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By: Stephan Spencer


Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling
“Quantum energy is difficult to understand, but the brain is also tricky to explain how it works scientifically.”
Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career (during which he worked as an executive for several well-known companies, including as Vice President at T-Mobile), he started to also see energy fields and got trained in past life work and shamanic healing.

Philipp is also co-founder of  Leela Quantum Tech which offers technology that harnesses the healing power of quantum energy. I happen to own one of their devices, called an Infinity Bloc. My first experience with the Infinity Bloc was in September in the Tech Hall at Dave Asprey’s biohacking conference. I just knew then I had to have one. Actually we bought two. And all I can say is, wow! More about that a bit later. I’ve arranged a 10% discount for you if you use the code STEPHAN10 when making your purchase at

In this episode, we discuss not only this amazing device, but also generally how quantum physics intersects with spirituality. We cover a range of geeky topics from dark field microscopy, Kirlian photography, quantum entanglement, and brainwave states to blood cancers, autism, Lyme disease, and house plants.

Let’s get on with this power-packed episode!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, a conscious entrepreneur, a coach, alpha chi teacher and energy healer. He’s the founder of Leela Quantum Tech and a pioneer in quantum frequency medicine.
  • [01:49]Stephan wants to know about Infinity and Quantum Bloc and how Philipp started this venture.
  • [07:59]Philipp explains the science behind his studies and discusses dark field microscopy to validate it.
  • [12:31]Philipp and Stephan discuss Kirlian photography and Bio-Well.
  • [15:53]Philipp shares some documentaries and testimonials that have positive results using Quantum Bloc and the Infinity Bloc.
  • [23:04]Stephan encourages you to set your skepticism aside, try something new, and see what it does for you.
  • [25:35]Stephan and Philipp discuss the scientific perspective, brainwave states and how this technology allows you to get into a flow state.
  • [31:08]Philipp says that this energy has a real effect on the growth of plants and certain vegetables and shares having a greenhouse for testing effects.
  • [35:19]Philip explains how Infinity Bloc or Quantum Bloc works when a picture is placed inside and for how long.
  • [41:07]Stephan shares the importance of healers who respect sacred boundaries and are committed to not working on somebody who doesn’t give their consent.
  • [44:55]Stephan learns from studying Kabbalah that there’s the 1% reality, and then there’s the 99% that we can’t possibly fathom because it’s so much larger than our minds and further explains psychometry.
  • [49:29]Philipp talks about going through various shamanic workshops and shares some experiences with people he worked with who have psychic abilities.
  • [55:13]Stephan talks about having two Infinity Blocs and asks Philipp for the protocol on charging it with the other one.
  • [57:48]Philipp explains the regular protocol in charging jewelry pieces to copy its energy frequency from one thing to another.
  • [59:43]Stephan is interested in knowing whether Philipp is still practicing past life regression for people or shamanic journeys or entirely focused on his business.

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Philipp, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks so much for having me. Glad to be here.

So we met at the Biohacking Conference last month. It was Dave Asprey’s conference, and I was impressed with the technology you guys had, and I’d heard really good things. A friend of mine, Luke Storey, has said nice things about your technology, and I know you have a nice testimonial from Dave Asprey. So anyway, I just felt this calling this intuition that said, “Buy this thing.” It was not inexpensive either. So I bought the Infinity Bloc, which I have right here. 

For those of you watching on video, you’ll see that I’m holding in my hands. This is a couple of 1000 bucks. And what it does is astounding, and I feel like I feel it, I’ve charged jewelry in it, and all sorts of stuff. And when you put something on that’s been in that, you feel it. So anyway, we got to talk about what is this Infinity Bloc? What’s the Quantum Bloc? How did you even come up with this? Because it’s otherworldly.

You just put an object in it, and within a very short timeframe, that object is quantum physically refined.

Well, thank you for the introduction. And also for mentioning the first things about this technology. It’s, in a way, very difficult for people’s brains to understand how this can work. Because the first thing that people do is look, there’s no plug; you can’t plug it into the wall. That’s the first question. My first answer is, if we had that, if you introduced electricity and or magnetism with it, it wouldn’t work that way.

It’s difficult to understand, but the brain is difficult to scientifically explain how it works. But it’s very easy to measure, test, and verify the results scientifically. So that’s what we’ve been focused on. And so what it is, what you were just holding there, that’s the actual technology because in between those plates that everyone just saw, it creates a very concentrated quantum energy space. So the plates are charged in a certain way. And this field in between is so concentrated pure quantum energy, by the way, there’s no brute force used. 

And there are things possible within that field that are new in a way because stuff like this hasn’t been around for a few decades. So that we’re like all familiar with it like a chocolate cake, everybody kind of knows what that is. So you can do various things with that you mentioned one. One is that you just put an object in it, and within a very, very short timeframe, very quickly and simply, that object is quantum physically refined. So you imprint pure quantum energy into that object. And if it’s an object like a ring, which is a metal or any other metal, metals are great examples because they hold quantum energy very well. They then transmit that quantum energy afterward. So you could have a golden Rolex as an example or a golden ring for that matter. And you look at it, feel it, and then put it in afterward, and it’s different afterward. It’s finer in vibration; it’s higher in vibration. 

