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By: Stephan Spencer


Anat Phil-Golan
“This made me what I am today because they gave me the opportunity to be me, not to feel strange, not to feel like I’m not like everybody else.”
Anat Phil-Golan

This is going to be a fun episode where we dive into the chakras, Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki, hypnobirthing, hydrotherapy, reflexology and a lot more.

TOur guest today is Anat Phil-Golan. Anat is a prenatal Yoga and baby yoga instructor, Birth Doula, certified lactation counselor, childbirth educator, and Reiki healer. She’s an expert practitioner with Tibetan sound bowls, Essential Oils, Hypnobirthing, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Development, and Hydrotherapy for pregnant women. She leads retreats for meditation, chakras and Moodras.

It was through my wife Orion that I met Anat. I had the privilege of experiencing a healing session from Anat where she worked on my chakras. It was powerful. She also told me something important that turned out to be prophetic, that my third eye was wide open. This was at least a year prior to my spiritual awakening. Anat is truly gifted, so stay tuned and listen to her insights. Enjoy the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:26]Stephan introduces his next guest,Anat Phil-Golan, a prenatal Yoga and baby yoga instructor, Birth Doula, certified lactation counselor, childbirth educator, and Reiki healer.
  • [01:27]Stephan wants the audience to know the origin story of her becoming a Buddhist nun and reasons for leaving the nunnery, and how it took her to where she is today.
  • [08:13]Anat shares her journey in joining the nunnery and the process to become one.
  • [17:42]Anat talks about chakra, explains the seven chakras that people have and further elaborate on using several techniques and combining tools in one treatment.
  • [23:22]Stephan shares about the time he asked God for a mission to do His work, and how that immensely transformed his life.
  • [26:18]Anat explains the different healing modalities that she is incorporating in her sessions; how it works and the benefits of each.
  • [33:27]Stephan and Anat discuss crystal energy works and transformations that happen because of essential oils.
  • [41:24]Anat shares the beauty of Judaism which is all about praying and blessing everything.
  • [43:42]Stephan and Anat discuss the concept of living life like a prayer, and of being thankful and happy in life.
  • [44:53]The discussion of reincarnation and the power of olfactory connections to our past life.
  • [51:21]Visit Ani-La Anat Phil-Golan website to know more about her healing modalities and work with her.

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Anat, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

Hi, good morning. Thank you for having me.

I would love for us to start by having our listeners or viewers understand your origin story a bit. How you ended up becoming a Buddhist nun, how you ended up leaving the nunnery, and then how it took you to where you are today.

Basically, it’s a long story because it started when I was young and I didn’t realize it. I was very different from others. I was a very nature person compared to other people. In my time, I’m 53, we had no iPhones, we had nothing to play with except for going outside, being connected to the fields, and climbing trees. I was quite different from my sister, for example. 

I didn’t realize that the way that I’m seeing the world is different from others. People didn’t like it, they thought I’m weird, or they didn’t understand me. I saw things. I just saw things and the way that I try to represent myself, people didn’t know why I’m talking differently. I always feel that something is missing and I look for something else. I feel empty if I’m not getting to feel my soul than going to school and being with friends or something like that. 

When I was 16, basically even before that, I was a lot away from home and I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. There is a part of Jerusalem called Ein Kerem. Ein Kerem is one of the most beautiful places in Jerusalem. It’s a very old town, city, downhill. 

It was beautiful. We’ve stayed there before on an Airbnb and there were just flowers everywhere. It’s just so beautiful.

I didn’t realize that I saw the world differently from others.

It’s one of those magical places and I believe there is a strong vortex in this place. There are a lot of churches and I’m Jewish. There’s a lot of churches and I used to run there, sit there, and hang out with the nuns and the monks there. There is a monastery there only for nuns. I used to spend hours and hours with them, and I feel that the connection is not because they’re Christian, because of their lifestyle. 

When I was 16, instead of having the time that boys and girls falling in love and feeling these things, for me it was going to save the world. I went into the streets and I was like wearing Boho like you see me today, it’s never changed even after so long. 

I used to collect teenagers from the street to help them to get back home because they ran away. They were falling into drugs or they didn’t talk with their parents and I never accepted that. I was sitting with them and trying to explain to them. I made classes for them on how it’s important to go back home and talk to their parents, even though my parents didn’t understand me. 

My parents, they’re immigrants from Iran. They had totally different lifestyles. They didn’t understand what I’m talking about, but I didn’t even try. I had my own path. Even in high school, I didn’t want to go to a regular high school. I went to democrats, open high schools. It’s a place that if—I don’t know if you know Jerusalem, it’s called Lifta. 

