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By: Stephan Spencer


Kimberly Klein
“There are two ways to break through to become a believer or spiritual, either through a lot of intense work — learning, meditating, trying — or instantaneous shattering.”
Kimberly Klein

Facing the terrible news that your husband and daughter met a tragic end is traumatizing and terrible. Today’s guest, the author Kimberly Klein, faced this horrific experience that shattered her heart and entire belief system. Still, something happened that gave her instantaneous healing – a palpable squeeze on her wrist from her daughter, Talia. From that moment, she learned that life continues beyond death. And this started her lifelong journey of healing, learning, and spiritual awakening.

In this episode, Kimberly shares how she became a true believer in the afterlife, spirit communication, and the spirit world. She talks about the steps you have to take to fully immerse yourself in the spirit world without being deceived by other spirits that do not have good intentions. We also discuss how to tap into your psychic abilities, how to ask for without a doubt signs, what are soul contracts, and some core Kabbalistic concepts.

And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest, Kimberly Klein, who believes that life continues beyond death and has a lifelong healing, learning, and spiritual awakening journey.
  • [01:32]Kimberly shares experiencing a tragic situation and how it changed her from agnostic to connected and coming out far positively.
  • [05:58]Kimberly talks about her communication with Thalia and how she hears those thoughts.
  • [12:28]Stephan and Kimberly tell their experience of hearing communication in their inner voice.
  • [15:24]Kimberly and Stephan share their thoughts about asking for a “without a doubt” sign and increasing the number of these signs, so it gets clearer to you.
  • [23:56]Kimberly shares her experience of having a “without a doubt” sign.
  • [26:16]Stephan talks about his learnings in Kabbalah about miracles.
  • [33:45]Kimberly and Stephan talk about soul contracts, spiritual support team and strong spirits.
  • [37:14]Stephan talks about his current understanding of archangels as part of the communication.
  • [39:06]Kimberly and Stephan discuss the purity of thought, word, and deed creates very powerful positive angels and boosts communication.
  • [42:37]Kimberly points out that having people is remembering for yourself and expanding protection around you.
  • [48:01]Kimberly shares her inspiration for writing her three books; Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain, The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue and A Heavenly Dialogue Collection.
  • [52:38]Follow Kimberly Klein by visiting her website to know more about her and her works.

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Kim, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you for having me. 

First of all, let’s share more if you would about how you went from agnostic to connected and just how this tragic situation that you went through changed everything and eventually it was coming out far enough in a positive way.

They say that there are two ways to break through to become a believer or spiritual, either a lot of intense work—learning, meditating, trying—or instantaneous shattering. Unfortunately, I had instantaneous shattering. My entire life I was agnostic. I always wanted to believe there was something more than just our existence here. I was always searching and reading. I did go to psychics and things like that, but I never was able to truly believe in a God or some sort of controlling power. 

From that moment on I have been completely open.

Then skip ahead to the plane crash. After we found out that my daughter and her dad actually did in the plane crash, instantaneously, I physically was touched by my daughter. There was no doubt about it. I had a squeeze on my wrist and at that moment, the phone rang. I was in Panama and it was a friend of mine who told me that she spoke to a medium who said “Talia wants you to get something from her wrist?” I was like, “Are you kidding me?” Then on my phone, there was a call waiting. It was the psychic. She said, “Talia wants you to get her bracelet,” and I was blown away. 

From that moment on, I was completely open and a true deep believer in the afterlife, spirit communications, the reality of what actually happens after you die, because Talia was squeezing my wrist at the exact moment that I was told she wants me to get something off her wrist. It was a very special bracelet that I had given her for Mother’s Day, basically as an I love you, thank you for making me a mother present. There was no doubt in my mind. I felt that feeling, it was tight, and I got the message. From that moment on I have been completely open. 

That shattering of my previous disbelief, to giving me a belief, that started my healing basically instantaneously. It’s not like I didn’t have sadness, grief, trauma, and I wasn’t completely traumatized over the situation. I was. I still am, but I have my relationship with her still and it’s ongoing. It’s not fantasy. It’s real conversations mostly between other people as mediums like Laura, the pet psychic, my friend, but I do hear her myself. That is the most healing thing that can happen. That is what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life—helping other people understand the truth and that they don’t lose their loved ones.

You mentioned Laura. That’s Laura Stinchfield, who was a guest on this podcast. That’s one of my favorite episodes, we’re 300 and some episodes into this podcast, and it is one of my top 10 favorites. She’s a very special person and has incredible gifts and I just love that conversation. It was just powerful.

That is what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life—helping other people understand the truth and that they don’t lose their loved ones.

