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By: Stephan Spencer


A decade ago, I was a train wreck. I was recently divorced. I was socially awkward. I didn’t know how to talk to women. In fact, I was terrified to do so. I looked like a computer nerd who never saw the sun. Yeah, I was downright unattractive. Thankfully, I went through a metamorphosis. And the two men who started me on that path of reinvention were Tony Robbins and Neil Strauss.

How I got from there to where I am now was no small feat. Initially it was about mindset, then it was about physical transformation, but ultimately it was about spiritual growth. To say I am unrecognizable from my former self would be a huge understatement.

Sasha Daygame
“Ego cannot manifest anything. It’s the soul.”
Sasha Daygame

So how does one go from socially awkward to awakened? Well, today’s guest is going to illuminate that for us. His insights just might change your life as they have with his students and clients. Sasha Daygame is a visionary, renegade dating coach, and spiritual seeker. ​Sasha is also the founder of the Infinite Man Summit. He began as a standup comedian at the age of 17 and several years later got into self improvement. In 2008, he started Sasha Dating Systems to help men overcome their anxiety, improve their charisma, and form fulfilling personal relationships. He has personally coached thousands of men across five continents, as well as creating a cult following via his YouTube channel with over 12 million views.

​ More than just dating, Sasha’s teachings inspire men to create extraordinary lives by challenging societal and parental programming. In this episode, he and I talk about how you can break out of the matrix and start living powerfully and consciously.

On with the show!

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Thank you for being on the show.

My pleasure.

Tell us, what is the thing that got you from just being a really cool, hip successful pick-up artist to spiritually woke.

That’s a good question. It’s almost like you don’t have a choice. You’re doing all these things that you think are going to make you happy. Everybody’s got that thing. They think if they get that thing, they’re going to be happy. I’ve run through pretty much all of them and none of them made me happy. My mother was really abusive, I never had a good relationship with her. I had a lot of damage when it came to trusting and connecting with women. That was really tough for me. I thought, “Okay, if I can just fix that and get a girlfriend, then I’ll be happy.” At one point, it was for making X amount of money or if I get this many views on this video or this many subscribers, all these kind of things.

I had a lot of sex, I had more money than I can spend all these things, relative YouTube fame and my little cult-like following. But I was deeply unhappy. It was around 2015 because I was really focused on the wrong stuff. I was really coming at it from an egoic place. If I have more beautiful girlfriends, if I sleep with these many women, then I’ll finally be cool enough. Everything I was doing is really coming from that place.

There was an emptiness there.

There was an emptiness. Earlier in my life, I was trying to fill it through comedy. I didn’t really love myself. I didn’t really love who I was. If I could just be the funniest guy in the room, then I would be good enough. It was annoying because even when I wasn’t doing the comedy show, I’d just be hanging around comedians at a party and I’d have to be the really funny one. Always making jokes. People be like, “Hey, Sasha, just calm down. It’s okay to just be yourself.” I’m like, “I am myself! I’m just really funny. What are you talking about? This is me!”

I didn’t know what was going on because I’ve got a little bit of fame and plenty of money and lots of girls. I had four girlfriends at one time, I slept with a lot of beautiful women, and I’m not happy. It wasn’t doing it for me. I kind of by fluke had a spiritual awakening. I mean, you say “by fluke,” I think everything’s nothing, but…

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Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences, all that really good stuff.

Definitely not. Back in 2009, I had my first download of we’re all reincarnating, there’s no such thing as death, and I’m here to help people realize that we’re on this journey.

Were you somewhere at an event or in some sort of temple or something?

No. The first, I guess they call it Samadhi experience—there’s been so many since then. That was the first one, now it’s not even a big deal, but at the time, it was a big deal. I was actually trying to pick-up this really cute Japanese girl who’s working for this Japanese spiritual leader who’d written hundreds of books. I ended up speaking to her and she said, “Look, you seem like a really interesting person. I’m going to give you this last copy of one of this guy’s books.”

The book was very interesting. I read maybe one spiritual book before, which was fine, but I wasn’t really that into it. I read this book and it was all about when you leave the body, these different levels of dimensions that you go to and depending on where you’re at in the development, you might go here, here, or here. It was just very interesting.

Do you remember the name of the book?

No. I know the name of the author. Ryuho Okawa, their religion is called Happy Science. They have pretty good stuff, but the specific book I don’t remember. I read the book. The short version of the experience was I was walking, I was about to go into King Street Subway in Toronto (I’m originally from Toronto). There was this crazy lady who was absolutely out of her mind and she was screaming at the top of her lungs, like totally crazy. Really loud. Loud enough for people who are crossing the street to not have to walk by her. I did the same thing.

It reminded me of my mother. Because that was my mom was like. Her face would turn red and she would just scream at me and throw boots at me. It was a real show. I just didn’t want to have anything to do with this. I walk by quickly, I go downstairs, and I’m going towards the train. And this little thought enters my head, which I cannot explain or surely couldn’t at the time, obviously a spirit working. The thought said, “Go and talk to her.” I was like, “She’s out of her mind! Why would I go talk to somebody who’s completely crazy?” But I trust my intuition. For some reason, I was like, “Okay, that seems like a good thing to do.”

I went up the stairs, I walked up, and I tapped this woman on the head. I literally saw her eyes roll from another dimension, literally now right at me and say, “Hi!” And I was like, “Hey, I see you’re screaming there. How long have you been screaming?” She was like, “Oh, I’d been screaming like three years now.” I said, “What are you screaming for.” She goes, “My husband left me and he took the kids. I’m out here and I’m really angry.” I’m like “Oh, okay.”

I just had a real conversation with her. I was like, “Are you homeless?” She’s like, “No, I have an apartment.” I’m like, “Do you have kids?” She’s like, “My kids are with him.” I’m like, “Oh, they’re not homeless. They’re not in the war in Afghanistan.” I gave her some perspective and said, “Do you believe in God?” She says, “Yes.” I said, “Me, too. And I think he’s looking down after you. You could change your life. Do you really want to end up being out here in front of these crazy people?” She said, “No. I don’t want to.”

I just had a heart-to-heart chat with her. That’s all, for about 10 minutes. Her boss came, a streetcar. She said, “Okay. Thank you.” I gave her a hug and she gets on the thing and she goes.

That was beautiful, by the way.

It was beautiful. It’s a nice thing to do. Initially, I was just like, “Okay, cool.” And I went downstairs to get my subway. Initially, I just thought, “That was nice.” I started feeling this energetic shift, I start having this realization and I was like, “Huh, interesting.” I guess I just helped this soul on her journey and I was like, “Maybe that’s the point of it.”

