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Amy Jo Ellis
“Being on masterminds is not about networking. It is investing in yourself to grow in different aspects of life.”
Amy Jo Ellis

This may sound fantastical to you, but there are court cases that take place up in the Heavens, and you can call them into session. It may sound adversarial to think you can haul someone you’re in conflict with into spiritual court, but with a positive intent, you’ll bring about some miraculous outcomes. This is called the Court of Atonement, and pretty much all cases end up settling. That’s because it’s our higher selves that represent us, and fortunately, our higher selves can see the bigger picture — with people’s behavior, life history, circumstances, feelings, and belief systems. It’s pretty incredible. And you don’t have to take my word for it, or my guest’s word for it, that this works. You can test it out yourself and experience the miraculous results in your own life. All it takes is reciting a short statement in order to call in a Court of Atonement. And you’re about to learn how to do this, all by yourself!

Today’s guest, Amy Jo Ellis, used to be a singer-songwriter, performing for spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, and the Dalai Lama. Now, she is a spiritual channel who is famous for the Court of Atonement, which resolves conflicts at the soul level. She’s the author of Court of Atonement Explained, Healing Your Family Tree, Enhancing Your Life, Making Peace with the Past, and Making Peace with Money. Her books have been purchased in over 140 countries.

This a must-listen episode. And don’t just passively listen, take notes and apply what you’ve learned!

And now, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [03:15]Amy Jo Ellis introduces the origin of the Full Court of Atonement and how she become a psychic medium.
  • [12:13]Amy Jo explains how the Court of Atonement works.
  • [19:31]How to receive a response to your questions and how to make amends with someone spiritually.
  • [21:39]Stephan and Amy Jo discuss practicing forgiveness. They also talk about a book they both love.
  • [30:52]Amy Jo describes the absorbed sibling concept.
  • [36:49]The difference between soul and spirit.
  • [38:14]Amy Jo elaborates on the three connections to the body.
  • [48:30]Stephan and Amy Jo discuss more the denied aspects of our energy.
  • [54:13]Amy Jo talks about how spirit guides are not created equal.
  • [58:33]Stephan brings up what the benevolent outcome is.

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I’m so excited to have you on the show. Thanks for coming, Amy Jo.

Thank you so much. I’m glad to be here. What an honor.

I was first introduced to the Full Court of Atonement, which is what you’re most famous for, by one of my mentors, a former guest on this podcast, Tina Zion. She is just very excited and very much a proponent of the Full Court of Atonement. I started reading your ebooks and watching some of your videos. I was just so impressed.

I’ve used the Full Court of Atonement myself. I’ve got some great results with it. Why don’t we start by sharing the origin of the Full Court of Atonement, what it is, and how it came to you?

Okay. I always say that I’m a reluctant psychic. I’m a reluctant medium. I didn’t step into the world and go, “That’s cool. I think I’ll be a psychic medium.” Things began happening around me. It became obvious that there was something bigger than myself that I was talking to.

Once I realized that I could ask questions and get answers to huge things, I began asking every day. I would sit at my computer, ask questions, and then write down the answers. Now, this is my habit. When I’ve got a problem, I ask, “How do I solve this?” I get really quiet, and then I write down whatever thoughts come to me.

It’s not like there’s a voice in your head. It’s just really like our thoughts. We all have it; we just don’t know how to use or recognize it. Anyway, my habit is to ask a question, sit down with a computer, and write down the answer.

When I’ve got a problem, I ask, “How do I solve this?” I get really quiet, and then I write down whatever thoughts come to me.

One day, my son was getting phone calls from my side of the family. My husband said, “It’s wonderful that your family calls and wishes the kids happy birthday. It’s really sad because no one on my side of the family has called and wished anybody a happy birthday.” The last time we got together with them was ten years ago. They had had major falling outs in the family that prevented them from getting together. Nobody wanted to talk to each other after that happened.

I sat down and asked, “Is there anything I can do to help bring Ken’s family back together? Is there anything I can do to heal the rift in his family”? I wrote down and placed their souls into a Court of Atonement to analyze their timelines and resolve all conflicts between them at their points of origin.

I did that, and I listened in. It’s in my head. It sounded like a court of law. “I charged you with this and that.” I just overheard this. They told me, “You never have to think about this. We’re just showing you what happens. You don’t ever have to consider this.”

I’m over-hearing all of this. I wrote everything that was happening down. My husband said, “Whoa, what do you think of this?” They said, “You’ve been charged with this. How do you plead? Guilty, not guilty, or guilty with probable cause?”

As I said, with mild interest, I wrote this down. “Wow, this is entertaining. But I didn’t pay that much attention to it. Oh, this is going to work.” I just went, “Am I making this up?” It’s what I thought. 

In the end, they said, “You plead guilty with probable cause. Explain yourself.” The person would then say, “Well, I did this because this happened. That’s the reason.” Usually, when they heard the reason, the purpose said, “I dropped the charges.” They all did it to each other in this space in my mind.

The souls we ask questions to are talking. They’ve got a mediator, and they’re discussing each situation.

Again, none of this is really important. We don’t have to know this but know that’s what’s happening behind the scenes because the souls are talking. They’ve got a mediator, and they’re discussing what happened. I handed that paperwork to my husband. He goes, “Well, that’s weird.” 

On my husband’s birthday, he said, “Honey, every member of my family has called or texted me on my birthday this year. Does that weird stuff you did have had something to do with this?” I felt yes and no questions, so I felt yes. 

Anyway, I’m a quick learner. I didn’t use it again for a year. As a solid year, I didn’t know I could use it again. It was something that I did this one time. Then one day, I woke up at 3 AM at my parents’ house. My brother was arguing with his girlfriend next door, and I pulled out my computer and asked, “How can I stop the arguing so that I can go back to sleep?” I’m told to put their souls in a Court of Atonement, analyze their timelines, and resolve any and all conflicts between them at their points of origin.

I did the same thing, and I thought, “That again? That’s weird.” I did that. My mother approached me the next day and asked, “What did you do to your brother?” I’m like, “I didn’t do anything.” Mom goes, “He’s getting along with everybody so well today. I assume you did something.”

