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By: Stephan Spencer


Wendie Colter
“Medical intuition is the foundation of healing; it’s a powerful, guiding light for both conventional medicine and holistic healing modalities.”
Wendie Colter

How can we tap into our body’s innate wisdom for healing?

My guest on today’s show, Wendie Colter, shares insights on developing intuition and listening to what our physical form is asking of us. As a certified medical intuitive practitioner and founder of The Practical Path, Wendie has trained thousands of healthcare professionals to optimize their innate intuitive abilities. She has successfully trained doctors, nurses, and health and wellness practitioners from every discipline, and her trailblazing research has been published in dozens of peer-reviewed journals.

In our conversation, Wendie explains how emotions, trauma, and life experiences can manifest as physical imbalances. She describes what medical intuition reveals about the deeper story behind our health challenges. We discuss why meditation helps cultivate self-awareness and subtle perception. Wendie shares fascinating case studies of how her intuitive assessments uncovered the root causes behind clients’ issues. She offers her perspective on how medical intuition can support mainstream healthcare.

This is truly an inspiring discussion about embracing our multidimensional nature as spiritual beings having a human journey. Discover how we can live more consciously by honoring the profound mind, body, and spirit connection. So, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [01:55]Stephan asks Wendie Colter about the origins of her medical intuition and how she developed her skills as an energy healer.
  • [07:37]Stephan and Wendie emphasize obtaining permission before performing energy healing or medical intuition.
  • [12:30]Wendie discusses the value of medical intuition in healthcare, citing examples of clients who have had their concerns ignored by conventional doctors.
  • [17:53]Wendie and Stephan talk about integrating spirituality into daily life and acknowledging God as the source.
  • [23:17]Wendie highlights the significance of processing and understanding emotions through meditation.
  • [30:10]Wendie shares a case study, proving that a patient’s emotional state can manifest into a visual representation of the body.
  • [37:03]Wendie explains the need to prioritize one’s own well-being before helping others.
  • [47:09]Wendie recalls an example from her book of a client surprised by the spiritual root cause of his physical ailments.
  • [50:36]Wendie offers medical intuition training for wellness professionals with guided meditations.

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Wendie, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you, Stephan. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

I’d love to hear your story of how you got started with medical intuition. Is this something that you’ve known you had as an ability since childhood, or was there some pivotal moment where it came online and you had some epiphany?

A lot of people ask me that. It’s such a great question. The answer to that is yes, and yes, and yes. I was always intuitive as a child. I think most children are. In fact, I know they are. Kids are very intuitive. When I was a kid, my intuition was considered a creative skill in my household. It was not shushed or told not to say those things. I was able to express myself in terms of my intuition, which set me up for understanding a little bit more what this was. It never felt shameful to me. It was always a curiosity to me. It’s like, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

Kids are very intuitive. When I was a kid, my intuition was considered a creative skill in my household.

Later in life, when I became an energy healer with a modality—there are many kinds of energy modalities—I found that as I was working with my clients, I received a lot of flashes of insight. It is also not uncommon for healers who work with the biofield and energy to get these flashes of insight every so often, where you have an awareness of something that’s going on in your client’s life or has been going on in their life, what’s going on in their physicality or physiology. I realized that there was some information there that was of value to the client.

Now, the thing that turned a corner for me as a healer was the difference between me doing an energy healing on someone and someone leaving my office feeling great and then coming back with very similar issues still embedded in their energy. “What was keeping it there? Why did someone release it completely and somebody else did not?” That was the point of curiosity to me.

As those flashes of insight were showing up, I thought, I wonder if I could just do that just for a moment before I do a healing to see what’s keeping something stickier in place. I started developing my skills in medical intuition. I didn’t call it that at the time. I wasn’t sure what to call it. 

But I started noticing that that information that I could discern from their physicality, their physical body, their biofield, their life history, whatever there was to see—and there was so much to see—that information—and I didn’t do any healing work with it—was so powerful for people, that after I did that piece. I started my healing work with them. They were able to release (in many cases) things permanently that they hadn’t been able to prior.

I thought there was something really important here, and I learned this is called medical intuition from Carolyn Myss’ work and others. I started developing it as a skill set to stand alone. This is something I wanted to offer to my clients without the healing part because I noticed that the informational part was even more valuable to them because what if my modality of healing wasn’t the right one for them? What if I could discern what could help them? That became part of my practice, and I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Sometimes, I’m guessing you’ll find that there’s some past life issue that is causing this to crop up in their current life, and this is a clue to some unfinished business. Maybe some trauma that’s unhealed or some karmic debt that’s still unpaid.

Past life information is really powerful. We are subject to the traumas of our own life.

