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By: Stephan Spencer


Lazo Freeman
“Your consciousness is always there, and it’s a part of you. It’s just that you’re not aware of it.”
Lazo Freeman

How do you go from legendary bodybuilder to spiritual mystic? All it takes is a profound experience of awakening, which is exactly what happened to Lazo Freeman.

Lazo has been a world-renowned body transformation coach and a champion bodybuilder. He founded Body Transformation Academy which won best innovation in mindset wellbeing by the UK government in 2017 and Influential Gentlemen a personal development program for men. Lazo experienced a major health setback which thankfully led to a healing that was nothing short of miraculous. He then embarked on a full-blown spiritual quest studying with master yogis, indigenous elders, Dr Joe Dispenza, and other luminaries. Lazo’s healing work has already touched the lives of thousands, and he’s just getting warmed up.

If Lazo’s name sounds familiar to you my diehard listener, it might be because he was one of my first guests, episode #5. A lot has happened in the six years between that interview and now. Trust me, Lazo’s story is worth listening to.

In this episode Lazo and I talk about the wisdom of indigenous tribes, the nature of reality, meditation, soul purpose, hope and liberation. And so much more! Let’s get this party started!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest, Lazo Freeman, who has been a body transformation coach and a champion bodybuilder, ran two businesses, Body transformation academy and Influential Gentlemen.
  • [01:56]Lazo shares about the magical events that transformed him from bodybuilding to talking about spiritual epiphanies and transformations.
  • [07:04]Stephan is curious to know Lazo’s experience of seeing, feeling or sensing that embodied him while his knee was being worked on.
  • [10:13]Lazo shares how he got done with his previous bodybuilding business, stopped bodybuilding on stage, followed his heart and discovered something new.
  • [12:54]Stephan remembers his big spiritual awakening that shifted his business and energy.
  • [18:55]Lazo and Stephan share their thoughts about the levels of ascension.
  • [22:55]Lazo explains the importance of tuning yourself in is key to any spiritual growth.
  • [26:34]Stephan shares about the moment he realized he was never disconnected from God.
  • [33:18]Lazo elaborates that because of noise, people find it difficult to meditate and shares ways on how to clear it out.
  • [40:29]Stephan muses that COVID isn’t about a ‘clean-up’ but a ‘wake-up.’ He sees it as the awakening of humanity, and it is more contagious than COVID 19.
  • [42:20]Stephan explains his perception of the Truman Show and the parable of a fish in the fish tank and correlates it with life, divine timing and providence.
  • [45:17]Stephan and Lazo discuss awakening, epiphany, and transformation, which can open doors and experience miracles.
  • [55:19]Stephan talks about surrendering with humility and positive expectancy, timing is divine, and things will happen if it’s meant to be.
  • [56:15]Email Lazo Freeman at to learn more about him and join his training to bring specific energies into your system, whether it’s the divine will, forgiveness or compassion.

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Lazo, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

Thank you, Stephan. It’s so good to see you. I’m so happy to be on Get Yourself Optimized and having a different type of conversation from workouts to “workins.”

Yes. It was a while ago that you were on this podcast talking about how to build your body, now we’re going to talk about spiritual epiphanies and transformations. I’m excited for that because I’ve seen your evolution these last few years and it is miraculous. It’s beautiful. I love for us to start our conversation by talking about what happened? What was that mystical magical event that turned you on to a different path?

It’s a great place to start. To this day, I’m still pinching myself that it really happened, how did it happen. There are still questions to be answered, but I feel that situation has really propelled me in a new direction that I wasn’t looking for on some level. 

My religion back then was science; everything needs to be explained rationally.

When I was working as a body transformation coach, I had my Academy, had a bunch of students, and I was really into entrepreneurship, hustling, and working hard. I just want to let the audience know that I was delving into anything esoteric. Mysticism was so far away from my own perception. People who are into any of that I thought were wacky, I thought they were hippies, I had nothing to do with it.

