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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Toni Galardi
“When we pay more attention to what keeps our energy up, what fascinates us, and what motivates us to wake up every day, we begin to connect the dots.”
Dr. Toni Galardi

Dr. Toni Galardi, my guest on today’s episode, once called herself “the poster child for the change impaired” because she was a bit  “slow” when it came to preparing for change. This kind of warm and very human confession is what makes Dr. Galardi so relatable, and so compelling. She has parlayed two advanced degrees and a license into several areas of expertise, including speaker, author, clinical psychotherapist, astrologer, and career coach. But no matter what vocational hat she is wearing, what connects all the dots is her passion for helping people move through uncertain change into a life that has greater vitality and joy. 

As we recorded this episode at the end of 2020, the year that most of us never saw coming, it’s fascinating to hear Toni’s take, because through her work as a therapist, healer, and thought leader, she actually did see this coming. In 2010, she wrote The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval – a book that is incredibly relevant at this moment in time! She’s got such impactful personal experiences and insights to share that have a universal resonance, so without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Dr. Toni Galardi, a well-known expert on resilience in tough economic times and health challenges. She is also a career coach who helps people find their real purpose.
  • [05:03]Dr. Galardi talks about the relationship between quantum physics and personal development and how they intertwine and meet.
  • [10:58]Dr. Galardi explains how to start on a path of awakening and explains an exercise she calls Connecting the Dots.
  • [14:54]Dr. Galardi recommends a way on how to recall your dreams.
  • [20:37]Dr. Galardi discusses the color of the third eye and the sixth chakra’s energy that can clear out old habits and beliefs that are not serving you through meditation.
  • [25:12]Stephan and Dr. Galardi talks about the effect of charism and making a frequency shift even through virtual meetings.
  • [32:00]Stephan and Dr. Galardi share their thoughts on shadow self and ego and letting go of them.
  • [36:26]Dr. Galardi expounds on the topic of having a higher version of you in a parallel universe that serves as your guide.
  • [40:33]Dr. Galardi recommends an exercise of listing down all your success and failures in life together with the learnings you had from those experiences to look back and realize where you grew as a person today.
  • [43:54]Visit Dr. Toni Galardi’s website at to learn more about the tools she can offer for you to awaken and motivate your soul purpose.

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The LifeQuake Phenomenon by Dr. Toni Galardi

Toni, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s so great to be here, Stephan.

First of all, let’s talk about how this book came about because it’s such perfect timing with the pandemic and so many people are in upheaval right now, was it brought on because of the pandemic? I can’t imagine you could have written a book that quickly and gotten it out the door. What was the impetus for this book?

The original model for The LifeQuake Repurposing Roadmap was written and published originally in 2009. And it was way before its time. I was talking about things that were going on in terms of the economy, even though again, that was the pressure, and I knew that was coming. And so the book came out at a time when I was dovetailing with what was going on in the culture. That got me on a lot of media outlets because people needed guidance on getting through this big economic upheaval. But it was premature and it is more relevant today than it is at the time. I was talking about the connection between these personal lifequakes and the global ones. And my definition for lifequake, which is very different than everyone who’s come after me. I coined this term in 1990, a very long time ago. People have taken it and used it in many different ways. It just means crisis-driven transitions that sometimes or not lead to transformation. But my definition is the soul waking up to the next level of its evolution. The way that often happens, because I often will bring in quantum physics, and what we know from chaos theory is that when an organism has reached its highest potential, it bursts into chaos, so it can reorganize in a higher form. 

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

In Western society, anyway, we don’t have a framework for that. We want everything to be in harvest and to have a bull market forever, right? And as it applies to both on the global level and the personal level. And I saw these trends, and so I knew, because I’m an astrologer as well, that 2020 was going to be a big game-changer. And I decided to do a ten-year anniversary and what ended up happening was I guided the book and brought in updated neuroscience on resilience and change mastery. And I because I’d interviewed ten thought influencers for that first book, who’d all been through a lifequake and come out with their mission on the other side, which is what my model helps you to do. In this book, I added four new people. Bill and Lynne Twist. Lynne wrote The Soul of Money, and she’s one of Oprah’s influencers. I interviewed Tama Kieves, a New York Times Bestselling Author, and Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author. So I brought a lot of new stuff into this book and updated it because, as I was finishing the book, everything exploded. So then I added some things that were relevant to the pandemic.

