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By: Stephan Spencer


Sam The Illusionist
“There are infinite universes and versions of ourselves in which we experience different realities. Your reality depends upon your energy, frequency and the types of choices you make.”
Sam The Illusionist

Our bodies are mere costumes we wear, but our subconscious is directly connected with the unified field and the Source consciousness (God). It is a vast wonder, as well as an enormous database.

Sam The Illusionist is a psychic and popular YouTuber who channels archangels, the Galactic Federation, benevolent extraterrestrial groups, higher dimensional beings, and more. He is here today to give us a fascinating peek into the spiritual realm. Based in northern India near the Himilayas, Sam has been channeling for the past couple years. Before that, he had a big following as a street magician and hypnotist.

In today’s episode, Sam shares how he started channeling and why it’s extraterrestrial groups he’s channeling so frequently. We also discuss how our choices create multiple timelines, and how we can learn to be completely conscious of our thoughts, words, and deeds. We talked about having an awareness of what your physical body consumes—whether it’s food, films, music, books—whatever—and making sure those things are all here to nourish your mind, body, and soul. It’s fascinating to hear how he helps people to train their subconscious mind. If you’ve ever been curious about what your soul name is, what happened in your past life, and how all this affects your future, this is a must-listen episode. So now, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [03:30]Sam explains how he receives information about timelines.
  • [08:19]How can we connect from the third-density level of consciousness to the fourth-density and have the veil of separation?
  • [11:29]Sam recalls how he started receiving voices from within and how he confirmed it was extraterrestrial.
  • [20:14]Stephan shares his understanding of timelines, the present moment, and time as an illusion
  • [24:20]How can we exercise our free will according to Sam’s point of view?
  • [28:16]Sam explains his channeling ability besides ETs. He talks about channels and channeling.
  • [32:50]According to Dr. Emoto, water could react to positive thoughts and words and clean polluted water through prayer and positive visualization. Sam tells how he does this practice
  • [35:04]Stephan shares a similar method about the water he learned from his Kabbalah teachers that could eliminate disturbing dreams.
  • [41:17]How can you tell whether an entity is positive or negative?
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Sam, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you for inviting me to your show, Stephan. It’s an honor to be here today, spreading the message.

Yeah. The messages that you get are otherworldly, literally. I started watching your YouTube videos. I felt that you were channeling the truth, so I reached out to you because I’m selective about who I have on the show. I loved the messages that you were sharing, so I wanted to discuss some of these on this podcast.

If we could start maybe by getting an understanding of how you see or receive information about timelines. There’s this idea that most people adopt, which is time is this immutable linear thing. But yet, what I’m discovering as I go deeper down the rabbit hole is that time is an illusion and malleable.

You can jump timelines. You can ask for assistance in compressing time, expanding time, or having things line up for you to be on time when you’re running late. There’s more to time and timelines than people can imagine. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that and what you’ve received about that.

If you think about the choices you make in your life, they boil down to what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and the type of energy you have.

Yeah. Stephan, thank you for asking the question about timelines. Basically, what I understand is that there are infinite universes, and there are infinite versions of yourself in which we are experiencing different realities. It depends upon your energy, and it depends upon your frequency and the types of choices you make.

If you think about the choices you make in your life, they basically boil down to what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and the type of energy you have. For example, let’s say the choice of waking up early. If you are not feeling good, if you are not emotionally balanced, or if you’re not relaxed and if you don’t feel good, you will not be able to wake up in the morning early. You could wake up early in the morning, or you could wake up late in the morning. Two possibilities could happen based on your thought forms, your emotions, and your energy.

It’s a simple example of how this thing works. As far as I know, whenever we think about any image or word, there is a certain vibration. Even if you are, at this moment, thinking about a friend whom you admire, there is a certain different kind of energy. You’re responding to an image in your mind. That’s what I’ve known from my channeling sessions.

All of it is dependent upon your energy and your vibration. Your vibration, it’s very hard to define, but it changes the moment you start making positive choices. You begin thinking positively instead of negatively, and your choices will also change. Depending upon your choices, you will also enter into different timelines.

Your vibration, it’s very hard to define, but it changes the moment you start making positive choices.

All timelines are possible. It all depends upon what you choose to think, what you choose to feel, and what you choose to embody, the type of energy you want. Everything is possible. What they said was in one session, we are living in a kind of reality wherein we are only conscious of this timeline.