Then suddenly, this realization hit me. It just hit me, this energy hit me, that’s just hit the top of my head, it ran down the back of my whole body, down my arms. It was like hot fire and it just hit me this moment of realizing, “Oh, there’s no such thing as death. We’re all reincarnate and the whole point of life is all of our souls to help each other on this journey.” That’s it.

As I got on the subway, at first everybody had this bright light in front of their faces. It was like these two streaks of light and it was so bright I couldn’t actually look people in the eye. I would look at people and I would be blinded. I was just looking on the floor for about a minute.

When the light passed, I looked up and I felt a oneness with everybody’s soul. I’ve just felt like I was emphatic, so I could just feel what everybody was feeling. Every single person on the thing felt totally lost, they had no idea what they were doing on planet earth, and I knew I was supposed to tell them, “Hey, it’s okay. There’s no such thing as death. We’ll all reincarnate. We’re here to help each other.” I knew that’s why I’m here. That’s when I got my first awakening like, “Oh, that’s what I’m doing here. I’m here to share this spiritual truth that we’re all…”

When was this?

This was 2009. It was about 10 years ago.

That was the beginning. Ever since then, it’s always been there at the back of my mind. I’m going along doing my thing, got into pick-up and dating, and doing my comedy.

In 2015, you were deeply unhappy and you felt disconnected.

Yeah. The main reason for that was, I was in a relationship that wasn’t the right relationship for me. Even though I was dating multiple women, I fell into monogamy with this really amazing girl.

When you are deeply connected with your inner self, you are profoundly guided in doing things that your future self will benefit from.

Fell into monogamy.

I just fell into it. It was funny.

That is funny because we all have different perspectives and I always thought of myself as a monogamous person. But for somebody who is really good at meeting women, I suppose that would be an outlier type of situation.

Whatever people want to do, but for me, I thought it was cool. I also had an extremely high sex drive, so I’d like being open and stuff. But I was in the wrong relationship. The courses I was teaching just didn’t feel authentic to me because even though I was teaching, “Be you. Be real.” If you just want to sleep with the girl, tell her and say, “Hey, I just want to hook up with you.” Don’t manipulate.

But most of the guys taking the courses was really about sex. Some of them sure wanted a girlfriend, absolutely, but most guys just wanted to get laid. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just didn’t want to be the guy there. I didn’t want to be standing there listening, lean on the mic, chatting up these girls. I just got tired of it. It just felt inauthentic and I don’t want to do it anymore.

At this point, had you had other experiences of that being able to see light in people’s faces and stuff?

No. That was the one miraculous thing that happened back then.

That was a one-off.

Was up until that point. Once that happened in 2015 and I decided to really start waking up. It started to go very quickly. Somewhere around 2013, again, the spirit just introduced me randomly to another woman who’s just an amazing calibrate, very high-level woman. Super psychic and very powerful. I didn’t even realize it but she was actually my first in-person spiritual teacher, and she still is.

I was just learning from her. She is teaching me about spirit and tapping in. I learned so much from her. I could do hours of podcast just the things I learned from her. It was so unbelievable. She got me reading books by Malidoma Patrice Somé, who’s an African shaman, some of his teachings. Just even the concept that you can work with somebody’s spirit, whether reincarnated or not makes no difference.

It blows my mind at the time. She used to work with troubled kids and sometimes parents that come in and be like, “Oh, this kid drives me crazy. I’m a great parent. I love him but I can’t do anything.” And she’d say, “Just leave it with me.” She’d go into the astral and she’d speak to the spirit of the kid. She’d do some work with the child energetically and she would fix it. The parent came back a week later and went, “What did you do? He’s fine! He’s unbelievable.” And I was like, “Of course, we have a self that’s actually out there and this is just one tiny sliver of what we are.”

So she spoke to that child’s inner being.

Of course. I just started learning all this kind of stuff.

Did you still have that ability then that you’d had that first time, where you could see an aura or something in their faces?

No. That was just a miraculous thing that happened.

I wonder if you know who Donny Epstein is.

I know that name.

He’s good friends with Tony Robbins. He’s been a guest on this podcast. He’s a spiritual healer. He’s like an alien. He’s like a wizard. He’s incredible. He does these energetic entrainments. You laying on a chiropractic table and he zaps with energy and stuff without even touching you. I had some spiritual awakening experiences under his care. That was pretty amazing, like stuff that you wouldn’t believe that’s even possible.

Anyway, one of the things that he told me was that he couldn’t recognize people from photos. He would only be able to recognize them in person because he would see their energy signatures. Their faces would look completely different from a photograph than in person.

That’s interesting.

Crazy. He had to learn how to recognize people from photos, it took a while. He did eventually master that. Stuff we take for granted that’s just so basic and so forth. He had trouble recognizing people from photographs because he had this gift. Anyway, please continue. You had this incredible experience in 2013?

The very first one was in 2009.

For 2009 and 2013 was another one?

Yeah, 2013. I just ran into this amazing spiritual teacher. Again, spirit set it up perfectly. It was a miraculous coincidence. One of my followers had gifted me a book and I was in a building. As I was reading the book, I left it at my friend’s house. She happened to get on the elevator reading the same book. She was on the same page I was on. It’s that kind of weird, just like, “Are you reading that four agreements?” She’s like, “Yeah.”  I’m like, “Me too! Are you just starting chapter four?” “Yeah.” “Me too! Let me guess, somebody gave you that as a gift, right?” She goes, “Yeah. How did you know?” “I think we’re supposed to talk.”

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I’ve been trying to get Don Miguel Ruiz to be on my podcast. The author of The Four Agreements.

We can work on that. It’s possible. I’ll call him a favor.

I met his son at Conscious Life Expo. I tried that route but that didn’t work yet.

That’s pretty good! If you meet someone’s son, that’s pretty good. That’s a good angle to work.

That’s pretty close. Anyway, please continue.

That was great and 2015 was so much crazy stuff happened. It’s wild. My current ex basically went to do some work on herself. I just had some space for about three months. I just had the space. I was staying in a friend’s apartment in Budapest and I decided to try a spiritual practice that my first spiritual teacher—I just call her The Psychic—that I’d met taught me, which is very simple but changed everything. It was like the beginning of my real awakening, I feel.

The practice was very simple. You just sit. I’ve never been able to meditate. I’ve always been super active in the mind, I have tried everything, nothing ever worked for me. This technique skips it completely and lets you communicate directly with the source and spirits. It’s wild. You just sit down and you set the intention that simply that I am listening to a spirit. I’m present, I’m listening, and I’m open. You sit there and you just listen with your heart. Not your mind, your heart. You just sit and listen. I was like, “Okay.”

When my teacher described this to me, she actually just mentioned casually that some other woman who is a Christian mystic did this practice for three hours every morning. But as soon as she mentioned it, something inside me just moved and I was just like, “I have to do this thing.” I just sat down, I put on some music of monks chanting. It was actually Compassion Mantra by Choying Drolma, specifically. I find it works really well with this.