That’s funny you mentioned Marci Shimoff because my wife, Orion, got the Stellar Life Podcast. She just interviewed Marci.



I just talked to Marci yesterday. She wrote the foreword to my book.

Wonderful. Very cool. Let’s talk about how quantum physics and chaos theory and so forth, how they are so important to our lives and how things unfold because a lot of people think of things like entanglements, slit experiment, and so forth are just theories or something that’s in a science classroom or a textbook and not part of our daily lives? And yet, I’ve interviewed Amit Goswami. Do you know who that is? He’s a quantum physicist, and he was in What the Bleep Do We Know!? He is just an amazing human, just a beautiful soul. And he talks about the God Particle and so forth. That was a great interview. By the way, listeners, definitely check that episode out. So I’d love to delve a little bit more into this area of how quantum physics and personal development intertwine and meet.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Well, I think if we go back in time, people like Gregg Braden now and Bruce Lipton are becoming the rockstars of explaining the merging of spirituality and physics and science. However, if you go back in time, there were quantum physicists, such as Fred Wolf. You probably never even heard of Fred Wolf. And yet, Wolf and Fritz, the Dow physics, what’s his name? Predated these many years ago, and they were talking and explaining from a physicist’s point of view, how it’s all energy. That this thing that we called woo-woo spirituality; indeed, it can be quantified. And when Kirlian photography was invented, we began to be able to see the etheric body, right? And much more study has been done through energy medicine, which is showing that we can quantify so much of this. In a way, that is what astrology does. Everyone’s talking now about your frequency and the frequency you’re putting out into the universe, right? Which began with What the Bleep and then went into The Secret and all of these other books, but the planets have that same frequency, so the planets interchanged with our frequency, and then life events happen as a result of that, both personally and globally. 

Do you believe that we can influence world events? Like Abraham Hicks has said that we have the power to create worlds within us. How far do our power and our influence go?

We are a collective consciousness. We are influencing world events based on the consciousness of enough people reaching critical mass, and it’s an interesting time. There’s a real division right now. Not just on a political level. But there’s a real division around consciousness, around how people perceive what is reality. Some are perceiving reality through this prism of quantum reality. And those people are living more in fifth dimension reality, right? People who are really “I see it before I believe it” kind of personality. That’s old physics. Einstein was great, I typically don’t talk about this kind of stuff in interviews, but he didn’t know how to explain. He called it spooky physics. 

When we pay more attention to what keeps our energy up, what fascinates us, and what motivates us to wake up every day, we begin to connect the dots. Click To Tweet

Yeah, spooky action at a distance was his explanation of entanglement. 

Yeah, he didn’t know how to explain it, and then people like Rupert Sheldrake came along and brought the term morphic resonance into being. So we started to understand how it is like, for example, I’m two sides of the world before there was an internet, that people could invent the same thing at the same time, right? And then they’d have to give a Nobel prize to two different scientists. And the reason for that is that spooky physics.

Right. Or twins, identical twins can sense instantly when the other one is in danger, or something has happened to them.

The very last chapter of my book, because I’m building a model for helping people change their consciousness, from being crisis-driven as a way of making change, to learning how to be able to anticipate, how to read for the signs that it’s time to make a change, then being able to discover what they’re here to do next. Interestingly, in the last chapter of my book, when I was writing the first book, my editor said, “I don’t think people care about making a difference in the world.” Because this chapter was about once you’ve learned how to master change, and you are actively using those principles in your life, then it’s about becoming an agent of change for the world. He said, “And so the building element,” because I have building elements to master for each of these stages. “So the building element of that stage was quantum altruism.” And he said, “I don’t think people care about helping. I think most humans are pretty selfish.” I said, “I don’t agree.” So then I came up with it was great, because sometimes having that friction makes you work harder at something. So I gathered all the data on how altruism works and what it does across the world, that what we do here does affect, like the butterfly effect.

