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By: Stephan Spencer


We all have mental, emotional and physical capabilities. Some people, like today’s guest, Kim White, also have incredible spiritual or dare I say extrasensory capabilities. There is an energetic component to one’s being; everyone has it. You know it when you meet someone and get a really bad feeling about them or go into a room and want to leave immediately; you are picking up on the negative energy. Conversely, you are aware when someone is positive or when you walk into a room and it is warm and welcoming. 

Kim White
“God is spiritual, God is a great spirit and religion is a man’s way to find a path to God.”
Kim White

Kim’s time as a competitive athlete training for the Olympics led to his fascination with kinesiology and theories about cellular memory in our body. He was able to combine his passions for human excellence in business and in the sporting arena with the knowledge he gained in his spiritual healing to create a unique career helping individuals, athletes, and companies to grow and gain incredible results. We talk about awareness, giving—about human doing vs. human being. If you’ve ever been attracted to–or cynical about–this kind of work, I invite you to stay tuned for a truly fascinating and inspirational deep dive into the world of energetic and spiritual healing.

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Kim White, a business and energy coach who specializes in clearing energy blocks.
  • [02:38]Kim shares his background and previous experiences that led him to where he is today.
  • [06:50]Kim’s views on religion and miracles.
  • [11:25]The process of clearing energy blocks in buildings, houses, properties etc.
  • [19:35]What is a spirit leech and how does it affect a person’s wellbeing?
  • [26:21]Kim’s first experience communicating with a ghost.
  • [35:07]Kim shares the process of connecting to your guardian angel for protection.
  • [42:59]How to clear your energy blocks during this global pandemic crisis.
  • [45:32]Tips on how to avoid being affected by negative energy.
  • [52:55]Learn more about Kim White’s work by reaching out to him on his website,

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It is wonderful to have you on the show, Kim.

It’s great to be here, thank you.

Let’s start off by sharing with our listeners, how you ended up where you’re at now in terms of coaching people. You have a storied background in such interesting different areas. Now, you’re helping business owners. Being a salt on the earth to good people, take their lives and their businesses to the next level. How did you end up on this path?

It started out, growing up as a child in Australia, I was very sensitive and I always thought this was like a weakness, a negative, and there was something wrong with me. For years, I would fight against it. Probably about 30 years ago, I had this mind shift, “Well, maybe it’s a strength and not a weakness.” As soon as I changed my attitude, it’s like all the doors opened up for me. I started like, “What’s going on here?” It’s like people come out of the woodwork and just give confirmation to everything that I experienced in my life before that time.

At that time, I was training for the Olympics. I would notice that everything was so precise in my training. Every nuance about my training and environment was consistent except where I slept the night before I raced. That was a four-minute mile race back in the day. I would notice that the hotel room would have an effect on my performance. I’m like, “How can this be? This is crazy. Why should the environment affect me? I should be stronger than that.” I started studying, what can I do to change the environment to become better and really maximize my environment to get a better performance?

My whole passion is about how we can get better and improve. The reason the spiritual side was I got injured just before the Olympic trials, which really threw a spanner in the works and I went on this quest to find out why. Why did I get injured? How did that happen? What was the cause? At that stage, I knew a lot of responsibility was in myself. What was I doing to create it?

I started studying. I was studying kinesiology and how the body-mind connects. Then, it made me down a path where these three clients in Los Angeles started telling me about this healer. I said, “What’s a healer?” I was very scientific at that stage and very biomechanical in my approach. Even though I was spiritual, I was always praying since I was a little kid, it was like, “No, there’s got to be something more here.” I said, “Okay, I’m going to check this guy out.” The transformation I had from that one healing was like, “Wow, I’ve got to find out more.” That’s how it all began.

I combined my passion for business and sports improvement with my deep connection with God. I put the two together and created a business. My whole life, people have been asking me for help. Today, this is a good job, I’ll do it. I’ll try it out for a year and that was 26 years ago. 

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Very cool. Are you still in contact with that healer that started you on this whole journey?

Yes. We’re very good friends. We try and we’re always constantly pushing to get better, to improve. What can we do to improve, get more out to the public, help more people? Yeah, it’s good.

Very cool. You said that you were into prayer and connecting to the creator for your whole for your childhood and everything. For me, I was raised by a Jehovah’s Witness and a Catholic for a good part of my childhood. My grandmother was a Jehovah’s Witness and my grandfather was a Catholic. I went to a Catholic school but I never got baptized. I used to witness all their fights and they never got along, they slept in different bedrooms. I just thought, “Wow, this is all bunk. None of it makes any sense.”

I just shut myself out to any religion. I went through my entire adult life up until the age of 42 without having any connection to a higher power. I just was agnostic, maybe even almost atheistic that whole time. Then, I had this spiritual awakening in India. I got touched by a Monk and I got zapped. I had this otherworldly experience, and it was amazing. I felt so connected and then I went outside and the grass was just as technicolor green like a cartoon.

I just felt so at peace, cared for, loved, and understood. I just knew my life would never be the same, that I finally kind of plugged into the power grid. Everything changed from that point forward. Miracles started happening one after the other. It’s like I could order up miracles, it’s like I had this whole backlog of miracles ready for me, just waiting for me.