Having myself the belief that there’s afterlife and spirit communications, initially, I wasn’t actually able to hear or understand what I was feeling other than that wrist squeeze. Laura saved my life. If it wasn’t for her communications with Talia instantaneously, she actually did open me up on a grander scale and helped me heal. I think a lot of people who don’t believe, don’t know what they’re feeling, they don’t know what they’re actually thinking, and that it’s coming from their loved one. It really helps to have someone you can go to that can help you break through.

How do you, first of all, communicate with Talia directly without an intermediary psychic? Are you hearing? Are you getting a kind of knowing, cognizance, telepathy sort of message? Are you seeing images? How does that work for you?

I get feelings and I get knowings. I don’t hear her voice as her voice like Laura or some other mediums do, but feelings are very real. The thoughts come and when they come in from her or from her father, I just know that it’s not me because different people think differently and they word things differently. All of a sudden, you’ll get a thought and I’ll go huh, that’s a good idea, but it wasn’t my idea, or I love you too. It’s a reaction that with the heart, doesn’t need to come out vocally. I hear with feelings and with thoughts.

Do you hear those thoughts in your own voice?

Sometimes yes, which is very confusing. Years ago, when I first started learning what I was feeling, hearing, interpreting from spirit, I was confused. It’s very confusing when you don’t know. You think it’s yourself. You think I’m making this up. In fact, a lot of people think you’re making it up. They think, okay, you’re wishing that you’re hearing your loved one, so you’re hearing what they would say, but you’re not hearing it at all. It’s you making it up. If that helps you get through the grief, okay. 

It takes time to build the confidence up to know that really, even though I hear my voice in my head, it’s their thought. And sometimes it’s not my voice. Sometimes it’s just a thought that has no voice, and I can actually have a physical feeling in my head. I feel the thought and I have the thoughts, but the big challenge is knowing that that is actually their thought. That takes a while.

There are two ways to break through to become a believer or spiritual, either through a lot of intense work — learning, meditating, trying — or instantaneous shattering. Share on X

And sometimes you can get tricked. I’ve found this through hard experience. A very painful learning lesson where I thought oh, this is my guide or one of my guides speaking to me so I’ll do what they recommend. Then there was another light, I didn’t ask. I wasn’t discerning. This was last year when I was early in the awakening journey I did what was recommended and it blew up. And is still a horrible, horrible mess. You have to be discerning about who you’re listening to and confirm that it’s of the light and it’s who you think it is or who they’re saying.

I think that’s part of my journey. I know it was part of my journey. Learning first, protection. You need to have spiritual protection from the spirit world that’s not good, that it maybe is not bad but it’s not who you’re looking to hear from, and to know, okay, I need to have protection. You can learn how to build a protection, sending out your energy in a protective bubble. There are a lot of different ways, a lot of people teach that. 

When in doubt, I’ll always go to a second, meaning I’ll call Laura, and I’ll say I kind of picked this up, but I’m not so sure and so we’ll confirm it. Natalia will say yes, that was me or it was kind of me because spirits are interesting because they meld. In the spirit world, you can have a spirit that echoes your legitimate spirits, so you think you’re hearing that person. It is their voice but it’s somehow manipulated by another spirit that doesn’t have the same good intentions. To this day, if it’s important, I’ll go to Laura and I’ll say I need to confirm this. 

I think trusting yourself is very difficult when it’s someone you love.

I think trusting yourself is very difficult when it’s someone you love. If it’s a person that I don’t know or a spirit that is not related to me, if I pick up some energy or some thought, I don’t doubt. When it’s a person that I love, like my daughter or her father, or another person in my family, I doubt because there’s a filter. We want the filter in our heads. We want it to be our loved ones and we want it to have certain answers. We’re hoping they’re going to give us the answers that we want, but we don’t always get the answers that we want. We will get real answers, but right there it gets confusing. Is this the real answer or am I manipulating this answer in my head?

When it’s an emotionally charged situation or communication, then we muck up the channel of communication. It can break the communication or it can mutate it. So you got to just come from a place of nothing, nobody, nowhere, no time like Dr. Joe Dispenza explains. Where it’s just unemotional. You’re just the observer, and that is a way to boost the signal and to eliminate interference and manipulation of the messages. It’s part of the process. 

Exactly. It’s like having a filter that’s dirty. It’s dirty with your own emotions. When people say oh, I need to get rid of my garbage. It’s really not garbage, it’s just emotions when you’re dealing with your loved ones in the spirit. I still don’t pick up to the level that I really want to pick up and I know it’s because even though I think that I’ve been healed and I think that I’m over the grief, it’s still there. There’s always going to be that bit of grief that is still putting a slight filter on, which is why I always confirm something important with someone else. 

I think that’s the hardest part, why people poopoo it or say no, it’s not real. It’s because of that filter. They don’t know how to break through. It’s very hard to learn how to decipher your thoughts versus someone else’s.