Yeah, the butterfly effect. A butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing can change the weather half a world away.

So when we make a change, when we make a choice, for personal transformation, and that’s what I said. When I talk about whatever’s going on at a political level, at any point in time is, “Look inside and see where that’s disowned in you, because when you heal that you do heal the world.” So that’s what critical mass is. Enough people take responsibility for their own shadow, then the whole world shifts.

Right. One aspect of this could be looking at the other half of America, if you’re an American, and see that they’re not all wrong, they’re not all bad, they’re not selfish, and hate the class that you’re in, they just see things from a different perspective. And we all have lied to us.

Let go of the things that don’t spark joy into your life so you can make room for happier memories.

And they’re not all the same reasons. If you talk to people whose opinions about all forms of reality, why they’re voting for a particular person or whatever. They’re different for one person, I don’t want forced vaccinations. That’s the only reason I’m voting for this person. For someone else, it’s something else, and it’s the economy. And they believe that somehow a particular candidate is going to save them in terms of the economy. So I do think the key is I keep seeing the color purple. Just focus on the color purple. It’s the merging of red and blue.

All right. Smart, okay. So how do we start down this path of awakening? What would be a good next step for our listeners?

Pay attention to what brings your energy up.

The very first fundamental thing to me is to pay attention to what brings your energy up. When we’re in a transition, and depending on the stages of that transition you’re in. Because they start with stage one, it’s very subtle, and it’s just the boredom stage. By paying attention, because we tend to focus when we’re in a funk, or we’re in a transition on what isn’t working, and we just don’t have any interest in it because our life without it lives the form. There’s a tendency to focus on how dead everything is or fear about that, that I can’t pump myself back up again. We use caffeine, alcohol, and all kinds of things to try to get that endorphin high again and keep the life we have. But instead of trying to self-medicate, if you pay attention to where my energy is going up, and this is the big word, NOW. Now, not being in your story about what kind of colors you liked, and how you decorated your home, or the kind of sports that you played, but noticing what is bringing my energy up now? What am I fascinated with? What am I curious about on the most subtle levels? If you start collecting data, and this is what I suggest, it’s called the connecting the dots exercise. It’s to start just keeping a list in your journal or on your computer or something of where my energy goes? And so, at the end of every day doing an inventory, where did my energy go up today?

I like that. Do you have a journal that you keep that in? Or do you just put it on your computer or your phone or what?

It’s totally up to you, and I think it has to do with where you’re going to feel most free to express your true self.

I think if you’re a journal person and you like the tactile nature of writing in a journal, which I recommend for dreams, I have all my clients keep a dream journal because I’m a coach and therapist, so I have them keep a journal. I love the tactile nature. But that’s not for everybody. Some people like to have an app, a notes app, a file that they keep that is their journal on their computer. It’s totally up to you, and I think it has to do with where you’re going to feel most free to express your true self.

Okay, and so let’s say that you’ve been keeping a dream journal, and let’s say for the sake of argument, it’s been in a notebook. And in writing by hand, I guess, the thing is, as soon as you wake up, you write the dreams down because they disappear kind of from your consciousness pretty quickly. So you have to write it down quickly as soon as you wake up.

If you’re someone who doesn’t remember dreams easily, there are a couple of things I recommend. First of all, before you go to sleep, date the next morning, and I am remembering my dream today. So when you wake up, don’t move your head. There’s something neurological about once we move our head that the dream just disappears. If you can stay in the state where you’re in the position that your neck and head are in while wait awakening, you can then go back more easily into the dreams. And I also recommend paying attention to the emotional tone if there’s more than one scene, the emotional tone progression of each scene.

We have our own economy inside our bodies. What is deposited versus what is withdrawn from that economy affects our health. And what affects our health affects our brain. What affects our thinking affects our frequency. Click To Tweet

All right, so how do you get the notebook in your hand if it’s over on the bed stand and you’re not supposed to move your neck?

