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By: Stephan Spencer


Art Giser
“Energetic NLP is a space where your spirit and deep inner human wisdom can easily guide, nurture, heal, and support you.”
Art Giser

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a topic I’ve covered on this show before. Still, it’s been more from a personal development context, i.e., influencing your subconscious mind, rather than from an energy work context, which is what we’re going to explore today. To help us explore the intersection of NLP and energetic healing is the world’s leading expert on the topic, Art Giser.

Art is the creator of Energetic NLP and an internationally renowned NLP trainer and intuitive healer with a unique background that combines NLP, spirituality, coaching, medical research, energy work, and clairvoyance. Art helps individuals and top corporations develop exceptional leaders and teams.

Throughout our discussion, Art shares his insights on tapping into our miraculous self, a concept unique to Energetic NLP that arises when our spirit and our deep inner wisdom align to guide, nurture, heal, and help us manifest our heart’s desires. Art also leads us through a powerful exercise to connect us with our miraculous self, clear out our energies that don’t serve us and fill ourselves with our authentic essence and supportive earth and universal energies.

Art’s incredible abilities are on full display as he looks into the energy surrounding my upcoming move, providing invaluable advice and clearing blockages. We also delve into the idea that everyone is psychic, the importance of mental hygiene, and the power of co creating with the divine. Whether you’re seeking personal or spiritual development, enhanced leadership skills, or simply a deeper understanding of the energetic world around us, this episode is packed with wisdom and practical techniques to help you optimize your life.

So get ready to expand your mind, connect with your miraculous self, and unlock your innate superpowers.

In this Episode

  • [03:33]Art Giser shares his thoughts about M.E.T.A.L and attributes 80% of his clientele to women, citing their interest in personal spiritual development. He talks about how his programs use NLP with spiritual principles, healing, and intuition development for transformative results.
  • [11:11]Art mentions free healing meditations to help people access their miraculous self.
  • [16:00]Art teaches us how to create a miraculous self and clear negative energy from our cells and body.
  • [23:42]Art explains how to clear our energy fields.
  • [33:01]Art guides us to integrate benefits from an energetic NLP process while sleeping.
  • [44:05]Stephan presents a scenario to Art and asks him to consider the energy and suggest ways to invite the miraculous self.
  • [53:40]Stephan and Art discuss the idea that everyone is psychic and has experiences that defy conventional logic. Stephan also shares an epiphany about no private thoughts.
  • [61:41]Art explains the benefits of getting readings from other psychics, including gaining new insights and perspectives.

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Art, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks. I’m really looking forward to this.

Me, too. We’ve known each other for a little while. We’re in a couple of masterminds together, including M.E.T.A.L and JVMM (Joint Venture Mastermind). It’s great that we’re finally doing this. You could share a bit about the kind of masterminds you’re in if you want to share your intuition or feelings about joining a brotherhood like M.E.T.A.L because I’ve been in that since 2013 or 2014. It’s a great group of men, and I’ve gotten so much value out of being in it. I am just curious to hear your take on all that.

It was interesting because I would hear people talk about being in men’s groups, and I’d always think, “Well, that’s nice.” But it didn’t resonate with me at all. I was in some kind of networking program. I had a couple of follow-up calls, and then this man said, “Gee, you’re in Los Angeles. There’s this international group that started in LA called M.E.T.A.L (Men in Entertainment, Technology, Arts and Leadership). I think you’d love it. There are amazing guys in there.”

I thought, “Okay, I’ll check it out,” I went to one meeting and was hooked. It’s really interesting because I often think that with groups of men, it either goes one way or the other—it either gets very testosterone-y or very overly sensitive, if you know what I mean. It’s a very masculine group, but no knuckle dragging. The guys are smart, care about the world, and don’t approve of sexism. They’re just this great, talented, incredible group of guys. I made some really good friends. In fact, I lead a weekly program for them using energetic NLP, and I’m really quite amazing. I’ve been impressed with it—the people I’ve met and who they are, what they’re about in the world. I’ll add that, like many people in personal and spiritual development, my programs are at least 80% women, which I’m grateful for. I love it. I have male friends, but I wasn’t spending much time with groups of men, and it was a nice balance because, again, a lot of groups of men, I sit there and go, “Oh, God,” if it’s too testosterone-y, but M.E.T.A.L is this beautiful balance.

When you permit your old programming to be cleared, your 'Miraculous Self' knows what energies to use and what to do with them, what karma to release, and what empowering beliefs to download to help you live a more miraculous life. Click To Tweet

I agree. I’ve formed some incredible lifelong friendships with folks in M.E.T.A.L, and they’re very heart-centered. It’s just a beautiful group of conscious, heartfelt men. I’m curious: why is it 80% women in your client roster?

It’s funny because I don’t know if you know Chris Steely. He’s in M.E.T.A.L. He attended some of my programs online. He goes, “I can’t believe how many women you have in your groups. Why is that?” I said, “Because women are more into personal spiritual development. I don’t know.” If I were younger, I’d go, “Maybe because I was cute,” but I’m way past that. 

There are so many more women who are interested in personal spiritual development and willing to put the time into it and recognize its value, but otherwise, I have no idea.

Maybe they’re closer to the creative force because they co-create life with God and bring that new life into the world.

One of my early teachers used to say, “I don’t know where he studied with every metaphysical spiritual group in the world, so I don’t know where he got this.” I don’t have the numbers quite right, but he goes, “Men have 100 points of energy, and women have 149 because they create life, and they just are more likely to be in touch with that pure creative force.” I’m lucky that my programs really attract wonderful people. I’m just so grateful for that.

We all have amazing gifts if we choose to develop them.

What kind of programs? Are they group programs? Are you working one-on-one? How does this energetic NLP thing work? That’s probably a mystery to our listeners.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It started in Santa Cruz, California, at the University of California Santa Cruz about a year or two after I graduated, which I found ironic. Then, in psychology and psychiatry, they talked about five years; it was like a minimum time to be in therapy. There’s no Woody Allen movie where he’s talking to his girlfriend and goes, “I’ve only been in therapy for twelve years,” and the audience laughs.