For some people that are not so sensitive, they may say it’s more beautiful, so they do have some sense of it. Somehow they feel and can see the difference, but you can put other objects there. So if you put water in there, for example, it structures the water. So you then have truly optimized water that goes towards perfect. So it doesn’t filter out any bacteria or something like that. So you wouldn’t want to take river water directly from the Mississippi and then put it in and then drink it; I would not recommend that at least. So you take filtered water ideally, but then usually those filtered waters or even bottled waters that you get, or even at home, if you use a reverse osmosis filter, you have everything filtered out additional life force energy in the water. You get that in with the quantum energy. 

I like to be in dialogue with people who are skeptical about it.

For example, you can put your hands in there or use your foot. And it has measurable effects on the human body. And from very early on because it’s somewhat of a woo-woo topic, “woo-woo” just because a lot of people don’t yet understand what that means, how it works, and so on. That’s why it’s a little bit woo-woo. Something that is real, but we don’t quite understand yet, right? 

We focused on scientific studies very early on. And it’s one of our biggest focus areas to keep doing that. So whether we looked at Dark-Field Microscopy, allergy tests, the Bio-Well, heart rate variability, advanced Decca vol method testing, all of those and beyond, we’ve gone through already. And not that we just do that ourselves. And we hand off all products to doctors’ practices and to various institutes that are topnotch in their field, and how they test devices and impact the human body and physiological system. And then they come back and report the results. And across the board, it always works. 

So things can be repeated, and the results speak for themselves. And that’s pretty much what you can do with it. You can do a few more things like you can copy frequencies with it, but we don’t want to overwhelm the listeners, either, because there’s a lot of things you can do with it. But I must say it’s very simple to use. It can do many things, but it’s super simple to use. I think that’s an advantage.

There is a quote that comes to mind when you were talking that, “Any technology is indistinguishable from magic that’s sufficiently advanced.” So I think that’s from Arthur C. Clarke. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Yeah, that’s what it is. 

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around how this works, why it works, but it works. I feel it. What would be some of the science behind the studies? If we were to pick the dark field microscopy work to validate this technology, what would the listeners or viewers find by pouring through that data?

Quantum energy is difficult to understand, but the brain is also tricky to explain how it works scientifically. Share on X

By the way, if you want to, I can; I’m happy to send you just a couple of before and after pictures after the show so you can make them available as needed. So what you typically find with people’s blood is that you often see the so-called money rolls under a dark-field microscope. That means that blood cells that are, they look like little circles, basically, under this dark field microscope, they are stacked on top of each other often, and that’s not a good sign. It’s just that with most people, that’s somewhat the case. And so that means that the blood cells are fairly clogged, which indicates a higher risk for any heart disease, heart attack, stroke, etc. And then you can see a lot of other things too, also may go too far to explain all of it, but that’s like a very common and quick-to-see thing. 

And then we’ve done this test, for example, with the Quantum Bloc, the little brother of the Infinity Bloc, and then that person put the hands in there for just five minutes. And then this blood was taken again and looked at it, and was just five minutes. And then those five minutes, it radically changed, not just like a little bit where you would just have to search for some of the changes and then point those out. But, no, it’s just like so straight in your face that everyone, even the people that have no clue what dark field microscopy is, they look at these pictures, and they’re like, “Oh, my God, this is crazy. This is such a significant physical result and effect. That’s astonishing!” And that has been repeated over and over again, and we’ve done all those studies. 

We ran into someone in the US; I don’t want to mention her name yet because I haven’t asked if I can do that. She got interested in our technology, but then she was extremely skeptical. And she’s someone who has been publishing peer-reviewed studies for over 30 years. And she is all into the study design. She’s a doctor, and I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of studies she has designed and managed. And she was skeptical and said, “Yeah, I don’t know if this works, and by looking at these pictures, these look great. But I still don’t know.” And then I was like, “Okay, so why don’t you run a study on your own terms, and how you would design a double-blind study and we’ll go with that,” and I was here in the US. 

The idea is not for us to be a medical device company, but it just so happens wellness and well-being are one aspect of what these products do.

Last week, I got an email from her, and she said, “This is amazing; I need to understand more about this. This is working. In 100% of the cases, this worked and worked significantly.” She tested that with EMF. And I guess it was six minutes this time, six or seven minutes at the most. It was able to completely neutralize it 100%. In 100% of the cases, all the effects of EMF, which she could also demonstrate on the dark field microscope. And then, in many cases, actually beyond that. So that was great for us because I like to be in dialogue with people who are skeptical about it. And so now I guess she will be one of our biggest promoters, ultimately. And we’ll be able to also publish the study, hopefully at some point, because it does work. And we see it over and over again. And that’s what people will see.

Amazing. Have you ever tried using Kirlian photography to show before and after? Do you know about Kirlian photography?

Yes, I’m pretty familiar with it. And we have a very good friend and a neighbor who wrote one of the first books about Kirlian photography, actually several books. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have his device anymore. However, there’s the so-called Bio-Well.  So the Bio-Well does something fairly similar, and more. And so we’ve done Bio-Well testing as well. Some people may be familiar with a Bio-Well; it’s a registered medical device in Russia and Europe. And here in the US, it’s not registered because I don’t think they want to go through the FDA hoops here. But you can, via gas discharge photography, also see effects on the chakra system, on the aura, on certain organ functions, etc. And we’ve gotten phenomenal results with that as well.

Oh, very cool. Speaking of the Bio-Well, is that something that biohackers would want to have as part of their toolset?