I went, “Oh, that’s right. I put his soul in a Court of Atonement with his girlfriend and asked to resolve their conflicts.” She goes, “Write that down. I want to look at that.” I was like, “I already typed it out.” I just sent it to her in an email.

She called me and said, “There’s a lot of problems in my family way back with my mother and her mother. Do you think this will work for people who have died?” This big rush of energy came blowing up, and I went, “Yeah.” It works better because the living people have free will to accept this or not accept it. The soul can always look at it and say, “Oh, no, this is part of our journey, so it’s not changing it. But if it is something that we can let go of, it works rapidly to let it go.

Court of Atonement Explained by Amy Jo Ellis

My mom called me, saying, “I am doing this for everybody I can think of. I go to sleep every night just rattling off people in putting in the Court of Atonement. I know the people that they had a problem with.” I said, “Oh, I am, too. I’ve been doing it ever since that night.”

We began to get confirmation that it was working. The first real hit we had that was working was when my husband smelled smoke in the house. He smells cigarette smoke, and he’s like, “Hey, do you smell cigarette smoke?” I said, “Yeah, I do.” We lived in the middle of nowhere. We are a football field. We are deep in the woods.

My husband’s like, “I smell cigarette smoke.” He walks around the house to ensure that nobody is smoking outside. It goes stronger in the house than it is out. I said, “That’s weird. I don’t know where this is coming from.” We just let that go.

In the middle of the night, 2 AM to 3 AM, anybody who’s sensitive recognizes that that’s an hour where you get woken up by spirit. I get woken up, and it smells like somebody’s smoking in my bedroom. I mean, a lit cigarette is in my room. It’s not like, “Oh, there’s this little hint. I’m choking.” I went, “Does somebody want my attention?” Again, this rush of yes energy. I said, “Well, who’s here?”

In my mind’s eye, I see a photograph of my grandfather sitting on my parent’s piano. I went, “Oh, Grandpa Richards.” Yes, the energy comes up. I said, “Wow, I haven’t heard from you since you died when I was 11.” I said, “I love you. I’m so happy to hear from you.”

I went, “Is there something I can do for you?” Then in my mind, I heard, “Yes. Please tell your mother, thank you. And tell your father I apologize that we’re not better between us when he was a little boy. Ask him to pardon me for that.”

I wrote that down, and my dad didn’t believe a word of what I was doing these days. I thought it was going to be an interesting conversation. “Yeah, your dad came to me.” “Wow, how do I pull this off?” “Of course, you call mom,” I called my mom, and I told her everything that had happened. As soon as I said it was his dad, she would go, “I put your father and his father in a Court of Atonement yesterday.”

Anybody can use the Court of Atonement, and we can teach this.

My hair just stood up. I had three thoughts at once. (1) I wasn’t crazy. My grandfather did join me in my bedroom. (2) The Court of Atonement really works. (3) Anybody can use it, and we can teach this. The origin of it was that.

That moment was the catalyst for me to go out and get other people to try. It was like, “Okay, this isn’t just something private for me.” My mom could do it, then I went in, and they said, “Yes, anybody can do it from any religion.” They said, “There are religions that will state the things against it. They should honor that if that’s their religion, but there’s no boundary.”

Wow. You don’t have to get permission from the people you call into the Court of Atonement before you do it.

No. I’ve been doing energy work for a long time. I always ensured that I had the permission of the person to work on him. It’s like I’m a big-time dowser and use energy pendulum dowsing to clear energy off of people. I began to try to ask permission to use it, and my guide said no. The conscious mind of this person will tell you, “I don’t want you to look at this. I don’t want that.” But he said, “The soul of the person always has the right to look at it to see if this is something they want to use or don’t want to use.”

I don’t like the word possession because it’s so Hollywoodized. If you could say for a minute, when I’m working with a guide, and their energy moves up through me, that is, in some ways, a possession. If they’ve got a guide stepping completely into me like Esther Hicks, if she goes in, that’s taking possession. But Esther always has the right to step back and step out of that. She can always pull that down.

There's a difference between soul and spirit. The spirit represents our conscious mind and experiences. The soul goes deeper: It’s all-knowing, and has existed through many lifetimes. Share on X

If we’re going to look and say, “Okay, well, we’ve got the idea of possession here.” If I were to call a person and speak to a possessed person, “Is it okay with you if I work on you and get rid of the spirit possessing you?” What is the spirit that’s possessing them going to say? “No way, get out of here. I don’t want you doing any of this.”

Like I said, I’m playing with this wording because Hollywood created this idea, but I can guarantee we’re all being possessed all day. It’s just energy moving through us. When we connect it to other people’s energy, this is happening all day long. But if you’re connected to an energy you would rather not have, but you don’t know it’s even there, we don’t recognize it, I think it’s a mistake to ask them, “Do you want me to work for you or not?”

Again, that’s not like, “Okay, I know that we’re crossing a boundary for a parent to work on someone to quit smoking.” They think it’s in their highest and best, so I’m going to use my pendulum, and I’m going to remove the desire to smoke from you. That’s a breach of free will. That person they have free will. 

Always ensure that you have permission to do energy work on a person.

The Court of Atonement doesn’t work at the conscious level. It doesn’t even work at the subconscious level. It’s working at the soul level. What’s in the highest and best of this person is being looked at by the soul. You’re going to say, “Okay, I’m going to place them in a Full Court of Atonement for not smoking.”

The soul takes one look at it, and goes, “No, he’s got a lot to learn about this.” I’m going to leave it be. Or the soul goes, “Okay, he’s smoking because his friend smoked, and they said it was this cool thing. It makes him feel good, so we’re just going to resolve that so that the energy isn’t there anymore, and he won’t want to smoke.” All of a sudden, the person just quit smoking.

If you’re thinking in your mind, “Can I use this for that? Can I put a person in?” You can, but I would only do it once. Don’t be a nag. Don’t be a spiritual bully. You do it once. Ask to resolve the reasons this person is smoking. If they stopped smoking, awesome. If they don’t stop smoking, that’s their choice.

