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By: Stephan Spencer


Aaron Scotti
“If we try to please everyone and do everything we don’t want to do, we’re just going to drive ourselves nuts, and we’re going to miss out on many moments in our life.”
Aaron Scotti

Why is it so important to stop judging others? Being judgmental impinges upon their freewill, and that’s not fair to them or to your future self. And when you judge others, you’re inviting others to judge you. That’s karma. Today’s guest shares how he overcomes his tendency to judge and envy others.

Aaron Scotti is a Hollywood actor and producer. His most recent movie is The Peanut Butter Falcon, a fantastic film with a powerful lesson. He is also the co-host of The Awakened Soul, an enlightening podcast he combines with a spiritual coaching and leadership program.

In today’s episode, Aaron talks about having compassion for our fellow man or woman. Some souls are young and don’t have the experience of a much older soul. We also discuss how to learn from the spiritual depth of our children, how to see the hand of God in everything, and how to reveal light wherever you go. This episode will transform the way you think and help you cultivate a posture of compassion. And now on with the show.

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces Aaron Scotti, an actor and producer, with his recent production, The Peanut Butter Falcon movie. He’s also the creator of The Awakened Soul, a podcast combining spiritual coaching and leadership in an enlightening podcast.
  • [05:02]Stephan and Aaron discuss how and why time is an illusion.
  • [10:37]Aaron shares how he continues to grow and honor his choices.
  • [17:23]Why being self-aware and catching yourself being judgmental is beneficial for your personal growth.
  • [22:29]How all thoughts are being broadcasted to the unseen world.
  • [27:32]Stephan discusses the universal law of what you focus on is what you get more of.
  • [34:33]Stephan shares how Hollywood prepares us for things we should say yes to.
  • [39:20]Aaron affirms that you can heal yourself with your mind, body, and spirit.
  • [44:41]Stephan further shares how Aaron impacted his life.
  • [51:21]Find Aaron Scotti on Facebook and send him a private message to work with him. Listen to his podcast, join his group, The Awakened Soul and follow his YouTube channel to stay updated about his latest releases.

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The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019 Film)

It’s so great to have you on the show, Aaron.

Thanks, Stephan. Thank you for having me. I’m glad we finally had to do this. I know we’ve been talking for a while and life came up. Now we finally made it.

Yes. Well, you and your wife had a baby. That’s been pretty tumultuous in terms of changing your schedule around and all that. I’m in a fun tumultuous. 

I just went from zero to a hundred real quick, as they say.

How many months apart are your two kids?

I think 17 or 18 months. That’s pretty quick. It’s funny. I’m actually meeting a lot of people who are in the same boat. It was like 202. Putting into work now, and we’ll be glad we did it in a couple of years because they’ll have their buddy and then they’ll be able to take care of us someday.

What’s been a big lesson that you’ve gotten from having two kids in a short time span of each other?

I think the biggest thing is patience, obviously. It almost sounds cliché, but it is. The other thing is just being in the moment, being mindful, being in that now. I have an Apple TV. I don’t know if you have one or not, but you could change the screensavers on it. It can connect to your Apple Photos. We have a photo album that we made as an Apple TV screensaver. 

Since Tyler was born, we’ve been adding pictures, adding pictures. Then we add pictures of Katie now, our daughter who was born a month ago. Her name is Katherine Wild, little Katie. We’re adding pictures of her as well and pictures of me and stuff, but it comes up sporadically. It’s randomized. We’ll see a picture of Tyler as a baby and I look at him now or two months ago, and just man, again, these clichés—they grow so fast.

When I see those things, I’ll sit there and watch my screensaver and cry. I’ll get nostalgic to go look at him now, he’s such a big boy. It reminded me that you really want to be present because the only thing that matters is now, especially with everything going on in the world. You can pick this thing up and get lost really quick. Then you just think, oh, I have to do this or this, or I have to get back to this. This is coming, the new roles or I got to meet with my friend.

If you try to please everyone and if you try to do everything that you don’t want to do, you’re just going to drive yourself nuts and you’re going to miss their entire childhood. Reflecting on that, I could have done that for myself growing up. I didn’t know I was chasing the dangling carrot. Obviously, Hollywood is a big rat race. I jumped in the pool and I’m assuming I would play the game.

Now, as I look back, I don’t regret anything.

Now, as I look back, I don’t regret anything. But if I was forced to do it all over again, I would definitely have been more mindful, present in the now. The good news is, I’m still in my 30s so I get to choose to do that now. I wish that I was able to do that and then get a little more sleep, but really, this is where we’re at. I’m grateful for those lessons sooner than later. Again, we hear this all the time, the power of now, this present moment. Actually being forced to put it into practice is a blessing.

I’ve actually heard that outside of our physical reality, there is no time. Time doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion.

Illusion, yeah. I say that all the time to my wife. She loves it. 