There are other timelines we don’t have the consciousness of. So our consciousness is a single point. Consciousness is what they have said, which means that we can only sense or become aware of one thing in our experience.

For example, you can be aware of your right toe on your leg. You cannot, at the same time, be aware of your left toe. It’s impossible. They said that you could only be aware of one thing. Based upon what you choose to be aware of, you could choose to be aware of a positive thing, a negative thing, or whatever you want to choose. That’s your choice, but we are a single point of consciousness in this timeline.

We don’t have the ability to become aware of all others. They said that there are multiple points of consciousness. Some entities can become not only aware of this one reality but all other realities as well. Based on that, I think there are different timelines, but we don’t have the capacity to do that. We don’t have the required technology or consciousness within ourselves, which allows us to do that because we are just learning in this third density right now and trying to enter into the fourth density.

I believe, once you enter the fourth density—I don’t know if many of your viewers are aware of it. In the fourth density, we become something known as a social memory complex, which is a group of different consciousnesses. I think at that point, we will have the ability to become conscious of different timelines. For that, I think that is what I understand.

This idea of becoming part of a complex is like being part of the unified field, being part of a collective or the collective, or having an experience beyond us. So we get these glimpses that we’re all connected. But for the most part, we’re living in this illusion of separation, that someone else is doing something to us or for us, but they’re not us, yet we’re all connected.

Having separated yourself from what you do or the kind of experiences you have, what remains is pure awareness and the sense of being.

If we get to this new level, this fourth density or some folks refer to it as the fifth dimension; then we can be more connected and have that veil of separation, at least partially, lifted. Is that an accurate summary of that?

Exactly. As you said, we are actually like the one creator. If you take some time out in a day and to meditate, close your eyes, and then you choose to separate yourself from whatever you think you know in your life. For example, what you do or whatever kind of experiences you have, if you separate yourself from all that, what is remaining is pure awareness, that sense of beingness or just existing.

There is no name to that. It doesn’t have a name. It’s Stephan’s consciousness; it doesn’t have a name like that. It doesn’t have a name like, this is Sam’s consciousness. It doesn’t have any name.

What I have learned, like you said that there’s a unified field, which I believe that there is this consciousness or unity of consciousness which we all came from. When we are doing meditation or when we are separated from the ego attachment style of our mind because our mind constantly attaches to the things we own, what we do, how much money we have, and how many followers we have. That attachment style runs our society.

Many people think they are the body in which they are. But if you go deeper, you will find this is just like a costume you wear for coming to earth.

If we separate from that, we realize that we are just pure consciousness, just awareness. We are just inside this physical vehicle. That’s what I like to refer to as. Many people think that they are their bodies. Many people think they are the body in which they are. But if you go deeper, you will find that this is just like a costume you wear for coming to earth. This is the type of costume you have to wear.

For example, if you want to go to a party, you have to wear certain costumes. This is what it is for coming to earth to learn the lesson of love. But, of course, I believe that many of us will open up when we choose to go within rather than wait for something in the outside world. They will discover that we are all one.

Yes, we are. If you’re receiving a channeling from, let’s say, Pleiadians, Sirians, or Arcturians—some of our listeners or viewers won’t know what that is. They’re unfamiliar with it. I was unfamiliar with it two years ago. So I’m curious to hear, how did you start getting these messages from those beings? What’s your origin story, essentially, of how you received this information regularly and shared it with people on YouTube?

Yeah. Let me share with you briefly how it started. To be frank, I looked back at my memories, I never thought that I would be doing channeling because I did not know this thing existed prior to happening to me. I used to be like a normal human being. What’s considered normal? People who believe what other people are telling them. People who believe in the government, or believe in whatever, believe in a religion that makes us worship something outside ourselves.

I used to be like that. I do not think this would be possible in this lifetime. How it happened was I used to do some magic. I was always interested in hypnosis. I was learning street hypnosis, which is actually a great way to use the subconscious mind of the participants.

What I did was I used to hypnotize people. I used to put them into a trance. I used to make them forget their name or their number. I used to make them do things. I was able to do that. I still have some videos of doing that. You will find them if you go back in time on my YouTube channel.

I was experimenting with hypnosis. One day, what happened was that I was listening to a self-hypnosis tape, which means to hypnotize yourself and access the inner parts of your subconscious. Because I have noticed that we are only aware of certain things in our reality, but our subconscious mind is so powerful it knows everything. It even has connections with the unified field, which you just said before, and it is connected with everyone and everything. It’s like this enormous database.

