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By: Stephan Spencer


Colette Baron-Reid
“We all have an internal divine blueprint, and it can lead us through life. This divine blueprint is unique to each of us, defining our role and our notes to contribute to the symphony of life.”
Colette Baron-Reid

Certain interviews really stand out for me as deep, meaningful, powerful conversations — and this is one of them. If you’re open to taking a mind-bending, reality-bending trip for the next hour, then you’re going to be blown away by my next guest, her story, and her insights.

Colette Baron-Reid is a bestselling author, internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual intuitive, speaker, educator, and personal transformation expert. Her books include The Map, Uncharted, Messages from Spirit, and Remembering the Future. Colette has over 30 years of experience on global stages, television, film, and radio. She hosts “INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE”, a podcast series that uncovers personal stories of spiritual awakening and transformation.

In this episode, Colette shares her incredible story. How she made it out alive is nothing short of miraculous. We discuss various types of psychic abilities and phenomena. We cover such diverse topics as Atlantis, UFOs, quantum physics, synchronicity, simulation theory, multiple timelines, the multiverse, and much more. It’s a wild ride, so buckle up!

In this Episode

  • [01:54]Stephan welcomes Colette Baron-Reid as she shares a captivating journey into the mystical wooniverse.
  • [02:48]With a multicultural background of Siberian-Mongolian-Serbian-Polish heritage, Colette shares her origin story and how she got into the woo-woo space.
  • [10:30]Colette expounds on the potential of humanity in collaborating with the conscious universe, unraveling our limitless capabilities as sentient beings.
  • [19:03]How to deal with the fear of death?
  • [27:50]Stephan shares his profound understanding of loss acquired from his studies in Kabbalah.
  • [31:08]How oracle cards can assist us in comprehending the implications of our actions and choices.
  • [38:04]Colette and Stephan emphasize the importance of benevolence in opening up more synchronicities in our lives.
  • [51:59]Colette eloquently discusses the present moment and its correlation with our past, delving into the intricacies of our temporal experiences.

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Colette, it’s so great to have you on the show.

I’m excited to be here. Thank you. I love your show and the kind of conversations you have, so I’m very excited to be here, totally pumped. 

Wonderful, me too. It’s been a long time in the making. 

We did it. 

Yes, we did it. Let’s start off with if you could share a little bit of your origin story with our listener who is not familiar with you. You have a big following, you have this fantastic tribe of enthusiastic people, but not everybody knows about you. How did you end up in the woo-woo space? What was the big transformation that catapulted you here? 

The Map by Colette Baron-Reid

I’ll try to be brief because I’m not usually a brief person. The “woo-woo space,” as we like to playfully call it, the Wooniverse because it’s a loving way to talk about what other people can sometimes see as “too fringe,” but my first experience with knowing things I shouldn’t know without any access to any intellectual or five sensory experience or storytelling was when I started having a series of dreams between the age of three and five. 

They were actually nightmares, and they were exactly the same one every time where I would dream about a long line up of very skinny skeletal naked people moving towards what looks like a desk and a pile of teeth and gold. Then this very skeletal-looking math crying at the table. I would see snow that would look like snow, then I would smell bad meat which many years later, I realized I was smelling what smelt like an abattoir which is where they kill animals. 

My mom wouldn’t pick me up. There are other dreams where my mom would pick me up, but my mother, I could tell as a little kid, that I was being rejected when I had this dream, so I was quite frightened. 

Anyway, many many more weird experiences where I knew things about people I shouldn’t, et cetera. but that particular dream when my father lost all the family’s money when I was about 23 or 24, my mother had a bit too much to drink. I was wearing a cross she bought me and said, “Take that off, you’re a Jew.” I was like, what? 

She had raised us as Christians and Anglican which is like Catholicism without a pope because of Pope Henry VIII. She was a German immigrant. My father was from Serbia. My mother was actually Polish, but it turns out we were Jewish, and she didn’t tell us. 

That was my grandfather who was killed, and they used to take the teeth out before they would gas the inmates or the people in the concentration camp. They would pull out the gold of their teeth so the SS officers could make jewelry. That was something about my heritage I knew nothing about, but I saw with great clarity and other things as well. I’m not going to bore you with other things, but I had an ability. 

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I’ll go back in time a little bit more. We had a Scottish nanny who was named Mrs. Kelly. She had really curly bluish hair and she croaked like a frog. She has something wrong with her esophagus. She used to tell my mother that I had the sight. We had one of those dining room doors that would go in and out, and she told my mother I had the sight. 

I thought that she meant I didn’t need glasses because everybody in my family wears glasses. I was totally happy. My mother was freaking out. She was like “No, no, no. What is that?” I used to tell my nanny stories of things I would see in our garden. 

Fast forward to when I was 14, I inherited this from my father, he was Siberian and Mongolian. My great-grandmother was Mongolian, and my dad was from Serbia. The Slovick tradition seeped into animism, folklore, et cetera. He taught me how to read Turkish coffee cups when I was 14. At the same time, he told me I was going to law school. 

