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By: Stephan Spencer


Anne Marie Pizarro
“Akasha is essentially a field of energy that surrounds every living being. It’s like this fabric that creates and connects all forms of life on this plane, as well as other planes.”
Anne Marie Pizarro

There’s a great Mark Twain quote, history doesn’t repeat itself but sometimes it rhymes. Indeed, my guest today Anne Marie Pizarro, is someone who does some powerful work with what are known as the Akashic Records. Anne is an Akashic Records Reader, and I’ve gotten to experience her amazing work firsthand. What the Akasha is in Anne’s words is this essence field of energy that surrounds every living being. It’s essentially a fabric that creates and connects all forms of life on this plane as well as other planes. She refers to the Akasha as Source, the universal intelligence itself.

And so through the Akashic Records, Source is able to collect this body of information stored in a non-physical plane where we can access it through various means, such as prayer, meditation, and other forms of spiritual experiences. When we access this information, we’re getting it in the form of light. It’s a library of knowledge, what Anne likes to call the universal computer that stores every souls, thoughts, memories, experience, past lives, present circumstances, and future potential. So if you’re curious about how all your soul experiences can be accessed, stay tuned for an incredibly unique and enlightening episode.

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Anne Marie Pizarro, a registered nurse, holistic practitioner, and Akashic Records reader and teacher.
  • [06:58]Anne tells how in the beginning she resisted her gift of being a reader and then her pivotal moment of embracing it.
  • [15:03]Anne shares the questions your guides and the Record Keepers will ask you at the end of your incarnation.
  • [22:00]How do you know what agreements you’re here to resolve in this lifetime?
  • [29:58]Anne explains the reasons why Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth, comes into your life as one of your guides.
  • [37:33]Anne describes how she feels when she receives psychic information from the Akashic Record Keepers.
  • [45:49]The Record Keepers welcome Stephan and tell him the three areas of his life that they want to discuss immediately.
  • [53:10]Stephan asks the Record Keepers if he should avoid taking the COVID-19 vaccine until the year 2022 or if there are any risks of taking it.
  • [60:18]The Record Keepers inform Stephan of the four angels and four Ascended Masters that surround him and their mission in this lifetime.
  • [69:13]Visit Anne Marie Pizarro’s website at to learn more about her. And if you want to become a successful Akashic Records guide, visit

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Thank you for joining us today, Anne.

Thank you, Stephan. I’m really glad and happy to be here. 

First of all, define for our listeners or viewers, what is Akasha and what are Akashic Records? 

Wonderful, that’s such a great question. And I’m just going to dive in first with Akasha. And what Akasha is, is essentially this essence, this field of energy that surrounds every living being. It’s essentially like this fabric that creates and connects all forms of life on this plane, as well as other planes. I like to think of the Akasha as the source itself. And it’s the way that source collects information, and has the ability to know itself. Through the Akashic Records, it’s allowed source to be able to collect this body of information, store it in this non-physical plane, where we as beings can access it through different means, whether it’s prayer, through meditations, different types of spiritual experiences. And it’s within this plane of the Akashic Records, which is protected by the Record Keepers. This is a plane of light, and so when we access this information, we’re getting it in the form of light. It’s a library of knowledge, what I like to call the universal computer that stores every soul, thoughts, memories, experiences, past lives, present circumstances, future potentials. As this huge database for source, I feel like this is the source’s most efficient way to be able to collect data. All these different soul experiences, and in a deeper way, how it recognizes itself, how it attains consciousness, and how it grows in consciousness. 

So all this data includes every single thought that you, I, the listeners have ever had, every deed, every emotion, every single experience in this lifetime, and past lifetimes, and future lifetimes, are all stored in the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Record collects and stores all the actions and choices that you discern and follow through with.

Absolutely. I feel like it’s such a gift to be able to have access to that because it helps us as souls to have an essence of connection to what we’ve done in the past. So while everything has been collected, it also collects the potential of everything that could have happened up to a point. Once that point gets exhausted, or you don’t go through that choice, then it just simply dissipates into the field of Akasha and falls back into the ether. So what does get collected, and stored are all the actions and choices that you discern and follow through with. And it’s essentially what I call access to your soul’s autobiography.

Wow. And so by accessing the Record Keepers through you, I can find out information about past lifetimes and unresolved relationship issues in those past lifetimes and how they might be spilling over into this lifetime. Is that right?

Absolutely. I honestly feel like everything we experience is some form of a karmic repetition of sorts, whether it’s the relationships we have with our intimate partners in our families, as well as our peers and co-workers. There are even occasions that seem like they feel like deja vu moments to people. Like, “I’ve been here before,” “I’ve seen this,” “This person feels familiar to me.” And those are all the essences that your soul collects from these previous lives to give you some sort of guidance, to choose the things in this life that helps you to resolve those past patterns, karmic agreements, and even soul lessons from other lives that you just didn’t either accomplish, finish or were resistant to resolving. 

Right. You know, this reminds me of a quote from Mark Twain and it’s; “History doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes.”

That’s so true. Because that whole path of rhyming, it’s sort of like, how many times do we have to go over things over and over until we realize we can change the cadence of the story or the poem? And that’s when we change the rhyme and the meter, and that’s how we affect the Akashic Records in this life. 

Akasha is essentially a field of energy that surrounds every living being. It’s like this fabric that creates and connects all forms of life on this plane, as well as other planes. Click To Tweet

Yeah. Now, I’m curious what sort of experience or miracle moments, some sort of pivotal happening for you, revealed this gift to you of being able to be, I guess, a medium for the Akashic Record Keepers?

Well, I gotta tell you, Stephan, I fought and resisted this gift. I call this a gift because I feel like from the very early stages of my life, the Record Keepers were giving me an insight of, “This is what you’re going to do later.” And I kept saying, “No, that’s not what I want to do, I’m going to do so many other different things. But please, guys, show me what I’m supposed to do.” It was like I was contradicting myself. And I found myself in 2009, I had already gotten my Akashic Records training, I was already doing sessions, and I went to Egypt for over 28 days to experience this amazing spiritual experience. Every place that I went to, I opened the Akashic Records. And it was as if I was seeing little bits and pieces of a very big storyline. And I didn’t quite understand what those big bits and pieces were until, towards the very end of that trip, when I got the chance to see what I called the “big picture.” Why I came back, why I needed to do this work, what I was here to resolve, even putting what I call a book back into the library, and that book happened to be a very difficult relationship. And when the Record Keepers showed me, you can affect the outcome of your decision to take action. 