Two months later, I met my soulmate. We’re happily married. We have a new baby who’s seven months old now. I’m really blessed. It just happened all so suddenly because when I prayed for her to show up, I asked right away. 12 hours later, we were introduced by a mutual friend. 18 hours later, I said I love you to her. 9 days later, I proposed to her in a hot air balloon. She said, “No, not yet.”

Then, I proposed again nine months later and she said yes. The rest is history. But that’s just one example of the kinds of miracles that have been happening in my life and stuff that’s just so out there and everything. I’m curious, what are some of the miracles that you will like to share?

First, I want to say I like to describe my beliefs around spirituality, religion, and so forth. It seems to help a lot of people. What I say is that God is spiritual, God is a great spirit. There are many nights that God is spiritual and religion is man’s way to find a path to God. There are so many different religions on the planet and each one has its own path.

Unfortunately, most of the wars caused by religion and struggles, even within yourself in the family, is causing so much turmoil. It’s like God is love, God is not this fighting, so what’s missing? I realized that religion got too mental and missed that connection with the heart to everything. When people come into their heart, they feel, “Wow. Okay, now I get it.” I couldn’t analyze or rationalize it, it’s a feeling. That’s when you have that real connection to God.

The religious path you take, it doesn’t matter. It’s just what you rather have grown up with, around, or found later in life. It’s like let me get in my heart and I want to feel this. My mind is quiet. If you’re talking miracles, the biggest thing when people have a session with me is the mind goes quiet. It’s like empty, it’s like, “Wow. It’s so quiet. My mind’s not busy anymore.” I clear all the stuff that’s causing us to think too much. You have that space where you can be between the thoughts and that’s where the inspiration comes.

Opening your heart is another miracle. Suddenly it’s like, “Oh, I feel my heart. It’s like my chest is really big without me even moving my body in my lungs, they’re moving on their own.” When your heart is open, then you can get that inspiration from the creator, from God, from the great spirit to guide you in your life. People know about intuition, right? They’ll pray or they’re meditating. They’re asking God for these, asking God for that. Well, he’s not answering. Most of you got to listen to intuition. When you listen to intuition, that’s God answering your call. 

As everyone says, “When I listen to my intuition, everything’s great. When I go against it, it’s a struggle.” That’s the miracle that brings you in touch with your intuition so that you are in line with the creator and your path because that’s what God wants. It’s to have a great life. What we do is if you do intuition, you have a great life.

I like that a lot. I had an Akashic Records reading, you know about Akashic Records?


Every one that I’ve had was as profound, I had three so far. One of them, the message that I got, like how do I know if this is the creator or God speaking through me or giving me a message, or if this is wisdom that I’m channeling, or is this just my brain? What she told me—or maybe was the record-keepers were telling me, that’s because she was channeling at the time—is that you just ask God, “Is this you saying this?” You’ll get the right answer to that second question.

Being sensitive is not a weakness. When used properly, it can actually be a person’s greatest strength.

The first question is, should I invest in the stock or something like that? You feel like maybe that was God, maybe it was me. I’m not sure. Just ask that second question and that’ll set you straight. I found that very helpful.


Is there an example of a particular miracle that you want to share where something happened out of the ordinary, could be for a client, a specific client? Feel free to change the names and all that. I’d be curious to hear something that was really out of the extraordinary that would make our listener go, “Wow. Amazing.”

I have so many stories. It’s like 26 years in stories of miracles. Some of my favorites, when you’re talking about big companies, I remember one small mining company that was struggling with their productivity, they called me in because they couldn’t break through the $5 million a year barrier. It was stuck. They called me and all the investors were screaming for their money back. I said, “Come on. You said you were going to make all this money.” The owner was like, “I know it looks clean, but there’s something in the way.” 

They called me in and I did a clearing on the property. I found that 20 years before something bad happened. There was an accident and two people died. The spirits were still there. I moved the spirits on and then cleaned up a lot of other things that were going on the property. I kept getting this message, “Moonshine, moonshine.” I’m like, “Moonshine? What’s going on with moonshine?” I said, “What is this moonshine? What do I do with moonshine?” Anyway, I just followed my guidance, and what I need to do to clear the property. There was one particular street that was on the public road that went through the center of the property. I had to walk down this road and clear the road, which is really extreme. But because it was on the property, I could do it. 

Anyway, what happened was the reason for the moonshine was that they found—once they cleared the property, everything that’s out of balance gets exposed—a meth lab up the road, that was on the road. That was the moonshine. The guidance was where I couldn’t say meth lab so they gave me something that was similar, which is like moonshine having their own distillery, whatever. For that, it was really amazing. 

The next year, that company went to $32 million. From $5 million, they went to $32 million. I was telling another client about that and he was laughing his head up. I’m like, “What are you laughing for?” He’s like, “First time you did our property, we increased by $50 million in three months. Our sales just went up.” I go, “Nice. That’s a good one.”