Like I said, I tried to tell people if I’m working on myself, I will use the Court of Atonement over and over on myself to clear out as much stuff as I can. But when working on another person, I say it once and let it go. It’s their free will. I don’t want to be a spiritual bully. I’m not a nag.

Sounds great. Recently, maybe a year ago, I learned of a term called Ibbur, which is a Hebrew word. I learned from my Kabbalah teacher that it is a form of positive possession. We have these elevated souls hitching a ride, helping us, maybe completing a mission they didn’t get to complete in their physical incarnation through us, and it’s a collaboration. Did you spend anything like that with you that you’re collaborating with an evolved soul hitching a ride, and you guys are working together on some project?

That happens all the time. That would be more like an ascended master coming back. It sounds like a channel. A very small percentage of us are tattling, recognizing that we’re channeling, and other people are just doing it. That would be Ibbur.

I haven’t used that term, but I was going to say that that idea is not unfamiliar to me. My guide was very much to my disappointment. He called himself Abraham. I said, “Oh, my God, its name is taken. I can’t even go out. We’re just channeling this.”

Again, I mentioned that I am. People say, “Is it the same Abraham that Esther Hicks is channeling?” And the answer is yes and no. It is the same Abraham introduced himself to her, and she spelled his name with her nose, if you know that.

When working through conflict with others, ask your questions, say your piece, and then let it go. You don't want to be a spiritual bully or a nag. Share on X

It is her Abraham, who got her started and got her there. She ends up with a whole committee of beings around her that come through, and they share their messages through, and so do I. I had Abraham for a long time and heard him a certain way. Within the last year, he’s gone on to a new student. He’s always with me. He’s always a part of me. If I want him, I can get to him instantly, but it’s not quite like it used to be.

He used to be pounding me. He’d do this, do that. Now he’s like, “I’ve graduated.” But the interesting thing that I didn’t know until about five years of working with Abraham is that Abraham is the same Abraham written about in all of the religious texts. He is the Abraham from the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran. I’m like, “You’re famous, dude.” I heard the word Abrahamic religion, and I’m like, “Are they talking about you?” He’s like, “Yeah.”

Are you familiar with Melchizedek?

A very little. I watched a movie about him about twenty years ago on Melchizedek.

The high priest of Melchizedek or the order of Melchizedek. I don’t know much about him besides what I read on Wikipedia. Also, he’s mentioned in the book, The Alchemist. Have you read the book?

I have read the book.

He’s mentioned there as the old man. He’s got the Urim and Thummim, two stones used to divinate and communicate with God. I didn’t know about that until reading it in The Alchemist, I know that Melchizedek is working with me, but I don’t know to what degree and what he’s doing.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It would be fair to me, and I was curious. I ask to speak to Melchizedek. I would say it three to five times. Then I noticed a shift in my energy.

I noticed a little “I don’t have to say that again” feeling. Then I would ask, “May I ask you what you do?” Then type out every thought that comes to you. “Yes, you’re making it up.”

That’s a good point. I know how to receive messages like that. I usually write them down. I have a reMarkable tablet that I write down on. It’s one of those Kindle or iPad tablets that doesn’t have all the distractions of the games and everything you can install. It’s just for taking notes.

That’s where I do my gratitude journaling. That’s where I’ll write down the opening of my Akashic records and things like that. That’s a good point. I should have a conversation with Melchizedek.

I’ll use this for somebody angry with me. I know I sense something’s wrong, and they’re not talking. You say, “What’s that?” “Nothing, fine.” I’ll say, “Yes, I talk to their soul.” I ask to talk to their soul. I put ourselves in a Court of Atonement. Leave it at that.

If it doesn’t change, I ask to talk to the soul and say, “What happened? What’s wrong here?” And then I write down what happened. Then I make amends for that, maybe not to their face because if you walk up to somebody and say, “Hey, man, I forgive you for this.” “You’re still mad at me?” “No, I’m not.” “That’s why I’m forgiving you.” No, that conversation doesn’t go well.

I do it spiritually. I’ll apologize spiritually and say, “I apologize for this.” Sometimes I apologize for not forgiving someone. I apologize for that because sometimes it’s very hard to forgive. Forgiveness is something we should all be striving for. As good as I am with everything, things will surprise me and come up, and I will go, “I thought I already forgave them.”

I will use the Court of Atonement over and over to clear out as much stuff as possible.

I’ll call in Archangel Gabriel. I’ll ask him to relay the message to this person at the perfect timing, at the most benevolent timing and way. Then I’ll formulate the message based on the Ho’oponopono prayer: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. I use that as a scaffolding. “I’m really sorry that I didn’t forgive you for all those years. I cut you out of my life, and please forgive me for that. That was unforgiving, unkind, and judgmental of me. I see you’re this beautiful soul doing me a favor by allowing me to grow, forgive, and improve. Thank you for that, and I love you so much.” That’s something that I might say to the person over the phone, or if it feels more appropriate to do it at the soul level, I might say that to them through just channeling to their soul or calling in Archangel Gabriel to relay the message—just healing into, which is the ideal way to do it for that particular person and situation.

Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful thing to do.

Have you heard of the Ho’oponopono prayer?

I have, and I had an interesting thing happen. I have been using it for years. I’m successfully using it to help get rid of things. Then one night, I lay in bed probably about four years ago. Sometimes if I can’t sleep, I’ll start reciting something like that. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” I’m sorry to no one in particular. It’s just saying it and seeing who comes to mind.

I’m lying there doing that. Then all of a sudden, it starts to feel this pain in my chest. It gets bigger and bigger. It felt like I had a boulder on my chest, and I just said, “Abraham, what is this Ibbur? What is this energy?” He says, “That’s your unwillingness to forgive them.”

When we avoid dealing with hard situations or past traumas, we deny our souls from fully living.

I went, “What do I do about that?” He said, “Just say I’m sorry. I have not forgiven you. Please forgive me for that.”

As I recited that, the pain in my chest and energy got smaller until it finally disappeared. Interestingly, my unwillingness to forgive was still there. I say, “Hey, let’s put this behind this. I’m sorry this happened.” But it’s still there.