I’ll say this about that. Past life information is really powerful, and it can come forward for sure. I concentrate more on my present life. We rack up karmic debt all the time; it’s not necessarily from a past life. We are subject to the traumas of our own life. 

There’s a lot of research on that stuff about early-life trauma leading to later-life health issues. It doesn’t even have to be early life. All along the way, there are opportunities for awareness. It’s challenging in life to get that kind of awareness if you don’t have regular practice, and even then, it’s challenging.

Medical intuition seems less like every now and then an unusual circumstance or a crisis moment. It seems like healthcare or the adjunct to support healthcare, which is how to think about it. It is the way to check in with your body. It is the way to get a good look at what’s going on physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at any moment. 

That’s how I see it working with healthcare. I see this skill as a major support system to mainstream healthcare, and that’s been my focus. That’s why when I teach, I teach healthcare providers. 

I’m teaching people who are licensed or certified in some acknowledged healthcare field—doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and mental healthcare. It goes on. These people work with patients every day.

Their ability to discern in a more intuitive and fine-tuned way helps them do their job more effectively. That’s when I decided to teach that sector because these people will make a difference in their patient’s lives.

The essence of true spirituality brings people an invaluable sense of connection.

One of the key things to do when let’s say, you’re doing an energy healing on somebody is to ask their permission. If you’re doing remote healing, you don’t just beam them healing energy without their permission. You do it after they’ve said yes. I would imagine that also applies to medical intuition. You don’t just scan somebody’s physicality as you sit down with them over a meal without them knowing it, right?

Yes, you’ve nailed it. That is the magic word. Permission is everything. You’re also talking about good ethics. In my program, I put an emphasis on ethics from the beginning because people don’t really understand energy. What does that mean?

In my world, working with energy is the same as working with anything. You have to know your scope of practice. You have to know how to do an ethical session. There’s a lot of important information out there that is not really well-talked about or understood, so it’s a major part of my curriculum.

Can you walk through a little bit of your curriculum and how someone would go from a newbie, not even realizing that they’re at all psychic or intuitive, to being able to scan somebody’s energy and body for ailments and issues?

In my world, working with energy is the same as working with anything. You have to know your scope of practice and know how to do an ethical session.

It’s a learning curve. Since you understand the language of intuition, the skill set that I teach is clairvoyance—clear seeing. The learning curve does not come from the skill set, although that is like learning a new language.

For most people, it’s like working with a new muscle. That’s how I frame it. Because it really is. It takes practice. It isn’t usually the clair—the intuitive sense—that most people feel comfortable with. Most people feel comfortable with clairsentience, which means clair-feelings, feeling things in your emotions or body. Or claircognizance, which is knowingness, like a download people call it. Or clairaudience, hearing things, inner guidance. 

But seeing takes practice, and it takes a good teacher, in my opinion—someone who can walk you through the steps of it and have you understand the skill set that it is. If you can imagine, you can use the skill. That is definitely a mind’s eye kind of practice.

Generally, what we do is we start with the idea of using the mind’s eye and imagining. For very left-brained healthcare providers, this is probably the biggest learning curve because they’re used to using their body of knowledge for their work, and they should. That’s what we want in our practitioners. But this is tapping into what they call non-local consciousness. Have you heard of that phrase?


It means it’s not the locality between us. It’s not about you and me and what I know or what you know. It’s about that broader field of quantum consciousness that is more all-knowing. That’s where the information can be accessed. That skill set is quite specific, and that’s what I teach in the program. That is a bit of a learning curve, but everybody gets it.

Could you walk us through a piece of that? How would somebody go from being able to imagine a pink elephant in their mind’s eye to actually being able to sense in their mind’s eye the presence of an angel in the room?

That’s lovely. There is a workshop that I offer, where I teach everyone—not just healthcare providers—how to tap into your own physical body and how to look, discuss, and have a conversation with your physical body. To me, that is the essence of medical intuition. It’s called Medical Intuition for Healing and Self-Care. That will be a self-study program coming up a few months from now. That’s on the website. There are also exercises in my book about how to do that.

It’s not about you and me and what I know or what you know. It’s about that broader field of quantum consciousness that is more all-knowing.

What that’s about is listening and, in this case, visualizing our body so that we can understand what’s going on, we can have a conversation, and we can receive information, most importantly, about what the body is asking for. What does it want? What does it need? These are really important questions for us to ask, especially with healthcare and spiritual care.

What would be an example of something that you were told or shown that your body needs and it wasn’t getting it, or you had some exposure to something that was not healthy, and you needed to course-correct or ameliorate that situation?

I can tell you that my body talks to me all the time. Whether I listen to it is another story. That’s kind of the human way. There are plenty of experiences where my body says, “Pay attention, wake up, look at this, notice this.” These are my clients as well. This is why somebody calls a medical intuitive because they have a sense, they need more information about something.