My other favorite, one of my passions is clearing buildings that can’t sell. People have their home for sale. They’re just, “Why can’t we sell? It’s been on the market for a year and nothing’s happening.” There’s an energetic blockage or there’s a spirit on the property that’s blocking the sale. As soon as I remove it, it sells the next day or by record, six hours after being cleared, or in a few days.

There was one time where I actually saw a ghost the first time just walking in front of me with my eyes open. I was like, “Whoa, that’s the first time I’ve seen it.” I started talking with the ghost and I said, “Why are you here? What’s going on?” He’d come with someone to a party at the house and the family decided to stay. I was like, “Well, these people want to sell the house. They got to sell for financial reasons,” a beautiful mansion in Sydney. He’s like, “But I don’t want to go.” Then I had to explain everything. Anyway, we moved him on to the other side and then, bam! 12 hours later, the house was sold. That had been stuck for nine months.

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Sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes I pick up the energy of moving the sign in the front of the yard, it needs to be moved. Or there’s a blockage with the real estate broker, it’s the wrong broker for this property. Or there’s a blockage in front of the house, the house cannot be seen by the public. There are so many different things we can do to clear the energy, to help sell better.

On a personal level, people come in like a lady the other day who has been terrified for 20 years driving on the freeway. She’s even thinking about it, she would go into a sweat and start to shake, and she would have cramping on her chest and throat. After I removed the blockage, she said, “It’s gone. I feel totally relaxed.” She’s visualizing everything. I was like, nothing. There is no problem, it’s all gone. That’s pretty cool, I love that. It can be anything you work on.

That’s cool. How do you clear a property? Are you connecting to the ghosts or entities that are there on the property? Are you connecting to the land itself? Are you connecting to the creator and asking that this land, property, building, whatever, kind of just have any energetic blockages removed? How do you do this?

All of the above. Basically, the first thing I do is ask God how may I serve, that’s my mantra. “God, great spirit, how may I serve?” I also interview the client to find out what is their goal, where do they want to go in the next three years or five years? Where do they want to go whether it’s a home, a business, a landmass, or a property?

Once I know where they want to go, I remove everything that’s in the way of that journey. It would stand out for me. As I’m going on the property, everything that is not in line with that, even with national football teams, that they get stuck and there’ll be something on the property at the bottom of the ladder. Suddenly the next year, they win the premiership, they win the Super Bowl even. Just anything that’s in the way gets exposed to me and then I remove it. Any advice if they need to remove any articles from the property, I’ll go around. If I’m actually on-site versus doing it through Zoom or Skype, I’ll actually walk around and I’ll see each of the desks and I’ll tell them who’s holding the business back or who is not.

Another thing which is really interesting is if it’s a company, sometimes the property attracts the staff or the team, and sometimes the company attracts the team. You want the company to attract the team, not the property. If the property is really bad, it will attract the wrong people. I had one company where that was the case. I called back to see how they were going in a couple of weeks after the clearing and they said, “Great. We just had six of our top executives leave.” I’m like, “What? Oh, my God, I did too much, right?” I said, “No, no, no. It’s really good because we have one junior who’s doing all the same work of those six people.”

They saved like 300 grand that they were just spending on these people hiding behind the energy, not doing anything, and they all left. That was a case where the property was attracting the bad team. I fixed the property so that the company attracts the right team members and that’s really important.

Got you. And how does it differ to clear, let’s say, an entity or some negative…

Like a spirit?

Yeah, a spirit that’s kind of attached to a person. I got this message from the Akashic Records reading that one of my daughters has this negative entity attached to her, and is kind of feeding off of her. She’s not in a great place right now. I want to have a relationship with her but she is resisting. She just kind of doesn’t want to talk to me, this has been going on for a long time.

I was given some instructions on how to do an entity clearing. But I don’t know, it’s been several months now that I’ve had this, like more than two, three, or four months that I’ve had these instructions and I haven’t done it yet. She’s still not communicating with me, I don’t know what my blockage is to do that but I did pray for her to have that blockage removed or that negative entity. It’s definitely affecting her quality of life, not just our relationship. She’s not in a great place right now and I want to help her but I don’t know. I don’t know what to do about that, but that’s an entry clearing type issue, it sounds.

Miracles happen when you listen to your intuition.

Yeah. I call them leeches, those spirits that suck on your energy. They also distort your thinking, they can distort your physiology as well in your body. I had to remove that spirit and send it to the light because it’s actually just sucking the life out of someone. It’s important that you take them off the planet because if you just remove them from a person and drop them, they’ll just jump on someone else. It’s really important that they get removed, which is what I do. 

Sometimes, they’re actually in the body. Sometimes, they’re outside the body. When they’re in the body, my clients will feel like they want to throw up as it’s coming out, as I’m pulling it out. I can feel it being extracted from my body, even if it’s on Zoom or Skype, they can feel it happening and then removing it. I’m thinking of what the problem was before because it wasn’t them, it was the spirit that was controlling and controlling their relationships and their attitude to life.

Even with suicide, there’s so many times it’s spiritually based. If it’s not chemically based like there’s a chemical imbalance and it’s spiritually based, what happens is that leech I was talking about, it gets on. Once it can’t take any more energy from you, it wants to leave, but the only way it can leave is if you die. That’s where they start to, “Oh, it’s not worth living.” They start telling you stories, too. That’s why you see so many of these kids killing themselves for no reason, just because the spirit wants out. The only way besides spiritual healing is for the person to die, then they’re free. 

