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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Lisa Koche
“The relationship we have with our body and the universe is so interconnected, and we’re just starting to see it. It’s a very exciting time to be alive.”
Dr. Lisa Koche

Why does conventional medicine seem so unable to attend to the complete welfare of the patient? We can probably all agree that Western medicine has lost its soul.

In the quest for true wellness, we’re diving into a world where healing goes beyond the surface. Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, a trailblazer with triple board certification, heads up Spectra Wellness Solutions clinic and Lit Labs Performance Center. Her own battles with childhood leukemia and chemo-induced heart failure fueled a mission to dig deep into the roots of illness, far beyond just treating symptoms.

Dr. Koche’s approach is all about unlocking total body wellness. She mixes nutrition, hormone balance, and mitochondrial health to boost vitality from the inside out. As an author and speaker, she’s at the forefront, challenging how we think about our health.

My discussion with Dr. Koche cuts through the noise of modern medicine, weaving in her spiritual journey and the biohacking tools she swears by. We talk about the mind-body connection, the power behind Kabbalah, and the magic of accessing “thin places.” Dr. Koche’s story and insights offer a fresh lens on living fully and healthily. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:18]Dr. Lisa Koche shares her journey with childhood leukemia and chemotherapy-induced heart failure and how it fueled her mission to unlock total body wellness through nutrition, hormone balance, and mitocho
  • [04:46]Dr. Lisa briefly explains traditional medicine, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and internal medicine.
  • [07:17]Dr. Lisa discusses how stem cell therapy reverses her heart failure.
  • [15:36]Dr. Lisa describes her soul’s mission and highlights the importance of self-sovereignty rather than being in an unbalanced dynamic.
  • [24:05]Stephan was curious to ask how Dr. Lisa brings Kabbalah and her beliefs in crystals, meditation, and grounding into her daily life.
  • [33:04]Dr. Lisa talks about other modalities she’s focusing on with her healing journey.
  • [36:58]Dr. Lisa shares her experience with light therapy and IV insertion, highlighting the value of consent and permission healing.
  • [41:47]Stephan and Dr. Lisa agree that we are all connected, with Dr. Lisa reminiscing a spiritual experience in the Jordan River.

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Dr. Koche, it’s great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

First, let’s talk about your origin story and how you became so passionate about changing the medical industry or establishment through your experience as a child facing disease. Can we go back in time to those early days?

Absolutely. I was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at the age of 15 despite feeling totally fine. I went through three years of chemotherapy; it did really well. It relapsed right when my hair had grown back. We thought I was out of the woods, about to start my junior year in college, and it relapsed on my ovary. I had to start chemo again, and then I promptly went into severe heart failure from one of the drugs.

What happened there was it set me up. It was a gift, truly, to be a patient before I became a doctor because it put me on my path without any sidetracks. I entered medical school with many questions, the main one being why. I found that as I would watch patients come in with different sets of symptomatology or complaints, they would get put on protocols. They’d have all the tests and the scans. They may get a diagnosis, but they’d get on protocols that didn’t seem to answer their why either.

I would drive everybody crazy with my questions, and the answer I got over and over was, “This is just how we do it.” For me, being a seeker, it didn’t make sense. It confirmed what didn’t make sense for my journey. I started my practice. I went into what was the broadest approach, which was internal medicine. That seemed to have more answers than anywhere else.

As I started my practice, I just started diving into things like nutrition, teaching myself things we didn’t learn in medical school, eventually stumbling upon functional medicine, thankfully, and getting a lot of deep training in that. Over the years, my body has led me to discoveries that have always been 10-15 years before their time. I now have a comprehensive clinic with a naturopath and upper cervical chiro. We do a lot of very cutting-edge things because I need them to continue to heal myself.

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We’re going to get into some of these cutting-edge things. But first, could you differentiate traditional, functional, regenerative, and internal medicine for our listeners?

Yeah, I love it. Thank you for asking that. Traditional medicine is a word used, at least in the US, for our typical Western model that tends to be, unfortunately, primarily excelling in acute care from long-term disease management. It’s mostly done with pharmaceuticals. Most of your listeners go to a typical doctor. That experience will be considered traditional medicine.