One day, what happened was that while I was sleeping in my bed just listening to the tape, it was like a radio connection. I did not realize that I was talking. It was like sleep talking. People don’t realize they’re doing it. My mother said that some weird kinds of voices were coming out; it sounded different.

If you listen to my channeling sessions, you know they sound different because even when I’m listening, I’m like, “who is speaking to me? This is something else.” I feel that even when I am watching my sessions. If you watch the sessions, you will realize that it’s not coming through me; it’s something else. This is not from Earth. This is coming from some another source. It’s definitely extraterrestrial, as far as I know. That’s how it started.

I had to go through a phase of going through the medical system. The doctors over here did not know such a thing existed. They said I was suffering from psychosis in a simple language, talking on my own, which many people do loudly. If you talk loudly to yourself, that’s known as psychosis. That’s what they say.

I did not take any medication, thankfully. I did some research. The funny thing was that this only happened while I was in a trance. I knew I was not sick. This thing was triggered when I was in a trance. That’s how this journey began.

I found the messages to be really helpful, and I started sharing them. I thought maybe people would like the message. They may need it at this time. I’ve seen many people do this since I started my research. I’ve seen many people’s channels, and it’s normal. It’s becoming more common nowadays.

Very, very common. Yeah. One of the most famous channels who went into a trance and were not really conscious even when these beings were taking him over is Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce lived 100 years ago. Very famous, very respected, and very legit. I had not heard of him until last year. I had heard of Nostradamus, of course. I think everybody has, but he’s right up there with the accuracy of his predictions.

Of course, he’s on the other side of the veil now. He’s no longer with us in physical form, but he was incredible. So yeah, there’s a whole foundation or nonprofit that maintains libraries and different branch locations where people can go into classes and things like that. I’m curious, are you familiar with Edgar Cayce?

Yeah. Actually, I had channeled about Edward Cayce’s soul evolution in my channel previously. Yeah, he was able to do almost the same thing and bring forth information, which really is fascinating.

Yeah, definitely. One recent YouTube video of yours was particularly fascinating to me. That was where you were talking about information from above or from the other side of the veil or ETs.

What we think is happening in real-time is actually in the past and is essentially an echo. So the present moment is inside us when we quiet the external world, all of our five senses, and then go within, then we’re in the present moment. But otherwise, when we’re knocking on a table, scratching our chin, or something, we’re actually in the past. Could you elaborate more on that?

Oh, yeah. This is very deep because it depends on the person who’s listening and the experiences they have. Based on my understanding, our true self, which is found within ourselves, is only accessed when we are completely separate from, disassociated from, the outside reality, which we perceive to be real.

What they’ve said is, in essence, we are the creators. They say that. We created this world. Whatever you see in your reality, you have created it. Maybe knowingly or unknowingly, you implanted those seeds in your mind, producing this reality.

What they are seeing is that this is a kind of echo of your inner self of what you are giving your inner self. So, for example, if you feed on negativity on a daily basis, then it’s not far away. Tomorrow, or after some time, maybe after six months, you will see an echo. It doesn’t necessarily happen right now, but they said this is a reflection of your past thinking, thoughts, or emotions.

Humans are only aware of certain things in reality, but the subconscious mind is so powerful, it knows everything- past, present, and future. Share on X

Whatever you entertained in your past, previously six months ago, whatever you entertained, this is being reflected right now. What you see as the present is not the present. That’s what they said. The present can be found within yourself.

Ask yourself, every moment you are imagining or thinking about something, what you are doing in the present moment. That’s the real reality, which you see not so far away. Sometimes it’s tomorrow, sometimes it takes ten days, and then you’ll see a reflection of what you did inside, which is the present moment. So ask yourself what you’re doing and what kind of thoughts you’re thinking.

You have the choice to change your life and the present moment. What you see is not this, which you can sense, but it’s actually within yourself. You have to silence yourself and your mind and then go within and create what you want. You will see the reflection of that thing coming out. That’s what I have understood from that. It depends on people’s experience. Someone with a different kind of experience may understand that line differently, but that’s what I understand.

My understanding of timelines, the present moment, and this time being an illusion, where I’m at right now is that everything is already written. This is actually in the Quran. It’s called Maktub in Arabic, which means it is written. So the idea then of free will evolves from if you have a script written out for you and you’re just playing that role, you’re essentially an actor in the play that was written for you—it’s also written by you, by the way, by your higher self—then where’s freewill?