It was created for us to understand the law of cause and effect, of karma, the consequences of our actions. Time didn’t exist and we’d get everything immediately. We wouldn’t have the full appreciation of what we’ve earned positively and negatively, so that’s why time exists. Outside of this physical reality, there’s only the eternal now. Past, present, and future all happen simultaneously.

There is, therefore, the ability to see the future from outside of our physical realm. You get psychics who predict your future. It’s not always accurate because these are probabilities, not inevitabilities. They can see the future because they’re given that sight, clairvoyance, that future sight, or clairaudience. They’re given answers, insights, and things from higher realms. 

That’s all from this bigger picture perspective, the higher dimension. I’m curious what your experiences have been with the eternal now, being in the present moment, and seeing there’s more to this than just what has been presented to us.

I went through a lot of peeling those layers. You and I sit here and as a matter of fact can say time is an illusion. We could laugh about it, but if you really try to grasp that concept, especially in the world we’ve lived in thus far, it’s a challenging thing to wrap your head around because it’s all we really knew. The thing is if we ask, we’ll receive. You have to really ask for the truth. You have to be prepared to receive that truth because it can be very jarring and you want to take baby steps.

If we try to please everyone and do everything we don't want to do, we're just going to drive ourselves nuts, and we're going to miss out on many moments in our life. Share on X

For me, it’s definitely been a roller coaster of learning big time. It’s been ups and downs, but because you could see the possibilities of the things—there was a time where I was saying a lot of, we’re being lied to and open your eyes with all this awakening. Now I’m just like, look, maybe we’ve been misguided. Some people like to be like, oh, there’s evil in the world. It’s all energy. We need that polarity. We need that positive and negative. We need the dark to see the light. We need the contrast so we can appreciate it. 

If we didn’t have that contrast, we’d all be sitting under a tree singing kumbaya for eternity, which sounds nice, but it’s probably boring after a while. We need that feminine rod a little bit. There was a lot of time spent up and down and up and down. It’s like going to the gym. We’re breathing or expanding the muscle contract, expand contract, expand contract. Every time we’re doing that, the muscle grows. 

I’ve been doing a lot of that and noticing more and more that I’m able to embrace and appreciate that concept of the eternal now. Not consistently, again, this takes a while because we’re unraveling, we’re peeling the layers of our old conditioning, our old programming. It takes time, but we chose to come here under the circumstances we’re in. 

That’s what I believe at this moment. Tomorrow I might change my mind, I don’t know. That’s all part of it. A lot of people get caught up with words like ‘hypocrite,’ ‘shame,’ and ‘guilt.’ Peer pressure is running rampant right now. People are afraid to explore and express if it goes against this mainstream narrative. I just feel like I was missing out on that if that was the case. 

If I was to just go along and okay, this is what we’re told to do. You wake up in the morning, turn the TV on, look for marching orders, you really don’t get to be an individual who does things for himself. It wasn’t easy, but it gets easier along the way because some friends move out of your life. They’re making their own choices and that’s fine, but that creates space for new people to come in. 

I continue to grow every day.

You and I met in 2020. I’m not saying that we’re fascinating or interesting, but for me, this is a more interesting conversation already than the conversations I used to have on the red carpet. It’s nice weather out. Yeah, it’s really nice today, but where’s the depth? Again, that first layer is the scariest to peel. That’s a lot of the stuff that I’ve learned and experienced. I continue to grow every day.

I could look back at this conversation a year from now and say, wow, look how green I was or look how young I was in my growth. I could look at something I said a year ago in an interview and realize, wow, look how much growth there is. Sometimes the growth can be painful. It’s why it’s called growing pains. That’s been a lot of my experience. 

There’s a lot of pain to push through, but I think that was all living in me. I found ways to build walls around my heart for so long and just ignore it and just try to fit in. Once you start to peel and take those walls down and just be like, this is who I am. I love everyone. I don’t mean any harm. I’m going to make my choices and I honor your choices. 

Some people just aren’t along the same part of the journey as you. It’s like, I wanted to step on the gas a little bit because I’m a father now. I changed everything. I’m like, what am I going to teach my children? That’s where I’m at now learning that. 

I think living in that moment has taught me the opposite. It’s like, what am I learning from my children? Tyler’s one and a half now. Before he was born, I just kept saying, I’m not reading these parenting books. I don’t know what got into me. I said, they’re coming directly from the source. What happened to me, I can’t speak for everyone, but if we look in the world today, we see this happens often. The parents take them and bring them down to our level. 

Rather than bring him down to my level, I need to rise back up to his level. If he’s coming directly from the source, I’m not going to strip him of that intelligence, and I’m going to watch him navigate the world and nurture where he’s at. When he was a baby, he used to hide his pacifier out of nowhere. I would change his diaper, take it out, and hide it behind his head. Then grab it and show me. I was like, oh, He’s into magic. It’s like quantum physics or something that we don’t really understand, but maybe that’s just our natural state innately. It’s been so conditioned out of us. 