Functional medicine is an entirely new branch of looking at the body. It’s a new branch of study over maybe the past 15-20 years where you go deeper into the cause. So what I was searching for when I was a child or when I was 20 was not out there. And now, it is still not taught in mainstream medical schools. But it’s a lot more access to the concepts of why the disease has happened and where it is coming from, and functional medicine has a pretty good template for learning that. So you learn things more as a system, the body as a system, how the organs relate to each other and more of the actual root cause and trying to fix it. Internal medicine is a branch of traditional medicine. So, internal medicine is similar to when you talk about your primary care. It is the deepest you can get in a residency and training in the body. And so you’ll hear about family practice or internists. Internists are traditional doctors who are trained in internal medicine.

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Regenerative medicine is a buzzword that refers to how we can regenerate tissue and potentially reverse the aging clock. That field is growing increasingly today, with everything from stem cells to peptides and other things that can potentially reverse disease or the aging process.

Right. Speaking of stem cells, you’re getting some right now. You’re connected to an IV.

Yeah. I think this is mostly audio, but I have a bag hanging up here.

Our folks on YouTube watching will be able to see this.

I’m usually a tough stick. I was excited because my nurse was able to get me today, so here I am, dripping. We can talk about some journeying whenever you want. I’m happy to share my experiences.

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D.

Yeah, let’s talk about that now. What is it about stem cell therapy that really makes a difference? It’s different from PRP and some of these other modalities. I’m curious to hear how you ended up on stem cell therapy.

For me, my body led me just like I told you. Seven years ago, I had been doing generally well, but I had a little kid and an older daughter. I was running this practice, my stress level was super high, I went into early menopause, and all of that combination tripped my heart, which had been relatively stable, back into severe heart failure. I found myself in the hospital with the transplant cardiologist trying to get me in the ICU on the list for a transplant, and that was not on my list of things to do in this lifetime.

At that point, I was reevaluating myself, understanding that I needed to go some different pathways, including a lot of deep spiritual work, which is tied to illness, which is something I’d love to hit on in this conversation as well. I researched the newest potential to reverse this the quickest, and some new data was coming out on stem cells. The stem cell industry and the world in general is complex and confusing for the average person who doesn’t have a lot, and even frankly for practitioners because there are lots of different types.

Stem cells got a bad rap when there were a whole lot of ethical dilemmas initially when they came out because they were using embryos. That has fallen by the wayside, thankfully. Stem cells we’re utilizing today, when people mention that, they either come from yourself. We all have our own stem cells. You can access them in fat tissue, bone marrow, and blood or from donated products at birth.

Moms are being screened now at many different locations and asked if they want to donate the leftover placenta and cord, a tissue that was typically just thrown out. There are many facilities that have found ways in conjunction with universities to extract these cells, find ways to clear and clean them, and then inject them into patients and have some pretty phenomenal results.

In the world of stem cells, there are many different levels. The thing I’m looking into and trying, which is brand new, is specific exosomes. Exosomes are often mentioned when people get into a conversation about stem cells. They’re interesting because they’re precursors that help us turn on our own stem cells.

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That was always more attractive to me because I preferred to have my own cells that were just waking up. We have stem cells that are already functioning, and then we have the idea that we have stem cells called very small embryonic-like cells that could just be waking up. There’s a lot still unfolding, and exosomes are like messengers that can kind of help activate this.

I personally did everything from amniotic fluid to exosomes back when I was that sick; it did help me. It wasn’t by any means the only thing. What I’m trying right now is something newer that people aren’t doing just yet: progenitor cells specific for cardiac cell lines.

You can find these cells if you have Parkinson’s, for example, or if you have diabetes. You could find neural exosomes, cardiac progenitor cells, or pancreatic progenitor cells. This field is exploding; it’s very exciting. I’m just getting my hands deep into it and trying to understand what makes sense for my patients and me.

Wow, amazing. Did you end up on the heart transplant list at some point, and then you got taken back off?