Messages From Spirit by Colette Baron-Reid

I had this amazing mystical father who told me about all of these things and about Atlantis and raised me with UFOs and things. I had a very interesting education with that, but very clearly, I was supposed to fit into society, become a lawyer, and forget about that stuff that I had naturally. 

Same story line. I was only interested in music, so of course I ran away. The abilities that I had hit home after a very violent episode when I was 19, and I had a psychotic break during it, and I won’t go into too much detail because it is not important. It was like a near-death experience where I could be very dispassionate about what was going on, and I could see the storylines of these men that were abusing me, and I was able to corroborate the stories later. 

I knew I had some kind of access. I got clean and sober when I was 27 so during that time, I became a drug addict and alcoholic and continued to invite some situations in my life that I take responsibility for that were violent. When I got clean and sober, I really devote myself to the spiritual path. After about a couple of years, it started coming through that I had this ability to see things about people very clearly. 

While I was pursuing a career in music, which was what I really wanted to do, for my day job I was an aromatherapist. I was the first one, I think, registered in Canada. This was 30 to 35 years ago. As soon as I started touching people, I would see their stories, and I would tell them and literally, within a month or so, nobody wanted to book a massage. They just wanted to book a time to talk to me because they would tell their friends who told their friends. I had already learned tarot. 

Basically, I developed a whole way to read people through aromatherapy oils because I had so many of them, then I started using tarot because I could. The next thing I know, that became my career, but I didn’t want it, which is kind of interesting because that is how I got really well known. 

I developed a whole way to read people through aromatherapy oils.

I just kept pursuing something that didn’t want me. When I was looking, this is what happened. That’s kind of the best way to say it. I will say this to add to this because one of the things I am known for is something that I became passionate about, which is that I studied many different forms of divination. I am a complete nerd, and I sat for many many years in libraries looking at outdated books and things because I wanted to understand what other people did to seek out their reflection, the way I could naturally do. What were their tools?

The divinatory practices are thousands and thousands of years old, and some people poopoo them that is why I make it a joke and call it the “wooniverse” and people say it’s woo-woo. Ultimately, there are systems of lexicon or vocabularies that are symbolic and metaphoric that really touch the collective and universal consciousness that all of us are part of.

I started really diving into that, and I decided after the tarot became restrictive to me because it’s fixed and never changed, I was like ‘I wanted to create oracle cards. I wanted to create my own systems,’ which is what I devoted my career to since I’m passionate about it. I’ve modernized these syntheses of a number of different ancient divination traditions in a way that people can use them to help navigate especially turbulent and chaotic times when we’re looking for certainty, and we can’t find it. 

That’s, if I were to say in a nutshell, this is my origin story and how I got in front of you. Of course, I have written quite a few books. Actually not that many, I’ve only written five. One of them was a number one bestseller for ten entire days. 


I’m always studying and always learning and I’m bringing what I learned.

I took pictures every day. I didn’t get my degree, but as I said, I am a nerd so I’m always studying and always learning, and I’m bringing what I learned. I love quantum physics, that’s my idea of porn. 

I know that we are incredible co-creative beings. Human beings are capable of partnering with this conscious universe in such a way that only our conditioning prevents us from really honoring what we’re really here to do. I think we live in extraordinary times right now and shows like yours that are highlighting some of the best features in the planet that are able to hack the system or hack the conditioning can prove it. We can prove it. I’m excited to talk to you today.

That’s amazing. Scientific evidence of things using consciousness to change the outcomes of random number generators. This is just wild. What an amazing time to be alive. 

When you say that about using consciousness to impact a random number generator, we actually use random number generators in one of my masterminds that I ran. We use it with books. We use books as oracles and then we look up—it’s actually called psychomancy—the number and see what page it relates to and see how it impacts us personally and how it reflects us. 

I know that yes, we can impact, we can change the outer world, but I think there’s a step that we miss, which is that we are not only self-generated power beings. We work in tandem with something greater than us—the universe, which is consciousness that is fundamental to all life. 

Human beings are capable of partnering with this conscious universe.

For me, I am most interested in bringing people into the concept of synchronicity so that they start trusting that it is possible. They’re trusting that they are in the partnership, then we can look at, I can influence a number generator. I can influence reality. But what are we influencing it for? That’s the other piece. 

If we are influencing it for the highest good for all, then we’re going to need that partnership because our soul, or the blueprint—again, that’s just my language—imagine that consciousness made each one of us, that we are the reflection of that consciousness. 

I like to call it divinity within every one of us. There is this divine spark. This divine blueprint that we are here for is something very specific and unique to each one of us. We each play a role and a note in the symphony of life. Only each of us knows how to bring it up to harmony because we can be disharmonious and incoherent or coherent and harmonious. 

If we look to that blueprint that we each have, that there’s this consciousness that can guide us and lead us, then the motive behind why we would want to impact a number generator then becomes in alignment with the greater good as opposed to just I can move this. 

