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By: Stephan Spencer


Jean Malanaphy
“Everything in your heart, body, and soul will go through you and down into the Earth, and then the Earth transmutes it into energy.”
Jean Malanaphy

Have you ever felt like you needed a spirit guide who can help you along the journey of life? Here’s the good news: you already have one, well, actually multiple ones. Our guest today will show you how you can meet your spirit guides.

Jean Malanaphy is a psychic medium whose goal is to help and heal others by connecting them with spirit. In doing so, she serves to awaken people’s connection to their team of spirit guides, an ever-present source for guidance of their highest good throughout their lives.

In today’s episode, Jean tells us all about her own spirit guides and how they communicate with her. She also explains how to protect yourself against the dark side of the spiritual realm. Jean leads us in a meditation that enables us to meet our spirit guides. She believes anyone can become a medium if they practice awakening the connection. Get ready for a supernatural episode!

In this Episode

  • [00:29]Stephan introduces Jean Malphany, a professional medium with the purpose of helping and healing others by connecting them with spirit.
  • [05:13]Jean shares how her guides evolve along the way and how she has one particular guide who acts like a project manager who calls on other guides to help her when she’s in need.
  • [10:35]Jean tells us the names of her 3 main spirit guides and their roles in her life.
  • [15:24]Stephan asks Jean if she can tell if someone who passed away has already transitioned into the light and if she can help them to transition.
  • [20:10]Stephan and Jean discuss the archangels you can call on depending on what you need.
  • [25:55]Jean speaks about what she visualizes when she meditates at night.
  • [32:22]Jean demonstrates a meet your guide meditation and teaches how you can do it.
  • [38:09]What are some important aspects of practicing your ability to connect with your guides?
  • [42:48]Jean shares the story of how she got interested in learning mediumship.
  • [48:37]Visit Jean Malaphany’s website at if you want to connect with her, book a reading, or attend her upcoming online classes.

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Jean, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

First of all, I’d love to know what is this certain word that pretty much every medium that I’ve met uses and that is spirit. It’s not source, not God, not the creator, or Lord. It’s almost always spirit.


Why is that?

I’m connecting with individuals who have passed over so they’re in spirit, or they are guides who are in spirit. Before my readings, I do meditation. It’s funny, I ask God and I ask source for connecting to individuals for their highest good. I believe the spirit is—how I referred to them is it’s the people in the realm who have passed over.


Does that make sense?

It does, but I’m curious where God then fits in, because I’m hearing from other mediums that spirit essentially includes God. I’m hearing from spirit X, Y, and X, and these are direct from God as I’m understanding what they’re saying. It’s always spirit and it’s never source or God. I guess it’s just a thing. They’ve all agreed to use that term.

Everything in your heart, body, and soul will go through you and down into the Earth, and then the Earth transmutes it into energy. Click To Tweet

Maybe it’s just knowing. You can’t explain it. It’s just knowing, I guess.

All right. How many beings do you think that you have communicated with in this lifetime?

For me personally or with other people?

When you’re connecting, you’re potentially getting lots of spirit guides and lots of loved ones who are giving you messages to pass on to your clients. You’re also probably getting your messages throughout the day from your spirit guides and your loved ones. There must be thousands or maybe tens of thousands of spirits that have come in and said hello or whatever to you.

Yes, definitely. Definitely with other people in doing their readings and connecting with their loved ones. It depends on the person who comes in and I get different levels. There are different levels of guides. You’ll have people who have passed over and then you can get angels and then you can get ascended guides. How I see them when they come in, they’re on different levels and they’re standing behind each other. It could be a whole row of people. With myself, it’s interesting, I deal with mainly three of my guides. But when I do my meditations at night, I end up connecting with another level of guide.

It’s interesting, they come in at different times of the day. The level that I reach at night is like archangels. It’s just a different level, it’s interesting how it works.

I learned in Kabbalah that the most auspicious time to communicate with the angelic realm is at night time. Also, if you’re not reading from the Zohar or even just scanning it if you don’t read it, but you just scan the Hebrew letters, there is lots of energy and a blessing to be revealed just by doing that. That’s best done in the middle of the night, not during the day.