I was very into materialistic wellness, just to say, in terms of logic, science, and reason. My father is an engineer. My religion back then was science, everything needs to be explained rationally. Something happened to me that wasn’t rational, it just wasn’t rational. I basically tore my ACL. I tore my meniscus, my knee, and I’m supposed to get an operation like you’re supposed to get an operation. 

For somebody who loves fitness, who loves training, I couldn’t walk, bro. I just couldn’t walk. Maybe after a month or so I will just twist slightly and my knee will pop up on the floor two weeks back in bed. It was a very depressing time in my life, like super depressing. 

Anyway, I just remember Dr. Joe, we were friends back in the day. He didn’t really have any method yet, he just had concepts, and so I decided to read his new book, You Are the Placebo. This guy heals himself. Another person heals himself and another person heals himself. I’m like, wait, if this is true, let me give it a go. 

I started doing that practice that he prescribes. Just a caveat, I was very stressed out with business. Running my own business was really stressful so I had all this stress in my system continuously. Meditation will remove the stress. 

Running my own business was stressful, so I had all this stress in my system.

Anyway, the practice that Dr. Joe kind of really goes into the unknown. Things can happen to the unknown. As soon as we think it’s going to happen the way we want it, it’s not it, it is something unexpected. 

I did his practice for two months, three months, and won’t stop. Worst case scenario, I can always do surgery. That’s how I saw it, the worst case, go back. I happen to be in a teepee with some shamans working at a ceremony. Lo and behold, these beings came down and did surgery on my knee. I had never had that experience in my entire life. I never knew there were such things out there and it was a deep experience. I fell back. It felt timeless, completely time was gone in another dimension and these beings were doing work on my knee. 

When it finished the prayer, before, when I was walking, like, I didn’t have a knee. My left leg was always compensating. After that moment, instantaneously, when I got back up, I stood up, it was like I have a knee. It’s back. I was like, no, it can’t be it. It was a very deep healing, but it really was a deep healing. My father, my own father, was the actual energy that attracted me. It’s humbleness, put your knee down to the father. 

When I awoke from the whole experience, Stephan, I was like, I don’t know what’s going on, bro. What is that? You know when you’re a kid, you grow up, you can’t wait to be an adult to know what’s going on, and you think everybody knows what’s going on? Well, I felt like that again. I’m like, nobody knows what’s going on. What is really happening here?

That was kind of my, let’s say, impetus to really go forward to discovering more about the nature of reality, who we are, what we are capable of, and learning from indigenous elders from all over the world, yogi practices, and just people like strangers. They’re just there. That was the journey. To this day, I’m thankful for the experience, and I’ve seen many more similar experiences happen throughout my journey since then.

That is amazing. Tell me what was the experience of seeing, feeling, or sensing however you were able to perceive these beings working on your knee? Because it sounds like you were able to perceive them since you knew there was more than one. Just very curious to hear what that was like. 

Your consciousness is always there, and it's a part of you. It's just that you're not aware of it. Click To Tweet

On some level, it was very unfamiliar, but on another level, it felt normal. From the Lazo Freeman personally, up to that day, it felt like crazy, but from another part of myself, it felt like this is how it’s always been, that they’re always there. They have been around for a long time because it’s deep and ancient. 

There was that dichotomy of those two feelings that will be embodied in my being at that time. After the shock of it, I guess I really started to take my practices seriously like meditations, prayer, and yoga to have a similar type of experience. Not really looking for it and having a dialogue with this energy that’s around, which means to elevate one’s consciousness, that’s all it is. 

My consciousness was at some level to be able to experience that. It doesn’t mean that they’re not there, they’re always there. It’s just that we’re not aware of it. It’s a lack of awareness. I guess to answer that question properly, Stephan, it felt familiar yet it didn’t. It just felt familiar. They’re friends, old friends. You really know them, but Lazo Freeman doesn’t know them. But there’s a part of me that’s like, I know you guys.

Yeah, and did you get the sense that they’re angels or they were some sort of other beings?