When you just get into Jerusalem, on the right side, there is a very old Arab village, which no one is there and some amazing people took this place. They made it a school which is one of the best things that happened to me ever. If I could repeat that today, I’ll do the same thing and I wish I could give it to my own kids. 

This is what made me what I am today because they give me the opportunity and they give me the ability to be me, not to feel strange, not to feel like I’m not like everybody else, or not exactly like my older sister. She’s gifted. She’s blond, green eyes, totally different from my brown skin, brown eyes, looks amazing, different.

People didn’t understand or believe me because I wanted to swallow the world.

I couldn’t write poems like her. When she was 16, she had her first book, I didn’t have it. But I had, they call it a highly emotionally intelligent person. I didn’t like it back then why they’re talking to me about emotions. My emotions are different, I know. 

Now I know how to take it and I took it to the next level, the next step, especially when I went to the military and served my country. When I got married and when my older son got born, I think this was the shift of my life, the shifting to understand. He has learning disabilities, and since then, I found myself trying to find a way to help him. I did everything I could. 

Back then, I used to live in the kibbutz, which is a community in Israel. Usually, a quality place to live, and they couldn’t understand my way with my kids. Even there, I was different because the way that I saw the world was just love and compassion. Just love, just emotions, just love, bring yourself.

People didn’t understand or didn’t believe me because I wanted to swallow the world. I want to do some things above and beyond and Tibetan it says, “Gate Gate Para Gate Para Sam Gate” it means to see the mountain or above the mountain. I didn’t understand what I saw above the mountain back then, and I didn’t like myself for that because it scares me.

You didn’t fit in. When did you decide you needed to join a nunnery or whatever the process was to become a nun? Was there a trip to Tibet that you did or something that led you to make this step to study Buddhism? How did that go?

It’s a nice story because basically when I was 20, I got married to my husband in the kibbutz. As you know in Israel, when you’re released from the military, the first thing you’re doing, you’re going to travel around the world. It’s always South America or India. We went to India. We went to Nepal and we climbed the Himalayas. I met one of the guys that basically changed my life back then up in the Himalayas in Nepal. His name is Kim Lee and we had a retreat there. 

What does it mean to be a nun? People think nuns can’t be married and they can’t have kids. No, you can. You need to go through a direction, which is a lot of information.

My husband wasn’t into these things. For him, it was a little bit too much. Then he found out that he also had something very spiritual, which I couldn’t say the word spiritual. I didn’t want to tag myself and said, oh, you’re spiritual. I didn’t like it. I was one of those people that were afraid of the word spiritual. 

He opened the little place for me to understand more about me. It was basically in 1988, so it’s 33 years ago. I came back to the kibbutz. I learned there how to do baby yoga, baby massage, prenatal, and all these things. It’s not that you’re going to school and you learn baby yoga, baby massage, and prenatal yoga, you got it from basically a monk in the cave. It’s different.

I came back to the kibbutz and I tried to do that on the babies in the kibbutz, it didn’t work. I did it on my own baby, then on my other friend’s baby, and slowly, slowly did it on another baby, which the system didn’t even know what I’m doing. I kept it to myself for years. 

After 14 years, I left the kibbutz and we moved to Kohav Yair. Kohav Yair is a beautiful place in Israel right behind Kefar Sava, and I found myself looking for more. I studied Kabbalah and mindfulness. By that time, I was a volunteer as a medic and then paramedic into Israeli Magen David Adom. It’s like the Red Cross, it’s an ambulance. 

My mentor opened a little place for me to understand more about myself.

People start to look for me and ask for me in the station, who was the one that helped us in the time that we had an accident, or who was the one that helped us in the time that we had the labor. Usually, we’re not allowed to be in touch with our clients, people that you’ve worked with in an ambulance. The guy from the station came to me and said, “Hi, what’s going on, why are people looking for you?” I said, “I don’t know.” 

Then people said, “She didn’t do much, she just put her hand on our head and we felt different,” or “She put her hand on my back and suddenly we felt different.” I didn’t know I had it. I know I have it with my children. When they were sick or something like that, I put my hand on and I heal them somehow. 

Then around 2000, I was in some crisis in my life, and I wanted to do some change. I met one of my Reiki teachers in Israel, which she was also part of the group. It’s called Buddhist Classic Classes. I start to, by definition, learn Buddhism with her and with her group. I joined one of those groups, and since then, I got into it as much as I got until 1988, which I always learn and study Buddhism, but not like that. In 2001, I got a little bit deeper. There was a session like 18 years and you have 18 sessions for every year. 