As soon as I’ve worked with people who are suicidal and as soon as we remove the spirit, they can’t even think. It’s impossible for them to think because it wasn’t them, it wasn’t them at all. It’s really important. It takes about 10 minutes or so, unless it’s a really bad one. It might take about 20 minutes or half an hour to move that spirit. Spiritually, it’s not done energetically. Because this is what’s really important is that you can’t fight spirit with humans, you can only fight spirit with spirit. That unconditional love that melts their attachment to the person of the spirit so that once they are a bit free, you can extract and remove the spirit from the person and give both the spirit and the person freedom.

If you keep trying to remove it, it’s probably going to jump on you and then you’re the one with the problem. Sometimes, maybe your intuition is guiding you, you’re not progressing. It’s just you could be your intuition guiding you not to do it.

Yeah. Maybe I need to have you do it.

Yeah, cool.

Okay, we’ll talk after this episode. What about when the person is suffering from, let’s say, drug addiction, or alcohol abuse, and you want to help the person but you also can’t get too drawn into their drama, that whole codependency thing, you want to be an enabler. How do you help on a spiritual level?

A lot of the time, the person might start out but the addiction is not them. It’s actually a spirit they’re picking up. They were drunk, on drugs or whatever, and they got so open that a spirit jumped on them. What happens is like attracts like. If you like a certain alcohol or you like a certain drug, the spirit that died from an overdose from the same drug, alcohol, smoking, or whatever the same addiction, will get attracted to you. They’re like, “This is just like me.” Then, they start saying, “Let’s have another drink. Let’s go shopping, let’s go shopping again, that addiction, or let’s watch more TV,” because they’re just sucking on your energy and they want to re-experience what they had when they were alive so they’re using your body as a host to keep the drugs going, or the alcohol, or whatever the addiction is, that spirit and fate.

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But once you remove the spirit, then the addiction is gone. But the person has to now make choices in their life. But to try and make the choices when you got a spirit on you, a monkey on your back, forget it, it’s too hard. It’s like you really need a lot of big support teams around you to really push through it, to just make some headway. Once the spirit is removed, then it’s a lot easier. You’ll find that, “Oh, I can do this,” because you have your personal power back.

Let’s say you’re in some pattern that’s not helpful, and you don’t know if this is me or is this a spirit that’s leeching on me or trying to experience through me and trying to influence me to make bad decisions. Is there a way that the person can know this, or does somebody, an outside person like yourself, a healer, need to look at it objectively and say, “Oh, I see that there is this entity that’s attached to you”?

Usually, anyone around them can see the difference because their attitude is not their normal self, their behaviors are not who they are, but people who are close to them—family or good friends—just know something’s not right, when there’s a spirit attachment. They’re just not being themselves or they’re doing things that are really not who they are. That alone is enough. Anyone can see that just feels, “Hey, there is something wrong here.” You’re going to find spiritually, you can remove them and remove the problem.

They’re fine all suddenly and then they start drinking or taking drugs like, what happened to you? It’s not because life got really bad and they got depressed or whatever, no. It’s because something has happened to them where they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and they picked up. Anyone can see that, that something’s not right.

And you’re able to communicate with these entities even if they’re just leeches that are feeding on somebody else’s energy? You’re able to communicate with them or you just send them love?

I just get rid of them as fast as I can, move them on as fast as I can because if I start talking with them and communicating and they’re a bad one, they’ll suck my energy as well. I’ll create a bridge and then it’s like, bam, I’m exhausted and I can’t help. Sometimes, they can come across the bridge to me which I don’t want.

Has that happened? Has one got attached to you?

Yeah. When I started trying to communicate and then I started to notice my energy go down, I almost fell asleep and I realized, this is wrong. I realized he’s trying to get me. Also, once I had a bit of an attitude of, “I can get this guy.” I went more into the ego instead of unconditional love. It’s like I got myself a gift. I was like, “Oh, man, I screwed up big time here.” I had to go and get it clear for myself.

It’s got to be unconditional love, that’s the only way to remove the spirits. You can’t force them off. If you force them, you’re the one who gets hurt.

When did you first have this experience where you were able to communicate with a ghost or an entity and they kind of spoke back to you or somehow communicated back to you?

The big one was when I saw the ghost.

That walked in front of you.

Yeah, it walked in front of me. He wasn’t a bad ghost, he was just stuck on the planet. He was just an earthbound spirit, he didn’t move across. He wasn’t one of these leeches or anything like that, he was just enjoying. He would just talk to the people who came to look to buy the house and say, “You don’t really want to buy this. It’s not your style.” He would talk them out of it. “I don’t know why, it’s a beautiful house, but I don’t want to buy it.” I was like, what? He was doing that because he didn’t want the family to go. That was my first big experience.