I don’t know. I can’t say. It was just very intelligent, super wise, and super loving. It could be angels. I don’t have a name to say who, what, or where they came from exactly. I don’t know. I didn’t get to that point to even ask. I just felt the love for this, wow, you guys are just awesome.

You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Very cool. Do you have conversations with beings that are non-physical, or do you just get a sense of things that are happening over there?

At times, if there are certain sacred songs that invoke certain qualities of these types of beings that help to open up. My teachers of spirituality, it’s really the respect you have to go ahead with speaking to these energies. If I’m not there, my respect, my sacredness, I don’t ask or I don’t speak. If I’m really there deeply, I ask permission, then I will have a conversation, I’ll get some answers, or it’ll direct me or show me a way to help serve myself and others. 

What happened to your business, to your bodybuilding, and all the stuff that you had been focused on? Did it fall apart? Did it grow exponentially? How did this affect the 3D world that you were in?

I had the experience, and I had a huge event in the London School of Economics just around the corner from here, where we had a hundred people or so. I remember being on stage at this two-day workshop and knowing this isn’t it. But I gave them everything I had and made sure they had the greatest experience, but I knew at that moment, I’m done with this.

I need to go discover more of who I am and what it is to be a human being. I’ve been carrying so many masks and so many layers, so for me to continue on a business road, which is nothing wrong, I would feel inauthentic to not be able to discover this in this lifetime. 

I basically went to a temple. The conversation was simply following your heart. What’s your heart telling you? My heart is telling me to go into the unknown and discover something new, which was hard to do because now you feel like all the attachments, this identity. I am Lazo Freeman, I have this business. I have ideas. These are all just possessions that we identify ourselves with. It’s tough, but I decided to let it go.

Yeah, and what happened with your whole bodybuilding routine? Did you set that aside? Are you still hitting the gym all the time?

No, I feel like I take it to an activity of level, bodybuilding on stage, on a certain level, and it is so much work, Stephan. It’s just unnecessary work. It’s not a life. Not that I still don’t train, I still do physical activities. But I took the path of yoga more. I became a Kundalini yoga instructor. We’ve taken that further, started discovering what yoga can do in terms of understanding the body. Much more fluid in taking care of my physical body. 

To this day, I’m thankful for the experience, and I’ve seen many more similar experiences happen throughout my journey since then.

I became a vegetarian instantly. I just dropped from somebody who loved meat and love this just instantly just dropped away, not looking back, which is strange. It fell off like when you have a high desire towards something, all the other things, you don’t need willpower, it just falls off. It just fell off. All these things just fell off. It wasn’t a big deal to me. It’s like I’m ready for this change.

I had something happen to me along those lines this year when I had the big spiritual awakening on January 22. I’ve told you this story, but it was a while ago, early this year, and I’ve told many of our listeners too. Apologies if you’ve already heard it, but I’ll give the very brief version.

I prayed to God on January 22 for a job, and it might sound weird because I have a successful business. I’m an SEO consultant, expert, and author. My whole 3D world identity is around internet marketing. Why would I pray for a job? Well, I asked for a job because there is an interview I did back in November with Sheila Gillette and she channels 12 Archangels. They go by the name of Theo collectively, and she’s the real deal, no doubt, 100%. 

I watched a video in preparation for this interview of her talking about her near-death experience in 1969. She was on her deathbed after childbirth. It was an embolism and she was on her way out. She prayed to God, ‘please let me raise my kids, let me stay on this planet. Please just give me a job. I’ll do anything, just give me a job.’ 

I wanted a job and I didn’t want the near-death experience. I wanted the job without the near-death experience. It took me a few months, but then I was inspired one night to pray for this and it was instant. It was like the veil was lifted, or at least thinned because I can’t see it.

I can see the Matrix. I can see how this is more like a simulation, or more like the movie, The Truman Show, than it is the physical reality we thought it was, and so much more. I started getting messages, not that I hadn’t gotten messages before, but I was clueless to them so I didn’t notice anything.

You can tap into many different types of memories; past, present, or future. Furthermore, you can have access to different people telepathically; you just forgot how to use this beautiful technology in your system.