Unfortunately, in 2007, I left Israel and I came here so it was a little bit hard for me. I learned online with them and I learned from Buddhist teachers here, but at the same time, I was learning Kabbalah, the Jewish Kabbalah. I found that the way that both of the things go together. It’s like the wheel of the train. They work together, but they never get together. 

This is Judaism and Buddhism, which have touched my heart and was my path, it showed me who I am. Every time, as I’m getting deeper and deeper, I feel like I’m living, I’m alive. 

This made me what I am today because they gave me the opportunity to be me, not to feel strange, not to feel like I'm not like everybody else. Click To Tweet

In 2017, I decided to go back to India again. I’ve been there several times before and I’ve been to Ladakh, it’s up in the Himalayas, very close to China and Pakistan. I went to one of the monasteries there. I sat there and I met one of my gurus there. They interview you, they test you, and they quiz you about things. 

They asked me how many years I’m studying and I stayed there for a week. I went back and forward again. Then they said, “Congratulations. You become a baby nun.” Why I’m putting the point of being a baby nun is because not everybody can be a nun or monk. You just need to shave your hair, you need to wear the gown that I have here, but it’s basically to be a student. The thing about calling baby nun, I’m Jewish and I’m first of all Jewish. My dad is a Kohen. Kohen was the highest priest in Jewish Temple in Jerusalem 3000 years ago. 

The Kohen is one of the highest spiritual things in Judaism. As a Jewish, we know that since it was the Romans, the Egyptians were everywhere. They try to kill us because we refuse to believe in other gods, or we refuse to bow to statues. I can’t feel like I can bow to any statues, including Buddha himself, which I adore Buddha.

Basically, when you bow to the Buddha statue, you’re not bowing to the statue, you’re bowing to his knowledge. But as a Kohen daughter, Jewish person, I can’t bow even to the idea of bowing to Buddha so I’ll just curtsy. I’m not bowing all the way down, so I’m a baby nun. What does it mean to be a nun? People think nuns can’t be married and they can’t have kids. She can’t live with her couple, with her spouse, and she needs to shave her head. No, you can. There’s a direction that you need to go through, which is a lot of information.

Judaism and Buddhism touched my heart and showed me who I am.

For example, being a nice person, not to lie, not to eat meat, help others, not to say bad words to someone, not to gossip, all the things that basically we have in Judaism, which here when I’m going to our ceremonies in the synagogue in Malibu Jewish Center or I’m going to ceremonies in my temple up in Santa Barbara, it’s the same thing. 

Instead of wearing white to the synagogue, I’m wearing my gown. It’s basically me. But it’s not a religion, it’s a lifestyle. For me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s just like a zipper. It’s just a zipper in my heart to open and give what I have to the community, to my moms as a birth doula in the labor room, to my moms as baby yoga and baby development instructor, and as a life coach when people come in here to my clinic and they get the treatment, just bringing myself.

Let’s talk about the treatments that you give to the people who come to your home. I’ve gotten treatment from you. I’ve gotten some, I don’t know what it is exactly, you accessed my chakras. I think you did a healing on me, maybe it was Reiki? I don’t know exactly, but you made a comment about one of my chakras, my third eye chakra being quite open. I’m curious, what’s that process that you go through that you did with me and that you do with other clients?

Wow, it was scary with you.

You said scary?

Yeah. I’ve been doing it for many, many years and I don’t know a lot of people that I have the same feeling with you when I worked on you because people don’t know how much we’re not tuned. People don’t know how much they’re not aligned with their chakra. People don’t know that they have chakra. So people get sick, they have anxiety, they’re having a lot of things, and they’re not coming to align themselves or tune themselves just once a year.

They’re supposed to do that every morning, once a week with a professional, or if you can’t afford yourself, go once a month or once in six months. Let’s start with what chakra means. Chakra is basically a wheel. It’s a wheel of life, it’s a wheel of energy. It’s like chi. 

Basically, we have more than seven chakras, but let’s talk about the seven chakras. Try to imagine that those chakras are like a palm of water. There is the palm of water that’s going up from your head, and there is a connection between this palm to this palm. The connection needs to be wide open to let the energy go and the water needs to drip from here to here. Then the water is going to drip from here to this chakra, to the throat chakra, to the heart chakra, the solar chakra, or to the second chakra and the first chakra.

Chakra is basically a wheel. It’s a wheel of life and energy.

Sometimes those tunnels between chakras are getting stuck or blocked for many reasons. There is a difference and there is meaning to every chakra because every chakra is telling you a different story. The way that you can express yourself and talk, the way that you can see. Para sam gate, to see behind the mountain and to see how you’re connected to the earth and universe or see your feelings. 

