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By: Stephan Spencer


Guy Needler
“Meditate, be of service, realize that we’re all one, and just help each other. That’s the way to glory, without doubt.”
Guy Needler

This episode promises a fascinating chat with Guy Steven Needler, whose journey has spanned mechanical engineering to exploring ethereal realms. Guy’s adventures have taken him beyond the physical world, leading to intriguing discoveries about the universe and our place within it. He is the author of The History of God, Beyond the Source, Avoiding Karma, and several others as well.

In our discussion, we touch on some powerful, thought-provoking ideas, like the different roles people play in our lives and the concept of the multiverse—a vast expanse where different realities coexist. Guy shares his experiences with higher entities and the importance of recognizing our interconnectedness. One of his most mind-bending ideas is that of backfill people, a concept reminiscent of NPC’s or non-player characters in video games.

This conversation isn’t just about exploring high-level theories; it’s about finding practical ways to connect with the bigger picture of our existence. Guy’s journey reminds us that there’s more to life than meets the eye, encouraging us to explore, meditate, and help one another. So without any further ado, on with the show!

  • [00:49]Stephan introduces his guest, Guy Needler, who will share his journey of exploring ethereal realms and multiverse concepts.
  • [03:19]Guy explains the difference between backfill and backdrop people, while Stephan asks Guy to compare them to the concept of non-player characters in a movie.
  • [10:35]Guy discusses the multiverse and how it becomes a metric for evolution
  • [20:35]Guy describes other people’s experiences of parallel realities.
  • [31:22]Guy talks about how he channels information from other entities and receives nudges.
  • [34:21]Stephan asks Guy about communication with aliens and angels.
  • [39:00]Guy leaves a message for the listeners, elaborating that we are all part of the same sentience.

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Guy, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

Thank you, Stephan, for inviting me. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to work with other truth seekers and those who broadcast the truth to the world. You’re a key part of the team. 

Thank you, as are you. I heard about you when I was watching a video about backdrop people and backfill people. It was really impactful.

That would’ve been with Dolores years ago. 

Yeah, it was Dolores Cannon, and you guys agreed on pretty much the whole concept of how that worked. You just had different names for it. She called them backdrop people, and you called them backfill people. That really resonated with me. That felt true, and then I started noticing when it seemed like this was a backfill person versus not. It’s a little dangerous to start differentiating people, so I try not to do that. 

It was like another step on the ladder towards really understanding the nature of reality, so I’d love to start this conversation talking about your understanding of reality and how it works, and this whole thing of the multiverse and timelines and ascending and all that. Maybe just lay it all out for our listeners who may not be familiar with it. 

Okay, to be honest, there was a difference between backfill and backdrop people. Although originally Dolores thought it was the same thing. It actually isn’t. But they support each other, which is interesting because it’s a function of us creating our own reality around ourselves. Therefore, the backdrop of the scenery and the individuals we expect to see, as well as the others who support our reality, also expect to see. 

The backfill people are a genre of soul that’s being allowed to incarnate on the earth to sustain the population.

The backfill people are basically another genre of soul that’s being allowed to incarnate on the earth to sustain the population of the earth. Those who are ascending beyond the gross physical, the first three frequencies, into the next frequency, which is the fourth frequency, which is the lower of astral, are allowed to do that without creating a mad panic about all of a sudden there are lots of people disappearing in the world, so they’re a different genre. 

Their sentience or their quality of sentience is in between us, so to speak, and those that we classify as being the animals. They haven’t been given the chance to incarnate in any location in the physical universe with the level of individualized free will that we enjoy here. They get a little bit intoxicated with this. Although they’re protected, they don’t actually accrue karma. You would not think so about how they think, behave, and act because they’re a bit like children in a sweet shop. They don’t just get one sweet. They want to go for the whole lot. They get confused sometimes, and they get attracted to things like status material, wealth, wanting to have everything and everything now rather than waiting for it. 

They’re different things, basically. Backfill people help human souls evolve to the next level while still being incarnate or even during this incarnation. On the other hand, backdrop people are simply a function of creating our localized reality. In conjunction with other entities creating similar or the same realities, they support a collective reality. The backdrop people are not just part of my reality or your reality. They’re part of the collective group of individuals who are sustaining the reality around us.

How does that differ, or how is it the same as this concept of an NPC or non-player character, which comes from video games where they’re just filling some space, like extras in the movie, but they’re not souls in our soul family or anything? 