Pretty much every one of my clients comes to me for this reason. “Can you look? Can you see what’s going on?” Maybe medical, the doctors aren’t seeing what I’m sensing. That happens a lot, Stephan, and that is not necessarily a failure of conventional medicine. It’s more like a non-understanding of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine doesn’t recognize this yet. People who come to medical institutions have had experience after experience where they feel like they’re not listened to or not heard, and they have a sense of that. It’s quite fascinating, and there really should be some research done on this, if there hasn’t already, because the understanding of the patient’s intuition often surprises the doctors. And that’s not the way it should be.

In my opinion, all doctors should have medical intuition to work with. I teach doctors to be medical intuitive, and that helps get to the root causes faster. It helps get to the issues. 

Story after story, what I’m doing as a medical intuitive is I’m giving my client a roadmap. “Here’s what I see, here’s what your body is showing me it’s asking for, here’s what you can bring to your doctor and say, ‘Can we get through with this?’” That is the value and use of medical intuition, whether for yourself or if you’re a medical intuitive for your client or patient. That’s really my focus.

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Are you still doing energy healing?

Not anymore. I stopped doing that a long time ago. I love and teach it, but I found that the medical intuitive assessment is even more valuable for clients because, again, what if my modality isn’t the right one for them? What if there are a hundred modalities out there, and one of them will do the job? So I don’t want to impose my own if it’s unnecessary.

I love energy healing, and I love the world of energy healing. Medical intuition is not an energy-healing modality. It is the foundational assessment skill that can support any healing modality, whether it’s conventional medicine or energy practices.

I’m sure you get a fair amount of skepticism from medical professionals. What do you do to sway them or win them over that this is legit and it’s verifiable through research? What have you done there?

I do a lot of speaking at healthcare conferences, holistic care, and integrated care. I’m very proud to say that I have spoken at some of the top complementary integrated institutions in the US—universities, hospitals, and whatnot. You would be surprised at the reception. 

In my opinion, all doctors should have medical intuition to work with. I teach doctors to be medical intuitive, and that helps get to the root causes faster.

Yes, there’s always skepticism, and why not? There should be. This is not a well-studied field, and it needs to be a well-studied field. These kinds of studies that we were able to create went a long way to assuaging some levels of skepticism. 

It was an exploratory study in that we received 94–98% accuracy rates with our graduates in terms of what they saw in the body, how they described the consistency of a known diagnosis and things like that. That was astounding work, and we got it written up in a well-respected complementary integrated journal.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine?

Yes. It’s now called The Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, as those terms are changing. That was the first research in over 25 years on this skill set, which is a shame, so we did more research. That was a long way to knocking down skepticism.

However, this is a woo-woo field. What are we talking about? Quantum consciousness? The proof is in the result, and when the results are deemed found, shown to be mid- to upper-90% accuracy, that brings people through the door. People are like, “We want to know more as well as they should.”

Skepticism, I welcome it. Why not? “What is your personal perception intuitively?” That’s the key. When people start to find that they can develop this for themselves, even for their health and well-being, the skepticism falls away because it’s about what’s your perception of it.

Has Netflix come knocking on your door? Have you been on a show or anything like that?

Not yet. I’d welcome that.

Have you seen Tyler Henry on Netflix?

No, I haven’t. Is he a medical intuitive? Forgive me for not knowing.

No. He’s a regular psychic. He’s a Hollywood medium, and he goes to these different celebrities. They film it like a reality show. Actually, he’s quite good.

I’m sure it is. I’ll tell you what I think about this, Stephan. I think we’re in kind of a renaissance of intuitive practices, energy healing, and biofield science. All of these integrative complementary, what does this all mean? 

It’s a funny time because, ten years ago, I would say I didn’t even see this level of interest. Certainly not from the healthcare, business or other sectors. We’ve got articles—USA Today, Time Magazine, Forbes—all these traditionally conservative outlets that are saying, “Maybe there’s something to this woo-woo stuff, and that is fascinating.”

That’s awesome because there’s an opening for what has traditionally been sidelined in history, burned at the stakes. We’re seeing that people are starting to be open to concepts that were not necessarily accepted, even 20–30 years ago. And that’s a great thing. It means we’re integrating more of our true natures into our lives.

I think it’s important for people who are getting on the bandwagon of this woo-woo stuff, and they’re not forgetting that God is the source of all this. There’s a lot of new-age stuff that leaves God out of the picture. Or even quantum healing and things like that, that it’s just talking about the field and quantum, but where is God in all this? Because He’s the source of everything. He’s all that is, and there’s a danger of getting off course.