A lot of times I’ll see them when I’m working with it because when I’m doing a healing, I’ll spend a couple of hours preparing myself to really fine-tune my energies, I call it switching on. I really get into a really heightened state of sensitivity. Then, I will feel and I’ll sometimes see the shapes around them or I’ll see the person change. I know it’s not the person, it’s the spirit looking right at me. Or I’ll drive past, I’m going to do a house. I’ll see them looking right out the window at me, the spirits are like, “Man, this is a good one.” I’ll say, “Okay, I got some work here.” Although, I’ll come into the front door and they’ll jump on my back, hit me across the head because they want me out. They’re like, “This is my house.” They’re like fighting against me, “This is a good one.” I’ve had those experiences, a lot more sensing than speaking.

I’ve done a lot of castles in Europe and there’ll be some really old ones that have been there for hundreds of years and they’re like, “I just want to leave. I’m tired.” They’re not bad, but they’re just stuck. They’re attached to a painting, they’re stuck in a mirror, or any of that. It’s just like they just want out. They’re not bad, they’re just stuck, those you can talk to a bit.

Energy blockages will suck the life out of you. Clear it as early as you can to maintain a sound outlook in life.

And when did you realize that you were a healer?

When did I realize? That’s a big question. I don’t know if I ever realize it, it just sort of involved. I just wanted to help people and people always ask me for help. When I was a child, I went into certain homes and I’d be really quiet. In other homes, I would be loud and making noise or around certain people, I would react. That was the start of noticing my sensitivity. Now, I’m just using my sensitivity to help others. When I’m working, as soon as someone comes, I immediately start feeling what’s going on with them so I know what to do to remove them.

For me, it was, I don’t know, maybe a decade ago that somebody told me. They asked me what my Myers-Briggs was, which is INFP and I answered. She said, “Oh, INFP. You’re a healer.” It just resonated with me. I’m a real geek and I’m an SEO guy, but I also really relate to that, I connect with that. I feel like I can make a big difference for people and help them heal in multiple ways. I do feel like I can channel energy and I can help them heal physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Very good. For many years, I wouldn’t say I was a healer. It didn’t feel right. The intuition wasn’t there but it was right. I would say I’m an instrument of healing or I’m an instrument, God just works through me like I become the instrument to help others. That’s been that’s what resonates stronger for me.

Yeah. When you said that, that actually resonates stronger for me too. It’s not me, it’s God’s energy that’s working through me.

Yeah. I had my experience when I was doing healing. I declined on the massage table and I noticed while I was doing a healing, I saw something, “Oh, don’t do that.” And I went to work on their throat. Immediately, after all the healing energy left me, it was just me. I just screwed up because I was trying to do it instead of letting the spirits work through me, let God work through me. That was a great learning for me because I felt the difference from when I was doing it, versus when I was trying to do it, versus when it’s being done spiritually. That was like, “Okay, got it. Thank you, God. Thank you for the lesson. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Back to work.

Everyone can do energy healing. Everyone who can breathe can do energy healing but spiritual healing, it’s an evolution. Even with myself, for 15 years, I couldn’t remove a spirit, a leech off a person because I didn’t have the spiritual strength but I said, “I want to do it.” I just kept praying and building up my spiritual strength until one day, I could do it. That was really cool, today’s evolution.

Some people I see, they’re a natural-born healer. I spent 30 years trying to learn what you can just do when you wake up, but they don’t even know. They have no idea they’re a natural-born healer. That’s like wow.

Or they do and they refuse to utilize that gift.

Which causes a lot of problems for them because their soul wants to do it, and the soul will block their journey or cause bad luck because they’re avoiding their truth. I wouldn’t want to be one of those people. Yeah, it’s tough. Life is tough when you’re not honoring your gift.

My good friend of mine, his now ex-wife, he finally just said, “I can’t, this isn’t working.” She was able to heal people when she was a child, physical healings. This was in South America, in her tribe. People from other tribes would come to get healings from her. She was known for this. Then, she moved to North America and she didn’t want to be seen as a freak so she refuses to even talk about it, let alone heal anybody.

Decades go by where she doesn’t heal anybody. At a spiritual event, this person who’s this healer and a good friend of mine, he’s amazing. He pulls my friend aside and he says, “She’s got a gift. She’s a healer and she’s not using her gifts.” He’s like, “How do you know this?” “This has got to change. It’s going to get not good for her if she doesn’t change this immediately.” Several years go by and she still doesn’t want to do it. He’s divorced now and she’s off on a different track. She’s not living her gift, it’s a real shame.

That’s my definition of selfishness. It’s actually having a gift and not sharing it. It doesn’t have to be a healing gift. It can be a gift of art, it could be a gift of music, it can be a gift of talking to people. If they’re not doing it, it’s really selfish to not share that with the world. Share your gift and that’s why you’re here, that’s what you’re brought to the planet. Give it out so you can keep flowing.

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We haven’t talked about angels yet. Let’s talk about how angels fit into the picture here. I always feel like I’ve got angels watching over me and I just feel this connection. Especially when I give an oneness blessing, which is a Deeksha, that’s how I got my own spiritual awakening as a monk touched me and gave me Deekshas. When I was in India, I learned how to do it myself. I’m just channeling the divine grace from God, and the more I want it for the person, the more flows to this person. It’s really amazing.