That was the pivotal aha moment because that’s when I realized, there was no such thing as set in stone, I had an influence and an impact on my destiny. When I took that decision, to try and to be guided by the Record Keepers, what they showed me was, they pulled me out of the great pyramids, we were in the middle of this sacred private meditation, they pulled me out of the pyramids, they took me on a journey to the multiverse. And what they showed me was all these different beings, all these different people and constructs of beings that we’re all doing similar things as what we were doing here on earth. And it was as if I was seeing the layers of how the source was constructing the universe, and it was the invitation for me to dive in. And as scared as I was, as resistant as I was, I said, “Okay, show me. You show me what you want me to do, and I’ll follow.” I’ve never said that about anything. And ever since I said that they guided this work to grow in an organic way. And they keep delivering information, things that I don’t even ask about, which is one of the reasons why I honor what they’ve brought into my life. Because in a way taught me how to be me on this plane. 

So it was this out of body experience, essentially, where you were transported through the multiverse, so multiple universes and different life forms that we have not seen, in at least in our physical manifestation that we’re in currently. So by aliens, angels, what kinds of beings did you get to see or experience or meet?

So that was interesting because what they were showing was in that period of time, and that moment we were doing that meditation, what is called the Gandharva, where you were calling all these beings of light and you’re doing these big prayers for the world I saw aliens from different planets, which they labeled things like the Pleiades or Andromeda or Paris and saw other civilizations that look like they were human but more humanoid in nature. And they were all doing the same things that we were doing. And that’s when I realized, “Wait, things happen on earth that also happened to other planes. How is that possible?” And they said it’s all part of the field Akasha, how it’s all connected together. So when I saw that, that’s when I realized that the different layers existed in the storyline, that what we do here influences other civilizations, other beings of light, and what they do there as well. So that gave me an insight of, “Wait a minute, it’s possible for one soul to have multiple soul experiences.” You can be here on the three-dimensional plane but have more than one soul experience as Stephan or as Anne, but they never cross. So that’s when it started to make the whole aspect of Akashic Records more complicated even.

We already have all the actions, the decisions, and the outcomes present within us.

Wow. And Donny Epstein, who is somebody that I interviewed on this show a couple of years ago, he’s been a good friend for many years, I met him on a Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership trip. He talks about how you can exchange versions with another version of you that’s more resourceful and has evolved better, gotten more skills or abilities than you have currently, and you can exchange versions with that version. And that is the fast path to getting all these advances and evolving yourself, you don’t have to go through all the hard work of learning all these new skills and trying all these different things out, you could just pray and meditate for your higher, more resourceful version, from another universe to exchange with you.

Not only in other universes, but also in this universe. It’s as if we have soul fragments that go and break off and experience something else. So you might have a soul fragment that broke off and is having a life in Europe that you’ll never run into and cross paths with. You may have another version of you that’s having a life in South America, another version of you that’s living a life in Australia, or Africa. And they’re all different genders. They’re all different ages, they’re different cultures, and they’re all having this experience called life. By accessing the Akasha, spiraling your energy, you can feel and touch into those experiences that these fragments of you have, and draw them into your presence now to have a greater awareness. So if you can do this on this three-dimensional plane, you can do this on other planes. But it’s really about what are you here to try to do. And if you’re here to try to understand and know yourself, then definitely having these connections to these different fragments of yourself can be extremely evolving. But they can also be very confusing, because sometimes just you as a soul gets so locked into this three-dimensional experience of what to do, decisions to make, action to take, connections to people that sometimes we don’t give ourselves that opportunity to step into the true knowing that we know everything that we all already need to know. And we already have all the actions, the decisions, and the outcomes present within us.

So I’m curious if, when you looked at your own Akashic Records, through the Record Keepers, did you see another version of you in another universe or on this planet? Maybe it was, as you say, like a fragment that was experiencing a different kind of life because you or she made a different decision, and the timeline kind of diverged at that point. Was there some sort of big epiphany that you learned by delving into all of this about yourself and your past and maybe past lives? 

You know the most important epiphany that I had was not to judge myself, or anything that I may be experiencing now, any aspect of my fragments experiencing now, or anything that I’ve done in my past lives. Because one of the most consistent key messages that I received from the Record Keepers is at the very end of this life, at the end of this incarnation when you sit in transition with your guides, and the Record Keepers are going to ask you a very simple question, which is, “Did you resolve the agreements, the contracts, and the patterns that you came down to earth to do?” They don’t ask if you had a good time, they don’t ask you if you loved enough, or if you gave enough, or if you were a good person, they don’t ask those kinds of things, because you’re onto this cyclical journey that continues to happen. So you’ve done this plane more and more than you even realize. So to not judge yourself, actually release yourself from the karma of feeling as if you’re not enough. And this is why at the very end of this incarnation, once all these other fragments of yourself come into your full total being, that’s when you get the download of all the things you’ve experienced. 

Things will change. You can always count on that. But what is consistent, what is something that passes through all the tests of time and all the different lifetimes is Source’s love and connection.

So yeah, I’m sure there’s a version of me somewhere who’s been a very good daughter, always took care of my parents, always followed through on what they asked me, I pleased them. There is also a version of me who is probably doing some form of healing work that is ministering to people and loves that. And there may be a part of me who’s good in business, doing sales, and making bonkers money somewhere else. And then there’s me, who just thinks I’m having this one experience. Yet, because of this empathy, or the sensitivity that we have. It’s almost like, where do these ideas come from? Are they just from me or is it part of my soul fragment experiencing this life, and feeding back to the main database, which is you were I. So it’s a very convoluted kind of way to look at a soul’s path. But I’ve realized that by not judging myself for any decision or action or thought I make, I just feel happier, more free, more permission to just live and choose as a soul.

That’s great. And was there something particular about Egypt? Maybe your history? What was it about Egypt that was where you had this big opening?