We need the dark to see the light and the contrast so that we can appreciate it.

I just started to look at that like fun. Then he grabbed the basketball and started playing that. Then when he was done, it’s like, let’s move on to something else. Rather than force him to go, no, you’re going to dribble that ball three hours a day and be a professional basketball player and hang you upside down so you’re tall enough. I just didn’t want to do that to my child. I feel like trying to bring myself up to his level, where he came from, that creative source that we all come from—whatever we believe in. That was an eye-opener. I feel like we’re all growing because of that.

We are. We for sure are. It becomes more critical to show up powerfully, thoughtfully, and intentionally in every communication and every interaction because we’re modeling for these little ones. Even a tiny baby, we’re modeling. If we just toe the company line, do what we’re told, and all that, that’s what we’re modeling. What you’re saying is, no, let’s not do that. Let’s follow our internal spiritual GPS.

Let’s do what we’re made for, which is to stand in our greatness and be spiritual beings having a human existence, not just human beings having a spiritual existence. I love that quote from Wayne Dyer. I love how you’re just acting with such intentionality and from a place of love and non-judgment. I have to admit something, a little admission.

I was getting ready to admit something too when you said non-judgment, just so you know. Not always. There’s definitely judgment there, but I try to catch myself.

Judgment is part of my Tikkun. It’s a big part of my Tikkun, which in Kabbalah, Tikkun in Hebrew is our soul correction. That’s what we’re here to fix and address. For me, it’s judgment big time. I judged you. 

We were introduced by a mutual friend, who is also in Metal, a great guy. I looked you up before, I decided whether to have you on my podcast or not. This was last year. I’m like, from Hollywood producer to lightworker. That was one of the titles of an interview you did. 

I think that was Lucas’s title.

My eyes rolled. 

Mine did too when I saw the title.

The words ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ are poison.

I didn’t like the term lightworker. This was just last year. I’m still a toddler in this journey of spirituality. This is my embarrassing admission here that I judged you. I’m a little embarrassed by it because now I consider myself a lightworker. 

The irony.

Life is full of irony. Now I’m eating crow, so to speak, because I realized that I judged you. I shouldn’t have judged you but I did. ‘Should’ I know is not a great word. In nonviolent communication (NVC)—Marshall Rosenberg is the creator of NVC—’should’ is the most violent word in the human language. 

That’s what I always say, should and shouldn’t are poison. 

Anyway, I could have done better. I didn’t know at the time. If you correct these things after the fact, of course, it’s best to do it correctly the first time or the way of your highest self, your higher self, but I didn’t. I corrected it later. It took a month or so. When I did, wow, it revealed so much light. 

I’ll tell you, you changed my life. You have changed my destiny and the destiny of everyone who follows me, all my children, children’s children, and so forth. It was through an introduction that you made. I think you know who I’m talking about. 

That’s really cool. Thank you for saying that. I had no idea. Because I get hard on myself all the time. Is it even worth it? Does anybody care? Everybody’s focused this way. I don’t know why this is coming up. Just keep pouring it out. Don’t question it, don’t judge it. 

What if I kept judging myself and say this is stupid? Then maybe I wouldn’t have had that impact on one person. I thank you for reminding me. Also, the thing about the admission. The biggest issue out there is that most people don’t have the courage to admit that, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

When you are judging and coveting, that means you're not living in this moment or appreciating this moment. Share on X

I judge people all the time. I judge myself. It’s constant. It’s about catching it for your own personal growth. When we can get rid of that ego, just little pieces of it at that moment to go, yeah, man, I judged you. 

I remember that title because that was Lucas who’s now my partner in The Awakened Soul. I actually reached out to him on Instagram. We became friends and then he asked me to come on his podcast and I did. He titled that. He went out and found a picture of me on the carpet or something. He wrote that title and I was like, well, I guess I need to lean into that. 

I remember judging that title. Lightworker, what the hell’s that? It’s funny that you brought up that specific title. I definitely go into my head. I’d have to consider myself something of the sort. I know things like shoulds, titles, labels, and stuff are what’s been dividing us and getting in the way. I tried to at least be broad about it.

We need more people operating as lightworkers in the world or operating as the light of the world. I just think that all that is is ripping down those walls and allowing whatever’s in behind those walls to shine, which is light. 

I’m here to reveal light.

I honor you for that admission because the biggest problem in the world is that nobody will admit it—it’s not even a mistake. It’s just where we came from.

I think the biggest reason why you’re seeing people do what they’re told is this shame, guilt, peer pressure. They got skeletons in their closet, and they’re afraid to just admit it. I’ve done this bad thing, a lot of these things, but I judged you. That’s a simple thing. Everybody’s doing it. Everybody’s hiding the same thing from each other. 