Because the first thing you do is you want to go back in, so it becomes a neural pathway. So you go back through the dream step- by step and whenever you can remember so that it’s firmly implanted in your brain. And then what I recommend is, because if you can keep your journal right next to your bed on your nightstand, so it’s easy to get, once you have that kind of firmly anchored. Then if you don’t have a lot of time, and this is a technique that I think can help make circles on a page. And just plant in the circles, the characters from the dream; the animals, people, whatever they were in the dream, and then the emotional tone at the bottom. And then you can go back. And when you have a little time that night, for example, before you go to sleep, because that’s another way of priming the pump for dream recall, is to put spokes like the way a child would make the sun, put spokes out of each circle, and then free associate. What do I associate with a car of a Rolls Royce? Because the nuances are important too of what kind of car it is, what kind of dress were you wearing. I’m very subtle. When I do this with my clients, we go very deep.

And what would be an example of some epiphany or insight that you would get from a dream?

I moved out of California before everything went south because I was guided to do that.

There’s a number of them. They can be for warnings. In my personal life, I have been given four warnings to make radical changes in my life. I moved out of California before everything went south because I was guided to do that. You can also get creative inspirations from the dream time, ideas can come to you. There are some problems that you want to solve, and you just write them down before you go to sleep at night. And you just ask for your higher wisdom to come through and give you some kind of a signal of some mention. I had that experience actually around a dentist, believe it or not, not too long ago, where I was feeling some reservations about the dentist. And he was saying I needed a root canal. And I just got this message in the dream time, go see this other dentist, which was a lifesaver. There are lots of ways that this can come through, but inspirations, many brilliant like Einstein will talk about that. The guy who invented the benzene ring, there are so many people who have had downloads come through the dream time. So creative inspiration can come with so much guidance because you’re not limited to this reality. You’re not in the third dimension anymore. So you can go to what we think of as the future in the dream time that the soul can float and move in and out of dimensions. So we can tap into other dimensions of reality.

Wow, that’s amazing. And so when you got that message about the dentist and about getting a second opinion on the root canal, I’m very glad that you did that because I have a good friend who had a root canal, and it started her down this medical nightmare, which almost took her life and she’s still dealing with the repercussions of it. But yeah, she went to John of God multiple times and did all this healing work. And it’s been a multiple-year journey for her just staying alive and trying to heal from this and turned into cancer in her jaw, in her bone, and just was major. So anyone listening who’s thinking about a root canal, or might in the future be faced with that choice so you can save your tooth. So that’s a dead tooth if they do a root canal. There are real health consequences potentially.

Journaling your day to day feelings can help you discern the patterns you need to change.

Yeah, but I would caution, I would caution your viewers because there are instances where a root canal is a necessary thing. Because when a tooth is dead, what happens is there’s infection building in that tooth. So there are situations where–because I’ve had biological dentists who don’t believe in root canals who tell me there are times when that’s the only thing we can do so that your body doesn’t get filled with infection. 

Okay, so get a second opinion if you’re thinking of a root canal. Okay, so what would be an example of an exercise that our listeners could do to help them to connect to their intuition, besides just journaling their dreams? What would give them more access to things that would potentially show them future events or possible opportunities that they could go down?

Meditation enhances the third eye and pineal gland.

Meditation enhances the third eye and pineal gland. So it’s interesting when I saw that we needed to merge red and blue into purple. That is the color of the third eye and the energy of the sixth chakra. Sometimes, what we need to do is to bring in a frequency. For example, the violet ray is a frequency that can clear out old habits and beliefs that are not serving you. Sometimes we have to do that first. We have to lift out your old story. And doing practice in the morning, where you get quiet and still and focus on the breath. I recommend chanting “Ohm” 13 times because it’s the primordial sound of the universe. So the vibration of that settles the mind down. And when you get quiet that, you can then ask the question by placing both hands over your heart. 

This is what heart math has talked about, as well. You want to bring the energy down from the brain into the heart. And by placing your hands over your heart after you’ve settled the mind down through chanting, getting quiet enough to ask, what would you have me do about this particular issue, for example? What would you have me do about this today? Simple things, what is my next step today? People get very overwhelmed when they think about their life transitions in terms of a five-year plan. And that’s not how it works. It’s about incrementally so that you can manage your anxiety of being in the unknown. And just asking the heart, what would you have me do today? Muscle testing, learning how to muscle test by using your fingers. There are YouTube videos on that. For any kind of question, you have about a particular thing. 

