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By: Stephan Spencer


Karen Noé
“Do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams because you came here with them. If you don’t, then you may have to come back in another life and deal with that again.”
Karen Noé

Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and alternative healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of Your Life After Their Death, Through the Eyes of Another, The Rainbow Follows the Storm, and We Consciousness. She is also the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Waldwick, New Jersey, where she gives readings, teaches classes, and practices alternative healing.

In today’s episode, Karen lets us in on how she communicates with those who have passed on. We all have God within us. When we learn how to raise our vibration to the energy of angels and our deceased loved ones, we experience the oneness that envelops all of us in peace and pure love.

Karen shares numerous powerful stories about helping people reconnect with their deceased loved ones. She explains how the karmic law governs all of our incarnations, including our current lives. She gives practical advice on how to meditate, clear your chakras, and use a pendulum to contact your spiritual guides. If you’re looking to develop your ability to hear from the other side, you won’t want to miss this episode.

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces Karen Noé, the Founder of Angel Quest Center, a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and alternative healer with a two-year waiting list. She’s the author of Your Life After Their Death, Through the Eyes of Another, The Rainbow Follows the Storm, and We Consciousness.
  • [08:59]Karen shares her origin story and how she became a medium.
  • [14:10]Karen tells a story of how she found missing money for a woman in one of her classes.
  • [18:58]Write letters to your deceased loved ones and ask them to give you a sign that they’re with you.
  • [24:09]Karen explains the concept of a life review and the karmic law of cause and effect.
  • [33:14]How problems affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and tips for how you can overcome them.
  • [38:00]Stephan shares why cleaning up your thoughts and chakras allows you to receive clear messages from angels and above.
  • [42:56]Karen explains the concept of chakras and how to clear them daily.
  • [46:27]Karen shares how to use the pendulum to distinguish truths from lies.
  • [52:58]What a soul contract is and how to find out what you committed yourself into before you got incarnated.
  • [56:19]Visit Karen’s website, join her classes, and listen to her radio show. Read her books and follow her Instagram to know more about her work and how you receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones.

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Your Life After Their Death by Karen Noé

Thank you for joining us today, Karen.

Thank you so much for having me on.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before, we had some chats before this interview. The way that I found you was not a random chance occurrence. It’s one of those synchronistic events. I knew when I was led to you, essentially I was shown you that we were supposed to talk, and more importantly, I was supposed to learn from you.

I attended the webinar that you did for the Edgar Cayce Center, the A.R.E Foundation. You were featured on the homepage of the website. I got an intuitive hit as I was reading from some materials from another medium, Michelle Whitedove. She mentioned Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. For some reason, Edgar Cayce just jumped off of the screen when I read that. That was a huge document. Those two words meant something that I needed to explore.

I went and googled Edgar Cayce’s name. I never heard of him before. Of course, he’s the famous clairvoyant who channeled his higher self back in the 1900s. I had no idea what I would get by going and googling him, but then I ended up on the A.R.E Foundation’s website, There you were featured with a webinar about how to connect, contact, and receive messages from your departed loved ones and from angels. That popped for me too.

I signed up for that. Right after, it was really late in the night when I attended because I was in Israel at the time. I finally went to bed after it finished at 4 AM or something. I had the most beautiful, prophetic, profound dream, otherworldly. It was clearly from the higher realms, from the heavens, that this dream came to me, unlike anything I’ve ever had received before. I’ll never forget it. It was because I attended your webinar and I asked for a dream like you had instructed. Ask for a dream, ask to be woken up.

I was woken up at 7 AM that next morning. I have tears streaming down my eyes. It was just the most beautiful, beautiful dream. I had specifically asked Lakshmi, who’s one of my guides and Ascended Master who’s assisting me on my journey. She delivered that incredible dream. Thank you for that.

My goodness, I’d love to hear about it.

Through the Eyes of Another by Karen Noé

We can for sure talk about it. Let’s talk about that when we get to the section about dreams and how to receive dreams and messages through those dreams. I wanted to share that was such an impactful experience this year back in April or was it March? I think it might have been March, but that was just incredible. You made that possible. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. I’m so glad you tuned in. It’s funny. Last weekend, two days ago, I did another seminar with the A.R.E. at Edgar Cayce Center. It was all morning from nine-thirty in the morning up to one in the afternoon. It was good.

Wow. Is there a replay for that?

Listeners could tune in. Check out the Edgar Cayce Center. It’s a wonderful place.

It is, yes. In fact, they have multiple branches so you can maybe go and visit one of the centers that’s in your local area. There’s one in the Chicagoland area. I’m not in that part of the country, but then there was an Akashic records course on how to read the Akashic records. I felt guided to that one too. That was incredible. I was able to open my own records.

That’s another intersection in our lives. We were supposed to do an interview back in April. That didn’t happen. Instead, you ended up on my wife, Orion’s show, Stellar Life. That was a beautiful interview. We did not end up having our interview as scheduled because I was out saving a cat.

The reason I was able to save that cat and know that it even had a problem—this was a stray cat—needing assistance or it was going to die was because I opened my own Akashic records and I asked my guides for guidance on what to do. The answer was to take this cat to the vet. I’ve never taken an animal that wasn’t my own pet to the vet before.

It was a little bit of a stretch outside my comfort zone, but I did it. I didn’t know where to take this cat. I got some guidance on where—I was in Tel Aviv. I’ve never been to any vet in the Tel Aviv area. I got some wonderful guidance on that. That happened also because of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, but a different branch of it.