It’s not just a parlor trick. 

Yeah, exactly. I come from a profession where people have actually said this is a parlor trick. How do you know you are reading my mind? How do you know? I think it’s key right now too, especially with how the world is the way it is, that we understand what our why is. What’s our why?

Benevolence is the harmony and coherence of our divinity.

When you mentioned divine spark, it reminded me of how people say we’re made of stardust. I think we are made of God dust because the stars are made of God. Everything is made of God and so that divine spark is actually God dust that we are made up of. I think that’s a more magical way to look at reality and also that instead of I just got goosebumps, I just got angelbumps. The angel just sent me a confirmation.

I think what’s really key when we say the word dust is when we think of God dust, we think of dust as something that is leftover. The truth is God dust is alive. God dust is how we are animated. It is the particles. What is behind those particles is the consciousness of God, spirit, or whatever you want to call it, or how your listeners like to identify with that. 

I really do think I got a second chance in life once I got clean and sober. It’s almost been 37 years a day at the time. I could be dead. For me, this is my gift back. I want to learn as much as I can and give as much as I can back so that I can enhance this very thing that you’re talking about because I’ve seen evidence of it. 

The key is to understand what our “why” is.

We do need protocol, systems, and things like that to help us maintain this since we are also made to pay attention to what is the most chaotic, frightful, and negative because we have something that is called the “negative bias” and particular activating system of our brain that is how our brains work. It’s going to look for evidence in the outer world for anything that we are rehearsing internally. We rehearse an idea long enough, it’s going to look for it. 

That is why this time right now, we are being so conditioned to see the world a certain way. Look at the pandemic. It’s a perfect example of hysteria. This really happens, but the hysteria made people sicker. That’s my opinion of that. I’m not anti-anything. I’m very much the person that’s in the middle of the bridge. I’m fascinated by both sides. 

That’s not a popular place to stand. I get it. You have to be one of the others and I won’t choose. I just want to learn and find what is the best of both because we do need the new ones because we need to come together somehow. These things that media and how we are impacted by social media is something we need to look at right now given how influenced we are by energy. 

Then we are going to continue to look for evidence in the outer world for the same thing and yet, if we just shifted our consciousness, which we can once we see the synchronicity and basically God working anonymously in our lives, which is those synchronicities and meaningful coincidences. We keep thinking, wait a second, there’s something operating on my behalf and in my favor that we can choose where our attention is going to go and see more evidence of that. 

Remembering the Future by Colette Baron-Reid

Given that literally anything is available to us anytime, at all times right now, especially with the access we have in this cybersphere. There is the cybersphere, and the technosphere where you have all these spheres of potentiality and we have to be very careful right now. Where is our attention going? 

That’s our most valuable asset, attention. 

It’s our attention. Where is that attention and where are we compelled? Right now you’ll hear everybody talking about trauma, that has become pretty popular. I think the term has become misused too. All of a sudden, everybody is like that’s my trauma. There are excuses of ‘I can’t do that because I am traumatized,’ or ‘that’s my trigger.’ I’m noticing the spiral of everybody sharing all of these when some of the best teachers I’m seeing out there are saying no, we’re just acknowledging this so that we can live on both ends. We’re not saying it’s an excuse. 

I’m seeing where all of our attention is going now. It’s fascinating. It’s like okay, now we’re going to talk about this. Now we’re going to talk about that. When are we actually going to live in the solution? It’s really when we wear the world loosely around our shoulders and put God as our attention. The God dust is our attention. 

What does our soul want? It’s not scrambling, we are. The small self and how we are conditioned to view the world. We’ll see what happens over the next little while, but I am acutely aware of when I am coming from a condition response. I’m acutely aware of the potentiality of when I can snap out of it. 

Speaking of potentialities and all of these different options, choices, and perhaps alternate realities that we create through our choices. Thirty-seven years sober, there must have been some timelines where you died instead of making it. 

It’s interesting because when I was 22 or 23, I had gone to this famous psychic that all my friends went to and they were like ‘oh my god, this guy was so amazing.’ He was visiting Toronto, where I am from, and I decided I was going to wait in line and go see this guy. It wasn’t that expensive. It was a tea room. I had saved up my money. It was expensive to me back then.

What does our soul want?

I waited two and a half hours sitting on the floor outside of this little dingy office where this guy had set himself up. I expected him to tell me how I am going to be a famous singer and songwriter, how all these dreams of mine are going to come true, et cetera. Instead, he sat me down and said basically, “your family is going to fall apart,” which actually did happen, “and you’re going to have a very short life. All men you’re going to meet are not going to be faithful to you. Your artistic career is basically not going to go anywhere.” 

At the end of it, I hated him. The reason why I trusted him was because he knew I had been raped and he knew all the details. It was so freaky that I just sat there in awe and then he told me all the things that were going to happen. What ended up happening was I did bottom out when I was 27, but everything he said came true over those five years, between 22 and 27, literally everything. I got into a relationship with a sex addict who wasn’t faithful. Everything. My parents lost all their money. All the real stuff happened. 