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That’s a lovely way to say it. I embrace all faiths, and I embrace non-faiths, meaning spirituality, which isn’t necessarily considered faith-based. However, what you’re talking about is our true nature and our true connection to all that is. Our true connection to the idea of spirituality, the idea of what is this other that we contain, what is this broader sense of being a human, what does it mean to be with other humans on the planet, what is this all about. And it’s beautiful.

I think all the religions of the world, at their core, have the same understanding of the human experience, and when we tap into that, we understand that. This practice, for me, is highly spiritual. It brings a level of profoundness in the everyday—the spiritual understanding and awareness in just everyday life.

That seems to exist across the board and is the essence of true spirituality, whether it’s religious or something outside of the realm of tradition. But whatever it is, it’s gorgeous. It brings people that sense of connectedness, which I think is critical.

The opposite of this feeling or truth of connection is the illusion of separation. We’re separate from each other, that we’re separate from God, we’re separate from mother nature, from the trees that are growing in the forests. We’re all part of the one.

We’re all made of the same stuff.

Essentials of Medical Intuition by Wendie Colter

Some people call it stardust, but it’s really God dust.

Yeah, I would say it’s universal intelligence, love, and knowledge. There are so many ways to talk about this, and they’re all gorgeous. I don’t come from any specific point of view other than the energy in my programs. That allows people to interpret that concept however they choose. And it’s real. It’s correct, however you interpret it.

Is there a modality for learning to be part of the one that is not just medical intuition training but a precursor or something that augments what you teach? Do you send people, for example, to Joe Dispenza for stuff on learning about the quantum field and about how to be all connected?

There are no prerequisites to the main program other than that you’re a wellness professional. For the workshop that is now a self-study program launching soon, that is for everyone. You don’t need any prerequisite for that. That just comes as you are. So is the main program.

I don’t expect anyone to come in with any prior knowledge. It’s not required. You can come in without having done any kind of intuitive work, and that goes for all of my offerings, the classes, and the book, too.

This is a learning curve for almost everybody. Even if you have a long history in meditation, in spiritual practice, some of them will feel familiar because we’re not talking about anything that isn’t familiar on some level. Even if you’re new to it, there’ll be things that feel like you’ll understand them from another perspective.

Do you meditate? And if so, what modality and frequency? What’s your process or routine?

If people ask me what’s the one thing I could do to raise my own intuitive ability, I say to everyone: meditate. It doesn’t matter what kind of meditation you do. It doesn’t matter if it’s transcendental meditation, or breath work, or any number of opportunities out there. There are so many mindfulness, dozens if not hundreds or thousands. 

Any kind of meditation practice that feels good that gets you feeling centered, that gets you feeling connected to your body, connected to your spirit, connected to your breath. Anything is fine.

If people ask me what’s the one thing I could do to raise my intuitive ability, I say to everyone: meditate.

I do a practice that I’ve refined over the years, where I work with earth energy universal energy. I do a cleansing meditation. The idea here is for me to maintain another magic word called neutrality. That is a practice of keeping my energy balanced. That’s a really important process for medical intuition. It’s what I teach, and it’s very specific to the program. 

Honestly, people ask me this all the time. I say, “Just find something you like. If it’s a meditation practice that you can’t sit there and do, find another one. It’s not like there’s one that’s better than the other. Everybody’s unique.”

I used to do transcendental meditation, and I loved it. The one I do now actually engages my thinking mind more than that did. That one’s where you disengage your thinking mind. I can’t do that as well. I have a very active mind, so I need to use my mind in meditation, and that’s the practice that I’ve evolved.

One technique in meditation that I recently heard about is called Ziva. A close friend of mine had profound benefits from this. He was not really into meditation. He tried different modalities, and none of them stuck or got him much value other than quieting his mind. But this one has been a game-changer. He listened to the audiobook of the founder of Ziva.

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva, and the book is called Stress Less, Accomplish More.

Nice. I love that title—Stress Less.

We’re so much in fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system. It’s hard to tune in when you’re in that state. Also, when you said you like that neutrality, that is important. If you’re not neutral, but you’re in this fear or anxiety, or you’re just discombobulated about something—let’s say you’ve got some sort of issue personally or a family member—it’s harder to receive clear information on what’s going on if you’re all sucked into the emotion of it.

That’s the key there. Our emotions are critical. Our emotions are signposts. Our emotions are telling us what’s out of balance. What’s hard to understand and remember—put it that way—in the human experience about emotions is that if we don’t process them—and that’s a funny word, it doesn’t mean much—if we don’t experience them, we can have problems in our physically, in our lives. 

But if we also dwell in them and let them permeate—the negative emotions, anyway, is what I’m talking about—if we let them run the show, then we’re also putting ourselves out of balance.

Take care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. That kind of self-care has an awesome ripple effect on your life and those around you.