The Universe Speaks A Heavenly Dialogue by Kimberly Klein

The first time I had this experience of hearing the communication in my own inner voice and then responding in kind just telepathically, hearing that in my own voice as well and then having this back and forth conversation, that was a little discombobulating, like woah, this is wild. 

Then I saw a Netflix show called Manifest where the callings were coming in their own voices. Everybody was a psychic after this plane flight. I don’t want to give too many spoilers here if somebody is thinking of watching that show. Hearing the person’s own voice, giving the message of the calling, of the mission, or whatever is something that happens a lot. 

I did not know that until I started receiving it, which was just last year. I didn’t know I was psychic until last year when I had the big awakening after praying to God to give me a job and he answered immediately. I never thought of myself as psychic, but then everybody is psychic, which is pretty mind-blowing. Everyone is psychic. It’s just we that have shut the door or tuned out because of disbelief, unbelief, or disconnection. It’s all there waiting for us.

Exactly, or in some cases, people have been taught that it’s not true. Depending on how they’re raised, the doors get shut and locked up. That’s really very difficult to crack. When my daughter first passed and I felt her, but I wasn’t at the point where I was hearing her thoughts myself, I went to a woman’s grief group. I didn’t really want to but I did it because a friend said let’s go to this and see what it’s like.

There were a few other elderly women, much older than me, who had lost loved ones years prior, 20–25 years. I was the newest person. When I was done with that meeting, I was more traumatized than when I went in because I felt so bad for these women. All of them were raised in such a way where they didn’t believe in spirit communications, or they thought it was evil, or they doubted if they did hear something they thought they were hearing it themselves from their own mind. They sort of thought I was a little bit weird because I wasn’t as grieving as they were and it was still so new. I wasn’t because I still heard from her. 

You got without a doubt, a sign. 

Without a doubt. I’ve had without a doubt from that on and I felt so bad for this woman. I just felt horrible because of the thought of going on for 25 years plus without much grief, they could get sick and diseases. It’s just horrible. I feel really bad for them. That’s why I want to help as many people confirm. 

That’s why I want to help as many people confirm.

When I am out with my books at some sort of an event, some people will come up and say, I kind of hear this and I feel it sort of here in my body. Do you think that’s my loved one? I say absolutely. What you should do is acknowledge it. If you acknowledge that you’re feeling it and hearing it, ask them to keep doing it. And don’t doubt. Don’t let people tell you that you’re crazy because you will hear more. It’s so sad.

One thing I learned from Karen Noe, a famous psychic who I had on the podcast a year ago, she said to ask for without a doubt a sign. By asking, then it is given. If you don’t ask, then good luck, but ask. If you leave it open-ended as far as what the without a doubt sign could be, then it could show up like feathers. Everywhere you go, there are feathers on the ground. That happened to a friend where she started receiving feathers everywhere from her husband who had passed. 

Another example is a staff person on my team. She had a conversation with her mom who had passed in the car. She was driving by herself but her mom was there and she felt it. She knew it. She said, can I have a without a doubt sign? Then she turned the corner. Right there in the middle of the road is an owl staring her down.

That’s fascinating, especially because it was an owl. I’m going to jump into signs and omens and things for a second because of the owl. A lot of people read books and a certain book will say no doubt about it. If you see an owl, somebody is going to die. If you see this, it means this. I don’t follow that belief. I’ve gone to a lot of spiritual teachers, a lot of classes. I feel that signs are personalized. 

I feel that signs are personalized.

If you see an owl, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone’s going to die. For her, it’s out of context. There shouldn’t be an owl. Something out of context, yes, it was a sign for sure. If you’re walking through the forest and there are owls everywhere, seeing another owl will mean nothing. Seeing an owl is a sign that this is out of context and it’s unusual. So yes, that’s an answer. 

And its behavior was unusual. It just stared her down for 5–10 minutes. There’s a video.

That’s amazing.

It was without a doubt a sign. No doubt that this was anyone else or any other situation other than her mom temporarily taking over the body of an owl to give her that sign like we’ve probably seen on plenty of videos on Facebook or YouTube where say a cardinal is flying and lands on a lady’s shoulder, or the mom of the lady is saying I’m going to come back as a bird or as a cardinal, specifically to give you a sign that I made it to the other side. 

Then you see this video and the behavior of that cardinal is so out of the ordinary that it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. I remember this one video where the lady was like okay, you can go now and she kind of moves her shoulder to get the bird to fly away and it just comes right back in the arms again. 

These hardships are what I’m here to go through, to learn how to deal with, and help other people with theirs; it’s a very comforting feeling.

I saw that one. It’s amazing. 

Yeah. You just need the lack of ambiguity by making the request. Say please give me a without a doubt sign.

Exactly. I have so many of those. You still want confirmation. Here I am 14 years out and I still want confirmation because it just feels good. It just touches your heart. It’s a close communication. 