I’ll admit it. That’s who I was on that part of my journey.

If they just released it, then you can just make your own decisions, then you don’t have to do something because you’re afraid your neighbor is going to tattletale. Go ahead, this is who I am. You want to bring something up from 2005 or whatever, do it. I’ll admit it. That’s who I was on that part of my journey. It’s very simple and it’s super powerful. Literally, everyone could do that. 

Just like what you just said. What am I going to do? Oh, you judged me. I hate you now. Wow, thank you for admitting that to me. It’s going to remind me. I’m going to find a moment later on today where I make a judgment, I’m going to remember this conversation, and I’m going to call myself out on it. Eventually, it gets fun. It gets easier and it gets freer.

That right there, what you just did, is the biggest thing and I applaud that. If we could just do that more and more and more, that’s the thing. You got to really get used to some people moving out of your life because of that and go, okay, that was part of my journey that is no longer serving me. I will love you from afar and then it opens up space for really great people like you to enter my life.

It’s not until these people start to come in to remind you because there’s that middle ground of, I’m isolating myself from all my friends. Then you just go, well, maybe they’re not your friends and the friend that you need. More people just do what you just did. I try to do it all the time. Imagine doing it to your wife. 

I’m telling my wife, I think that one was on me and I judged her, I did this, or I could have done better there. That’s not easy but it gets you through, helps you grow, and connects with your spouse. It’s much easier with people outside your household. Inside the household is the hardest thing I find.

That’s where you get your greatest lessons because the masks are off for the most part. One exercise that I’ve done was very helpful regarding judgment is to acknowledge to myself that I’m judging. It sounds like something similar to what you were just talking about. I’ll just say it in my little voice, in my head—judging or I’m judging—just to acknowledge that I noticed it. Because half the battle is the recognition that you’re doing the thing.

People are capable of so much more than we’ve been led to believe.

I did that for a whole chunk of time this year. I’m not doing it currently, but I’ve gotten a lot out of doing that and also to recognize when I’m coveting as well. When I’m envying or wanting what somebody else has. I’m coveting, I’m judging, I’m coveting, I’m judging, and just doing that in my own head. All of our thoughts, every single one, is on display for the unseen world. 

They hear all of it. There are no private thoughts. Private thoughts don’t exist. That’s a fallacy.

Not even in the dark closet all alone.

Everything is being broadcast to the unseen world. Many people, your loved ones who have long passed away, are hearing all this stuff going on in your head. All the stinking thinking, all the dirty talk, all the lustful thoughts, et cetera. It’s all out there on display.

Be mindful. Be careful what you wish for, careful what you think about, et cetera. That makes a huge difference. It also boosts your signal in terms of being able to receive messages from the higher realms. Just keeping it clean, keeping it focused on being your best self, even in your own private thoughts. 

That’s the thing. You think that you’re doing something in private and you’re not. Once you realize that, it changes things. What are you going to do? It’s funny. When you say that judging and coveting when you’re doing those things, that means you’re not living in this moment. When you’re like, oh, I wish I was doing that, then you’re not appreciating this now moment. That’s what I’ve learned too. 

Even if that thing might sound more fun than what you’re doing now, it’s like, you could be looking at somebody on vacation in Bali doing ziplining or something while I’m changing a dirty diaper or something like that. I’d be like, well, I’m jealous. However, I’m building a family. I’m giving my child comfort. Wishing that at this moment when I’m not in Bali is just causing pain. It’s a double-edged sword. 

You’d be really surprised when you start to tear down those limiting belief walls.

You might as well appreciate this moment and then if you really want to go do that, then work towards that or start to manifest that. Because you’d be really surprised when you start to tear away those limiting belief walls, how fast you can get to that thing that you were otherwise coveting. If you’re coveting it, you’re lacking it, then that’s the thought you’re having. You’re having this limiting belief that you can’t have that or you can’t be there in that moment. Only they have that. That’s not true. Plus, you don’t even know what the rest of their life is like. Maybe they don’t get to change a diaper.

If you want what somebody else has, you’d have to want the whole picture, really, to be honest with yourself. That person who’s got a great body, a sexy partner, or the Lamborghini, you would need to switch places with that person. Do you really want that? Do you really want to switch places with that person and have the issues they have in their private life or in the existential crisis they’re experiencing at the moment that they’re not telling people about? All of it, it’s a package. Just live your life and be yourself.

In the beginning, I didn’t know where you were. I know we talked a little bit. At the beginning of 2020, I chose to make my own decisions and not listen to what we were told by some stranger on TV. I would see those people that I used to covet, driving around in the Lamborghini, on their yacht, or whatever just flying around to this place and that place. But you do this in order to have that lifestyle, that freedom. You have all the money in the world, but you cover your child’s face. 