I was never on it. We put in a biventricular pacemaker. I have a pacemaker as an assurance, but it doesn’t do anything. I can tell you, sitting here today, seven years later, without any kind of surgery other than that pacer, I do take a cardiac medicine. But I feel better than I did when I was 20 years ago with all the work I’ve done on myself, mitochondrial work, and many of the things we’ll talk about. So, thankfully, no. We were able to avoid that.

Thank God for that. Speaking of which, you did some deep spiritual work. To me, that seems tied into the root cause of the illnesses, I would guess. Can you elaborate?

Absolutely. The body and our relationship with it are amazing. We’re so often just in our heads and doing what seems like the right thing to do, whether it’s cultural, societal, or familial expectations. I was very blessed with a great childhood, but I became my own overachiever and had frequencies of people-pleasing and accommodator energy that a lot of people have, especially healers and, I think, women even more.

It’s hard when you’ve built a life around giving when you wake up to the fact that you are meant to be in a balanced give-and-receive cycle.

That over-giving came very easy to me. In my relationship with my kids and my practice, I had gotten so out of touch with my own body, needs, soul, and authenticity. That is what I believe to be the core, that lack of self-love. It was hard to explain what else could have led to that because I had done many amazing physical things throughout my life and my journey of healing, learning about functional medicine, and all of these gifts.

The spiritual was the one thing when I lay in the hospital bed. I’m just saying, “What else do you want?” All I do is serve. The answer I got was, well, you don’t serve yourself. That was the wake-up for me, where I started having boundaries. I started saying no.

I started tapping into my true passions. What do I really want? To see patients all day, every day, four days a week, and just barely catch up on the fifth day? Or do I want to do more of a combination of speaking, writing, and things that get me excited and passionate? It’s been huge, probably one of the most impactful of my career and healing journey over the past seven years.

Marie Kondo wrote the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her philosophy is to donate the stuff that doesn’t spark joy.

Yeah, you got it.

You jettisoned all that stuff.

It’s a work in progress. Can we say that? It’s hard when you’ve built a life around giving when you wake up to the fact that you are meant to be in a balanced give-and-receive cycle. At this point in my life, I’ve realized that I need to have time with the people I interact with. I need to be receiving almost more from them than I can give them because of my debt of give. I’ve given so much that getting it back into some balance just takes a little time.

Ask questions, explore, and, most importantly, restore sovereignty.

That’s a lot of us, a lot of your listeners. This is where it comes naturally and easily. Then there are going to be those who are able to take, and we want to help them. That’s where we get into these codependent, unhealthy dynamics.

How does this tie into your soul’s mission? Do you get a sense of your soul mission? My understanding is that we all have this soul correction that we’re meant to work on. In Hebrew, it’s called Tikkun. We also have a mission or a purpose beyond just simply addressing whatever and healing, making whole whatever is given to us as a gift in terms of our shadow side.

I love that you quoted some Hebrew because I just came back from Israel. I was on a journey, and I’m very intrigued with Kabbalah, how it came before any religion, and how it’s tied to the body and healing. But when we get out of our own way, our mission becomes more and more clear.

My mission has always been to provide hope for those struggling with any kind of symptom or diagnosis, along with learning how to push the body to levels we have yet to experience. I think COVID has been one of the biggest gifts in this area because more people are open to this discussion that we’re having. It sheds light on the massive gap between our current medical system and where it is going, which is exciting.

My mission, my Tikkun, is very aligned with what I’ve had to do with my body. It is to wake people up to how much more is available. Have people understand that there may be agendas for keeping some of this information from the general public. Have people be curious, ask questions, explore, and probably most importantly, restore sovereignty, this connection to self and sovereignty that allows you to be in partnership with your healer instead of an unbalanced dynamic.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō

Speaking of balance, how are you moving towards more balance? Are you cutting down your workload, your hours at the clinic? Are you changing the types of work that you’re doing throughout the week? Are you traveling more, traveling less? What’s happening?