The backfill souls are basically functioning like us. They have their own identity. They have their own personality. They will evolve as a function of experiencing individualized free will here, even though they get intoxicated. Whereas the backdrop people are basically like, if you imagine, you’ve got a green screen right now. Imagine that the viewers are going to watch this. They’re going to see what you’ve put behind on the green screen, and that’s what they are. They’re part of the green screen. 

The backdrop people are a collective group of individuals sustaining the reality around us.

If you were thinking about cinematography in the old days, you had artists who painted the backdrop behind the actors if they were doing some of the scenes in the studio rather than outside. Also, these entities are almost like an animated painting in the back. That’s the best way to describe it. 

Because they move around and look as if they’ve got a purpose, but actually, they haven’t. They are, in effect, extras in our play, if you want to call that or film. They have no function other than being that. Although we think, who is a backdrop person? Who is a backfill person? 

A backfill person is usually quite immature in how they think, behave, and act. Even though they could be mature, they would not be very expensive in their thought processes. They could still be very successful. They could still be chief executive officers of a company. But that will be a function of their desire to be successful or their greed. 

Whereas the backdrop individuals, you wouldn’t be able to interact with them. They would always be in the background. You’d never be able to get to, touch, or communicate with them because they’re always just out of reach. Whereas the backfill people, you can interact with them. You can create dialogue. You can create friendships with them, and a lot of people do.

They are sentients, souls, but it’s not the same quality of sentient or the same genre, therefore, as we are. There’s a difference there. The one is clearly on the evolutionary cycle, the same as us, whereas the other is a new soul, by the way, in terms of their ability to incarnate with individualized free will because I’ve usually got a collective will. Whereas the backdrop is just always in the background. It’s not the horizon line. It’s always there, but you never quite touch it, so you never quite get to it. It’s always there.  

That reminds me of a scene from The Truman Show where he finally gets to the horizon. He manages to get on a boat, overcome his fear of water, and reach the edge of this dome that’s painted to look like sky, scenery, and everything else. It’s all an illusion. 

It’s an illusion. But it’s not an illusion because we created it, although we’re quite limited in what we can do here because our belief system is created as a function of our programming, from when we are associated with the body, when we’re body associated, and when we are born and how we’re taught by our parents, how we interact with our siblings and our peers, our authority figures, and our teachers’ teachers. We’re always taught we are limited.

In fact, we’re not limited at all. It’s just that we’re in a low-frequency environment where we’ve got extremely limited communicative bandwidth with who and what we are. We don’t have remembrance because we become body-associated as the function of the gestation process and the connection of the soul to the body. We only lose that when the body demises, and we return to the energetic. 

We collectively create this backdrop, the environment, even where I am now. Look outside; there are houses out there. We’ve collectively created this backdrop, and we like it to be there. It is there because there are lots of other souls who also want to be there because that’s the creative part of it. 

Anne Dialogues by Guy Steven Needler

We want things to exist, so they do. We don’t realize that we’re making them exist because we think they’ve always been there, and they have. If you think about it, when you go on holiday, you go into another reality, don’t you? Which is somebody else’s reality. 

If you go to Spain or Portugal or Greece or any other location, we, in effect, enter somebody else’s reality, and that becomes part of our reality. That which was previously our reality no longer exists for us, but it still exists for other people because they’re perpetuating it.

How does this relate to the multiverse?

Well, the multiverse is a static structure. In effect, it’s a part of structured space occupied by sentience. Without going into vast detail, we’re all part of one sentience, and that sentience is called the source. We refer to it as gut. Our true analytic selves are our individualized units of sentience from that larger value of sentience tasked to experience and, therefore, learn and evolve as a function of experiencing the structure that its sentience has occupied. 

The multiverse is a compartmentalized volume of structured space that its sentience occupies. It’s not all of this because it has to have a location for the rest of its sentience, but the multiverse is a compartmentalized volume of sentience that the source is a compartmentalized volume of sentience that the source is occupying. That level of structured space encompasses three levels. The lowest level is frequency; the next highest level is sub-dimensional components, part of the next highest level of dimensions.

The multiverse has 12 full dimensions that create it. The multiverse is a metric for our evolution and an environment for our evolutionary progression. If I were to give you the structure as I understand it, I realize that it just disappears. It just becomes formlessness or structurelessness. 

