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By: Stephan Spencer


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling
“We’re living in extremely exciting times where it becomes more and more obvious that all we are is energy and frequency.”
Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

I admit, I’m a science nerd. My favorite subject in college was quantum physics. Anytime I get to talk with an expert about the intersection of science and spirituality, I’m in!

In today’s episode, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling joins me again to share his wisdom on quantum energy and the spiritual realm. He was on this show before, on episode 336

Philipp is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career, he went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy-healing practices. During his business career, he worked as an executive for T-Mobile, where he served as Vice President. He’s the founder of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade.

In this episode, Philipp and I talked about how to unlock your consciousness, upgrade your energy, vibrate at a higher frequency, access your guides, and connect with your inner wisdom. And so much more!

And now, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:41]Stephan introduces Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, the former vice-president of T-mobile and the founder of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade, who’s sharing his wisdom on quantum energy and spiritual realm through unlocking your consciousness.
  • [03:21]What is willing suspension of disbelief? In what ways can one practice enlightenment and receive energy?
  • [12:05]When Philipp had an epiphany, how did that lead to the creation of a technology?
  • [16:23]While discussing energy and frequencies, Stephan was reminded of Wayne Dyer’s quote and Albert Einstein’s equation, prompting Philipp to introduce Quantum Upgrade and explain quantum physics.
  • [28:45]In what way does quantum entanglement lend itself to practical applications that may defy normal reasoning?
  • [31:56]How does quantum energy and infinity blocks work in your business?
  • [42:41]There’s a book that Philipp recommends about consciousness levels.
  • [46:21]Stephan shares an analogy he learned from a speaker during The Next Level Experience workshop.
  • [47:58]Philipp announces a free trial for his technology, Quantum Upgrade. He gives the details on how to sign up for the 7-day free trial.
  • [48:28]Do you want to know more about Philipp’s Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade? Check out and, respectively. You can also visit Leela Quantum Tech on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Philipp, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks for having me. 

I want to start this episode by encouraging our listeners to have the willing suspension of disbelief because that’s where all the growth and the magic happen. It’s not in the place of skepticism, cynicism, or just being a crank, which I was before my awakening in 2012. I didn’t believe in anything. How believing is seeing for other people because the belief opens up the portals and the gateways, and all the magic happens in this illusion called life.

I just want to invite our listeners to do that before we launch into all this wild esoteric stuff, quantum energy, and everything. Is there anything you want to share about the willing suspension of disbelief for our listener or viewer before we dive into some of the technology?

Yes. I think it’s very common not to believe in energy for most people. But we’re living in extremely exciting times where it becomes increasingly obvious that all we are is energy and frequency. So, it’s just a process of remembering and allowing that. I think that will make it easier for people.

If you feel that within you that there’s something more to it, don’t be frustrated if you’re not one of the ones that can perceive or receive the energy right away. It takes practice for most people. Maybe there’s one out of a billion that walks across the street and suddenly has this super enlightenment. That’s not the norm, though. The norm is that we need to practice it.

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I know what I’m talking about because I was there. I had forgotten all of it, and I have remembered all of it. Maybe not all of it, but I would say most of it. It is a practice. If I want to become a Wimbledon champion, I’m going to play tennis every day. I’m going to practice it and do what I can do so well. I’m going to practice until I’m really good at it. Same with this, if I understand that there’s energy, I can dive more into it and practice more of it.

What is practice for you? Is it meditation, conducting experiments, having hypotheses and control groups and taking the scientific route? Is it in a place of openness and unconditional love, a combination of all the above, or something else?

Unconditional love is nothing really that I think you can practice. It’s just a state that you can arrive in. You can try to practice it and arrive at that state. It has changed for me over time, to be honest. It’s now very different from what I practice nowadays than it was 20 years ago.

I started by just reading some books. I didn’t understand it, so I wanted to learn more. So I went into some books, did yoga, started meditation, and then I went on and went to shamanic workshops, past life regression, work training, and things like that. So I got trained in a lot of these practices.

God is a word that has been misused often and sometimes misunderstood.

I practice that a lot, to be honest. Nowadays, we’re using our technology a whole lot because our technology can increase the consciousness levels of locations. We can get into that later because it’s all about consciousness.

All we are, all God is, is infinite consciousness. God can replace that with spirit, universe. Whatever you feel good about, God is a word that has been misused a lot, so it’s sometimes misunderstood. I don’t use it in that way, though.