The second chakra with the connection, in general, with people and especially in sex we call it sex chakras or how you’re grounded. What I’m doing, I’m basically tuning those chakras for people. Because sometimes it’s too wide, just disappeared, or closed. When it’s too wide and too closed, we are blocked to open them and to allow them to breathe and make this breathing go not only from the prana all the way up to the bottom. It’s all the way from here to the back, from the throat to the back of your neck, and from the heart to the back of your shoulder blades. Go back and forward.

I can see and tell right away which chakras are not tuned with some people. When they’re laying down, of course, I’m interviewing them before, we’re talking about something. It’s guiding me exactly where to go and where to touch because I’m level four. It’s a little bit extra value above and beyond the regular Reiki masters that I have. I have basically seven or eight symbols that I’m using. I’ve got it in India in 2017 when I was there.

When I work with people, I’m using several techniques as a Reiki master. Of course, I’m working on the chakra. And then I’m using some other things, for example, of course, always essential oils, Tibetan Sound Bowl, and technique. It’s like a particular pressure point I’m using. And I’m using a Kansa wand. Kansa wand is like a mineral metal that’s working on the face, and basically, I’m opening some pressure point on the face, sometimes on the feet, sometimes on the knees, sometimes on the chest. And I’m also working with crystals.

I’m combining all these amazing tools and a gong—of course, I have the gong—on one treatment. What I see with you, it’s happened to me twice since I’ve been doing it. One it was you, one it was with the other one. But I saw your third eye’s chakra facing open wide looking at me. This means a lot to me. You are a very spiritual person and you can see like para sam gate. I told you that back then.

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I didn’t understand until this year what that meant and what a gift that was because I hadn’t been assigned the job yet. I prayed for a job on January 22nd. I told you this in another conversation that we had recently. Another podcast guest I had interviewed inspired me to ask for a job, not that I needed a job, I wanted to have a mission and be given something that was God’s work to do from God.

This was because the woman I interviewed, Sheila Gillette, was on her deathbed and she had prayed to God for any job to be left to live her life on this planet, to raise her kids because she was on her deathbed. This was right after childbirth. That inspired me to do the prayer, and I didn’t want to have a near-death experience in order to get the job. I got an immediate answer. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was being prepared, primed for this over many years. The work that I have been doing for some months prior there in Israel for six months, four months (whatever it was) of network spinal analysis and energy entrainments I was getting every week. It was all in preparation for that moment, and then boom, I was able to see things. It’s been an amazing journey since then of discovery.

I don’t know what you did exactly to assist me in terms of my chakra getting more cleansed, balanced, realigned, or tuned as you said. But I know that it helped me and I knew that the knowledge that you gave me that my third eye was so open. That also helped me to be in a receptive state or whatever was going to come next, so thank you for that. 

Thank you for letting me be part of it and helping you because you gave me the opportunity to help, and I need to thank you for that. 

I can see and tell right away which chakras are not tuned with some people.

It’s mutual. I would love for us to share with our listeners or viewers these different modalities because you have a gift for integrating these different modalities that are usually seen as quite different wheels on the train that don’t intersect. The Sound Bowls, which I would guess many listeners wouldn’t even be aware of what the benefits are of a Sound Bowl versus a Kansa wand versus crystals, a gong. These different modalities that you incorporate, how do each of them work? What are the benefits of each? 

Wow. Everything that we’re doing in life has a benefit, especially when you’re laying down and you let go while I’m doing the Reiki, I’m doing meditation, and I’m helping you to get relax and just try to melt into the bed.

When I’m working with the Sound Bowl, I have many, many kinds, like almost 90% of them. Every sound has what is called a megahertz line, how it gets to you. Each Sound Bowl—big or small—gets into you in a different way. For example, if I want to open a very hard chakra, I can work on a chakra and send those spirals to try to open them, and it’s not opening because it’s so blocked, so closed, and it’s so hard to open. I’m using the biggest Sound Bowl to try to help me to get into this particular chakra. Because sounds have waves and sounds have shapes. 

I don’t know if you know that. If you take sand, put the sand on a metal thing, and you put some sound on it, you will see the shape of the sand getting in a beautiful different like—I can’t even explain it, but you can google and find it. The waves of the sounds help a lot to get into people’s hearts, minds, and souls, and help them to get to relax and help me to open the chakras. 

By the way, the name with the sand and the reverberation plates is cymatics.