This is one of the things I see in society again with the resurgence or the understanding that intuition is critical and the biofield has a part to play. There’s also the understanding that our emotions are so important for us to process them, understand them, see what’s going on, what’s underneath. 

Journal about it, you talk to somebody, or get some support with it. All of this is so important because of the way our bodies metabolize emotions, thoughts, feelings, and our physicality. We want to find balance, and meditation is one way to find it, and working with our emotional state is critical.

When I look into somebody’s energy—that is, after the physicality of it—exactly where I go is what are the emotions driving this issue. What is the life history that shows just this whole movie of what’s going on in someone’s life or what happened in someone’s life that had such an emotional impact that it’s at the root of a physical imbalance? That’s fascinating to look at. It’s always an eye-opener for my clients because you wouldn’t put those things together in a logical mind.

There’s a wonderful book called The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk. He’s a psychologist, I believe, and he’s done a lot of research about adult adverse childhood experiences. It’s very, very well researched where early life trauma has this residual effect into adult life, and it can cause tons of physical and emotional havoc and life havoc. We need to understand what’s happening emotionally for us as children and adults. “Last week, what happened?” This is where tuning into our bodies, minds, and spirits can help us navigate these waters.

On podcasts, do you ever look at the energy of the host? With their permission, of course.

Working with our emotional state is critical.

I’ll tell you what, Stephan. I’ve been asked that many times, and I’ve also been asked to take calls and all this. I don’t do public readings. I’ll tell you why. There’s such intimate, personal information in your energy that I would perceive that I don’t think you’d want the world hearing that, number one. And number two, it goes outside the ethical scope. It’s like how doctors and patients have confidentiality. I feel the same way about medical intuition. It needs to be confidential.

I wrote a lot of case studies in my book with permission from folks. They signed off on it, they got to see how I was talking about it, and they wanted the world to know. So only with that level of permission can we say that I share anything.

That’s fine. I have medical intuitive abilities myself, so I can tune in. But the next thing I’m curious about is what are some of the case studies from your book that jump out of you, ones that you’d want to talk about in this episode?

There are two that I generally talk about. The one that helps people understand this skill set and how they are physically and emotionally connected is a woman who came to my practice some years ago. She had something that nobody would consider life-threatening; it wasn’t. It’s tendonitis in her wrist, but it was annoying to her. It had gone on for about a month. She tried everything, and nothing was working. She asked me to look at it, and I saw some really interesting things for her, which point out how this process works.

What I do when I look at the body is I’m going to look at the physical body. For me, it’s like looking at an MRI, except in color. In many cases, it’s very detailed. I can see down to the cellular level. When I looked at her wrist, what I saw was this inflamed tendon, and I saw underneath it a little fracture that had healed in her wrist bone. 

Again, I didn’t preface this. She had this issue for a month, and none of the interventions have been working for her. That’s why she called me. When I looked at that, I saw all the physical stuff. I could see that, but the bone fracture was curious to me. At this point, I asked to see more about what I was looking at.

Medical intuition needs to be confidential.

What I saw there was a little movie about her life. What I saw was 20 years prior—she was about 40—so when she was in her 20s, she was playing tennis with her boyfriend. She swung her racquet to hit the ball, and she tripped and fell and broke her wrist. That bone scar I saw there, that bone fracture that had healed.

I asked her body what this meant, and it showed me another scene of her in the hospital, in the ER, with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend broke up with her right there in the ER. It’s so cold. It’s not cool at all. What happened to her body, mind, and spirit at that moment was the wrist itself held on to this physical imprint of the fracture, the physical pain of the fracture, mixed up with the emotional pain of the break-up right there in that instant.

I was telling her all of this, and she said, “Oh, I remember that.” Then she said, “Oh my goodness.” She had one of those big light bulbs that came on, and she said, “I just broke up with my current partner about a month prior, just before the tendonitis flared up.” For her body, all of this unresolved emotional pain manifested in this physical expression of tendonitis. I saw it, and she corroborated what I saw at the moment, which was really neat, and that was a big lightbulb for her.

Now, there was more, though, which is fascinating about this. Her wrist had more to show me. What her wrist showed me was an image of her at about age five, holding that wrist for protection up in front of her face and a cane striking her. She was in a dark and closed space. I could see it looked like a closet. She’s being beaten with a cane, and she was holding her wrist up for protection.

As I was saying this, she said, “I know what this is.” Her mother was mentally ill, and she used to beat her with a cane and lock her in a closet in the hallway. That was an early life trauma for her that also had to do with the fact that that wrist was holding onto physical and emotional trauma for most of her life. So that wrist has so much to show in terms of why it flared up that way.