There was a time in the very beginning, people say spiritual pennies and coins. My daughter was leaving pennies, but then I said, why don’t you leave something bigger? The pennies, I’m not so sure that that’s you so will you leave a larger coin? I came home and in my planter—there was a plant on my desk—was a dime and I said oh, okay, thank you. That’s amazing. Then I jokingly said well let’s make them $100 bills, that was just a joke. 

To this day, I love getting signs. It’s like an “I love you.”

Then I said okay, so how about we go to quarters? A few days later, I was getting out of my car and as I stepped out of the car there were a few quarters on the ground right where I was stepping. People could say oh you pulled in a parking spot someone lost their change. It doesn’t matter. I was led to that spot. The quarters were thereafter I requested it after I requested larger than pennies. It’s just amazing. To this day, I love getting signs. It’s like an I love you.

Right and you can, as you say, up-level or increase the signal on these signs or messages so that it gets even clearer to you that this is from your loved one. This is from the other side of the veil. 

For example, something that happened to me that left no doubt that this is a magical universe that we live in, I received some intuitive breadcrumbs that I followed, that led me to a particular psychic. This was early in my journey. This was January of last year shortly after my awakening or it was right before my prayer.

What happened was I was led to this particular psychic. I ended up looking her up online and went to buy one of her books on Amazon. I was looking inside the book—I can do that without buying the entire book—and I was listening to a podcast in the background. At the same exact moment, I’m reading the word in the book, this word comes through the podcast, an unrelated podcast. It was the Melissa Rivers Show, an episode about Coronavirus, and the book was like an AMA, asking me anything about psychic stuff. And that just blew my mind. 

Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain by Kimberly Klein

At the exact moment and not a typical word. It was an unusual word and people asked me what it was. I don’t remember. It was so out there. It never happened in my whole life. Then what happens is I do nothing different. I just keep reading and listening. I just think wow, that’s amazing, and it happens again five minutes later. 

Wow. It’s a double whammy.

There are no odds for that. At that time I remember the word. It was the word parents, which the podcast episode wasn’t about that or the book wasn’t about that topic. That was pretty wild. Then I said okay, I need to do something with this. It’s not a hello, we’re here. It’s a call to action. Then I ended up doing some stuff that was life-changing relating to this particular psychic. 

If the listener wants to learn more about this, they haven’t heard the story, go to episode 300 of this podcast where I go into more detail about it.

I’m going to go listen to that. 

I’m curious if you’ve had any kind of scenarios like that where it’s like, whoa, that is another level of without a doubt.

Yes. Different. This one time, I was driving and I was going to go to this little small perfume store. I’m not really big on perfumes but I love gardenias. I thought I’m going to get some gardenia fragrance. This is mind-blowing. I pull in, I park, I go in, I’m sampling the different fragrances. I didn’t find one that I cared for. I came back out, I got my car, and on the floor of my car was a gardenia.

I still can barely believe myself. It is so intense that I am not even sure that I believe myself, yet it was there. I took a picture of the gardenia. It’s mind-blowing. That kind of thing is so amazing. It really is hard to believe when it happens to you. When you tell people they’re like no way. You’re making this up. You’re crazy, but it’s insane. It’s amazing.

Yeah, it is amazing. Early on this journey. I used to say wow, that’s crazy and then I got corrected. I was told that’s disrespectful. It’s not crazy. This is how the universe works. This is your birthright to be able to receive in this way, to have the synchronicities, to have the without a doubt signs, to have the psychic abilities, that are our birthright.

The shattering of my previous disbelief started my instantaneous healing. Share on X

Absolutely. A lot of people who don’t want to take the step to say yes, I believe in spirit communications, but they have very intense instincts and gut reactions. When you ask them what made you decide to do this versus that? Instinct or my gut told me I should do this versus that. I’ll say, where do you think that gut information is coming from? Where is that instinct coming from? It’s coming from somewhere. They go, hmm, let me think about that. 

Then the next step, if they do believe, I think it came from the universe or somewhere. If you believe that, how was it so difficult for you to believe that your loved one can communicate with you? A miracle is a miracle. One small miracle, it’s not tiny. It opens the door to all the miracles. If you believe in one miracle, why would you not believe in all the miracles? That’s my theory.

I love that. I learned recently from Kabbalah something about miracles that I just love. It’s a reframing of what miracles are. Let me just share this with you. A miracle isn’t defined as when the impossible becomes possible. In Kabbalah, a miracle is defined as removing the illusionary veils that don’t allow us to see the light in every experience and moment.

That’s beautiful. I follow Kabbalah. There are a few principles that I do follow, Kabbalah, Course of Miracles. If you look at these pieces of information, there are similarities and anything true in my opinion. Talia has said this. Truth is truth. If this is true, it’s going to be the same truth. It might be worded differently because of the language or how it’s described, but the truth is the truth. I think that quote from Kabbalah about miracles is right on. It’s perfect.