We understand it as a structure because of our low-frequency existence here right now, so we have to have something to help us understand what’s there. There are 12 of these four dimensions, which is interesting because it’s also consistent with theoretical physicists. Stephen Hawking said 11 dimensions are negating the one we’re in now, which is interesting because these dimensions all work in the same way, apart from the first one. I’ll very quickly go over it.

The multiverse is part of a structured space occupied by sentience.

The second full dimension and the 12th full dimension all work in the same way. They all split out into three sub-dimensional components. Each sub-dimensional component splits out into a frequency level or band. Each of these frequency levels or frequency bands can and supports a self-contained simultaneously manifest universal environment in sound right. 

We have 11 times three times 12, which is 396 frequency levels or frequency bands, and therefore 396 universes. These are static. This is a static function. Parallel versions are created as a function of our decisions, processes and a level of sentence within everything called event space, which allows duplicates to be made. I’ll cover that in a moment. 

The first full dimension is unique because it houses the lowest frequencies, so it behaves slightly differently. Although it splits out into three sub-dimensional components, it collapses back into a composite sub-dimensional component, which only allows 12 frequencies to be created. Those 12 frequencies are so low that they’re all required to create a universe. Think of it like the old days of having multiple floppy disks to load a program onto your computer, whereas now you can put thousands upon thousands of those same files onto a small memory stick. It’s the finitude in the same space that counts.

We’ve got a unique situation where we’ve got one universe with 12 frequencies to create it and one full dimension with only 12 frequencies and one universe. The number of frequencies within the multiverses is 12 plus 396, which is 408, but only one plus 396 universes, making 397 universes.

We exist within this to help us experience, learn and evolve. An evolutionary cycle is us experiencing everything: all the environments within the multiverse, all the circumstances within the environments and all the interactions that create circumstances within those environments because we’re interacting with other entities who are also individualized units of sentience and experiencing learning and evolving as well. 

Avoiding Karma by Guy Steven Needler

This event space functions based on sentience making a choice. For example, if I took a bus to go from one city to another and got off, I could turn left or right. 

How does this all relate to the multiverse? 

The multiverse is an individualized or compartmentalized aspect of structured space that the source, our creator, if we want to call that, that we’re individualized from occupies with its sentience. It also has another level of structure above that its sentient occupies because it has to be somewhere other than where we are. Because it’s a compartmentalized part of the structure that its sentience occupies, it can use smaller individualized units of itself, which are our higher self, and therefore, the higher self projects down smaller individualized units of itself, which is its soul, to experience the absolute, the minute detail of the environments that are supported by this multiversal environment because it’s got a number of different levels and a number of different universal environments associated with it as well.

That’s because the multiverse itself has three levels of structure that the sentience of the source occupies—the lowest base frequency. Then we go to sub-dimensional components, and then we go to four dimensions. There are 12 of these four dimensions that we’re occupying to experience, learn, and evolve through working with or experiencing the environments and the circumstances, those created by the environments, and by the other entities within those environments. 

We collectively create circumstances and work with the environment, but the multiverse is created with 12 full dimensions, as we just said. This is interesting because theoretical physicists, and even Stephen Hawking, said there were 11th full dimensions, but he negated the one in there.

I’ll explain the structure very quickly. There are 12 full dimensions. The first one is slightly different from the rest because it has the lowest frequency. The second through to the 12th full dimension behave exactly in the same way.

The multiverse is a compartmentalized volume of structured space that the source, our creator, occupies with its sentience. Share on X

They have three sub-dimensional components, then split into 12 frequency levels or bands. Each of these frequency levels or frequency bands has the capability of and does support a self-contained simultaneously manifest to the universal environment. 

These aren’t parallel universes. This is a static structure. I’ll talk about parallel universes in the moment because they’re a function of something else that pervades everything called event space. Event space basically functions like a duplicator, but based upon the choices of sentience so it works in conjunction with sentience.

We’ve got, in effect, within a multiversal environment that we exist within, there are 11 times three times 12, which is 396 frequency levels or frequency bands, and therefore universes. If we go down to the first four dimensions, things are slightly different because they house the lowest frequencies. Although it splits out into three sub-dimensional components, it collapses back into a composite of sub-dimensional components because of its low frequency, all low frequencies. All these low frequencies are necessary to create a universal environment because they’re all so low.  

We collectively create circumstances and work with the environment.

We have this unique situation where we have. One universe occupies a whole full dimension. That universe needs 12 frequencies to create it; therefore, there’s only this one location, which has 12 frequencies because every other frequency has a universe with one frequency band. It’s because of this increase in finitude, which increases by the power of 12. 