It’s about unlocking our consciousness because consciousness is always there. It’s never gone. It’s just our conscious access to it, our conscious use of it and opening up to that. That’s the unlocking process. With our technology, you can accelerate that process. If you will, you can support this training of your inner voice, your inner power, so that your consciousness can come through quicker. That’s a lot of what I do.

I do Kundalini yoga. I’m a trained Kundalini yoga teacher. Those are some things that I still do at least three times a week. Every now and then, I also meditate. I should probably meditate more often, but I still do it every now and then.

I also need to meditate more, and I think everyone listening does. I’ve learned that meditating is like listening, and praying is like speaking. To have a two-way conversation, you need to communicate. You need to do both, listen and speak. When you’re just praying and asking for stuff all the time, that’s not really listening.

Meditating is one way to do that. I get my downloads, insights, and the impressions or nudges that I get, intuition and intuitive hits that I get all day long and throughout the day. I don’t take time to quiet my mind as much as I probably should because it’s not like I’m cut off from the Creator when I’m not meditating.

Consciousness is always there.

I’m listening 24/7. It’s just that it gets me to that place of being more in the present moment, less reliant on sensory inputs, and more outside of myself, more in the “unified field,” as Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it.

Speaking of Joe Dispenza, I know he’s big on the quantum energy stuff, validating it, running these experiments and showing that this stuff works. Do you ever collaborate with him? Have you gotten any of his workshops? Where does he fit into your world?

I feel we could possibly collaborate in the future. I’ve never met him. I’ve never felt drawn to go to any of his workshops, and I feel I actually don’t need to. If I went now, I probably would go to meet him. Not necessarily to learn something, but I think he does great stuff. So, yeah, I would love to meet him at some point.

There are many great healers, intuitive energy workers, and lightworkers in the world. But, I’m concerned that they get much negativity, let’s say, from people. Getting called a “faker,” “scam artist,” and being derided or ridiculed takes a lot of faith and courage to put yourself out there as somebody who believes in the unseen world. It goes against the narrative; it goes against some of the social norms.

Even for those people who believe very strongly in God, some may have a lot of rigidity and different defense mechanisms against hearing about the stuff that doesn’t fit their narrative. So how do you reach people who are shut off in that way? Because I even have family members I can’t talk to about this stuff. Whether they’re devout in their religion or they are completely atheistic.

“We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Wayne Dyer

I have one family member that just doesn’t like people. It’s so strange. Like, I love animals. “They’re very sweet and kind, but boy, people can be so conniving, evil, and everything. So I just stay away from them.”

You got to know that you can’t change everybody, you can’t save the world, and it all starts with you changing the world within. Have you had any epiphanies that you want to share with our listeners about going from a place of trying to change everybody and change the world to a place of exploring the infinite within?

Yes. It’s indeed the case that it’s not the norm; it’s not so accepted. When I was in corporate, a vice president at T-Mobile internationally, and on the board of other big companies, I was already on the journey to doing shamanic workshops, energy healing, and all of that. But, on the side, I could not be my full self in these organizations or even openly talk about it. That was one of the reasons why in 2016, I decided just not to do it anymore because I wanted to be myself everywhere and all the time and didn’t want to hide anything.

I think things are changing now really on Earth and quite rapidly, frankly. Anyway, time exists here in the 3D world. Then it appears to be that it takes so long for people to wake up and all of that, but that’s just a perception. If we compare it in these terms, I think things are moving quite rapidly. Where they’re moving is that we increasingly realize who we truly are.

We are energy and frequencies.

We are energy and frequencies. That’s all we are, and the truth will come through more and more. It’s the time, the flow of the creation, and where this is going. We don’t need to convince anybody because everybody will, at some point, be part of this flow, and you can’t resist it anymore. Some still resist it and even go against it completely, but they need to use a lot more energy each day to keep resisting that.

We’ve created a technology that can help us on this path, help us do consciousness work 24/7, all the time, without having to dedicate a lot of our own time. Even if we do that, then it works even better. So those are tools that work, but they’re not for everybody because you have probably still the majority out there that is saying healers can maybe heal someone from an untreatable disease, and then people would still call that luck.