Lately, I’ve been connecting to an angel. I’m not sure if it’s Gabriel or Michael, I don’t know, but it’s definitely an angel that’s assisting with this process. I can see him as quieting my mind, connecting to, and preparations to do the Deeksha. I’m just really curious to know more about this whole realm and how angels fit into the bigger picture. I’m curious about what your experiences and thoughts are on this.

Angels are celestial beings, they don’t take human form. Even though you might say, “This person is my angel,” it’s not a nice colloquialism, but they’re celestial beings, they’re gifts from God. Everyone has a guardian angel from the day you were born, until the day you die. There’s an angel staying beside you who protects you. If someone ever has an experience where the angel moves away from them, they feel like they’re in the coldest, darkest place on the planet and it’s so scary. That’s how much light, warmth, and love that the angel brings just by being with you, your guardian angel. 

Everybody has a guardian angel, and the idea is to build a relationship with your guardian angel. When you pass, when their job is done, you get to see them and say, “Hi.” You have this relation all your life and you get to see your angel. But if you don’t have a relationship with the guardian angel, when you die, they just leave. They’re like, “You got to find your own way to the light,” sort of thing. 

The guardian angel, they’ll hide your keys when they save you from going into a car accident. I’ll say, “I just look here, now they’re back. Where did they go?” They were hidden from your vision. They’ll protect you, give you information with your intuition, and tell you to don’t go there. Don’t go to this party or don’t go to this event. It’s them communicating to protect you on your journey because it’s not your time to go.

You have other angels that will come and assist through your prayers. You’re asking to help the angels, God will send the angels down to help you on a certain task or a certain mission that you need angelic help. Some people have two angels because they really need a lot of help. They have a big mission or they just need that sort of extra support, but that’s rare.

Other angels will come for healing. Other angels will come for protection. There are all different angels that will come to support you in your journey on the planet. When you ask for it, ask and you shall receive. 

That’s different from spirit guides. Spirit guides are people who passed, who died. The spirits who went to the other side, to heaven, or whatever you want to call it. Then, they ask to come back to support humanity. They’ll come back and look for someone to work with. Maybe they’ll find a good candidate and they’ll petition to God. “God, may I stay with this person?” Maybe, they’ll hang around for a couple of years and just see what they can do.

If it’s not the right fit, then they go back to God or they look for someone else to support. If it’s the right fit, they’ll really go and petition God to be bonded to you so that they can assist you with whatever healing you’re doing or whatever your mission is on the planet, so they can be of great support to you in your journey. There are people who passed away who went to the other side and have come back to assist humanity. It’s different. They will appear as their previous incarnation, that’s how they appear. Depending on what’s happening on the planet, different spirit guides will come back from different times in history to assist.

Have you communicated with spirit guides directly? Is there one in particular that you want to share as an example?

No. When I’m praying and asking God for help, spirits will come to support. The first time I really noticed it was, I’ve done a lot of work with horses around the world. In six different countries, I work with horses. When I pray, there are all these spirit guides. I see them and I’m like, “Woah.” They assisted me with a horse to remove whatever the problem is with the horse, and the horse gets the freedom. They have a resonance with the animals, so they’re able to assist using my body as the instrument to remove the spirit or the problem from the horse and the horse is free. That was the first time I saw it.

Other times, I’ll feel a spirit guide come or hear a presence. I always know they’re a spirit guide because my heart just opens up and it feels all warm and I go, “Who’s here?” Then, I’ll hear a voice or sense of personality beside me that has its own individuality. I know it’s not me and it also has this loving presence, and then we’ll go into battle.

I’ve had one spirit guide come when I walked into this club. That’s really bad, like an evil place. I was supposed to be hanging out with the boys and I go out for a drink and it wasn’t a good place. He actually kind of protected me and I was eternally grateful for that. I have a spirit guide that’s working with me for some of my healings, he’s closer to me. He’s not permanently with me, but he is in that sort of checking me out phase. God will send when you ask God to send help. You just are open to receive the help to be an assistance to humanity.

All right. I think it’s funny when I hear some people go to psychics and they say, “I’ve got five spirit guides and all this.” I’m like, “What’s your occupation?” “I’m an accountant.” It’s like, why would you have five spirit guides if you’re an accountant? Like, there’s no reason.

You’re meant to do other things.

Yeah. But most of the time, what happens is the psychic, when they’re doing the reading for the person, they’re sitting in front of them. If there’s a spirit guide around, it’s like a Kodak moment for them where there are pictures and they want to show themselves behind the person, like when you’re doing a photobomb? 

Photobomb with the spirit. The psychic person is seeing the spirits there and they’re like, “Wow.” But they’re just passing by, they’re not actually assigned to that person because if you have one spirit guide, it’s a huge burden because they, with their unconditional love, they’ll amplify all your ugliness and everything will come out. You have to purify yourself to work with just one spirit guide. If you have more than one, oh my God, that’s a huge responsibility to carry. 

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Most times, they’re just passing by, they come to help. You ask for help, the spirit guides will be there. God will send them so that you can do whatever you need to do to help humanity. That’s why.