Anyway, I just put that on, I just sat there, I just tuned in, and I just started getting downloads. Just understandings. Everything I ever wanted to know, like what I was doing here and all the childhood I had and why I had it. I just sat there going, “Oh, that makes sense.” All of it made sense. My whole life, all the suffering, and everything just clicked into place.

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How did it make sense that you were homeless, for example?

Everything made sense because for me to become the guy I am today, that inspires other people, I had to have gone through all that I went through. If I had come in as a fully enlightened being, just popped and like, “Hey everybody, here’s how you got to do,” everyone would be like, “Who is this guy?” They’d freak out because I was an alien. But if you come in as a human, you go through the sh*t like everybody else, and you get through it, you go, “Hey, I see that you’re struggling, so was I. Here’s my story. Maybe if I can make it, you can make it.” That seems to be the case, so it all makes sense. I can’t be waking people up if I wasn’t deeply asleep and hadn’t woken up myself.

It makes total sense.

When you’re in it, it doesn’t make sense. When you’re in it, it’s not fair. Why am I suffering? Other kids, their parents love them. But when you get through it and understand how the universe works, we pick this story for ourselves. Everything we’re going through,

God doesn’t go, “You, you’re going to do this.” We agree, we say, “Yeah. Let’s go do this for our soul. This is training. This is wake-up training. To remember that the ultimate truth of what we are which is all of it.” We can to that in a minute.

In Kabbalah, they teach this thing called Tikkun, which is your soul correction. That you’re here on earth, in this reincarnation to address. You may or may not do that. It’s up to you. If your soul correction, your Tikkun is about your judgment, about your anger, about your impetuousness, hatred for no reason, you’ve got to work on that. You don’t have to, but if you don’t, you’ll be coming back to the same thing over again. If you do work on it, you get through it, you evolve, you then move on to the next level. I guess, a kind of a spiritual video game.

It is a video game. I’ve had fully get as far as the other awakening. I literally had absolute total awakening within the video game, which is difficult to put into words.



PlayStation or?

No. PlayStation could not compare. Basically 2015 that start happening. I had some really crazy things happening with the timeline shifting right around that time as well.

What does that mean, timeline shifting?

Again, another wild story. I’m going to sleep one day and this was right before Donald Trump got elected. I’m not into politics, I just want to raise consciousness. I’m actually an anarchist, I don’t even believe in government. I think they’re causing most of the problems, to be honest.

I was going to sleep one night, but I knew I would prefer the Donald timeline than the Hilary timeline, because if we did the research, well he’s not as evil, and it’s as simple as that. I’m not even American. I’m Canadian. If I’m going to pick a timeline, I choose that one. I think it’ll be more entertaining as well.

I was going to sleep one day and I literally felt this weird vibration. I had it once before where I was lifting out of my body. It was this weird vibration shift and in my mind popped, again, it was some memory. During the same split second, it was another memory, but both could not exist in the same timeline.

I thought that. I was like, “This is confusing. I have these two memories, but how can they both be in my mind? It doesn’t make sense.” I had this feeling, this knowing wash over me, which is a spirit just saying, “Don’t worry about it. Just go to bed.” I was like, “Okay, it’s easier to fall asleep than worry about this because this is impossible.” So I just went to sleep.

I wake up the next day. I’m doing my thing. Around [1:30] PM or so, my friend comes on Skype and he goes, “Hey, have you heard of the Mandela Effect?” I said, “Is that when you remember something from another timeline or something like that?” He goes, “That’s exactly what it is.” I said, “No, I haven’t heard of it, but I just had that experience last night. I fell asleep. I had this memory in my head that couldn’t exist.”

Anyway, I looked into the Mandela Effect and boy, I had memories from an alternate timeline that apparently millions of other people remember things a certain way but didn’t happen that way in this timeline, all kinds of things. It’s called Mandela Effect because I remember Nelson Mandela died in prison in the late 80s. He did in my timeline. But apparently here, he lived and became president of Africa, all these kind of stuff and died not that long ago.

There’s so many things. Company logos have changed. John F. Kennedy, I’ve seen that footage of him being shot many times on TV. For review, how many people were on that car? Was it a long car or like a normal car? My timeline, it was a four-seater car. But if you look at the footage now, it’s actually a longer car and its got six people in it. There are museums in the United States that still have the old car with four people in it, even though in this timeline it had six people in it. It was a longer car. Explain that.

There are not dozens of examples, there are hundreds of shifts. I became aware of that and since then, I’ve had more experiences where you can shift timelines into your preferred timelines. We’re all doing it. That’s what everyone does. We’re all doing it, shifting into timelines based on our vibration or our intention and what we want. Whether you’re doing it consciously or not, is your choice, but we’re all doing it.

One thing I learned from Donny Epstein is that we can exchange versions from an alternate timeline or another universe, from the multiverse. If we want to become more enlightened or more confident, we don’t have to go through the hard slog of learning that and applying everything that we’ve learned. We could just switch versions. That version that has those skills and those abilities is level up. We just take that version.

Humor and lighthearted talks build support and rapport.

One of my teachers said the same thing. There’s an infinite version of us, so we can actually just go out to the one that is really good at healing and is a master healer and say, “Great! I need those skills. Send me that download of how to be a master healer.” Apparently, we can bring that in. I know she has done it. She got some crazy stories. I’m not on that level, but apparently, it’s possible.

I’ve heard of another method where you literally ask the version of you from your future that you want to become. You ask them in meditation to send you advice, and you’ll actually get downloads from that version of you saying, “Okay, this is what you need to do to get here,” which is interesting.

Wow. One thing I do in order to make better choices about things like my diet, or exercise or what have you is I think about future Stephan and how is this choice I’m making right now affecting future Stephan. If I can externalize out from just who I am now into future Stephan, I’m more empathic and understanding. I’m not as kind to myself and I’m not as interested in helping myself as I’m interested in helping others. I got to externalize that and look at future Stephan as a separate entity out there for me in order to get stuff done and actually be my best self for myself.

That’s actually a funny thing to say to people. “I’m such a nice guy. I can’t even do anything to make my life better, but actually my future self, I want to help him. He’s a great guy. For him,  I’m willing to do all the stuff. Not for me, it’s for him.”

That sounded weird, doesn’t it?

That’s actually really funny.

It sounds weird. But according to Donny, he says you’re either wired and energetically to be internal or external. Externals, they are much more inclined to work on other people’s stuff than themselves and things that are focused on them tend to break down, whereas the internals are the opposite. If you want to work on your relationship and you’re an external, you’ll find a way to sabotage it, not purposefully, but it’s just a hard slog. It’s draining. Whereas, if you see that you’re going to help your partner, not the relationship but your partner, that’s external. For an external, that’s going to be a lot easier and less draining, just more in flow.