Whatever you entertain in your past is reflected in your present. What you see as the present is not the present. The present can be found within yourself.

It seems like we have infinite choices like am I going to sleep this morning, or will I get up early like I wanted to? Back to what we talked about at the beginning of this episode, all of those choices become different timelines. We have one timeline where we didn’t get up early, even though we did in this timeline. There is another timeline where we decided not to take the car to work, to walk to work, and then we avoided a car crash because of that or getting hurt. So there are all these different timelines.

When you zoom out from all of this, you see that it was already predetermined. Free will only exist in the moments where you’re in between. Otherwise, it’s just kind of autopilot.

When you’re in these moments of in-between where you could make a different choice over and above your autopilot mode of what you normally do, you can get a timeline upgrade. Then you get a whole new script and a whole new destiny, which is also written by you. That’s my understanding.

Silence yourself, silence your mind, and then go within. This is the first step in creating the life you want. Share on X

Granted, it’s a limited understanding because I still feel like a toddler or a kindergartner in all of this. But if we associate that with what you were channeling about what we believe to be real-time is a past echo of the present moment, then it makes more sense when things happen, like, all right, I stubbed my toe today, and that was already written.

That was supposed to happen. So then I reflected on that, and I wondered why that happened, and then I got a message that gave me something to reflect on to be extra careful today when I’m going through my daily routine, including being in the car. And I avoided a terrible car crash that almost happened. But because I was extra vigilant from stubbing my toe, it didn’t happen. So it’s a little mind-boggling to think of all this and be generally aware of your awareness throughout your day, but it leads to a whole other level of destiny, I find.

By the way, some of this information I received from watching some videos of Dolores Cannon explaining that we’re essentially playing out a role in a movie or a play. Also, reading the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. One of the themes from that book was Maktub, it is written. So, yeah, that’s a lot, but what are your thoughts on that?

Yeah, definitely. From my experience, I know that many of us think we are conscious. We think we are conscious of ourselves, but in reality, we are not conscious of our unconscious habits. If you just ask yourself what you are thinking on a daily basis, it’s very hard to become conscious of every single thought. It’s very difficult to become conscious of what kind of feelings you’re feeling and what kind of emotions you’re feeling.

The moment you become completely conscious, when you become so conscious that you only allow those thoughts which help you to come in. When you only allow those emotions you want to experience in your reality to come in, I believe, an exercise of your free will. You only have free will in your inner domain or your inner self.

Basically, right now, all the script is written. As you said, we are going to have this interview. It’s already written because we may have thought about this or our emotions, our vibration matched, or however, it happened. As they said, this will play out since we are in a time delay.

What you can do, if you do not like this, is you can just become conscious of what you’re doing. Maybe reflect back a little bit. Maybe just go back a few months or maybe 15 days ago, and what were you thinking? What were you thinking? Were you entertaining? Were you looking at the news and reacting and becoming angry? What were you doing that caused your toe to be stubbed, as you said?

In this third-density reality, our main job is to become self-conscious. This is because we have so many unconscious habits.

Just realize that, oh, I did that. Or maybe, I do it nowadays. What I do is every single time I have some kind of emotion or whatever, I write it down in a book, I put the date, and I write down the emotion. I may have felt happiness and joy, or sometimes I may feel sadness, and I will write it down.

After some time, look at your experience. You will see that this caused this. You can actually predict, and it will happen. That way, you can actually make sure that you have free will by first becoming self-conscious. In this third-density reality, our main job is to become self-conscious. This is because we have so many unconscious habits.

We are not really conscious of many of our unconscious habits of how we think, feel, and act. Most of them are taken by our subconscious mind and become unconscious. So, in essence, we don’t have any control. The only way to take back control is first to become conscious of all of yourself, basically becoming conscious of your inner self.

Just observe your inner self. Don’t give your complete attention to what is happening in the outside world because this is a time-delayed reflection, an echo. That’s what they have said. So just focus on your inner self. Ask yourself, what’s happening inside? That’s what matters, and that’s the present moment. That’s what I have understood.

Yeah. Cool. Are you channeling other beings besides ETs? Are you, for example, channeling archangels? Are you channeling saints and souls who have passed? Are you essentially a medium for human souls as well? How broad is this channeling ability that you have?