That’s what people would say about our technology too, but those people, I don’t need to convince them. It’s their own tragedy in a way that they can’t open their mind to this, and they need to stay with whatever is presented with the mainstream narrative. So what’s ever there in terms of those tools, then yes, use those tools. Keep using those tools of the old world and see where it leads you.

It may lead you to a point where you get extremely sick, which will be your waking-up moment. For everyone, it’s different, but we, indeed, can’t save anybody. I don’t even make an effort to do that. I make a big effort to talk about and openly present what we know and experience, and I try to speak from the heart as much as possible so that people may hear it from the heart. That’s how they can experience our products.

We already know what the products do. We put a lot of work into hiring institutes and asking doctors’ offices to test and study our products, even up to randomized, double-blind studies, so that people have something for their minds because we understand you also need something for your brain. 

We’ve created a technology that can help us do consciousness work 24/7.

Just me telling you that something works; anybody could do that. We put a lot of effort into that to also cater to these people and to give them the chance to take a look at that, and then they discover a new world. But whoever is then not on board, okay, that’s fine.

We’ll get into this in just a minute about the technology and how it works. But a couple of thoughts before that to close out this part of the discussion. First, you said earlier that we’re just energy and frequency. That reminds me of a quote I heard from Wayne Dyer. It goes something like this. “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Another thing was, I think this just comes from Einstein’s equation of E=MC². “Matter is simply massively slowed-down energy.” Also, from a practical standpoint, we’re trying to move around in quicksand or move around in a big vat of muck. It’s very slow and arduous, but it is the best school to be able to learn how to grow and evolve our souls.

If everything’s easy and flowing, and we’re just this being of light that remembers everything, which we are, but then we don’t have access to those memories or that realization while we’re here in the muck, doing our work, we use our muscle, we strengthen it, and we break through to the next level. I just wanted to share what we’ve been talking about before we move into your tech.

Suppose you were to describe to a layperson who doesn’t understand energy healing or quantum physics, or quantum mechanics. What would you say is the practical application of what you’ve developed? You’ve got two different technologies or companies. Leela Quantum Tech was what we spoke about in episode 336. It’s called an Infinity Bloc and the smaller one is the Quantum Bloc.

We went into some depth on that, but then there’s the other technology, which we’re going to talk about in this episode, which is called Quantum Upgrade. What would be your elevator pitch to somebody who doesn’t understand this world of energy?

We leveraged this underlying technology of Leela Quantum Tech and have developed it further, and really enhanced it to do quite amazing things regarding quantum entanglement. How do I explain this to someone who has no clue what that even means? With our technology, we’ve been able to concentrate pure natural quantum energy in such a fashion that no one else has done it before that we know of. So at least that technology may be out there but not publicly available anywhere.

By the way, quantum energy, for you to understand out there, it’s the energy behind the matter. It’s the energy that we have in each of our cells. All of our cells communicate all the time constantly through these quantum fields that they have. That very same energy is the energy that we were able to harness and concentrate on that technology.

Quantum entanglement has been proven multiple times in various labs before.

What happens is that there’s a multi-dimensional quantum energy space in there. Literally, inside there, time and distance don’t matter. You can do something called quantum entanglement with it. So if you want to read more about quantum entanglement, you can because that’s not a new concept. It has been proven multiple times in various labs before.

What’s new, though, is that we have been able to find a way to leverage it to provide information and to balance out systems, objects, or physiological organisms, and increase consciousness levels. It’s measurable. You can measure it.

You can measure the consciousness levels that these fields provide, and you can measure the output even of your blood. You could look at your blood, as an example, heart rate variability or things like that, and you can see what it does.

We can send energy to basically any location in the world or any living being through the quantum entanglement as long as we have a clear signal. For you, it would have to be your first name, your last name, and your date of birth. Then just in case to not mix up anybody, we also asked for the birth city and the country that you live in. That’s a completely unique identifier.

We can, through that technology, send the energy exactly to you at all the time that you want it because you can, on your end, customize it in a way that’s completely unheard of. It’s like there’s nothing else out there where you can even change the different levels of consciousness over time or set different values for the nighttime because that energy can be quite stimulating because you have more energy. Literally, you can feel it. If you’re somewhat sensitive, you feel it. But you may not want to have so much of it at nights when you want to sleep, so you can set it to lower.

All these things are possible through that technology. But, again, we have studies to back that up. It sounds like magic, but there’s actually another quote, and I’ll have to send you that quote, unless I already did. I guess it says, “Every truly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”. I forgot who said that.