Okay. Never heard that before. That’s interesting.

I totally related to that. This totally makes sense for me. I am absolutely an external. I love working on other people’s stuff and I really hate working on my own stuff. That’s why I leave most of my web portfolio to go to seed and I still take on consulting clients and help them with their SEO and their online strategy. I get in the flow state doing that. Just seems like hard slog to do it for myself.

I’m the same way. I just love helping other people.

You might be external as well.

It’s an addiction. I’m only happy when I’m either doing this, going live on YouTube or on stage, or teaching a course. If I’m just farting around, that’s my biggest joy.

You do these summits and you do the YouTube channel. Are you speaking at other people’s events as well? Or just your own events?

Mainly, I do my own events. Once or twice a year, we do a big Infinite Man Summit. People show up and we have different speakers. My main bread and butter have been for many years, teaching social freedom and dating courses. Just helping people stop caring what other people think completely so they can talk to whoever they want to.

What’s entailed in making that work in terms of somebody who’s socially awkward, they get all stressed out approaching one of the opposite sex. How do you help this person to have confidence to have the right words to use and the right body posture and body language?

It’s a whole lot of factors. It’s so much stuff when it comes to how we connect with other people. There’s emotional, there’s energetical, there’s verbal. Sure, there are stuff like how you dress or how you hold yourself, body language. There is so much stuff.

These days, I work mostly with the internal stuff, like how you really feel about yourself. If you really feel good about who you are and you just make peace with your sh*t. You accept that you’re not a perfect person. You’re like, “Okay, I got my sh*t, but overall I’m a good person. This is what all about.” You just feel good about you and what you’re doing on planet earth, then you just get over your fear of rejection and you just accept it. It’s okay. Not everyone’s going to like you and you really just stop giving a sh*t on what people think about you and you make that shift. As long as you feel good about you and you’re a good person, who cares what anybody else thinks about you?

Is that an immediate shift, that’s like a change in perspective? Or is it something that’s stress inoculation where you keep doing these approaches until you just don’t care anymore what their reaction is?

There are some of both. Somewhere in 2009, I discovered that if you push people’s comfort zones and you make them do things that are uncomfortable, where there were people who will judge them, they do the thing and people do judge them and you keep doing that, eventually people realize it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what people think about you. Everyone in the room can think you’re a complete assh*le, it doesn’t actually change anything about you and who you are. It doesn’t mean anything.

In doing these exercises, you just stop caring what people think. You also have a lot of realizations. A lot of guys are paranoid and they think, “Oh, if I go and talk to this beautiful woman, people are going to see. People will think I’m weird.” Nobody notices. Everyone’s too stuck in putting their own hurt head, and worried about what people think about them for them to care about you.

Women are very nice. Actually, if they’re not interested, most of them will just say, “Oh thank so much. That’s really flattering, but actually, I’ve got a boyfriend.” Nobody gets angry at you. We create all these stories in our heads, but until you go out there and do a bunch of stuff, you don’t realize it is not real.

So much of our behaviors and actions we take, a lot of our lives are based on us being liked and not being disliked. That’s really sad because it puts us in this box and then we don’t have the courage to be bold and do something that will change the world and change humanity, the global consciousness because we don’t want to be disliked. Crazy.

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It is crazy. That’s the main thing that leads to being unhappy and going on antidepressants. It’s actually not expressing yourself. That’s the most frustrating thing. It’s like you just want to do XYZ, whether XYZ is quit your job, start your business, tell somebody how you really feel about them, tell your boss to f*ck off, quit your job, or just come to a woman and ask her for a date. Whatever that thing is you really want to express, if you don’t do it, it eats you up inside, literally. It drives you insane. That’s the worst thing you could do for yourself. It’s like betraying someone else as bad, but betraying yourself, by not taking action or not living your life authentically, is the worst thing you possibly do is seek self-torture.

What are some exercises or techniques that you recommend to your students so that they can break through these self-imposed barriers?

Those are top secret and part of my program, but I’ll give you a couple of tips just for your listeners because it’s you.

Thank you.

Honestly, the simplest piece of advice (and this is what my new book coming out is all about) is whenever you’re in a situation in life and you know that if you did messed it up or you did something awkward, if you f*ck it up, like everybody’s looking at you and if you f*ck it up everyone’s going to think you’re an idiot, rather than avoid those situations like the plague, do those things.

Do the awkward thing where everyone’s going to look at you and be like, “Gasp! What are you doing?” Go on the elevator and then when someone else farts, you put your head up and go, “Sorry everybody, that was me. Really sorry. I shouldn’t had that Mexican last night.” Be the awkward guy. Do the thing that everyone’s going to look at you and be like, “What the hell is wrong with this guy?” and start having fun with that. You’ll see nothing happens.

I’ve tried this thing where I turned around in the elevator so everybody’s facing one way right. I turned around, being one of the last people on the elevator, faced everybody and I said, “You’re probably wondering why I called this meeting.”

That’s funny. Sure.

That’s fun. It’s not that funny, you didn’t laugh.

It’s funny! “You’re probably all wondering why you’re here. Let me explain.” Elevator is great because it’s a small confined space. It’s one of those places where, you know the rules, especially British people. Look forward, don’t do anything. Looking at everybody, farting, or flirting with someone in that situation, it’s so awkward. The elevator are the best places to do some awkward sh*t or it’s just going to be difficult. It’s great.

What is Daygame and why is that your last name? I know it’s like a stage name.

Yeah. Daygame is just the art of meeting and connecting with women in the day time, outside of nightclubs, which is the standard way guys go on and get drunk at a club, because they don’t have cajones and they’re terrified of rejection, so they have a couple of drinks and you get your liquid courage. I just didn’t like booze and I don’t like clubs. It all seems so fake. I hate it.

I hate that stuff, too. I hated drinking, I hated going to clubs, I hated the noise. My ears would be ringing after coming out of the club or the night club. It’s just not a nice environment.

It’s not a nice environment, it’s terrible, and it’s just so fake. I just decided that one day, even though all the books were like, “No. You got to say these things and say these lines,” I just decided, I’m going to go on the street and walk around. If I see a girl who I think is really cute, I’m just going to walk up to her, have a chat, and ask her on a date. Then a couple of months of starting to do that, I had ample dates. That was the end of my dry streak. There was never a dry streak after that.

You’ve done thousands of approaches, right?

I think so. It’s going to be a big number.

That’s impressive. What are some of the techniques that will help the person listening, who has trouble going up and approaching a potential mate or potential date?