That’s my opinion. I wouldn’t do that to my children. I’ve studied a lot of medicine, science, and stuff before this all happened. I just understand things a little differently, not that I’m right or wrong. It’s just my personal choice. When I saw those people going, I wish this, I wish that. I’m like, well look what they have to do now in order to have that lifestyle.

Maybe it was good to just live truthfully and authentically. I’d rather just take my kid to the park down the street and live freely on the grass with the trees, the birds, bees, and butterflies, and he plays around with other kids. I don’t have to get on a plane and go somewhere. It’s all relative, but it was very interesting to see and go, wow, I used to be a little bit jealous of these people a little bit. Now, look at what you got to do in order to participate in that lifestyle. Like you said, be careful what you wish for.

It’s good just to live truthfully and authentically.

It’s fascinating. You said something about manifesting a few minutes ago. I want to go back to that because that tends to get maligned as a new age concept. I want checks, I want checks. Show up checks in my mailbox, come on checks. No bills, no bills, no bills. It doesn’t work that way, does it?

What if we said, no checks, no checks, no checks. What if we flipped it, do you think we can trick the universe? No checks, no checks. I want more bills, I want more bills.

What you focus on is what you get more of because that is how we work through whatever our resistance is. What we resist persists. That’s a universal law. That’s the way the universe works and it’s meant for our highest best. If we’re seeing something that we don’t like and we focus on it even more and say, I don’t like that. I don’t like people wearing masks everywhere, even if they are by themselves in a park with nobody around. That just triggers me. I’m not saying it triggers me. 

Dude, you just triggered my judging. I have to admit that and that’s their journey. I used to judge them, what the hell are you doing? Now I just take a breath for that person and then move on. 

I judge them too, especially if they are in the car by themselves with the windows rolled up and the mask on, what in the… I have a science degree. I studied biochemistry, got a master’s in it, and what’s the science behind that? It did trigger me. 

The lesson for me in all these was to let go of the judgment and recognize that we all have our path and we’re all in different places in our journey. For them, that’s their truth. To try to overlay my own truth on their truth is rude and thoughtless. I’m not being mindful of where they’re at.

What we resist persists.

You need to have compassion. I started to realize and say, who am I to impinge upon their free will? I don’t want you impinging upon my free will, so it’s got to work both ways. It feels like it’s lopsided and they’re pushing more this way because the majority of at least the internet population, we really don’t know. We really don’t know because there are so many people just living their life that they’re not showing this on social media. 

If you log on, it looks like the majority is doing one thing only, it’s against everything else. I think that’s what started to trigger me. Do whatever you want, but don’t push it on me. Then I started to go, if I don’t want them pushing it on me, then I have to stop judging them. Let them have their free will. Like you said, that’s their truth at this moment. 

I started to think about souls and I’m an old soul, I always felt that. But now it hit me recently that maybe I’m an old soul and I have been here so many times. I’ve already lived through the equivalent of this, which is why I was able to see through it as it was happening. Maybe a younger soul hasn’t had that experience on their soul’s journey yet.

When the guy on TV says, put it up, without question. I think maybe as an old soul, you earned the discernment muscle or something. That just came up right now and I think there’s something to it. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. 

My understanding of old souls, reincarnation, and this journey that we keep taking is that it’s something that we take from life to life of learning the lessons of spirituality. We’re not going to take the ability to do internet marketing to the next lifetime—probably, usually, that’s not how it works. That has happened, there are plenty of cases where people have had extreme recollections of their past life. I remember this kid. He was a fighter pilot in World War II, his plane was downed, and he died.

Let them have their free will. That’s their truth at this moment.

Did you share that story? I know that story. Did you send that to me or maybe I heard it somewhere. 

I didn’t send it to you. 

I remember that. I think these kids more and more, they’re going to come in with a much thinner veil and they’re going to remember their past lives. I’m really interested to see these kids because again, I’m going to try not to strip them from the source, that intelligence of where they come from. As you grow up and get more conditioned, it’s harder to get. I wonder if nobody will strip that of them where they’ll be. Because you see more and more kids out there now going, I remember very clearly my past life. I’ve seen people find people they used to live with and stuff.

Being able to essentially pick people out of lineups and stuff to prove. 

Take them back to the spot where something happened and they can articulate the entire event to a complete stranger and the stranger’s like, that was my son.

There’s a whole discipline that I just learned about. I didn’t even know that this existed. It’s a sub-discipline of mediumship and it’s evidence-based mediumship. Focusing on without the doubt signs that they couldn’t possibly know to provide evidence of the other side. This is not just cold reading or something. It’s pretty fascinating. Do you know the term apocalypse comes from apokalypsis in Greek? It means thinning of the veils. 

Interesting because that’s where we’re at.