Actually, channeling is pretty simple. I didn’t practice this, but it just happened, so I have gotten used to how to tune into a certain frequency or vibration. It’s very simple. For example, as I said before, if you were to think about your mother, you would have an image in your mind.

Many people consider themselves as fully conscious and self-aware but in reality, they live on the surface. That’s because they aren’t aware of their unconscious habits. Share on X

Based on your experience with your mother, you may have wonderful emotions. If the relationship is not so amazing, it may not feel that good. There is a certain vibration with that, and then you compare it with, let’s say, you have someone you don’t really like. Now just in your mind, when you compare the vibration, there is a vast difference between the vibration.

In essence, channeling is tuning into a certain vibration of the beings you want to channel. It’s like becoming capable of reaching into their vibration. For example, it’s like a radio. That’s what I kind of resonate with. By tuning into a certain frequency of the signal, you are able to receive that signal. The same thing applies.

I can pretty much tune into any entity if I want to. But what I do is I normally don’t channel just anyone or anything because it’s very risky. I need to protect myself. I need to ensure that I am only thinking positively so that my vibration is always positive.

You will not see me becoming angry or sad because that would attract negative beings because they feed on sadness, fear, and anger. This is also one of the things about channeling. If you are not aware, you must be very careful of your own energy, emotions, and thought forms you are entertaining. If you want to do it safely, you must ensure that you stay positive. Don’t entertain any of those negative emotions.

You will not see me becoming angry or sad because that would attract negative beings because they feed on sadness, fear, and anger.

Yeah. Negative thoughts and negative emotions are immediately sent to the light. That’s what I do. If I get anything negative, like some random thought that comes to me that’s not helpful; it’s not loving, I immediately send it to the infinite light, to Ein Sof. Two words, and that’s Hebrew. I learned that in my Kabbalah studies.

That keeps my mind clean because many folks don’t realize there are no private thoughts. If you’re entertaining lustful thoughts, envious thoughts, or destructive thoughts, that’s on display. That’s not private. That shouldn’t be the motivation for why you keep your thoughts clean. It should be to be a cleaner channel and receive higher-quality messages. At least, that is one of the big motivators for me.

Yeah, it’s pretty fascinating to think about how we’re like a radio tuning into various radio stations. If our vibration is low, we’re tuning into some dark radio stations that are self-deprecating, self-abusive, and unloving. And then we ruminate on these terrible thoughts, or they just intrude. There’s a whole study around intrusive thoughts. It’s not psychosis; it’s the wrong radio station you’re tuned into.

I’m curious to hear how you might have been infiltrated at various times or fooled into receiving information that wasn’t of the light and how you are discerning that now to ensure that you’re not putting any information out there that is not of the light inadvertently.

Oh, yeah. I also do what is known as—what they’ve given is a simple step to use love, light, and exposed water. This is even proven by science. There is a Japanese scientist. I don’t know his name.

Dr. Emoto.

Yeah. That’s the name. Emoto, yeah. He has proven that if you take water and send positive thoughts, it becomes wonderful crystals. I have understood that we are also mostly made up of water, even though we may look physical; 60% of our body is water.

What I do is I take a cup of water, and then in the same process, I just send positive thoughts and loving thoughts, and then I drink it. Then, I rub it on my body. That way, the vibration of positivity is inside the water and helps protect me. That’s what I keep on my crown above my head on my bed before I channel. This was given to me as a safety precaution by the beings to protect myself from any negative entities.

One of the things that I really like about the messages I have been receiving is that if you don’t resonate, you can leave it. Sometimes it depends on individual experience. If I were to see the same kind of message two years before, I would immediately dismiss it. I was like, what’s going on? Because it doesn’t relate to my experience. I am not ready yet. Some people may not be ready for that.

If you don’t resonate, you can leave it.

It’s also a personal experience. I have noticed this. There may be many moments wherein you may be feeling some emotion. If you watch the same content, you will not resonate with it because your emotion or vibration changes. Maybe the next day, your vibration will be a bit higher. Then you listen to that, and you’re like, wow, this stuff is really good.

It depends on the individual perspective. We cannot judge. If it’s good for me, then it’s good for everyone. No, it’s not like that. Everyone can decide what they want to listen to or not. I think that gives this a great opportunity for people who want to learn new things based on their resonating. If they don’t like it, they can leave it behind. That’s wonderful.

Yeah. I learned from a previous guest that I think it was Karen Noe who said this. She explained that they couldn’t lie about the entities that you’re communicating with or are communicating with you; if you ask them a question: Are you of the light or is this of the light, they can’t lie. So that’s one of those lie detector tests that they can’t fib.