I believe I’m leveling up in a sense in connecting with another level of guides.

I agree. Sometimes, I’ll wake up at around 3 AM during the week or three times a week or something. I believe I’m leveling up in a sense in connecting with another level of guides. It’s really interesting.

Do you have these same guides? You mentioned three guides in particular that you communicate with a lot throughout your week. Are these the same guides that you’ve had since you were born?

No. The more work I do, the more it evolves and it changes and new people come in. Some go away and some have stayed. It’s interesting, I have one other guide, I look at them as like a project manager. They’ll bring in guides as I need them. They’ll be like a temporary guide if I need help with something. They’ll help me out and then they’ll go away. It’s female energy and she helps me bring in people.

That’s so cool. I just recently read a book called, Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter. Have you heard of that book?

No, I haven’t heard of that.

Well, it’s a fun read. It’s only a 60- or 90-minute read for the whole book. One of the key concepts of it is that rather than just asking for assistance from, let’s say, your guardian angel, you would call in specialists. Not even just one specialist, but you could have an entire committee. 

A committee of specialists on, let’s say, lead generation for your business. If you’re trying to work through an audit from the IRS or something, bring in an angelic audit specialist and have a whole committee here. I really like that concept and I’m curious have you implemented anything like that where you’ve brought in groups of angels or guides, or set up counsels or they have come in with counsels and not just a one-to-one situation?

Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter

Yeah. For me, it’s mostly been one-to-one, but when I’ve done readings for other people, I’ve experienced—they’ll have their grandmother who has passed over and she’s taking control on their side and again she’s bringing in people for whoever the person is. She’ll bring in tons of guides for them. I have experienced it when I’m doing readings for other people.

Grandma is basically saying, hey, come on over everyone.

Yeah, you’re right. It’s like, you’re out and I need this person. You do it quickly.

Do you hear this, do you see it, or do you just have a knowing, a claircognizant of it?

It’s all three.


It’s all three.

Have you always had all three, or did you develop two of the three, and one was really strong from the beginning? How did this all evolve for you?

I always had a strong visual and then knowing. The hearing came in later as I kept practicing and practicing. I continued to grow as I read people, so I’m continuing to learn and grow all the time.

Does this hearing—clairaudience is what that’s called—come in in your own voice or is that in other voices?

It’s on voices. It’ll be in their voice. Someone who has passed over, it’ll be in their voice. I think it’s another way because sometimes I’ll describe the voice, and it’s another way of validating who the person is, also if they have a unique sound or something. It’s a way of validating who the person is.

I always had a solid visual and then knowing. The hearing came in later as I kept practicing and practicing.

That’s a great point. I just learned of this concept of evidence-based mediumship. It makes sense now that I know what that is. People who are skeptics don’t believe or they don’t necessarily believe in you yet, so they’ll want you to prove it. You have to get the evidence and it has to be without a doubt an evidence that you couldn’t have looked up online, cold read them, or anything like that.


What would be an example of something like that?

Visually, it’ll be like I just had a person whose grandfather came, and he had a mustache. I’m like, this person has a mustache, or they’ll dress a certain way, and it’ll be like what that person wore all the time. I’ve had moments where they’ll have bright red lipstick on or something like that. They’ll be pointing at their lips, and they’re like, tell her about my lipstick, and that’s their aunt who always wore this bright red lipstick during their life on earth. It’s stuff like that.

Do they usually give you their names?

Every once in a while, I’ll get the name. I’m still growing in getting names. It’ll be interesting because sometimes they’ll show me a rose and that’s the person’s name, but they’ll show it to me as a rose. I’ll just say, I’m getting a rose. They’re like, that’s my Aunt Rose or my Grandma Rose.

Do you know the names of your three main spirit guides?

I do. Do you want to know them?

I would love to.

You have all these guides just waiting for you to connect. You just have to do the work to get there.

One is Clarissa, and she has a helper who is Mark. Clarissa is the one who sets up my room for when I do readings because I visualize her. I set up a room and have someone come in and sit down in this room, and she prepares this room for me.

Like bringing in coffee and stuff or what?