Yeah, we talked about that on the episode with Christian Mickelsen about muscle testing. So “What would you have me do today?” do you ask that every day of your higher power? Like you do that in the morning as part of your morning ritual? How do you do it?

Violet is the color of the third eye and the sixth chakra. When you bring in the violet ray frequency through meditation, you can clear out old habits and beliefs that aren’t serving you. Click To Tweet

Yes, that is the very first thing. I light a candle. I sometimes pull out the teaching and put before the question about whatever it is. That’s up for me. Maybe just what do I need to know today, but there could be a specific question that I have about what I’m facing that day. And then what I do with the teaching is I just open it. Sometimes I’ll ask for the page number. And somehow, sometimes, the answer comes through because it goes past the left brain and into my intuitive self. And then I’ll just sit and do my breathwork and sit in the quiet and just concentrate on that, focus on that. The other thing that is the last piece I do, and I did that this morning is to envision being a light. When we’re in transition, there’s a tendency to contract out of fear. And many people are in the unknown right now on the world stage. 

It’s difficult for the mind to wrap its brain itself around being in the unknown, being out of control. The ego wants to be in control. So one of the ways to help with that, managing that anxiety, is to drop into the heart and just envision yourself for expanding out. Before, there were things like social distancing and all of that, that began during the pandemic. I was telling people six feet out, expand your body six feet out in every direction, and this bubble of light around you, as you go out into the world, is like a shock absorber because we are part of collective consciousness. So whatever’s going on in your city, wherever you have to interact, the places you’re going into, you are at the effect. So if you, instead of being at the effect, you affect the world by radiating light. So many things, divine coincidences, what I call them what you called synchronicities, can happen to you in a very powerful way—so paying attention to those synchronicities, guiding you. What are those breadcrumbs to follow?

It’s difficult for the mind to wrap itself around being in the unknown, being out of control.Dr. Toni Galardi

Do you think that can happen across, let’s say, a Zoom call or Skype call as well?

Absolutely. Oh, my goodness. Yeah.

Yeah. So when you’re social distancing, you’re doing your work from home thing, and you’re on Zoom for all these meetings during the day, you can just work on elevating your consciousness, your frequency, and expand out that light, and affect all the people you’re going to be on a call with that whole day.

Yeah, because I have several clients who have had to move into a lot of Zoom, as part of the paradigm even working for big companies. And they have talked about how they’re exhausted at the end of the day from sitting there and having to be so focused, because everybody sees you, right? That focused on a call, and that if you take enough meetings like that, it can be quite exhausting. Well, part of that is your part of collective consciousness. It’s what we’ve been talking about in this interview is morphic resonance. But you can change the frequency, not just for you but for everybody. Somebody full of light or fun walks into a room full of people, and they can because of their charisma, which we used to call charisma. Now, the more relevant word is a charism. I talked about that in an Instagram post, I did, which is much more soul generated than charisma. But you have that ability to make a frequency shift not just for you but for everybody.

All right. So I do something as part of my morning ritual and routine is I do the Ana BeKoach prayer, which is a kabbalistic prayer. And I want to reveal light and things like podcast interviews and client things and all that sort of stuff. And it makes a difference. It makes a big difference in my day, and how much light I reveal, how much of a difference I make in the world. 


Enjoy the peace and quiet. Be more in tune with yourself in silence.

Very cool. So I’m curious, have you heard of this concept? I learned it from Bill Donius, who is a past guest on this show, and he calls it non-dominant handwriting. And it’s a way to access your right brain, and you spoke earlier about how you had something just kind of bypass the level the left brain goes right. I forget exactly how you worded it. But that made me think about Bill Donius and this concept and the practice of getting in a meditative state. And kind of asking your right hemisphere to weigh in on an issue or to help guide you on something and help you prioritize your to-do list for the day, or what have you. And just closing your eyes, having that intention, and squeezing the pen in your hand, it would be my left hand, because I’m right-handed. Then just writing, not worrying about how messy it is, you get completely different answers than what you would normally write down in your dominant hand. I’m curious if you’ve ever heard of this exercise before?