The biggest thing is change how okay you are with being uncomfortable by doing these exercises, but also even just going out there. Again, most people don’t make eye contact with strangers. They won’t talk to strangers. Break all those habits. Go out there.

My Social Freedom Secret by Sasha Daygame

I have a free book called My Social Freedom Secret. We go through a bunch of the stuff. If you just go outside and you start looking at people, just literally make eye contact with people, and if they look at you just go, “Hey!” I mean literally, make eye contact. “Hey! How is it going?” Or you could be silly. If it’s almost Christmas, just say to people, “Happy birthday! Happy Halloween!”

Just do things a little weird so people are like, “What?” And just start pushing your comfort zones with little things. You’ll notice that people are friendly and people talk to you. You can slowly build your way up to be that guy or that girl who can just talk to anybody anytime.

Just start pushing your comfort zone a little bit. Don’t do my crazy exercise. Don’t get into your underwear and lie in Time Square high-fiving people. We do that on my advanced courses, but start somewhere.

Sign me up for that.

You’re welcome to come. Start easy. People are so used to just playing it safe. Our whole society is built upon safety. “Don’t take chances. Don’t say anything that can get you in trouble.” It’s very just limiting.

You have some exercises. Are there any techniques that will help with that process? Any openers that tend to work really well or perhaps using DHVs (Demonstrations of Higher Value) and you’re telling stories and stuff like that instead of trying to impress the person you’re talking to by telling them your resume sort of thing?

I’m very much against all that stuff. Again, it’s just a fake. “I’m going to tell you this story and then this going to impress her. I’m going to wear this crazy outfit and all that sh*t.”


I used to peacock. I have crazy photos.

For the listener, who doesn’t know what peacocking is, could you quickly point that?

Sure. It’s basically just like a peacock spreading his crazy feathers. You just wear a ridiculous hat or a jacket with feathers just to get women’s attention. So they’ll think, “Oh, who’s this guy?”

That gives them something to talk about and if there’s something interesting about you, then they’re more open to approaching you.

Sure. It’s just a way of getting someone’s attention. There’s nothing wrong with dressing. I’m a bit outrageous. I wear some of these stuff, but because I’m an outrageous person, I like. I like pushing people’s buttons. It’s part of my thing.

You’re naturally a peacock.

I naturally do it. But then again, my personality is a peacock because I’ll be there, I’ll be joking around, and having fun. I’m just a crazy guy in the room usually. Yes, there’s no techniques. Our techniques are just do whatever your instincts tell you. If your heart says, “I really want to go meet this person,” go over there and talk to them. Start a conversation. Be curious about them. People love it when you’re curious.”

And don’t hover and don’t hesitate, right? If you are entering a restaurant or a café, and you’re looking to see who you’re going to approach, and you’re just hovering out the entranceway for 5 or 10 seconds.

Be authentic with everything that you think, say, and do.

Don’t be creepy.

You have lost all social stature by that point.

Yeah, but again, even that thought of social stature, that’s assuming that other people are doing their thing and they’re all looking at you, like, “Oh, that guy has been hovering for about 20 seconds. What a weirdo.” Nobody’s doing that. Everybody’s on their phone just messaging their friends, they’re watching that YouTube video somebody sent them, or they’re talking to their mom. Nobody is watching you.

If you have a really creepy weird vibe and walk up to someone and you talk to them, it doesn’t matter how long you were hovering. If you’re weird, they’re going to go, “I don’t want to talk to you.” That doesn’t matter.

Of course, it’s better to act quickly because it’s in the moment. If I see a woman I really want to meet, it’s just so natural to be like, “Hey. Oh, my God, I love your energy. Who are you? What’s your story?” rather than thinking about her for two minutes and then being weird. It zaps energy.

That’s why you want to get to that point where you feel so good about who you are, there isn’t even a mental process of talking to someone. You just go, “Hey, how is it going?” I don’t need a reason to talk to you. You look fine, I want to talk to you. That’s it.

The Game by Neil Strauss

What I found when I studied pick-up after going through my divorce, having 2½ years of not a single date—it was very lonely—and realizing that I needed to pick up some skills, and those skills included a personal development and confidence and pick-up, I learned from Neil Strauss, read The Game, I watched the Annihilation Method training videos that he had. It really helped me. But the main thing that really helped was going to a Tony Robbins event and walking on 2000-degree hot coals in my bare feet. Everything shifted for me.

The whole point of this is if you have some fallback type of skills, techniques, or pick-up lines, openers, what PUAs or pickup artist call them, you can use them, you can get some success, you can get some phone numbers, and so forth and then you start to feel confident. You keep doing that, then you have the confidence, you can shed all the techniques, and you’re just naturally confident because you know you can do it.

Or you can even drop all the techniques from the beginning, just go a little bit deeper, and realize that you’re already worthy. Just because you exist and creation doesn’t make any mistakes, you’re already worthy. Just drop all these layers of conditioning that tell you you’re not worthy.

That sounds really good. It makes a lot of sense. My left brain says, “Yeah, I’m totally into that,” but then, the right brain or maybe the amygdala, not so much believing that. You need to convince the more reactive part of yourself that this is true. You are a pure and beautiful soul, you have infinite potential, you are here on this earth for a reason, and people will love you just because you exist. You don’t have to prove yourself and you are worthy. That all sounds good to the neocortex, makes total sense, and you have to get it in your bones, you have to get it in your heart. That’s hard.

How do you help people to do that?

We do give them some tools and techniques, but it’s really just breaking down the ego. That’s the biggest thing. That little voice in our head that tells us, “Oh, you’re not good enough. You’ll never make it. You can’t start your own business. You’ll never succeed. That woman’s too beautiful. She probably has a boyfriend, you’re not good enough.” We’ve all got that voice that sabotages us. The problem is we believe that’s us and we’re not. We’re the infinite soul that’s having this experience and then we develop this voice can actually come in. This is one of the things I talk about now, but when you’re 4–6 years old, you’re actually pure bliss, pure consciousness, pure awareness without any of that voice.

Why are babies so happy? Why are five-year-olds so happy? Because they haven’t been programmed on. The ego hasn’t been formed yet. They’re just in the state of total bliss. I actually talked about this and I actually muscle tested levels of consciousness of me as a baby, every year of my life and other people. Everybody comes in fully enlightened. That’s a fact. Anyone who does muscle testing can test it. You come in fully enlightened. No joke.

What does that mean, fully enlightened? Is there a score or something?

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins

There’s a score, you can read Power vs. Force. There’s a level, Jesus or Buddha. It’s like 1000. The level is 500, courage is 200, and below courage like guilt, shame, and all the sh*tty emotions. If you calibrate like I calibrated my first breath, 975 fully enlightened beings.

You did that calibration through muscle testing and connecting to your inner being or the creator. How did you?