What’s funny, Stephan, is that Egypt was never on my bucket list. You know, people have a bucket list of places they have to go to, it just wasn’t there. I wasn’t one of those kids growing up that was like, “Oh, I think Egyptian culture is so cool. And hieroglyphics.” I just didn’t even think about it, tune into it. So when I travel, I usually let places call me. You know how some people say, “I’m going to go to this location.” I wait. I wait for that place to call me and say it’s time for you to visit. So when Egypt called me, I was like, “Oh, heck no. Oh, no way. Jose.” My mom told me that there are these things called walk-ins and spiritual takeovers, and I was like, not going to go there to this land where they in tune people, they glorify the dead. But when I went there, it was like I came home. While I was there, they gave me the opportunity to see all the different lives I lived there, from a slave to priestess, to just a regular working person. So Egypt was one of those places that called me because I had to do work there. Just like Mexico called me because I had work to do there. And there are other places, even Europe that has called me and I’m like, “Why am I here?” And then all of a sudden, you feel the pulse. And you’re just like, “Oh, my soul needed to feel something here, to remember something here.” And what Egypt did for me, I feel like it upgraded my abilities on a different level. I showed up there as one person, and I left and I came back a different person. And it was sort of like going to graduate school. Getting plugged into those gifts that you didn’t even realize were there waiting for you. You just had to step into it.

Very cool. I love that idea of having the place call you instead of you just picking.

Oh, yeah. And that’s the reason why when I showed up in the Temple of Sekhmet, this is the goddess of war. When I showed up at her temple, that was the very first temple we went to. The energy was very strict. Like if you’re gonna be here, you’re gonna do some work. And I started crying. I was like, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing here.” And it was like, “Are you ready for this work? Because that’s what you came here to do.” And I had to like, put on my big girl attitude and be like, “Okay, I think I’m ready.”

Get plugged into those gifts that you didn’t even realize were there waiting for you. You just had to step into it.Anne Marie Pizzaro

Wow, that’s cool. So we were in Egypt, my wife and I three years ago now, and she had a really powerful experience inside of Hathor’s Temple. She felt a lot of joy and happiness and connection, which is a little surprising, at least for me to think because she’s Jewish, and the Egyptians enslaved the Jews, and she felt this amazing connection inside of Hathor’s temple.

Which I think is fascinating because she had that feeling of lightness. And it’s almost an insight of what you do during this time that would elicit this memory of joy, rather than that memory of subjugation. What’s fascinating is you may be one culture, one gender in this life. But you’ve been so many others of those in previous lives. Those things that we have to deal with; the schisms, the racisms, the separations, all the different schisms, those are things that we’ve been dealing with for lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes. And so to come into this physical body as a female, especially as a Jew, and then going into Egypt, and having that experience just goes to show that you made this now, but you’ve been so many things before.


I think it’s cool because, when I look at somebody or I meet somebody who’s innately a racist, and I’ve met all different kinds of people. In my life, when I meet somebody like that, instead of getting mad, it makes me wonder, I wonder what you must have done, or been in a previous life that this is the lesson that you’re here to learn or to overcome in this life. At the core of it, a lot of it is self-love.

Yeah. And when you don’t love yourself, it’s very hard, if not, impossible to love others.

That’s the reason why I feel like the creator created Akasha because it loves us as beings so much, that it wanted us to know ourselves on a much deeper level, and even know each other on a deeper level to know that relationships aren’t just relationships, there might be a karmic reason for why you’re coming back to do that dance again, to get it right, to do it better, or to resolve a disagreement from many lifetimes to just say, “Okay, we can agree to disagree, but I still honor and love you.”

Yeah, speaking of disagreeing, or agreeing to disagree, how do you know what agreements you’re here to resolve? Like, I presume that you forget all of those past lives, at least that seems to be the case for me. I don’t remember all the different incarnations that I was, and how am I supposed to know who I need to resolve things with?

Absolutely. And that’s such a good question because when we come into this plane, as soon as we go through the birth canal, whether it’s a vaginal birth or her c-section birth, as soon as we go through that plane, we immediately experience what I call spiritual amnesia. But when you start to look at all the challenges that you go through in this life, all the things that challenge you whether it’s actions you take, connections you have with people, expectations that you’re here to live with, those things that we innately struggle with inside, those are in essence connected to the contracts and agreements that we have. For example, if you are a person that worries a lot about money, how to make money, how to grow money, how to get more money, there may have been a past life where you are good at money, you may have been very wealthy. And then the following life, you experienced the complete opposite, you were totally in servitude, you didn’t have two cents to put together to your name. And so you’re bringing those recent memories and all those previous memories into the now. So the things that we focus on, the things that we are persevering, the things that bother us, the things that cause the conflicts, those are the part of the agreements that we’re here to work with. Also, the flip side of that is the things that bring us joy, the things that bring us, love. That’s the other aspect of what we’re here to also cultivate and grow more with. In essence, all the lessons that we are facing in this life are exactly the agreements that we’re here to connect and resolve.

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Okay, and is there, as the Hindus believe, as an escape route? Moksha or Mukti or whatever? Is there this enlightenment or evolution where you don’t have to do the same cycle over and over and over again? 

Yeah, I think you do get a chance to choose. There are many people that I’ve worked with where there are huge gaps. The Record Keepers will say, “Okay, we see that you’ve had, say 12 out of 15 lives. Your first incarnation showed up in 23,000, during the time of Atlantis, and now we’re showing up your next incarnation is Egypt,” you’re looking at this timeline, and you’re like, “Wait a minute, where did 18,000 years ago?” What did you do in that time? And the thing is that time here on Earth functions very differently from the time in Akasha. That’s just this field. And so you may be in this field for a short period of time but you come back on this plane, and hundreds of years may have passed, but it was just a blink of an eye. 

As a soul, when you get done with each incarnation, you get to sit with your guides, your counsel, your angels in this place of transition, and you essentially get to choose, do you want to go right back? Do you want to go back with your cluster group? Do you need a break? Do you need training elsewhere? Do you want to go to a different galaxy or a different planet or have a different set of circumstances, a whole different soul group that you can work with not necessarily this family in this lifetime, but it may be a whole different construct. So you still get the experience choice. There is a point where I believe a soul gets to the point where they’re just like, “I’m complete, I’ve run through my soul cycles, I’ve run through all the different karma, and I’m just complete.” When you’re complete with this three-dimensional body, or this cycle, then you get to evolve to other planes where you’re still doing things. That could be stepping into the plane of the angels, stepping to the plane to the Ascended Masters, you’re still in this place where you’re connected to the source.

