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By: Stephan Spencer


Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen
“Relationships start to fail because you’re not taking the time to ask the right questions to yourself, others, and God.”
Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen

Ask! It is such a simple word but has so much meaning and impact in everyone’s lives. Most of us have beautiful dreams – an abundant and healthy life, wonderful relationships, successful careers, etc. However, all of these are buried inside us because of fear, unworthiness, and lack of awareness. According to my guests, asking is the only language to which God can deliver a solution, understanding, illumination, or plan.

Mark Victor Hansen is widely known as an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer, author, serial entrepreneur, and member of multiple board of directors. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, with more than 500 million books sold.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur. Her expertise is in the field of human potential. Through her years spent as a Transformational Life Coach and Wellness/Nutrition Expert, she has seen people experience profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness by tapping into their inner resources.

In today’s episode, Mark and Crystal talk about the art and science of asking to discover your destiny and start to move toward it so that you can manifest innumerable blessings for yourself and others. They share their story of how they met each other and became life partners. They also explain why you need to ask God instead of the Universe. And so much more! This might just be a life-changing episode for you!

And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces his next guests, Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen. Mark is widely known as an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer, author, serial entrepreneur, and member of multiple boards of directors. Meanwhile, Crystal Dwyer Hansen is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and entrepreneur.
  • [02:04]Crystal and Mark narrate the story of how they first met and share that their two hearts became a soulmate but better than twin flames.
  • [09:40]Stephan, Crystal and Mark discuss the significance of going straight to the source by asking God rather than talking to the universe.
  • [13:58]Stephan talks about a transformational experience by looking at people as their divine spark, their soul, and their God spark, not just looking at the person’s exterior. He then asks Crystal and Mark for any experience or vision about seeing the code like in the Matrix.
  • [21:52]Crystal, Mark and Stephan talk about trees having souls, and there is a living essence in every living thing.
  • [25:46]Stephan shares a couple of confirmations that he read from books about the saying earth has a soul.
  • [29:33]Crystal, Mark and Stephan talk about Matias De Stefano, who remembers past lives that go very far back.
  • [35:27]Crystal loves the idea of suspension of disbelief and tells people to open up to that natural state within, of wonder and curiosity, and start asking the questions again.
  • [39:32]Stephan asks Crystal and Mark’s thoughts about people talking to God as if they don’t expect to hear anything back and they’re only making requests.
  • [44:51]Crystal and Mark share their thoughts about the book where Solomon can communicate with animals, hear them in his mind, and communicate telepathically with them.
  • [50:21]Stephan communicates about the concept of asking for things that are not for your benefit, being either in service mode or self-service mode.
  • [55:06]Join Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen’s Ask- The Book Club for a free masterclass to learn more about the power of asking will work in your life.

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Mark and Crystal, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

MH: We’re honored to be with you. Thank you. 

CH: So great to join you today, Stephan. 

I would love to first of all hear the story of how you guys met. This idea of soulmates, I believe is very real, and I’d love to hear what your guys take is on that whole soulmate thing and weave that into your story of the magic of meeting and becoming life partners. 

CH: We definitely believe in soulmates too, Stephan, because I was in a 20-year marriage and Mark was in a 27-year marriage. I had been recently divorced, he was divorced three years. My mother got an email and said, “You need to go to this author’s one-on-one event.” I was in the middle of writing my first book called Pure Thoughts for Pure Results

Pure Thoughts for Pure Results by Crystal Dwyer

She said, “There’ll be publishers and publicists there, Mark Victor Hansen will be there,” and I was like “When is it?” Because I was living in Scottsdale, Arizona at the time. She said, “It’s basically the day after tomorrow,” and I go “Oh, I’m sure they’re sold out. I can’t go. Besides that, who’s going to watch the kids?” She goes, “I’ll watch the kids you just call.” 

I called the number and the promoter himself called me back within five minutes, which was odd because usually, you can expect to hear from an admin, assistant, or something like that. And he called me back himself and said, “Crystal, we’d love to have you. We’re not sold out, come on over.” I’m like, okay. I guess this thing has a life of its own. I’m going. 

A day-and-a-half later, I’m at this event. Mark’s the keynote speaker and I was in the VIP room afterward, because I really wanted to connect with everyone. I was so serious about my work. I’m not drinking, I’m not even going to have any wine. I’m just going to be all business here. He’s in the corner surrounded by this entourage of people and I’m over here talking to a speaking coach. Suddenly, this woman from South America was talking with her hands next to me, and there was a glass of wine on the table next to us, and she whacked the whole thing on my white pants.

I was the girl who was not drinking and gets a whole glass of red wine spilled on her white pants. It was like the entire glass jumped on one leg of my white pants. Mark must have been looking my way, Stephan, because all of a sudden he breaks out of his crowd. He comes over to me. He grabbed my hand and he’s like, “I’m so sorry you got doused with wine. I think I know where the club soda is. Follow me.”

He actually did know where the kitchen was because he had had so many events at this particular hotel in LA. Then he got the club soda, got it cleaned up, we got to talk, and he started asking about me and I told him I was really excited about my life coaching practice. My clients were having amazing breakthroughs and that’s why I wrote about it. He’s like, “I’d love to hear more but I’m starving. Have you had dinner?” I hadn’t had dinner so I said, “Sure, I’d love to have dinner with you.”