At the same time, some therapists could get really rapid results from people. So the people who started NLP went, “What are they doing differently?” They studied them and videotaped them—this was when a video-taping machine was about the size of a small refrigerator. It wasn’t like pulling out an iPhone. They developed this whole theory of how to make rapid, deep changes. 

At first, it was therapeutic. Then they added that it didn’t have to be therapeutic; it could be just skilled transference: “How do we get better and better?” So it can be about problems. It can be just for people—like, I’m sure, most of your listeners—who were always looking for what’s next.

I’ve been an NLP trainer since 1985. I studied with all the developers and had a couple of them as my mentors. I was really blessed in that field.

With NLP, you could do miracles using spiritual principles and transformative energy work. But they all had different strengths and weaknesses, so I started weaving them together, which was the birth of energetic NLP.

But about the same time I was studying NLP, I started studying energetic healing, psychic development, and clairvoyance. I was studying NLP in Marin County, which, if people don’t know, is north of San Francisco. In Marin County, if you throw a rock, you’ll hit a healer, a therapist, or a yoga teacher. There are a lot of people who are into personal development. People started teaching me energy work and introducing me to my first teachers, and I realized that you could do miracles with people. With NLP, you could do miracles using spiritual principles and transformative energy work. But they all had different strengths and weaknesses, so I started weaving them together, which was the birth of energetic NLP. 

Energetic NLP combines neuro-linguistic programming with spiritual principles, healing and transformative energy work, and intuition development.

How does this work? Is it from a group dynamic standpoint, or is it one-on-one, or are you teaching big seminars with thousands of people in the audience? How does this transformation come about for the client?

Other than the thousands of people, yes to everything you said. One of my specialties and one thing I teach people is remote energy work. I do one-on-one work, recorded, online, and on-demand programs. I do a mixture of recording with group coaching and everything up to a year-long program for people who want personal spiritual development but also want to learn how to use energetic NLP in their own lives or use it with other people. They’re not necessarily therapists or coaches. Some are corporate leaders in any field; they can work with anything.

I do the whole gamut. And because one of my specialties is remote energy work, my clients are all over the world. Even before COVID, I was doing a lot on Zoom because, for me, it doesn’t matter where they are. Energy works the same because time and space don’t work the same way when it comes to energy work. My recordings are set up so that when people watch them, whether audio or video, as long as they imagine it’s happening right then, they’ll access the energies.

In fact, years ago, I told a man I knew from corporate work that, and he said, “Yeah, right.” He was listening to one of my recordings at work, and he said he had it on his phone and was really doing something else on his computer. All of a sudden, he started shaking, and his eyes were watering. He felt this huge release. He said he looked at the phone like, “What the hell?”

He looked at the phone, and it was 1111, right when he was getting the transformation from your audio recording.

That I don’t know, it could be.

I wouldn’t doubt it. Awesome. 

My main superpower is opening up other people’s superpowers, clearing their blocks and opening up their abilities.

I do all of that. One thing I’ll mention right now is that I do a free healing meditation every week called We do a world healing, but then everybody gets a very deep mental, emotional and physical energetic healing.

I like to bring those together. I know you’re aware of this, but so many of us are trying to move out of that old way of thinking that it’s only a noble act if you sacrifice and you don’t benefit. I’d rather live in a world where—of course, sometimes you have to sacrifice—when people are doing good things, I love it when they benefit. I’m all for it if somebody helps me and they benefit, too. I like to combine it. We do world healing, and then everybody gets individual healing and does it every Sunday. They’re free, of course.

That’s awesome. How do you give a presentation to a group of people where it’s mostly one to many? It’s not a lot of audience interaction. You just came back from speaking at Lilydale, for example, and I don’t know how big the audience was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t just a tiny group that you were somehow broadcasting or somehow leading them through a transformation while they were sitting in the audience and you’re up at the podium, right?

My main superpower is opening up other people’s superpowers, clearing their blocks and opening up their abilities. There’s a concept in energetic NLP that’s unique to energetic NLP. I always have to say that because it’s not the high self. Your high self is something that just exists. There’s something we call your miraculous self.

I do a lot of work in London, so we started calling it your “M,” which is kind of a James Bond joke because that’s his boss.

You create your “M” when your spirit, with its vast perspective in your deep inner human wisdom, becomes aligned and works together to guide you, nurture you, heal you, and help you manifest your heart’s desires. Sometimes, people say, “Well, don’t they work together automatically?” The answer to that is absolutely not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. So, in every energetic NLP program, the first thing we do is help people create a miraculous self, which is really easy, and then for the rest of the program, they put their miraculous self in charge of what happens for them. I bring in a whole symphony of energies. Their miraculous self decides which energies it wants and what to do with them, what karma to release, spiritual contracts, unconscious programming, energetic programming, ancestral programming, and so on. Then, their miraculous self gives them downloads to replace the limiting beliefs in programming with empowering beliefs. Even when I’m working with 5600 people, everybody’s getting an individual experience.

Some energy and spiritual systems are about concentration and hard work. Energetic NLP is not one of them; it’s the opposite.

Wow. Do you think it’s possible to do that on a podcast, or at least some aspect of it? Maybe help our listeners become their miraculous selves to have that for the rest of their lives?

I would be thrilled to do it. 

Let’s do it.

Okay. If anybody’s listening to this while you’re driving, either turn it off or pull over. I use a lot of very high-frequency energies, and they tend to put people in a kind of altered dreamy state—not how you want to be when you’re driving. I always tell people never to listen to anything I’m doing when they’re driving.

What I’d like to do, if this sounds good, is everybody will create their miraculous self. If you’re listening to this as a video or audio later, just pretend it’s happening right now, and it will happen because it’s really easy. If people think it’s going to be hard, it’s easy.