Arthur C. Clarke.

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Yeah, it’s a great quote. It is what it is. I think in 10 years, we’ll be able to explain way better at what we’re doing than now, because now it’s so experiential. You can really experience it. It’s hard to find the words to explain it to someone, like how do you explain a chocolate cake to someone who has never seen or eaten a cake in his or her life before? It’s just going to be a struggle.

That’s the same thing. Go to the 1600s and talk about the latest iPhone and what it can do. People just won’t grasp it. That’s maybe because we’re so cutting edge in our technology a little bit the struggle that we have. How do we explain it all? But yeah, there’s a lot that we can verify.

Yeah. This reminds me of when you’re talking about getting a person’s date of birth, their birth city, and so forth in order to get a clear signal so that you can send them this quantum energy and not mistakenly send it to someone else. It’s very similar to any energy healing, psychic reading, or something like that, where they want to get a clear signal. They asked for information like that, and they didn’t ask for anything else.

I remember getting a medical intuitive reading or medical intuition reading from Katie Beecher. She is phenomenal. I’ve sent a number of people to her. She was a past guest on this podcast. She sent four pages of write-up. Unless she somehow broke into my medical records, she couldn’t have possibly known this stuff. It was incredible.

“Every truly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

The same thing with my wife, Orion. She had a reading that was spookily or eerily accurate. It was incredible. She didn’t interview us ahead of time and didn’t speak to us at all. The first time we had a conversation with her was to review the four-page report with her and ask any questions we had about it. It was wild.

All she needed was a date of birth, I think maybe time of birth, a location or city of birth, and full name. Another example is Akashic records reading. Nina Banday had a fantastic reading of me that she did remotely just over a write-up again. She just needed the date of birth, time of birth, and so forth. She tuned in and it’s mind-blowing. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

It makes sense to me that you need that clear signal. Another example, a little different, though, Laura Stinchfield. She is a famous pet psychic. In fact, I just got a reading from her today. She talked to some of my animals.

She needed a picture of the animal. If we had a date of birth, that’s great, but it’s not necessary. But the picture where we could show the animal’s eyes. You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. That allowed her to establish that clear signal.

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The stuff that she was able to share, she couldn’t have possibly known, she couldn’t have possibly made up, things like using a term that she would never have heard before, because Orion made it up with whatever the stock that we raised from a duckling. The term was “wormies.” It was just a cute way of referring to freeze-dried grubs that Coco, the duck, loves to eat. She used it in the reading. How do you make that up? It’s not even possible. It’s amazing.

Let’s talk a bit about quantum entanglement and its practical applications because even Albert Einstein didn’t really understand quantum entanglement with his beautiful mind. He just called it “spooky action at a distance,” at least initially. It’s something just too fanciful and fantastical to really wrap his mind around, so he pretty much dismissed it. But it’s where we understand that things can happen simultaneously or outside of normal time, like we can send healing to an ancestor and for our ancestral lineage to get healed, even though it happened in the past.

That’s possible. It’s just incredible. You can say a prayer for someone who passed on centuries ago and have that affect them in the past, because past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously. Time is just an illusion.

If somebody is not really grokking what quantum entanglement is, they can grok that things can happen instantly. Things can work outside of time, or normal linear constructs. Let’s talk a little bit about that. What would be some examples of things that could be addressed through quantum entanglement that might seem outside of normal logic?

There are lots of different applications. You can help plants grow faster and better, and be in a much more physical power with quantum entanglement. You can also support any other physiological organism, including us humans. What we already knew and what was now validated in actually two randomized sham-controlled, that means placebo-controlled, double-blind studies, was actually looking at blood.

With quantum entanglement, you can help plants grow faster and better and have much more physical power.

You had someone where blood was tested, and there was no quantum entanglement through our technology. Then 10 minutes later, the person had no idea what would happen or if anything would even happen, nor did the person in the room that was guiding them, because that means it was really, truly double-blind, not only single-blind, which is already great. Then our technology was applied.

Very suddenly, the blood improved significantly over the next few minutes. All the red blood cells improved in a way that showed a distorted and difficult, in some cases, almost dangerous blood picture. Afterwards, it looked almost perfect. The red blood cells had the shape that they were supposed to have. There was no clotting anymore. Stage one and stage two of blood clotting were able to be reversed.