Wow. That’s amazing. It reminds me of this beautiful little book I was recently guided to. It’s called The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch. Are you familiar with that book?

Yes, I am.

I have it right here. My wife just brought it into the room. Maybe she told somebody about it on her podcast or one of her hypnotherapy clients. Anyway, there’s a part in that children’s book that talks about how this little soul wants an opportunity to be forgiving, to feel what that’s like to be forgiving, and that means having somebody to forgive.

Healing Your Family Tree by Amy Jo Ellis

Nobody forgives because we were all created perfect, these beautiful, amazing lights of God’s brilliance and unconditional love. That means somebody has to or is willing to lower their vibration, do something terrible to us to allow us to forgive, and what happened?

I think these people who do these terrible things to me are doing this for me, not as an opportunity to grow and experience that aspect of being special. It’s a beautiful book. I love that book. I read it to my three-year-old and my 31-year-old. My oldest is 31, and my youngest is three. That’s so profound.

It’s a darling book. I got the opportunity to meet Neale Donald Walsch and performed for him. He was giving a lecture at a church down in Escondido. They asked me to bring my guitar and open it for him.

I got up, and I sang. Neale Donald Walsch is the author of Conversations with God. If you haven’t read that, that is a great book for those who are listening. My mother had given me the first book because I told her I was talking to God and would go in and do what I just said. I asked to speak to God, and then I would talk.

I would get the most profound answers. I was like, “How is this even possible?” I thought, “Don’t tell anybody,” because I told my husband. He’s like, “Don’t tell anybody. They’ll lock you up. Don’t tell me you’re talking to God. That’s just weird.”

When I finally broke down two years later and told my mom, she gave me Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God. I was like, “Here it is. Somebody can do this. I’m not alone in what I’m doing.”

The opportunity came to sing for him as the opening act. He said, “I want to offer you while I’m talking. If you have a song to move the conversation forward, I’d like you to interrupt me, step up on stage, and sing.” You don’t interrupt adults, and he’s my senior.

A very small percentage of us are tattling, recognizing that we’re channeling, and other people are just doing it.

All this programming goes on inside us that was like, “I can’t do this.” But I allowed myself to get into that space. He began talking about something. The words to that song were actually in my guitar case. I reached over, got it out of the guitar case, and as he talked, I just began lightly playing my guitar over him.

He finished his dialogue, and I stepped on stage and sang this song. Boy, it really worked. There was this great energy. He said, “I’d like to invite you. I’m doing a retreat next week. Would you come to Ashland, Oregon and perform at a retreat and do the same thing on stage with me?” I went up and did seven days there. I did another couple of events with him. It was really fun.

I got The Little Soul and the Sun, which he autographed years ago. I’ve also read The Little Soul and the Sun to my kids. That part where the cute little soul says to the other little soul, “What you’re talking about? How do I experience this?” He says, “When we get down, I’m going to do something mean.”

“What do you mean you’d do something?” “But you must remember that you must forgive me for it. Just forgive me.” That’s profound, but it’s a play we’re making up and coming in.

Amazing. Remember who I really am.

Yeah, to remember who I really am.

Because you forget, I forget too, and we’re both lost.

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

Wow. Yeah, it’s profound if we’re both lost.

Let’s talk briefly about a concept I learned from you from one of your blog posts. It’s the absorbed sibling. When I asked my guides and God about this, I was told I had an absorbed sibling. That means a sibling was there when I was in my mother’s womb, a twin who didn’t make it. That energy and that soul is somehow attached to me or was, and there was this unresolved situation.

That was brought to my attention. I was led to that blog post. I know none of this is random. I was led to that specific one. I asked whether this was pertinent to me, and it was. Also, I’ve mentioned this to multiple other people who, when I get the intuitive hit that this is relevant for them, they’re like, “Wow, that resonates.” My sibling had a situation where the twin was lost. She’s acting out, she’s an adult, and still not resolved. This sounds perfect. This could really help.

The ripple effect is huge of what we put out there in the world in just writing a blog post, recording a video, or just saying something in passing a kind word to somebody. You’ve greatly impacted me and others on that blog post about the absorbed sibling. Could you go into some details about this?

Yes, I can. The way that I discovered it was that my sister passed. There are a lot of unresolved emotions when someone dies. People are angry with God. They are angry with all kinds of things that happen. There was a big ripple, as you said, throughout our family.

My mother and I have always had a relationship where she calls me every morning at 6 AM. All of a sudden, she’s angry. She’s not calling me. She’s not talking to a lot of people. She’s so engulfed in grief and rage, I would say. She had a hard time dealing with it.

Having been torn asunder from the soul, I have a friend that’s a psychic medium, and we do what we call constellation therapy. We weren’t together. I’m in Puerto Rico; she was in California, so we’re 4000 miles apart. How do we do this? We usually put a bunch of people in a room and use them.

We decided to create a face of a clock and put me as a pink dot, my mom as a green dot, and my dad as a yellow dot on a clock face, and then say where we are positioned and how we’re looking at each other based on the movements of the clock. We’re lying there with these dots. As I’m working on just saying, “I apologize for this,” or the statements that you make in the constellation is, “You’re the big one, I’m the little one, we put ourselves back into the realm,” as I’m doing this thing, I noticed my mother’s energy, she’s a green dot turning to a blue dot. Then she goes back to a green dot and into a blue dot.

My friend Audrey says, “Something’s going on with your mom. She’s changing colors.” I went, “This is happening 4000 miles apart. We see the same thing.” I said, “I’m thinking of it like a lighthouse light.

Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set by J. K. Rowling

When the beam is straight on, then it’s turning blue.” Then it’s going around, and she goes, “I think something’s in orbit around her.” I said, “I’m going to speed up, go up, and catch it. Go up next to it,” and she went, “I’m just going to catch it.” She imagined reaching out and catching this thing.

Just using our imaginations and our intentions scratched it. She goes, “Eww, it’s a little person munched up like a wad of chewing gum, but it’s definitely like a little person.” I went, “My mom had a cyst removed in her 30s. That was hair, bone, and teeth. They said it was an absorbed sibling. The energy of it was still in my mom’s energy field.”