Time is an illusion, right? It’s all happening in the eternal now and past, present and future.

Exactly. I know you’ve had experience. I’ve had experiences of past, present and future changing and parallel realities—story for another day. What I’ll have people do is create their miraculous selves. Then, I’ll teach them a really simple way to clear other people’s energy out of their cells, bodies, and energy fields and then fill up with their authentic essence and earth and universal energies that will support them now and in their next steps. Once people know how to do this, it can be done super easy. Once they know how to do it, you can do it every day. It just takes a couple of minutes. Does that sound good? 

Sounds amazing. I’m excited. Let’s do it! 

Alright, so a couple of things: some energy and spiritual systems are about concentration and hard work. Energetic NLP is not one of them. It’s the opposite. The more playful people are, like, if I was with a group of five-year-olds, I went, “Oh, pretend the room is filling up with sparkling gold energy.” I’m going to have to put my sunglasses on; they’d giggle and do it because these are all natural human abilities.

Energetic NLP combines neuro-linguistic programming with spiritual principles, healing and transformative energy work, and intuition development.

So, let go of thinking. You have to make anything happen. It’s all about allowing. The roles of the conscious mind and what we do are you set your intentions, give permission to receive the benefits and get permission for your miraculous self to be in charge. Then, your job is to relax. I call when I do energetic NLP energy spas. If you want to get a massage, you have to have an intention, give somebody permission, and be willing to receive it. Your job is just to relax and let them do the magic.

Permission is important because if you try to heal somebody without their permission, you are violating universal law and their free will.

Yeah, there are so many negative repercussions. Everything in energetic NLP is permission-based. For people I teach use in the corporate setting, it doesn’t always have to be conscious permission. You can learn how to ask their spirit for permission, but there always has to be permission. 

So again, for people listening, this isn’t faith healing. You don’t have to believe anything. I just want you to pretend this is working. The reason is that when you pretend things are working, you open up these portals and allow your spirit and unconscious mind to do their magic. When I say pretend it’s working, you don’t even need to believe it; just go, “All right, now I’m pretending energy is coming in, and  It’s transforming my life and making it better.

There’s a term I like to use. I don’t remember where I heard it first, but it’s the willing suspension of disbelief. You don’t have to believe it, but at least set aside the disbelief temporarily.

The word spirit refers to the higher frequencies of your non-physical self.

That’s a great phrase—willing suspension of disbelief. Anybody who’s listening, who wants to, just take a couple of easy, deep breaths. There are a couple of things I’m going to describe as a visualization. You don’t actually have to see it in your mind’s eye. If you’re a good visualizer, that’s fine. If you’re not—I used to be a terrible visualizer—just pretend that you’re seeing it, and it works absolutely as well.

The other thing is that when energy gets flowing, there are all kinds of reactions people can have. Some of you will get this altered, dreamy state, which is great. Some of you will go as you sleep or awake, which is also great. Some of you will be totally alert, also great. For some of you, old emotional energy is going to be coming out of you. Most of it won’t even be your emotional energy. It’ll be emotional energy from past lives or other people.

When it releases, a lot of times, you don’t even notice it. But during the process, if you suddenly notice emotions coming up, just be mindful of them and go, “Oh, good, I’m releasing that.” You don’t have to analyze or figure it out.

For those who don’t know, being mindful means noticing and being aware of something and then leaving it alone. Sometimes, people get twitches. In India, those are called kriyas, and they’re just one way to release energy—eyes can water, and you can yawn. The headline is, just let yourself have whatever reaction you’re having. There isn’t any right reaction as long as you don’t fuss about it. 

Imagine a giant gold ball of energy. That’s our energetic NLP healing space while we’re together. Let’s imagine this giant gold ball of energy as a place of miracles, magic, effortlessness, and space for transformation. It’s a space where it’s easy for your spirit and deep inner human wisdom to guide, nurture, heal, and support you. It’s a space where it’s easy to let go of limiting programming and old beliefs your spirit doesn’t want you to have. It’s a space where it’s easy to get downloads from your spirit in your deep, inner human wisdom of empowering beliefs and concepts.

By the way, that works best if you don’t try to pick up on it when it’s coming in; just let it come into your energy field, and you’ll incorporate it. Depending on your own beliefs, you can ask for help from wherever you think help comes from—God, spirit, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Atman, angels, deities, whatever you believe. 

When your inner wisdom is aligned with your spirit, you evolve personally and spiritually in a way that makes your life less challenging, more enjoyable, more successful, more meaningful, and more vital.

I’m using the word spirit because it refers to the higher frequencies of your non-physical self. Higher does not mean superior; it just means literally higher frequencies. When you get to that level of your spirit, you have a vast perspective. There are a lot of valuable spiritual paths you could take. It can include being really happy. It can include being unhappy. It can include being healthy. It can include being unhealthy and lonely in a great relationship. It isn’t that your spirit doesn’t care. It just sees the value in a lot of spiritual paths.

You also have something I call your deep inner human wisdom. You don’t need to figure out what it is; your spirit knows what it is. Your deep inner human wisdom is wisdom, but it’s also very practical. When it is aligned with your spirit, you evolve personally and spiritually, and you’re doing it in a way that makes your life less challenging, more enjoyable, more successful, more meaningful to you, healthier, and more vital.

I’m not saying you never have challenges—that’s not a human life. But a lot of the challenges you would have had don’t happen because you don’t need to create them anymore.

When you are challenged, you feel this foundation that you have your miraculous self guiding you, nurturing, healing you, and supporting you, which is an amazing feeling.

Let’s start by creating your miraculous self. And as I said, it couldn’t be easier. Set your intention that you want your spirit and deep inner human wisdom to create your miraculous self.