When you’re right-handed, what you’re doing is you’re opening up the more intuitive center.

Oh, yeah. It’s been around forever, and there is a book written probably 30 years ago on this technique. And that’s certainly relevant, and it’s sometimes not as helpful to left-handed people as it is to right-handed people. Because when you’re right-handed, what you’re doing is you’re opening up the more intuitive center.

Right, because your left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, and your right hemisphere controls the left side of your body. Cool. So that’s fun. Okay, so why don’t we talk about money and financial abundance and just the economy and things that are going on, right now for people, how that has a soul connection for folks. Because a lot of people feel like they have this idea of spirituality, religion, or what have you, or being a good person, and then in this other box, there’s this other idea of, well, I gotta pay the bills. Like, that’s the reality of today is I have to make enough money to pay the rent. And those two things are not in separate boxes. They’re very integrated. And so I’m curious what your thoughts are on that.

I think it generates from the inside. So I talk about a term called financing the soul that we have our economy inside our bodies. The degree to which we are depositing versus withdrawing from that economy affects our health, and what affects our health affects our brain affects our thinking affects our frequency. Looking at everything in terms of the people you have in your life, do they add to my life? Are they upping? Are they making deposits in my bank account? Including things that are “altruistic,” the charities that you are donating time to. Does that give you joy? Because there’s going to be a resonance with certain things and not with others. And that’s okay. Not everybody’s meant to feed the homeless. That may not be your thing, and maybe a pediatric oncology ward is meant to be your thing. So finding those activities that make deposits in your inner bank account, and then it also includes food. I always eat things, rather their supplements or real food, that gives me more bang for my buck than just one thing that has antioxidants and protein and a bunch of things. So that you’re constantly looking at, you talk about biohacking, that whole principle of how do you get the most from your life and what you bring into your life?

Biohacking- that whole principle of how do you get the most from your life and what you bring into your life.

Right. So I’ve heard the term emotional bank account many times, but I haven’t heard it referred to feeding your soul. That’s brilliant. I mean, it just makes so much sense. Like, it’s not just in relationships with others, it’s in relationship with yourself.

Absolutely. Thoughts, you think, really will drain you or will create more mitochondria.

Now, I’m curious what your thoughts are on the shadow self. I see it as something that allows you to grow because you have contrast and you have something to push against like the ego isn’t bad, it exists for a purpose, and a very important purpose so that we can kind of grow and evolve. And so I’d love to hear some of your thoughts about the shadow and ego.

Well, that’s a whole subject in and of itself. Though again, we just talked, it’s funny, and we were going back from where we started talking about the last chapter in my book, stage seven, which is the whole altruism, and what we do affects the world. And we went to stage six, which was how do you create abundance from this kind of a new consciousness. And now, stage four is when I talk about the shadow, and this is the time as it applies to being in transition, specifically. It’s a great time to be doing shadow work. When you don’t have a job yet, or you just left a marriage, and you don’t have a lot of structure, there’s a tendency to get scared. And I’ve got to create a structure in my life, and this is the time to do this work because it’s what I call the cosmic barbecue. The ego is meant to go through a purification; it’s meant to let go of an old identity. And that’s hard for some humans. If you believe that your outer identity is who you are, people can feel suicidal, like, “Oh, there’s nothing left for me.” 

So doing this deep excavation work, I call it going into the cellar of your consciousness. And I have exercises, and I take people through my online course. I did a whole exercise on my CD that’s on my website right now because it’s so important to go into the cellar of your consciousness. Because when we think of the shadow, most people think of it as the evil side of us, the dark side. Whereas in Eastern thought, dark is the inner, dark is hidden, it’s the feminine, and it’s the moon time, it’s the inner experience. So it’s really about when I think of the cellar, I think of where we keep rare wines, right? We keep them out of the light so that they can mature. And the same thing may be true with hidden talents, things that we’ve hidden away, that we’re ashamed of even. 