Yes, I mean, we see a lot of biohackers that have become very interested in our products, as well as doctors, frankly. Those are usually doctors with a very holistic approach or a functional medicine practice. We see a lot of those. There’s a functional Medicine Clinic in India that is currently running a study with our products because they found out that the Infinity Bloc helps autistic kids. So, and then we heard that from several people, and then they were interested in running a study, which is for us as a small company, a great way of performing studies if we don’t have to set it all up. 

Metals are great examples because they hold quantum energy very well.

And it’s these doctors that have all the experience, and they have the measurement devices and everything and their protocols. We just facilitate it and help with the products and everything. That’s a big study right now that’s going on. There’s a Chronic Lyme Disease Study plant in the US; we want to be a little bit careful because the idea is not for us to be a medical device company. We don’t want to be one, but it just so happens wellness and well-being is one aspect of what these products do. But certainly, there’s a lot more to it than just that.

Yeah. And I know you have to be careful about not making medical claims or even hinting at them. So the FDA doesn’t come after you. I’m curious, though, you mentioned autism and what promising impacts people were receiving regarding autism using your technology. What other illnesses, diseases, or symptoms have you heard have been impacted by the device? For example, somebody with blood cancer might have reported to you that they’ve gotten some positive results by using the technology.

Yes, we have received those testimonials. Interesting one where we have real documentation was when we tested our quantum jacket, which we’re actually about to launch. And that was a 68-year-old cancer patient in Austria that went through the blood testing, and he had already been in a very holistic treatment. And the blood looked terrible, actually happy to send you those pictures. But it was a very bad picture. And within, I think that was a 15-minute test. So he was wearing that jacket for 15 minutes, and it was such a significant improvement that the doctor was blown away. And certainly, the patient was blown away. And at the same time, then we received a testimonial. And then they wanted to keep the jacket. But we’ve heard similar stories in that regard. 

A disease or a condition doesn’t just happen; it only happens if something on a frequency level is out of balance.

Lyme disease is one of those, and that’s pretty much the reason why there’s going to be this study now. Because that’s how we work, we get all this feedback. And then suddenly, we’ve heard it from many people, there’s the wife of a very well-known biohacker here in the US, very well connected with a large following. She has suffered from Lyme disease for quite a long time. And since they’ve had the Quantum Bloc, and then the Infinity Bloc, “Their lives have changed for the better.” Because the energy level is bad, the fatigue is gone, there’s more desire to be in life again and be active and feel this life flowing through you and not constantly feeling so drained. And there’s more to it. But anyway, through multiple of those testimonials that came our way. We were then approached by a couple of doctors who read about those testimonials. “Hey, you know, would you be interested in helping with a study,” and that’s what we’re doing.

Pain is another thing where, of course, we need to be mindful about these things. But it’s also the case that I couldn’t even say even if I want to do, I couldn’t even say well, “It’ll reduce your pain if you have knee pain or neck pain, or whatever it may be.” Because everybody’s so different, and that’s one of the things that are so important that everybody has their own story. Everybody has their own physiological story and state as well. You can’t say that’s the case we have had; I mean, dozens of people reporting that they had knee pain for six years, they put it in the bloc, and already, after the first 15 minutes, that pain was gone, and it lasted for days. We’ve had all those, but it’s something that does have effects. But does it have in relation to pain always the same effect? No, that’s something we can’t say. But it is being used by some people. I think a good way to explain it and may be hard to understand. But once you understand it, you understand how it works. 

So we have this blueprint, right? We have this blueprint of ourselves, almost it’s like in hyperspace. Now we’re going a little bit into woo-woo, but that’s really what it is. And through the DNA, that translates into our physical existence, and a disease or a condition doesn’t just happen; it only happens if something on a frequency level is out of balance. That’s the only reason no one gets sick from anything, if you don’t have resonance within your system in that regard. So that’s also why really good healers can see the disease before it manifests in the material. So they can tell you like, you’re going to have cancer in two weeks if that has not changed as an example, it’s possible. And to strengthen this connection, and almost polish way to receive through the DNA, this blueprint, in its ideal form. That’s where it helps with, that may be over the top for some people, but it’s nevertheless the truth. And that is why it works. 

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Because it sort of reminds our own cells and how to be in an optimal state because, in each cell, we have a pure quantum energy field. That’s also how the cells interact, by the way. So they communicate instantly at all times; there’s no lack, right? It’s pretty much timeless. And that is through this quantum field. If you introduce the same source of power, which is the same thing, now you can start to reach recharge, right? And you can suddenly draw from it because what happens is with EMF; for example, EMF can suck out quantum energy out of objects and certainly also deplete living organisms, whether it’s plants, animals, or humans, it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same thing. So it’s about rather reversing that and making that available. It’s almost as if you’re in the desert, and you’re drying out of water. And suddenly, you’re introducing water again so that you can hydrate. So that’s sort of on an energy level. That’s the best way I can explain; maybe I’ll be much better at that in a year.

Yeah, well, I took quantum mechanics as one of my classes in university, and it is fascinating but very complicated. Even Einstein saw it as kind of too out there; he referred to quantum entanglement as spooky action at a distance. Because he just thought it was just nonsensical. But of course, now it’s proven scientifically that you can have a particle quantumly entangled with another particle, and they could be galaxies away. The studies, of course, weren’t galaxies away, But the two particles could interact on each other instantaneously and yet be separated by infinite distances. And that’s pretty mind-blowing.