This is about it, Stephan. You think about early life trauma that she was aware of, later life experiences that she had forgotten, and in the present moment, break up with a partner and tendonitis in that same part of her body. That’s fascinating.

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

It’s all connected. From a spiritual level, it seems to me that—this is just my guess—maybe she was a bit cold in the way she broke up with her boyfriend the month prior, which is a little bit of ‘what goes around, comes around’ lesson for her in the law of cause and effect.

Actually, her partner broke up with her.

Oh, I thought you said that she broke up with her partner a month earlier.

There was a break-up. I’m sorry if I said that wrong. In the way she told me what happened, her partner broke up with her, which triggered that earlier when the boyfriend broke up. But regardless, it’s not like the wheel of karma so much, one-to-one cause and effect. It’s more like how the body, mind, and spirit, I’m going to use the word metabolizes, not how we use it physically but energetically, metabolizes trauma. It’s never about blame or fault. It’s more about the awareness that needs to come to the surface.

Dr. Dean Ornish said something that I think is so right. He said awareness is the first step in healing. That is the most important thing we can remember. When we are out of balance emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, healing is asked for. What is healing? It happens on all of those levels. That particular instance for her was incredibly valuable because she made that connection when we told you what happened to her. 

The next step that I do as a medical intuitive is to ask the body what it wants and what it needs. There are some things in there. She wasn’t sleeping well. Her gut was a little imbalanced. Mostly, what it was showing me was that there was an emotional need that needed to be dealt with. 

She called me two days later, and she said the pain was gone. It was like she never had it. The wrist was completely healed. She said what was most important to read, and that was miraculous. Even more important to her was that she could start to process the emotions of this painful break-up because she was holding it in. She was not getting deeply into it and experiencing it. Hearing from her body where all of this was being held in her past allowed her to open that door. That was a freeing experience for her, and the wrist was able to heal. Isn’t that interesting?

Amazing. You mentioned out of balance a few times in this episode. What occurs to me or pops in my mind when you say that is the movie Koyaanisqatsi, which is a Hopi Indian word for life out of balance. Have you seen that movie?

Yes. It was a harbinger of things to come, that movie.

What comes to mind when you hear that word, Koyaanisqatsi, or what message might you want to impart to your listener or viewer about out-of-balance?

Balance is hard to come by in our modern world. We are no longer the peaceful agrarians of history. We live in a very fast-paced, intense world. If you are an entrepreneur or even just living life, it’s challenging on every level. And finding time for self-care is a challenge for everybody on some level. 

We need to learn to build it in. We need to learn to take care of our physical organism, our spiritual being, our emotional being, and our mental healthcare as well. We need to expand that out to our friends and family, understanding how those relationships work, nurturing them, taking care of them, leaving them if they don’t work, that kind of thing. That’s all self-care.

That kind of self-care has an awesome ripple effect on your life and those around you. People say they start living differently when they start paying attention to their self-care. They start living more consciously, and they start living their lives that way.

In my trajectory, I’m like, “What can I do to help that planet? What can I do to help people?” You start becoming more outward-focused when taking care of that inward focus first. Does that make sense?

Yeah. You got to put your own oxygen mask on first, right?

Finding time for self-care is a challenge for everybody on some level. We need to learn to build it in.

There you go. And some of us don’t even know there’s an oxygen mask you can put on.

In the ethereal realm, you just have to reach out and pull it down.

We make it sound so simple. Most people have trouble with this, and almost every one of my clients. This is why people come to intuitive at all. “What am I missing? What’s the missing piece here?” We want to be able to see it so we can integrate it.

Here’s a concept I’d love to hear your take on. I learned this from Kabbalah. Actually, the guest I just interviewed a few hours ago mentioned it. It was just in passing. He doesn’t even study Kabbalah, as far as I know. It’s this idea that we rent our bodies from God.

That’s gorgeous.

It’s not our body. It’s God’s, and we’re renting it. Another thing, too, about this that is quite interesting is that our soul is bigger than our body. It’s not that our soul is inside our body. It’s our body that is inside our soul.

Spiritually, you’re speaking my language there because that’s the way we connect to do the work of intuition. We connect on a soul level, you could say on a spiritual level. And that’s beautiful.

I have to tell you, it’s so much fun. My experience of what you’re talking about that connection is pure joy, pure fun, and, in many cases, hilarity. It’s just joy. People talk about that in all different ways.

What would be a way for somebody to feel animosity towards God or the infinite? They’re frustrated, they’re angry, they feel resentful because they’re going through some sort of physical ailment, they have chronic pain or disease, and they don’t feel that joy. They don’t think this is hilarious at all. They think this is unjust and downright evil. What would you tell somebody like that?