Christina Cross was the person who taught me how to open my own records. It’s such an interesting set of circumstances. We’re all interconnected and everything is connected. It’s incredible.

Absolutely, it’s beautiful. Did you find out how the cat is?

Do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams because you came here with them. If you don't, then you may have to come back in another life and deal with that again. Share on X

She’s doing much better. Turns out that she was my pet in a past life. She came into this incarnation to give me the opportunity to stretch outside my comfort zone and save her life.

So glad you listened to your intuition. 

A funny thing happened, not funny but profound, actually. I had a podcast interview the next day, not of my show, but I was on another show. I’m not going to say whose show, but she’s a pretty famous author and entrepreneur. Before we started recording, I told her the story of what happened. She said, “Well, my mom always said, you save a cat, you get a few extra years added to your life.” I knew that was for me.

I’ve never heard that expression before. I’m like, wow, that was a beautiful, amazing bonus. That wasn’t why I did it. I just did it because it was the right thing to do. I wanted to help this cat. She had a broken pelvis, she had a dislocated foot, and now she’s healed. She walks with a little bit of a limp but her pelvis is fully healed. She didn’t need surgery. She just needed a cage rest for a month. We found a place for her to convalesce. She’s still there. We’re still paying month after month for her. We really need her to have a forever home.

I’m confident that’s coming, the whole thing about co-creation, having faith and belief, and then you co-create your reality. I want to co-create a forever home for this wonderful little cat.

It has to be the best place ever, not just any home.

Exactly. First of all, let’s start with your origin story. How did you end up being a medium? Maybe share some profound learnings and messages that you received in those very early days.

I just thought everybody could do this.

When I was a child, I would see things that would happen before they did. I would dream things that would happen before they did. My friends sometimes would say that I would freak them out. Those were their words like, how did you know that? I said, I just thought everybody could do this.

In reality, we can, which we could talk about later. I just knew how to tune into this. My dad used to take me to the racetrack. I don’t go to the racetrack anymore because I’m an animal activist. At that time, he would take me and I’d pick the winning horses. I hate to use that example, but that’s what happens. He said I was lucky. Again, I don’t go to the racetrack now. I just want all the listeners to know that.

Let’s stop it for a second. You could pick the winning horse, then your dad would bet on that horse beforehand, you guys would make a lot of money, and you’d be able to do that again and again.

My dad is and still is, he’s in his 90s, he’s a gambler. I didn’t bet. I was a child. I don’t know what he did with the money, I’ll be honest with you. Yes, I would pick the winning horses and he said, I was lucky. He used to take me with him to the horse races.

You were like the lucky charm for the gambler. That’s funny.

During that time, even then, I really liked to study and get all A’s on my report card. If I had any exams or tests, I couldn’t really pick the winning horses. When I was relaxed, during the summer, during vacation, and that teaches us that when we’re more on par with the energy of who we really are, which is love, peace, and not stressed, we could tap into that intuition as well.

The Rainbow Follows the Storm by Karen Noé

Right. It’s important to be not only not stressed, but in a higher vibration so that you match the angelic realm with their vibration so you can tune in the best.

Exactly. We could even talk about that a little bit on how to raise our vibration. About 20, 25 years ago, I was going through a difficult time in my life. I was sitting at the edge of my bed just yelling at God. I said, “Am I going to be okay? Give me a sign.” With that, I saw a light come towards me from the other side of the room. My first response was, “If you’re not of God, please leave.”

I’ve since learned we are all of God. At that time, I just thought, God, light, but we all have God within us. That’s another story in itself. In any case, I said, “If you’re not of God, please leave.” But it continued to come towards me and enveloped me. The most incredible piece came over me.

At that time, I heard a voice that said, “Lucha lucina bella lucha lucina.” For those Italian listeners, it means light, little light, beautiful little light. I’ve since learned that it was St. Francis of Assisi who has been guiding and protecting me ever since. St. Francis is the guide of animals, peace, and so forth. If you follow me on my books or on Facebook, you’ll see my animal peace connection every day.

After that point, I started to feel the angels and deceased loved ones. I didn’t want people to think I was not in my right mind, so I didn’t share the messages I received. Eventually, I gave in and started to give the messages that I was receiving, and the rest is history. I began to do Reiki energy healing in the back of a hair salon. That was many, many years ago.

When I was doing the healing, I started to receive messages for the person who was on the massage table. I will never forget one of the first messages I ever received. The woman is lying there, I’m doing the Reiki on her, and somebody was trying to come through, his name was Robert. He said he died in a car accident.

Whatever we do to ourselves or another affects everyone. So, we have to treat ourselves and other people with respect.

These messages come telepathically, not as a voice. I’d love to teach people who are listening how they can receive messages as well. At that time, they’re coming intuitively as thoughts. Then I see a picture of a kangaroo punching the air. I’m in the United States and I don’t know many kangaroos that box each other, you know what I’m saying? I said, oh, this can’t mean anything.

Finally, I gave in and I said, there’s a gentleman named Robert coming through. He said he died in a car accident, but he’s showing me a kangaroo with boxing gloves on. The woman jumped off the table and screamed. She said that’s her friend Robert. He died in a car accident and he boxed kangaroos in Australia. I said, oh, wow, there’s no way I would have known that. The rest is history.