We all have angels or Ascended Masters who are assigned to us or who have chosen us as we’ve chosen them.

Got it. And we all have angels or Ascended Masters who are kind of assigned to us or who have chosen us as we’ve chosen them. How does that work?

That’s interesting, it’s not as easy as I thought like you’re assigned a group, a soul council, and they essentially choose to work with you. And so on the level, it’s very simple. When you come down to this plane, there’s you, your guide, and the body of work you’re here to do. Now, these guides that you have are going to change through different things that happen in your life. So if you go through a major transition, marriage, job, moving, you may have certain guides that help you get to that point. Once you’re settled, it may have a change of guardians–I would call that, to work with you in the next different phases of your life. These guides will kind of come back and forth based on what it is that you need for your counsel. So you are assigned a group. The reason why you’re assigned to them is that you’ve served them before in previous lives. So it’s their way of getting that help back to you. There are a lot of different groups that we do get a chance to work with, which allows us to be able to expand our connection in the Akasha. And in the field of Akashic Records to get the information we need for different areas of our life. So we have a group that’s just for our medical healing, there’s a group for our work or creative work in our business, there’s even a group that’s tied to relationships. Because the work we do with relationships is so unique and so different from saying what you do as a business owner, or even a healer, that you need certain guides that work just in that field.

Gotcha. Okay. Have your guides changed over the course of the time that you’ve worked in the Akashic Records and kind of passed on this information to your clients?

Yeah, they have actually, and my guides came to me, not through the Akashic Records, but I was just out in nature, I happen to pass by this very big boulder. And when I was in Hawaii, visiting, there was a message of these boulders, they’re known as the guardians of the forest. And I was like, “Ooh, a guardian of the forest.” So I don’t know why but I said to this boulder, “Can I touch you?” And then all of a sudden, I heard this voice that went, “No.” And I was like, okay, a rock is talking to me. And then at that moment, I heard another voice that showed me the name of my guides, and then it’s like, they just flashed in and out. It was either their name or image or a symbol that represented that guide. I wrote down who those guides were, and about once a year, I’ll check-in and I’ll ask if there’s been a changeover if there’s anything different, and the last big change occurred in 2016. And that was the push that pulled me from my full-time job as a nurse to do this work full-time. And the big push came with the appearance of Lakshmi, I’d never worked with Lakshmi before, I had no idea who Lakshmi was. But I was like, “Who are you?” And she was like, “I’m here to make your life much better. You asked for the upgrade, and I’m going to bring it to you. But you have to be willing to do the work.” So when that shift happened, I’ve checked in yearly, and it’s still the same grouping of those beings. So there must be another shift coming for whatever change happens next.

I remember that the Record Keepers told me that Lakshmi was one of my guides if I recall correctly. Could you explain a little bit more about Lakshmi, because I had never heard Lakshmi’s name before, either? And, well, until the Record Keepers told me through you that this was one of my guides.

Lakshmi shows up as part of your council. She will bring this gift of abundance to help you prosper.

What’s fascinating is, Lakshmi is essentially the Hindu goddess of prosperity and wealth. She comes into your life because there’s a boost that you need, and there’s also an upgrade that you’re getting in terms of your relationship to money, finances, and how to work with that energy. So this is such a universal guide, what I call a cosmic master. Because when you’re on this three-dimensional plane called Earth, unfortunately, money is one of those things you have to deal with. You need it to be able to survive, to eat, to do business, all kinds of things. So when Lakshmi is showing up to work with you, there are three reasons why. One of the reasons why is first, that she’s here to help you gain an upgrade over any karmic lessons tied to money, and how you choose to work with that energy. So she’s helping you to step above that. The second thing she’s helping you to do is tend to the fertile soil of your subconscious. And if she doesn’t show up, there’s a part that worries about money. When Lakshmi shows up, it’s sort of like tapping into the abundance of the universe and reminding you that your source of abundance is not the dollar bill or the yuan or this or that monetary unit, its source. And so what she’s doing is she’s helping to plug you into the universal bank. 

And then the third thing that Lakshmi does, she helps you to work with actions that you take towards money. So she helps you to make wiser decisions. It’s like she puts ideas into your mind, that helps you to initiate the action to bring that more factor in. And it’s sort of like when she shows up as part of your council, she’s bringing this gift of abundance to help you prosper. Because, believe it or not, Stephan, we live in such an abundant universe, that for anyone to be living in poverty or lack is sad. So when Lakshmi comes in, she’s helping you to upgrade that next level. So you start to exist in what I call the fifth-dimensional relationship with money. Once you start to exist in the fifth-dimensional relationship with money, you start to not worry about it, you don’t start to not think about the lack factor, because you do see the abundance. Once she plugs you in, it’s sort of like, you’re moving at a higher capacity, that after a while, she’s like, “My job is done. You can do it on your own, you’ll be continually blessed because of the actions and connections we’ll have that others will serve as well.” Does that help?

Anchor that energy of joy and receive the light so that you can be a temple that survives, thrives, and shares your power with the world during these dark moments.

Yeah. It does. And I felt like I had an upgrade because I did have a bit of a lack of consciousness around money even though I’ve done well, I didn’t seem to break through a certain threshold that I set for myself. And I just kind of felt inadequate, like why am I not able to get to these higher levels that I wanted to and I don’t feel that anymore, I do feel that it’s more of a spiritual karmic sort of thing than about just hard work and being at the right place at the right time sort of thing. For example, this is the second time that I’ve been in Israel for a length of time. So the last time was for almost six months, and that was more than two years ago now. And a huge abundance came. I was kind of unplugged from the conference circuit and from the masterminds that I usually show up at and so forth, and I was here for my wife. And that just paid dividends. I did well that year, really well, even though I wasn’t showing up at all these different events that normally would make all the lead flow and deal flow for me. And then again, this year, in 2020, we arrived in July and record year beating out 2018, which was the year I talked about. 


Yeah, so I’ve been very blessed. I recognize that this is not something I should be shouting from the rooftops and so forth because a lot of people are having a hard time right now. Yet this gives me an insight into the spiritual nature of money because it’s just energy. If I have a lack of consciousness, I will create more of that. I will attract lots and lots of lack in my life.