That is exactly where we’re at. End times, apocalypse, apokalypsis does not mean it’s all going to catch on fire. 

The burning world, but that’s what Hollywood tells you and that’s why I started to see really behind that curtain. It’s so much conditioning. To create fear for what was to come now, what’s happening. At the start of 2012, we were at the end times of the apocalypse, and I didn’t know that about the apocalypse but it makes sense because it’s all the same thing. The end of the world as we know it and all that stuff is because the veil is thinning. 

Sometimes growth can be painful. It's why it's called growing pains. There's a lot of pain to push through, but I think that was all living in us. Share on X

It was a decision point. December of 2012, there was a point there where we passed the judgment. We passed the point where we survived. We didn’t kill all of each other, the planet, and the process. Our higher self, our souls all said yes to elevating, ascending, and being better. That was the shift, that was the point. That’s the tipping point, I guess.

Hollywood actually is an interesting beast because it’s not just a place where they can reprogram us to not just believe things, but be ready for things to come that they want us to say yes to or to toe the line on. The dystopian future type of movies. But there are also very hopeful movies that are beautiful and have something beyond inspiration like a connection to a source that is whispering in their ear or painting the picture for them.

The movie that comes out feels very inspired in a metaphysical way. Like the movie, The Matrix is an incredible movie that has so much depth to it. There are fun little science fiction movies that have so much depth to them as well and have a hopeful message. That there’s some powerful truth in it that is not of the mainstream like The Last Mimzy, I love that movie. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that. It’s a great movie to watch with kids. It’s pretty inspiring and beautiful. It doesn’t have to have all the horrible dystopian stuff, the shooting, the killing.

The Matrix (1999 Film)

It’s just not unfortunately as big as the other ones that get pushed. Remember, for anything to happen, they need us collectively to actually create the reality. You put it on the screen, you create fear or belief, and then people need to operate and put that energy, that frequency out there back in the world and create. 

You see, it’s like 10 years ago, it’s only a movie. Now we’re living in a movie. When the movie comes out, it creates a collective consciousness and a belief then it tries to force us to create that world. Because we, as human beings, are the only ones that can create. 

When I saw the movie The Truman Show, I just loved that movie.

Yeah, I love it. It’s dated. I saw it, man. 

I love that movie and I did not have the plotline spoiled by watching a preview or reading a little outline of it beforehand. I had no idea. I was as clueless as Truman was watching that movie in the theater.

Did you watch it at the theater when it came out?


I think I’m still learning to understand that movie day-to-day. That movie is still unraveling for me. 

So many messages. That movie and The Matrix, if you watch that again. I don’t know when the last time you watched that movie. 

About a year ago. There’s a Neo in all of us. I say it all the time, Marvel takes the superhero out of us and throws it on the screen. People are capable of so much more than we’ve been led to believe. 

Yeah, so much more. 

That’s what I wanted to do in 2019, even before this, I need to share this because I went through a lot of physical pain. My doctor gave me the run around, they couldn’t figure it out. One day I just snapped. I was a vegetable. That’s a whole long other story that led me into all these to begin with.

When I started to go down that road, having all kinds of medicines, injections, and this and that. One day they offered me an epidural for the pain and something clicked. I was like, I’m done. I’m done taking all of the medicine. I’m done telling my body is broken. This pain is information and you’re trying to block the pain. You tell me you can only manage it for the rest of my life and it will never heal.

We, as human beings, are the only ones that can create.

Something clicked, and at that time I didn’t know where this came from. Now I have an understanding of where this came from. I just said I’m going to heal my body with my mind. Something with science and religion did this to us. Religion said we’ll take from the neck up, we’ll program the mind, and science said we’ll take from the neck down as if there’s no connection here. 

If I tell you right now, think about your toes, you can feel your toes. But a minute ago, you weren’t thinking about your toes. They almost didn’t even exist in a manner of speaking. Now, all you think about is your toes because I said that. Where is it coming from? It’s coming from there to there, it’s all connected.

Something just clicked that day and I stopped. About three weeks later, I was back in the gym because I stopped telling my body it was broken. I was like, wow, this is like magic except I’m no miracle, I’m nothing special. I mean, we are all special but I’m no different from you. I’m no different from you. I’m no different from that person there or that person there. I was like, this is something we need to teach the world. You can heal yourself with your mind, body, and spirit. 

With your belief, with your trust and faith, yes, absolutely. 

I went that road and then boom, March 2020. Everybody was like show science and put your mask on. It was almost as if our entire life was sitting in a massive hypnosis seminar, and then in March of 2020, somebody snapped their fingers. Everybody started barking like dogs and don’t even know why. Then some people just didn’t take it. It’s strange but interesting. It’s a fascinating time to be alive. 

It’s a powerful pivot point for us in our human existence. At this moment, this is the point where we awaken. 

Decide, it’s decision-making time. 

