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By: Stephan Spencer


Leisa Peterson
“Money is energy. It amplifies who you already are.”
Leisa Peterson

Money is an emotional subject, and all too often, that emotion is fear. I’ve always believed that money is energy and just a tool that amplifies who we already are. Through a lifetime of exploration and successes and failures, my guest today came to realize that when you come from a mindset of scarcity, you can’t embrace and accept abundance.

Leisa Peterson is The Mindful Millionaire Maker. As a coach, author, business growth strategist, and founder of WealthClinic, she helps people elevate their financial consciousness by realizing their true value and becoming financially empowered. Her book, The Mindful Millionaire, explores the psychological and spiritual side of money. A few years ago, I explored this very topic with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and I remember him saying, “You need to understand the nature of money to bring it into your life.”

In today’s episode, Leisa and I go deep into why spirituality is aligned with financial success. She talks about how your chakras affect how you attract, accumulate, and handle money. In fact, Leisa shares how chakras became a part of her coaching methodology, which I think is such an unusual and powerful approach.

For anyone who wants to change their relationship with money, this is a must-listen episode. So now, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]This episode features Leisa Peterson, The Mindful Millionaire maker and founder of WealthClinic, who discusses the connection between spirituality and financial success with Stephan.
  • [02:17]A millionaire maker discusses her success journey.
  • [06:14]Leisa’s thoughts on the saying, “leap, and the net will appear.”
  • [08:52]Stephan’s strategies for staying on the right track.
  • [15:09]How faith and trust play a role in our financial struggles.
  • [29:22]What are the ways chakras can change our lives?
  • [33:24]The divine and heavens can be fully experienced if we know how to connect to them.
  • [36:50]As it relates to connecting with a higher power, Stephan and Leisa elaborate on the idea of “I and me.”
  • [46:05]If you’re interested in chakra meditation, visit, and Leisa will guide you herself and get the first chapter of her book, The Mindful Millionaire.

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Awesome. Let’s start by sharing with our listeners your superhero origin story. How did you become a millionaire maker and focus on the whole consciousness, mindfulness side of it, instead of just the Rich Dad Poor Dad kind of secrets and tricks to success? It’s about tapping into the energy and the universal Google rather than just doing the Gary Vaynerchuk kind of hustle out there. So let’s talk about your origin story.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say, “Oh, I just got this spontaneous seed.” But, unfortunately, that spontaneous seed was much tragedy, and my father was brutally murdered in 1999. At that time in my life, I did not know it. I was on a crash course for burnout, for not knowing what it meant to be happy, for no idea that I had never really been exposed to what it meant to be happy.

He got killed, which took me into a tailspin 23 years ago. That woke me up because I needed to change my life. But I couldn’t walk away from my career. I couldn’t walk away from my family.

I thought about all those things because I just said, I’ve got to figure this out. But I went on that proverbial journey, kept my job, career, and family going, but went inner and also started going. I got involved in a Buddhist organization and started traveling and making long retreats as much as possible while still looking the same on the outside.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

That journey would take me through, unfortunately, several other family members’ deaths and some terrible situations that continue to confront this idea: why are you here? Are you just here to have lots of money? Before my dad was killed, I was on the pathway to becoming a self-made millionaire by my mid-30s. It was all about my career, success, and having all this wealth because I hadn’t come from it.

When that happened, I started realizing that there were other things in life, namely relationships that was broken in my life that I didn’t know how to repair. My obsession with money was completely not reasonable. I would put other people below the relationship I had with money. I was messed up.

Twenty-three years later, and about eight years ago, I decided to leave my career and start coaching but only after going through the fire again and again in my journey to figuring out what it means to live a life of great joy, purpose, and service. That’s taken a long time because coming from where I started, it was like the onion skin, artichoke, pulling back those layers and just being like, are you kidding me? There’s more? That brings me to today.

Every dream I could have imagined as a child has become a reality due to focusing on the inner journey. Of course, money is a byproduct now, but it isn’t my life’s purpose like it used to be.

It’s a side effect of revealing light and doing good in the world. So many lightworkers and do-gooders are broke. They’re struggling to make ends meet. They can’t even pay their bills. It’s just shocking to see what they charge. It’s barely enough to have a subsistence existence.