It’s great when you really step out and look. Being a people-pleasing accommodator, I had this huge practice with 8000 patients. I have a nurse practitioner with me and another doctor, but we take impeccable care of our patients. But the insurance model is really pretty broken. For me, one of the biggest things was I had to get comfortable letting that piece go for me.

My other practitioners are still taking insurance, but by transitioning out of insurance into a cash-based model, I was able to see patients three days a week instead of four and get that growth day, where I could stay on top of the newest science. I’m getting ready to start my podcast, which I would love you to join me on.

I was able to really expand on and finish the second book that I’ve been working on but never had time for. Then, I did a lot more speaking because connecting to patients or to people through speaking and events is probably another one of my high-level passions, that motivational, transformational speaking area.

What is the topic of the second book?

It is a journey back to you. It’s basically what we’re talking about. It’s me guiding people through my story, teaching them the concepts I’ve learned along the way, how they can be modeled in their lives, and giving them the tools to start that sovereign journey of healing and potentially find the right partner to work with them through it.

What was the biggest thing you learned from the journey to Israel and back?

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I intentionally went on my own, because I had always wanted to go. I didn’t bring my family, and I had a guide with me who was a biblical archaeologist. I was able to really just sit in the land and the 2500 years of history there. I would say, it was probably the first time I allowed myself to be fully embodied, meaning I was so connected to the earth, the stories, and the history. I wasn’t being pulled with, “When are we going to eat? I have to go to the bathroom, or I want to do this today. I want to do that tomorrow.” Just allowing, and I would tell everybody listening, take that time for yourself to a place that’s always been something you’ve wanted to see or do. That time, it allowed magical things to happen. I ended up with an artist. One of my guide’s friends and I were in his studio in his little apartment in Tel Aviv.

I ended up at the Kabbalah center in Tzfat in the north, where I had a personal meeting with one of the main leaders and healers. A lot of times, when we’re embodied and connected, things are so free and clear. They come to us instead of constantly chasing or trying to get there on our own.

Did you meet Rabbi Alon Anava in Tzfat?

No, I met Eyal Riess.

When we’re embodied and connected, things are often free and clear. They come to us instead of constantly chasing or trying to get there on our own.

I don’t know him.

Okay. He’s at the Kabbalah center there, but I know they have so many  that are in that area. I ended up being there on Shabbat, which people would try their whole life to plan. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.

Again, I think I was in a flow state and didn’t have to worry about other people with me. I got to spend the evening, the Shabbat dinner, in his home with him, his wife, and four of his nine kids. What I learned was magical. She’s an international speaker for women’s studies. Different things like that kept happening on this trip. I’ve brought a lot of that energy back with me.

Yeah. Israel is such an incredible place to connect with the upper world. The veil is thinner there, for sure, especially in Tzfat and Jerusalem. Also, during the Shabbat period, the veil was thinner, and it was also on major Jewish holidays, even just the Rosh Chodesh, which is the new moon each month. There’s the lunar calendar, which is based on the Jewish calendar, not the solar calendar.

I’m using terminology I actually learned from one of my guests, Joe McQuillen. He talked about thin places in the episode that we did. He would communicate with his son, who had passed, by going into the son’s room at 3 AM and channeling. He’d receive information from his son, who had passed. That was the best time for receiving, 3 AM, and the strongest location.

I love that we can have this conversation. People listening, I’m sure, have had similar experiences, because when we do get out of our head and we allow our heart, which by the way, we send more messages from our heart to our brain than the other way around. When we talked about getting optimized and the true edge, when you go, whether it’s the thin place or heart-centered coherence, we can access a thinner place wherever we are by being in our heart, energy field. But if we go in our heart energy field while in incredible places like Tzafat, game on.

From a spiritual perspective, mitochondria are fascinating. They respond poorly to distress and negative thought patterns and well to the opposite.

I think that people can learn. When we talk about what’s helped me heal my heart, there’s no mystery that it was my heart that gave out when it was this exact journey I needed to learn to help teach the world about. When we go into our heart space, not only can we communicate with potential people we have lost, but it’s communicating more and more with ourselves, our higher wisdom, and the knowledge and guidance on what the world needs, what our Tikkun is, how to heal our bodies, how to have more fulfilling relationships. All those questions come so much easier when we access those gifts that many people don’t even know are there, let alone work towards experiences.