If you believe in one miracle, why would you not believe in all of the miracles?

Another thing about miracles is that you can opt in and volunteer to deliver miracles. Then the most amazing things start happening where you get this nudge to go interrupt somebody, or go up and talk to them, or pull off, stop, and check on a stranded motorist. You do something out of the ordinary from your normal behaviors and then you just save the person’s life or you help them save their marriage or whatever.

There’s a great example in this book called You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson. The book is all about how to be God’s delivery agent for miracles. A part of this process is simply asking or volunteering, saying, here I am, God. Please send me like Isaiah did.

In the Bible, he was at the feet of God and he’s like, here I am God. It’s like a board meeting of angels, archangels, God, who’s going to deliver this miracle, who’s doing this, and then there’s Isaiah in the middle of their meeting. I’m here, here I am, please send me, send me. I make that request all the time and it’s amazing what shows up.

Anyways what I was going to say about this is just a quick example from that book. A guy attends Bruce Wilkinson seminar and then the next day, he’s on a construction site. One of the construction workers is telling the guy, ‘hey, my marriage is a mess’ and he starts to dump her on that. The guy’s normal behavior would be like, ‘I got to go,’ excuse himself. But because he had just gone to the seminar, he knew to give it a shot.

If you’re going to be a delivery agent, you have to be open to uncomfortable situations. He stuck it out and he got a nudge. He got a psychic, intuitive hit that he should blurt out to the guy, go home and make your bed. He did and the guy’s jaw dropped because he’s like, how did you know that my wife tells me all the time that the unmade bed is a metaphor for our entire relationship? I’m going to go home during the break and I’m going to make the bed before she comes home from work.

Okay, that’s amazing. Unbelievable. A lot of people I know, when they think of a healer, they think the healer is actually doing the healing. I don’t believe that. I believe that we’re conduits from the Creator. We’re put in a place and it seems like it’s coming from us, but it’s coming through us. The things that we pick up to say or if we’re nudged to touch their shoulder for some reason that we’re the conduit.

It’s our job as healers to do what we’re nudged to do when we’re nudged.

Sometimes people don’t want to know it’s the person. They just want to be healed, but they don’t really want to know how. It’s our job as healers to do what we’re nudged to do when we’re nudged. 

And there are times when we’re not nudged. I have a friend who wants to heal everybody, which I think is great. But you have to look inside and ask, is this something that I’m being told to do or am I just running around doing things because I think I’m so great and I want to heal everybody? You have to have a feeling, get the wisdom and the information, know that it’s coming from the right place, and then it flows through you.

Yeah, because spiritual ego is a real thing. There were some pinnacle lessons regarding that that I got last year and I still get because I think I’m so special. Nobody is more important than you and you’re no more important than anyone else. We’re all equally important. To think of yourself as special, like, oh, I’ve got this really amazing ability or whatever and I got the inside scoop on things, that’s a dangerous place to be.

It’s dangerous. You’re walking the edge of light versus dark. Also, you could be cut off. The Creator could scope you’re using this for the wrong reasons. Boom, we’re taking this away, we’re closing your door. Do some work, maybe we’ll open it again, something like that.

It’s interesting when you said spiritual ego. My spiritual teacher, when he was a young boy, was walking the physical path. He came across an Indian spirit, and they had a conversation. The spirit said, I want you to do this and this. Try that and I think it will help you with whatever the question was.

A couple of weeks go by. My teacher didn’t see the Indian spirit for that whole time and he asked his teacher. The spirit is missing. He’s not coming back to me. His teacher said, well, did you do what he said? Did you do what he asked you to do? No. Well, why is he going to give you more information if you’re blowing him off?

Everyone is psychic. It's just that we have shut the door or tuned out because of disbelief, unbelief, or disconnection. Share on X

To ask and not to follow through, that’s kind of arrogant. Like I just want these answers. I’m not going to do anything with them, but I want them. If you are learning and feeling, think about it, follow through, and appreciate it. You have to appreciate knowledge. In fact, you have to appreciate everything in the universe.

Even the challenges, even the stuff that we didn’t want.

Yeah. We didn’t want them in this life, but our soul came for those purposes, and that’s what I believe. To get through those challenges is a Kabbalistic thing. You push through those lessons.

And soul contracts are real and those are commitments, agreements, oaths that we made prior to incarnating. We knew that we were going to sign up for a devastating financial situation, or for the health challenge, or a close family member dying, or whatever it was. We knew it ahead of time, but the spiritual amnesia keeps us from knowing what that soul contract was that we agreed to.

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

If we communicate with the other side, with divine and sacred beings, and our loved ones, not with those mischievous dark entities, but the light, and we get confirmations of what our soul contracts were, what our sole mission is, what are our Tikkun is—another Kabbalistic concept—the soul corrections we’re meant to achieve or address in this lifetime, all those things you can get confirmations on, you can get guidance on, you’re not on this journey alone. You have a huge spiritual support team. It’s incredible. We just don’t see it and we don’t have the memory of it. I’m curious if you have a sense for how big your spiritual support team is.