If I’m receiving information that I’m not feeling complete resonance over, like there was one bit of information that I receive, I get these psychic messages. I’ll relay them if it seems appropriate to do so. For example, my friend is in one of the masterminds I’m in. He was talking about his significant other and questioning whether she was his soulmate. He was starting to go like, man, I’m not sure. I’m thinking maybe not. And then I got the answer. No, she’s not, but it felt bad in my heart when I said it in my heart center.

Your true self can only be accessed when you are completely disassociated from your perceptions of reality. Share on X

It felt uncomfortable. I’m like, this doesn’t jive with the light and with the Hippocratic Oath, do no harm. It didn’t feel right to me. So I asked the follow-up question of whoever was up there that told me this. Are you of the light? And I didn’t hear anything. Like, oh, you guys, you almost got me.

I corrected that with him, and I explained exactly what happened. That information was not of the light, and they’re trying to trick you into believing that she’s not your soulmate when she is. So not only did he get that important information, but he also got the important lesson you got to discern. You’ve got to ask the question to ensure that you’re receiving information that’s of the light and not getting fooled.

Yeah. Nice technique.

You have the choice to change your life and the present moment. Silence yourself and your mind, and then go within to create what you want.

Yeah. There’s another technique I learned that’s similar to what you’re describing with the water but a little different. I learned this from one of my Kabbalah teachers: you can put three glasses of water along your bed on each side.

Let’s say your head is against the wall, and then there are three open sides. You’d put a glass of water on each of those three sides, and then you would connect. I guess you don’t even need to do anything else. This is to make sure you don’t get bothered by negative entities at night because I was getting these weird dreams that were very uncomfortable, and I did not want them.

It seemed like Tuesday nights were the worst night. Especially on Tuesday nights, I would put these three glasses of water out. I didn’t put any blessings on them. I just filled the glasses up with water, and it worked. I didn’t get disturbing dreams those nights that I did that.

To keep your thoughts clean, it is also very important to filter what kind of content you watch.

Also, I had to dispose of the water outside of the house, and I couldn’t throw it out the window or the door. So I had to be completely out of the house when I dumped the water out of those three glasses. That worked. Then it got to the point where I didn’t need to do that anymore because I wasn’t getting bothered. I haven’t been bothered in a long time by disturbing dreams, so that’s a blessing.

Also, it reflects my hard work in keeping my thoughts clean and keeping the purity of thought, word, and deed throughout my day. Just that inner knowing that I’m stronger than those negative forces. What do you think about that?

Yeah, that’s a nice method. I think it may help a lot of people to try that if they are having those kinds of dreams. But to keep our thoughts clean, it is also very important to filter what kind of content you watch.

Most people they’re not aware that if they’re watching a lot of news, just by watching something negative, it will stay inside you, your inner self. So you can notice that something will change within you. There will be a negative kind of energy within you, and then your thoughts will become extremely negative if you allow that energy to stay inside.

By the way, that also goes for violent dystopian movies and TV shows.

Exactly. Anything like those kinds of things. Even games, those things are really dangerous. Most people they’re giving away their power really blindly. Do you know what I mean? They’re just watching anything, and they don’t discern. That’s what I learned, to choose what you’re watching, to watch something happy, watch something productive, or watch something spiritual.

That’s the type of thing that will help you instead of watching what they’re doing in some place where they’re doing something negative. If you watch that, the image of that will stay inside of you. You may have some terrors at nighttime based on the image you have consumed during the daytime. That’s also very important.

There are negative and positive within all of us. It depends on what we choose to allow more into our lives.

What are the different kinds of entities that are out there? Of course, there’s no separation. We’re all connected to all of them, but what are the different positive and negative entities? What are some examples?

For example, if you look at yourself, I mean the negativity is also coming from within yourself. The more you identify with the negative, the more negative thoughts forms you’ll have and the more negative emotions you’ll feel. It’s coming from within you. It’s not coming from something outside of you.

Similarly, there are negative and positive within all of us. It depends on what we choose to allow more into our lives. We can choose to allow more positivity. Let’s say you allow less negativity, and then you become more positive. That way, you will become more positive. People will notice a change within you. You will vibrate in a higher vibration. That’s what they say.