How are you bringing Kabbalah and this mystical side into your daily life?

I also did a year-long course in the healing and intuitive arts about a year ago. I do a little bit of hands-on work with my patients, where I can work with energy. But for my own personal use, every day when I wake up, I meditate with different crystals. I’m very connected to the energy of crystals. I will try to ground, put my feet in the earth, and just take that time.

It doesn’t even have to always be dedicated time. I will drop into my heart at various times during the day. I’ll just catch myself being stuck in my head, the machinations, and all that, that goes on up there. Whether it’s stones, or meditating, or grounding, I’m also very connected to the trees and to nature. That helps me as well.

You know there’s a Jewish holiday to celebrate the trees, Tu BiShvat.

I did. The beauty in a lot of these things came before religion. The messages from trees, the frequencies, and the things that we learn about the body through some of these ancient teachings are for everyone. Especially now, with the planet in a state of transition, it truly is time for the collapse of the patriarchy and for new systems to be awakening.

When we go into our heart space, not only can we communicate with potential people we have lost, but it’s communicating more and more with ourselves.

The trees are wise. They’ve already made a lot of this transition. I think if you’re struggling with a health issue of any sort, just putting your feet on the earth, letting those acupuncture points on your feet connect to the energy coming up from the planet, putting your back against a tree, and just letting the tree hold you, can make a big difference in the physical presentation of your symptoms.

It always perplexed me how some people could use the term tree hugger as an insult. It’s so disconnected from the earth, from true reality, to see that as a dig. I found that curious.

Like we said now, things are shifting. In some darkness, the lights have been turned on, and people are waking up and asking questions. The tree huggers are becoming more popular.

I agree. Also, when you see what you want to see in terms of the evolution of humanity, consciousness, and so forth, you make that real—your expectations and positive expectancy actually contribute to what you experience in this illusion called reality.

That’s David R. Hawkins. In his Power vs. Force, there is a line that I read in that book about 12 years ago that said, and I’m sure you’re familiar with that map of consciousness that he has.

What was the quote that stuck with you?

The quote that stuck with me was, “One person vibrating at around 500 at the level of love negated stadiums full.” Several stadiums full of people are still stuck beneath 200. For me, that took away a lot of pressure because it meant if I just continued to work on my own connection to self, my heart connection, my grounding, all of that that I could carry, and like you said, affect change on the planet as a whole by staying at that higher vibration.

The beauty in a lot of things came before religion.

David Hawkins’ scale goes up to a thousand in the book, but where we’re at now because we’ve evolved so much and are just taking baby steps into this, there’s so much more to go, but we’re already well past having a thousand be the cap. That’s my understanding.

I had a conversation with Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, who was a guest a couple of times on this podcast and is the founder of Leela Quantum Tech. I know in my heart that that is true, that it’s over a thousand now, and that you can aspire to hit a thousand or greater. Seven hundred in the book are listed as enlightenment, and 700 are listed as up.

Aim higher, you’ll do better. I learned from that negotiating class, the Karrass negotiating business seminar, which I took in 1995 or 1996. That applies not just to business, but it applies to life—the spiritual climb up Jacob’s ladder.

I love Philipp. We actually did some clinical studies with his products. The Leela Q is legit. The fact that we’re on the planet now, where these types of therapies and treatments are hopefully going to have evidence-based science more and more behind them, we’re still probably a 20-year lag, but those of us that are open and willing to continue to push this forward, it’s really an exciting time to be alive, honestly. That’s where I do think COVID was a very big gift.

Practice spiritual self-compassion and set healthy boundaries for a balanced, full life.

In Judaism, I learned that everything is a gift and a blessing. This is a core precept of Judaism. Rabbi Ish Gamzu said many years ago, “This too is for the good.” He was famous for saying that.