Exactly. And I think one of the most powerful aspects of Lakshmi showing up as part of your counsel is acceptance, and acceptance of that birthright. And what power that does for the subconscious when you just accept what it already is. So even though it doesn’t look like that, and you accept that this is the true reality. That’s when she says, “Let me prove it to you.” And that’s when you realize, woah, we’re dealing with something that’s kind of magical in nature. As you said, the substance there accepts the energy of it. And that’s when you start to evolve to that higher dimensional awareness of how are you playing, how are you appearing on a much bigger level in the world.

Clairvoyance and clairaudience are where you see visions, and you hear voices and sounds that give you that information from the Record Keepers.

Yeah. It’s been a really fun, enlightening journey for sure. And one other question, or maybe two more, and then we’ll switch to opening my Akashic Records and speaking to the Record Keepers. Do you consider yourself a medium or a psychic or both? Or something different? Like how do you define yourself?

That’s a great question. Because I remember the very first time that someone said, “Oh, you’re a mystic.” I said, “A mystic? What is that?” I don’t ever put a name or title, because I almost feel like that word itself lends itself to scrutiny, criticisms, and eventually, some aspect of the challenge. So I don’t like the word “psychic,” and I do not call myself a medium. But what happens when I’m entering the Akashic Records and the reader shows up, has these abilities that I on a normal basis, just don’t have. What I have is the capacity to hear so acutely what the Record Keepers ask or suggest that I can take action on it immediately, which allows me to tune in. So that title is difficult for me. So I like to just use the word “I’m a reader.” The reason why I like to use that word, “I’m a reader” is that it levels the playing field out for everyone.

It doesn’t make me any more special than you or anybody that you know, because these are abilities that we all have. So, to utilize those titles, I almost feel like it puts me in a box, and I don’t like that feeling. I’m gonna go with the reader because I feel like the reader is an aspect of my higher self. And I feel like that aspect of the higher self has gifts, like the ability to receive psychic information, clairaudience, clairvoyance, that I would like to say is innate in all of us. Some of us just choose to utilize it more so it becomes like a stronger ability than others. But I do want to reinforce that we all have these same types of gifts.

Right, and clairvoyance and clairaudience are where you see visions and you hear voices and sounds that give you that information from the Record Keepers.

Essentially, yes, as soon as I’m in the actual field of Akashic Records through these 13 plus years of working with the Record Keepers in this life, and just saying this life because as soon as I stepped in, they were like, “Awesome, you’re back. This is all the stuff that you’ve done before. And we’re just going to plug you right back into all those abilities.” So in that aspect, I feel like I’m able to receive their actual verbal messages, and they have a tone, they have a voice, they have an addiction, that’s so different from my own. It has an authority that’s so different from my authority that my job is just to step aside. So that’s where the conscious field can interfere a lot. So I often ask this conscious self to step aside when I’m in session. So what’s left in the call was the reader. The reader is the one that has all these what I call super sentience abilities, clairaudience clairvoyance. 

So not only do I hear the messages of the Record Keepers, they start to show the words, the signs, the symbols. And the most fascinating part, Stephan, is if there was one thing I wish I could imprint into people’s minds is when they asked about past lives because I feel like I get a chance to see anywhere between a five to a 15-second video snippet, where I get to see what you look like, how you were dressed, what your challenges were. And it’s interesting because how you look now, there might be a small, tiny part of those previous lives, that may represent even who you are, from the shade of your eye, to say how the eyebrow was shaped, to like a dimple. Those little characteristics that go from life make me realize, “Oh, I’m looking at the video, Stephan, doing this life and experiencing these things. And as soon as the video is done, it’s sort of like, it’s like gray space until the question shows up. And then the answer starts to reveal itself.

One of the most consistent key messages that I received from the Record Keepers is at the very end of this life, they ask you a simple question, which is, 'Did you resolve the agreements, contracts, and patterns you came down to Earth… Click To Tweet

Interesting. It’s funny that you mentioned a dimple since I have one pronounced dimple and not one on the other side. I’m curious if that’s something that carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

I wouldn’t be surprised. Yeah.

My baby, David, who’s a little over a year now, got a dimple on the other side. So he’s just got one dimple just like me, but it’s on the other side of his face.

That’s amazing. Well, just from already having this conversation with you, and we’re already tapped into that field of Akasha. The message I get about the dimple on the left side is it’s about receiving joy. But on his side, which is on the right side, is about giving joy. So it’s interesting how those things pass from life to life to life. I’ve even seen images of birthmarks that show up from different people’s lives that have a genetic connection. So it’s those little tiny, what I call soul imprints that the Creator likes to give to us that just reminds us that there’s a link that continues from past to the present to future.

Amazing. All right. I’m already getting goosebumps. I’m excited. So let’s open the Akashic Records if you’re ready.

Absolutely. So I’m going to just do what I normally do; an opening prayer. And then if you don’t mind, I’m going to put you on hold for a couple of minutes to continue to open your Akashic Records. And then as soon as I hear that your records are open, we can come back and we’ll continue this conversation. So you’re ready to dive in? 

I am. Thank you. 

Okay. Wonderful. Thank you. So, Stephan, just remind me what was your full name that we used?

Stephan Martin Spencer.

Great. Okay, wonderful. So, let’s go ahead and just relax for a moment. I’m just going to call Him the Creator, our guides, all the beams of light, and the Record Keepers who are working with us. Just invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale. Allowing your body, mind, spirit, and consciousness to align, arrive, and be present to our call at this time, we energetically heart link, creating a sacred bond between you and me that allows us to enter our sacred heart space. As we enter into our sacred heart space, we’re able to activate and open this portal of light, allowing us to heart link with the earth below, and also to heart link with the Creator above. As we are connected above and below we offer this gift of love and gratitude to the Creator and the earth, allowing them to receive it and return it to us in a tenfold beam of light. Through this tenfold beam of light, we’re able to call down our Ascended Masters, teachers, loved ones, angels, guides, our soul counsel, and the Lords of the Akashic Records. Please work with us and through us that we may receive your gift of healing. Please guide us, direct us, surround us to protect us in a bubble of love and light. Let Stephan Martin Spencer receive knowledge, energy, and information for his highest feelings and his highest and best good. Stephan, do I have your permission to open your Akashic Records at this time? 


Our Creator’s soul imprints remind us that there’s a link that continues from the past to the present to the future.