Exactly. And so now the fun thing is, that was with Infinity Bloc, you can do these tests on your own. You could test in a way where you have a picture of a person, for example, or part of a DNA that could be even a fingernail or hair, or something like that. And you put it in, and you provide them quantum energy, pure quantum energy, to that person. And that is very, very noticeable, especially with Infinity Bloc. And we’ve not only said that this works, but we’ve also had this tested by an institute and verified over and over again. It does work.

We’ve not only said that this works, but we’ve also had this tested by an institute and verified over and over again.

And I’m all about the willing suspension of disbelief. Just set your skepticism aside, temporarily at least. And try something new and see what it does for you. If there’s no real downside, like there is no downside. I mean, you get a device like this and see how it affects your life. I mean, either it does something amazing like all these testimonials say or doesn’t do anything. 

Okay, if the worst-case scenario doesn’t do anything. I’m out 2000 bucks, but my intuition, my spidey sense, was going crazy and saying, get this thing. That was by far the biggest amount of money I dropped in the conference. We did spend some money on DNA companies, DNA tests, and stuff like that. But yeah, you took the majority of what we spent.

So yeah. And so there are in detail with some people, it is this sort of calling, it’s just like, you don’t know why but you know you need to get this. And what that is, is it’s just your inner voice. And you had described it initially already as a calling, but that’s the inner voice. By the way, these products help increase that connection, and to be able to listen to ourselves again, now you’re in a great position that you already have that connection, and you heard that come through. But in today’s world, that’s rare. It’s rather the opposite, and I think we’re getting away from that again.

Now it’s the time where that shifts, but listening inwards to what our true self has to say. That has become rare because we’re so focused on all these things on the outside and watching a movie, paying the bills, running from one job appointment to the next. And where’s the time to listen in? We’ve unlearned that we’ve learned so many other things, but that’s what we unlearned, and that’s what we try to encourage always all people. Because it’s not just about the physical. It’s nice if you have better blood and things like that. Still, it’s really about feeling yourself again and accessing that power and then owning that power, and from there, then everything suddenly becomes possible. That’s what makes us happy if we see and hear these things.

We had a biohacker who found out at our event that he's allergic to honey, avocado, and crab meat. Over time, after putting these products in the bloc to charge them, he could eat and tolerate them. Share on X

And to speak about this from a scientific perspective. You look at brainwave patterns; you’ll see a lot of beta brainwaves. Most people and knowledge workers banging away on their computers all day long; they’re in beta all day long. And when you get into alpha brainwave state, which I was able to work on, have some breakthroughs with by doing the whole week-long program at Dave Asprey is 40 years of Zen program, where they do the neurofeedback, and you’re in these pods, and it’s intense work, it’s really powerful. And getting into alpha means that you can get into a flow state and accomplish what would normally take a week in less than a day. It’s really powerful. It’s not just productive, but it is enlightening to be in that state. 

Steven Kotler’s book, Rise of Superman, talks about getting these flow state triggers, like your life is on the line, such as somebody who’s doing skiing, like heliskiing. They’re dropped down from a helicopter, and they could die if they’re not paying very close attention and they’re not in a peak state. So they get into the flow. They have to be alpha. Their life depends on it. So this technology allows you to get into that flow state to be able to tap into that inner knowing, that intuition, that inner voice, your higher self, and accomplish things not just faster and more efficiently but things that you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any other way. You up-level. That’s at least my experience.

Exactly. And that is really the big part of it, and then the physical comes with it, right? Because then the physical also optimizes. There are two things that I think are worth mentioning. If you put some of this energy field, if you put something inside, it supports everything and allows everything that is life-supporting and consciousness-supporting or supportive. But it neutralizes everything destructive to consciousness or a living organism. 

The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

I don’t know if you’ve seen my presentation at the Biohacking Conference. But I think it was about 90 to 100 people there, we had decided to do live allergy tests on stage so that people could see with their own eyes, what the difference is, and we had a biohacker named Todd there. He is pretty well known, he has a biohacking group with 40,000 people on Facebook, and he’s very allergic to honey, avocado, and crab meat. And he’s found out over time that if he puts these products into the block for a few minutes to charge them, he can then eat them and tolerate them. And over and over again, it’s always the same thing. But if he doesn’t do it, I mean, he’s crazy enough to test this. I mean, he tested it over and over again. And each time he doesn’t put it in, he’s allergic to it. If he puts it in, he can tolerate it. 

So then Mitchell and I had the idea. If that is the case, this should be the same if you do real allergy tests, right, where you take a needle and put some of the crab meat here in the arm. That’s what they did live on stage, and it started swelling and got all red; it was super itchy and developed over like a five-six minutes period to being pretty uncomfortable. The same crab meat they put live on stage in the Infinity Bloc. Let it sit for about six and a half minutes, then took it out. And then he got it in his other arm. No reaction. It works like magic. But it’s there. It’s physical. It’s repeatable. It’s scientifically verifiable.

You can’t argue with the results. And this reminds me of somebody I met a while ago, maybe ten years ago. And at the time, I was really surprised to hear that he was allergic to bananas. But by accident, he discovered he was not allergic to organic bananas. And like, Whoa, that is something I’m not going to forget, and I never did. And I never eat non-organic vegetables or fruits. 