I challenged them to double or quadruple their rates, and they said, “Well, I can’t do that. That doesn’t feel right because people who need me couldn’t afford me. “

There’s this expression, I’m sure you’ve heard it, “Leap and the net will appear.” I feel that that is applicable in that scenario. If you make that leap to charge more because you feel worthy of that, you believe that the right people will show up at your doorstep to become clients because it is magical like that, then I got to leap and make that net appear. What are your thoughts on that?

What I thought was important wasn’t all that important.

When you come from extreme scarcity, it’s hard to even know how to do that. Had I not been in a situation again and again of not having a choice and thinking, what do I have to lose? Because I could see that what I thought was important wasn’t all that important. I started throwing caution to the wind and saying, well, what if you try this? But I didn’t know what was on the other side. I had no idea.

The one thing that probably helped me at different points was when I was in college and I became friends with a gal. Her father’s company was growing quite rapidly. They had money beyond anything I’d ever seen. He was an incredibly giving person. So being able to see that somebody could have money, be giving, and be so oriented to service, love, and family, every once in a while, I would be able to think about him and like, “oh, there is a way to bring all of this together.”

Even though I hadn’t been modeled it in my life or my childhood, there was somebody out there that I could see doing what I wanted to be doing, which was being kind in service and then also being able to build a business that could make a big impact in the world and provide for my family. So there was a middle path, but there weren’t a lot of examples. I worked in finance for many years. People just worked a lot and made a lot of money.

Yeah, no balance and no sense of the bigger picture. Money is just energy. It’s a tool. It amplifies who you already are. If you’re a lousy person, it just makes you lousier. It amplifies that.

But if you work on yourself and get financial abundance, it amplifies your ripple effect in this lifetime. It gives you many more resources to live and love a service-based life.

Every dream I could have imagined as a child has become a reality due to focusing on the inner journey. Money is just a byproduct; it isn't my life's purpose like it used to be. Share on X

It’s interesting to me. You have integrated your spirituality into your business. I’m curious just how that is the cornerstone, I’m guessing, of all that you do. How do you ensure you’re on the right track with your goals?

I listen all the time. I spend time talking to God and listening to his responses. And yes, I do hear it. I didn’t use to. It was January 22nd last year when everything changed for me. First, I prayed to God for a job, and then he revealed to me the matrix.

Praying for a job was not prompted because I needed a job but because I was inspired by Sheila Gillette, whom I had interviewed a few months earlier. She had a near-death experience in 1969 and prayed for a job on her deathbed. She prayed to be able to raise her kids, stay on the planet, and be given a job.

She was answered and miraculously instantly healed, to the astonishment of all the doctors, and then she started developing psychic abilities. As a result, she has been channeling 12 Archangels for the last 50 years. 

The Mindful Millionaire by Leisa Peterson

I wanted a job. I didn’t know what that entailed. But then, once I got my request answered, I started having psychic abilities. So I’m constantly tuning in all the time. I spend time talking to God, as I said. I do morning rituals with the Ana b’Koach prayer, a very powerful prayer in Kabbalah. I do Metatron prayer of protection and abundance. I do affirmations, I do a toroidal field breathing exercise, and then I talk to God for at least five minutes.

It makes a huge difference. But then, throughout the day, I’m checking in. I don’t do a podcast interview without asking and expecting guidance regarding what questions to ask and where to take the conversation. I don’t have prepared questions ever. Just tune in. 

How has that been received? I’m just curious. I’m asking the question. Maybe other people are curious about it, too.

You got to calibrate because not everybody’s ready for this. Not everybody is ready to hear that there are aliens. I wasn’t. It took me a few months after the veil was sent for me to be okay with reading about that and getting some confirmation. So it’s like, we’re in for quite a decade.

We’ll be thrown for some loops this decade, but it’s all for our highest and best good. No need to be fearful. It’s going to be amazing. But boy, this is going to be a destiny-changing decade for humanity.

I think people can feel it.

This is important for both of us to speak, share and be courageous. So many people confidently told me, “I started seeing angels last year.” Or “I’ve gotten a vision,” “a loved one showed up in a dream,” or “there was an animal that acted very strangely and was connected with something that asked, so I took it as a sign.”