Cymatics, true, thank you. It’s the same with gong. The same with the gong because the gong, there is a way to use it. There is a way that you can use the gong and you start with a very, very soft touch, then you’re getting a little bit higher and higher and higher, and the waves are getting stronger into your body. Basically, it’s going to shake the water in your body because your body is made out of 70% of liquid—water. You can feel the vibration of it. 

There is meaning to every chakra because every chakra is telling you a different story. The way that you can express yourself and talk, the way that you can see. Para sam gate, to see behind the mountain and how you’re connected to the earth and universe or see your feelings.

The same with didgeridoo. Didgeridoo is an Australian flute, I call it. It’s the same sound. It’s getting into the water of your body and you feel the vibration inside. It’s relaxing you. Kansa wand. Kansa wand, it’s four different metals. I can show it to you, I need to just reach there.

As you can see, it’s coming like a bell, but it’s not a bell. It comes in four different shapes. I like to use this one, the little one, and I’m using it also in the labor room. When she’s in pain and when I’m doing hypnobirthing on the ladies, I’m using this into her face, into the pressure point. It’s exactly as I did with you. When you get it into that particular pressure point in the face, you’re releasing some hormones and you’re calming down your energy to help you to get into a trance when I’m doing the energy healing on you.

I have the big one. I’m using it also in the labor room, and of course, here it’s for the feet, the legs, and the body. This is on the hands and arms, and sometimes on the chest. And this is for a particular pressure point that I’m doing with the Barnes technique. I’m using this. Not a lot of people are aware and know the Kansa wand. This is one of the best things that has happened to me since I’ve been working with them because it helps when some of my family members are sick or something like that. The first thing I’m using is the Kansa wand on the pressure point, and I’m always combining it with essential oils.

Essential oils, it’s something that we need to talk about because people need to understand what these oils mean. Essential oils, it’s so powerful and it’s one of the things that basically can take you to your past life. Past life can be 1000 years ago and can be when you were in your mother’s tummy or when you were a child. Those essential oils, basically, I love and I used to work for many, many years with different kinds of companies until I found one company that I love working with them because their essential oils basically touch me, my heart, my soul because their smell is pure and is real for me. 

I can see and tell right away which chakras are not tuned with some people.

I remember the moment I got them I started to cry. When I’m talking about them, I’m tearing up because those smells are basically giving me back my life, giving me my faith, my energy, everything—everything I need. I just need to smell them. I can’t say the name of the company or I am not allowed? 


The name of the company is called Young Living

Heard of them. 

Do you know them?


There are some other companies that are competing with them, and unfortunately, I try to get connected with them, but the smells are different. That’s why I like to work with those essential oils with my client here, my clinic, my studio, and with my babies. When I’m doing baby yoga and baby massage on the babies, and when I’m doing it also in the labor room himself with a lady. I’m not just a birth doula to the lady. I’m also a birth doula for her husband. Sometimes I’m a birth doula to the team in the hospital or at home when I’m doing home birth. Sometimes I’m a birth doula to the doctor himself because I’m using other techniques. 

I’m also using ring massage, which is a special metal ring which is rolling into your fingers and basically massaging your body because the hands, it’s the map of the body exactly like your feet. It’s reflexology. 

I’m also taking so much studying to learn all this stuff. Yes, let’s talk about crystals. And then I’ve got some more questions about what we’ve already talked about briefly I want to go deeper on. How does the crystal energy work?

So basically, we know that everything has energy.


Everything has energy. Without energy, we’re not existing. First of all, you have energy, everything has energy. Even the wood cupboards that I have here have energy. It’s wood, right? It was a tree before. 

Sounds have wave shapes.

How many times has this happened to you when you walk in the middle of the night to the refrigerator to drink something and then you hear something is cracking? The woods are moving. The same with stones, same with water. Everything has energy. Stones have energy. Every stone has its own energy, and of course, I have this particular stone with the chakras colors, and I’m using these stones to help me to develop and help those clients that are coming here to open and balance their chakras. It helps a lot. 

I remember myself when I was a soldier. I was 18 years old and I had terrible pain when I used to get my period, for example. I was on my way to the base, and I needed to travel around Israel from one side of the country to the other side. It’s a small country, but it can sometimes take six hours. I used to hold these stones, put them on my tummy, and travel with those particular stones on my tummy to help me to travel and get to the base in the way that I’m not going to take any medication. I don’t believe in medication. I believe in treatment. I believe in energy. 

Life, it’s believing. Fish cannot drown in the water, right? And birds cannot fall from the sky. It’s energy. Everybody has their energy. You can move things, it’s energy. You touch someone, it’s energy. You’re hugging someone for 20 seconds, the amount of the oxytocin that you were releasing from your body, it’s energy. When your baby has a booboo, what’s the first thing you’re doing? You’re putting your hand on his leg and then it’s gone. What is this? It’s energy.