I started to give the messages I was receiving. The crazier the messages, the better because they knew without a doubt it was their loved one. Since then, word has spread, but there have been messages when I have found missing money, I’ll give you that example. 

I started to give the messages I was receiving.

One time, a woman wanted to come to see me, and I’m not taking any new clients because I’m booked two years ahead of time, and the people who have come to see me want to come back. I said, you know what, why don’t you just come to a class? I teach classes similar to the one I gave for the A.R.E.. She was sitting in my classroom. As I’m talking, a gentleman named Tom was coming through. I said, “He’s saying he’d recently passed” and she raised her hand. She said, “That’s my dad.” She said, “Okay, if that’s really him, where’s the missing money?”

I said, “I can only give you what he’s giving me.” He started to show me. He showed me the attic and he showed me pink insulation in the corner of the attic edge. He lifted the insulation out and showed me there was a stash of money in there. She said, “No, I looked through the whole house and there was no money there.” I said, “When you go home, check it out.”

She went home, I’m cleaning up after the class, and the phone starts to ring. She said, “Karen, this is amazing. I went home, looked under the pink insulation in the attic. Sure enough, there was a substantial amount of money stashed in there from my dad.” She said she knew without a doubt, it was her dad. There’s no way I would have known that.

It’s not about what I can do. It’s about what you can do.

Things like that happen. That’s the type of message that comes through time and time again. I could go on and on and on. You know what, the most important thing I could teach everyone who’s listening is it’s not about what I can do. It’s about what you can do because I know without a doubt all of you can do this as well.

A great case in point. One of my staff knew that you can ask for without a doubt  sign because I learned that from you and your webinar. She was talking to her mom in the car, but her mom had passed. She was by herself but with her mom in spirit. She wanted a without a doubt sign. Please, mom, let me know without a doubt that you’re here, that you’re listening to what I’m saying, and I’m not just crazy talking to myself.

She turns the corner not even seconds later—maybe five seconds later—and there is an owl on the road blocking her path. She sent me a video of it. It’s amazing. It stared her down for five minutes. It was absolutely her mom.

Amazing. See, all we have to do is ask for a sign. Then it’s important to be patient, wait, and a sign will come when you least expect it. Not usually right away, but when it does, it’s amazing. A lot of times you have to wait a little bit. When I say without a doubt, it’s something that normally wouldn’t happen like an owl being in your path stuck staring at you. That doesn’t normally happen.

Surviving Death (Series)

Another example is a family member. Her grandma had recently passed and she was watching the show Surviving Death on Netflix. She didn’t believe in this whole realm or anything supernatural at all. She was just drawn to watching that show. Not a coincidence, of course, no randomness in this universe.

She’s watching it and she learns to ask for a sign. She asks her grandma just to see what would happen. Within minutes, again, less than a half-hour later, she went outside. On the driveway is a brochure that says, I love you, granddaughter. It’s got a picture of a music box. But not just any music box, it is the same music box that her grandmother had given her 30 some years ago.

Oh my gosh, I have goosebumps. I can tell you some of the without a doubt signs from my clients and from myself. One of my favorite ones is of my friend Marianne. I think I shared this with your wife, maybe not. I always tell people that when they come through with signs for us, our loved ones, they usually retain the same personality as they had when they were here on the physical plane.

If they were quiet, they’re still quiet. If they were loud, they’re still loud and so forth. My friend Marianne passed. The day she passed, I actually wrote her a letter. I would tell everybody that’s listening to write your deceased loved one a letter telling them how much you love them and why. At the end of the letter, say give me a without a doubt sign to let me know that you’re with me, that you’re aware of what I just said to you.

The next day, I’m going to put ​mail in my mailbox. I’m walking down the steps to my house. As I’m walking down the steps, there’s a bird in my driveway. Marianne was loud, very loud in life. I’m walking down the steps to my house and in the driveway, there is a bird screaming at the top of his lungs. I look over and I say, “Marianne, is that you?”

All we have to do is ask for a sign.

I walked down the path and put the letters in my mailbox, put the flag out so the mailman could take my letters. The bird flew to the mailbox. Birds don’t fly to us. They fly away from us. The bird flew to me, went on top of the mailbox, looking directly at me screaming.

I’m looking at her and I said, “Oh my God, Marianne, I love you so much.” I’m telling her this, I’m crying, I turn around, and my neighbor is looking at me. I didn’t care. I’m crying. I had my cell phone in my pocket. I called my son who was in the house. I said, “Tim, come outside, Marianne is here.” He said, “What?” I said, “Just come outside.” I wanted him to witness what was happening.

The very next day, a mutual friend of ours, Carol, called me and she said, “You’re not going to believe what Marianne did.” I said, “I’ll tell you what she did to me. What did she do to you?” She said, “Karen, I just painted my kitchen. I opened up the sliding glass door, a bird flew into my house, pooped all over my walls, and then flew out.” She knew it was Marianne. She said, “Thanks, Marianne.”

This doesn’t end here. A year later, I’m at work. I have a waiting room. I’m sitting there and the people that are in the waiting room keep coming in and saying, “Karen, there’s a bird slamming his head against the window, and it just keeps slamming its head, slamming its head.” I said, “Oh my gosh, that’s terrible.” I’m not thinking about Marianne or anything like that. 

Be patient, wait, and a sign will come when you least expect it.