He said, “Let’s leave the hotel because everyone will be hounding me all night. Just get five minutes because that’s just the way it is.” I ran upstairs, I had to change my clothes, and call my mom real quick. I said. “Mom, I have to hurry. How are the kids? You’re not going to believe it.” I said, “I’m going to dinner with Mark Victor Hansen,” and she goes, “I knew it.” I was like, “Really? I didn’t know.” It was really funny. We went to a restaurant, and do you want to tell the rest of the story? 

We think our two hearts became a soulmate but better than those twin flames.

MH: I do. I’m going to do one prep that I don’t usually do because you started by soulmate. We think we’re two hearts and one soul. It’s like when you put two candles together, it jumps four to eightfold. That’s called exponential acceleration. We think our two hearts became a soulmate but better than those twin flames. 

Anyhow, we get to the top restaurant in LA and there are like 50 people in line. I go give $100 and they get us in and it’s late at night. I don’t know what to do. I just grabbed her hand courageously because we’re teaching Ask! And we go up to the guy and he looks at me and my wife. He said, “Okay, I give up. Who is she?” Now, remember, you always answer a question with a…

Another question. 

MH: Yeah. I said,  “You don’t recognize her?” The guy is going on steroids and he says, “‘Nope. Who is she?” I said, “I’m joking, we’re both of Danish descent.” I said, “She’s the queen of Denmark.” “No, she’s not.” All of a sudden he goes, “Oh my god, she is. Who are you?” “Back to your question. Who traveled with the queen?” He says, “Who am I?” “You’re the king. Hold on one second,” and that fast we had the best table in the place, the maître d’ and chef coming out, and it was great. We did goofy things like that you can’t stop, but I think God ordained us to be together. 

CH: Right. We were just kidding around. We’re like oh my gosh, I think he took us seriously. Okay, we’ll run with it.

MH: It optimized us and we’ve had an optimized relationship, I got to tell you.

It seems like the universe was conspiring to make it all happen for you. That woman knocking the wine on your pants and everything that ensued. If you’re using project management terminology, it was part of the critical path.

CH: It really was part of the critical path. Just the fact that I really was resisting even going. We already had a lot of energy going in each other’s direction and there was just no getting out of it, which was really cool. 

Relationships start to fail because you're not taking the time to ask the right questions to yourself, others, and God. Share on X

MH: If I may add, I went through a painful and expensive divorce. Superficially, most people get married because I want him tall, dark, and handsome – if you’re a woman. I want him to be a hot babe – if you’re a man. I had written out 267 things I needed in my ideal woman—characteristics, values, virtues, and all that. We had to have the same values and spiritually want to grow. We want to love each other’s questions. 

I kept asking myself all that stuff and wrote it, never thinking I could find my ideal and now it eclipsed it. Bucky Fuller, his great-great-grandfather was Ralph Waldo Emerson. He was a transcendentalist. She transcends everything I’d ever dreamt that I could have.

That’s beautiful. It definitely sounds like true love, like soulmates, twin flames. That’s a real gift. Not everybody gets that in a lifetime.

CH: You’re right, Stephan. We don’t take it for granted because like I said, we had marriages before and we’re not going to say they were terrible people, but we didn’t have anything close to what we have now. We’ve had the other experience to compare with and there’s really nothing like having your true soulmate in life because it’s that foundation. Our relationships are the foundation upon which we build our lives truly. It is the most important thing.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible by Pinon Press, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

That’s why in our book, we talk about asking in relationships. We’re talking about asking for wealth acceleration, asking for health and wellness, and asking for your relationships because it’s super important. We miss so much by not understanding the questions we should be asking even when we’re already in a relationship. 

Usually, that’s why relationships start to fail is because you’re not taking the time to ask the right questions of yourself, at others, and then for us, God. Those are the three channels that we talk about asking—ask yourself, ask others, and ask God. And each one’s critical, especially in relationships. 

Amazing. Now, this brings me to a really important point that you said, ask God, and some people think that they are asking the universe or that’s the way to go, ask the universe. I learned this very important distinction from Kim White who was a past guest on this podcast. He is able to communicate with angels. He’s got amazing psychic abilities. 

He’s like, if you ask the universe, then you’re asking the duality—dark, light, good, bad. You get both sides of the coin and you may not want that. But if you ask God directly, that’s only pure love, pure light, and pure source so it doesn’t come with any of the downsides, the side effects that you would get by asking the universe. I wanted to hear what you guys’ take is on that.

MH: First of all, I think both of us are going to have two different hopefully illuminating answers. First of all, I think God’s a mainframe computer. You and I are mini frames of the mainframe, so that’s that part. 

As for asking God, when we’re falling in love, we’re sitting in a mother’s market and the guy next to us is obviously a man of the cloth with a little white collar. He leans in and says, “You guys are deeply in love. Do you want to know what the secret is for a long, sustainable marriage?” I go, “I don’t really want to talk to you. I want to talk to her, but okay. Tell me the story.” 

I’ve been ahead of Billy Graham’s relationship ministry for 70 years, now that I’m 92. What you got to do is pray out loud. We did that this morning and what happens is that you go to an elevated state of awareness. My model is self-awareness. Who do you want to be doing? What do you want to have? Self-expression, self-mastery. And then the high level is you’re in a tune with the infinite. I wrote in the foreword to a book, God doesn’t care what you call him by a Jewish rabbi. He had 367 names for God, but you are right. Talking to the universe is a duality, but God is the ultimate oneness.

A prayer I do like when I’m showering every day is the father and I am one which is if that’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. It works for me. We are totally in alignment as far as we’re concerned with God. As a result when you’re in tune with the infinite, which is what the whole Bible, Old Testament and New says. I did do the Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible so I’m pretty clear on this. We did little stories getting to the big stories. When you’re in tune with the infinite, miracles literally happen. I did a book called The Miracles in You. Do you want to add that?

