing yourself in wow, what a life for us this potential, this creation. 

One of my friends, he wants to be the flame. You have the candle wax as your team, they implement, and you just stay in the creative potential. You stay in that flow of the fire. That allows you to really reach another level of amazingness.

The Grounded by Steve Kroschel

I like that. Let’s say that you are meditating in a forest, what are the extra benefits that you would get from that versus just sitting in your living room on a yoga mat?

I spent a lot of time in nature. A few years ago, I spent a year traveling around Tassie and I spent seven months in the wilderness by myself.

Tassie is Tasmania for folks who aren’t Australian.

One of the best places in the world, I reckon. Definitely, the cleanest there and freshest water. That thing in nature really does something. I just feel so good, and I believe it’s the proper oxygen. When you’re in a room, if you don’t have two opposing windows open, you’re reducing the amount of oxygen in the space. That’s not ideal for your health. Being outside, the first thing you’re getting is a lot of oxygen, which is ideal. Then you’re connecting to the Earth.

There’s a movie called The Grounded  and another one, The Earthing Movie. Both of those share the benefits of touching the earth and that creates this electromagnetic field in your body to balance and for you to come into an ideal state. When you’re meditating in the forest, you’ve got those oxygen, connection to the Earth. The bird sounds, those natural sounds I believe take you into another level of connection with the divine.

A lot of biohackers are big into earthing or grounding as well. They see the benefits of putting your bare feet on the soil or on the grass and having that connection to the earth and to this huge electron sync. It somehow rebalances you. I have not yet done much of that. I did buy a grounding pillowcase and a grounding sheet. Those connect to the power outlet, to the ground socket. I don’t even know where those are. I think I’ve tried that out for a few days and then I got distracted by something. This was a few years ago.

That’s a good reminder that I should do something. I do go outside in the yard and spend some time on the grass. We’re in a really nice place. It’s on the water here in the Miami area. It’s a little freshwater lake. It’s very peaceful. I like hanging out in the backyard by the water. 

If you could recommend a particular device or technology for somebody who maybe lives in a high-rise or doesn’t have a yard and the ability to spend lots of time outside, would it be a grounding mat, a grounding pillowcase, grounding sheets, some other type of grounding device? How would you suggest they get that nice dose of grounding?

Definitely get the mat or the sheets in your bed and then you just plug it into the wall and it grounds you there. If I was going to recommend a device, it would be the BioMat. I’ve got one and it’s got crystals, it’s got amethyst, it’s got grape seed, copper, seven layers of different things. This creates negative ions and far infrared. It also does thermal. This mat, it takes you to another world. Just laying on it, everyone loves it. I believe everyone should have one of these BioMats.

The Earthing Movie by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell

Now, that’s cool. You lay on that to do meditations, you lay on that to sleep, or both? What’s the BioMat mainly getting used for in your house? 

I just jump on it anytime I want to feel good vibes. The crystals, the amethyst, create the negative ions. You get negative ions when you’re around waterfalls, when you’re at the beach at sunset. Those negative ions connect to your positive ions. This is an important part of health and wellbeing. The far infrared is something you’d get with the early morning sunrise, which is something that I’d like to do is just watch the sunrise, just stare at the sun, and that first hand is above the horizon apparently is not so bad for your eyes. Just connect to the sun. I do my practices and it’s just such a great way to start the day. 

You look not directly at the sun after it’s risen but before it’s up in the sky when it’s just peeking out, and then you put your hand in front of the yellow part? What exactly are you doing there? 

It’s just one hand above the horizon. You don’t want to look at it any higher than that. It’s probably five centimeters on the horizon because it can start to damage your retina. It’s just a yoga practice that I found pretty amazing to connect to the sun. I believe the sun is like the father, the source. It brings the light. This bed that I’ve got, the BioMat, does these things. NASA developed it and they wanted to have those things in outer space so you could get these health benefits. It’s a good bed. I recommend it.

Let’s talk now about tantra. I know that’s something that’s been an important part of your life, and it’s part of your coaching, workshops, and so forth. I believe that’s a part of what you do.


You started studying tantra when you were at what age?