It’s all the same. Inner being, creator, it’s all the same.

Do you have to get into a place of enlightened state or awakened state?

No. Let me finish the other point because now this is veering off into another point. Basically, the bottom line is we come in enlightened and the conditioning from our parents, society, and all these kind of stuff starts layering on. Then, as the separation begins, you’re whatever age and somebody says you’re a boy, you’re a girl, or you’re smart. If you’re smart, they’re stupid. Or if we live in a good neighborhood, those kids live in a bad neighborhood. There starts to be a separation. I’m this and you’re that. That’s where all the problems being. The ego forms, we started getting these thoughts coming in, and then boom. Now, we think we’re this body, now we think we’re these thoughts.

This is what sabotages most of my clients. They see beautiful women, so you could just go over there and introduce yourself, maybe she’ll like you, maybe she won’t. “Oh no, I can never do that.” “Why not?” “Well, she’s so beautiful.” A million and one thoughts. My process that I have been doing for forever is basically getting the guys to do what we’re talking about. Doing these social freedom exercises, where they push their comfort zones and they get purposely put in situations that are uncomfortable. People will judge you and think you’re an idiot and think you’re doing stupid, and it’s so freeing because you do these things, people judge you, and then you’re there. You take a breath and you go, “I’m still here. It doesn’t matter that a hundred people think I’m an idiot. It makes no difference what they think. Who cares?”

Suddenly, you get that realization of, “Oh, I’m not that voice. It doesn’t matter what that evil voice in my head is saying. That voice isn’t me. And all these people are not me either. I am me. I’m this being here.” They just stop giving a sh*t at what people think. Then, they start going and talking whoever they want to. Usually, it starts off with dates. But once you’re doing that, and suddenly you’re in this job that you hate, guess what? You quit that job. And suddenly you’ll go, “Well, f*ck that voice in my head that says I can’t be a successful entrepreneur. I will be an entrepreneur,” and they go and start their business.

And that inner voice, that is critical inner voices in them, is it? It’s like their parents or some bully in school. It’s like the worst of their caregivers, an amalgamation of all the nasty forces from their childhood.

Yeah. It’s the ego. This is the reason why most people are stuck in this hamster wheel trying to get more money, a bigger house, all these things they’re trying to chase because the ego isn’t naturally real.

And they never really get there.

They can’t because it’s not them who want it. This is when people say, “Oh, how come I can’t manifest those things I want?” because if you’re trying to manifest a Lamborghini so that you’ll feel cool and people will like you, is that the soul that needs a Lamborghini to be loved or is that the ego?

Ego can’t manifest sh*t because it’s not real. The ego knows it’s not real, it’s threatened by the soul because we are infinite immortal beings. No birth, no death, we’re forever. That’s our nature. The ego knows it’s not real, so it’s grasping for a sense of importance by being the richest, the best, the best looking, having the biggest tits. It never ends because the ego is not real. You can’t satisfy it because it isn’t real. The soul doesn’t need anything.

Is the ego the same thing as the personality?

Yeah. You could say that.

Is the ego here for a purpose in your view?

Here’s where it gets really interesting. There is a purpose to it. It is useful but the problem is it’s taking over our lives because we identify it as if we think we’re it. We’re not it.

It’s a creation of the Creator for our benefit because then we have something to push against and something to grow out of, and we also can appreciate through the contrast of when we are in our inner being versus in our ego. To see the darkness out there in the world, the poverty, the hatred and all that sort of stuff, the division. That’s a gift for us as well just like you had a really horrible childhood, I did too. A lot of pain, a lot of abuse, and not fun. For the most part, it’s not fun.

And I see it now as a beautiful gift because I get to enjoy the contrast of having a beautiful in the flow, in the vortex sort of charmed life now that I would’ve taken for granted if every day was sunny and you never have rain or snow. You’re, “Oh my God, it’s beautiful and sunny out, I love it!”

Absolutely. There’s a crazier story that happened in June. Long story. Basically, I’ve had some ego collapses or ego deaths. It seems like every time is like a layer is stripped away. But during the peak of the experience, a couple of times there was no ego at all. There was an absolute loss of the idea that there is a Sasha and it was just presence, it was just all of it. There was nobody here. I’ve had it going for days and days.

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In the last one, I literally went through an ego death that was so profound. I was with my teacher (and I talk about this in one of the episodes of my spiritual podcast), I went through a full death process. I had this moment of absolute realization that I was all beings that have ever existed, that exist now, and that will ever exist, absolute full clarity. I looked at them right in the eyes and I felt this fear come up and I just said, “I’m dying.” And he said, “It’s okay.”

I died. I collapsed. He caught me on the floor and I remember thinking, I just realized that I am all being forever. How can I be dying? This makes no sense, but okay. I’ve been through enough drug trips, acid, and Ayahuasca to know that if you’re dying—pay attention if you’re on this spiritual path and you’re going to plan this—don’t fight it. Much worse if you fight it. Just accept it and go to God.

I did. I said, “Okay, I’m dying. I’m going to the light.” I literally was there waiting to go to the light. I’m like, “Okay, here we go. Any second now,” and then I woke up. I was there extremely confused and I saw Paul, my teacher. I was so convinced that I died, that I thought I was actually on the other side and he was my guide. I was absolutely sure that I’ve left the world.

The first words in my mouth were, “Am I dead? Did I die?” And he just looked at me without love in his eyes and he said, “No. The old you died.” I was like, “Okay.” I got up. It was literally like waking up out of a nightmare, it was waking up in the truth of what is which was I was all of it forever. There was only God, I could not stop staring at the trees, looking into people’s eyes. The whole day, I was just literally staring at people’s eyes and there was only myself. It was all myself. There was nothing else in the world but me. It was two days of integrating it. Wild story.

What he saw, what Paul saw, when I died and lost consciousness, he said this black energy lifted from my body as I collapsed and Patchy Mama, Mother Earth scooped up, took the energy and sucked it back into the planet. He said he’d never seen this before ever, and he said, “So our working theory now is that we are given this ego mask as we’re born.” We’re given this, “Okay, you’re going to play this character.” Then, when you don’t need anymore, guess what? Planet goes, “Okay, you’re done with that,” and takes it away.

Do you think there are dark entities that are not just our ego mask, but that these entities are not wishing us well who might attach to our incarnation?

Oh, yeah. I had a nasty one that almost killed me. I had to have it removed by a professional exorcist. That happened to me in 2012. I can speak firsthand and I’ve removed entities off other people at this point.

I had an Akashic record reading and the person who did it told me that one of my daughters has a dark entity attached to her and this is a daughter who I have a rift in the relationship with. She suggested or they, the record keepers who were giving me this feedback, answering my questions, offered a way to clear that. It’s on my list. I’m going to do that soon.