Okay, wonderful. So let’s go ahead and begin. I ask God if he will have his shield of loving truth around you permanently, so only God’s given truth will exist between you and me. I allow the masters, teachers, and loved ones of you to channel through me at whatever realm to say whatever they wish. I asked permission of the Lords of the Akashic Records, so I’m able to look into the records of you and remove whatever information I’m allowed. If you can just give me a quick moment, Stephan, I’m going to continue to open the Akashic Records and I’ll just be back in a couple of minutes and then we’ll start your session right away, so I’ll be right back.

Thank you.

Ok, Stephan. Thank you so much for your patience. Your Akashic Records are now open, the Record Keepers are ready. I’d like to ask how you’d like to start. If you would like to start with information that’s immediately awaiting, or if you’d like to begin with your questions. 

I’d like to start with the information that’s immediately waiting.

Okay, so you’d like to start with what’s available, right? 


Okay, I’m going to step aside at this time. And let the Record Keepers come through. And let’s go ahead and begin. 

Before we begin, we would like to welcome you back into the hall of records. We are extremely pleased in capital letters that you are here for the opening of your Akashic Records, we are greeted by three key images, and three areas of your life we would like to immediately discuss. The first is the appearance of a temple. Temple is appearing as capital T-E-M-P-L-E. The reason why the energy of the temple is appearing is there’s something about your nature, the light bearer, that is being asked to hold the sanctity of source within you. By holding the sanctity of source within you, you incur the energy of hope, inspiration, and even focused action that allows others to come to you for advice, knowledge, as well as support, and healing. The second and third are the appearance of spirit animals. We see the appearance of a lion, capital L-I-O-N and the lion represents the energy of protection, dominion, and most of all power. You are being asked to work with this creative and vital energy to move the barometer of a project forward. The third is the appearance of the horse, capital H-O-R-S-E. This is appearing in the form of a black stallion, and the horse appears to bring the energy of dependability, resourcefulness, and steadiness of pace. There is something that you may be asked to do to stay along the path instead of deviating from getting lost in the wilderness. This is an opportunity to be steady, and to keep your eyes peeled in all directions. This is about a deeper level of awareness. 

We welcome you into the Akashic Records for there are three areas of your life, we would like to immediately discuss as we begin. The first is the realm of work; work appears as capital W-O, small r, capital K. We see that the word steady pace is appearing in the realm of work. And we do see that there is a surge effect at capital S-U-R-G-E appearing in January, middle of January, starting as early as January the 10th. This appears to connect the energy of forwarding momentum, there may be a group that you are working with, leading, training, and supporting to allow a deeper level of engagement. We also see there may be a corporate structure that brings you in to talk, give, advise, teach, and even relay knowledge. We also see that an online presence appears to grow with greater ease. And it’s as if you are calling the community towards you, rather than having to do any external exertive force. The second is the area of wealth. Wealth is appearing as capital W, small e-a, capital L-T-H. We see that the word invest is appearing as capital I-N-V-E-S-T. invest time and money in three key areas. Number one, personal development, growth of the business. Number two, there appears to be some form of a stock or mutual fund that you can put a little bit of money towards and see what we see the word steady growth. 

Cluttered thoughts can block me from my highest intentions. Make tidying up a constant practice.

The third is connected to the energy of travel. Travel appears as capital T-R, small a, capital V-E-L. Something may pull you from your current location in Israel that may cause you to have to go to Los Angeles or the United States for a visit. This visit appears to be partly personal slash family as well as business-oriented and there may be a key agreement, a key decision that you choose to take on in this timeframe of this meeting that allows another potent period of growth. The third is the area of health. Health is appearing as capital H, small e, capital A-L-T-H. We see that while precautions are still necessary and needed, there is an aspect of you that has been asked to focus on three key areas of the body. The first is the area of balance, the balance of mind, psyche, and physicality. There may be a part of you that is pushing yourself harder than normal, and this is causing an undercurrent of stress. Please watch out also for lower levels of inflammation, intermittent aches, and pains that may sometimes show up related to weather changes, barometric pressure, or even what you eat. Overall, we encourage you to embrace vitality, longevity, and most of all immunity. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you. So there’s a lot of fear and anxiety around us and just on the planet right now with COVID-19 and in the novel Coronavirus. And now with the vaccines, there are a lot of fears that the vaccine might bear some negative repercussions or have some sort of agent inside of it that might not be in our own best interest. So I’m curious what I should know about the virus, the vaccines, the lockdowns, and just the pandemic generally to protect my family, myself, and all the people I love.

Thank you for your question. There are four answers that we are seeing related to your question. First of all, we see that the Coronavirus, especially when it’s tied to the energy to pandemics is cyclical in nature. This is something that we see was not necessarily planned but something that was expected, especially because we see very limp activities with other agents coming up and down to the last 10 years. Thus, when we see the range, R-A-N-G-E of this pandemic, we are seeing something from 2019 to 2023. When we see the nature of this vaccine, we see the word instability. And the reason why we see instability is because the nature of the virus mutates, which causes this vaccine to sometimes be outdated as if they are chasing something. The reason why we see the word instability is that more controlled trials and tests need to occur before it is released. And we do see that there is a plan from certain vaccine manufacturers to release what we see as a phase one, P-H-A-S-E one of the vaccine. There are other vaccines that are being created globally, that appear to have a more effective containment of the virus, yet we see this is a very smart kind of virus that has such a changeability of its DNA sequence that this is what causes this pandemic to have surges and to delay itself in terms of containment.

Know that we are warranted and needed. You can trust and maintain a healthy perspective of health, safety, and awareness.

Thus, when we see your question around, what are the actions that you can take, three answers are appearing here. Number one, educate yourself and read multiple sources, stay on top of the news but not necessarily be embroiled in it, you need to have a healthy distance and perspective so that you can assess the information from a neutral standpoint. Number two, nature is your ally. Leave the body with healthy foods, keep immunity high, and deal with stressors as they show, so you are not running an undercurrent of weakness that could potentially get you sick. Number three, we are seeing the words quote, address things as they show up. This is important because fear can sometimes cause people to not act. But by addressing things as they show up, you are giving yourself permission to exist above the fear by taking actions that you know are warranted and needed, going to practitioners who you can trust, and also quote, maintaining a healthy perspective of health, safety, and awareness. We do want to reinforce that because this is a global situation, it will require a certain level of cooperation amongst the masses, to get a handle on the situation where we do see a vaccine could come out that has a reliable outcome is showing up in 2022. We await your questions at this time.