CH: Yeah, I do actually. It’s interesting that it has become more popular to talk to the universe or ask the universe. It’s so funny for me because it’s like okay, if you collapse the entire universe down to its source, you have God. Why not just go straight to God? Go to the source.

God made the entire universe and everything, including you, so why wouldn’t you just go straight to God?

Yes, God made the entire universe and everything in it, including you, but why wouldn’t you just go straight to God? Straight to the source of everything. The entire universe isn’t in you, but God does dwell inside of you through his spirit. The Holy Spirit is guiding you. We all have that essence in us and it’s actually talked about in multiple religions. Jesus talked about it a lot. He told us that everything he did, we could do. It’s funny that that’s the part of the Bible that even Bible literalists don’t take that one literally. They ignore that one. 

It’s just interesting to me because Jesus’s message really was the most empowering message of all time. The things I can do, you can do, but even greater than these just believe like I believe. What do we believe? We believe the kingdom of heaven is inside of you, me, each one of us, and we are created in our creator’s image. I think if people could just get that message and really own it, they would really start to feel their lives change in the most miraculous ways.

Yeah, everyone has the divine spark in them. That power is the power that creates worlds, literally creating planets, and that same power is inside of us. One thing I started doing that I found to be really transformational and very profound is to start to look at people as their divine spark, as their soul, as their God spark, and not just look at the person’s exterior. Just look at them as spark is divine. Then something happens, which is really just beyond explanation. Did you see the movie The Matrix

MH: Yeah, of course.

Twenty-some years ago. There’s a point where Neo starts seeing the code and the people and the environment. That’s what happens. It’s a switch where you start to glimpse the matrix. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that kind of a vision or experience like that, but if you’ve had something like that, I’d love for you to share that with me and our listener.

MH: First of all, that’s exactly what we’re talking about in Ask! We’re saying, hey, look, the bridge of your dreams and destiny. We think when you check out your code like in the Matrix, when you’re in your code, we think the code came before birth. He’s the author and finisher of our faith—God. What happens is when you’re in tune with the infinite and you and God are one, you can do godlike things. 

The Miracles In You by Mark Victor Hansen and Ben Carson

I’m of illiterate parents in a blue-collar city, and the chance of becoming the World’s Best selling author is probably zero. Then the miracles that we pull off, you said you’ve talked to 80 countries and 7 million people. We discovered the people that don’t ask are the people that succeed below their privilege. 

I really believe Christ taught us to ask. He didn’t tell you how to do it so we’re saying how to do it, because we think everybody’s here to fulfill their potential, to 10X themselves, or whatever you want to call it, get 100% of the potential in all seven dimensions of their life, which is what he was talking about. Most people don’t start to even test their own mettle, the spiritual stuff inside, which is what I think you’re talking about. Do you want to add to that?

CH: In terms of yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about and when you start to understand and realize it’s back to namaste—the divine in me recognizes the divine in you—because it’s what Jesus did all the time. He recognized the divinity in every single being. He didn’t care what the labels said. 

When you start to look at people that way, you do see magic and it’s almost unbelievable the experiences that start to happen to you, the profound magic and love. It can happen between you, and your waiter at the restaurant. Just these amazing things where two spiritual beings in this human experience start to open up to one another. It’s interesting because in Ask!, I don’t know if you had a chance to read the fable of Micaela, did you read it? 

I didn’t. 

CH: I know you’re going to love this just based on our conversation. You have to promise me you will read this starting tonight. I’ve been very blessed—you talked about experiences—to have these kinds of profound dreams my entire life, very spiritual dreams. 

When we decided to write the fable, we were going to do an animal. I said let’s write about a girl. I just suddenly thought, let’s just try writing about a girl. I integrated some of the dreams that I have had and I changed them to Micaela’s life, situations, and circumstances. The magical qualities, all those real qualities that I’m describing in the dreams, are things that I’ve experienced. 

When you start to understand your own divinity and others, you start to have these profound experiences that you’ll realize you’re not completely bound just to this plane that you’re seeing, this earthly plane. You’re also a light body. Often in your dreams, visions, and other things, your light body transcends what’s going on in your human body and you can have these amazing experiences and awareness. 

Talking to the universe is a duality, but God is the ultimate oneness. Share on X

Let me just give you a little backdrop on the fable of Micaela in Ask! She lost everything. She lost her mother and her father, one after the other. At the time of kings and queens, she was basically sold as an indentured servant to a stone quarry. Her job every day is about lifting heavy rocks from one place to another. That’s really how a lot of people feel about life. That it’s just lifting heavy rocks every day from one place to another. People lost a lot of hope, a lot of uncertainty, especially in what we’ve gone through the past couple of years.

Michaela is sleeping, she lost her home, and the bill collectors took her home away from her after the death of her parents. She’s sleeping in a grove of trees and she falls asleep one night exhausted. This being comes to her and he takes her on this incredible journey. He shows her this bridge and gives her some messages. One of the main parts of the message was that the key is to start asking and never stop asking. 

She wakes up and she understands something really profound has happened to her. She can’t stop thinking about it and she records it in her journal. Then she goes to work that day and suddenly, she starts to wonder, she starts to ask herself about the people around her. She starts to open up to some of their questions and starts to ask them questions. 

Little by little, as she starts asking herself, others, and God (Spirit), her life starts to shift in these miraculous ways. She not only discovers her own divinity but the divinity in everyone around her and how all of us play a part in this beautiful web. 