You can just say yes to what Art said if you want, give 100% permission for that to happen, and now the magic ingredient: just pretend it’s happening because it is happening. Your spirit and deep inner wisdom have a natural affinity for one another. They love to work together, so just get out of the way and allow that. 

Take a couple of easy, deep breaths. Remember, there’s no effort involved. Imagine you have a miraculous self and give it 100% permission to be in charge of how you benefit from the process you’re about to do. It’ll be in charge of which energies come, what to do with them, what to dissolve and heal, and what downloads to bring—empowering beliefs, ideas, skills, abilities, and behaviors. 

Your energy field is like every other; part of you gets dirty. I’m amazed how many wonderful energy workers, healers, mediums, and psychics don’t know how to clear their energy fields. It isn’t that they’re not doing any clearing, but what they’re doing isn’t really effective, and you see it. It’s one of the reasons a lot of healers aren’t healthy; they’re not clearing other people. They’re taking on other people’s stuff. They’re giving away their own energy. 

Your spirit and deep inner wisdom have a natural affinity for one another.

In energetic NLP, you don’t take on their stuff or heal them with energy. You bring earth and universal energies, so you’re not depleting yourself, and it’s better for them. 

Everybody played with a magnet as a child; it’s wired into your unconsciousness. A magnet is something that has energy, and if you hold up a magnet in one hand and a pin in the other, all you have to do is let go, and the magnet pulls it out. When we imagine symbols or metaphors like magnets, our unconscious mind and spirit know what we want them to do. How they do them is another story you don’t have to worry about. But imagining the metaphor opens up all these abilities. Imagine a magnet floating in front of you. Put your miraculous self in charge. Ask your miraculous self to examine your energy field, your body, your cells and your DNA, and identify energies that aren’t yours and aren’t helpful. Notice I’m not saying bad, negative, or evil. Wrong energies are either yours or they’re not yours. If they’re not yours, they’re either helpful or not. If they are yours, they either belong in the present time.

Examples of not belonging to the present time are old pains, emotions, and traumas from the past. So take a couple of easy, deep breaths and give your miraculous self permission now to use that magnet to gently and powerfully pull out of your body and the front of your energy field that aren’t yours, aren’t helpful or don’t belong in the present time. Imagine they’re going off if you get into a tug-of-war with anything. Leave it alone for now. Then, drop that magnet into the earth and imagine that it is recycling that energy, which means it either sends the energy back to whoever owns it or if it’s not good for them, it just transmutes it into pure energy. We’re going to do four magnets in all. Now imagine that high above your head, we have more than seven chakras. 

People talk about the crown chakra, which is on top of the head and goes down to the root chakra at the base of the spine. You have more than seven chakras. Many of them are in the body. Some are in your energy field above your head, going up 9ft, 3 meters. Some are in your energy field below your feet, going down at least a meter or 3ft. Now, your miraculous self knows about all of your chakras. Have this magnet be high above your head and give your miraculous self permission to use it to clear your energy field from your shoulders. So that includes all around your head. The chakras above your head are powerful energies in your forehead, the back of the skull, the chakras and energy channels in the head and neck. Just imagine gently and powerfully that energies are going up that aren’t yours, helpful, or don’t belong in the present time.

They’re just floating up to that magnet above you. Then, that magnet is dropped into the earth and lets the earth recycle the energy. The third magnet is behind you, and This is one of my favorites because a lot of energy literally hides behind our backs. So imagine now that that magnet and your miraculous self are clearing from the center of your body, out behind you. Energies that aren’t yours aren’t helpful or don’t belong in the present time. And that includes chakras, energy channels, cells, DNA, and organs from the layers of your aura. Drop that magnet into the earth. Let the earth recycle those energies. The fourth and last magnet is already in the earth, and it will clean from the base of your spine, all around you, through your legs, feet, and toes, going down at least 3ft below your feet. That magnet clears that whole energy space, chakras, energy channels, layers of your aura, cells, DNA, and organs and lets the earth recycle those energies.

Ask your miraculous self to examine your energy field and identify energies that aren’t yours.

Now, anytime you clear energy or do any energetic NLP processes, you want to fill it up because there’s space now in your body and energy field, and something will fill it. We want to decide what that something is. So give your miraculous self permission now to fill you with more of your authentic essence. Your miraculous self knows what that means. Let it fill up your chakras, channels, aura, cells, DNA, and organs with your authentic essence and with earth and universal energies that will help you now and in your next steps in life. Also, set your intention to permit that if any old beliefs or programming got cleared, your miraculous self could now download skills, knowledge, concepts, wisdom, behaviors, and attitudes that will help you live a more miraculous life. Just imagine that’s coming in, and just let yourself absorb it. Let it be easy to channel. Then we’re just going to bring in some more energy. I won’t explain it, but it will work with your miraculous selves to help you in many ways. So just set your intention that this energy is going to really enhance your life, that your miraculous self is in charge, and that you’re giving 100% permission to receive the benefits. 

If you’re getting serious, force yourself to smile and relax. Energy is coming in to help you integrate the benefits and process them. When you do an energetic NLP process, you’ll increase and process the benefits for days. So, just get permission for that to happen. My suggestion is to give your miraculous self permission when you’re sleeping tonight and for the next four nights. A part of the time when you’re sleeping, not all night, but a part of the time when you’re sleeping, your unconscious mind will review what you did in this energetic NLP energy spa. When that review happens, your miraculous self will infuse it with wisdom, knowledge, concepts, skills, abilities, attitudes, and behaviors from your miraculous self. It’ll take what you did and make it deeper and richer and wider. It’ll make it higher and more multi-dimensional. 

While sleeping, the benefits will automatically be integrated into your mind, emotions, body, and energy fields so that you wake up feeling refreshed while you sleep soundly and deeply. The benefits will automatically be integrated into your mind, emotions, body and energy field. Start lightly wiggling your fingers and toes, stretching them, and moving slightly to stomp your feet and pat your body. Let nice sparkling energy help you become alert and ready for the rest of the day or evening, or whenever you’re listening to this, you can take a minute to return to Earth.