What’s really interesting is that when I was diagnosed at 15, being a teenager, it was a rough age to have anything. It’s never a good age to have that. But 15 was pretty tough. That was also what I had been taught. And I knew in my soul that there was a higher purpose. I knew this was good, too, just like you said. That’s how I navigated. 

I still graduated college on time, even though my entire junior year, I went at night for one semester for physics, and then I couldn’t return to Emory.  I ended up as a visiting student at Columbia for my second semester. All of it is just being divinely led and holding that there was a reason, and that’s what I teach my patients. I do think that’s a beautiful tenet of Judaism. 

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One of the things I learned in Israel is that all religions are the same. A lot of these principles and Kabbalah being 2500 years ago, a lot of those things starting, a lot of the concepts starting, and then really we’re all just connected in that core way of how our body works and trusting that the good is there and that if we tap into our hearts and connect to others and the earth, that we’re going to be led.

Yeah. You were talking about how some things came before, like came before religion or came before us or whatever. One thing that I just recently watched was Rabbi Manis Friedman talking about what came before us. It was just brilliant and just makes so much sense. 

The reason for our existence must have come before we existed. Otherwise, it would have been reasonless; it would have been purposeless. Our creation would have had no purpose. But it had a purpose, a reason, because that existed first.

For those who are open and willing to continue pushing forward, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Wow, I love that. If you look back over the past hundred years or so, even to the early 1900s, when medicine shifted out of this partnership of healing, love, and compassion and turned into a business, I think we’re facing that same point right now on the planet, where we’re trying to get back to what was the reason before.

As you just said, what was the reason medicine became a business? It was to be in each other’s energy, hold space, bring in that healing energy, allow yourself to envision yourself healed, that healthy version of you, and the technology that’s coming out, whether it’s the things that are dripping in me right now, which is a specific cardiac progenitor cell, which I looked for desperately seven years ago. And here I am, getting it today while talking to you. That’s a pretty beautiful synergy.

That’s pretty beautiful synchronicity, right?

Yeah, absolutely.

What other modalities are you focused on for your healing journey and for your clients or patients?

I would say the couple categories are mitochondrial. Our mitochondria are the engines that produce energy inside all of our cells, and they used to be their bacteria. They have their own DNA. From a spiritual perspective, mitochondria are fascinating. They respond poorly to distress and negative thought patterns and really well to the opposite.

You’re seeing everybody doing all these different biohacks with light therapy, cold therapy, fasting, and different types of PEMF. We are relearning that we have the capacity to not just heal our mitochondria but also trigger the production of new ones. That in and of itself is incredibly exciting.

You need to love yourself to experience connection with your authenticity, body, and soul.

I do many different therapies with light and cold, saunas, PEMF, and vibrational therapies. That is one of the main areas that I’m fascinated by. Then there are peptides, a newer kind of playground for us as practitioners because they are strings of amino acids. For those who don’t know, 40 or more are proteins, and less than 40 is considered a peptide.

Many of the ones out now have some incredible benefits, even the controversial weight loss peptides developed as diabetic drugs. When you dive deep into the science, they are amazing. They protect our DNA, have cardioprotective and neuroprotective impacts, and reset communication between the cells.

If you expand on these two things, I’m talking about mitochondria and peptides in the previous part of our conversation, the energy of where we can go, even sacred geometric type shapes, and energetic healing. We will continue to understand that mitochondria healing, utilization of these peptides, and protection of DNA and junk DNA that we know isn’t really junk. We’re going to start understanding how these two conversations are the same.

Two perspectives are out the same window, looking at the same external environment. One person sees the freeway, and the other sees a tree.

If we tap into our hearts and connect to others and the earth, we’ll be led.

The fact that we’re just starting to see it, it’s a very exciting time to be alive.

I feel we chose it. We chose this time. We choose our parents, kids, siblings if we have them, our business partners, the challenges, the ailments, and the things we deal with in our lifetime. That’s all through soul contracts.

Or podcast guests because we never know we will be this aligned. It makes life exciting because everyone you meet has a story, and everyone you meet has the ability to heal themselves and help heal others. Most people are just looking for that guide because the people and systems they have trusted have proven to be driven by the wrong motivation.