As long as I have any control over it, if I’m at a restaurant, I can’t control if they’re not using organic, but I’m going to control what’s in my own home. And nothing that we buy as far as fruits and vegetables and pretty much anything that we can get organic will get organic. And this is a whole other layer that adds another layer to it. I could take a non-organic banana, put it in the Infinity Bloc, and transmute it into something healthier with fewer toxic elements. That’s cool.

Yes, and you can go beyond that. This energy has a real effect on the growth of plants and certain vegetables. So we have a greenhouse. We have it for testing purposes, but we will certainly leverage the yield, right? So it’s amazing. We don’t know yet because we’re about to start a few studies in that realm to figure out exactly. Okay, so what’s the additional growth that you get? And what are the additional benefits really, that that we can scientifically say happen over and over again? And is that the same for each vegetable, or are there any differences? It looks like we have at least twice as fast and better growth with the Infinity Bloc inside the greenhouse than when you take it away. We literally and I posted some of that in our Telegram user group.

Listening inwards to what our true self has to say is becoming rare. We're so focused on the external like watching a movie, paying the bills, running from one job appointment to the next. Share on X

We had 1.3 kilograms of zucchini the other day like this big. I had never seen one of those anywhere before. And we get those constantly. And then, on one day, we had 21 eggplants that we got; it’s just an 18-foot greenhouse. And the eggplants also were so large, it’s ridiculous and tastes amazing. We’ve also heard these as testimonials from people. We had an interesting one, the head of the Bayside Institute in Austria; they’ve been testing a lot of our products. And that’s how we got to know them when we sent them their products and asked if they could run a study. And there they know purchased our products also because they’re just they’ve seen all those results. 

They had a vase of flowers there right next to the Infinity Bloc. The flowers stayed there for four weeks, still looking great. I’m not saying that’s always the case. But we have done many different tests with the same flowers, two phases, one vase gets the water that was charged, and the other one doesn’t. And after a few days, you see those almost disappear those flowers, and then the ones with the charged water would stay alive and well for a much longer time. Two, three times longer. Yeah. So we’re just trying to play catch up with all these things and try to come up with a scientific study so that we can say, “Okay, this is what you do, and this is what you can get with it.” But yeah, plants are a big thing. 

Really cool.

You’re introducing energy; that is what it is you’re increasing the lifeforce energy in those plants.

How do you affect a garden outside, and the plants are already pretty big? Can’t fit it inside of the Infinity Bloc? 

Yeah, you don’t need to put it inside. So the field is so much more concentrated inside. But the Infinity Bloc has a one-kilometer field around it, which is not as concentrated, but it’s still there. And within about, I would say 400 meters which is 40% of that field. All EMF is neutralized and harmonized. And it also provides benefits to the human cells, for example, not to an extent as if you were to put your hand in there, but it does have some effect. And certainly on the plants as well. So if you have a garden or even a farm, you don’t need to put the plants inside. It just is enough that the Infinity Bloc is there in that set radius; you know those plans get the benefits.

It neutralizes everything destructive to consciousness or a living organism.

Interesting. One thing I’ve been noticing as we’ve been going through this hour on the podcast is with the Infinity Bloc right next to me; I’ve been feeling just really warm. The AC is on, and I’m still like, “Whew, it’s hot in here.” And it’s not hot outside. It’s just I can feel the Infinity Bloc. Pretty wild.

Yeah, that is the case. Have you tried to put a picture of yourself in?

I have not. But I did see somebody who had a picture of a loved one in the Infinity Bloc at your booth. And she was somebody I sat next to at lunch on one of the conference days. And she was telling me like, “Yeah, this is to send him healing.” Because he’s, I don’t recall what she said that he has, but it was a pretty serious illness. And yeah, she was sending him positive energy. And I didn’t understand at the time. What was up with that because I just walked up to the booth, and I was like, “What is going on here?” But yeah, please explain for our listeners how this works if you put a picture of somebody or yourself inside of the Infinity Bloc, or if you have the smaller version of it, the Quantum Bloc? What does that do?

I think people have heard about quantum entanglement. We’ve mentioned that earlier. And that’s really what it is. Because in this concentrated quantum energy space, there is nothing like distance and time, it doesn’t exist. And we kind of know that we’ve at least heard that somewhere that beyond our dimension, that doesn’t exist. It’s just like here we noticed that, right, there’s a distance to go from here to there. And it takes me a certain time from here to there, right? So that doesn’t exist, and what you need, to provide that energy, you need an energetic signature if you will. So that will be the DNA, or it could be the picture because that’s a clear energetic signature of you in that regard. And, yeah, it’s again, it’s verifiable and measurable. And so not just that, that’s why I’m suggesting that to you because if you put a picture of someone else in there, then they may tell you, they had great effects. But you can feel that yourself by just testing it for yourself. And I’m pretty certain that you will, that you will also feel that. 

And a good way to do is, for example, if you do sports or something like that, or if you do yoga, or even if you’re in meditation, you can feel it certainly at any time. But those are some activities where I’ve found that it’s even more noticeable. I was even mindblown myself with the effects of it just recently; again, even though I already knew it work, I had done it multiple times. I mean, so often. But I played a tennis tournament, and so I’m a national level senior tennis player, but I hadn’t played for like a year or so. Because of too much that was going on. I played in this tennis tournament, and my first match, I played just terrible, it was just so awful. And I was like, “Oh my God, I hadn’t played for so long.” Anyway, I played doubles because I was also playing with a doubles partner. And it was pretty much the same. The same thing I just didn’t, it just everything felt a little bit off, probably lack of practice, and just the coordination, the rhythm wasn’t there, I didn’t feel good. 