You can heal yourself with your mind, body, and spirit. It’s something we need to teach the world.

This time, we have about 10% of the population in an awakened state where they’re recognizing that they’re not the top of the food chain, that there’s a higher power, that there’s more to this existence that is sort of a simulation and not just tangible physical reality. We only need to get to the 20% something and there will be a mass shift in consciousness. We don’t have to get to 50% plus, we just need to get to 20% something. 

Because one person in alignment to God or source is equal to a million mark. Plus, the momentum, I think there are so many things. That’s why I think sometimes I question, is it really evil, or is it a necessary evil to keep that thumb pushing, pushing, pushing until we decide to poke out the other side? Because God, the earth, or whatever you call it wants to ascend, wants to evolve because we’re evolving spiritually. It’s time to get that moving. It’s not stopping, it’s moving. 

As it moves, the pressure gets more and more strong in order to help us out. It’s like, make a decision. You either go down with the ship, or you pop out of it and what’s more painful.

I used to think there’s so much evil in the universe and there are purely evil people out there. Now, I see a bigger picture that they actually don’t work for the dark side, that’s the intermediary boss, but everybody and everything works for the Creator. It’s all under that umbrella.

Including that darkness which is our contrast in order to push us out.

Exactly. You got to see the hand of God in all of it. The hand of God is everywhere, in everything. You think okay, this pandemic was created by China or it was created by the US government to get at China and planted—whatever the idea is.

One person in alignment to God or Source is equal to a million marks.

It’s all linear, short-sighted, and small-minded. 

Yeah, it all has the hand of God in it. It’s pretty amazing. I’m curious, what would be an example of something where you can see the hand of God even though it’s not obvious to somebody who doesn’t look for it?

You could take a seed, God’s seed, put it in God’s dirt, use God’s water, and God’s sun, grow fruit, and then feed your family. Watch it grow. If that’s not a miracle, if that’s not God in action, I don’t know what is.

I think we’ve all been tricked to work hard. What’s that saying, why do you have to get a job? To feed your family. I understand, we want a bunch of stuff and things, but we can eliminate that one right now by planting a seed in the ground and growing it with God’s sun and God’s water. Then you can literally feed your family.

You can take that off the table, now why are you getting the job? Because you want a lifestyle, fine. But don’t say it’s to feed your family. 

Again, in the world we live in, in this matrix that has been designed, we’re surrounded by concrete and our neighbors all have succulents. There was a time where this was all, the earth is the garden of Eden. What if every single neighbor grew one piece of food? We wouldn’t need a supply chain because God would provide.

You look at the birds, who are feeding the birds, the squirrels? They never want for anything. If you want to see God and you just want to just take the moment, do that. Look at how ants navigate their life. Just watch the ants for five minutes, it’s fascinating. Anything in nature.

It’s all miraculous. It all really is.

Look at the granite, it’s all around us. Like you said, that’s God all around us. 

We need more people operating as lightworkers in the world or operating as the light of the world. I just think that all that is is ripping down those walls and allowing whatever's behind those walls to shine, which is light. Share on X

I want to share a little more about how you impacted my life. 

I didn’t know if you wanted to tell me offline. 

I’ll tell you some of it in this episode. You introduced me to Jaye Lasko and for me that just popped. Things will just pop. You’ll read something, you’ll see a street sign, or you’ll see something in a book or on your phone and it just pops. You hear something and it just pops. Those are angel numbers.

A certain number will light up for me and I’ll look it up in the Angel Number 101 book or just Google for that number plus angel number meaning. There is something that was really pertinent and important for me to get at that moment. 

When I heard you mentioned her name and recommended her as a resource, I’m like okay, this is important I can tell. My intuition, it just popped for me. I recommend her to at least a dozen different people. She’s done incredible things for those people. Only one person out of all the people I recommended didn’t end up with a powerful experience from working with her. They needed some allowance, allowing in their life. There’s a lot of judgment there that prevented him from even proceeding with the session. He missed out, big time. 

It’s okay. We’re all on a journey, right?

That’s right. I worked with her in multiple sessions, but in this one particular session that started because I had experienced nerve pain in my left index finger. That’s something that led me to a realization about my grandfather because that’s where it apparently had started. I didn’t know that, but at age 12 when I was living with him, he hurt me. That was the point of origin and that opened another door in recognizing there’s so much more at play here across multiple lifetimes, across generations that started in the 1200s. 

It was good just to live truthfully and authentically. So I'd instead just take my kid to the park down the street and live freely on the grass with the trees, birds, bees, and butterflies, as he plays around with other kids. Share on X

It’s starting to get fun, right?

That all happened, that realization, awareness, and then dealing with the impact of—I don’t know if I want to use the word ‘curse’ but I don’t know what other word to use—something that was affecting generations of family members. It had a point of origin in the 1200s. I did not know that until working with Jay. She’s amazing. 