Like I said before, the candle meditation was my first introduction from what I can relate to that realm of tantra. I went to a workshop when I was maybe 24 and I was like, oh my God, this is my life. Everything they talked about within tantra and I was just like, this is incredible. It was so inspiring. I left that workshop and I’m like, I just want to share this with the world. 

I started researching it, asking everyone questions about it. I started traveling the world and I hung out with tantrikas that were seventh generations, just all these different knowledge around it. It just blew my mind the potential there. 

One of the big things I really like to share around it is the different paths. A lot of people see tantra as the red hat. This is the sensual, the sexual side of tantra. Then you have the black hat, which is cool because you’re onto SEO. When I first met you and your book, I was like, oh my God. This is the coolest book ever. I was so taken by it. I’m like, but it’s big. How am I going to carry this thing? 

Tantra is a practice to liberate yourself. Share on X

Black hat similar to SEO. In the black hat, it’s the left hand, so it’s embracing shadow. It’s pushing the edge. It’s always taking a different path. It’s about perfection. It’s embracing all aspects and just trying to keep expanding yourself.

Whereas the white hat is the purest side. The white hat is the right-hand part, which is the top level of Buddhism. This is the purest form of a doctrine where you meditate. You do your mantras, your mudras, prayer. You’re working on your body being a pure vessel, so you’re clearing. 

Then you have a middle path which is a mixture between the two. This is what they call the grey hat, the grey part of tantra. You have, within Buddhism, father tantra and mother tantra. 

After studying it all, I relate most to the Buddhist philosophy and this white hat is what I really resonate with. I do dabble probably more in the middle part there a bit, left hand here and there, but overall, I come back to the white.

When you were describing those different hats, I definitely took to the white hat. Not just because I’m a white hat SEO, but because I see the benefits of being a pure vessel of purity. When I started to pay extra attention to my thoughts with that recognition that not only my thoughts create my reality, but my thoughts are being heard and observed. There are no private thoughts. Not that I was ashamed of my thoughts, I guess maybe there was a little bit of that. But mostly that I was recognizing how my thoughts are not my own, and when I am dwelling on thoughts that are not absolutely pure, that is corrupting the system.

It’s like a hard drive that gets corrupted. My Kabbalah teacher  was explaining how it creates negative angels when you have impure thoughts or impure intentions. Even though the actions that you might create would be positive, because the intention or the thought was not pure that created that action, you actually create these negative or mischievous angels that are not of pureness. You create angels with your thoughts, words, and deeds.

We are whole and complete. It's only the ego that creates separation. Share on X

You might as well create really positive ones rather than ones that will tell you lies and not be terribly helpful. That was also a profound insight for me. I am very, very into being pure of thought, and what a difference. Not only has my ability to receive messages massively increased because of this, but also the synchronicities have increased and just the impact and the frequency of them. It’s just so hard to explain, but it’s like life is not just happening for me. Do you know the expression life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you? Do you know that expression, Guy?


Well, there’s another level and Neil Cannon was pointing this out to me and a group of us who were doing some Wim Hof breathing the other day. He said he’s getting to this level of realization that life is happening by me. Life happens for me then life happens by me is another level beyond that. That’s where I’m starting to dabble in that realm because of the purity. 

I’d love to hear more about your experiences with that white hat aspect of tantra. I only really thought of tantra as a sexual, sensual modality that’s really about connecting with your partner, your sexual partner, or your soulmate in a deeper way. I was unfamiliar with this whole white hat side of it.

Yeah, it’s so profound. That’s why I’m really driven to share this about the different paths because I feel like there’s so much wisdom and so much you can get out of tantra. Yet because the West portrayed it in the sexual format (understandably), it makes people see it from that light. Whereas there are so many different paths. The white hat is the purest form is like you’re making choices that are leading to purifying yourself, to living in honor, and living in respect.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

There’s a saying that goes, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” It’s like you’re saying before if you’re focusing on negative stuff, you’re manifesting that. Rather than fighting a war, promote peace. You’re bringing energy to whatever you’re thinking about and whatever you’re speaking about. The white hat is that structured format. 