Yeah. The term in Kabbalah that I was trying to think of was, the desire to receive for the self alone. That is something where the energy gets blocked. It’s like if you give money to a homeless person who keeps that money for themselves, the energy doesn’t flow. Whereas, you see these hidden camera videos on YouTube where somebody was given a bunch of money, this homeless person, and then they go shopping and they get a bunch of stuff—food, clothing, or whatever—and they give it out to all their friends who are also homeless. That’s where the energy continues to flow. If you work to keep that energy flow and not keep it for yourself.

Yeah. Most of the time, unless you have a mission to complete, the spirit guide won’t come to you just for yourself. Their mission is greater for humanity so it’s about how you can help humanity with what you want to do. That’s why the whole thing about contribution is so important, right? How can I contribute? What can I give? The more you give, like you said, the flow, the more you give, the more you receive. It just starts to flow and it’s like, “Oh, wait. Can I give now? Can I give now,” because you just love it and it feels so good. That’s a human being, not a human doing. It’s a totally different person.

Yes, I love that expression. We’re human beings, not human doers. 

We’re going through a tough time right now with the Coronavirus and the economic shutdown essentially of the entire, not just country, but the world. What do you tell your clients and friends, loved ones that will help them to deal with this situation and not just hunker down and survive it, but be able to stay in high vibration, thrive, reveal light, and be like a beacon of light for people and not just get through it?

The first thing I noticed was the darkness in people’s homes. I’m like, “What is this dark I see?” I realized it was coming through the media and social media. All the hysteria, I think the fear virus is bigger than the Coronavirus. What I notice is like why is it darkness? I was like, this is manmade, this is not negativity or spiritual base. It’s actually manmade darkness. If the house is full of darkness, people can’t think straight. They can’t be creative, can’t contribute, and so they’re stuck.

I had to do a lot of clearing for homes and then I found a way to help me with the blessed candles so that they can light the candle when they’re watching the news to get the information they need and then light the candles so it clears the house, the house stays bright. When they finish the TV, it’s like, okay, the house still feels good. It’s that darkness.

Cutting back on your social media intake around the virus subject, or the media, TV media, around the subject because with the electronics, it just comes into space through the medium. Get what you need, the information needed, use your common sense to just be smart and then spend the time doing stuff you’ve always wanted to do, but you never got around to in your home.

How many people have cleaned their garages and got rid of all boxes and stuff that they’d just been hanging on to? Things like that, using the time in a productive way or resting, sleeping, getting their energy up to go forward or planning their future projects. Yeah, those sort of things. Developing with my business clients, using Zoom or Skype to set up meetings, keep the communication going. All these little things are what’s recommended. But the biggest thing I noticed was that darkness that I’m seeing in people’s homes and just getting rid of that.

All right. What a situation where, I don’t know, a friend or a client, somebody is facing layoffs because their revenue has dropped dramatically. Is that just the way it is, is it going to lay people off? Or is there another option that’s more kind of spiritual or unconditional?

Is Your Money Running On Empty? by Kim White

I’ve been teaching a process for about 20 years. It’s actually a book I got on Amazon called Is Your Money Running On Empty? It’s a process that transforms the unconscious beliefs through reprogramming the unconscious. Like people said in a way, “Why are you so relaxed right now, Kim? Shouldn’t you be stressed?” I said, “No because I already have that taken care of.” Looking at building a foundation if you have a year off work, it doesn’t affect you, so you have space and time because when people suddenly run out of money, it’s like the fear is so high, the survival is so high that it clouds your creativity, it clouds your ability to contribute.

Also for some people, like myself, it’s connected to their sense of self-worth and ego. If the money dries up or the revenue dries up, then it’s like, “Wow, life’s horrible.” You don’t feel that valuable in the world.

What happens is you start going into old patterns, old beliefs, or society beliefs. Sometimes, it’s coming through the media. There are other people being laid off and suddenly you get death thoughts because it’s so pervasive on the planet right now. I know people that have been doing my process, they lost their job and they’re fine. They’re like, “I’m looking for a new job.” They don’t have that weakness in their energy field and in the unconscious that it doesn’t suck into everyone else’s.

I taught people years ago when the taxes are due, put in your tax submission the day it’s due, the first day. Don’t wait because just doing that, it cuts your connection from everyone else who hasn’t done the taxes. People do wait to do their taxes, actually, they start to attract the energies of everyone else in the country that hasn’t done their taxes and a pool makes it a heavier and heavier burden. If you pay it, if you do your taxes immediately, then it’s like you’re free and all that heaviness from other people is gone, it doesn’t affect you at all.

I like that because we all have until July 15th to pay our taxes but now I’m thinking I’m going to pay my taxes by April 15th.

Get it done. Yeah, why not? I would experiment with it throughout the years while I was developing this process with the money. I was doing so much experimenting and seeing how the energy affected human performance. When you paid your bills, do you wait 30 days when it’s due? What do you pay on the first day you get the bill? Things like these. How does it change the energy? What if we wait five days? Does it affect the energy? What if I wait 10 days? Seeing how it changed.