Same with stones. You can feel the energy for those stones. Just open your heart. Just believe and you can get everything you want.

Essential oils are so powerful. It’s one of the things that can take you to your past life.

Yeah. I call it the willing suspension of disbelief. I know that phrase has been used before me, but that’s been really helpful as I explore these modalities. It takes some heart-opening to be receptive. I was skeptical of, for example, essential oils. Then, I kept meeting person after person who had their life saved or huge transformations happen because of essential oil. I’m just picking one example of modality. 

A friend of mine I met through Heroic Public Speaking—a great training program from Michael Port who was also a guest on this podcast—her name is Kristin Van Wey. She credits essential oils to saving her life from horrible, debilitating Lyme disease. Lyme disease is apparently not curable and yet she got such a powerful healing from her experience with essential oil. 

She just changed her career and business model to focus heavily on essential oils. It’s amazing, and yet we have lots of skeptics out there who think this is all bunk, and that Western medicine is the only scientifically proven form of healing. 

They’re going to be closed to the possibilities then of other healing because you have to believe it to see it, really, not just see it to believe it. You have to believe it to see it. If their belief system is such that no, this won’t cure me, well, there’s such a thing as a nocebo as well as a placebo. Nocebo is I don’t believe it’s going to work, and that miracle treatment doesn’t actually work for them.

True. Let me tell you, when I first smelled Young Living Frankincense, it was shocking for me because it took me back 3000 years ago. It took me to the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. It took me underground to the Western Wall. It took me to a place that maybe I was there once, I don’t know, maybe not. But it took me to places in Nepal, India, and Tibet. 

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It was like a bam on my face. Oh my God, what’s going on here? Then I opened another one, I opened another one, I opened another one, and I started to cry and I’m holding myself. I do believe that crying is one of the best things that can happen to you personally as a human being because I call it the cosmetic of nature. If you take those tears and you’re putting those tears under a microscope, you can see the difference. We talked about shape before. If you take those tears of joy, you can see the shape of snow under a microscope.

The study is done by Dr. Emoto. I think that’s what you’re referring to.

True. If you take those tears of pain and you put them under a microscope, you can definitely tell the difference. It looks like a weird shape. Same with water. Same with if you talk to a flower. If you sing a song to the flower and you tell the flower how big and beautiful they are, they will grow beautiful. But if you’re going to just scream at the flowers, you curse them, and you tell them how bad they are, they’re not going to grow. They will die.

Right. It affects plants and food—everything. If you project negative energy, even just writing two different words on two different pieces of paper, taping those onto two different jars full of cooked rice, and then you leave them out. One says peace, love, joy, whatever it is, something positive. The other one says hatred for no reason, contempt, bitterness, whatever. You see the one that has the negative word on it turns nasty in a few days in comparison to the one that had the nice words taped to the container. 

You can try this experiment yourself. You don’t have to have a microscope and do all the analysis that Dr. Emoto did. You can just do this in your kitchen.

Absolutely. That’s what the beauty of Judaism is. It’s all about praying. Every time you eat, drink, or everything you put in your mouth, you’re blessing. You’re blessing the apple that comes from the tree. You’re blessing the potatoes that come from the ground. You’re blessing the water that you drink. You’re blessing the wine. You’re blessing everything. You’re blessing when you’re washing your hands before eating. You’re even blessing for coming out from the restaurant. You’re blessing. You’re thanking God.

And blessing the supplements and vitamins that you take too. I do that when I take my vitamins in the morning and the night. I know it’s doing something. I know it’s transmuting and changing the quality of what I’m intaking.

Sometimes, I don’t think of it until it’s in my mouth already or until I’ve already swallowed it, and then I’m blessing it. I know that that’s working too, but ideally, I should be blessing it before I even put it in my mouth. This is a new habit for me as of this year. I’ve never done it prior in my life.

You bless everything. Even when you wake up, you have to stay for 12 seconds when you’re sitting. If you think about it in Judaism, there is a prayer. They didn’t know that there are 12 seconds, but in Judaism, you see a lot of things. It’s, “Modeh ani lefanekha melekh ḥai vekayam sheheḥezarta bi nishmati b’ḥemlah, rabah emunatekha.” Thank you, God, for bringing me my soul back after it went out of my body while I’m sleeping, cleansed and got back to me.

Just open your heart and believe that you can get everything you want.