It’s essential to maintain harmony in an area you dwell in the most so you feel safe, comfortable and at peace.

And then I was like, “Hey, I got this Infinity Bloc in my car.” That was the fourth generation. And I put a picture of mine in there that very same day. I then played my next singles match, and it was a 180-degree difference. I felt like I played my best tennis and it was fun. And I felt like I had all the rhythm and everything to my disposal. And it wasn’t for me about winning or losing at all, I am happy to lose if I just have a good time, and I feel good playing. But the same is also true of just nothing works; then you’re not – don’t feel so good about it. It was such a massive difference. And we will also test those further because there’s a study with athletes that we’re going to set up due to the old COVID stuff, probably it’s not going to happen before Q1 of next year. But that’s a big thing. So I encourage everybody to try that.

How long would you put it in the photo into the Bloc for?

It depends. So someone like me, that has worked a whole lot with this energy, I can be there all night, for example, even a whole day, that’s no problem. For people that were that’s new or that I have never really worked with energy, 5 to 10 minutes would be good in the beginning, you can certainly do more ready. But you will feel how it is and then you can just also increase it over time. It’s almost as if you put your hands in there; it works very similar. It’s some nuances to that. But it’s yeah, it’s noticeable.

What if you put the photo in there for too long, or you put your hand in there for too long? What happens or what could happen?

First of all, that’s also important to say. So if you put a picture of someone else in there, for example, that person is still completely able to say no to this energy or leverage that energy in the way that person or rather that soul wants it. So that’s something, you would not step over someone’s boundaries in that sense if someone would do like real energetic work to fix issues or something like that on some other person without asking for permission that would be stepping over boundaries. That’s something that a true healer would never do. You provide that field, it’s available, but they decide how much of that they let happen, and they leverage so that’s one important thing to say. 

In this concentrated quantum energy space, there is nothing like distance and time, it doesn’t exist.

I just want to mention how important what you said is in terms of healers asking for permission. It is a sacred boundary and commitment that they have to not work on somebody who doesn’t give their permission in advance. I learned that one from Tina Zion, who’s been mentoring me and was a past guest on this podcast, a handful of episodes ago. And yeah, she drilled that into me, always ask for permission. 

You’re going to call in the angels, and they’re going to do some amazing healing work on somebody; you got to ask first, and you can ask the person by contacting them and in the real world, like in real life. Give them a call or send them an email or whatever, or you can ask their soul in a meditation session or state – meditative state and get permission that way; it either is acceptable. So not doing that is a no-go area.

Exactly. And what can happen? You can start having detox effects. For example, if it’s too much, you may feel very thirsty and need to drink a lot just because so much energy was moved. You also need the water to keep up with it, and that’s about it. So I mean, nothing tragic happens just because it’s a natural energy. It’s the most natural energy there is, and we have it in all our cells. It’s just that if it’s too much, you can overstimulate the nervous system, you can start detoxing these types of things. And a good meter for that it’s always our own intuition. We tell people to listen to themselves. So if you test with your own pictures, for example, you’ll know when you put it when you need to take it out. And hey, if you forget it for two or three hours in there the first time, then that also happened for a reason. Right? So yeah, always trust yourself.

There’s nothing random. I’ve learned that this year. That’s amazing. Everything happens for a reason, and everything is connected. And it’s just; I am still blown away thinking about how this universe works. And I was just clueless; I used to think that you could have private thoughts. That’s laughable to me now. There’s nothing private that you could ever possibly think. It’s quite a rabbit hole to go down.

Yeah, but that’s part of the wonderful time right now. It’s certainly a very challenging time on multiple levels for everyone. Probably for some more than for others. But it’s also a wonderful time because as all these things are happening, we’re thrown back to figuring out our own truth and what’s within, and more and more people are doing that. And what you just said, I mean, it’s part of this picture because there’s this world that we kind of all know and see that’s the material world and all that. And I’m like you, was there where I didn’t think that there’s more to it than that, frankly. But once you tap into that, and then that wealth opens up, you realize that the other part is just a tiny one. And it’s been so dominant for us because that’s the way we live, and that’s how we’ve grown up. But this other part is huge, and the possibilities are endless, and more and more humans tap into that now is super exciting. It’s very exciting.

Something is only considered woo-woo because many people don't understand what it means yet. Share on X

It is. And a great way to think about it; I learned this from Kabbalah; studying Kabbalah is that there’s the 1% reality, and then there’s the 99%. The 1% is our physical reality, everything we could know about how everything works, in terms of the physical sciences, mathematics, arts, and everything. All of that fits into the 1%. 

And then there’s this 99% that we can’t possibly fathom or glimpse or grasp at. Because it’s so much larger than our minds. And what we can know or experience in this physical form that we’re in. So I like that way of going through life and knowing that there’s a 99%. Knowing I can’t wrap my head around that 99% but always knowing that there is so much more that I just can’t even put my head around. 


One thing that came to my mind when you were talking a bit ago, about this device, and how you can put a photo in there and so forth. There’s a concept I learned about last year, not a concept of man; it’s a thing. I mean, it’s real, I’ve experienced it, and I’ve had people show me the results of it; it’s called psychometry. For those listening, who don’t know what that is, it’s when a psychic holds an object and it boosts the signal, essentially, so that they can connect with the owner of that object. Let’s say it was a loved one who passed away, and this was a piece of jewelry that they always wore, that will help boost the signal help them connect to that person on the other side of the veil. 