When you were saying download new abilities and all this sort of stuff, I thought of that scene in The Matrix where Neo is given martial arts abilities, and after that’s uploaded into him, he’s like, “I know Kung Fu.”

Yeah, right. I love that scene. It’s amazing what can be downloaded. I can’t say I’ve been able to do it to that level. But you can reprogram yourself in really wonderful ways just by clearing and then letting that download happen. I always tell people, “You don’t have to.” They’ll go, “Well, what’s being downloaded?” I’m going, “It comes from your spirit and deep wisdom. If you can’t trust that, what can you trust? Just stay out of the way and let it happen.”

Amazing. I got goosebumps, and angel bumps all over my body at different points when you had me connect with that miraculous self. I had not heard that term before. I know all about my higher self, and I really like that. Did you receive that as a direct download or read about it somewhere? How did you come about the miraculous?

I think people get too attached to their beliefs. I was a medical researcher, and they do it in science. I heard Neil Donald Walsh on a podcast recently, and he was going, “Well, unlike science, people in spirituality don’t examine their beliefs enough.” I was going, “Oh, well, often they don’t in science either.” As humans, we get attached to our beliefs, even if they’re beautiful-sounding. I believe reality is much more complex than we can describe. So, the dilemma was, how do we get out of the way? I realized, “Well, if we put our spirit and deep inner human wisdom in charge, then we can trust what’s happening, and we don’t have to control it consciously.” It was a mixture of “Thinking about it, but ultimately, I think it was a download.”

How have you seen your clients blossom in different ways? Because they use their miraculous self to guide and assist them in different capacities, and because they are not taking on other people’s energies, they’re not holding on to old patterns and energies that no longer serve them. What’s happening in their lives? I’m imagining that it’s quite transformative.

Energies that aren’t yours aren’t helpful or don’t belong in the present time. Drop that magnet into the earth.

It’s huge. Some of the big things are people are happier. They feel more confident when they’re challenged in life. They feel supported and guided. Of course, we can’t guarantee this, but their abundance goes way up for many people. Relationships improve, or they get new relationships. One of the goals of energetic NLP is to have spiritual joy as part of the foundation of your being. So that even when life’s very challenging and you’re not suppressing that, it’s challenging when you go deep, you feel this joy, you feel this security, and it just gives you the strength to work with whatever else is going on in your life. Many people report that they’ve come out of different spiritual systems that were very strict and dogmatic, “This is the way things are, and you have to do this.” They love that they have the freedom to have their own spiritual beliefs and their own ideas. I make them take a pledge not to believe what I’m saying. They have all this freedom and ability to become authentic in every aspect of their life, including their spirituality. I’m amazed how many wonderful, talented spiritual people have very limiting beliefs about spirituality, and they put themselves in a box without realizing it because it sounds pretty good. 

I don’t make any health claims, but many people tell me that they get miraculous improvements in their health and vitality and that there’s no guarantee. Not everybody gets that, but a lot of people do. I was a medical researcher, so I can’t claim I can prove the energetic NLP did it. 

I was visiting family on the East Coast, and a cousin of mine couldn’t sleep because of neck pain. I went, “Well, can I work on it?” The next day, she’s going, “I slept like a baby. My neck feels great. That doesn’t happen every time.” The other thing is, the people who do the longer programs, we have a very tight-knit, energetic NLP community, and people work with one another, but people also put messages up. “I’m going for a job interview. Can you look at the energy?” Or “I’m not feeling well, or my friend, wife, daughter, son, etc.” What happens is you become part of this really incredibly supportive community. But I’ve been part of supportive communities that weren’t that talented. These are supportive people; everybody who goes through the year-long program can do miraculous things. 

What does that mean to look at somebody’s energy? “Hey, I’ve got a job interview, or I’m moving house, or I started a business, or whatever.” Can you look at the energy?

Yeah, there’s a lot of things that you can look at. You can look at the energy and the chakras, and you can look at their overall energy. You can look for cords. There’s something in energetic and what people call whole being permission. We were talking before about permission, and people tend to emphasize conscious permission, which is important, but there’s also unconscious permission. There’s permission from your soul, spirit, conscious mind, the various parts of your unconscious mind, and your body. Then there’s the karmic field you live in, spiritual contracts, and other things, but those are the main things so we can look at any of those blocked. Sometimes, the conscious mind wants one thing, and the soul wants another. The spirits find either way. The unconscious mind is all over the place. We work on creating, holding permission, and aligning so that you’re moving forward in life and aligned. When you’re not aligned, a lot of times, either people never manifest their goals, or they manifest goals and realize they weren’t really their goals, or they manifest their goals and then they fall apart, or they almost manifest their goals but never get there. When you align every part of you, all of that goes incredibly better.

If we put our spirit and our deep inner human wisdom in charge, we can trust what’s happening, and we don’t have to consciously control it.

I imagine that this is a common problem of lack of alignment. People go after something that they think they want, but it’s actually programming from society or their parents, or some external source, peer groups or whatever. Or it’s just superficial surface-level stuff, and their soul yearns for something different. So, they subconsciously or unconsciously self-sabotage.

Exactly, self-sabotage. Or they’re like the chariots from the old movies—there are five horses, and they’re running in five different directions. The thing is, in NLP, your unconscious mind has parts. People talk about inner child work. It’s more like inner children. Part of your mind might be involved. Want a loving relationship? Part of your unconscious mind might be afraid of it and feel unworthy. Part of it may want freedom more than anything else. You have all these mixed messages that you’re putting out energetically into the world, and then we go, “Gee, I wonder why things don’t work, or they work and fall apart.” We do a lot of work on clearing what you said about the different programming, whether it’s societal, familial, or ancestral past life. Is there karma in the way? Are there spiritual contracts in the way? Are they conscious, limiting beliefs because there are a lot of those, too? Or is your body out of alignment with what you think you want? 