Like I say, I teach people how to not be affected by others because if you’re getting a bill, you’ve already used the service. It’s like you don’t go and get a loaf of bread from the shops and eat it and then pay for it a week later or a month later. It’s like you’ve already consumed it. Get that flow and get that exchange of energy moving. I teach all of that as well. That’s just through my experimentation. I was so tired when I was starting my business of being broke and struggling and I just had to find a way out. Back in the late 90s, I developed a process and it’s been wonderful.

Is Your Money Running On Empty? That’s the process and that’s the book. I know that you’ve worked with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach and his wife, Babs Smith, who’s actually the person who runs the company.

Yes, that’s right.

I’m curious, what would be a fun little story or anecdote to share with your experiences working with Dan and Babs? I think very highly of them.

One of the stories that Dan loves to share with people is that he had this daily anger for 40 years, every day for 40 years he had this anger. One day he said to me, “Kim, can we work on this? I’ve had this anger every day for 40 years and it’s just enough.” I said, “Yeah, we can work on that,” but I had to book him at the end of the day because I didn’t know it was going to be a big one.

I did the session at the end of the day and cleared it, cleared the anger and that was probably over well over 10 years ago, and he hasn’t had a day since, the anger’s gone completely from his life. People used to say to me, “What have you done to Dan? He’s so much calmer now.” It was just this one thing that he held onto for 40 years and he was so happy. He tells everybody about it, how it changed his life, gave him so much energy and freedom just from that one thing.

We do a lot of work together, he loves to grow. When someone works with me more consistently, we clear all the baggage and all the past from them, that Dan always says, “I don’t have a past, Kim got rid of it.” He has the memories but not the baggage. Once the person is cleared on all that past, then we can work on growth. That’s exciting. The work we’ve done with Strategic Coach, we’ve been working together for almost 14 years. The way we do now is all about growth and going through these times, Dan sailed through these times and it’s wonderful. That’s a fun story he likes to tell people.

Funny stories, when I first met him, the reason I met Strategic Coach was I was working with Julia Waller. Should you know Julia and Shannon Waller from Strategic Coach?

I just attended Shannon’s Webinar this morning.

Right. I first met Julia and Shannon. Julia had a personal clearing, and Shannon I cleared her house. When Julia went to work, a couple of days later to the office, Dan and Babs saw her and couldn’t believe how different she looked. Like them, she explained that she met me and I did this healing with her. They said, “Well, does he do companies?” Babs said, “Does he do companies?”

Leave the baggage and keep the memories. You can only work on your growth once you’re cleared with your past. Click To Tweet

I met them, did a session with them in Chicago, and then they asked me to come back three months later. I came back in three months and I was living in Hong Kong at the time so I flew back. Dan had a second session and he said, “This is the way it’s going to work. We’re going to work together for 40 years and then we’ll review our progress.” I was like, it was so funny because I was only 39 at the time. I didn’t know what 40 years were. But we’ve been working together ever since that was back in 2006 and just love working with them. They’re so forward-focused, growth-oriented, contribution people, they just want to help people to grow. Their business is wonderful, this is a perfect client for me.

They’re great. I really enjoy being part of Strategic Coach as a client. If somebody wanted to work with you, if our listeners wanted to work with you, get some coaching, get some clearings, some blockages removed, where do they go? How did they get there?

Go straight to my website, and that’s it. Then, you can book a session there. You can reach out from there,

Awesome. Well, thank you, Kim. This was really fun and inspiring. Seriously, I’m going to talk to you about working together after this episode. Again,, listeners, do check out his site. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. Thank you. Have a great rest of your day.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Analyze my level of sensitivity. Being sensitive about things is not a weakness. Instead, it’s a strength that can be used in bettering my environment.

?Deepen my connection with my spirituality. Religion sometimes might be too traditional, but my spirit can’t be analyzed. Rather it’s felt through the heart.

?Stay in touch with my intuition so I am in line with my path in life. When someone listens to their intuition everything’s great, and when they go against it, it can create stress.

?Move my body to release any existing energy blocks. Energy blocks can manifest in the body due to stress, fear, negative thinking, and illness. Yoga, exercise, meditation or energy healing are ways to remove any occurring energy blockage in my system.

?Be aware of spirit leechers in my life. They can affect my attitude, drain my energy and passion, and distort my thinking. They can negatively affect my optimism, hope, and confidence.

?Let my divine connection work through me in order to help others. Life has given me blessings and it is important to share it with my community.

?Surround myself with people who are optimistic and can help me improve my self-esteem. Souls with warm energy and positive spirit refuse to let spirit leeches attach to them.

?Avoid carrying emotional baggage from the past. Do not let it define me and hinder me from discovering the person I want to be.

?Be careful with what I let myself consume, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The current news can be a source of negativity and blockages.

?Visit Kim White’s website for more information about his work, services, and energy healing.

About Kim White

Kim White was able to combine his passions for human excellence in business and in the sporting arena with the knowledge he gained in his spiritual healing training to create a unique career helping individuals, athletes, and companies to grow and gain incredible results. Kim has now worked in over one hundred different industries, from small home-based businesses to multi-­billion dollar companies.

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