Even things like cholesterol levels and the parasitic load went down quite significantly. The white blood cell activity and motility also increased in all cases, all in just a matter of minutes. We still have to find a single person where that doesn’t work in such a significant way.

We’re not talking about it working 15% of the time, it has been 100% of the time so far this has happened. Yeah, it’s quite significant. That’s what you could do.

You could charge your phone over the distance, your car even. And something like your business or location, or you can have it for your home. Then basically, your whole property will receive that energy at all the times that you want it at the level of consciousness you set for yourself. Business is another one that is possible. Those are the practical applications.

Over the weekend, I signed up for the business and for myself personally. I feel like it’s doing something. I’m pretty attuned to energy and I’m very intuitive, so I think I can notice stuff more than typical, but it definitely only feels different. Just like I’d put an object into the Infinity Bloc, like a necklace, pendant or something, a crystal, I would feel the energy on that object once I put it on or held it in my hand.

That’s not necessarily what everybody can do, but I’ve had other people come to the house and put objects into the Infinity Bloc, which is the other company, Leela Quantum Tech, that makes these Infinity Blocs. And they felt it too, though not everybody, but the majority of the people.

I don’t offer people whom I don’t think are really receptive to it. It’s not scientifically validated. This is just anecdotal, but I’ve had multiple people try out the Infinity Bloc when they came over, and they felt something.

Anyway, this idea of your business can get quantum energy sent to it. It’s not nonsense. You can say a prayer for your business. You can change the way that you think of your business to be. You’re a steward for God’s business. You could invite God to be your business partner.

I’ve done that, he is my business partner, and it changes the field and the business inside the field to have that happen. Why wouldn’t you send in quantum energy to a particular business where you’ve got the details of it so you can identify, and send a clear signal just to that business and not mistakenly send it to another business with a similar sounding name? It works. Why wouldn’t it work? We’re much more powerful than we could imagine.

I’m curious to hear, what would be some examples of just anecdotal things that have happened for people who have signed up with their business to get—by the way, there’s another thing that’s really cool. I didn’t know about it until last year. You can open the Akashic records of your business or creative work like a book. The book that you’re working on, you can open the Akashic records of the book. That’s really cool.

A business is like a bundle of energy. It has things that are happening and has an alignment.

Because a business is like a bundle of energy. Here, we’re not talking about a specific location. A business can have a lot of remote workers, can have three, four, or five locations and all of that. None of that really matters, because at the end of the day, it’s just a whole big bubble of energy or somewhat, it’s a form of energy. It’s moving, it certainly has a story. And it has things that are happening, has alignment, or all of these different things.

You have the parts and aspects that are somewhat involved. You have the owners, you have employees, then you even have customers. You have your products. All these things, all these aspects, matter. It’s like our physical body. You have a nose, you have the hands, and all of these different parts.

You asked a great question, why wouldn’t it work? Actually, once you understand the whole thing, it couldn’t actually be any other way. It’s sometimes hard to explain, but it really couldn’t be any other way.

With a business, what happens there? First of all, it’s one where the pure quantum energy that we work with, it’s pure consciousness. It doesn’t support anything that is harmful or destructive to life and to consciousness. But on the reverse, it supports, underlines, and amplifies everything that is supportive to life and to consciousness.

That also applies here. That’s, by the way, one of those reasons why the blood changes to the positive. Even your parasitic load and things like that decrease just because it brings it to its full potential, and then it does that with a business as well. It helps that energy to move a business towards expansion and prosperity and expansion.

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I don’t mean this in this way of how you would look at it. “I need to expand to Europe, I need to expand to Asia.” That’s just the business expansion. I mean this in a much broader way, where the idea, the business itself, can naturally expand much better to its full potential in its optimal way.

That’s pretty much what happens, but there’s a big “but.” You cannot do anything manipulative and or evil in your company that is destructive or harmful, per se, to life, the lives of others, or to consciousness because otherwise, that will get transformed as long as you want this quantum upgrade. It’s a powerful statement, but that’s pretty much what happens.

Suppose you sign up for this and you have a business. In that case, you either should be a rather conscious business, a conscious entrepreneur already, or you would want to move to be a more conscious company and to be a more conscious entrepreneur. You have good intentions. If you have very bad intentions and are trying to rip people off, our service will not help you.