I think some beings have chosen the negative. Look, it’s all within us in a similar manner. People can choose to think about the negative stuff, obsess about the negative things, talk badly about others, become angry, and all those kinds of things. It’s their choice. They have chosen to be more negative than positive, but it’s coming from within.

Some entities have chosen the negative pathway because they also want to experience that side of their reality. But, as far as I know from my channeling sessions, the creator has allowed us the free will to choose whatever pathway we want to experience.

Channeling is tuning into a certain vibration of the beings you want to connect and communicate with.

You may decide you want to live a very positive life. From today, someone may make a change that they will not think negatively. They’ll try. At least by trying, you are changing yourself. And then, the more you keep trying, the better you become and the more positive you become. You enter into a positive vibration or a positive polarization. That’s what they have said.

There are certain beings many of you may be familiar with. They are known as the Orions. Not all the Orions, but most of them, as far as I know, is a group of beings who have polarized into the negative. They chose the negative pathway of engaging with separation. They want to activate your egoic mind. They want to activate all those negative emotions like anger, fear, and jealousy.

What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to keep you limited. I know that the moment you change your vibration and thoughts and choose more positive thoughts, you’ll begin to see a change in your life. The first change you will see is your friend circle; if they’re not at the same vibration, it’ll become very less because they cannot stand near you because you are very happy or you are vibrating at a different level. Their vibration’s not that matching with yours. So they will not come close to you, so that will happen.

The first thing the creator gave us is free will to decide what we want to experience.

Based on your thought forms, you may get some opportunities. You may get a wonderful opportunity to meet someone new with a higher vibration or other things. If you are engaging in negative, the same thing may happen negatively. I think there are beings all over the universe. It’s the choice. The first thing that the creator gave us is free will. We can decide what we want to experience.

There are beings out there. They want to make more negativity spread in the universe. Similarly, what we are doing is trying to spread positivity to more and more people. They’re trying to do the same thing. That’s what I have understood.

Yeah. Awesome. I could just keep talking to you here all day, but I know we have to wrap up. Our listeners and viewers, how do we support you? I know there’s a Patreon channel or account that we can support you with and get some exclusive content. I’m a Patreon supporter if you want to share that. Also, your YouTube channel allows our listeners to learn from you and grow with you.

Oh, yeah. On Patreon, what I do is I channel and then I share messages from different beings. I do it almost three times a week. I try to do this on my YouTube to answer questions from people. So for YouTube, I have created these polls, then people ask me questions, then I try to make a video or session about that, and then I share it on YouTube.

Patreon is a bit different. What I do is I allow the beings to come through because sometimes they may have a message which may be wonderful, but because I was asking a certain query, it may not come through. I have a Patreon. You can join if you want to. You can listen to these more sessions just if you want to.

If you love listening to spiritual content as I do, I love listening to spiritual messages because that’s really positive; you can do that. So, yeah, that’s the only thing.

Awesome. Thank you so much, Sam. Thank you, listeners, for your open-minded listening and for putting your white light into the world.

Yeah. Thank you so much, Stephan.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Recognize how my decisions shape my life. Decision-making and how I choose to think, feel, and embody can impact my life. Healthy choices lead to positive consequences.

?Learn to consciously rest in the fact that “I am,” which is also called the sense of beingness. This train of thought means separating oneself from who one is and what one has attained in this world. Accomplishing “I am” creates the purest form of self.

?Acknowledge the power I yield to create my reality. What I see and experience in life echoes my inner thoughts.

?Start training my subconscious mind. A massive amount of inner work is necessary to access my mind, but the fruits of my labor are incomprehensible. Once the mind is open, there’s no turning back.

?Always evaluate and reflect on my thoughts, actions, and reactions toward situations. Keep a journal where I write down my honest, instinctive feelings and thoughts to track my mood and triggers.

?Refrain from letting the physical world easily influence my thoughts and emotions. Once I let go of attachments in this physical realm, I have more room for spiritual growth.

?Develop and maintain a positive mindset. Don’t let the turmoil of the physical world break my spirit. Instead, focus my thoughts on how I can share more light and positivity with my community.

?Pray for discernment, especially when encountering crossroads. Ask my guides to lead my spirit in the right direction as I live my life.

?Be careful with what my physical body consumes. From food to entertainment, etc., ensure I consume nourishment and not products which will harm my body and mind.

?Learn more about Sam the Illusionist’s teachings when I visit his YouTube Channel. For in-depth sessions and further access to Sam’s wisdom, subscribe to his Patreon.


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