They’re not outwardly sharing this. They’ll only share it in confidence. The more we are willing to put ourselves out there and share the miraculous experience of life. Either nothing is random, or everything is random. Nothing’s a miracle, and everything’s a miracle. I think nothing’s random, and everything’s a miracle. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

There isn't a perfect way to live; you're going to make mistakes. You're going to do things that you'll later look back at and say, 'Well, that wasn't totally the way I'd like to do it.' Share on X

When you are tapped into that, the miracles show up like crazy. It is incredible. It is amazing. It’s astonishing. It’s beautiful. It’s like a dream come true. It’s like heaven on earth.

It’s our birthright. People are scared to share this, to talk about it. I think that’s changing. Now we’re getting more and more people who are willing to talk about it. More and more spiritual books are being sold. Discussions are being had over the Thanksgiving dinner table and stuff like that, but we’ve a long way to go as a society.

People do find it refreshing. I think they are pleased about anyone courageous enough to be willing to put themselves out there with the things they’re hearing, seeing, feeling, and how it gets integrated into our day-to-day life, like with our children, with our partner, with our clients.

You mean just like a regular job.

Oh, yeah.

I just watched this Mindvalley ad on Facebook. Vishen Lakhiani, the founder, talked about how a law firm software company salesperson went to The Silva Method workshop and learned to tune in and get guidance on whom to call.

Instead of going alphabetically through the phonebook with all the law firms, he would pick based on intuition, and then the sales doubled, and then the sales doubled again and then doubled again. The next thing you know, he’s become VP at that company.

That’s a great example of somebody years ago, back in the 2000s, and that happened to him. That wasn’t the conversation of the day talking about this woo-woo stuff, and yet he was applying it in a real-world situation, in a business environment, not as the owner who can call the shots, but just as a lowly, dialing for dollars commission-only salesperson.

I just see a lot of folks struggle with how to still make money and be in this way of presence, like, how do you do that? I’m very open with the vulnerability of the fact that there isn’t some perfect way, you will make mistakes. You’re going to do things you later look back at and say, “well, that wasn’t the way I’d like to do it today.”

When you truly believe that the universe has your back or that there’s a greater plan, it doesn’t matter.

If you have this very egoic idea of perfection, it’s tough to start being that way. But if you can say, “I’m going to try my best, I’m always doing my best, no matter what, even if people judge, criticize, it doesn’t work out, or my sales are hurt by me coming into who I am,” like you said, when you truly believe that the universe has your back or that there’s a greater plan, it doesn’t matter. But many people, especially those I often work with, have struggled with money all their lives, and they’re not sure how they will take care of their responsibilities.

The stakes are higher when you don’t have a net. And yet, still, they inspire me regularly. When it comes through, it’s okay. I’m going to be okay no matter what. To me, it’s the same situation, which is funny when you don’t have a lot, or you have a lot and a lot to lose. It’s wherever we’re at. If we can trust more, that’s when the magic unfolds.

One area that you can trust but verify. You shouldn’t do this normally with God, but He invites us to do this in one particular way. It’s actually in the Bible. I don’t remember where, but you’re tithing. You’re donating a percentage of your income, usually 10%.

He’s like, “test me. Donate more, and you’re going to get it back.” Remember, I challenged one of my clients to up how much they would donate. It was scary, and they were nervous and they did it anyway. Sure enough, their income leaped forward to another level. It ended up being almost exactly 10% after that huge increase in income and revenue from the company.

There are many different ways that we can give. There’s the traditional way, like, “there’s an organization. I’m going to give 10%.” But for me, I look at the people who work for me, and what would that look like to pay them more? How can I do that? Versus I still pay charities and do things.

I think the spirit of giving can come in so many different ways.

I think the spirit of giving can come in so many different ways. I always like to question the assumptions of what that might look like. We are very focused that if someone comes to my company and us, money will not be the reason why. They’re not working with us. We will meet them where they need to be met.

We find a way. Just like you said, the business continues to grow. Even if we’re saying to someone, “make a PayPal donation to a cause, it can be a part of what we’re up to.” I’m constantly amazed because I just see the opportunities to give back everywhere. So I allow those to show up. That works well for me because I have those connections.

When someone teaches a person to fish rather than giving them the fish dinner, if you can help someone and they go out and start to spread what they’ve learned, it’s a very big impact that occurs because they’re in that love vibration, and they’re running their lives from that place.

That’s wonderful. What a beautiful thing to just say, “I’m going to work with you regardless of what your financial position is. Whether you can afford it, I’ll make it work for us.” That’s beautiful.