You know what, it’s interesting. I’ll see flowers, or I’ll see something this person liked. The room is filled with whatever. There’s that, and then I’ll see on the side, it’s set up as this clear wall of glass, and I can see a line of people or guides waiting to come in. There’s this other guide, his name is Mark. He works with Clarissa. It sounds funny when I’m saying it out loud. He’ll direct them one by one.

Like a velvet rope, and he’s the bouncer.

Yeah. I see him holding a board taking down names and stuff.

That’s so cool.

There’s Clarissa, and then there is Eva and she always stands behind me. She’s my main guide. I see them as they’re really light. She’s purple light, Clarissa is white light. I have another guide, her name is Rachel. She came to me as Rachel. She’s the one who helps bring other guys as I need them, and she’s a pink light. I see them always behind me. Eva, the main one, she always activates my third eye before I do readings. It’s really interesting.

How does your third eye get activated? Do you have to meditate, say a prayer, or it’s a combination of things?

A combination of meditation and setting an intention before I do my readings.

The third eye I am specifically open for doing readings. Crown chakra, to me, feels like it’s connecting to everything.

What’s the difference between opening your third eye and opening your crown chakra?

The third eye I specifically open for doing readings. Crown chakra to me feels like it’s connecting to everything. Does that make sense?


I guess when you’re opening your third eye, you are connecting to everything. But I feel like when I do it, it’s focused on the person who I’m reading.

Right. My interpretation of this is that opening a third eye is like expanding your psychic abilities and opening your crown chakra is connecting directly to the creator and to the infinite.

Yeah, exactly.

Got it. Where do angels and archangels come into the equation here? Are they weighing in with their messages for your clients as well? Are they in line of getting written down on the chalkboard?

it’s interesting. That’s an interesting question because I don’t see them waiting in line but they do come in. They’ll just appear behind the person. I just had two people pass recently. We had my mother-in-law pass and also my niece lost her two-year-old daughter recently.

Oh wow.

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Usually, there’s a time period of about 4–6 months for them to transition. But my niece was so distraught, I was trying to help out and when I connected in with her, all I saw were angels. They just swooped down around her child. That’s all I saw. I didn’t see her child. Then I also saw my father-in-law with them too. But I only saw the side of him as if he was helping her transition and watching the process that the angels were going through. They do show up differently. They don’t show up in that line.

Can you see the details of a person, human soul that’s waiting in line that you mentioned?


You mentioned that you can see a mustache or you can see an outfit that the person is wearing, are they normally showing up like this, or do they show up as colored light or an orb of some sort, and then they take a shape or form so that you can recognize and describe them to your client?

For me, they just show up instantly as dressed in what they were dressed in.


Yeah, but the higher, I guess, more elevated guides show up as light.

Higher, more elevated guides show up as light.

One thing I learned recently, I think it might have been from Tina Zion, is that a person who shows up for you almost like a photograph. They’re very much like their version when they were on the earth. That means that they haven’t crossed over yet. They haven’t transitioned into the light. How does that sound to you? Does that sound accurate?

I think it is different for every medium. For me, I just get the backs of the people if they’re not finished transitioning or they don’t want to speak right now. I’ll just get their back.

Okay, got it. All right. Can you help someone if they have not transitioned yet to the light? Can you assist them to get into the light?

I think so. Yes, I think through prayer you can help them. There’s a great Tibetan book on death.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

I think it’s wonderful how they explain how to help the person move on.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead by Padmasambhava

You mentioned that in the evenings, you’ll be able to connect with archangels. What is that like for you? How does that differ from standard angels? Do they have wings? Are they doing things that are not typical angel things that only archangels can do?

Well, for me it’s interesting how they appear. I’ll explain what I see when I meditate at night. I see the ocean. I’m at the beach, I see the ocean, and I hear the waves. They appear and they’re gigantic. Archangels are just huge with huge wings, and it’s like this emanating light. I feel, for me, they communicate differently. It’s not like a conversation. It’s not like a verbal conversation, it’s kind of like a knowing conversation if that makes sense. 

How can I describe it? It’s like telepathy as opposed to a verbal conversation. I know that sounds odd, but that’s how they come to me. Usually, I have Archangel Michael is major for me. Gabriel is major for me. Then, I also see Jesus, he’s there too. I see Joan of Arc. She shows up with her sword.