I tried to befriend and introduce it to the family so that it knew it was alive. t got a lot happier because it was quite grumpy when we first met it. It made me a lot happier, but then it said something profound. It was a female. My mom’s name is Amy, so I named her Amelia like you would name twins.

I said, “Okay, Aunt Amelia,” and she said, “I am not your aunt. I am your mother.” She said, “You were born from the ovary that was me. You are my daughter, not hers.” I didn’t know what to do with that information, so I called my mom. When I told her, “Hey, you’re my aunt,” she didn’t take it well. She said, “Tell her that she didn’t give birth to you, so you’re mine.”

My mom called back and said, “I just saw an article about a woman trying to get food stamps. They wanted a maternity/paternity test, so they had her take a test that these are her children because so many people are scamming and saying they have children, but they’re not their children.”

They made her take this test. When she took the test, the results were that her children were not hers. She’s like, “But I gave birth to these children. They are my children.” She was pregnant with a fourth child. When the fourth child was born, the doctor swabbed the baby’s mouth and did the maternity test on the baby, and she came up as though this child was not hers.

My mother’s ovary was engulfed in veins and all kinds of things. That ovary was my aunt’s, so I was born to my aunt’s. Genetically, I would look like I am my aunt. The soul of this woman who had these children were born from an ovary engulfed in her sister’s energy, and it happens way more often than people are aware.

If you go on and start searching, it’s called Chimerism, where we have two sets of DNA in us. I was guided to talk to my guides. “How do I deal with this? How do I clear this?” The best thing we did was I created what I call a speed call. You just asked for the absorbed sibling resolution. The Court of Atonement, the people who oversee that, recognize what that means, and it just happens.

It’s like saying, “Would you turn on the light? Can you get up, walk over the door, and flip the switch? The electricity is going to flow.” You don’t have to explain everything. You say, “I ask for the resolution of the absorbed sibling.”

What that does is it asks to go back in time since there’s no time or space on the other side. Ask to go back in time to the conception of the other embryos and stop them from being conceived. Or, at the right moment, stop them and allow that it’s not the soul but will enable the spirit of that. There’s a difference between a soul and a spirit.

The spirit is more of the consciousness of our conscious mind, what we learn in this lifetime. The soul is bigger, all-knowing, and has had many lifetimes. The spirit is limited to this lifetime. If I talk to a spirit, we’ll only discuss this lifetime. When I speak to a soul, we can discuss many things. That’s my differentiation between the two. It’s not the soul of that baby. It’s more of the consciousness of who it was that gets trapped there.

That reminds me of something I learned in Kabbalah, where there’s the soul and body consciousness. The body consciousness craves sugar and other kinds of pleasures. It’s very hedonistic and driven by material things.

When the body dies, the soul takes off and goes to the soul realm, which is different from the spirit realm.

The soul consciousness sees the bigger picture much more and is motivated to be of service and close to God. You need to put your body consciousness in its place and say, “I’m not going to let you drive the bus; I’m driving the bus. My soul consciousness is driving the bus. I won’t eat this sugar even though I really want it now because I’m driving this bus.”

That makes so much sense to me. When I talked to Abraham, my guide, he said there are three connections to the body. You’re talking about two. That would be the lower-level connection. He’s saying there’s the soul and the spirit, and then he calls the denied aspects. It’s more what we call the body.

The denied aspects in Abraham’s explanation are what we pretend we don’t see. You know when they say you point the finger at somebody, and three fingers point back at you? Those are the things you deny about yourself and cast onto someone else. That connection, the way you’re talking about it, can either be the person’s spirit or the denied aspect. We’re trying to deny the sugar, are we not? It fits there.

I want to talk to Abraham again and say, “Can we rename denied aspects because it’s confusing for people?” Denied aspects are the unfinished business that gets left behind, where we end up, and where we see ghosts and things. A denied aspect is what causes that. When the body dies, the soul takes off and goes to the soul realm, which is different from the spirit realm.

The spirit will linger here and, at its moments of transcendence, will go on into the spirit realm. The denied aspects, which are our unforgiveness, the things that happen in our lives that we don’t want to look at, and the repressed memories that we haven’t solved, are like memory packets of energy. They pop off, and they go to our relatives. They go to the people we’re closest to. They’ll even be contagious to our spouses and things like that.

When they pop off, that unresolved energy is completely dormant. It’s just like dust specks. It’s smaller than dust specks. It’s probably invisible. It circulates in our energy field that settles in things. You know how you’ll talk about somebody who bought an antique radio, and suddenly, they had a ghost in their house? The denied aspects were dormant and connected to that radio. But to interact with a ghost, you have to have a parallel wrong; that’s the same as what’s wrong with the guys that use the word spirit, but what’s wrong with the ghost?

The denied aspects, which are our unforgiveness, the things in our lives we don’t want to look at, and the repressed memories we haven’t solved, are like memory packets of energy.

You must have something similar to meet because our energy activates and keeps them. They have no energy source of their own. If I were walking around with a thumb drive, which I should be able to put the finger on, but I can’t, I have a thumb drive as small as my little fingernail with 400 full-length movies.

They’re like that. That energy is these little dormant things. Think about all those movies that are lying there dormant. I must apply the right energy and activate them before watching them.

When you’ve got a denied aspect of somebody, it’ll do in the family is recreate. My grandmother had an 18-month-old baby stolen from her. She never got him back. She has this painful event that’s unresolved. 

One of my family members got a divorce, and the other parent just absolutely stole the children. It repeats in the family. If I were to buy a radio and it was attached to someone, having my nieces and nephews stolen from me would resonate with this power that would create a connection to it. This little thing sits here looking like it’s off until the power is on it. All of a sudden, it activates.

If I have to have a mutual ground, then we connect. When a denied aspect, something that’s unhealed, hurt, and will connect to him, our energy activates that person. But if there’s no connection or nothing in me, that’s the same as that denied aspect. It’ll just sit there dormant. It won’t activate at all.

As I said, if you ever see a ghost, something in you is always similar to something that happened with that ghost. I interview people and say, “Okay, where does that apply?” They go, “Oh, God, I can see it. I watch real TV just trying to find it.”