I do something similar but different in that I’ll get the nudge to contact somebody out of the blue and offer them free SEO and internet marketing services. So I’ll just get the nudge, get the intuitive hit to do it, and it is usually always spot on.

If you can help someone and they go out and start to spread what they’ve learned, it’s a very big impact.

I’ve found, personally, and maybe you can confirm this from your standpoint, too, that it’s pretty easy to get the intuitive feeling about something. The hard part is to take action because it’s a little scary. It’s outside one’s comfort zone. It’s like, well, pull off on the side of the road and help the stranded motorist, even though you never do that. It’s for safety implications, too, especially if you’re female.

I’m just being hypothetical. Whatever the thing is that you’re feeling nudged to do, it is usually uncomfortable or a little outside of our normal autopilot mode. If you’re usually in the mode of giving $5 to a homeless person and you get the nudge to give that person $100, or in the case of a friend of mine, he gave $109, everything in his wallet, to this waitress that was serving him, his wife, and kids at a diner.

She started sobbing and showed the text message exchange from her mom earlier that day that said, “honey, please, I need $109 for my meds this month. Can you please help me out?” Her daughter wrote back, “I can’t. I’m just a waitress. I’m barely making enough money to pay for my bills.” And here comes $109.

Wow, it’s so good.

It’s all meant. It’s all beautiful synchronicity, serendipity, and it’s all beautiful. Another thing I want to share with you relates to what you were saying about being able to give in the way that makes sense for you, is workable for you. It may not be just a big cash donation to a worthy nonprofit.

Jeffrey Allen, in one of his Mindvalley courses—he’s also based in Sedona there; you and I spoke about him before the recording—he was explaining how, at a point in his life, when he wanted to be able to transition to being a full-time energy healer. He was a software engineer, it was such a different world in how he would make it.

He got the guidance and intuitive download to give $10,000. One of his goals was to earn $100,000 a year and to give $10,000 to charity. His guides told him, “well, that’s two goals. We can accomplish the $10,000 goal right now, today. You just write a check for $10,000.” He’s like, “whoa, wait a second. That’s not what I had in mind, and then he negotiated with his guides.”

Nothing’s random, and everything’s a miracle. I believe that with every fiber of my being.

He’s like, “how about I donate my services, $10,000 worth of my healing services to other healers in the Sedona area at $100 worth a pop? That’s 100 healers. I will donate my healing service to them. It’ll be a ripple effect because I’ll make the healers more healed and effective, and then they can do an even better job of healing others.”

He got the thumbs up from his guides on that. He made that happen. The most amazing thing happened to his business. It exploded because, in this process, he made a website for the Sedona area healers he treated. His guides also guided him to post a little bio, a description of their services, and a photo of each healer to whom he donated a healing session.

It’d be like a little directory of all the healers in the Sedona area. It started ranking highly in Google for everything from “Sedona acupuncture” to “Sedona massage therapy, Sedona this and that.” That website catapulted his business forward, and he could quickly make six figures a year.

That thing of seeing with assistance from above, that’s two goals, not just one. You can accomplish the first goal right away, and then the whole negotiating and figuring out a way to make it work rather than eating ramen noodles for the next few months until you get the money to afford to work off that $10,000 you wrote the check for. That’s amazing. I’m just astounded by how this all works. It’s all so divinely, precisely orchestrated, all of it.

We can get stuck in a scarcity mindset due to the life baggage we carry, so stuck in scarcity because of all our baggage. Share on X

It is. This past week, we’re recording this in early June, and it has been a very intense few weeks for many of us in the United States as a mom watching what’s going on. The way I’m designed—going into The Human Design—I have an Open Splenic Center. One of the things about an Open Splenic Center is that I feel all fear. I feel planetary fear, and I feel individual fear. I felt my own when I was growing up.

Part of why I was running so fast toward money is I was looking for something I could hold on to and not constantly feel fear and terror. So part of my spiritual journey has been learning how to be with that and why meditation is so critical. Not a day goes by for 22–23 years that I don’t meditate and commune with guidance.

Last week, I got affected by what was going on. It was interesting because the Sedona Yoga Festival was happening simultaneously. I thought I was in no shape to go to the festival, the exact opposite because that happens with fear. We don’t see the possibilities. We don’t see that something’s going to break us through.