If you think about it, it’s a bit like having 12 floppy disks to upload a program onto a computer in the old days. Now, with a single memory stick, we can store thousands upon thousands of files of the same size that previously occupied 12 memory sticks. It also does finitude, which is capable of being supported by the same space but at high levels of finitude. If we go back down to the multiversal environments, we have 12 frequencies added onto the 396, which is 408 frequencies, but only one extra universe, which is 397 universes.

The multiverse is a metric for our evolution because we must experience it all. It’s also an environment for our evolutionary progression because we’re experiencing the minute details of what the source is on behalf of the source because its sentience is too big. It’s a bit like having microscopic or nanoscopic volumes of sentience exploring, for instance, the pile on the carpet, the little weeds on the carpet that we can’t see, that we could only see with an electron microscope. 

We would be too big to observe those, so the sentience is too big to observe the minute detail of the structure of the space occupied by the sentience. Whereas being very minutely small in comparison, we can experience, learn, and evolve by getting right into the nitty-gritty of the different environmental opportunities the multiverse offers us in these different universes.  

How did you come across this understanding or this knowledge?

It’s by accident. In effect, back in the early 2000s, I was being taught by one of Barbara Brennan’s first-generation students to do Brennan healing science or be an energy healer. We had to open our chakras to move onto different frequency levels to affect healing on the different energy templates supported by the chakras, creating the overall volume of space that we call the human bubble. We had to move up and down the frequencies. 

We’re all part of one sentience, and that sentience is called the source.

I ended up going further than that quite by accident. The students we used to share healings with as part of the course said they were being taken somewhere that they didn’t recognize at all, wasn’t where anybody else in the class was taking them, and were being healed, so what’s happening? 

I eventually found out that the only way I could understand where I was going was to stay in the seven frequencies. I was told off several times, actually, quite sharply as well. The only thing I could do was try to find a way to go to these different levels.

I was going in a robust, repeatable, and logical manner. Over the next five years or more, I developed various ways of going to these different levels robustly, but it took ages. It took well over three-quarters of an hour to start to go to a certain level—very low levels at the time. I thought it was quite high, though.  

Parallel versions are created as a function of our decisions, processes and a level of sentience within everything called event space, which allows duplicates to be made.

I’d have five or ten minutes to get the information from whichever entity was there. It would take me another three-quarters of an hour to come back down the frequency. Eventually, I developed a way of going there much faster, but I didn’t quite understand the structure then, so I based it on a hundred. I was allowed to do this apparently because I was going in the right direction, even though it was slightly at an angle.

It wasn’t until I started communicating with higher entities and those entities that existed within the higher that these were higher frequencies within the multiverse and, therefore, the higher universes within the multiverse, including the source itself. But I started to recognize that the structure that I was using wasn’t right. It was just something I was using. It was a structure I created to enable me to move. 

When I understood the structure properly, I could move, and I understood where I was going. However, I still didn’t understand it until the second book, Beyond the Source—Book 1, because I knew there was something wrong with the first full dimension, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until later that I was told that the first four dimensions house all of those frequencies, so they don’t behave in the same way. 

Your thought about it being the same as the other four dimensions or your thought about not being the same or showing a difference was right, but I couldn’t see it until I absorbed the change from my initial structure of everything being based on a 100 to having it be based upon what I thought was 12 times three times 12, and not 11 times three times 12, and then one times 12. 

It took a long time to understand it and even a long time later to understand that there was more structure beyond that. That was only because I became connected to another larger entity that created our source entity, our God if you want to, by individualizing other volumes of its sentience. You can start to see there’s a structure of the division of sentience from the largest of these entities, which is called The Origin Speaks, down through to the source entity because there was more than one. There were 12 at that point in time. I’ve since discovered there’s more than that. But that’s the book I’m writing down to our higher or authentic selves. 

The Hindus call it Godhead. The thought process is the same. It’s just a different way of understanding it, right down to souls, which are smaller aspects of that sentence projected down into different locations within the multiverse to experience things that are parallel but not in an event space way. Because event space, as I’ve just alluded to, creates parallel versions of our local environments, depending upon whether we have a choice to make. 

Beyond the Source – Book 1 by Guy Steven Needler

If we have a choice, it’ll create two of us and two localized versions, suburb versions, city versions, continent versions, planet versions, solar systems versions, universe versions, or even multiverse versions. We have parallel versions of where we exist. We also have the static version, which is the start point, which everything converges back into eventually. 