Yes, I do. I don’t have a ton of individual spirits in my support team that I know about, but I have very strong spirits. I have the few that I have that I’m in contact with. They’re very, very powerful with me. My daughter, her father, my grandmother, my archangels. 

I’ve learned through these 14 years—and most of it were between my daughter’s words and Kabbalah—that the hardships that I’ve lived through—basically, my daughter dying in the plane crash with her father—that I knew it was going to be coming in my soul—that was part of the deal—and there’s a lesson there.

What’s very odd is that once I realized that I’m here, and these hardships are what I’m here to go through, to learn how to deal with, and help other people with theirs, it’s a very comforting feeling. It’s just like a big, soft, cozy, comfortable blanket. I can make it through all this and I can help people get through their issues because that’s what I’m here to do. I won’t have to do it again. If I am doing it and I’m accomplishing it here, my next lessons will be something different. Who knows what they are now, but…

You get to keep the spiritual lessons that you have taken on board and learned. You don’t have to keep relearning them so in the next lifetime, you graduated to other things. 

For example, having some sort of financial catastrophe could be something that you avoid in this lifetime because you’ve already learned the lessons from that previous lifetime and you’ve graduated.

Exactly. You’ve gone up your ladder rinks. I’m actually looking forward to staying once I get there, having learned my lessons, and just hanging out with my loved ones. But whatever lessons I have left for the next few times around, that’s how it’s going to be.

You mentioned archangels as part of the communication. What I recently came to understand is that archangels have a legion of angels that are speaking as one. When you talk to archangel Michael and you hear him respond, that’s him plus legions of other angels speaking in unison. When you ask for assistance from archangel Michael and you get that assistance, know that it’s not just archangel Michael. Think of it like a swarm or—what’s it called—a murmur, where you have this huge flock of birds that all move in unison?

That’s amazing. I don’t know what it’s called, but it is amazing. Yeah, it’s connected with the unified field.

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Hold on, let me check. Murmuration, yeah. It’s a murmuration of starlings. Murmuration is a huge group of starlings that twist, turn, swoop, and swirl across the sky in beautiful shape-shifting clouds.

Those are just mind blowing. That right there should help people understand that there’s so much more we don’t understand and also that everything’s connected. Nature, to me, is the storyteller where nature tells you what you need to know if you’re just aware. Whether you’re walking in nature and you break through emotions or a mess of noise in your head and then all of a sudden, you’ll pick up on a really important thought or something you need to do for someone you need to talk to. Being out in nature, it kind of cleans out your filters and it opens the doors.

There are few things like that that open up that communication channel. One thought that comes to me about how to maintain or boost that connection is to have purity of thought. This is another Kabbalistic concept. Purity of thought, word, and deed creates very powerful positive angels. 

Another Kabbalistic concept, which is the ability to receive messages. Maintaining purity of thoughts, not looking at pornography, just being very mindful of what you think about, not thinking about anything lustful and anything that would induce envy, or jealousy, or anything like that, really boosts the signal. It’s just really cool.

That works with people who believe in affirmations and things like that. If you’re thinking this line of thought, you’re attracting that back to you. Keeping the pure thought and bouncing it back if something comes to you, acknowledging it, getting rid of it, and not thinking deeply about it, it keeps what you don’t want from coming to you.

A miracle isn’t defined as when the impossible becomes possible. In Kabbalah, a miracle is defined as removing the illusionary veils that don’t allow us to see the light in every experience and moment.

What’s interesting is the Kabbalah center’s red string. Whether you believe that the red string is actually pushing something away, protecting you or not, for me, the red string is a reminder. If I’m driving down the street and for some reason, everyone wants to scream at someone who did something stupid on the road. But if I have my red string on, it makes me think, no, I’m not going to go that way. I’m not going to scream, you’re a stupid idiot, whatever. I’m not going to do it.

It’s a reminder and I find that it really helps with keeping the negative out of my head. It’s hard to keep all negative out of your head. Things happen, but a reminder is good. It keeps it away, so you hopefully don’t attract it.

Yes. I’m not wearing a red string right now, but many months of the year, I’ll have the red string on. One lesson I learned or a piece of information about it that I learned recently was to not use it as a crutch. It isn’t what is protecting me, for example, from the evil eye, et cetera. It is, as you say, a reminder. It is boosting the connection. The red string is actually wrapped around the tomb of Rachel, the matriarch seven times. It is energetically powerful, but it’s not a crutch.

Exactly. If somebody is interested, I’ll wrap it. I’ll tie my seven knots for them, but I’ll also tell them that this is not an energy shield. It’s going to bounce things off for you. It’s basically a reminder. I love wearing it.