I got myself together, and I was like, “I’m going, I’ll go for one day,” and then I’ll cry, or something like that. Sure enough, it was the absolute medicine that I needed. Over the weekend, I started to get the guidance, and I could tell I had been sheltered from the fear of the pandemic for the past few years because I am so susceptible to fear. It was like a layer washing away, a fear that I didn’t even know had gotten connected to my experience with life.

The spirit of giving can come in so many different ways.

As it was shedding, I was being given information that a class I finished two weeks ago called Clear Money Mind had more information to share. This class is done. Last night, after sitting with it and realizing some messages wanted to come through, I didn’t have access to them. They were meant to be shared in a communal experience, and I returned. I wrote to everyone, “hey, I’m going to let this come through to channel something in the wake of what’s going on on the planet next Tuesday. I hope you join me.”

You talk about courage when we tune into, “hey, there’s additional information coming through, I don’t know what it is, I’d like you to be there.” You feel a little strange in a business sending those emails out. Sure enough, people write to me, and they’re crying. They’re like, “oh, my gosh, I can feel this. I can see it. I see what’s happening. Thank you so much for listening. I can’t wait to see what comes through next Tuesday. “

It’s funny to me because these are things that I would have thought were crazy. Ten years ago, getting an email like, we’re not done ith the class we started and finished. We have some more, and we’ll see what wants to come througwh. It’ll be awesome no matter what.

Yup, leap, and the net will appear. I’m sure it’s going to be great. It’s going to be amazing. Awesome. 

I started seeing the chakras appearing in all of my meditations, talking to me and urging me to create meditations.

I would love to talk about a topic that I know is near and dear to your heart, and that is chakras. So if we could go down that rabbit hole, why are chakras important? And what should our listeners or viewer know about chakras that could change their lives?

Chakras came to me, even though I had known about them for many years. They aren’t taught in Buddhism, but they’re taught in Hindu teachings or teachings going thousands and thousands of years back. 

About six or seven years ago, after I started my business, I realized that I was teaching about money, I was teaching about spirituality, and something was missing. There was something that could help everyone integrate and embody these teachings, but I didn’t know what it was.

I can’t remember the exact moment, but it was one of those, “oh, here it is.” I started seeing the chakras appearing in all of my meditations, talking to me and urging me to create meditations. I was teaching meditations before that, but never about chakras. I remember thinking, well, all these other people know about this, like, who are you? Every time I’d ask those silly questions, I would be rewarded with more and more information.

What it started to show me was that the reason we do get so stuck in scarcity is because of all the baggage. It’s all the same stuff that everyone’s teaching. However, the baggage could be classified and better understood and released through understanding the chakras, particularly in the relationship we have with money. 

Each chakra is an energy center running from the lower base of the spine to just above the crown. So each of them retains all of this information of those wounds of the past and also these areas of huge potentiality that if they’re blocked, they’re not spinning, or the energy isn’t fluid and connecting from one to the next, we end up not operating at our optimized fullest potential. It’s that simple.

What’s so fun about it is just giving attention to the chakras and knowing a little bit. We can dive in and ask them to show us what’s ready to be released and what’s prepared to shine in our lives. It covers the maturation process of a human from the womb to about 25–26 years of age. It’s covering that to the crown.

Each chakra is an energy center running from the lower base of the spine to just above the crown.

Where we see ourselves getting stuck in different areas, maybe the heart chakra or the throat chakra, particularly people who have had a lot of success with money, they’ve got the lower chakras figured out one way or another. However, they’re not integrated with the upper chakras. So the energy might get stuck in the heart.

I notice a lot of people end up having, as I was saying, relationship struggles, which can block the energy from flowing up into the upper chakras. There is so much there. But for me, I meditate on them every morning, like a tune-up. It allows me to tune into what are the areas where there’s great potential or there’s also a weakness.

Just by our natural gift of saying, “oh, I love you, I see you, I honor you, “the other messages come in, whether in our practical lives, business, or money. Whatever teaching we need immediately appears, and we just move through life.

Like Jesus said, “wear life like a light garment.” That’s what it’s allowing you to do, to be present without all the baggage dragging you back or projecting you into the future into areas you don’t know what will even happen, no matter how much you guess.

You have to let a lot of stuff go to have those energy centers connect up and flow integrally. You need to let go of the grief, the shame, the anger, the hatred, the guilt, all of it, fear and attachment.