All right. Michael has a sword too.

Yeah, it’s interesting. He’ll pass his sword to me and I take that as gaining knowledge. For me, that means gaining more knowledge.


Yeah. It’s interesting.

I saw Michael cut off the head of a serpent a couple of weeks ago. That was surprising. I’m learning some psychic abilities and in that session. I was working with Tina Zion. She’s awesome. That was a surprise. I was working on helping somebody. Let’s just say a little bit of that, helping somebody. It was like a possession. Somebody was possessed, and that serpent showed up.

Archangels are just huge with enormous wings, and it’s like this emanating light.


He dispatched that very quickly.

That’s amazing.

Let’s talk a bit more about how you get divine assistance from, let’s say, Michael, Gabriel, Joan of Arc, or some other really divine and sacred being. What kind of assistance are you getting? Are you asking for the assistance or are they coming in to say, hey, we’re going to help you up-level, and this is what we think you need?

I think it’s more than, and it’s almost more of a presence they’re giving me—it’s interesting. It’s different than when I connect with my father also. My father is more, you need to do this, this is going to be okay, and look at this. Whereas I feel like the archangels, they’re giving me what I need to get through issues. I don’t have to ask for it. It’s more like I’m just bathing in what they’re giving me to help me. It’s on a different level.

They’re not telling me, do this, this, and this. It’s almost like they’re giving me the ability to do it. Does that make sense?

Angelspeake by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

I think so. I read somewhere, I forget where. Maybe it was in the Angelspeake book. But you can call in Gabriel to connect your oversoul with someone else’s and have that message get delivered through Gabriel in the perfect timing with the right kind of messaging. If you’re not using exactly the right words that will land in the best way, then those words get transmuted by Gabriel and delivered at exactly the perfect moment to be best received by that person. Let’s say it’s a loved one that you’ve fallen out of contact with or they are angry with you.

I can see that completely. I’ll also ask them for help like clearing my family members too, at the end of the day and ridding them of any negative emotions or energy. I’ll ask Archangel Michael to cleanse my family, then also my space, the building, and everything. I also ask for that at night.

Right. If you end up taking on some negative energy from working with a client, you need to get that cleaned too, right?

Yeah, I do. I envision myself in a shower with one of those shower heads that look like rain coming down, but I envision bright light coming down so that it cleanses me. Unusually, I don’t remember the reading too. It will pass through me pretty quickly. I’ll listen to the recording every once in a while, oh, that happened? With recurring clients, I don’t remember what I read for them previously.

Is that trance channeling or is that different?

I think it’s just for protection actually for me so I don’t carry everything with me.

Because some people will just have their bodies, their vocal cords, everything taken over. For example, I had Sheila Gillette on this podcast and she channels a group of angels, 12 archangels, and they don’t reveal themselves individually. They just refer to themselves as a group by the name THEO

She’ll have her body taken over by them. She doesn’t know what they’re saying. She just has to listen to the recording afterward. This is funny. I don’t normally get the video turning off over and over again. I think it might be that we’re getting some mischief going on here.


I’ll ask Archangel Michael to cleanse my family and also my space.

By the way, do you see any beings behind me or around me? I’m just curious.

It’s hard for me to do it without connecting in.

Yeah, without Clarissa and the others.

I don’t. I need to do it through the process I go through.

That makes sense. One thing I’ve been told is that we’re near a portal, and there are a lot of entities hanging around and souls.

Where you are?


Okay. Well, don’t tell me anymore. Because I want to see when I read you.

For our listener, we’re actually going to do a reading in a week. I’m really looking forward to that. Let’s talk a bit more about this whole clearing, cleansing, and protecting. How does somebody who doesn’t know a lot about this realm protect themselves? 

You would help your loved ones who’ve been exposed to different energies throughout the day just to help them to clean and clear. But they wouldn’t know how to do it on their own, would they?

It gives someone comfort in knowing that they have a whole team of people behind them.

Well, they would just only because I’ve explained it.

Oh yeah, because you give training.