Tantra, one of the best definitions I’ve probably come across is it’s a practice to liberate yourself to then become enlightened. Depending on what you resonate with, it depends on what path you might choose to go in that direction. Yoga is a big part of that within the white hat. It can be practiced in all of them. The great yoga is part of the father tantra.

What was an example of something that was a profound turning point, epiphany, or awakening that came about because of tantra for you?

Probably going back to the vipassana. Vipassana would be white hat. It’s that sitting in stillness for long periods of time creates this. It really does something to you. When your mind turns off, you come into the source and you become the light. By just being in that space, you just start to bliss out. Then you start to feel really powerful, which is what I’ve experienced. That practice of meditation just creates really, really amazing spaces. But that can be done in any of the paths really.

You’ve done this four times. What happens in between those times? How do you get that magic back? If it’s been four years since your last Vipassana, are you doing silence meditation on your own for an hour each day? How do you recapture that?

I meditate every day. There’s another practice that I find really beneficial is the heart practice, which is something I believe maybe is the only thing lacking in Vipassana. I’ve met people that have done maybe 40 Vipassanas. They’re amazing beings and they’ve done some incredible stuff. I’ve got a mate, actually, he used to be with me, Carlos. He’s doing three months back to back. I can’t wait to see this dude when he comes out. It’s that continued practice. It integrates. 

As the mind closes, the heart opens.

Over the years, I found that if I don’t meditate then I don’t heal as amazing that day. I definitely have noticed the difference. But then over years and years and years of practice, you can miss a day you still feel great. It’s integrating that. 

I do meditation every day, a seated Vipassana meditation, and then I also do my heart practice, in which I just put my hand on my heart and smile like a banana. I stay like this and just focus with my awareness around my heart, at least two hours every day up to 4-5 hours. It’s pretty much my first priority just always comes back to the heart.

There’s a saying that as the mind closes, the heart opens. It’s sort of bringing that consciousness from the monkeys. I just tell the monkeys, point down, smile, and relax. I just stay with my heart. That’s another game-changer. It’s like I hit a switch and suddenly I feel connected, suddenly I feel so deeply peaceful. I feel this warm energy in my heart. I just feel full of love. It’s such a game-changer doing heart practice. I do that probably more than the Vipassana. Just meditating, I do the vipassana every day. I just love it.

How many hours a day in total are you meditating versus the rest of the stuff you do?

Usually from 2-5 hours a day, I do practice. But that’ll include a bit of Qi Gong. That’s another thing I couldn’t rate highly enough. The energy you can build through your body doing Qi Gong and you have some cosmic experiences. After doing it for a number of years, maybe you’ll get it straight away. 

I taught an indigenous guy and he pretty much was doing it like a master straight up. I’m like, wow. It’s something that really brings home the power, that Qi Gong. It builds your vital life force. You’re building the qi. You’re building it up in your tan tien. I think they’re proving that that’s like a battery for the body. Your belly area is your storehouse. 

They’re scientifically proving all these things, which have been around for thousands of years in the yogi community. But western communities now have gone, this is all right. It’s so cool that science is backing it all now.

I tried some Tai Chi many, many years ago, just a little bit. The ball and push hand. It was just still very, very early stages of this. I didn’t get very far before I gave up. I just found it so slow I was bored. I was just bored. Then I think about the concept of spending hours a day meditating and it makes me want to scream, run for the hills. I don’t know what I’d do with myself for hours and hours each day.

I don’t know how I would find that time. I’m so busy. I’m building stuff. I’m reading. I’m studying. I’m working with clients. It seems unrealistic. I’m guessing that some of my listeners are also feeling that a little bit too, hours a day of meditating. What do you tell somebody who’s just resistant to the concept of spending hours each day meditating?

When your mind turns off, you come into the Source, and you become the light. By just being in that space, you just start to bliss out.

Maybe it’s not for everyone. It is a process and to start with, it can be not that great because you’re training the mind. The ego wants to have control. It’s like you’re slaying the ego through this process of meditation. Potentially, you’re going to have a bit of resistance there because the ego wants to stay in control. But the more you do it, the benefits just outweigh anything else. All I can say is just give it a go. Maybe try for a week or even a month, just doing 20 minutes in the morning and at night. See how you feel.