Then what happened was I bottomed out. I had an incredible spiritual experience in the bathroom of a drug dealer’s house. I went up, I haven’t slept or bathed for seven days, and I was up looking at myself in the mirror finally seeing myself as I truly was. Not as I was a legend in my own mind past the freebase pipe. It was a sense of knowing that I was going to die and I asked for help—not help me so that I can get out of this so that I can do it again later. 

It was like I am done, help me. I have surrendered. Literally, I know that I moved to another dimension of potentiality. I know I walked from one side to another and it was like the red sea parted. I also knew I would never have to go back there and I would never have to repeat this or that. I didn’t know how and I had no clue. There was absolutely no certainty whatsoever in front of me. I had to surrender to what was uncharted and I created a new life. 

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You jumped timelines? 

I did. I changed my past. As I got clean and sober and worked a spiritual program, I started a 12-step program and did a lot of spiritual exploration, tibetan buddhism, I spent a lot of time at the temple learning how to meditate and other various diving deep into the course of miracles and other more ancient and esoteric works. 

I came to the conclusion that the way I perceived my story from my past was really based on me accepting that I was victimized for sure, but I choose the victimhood of that. Instead, I chose to see that as an event and that I could forgive, love, and do whatever I needed to do to heal from that because I wasn’t broken. I could see myself fully and everyone was whole. That was just part of what made me me. 

I was able to see how I saw my parents differently. I have deep respect for them. I wasn’t like ‘they are such bad parents.’ They were great parents, but once I could change the story and my vantage point changed, my entire past changed. The timeline even with my past shifted because I could see it with a completely different pair of eyes. 

When the past shifts and a whole lot of people can see that change through things like Mandela effects. ‘Oh, I remember the Fruit of the Loom logo having a cornucopia and it never did, but masses of people did.’ 

Wait, it didn’t?

It didn’t. Not in this timeline. 

Woah, that is bizarre that you said that. As soon as you said Fruit of the Loom of cornucopia, I actually remembered it having a cornucopia, and you’re saying it doesn’t.

So do I. There’s so many things. How about this one, “mirror mirror on the wall,” Disney Movie. Was that Snow White? 

“Who’s the fairest of them all?” 

It never said “mirror mirror on the wall.” It said, “magic mirror on the wall” in this timeline. 


That’s fun. I love going down these rabbit holes around the timeline. 

Rabbit hole is my jam. Isn’t that interesting, the things we remember to pick up. I don’t know about you but I’m good friends with Gregg Braden and he and I would talk often about the potential of the world being a simulation. A couple of times, when I had friends over, my friends said the Gayatri Mantra on a new year’s eve. All of a sudden, the whole room, the sides of it, started disappearing. It was the trippiest thing. 

There are so many things we don’t know about life.

It’s happened to me a couple of times at the dentist, of all places, where everything just dissolves. I’m in a whole nother place, waking up, and this is like I woke up from one life and they tell me to go back to the other one. It’s so bizarre. There are so many things we don’t know about life. 

We can open our hearts and minds with the willing suspension of disbelief and ask our guides, our angels, God directly please show or tell me now what I need to know about the nature of this reality. For example, many many years ago, I saw the movie The Thirteenth Floor which came around the same time as The Matrix, late 90s. 

My guides showed me a vision from that movie that I haven’t thought of for a long time where they ran to the end of the simulation where it wasn’t rendering yet. It was just wire-framed and green. 


That’s basically what happens when you go down these rabbit holes. This is what I was told. When you go down these rabbit holes, you are inviting the universe to fill in the rendering. What used to be wire-framed around such horrific things, I’m not even going to name them. 

Don’t, we won’t call them. 

Yeah, like the Harry Potter movie.

Learn as much as you can and give back as much as you can.


Exactly, because what we are doing by going down the dark dystopian rabbit holes is we are creating the actual reality. It’s like no, this exists. I spent hours and hours researching this. These sorts of terrible sacrifices and whatever that is happening from the dark side are real. You just made them much more real. They were just wire-frames and now they are full 3D renderings. 

We are going to start looking for evidence in the outer world and it will come to us. It’s like spotlights. Bruce Lipton said very eloquently in his book in The Biology of Belief that we are literally bombarded by millions and millions of potential data and stimuli that we are incapable of processing. 

We are conditioned but we can wake up and refuse that conditioning.

This is a processing system that we have that we are going to choose for us that we can handle or what we have accepted as reality. There’s only so much that we are capable of processing. Wherever our attention, our belief system, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs rehearse reality is going to show us we are in charge of that. Yes, we are conditioned but we can wake up and refuse that conditioning. 

Although there is a consequence. I think what happens and a lot of people are scared to do that is because all of a sudden, you might not have so much in common with other people in your pod, that you may all of a sudden realize that I can’t be connected to this person, I’m not in alignment with them anymore, I’m not engaged in this dynamic anymore so I will lose something. What will I lose? We have to be willing to lose it all. That’s what I think. 