And if it’s an object you’re curious about, where did it come from? Who were the owners before? If there was a string of different owners. Like, what’s the history of this thing. That can become known through psychometry. And I know it’s not what this device does. Still, there seems to be some sort of relation to what you were describing if we’re everything is connected, everything, I mean, we got quantum entanglement and the idea of being able to travel from anywhere, instantaneously, astral travel, and so forth. And I know some of you listening will be rolling your eyes. But quantum physics is underlying on all this stuff so that it is possible that it can happen. 

It’s the most natural energy there is, and we have it in all our cells.

So I’m curious if you’ve had any experience with psychometry, or other psychic phenomenon, either yourself. You’ve experienced it firsthand, or you’ve maybe worked with somebody who got a reading from somebody who demonstrated this. And it was without a doubt for you, like, the medium who did this. And I learned this concept from Mark Nelson, a guest on this podcast last year. And for folks who’ve listened for a while to this show. They know the story that Mark saved a family member’s life, one of my family members during the interview. So I mean, that’s just mind-blowing to me.

She was having a very serious and immediate issue. She would have died if she didn’t go to the hospital, and she wasn’t going to go because she didn’t think it was a big deal until Mark explained what was happening and what would happen if she didn’t go. So this is the guy who saved my family members’ life and then in reading, which was the first time I’d ever gotten a psychic reading. A few weeks later, after the interview, he connected to my mother and shared stuff that he couldn’t have possibly known and shared stuff that even I had forgotten. So that was that cinched it for me. This is absolutely real. This is not just fakery, nonsense, or whatever. What’s been your experience?

Yeah, I can confirm that. So, I’ve worked a whole lot with various healers over time. And in 2005, I met my wife, and she was born with the ability to see the aura, and she had never lost this conscious connection, if you will. So she was always aware of the unseen, if you will, so she could see behind the curtain, and it’s up to today. If she talks to someone that’s even at the Biohacking Conference, we had a few that came up and asked her some questions, random people she’d never seen before. And she could point out where their problems came from how they can solve them. What happened that led to that on and all these things. It’s just brilliant. And it’s possible. 

I went through various shamanic workshops and got trained. Past life regression works so that I can perform that and all these things. So I learned some of those things. And it’s interesting because we tend to think that we can’t do that. It’s just like these gifted people that can, that’s not true. Everybody can. 

And yes, some are especially gifted, like we worked with Roman Hafner together, which they call the “wunderkind” in Europe; he was born with the ability to see all frequencies and energy fields. And he had to see them learn how to do the physical seeing like how you see the matter, how we see a microphone because he would see look at a person and he would see the heartbeat, he would see the heat, the vibrations, the various frequencies. And he learned very quickly that it didn’t matter, you didn’t have to be in front of him, he could look at someone that’s in South America while he’s in Switzerland, and still see the same energetic image and could tell what may be wrong with the heartbeat or something like that. And then he also learned how to fix things and all of that. 

Environments produce a certain ‘feel,’ and they’re often recognized right away through intuition or when someone is highly aware.

As an 11-year-old, they put him on stage at a 300 people seminar, where he answered people’s questions. So I mean, someone like that is extremely gifted and talented and has this already built-in. And so there’s just more to explore; the vast majority people have forgotten how to access that. They can relearn, and that’s an important message because you can do quite a lot of things, and it’s not that you can’t do it; it just takes practice. If you want to learn how to play tennis, you need to put effort, and you need to repeat you need to practice and all that and the same thing. It’s not that it just comes, and we can all do it.

I love that. And I believe that just to the core of my being, everybody is psychic; everybody has this as a gift as a birthright to connect with higher realms, the higher dimensions, the upper spirits, and Kabbalistic terms. And yet we shut out because it’s not seen as something normal to be able to talk to spirits, to be able to see auras, to be able to receive guidance and various psychic ways. 

Anyway, when you talked about this guy who can head to essentially learn how to see and normal, like the rest of us. That reminded me of Donny Epstein, the founder of NetworkSpinal Analysis, Network Chiropractic, which is everywhere around the world and was a past guest on this podcast. And he’s also a friend of mine; he’s an amazing person. He’s a wizard, he’s just an incredible healer. And he had this thing where he could see the energy signatures of people. And he couldn’t tell from a photo of somebody who it was because it didn’t look anything like the person as he saw the person with their energy signature. So he had to teach himself over the years how to recognize somebody from a photo, just kind of mind-blowing. 

It’s not that you can’t do it; it just takes practice.

So a couple of quick questions here before we wrap up. You’d mentioned your device that I thought was interesting and maybe needs a little more explicit explanation. You said the device you had in your car when you were doing the tennis tournament was the fourth generation. Does that mean that you had charged your Infinity Bloc with another Infinity Bloc? And then did it again, and did it again, and did it again four times? Is that what that means?

Yeah, it is three times because so if one has the Infinity Bloc package, which means to Infinity Blocs, you can charge one other and then out of the first generation, you create the second and then with the next charge, the third, and then another one would be the fourth. And what that means is, since each time is seven times more concentrated of an energy field. That’s basically what it is. So it’s been seven times more powerful, more concentrated. Yeah.