Should I avoid taking the vaccine until 2022 or should I avoid it altogether? Like what are the risks of me taking the vaccine?

Thank you for your question. What we are seeing is with this first and immediate run, there is instability to it, there are certain side effects that we see have not been able to be mitigated. Which is why we see this first run of these vaccines needs to undergo greater levels of testing and trials not on human subjects. There will be volunteers, but this is why we see if you can be patient and wait, what will show up a little bit later, as in 2022 will have gone through all the extensive testing and trials that it appears to be dependable. And what’s interesting is that this particular vaccine in 2022 seems to come from my European manufacturer. We are hearing the words quoted by the time this one year trial goes through, there is a factor of safety that we see can be protective and help to develop some level of immunity. As we stated with this Coronavirus, there is an intelligence that this particular virus has that allows it to mutate in such an aggressive way that causes it to even hide under testing parameters, which is why we see that we are dealing with something with an innate intelligence different from other viruses of the past. Thus, we encourage you to collect your data, focus on sources that you find reliable, and watch the studies as they are occurring. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you. Are there agents of darkness or of evil that are behind this pandemic? And what do I need to know about them if there are?

This is a very interesting and somewhat strange question because we see that there is a split, capital S-P-L, small i, capital T, and the answer; first of all, when you ask if there are agents of darkness that are tied to this vaccine that is appearing with a capital Y, small e, big S. There is an aspect of this vaccine that is man-made in nature. And this is why we see that when a man chooses to interfere with science, it creates a virulence in terms of outcomes that they cannot always predict or control. Number two, there is an aspect of this that is tied to some level of government control. We are not trying to espouse conspiracy theories, yet there is something tied to a form of governmental control. Number three, quote, these quote dark forces that you are referring to that may be trying to prevent people in terms of evolving in consciousness, awakening, or even having that, quote aspiration of freedom to be, these particular forces F-O-R-C-E-S have always been prevalent and present in this earth plane. And the reason why is that the polarity that exists on this plane causes people to have to choose. And what we are seeing is the words, the storyline itself is impregnated with forces beyond man’s control that causes one to succumb to fear, paranoia, and this belief that there are other factors outside of them, instigating things to happen. So on one level, we do want to state that we do see that. However, the reason for that polarity is to give men and women the opportunity to discern and choose where they want to put their faith, attention, and trust. And what we are seeing as the words, you are here as a force of light, you are here as part of the support crew because you chose to come during a time of this pandemic, technology, and a resource-rich world to be able to be a part of the support crew that initiates change for a higher level of being. We await your questions at this time.

Temples are all about service to a source, not necessarily service to the self or service to the common good. You are here for the greater good, not the common good. Click To Tweet

Thank you. Can you tell me more about the body of work that I meant to do as a lightworker, light bearer, and a support person for humanity and the souls on this plane?

Thank you for your question. There are three answers that we would like to share first, as part of the word temple, T-E-M-P-L-E. This is not about spiritual work, but we do want to reinforce that the temple which is in you, radiates this aspect of your spiritual work anyway. When we see a temple existing in someone, they are here to be a source of light, knowledge, and information for the world. And thus we see that you are here to not only be a purveyor of clear, accurate knowledge, but you are also coming from a place where you are providing it in a neutral way. Temples are all about service to a source, not necessarily service to the self, or service to the common good, you are here for the greater good, not the common good, the greater good. 

Number two, receive part of your work as part of the energy of training, T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G. And this may be training related to business training, related to technology training, even related to body mind spirit connection. Number three, the other part of your work is elevating the presence, the awareness, and the consciousness of mankind. When we say mankind, we are specifically discussing the gender of man, we see that you are here to bring something part to the energy of honor to men. Because it is as if you have the ability to see both sides. And though you come from a place of privilege, experience, and resources, you are here to uplift other men, so that they can choose to be a higher source of spirit on Earth, not just to take advantage but to contribute to add to, to return that power of honor to masculinity. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you. Could you tell me more about the angels and Ascended Masters who are assigned to help me and my mission in this lifetime?

Thank you for your question. It has appeared with the capital Y-E-S. We see that four angels appear to surround you in what we see as, like a box, you are essentially in the center. And these four angels take these four positions on the four corners with you. What appears outside of the angels in more of a circular form are the Ascended Masters. Let us talk about the four angels that we immediately see around you now. The first is connected to the name of the archangel, Metatron. Metatron is appearing because you are here to work with the building blocks of matter, as it’s related to your thoughts, your voice, and your actions. It is archangel Metatron, who helps you to build the structure of your work that allows you to offer it to the world in a much bigger container. The second is connected to the name of archangel Michael. Archangel Michael allows you to act, cross the threshold, and see opportunities. He is also connecting you to the higher realms which helps you to receive the messages from your source from guides and from your quote Record Keepers that helps you to translate it into information you can work with. The third is connected to the name of archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael is appearing as a healing angel that helps you to transmutate suffering because you are here to not only heal and embrace this energy tied to work abundance and security. You are also here to help others impregnate that awareness in their mind. The other is tied to the name of archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is here to help you to speak with power and confidence in the world to clear any of the karmic challenges that are standing in the way. With the appearance of these four angels, we see that there are four other Ascended Masters that appear to be connected to you. 

What is something that passes through all the tests of time and all the different lifetimes is sources, love, and connection to you.Anne Marie Pizzaro

The first Ascended Masters connect to the name of St. Germain. St. Germain helps you to architect and design your life in a way that allows you to not only feel purposeful but also needed. It’s also St. Germain that connects you to Archangel Raphael, and Michael to be able to do spirit work on Earth. The second is connected to the name of Master Hilarion. Master Hilarion is part of the energy of truth, knowledge, and devotion. We see that Master Hilarion is here to help you embrace the body of work to take it into action to serve the world in a higher manner. Number three, we would like to share the Ascended Master known as Lakshmi is also peering between Gabriel and Raphael. One of the reasons why Lakshmi is here is she is here to not only help you prosper, she is here to help you extend those seeds of connections so that others who choose to work with can also prosper as well. And at the core of Lakshmi’s work is rooting your energy to the entire abundance of the source so that you can be this temple, this beacon of light that passes on that blessing to others. And the final being that is appearing as the name of Lord Melchizedek. At the opening of your Akashic Records, we were greeted by the image of the temple, those that hold temple energies are tied to an order O-R-D-E-R, and there is an aspect of you and your work tied to the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek priests are here to serve the greater good, not the common good, the greater good. And when you are working with Lord Melchizedek, this helps you to understand the spirit’s mission for you, how you are here to orchestrate, construct, and divine so that you can be a source of light for the world. We await your questions at this time.