Have you sensed these other parallel realities, like a version of you that took a different road or made a different choice? Have you experienced, somehow sensed, or glimpsed that?

Not personally, although I do know people who ended up being my healing clients who were experiencing uncontrolled movement between two or three different realities. This created a very difficult environment for them because they were convinced they’d done something. They had done this but in a different reality.

When they came back to this reality, they hadn’t done it, but they’d done something else, and the people in this reality said, “We were there when you did this. Can’t you remember this?” She said, “No, I wasn’t here. I was in a similar location.” I’ve not experienced that myself, which would be very confusing.

It can create significant psychological conditions because you start to lose your anchor points here with the datum. You start to disappear because you can’t trust anything. You feel you’ve done one thing, which you have, but there’s no justification for it being in this environment or another environment you’re in until you get there.

It’s quite interesting to be in a situation where you can be out of control that way. But having said that, I’ve experienced communicating with the origin in the book I’m working on now, which is called Beyond the Origin, which is actually beyond the Origin’s current to say, levels of structured space with its value of sentience occupying into a state where all event space is converging into one because they’re all linked together and therefore there isn’t a past, present, or future. There isn’t a linear existence. 

We're not bound by limitations; rather, we're immersed in a low-frequency environment that restricts our connection to our true essence. Share on X

Event streams don’t exist. Connections between different event spaces don’t exist. It’s just that everything is oneness is nowness, and communicating with it when it is in both this version of the now and other versions of the now has been confusing because it talks about things being present when, for me, it’s in the future, or it’s in my particular now, or it’s in between those. 

That’s been very confusing, although I’m just about dealing with this. Being in that position, I’m going through these different versions of my creation and reality. I’ve not experienced that, and I don’t want to because it would stop me from focusing on being here on this particular day and dealing with what I’m dealing with now, which is beneficial not only for me but to the people who read my books or listen to the YouTube channel.

There’s this movie from the nineties with Gwyneth Paltrow called Sliding Doors, and she’s experiencing these two parallel realities. We’re watching, as the observer, as the audience, her two different realities unfold depending on whether she caught the train that one day or missed the train that particular day. There’s this one moment where it is a bleed over from reality to another, and she almost passes out while serving a family at a restaurant. She is a waitress. 

In the other reality, I think she had some sort of accident, or she practically died or something. I forget the exact thing that happened in that other reality, but the one version picked up on something traumatic happening in the other reality, and she had to grab onto something before she fell over. I’m just curious if this bleedover is common or uncommon. This whole reality thing is quite discombobulating for those trying to figure out the actual nature of reality; it’s all an illusion. Anyways, what are your thoughts about that? 

I was just about to say in my book The Curators that there are a number of entities that support the maintenance of the multiverse so that we can evolve in the most efficient way. They maintain the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse, and they can basically manipulate event space and change event space. We, logically speaking, would be experiencing events in certain ways, and we move from one event to another.

From our perspective, it’ll be a linear progression, and within those events, as event streams. There are times when event spaces do conjoin together, and we get this feeling of things that happen twice or things that have happened before or deja vu, those sorts of things. But it does happen. 

We have parallel versions of where we exist. We also have the static version, which is the starting point at which everything converges.

We also get them when we enter into areas of locally high frequency where the structure of our particular knownness, based upon this frequency, we’re in the first three frequencies, which create the gross physical start to move into the next frequencies, the fourth frequency, which is above where we are now. We can’t see, but individuals who have ascended to that level can see that level, and they can see us as well.

There are times when we can see something else has happened for a moment. There’s a wonderful book—I can’t remember the author’s name now, but she’s an Ozark Mountain Publishing author in which people suddenly find themselves in a completely different reality with bizarre visions that don’t relate to where they are.

She reported that a gentleman was walking through some part of New York, turned a corner, and suddenly found himself in a vast land covered in grass. On this hill, he could see a red Indian on a horse. He thought, “Well, where am I?” She interpreted that as he moved in what we call time, and time was just all over the place at that point because it was higher frequency and time didn’t exist. You can move through all these events concurrently. 

We talked about the reel of film, where if you look at the individual frames of exposure, you can see things separately, but when you start to run them at 60 frames a second, you start to move. But if you can imagine seeing all those frames at once, you see all the exposures on the film—not just the role of film, but the cinema film. 