Shame isn’t just about the bad things we’ve done. Sometimes people are ashamed of their aspirations because they’re afraid of letting go and going out of their comfort zone. Click To Tweet
Thriving Through Uncertainty by Tama Kieves

I interviewed a woman for this online course, and it was Tama Kieves. And she wrote a book called Thriving Through Uncertainty. And her shadow self that she was keeping hidden, while being a Harvard-trained lawyer in a Boston Law Firm, was that she wanted to write. And to her, because her family construct was “Write or starve, you don’t want to be a writer.” So she had to bury that. So when I work with people individually or in Zoom classes that I give, I have people do this, like, just going into the cellar, and calling out bringing in a key light, which is from the divine, and then calling out who wants to come from the shadow. Who wants to come out of the shadow parts of the cellar that wants to speak to you. And so I do a whole exercise and include spiritual guides coming in, and making contact, and giving a voice to these parts that we’ve had shame around. Shame is not just about the bad things we’ve done. People think that’s just about sometimes we have shame about real things we have aspirations to do but are afraid of because if you have golden handcuffs syndrome, it may mean letting go of the benefits and all of that stuff. 

So, yeah, Marianne Williamson has this great quote about what we’re really afraid of, is that we’re more powerful than we can imagine, something like that. It’s a beautiful quote. I’m sure you’ve heard it.

Yes, and Mandela and the Dalai Lama have had their versions of that, of getting out of the way and letting your light shine.

So I’d like to hear a little bit more about spiritual guides. Are these angels? Are they people who have lived in the past? Are they your inner being or your higher-self? Who are these spiritual guides in your estimation or from your experience?

My early mystical experiences were with angelic guides.

I think that’s evolved for me. I was raised a Catholic, and so my early mystical experiences were with angelic guides. What I now know is, and this is for me, everyone I respect, when I work with someone just like you did, I move into the construct of that person. If you were raised Jewish, within Judaism, and studied the Kabbalah. I’d go from that point of view of respecting that person’s point of view. In both Christianity and Judaism, there is the concept of angels, right? And I believe now, because of how much I’ve studied quantum physics and parallel universes, and I’ve done a lot of work, this wonderful chiropractor, I did some brilliant work with. Matrix energetics is his work. And that was the beginning of my realizing that there are different parallel universes, and there is a you that exists in a parallel universe, that is a higher version of you. And so we think of that in this reality as our future self. 

When I work with someone, what I will do is, I’ll say, “There is you that has been more fully potentiated than the you that exists right now.” Just like if you go back five years or ten years, and you think about all that you’ve learned, who you’ve become, you’re a higher version than the you that existed ten years ago. So what we’re doing now, it’s not woo-woo because I work with a lot of men, and I do some business coaching. And so I use tangible things. And there’s been enough science fiction films for people to understand this now that it’s just about multi-dimensional reality. So we’re going to call in, this you, that exists in another universe, who knows how to heal the body, that knows how to write this book you’ve wanted to write. We’re going to collapse time, so there’s an energetic point out in space into a parallel universe, and we’re going to just welcome it, that you, that exists in a different dimension of reality, that is more masterful than the you that exists right now. And so you can click in, that’s how you accelerate one’s consciousness.

Now, that sounds very similar to something I’ve learned from Donny Epstein, who is a guest on this show as well, and a friend of mine. It’s where you exchange versions for a higher kind of dimensional version of yourself in another universe. And if you exchange versions with that, that more adept or more loving or more skilled version, you get to skip the hard slog of doing all that work to get to that point. 

Inside your shadow, inside the things you think are your saboteurs, are your actual gifts. Click To Tweet

Network has their way of doing it. And I love network, and I think it’s an amazing form of chiropractic. But for me, because I’m using more union, I believe in merging, that there is an alchemy lead into gold so that when you take golden enlightenment, and you merge it with your dense consciousness, whatever those karmic samskaras are, they use that term in Sanskrit. There are old patterns that you’re bringing in soul imprints. When you merge the light with those patterns, then alchemy takes place. I don’t want to deny anything because I know, inside the shadow, inside the things that we think are our saboteurs, our actual gifts.

There’s always a gift. Sometimes the bow might be on the bottom.

My wife says there’s always a gift. It’s just the bow might be on the bottom.