As a feng shui, it’s all about how you bless, how you put the energy, and how you put the furniture at home to align the energy and to make the energy circled.

One concept I really love that I learned from something that Michelle Whitedove wrote is live life like a prayer. Everything from doing a podcast interview to, as you say, washing your hands, having something to eat, picking up the phone, or sending an email. I don’t do this with every email, but if it’s an important email, I’ll say a prayer as I send it.

And be thankful.

Absolutely. Be thankful for the things that you’re not wanting to because those things that you don’t want, you just don’t see the bigger picture, that it actually is for your soul’s highest and best good.

Absolutely. Just be thankful and be happy. They always taught us that you only live once. Have fun, you only live once. No, you don’t live once. You die once and live every day.

You die a lot of times if you believe in reincarnation, which I can see the truth in that now, and I didn’t believe in that earlier. I know that’s a core concept in Kabbalah and Judaism, but it’s not in Christianity. I was raised by a Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness, and neither believed in reincarnation.

I was agnostic my whole life up until age 42, so I didn’t believe in any of it, but that was a big wake-up call when the veil was lifted or thinned for me in January of this year. To know that this had been one of many lifetimes was kind of a shock. It was a shock. 

They always taught us that you only live once. No, you don’t live once. You die once and live every day.

Conceptually, over the last few years as I’ve been studying Kabbalah, I accepted the possibility of past lives, but I’d never had any memories of past lives, I had no connection to past life experiences, memories, or anything. It was just a concept. 

Now I understand why I have fear of water and fear of drowning more specifically for a very good reason—three specific past-life experiences where I drowned in water.

You can get back to past life also through essential oils. They can remind you of something. Of course, you don’t remember, you don’t know. But it can give you some ideas.

The olfactory connections are so powerful. Just some smell that I hadn’t smelled in decades that I smell again takes me right back to being three years old or something in an instant. I hadn’t had that memory for decades. That is powerful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced that out of our listeners here.

I think everyone. We have some templates. We’re born to those templates. Your parents say, I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to feel okay, but your life needs to be one, two, three, four. It’s not necessarily true. 

Since I’m three years old—and I just talked about it yesterday with my friend—I believe that everything will be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end. I come from an immigrant Persian family. We have Persian rugs at home, very expensive ones. I used to pick up dogs from the street and bring them home to help them—me and my younger sister. Her heart is bigger than her body, a beautiful person. We used to collect cats and dogs from the streets, and my parents didn’t like it.

One day, I brought a dog home and the dog peed on my mom’s rugs. She said, “Oh my God, you need to move him away. Put them on the floor. Why are you letting them pee on the rug?” I said, “Mom, let him finish first, then I’ll help them and teach them how to pee outside.” Until today, they’re making fun of me. I was three or four. Until then they’re making fun of me and it’s a word at home, let him pee while he’s relaxed. 

They’re rushing somewhere. I said, why are you rushing so much? We will get there. It doesn’t matter how, where, and when, we will get there. For your previous question, the first question that you asked, it probably came from there—being me. I didn’t accept myself for so many years. I thought that something was wrong. How come you have so much love and compassion for people? Why is everybody nice? 

Everything we're doing in life has a benefit, especially when you're lying down and letting go. Click To Tweet

But I wasn’t so friendly. I was friendly, but I wasn’t the one who’s getting into the group of people. I was always sitting on the side and watching others. Actually, still today, it’s the same thing.

I’m called environment-retarded. I’m watching people from the side and not always getting into conversation. I’m just saying if I have something smart to say. I’m not talking if I have nothing. I wish I could do better than that, and I’m surrounded with friends, but everybody’s different. I need my space. I need my quiet.

I’m like that. I am an introvert. No one would guess it if they see me speaking on stage. I’m just really full of energy, engaging, and all that, but I had to learn that. That’s the stage presence. That’s not me in my normal state. That’s a huge battery depletion for me.

I know we’re out of time. If our listeners or viewers are interested in learning more or working with you (even better) on these modalities like Reiki, baby yoga, or hypnobirthing. If a listener’s about to have a baby, that’s really, really powerful. I love hypnobirthing. My wife, Orion, went through that hypnobirthing—game changer. You don’t have to get the level of meds that typically are pumped into you during childbirth.

If they wanted to work with you on any of these modalities—and many of them would require in-person work—you’re in Southern California in the LA area. How do they get in touch?

Crying is one of the best things that can happen to you as a human being. If you take those tears and you’re putting those tears under a microscope, you can see the difference. If you take tears of joy, you can see the shape of snow under a microscope.