I’m looking at it. I said, “Oh my God, I don’t want him to hurt himself.” I’m trying to open the window, trying to let the bird fly in, it wouldn’t come in. I went outside, and I’m trying to coax the birds to fly away or come in, anything. I didn’t want it to get hurt. It wouldn’t go away, just kept slamming its head, slamming its head. It did this for about a week.

I look on Facebook and I see the same friend, Carol, post on Facebook, that there’s a bird slamming its head against the window for about a week. I said, oh my gosh, this has to be Marianne because what are the chances that it’s happening to both of us? I called up a very close friend of Marianne’s family. I said, what is going on? I told her what was happening with me and Carol with the bird. She said, oh my gosh, Marianne’s son was getting married that week. It was a destination wedding. 

I can’t remember where the wedding was. I believe it was in Mexico, but I can’t remember where it was. I knew Marianne wanted them to know that she was aware of what was happening. Also, they were going to spread her ashes right during the wedding ceremony and the destination wedding. 

As soon as she told the family members, the bird stopped by me and the bird stopped by Carol slamming its head. She just wanted her family to know that she was aware of what was going on with her son. Now, she was loud. She came through with very loud messages. If you have a very quiet loved one, it won’t happen in that fashion, but it will happen with an owl and with a brochure. Things like that you know without a doubt that they are around us.

We have to learn how to raise our vibration so it's more on par with the energy of angels, and of our deceased loved ones. Share on X

Right. If you ask, you have to be precise with your asking. I learned this. If you just ask without a timeframe, without any specifics, it’s hard to get what is a without a doubt sign then in the timeframe that you’re looking for, so be precise. 


Can you explain for our listeners who are not familiar with the concept of a life review and just the whole karmic law of having cause and effect? Things happen in our lives where we earn negative karma, there are things that happen, we make choices, and thus we earn positive karma. This isn’t something that is just in a little piggy bank somewhere in the heavens. This has a really profound effect in our lifetime and in future lifetimes consequences for us. Could you elaborate on that?

Absolutely. After we leave the physical body, after physical death, the energy of who we are continues. This is not something I think or believe, it’s something I know without a doubt. Just as I know you’re right there, I don’t believe it, I know it. 

You know without a doubt that they are around us.

This is through the many years of doing messages, as well as listening to those who have had near-death experiences. That is those who are declared clinically dead and then come back to life to talk about what they have experienced. What a life review is, you’re able to see and feel how you have affected each person that you have come in contact with in your life. Good, bad, or indifferent, you could feel the emotion—however you affected that person—as if they are you, through their eyes, if that makes sense. The reason why this works is because we are all one.

When we don’t have the physical body anymore, we feel that essence of who we are that we’re connected to everyone and everything because we don’t have the physical body that separates us from someone else. Right now, it seems like you’re over there, I’m over here, your cat is over there, and so forth. We’re separate, but we are not. You leave the physical body and you see that in an instant how you affected people. 

It doesn’t mean if you did something that was not so nice that you are in eternity in hell or something like that, it means you’re able to feel that emotion, how you affected the other person as if it were you. You say, oh, I shouldn’t have done that, and you know better. When they come through in appointments, they often come to me, and they say, I shouldn’t have hit you and they go into detail. They see that and they say they’re sorry. They come through with those very specific messages that no one would know to show that they are able to see and feel how they’ve affected the living loved one that was in my office.

That goes for something that you did that was wonderful or good, something uplifting, even opening the door for somebody, how that made that person feel. You know what, this is what I want to really stress, that you don’t have to wait until it’s too late to see the bigger perspective. After you leave the physical body, you see the bigger perspective, but you don’t have to wait until that point. If you are able or absolutely try to see through the person’s eyes, every person that you come in contact with, you could create peace in your life right here and now and peace in the other person’s life as well. I hope that makes sense. 

We Consciousness by Karen Noé

Not only does it make sense, it is common sense. It is just so straightforward and obvious to me. At the time that I was living my life as an agnostic, almost atheist, which is the first 42 years of this lifetime, I didn’t believe in reincarnation, I didn’t believe in the law of karma or anything. I was just going through my life like a bull in a china shop. I wasn’t a horrible person or anything, but I certainly wasn’t that enlightened.

I did find though that there were things that I just intuitively knew. Even though I did not have a belief system of a higher power or any of that, I knew not to, for example, curse somebody in my own mind. I never did that. I never thought to myself, I wish you were dead or whatever. That seemed off-limits to me. I think that that was because of the learnings I carried over from past lifetimes, in retrospect now.

Right. It’s absolutely true. The fact that we are all one—if you can understand this—after we leave the physical body, we can sense that oneness in an instant. Whatever we do to ourselves or another affects everyone. We have to treat ourselves with the respect we deserve as well, we treat other people with respect, and it uplifts the whole world, the entire universe, actually.

Conversely, if we’re raised by racist caregivers like I was—both my grandparents were racist—it’s something that you have to rise above and see the bigger picture. Like I said before, nothing’s random that was meant to happen. Being raised by racists wasn’t just an unfortunate happenstance, that was meant for my soul’s growth. Having to rise above that is something that was meant for me in this lifetime.

Absolutely. You enter this planet earth as a graduate student rather than in kindergarten. In other words, some people here were brought up by loving, peaceful parents and it was very easy for them. It probably wasn’t at first because when you are brought up in that way, you think this is the way it is, at first. They’re telling me this, so it must mean that it’s true, but you realize that it’s not true. That’s beautiful. 