Our relationships are the foundation upon which we build our lives.

We are playing on this web together and if we don’t realize that we miss so much. When we do realize it, it starts to connect in such a beautiful way. By the time the story is over, Micaela has had a 180-degree change in her life and it’s really exciting and magnificent. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

MH: Can I add one thing too? 


MH: It looks like it’s going to become a movie and our agent, who’s got to go unnamed because he’s famous and doesn’t want anyone to call on him. They said, “Well, anybody that’s in front of our pretenses will call me anyhow.” It looks like he says. “It’ll be bigger than little Harry Potter.” 

I want to go back to what you said about seeing the divinity in people because there’s a critical story here. We just were commissioned and finished writing a book on the biggest black ministry at 20 million people here and 20 million in Africa. Reverend Ike, he was my close friend. Most people say he’s from Harlem, but he was an evangelist more than he had a giant church that I went to in Harlem other than New York. 

The fact is his wife called and said we got to do the book. The point is he did supernatural healings because of that evolution that I said where you get into self-realization, where you’re in touch with God and God’s in touch with you, and he knew who he was. He could have spent his whole time in prayer. Everyone says, well he had 26 Rolls Royces and all those mansions, all that’s true. 

Miracles happen when you're in tune with the infinite. Share on X

What happened is we did the stories where we interviewed the people that are 98 years old, because we’re talking about a guy born in 1935. He would heal people with tuberculosis, alcoholism, drug abuse, hemorrhoids, everything. It’s because he said, “I see the divinity in the person and the divine you can’t be sick.” He’d ask the divine health to come out and heal him because he said God only knows now. I don’t know if you want me to go that deep or not or that’s too much for your show.

This is amazing, let’s even go deeper. 

MH: If you’re willing. 

Here’s something that I think is incredible. I learned a year ago that the trees actually have souls. I learned this in Judaism. There’s a holiday that celebrates the trees and souls. It’s called Tu Bishvat.

CH: I, a hundred percent believe that. Just like we have the essence of God in us, there is a living essence in every living thing. I think also on our Earth, people call it Mother Earth. Well, it is. Our Earth has almost a mother-like soul of her own because she’s a gift from God. This is a living Earth. 

We have several friends who are some of the famous astronauts and they say when they’ve gone up into outer space, look back and see all the other planets, and look back at Earth they said, it’s just the most awe-inspiring, humbling, and the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen because you see this living planet when all around you there are lots of dead planets. I don’t think they’re completely dead.

Our Earth has almost a mother-like soul of her own because she’s a gift from God.

I’m just saying our Earth is so full of life. Then, of course, every tree, everything’s full of life, every plant. The magnificent, elegant, wonder that she produces, that’s no accident. This is the most beautiful creation. Everything from peppers to carrots to all these wonderful flavors, who set that up? That delighted our tongues, so we’re happy. The Earth makes us happy. It’s set up to make us happy. It’s so amazing. It’s such a gift and to think that that’s just some kind of random accident is really not looking at the science, honestly.

I find it disrespectful to not see the miracles of our existence and this life that we get together.

MH: There are a lot of disrespectful people but back to the soul of trees talking. It’s just today, we own a company called where we ghostwrite books for people that can afford to pay for it. One of the books that is coming through is one on trees because originally I was asked to redo Johnny Appleseed into Jeanette Appleseed.

This guy wants to do it and said to Tom, our partner, “What does Mark want?” I want us to reforest the planet with one trillion trees. Now that could look like a hard thing, but today with drones, you can fly in and put the seeds you want and with what my wife was just saying, let’s make enough fruit and stuff for everybody so nobody is ever hungry again. 

We’re at a time where John chapter 10 verse 10 says, “Come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly because he could see the entirety of the universe.” In the entirety of the universe, if you use your mind in a positive and correct way, we create the unlimited because he took a shortage of fish turning into surplus and fed, I’m going to say 50,000. It says 5000 but women and children weren’t counted in and he had four baskets leftover. The big brother only knew abundance. There’s no lack in the universe as what Crystal was saying and running a border back to space. 

We’re talking about the astronauts that I met when I was in graduate school with Bucky Fuller because he was a senior adviser to NASA, one of the smartest guys, said when you look back, this thing is living. I get goosebumps, which to me is corroboration to the truth. I don’t know if your listeners and viewers are going to agree with that, but that’s what I believe.

Our Earth is so full of life.

I’ve talked about this in previous episodes multiple times. I refer to it as Angel bumps. Yeah, it is absolute confirmation.

CH: Yeah, definitely.

A couple of things I want to share. Crystal, what you were saying about the Earth having a soul. A couple of confirmations of that that I received for a recent one or a long time ago, one was in listening to the audiobook of The Alchemist that was just recently. 

MH: We love that. 

Yeah, it’s such a great book. The soul of the world. When you connect with the soul of the world, all this magic starts happening for the protagonist, he gets visions, et cetera. That’s not a made-up thing, it’s real, the soul of the world. Another way to refer to it is Mother Earth or Gaia. 

The other book that I want to mention is A Wrinkle in Time. It talks about how each star has a soul and can become a person, essentially, to take you on this amazing journey for the protagonists. 

At the time I read it, I thought well, that’s silly. A huge star like the sun can become a person? And that the sun has intelligence, heart, and then unconsciousness and all that, but now I see it as truth.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Alan R. Clarke

CH: Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, Stephan, because I’ve read and understood a lot more on that. Even especially through people’s near-death experiences. One that’s really interesting to us is Mellen-Thomas Benedict. He died for an hour and a half and he has one of the most documented experiences ever of a near-death experience. He was pretty much an atheist and he met God, the giant light. He also saw this experience of all these souls. He thought humanity was so tainted and bad. He realized how beautiful souls are, every soul. 