At once, you’d see everything classified as being time at once. Everything’s in the now. For a moment, this gentleman reported seeing New York, but before the white man got there before the settler got there, he just didn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it. He thought it was strange.

The Curators by Guy Steven Needler

Now, he would’ve entered into a higher frequency or stated himself because he was already at a higher frequency. But the moment he starts to doubt it, that lowers the frequency because you start to work with the ego mind rather than the sentient mind. When he starts to disbelieve it or starts to get worried or anxious, he produces his own frequency, and that is enough to reduce the overall frequency of where he is. All of a sudden, he starts to see New York again.

They do sometimes merge, but it has to be in a location where the third frequency where we are now is locally high, and we enter into a point where a locally low area of the fourth frequency interacts with it so it can then move between the two.

What’s the most astonishing vision or download that you’ve gotten?

Most astonishingly, I don’t know. There’s been so many. I suppose being given the opportunity to see nothingness and being given a representation of it. Nothingness is the environment outside of structured space, which is actually an aberration because structured space was only created in nothingness as a function of potential. Nothingness can be anything, so it has potential. 

It’s a little bit like a minus minus, and a minus equals a plus. It becomes an aberration. This aberration created a structured space where event space became the dominant sentience. Then, later, the origin became that dominant sentience.

But to see the origin just occupy, collective sentience was all sentience becoming one again, rather than being individualized and different source, sentient, different godheads or trinity cells. Everything is back into one massive volume of high-quality sentience with high-quality evolution moving out of this structure, which was not even macroscopic in comparison to nothingness.

We can experience, learn, and evolve by getting right into the different environmental opportunities the multiverse offers us in these different universes.

Then sentience moves out; it no longer exists because the potential is gone. But the potential moves to nothingness, and then the origin realizes that it could recreate structured space in nothingness because it has raw potential, raw sentience, and they’re doing it. All these little bubbles of non-structured structured space start to appear and start to occupy nothingness, and then they see the potential that nothingness could become somethingness, but it’s structured space but without structure.

That’s what the next evolutionary step is of the origin. Beyond moving into the different levels of structurally structured space, are humans allowed to see that? Maybe it’s part of our learning that we should understand where we are and understand that we are truly part of something amazing and that something amazing has already happened because everything has converged into one. 

But right now, because we’re on a low frequency, we have to experience things one frame at a time. That’s the most amazing experience I’ve had. That’s the recent one. 

Were you on a plant medicine journey or just taking a nap? How did this occur?

Basically, I don’t take any drugs or any of this sort of stuff. It’s pure meditation, and that’s the way forward. We use things like computers, phones, and televisions to communicate with each other and do all the things that we can do naturally. Should we realize what we are, we don’t need anything. We can just communicate instantaneously through telepathy should we give ourselves the opportunity to do so. 

Although initially, all those years ago, it took me a long time to get to these levels, even the lowest. It took me a long, long time. I’ve now developed the technique, so I can just go there. It’s not even a mental switch. I’ve only got to have the desire, and I’m there. When I’m writing the books, I sit down at my computer, and I’m back to where I was previously with the Origin or the Source or the other entities. I’m there. 

The multiverse serves as a metric for our evolution because we need to experience all of it.

I’m both here and there, so my sentence is in two locations, and interestingly enough, with the advanced version of this correspondence, traversing the frequencies where I teach people to do what I do. I teach them to be in more than one location at once, three or four locations at once sometimes depending upon the quality of the students, so we can split our sentience at these different levels whilst still being here. 

That’s basically what I do when I’m communicating with the source. I’m in different locations concurrently to be able to. As it happens, I’m typing it straight into the computer. I’ve got enough sentience here to type into the computer while the rest is experiencing different things within the multiverse or beyond the multiverse. 

Do you have experiences where your body gets taken over by sources, by entities, that then control your vocal cords and your typing and everything, or are you still present? 

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In that instance, I’m always still present. I have enough of my sort of sentience in my body still to be able to work with the body and animate the body. But when I do readings for people and sometimes healings, there are times when they guide and help us come through. They will move my sentience out of the way and animate the body. They will not just move their bodies but also communicate directly with people who want to experience some information about themselves that they can’t get. They have to use somebody who’s a medium or channel or something. 

On a rare occasion, the source does animate the body as well. It tends to speak in the singular because we are part of it. From our perspective, it’s one, whereas from the perspective of the guy to the helpers, there’s one guy but lots of helpers helping us navigate our incarnations. They tend to speak collectively and, therefore, speak in the plural.