The crown chakra, in Hebrew, it’s called the Keter. It’s the crown. What’s your connection to the divine and the heavens? If you are still attached to whatever it is—possessions, loved ones or whatever—you block that connection, that being nobody in no time and no place, like Dr. Joe Dispenza describes.

I notice many people end up having relationship struggles that block the energy from flowing into the upper chakras.

Everything that you are is one with God. Not that you are God, but that you are made from God. With this experience of not being trapped in fear, you can easily question those moments when fear sucks you in.

My work has always been being open and honest about what it’s like to be on the journey without expecting perfection or having it all figured out or that we could just be ourselves, and that’s plenty. And part of the way that I like to do that is to be open about the vulnerable, the difficult, and the challenges that come up as a human being.

There’s a scene in a Netflix show, and I don’t know what show it is. Tina Zion, who was a guest on this podcast, she’s also mentoring me on medical intuition. In that particular scene, a phrase just popped for her. The protagonist was yelling at a demon or something. So I have no more fear to feed you.

I meant to say I have no more fear to feed you. We’re like batteries in The Matrix, the Duracell battery, but we’re not feeding some super-intelligent AI. We’re feeding the dark forces with our fear. They eat it up.

We are their power source, so stop feeding them. Stop watching the “crisis news network.” Get outside and put your bare feet on the ground. Connect with Mother Earth, with God, and all that is.

I’m curious. How do you see the idea of I and me playing into all of this?

Without self, there is no God in the way we see God because all of it is predicated on understanding a self being present and real.

I know that separation is an illusion, that we are all one. I also know that we perceive separation as part of this illusion of life, the experience of learning and growing. We perceive ourselves as a separate identity. That serves us for a time to have something to push against, something to contrast.

I’m not resisting the I and me, but I also recognize at a higher level, there is a view of this experience where I and me don’t exist, where there is no boundary between where I end in someone else or the Creator begins. So I don’t know how else to answer that question. Does that answer your question? I don’t know.

It’s fun for, I think, all seekers to pause and question. What is the identification? I give, I love, I do. It can get into, again, back to humility. So I’ll give you a specific.

When I started on the Buddhist path, one of my biggest teachings was that you are not in control of what happens to you or others.

When I started on the Buddhist path, one of the biggest teachings for me was that you are not in control of what happens to you or others. That was a big teaching that Buddha taught in many different ways that I had a really hard time with coming from the world that type A, “I can make it happen, make it so, blah-blah-blah.” I was like, teaching I had to work on for years.

What also happened that maybe wasn’t as helpful for me on the Buddhist path was that after 8, 9, and 10 years of meditation and dissolving this idea of me and me. There was no me left. There was nothing there. I was exiting life, and that wasn’t helpful to my family.

My mom had died from ovarian cancer, and there was a reason to escape from life. So I was like, I’ll just go more, meditate more, and dissolve this sense of “I.” But along the way, I realized I was giving up all desire for anything in this life. I was just retreating from all of life in disillusion.

I think partly as a woman whom a patriarchal father had raised, and it was easy for me to disappear. It was easy for me not to have a voice. It was easy for me to do those things after a while.

Once I got the hang of it, I was like, oh. Ultimately, about 11 years into Buddhism, I had to walk away from it because I didn’t know who I was anymore. I had not found myself. That idea of finding yourself before you lose yourself, I couldn’t find myself.

Part of my journey of starting my company and being in business allowed me to find myself. Now I’m in a new process of the disillusion of self that I can watch dissolve before my eyes. But as I understand it, one of my teachers, Bernadette Roberts, who’s no longer alive, but I studied with her for several years after I left Buddhism, had gone to the other side of no self, where there isn’t even a relationship with God.

Part of my journey of starting my company and being in business allowed me to find myself.

Without self, there is no God in the way we see God because all of it is predicated on understanding a self-being present and real. So when I asked that question, there are so many layers to it, but it’s also perhaps helpful for people to hear our stories in the journey we’re going through as we explore these things.

We’re all a work in progress. One thing that occurs to me—I remember learning this from one of my Kabbalah teachers—is that when you elevate to what’s called in Kabbalah and Hebrew, the higher Sefirot, the higher realms or dimensions, there is no desire anymore because you realize it’s already there. It’s all been fulfilled. You have all the fulfillment. Everything you’ve ever wished for is there because that’s what’s real. 