We are all one.

Another thing that seemed discombobulating and strange when I was growing up but it was actually a great benefit for me, was being raised by grandparents who believed in such diametrically opposed belief systems and religions that I thought it was all bunk. I realized not to get sucked in either one of them. One was Jehovah’s Witness—it was my grandmother, and the other, my grandfather was a converted Catholic, so he was very fervent. They just butted heads all the time. I just couldn’t see the logic in any of it. 

My grandmother worked really hard to convince me too. I was this tiny little kid being read—instead of bedtime stories—being read The Watchtower and the Awake! magazines from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was getting a full dose.

No, it’s funny. Those are the racist ones? It’s pretty amazing that they’re speaking, loving God, which is God is all love and peace. They would be this way.

Yeah. All that dichotomy allowed me to see a lot of the complexity of human nature and to not get sucked into it, to not buy into their belief systems. 

The most important thing I could teach everyone is not about what I can do, but about what they can do.

It’s amazing that you’re able to do that because many people would not be able to do that. 

I remember one instance just really emblazoned in my mind. I was a young child. I was in the parking lot of the grocery store with my grandmother. I was in the passenger seat. I think we were either arriving or leaving, but the car was parked. A young black man approaches my side of the car. My grandmother, in a panic, slams the button down to lock my side of the car. He just smiles at me and grabs the carts and puts them in a row because he works for the grocery store.

Oh, gosh. Could you imagine being a person of color and having to deal with that all the time? They are us. We are all one. Your grandparents are coming back as people of color so they could experience that. 

Right. That’s the whole law of karma and the balancing that has to happen. If you commit murder, you’re going to get murdered. 

Right, or feel the effects of that. 

She Talks with Angels by Michelle Whitedove

Right. This is another interesting example. This one I read in the book, She Talks with Angels by Michelle Whitedove. She said that she had a client who came to see her with female problems. She was actually going to have to get a hysterectomy. In a past life reading, Michelle was able to see that she was a Viking warrior who plundered, murdered, raped, and pillaged. 

There was one particular young woman that this Viking warrior man raped her, stabbed her in the abdomen, and then killed her while they’re on a raid. In this lifetime, multiple lifetimes later payback time with female problems in that sensitive area because of what he in that lifetime had done.

That’s amazing. I actually find with many of my clients, it’s things that are happening in their present life as well that affect them mentally, spiritually, and physically. Sometimes I’ve seen the correlation over and over and over again. For example, say someone has breast cancer. Our thoughts create our reality, but if you are having problems with your children, that’s the mother’s issue. Not that you’re causing it, but there are some issues that you’re angry with, they’re hurting you, or your issues with your husband and so forth, they will manifest in that particular area. I’ve seen it time and time again. 

If somebody is afraid of moving forward, stepping ahead, it affects their legs. They are not able to walk, their hips, and so forth. We talked about stepping forward. When we heal that, the ability to step forward and seeing that it’s okay and so forth, the physical element is healed. Time and time again. I could go on and on.

There was a woman who came to see me. She had stage four of lung cancer. She came to me as a last resort. I always say, you have to do whatever the doctors tell you. I have to say that so I don’t get in trouble. In addition to that, it should be mind, body, and spirit. We talked about how our thoughts create our reality, and whatever she’s thinking and feeling is creating whether or not she could heal our body or not. 

The Secret (2006 Documentary Film)

I don’t care what the doctor says to you about your prognosis because that’s all he knows. He has seen this and he gave her three months to live and so forth. I talked to her about The Secret, to watch The Secret, and so forth. We talked about how to change her thoughts. It’s 20 years later, she’s completely healed and she’s absolutely fine, but we worked on her thoughts.

I couldn’t get in her head to make her change her thoughts. I told her how her thoughts are creating what happened, but she was the only person that would be able to change the thoughts so she could heal herself. I see that time and time again. That wasn’t a past life, it was a present life. You have to work on your present life as well. 

Our thoughts create our reality. Also, our thoughts determine whether we receive messages or we block the messages. That was the message I received just a few months ago. There was a particular one-minute Kabbalah wisdom audio that I was meant to receive. It was that one. I forget the name in Hebrew of it, but it’s a certain Hebrew phrase. It roughly relates to the ability to receive. 

When you have impure thoughts, you block your ability to receive. When you’re watching porn or you’re lusting over the neighbor’s partner or whatever, you are lighting up that part of your brain that’s the pleasure center and you are dimming out everything else in your brain. This is shown in brain scans. From a spiritual standpoint, it’s like you’ve turned off your antenna, your receiver, and you’re only tuned in to the negativity and what you don’t have. That is something to address and work on your purity of thought, as well as purity of word and deed, and make those all aligned.

That’s perfectly said. What happens is we have to be more on par with the energy of God within us. God is only love and peace. We have to learn how to raise our vibration so it’s more on par with the energy of God, of the angels, of our deceased loved ones. Because again, after we leave the physical body, we feel that oneness in an instant, it’s pure love. No matter what you’ve done, you are one with God and the angels. You feel that connection, although you see what you’ve done. 

God is only love and peace.

Let me explain, as we talked about before. To be more on par with the energy of who we are, we have to learn forgiveness. Be more compassionate. As you said, keep our thoughts pure and so forth. There are many things that we can do, see through the eyes of another person. The more we do that, the more we’ll receive messages from our deceased loved ones and the angels because we’ll be on the same vibration. 