I guarantee you, it’ll change your life. I’ve got a lot of friends who meditate and just the personal experience I’ve had myself. Definitely, it’s a challenge. I know how good I feel. If I sit and meditate for an hour, I know I’m going to tap into the most incredible energy. The discipline then to actually do that every day, to make it a priority because life can get busy and other things seem like they’re more important.

I would say meditation is fundamental because whatever you do from that place of stillness, whatever you take from that place to focus, you’re going to be a lot more efficient. I believe it’s going to happen a lot easier.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Parmahansa Yogananda

Some of the most successful people who have ever lived spent lots of time meditating and studying this stuff. I remember reading, watching a video, or something. I found out that one of Steve Jobs’s favorite books—maybe it was his most favorite book of all time—was the Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. He would give that book to every house guest or visitor who came to his place. It was a profound and important book in his life. Yogananda was an important teacher for him.

That goes to show the power of these principles applied not just in your spiritual life but also in business and your work life.

I think it’s really changed me. I mean I’ve talked to James about this. I’ve studied a lot with James. I really admire him. When I first met him, he had this energy coming through him and I was just like, who is this dude? He’s just like a powerhouse. I was standing in his presence and I was just blown away. He loved me because he’s like, dude, you’re the chill master. I would just relax. From that first meeting, he’s like, come on and have dinner with us. We’ve become friends since that first seminar here in the Gold Coast.

Through the years, doing all these meditations really pulled me back from that drive of achieving. I believe I have enough now. I don’t believe I need anything. I can just meditate and bliss out. I’ll still go out and try to help people if I can or be kind, spoil my partner or whoever’s around. I’ll do good acts of service, but there’s no drive to try to get it more. I feel very content. Then I just come back to my heart, and I’m like, how does my heart feel? What does my heart want?

That can be a brilliant practice for people to try as well. Heart, do you have anything you wish to share with me? Just sitting with the heart and coming back to that because the heart has this incredible wisdom. There’s a group called HeartMath and they have some devices you can hook up and monitor the effects of where your heart’s at and how this affects your wellbeing. If your heart’s incongruent and just bouncing all over the place, you don’t feel good. That’s anxiety, that’s the impression. But if you can connect to your heart, slowing down your breath, I think it is a big one too.

The heart has incredible wisdom.

This can allow you through the parasympathetic system calming down and just focusing on your heart, you tap into this source. That’s the connection to all. That wisdom, HeartMath has shown the heart knows before something’s going to happen. They show pictures, and before they show the image, the heart is reacting to the image that’s there if it’s negative or positive. It’s like they’re proving intuition.

Amazing. I’m embarrassed to say this but I have a HeartMath device that I have yet to open. It’s in the other room and I’ve had it now for 10 months. I got it right before we went to Tel Aviv, so we’re leaving LA. Sachin Patel sent it to me. I took it all the way to Israel. It was unopened the whole time we were in Israel. Now, we’re in Florida and I still haven’t opened it and brought it back.

I think that’s a sign. You’re not the first person in the last few weeks to have mentioned HeartMath to me. I think there is at least one other episode where a guest brought up HeartMath. I think that’s a sign I need to crack that open.


A concept I think is really important for our listener (and I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on this) is that you are complete. We’re such go-getters, at least I am. I’m very achievement-focused, trying to get stuff done, trying to get to the next level. It’s not just in business and work life, but also spiritually. Imagine what I can do when I get to this level. Imagine who I can be if I get to this level. Imagine if I can quiet that monkey mind even more. Imagine what will happen if I actually use that HeartMath device. It’s all about chasing after something.

Whereas, what if I didn’t chase after anything? What if I didn’t succeed at anything else? What if I am just here and that’s it? The place of this moment of progress, but not completion, what if I’m already complete? 

This was a message that I actually received today. That you are complete. I want us to explore that a little bit more before we wrap up this episode. You are complete. If you imagine your next lifetime, are you going to still have to launch that website, finish that book that you were writing, or whatever it is? Or does that not really matter? It’s really about just learning, experiencing, and being one with the creator recognizing who you truly are. What if it’s just about the experience and not about achieving anything at all and you are already there? What are your thoughts on that?