Yeah. If you think about it, it’s like I was watching something that was about history. And I thought, what would happen if certain people didn’t do certain things? That would have been no history. Like without Hitler, a lot of Jews would have come to America. I mean, there’s a bizarre upper thing, fleshing out anti-semitism, all these things that had to come to the surface that’s atrocities, bring the light the darkest. When the darkest stuff is brought to the surface, then the light can come forward too. And how the world has shifted based on wars and things like that, that it has made people go to different parts of the planet. So without that antagonist, the protagonist has no journey.

Yeah. And there’s a higher dimensional reality, and there’s a bigger picture that we can’t see. So something that feels like just a travesty or a tragedy is a gift because it got you to where you are now and made you the amazing person that you are.

Right. One of the exercises I give, on that note, is in stage five, is to make a list of all your successes. Then make a list of all that you have thought of as failures. And then write about what you learned from each of these experiences, from your successes and your failures. And I believe that you will find that you learned a hell of a lot more from your supposed challenges and failures than you ever learned from succeeding. They’re wonderful. Successes are fantastic. But we don’t grow and learn a lot from them. They’re just wonderful ways of keeping us in the human body. So I don’t know, in my life, I can tell you that my greatest growth spurts have come during my darkest moments.

Yeah, me too. All right, well, we’re about out of time, I know. So if we could leave our listeners with one final nugget, some jam of brilliance or insight, what would it be?

Well, I try to come up with something different each time, something that just comes from the intuitive rather than anything canned, but what popped up is to be courageous enough to be willing to listen to what you’re being called to. Even if it doesn’t feel you know what that is yet. Just the willingness to be willing to listen and step outside the old box. That willingness that I’m willing to be in the unknown. I’m willing to have the question of I don’t know, and I don’t know it will open up from that place of I don’t know. And you’re as an empty vessel, you open to people coming in to help you, dreams coming in to help you. If you’re a full tank with all your, “I already know everything self,” there’s no room. So you have to be able to empty everything to be this empty vessel so that the new can come in and support you.

Beautiful. Thank you so much, Toni. This was a wonderful, illuminating, inspiring interview and episode. How do people get to your courses, and to learn more from you, get coaching from you? Where should we send them to? has a lot of the products that I’ve created for people. It also has articles on it, my website, But from my website, There’s also on an opportunity, for $25 a month, to become a member of the LifeQuake Soul Tribe. And then I give a healing activation with two different, at once a month on the new moon that helps people clear out old stuff so that they can begin to realize their dreams in the new energy. So yeah, there’s a lot of material there, a lot of content that’s free. 

Fabulous. Thank you, Toni. Thank you so much. And listeners, please take some positive action from this. I mean, if you listened to it all the way to the end, I know you’re on a similar wavelength. So get out there and reveal some light and be the light for many others, and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Pay attention to what brings up my energy. Focus on the positive and gradually let go of the things that don’t spark joy into my life. This makes room for happier memories.

?Keep a journal and write down my thoughts, wishes, goals, and dreams. Recording my day to day feelings can help me discern the patterns I need to change.

?Take some time to meditate. Enjoy the stillness for at least a few minutes each day to become more in tune with myself.

?Be courageous enough to listen to what I’m being called to do in life. Sometimes a calling presents itself most unexpectedly. Whenever the time comes, I must be brave enough to pursue my mission.

?Find ways to heal addictive and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Observe my negative patterns and work on creating boundaries that may help me improve how I deal with specific triggers.

?Aim to be resilient to sudden change. No one knows what the future holds. The best thing I can do is assure myself that all is well no matter what happens.

?Be more intuitive of my thoughts and feelings. Whenever something doesn’t sit right with me, I must deal with negativity with grace to achieve balance.

?Believe in the power of manifestation. Express all my desires to the universe and believe in the power of my thoughts. Everything I set my mind to will become my reality.

?Nourish my mind and body by consuming only what’s right for me, whether it’s food, thoughts, information, or the people I associate with.

?Visit Dr. Toni Galardi’s website and grab a copy of her book, The LifeQuake Miracle: Awakening to Your True Purpose in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval.

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