Our service will just help you transform the way you do it and how you do it, and it will kick out everything that does these things. It’s actually quite powerful. It’s subtle, but it’s powerful. And it’s noticeable. If you’re an owner and you’re listening, if you have a business, then you know that sometimes, all your actions come from a place of energy. You’re moving energy.

You’re thinking, envisioning something, and then you’ll move energy.

You’re thinking, you’re envisioning something, and then you’re going to move energy. You move that energy, and then you take it into action. You do this or you do that, you fire that person, you hire that person. Because of an impulse, you speak with that person. It all came because there was some energetic intention and then movement.

Often in between, you may find, wow, the business is lacking right now. It’s stuck in a way. You’re doing this energetically as the owner to try to steer things up again and move things again so the business can move.

That becomes a lot easier for every owner because the quantum field itself takes on a lot of that already, so you can actually be much more relaxed in your actions. You don’t have to pull and push that hard anymore. You’re just letting it go, and then you’re being creative, and you’re adding your impulses, and doing all of that becomes a lot easier.

Employees notice it. I don’t know how many companies we have signed up already, but there are some bigger and smaller companies. We had a company that had a product line that was sort of like an old car parked on a parking lot. It just wouldn’t do anything and didn’t even have a purpose anymore, really. So that’s how the employees also felt.

Suddenly, this energy moved, and it found its purpose again. The employees actually noticed. And with that, it’s suddenly becoming more like a startup environment, again energetically. Through that energy, these actions in the outer world happen. That’s as much as I can tell.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to prove that it works. We’re thinking about that and how to do that. We have several businesses with some ideas, but it’s probably hard to do. It’s way easier for us to prove, “what happens with the blood?” “what happens with your brain waves?” “what happens with your heart rate variability?” These things are super easy to measure if you think about them.

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D

Yeah, it’s very hard for a business to show this. How do you even do a double-blind study? What comes to mind is the concept of a prayer chain. People who believe in God will not even question whether this works. They know that every prayer is heard.

Not every prayer is necessarily answered in the way we want it to be. However, every single prayer is heard, so why form a prayer chain so that people can all pray for a particular loved one who’s going through a health crisis or some troubling times? Because they know it works. They know their prayers are heard, and they know that it amplifies the effect of having more people praying. Why wouldn’t it work to have a business as the recipient of this beautiful energy and not necessarily just a human?

Yes. I totally agree. David Hawkins is someone that wrote the book, Power vs. Force. So if you’re interested in this type of topic and about consciousness levels, you may want to read that book. Or even easier, get the audio version, and then you need to get through the first 15 minutes or so, and then it becomes extremely interesting and fascinating.

It’s amazing what work Dr. David Hawkins did and what he all studied. It’s very interesting the consciousness scale that he set up. On that scale, we used to operate with the actual quantum consciousness levels, but most people didn’t understand that because they couldn’t see quantum consciousness levels, but they could relate to David Hawkins’ scale.

A lot of people have read that book or at least have seen the scale, and they know, “oh, okay, that’s kind of what it means.” Now, we actually calibrate these levels based on the Hawkins scale so we can tell people it’s on this level on the Hawkins scale and so on. If you think about it, you can set normal levels to even 900 for a business. Once you understand the concept, you understand what that means if you can have that in your home or in your business and what that can do.

I think 700 is where enlightenment starts on the scale 0-2000. Is that right?

That is correct. We’ve been able to prove actually that our technology can go way above 1000 already. It actually, in that sense, breaks the Hawkins scale, but that’s because of two reasons. Hawkins wrote the book maybe 20 years ago. At that time on Earth, no physical object or person was able to vibrate any higher than 1000.

The Earth has transformed significantly since then. Completely different levels of consciousness and vibration are now possible.

That has massively changed because the Earth has transformed significantly since then. Completely different levels of consciousness and vibration are now possible here. He couldn’t, at that time, even see further. So it’s not like a miss on his end. It’s just that people be closed-minded and think it can only go on till 1000 because that’s what Hawkins said at the time. It actually can, and then people can calibrate it easily.

Nobody could run a four-minute mile. Remember, back in the day, people didn’t believe that someone could run a sub-four-minute mile until that was broken by one person, and then a whole bunch of other people broke it. We are limitless.

Yeah. It’s all about vibration and the consciousness level.