I totally agree with that. I think that is it. We are whole and we are complete. It’s only the ego that creates separation, and the ego wants things. It’s trying to control the situation because if you can step back, control the ego, and then come back to the body, the body’s a miracle. It has everything. It’s thriving. It’s a wonderland. It’s this shift into the body. That oneness starts to happen. I believe sure, they can be parts, fragments maybe that through experiences, we’ve disassociated, we’ve blocked something, or we’ve suppressed something.

I guess this is the journey of emotional intelligence and personal development to really dig deeper. Those challenges create the greatest growth. I believe any time we have a challenge, it’s the universe presenting a gift. It’s on the other side of what we could judge as a negative situation, there’s something positive. You can always turn it around and get a bit of a sign or some guidance through every experience and grow through everything. 

I’ve created so much, and now I’m just happy being.

From that place of completeness, I believe, then we attract another being who’s more complete. That’s that sacred union I was talking about before with the Vesica Piscis. The sacred union is two whole beings coming together to create the universe. 

I think there is also, on the other hand, when what you do and what you create can bring such fulfillment. When I saw your book on the table and I was just like oh my God, that is the coolest. You’ve created something there. That’s a legacy. You’ve created something in being of service that can help humanity and help individuals to achieve their dreams. I think it’s really important to enjoy the journey. Not making it about the destination, but it’s every small step.

Looking at it in that way, you can achieve anything. If you want to break down something into small steps, you can just go okay, that’s my first small step. I’m just going to go for that. Then another small step. It’s like that saying goes, a thousand-mile journey starts with one step. I do see that in your purpose, in your drive just brings energy. If you can create something that can inspire others like you have with your books, you inspired me, I admire that. I was like, this dude’s a legend.

That creation process is very fulfilling. I’ve created a lot of things like the treehouse, I restored a 1951 Cyclops, and put on festivals. I’ve done all these things that have brought me a lot of fulfillment. As I’m getting older, I’m going, I’ve created so much and now I’m just happy being. In Buddhism, they talk about before death, if you can go beyond attachment, beyond desire, and be able to accept death, this is going to allow you to transcend into other realms. I think that’s a good model in your daily life. 

If you can look at what am I attached to? Can I let go of that attachment? That attachment could be to achieving more, it could be to your partner, or it could be whatever it is. That practice of letting go allows things to come back into the flow. If you’re trying to control something, you’re strangling it. You’re stifling the energy. If there’s too much control, you’re restricting the flow. When you let go and open up your channel, it just channels through you.

Personally, I found life is a lot easier. It just comes through me and I go with the flow. Magic happens every day. I’m just like, wow.

Another thing that reminds me of is a teaching I learned last week, which is that change doesn’t come from within. Change is actually a gift from the creator. All you do is you get in a receptive state and a grateful state where you recognize that everything comes from the creator. You become, for example, more trusting, develop your faith, and also do good works, that puts you in a receptive place for God to give to you change. I thought that was a powerful teaching for me.

On one hand, it’s putting the ego in its place. On the other hand, it gives me the perspective to be more focused on the trust and the faith, as well as the good works. I’m always trying to work on doing good stuff in the world. But I now am doubling down on this idea of understanding that it all comes from the creator. I need to just be in absolute trust and faith.

That’s so beautiful. That’s exactly where it’s at, isn’t it? The more we can just trust and have faith, that faith brings so much. I think they’ve proven that scientifically. Faith is a beautiful thing. The trust—we know that if you can just accept what is and be grateful for it, we can just keep rolling with what is. Maybe working on not trying to change what we can’t. 

Change is a gift from the Creator.

There was a point before I missed with Buddhism and the other one is resistance. We can have resistance toward things. I think as soon as we start resisting something, we’re connecting to it energetically. That awareness can help us to thrive through moving beyond resistance, attachment, desire, and accepting death.

What you resist persists.


Now, you mentioned the treehouse. For our listener, can you explain what this treehouse project was and why it’s significant for you?

I’ve always had a dream to build a treehouse. My mate is a tree doctor and he was here at my place. He’s like, “Dude, let’s do it.” We started creating this thing and I’m really into conservation and sustainability. I wanted to do everything with as low impact as possible. I’ve recycled wood pieces from my house that got knocked down, four houses down. I wheelbarrowed them over here. I hand sanded them, just trying to be as Michael as possible to look after mother, our earth.