Thank you so much. I want to be respectful of your time. And I’m ready for the records to be closed. Or if there’s one last message that is important that I know, please feel free to share that with me, but I know we need to finish this interview.

Thank you. before we let you go, we have one last message to you, which is this; the antidote to the dark is the ability to bring in joy and light. And through the ability to find joy, appreciation and gratitude and all things is how you bring spirits energy from the celestial to the material, you are being asked to anchor it and share that energy with the world. Because we want to reinforce that what you see is transient around you. Things will change. You can always count on that. But what is consistent, what is something that passes through all the tests of time and all the different lifetimes is sources, love, and connection to you. So we asked you to anchor that energy of joy and receiving that energy of light so that you can be a temple that survives, thrives, and shares your light with the world during these dark moments. And we appreciate our time with you and we have no further information for you at this time, end quote.

Thank you.

Okay, Stephan, and they show again the little dimple on your face. So really, that dimple seems to show up when you smile the most. And the Record Keepers just want you to know that that’s not an accident. 


So while we’re here, do you mind if we just closed our Akashic Records at this time? 


Great. Okay. We give thanks to the Highest God, our masters, teachers, loved ones, angels, and guides. We give thanks to the Lords of the Akashic Records when we close that Akashic Records for Stephan Martin Spencer, we give thanks to the Lords of the Akashic Records, and we close the Akashic Records for Stephan Martin Spencer. Can we give thanks to the Lords of the Akashic Records, and they close the Akashic Records for Stephan Martin Spencer? Okay, your records are closed, sir.

The antidote to the dark is the ability to bring in joy and light. Click To Tweet

Thank you. This was fabulous.

You’re welcome. It was and I saw that temple show up, and I was like, “Well, that’s never shown up before.” And I think it’s an aspect of your work that’s just stepped into another level of, they call it solidity and structure that you can just rest in it and rely on it. And that’s the most important thing that when you’re able to rest in the temple, there’s an aspect of your soul that just says, “We’ve made it,” and there’s nothing else we have to worry about. And it’s really about acceptance. So thank you for asking those questions because I have not had many people ask me about the vaccine. So to get that insight makes me realize it’s worth waiting for. 

Wonderful. Well, thank you so much. This was such a gift. And we’ve been working together for several years now. And you were referred to me by Steven Renton, who I think of as a very, kind of pragmatic, science-based guy. And when he made the referral, I thought, okay, I should take this seriously. And I’m so glad I did because it’s been a wonderful gift to have you in my life to have had these experiences with you and these learning opportunities that you’ve presented to me. So thank you.

When you’re able to rest in the temple, there’s an aspect of your soul that says, “We’ve made it,” and there’s nothing else we have to worry about.

Thank you. It’s such an honor. It’s such an honor Stephan to be able to work with you and Orion, and Akashic Records because you guys ask the kind of questions that I would have to say 90% of my clients are afraid to ask. And I’m grateful that you’re willing to ask those difficult questions, because it allows us to see more information in the Akashic Records than I normally have access to, and it makes me just rest in that awareness that you know what, we’re going to be fine. You’re going to be fine.

We are going to be more than fine.

We are here. This is our dream life. This is the dream life, Stephan, that all our past lives have been working towards reaching, and to be able to be here in this life, to have the opportunities, the choices, the resources, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Yep. I feel the same way. Such a blessing. So thank you, Anne. And now for our listeners or viewers who want to work with you, get their Akashic Records readings, how do they get in touch? Where should we send them to?

Well, I would love for you to send them to this course that I’m teaching because I’m backed up right now, I have a long waiting list. And people can sign up, but it’s going to take me a few months to get to them. So what I was being asked by the Record Keepers was to share and to empower others to be able to learn how to read the Akashic Records, because like I said, this is an ability and a gift that’s open for all of us. So I’m going to send you the link. The best way to just really go and see how to learn more about the Akashic Records is going to this link, it’s called

Wonderful. And your website is

Yes sir.

Thank you so much. 

You’re so welcome. I’m so grateful for this time with you, Stephan. As I said, this is the very first time that I’ve allowed the Record Keepers to show up in a podcast so I’m grateful for that because they knew just exactly how we need to appear today. So yey!

All right. Thank you. And thank you, listeners, for being part of this journey with me and get out there and share your light with the world.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Ask deep and meaningful questions. Being curious and finding answers about life’s questions can make us more aware and think more clearly.

?Clear the space not just in my home but in my mind as well. Cluttered thoughts can block me from my highest intentions. Make tidying up a constant practice.

?Feel more. Overthink less. Treat every situation as a learning experience and let the gathered information help me grow spiritually.

?Pay more attention to messages the universe is sending me. Sometimes distractions can hinder me from being more open to the calling of my higher power.

?Be more open and accepting of what life has to offer. Everything happens for a reason; even the bad things that occur have a purpose.

?Learn how to focus. Accessing my Akashic Records takes a lot of concentration and practice. Focusing on one aspect at a time can help me gain more clarity and understanding.

?Don’t resist my calling. Pursuing my purpose on this earth is the most fulfilling action I can do. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but my higher power will always prevail at the end of the day.

?Promote love and connection. Be more compassionate even with those who don’t understand my beliefs. Instead of bashing the stuff I don’t support, promote what I like and strongly believe in.

?Keep sharing the light. Continue spreading kindness and helping those in need.

?Visit the Body Energy Connection’s website to learn more about gaining clarity and insight about your life through the Akashic Records.

About Anne Marie Pizarro

Anne Marie Pizarro is a registered nurse, holistic practitioner and Akashic Records Reader and Teacher. She is the founder of Body Energy Connection and helps holistic entrepreneurs and creative agents receive answers and tools for their life’s most pressing questions. She currently offers client sessions, group programs and live classes.

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