When I was young, I thought it was a good thing to bully my body. I just expected my body to perform, and I’ll never forget the first time I realized I was bullied. My body didn’t get enough sleep. I expect it to perform, whether or not I was taking care of it. Obviously, my body didn’t like that. We look at all of those factors, and there’s an energetic NLP process that we do to align all the different aspects of the cell.

Wow. I wish we had more time, but this is amazing. I know we have just a few more minutes. Could we take a couple of minutes to look at the energy you were describing? We’ll pick a scenario. We’re about to move into a new house next month, and we have some reservations about my wife, Orion, more than I do. There’s a lack of alignment right now, and it feels like there’s something karmic going on. There are a lot of signs saying that this is the house we’re meant to move into. Like, without a doubt, signs, things that you can’t makeup—wild stuff. So I’m curious, maybe, if we could look at the energy there and see if there is alignment or lack of alignment or karmic issues or unresolved soul contracts with the other party that is moving into their home. I’m curious to see that or hear what that is.

Yeah. Immediately, it looked like there was a lot more going on in your wife’s space around it, and the way I would word it, she thinks you should move there. That energy is tripping her up. Have you discussed her reservations about it?

To some degree, yes.  

One of the goals of energetic NLP is to have spiritual joy as part of the foundation of your being.

If you really help her, talk out loud or think it out if she’s willing to do that. I’m not a fortune teller, but you guys like living there a lot. But the way I read her mind, it’s like this big, “I should move there,” and that’s getting in her way.

Yeah. ‘Should’ is the most violent word in the English language, according to Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of nonviolent communication. He said that ‘should’ is the most violent word in the human language. We should stop ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves.

I’m coming from a more NLP perspective. It depends. We use the word should for a lot of things. It’s not violence to myself when I go, “I should brush my teeth.” I’m very comfortable with that. Should we lump all kinds of things into shoulds? But we don’t want to do it when it feels like an imposition. Then, it can get violent or go against our guidance. Let me look at your wife’s energy for a moment. There’s a lot of fear about something. 

What’s the fear about? 

Is there some way in which she feels there willre expectations of her if she moves? There is, but I don’t see why. Does that make sense?

Yeah, it feels like a weight on her shoulders.

Let me see if she’ll let me clear a lot of that. Does she want to move?

She’s got mixed feelings about it. She’s got reservations.

Just have a few conversations where she can really get out every concern she has and talk about it and also talk about the pluses. You see what your own guidance is, but I think it will help her if you go, “We don’t have to because the signs say we should move there. It may be a great idea, but you don’t.” She just has all this pressure on her, and I don’t see a strong desire to move because there are just all these things in her mind about the problems that could happen. I think it’s mainly from childhood, like when she was five or six. It’s lighting something up. Let me see if we can clear that because I don’t think it has anything in reality; it has nothing to do with this move. It’s just in my mind. I’m inviting her to put her miraculous self in charge, and she seems like a really nice person, by the way.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

She is.

I’m not surprised. 

Yeah, she’s amazing

I just get a really good feeling. I do a lot of work in England, and they have an expression: “Get your knickers in a twist.” It’s like she’s somehow making this way bigger deal than it needs to be. I mean, moving is a big deal. But I’m trying to help her unwind all this. I’ll be curious if it makes a difference, but let me know.

Thank you.

Anything you can do to make the prospect of the move seem fun to her. Maybe not the move itself, but it feels like it’s just a weight on her now. This might be an odd comparison, but there are times when I was so busy that I’ve gone on incredibly wonderful vacations but was so pressured. It wasn’t until I was on the plane that I said, “Oh, I’m going to the Greek Islands.” But up until then, it seemed like a problem. Then it’s like, “Oh, right, this is going to be fun.” She’s brightening up a little bit, but. She’s just made it into a huge problem. Not that that’s unusual. We all do that. She’s releasing a lot again. Let her make a list or talk about every concern she has and just go through them. It’d be great if you said, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I don’t care what the signs say. We have free will.” She’s definitely easing up a lot.

Yeah, I sense that, too.

I’m not a fortune teller, but I think she’s going to be happy there. Is it far from where you live now? It’s not too far, is it?

It’s 35 to 40 minutes.

I actually think she’s going to make some really nice friends that she wouldn’t have made if she hadn’t moved out there. I want to be clear. I’m an expert at getting my own knickers and a twist; it’s not any kind of criticism. It’s so easy to do, particularly around moves. It does feel like a good move. Like, say, “The signs all indicate it.”

There are so many signs.

Yeah. But if you just help her go, we don’t have to do this. It’s not a should. It’s a potentially wonderful opportunity with the pain-in-the-ass aspect of any movie.

I can make sure that she knows I will be very helpful with the move and that it will not fall on her shoulders. I’ll be packing, too, and I’ll be making plans, setting things up and finding new, different vendors in the area.

When I acknowledge and shift my emotions instead of suppressing them, it’s much easier and more respectful to my unconscious mind.

That’s why I get if you’re just going to go through everything—I call them ‘uggs’—-and just have a sense of, like, what you’ll do, what she’ll do, that definitely lightening up. I do get a sense of her spirit, and I definitely think it’s a good idea to go there. You’re not a have-to, but a great idea.


You’ll have to let me know how she’s doing.

Yeah. Thank you, thank you. This is fabulous.

And just put a little bit of your energy into it, and you can tell me if this fits. But again, I think paradoxically. The more open conversations you can have about her concerns, the more she’ll relax. I think you might have a little tendency to say, “Oh, we’ll deal with that,” about the things she’s concerned about, the more she’ll relax. I think you might have a bit of a tendency to go, “Oh, we’ll deal with that. It’ll get handled.”

I don’t know if that fits, but that’s the way I would describe it. I like solving problems. I need to do more of the listening, not immediately try to solve everything. Thank you.