I started creating this thing through the tree, which is a temple, it’s a tantric temple. It’s got a level for every chakra. Just working with the tree to try to work out how am I going to create this with all the bits I’ve got. I’d get little bits of wood from the tree, the branches that have fallen off. I’ve cut them down to scale to the bits of wood that I had recycled. I made a little model to try to work out how can I piece this all together, and it ended up with the creation of a seven-story temple, which brings so much joy. It’s another world up in that treehouse.

It’s like you’re in the air element, the ether. But you’re also connected to the earth through the tree. Even though I’m in the middle of Babylon, I’m here on the Gold Coast at Mermaid, it’s quite a busy place. But when I got to that treehouse, I’m in the jungle. I just have birds around me. It’s just such a beautiful experience.

What you resist persists.

It’s like getting teleported almost.


That’s cool. You showed me a great little video of you at the top of the treehouse there. Actually, we’ll have that included in this video so folks can watch it as well, if they’re watching the video instead of listening to the episode. 

I know we’re out of time here and I wanted to have you share where folks can learn more from you in terms of tantra, Sacred Geometry, and all the different modalities that you teach. Also potentially hire you as a coach, workshops, or what have you, how do they reach you? How do they work with you?

Probably the easiest one is just my personal blog, which is From there I’ll link to all my other blogs. I’ve got The Great Awakening, Neotantra, In Mindful Service. They all link from my personal blog, and from there, it goes into a few different YouTube channels. 

Retreat is something I’m super passionate about. Kat Ford and I just ran a retreat on Stradbroke Island last year before COVID. That was a very profound experience. A mutual friend of ours actually, Greg Cassar, came to that. He was blown away by that. He’s become a really good friend. I actually met him at James’s conference. He’s one of the speakers. He’s a legend and his kids are the best kids ever, oh my God. Jules, what a wife. He’s a good man. I really respect him a lot.

He is great. Great Awakening, is also one of your websites. That’s the one that has the Merkabah image on it. That’s actually a piece of art that you created, that has the Merkabah in it?


That’s amazing. It’s very beautiful.

Thanks. Everything on my website is pretty much everything I’ve created. The photos are all mine, all the images. I’ve done everything.

All right. Well, thank you so much, Guy. Thank you, listeners. Now, I’m curious to hear what you’re going to do and be in your life based on what you’ve learned from this episode today. Send me an email or post a comment to the blog and let me know. Catch you on the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Pray for guidance and enlightenment from a higher power. There is power in prayer. It can influence my state of mind, which influences the state of my body. This way, I become more in tune with myself.

?Constantly train my mind to become more awakened. The brain is like a muscle. It has the capability of expanding with ample training.

?Find time to quiet my mind. It’s only in silence that I can begin to hear what my guides are telling me.

?Practice gratitude in my daily life. Wake up every morning with a thankful heart. There is so much to be thankful for. Most of the time, it’s the little things that are the most important.

?Go outside as often as I can. I will feel more refreshed and energized when I breathe fresh air and connect with the Earth.

?Watch and experience the sunrise more often. It is a great way to start the day with prayer and clear intentions.

?Pay attention to my thoughts. If I am ever caught up in negative emotions, do my best to neutralize them. Negativity should never take up too much space in my mind. At the same time, it should be acknowledged, not ignored, when it does.

?Be mindful of where and how I spend my time and energy. Time is our most valuable resource. So make sure to always acknowledge situations that promote my love and peace.

?Set a meditation routine I can do daily. Start with small increments and commit to more over time. Meditation does wonders for the mind and soul.

?Visit Guy Sohm’s website to learn more about heart chakra meditations and to start my journey towards awakening.

About Guy Sohm

Guy Sohm is a tantric teacher, artist, DJ, Blogger, and former festival promotor. He is now focused on personal growth & awakening. He is consciously opening & deepening in his heart space as often as possible with the motto of “Smile, Relax & Enjoy!” He is also looking to start a little house, yogic community with jungle day spa, and conservation & animal refuge.

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