That happens generally when I’m reading for people or doing healing for people rather than actually doing my own investigative work writing the books.

The OM by Guy Steven Needler

Do you ever do that on podcasts where you channel or convey information directly from other entities or sources?

There are times when I do the World Satsanga with some of the questions that come through because I do a pre-recorded lecture and then a pre-recorded meditation. Then, I will answer the questions live on Zoom. Sometimes, some of the questions are beyond my current knowledge base. Therefore, if I have the time or the inclination, I do on-the-spot channeling to get the information relative to the answer to that particular question. Yes, but it’s not something I intentionally do. It’s something that happens when it’s supposed to happen. 

Yeah. Sometimes, when you’re getting interviewed, do you ever get nudged like, “Hey, here’s something you need to convey to the audience or the person you’re being interviewed by.”

If it’s something personal, I don’t get that in that environment. If it’s in the environment where it’s a one-to-one discussion or an appointment they’re having with me for reading or healing. To be honest, I would shy away from that because when we are getting personal information about somebody, it’s theirs. It’s their private information. To share it with somebody else in a public arena is not the professional way to do it, to be honest. I don’t think we should engage in that or encourage ourselves to do it either. But at least general information, then that can come through as channel information during the questions answer session. 

Interesting. When you channel or connect with the higher frequencies and dimensions, are you also communicating with aliens? Is it mostly angels or ascended masters or other kinds of beings, or is it just source consciousness? Where do aliens and angels and all that fit into this?

What we call angels, in my understanding— which may be superseded by somebody else because we’re all sort of stepping stones on the evolutionary block—are basically what I call curators. They’re different entities that are maintaining the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse. 

Angels are curators. They’re different entities that maintain the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse.

Then there’s another group of entities that are helping us because we’re in the evolutionary cycle, but they’re in the service side of things, so they help us while we’re incarnate and while we’re almost totally disconnected from who and what we are. 

Sometimes, people classify them as their guiding angels, but they’re basically a guide and a group of entities who are quite close to us and give us the nudge to do certain things at certain times in certain locations with certain people. We get intuitive thought processes or intuitive desires to do certain things. 

I only communicate with those individuals, those garden helpers, where I’m communicating with them to assist in getting information about something they want to find out about in the reading, for example. Normally, when I’m getting information, it’s direct to the source or to group entities called the OM, which I’m supposed to be part of. I’ll say “supposed to be” because it would be egotistical to say I am, but a number of individuals over the years have indicated that I’m part of this other group, which is not part of the source. 

It’s the group of entities that are created almost by mistake. They’re The Uncreated Creations–my latest book of that publication. They exist outside of the multiverse. In fact, outside of all the source entities, there are volumes of structure of the origin that their sentience occupies. That’s probably why I can get outside of the multiverse.

I communicate with them. I do communicate with some aliens. I don’t like using the word alien because it means they’re different. But actually, all they are is they’re the same soul genre as us, but they’re incarnating a different body in a different location within the galaxy or another galaxy within a different frequency within the universe, so they are simple. 

We don’t just incarnate in the human body. We incarnate at different frequencies and in different locations within the physical universe.

We might be incarnate in that body type in our next incarnation. We don’t just incarnate in the human body. We incarnate in all sorts of different forms and factors at different frequencies and in different locations within the physical universe. Think of a body type, and it will exist somewhere, certainly within the gross physical and definitely within the spiritual, physical levels, which are finer or more energetic but still classified as incarnation as it is. 

The entities I communicate with tend to be ones I’ve created a sort of link with. They exist in a place called Boulishbeni in Crete, not too far from where my late wife and I bought an old Cretan cottage that we rebuilt. They’re meditating on the roof there, and I noticed I was being watched one day.

I thought, “Where are these eyes coming from?” I noticed an alien base on a hillside across the valley from where I was. I noticed their vehicles coming and going in the next frequency from where we are now and started to communicate with them. They’ve also given me some information, part of the first book, The History of God

I don’t tend to communicate with them to get information because I tend to stick with the higher information from the source, origin, The OM, or sometimes from my late wife Anne, who communicated with me to create the book Anne Dialogues, which is all about the incarnation process and more depth and detail about who we are, but using common subject headings that we can all understand.

To be honest, I feel very picky and choosy about where to go. I like to go to the top because that’s where you get the best information. 

I can relate to that. I used to communicate mostly with angels, and then I came to the realization, or I was given the realization, that I could and would be best served by going directly to God and developing that personal relationship with God, so I do that now. Most of my conversations are with God.