Even when we’ve done wrong, there’s so much beauty and nobility in every single human soul. Then he talked about how he saw that we came from the stars of light. We are the light. God creates from the light. 

The more you start to understand, the more of what you would have thought as crazy concepts, makes so much sense. We are the stuff of light and everything already exists in the universe and always has. When the intention of God comes together with you and your expression, anything can happen.

MH: In Hitchhiking on what you said also, Stephan, first of all, the Egyptians, which a lot of Moses’ stuff come out of Egyptian lore including part of the 10 commandments. But the point is, the Egyptians believed that God was the sun because the sun made everything that ever happened happen on our planet, inclusive of our little planet as far as their cosmology and cosmogony was concerned as off of that.

From a scientific point of view, Einstein’s best explanation of E=mc² came from my teacher, Bucky Fuller. That’s why they befriended each other and he became his best student. But he has all the energy of the physical universe, and it only comes in two forms—radiant sunlight and metaphorically like light—and then tied up as a knot, whether it’s my body, or this table, or whatever.

The sunlight does become this stuff, so we are the stuff of light. The major light of lights, I would say, I’ve never said this before, but I think I would love you guys to argue if I’m wrong, but is God. He’s the light of all lights, right?

The light of all lights, the Holy of Holies. Another thing too that pops for me is I’ve heard of this guy that is remembering past lives that go very far back. It’s not just little snippets or just the most recent past life. This is Matias De Stefano.

When the intention of God comes together with you and your expression, anything can happen. Share on X

MH: Oh, my god. He’s wonderful.

CH: We listen to Matias. He’s amazing.

MH: He talks about the 7–12 levels of dimensionality. Correct. By the way, Crystal is a master maestro of this, but let me just do my preface. The real Aramaic that Jesus said is, My house has many dimensions. I remember to a second grade mime, whoever interpreted that said, “My house has many rooms. If it weren’t, I would have told you.” 

But insofar that it is—I got goosebumps again—his father it is, so where I am, you maybe. But Crystal is a scholar in his stuff. As far as I’m concerned, he is dimensionalizing the truth of awareness, my dear.

CH: It’s so interesting that you brought him up because you can tell that you couldn’t make this stuff up. Have you finished your thoughts on that? What do you think of him?

I know he’s the real deal. I have a knowing about this. I don’t have any information, though, to base it on. It’s just a knowing. I have not watched his interviews. I just started watching Aubrey Marcus interviewing Matias. This guy is amazing. I just feel really drawn to his stuff, but I have not started watching other than the first few minutes.

What happens for me is I get in front of the podcast mic here and I never have prepared questions. I’m interviewing Mark Victor Hansen, I’m better prepared. No, I just need to be tapped in, tuned in, and ready to relay what comes to me. I know that when stuff just pops into my mind, that’s not my subconscious. That’s not a little bit of indigestion or whatever, like the Scrooged movie.

Those are my guides, my higher self, my angels whispering into my consciousness. If it comes in out of nowhere, it doesn’t have any emotion attached to it. It just simply is and it stays put. This whole thing about Matias, I didn’t remember is his full name even. I just know that, okay, I’m supposed to bring up Matias. Okay.

CH: And instantly, we knew. Isn’t that crazy? Because a lot of people haven’t heard of him. I just wanted to say it makes sense when I look around my life, when you look around your life, that we come into this world with some experience, that this is the first time. Otherwise, we’d all be just pretty much alike.

I grew up in a family of nine kids. Same two parents, ate out of the same refrigerator, had the same rules, and all of us were so different from the second we took our first breath. We were really different in how we understood life, how we process life. You have to understand that we’ve had experience.

Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny by Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen

We’re eternal beings, too, in some way. On both ends, we’re going to continue on and we’ve come from somewhere. I don’t know if it’s necessarily like reincarnation on this earth or just other dimensions of learning and understanding. There are just things that you know sometimes. I get that feedback all the time that you’re talking about, Stephan, from the universe. It’s just, boom. Some of it saved my life.

I’ve been reading a book from Bettye Binder about past lives and there’s something that just really stood out for me. These tribal leaders who are warring with each other. The way that they make peace is by reincarnating as siblings. They work it out over cornflakes at breakfast.

CH: That’s interesting. Isn’t that something? Wow.

MH: I want to go back to two questions that are going in and add to that because you’re asking it or at least implicitly you’re asking. I’ll explicitly be answering as best as I can. 

Matias is a definition of our evolution, which I respectfully understand. There are some people in what I would call the old church that gets stuck in their stuff. They get stuck in religiosity. I wrote a whole book and it’s been a long time ago and the first chapter is Don’t get stuck. The point is, you’re supposed to be up, you’re supposed to be growing.

What Crystal is saying is, for the first time, we have enough understanding of the dimensionality, of the potentiality, that you and I, our spirit lives forever. When you do die based on us watching all the stuff that happened at Dartmouth of 20,000 NDEs (near death experiences), all the people had exactly the same experience. They died, got the other side, cancer, heart attack, car crash, whatever. They all were told by big G, hey, the game for you is not over. You didn’t do what you’re supposed to do and learn what you’re supposed to learn.

We wrote Ask! because we think this is the university of life. Unless somebody goes through all these questions with their best friend, their mate, their spouse, mastermind partner, business partner, church, temple, Ashra, mosque partner, I don’t care who they go through with, although preferably, it’s a person with an open mind.