Everything is here. The idea that people don’t believe in anything that the government or official science hasn’t said, everything, all of it, there’s so much going on.

I was that. I was such a skeptic and so in my head all the time, never in my heart. Very shut off from my emotions and from the Creator. I labeled myself as agnostic, maybe even atheistic for most of my adult life until I had this spiritual awakening in India, which I talked about numerous times in the podcast so I won’t go through it again. I will with a private conversation about that, too.

I’m glad you made it out the other side

Yes, I did. There were some dark entities that were hovering over my wife and my baby, who’s now 12 weeks old as we’re recording this. She did an Akashic record reading and she asked about it like, “Did I imagine this? Was that real? I saw something,” and it concerned me, so I did this prayer and clearing type of thing and was I imagining? No. The answer from the record keepers was, “No. That as real and you did something really important.”

You might listen to this and you think this is crazy. “Stephan is so out there. I used to think he was such a smart little biohacker, checking out all the cool stuff and everything, and now so is this crazy woo woo.” But we’re energy. We do not just matter if you don’t appreciate the mystery of how we exist.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

I remember watching a YouTube video, a TED Talk by Mel Robbins. She’s the author of The 5 Second Rule and she explained that you’re like a 1 in 14 trillion chance of existing. We take it for granted. We’re just able to wake up in the morning and that we actually were even born. But it’s not chance. It’s something that we should revel in the miracle of every freaking day.

We should. It’s amazing how closed off most people are. Anything that could really truly empower you, set you free, or wake you up, you’re not supposed to know. It’s not in the benefit of the powers that be that you are empowered to know the truth. When you realize that then you could really start questioning, “What do we really know?” Once you have a really crazy experience, once you have an awakening experience, you’re just like, “Okay, that’s it. There’s a lot more going on than we’re told.”

I had an entity that if it wasn’t removed, I would be dead. I had an entity that was so powerful, came in during an Ayahuasca ceremony—careful who you work with—where I was 33 years old and I was in Japan with my girlfriend at the time, I would walk around the mall for 2–2½ hours and I was exhausted. I had to go home. If you saw a picture of me, you’d think, “Oh, this guy has cancer or deathbed.” Really, 33 years old, I was dying.

A woman, who’s basically a white witch, she was doing a little exercise where she was just teaching us how to see auras and stuff. I’m standing there in a semi-dark room, she just looks at me and she goes, “You have an entity. It looks like a little alien head or something, it’s draining your energy, and it’s just sitting on your shoulder.” And I was like, “What?” There are a couple of other people in the room and she says, “Anyone see that?” A couple of the other students, not everybody, went, “Oh yeah. It’s like a little floaty thing and it’s just sitting on you.” I was like, “What is she talking about?”

A couple of months go by, I’m having serious health problems. I’ve done everything. I’ve done blood tests, everything and they’re like, “Yeah, you know? Maybe you have this, maybe you have autoimmune.” There are all these things that they thought were maybe wrong with me. I’m like, “What am I going to do?”

My friend, who’s an exorcist—multiple lifetimes exorcist, trying not to be an exorcist but he is an exorcist, it’s just what he is—basically says, “Okay, I’m going to take it off for you.” We do a little ritual, he takes me somewhere and sits down, he does a meditation, he does this thing. It takes a few minutes. At some point, I’m just laying there and he blesses some water and sprinkles on me and did some stuff. Anyway, after a few minutes, I looked up at him and I go, “Is it done?” He goes, “Yeah.” “Is it gone?” He goes, “Yeah.” “Are you sure.” He goes, “Yeah.”

I stood up, and I felt so light. I just knew it was gone and I cried for a moment. I gave him a hug and I felt so much energy. I literally started doing jumping jacks, push-ups, or doing 100-meter sprints back and forth for that night. I was sitting there talking to him and I’d have to stop every 5–10 minutes and run, jump in the air, do cartwheels because I had so much energy. It was wild. I actually thought to myself, if this is my normal level of energy, they will lock me away. I will not be able to function in society if this is level. I went to sleep, woke up the next day, never had any health problems, everything perfect, everything is fine.

An entity that was draining my energy and we even spoke to it before he removed it. He said, “Sasha’s got a lot of light, a lot of energy and I’ve been feeding off him and feeding my family for years.” He asked it nicely to go, it wouldn’t go, and it was sent back to its creator. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t removed that thing. I would be dead. I know I would be dead because I was dying. I was borderline dead.

This person who was an exorcist in multiple lifetimes, why did he not want to be an exorcist in this lifetime? Why did he not want to use his gift?

That’s a good question. I think because he’s a friend of mine, recently he’s okay with it. If you want to reach out to him, he can remove stuff. But at that time, he was just struggling against it. He had a really brutal time on Ayahuasca, too, like really tough stuff. He’d been through his own struggles in this spiritual realm and he was like, “I don’t want this.” But now, he’s like, “Yup, if people come to find me and they really want my help, I’ll help them, yeah.”

This reminds me of somebody that’s a friend of mine. His wife had a healing gift. She’d be able to heal people by touching them and she was born in South America. She had a healing power. People in nearby tribes and stuff knew about it. Not just the tribe that she was in, and they’re coming. She’d touch them, heal them, have some sort of horrible sickness, and then they would walk away healed. Then, she moved to Canada and got married to this guy, my friend, and she just wanted to push that down, not get embarrassed, and not be a weirdo, so she refused to ever heal anybody ever again. And to this day, she still refuses to heal anybody.

My friend and her went to a Donny Epstein event and Donny pull my friend aside at some point and says, “She has a gift.” And he’s like, “How do you know that?” “I know. I’m channeling something here that’s telling me that if she does not use that gift, she will die. She’s not meant to hoard that gift and not use it. She needs to come into herself and do what she’s here for.” To this day, she still doesn’t do it, and they’re divorced.

There are lots of stories out there like that. We come in with certain things we’re supposed to learn, but also certain gifts that we’re meant to use. I had an intuition with my friend who’s an exorcist, I was like, “Dude, man, you saved me. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably be dead. You got to get out. You got to help people. How many people can spot entities that are killing people and removed them? Hello?” I met other people too. Many different stories like this. If you have a unique gift—everyone has some kind of gift—why do you have it if you’re not supposed to use it?

Not just a gift for art or music or for computer programming, but a spiritual gift. I’m curious, the woman who spotted the entity, she was unable to remove it or she didn’t want to remove it? What happened there?

Interestingly, the night she saw it, I thought it was interesting. The thing is, I didn’t even realize that all my health problems were from that. I didn’t know that. I just thought, “Oh, I’m not eating right.” They’re trying to tell me I had Hashimoto’s, all these crazy sh*ts. I asked her later, and she said, “Honestly,” I’m good at Spanish and she goes, “I can remove them, but it’s not my specialty.” But the other guy is an exorcist by incarnation. She said, “I could remove it, but it’s really not my strength. I could have but it’s just not my thing.”  