So I got the package with the two Infinity Blocs. I haven’t charged the one with the other. Not yet. I mean, I’m just like, feeling it? Oh, my God, I need to move this thing away from me because I’m close to it. It’s just like it’s right here, and this is the closest I’ve been to it for this length of time since I’ve owned it for the last, I don’t know, a month. So I’m not ready to charge it with the other one to 7x its strength? Not yet. But what’s the protocol to do that you just stick the plates inside of the Infinity Bloc of the other Infinity Bloc and let it kind of cook for 15 minutes?

Yeah, you would do it for 35 to 45 minutes, pretty much. And we have a video on our YouTube channel. Where that is explained, it’s super simple. Nothing can go wrong, but it’s fairly quick. Just put the plates inside or the nuts and the rods. And you’ll feel it when it’s ready for you and your households to do it. So it’s not about upgrading fast or something. The concept is that everybody can do it at their own pace. And whenever they feel okay, I’m kind of ready for the next level, then that’s the best time to do it.

Awesome. And one more question. So copying frequencies. One thing I got, I don’t know, my intuition, I guess I’ll put it this way told me not to put multiple pieces of jewelry in to charge at once to do it one at a time. I think that came to me through an Akashic Records reading. And I know that that’s a good thing to do, normally, but there will be cases where I would want to copy energy frequencies from one thing to another. So I’d put both in there. How do I copy from one way to the other? Or does it copy both ways? How? Is it your intention that then kind of guides it so I want the energy to go into this object, but not the other way around? Or it’s just all going to get mixed? Like how does that work?

What was possible ten years ago is way more possible now because you can heal things and fix things way quicker.

Yeah, You could probably do that with intention. But there’s also just a regular protocol. And that’s really if you put two objects in there, then they charge each both frequencies go into each other. So if you take a piece of frankincense, for example, and a brass capsule, then after that, you also have the brass frequency in that piece of frankincense. The way to avoid it is to charge the frankincense already in the block for 15-20 seconds on its own. And then you put it in again for like these 15-20 seconds with the other object. So it doesn’t take anything on if you were to take a higher power, more powerful Infinity Bloc, then we’ll take on the other frequency again, but you can seal it off a little bit. That’s what you can do. 

But other than that, it’s brass and aluminum, or something like that as frequencies. We wouldn’t want to ingest that stuff. But first of all, the frequency itself, everything harmful about it, gets neutralized in the block anyway. And so literally, there’s just the signal of it left. So even if I charged a vitamin C pill on a card, I would still take the vitamin C pill afterward. So there’s nothing bad about it. Yeah. But I think you’re doing good if you don’t put multiple pieces of jewellery in there at the same time if you want to keep their individual characters, and maybe they’re different metals, too. So I think that’s a good thing. I would also put multiple crystals in there at the same time. Just take the crystal at a time.

Yeah. And I got the intuition that I got the sense from above that it would be really good to charge my andara crystals in there individually. I’ve done that. That’s yeah, I can feel the difference holding those. That’s pretty cool.

One last question. So you mentioned you’d been trained in all these healing modalities, shamanism, past life regression, and so forth. Do you still practice that? Do you do past life regressions for people or shamanic journeys? Or is that now in the past since you’re fully focused on this business and the technology?

Yeah, I still do that now and then, really not much of past work anymore because there are other ways to do it way quicker in today’s world. Because what was possible ten years ago is way more possible now because you can heal things and fix things way, way quicker. There’s often where you needed an hour and a half session ten years ago; now, you can do it in 20 minutes or 10 minutes even. So I’ve evolved as far as that goes. So now I do, it is very different from how it was, but I do that now and then. It’s just not a big part of my life just because of my other big focus.

Makes sense. Right. Very cool. Thank you so much for this fascinating and information-packed interview and episode, and I just love the device. I’m grateful for having found it and your company and you. And you’re doing great work in the world and making a difference for people. It’s great.

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. And it’s been great to be on your show. Thanks for the invite.

That was great. So thank you, listeners, and get out there and do something amazing for your fellow man or woman and we’ll catch you in the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Learn more about Leela Quantum Tech’s Quantum and Infinity Blocs. They are a new technology that provides a concentrated quantum energy space within the space in between the golden plates.

?Balance the energy in my space. It’s essential to maintain harmony in the area I spend the most time so I feel safe, comfortable, and at peace.

?Observe the energy in homes, land, or workspaces you’re about to rent or purchase. Environments produce a certain ‘feel,’ and they’re often recognized right away through intuition or when someone is highly aware.

?Detect areas in my home or workspace with high EMF (electromagnetic fields). There are ways that 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, microwaves, etc., can be neutralized.

?Research more about energetic Feng Shui. Acquiring knowledge on maximizing a specific space to emit the clearest energy can be extremely helpful in interior design.

?Charge objects I use the most with the Quantum and Infinity blocs. It can be a wristwatch, jewelry, cellphone, etc., as long as it fits within the bloc’s space.

?Pharmaceuticals should ideally not be charged or leveraged as a frequency base in the Infinity Bloc. However, if I want to charge such substances and neutralize any harmful frequencies, then look at the Quantum Bloc.

?Charge food, seeds, and plants with the help of the Quantum and Infinity blocs. Stephan emphasizes how it’s important to bless food before consuming it.

?Stay in tune with my higher self and consciousness. The more in-tune I am with my Higher Self, the more likely I will achieve and experience my aspirations.

?Visit the Leela Quantum Tech website to learn more about quantum energy and browse their products.

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