That is fascinating. When you’re talking about the child being stolen, I just recently watched an episode of Tyler Henry’s Life After Death. Tyler’s mom was a stolen child. Do you remember that from the show?

You broke up right then, but I know Taylor’s mother was stolen as a baby. A family raised her. She was the mother that was taller and ended up committing murder. That’s a really hard thing to deliver. It was a big relief when she found that she wasn’t related. She was like, “I’m not related to her.”

Yeah, fascinating story. Quite tragic, sad, and unfortunate. But, of course, all of this is divinely orchestrated. It was meant to be.

Of course, when I watched it, I put Tyler Henry and his mother in a Full Court of Atonement with the woman who stole them from her birth mother. I asked them to resolve the conflicts for them. As I’m watching real-life TV, I use this.

I have never watched the news. I have avoided it since 1991. I don’t know. They said when it gets really important, you can’t help your phone from ringing, and it’s been the truth. But many people call me, wanting me to fix what’s on the news. I like it, but it doesn’t pertain to us.

The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore

I’ll end up putting countries in a Court of Atonement with each other to try to resolve that. But again, this is at a soul level thing. Put the leaders of those countries to see. I will see miracles happen right away, and then it goes back. I don’t give up easily.

That’s benevolent to see something like that with Tyler Henry’s mom. You call in a Full Court of Atonement.

Yeah, because it’ll plague their family. I’ll see it and go, “This is so easy to resolve at the soul level, but not so easy to resolve at the human level.” 

If the way Ibbur was described were a real benevolent spirit guide, I would like to explain spirit guides to people because all guides are not created equal. Don’t just randomly go in and accept your guides as though they are highly vibrational. Ensure you’re in a high-vibrational space so that the information coming to you is only a high vibration.

You can’t see your way out in a dark room. Finding the light switch when you’re down in this dark space is even hard. If you’re in a dark space and asking for divine guidance, you’re not on the same level as them. You want to get quiet, take a few deep breaths, allow yourself to get out of the problems, and then ask questions. Because our spirit guides are not created equal, every person becomes a spirit guide.

As we discussed, my grandmother had that unresolved issue when she passed. By the way, after doing to the Court of Atonement to resolve the problems with my grandmother, we got the children back into the family. They found their way back as teenagers. They called out of the blue. They remembered us from when they were two years old. I’m like, “That’s a miracle all by itself.”

It’ll repeat in the family until it’s resolved. If we see something where there was this big major trauma, you want to use the Court of Atonement to resolve that so it releases that pattern from the family. You can look at alcoholism and say, “Okay, why is this person having this alcoholism?” Usually, they’ve had some traumatic event that they can’t quite face.

The word ‘full’ is programmed to look at the situation or bring in everything that must happen to resolve problems.

If that doesn’t release it, you can put them in a Court of Atonement with those involved in that traumatic event. I only go after it once with the person. I’ll now bring into family lineages. I say, “I bring in their family lineages because two sides are going in all directions from here.”

My guides always want me to use the plural and say lineages. I place them in a Court of Atonement with their family lineages to resolve any and all reasons for their propensity to drink alcohol. If major traumas have happened that is causing it, it’ll go back, filter out through the back, and resolve that.

I want to say quickly that the Court of Atonement is just five points. Your name connects us. Our names are what connect us to our Akashic records. They connect us to God to our souls. You want to say our name. People say, “What name?” Names that convoluted. The one you feel the most powerful with would be it, but use the birth certificate name and place it in the Court of Atonement.

If you don’t know the person’s name, you can say, “The judge at the courthouse I’m going to on Tuesday.” You just set your intention as to who you’re talking to. You don’t always have to have a name. If you don’t have it, you can still use it. But if you know the name, use it as much as possible.

If I were to say, “Hey, Robert,” twenty Roberts in the room would turn around. But if I were to say, “Robert Joseph,” only a few would turn around. If I said, “Hey, Robert Joseph Delaney,” only one person would look because that’s the one person whose name fits. That’s why we want to use as much of the name as possible.

Making Peace with the Past by Amy Jo Ellis

You say, “I placed myself,” and you say your name again because you’re the one you’re putting into a Court of Atonement with. You say their name, ask them to analyze our timelines, and resolve any and all conflicts between us at their points of origin. It’s just a paragraph. That paragraph is free on the front page of my website. If anybody’s interested in looking at it, it’s there.

I have booklets that explain it in more detail, but they’re $5 a piece because I want people to be able to get this thing. There are all kinds of free videos on YouTube and things like that. I’ve been in a position where $5 was something I couldn’t even come up with. I’m like, “No, I don’t want money to be why people can’t get this.”

If you want to use it, state your name, say the Court of Atonement, and then ask for the results you want. You can say, “Place me in a Court of Atonement to lose weight.” People are surprised by the things that will happen. It hasn’t worked well, but I’m still hopeful. There’s something to learn from this.

Doing this Court of Atonement is a beautiful and simple process. Why do you call it a Full Court of Atonement and not just a Court of Atonement?

When I started doing it, I realized there was a problem, like we needed to bring in the other people involved. Let’s say I argue with my husband. He and I have this argument. But he came home and just argued with his boss. He’s in a bad mood because the boss said something to him. Then I said something the same as the boss said. I’ve activated this big explosion from him. He’s not mad at me. He’s mad at his boss. When we say ‘full,’ it looks at the situation and brings in the other people involved. It also asks to bring in every level of our consciousness, bringing in thesoul, the spirit, and the denied aspects, wherever that energy is stored.

The word ‘full’ is programmed to look at the situation or bring in everything that must happen to resolve it. I realized there were loopholes, and I wanted to stop those. I wanted it to be more powerful and get to where it needed to go faster.

All spirit guides are not created equal. Ensure you're in a high-vibrational space so that the information coming to you is only a positive vibration. Share on X

Interesting. When you mentioned denied aspects, one word came to mind. It’s actually from the Harry Potter books. It’s the term Horcrux. Do you know this term?

I only slightly remember it.