We craft the backdrop of our reality, a canvas of collective creativity shaped by our desires and intentions.

I know we’re getting close to time here, so what would you want our listener to be left with that would maybe be the next step up the ladder for them, wherever they are? What’s the next door for them to open or the next rung on the lateral ladder? How do they gain access to that? 

Meditate. Every time I get interviewed, I say meditate, meditate, meditate, and be of service to others. Recognize that, in essence, we’re all part of the same source. We’re all part of the same volume of sentience. Therefore, we’re all one. I’m you; you are me. We are all sources. The person down the road is us. 

When we start to understand that, we won’t begin to be angry at each other or to discriminate against each other. We’ll realize that we’re all one and the same thing and that if we discriminate against somebody else or another incarnate soul, we’re only affecting ourselves. Why would you beat yourself up when you wouldn’t?

I’m you; you are me. We are all sources.

The whole thing is that if you can meditate, do a regime of meditation. Start with five minutes a day, then ten minutes, then twenty minutes, once or twice a day, and build up and build up and build up. Also, see the beauty in everybody else because everybody else is here on earth, which is a very difficult location to be in, with individualized free will to accelerate their evolution and therefore accelerate the evolution of their higher self and therefore excite the evolution of source.

We’re all struggling here. It’s all hard work. In real terms, it’s like being underwater, whereas normally, we can fly in space. It’s a greater difference, but it’s the difference between what we normally are and what we’re experiencing here. It’s so difficult to be here, but just recognize that we’re all struggling to navigate our incarnation and do our best. 

Why wouldn’t we help each other if we recognized that we’re all part of the same sentience? We’re all one. That’s the thing to do: Help each other, be of service to each other, meditate, and open your chakras if you can. If you go to my website,, find the press pack, go down to the press pack, and see chakra opening exercises. Download them; they’re free. 

It allows you to open your chakras more than they are now, will help raise your frequencies, and will also augment your meditation. Meditate, be of service, realize that we’re all one, and just help each other. That’s the way to glory, without doubt. That’s the way to the pinnacle and kickstart the aquarium age. 

Wonderful. Your website, again, is

We navigate the vast expanse of the multiverse, experiencing every facet to fulfill our evolutionary journey. Share on X

Correct. On the website, you can see everything about me, all the full blogs I’ve done, and The World Satsangas. They’re quite meaty books. There are over ten years’ worth of World Satsangs there. But everything that’s been asked has been asked in those books. 

There are different books I’m working on now. You can download all the PDFs as well. Everything about what I’m doing is on the website,

Alright. Awesome. Thank you, Guy, and thank you, listener, for being open-minded and considering what might be a little discombobulating for you. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Meditate regularly, aim for at least 5 minutes twice a day, and progress to longer sessions for a deeper connection.

?Practice seeing the beauty in others and treating them with compassion and empathy. Recognize that we are all part of the same source.

?Be of service and help others. Extending a helping hand to others whenever possible is ultimately beneficial for collective evolution.

?Open my chakras to raise my vibrational frequency and enhance my energy flow. Utilize chakra opening exercises, which are available on Guy Needler’s website.

?Develop a personal relationship with God or the source to enhance spiritual growth instead of relying solely on intermediaries like angels or guides.

?Embrace unity consciousness to foster harmony and cooperation among all beings. Recognize I am a part of the same divine consciousness.

?Balance technological interactions with natural methods. Using technology mindfully has the potential for telepathic communication.

?Explore the concept of the multiverse and my role in experiencing, learning, and evolving. Open to the idea of parallel realities and the potential for glimpsing other dimensions.

?Experiment with energy healing techniques to access different frequency levels for healing and spiritual growth.

?Visit Guy Needler’s website ( for resources, lectures, and further information.

About Guy Needler

Guy Needler MBA, MSc, CEng, MIET, MCMA initially trained as a mechanical engineer and quickly progressed to a chartered electrical and electronics engineer. However, throughout this earthly training, he was always aware of the greater reality around him, catching glimpses of the worlds of spirit.

Guy subsequently learned energy and vibrational therapy techniques from a direct student of the Barbara Brennan School of HealingTM, becoming a Complementary Medical Association (FCMA) fellow.

Along with his healing abilities, Guy can channel information from spirit, contacting other entities within our multiverse, his higher self and guides, which resulted in his first book, “The History of God,” and produced eight more published texts.

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