First of all, they can always email me. They can give me a phone call. It’s always phone calls or text, it’s even better for me than emails because I’m getting millions of emails and sometimes, I’m getting lost. English is not my mother tongue. 

When I’m getting texts or phone calls, of course, they’re always welcome. I can give you my phone number and my email. They can also get to my website which is They can see my website as well.

It’s so wonderful to see the benefit that I’m getting from what I’m doing, how I’m helping people by getting those texts, emails, and phone calls from husbands after labor, and being there for them after birth. Not necessarily even for the lady. It’s for the husband because they’re getting into postpartum depression.

I’m also working with PTSD with soldiers and postpartum depression mom. To see the benefit of people after birth or after treatment, or changing people’s lives, what a gift. I just need to say thank God.

You’re bringing so much light to the world, it’s beautiful.

So much. Just love and compassion. Just open your heart and give to people. When you smile at the world, the world will smile back. Just smile. Today, with the masks, if you have a mask on, smile with your eyes. Just make sure that people see the wrinkles around your eyes and smile. It opens people’s hearts.

I just read somewhere today that God is always smiling.

Everything has energy. Without energy, we're not existing. Click To Tweet

God is always smiling because God is you. That’s why in the Kabbalah, Buddhism said the same thing. You need to be nice to everybody. Why? Because you don’t know if He’s got himself here to come here to teach you a lesson.

Or one of His angels.

They’re gone. How many people came to your life? They give you a lesson and you never see them again. For me, it’s God. Because God can be everyone.

There’s an expression, I heard this from Kurtis Thomas who was a guest recently on this podcast. I don’t know where it comes from originally, but I love this quote, “Temporary people teach permanent lessons.”

Absolutely. It’s the same word that I said in a different way. It’s like the wind.

Thank you so much, Anat.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure. It’s an honor for me to be on your podcast.

I’m sorry I interrupted. You were going to say something about the wind. Please go ahead.

In Judaism, when you say, ruacḥ, it’s wind and spirits. We all are the wind and the spirits. When you add Vav between ruacḥ, it becomes reva. Vav is one of the Hebrew letters. Reva is gap. The gap is between the spirits, and the ruacḥ, the wind, is bringing us to be one.

Beautiful. Thank you so much. This was wonderful. Thank you for everything that you do, not just for being on this podcast, but for all the light you reveal in the world.

Thank you, listeners, for listening and for the light you reveal in the world. Get out there and make a difference for people. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer.

Amen. Thank you so much.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Don’t compare myself to others. I am a beautiful person with unique abilities that the world needs.

?Explore life. Exploration leads to more knowledge and understanding myself and the world.

?Align my chakras. Go to a professional, maybe once a month or once every six months, to get my chakras cleansed, balanced, and realigned.

?Try using essential oils. Essential oils have a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties. For example, a scent can bring back something from my past or give back my faith and energy.

?Have a willing suspension of disbelief. I need to open my heart and believe that I can get everything I want.

?Don’t rush. It doesn’t matter how, where, and when; just believe that I will get to my destiny.

?Don’t hold back the tears. Crying is one of the best things that can happen to me as a human being. Tears are my body’s way of protecting, soothing, and healing.

?Be thankful for everything. There are things that I don’t want, but they happened for my soul’s highest good.

?Live with compassion. Just open my heart and give to people. When I smile at the world, the world will smile back.

?Visit Ani-La Anat Phil-Golan’s website to know more about her and work with her.

About Anat Phil-Golan

Ani-La Anat Phil-Golan is a certified Doula CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor), pre-natal yoga and baby yoga instructor in Southern California. Ani-La Anat graduated from Dona International / Bini Birth where she received her doula certification. She studied at the prestigious Adler Institute in Israel where she was a facilitator for new parents and she took Psychotherapy courses in Har Hatzofim University in Jerusalem. At the Wingate Institute, Israel’s National Centre for Physical Education and Sport, Ani-La Anat studied Baby development, Hydrotherapy and gymnastics. She also specialized to work with kids with special needs.

Ani-La Anat is the mother of three beautiful adult children. Ani-La Anat has a multi-layered life: she was born and raised in Jerusalem Israel and then met her husband while serving her country. She raised her children in Kibbutz Ein-Gedi in Israel, which is known for being the lowest place in the world. She moved to the city (Kohav Yair) for 9 years and then relocated with her family to the Los Angeles area in 2007 to expand her life and her practice of Doula, Reiki and Yoga. In this strong pursuit, Anat Ani-La has traveled to India to study, work with masters and to develop her own unique style, blending Yoga and nutrition, sensitivity and physiology and the teachings of the ages across many cultures to support women who bring life into this magical world.

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