I haven’t read the books, but I watched the movies. In one of the movies, Voldemort has hidden these pieces of his soul in different objects. All of the things would need to be destroyed to destroy Voldemort. A Horcrux is that denied aspect, that piece of the soul, put into that particular object. I don’t know if that’s an accurate assessment.

I love that. I will use it as a teaching tool at some point.

Another piece of it that I think is relevant to my studies of Kabbalah. There’s a Hebrew term called Tikkun. Tikkun means your soul correction, the thing that you are gifted with. Maybe you’re quick to anger, stingy, or judgmental. That is what you’re here to work on in this lifetime. That also seems relevant to the discussion around denied aspects. Are you familiar with the term Tikkun?

We should all give the gift of forgiveness–for others and for ourselves. We can make our amends spiritually if doing so in person proves impossible.

Not with Tikkun. I haven’t studied a lot of other people. I found this and my guides said, “Just come to us, don’t read anymore.” In my 20s, I read all the self-help books I could get my hands on. I really studied. I have a base in studying. Then when I got into my 30s, they said, “Hey, just do it.”

Tikkun in Kabbalah is a Jewish brand. It’s the core of Judaism that’s the mystical side of it. It’s very beautiful, amazing, and very helpful. It’s so much more than just learning some personal development techniques.

They don’t want me learning anything spiritual from anybody but that. They want me to keep it organic. Because I don’t have a big base, I realized I was psychic when I lived in Puerto Rico—the reality of how powerful this got to hit home when my boss was murdered. I hadn’t considered being psychic. But when I heard that he was murdered, I screamed out. One of the recipes for getting information is to ask for it.

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

In my agony of hearing that I saw him at 10 PM, at 7 AM, they’re telling me he was murdered. I just went, “What did you do to get yourself into a situation where you could be murdered? Why did this happen?” Suddenly, I began to have images of what happened to him. 

I saw him standing at the gate, locking the doors as he left. I saw a woman walk up to him. They want to talk. He gets in his van. There are two men in the backseat. I see them drive him out to the beach. I see him get murdered and dump the body.

The important part was I saw them put his body in a green Ford truck with staked sides. I’m swiping at the air, “Stop. I don’t want to see this.” I’m being weird looking to the people who are standing with me. 

My friend standing with me said, “What did you just see?” I explained, and she went, “You got to go to the police.” My husband’s like, “We live on a four-mile by seven-mile island with murderers on it. You’re not going to the police. You’re not telling anybody anything.” I didn’t go to the police. I left it at that. 

That night, a police officer who lived up the hill from me stopped and knocked on our door. He’s like, “Hey, I’m Joyce’s son. This woman says, your friend stopped by the police station this morning. She said you have a friend that had a vision. We went down to the ferry dock, looked at the security footage, and saw a green Ford stake side truck come to the island two days ago. We also looked it up and saw where it was scheduled to go out today at 4 PM. We had him once we pulled away from the dock, so we’ve got them in custody. Tell your friend, thank you very much. We followed that tip, and we got him.” 

I like to demystify people. Some people see ghosts. They see them out in the room. They see them as real can be. But people like me, I don’t. I don’t see things like that. What I saw was a memory, and I was remembering it. It was these little flashes of imagery. It wasn’t like I was physically there. It was showing me a movie inside my head.

We all have the capability to ask questions and receive answers from our spirit guides; we just don't know how to use or recognize them. Share on X

We all have it happen. If I ask you what color shirt you wore yesterday, your mind can go back and look at, “Oh, yeah, I was wearing that.” You either get told it was the blue shirt, or just so you hear it that way, but it’s inside your head. “That was that blue shirt. I wear that.”

We get a small flash image, and it’s gone. It’s one second. It’s not like, “Oh, here’s this movie I’m watching.” I always try to demystify because I want people to know that the system is strange as it seems. We’re all doing it all the time.

Right. It reminds me of this movie from the 70s with Richard Dreyfuss called Always. He dies, and then he’s a spirit guide. He’s watching this interaction between these two people or three people, I forget. The person that he’s the spirit guide to give the person a chance. He’s like, “I should give you a chance. That’s how it works.”

Yes. That leads me back to how all spirit guides are not created equal. I tell people that one time I woke up in the morning, there was some presence. I asked who it was. It was a kid who bullied me in school. Another kid worked for us and sold some things, but both are now deceased.

The kid who sold some things has recently passed, and the kid that was a bully died earlier. He’s now a spirit guide to the other kid. They knew each other in life. The worst person I know is a spirit guide to someone who’s pretty bad too. I’m like, “All spirit guides aren’t. Now they’re here to help me act as his spirit guides, so both of them.”

If I didn’t know they were present, they’d be trying to get the forgiveness they’re looking for by having me forgive some other situation and have that energy work. They’re like, “Give him a chance.” The worst people I knew in the world as a kid were acting as spirit guides to me.

Making Peace with Money by Amy Jo Ellis

Although if you go back to that book, The Little Soul and the Sun, they’re all sparks to God. They just lowered their vibration to help us out here.

Exactly. For me, the one boy hadn’t transcended yet. The kid that was a bully, he had already transcended. Now he’s working as a guide to the other guy. He hasn’t transcended, but he’s here to make amends, which helped his transcendence.

Again, that’s just a part of him. That’s probably the denied aspect level being brought to my attention. Something I did probably woke it up, and I needed to forgive them.

The interesting thing was that my friend came over that morning. My friend Audrey is this great psychic. She entered the room, and I said, “We have visitors today.” She was, “Who’s coming?” I go, “No, they’re here already.”

She goes, “Who is it?” I go, “No hints.” She goes, “I thought it was-” and she named them. It’s still real. You can’t make this stuff up. 

Did you call in a Full Court of Atonement with those two souls?

The Court of Atonement hadn’t been created yet at that point. But since then, yes, I have. When someone dies, I’ve created a speed call where you can say, “I place them in a Court of Atonement to request transcendence assistance, which has been perfected over the years.” I started trying to help Robin Williams when he died. I didn’t know him. I just loved him.