How about this? I learned in Kabbalah that loss is an illusion. 


Loss is an illusion. If we are in a simulation, that means pretty much we are Truman in The Truman Show. Everybody is in the gig except us. If we elevate our consciousness, we can change the whole nature of reality and not just in our local reality, but the global reality. Let’s say World War III is about to happen, now it doesn’t. 

Right. I think that very subject you’re talking about right now is something that is very much on people’s minds. Getting close, getting far, accepting this as reality, not accepting it is an interesting wave that is going to the population. Have you ever considered who is pulling the strings? 

I’m not a conspiracy person at all. I’m just not. Like I said, I’m a curious person. I’m a person who likes to learn but I don’t join any one idea because I think there’s many. What do you think? The collective is being moved.

E-Squared by Pam Grout

The layers of reality around this, it’s fascinating. For example, you can make a very strong case that there are dark forces, a shadow government, that is pulling the strings. Above that is the higher truth that the darkness is already lost and the light has already won. They just haven’t gotten the memo yet. 

There’s another one of reality where there is nothing but God. It’s just me and God. Anything that is not love is part of the illusion. The only thing real here is God. Depending on where you want to focus the lenses, you can say here’s the reality around who is pulling the strings, but then wait a second, everything and everybody ends up working for God, even the dark forces.

This is an interesting conversation. I like it to pause with this in mind, again we are just having a conversation, what a great podcast. If that were true hypothetically, then we conclude that everything is neutral, that there is no good or bad. There is one that creates chaos, disharmony, et cetera. One that is incoherent and the other is coherent, harmonious, et cetera. But both are just states. Both are able to exist in their own integrity and neither one is good or bad. They are just this one is that and this one is this. 

The nature of duality then comes up because it’s like an illusion. In fact, if anything is God, then we come right back to the same idea of what is our choice. We can’t abdicate our choice. If we’re going to go to everything is God, what is our choice going to be? If we can’t say we don’t like the dark force, ‘oh I want to fight against something,’ unless you just want to fight against something.

What you resist persists. 

It all comes back to our choices, and it’s not easy. Even just like I said, the fact that everybody is talking about trauma, we’re acknowledging that there’s been some conditioning in here that is harmful. It has become very harmful even though I think sometimes people don’t understand what they are saying when they personalize trauma. 

They don’t know they are talking kind of therapeutically about themselves, but there’s such great content out there right now about how are the systems of our social structures right now have traumatized people and how do we pull out the strands of the hairball to recognized that we need some healing here. What’s our responsibility for that? Then how does that impact the reality we say we want? It doesn’t even have to be that complicated. It’s very interesting. 

It’s fascinating you mentioned your interest in quantum physics. You can have up quarks and down quarks. You can have them existing simultaneously. It’s not this or that, it’s both. 

We work in tandem with the universe, which is the consciousness that is fundamental to all life. Share on X

Both ends. 

That is how duality actually operates, I believe. You can have both operating at the same time and when you get to a certain level of enlightenment, my understanding is that the whole illusion falls away because it’s no longer necessary. The laws of karma are here for us to understand the effects of our actions. 

If everything happens simultaneously like it does on the other side of the veil, the eternal now, past, present, future all happening simultaneously, then we wouldn’t have the length of time to really grok the consequences of our actions. 

You are one of the first few people who used the term “grok” and I use it all the time. Mark is like, “You can’t use that word.” I understood the “grokking.” How does that even work? How do we apply it given that we want to create our reality for a life that is short, but that needs to be meaningful. We are trying to slow it down and have some type of control over it, when in fact, that’s not how it works. It’s really interesting. 

I’m going to go back to why I use oracle cards and why I teach people oracle cards is that it enables us to get out of that confused soup of a head and into one reflective subject that you could say is a dominant energy working with us right now, or this is where you can’t see right now, or this is your next right action. 

I don’t use the cards so much as predictive tools, as I am prescriptive. This is what’s going on now. If you want to be in alignment with what’s in your highest good, here’s what you have to do next or here’s what you need to focus on. Given that we are also operating through the filter of our life experience and personalities which are often the result of layers and layers of conditioning and like they say, trauma. Our responses to that and we keep perpetuating it. 

What I would love to be able to do is to show people how to pattern interrupt that. Working with the cards completely interrupts the pattern. Wait a second, that’s actually the thing I’m doing unconsciously which is definitely not in alignment with where I say I want to go. Come here, my one dog is here. There’s little Coco.

That is crazy. I got to tell you something. This is the second time in three hours where I have heard the name Coco.  

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


It’s not often. What happened when we got this duckling that was a rescue in our backyard, his mother abandoned him. He would have died without our intervention so we took him in.

My wife, Orion, came up with the name Coco. She’s also very connected with the other side of the veil. “I think her name is Coco, this tiny little duckling.” Then I got seven different conformations of the course of that week that it was Coco. I would go to the mall and there were two different stores that had Coco on the name. There’s this one thing after another. I would go to social media and there would be something commenting on the name Coco. It was nonstop. 