The mind works like a parachute. It only works when it’s open. You’re willing to explore some of who you can become because that’s what asking is about from my point of view and Crystal’s. What is the dimensionality of your passion and purposefulness, so you fulfill your destiny while you’re in the humanoid form?

We wrote Ask! because we think this is the university of life.

When you said mind only works like a parachute when it’s open, that reminded me of another kind of truism or kind of a mode of operating in life that I subscribe to. It’s the willing suspension of disbelief.

CH: I love that. Stephan, that is as important as anything. I wanted to say we all come into this world and we talk about this in the book. We all come into this world as perfect little uncorrupted askers. We are infinitely curious. Curiosity is part of the asking journey.

We want to know who, what, when, where, why, how, because we’re discovering. It’s no wonder that children evolved so quickly through those years because of that curiosity, because of their willingness to ask.

Depending on how we were parented, what happened in our school years, you stopped asking so many questions. Sit down, don’t ask questions till you’re called on. I’m tired of hearing you ask something. Maybe your opinions are not valuable when you go to work and leave home. Suddenly, you get shut down as a human being.

You forget who you were. We forget who we were when we came to this world as this seeking, wondering, curious little being who was perfectly uncorrupted. As part of what Mark and I are teaching in this book is just telling people to open up to that natural state within, of wonder and curiosity, to start asking the questions again.

Ask yourself. Ask others because we can’t do this journey alone. You will never accomplish anything in this world without somebody else involved. We need each other. We cannot be an island. So the asking others is so important.

We are infinitely curious.

The asking yourself part is that reflective journey. How can we know how to go forward if we don’t understand where we are and don’t understand what our vision is of ourselves? The only way we get a vision of going forward is to sit with ourselves and ask ourselves. Where am I now? Where do I want to be in the nth degree of my most amazing imagination?

Stop holding back. Stop painting the minimalist picture. Paint the picture of what you really want in your relationships, in your mind, and then ask the questions backward. How am I relating in this relationship to this wonderful human being? What do we enjoy together? What adventures? How do we treat each other? How will you ever achieve those things if you can’t paint the picture and then ask how you got there, ask yourself what that looks like, and ask God? 

Then the other part of asking yourself is really taking it into action. What are the steps I need to take? Because just like you said, the universe is going to give you feedback. God’s perfect universe is set up to answer every question. That’s what we want people to understand. 

It’s the perfect universe that God set up for us. All the answers are there. You just need to ask. Just like Jesus said, seek and you’ll find. Knock on the door, it will be open. Ask and you will receive.

Stop holding back.

I think that some people actually take that as a ask for things from God because they don’t hear an answer. They don’t hear God’s voice. They don’t have a burning bush in their backyard. You don’t need one. God actually does speak to you. You just have to be open to it.

Asking God, to many people, means I’m going to pray and ask for things like I’m asking for my wishes to a genie. That’s not how it works. You can ask for things, but that shouldn’t be the primary modus of your interactions.

Like a dialogue, a conversation is one where you say something, ask something. You then stay quiet and then you wait for the response. That is the part that’s missing, I think, for a lot of people.

MH: I heard it as a statement. If you’re saying that as a question, I got an answer. But I’ll let you ask your question.

I guess my question would be, what are your thoughts about people talking to God as if they don’t expect to hear anything back and they’re only making requests? Usually, those requests are for things for themselves or indirectly. Instead of asking for wealth or for some investment to play out well, how about asking for more wisdom on which investments to make or more certainty so that you’re not crippled by fear?

All the answers are there. You just need to ask.

Instead of asking to have a disease healed, how about asking for your own healing abilities to be awakened so that you can heal yourself and others? I don’t know. I feel like the quality of a lot of questioning and asking needs to be upgraded. I’m included in that, too. I’m still learning. I’m a toddler at this, like all of us. It seems like there’s a lot of potential there. I’m curious to hear what your recommendations are for our listeners.

MH: Your recommendation is spot on, as far as I’m concerned. Because Solomon, when he’s talking to God, he could ask God for anything. Anyone else can ask God for anything. But he said, what do you want, Solomon? Because each of us got to get definite with the infinite.

When I went bankrupt, I lost $2 million in a day back in 1974. I asked, what do I want to do? I want to be a professional speaker. To talk to people that care about things that matter that would make a life changing difference. I’m not going to go there.

Solomon asked for wisdom and said, I’ll give you all the riches in the world. And that’s basically what you’re saying. When you ask for wisdom, you’ll figure out how to work with your immune system so that it does heal, because what happens is when you go to wisdom, your mind has all these channels.

Most of us get locked into one channel. I’m sick, I have cancer, I have a heart attack, I had a stroke, I’m crippled. What happens is if you can change the channel to the wisdom channel, I believe—and I think I’m talking from my wife; she’s allowed to answer differently—that there’s a solution to every problem.

The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.

We’re teaching entrepreneurship and we say, look, an entrepreneur finds a problem, fixes it, scales it, and makes a vast profit. Obviously, I’ve sold more books and one of my goals is to sell a billion, which I haven’t done yet. But I’ve asked God, show me the way even today during some prayer time, meditation, and contemplation. I think I’ve got it.

You say, why do you want to do that? I’m going a little long here, but when you go to the richest guy at one time, Andrew Carnegie’s house in New York at 91st and 5th, it says, authors are the wealth of the nation. I’d change it today to the wealth of the world. Number two, which most people miss about them. As Robert Baron said, no one can get rich without enriching all others. How would you answer going for the wisdom, honey?