I say it’s just like tuning into 1300 AM, but you want 3200 FM, you’re not going to get that station. It’s the same thing with our thoughts. If we’re not on par with the God within us, we won’t be able to receive the messages, exactly what you said.

Right. We can also work to clean things up in terms of not just our thoughts, but our energy centers, our chakras. Clear our chakras, clear our pineal gland, and essentially, clear the visor inside of our mind so that we can see the messages that are coming, the clairvoyant messages, and also the clairaudient messages that are coming in through our hearing. Which, incidentally, I did not know until this year, until starting to receive these messages that people typically hear them in their own voice. That was interesting. That was a bit surprising for me. 

Manifest (Series)

This is something that is now part of the mainstream knowledge base, which I find fascinating because one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now is Manifest. They’re receiving callings in their own voices. 

Yes. I was just watching that last night. Funny. 

No coincidences again. There’s an interesting concept here of clearing your chakras, clearing your visor, your pineal gland, and so forth. I actually did a session with the Angel Team Healing, who was referred to me by a person that I trust. He’s very famous, I’m not going to mention his name. I gave them a try and whoa, I got the most amazing, profound visions that came that next morning in ultra, ultra high definition surrounding me and also with audio. 

I knew they were prophetic and they were warnings of sorts. Not dire warnings, but just like, hey, heads up, these two things are important for you to be mindful of. One was a warning to us on travel. What are some of the things that people can do to clear their visor, their hearing, or whatever so that they don’t have any negative thought forms attached to them, they don’t have any negative entities feeding off their energy and also blocking them? They’re keeping their thoughts as clean as possible, but yes, you need help too, a lot of times. You need to go to physical therapy and not just use your in-home gym.

You should see what I do every morning. First of all, I get up—and I’m not telling everybody to do this because I do this for a living to connect with deceased loved ones and the angels. I get up at four forty-five in the morning and I meditate for half an hour every day, and then I meditate again at night. The reason being is if your thoughts are going a mile a minute and your loved ones are speaking to you as thoughts, how are you going to differentiate that?

Meditation is listening to God and the angels.

You have to learn how to tap into source energy. Meditation is listening to God and the angels. Praying is talking to God and the angels, and in any relationship, you need to listen as well as to speak. I would say meditation is extremely important. I know most of my clients and my friends, they say, oh, but my thoughts, I can’t keep them quiet. It’s okay. We are meant to think. 

If you even just sit there every morning for 10 minutes with the intention of trying to quiet your thoughts, say you could focus on your breath—a very easy way of doing this—I just did this this weekend with the A.R.E. class—is to learn how to inhale. I’ll do it with you right now. You inhale with a count of four. Okay, inhale. 1, 2, 3, 4. Hold it, 2, 3, 4. exhale, 2, 3, 4. Hold it, 2, 3, 4. You repeat. That’s very simple. 

Count to four, you inhale, hold it. Exhale, hold it. That is a way of meditating. If you could do that for five minutes, start with five minutes. Hopefully, your thoughts are not going a mile a minute at that time. If they are, it’s okay. What I tell people is when you’re meditating, don’t expect to receive the message during that time. Because if you’re meditating, it’s meant to quiet your thoughts. 

I meditate so that I can connect later on in the day. It’s like putting gas in your car so that you could drive later on in the day, that’s why I meditate. Another thing I do is clear my chakras every day. A great thing I do in my office—and I could teach you how to do this, this is actually fun. Imagine you’re the clock, I’m the clock. Your chakra is going clockwise on your body if they’re going in the correct position, except in men. They go all clockwise except your crown chakra that normally goes in the male counterclockwise. I don’t know why that is. It’s just the way it is. 

It's more than believing. It's knowing without a doubt. If you're trying to manifest something, you have to assume the feeling of your wish being fulfilled as if it's happening now. Share on X

To clear your chakras would be you go in the opposite direction with your hand, the energy of your hand. If you go—your heart chakra—counterclockwise to clear, say 21 times. Then you shake it off and then you put it back in the correct position 21 times slowly and then shake it off. You do it for all of your chakras, except you’re going to go differently with your crown chakra because you’re a male, but women would do the same thing throughout. 

Got it, okay. 

I do this every day before I connect with deceased loved ones. When I’m on the phone confirming appointments, I’m on the phone, hey, you have an appointment next week at four. Yes, and I’m just clearing my chakras at the same time. The throat chakra is extremely important. You clear and then put it back in the correct position. 

That’s good. I like that. Thank you. 

It really works. Do you know what’s the best thing? If you have a pendulum, it’s really cool. You lie down and you could have your wife, I know she’ll play the game with you. You put the pendulum over all the chakras. You could be lying down and the pendulum should spin in the direction of whatever the chakra is going in. 

After you leave the physical body, you see the bigger perspective. You don’t have to wait until it’s too late to see the bigger view.

If you put the pendulum on the root chakra, for example, it should—if it’s going in the correct position—go clockwise. If it’s not, you want to clear it, and then you go through all the chakras. Sometimes it doesn’t even spin, that means oops, this one is blocked. Let’s clear that one out. Sometimes it goes in the wrong position, it goes counterclockwise normally. You want to clear that as well. Does that make sense? 

It does and I just learned about using the pendulum not even a week ago. I’m doing a 12-week long workshop taught by Sheila Gillette who channels THEO and she was a past guest on this podcast. We worked on automatic writing in the last session and using a pendulum. I did not know how to use a pendulum until that last session. If you want to receive divination, you want to receive yeses and nos to questions, you have to first ask the pendulum. 