By the way, she’s quite skittish and she only has two-thirds of a skull. She knows how to protect herself because if she hits her head or something happens, she literally could die. The vet told us she basically needs to be wrapped up in cotton and put in a crate for the rest of her life. We’re like ‘no, we will let her do whatever she wants. If this is the way she is going to go, she’s going to go that way.’ She’s of course lived four more years than was predicted. 

She never comes up on my lap, ever, especially when Tinkerbell was sitting on the other side of me. She just walked right by her and asked me to pick her up. That was also very funny. Very synchronistic. 

Proof is in the putting of the fact that synchronicity or the universe wanting to get retention to talk about what is coherent, what is in alignment, what is similar between us, or what is the conversation which is yeah, there’s something going on that we have no control over and we are not the instigators of that. 

Check this out too. There’s this operating goodness that directs us to use certain terminologies. I don’t often use the term “grok,” it’s not common. Here’s what it reminded me of when I did use it and then you responded to that. I use that term all the time. 

I was on a call with a mastermind I’m in. It’s a group of men entrepreneurs and we are doing a reading together of different books that are spiritually based books like The Alchemist is one, You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson is another. 

We are animated by God dust. This means we can access the consciousness of God or our higher power. Share on X

One of the guys in the group, I’m just saying something and giving some advice relating to his relationship. I don’t remember the exact context, but I remember the world. I said, She’s not trying to punk you. It’s not a term I use. I never use that word punk or punked, but he’s like whoa, what did you just say? I literally say this to her all the time. Stop punking me. 


It really hit home for him. It was like wow. This wasn’t just Stephan giving some common sense advice. No, this came from upstairs.

I think that world comes from Stranger in a Strange Land. I think that’s where I read it. I stopped using it for the longest time because my husband was like what does that even mean? You’re trying to understand something, you’re trying to grok it. That’s funny. 

We start to pay attention to these synchronicities more in our lives. I pay attention. It’s serving us to remember that it is not all up to us, even though we are responsible, we are response-able, but we do it in partnership with something higher than us. 

What I found that I think is really important for us to operate off this principle is that the more benevolent you are, the more synchronicities arrive. 

Well, benevolence is harmony, it is coherence. Thankful as well. Thank you for the abracadabra. It’s like being grateful, which being a part of and it’s not got any hubris attached to it. There’s no control. It’s about being receptive. It’s interesting that it does make a lot of sense. The more benevolent, graceful, and kind you are, the more of that comes back to you because synchronicity says hey, I’m going to help you. 

I’m just going to question this for a second because if we said everything was neutral, then would we say that there’s an assumption on our part that there is benevolence, that as we become more benevolent we see more synchronicities. But would we also see more synchronicities in the darker ends of things? The darker, jealous, angry, neurotic, and hateful we are on that contrasting side, then we would see more of that. We don’t call it synchronicity because we think that the universe is always benevolent. It is just something to think about. 

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

The way I think about it is if you could collapse all your desires for this incarnation into one as your higher self, what would it be? My guess would be to cleave to the creator. To be as close to the creator as possible. He is all goodness. The universe is all duality. It’s good and bad. It’s light and dark. It’s lots of contrast. 

Contrast is not necessarily bad. 

Contrasts are educational. How else am I going to really appreciate the sunshine if I never get rain?

Totally. I love that, cleave to the creator. I’m a painter so the more art that I create the closer to the creator I feel I get. None of the things I think are important to argue about are even present when I’m there because I really become a channel for this creativity. It is what it is. 

You want to hear something wild? You just said the word “abracadabra” a few minutes ago. That is aramaic. It’s a cousin language to hebrew. In aramaic it means “I create” like the word. 

Pam Grout wrote a book about that and that it came from aramaic. “I created the word” and then in the Bible, it was “first there was the word and the word was God.” Whatever we utter as human beings, whatever we present, whatever we express because word is expression. It doesn’t mean word talking, it means to express energy, then that is what’s going to arise for us. 

When we have a lot more people expressing fear, and a lot more people expressing negativity and challenges, and a lot more people that were going to see more of that. We can’t always choose our reality but we can respond to the reality that is created by the greater population, if you will, in a way that is graceful. 

We know that I didn’t choose that but I can respond to it in a way where I can see it as just part of the story. I can figure out what it means or what I can make it mean later because you can have a million iterations as you grow, evolve, and see your own consciousness change. 

Contrast is not bad.

Another thing too that I found to be really helpful as you create more benevolence and more synchronicities or invite them into your reality is to ask for the most benevolent outcome rather than saying is this for my highest and best good or is this for this person’s highest and best good. If you ask for the most benevolent outcome for this person and everyone else involved, then it takes into account all time lines, all potentialities, and brings about the very best for everybody involved.  

I don’t see the difference between the languages, but I like the language because if you say for my highest good, then it indicates just yours. I would say for the highest good. I do love the idea of the most benevolent outcome for all. It feels nicer.