Incredible, a really profound work. 

Yeah, so thank you for that. 

Absolutely. She was a big catalyst for me and my whole awakening process. Again, you have to be really open. 

This is a great example of how if you go back and fix some of the things, yeah, I judged that person. Yeah, I cut that person out of my life or whatever it was. You go back and you fix it. It’s potential energy that’s trapped that you have just released and blessings come with that. This was a blessing for me. That was a gift for me that I was not expecting, but it was a bonus for making this correction in my energy. This happens all the time. 

It’s all about the within. That’s all innate. All that muscle testing is just our own soul speaking to us. That’s a way of communicating. I think we’re getting to a place where we’re not going to need an intermediary because we can get the yes or no. It’s all yes and no.

There are moments where if I’ll get the chills and get a deep breath out of something, that’s a yes. If I get all tightened up, my heart starts racing, or I’m breathing in my chest, that’s a no. Our body has all these answers. Jay has been doing this for probably 30 years and it’s fantastic. It’s some of the most profound work I’ve ever done.

She is truly psychic and has these incredible gifts. It’s such an exciting world and if you would have told me I’d be exploring that world of psychics and so forth a year ago, I would have said you’re nuts. It all started with Mark Nelson, the psychic medium that I interviewed in June of last year. I didn’t know why I was doing it, but I did it and he saved a family member’s life and it was all in the episode. It was amazing and it was the turning point. Exciting thought.

People are capable of so much more than we’ve been led to believe.

Here’s a perfect example. You said that you judged me when we first met. Could you imagine if you held on to that judgment and wrote me off? Regardless of me, that you would have missed that connection with Jay. It’s the butterfly effect. You can choose to be part of that. You can choose the positive. If your butterfly is still filled with judgment, you’re missing so many sweet little exits off the ramp. 

Yeah, so much. 

It’s a really good example and a good reminder for me. That doesn’t happen overnight. I constantly work on non-judgment and I constantly find myself judging because it’s our program. It’s like telling a computer not to open a file that’s been opening forever. Computers are made up of binary code.

Speaking of this idea of showing up without judgment. I invite our listeners to watch your movie, The Peanut Butter Falcon, suspending all judgments about down syndrome, kids with mental health issues, expectations, and how society works. Just watch it with an open heart, open mind, no judgments, no expectations. It’s my invitation for you, the listener.

Zack is a pretty special person. He’s definitely a big part of changing my life. Stripping those roles down my heart preparing me to be a father. I give him a lot of credit for that.

I constantly work on non-judgment, and I constantly find myself judging because it’s our programming.

Beautiful. I know we’re out of time. How does our listener or viewer learn from you more, work with you, follow your podcast, your Awakened Soul videos and audios. How do they take the next step?

You can find me on Facebook, Aaron Christopher Scotti. If you want to work privately, you can always send me a private message. You could join our group, The Awakened Soul. Like I said, we had another baby so we’ve had a little downtime there. We just did an interview on Friday, but we haven’t really been doing a lot of interviews. 

But everything is there. All our past interviews are there. There’s a lot of great stuff to catch up on. I started a YouTube channel, I hadn’t really promoted much of it, but there is an Awaken Soul YouTube channel, in which we put a lot of stuff going on. 

Go to Facebook, join the group, and you can look at the video section and see some of the interviews and really cool stuff. I’m guessing that’s where you watch some of it. Instagram is @aaronchristopherscotti as well. If you want to reach out, just private message me. I always try to look. I’m getting back to being able to check messages a little bit more now.

Awesome. Thank you so much Aaron and thank you, listener. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Appreciate the eternal now. Understand what it means and be present in the moment. Being self-aware enables me to enjoy what truly matters in my life.

?Spend time with loved ones. I’ll never know what the future holds, so cherish moments shared with important people in my life.

?Be intentional. Be sincere with my actions and let them come from a place of love. I should act with purpose and mindfulness.

?Be mindful of judgment. Accept that I’ve been judgemental and consciously work on improving. I can slowly become less judgemental if I hold myself accountable.

?Don’t hold on to people. Let people go, especially if they’re no longer serving me. Thank them for being part of my life and move on.

?Keep my thoughts clean. The unseen world can see what goes through my mind. I should also be mindful of how my mind affects my actions.

?Just be myself. Don’t get pressured by other people. They have their own path. Focus on my own life, and what makes me happy and fulfilled.

?Be careful with my desires. Everything is not as good as it seems. I should focus on manifesting a happy life rather than a lavish life.

?Have compassion. I don’t know everyone’s story. Instead of being judgmental, I should be empathetic and treat people how I want to be treated.

?Find Aaron Scotti on Facebook and send him a private message to work with him. Listen to his podcast, join his group, The Awakened Soul and follow his YouTube channel to stay updated about his latest releases.

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