Yeah, but there’s a lot of simple things you can do that are quick. I also do a lot of grounding. Just a quick grounding meditation where I envision roots coming out of the bottom of my feet and connecting to the Earth. I feel like that’s also protective and cleansing because anything that’s in you will go through you and down into the Earth, and then the Earth transmutes it into positive energy. It takes it all out of you. There’s that.

And then, again, with the white light I explained is just simply envisioning white light pouring over you. It takes two seconds to do that and I feel like that’s cleansing.

I recently came to understand that the Earth, Gaia, is a being. A very large being, right?


A planet-sized being. That kind of surprised me. I thought, okay, well, there are a lot of beings on this planet, but the planet itself is a being. It makes sense now. That also, I think, is kind of embedded in some literature and even some movies. 

For example, A Wrinkle in Time—the book and movie—has these stars come in the form of a being. They escort the main characters through these different realms, through space-time, and all this sort of stuff. But they’re actually entire stars, not just the planet. I thought that was silly when I first read the book. But now, it makes a lot more sense. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief more now that I understand that Gaia is a being.

I’m curious where you’re at with this whole thought process and understanding it. Do you connect and communicate directly with Gaia, Mother Earth, or whatever she prefers to be called by?

Part of my meditation at night is I’ll envision a gold rope, and there’s gold light coming out of it. Then I take that rope and I visualize tying it around my root chakra, and I send the other end to the center of the earth. It’s interesting that stuff will just pop up. I’ll send the Earth truth, love, or whatever comes in pops into my head. Lately, it’s been the truth because of the stuff that’s going on in the world right now.

Oh yeah, fake news.

Yeah, and it’s interesting because it’ll just pop into my head that I need to send the truth to the earth. I see the whole earth visually and I see light emanating from it and the light changes depending on the state of it. Does that make sense? It’s a quick meditation. 

I see the whole Earth visually, and I see the light emanating from it, which changes depending on its state.

Also, at the beginning of all these with COVID and stuff, the color of the light would change. I felt like the earth was just taking a break. It just needed to stop and just take a break. That’s what it felt like to me. Now, I see it starting to spin again and the color of the light that’s coming out is different. The only word I can use is it feels more alive to me.

Are there certain colors that are more alive than others or more connected to source, to spirit?

I feel like they mean different things. Like now, I see blue and I see purples, and to me, that means it’s healing. That’s how I take that in.

There are a lot of theories around coronavirus and COVID and different dark theories. I’ll just leave it at that, but I don’t think that serves us. I think it’s better to see that the hand of God is in everything, everything that happens with COVID. 

In that case, where’s the good in what happened? Oh, well, the earth had to take a break and the cycle of pollution and overuse of its natural resources and so forth. It’s also given people a kind of emotional reset to rethink what they’re doing in their lives and stop and reflect. It’s been a lot of positive silver linings that have come out of this difficult time and to not recognize those things, I think that’s disrespectful to the Creator.

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Yeah, I agree with you.

I’m curious, let’s go back to angels for a minute. Where do our guardian angels come from? How many do we get? What are they doing in comparison to other angels, archangels, spirit guides, and so forth? Maybe you could explain the work assignments. What are spirit guides doing versus the guardian angels, how many, and all that?

I think I’m more versed in people’s guides because I get them more than the angels coming in. For me, I feel like there’s an abundance of angels. I think they have different purposes, so they’ll come in when needed.

But the guardian angel is the one that protects you and saves you from getting hit by a bus when it’s not your time yet, that sort of thing.

Yeah, I think more miracles type of thing also.

Do you know the name of your guardian angel?

I don’t. Right now, I guess, I’m just focused on these three.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Your three spirit guides?


Where do ascended masters fit into the picture? Because you got spirit guides who were incarnated at one point. Ascended masters were as well, but they are much further along than a spirit guide probably, right?

Right. I see ascended masters when people have been working to connect. Because I think they start you off with loved ones who have passed over and then the more work you do to awaken that connection, then ascended masters come in after that. Sometimes I can see them waiting in the background also. Or I’ll see they’ll have a guide and they’ll part a curtain, and I can see them waiting. I’ll explain to that person, you have all these guides just waiting for you to connect. So you just have to do the work just to get there. It’s been interesting how they come in for me.