It’s really important for our listener to grok and that it’s subtle. Subtle energy is like the still small voice that’s mentioned in the Bible that God’s not going to say to you in a booming voice or have a burning bush in front of you to speak to you. It’s going to be a very subtle thing.

You need to become a detective of what is subtle and not ignore that stuff, because that’s where you end up in trouble. Like, oh, I should have listened to my intuition. I should have turned left today instead of right, and I just did the same old same old, and then I got in this terrible car crash. So even though my intuition told me not to do it, to go a different route, you got to listen to that stuff.

Yes. You’re absolutely right. That’s an amazing fun part to start listening more to our inner voice and to this subtleness of what’s there. That can be quite an amazing journey. If we ignore it for too long and longer and longer, at some point, we’ll get that burning bush, but then that burning bush may fall on our head and we may not like it. So it’s way easier to get in tune with ourselves when you still have the chance so you don’t have to.

It’s all about vibration and the consciousness level.

That reminds me of a story or an analogy I learned at a conference or a workshop called The Next Level Experience. The speaker, I don’t remember who it was, but he said that the universe, God will drop little hints like their feathers falling on your shoulder. You can ignore those, but then they become bricks eventually. When the bricks land, they really hurt.

You can ignore those if you want to, but then it becomes a Mack truck, and that can’t be ignored. That might be the thing that ultimately takes you out, but it certainly is a wake-up call. I wouldn’t wish a Mack truck on anybody, but sometimes it’s the only way to get through to the person if they’re that out of tune and out of that much sleep, like autopilot.

I know we’re about out of time. Do you have to go right now or do you want to spend a couple more minutes?

Before we part ways today, I’ll mention, at least for your listeners, that we set up a free trial for this quantum upgrade. We’ve talked about that with Leela Quantum Tech at some point. That’s really nothing you can try unless you try it at a conference where we are and you test these things or you actually get a product.

With quantum upgrade, it’s possible you sign up for a seven-day free trial, and then you get to experience what levels you can set. You can also experience the energy. You may not be so sensitive, but you may actually become more sensitive already in those seven days where you notice it. If you do that and you’re totally new to this, though, then please drink a lot of water in the first week or two, because you can have some detoxing and all of that.

Not every prayer is necessarily answered in the way you want it to be, but every single prayer is heard.

It’s a lot of energy. Even though we don’t feel the subtle energy, you want to drink a lot of water. You can try that and then feel for yourself because we thought that’s the best way because it’s something you want to experience.

And that’s at

Yes. There is a Telegram group, it has grown quite rapidly. We didn’t want to do one at first, but then people actually requested it. It became a nice way of talking about it and asking questions, and answering questions. If someone is interested, feel free to join.

Awesome. Thank you so much, Philipp. I again want to encourage you, listener, to have the willing suspension of disbelief. What’s the harm in trying something like this out? You got a seven-day free trial. There’s no downside I can see.

Anyways, thanks for being open-minded. We’ll catch you in the next episode. Lots of love and light. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Practice the concept of the willing suspension of disbelief. Set my skepticism aside, try something new, and see what it does for my life.

?Don’t be frustrated if I can’t perceive or receive energy and frequency immediately. It takes practice for most people to access the energy and frequency of the Universe. Start reading books about it, meditate, attend events and workshops, etc.

?Meditate and pray. Meditation is listening, and praying is speaking. To have a two-way conversation with God, the Universe, or the Source, you must communicate by listening and speaking.

?Don’t force anyone to have a spiritual journey. At some point in a person’s life, spiritual awakening will happen that they can’t resist.

?Be open to sharing with everyone about my spiritual experience. My story may be a catalyst for others’ spiritual journey. There’s no need to be ashamed or afraid to share it.

?Balance the energy in my space. It’s essential to maintain harmony in the area I spend the most time in, so I feel safe, comfortable, and at peace.

?Stay in tune with my higher self and consciousness. The more in tune I am with my Higher Self, the more likely I will achieve and experience my aspirations.

?Don’t be afraid to use tools to unlock my consciousness. Learn more about Leela Quantum Tech’s Quantum and Infinity Blocs. They are a new technology that provides a concentrated quantum energy space within the space in between the golden plates.

?Harness the power of quantum energy and set up a free seven-day trial for Quantum Upgrade, the way in natural health innovation, combining science and quantum energy healing.

?Visit Leela Quantum Tech’s website to learn more about quantum energy and browse their products.

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