I just put him in a Court of Atonement to resolve any and all things that he’s done that he regrets. He came to me immediately. I was in the bathroom. I remember this vividly. I was in the bathroom. He came to me and said, “That was a ride, thanks. I want to thank you for the prayer.” I’m grabbing a towel and covering up because I’m sitting on the toilet.

They say they don’t follow you in the toilet. Robin doesn’t know any boundaries. I pulled this towel over my lap, and he said, “What are you covering up for?” I’m the one with the physique of a soap bubble. I’m laughing so hard. I’m like, “Okay, it’s got to be him.”

The worst people I knew in the world as a kid were acting as spirit guides to me.

He said it was a little hard to deal with because there was so much. I changed the wording to be. I ask them to be able to create the changes they want in their life and resolve the things they want to resolve. It’s softened. He said, “It worked, but it was brutal. It happened instantaneously. It was already over because there’s no time there.”

Right, it’s all in the eternal now. One last thing before we close out this interview. Have you heard of the concept of the Most Benevolent Outcome? This is from Tom Moore. I learned it from Jan Tober, Lee Carroll’s partner and channel Kryon. It’s just been so amazing for me. I learned this from Jan maybe a year and a half ago, and I’ve been using it all the time.

I pray for the most benevolent outcome. That gives me access to things I can’t see. There’s a bigger picture across multiple lifetimes and karmic debt. There are all these things I don’t know about, and it just gets handled. It’s like a Court of Atonement.

Wording the Most Benevolent Outcome is fabulous. No, I hadn’t heard it. My guides are always talking about the value of the words. In the Court of Atonement, we ask for the amenable dissolution of this energy. If there’s a negative energy, we ask for an amenable dissolution. If you look it up, it means an agreeable conclusion.

I asked him, “Why don’t we just say an agreeable conclusion?” He said, “Well, a bitter spouse who’s been betrayed wants justice. They don’t want to ask for the most agreeable outcome. I want to ask for restitution.” He’s like, “This is a subliminal way of getting the very best to come out of it most beneficially.” The words of benevolentness are just wonderful to hear that. You were saying the other person who channels Kryon.

Utilize the Court of Atonement to resolve past trauma and to break your dysfunctional familial patterns.

Yeah. I heard about it from her. She told me about Tom Moore and the Most Benevolent Outcome. Jan Tober is the partner of Lee Carrols, who channels Kryon. I had a reading with Jan.

She brought that up, like, “Oh, you need to know about the Most Benevolent Outcome. This isn’t mine. This is actually from Tom Moore.” She gave me some more information. There’s a book, The Gentle Way.

I can see the power of those, the Most Benevolent Outcome. I wish I said it. I won’t be able to use it because I didn’t. I’ll ask them about it. I’m already getting a no not to be teaching it. What we don’t want to have to happen in my teaching is for people to find it where I’ve learned it. If I bring something up, I will do exactly what you did.

I learned it from Stephan Spencer, who learned it from Jan Tober, who got it from Tom Moore. I would have to stagger it down. Wording how we have it is already asking for a minimal dissolution of this energy. It’s asking for an agreeable conclusion. We’re all souls agreeing, “It’s okay.”

Enhancing Your Life by Amy Jo Ellis

I love this whole idea.

Like I said, you blew my socks off. That is absolutely a beautiful statement.

Awesome. I know we’re overtime. Thank you so much for this amazing, beautiful, and inspiring wisdom. If our listener or viewer wants to get your ebooks, they’re at How do they get in touch if they want to work with you?

They can go on the website. If you go to, I have a place on the right. There’s a link for live classes. I do a group session every other week, where I’ll work with people. I charge $10 a person. I can’t guarantee that I work with everybody, but you get to watch and follow along as I do this. For $10, you can come in and work with me.

I was charging $300 an hour and booked an entire year in advance. People are writing me, “I’m desperate. My child is sick, and I need your help.” They need a better way to reach me than this. I just changed it, charged $10 to go in, and I work in front of people. They’re family now.

There are so many people that come in every week or every other week. They know each other, love each other, and wish each other well. It’s an amazing space. To be vulnerable with one another is how we share love and how we expand. I’ll tell you what, this is the most loving group I’ve ever seen. Amazing. I come in late, and they’re all laughing and having fun.

You’re such a light in the world. Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do to help humanity. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful wisdom.

You’re so welcome. Thank you so much for having me here today. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Thank you. Thank you, listener. Thank you for being open and open-minded. Now, it’s time to put this into practice. Check out the exact wording on to call in a Court of Atonement.

At the top of the page is a place to sign up for 14 days of free lessons in emails. I break it down and send a page daily so you’re not overwhelmed. Like I said, that’s free. You can unsubscribe if when you’re done. I always tell people I don’t want to spam anybody. If you don’t want to be in there, I don’t want you there. I like opening my email, which tells me I have an 88% open rate. I like that.

That’s awesome. Thank you again. Thank you, listener. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Formulate clear and specific questions and then seek answers from my higher source. Set aside quiet time and write down my thoughts and insights.

?Understand that the Full Court of Atonement operates at the soul level, where profound transformations can take place. Trust the process and let go of conscious and subconscious limitations.

?Respect free will when using the Court of Atonement with others. Ask for resolution or healing without imposing my will upon them. Allow their souls to guide their best interests.

?Explore the Court of Atonement with an open mind. Embrace the limitless possibilities it offers for personal and spiritual development.

?Resolve conflicts at the soul level. Analyze my trauma and address conflicts at their point of origin. This allows for deep healing and personal transformation.

?Embrace forgiveness to foster my personal and spiritual growth. Apologize and make spiritual amends if I find it challenging to directly ask for forgiveness from someone I’ve hurt.

?Trust the messages I receive during the channeling process. Believe that the messages I am receiving hold value and significance.

?Find a peaceful and distraction-free space where I can comfortably engage in channeling or receiving messages. Use tools (such as a dedicated journal) to document my experiences.

?Take the time to establish a connection with my spiritual guides. Use methods such as quiet meditation or focused intention to initiate communication with them.

?Learn more about the Court of Atonement spiritual healing, sign up for free lessons, and explore Amy Jo Ellis’ services, upcoming live classes, book, and blog posts by visiting

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