Do these ascended masters work with you on helping you on your journey?

Not right now. Right now, I’m just focused on those three and then the other four that I’ve mentioned that I see at night.

Got it. You mentioned Jesus. Where does Jesus fit into the picture for you? How does he assist you?

I always see him on the right. He’s on the right of Archangel Michael and He’s just there. So I guess He’s just there supporting me, I don’t know how yet.

Do you have conversations with them? Does He speak to you? Do you tell Him stuff?

No, I feel like those four are more just a knowing presence. Maybe that just means I need to do more work also and then they’ll come in when the time’s ready.

Jesus isn’t tapping His fingers looking like He’s waiting for you to ask Him a question or anything?


Have any dark entities shown themselves at any point in your life? Whether it’s during a reading or outside of readings, or when you were a young child or anything like that.

It’s not a special gift to be a medium. We all can do this. It’s just a matter of working out that ability.

When I first started doing readings, I’d have some weird characters come in that didn’t belong to the people that I was reading. They would pop in, but I’ve trained myself and with the meditation that I do beforehand, it clears out any lower energies that are coming in. I always ask for guides to come in that are on for the person’s highest good for everyone involved. That’s the intention I set every time so that doesn’t happen.

Highest and best good. I hear that a lot. Is there a particular meditation you’d like to teach our listener?

Sure. Do you want to do a meet your guide?

Something short that we can give to our listeners that they can take away and start utilizing and practicing.

Do you want to do a meet your guide meditation?

Yeah, let’s do it.

Or a guide? Or see who comes in? We’ll do a meet your guide meditation. Like I said, it’s important to start with an intention. It can be as simple as God or Universe Source, I ask that you connect me with loved ones and guides who come from love for my highest good and the good of all concerned.

I always ask for guides to come in for the person’s highest good for everyone involved.

You say that aloud or can you just say it in your own head?

You could just say it in your own head. And then what we’re going to do is I want you to go ahead and put your feet flat on the floor and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and fill your stomach. Then release that breath. Slowly take in another deep breath and fill your chest. Then release that breath. Then take one more deep breath in. Hold it for a moment, and then release it. 

I’d like for you to visualize yourself in a safe place that makes you feel really great, that makes you feel happy. And this feeling of happiness is very important. So really feel yourself in this place. You could be in a field, the beautiful breeze with the sun setting. It could be on the beach, and you’re feeling the sun on your skin. You hear the waves breaking. Wherever that place is for you, you’re sitting there, and you’re feeling very happy. Then concentrate on that feeling of happiness and just take a few moments to do that. 

Now I want you to visualize yourself standing up in this place that you’re in. You’re going to look to your right, on your right, there’s a staircase of 10 steps. I want you to walk over to those steps and walk up to them one by one, and really feel your feet stepping on each step, one at a time. Take your time doing that. Then you come to the top step, there’s a door in front of you. Take notice of the door. You open that door, and you go inside, and you close it behind you. Look around the space that you’re in. You see who’s there. Is anyone coming up to you?

For me it’s my grandmother, Tilia.

Are they saying anything?

I love you, honey. I’m proud of you.

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Take note of all that’s going on. Just take time with that person or guide. You may see one person or you may see more. Now that you’ve seen everybody and heard them talking to you, you thank them for that connection today. You can go ahead and walk out the door. You can shut the door behind you. You can go back down the stairs to your safe and comforting place and sit back down. Then you can place your hand over your heart or rub your hands together, and you can start to come back. Open your eyes.

Very cool. Did you learn that, did you channel that, or come up with that on your own?

That I learned when I was practicing to become a medium, and I literally did that every day. In my visualization, the place would change and evolve. Different people would come in. Then it eventually led to a lifeguard stand. 

So I meet my guides on a lifeguard stand. That’s where my logo comes from for my company, and that’s why it’s called Lifeguide Readings. My dad is always at the top of the stairs. I always have another guide who opens the door for me and then lets me in to see all my other guides on the inside of the lifeguard stand. So that’s how that works for me.

Cool. So visualization is important. If you don’t practice that, it’s maybe losing some of the ability to connect, I would guess.