Then you lose connection with the physical reality of paying your bills, showing up for work on time, calling your creditors back, and stuff like that. That’s dangerous for living a physical existence. It constantly has to bounce back and forth between the physical plane of existence, what’s called in Kabbalah, the Malkuth, and the higher Sefirot, Binah, and so forth, where you’re getting much more of the fulfillment, and you don’t need the desire. But then, back on the Malkuth and the physical realm, it’s all desire, and you don’t have the fulfillment. Where’s that fancy new car? Where’s the new house? It reminds me of that Talking Heads song.

That is the secret, I think. One of the secrets is knowing that you have to bounce back and forth. Are you getting too much in the clouds? Oh, my goodness. Everything is rainbows and butterflies. It’s like, I’m a little disconnected from the physical realm, I better get back down there. And then a little too in the weeds of the physicality and getting sucked in too much to social media and all that stuff. Like, oh, I got to reconnect.

One of the best pieces of advice I got from different mentors was from Corin Grillo, also a past guest on the show—she said, “Draw down the energy of the higher Sefirot into the physical realm.” Drawdown that energy. Don’t go floating in the clouds; pull that energy down into this physical existence. From that place, you can manifest your dreams and be of great service to everybody around you.

The voices know you’re in the right place.

That’s so beautiful. I can feel that happening. If that wasn’t possible, I don’t think I would still be doing what I do. Our financial needs are all met. Sometimes, I think, are there other things I could be doing than this?

Again and again, the voices know you’re in the right place. It’s good. The resources come too because of that pulling down. That’s a gift and something we can continue to learn more and more about how to do.

To learn and to share with everyone around us. Be the change you want to see in the world as you open your seven chakras, connect to the heavens, draw down that energy and so forth. You’re a model for your children. You can also narrate through this process, so they know what you’re doing.

I just came across this funny thing. There was a little snippet of a TV show. I think it was The Last Airbender cartoon aired on Nickelodeon. It was all about how to open the seven chakras. It was cool.

I just think it’s amazing what’s happening. It’s not just the woo-woo ones who are getting plugged in; it’s a mass awakening. We got to get the word out. Again, to circle back to something we discussed earlier in the conversation, don’t be afraid to let your woo-woo flag fly.


What would be the best place for our listener or viewer to work with you, learn from you, follow you on social media and all that?

Thank you. Two things. If you go to, you’ll get a chakra meditation that I guide you through, the same one I do every morning now, so that’s fun. You’ll also get the first chapter of my book, The Mindful Millionaire, and you can see if that’s something that would speak to you. I’m bringing money and chakras together and teaching people about their relationship with money.

Awesome. What a great resource. Thank you for that gift. What social platform are you most active on?

We have a Facebook group, so I’m still there. I’m also on Instagram, @leisapeterson.

Awesome. Leisa, thank you so much. This was a beautiful and inspiring conversation. I’m sure it’s going to have a wonderful ripple effect. Thank you for joining us today.

Thank you for hosting.

All right. Listener, please spread some light and make a difference in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Nurture my spirit by praying daily. This allows me to develop a stronger connection with my faith.

?Nothing is random. Believe that everything is a miracle. Tapping into that belief will start miracles to show up in my life. Understand that miracles are my birthright.

?Courageously share my story to connect with others. My story can help others to start their transformation journey.

?Always do my best. It is not about meeting any expectations or being successful; it’s about living life to its fullest potential.

?Teach others to fish rather than giving them fish. Allow others to learn and stand up for themselves. This can create a big impact in their lives and allow them to help others.

?Learn to give. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean donating financially. Instead, give in a way that makes sense and is workable.

?Give attention to my chakras. Each chakra is connected to certain emotions, and it can affect me on many levels, not only my physical well-being but also my insecurities, fears, etc. For example, a blocked chakra might also make me feel anxious, tired, angry or I cause poor digestion.

?Be present without allowing my life’s baggage to weigh me down. This will make me a happier, healthier human being. In addition, practicing mindfulness will allow me to better regulate my emotions and practice gratitude and empathy.

?Visit Leisa Peterson’s website to get to know her more and learn about her services.

?Check out to get her chakra meditation guide and the first chapter of her book, The Mindful Millionaire.

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