The most benevolent outcome is a term I learned from Jan Tober, she’s the life partner who channels Kryon, Lee Carroll. I spoke to her and she told me about this. She learned about it from Tom T. Moore. Tom T. Moore who wrote The Gentle Way and it’s all about MBOs, Most Benevolent Outcomes. It’s a very powerful technology, MBOs.

The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore. You just gave me a good idea for my mastermind because I give my mastermind books to read. I ran a mastermind with 24 people. We read things, talk about them, and use them as oracles and actually all about being as open as we can to the person we want to become. That’s actually very interesting because it has the most benevolent outcome. I like the feeling of that.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton

I naturally say for the highest good of all, but when I say for the most benevolent outcome for all, that feels somehow where I am actually really claiming that this is good for everybody and not going to cause any harm. Benevolence, it’s like there’s a good grace and generosity there. I’m going to go down the rabbit hole.

Here’s another rabbit hole for you. Do you know the term maktub, it’s Arabic. Maktub means “it is written.” I learned it from listening to the book The Alchemist. It’s in the Quran. The idea is that everything is already written, at least in this timeline. You can get a timeline upgrade then get a new script to your movie. In this timeline, everything is already written including the fact that we are going to talk about MBOs, most benevolent outcomes. 

I love that. Let me ask you this then, if everything else is written in this particular timeline, how would you in your estimation get that—you mentioned the upgrade—a timeline upgrade. What are your protocols to get that timeline upgrade or is there anything that we could do?

In my case, it’s really doing the shadow work and working with oracle cards and being willing to look at your past with different lenses. I’ve had all kinds, but I want to know if there are any more I don’t have.

There’s a blog post by Tom Kenyon called The Art of Jumping Timelines. Have you ever watched the movie Sliding Doors?

Sure. I love that movie. That’s one of my favorite movies. I totally loved it. I’ve done that. I slid through a door and went to a different timeline. I have done that already.

Then there is a timeline bleed-through where in one timeline she almost passes out where she’s serving a table as a waitress. Then in the other timeline at that exact moment, she does actually pass out.

Reflect on social media’s impact on our lives. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and energy, even when we’re not aware.

Bleed throughs. Go back to my question.

The idea here is if you want a timeline upgrade, then you have to be extra benevolent beyond your normal comfort zone.

Describe that.

Here’s something that happened a year ago. I was driving with my family in the car and normally, I would give money to a homeless person, maybe $5 or something, occasionally $20, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to pull the car over. This was outside my comfort zone.

The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore

I saw this lady who was just sitting on the bus stop bench. She had some bags with her and she was clearly homeless and pretty bad straight. Something just popped and said give her money. It was out of my way, but I went ahead and turned right a couple times, pulled into a parking lot, got out of the car, and handed her money. 

She wasn’t expecting anyone to stop and I handed her money. She’s so grateful and she smiles. When she smiles, she’s got one tooth. She’s just beaming at me and just so grateful. It just felt so sweet, so beautiful. It was a beautiful moment. 

I kept waving to her. She kept waving back as I was pulling out to leave. My wife doesn’t really take notice, she’s on her phone or something, but shortly thereafter, I got the download or intuitive sense that she was an angel. I did get confirmation that was the case. 

That’s an example of getting a timeline upgrade. I didn’t do it to get a timeline upgrade. I did it because it felt like it. This is the person I want to be. 

Tell me how did that translate into a timeline upgrade for you? What is your definition of timeline upgrade? 

A whole new script. I don’t know what my original script is. 

I get it. You feel it.

It is knowing that something happened where the whole airplane got upgraded to business class, not just me. 

There are certain timelines that will repeat because you keep repeating on conscious patterns.

I totally understand what you are saying because it’s not intellectual, it is a feeling state. You just know that nothing will be the same from here on in because it’s uncharted. It’s just unknown. There are certain timelines that will repeat because you keep repeating on conscious patterns. You’re actually in a loop. 

There’s something that you do, I don’t know if that’s the best example necessarily. You are a man of privilege to give somebody some money on the street, but I get it. What instilled on you was that you genuinely wanted to help. You gave this money and then you felt it was an angel and you had this confirmation. But it’s not always that. You did say it was out of your comfort zone. 

I am notoriously stingy or have been. 

That’s good because I was like how is that? 

It’s uncomfortable to give money. Just getting in the new comfort zone of giving money to homeless people was uncomfortable for a while. It still isn’t super comfortable, but going out of my way and taking 10 minutes to pull over and do all of the stuff to do this, that was definitely not something I would have normally done. 

If you go off the regular track, then that’s where the magic can happen over and above the script that you have been given that already has magic in it. If you are like me, I want the red carpet version. 

We get it. I get it because you don’t know you could have saved somebody’s life. You could have saved their lives. We couldn’t know the impact we have on other people. I think oftentimes, we walk by people in need with blinders on, and we don’t know what one small movement towards somebody could actually do for them or for us. It’s an interesting thing, especially since we live in a world with so much inequity. 