It’s hard to wrestle your power back when you give it away. So don’t give your power to the doctors, the medical establishment, the government, or whatever. You’ve given your power away by letting them dictate the modalities you employ, what drugs you put in your system, et cetera.

A lot of times, we don’t realize it. I have the pleasure of speaking at one of Tony Robbins’s events, his Life Mastery event. I tell a story. I do just an overview of functional medicine for this particular event. One of the stories I share is that we can get really fancy with the technology, the peptides, the exosomes, the mitochondrial optimization, and the newest bells and whistles, but we can also have incredible healing in our daily moments.

I went to get trained for a different type of stem cell. This was about a year and a half ago. We were using light therapy and a laser. They had to draw your blood, spin it down, get the PRP, activate these B cells with light and sound, and inject them back in. Anyway, it’s a pretty fascinating technique.

I needed an IV. I alluded to at the beginning when I showed you this, I’m usually a pretty hard stick from all my years of chemo. There were about 10 doctors there, we were all training. I had my nurse with me who can usually find my vein. It didn’t enter my mind that anyone would have trouble. Then the nurse there was bragging about how she’s one stick Ida.

Anyway, long story short, three sticks later, she couldn’t get me, and my nurse couldn’t get me. I started getting teary because they had stuck with me five times, and people were watching me. They finally called in the ringer, this guy who used to be an interventional radiologist. He came in and asked everybody to get out of the room. He sat down, looked me in the eye, and said, “Lisa, do I have your permission to draw your blood and try to get an IV on you?” I started crying. I said, “Yes,” and he got an IV.

We can also experience incredible healing in our daily moments.

It resonated with me so deeply that I have, since that day, asked all of my patients if I have their permission to use muscle testing with them to get information from their bodies. That day, I said, “I think I’ve healed more from that question that I did from this cutting-edge tech, this laser. The everyday experiences of what we may hold in our body without even knowing it, to your point about sovereignty and trust, and how much that plays a role in our life and our health.

Have you asked your heart if it gives you permission to heal it and to integrate it into the rest of your body?

I’ve thanked it, but maybe not that specific question. I appreciate that. I will do that right now because I’ve got these magical cells dripping in while you give me the gift of that question.

Yeah, we’re all just messengers, right?

Yes, and my heart is very openly saying yes. It’s for the ability as we heal. I’d love to hear and experience more of your journey and life. I hope this friendship continues. As we journey, the more I heal, the more successful I can be, and the more I will pour it back into those around me and the systems around me.

We’re here to serve, but we have to serve our bodies because they’re on rent from the creator. Taking care of our physicality while we’re taking care of others is like not putting on your own oxygen mask first in an emergency. Of course, that can’t save anybody if you’ve run out of oxygen.

The more I heal, the more successful I can be, and the more I will pour it back into those around me.

You got it. It’s more than just that. Yes, working on yourself, acknowledging you need self-care, and getting a practice in place. When I speak to people, I talk about two phases. There are probably many more, but I talk about healing first and then stepping into performance.

The healing could be the oxygen mask, and it’s all the functional medicine or a lot of it. The performance is the peptides, mitochondria, and exosomes, which are still coming down the pike that we don’t even understand. It’s also the performance of, like we said, allowing my heart and these cells to come in and decide it wants to heal. It’s also the performance levels of a can of thought and quantum entanglement. A connection and a conversation so beautiful as this one, how is that now allowing us to get to these quantum levels of healing that we’re just beginning to taste?

We’re all entangled, connected, and one. I know we’re out of time, but I want to leave this conversation with you and with a quote from the Baal Shem Tov that I think will resonate. I have a feeling. My intuition tells me. I’ll just read this quickly. 

“Nothing is by chance: every single event or experience in a person’s life is predetermined and purposeful. So if a person chances to witness the Degradation of his fellow, he must realize that he, too, suffers from the same lack in one form or another. Otherwise, why would Divine Providence have caused him to see his fellow’s failing? Obviously, to open his eyes to something, he must correct himself.