You’re asking your guides really or your higher self, but you essentially direct it towards the pendulum and say, please show me a yes. It might be back and forth towards and away from you, it might be horizontally the other way, it might be clockwise, it might be counterclockwise, and then you ask to be shown a no. For me, a yes was towards me and away in a straight line, but a no was not horizontally in the other direction. It was actually clockwise. 

That was a no, and you’re supposed to ask each time that you do a session because it’ll change and then you can ask whatever questions you want, but you need to know what the yes and the no are first.

A life review is how you can see and feel how you have affected each person you have come in contact with in your life. Share on X

Exactly. You know what I do with my clients and we do this at classes too, you take the pendulum, you put your energy on it first to make sure you have your energy on it. I wish I had one here, but I don’t. You just take the pendulum and you say, my name is, and you say your name. I’ll say, my name is Karen Noé and it usually goes clockwise. That’s my yes. Then you say, I make up a name, my name is Gertrude Lovari, and then it goes counterclockwise. That’s my no. 

It’s interesting, for those who have children, you can actually take the pendulum and you can see if they’re lying or not. Did you go out last night? You just play that silly game and it actually says yes or no. It’s really cool, but make sure you put your energy on the pendulum first so that it has your energy on it, and then you ask your guides to help.

Right. If it has somebody else’s energy, you used it in a clearing, or something like that to clean some energy—I was instructed when I did this Angel Team session a few weeks ago to use that pendulum or crystal to extract out some negative energy out of my finger, which is in the process of healing. That needed to be cleaned or cleansed by being put out in the sun for a period of time. These are all new for me. I’m learning all this stuff. 

Crystals need to be recharged as well.

It’s amazing. People are pulling away. They said, wow, I never knew you could actually use a pendulum and it could tell me all these things. Yes, if you put it out in the sun or the moon, it clears it as well as recharges it because crystals need to be recharged as well. It’s like when you recharge your phone, you have to recharge your crystals as well.

That’s a whole other topic. Crystals have technology. If you study about the Atlanteans and how they were able to power their technology back in the day using crystals and all that. I know it sounds pretty out there for somebody who doesn’t believe in that thing. 

I would like to give Donna Eden a lot of credit for all of this, the clearing of the chakras and the pendulums. She has a wonderful book called Energy Medicine. A lot of these techniques I am not taking credit for, she mentioned these. It’s a wonderful book by Donna Eden.

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Yes. Another great book that has a lot of stuff about animals specifically, the book is called Animal Speak. Who’s the author? I forget his name. Ted Andrews, is that right? 


He’s passed now, but an amazing, amazing book. It seems to be the book that all mediums tend to reference. That’s the book to look up the meanings of different animals as totems or messages if they show up crossing your path or whatever.

Absolutely. There’s also another one by Steven Farmer. It’s quite pretty much similar to the other one as well, but it’s a more recent one.

Animal Spirit Guides, is that the book? 

That’s it, yeah.

He’s also the author of Power Animals

Yes. That’s the one I’m talking about, Power Animals. 

There’s something I want to point out that I’m curious about. You mentioned you get up at four forty-five every morning. Why is it not four forty-four? Because I get 444 angel numbers all the time. That 1111 as well as 111.

First of all, it just happens that every morning, I set the alarm for four forty-five, but I get up at four forty-four.

You get nudged. 

Wow, I know that’s an angel number, 444, 1111, even 222. If you consistently see a number over and over, the angel saying, hi, I’m here. I’m with you.

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer

Something I learned that’s an important distinction that I got was that it’s not just, hi, I’m here. It’s an invitation to receive more messages. It’s not just, hey, you’re doing great, keep up the good work. It’s like, hey, I’ve got more for you, you can get entire downloads if you’re ready for it. 


You also spoke about this in the interview with my wife, Orion, and how she received 1111 when she just happened to check her phone at her grandparents’ graves where she had visited for the first time. I’m not going to spoil the story because it’s phenomenal and she shares it in the interview. Definitely, listener, go check out that episode.

It’s incredible. These numbers are not only non-random, they have a meaning associated with them. If you look up the meaning by just googling 444 angel number or if you look it up in—there’s a great book by Doreen Virtue called Angel Numbers 101. Whatever the sources that you’re getting, your guides, your angels all know where you’re turning to. They help guide you to the right answer, to the right meaning so that you interpret it correctly.

Absolutely. Many times, looking in a book really doesn’t do justice. What does that number mean to you? For example, I keep seeing the number 826 a lot. I just keep seeing it. I look on the billboard, a license plate cuts me off and it’s 826. That was my childhood house. My mom keeps saying, I’m here, I’m with you. 

It would have meaning to you—a birthdate, anniversary, it often can be 1111. That’s just the angels, as we were saying, pay attention. I’m with you. I’m trying to tell you more, connect. I’m willing to connect with you if you’re willing to connect with me. Just be aware of those numbers that you see over and over again. That’s one of the without a doubt signs that those in the celestial realm are giving us to let us know they’re there.

Amazing. I know we’re running up on time here. Do you have time for one more question about soul contracts? 


When we don't have the physical body anymore, we feel that essence of who we are and how we're connected to everyone and everything. Share on X

All right. We’ll make it fast. What is a soul contract and how do we know what we contractually obligated ourselves to before we incarnated?