I work with a lot of people who are going through some physically heavy stuff. There’s always information from their own connection, their higher self, or whatever you want to call that. There’s always information from their guidance about the what, the why, and the how. In my world, that is critical information for releasing resentment, releasing anger, releasing bitterness, and whatever’s going on, that feeling of unjustness. 

People ask me, “Can people get ill out of the blue?” My answer to that is I’ve never seen it. It might happen, but I’ve never seen it. When I look, I see connections. Those connections are informational for people to use, and that information is profound because it’s so personal.

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I’ve worked with people who are terminal, who know they are dying and are making their peace with it. You would think that would be the most painful, awful place to be. And it can be, but it can also be incredibly profound because there’s so much to understand about life, about the life we’re living in. As you say, we’re renting our body—what is that wonderful phrase? We’re spirits in the material world. We’re souls having a human experience.

That’s the point of view of a medical intuitive for one. That’s a spiritual point of view. “What is it that I’m supposed to learn here?” That is the life lesson part. “What am I supposed to learn? What is this about?” 

There’s so much richness in that. It’s so valuable to us. People have to go through what they go through to get there. I’m sure you’ve interviewed people who had near-death experiences on your show.

Yes. Dr. Eben Alexander, for example.

Wonderful. There are so many stories. There is so much information out there, even vetted peer-reviewed research on this topic. It’s not a topic I’m an expert in at all. I look to those experts who say, “What do we need to know about this?” 

And in every case, we have a broader consciousness. We are part of a whole. What does that mean to us in our physical body when we’re going through something physical, and there’s a big imbalance going on, and you want to know?

I’ll tell you what it is, and I love that you’re asking these questions. You’re helping me. Most interviewers don’t, Stephan, so you know that. Talking about the spiritual side of this, we want to know that. We want to know that there’s more information, that there’s a purpose for our life. There’s a purpose for our being. 

What is that purpose? That purpose is to love and forgive ourselves and others. Love others, forgive others. Find that place of peace within ourselves. That can be heavy lifting when you’re dealing with something. But it’s also part of the reason for being a human, put it that way.

It’s one of the key lessons for Earth school.

There you go. I like that.

Love and forgive others. Find inner peace by letting go of past hurts.

By the way, that quote I believe is, “We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.” It was Wayne Dyer.

And I think there was a French philosopher who also said something like that.

Could be. He’s probably not the first person who said that.

I think people are saying that back to the Greek philosophers in ancient and beyond. It’s something that this idea of human spirituality and what it means, of course, is ancient. It’s what we are. That got lost over the years, but we’re here again.

I’m curious to hear your take on some of the more ‘out there’ ideas around why something is showing up in one’s physicality. I’ll give you a couple of examples, like negative energetic implants or an alien abduction. What’s your response to that? Do you take that at face value when somebody tells you that they were an abductee? Can you see that in your visions when connecting to somebody’s body and energy?

Everybody is at face value because our experiences are our experiences. Who am I to say it’s not? Goodness gracious, I never would do that. Have I worked with people who have had extra-terrestrial connections or alien experiences? Years ago, when I first started this work.

I’ll tell people what I see, but here’s what I want to impart. It will sound a little weird, so let me see how I can phrase it. Regardless of the issue, whether it comes from that perspective or any other, there’s still information from guidance, from their physical bodies as well, as to why that happened in the first place. It’s less about the issue. It’s more about the why and how. How can you shift this energy if you don’t want to be playing in it?

Traditionally, with psychics, people say, “When am I going to find my true love? When am I going to find my perfect job?” And all those great questions.

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What are the winning lottery numbers?

Exactly. The answer for me—years ago, I was a practicing psychic as well—I’m like, “Well, let’s look at that. That’s an interesting thing to look at.” It was about the physical body. It was about all that other stuff. I would say, “Well, let’s look at why you want that. What’s in the way of that happening for you?”

What I love about the whole love attraction work that’s been brought forward over the last couple of decades is it speaks to that. It’s not about the thing. It’s about the lack of things. It’s not about the experience with extraterrestrials. It’s about why that happened in the first place and what they learn about that. It’s not about the perfect job. It’s about what you want and what the blocks are to receive.

That’s a perspective that we mostly don’t have in the world. Most people are like, “I want this, and this is why. Or I don’t want this, and this is why.” But what about why it manifested in the first place? That’s where I go. To me, that’s the underlying root cause. In healthcare, it’s what’s the body, from the body’s perspective. In every other part of life, it’s what is generating that imbalance.

What is an example of an underlying root cause, like a spiritual root cause, that was quite surprising? Maybe a case study in your book that comes to mind, where once you dug into the root cause, really surprised you, surprised your client/patient.

I have clients, not patients, but I’m a health coach as well, still in the client zone. But I’ll give you an example of a young man, and all of this is from the medical intuitive perspective, so it’s the body’s imbalance we’re looking to see information through. This is in the book. 

Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher

A gentleman named Robert was having many gut health issues, and he couldn’t find any help in conventional medicine. It was a real pain point for him. He felt it was interfering with his life. It was interfering with his life. 

When I looked into his energy, there was a lot of information physically, but because you’re asking about the non-physical root cause, everything had to do with a couple of instances in his young life.

I went down a life history with him. At the root of it, he was three months old, and his mother got ill. She had some kind of infectious illness, so he had to be separated from his mother for about two weeks. That experience for him was traumatic at that age, and that trauma carried forward through other instances in his life until the present moment.

Now, in his life in the present moment, his mother had died sometime before, adding distance from him. That experience of him not being with his mother when she was dying and in early life when she was very ill had this cumulative effect that caused a gut imbalance that was not changing no matter what he did. 

The spiritual root cause for him was separation from everything. When we’re children, our mother is all. We are born in our mother’s bodies at three months old. Mother is life. Mother actually brings life. For him, that was a spiritual connection that he had with his mother’s whole life that replayed itself later in life with her loss. It physically manifested in this very debilitating gut health issue.

That surprised him. It’s surprising for me after 20 years of doing this work—nothing really surprised me—but it’s always fascinating to look at. It made sense to him. He understood it. 

The element of surprise is often there in these medical intuitive sessions. The same with that first client I told you about. She remembered. She had a memory of these things. He didn’t remember the early life experience. That can be a surprise, but the connection is always a bit surprising because we don’t think logically. Logically, our mind doesn’t make those connections. Our spirit, our energy, and our bodies make those connections.

Amazing stuff. I’m sad we have to wrap up the interview. We’re already in an hour. If our listener or viewer wants to work with you privately, I guess you still take on private clients, correct?

I do, yes. Absolutely.

Our mind doesn’t make those connections. Our spirit, our energy, and our bodies make those connections.

How do they get in touch? What fees do you charge? How does it work?

You go to the website, which is There are all kinds of information on there. There is information about the medical intuitive training program for wellness professionals. There’s information about the medical intuition for healing and self-care, which is open to everyone. 

There’s information about my services, and you can get a 60- or 30-minute session about our graduates, about what we offer, more about medical intuition, about the book. There’s a lot there.

Some guided meditations are free, and I recommend people listen to them. They’re about grounding, protecting your energy, and working with your energy in a really helpful way. A lot of good stuff there.

Awesome. Now, if someone is not a medical professional, they’re not in the wellness industry, can they still take you? Is it an in-person course?

The medical intuitive training is a live, online program. It’s taught in a Zoom environment. We have people from all over the world. It’s a wonderful program. 

There are a lot of people who want to learn this skill but do not necessarily match our prerequisites. However, we encourage people to think about using medical intuition in the context of healthcare. What does that mean? That could be nutritional counseling. There’s a lot of need for that. That could be health and wellness coaching. There’s a lot of need for that. Fitness training, things like that. Yoga. 

We encourage people who want to become medical intuitive and train with me to think about getting a certification and some professional practice in things like health coaching. Health coaching is a phenomenal field, a brand new field, and it’s a good doorway into this work. It’s also taken seriously by the healthcare industry, which is nice. That’s one option. There are several.

Awesome. And again, your website is What’s your most popular or most frequent social platform that you’re on?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much, Wendie. This was fabulous and very inspiring. You’re doing God’s work out there in the world. Keep it up.

Thank you so much, Stephan—absolutely a pleasure.

Thank you, and thank you, listener. Thank you for your open-mindedness and your willingness to suspend disbelief. We’ll catch you on our next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Learn more about medical intuition and healing. Recognize medical intuition as a powerful adjunct to mainstream healthcare. It’s a way to check in with my body on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

?Listen to my body’s wisdom. Communicate with my body to understand what it needs and make better decisions for my well-being.

?Utilize meditation for intuitive development. Engage in a meditation practice that helps me feel centered and connected to my body, spirit, and breath.

?Explore how my emotions can be connected to physical imbalances. My feelings, early-life traumas, and unresolved issues can manifest as physical ailments.

?Practice confidentiality. When conducting energy readings or medical intuition assessments, respect the privacy of the individuals involved. Public readings can be inappropriate and breach ethical boundaries.

?Prioritize self-awareness as the first step in my healing. When I’m out of balance emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually, I should view it as an opportunity for overall healing.

?Release my suppressed emotions. Physical ailments can result from emotional blockage. Promote my healing through truly experiencing my emotions.

?Find the root causes of my physical and emotional issues. Recognize why my issues manifested.

?Explore holistic health approaches to address my physical and spiritual challenges. Holistic healing can offer me valuable insights into the causes of my emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.

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