So even if one is your enemy, and justifiably so, even if his moral and spiritual downfall is one of his own making, it could have happened without you having been made aware of it. That you have witnessed it has nothing to do with him: it is a message to you, enjoining you to deal with a similar negative element – be it in subtlest of forms – within yourself.”

Work on yourself and acknowledge you need self-care.

Beautiful. I love that. Thank you for sharing that. On my desk here, I have water from the River Jordan. A patient had asked me to bring it back. I went on my quest and my journey because he encouraged me to go—a patient who was not at all spiritual, one of my typical primary care patients.

I had an experience in the river, which surprised me because I didn’t really think I would. It was similar; we are all connected. Anything we’ve been told doesn’t need to be accepted at face value. It needs to be felt and expanded upon. We’re starting that performance where we don’t know what we’re capable of, but it will be exciting.

Synchronicities all over the place. I opened the Bible the other day, and it took me to 2 Kings 5. It relates to the Jordan River. Elisha sent Naaman, a messenger who said, “Go and wash in the Jordan River seven times, then your skin will be healed, and you will be clean.” Naaman became angry and left. Eventually, he did go and immersed himself in the Jordan River. Whoever he ended up speaking to said, “Well, if it was going to be really hard, you would have done what you were told, right?” “Yes.” “Well, this was very easy, and you chose not to do it.” He went, he did it, and then he healed.

Anything we’ve been told doesn’t need to be accepted at face value. It needs to be felt and expanded upon.

Wow. I had this experience just really quick, in the holocaust museum, where I was having some flashbacks to past life, and I did not feel well. It was extreme, and I felt Jesus. I was raised Jewish. Just as he was Jewish and just the path away from Judaism, all of this is the same path. So, just little detours.

The river was connected to him, saying, “Help me. This is not what I ever intended. In my name, people will be hurt.” Just feeling that and wanting to help people know that they can heal themselves, that’s, I believe, what his message was meant to be. Religion doesn’t need to separate us.

All separation is an illusion. We are all one, and God is one. Nothing is independent of God, and nothing is not God.

Beautiful, and including these amazing cardiac exosomes, which have been opened even more by this conversation, is allowing in. So thank you.

Thank you, Lisa. Thank you, listener, for being open-minded and open-hearted. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Practice self-love and set boundaries. By putting my needs first, I’ll be full of energy to give to others and not feel depleted.

?Connect with my heart throughout my day. When I center my heart on wisdom, peace, clarity, and intuitive nudges, I can move forward.

?Spend time grounding myself. Grounding allows me to discharge unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies and absorb revitalizing electrons from the Earth’s surface.

?Explore regenerative medicine for healing, such as stem cells, peptides, and mitochondrial optimization. These cutting-edge therapies can help reverse cellular aging and disease by activating my body’s innate renewal capabilities.

?Incorporate daily spiritual practices like meditation, crystals, and energy work. When I explore my spirituality, I open up to higher vibrational frequencies that accelerate my holistic healing.

?Honor my sovereignty. Ask for permission before any medical procedure. Consent honors my autonomy and sovereignty over my body and health choices.

?Consider functional medicine for a more holistic, root-cause approach. Unlike conventional medicine’s symptom management, functional medicine treats me as an interconnected whole.

?Nurture my mind-body-spirit connection through practices like breathwork, journaling, etc. Align my mental, physical and spiritual aspects for cellular healing.

?Open myself to non-traditional paths and trust my intuition on my healing journey. Time-honored yet innovative modalities may resonate with me more than conventional protocols.

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Dr. Koche is a truth seeker, paving the way for access to unbiased science and medical freedom. Ever since her exposure to the medical field due to childhood leukemia and heart failure from chemo, she has been focused on finding the root cause of the disease rather than treating symptoms.

She specializes in anti-aging and biohacking through regenerative, traditional, and functional medicine. She focuses on all aspects required for total body healing, including nutrition, hormone replacement therapies, and the enhancement of mitochondrial function. Dr. Koche has lectured nationally and has been featured on numerous podcasts, radio, and TV segments across the country.

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