It’s a wonderful question. When you get here, you know that you have a passion for, what gets you excited. You just say, oh my gosh, I have to speak, I have to do speaking, I have to do this or that, or I have to make amends with uncle Joe. It could be something like that. You know something that you just have to do. It’s something within you. I say you go for it.

You listen to your intuition. Trust yourself and do whatever it takes to fulfill your dream, or to even make amends with uncle Joe, whatever it is, you do it because you came here with that. If you don’t, then you may have to come back in another life and deal with that again. You’ll feel more fulfilled if you do it right now. Do you feel that you have a soul contract right now? 

I know that I do. 

I know, but could you tell us about it?

You listen to your intuition.

I’m meant to help people who are feeling disconnected from the Creator, from their higher power, who feel lost and not trusting that this is a friendly universe, and helping them to see the light and to connect. That’s part of my mission. I experienced that in my childhood and through my early adult life so that I could have that relatedness and that relatability as an agnostic and somebody who is very scientific. 

I’ve studied biochemistry. I was going to become a professor and I dropped out of my Ph.D. I know a lot about that world and I can build bridges. That’s part of my soul contract. But there are also people that I meant to heal relationships that were in past lives with me. It’s a lot. I signed up for a lot and I’m working through it.

It’s beautiful that you’re aware of it and you’re listening. You’re using your intuition to do it, to make it happen.

And I’m working on my psychic abilities too, which I never thought that I was psychic. As you said, we are all psychic.

Power Animals by Steven D. Farmer

Absolutely. We have to raise our vibration so it’s more on par with the energy of who we are, as we talked about before.

And believe that we actually have that ability because we do co-create our reality. If we believe, it’s only what you see is what you get. You make that real.

It’s more than believing, it’s knowing without a doubt. There’s a big difference, in other words knowing. If you’re trying to manifest something, you have to assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled as if it’s happening now. You feel it, you know it. You have that faith, that type of thing.

It’s beyond believing, as you said. The way I like to frame is it’s certainty beyond logic, which is actually a term I learned in Kabbalah. Certainly beyond logic. 

Wonderful. How do our listeners learn from you? I know that you don’t take new clients now. You’ve got a two-year-long waiting list. I’m going to figure out a way to get on your waiting list though, even though you don’t take on new clients. How do they step into your field of wonderful vibration and get lots of great knowledge and insights?

I’d love for them to read any of my books. I’ve written four books, as well as the Angel Oracle deck that’s coming out in November, to tap into any of those books depending on what you’d like to do. One of my books, Your Life After Their Death, teaches you how to heal after loss and how you connect with your deceased loved ones, how you raise your vibration. So it’s more on par with their energy and so forth. 

The Knowing by Saje Dyer and Serena Dyer Pisoni

One of them is teaching you how to see through the eyes of another person. How to go through that life review right here and now so you don’t have to wait until it’s too late to do that. Then the We Consciousness, I connected with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s family. He has eight children as well as his wife. He came through for two years with them and gave them the messages. 

They actually just wrote a book recently called The Knowing and they wrote about our time together in the book as well. Then he came through as a group consciousness called the We Guides to talk about how we’re all interconnected. We’re all one and whatever we do to ourselves or another affects everyone. I have four books out as well as I teach classes. They could go to my website at and you could click on any of my classes, listen to my radio show.

Awesome, and you’re teaching at the Omega Institute in October. That’s going to be amazing as well. 

Yes, thank you. 

All right. Thank you, Karen. Thank you, listeners. Just go out there and connect with God, connect with nature, with your fellow human beings, your fellow souls, and make it a great day.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Ask for signs. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence and be patient when waiting. Not all signs happen immediately. However, I should be prepared to accept the message once I get it.

?Write letters to deceased loved ones. I can remind them how important they were to me and send my love through words.

?Be precise with requests. Signs are more likely to manifest when I indicate specifics. I shouldn’t be afraid to be explicit with my wishes.

?Learn forgiveness. Letting negative energy go and moving forward with a light heart allows me to raise my vibration and have a better spiritual connection.

?Practice meditation. Knowing how to tap into source energy allows me to communicate with God and angels. I also learn how to listen and speak better when I work on my focus.

?Research throat chakra alignment. Clearing my throat chakra before talking to others lets me fully express myself and my truth.

?Fulfill my dreams. I should strive to achieve my goals in this lifetime. I need to do whatever it takes because I have all the abilities in the world to become successful.

?Listen to my intuition. When I feel the urge to do something, I should go for it. I should pay attention to what excites me and follow my gut feeling.

?Develop my psychic abilities. Pay attention to angel numbers and be open to receiving signs. I become more capable of communicating with deceased loved ones when I do.

?Visit Karen Noé’s website, join her classes, and listen to her radio show. Read her books: Your Life After Their Death, Through the Eyes of Another, The Rainbow Follows the Storm, and We Consciousness.

About Karen Noé

Karen Noé is a renowned New Jersey-based psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and alternative healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss, Through the Eyes of Another: A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering your Life Review Now, The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones, and We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace. She is the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Waldwick, New Jersey, where she gives readings, teaches classes, and practices alternative healing. You can listen to Karen on The Angel Quest Radio Show by tuning in to on the first Saturday of every month at 10:30am EST.

To sign up for Karen’s newsletter and to find out more about her, please visit her website at

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