That’s where I was going years ago. I did some groups for people who wanted to quit smoking. My mentors in NLP had developed a really good program, and this one woman in the group was dating one of my cousins and quitting smoking. The company they’re working for is going bankrupt, and they’re all losing their jobs. My cousin’s name is Jim, and she talks about what’s going on. She goes, “Jim is so wonderful. He didn’t try to solve any problems. He just listened.” I’ll bet my eyes were that big. This was many years ago. “Oh, sometimes people want you to just listen because I’m a problem solver like you.” So it was like, “Oh, that makes sense of so many different experiences.” See, I think she just needs to be listened to, and then she should gently look at what we could do with this if that happens. She’s a good problem solver, too, though, isn’t she?

Yeah. But she doesn’t feel listened to enough by me, so this was a good reminder.

When you have every part of you aligned, manifesting your goals goes incredibly well. Click To Tweet

I’m glad you’re saying it that way because that’s why I was kind of gently getting there. But, yes, she needs to be listened to on this and know that if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to do it. I think she’ll relax a lot more.

It’s not just a modality that you’re teaching or something you’re connected to. You’re really connected. Thanks.

Let me just say to anybody listening, everybody can do it. It’s not even hard. You need good teachers, and you need to put some time into it, but it can be easy and fun. I used to be afraid, like, “Oh, I wasn’t one of those special people who would have all these amazing gifts.” Then I realized I was one of those special people. I realized everybody was one of those special people. We all have amazing gifts if we choose to develop them and if we have that interest.

Yeah, I remember hearing many months ago that everybody is psychic. It’s true. I didn’t believe it at the time, or I could have intellectualized it. I didn’t actually believe it in my heart yet. But now I totally get it. It’s our birthright. Wayne Dyer and many others have said that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, but it’s more than that. It’s just that this is a playground for us spiritual beings, and we have such incredible power that we have completely forgotten because it’s by design to be that way. The veil of forgetting everything is malleable in this reality. It’s all just this beautiful illusion. To go against all conventional wisdom and logic and co-create miracles with God is part of what we’re here to do.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I love the way you described that. I’m totally aligned with what you said. A quick funny story about everybody being psychic: years ago, I was driving in San Francisco, and there was this one of the main streets to get on the freeway. I had some clients down in Silicon Valley, and the traffic was really backed up. I’m thinking, “God, I’m going to be late.” When I got closer, I saw a car pulled over and this cop giving somebody a ticket and blocking the lane. The cop has his back to me, and I’m thinking, “What a jerk, blocking all this traffic.” When I got closer, I realized he wasn’t giving him a ticket. They had car problems, and he was helping them. I swear to God, he spun around, looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a look like, “What? I’m not doing anything wrong.” It was like he heard me. 

Well, you’re reminding me of something I learned or somehow received, and that is, there are no private thoughts. I shared that on the Wim Hof breathing group call one day as one of my epiphanies for the day. And one of the guys on that call that day was bent out of shape over it. I’m not going to say who, but he was really bent out of shape about it. Afterward, he shared with me in private conversation, first of all, an apology for reacting like he did to my share. The backstory was related to the porn addiction that he was still battling. Having no private thoughts is very concerning to somebody who is addicted to porn. I guess that was the backstory I didn’t know until that conversation. But the idea of no private thoughts does up the bar in terms of what you’re willing to tolerate in terms of your own mental hygiene. So you got to keep your mind clean. It’s so important to your receiving abilities to maintain a high vibration and to be non-reactive, responsive, and proactive instead of reactive. It changes everything.

We do a lot of work with emotions and energetic NLP. One of the things that I’ll teach people is that I go when an emotion comes up that I don’t like, I don’t think it’s appropriate, don’t suppress it acknowledge it, honor it, and then switch. Because what we resist persists. I think that the learning for a lot of us is not to be a mind Nazi with ourselves. Like, “I shouldn’t think that. I shouldn’t feel that kind of acknowledgment.” The thought then shifts to the way that we want to be thinking. I find that when I do that, it’s much easier, and it’s more respectful to my unconscious mind. The other thing is, a lot of times, as you’re saying, the thoughts may not even be ours. There are a lot of original ideas in energetic NLP, and like you asked, with the downloads, often people go, “Well, did you make that up?” And I’ll go, “It was in my mind. I thought some little girl in China had thought about it, so I picked it. I don’t know. I’ll take credit for it came into my mind, too, and I’ll teach it. I don’t know where it started.”

Yeah, we all stand on the shoulders of giants, not just in this physical world. It’s also metaphysical because all sorts of stuff is being whispered into our consciousness from different spiritual masters, angels, guides, and all sorts of beautiful souls and beings.

Yeah, the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love, her name’s escaping me, but she wrote a book called Big Magic. She also has a YouTube video on it. One of the really interesting things she talks about is, “What is creativity? Just an internal act.” She claimed that for most of human history, people saw it as a co-creation. There were entities, consciousness, God, and you created together. It wasn’t all you, and it wasn’t all them. It was this co-creation. It’s a fascinating talk.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author, and that’s similar to the idea of the muse: for a writer or an artist, that muse helps them create, find or expose the work of art in the big chunk of marble, and carve out what isn’t the art out of that chunk of marble.

As a podcaster and writing coach, Debbi Dachinger talks about how writing an article, a book, designing a workshop, a podcast, or whatever develops its own consciousness around it. Sometimes, when you’re stuck, just ask what it wants to be. What does it want you to say? What does it want to be? It’s amazing how often ideas will start flowing in, whether it’s actually the consciousness of the book or some other muse. But it was a great technique she taught me that’s really been helpful again for any kind of creativity until recently.

Until, like last year, you could open the Akashic Records for a book or a work of art, which has its own records, independent of you as the creator of it. You can open the book’s records, and you can say, “This book that I’ve either already written or am in the process of writing or will be writing in the future. What’s its mission? How does the marketing unfold? The launch campaign? What do I do to bring about the most benevolent outcome in terms of its launch and distribution out into the world?” That’s really cool.