Everyone connects differently. At different levels in each way, they can connect. You can practice and build up all of them, I believe. What I also do and I think is really good is I write down everything I get from the meditation. I did that for a really long time, and that’s helped me build up my ability to connect like I do now.

Everyone connects differently.

Got it. If somebody gets a vision of a creature or a person or scene or whatever that might have an important message in it. For example, today, I’m doing a course on Akashic Records taught by Anne Marie Pizarro. In the session today, I got a raven. I was at the end of the exercise where we’re being left with a message or something, and that’s what came to me which was surprising. I’m curious, how do you interpret something like that?

It’s whatever it means for you. So raven can mean something different for me than it means for you. It’s a matter of deciphering what that means for you. It’s kind of like when you’re deciphering symbols in a dream also. It’s very individual to that person.

What I’m coming to realize is that the guides, angels, and ascended masters who are giving you these messages know where you’re going to look that up.

Yes, I also believe they give you these things specifically because they’ll know that you have this connection to this thing and they want that idea across so they’ll show you that.

I just bought the book Power Animals. I already had the Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews, which is excellent. But for whatever reason, I felt like the answer about the raven was in the Power Animals book rather than the Animal Speak book. Sure enough, nothing resonated in the Animal Speak book. Normally it does, but in this case, it didn’t. And then I read from the Power Animals book and there was a lot of valuable advice.

Power Animals by Steven D. Farmer

That’s great. You become aware of what resonates and that it’s resonating. I mean, that’s huge. That’s a huge thing.

What do you tell somebody who has discomfort with talking to the dead because of their religious upbringing or a belief system?

That’s interesting. I’ve had some nasty things said to me and sent to me on my Instagram where they X-ed out my face and said I was a devil and stuff.

That’s mean.

Yeah, it doesn’t affect me. It’s only because I’m doing this work, I’m connecting with people, and I’m coming up with things that I can’t possibly know. I know it’s the truth. I’m not here to make you believe. I’m just telling you what I see and what comes up. Hopefully, it gives someone comfort in knowing that they have a whole team of people behind them.

We all do.

It’s not a special gift to be a medium. We all can do this. It’s just a matter of working out that ability. Once you do, you have this whole source that’s right there. It’s amazing.

Did you start with psychic abilities as a small child? Did you start seeing ghosts or anything like that as a little kid?

I guess I’m boring, For me, it just evolved. I had a friend who is taking mediumship classes, and she said you should come, then I said, okay. It was like that. That’s not exciting or anything. I know when my dad passed, I know he was with me during the funeral. Before he was with me, I knew he was. So I wanted to investigate that and be able to connect with him as well.

They do show up for their funerals and for family celebrations, big events, birthday parties, and things like that.

It was just my neighbor saying you should come, I just instantly knew I should be there, and I just jumped into it. 

How many years ago was that?

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Three years ago.

Okay. So this was very recent.

Yeah. It was a lot of work and a lot of moving forward and then coming back and then moving forward. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was one of those moments where it’s just an instant knowing, I mean, I should do this. It wasn’t even a question.

It wasn’t a random chance that a neighbor asked you to come to this. It was a divinely inspired coincidence. 


So who are some psychics or mediums that you look up to or that you think are amazing and you want to kind of model yourself after if any?

That’s a good question. Give me a second. Let me think. I’m kind of just on my own path. My teacher was a huge guide for me. She’s not a medium, but I love listening to her. She’s more about guides and stuff like that.

Who’s your teacher?

Her name is Hillary Michaelson and she runs the Los Angeles School of Spiritual Arts. I worked with her I guess for about a year. Then I also mentored with a woman named Jean Cantana who helped me develop and gain more confidence in my ability to do readings over the phone. Because when I was first doing readings I thought, oh my God, there’s no way I could do this over the phone. In fact, I like it better than doing it in person. I feel like the connection is stronger, actually.

So you don’t do them over Zoom, you just do them over the phone?

I do them over Zoom, but I’m just not as comfortable because you’ll just be seeing me with my eyes closed connecting. I feel like it’s not that exciting.

Okay, got it. It can be distracting for a medium to be on video.