CH: I think it’s not a grocery list, like a Santa Claus list. I want this, can you give me this, can you give me this? It is really about asking to get guidance, to have that guidance, that sacred guidance, and that internal compass that will guide you to help you see opportunities. First of all, help you get to know yourself. What is it that you really want and then why? Why is that meaningful? When you ask these questions, they’re very deep probing questions, internal questions.

In the last part of the book, we talk about asking for your greatest purpose. We talked about this, our question switch technique, instead of asking, what am I going to get out of this or what can I have out of this? What can I gain? What if we all switch that to, who do I become if I do this thing or make this decision?

It is really about asking to have that sacred guidance and that internal compass to help you see opportunities.

It’s an important question switch. It really changes your perspective. Who do I become? If we look at life that way, it’s not all just about gaining material goods. That’s one of the problems we’re seeing right now, even in government and just the way things are run. People have really given into this power, greed control model.

There are so many human beings. Unfortunately, a lot of them are in government positions. It’s all about how they can gain personally, instead of being in service to the people who elected them to serve. That’s where corruption comes from.

At the end of the day, where does it lead? Greed and power can become like an addiction. Just like having another drink when you’re an alcoholic, there’s no true satisfaction in that. You are just feeding a monster in.

Mark and I pray and meditate all the time that the world model is changing because I think people are waking up. I think people are seeing some things that have been troubling and puzzling over these past few years. We’re saying, what’s a better model?

It’s creating this oneness where people are naturally coming to a point where we understand. We have to consider each other and everything. Consider each other, and the earth, and everything else. It’s not just about making corporations more profitable.

There’s a book about Solomon that popped in my mind. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are. It’s about the ring of Solomon. Solomon had this ring that allowed him to communicate with animals, to hear them in his mind, be able to communicate telepathically with them.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on this. I think Solomon is such an amazing soul. He’s someone I really look up to. I’m curious, did you know about this, The Ring of Solomon?

MH: Yeah, of course. First of all, it’s called the Ring of Solomon. I’ll buy the book because I don’t know that at all. But I would agree that he had the telepathic ability because here’s a guy who had 12,000 horses and chariots. He’s a Jewish guy running 22 Arab countries that don’t really get along with them. They gave him wives and all that. That’s why he had 700 wives and all that. He had 20,000 Phoenician ships run out of tires. I haven’t been scholarly pretty much, but I’ve not heard about the ring and we’re friends with the guy who wrote The Riches of Solomon.

I went to the Bowers Museum in Tustin, California. They had the Solomon exhibit and I took my rabbi friend of mine, a minister. We went and spent all the time there. You’ll find this interesting, I hope. We’re discussing how far the Queen of Sheba came. She came 3500 miles.

Remember, America is only 2500 miles. She came as long as the Great Wall of China. We’ve been to China 80 times because I want to teach capitalism there and get out of communism. But the point is that she traveled by camel and horse with an entourage of 4000.

When she shows up, she’s asking him the question. When she went into his palace, he had glass floors and water, and she lifted her skirt. She was so scared she was going to hit the water. She had never seen glass before.

The first question that Solomon asked her was, “How do you look through sand?” She’s smart and she was. He’s the one he really fell in love with. He said, “You look through glass,” and it’s brilliant. It’s brilliant. No question about it whether he had a literal telepathic ring that communicated with the Ark of the Covenant. That’s a whole nother issue, which we need to do a whole show on, I think.

The book by the way is called King Solomon’s Ring. It’s written by a Nobel Prize winner. His name is Conrad Lorenz. He had an incredible ability to communicate with animals and understand essentially what they were saying and what they were thinking.

God's perfect universe is set up to answer every question. Share on X

This is not make believe. He’s a Nobel Prize winner. Clearly, this guy was legit. I was recently able to interview Laura Stinchfield, a famous pet psychic. She’s absolutely the real deal as well.

If you’re wondering what kind of wisdom your dog or cat has for you in terms of your relationship or your wealth, you would be amazed at what they have to say. It’s profound. Anyway, Laura Stinchfield, she’s the real deal as well. I’m reading the book, King Solomon’s Ring now. It’s great.

MH: By the way, one of our kids is a horse whisperer. She woke me up at 2 and said, “Dad, the horse is delivering our baby.” I said, “Are you sure?” She said, “You call the vet.” I said, ”No, you’re taking me over. I saw a good if it’s a breach.”

She was a kid. She was 14 or 13 at the time and said, “If it’s a breach, dad, what’s breach?” I said, “It’s backwards.” And I said, “If it’s a breach, you’re reaching in, dad’s not.” We were there and a horse was delivered on time.

King Solomon’s Ring by Konrad Lorenz

It was really miraculous. The only mistake dad made is I had an iPhone, but I didn’t videotape it because I want to cherish that with my daughter who wanted to be there at the time. It does exist. Some people can talk to animals.

One trick I learned about this. They can pick up what we’re thinking, telepathically, when we’re talking to them, if we also visualize the images that go with it. Okay, mommy and daddy, you’re going to be gone for three days. So then you picture in your mind, the sun rising and setting three times.

You make this little movie in your mind. Then on the third night, you’re coming back in the door and you’re reunited with your dog, and you’re petting him or her, and you’re giving them treats so they don’t feel all anxious that you may not be coming back. You pair that with the words that you normally would say. Okay, we’re coming back in three days.

CH: I love that. I swear I’ve seen that so much with our dogs from the past. They do read your mind. They understand when you’re sad. They understand when you’re mad. They’re really amazing.