Well, it’s funny because energetic NLP involves a lot of downloading from the Akashic Records, but I never thought of doing it that way, and I will start doing it. It’s very cool. 

Thank you for that. This is really fun.

We’ll be doing that later today. 

Oh, very good. I love it. I know we’re over time, but here are a couple of quick thoughts, and then we’ll close out the interview. One was what you shared before we started recording: you had given that talk at Lily Dale Assembly Inc. and had also gotten some readings there. Why would someone so gifted psychically, such as yourself, want to go to other psychics for readings? I have an idea what the answer is, but I want to hear what you say about that first. The second is about Lily Dale. There’s a fantastic documentary on HBO about Lilydale called No One Dies in Lily Dale. Have you seen that before?

No, but watch it. I had so many synchronicities when I was there, but for the first part, a colleague of mine used to say that we’re all blind to our own blind spots and do the best readings when you can be neutral about something, and obviously, it’s harder to be neutral for ourselves and a lot of times I’ll teach people, and I was taught to do team readings. You might have three people reading one person, and I might be giving them. He says modestly, “An excellent reading.” One of my partners brings up something that I go, “Wow. Yeah, I wasn’t seeing that.” You always want anything in life. It’s great to get outside opinions from talented people. A friend of mine, John Friedlander, has written a number of books on Psychic development, and he is very talented. We coach each other every week, read for ourselves, and read each other. When he tells me something, I don’t necessarily believe it or not believe it, but I consider it very heavily and use it as a way to find more of my own information. So, I always ask my students to encourage them to read to each other all the time.

That makes sense—last quick question. We talked a little bit about quitting smoking and their programs on that. I have a friend who is trying to quit smoking, and he’s not been successful yet. I would love to direct him to a particular program, video, book, or some resource that will really help him get over this hump.

Let me think about that because I’ve been out of it for a long time. But if you message me, I’ll do some research. I have a free program called People get a video a day for four days, and they learn the magnet technique that we did, but they learn to go much deeper and clear, unconscious and energetic programming and a lot more. It would be very helpful for somebody. It’s not specifically about quitting smoking, but It’d be helpful. I would start with that.

My intuition tells me that this will be very helpful for him. So, regardless of whether it’s specific to smoking or not, I’m definitely going to recommend he go through that. And it’s completely free, right?

Yeah, it’s completely free.

Let go of thinking you have to make anything happen. It's all about allowing you to become authentic in every aspect of your life, including your spirituality. Click To Tweet

Amazing. Also, listeners, check out the resource for those four videos and do it. Because I have a feeling if it doesn’t change your life, at least you’ll find somebody in your life that it will change by you doing it. If it’s not just your own, you will spread that ripple effect and make a difference in somebody’s life. So yeah,

Thank you.

Where should we send them if they want to work with you, if they want to sign up for a more involved program or if they want to just follow you on social media and all that sort of stuff? 

If you look up Energetic NLP, that’ll be me and or Art Giser. If they go to and sign up, they’ll be on my mailing list. I have a number of programs coming up this fall that are really life-changing, and they’re going to be fun and easy. 

I would encourage people to get on the list. Go at We’d be happy to get back with what we have coming up over the next few days, and the last thing I’ll mention is the program I mentioned earlier, It’s every Sunday morning, at least for the next few months. 10 AM California time. It’s free, a world of healing and individual healing. The feedback has been quite amazing about the difference it’s making for people—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Awesome. Thank you so much, Art. It was just such a joy, pleasure, and privilege to have you on. Thank you for using your amazing abilities to look into my energy and also to walk us through that powerful exercise of tapping into our miraculous self, bringing that into our conscious awareness, and now assisting us on an ongoing basis. So cool. 

Oh, you’re very welcome. It’s such a pleasure to be on your show. You have so many great podcasts; I’ve just listened to a couple, but I love the topics and the people. As you know, I know a couple of the people at least. Keep up the great work in the world. It’s a very special podcast.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. You’re doing so much to help heal and grow people in the world and to reveal light. Thank you for all you do.

You’re very welcome. And thanks, everybody, for watching.

For those listening and watching our community, I learned this from Jeffrey Allen. Everyone who has ever watched or listened to this show and who is ever going to listen to this show is part of a community. You can all communicate with each other telepathically, and you can all join together toward a shared vision. You can actually move mountains and change the path of hurricanes to get them out of the way and all sorts of amazing, incredible, miraculous stuff. So know that you are a community, even though you might be listening to this two years after this interview has been recorded. We’ll catch you on the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Create my “Miraculous Self” by inviting my spirit and inner wisdom to align and guide me. Give permission and set the intention for this unified field to be in charge of my personal growth process.

?Use the magnet technique to clear energies that don’t serve me from my body and aura. Ask my miraculous self to examine my field and remove what isn’t helpful.

?Fill myself up with my authentic essence and earth/universal energies for support. Once I’ve cleared disempowering energies, invite my miraculous self to fill me up with my true authentic frequency.

?Give my miraculous self permission to download empowering beliefs, skills and wisdom while I sleep. This allows the benefits and shifts to be integrated into my mind, body and energy field deeply.

?Be open to receiving guidance without trying to control or analyze it consciously. My role is to set intentions and give permission while trusting my miraculous self’s orchestration.

?Honor and acknowledge difficult emotions instead of suppressing them. When undesirable emotions arise, be mindful of them without judgment or resistance.

?Practice deep listening without immediately jumping into problem-solving mode. This creates safety for my loved ones in expressing their fears and reservations fully.

?Get outside perspectives from gifted friends or professionals, as I am blind to my own blind spots. Even highly intuitive individuals can benefit from having others read into their energy/situation neutrally.

?Imagine creative projects as having their own consciousness and asking what they want to be. Whether a book, workshop, business or other creation – envision it as a living entity you can communicate with.

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