That would have been good.

It would’ve been because I suffered another couple of months after. But if I had said, if I had realized it was the cause of all of my problems, I probably would’ve said, “Please, can you try?” I’m sure she would’ve said, yes, but I didn’t beg because I honestly didn’t know that was my big problem. It was.

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It was all a gift. It was meant to unfold the way it did. That exorcist friend who was denying his gift in this lifetime would have probably continued to deny that gift if he hadn’t been pressured by you to save your life.

Yeah. I didn’t have to pressure him to help me because he was a very close friend of mine.

But that probably made a big difference in him connecting with his gift.

Probably. Saving someone’s ass must have an effect on you. I’ve saved a lot of people’s asses in other ways, and that’s affected me, for sure.

Amazing. All right, I know we’re out of time. Let’s wrap this up with if you could explain what an Infinite Man is and why someone would want to get coached by you and become an Infinite Man, go to your summits or through your coaching program, which I guess you do year-round, right?

Infinite Man is someone who’s not afraid to make a baby. No. Our official motto is, we have a few, becoming your best self or live fearlessly. But fundamentally, we just find that most guys are just not living the lives that they want because they’re not taking the chances they want to. For whatever reason, that little voice in their head is sabotaging them for doing whatever that thing they want to do, whether it’s starting that business you’ve always wanted or becoming a whatever, just talking to somebody. For coaching, we do programs all around the planet. We help you overcome that voice, become socially free, learn how to take chances.

Is that virtual or do you fly to events?

We do have virtual programs as well, but where we really are the best is in person, doing in-person stuff. We have Europe stuff going, Europe, States, Canada, to those who are really powerful, but we have so much stuff going on. Me, I’m just more excited now, but all the programs that get people really connecting, so I do these one-day intensives where people just connect with each other and get into their heart and again, just strip away these layers of conditioning and just getting better and better, getting people to really love the core of who we are, and just drop all this crap. I’m just showing people and giving them experiences and giving them tools where they can really connect the deepest level of who we are and follow that divine inspiration that we all have.

It sounds so cliché, we’re all here for a reason. Being born is a motherf*ck*r. It’s traumatic coming down here. You’re a baby, you’re helpless, you’re pissing and sh*tting yourself, you come out of the womb and they separate you from the mom, they put bright lights on your face, there’s all this trauma and they inject you with stuff. That’s a pain in the ass. We’re not going through that process because it’s a good time. We’re going through it because it’s worth coming down here doing this and because there’s a reason.

It was traumatic for my baby, my youngest now who’s 12 weeks. It was also traumatic for my wife. She had this whole natural birth planned out. Baby was breeched.

And you were telling me she’s got this tiny vagina and it couldn’t come out.

What happened is he didn’t descend and that didn’t break the water so even though she was laboring for 18 hours, her labor stalled, and then she has to go in for an emergency C section. The thing that she most didn’t want to have, this totally not natural, full invasive type of procedure and one that didn’t go well, where she had excessive bleeding afterward, and when she was on the operating table, she has these horrible shivers and her arms were moving around so much because she was just so cold. Then 10 minutes go by and the baby’s not brought to her for 10 minutes. She’s crying out for the baby to be brought to her and the doctors wouldn’t let the baby go. It was traumatic. She wrote a whole long blog post about it. She’s probably going to get that published somewhere.

I got some female friends who were very wise, and very high level spiritually, and they will tell you that they believe that it’s done that way on purpose. The system is made that way, to create as much trauma as we can because that disempowers people and severs the connection between the mother and the baby. Actually, if you look into it many things that are going on in our systems actually made in a way that will disempower us basically.

Make us little slaves and the educational system that puts us on the conveyor belts.

All of it. Why is there fluoride in the drinking water?

Yeah. Even I get caught in that unconscious pattern where I don’t go out of my way to empower my team sometimes and give them the skills and the abilities to uplevel so that they can become their best selves and maybe move on to start their own business instead of just continuing to work for me forever. I got to catch myself. I really need to help these people up even if they’re going to leave and go off on their own path and I got to replace them because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s tough. I’ve been in that situation before. Somebody so talented and, of course, you want to have them continue working for you, but if they really grow, they’re going to be like, “See you later, alligator.” But if you stick to the high spiritual truth, which is everyone is myself, we’re all actually one, them benefitting is you benefitting.

We know that’s true. It’s just hard to remember sometimes when somebody cuts you up in traffic and flips you up. Hard to remember then. But, it’s still the truth.

Awesome. Where do people find you online? and also, I’ve got a spiritual podcast where we interview people and talk about awakening, self-love and all that. I’d like to have you on at some time.

I would love to be on.

You will be, that’s just The Woke As Fuck podcast and that’s and I’m Sasha Daygame, you can just Google me.

Awesome. Thank you, Sasha. And thank you, listeners and viewers. See you.

Bye, everybody. We love you.

If you want to learn more about the crazy world of pick-up, check out my interview of Ross Jeffries, which is episode #109. If you want to learn how to create the relationship of your dreams, however, I highly recommend my interviews of Alison Armstrong (#61), Dr. Pat Allen (#111), and Harville Hendrix (#22).

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Develop a deep connection with my inner self. When I am deeply connected, I am better guided in taking actions that my future self will benefit from.

?Utilize humor when establishing connections with others. Lighthearted talks usually build rapport.

?Be intentional with my conversations and keep my word. Authenticity should also reflect in my actions.

?Be transparent and don’t lead people to false expectations. One good way to maintain great relationships is maintaining mutual trust.

?Work on myself internally first before my external self follows through. Self-development only happens when the mindset has shifted to a positive place.

?Take care of myself physically as well. Prioritize my nutrition and physical fitness so that I become more amiable.

?Take chances and get over my fear of rejection. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds of courage to change my current situation.

?Practice makes perfect. Improve my communication skills by taking courses, listening to podcasts, or reading self-help books.

?Ignore my critical inner voice and pay more attention to encouragement. Every goal is worth all the hardships. I simply have to be willing to do what it takes.

?Check out Sasha Daygame’s Infinite Man workshops to learn more about how to become my best self and stop being socially awkward.

About Sasha Daygame

Sasha Daygame is a visionary, renegade dating coach, and spiritual seeker. Sasha is also the founder of the Infinite Man Summit. He began as a standup comedian at the age of 17 and several years later got into self-improvement. In 2008, he started Sasha Dating Systems to help men overcome their anxiety, improve their charisma, and form fulfilling personal relationships. He has personally coached thousands of men across five continents, as well as creating a cult following via his YouTube channel with over 12 million views.

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