Also, when you’re putting those energetic protection boundaries around you, remember to protect your backside because that’s something that I neglect a lot. Thus, I get hit by the negative entities and that was a vulnerable spot for me.

Exactly. Having people or remembering for yourself when you’re expanding your protection around you. Make it a sphere. You’re in the middle of a bubble that goes above and goes into the earth behind all around. It’s easy to have it be like you’re chewing bubble gum and it’s a little bubble, like, here’s my protection right here. But no, everywhere around you, you’re floating in a protective sphere. That’s important. 

Whatever your intent is will happen.

You can put your loved ones in there. Whatever your intent is will happen. I’ll protect myself, but then I’ll intentionally put all my loved ones in there, too. They might not know it, but I do it. So hopefully it helps.

I would put so many people in my protective spheres. It got a little out of hand. I was told from above to tone that down because I had this kind of weight of the world on my shoulders that I was doing to myself, I was putting into my spheres of protection.

I was using the Metatron Prayer Protection and Abundance channel by Michelle Whitedove. I was putting in there all of my loved ones, like naming 30 different people. I was adding to that all of humanity, all my loved ones, all my loved ones loved ones, in case I missed any people out of 30 or whatever, including everybody, and then all of the animals, all the plants, other earth. What else am I including? It was out of hand.

It ended up making me more vulnerable because I just couldn’t support all of that. Now I was guided by one of my spiritual coaches to take a break for about a week from doing those prayers, the Ana b’Koach prayer, which I do twice a day and the Metatron prayer protection. Stopping that for a week, do a reset, let my vessel empty, then start over again and not put everybody in there anymore, just take care of myself first. Put my own oxygen mask on first and then if I want to add my toddler in there too or a couple of people but not 30, not all of humanity, not Mother Earth and everybody else.

You do have to do that. Something that I’ve been taught from my main spiritual teacher who is Tom Brown Jr. is Tracker and Wilderness Survival School. He has a very spiritual side to it. Amazing. He’s an amazing teacher.

We do this thing called empowered prayer. That’s how most of my protection is given to others, is through that. It’s a prayer of early warnings, like if there’s anything that I need to know in order to keep me or my loved ones away from danger, please give me the information in a way that I understand and can make changes so that we will stay out of harm’s way. Something like that.

That’s something to say all the time, at least once a day, whenever you think about it. That then hooks you in so that you’ll get the instinct. I’ll be doing whatever, driving, and I’ll have this feeling, okay, turn right, so I’ll turn right. That’s just an easy example. Or maybe tell your mom she shouldn’t really go to that trip this weekend and go the following weekend, whatever. If a thought comes, listen, because that’s the warning, they’re giving you a sign, go ahead and tell that person.

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That prayer has saved me a couple of times I know. One time I was at the airport in line to board a plane. All of a sudden, I started having heart palpitations and I’ve never had them. It was just such a weird feeling. I thought, what is going on? I stopped and I asked the universe, should I go on this trip? It was just palpitating. Then I said, I’m not going on this trip and everything faded away.

I got out of line and I thought, wow, that’s huge. I had no idea why. I don’t know what the deal was, but the big thing is, it doesn’t matter why. You don’t have to have it proved out. You just listen because some reason down the line, you needed to not do this or to do this. That’s happened a couple of times. It’s one of those oh-my-God moments that are just amazing, like the Gardenia.

Even just simply getting goosebumps, which I like referring to as “angel bumps,” that kind of confirmation. Like when you shared the empowered prayer, I got angel bumps. I’m like, okay, that’s important. That’s not just cool information for my listeners. That’s for me. I need to implement that. That’s pretty cool.

It is. It is a really great way to protect your outer layer of people that you’re not putting in your bubble. It’s nice to have a network of your closest friends. If you all do it, somebody is going to get a hit. Someone’s going to feel whatever it is and you’ll all be safe, hopefully.

I’m curious to hear just for a minute or two, what inspired you to write the three books? Because two of them are very huge. Then we’ll wrap the interview.

The first one, the Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain, is a memoir of my life before my daughter, when I had my daughter, our life together with her dad, then the crash and what happened, the search for three days, and what happened afterwards. That book started out as a way to remember my life with her.

I was in Panama for about five days because the plane crashed into the volcano in Panama. There was a search for days, no one knew where it was. It was outside a volcano. I could not remember a thing.


Nature tells you what you need to know if you’re just aware.

I just started writing about our life together, things that I remember, my life with her and her father, and what happened right before the trip when we did this organizational thing. I just completely started writing everything. Then it kept flowing into how I raised her, which I think was in a very special way and then how her relationship was with her father.

Some friends read it and they said, you know, this has a lot of healing qualities, a lot of interesting information, I think you should turn it into a book. I said, yeah, that’s a good idea. Then I went through and I polished it and there you go, it is a book. 