MH: Our granddaughters are sitting as we talk. We’ve got a great lab that not only hugs her, but kisses her in the morning. It’s just the most amazing, beautiful, beautiful, animal.

CH: It’s so beautiful.

That’s awesome. There’s one other thing I wanted to talk about. I know our time is about to end. There’s this concept of asking for things that are not for your benefit. You’re either in service mode or self-service mode. I highly recommend being in service mode.

When you’re in full blown service mode, you want the best, the most benevolent outcomes for everybody. One of the most powerful ways to bring this about is to ask for God to be using you as the delivery person for his miracles.

In the book of Isaiah, there’s a point where he’s at the feet of God. It’s almost like he’s interrupting a board meeting between angels and God, like who’s delivering this miracle and who’s delivering that one? All these assignments are being given. Then here’s Isaiah at the feet of God. This little guy is raising his hand, here I am, Lord, please send me. Are you familiar with that part of the book of Isaiah?

CH: Yup.

MH: Yes. The whole principle there is exactly what he says next, which is, “Before you call, I will answer.” That’s what asking is all about. That’s why, like we’re saying, you got to ask positively correctly and you got to ask in all three dimensions.

Asking God is a sacred honor, a sacred trust.

Asking God is a sacred honor, a sacred trust. Most people have done it perfunctorily, like you’re saying, I want me a new car, a house. Great. What’s your participation? When we found this magnificent house and people came into it, man, it’s got the best feng shui ever. Well, that’s because if you’ll forgive the line, we were prayed up, we knew this is exactly what we wanted.

When we finally synchronized in time and space, we knew each other sort of instantly, the love at first sight, which we’re in the first time in history, that while there are eight billion plus people alive, I believe everyone’s got their twin soul or soul mate somewhere alive on the planet right now.

The danger in the old days was called ecological sweep out, only 29 miles or 30 miles from your house, you could know very many people. But today with jets and communication, we’ve met people that we are soulmates with on Zoom interviews both in Vietnam and in Europe. It is beyond. I never expected to be going into high levels of elevated consciousness or awareness on Zoom calls like this one has been with you. This has been an absolute delight.

Same with how I feel. I’m very connected to you both. I’m so honored and privileged to share this time and this space with both of you. In Kabbalah, they teach there is no time, space, or motion. That’s all an illusion. It feels like time has kind of collapsed. Now it’s already been an hour and we’re needing to wrap up.

MH: The Kabbalah starts with all his mind. One of the guys we write with is a Kabbalist, who’s a dear friend, so we’re in. I think we’ve done another 427 podcast right now in the last couple years since Covid started.

Just like we have the essence of God in us, there is a living essence in everything.

It’s amazing to me, the amount of people that are not doing their homework, reading our stuff, which is you didn’t read it, but you’re so comprehensively aware. It’s great. We just have to leave the whole podcast, whereas it’s nice that you are collectively informed because everybody needs to be, because you’ve got to ask questions to ask yourself, ask others, and ask God, like we’re teaching.

You grow in awareness. We’re supposed to evolve. We’re supposed to be enchanted with life. We’re supposed to make it magnificent. Not turn on the negative news and get crushed in spirit, soul, mind, and heart.

CH: Yeah, this has been delightful.

CNN, Crisis News Network.

MH: Exactly.

CH: Yeah, exactly. It’s a perfect name. This has been delightful, Stephan. I agree with you. It feels like the time just collapsed. There’s just no way a whole hour went by. Thank you for being so open and probing these.

I think these topics and these conversations that more people need at the soul level. I think we’re all raising our consciousness right now. The whole planet is raising in consciousness. It’s time.

One of the reasons we’ve had to go through these challenges is because it forces us to look at these, to question things, and to reach into a deeper part of ourselves. We’re just happy to be here with you and I hope everybody gets a copy of the book, Ask! It’s on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, wherever you want to get it.

If you go to, we will send you an invitation to our free masterclass. We’re doing a free masterclass because we want people to take their journey further and really go deep with this whole concept of asking. Join us for that,

Awesome.  Thank you again. You’re doing God’s work. It’s amazing. You’re doing great things for humanity. Thank you so much. And thank you, listener. You can do great things for humanity, too. You are the change you want to see in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Always pray out loud to God. This is a way to communicate with Him. Remember that God is the ultimate oneness; miracles happen when I am in tune with Him.

?Look at people in their divine spark, not at their exterior. To see the divine in others is to recognize that they are sons and daughters of God. It is to look past what they do wrong and look for the inner goodness that shines through

?There is a living essence in everything. Earth is so full of life and has almost a mother-like soul of her own because she’s a gift from God.

?Don’t get stuck. Allow my mind to be open to new possibilities and be willing to explore life without barriers. Curiosity is part of the asking journey.

?Ask others. I will never accomplish anything in this world without somebody else involved. Remember that no man is an island.

?Have a reflective journey on Earth. The only way I can get a vision of going forward is to sit with myself and ask myself these questions: Where am I now? Where do I want to be in the nth degree of my most amazing imagination?

?Stop holding back. Stop painting a minimalist picture. Instead, paint the picture of what I want in my relationships and ask these questions: How am I relating in this relationship to this wonderful human being? What do we enjoy together? How do we treat each other?

?Ask for my greatest purpose. Don’t ask: What am I going to get out of this? Instead, ask this question: Who do I become if I do this thing or make this decision?

?Ask God to use me as a delivery person for His miracles. I have to be in service mode and ask for the best and most benevolent outcomes for everybody.

?Join Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen’s book club community. They are doing a free masterclass for people to take their journey further and go deep with the whole concept of asking.


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