Uncharted by Colette Baron-Reid

I think about that every day. What’s my part in that, and how can I cause less harm? Also, what can I do to be more benevolent? Benevolence does not necessarily mean charitable. It doesn’t necessarily mean that. I think it means just loving. 

Actually, I think that maybe charity gets in the way of the highest and most benevolent outcome because if you take away their free choice and they need to hit rock bottom in order to get the epiphany, you just rob them of it. 

You know what they say, never rob anybody of their bottom. You don’t know because if you can be a rescuer and you say, ‘oh no, that person doesn’t learn because you don’t let them hit bottom.’ I think our intuition rather than our ego, it’s not like, oh I’m a privileged person. I’m going to give this away. This person needs this. I’m going to give it. I feel it. It’s a righteous choice. 

It’s almost like you get angel numbers on billboards or road signs, or when you’re reading from a book, or when you’re looking at social media or something, or a digital pop-up is the most obvious one. It just pops. It’s like it jumps off the screen or off of the page and you know. 

Otherwise, you’re just kind of looping and speaking of which, I learned that ghosts are not just the souls of people who haven’t crossed over to the light. They’re on a loop. It’s like a repeating loop stuck in time where the ghost keeps waking up the stairs in this haunted house. Back and forth up the stairs. Why? Because it’s a soul fragment that was so traumatized in that experience in that house that they just keep reliving it over and over again. 

What can I do to be more benevolent?

It got stuck. It’s funny. I’ve never had an experience with a ghost, even though I am a medium. I have my own television show as a medium. Talking to dead people is one of my favorite things to do. I do it on any Spirit Jam on my membership site, the Oracle Circle. It’s interesting that I’ve never had a haunting experience, nothing negative, nothing dark has ever come to me. 

It’s an interesting thing, so I am curious, but the paranormal, all of the typical darker stuff, doesn’t even interest me at all, but I love to hear these things about the loops. I also feel that they are echoes. It’s like an echo, whereas I would do it’s a dynamic thing that’s actually happening in the now with these people in front of me, and this is what’s going on. It’s not a loop. This is real. We are having a real conversation here.

It’s really tricky. I just learned that the present moment that we think of as the present moment is also an echo. It’s in the past. The conversation we are having right now is in the past, even though we think it is right now in the present moment. It’s in the past, and the present moment actually exists when we go inward, and we shut off the five senses, and we just become one with the no thing, no place, no time, no body. 

That sounds like Joe Dispenza

Exactly. I pulled that part in from Joe Dispenza, but I learned about this from watching a channeling of Sam The Illusionist, who was a guest in this podcast. The channeling, I forgot who, was saying that the present isn’t what you think it is. It’s not here. You think I’m listening, I’m paying attention. I’m here right now. I’m 100% present. That’s great, and this is not present. This is still the past. Mind Blowing.

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

What a fascinating conversation. I’m going to have to have you on my podcast. 

I would love to. I know you got lots of people talking about their stories of spiritual awakening. I have some wild stories I can talk about. 

The podcast is really all about interviews. I talk about people’s origin stories and everything too. It’s a lot of scientists and spiritual teachers. The common denominator that we all have is quite interesting. We all see ourselves as unique individuals, although we are, we also share a basic humanity that I think all of us are trying to underline and bring forward in a way that is unique to us but for the common good. I think it’s kind of cool. 

Thank you for having me. I have a free guide for your podcast’s listeners called How to Ask the Right Questions of Oracle Cards. Get REAL Answers to Life’s Questions — Big and Small and learn how easy it is to use Oracle Cards to guide your path. All you have to do is go to What a pleasure. What a fun conversation. 

Yes, it was. It was already pre-written. 


Fun stuff. Alright, Colette. Thank you so much. You’re such an amazing light in the world. I and many others really appreciate what you are doing out in the world. 

It was a real pleasure. Thank you right back. Take care. 

Thank you, listener. We’ll catch you in the next episode. Have a fantastic week. Reveal some light in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Consider the well-being of others before you confront them. Reflect on my role in the situation and ask myself, “What part did I play in this conflict, and what can I do to cause less harm?”

?Assume responsibility for my actions and practice grace toward others. Create a compassionate environment by striving to grow.

?Make conscious choices that align with the greater good. While I can’t always control a situation, I can choose how I respond.

?Pay attention to synchronicities in my life and act in partnership with my higher power or the collective energy of humanity.

?Cultivate self-awareness and recognize that various factors, including conditioning and trauma, shape my experiences and personality.

?Become receptive to messages and signs, and show a willingness to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold me back.

?Reframe past experiences as a necessary part of my personal journey. This enables me to get rid of a victim mentality. This also helps me focus on healing and forgiveness.

?Embrace uncertainty and surrender to a higher power. Recognize a higher dimension to meet my potential.

?Refocus and prevent hard circumstances from weighing me down. Focus on something greater than myself, such as God.

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