The Universe Speaks: A Heavenly Dialogue, that is 100% my daughter speaking from the spirit world to a friend who was able to hear her instantaneously and clearly in her own voice. Some people can hear the voices.

He heard her from, basically, very close to day one. He was meticulous. He started writing down what she said to tell me because the messages started with, tell my mom I’m okay, tell my mom I love her, tell my uncle this. He would write everything down and then he realized that she wanted to keep talking.

What it is is thousands of hours of him writing his questions, her answers, and her voice down in a dialogue. It was so amazing because she would circle around with life lessons, what’s it like to transition, how to live authentically, and things like that. A lot of lessons that are out there.

She even said, this information isn’t new. I’m just putting it out there in a different way because everyone learns in a different way. I’ll say that I had to edit it, but her words and his words are not edited. There are just some things I just didn’t put in because it was redundant, what did you do today for lunch, blah, but that’s part of it.

Spirits will talk about mundane things because they want to be part of your life.

Spirits will talk about mundane things because they want to be part of your life. That’s where The Universe Speaks a Heavenly Dialogue came about. The first book ended where she said, this book is done. Okay, and then she said, but I’m not done speaking. Then he kept listening and she said, this is the second book for those that appreciate the first book, and it went deeper. So then, I had two large books.

But then, I went one step further. I combined the books into A Heavenly Dialogue Collection and it was huge. The prints are a little smaller, so the book isn’t three feet deep, but her messages are great.

In fact, I have a couple friends that had never heard a spirit communication. They didn’t even really believe it. They’re more on the traditional, religious side. When they read The Universe Speaks, one of them told me about halfway through, she heard her uncle speaking. From that point on, she’s been open to it, which is mind-blowing. That’s where those books came from.

Yeah, you’ve changed lots of lives. I don’t know how many, but it feels big to me just with the books that you’ve put out there already. I’m guessing you’re not done, that you have another book in you.

I have my book in me, the books of everything I want to tell people kind of what we’ve been talking about. It’s how to help yourself. It’s not written yet, but I’m gathering those thoughts.

That’s going to be an important book for you to put out there, so don’t procrastinate it.

No, and I’m glad you said that. Because now that we’re in January, so I made this to start pretty much immediately.

Amazing. Okay, awesome. Well, thank you so much. For our listener who wants to follow you, learn more and so forth, where should we send them?

My website, They can contact me with the contact link. Send an email if they need to. Lots of information on the website.

Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you, listeners, and have a great week. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Have a mentor. It’s great to have someone I can lean on and help me with my spiritual breakthroughs.

?Learn how to discern. I have to be discerning about who I’m listening to and confirm that it’s of the light. In the spirit world, not all spirits have good intentions.

?Build a protective bubble around me in my spiritual journey. Remember that not all spirits are from the light.

?When in doubt, always have someone I can go to for confirmation of the messages I receive. My emotions may hinder or manipulate them, so it’s good to have another psychic I trust confirm them.

?Ask for a “without a doubt” sign. When I get a sign, I need to acknowledge it and thank the spirit.

?Listen and trust my gut instincts. Following my intuition can certainly direct me toward the best path I need to take.

?Appreciate everything in the universe. When I’m grateful for all that I have, it puts me in a receiving mode. Also, by being thankful and satisfied, I naturally attract more good things into my life.

?Be with nature. Nature is a good storyteller and can tell me what I need to know if I’m more aware of my surroundings. Also, nature cleans out my filters, opening up more doors for my spiritual journey.

?Have an empowered prayer that will be my protection for the people around me. It’s a prayer of early warnings. Example: If there’s anything that I need to know to keep me or my loved ones away from danger, please give me the information to understand and make changes so that we will stay out of harm’s way.

?Visit Kimberly Klein’s website to connect and work with her. Also, check out her books, The Universe Speaks Book 1, The Universe Speaks Book 2, Seeds of Wisdom and Heavenly Inspirations, and Hummingbirds Don’t Fly In The Rain.

About Kimberly Klein

Raised in Southern California, Kim Klein graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in political science with an emphasis in international relations. She then earned her juris doctor degree and was admitted to the California State Bar. She began working with her then husband, Michael, in real estate investments and their high-tech companies.

After giving birth to her daughter, Talia, Kim became a stay-at-home mom and devoted all of her time to raising her only child. But all that changed for Kim when on December 23, 2007, the small private plane carrying then thirteen-year-old Talia, her father, and her friend, crashed into the side of a volcano in Panama, killing Talia and her dad.

Kim’s heart and her entire belief system were shattered. Her work then became the impossible journey of healing from grief after such a devastating loss. From the moment she received that first palpable tap on her wrist from Talia, she learned that life continues beyond death. Thus her lifelong journey of healing, learning, and spiritual awakening began.

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