And then there are all these other things you worry about. I just want to clear my mind completely and focus on connecting and stuff.

Do you ever get readings yourself?

What do you mean?

Did you ever go to a psychic or medium and get a reading?

I do because sometimes I would like validation. I haven’t done it in probably a year and a half, but I sometimes do.

There are different levels of guides. First, you'll have people who have passed over, and then you can get angels, and then you can get ascended guides. Click To Tweet

A couple of more questions before we wrap up. Does any of this ever scare you?

No. In fact, I find it the best place to be when I’m doing a reading, and I’m in between. I find it the most comforting place to be. When I was first starting out, the lower energies did scare me, but I think I built up my ability to avoid them, not have to deal with them, or just tell them to move on, you need to get out. I don’t need to hear these types of things. 

If anything, the more I do it, the more comforting it is for me. I love being in that space. If I can help someone heal or I can help them connect and awaken that connection, then that’s the greatest thing.

Do you have a fear of death, or did you and now it’s gone?

It’s interesting, it’s not completely gone. I used to have a fear of death, and this has helped me tremendously. I still have moments when I think, I don’t want to leave my daughter or something. But then I realized I can help her from the other side, maybe even more so at times.

Because it’s not the end.

I’ve had a lot of readings where people are just so happy to be back on the other side. It’s because they’re either out of their bodies working here or they can do a lot of help for others on that side at a greater scale than they could do here.

One last question. Why do you sometimes use a pendulum?

I use it for quick answers and extra validation. But you can’t overuse it because you’ll get wrong. I feel like they get angry when you use it a lot, not angry, but they would rather you not use it a lot.

It becomes a crutch, right?

If anything, the more I do it, the more comforting it is for me. I love being in that space.

Yes, exactly. I’ll use it sporadically. I’ll get an answer for something, and then I just want it validated. Some follow-up with that pendulum.

Got it. You’re not using tarot cards, just occasionally the pendulum?

I don’t use tarot cards anymore. I used to. I think that was my segue into doing what I do now. I feel that I do better with connecting to spirit now as opposed to using the cards to do that.

Very cool. How does our listener work with you, get a reading from you, follow you, and listen to whatever your teachings are, et cetera?

If you’d like a reading, please just visit You can sign up for a reading there. Keep an eye out, I’m going to start some online classes also for connecting. I like to work with kids and teens, so I’m going to start a class for teens who want to learn more about connecting. If they have any experiences that they want to talk about or learn about, I really like to work with teens. So I’m going to start a class for that.

Awesome. Well, thank you, Jean. This was really fun and fascinating. I learned a lot today. I’m sure our listener did, too. So, thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much. I’m really grateful to be here today, so thank you.

Thank you, listeners, for your rapt attention and your open-mindedness to hear all these. Take advantage of what Jean has to offer. She’s the real deal. I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Develop an innate sense of curiosity about the spirit world. The more I ask questions, the more I discover the answers I am seeking.

?Hold clear intentions whenever I pursue the practice of connecting with the spiritual realm. Let the guides know what my mission is so they can help me in my journey.

?Constantly practice, learn and grow. The world beyond society’s perceived reality is more extensive than anyone can imagine. The possibilities are endless.

?Journal my deepest, subconscious thoughts. Keep a record of my dreams, thoughts during meditations, and my enlightenment journey.

?Meditate regularly. Find time to quiet my mind so I can think and see clearly.

?Set boundaries. Connecting with spirit guides may become heavy on the heart. Make sure I separate myself from what I can and can’t control.

?Implement a cleansing ritual now and then. For example, clear my space of negative energy through chants and prayers.

?Welcome and embrace blessings and abundance. The spirit guides are here to lead me to the greater good.

?Focus and listen ever so closely. Sometimes signs are whispers that can only be heard when I am paying attention.

?Visit Jean Malanaphy’s website to learn more about her spirit healing sessions and readings.

About Jean Malanaphy

Jean Malanaphy is a professional medium with the purpose of helping and healing others by connecting them with spirit. In doing so, she serves to awaken individuals’ connection to their team of spirit guides, an ever-present source for guidance of their highest good throughout their lives.


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