Like you said, Lazo, these were old friends, beings who had been with you for a very long time—lifetime, eternity, right? These are ancient timeless beings that were timeless. I just was so over the moon. I knew that if I didn’t get some sort of grounding from a spiritual coach that I would sound like a fruit loop and everyone would dismiss me as gone off the deep end.

My wife, Orion, was asleep. I didn’t want to wake her and I just was so excited. I’m like, okay, I need to know who to hire as my coach. I pick up my phone, I swipe down to do a search on my phone, or I don’t know exactly what I was doing. I just remember swiping down and one of the people who came to mind a minute before was my first Kabbalah teacher six years ago—an amazing guy. 

This is not somebody that I was in constant contact with. This is somebody who I hadn’t been in contact with for a while. That was my sign. Here’s your sign, as Jeff Foxworthy would say, if you’re familiar with his comedy skit. That was my sign and I’m like, okay, got it. I need to hire him and I’ve been working with them every week ever since. It’s been very helpful. Helped me to know how to calibrate, when to share, and when not to share because oversharing will make you look like a fruit loop to people. 

Then there are times where you take that leap of faith and you know that you need to go into an area that you’ve never gone into with a person. Some sort of investor, client, or business professional that you’ve never dared veer off topic with and you’re like, okay, I need to tell you something that’s going to sound a little maybe out there. Then that was the thing I needed to hear, thank you so much. 

The conversation was simply following your heart. What’s your heart telling you?

It’s a fun ride. It’s definitely discombobulating. To your point, it just shifts everything around, stuff falls away. I needed to ground back into the 3D a bit more because I got a little lost up in the clouds and I wasn’t paying enough attention to my business.

I’m back in my business, making sure that clients are happy, and that leads are continuing to come through, and so forth. The business has shifted. The energy has shifted, things are happening, not just for me. You know how Tony Robbins is famous for saying “Life happens not to you but for you,” and I’m sure he heard that from somewhere else. Well, there’s another level and that’s life also happens by you. 

You got life happens to you at the base level, life happens for you, that’s a much higher level and that’s amazing because life really does happen for you. We do live in a friendly universe. Then that next level is life happens by you, when you are in the pilot’s seat, you’re in the cockpit. This universe that you’re occupying is your universe. In the multiverse, there are a very large number of parallel universes and this one is yours. This is your Truman Show, if you’re familiar with that movie.

Yeah. I love that. To you, for you, by you. It’s like the Jacob’s Ladder. It’s like what Kabbalah teaches, as you said. These levels of ascension of, let’s say, play this game well. To play this game well, from my experience, I can only talk from my experience, I’m not a teacher. I help people guide. Guide the people, that’s what I’m good at. I can just guide them to a certain destination if they want to go there. I never tell people what they should still do, it’s not my business. What I realize is, especially spiritual work because the spiritual ego is very quick to develop. It’s a bigger ego than any other ego. 

Oh, it sure is. 

It is huge. It’s really huge. I’m so glad I got great friends who just keep me in check. Thank you to all of them. As we ascend, it’s almost like the more we ascend to that level of by you, it’s the humbleness that needs to be really there. Humbleness to it because without it, the pull is strong too by you. 

The more you elevate and ascend, the more you attract the attention of let’s just say negative entities that can draw energy off of you by kicking you off of the wagon or gently nudging you off the wagon. You’re like, okay, I had a really great day, and then it all went to hell because I had a fight with my significant other. Then the energy that you release to the negative entities that might have been feeding off of you is huge in comparison to somebody who’s, let’s just say, unawakened. There’s not much juice there.

Keep yourself in check.

This is a person who’s just a curmudgeon in life, the entities aren’t getting much off of that person. You need to up your game as you get elevated in your consciousness. It’s so important, and humility is key. Spiritual ego is such a thing. 

Here’s something that I learned that really is profound. I don’t know if this comes from Kabbalah exactly or where, but it’s important to remember where we come from and yes, we are divine. We have the spark of God in us and that’s beautiful, and we also come from a drop of sperm. 

If you’re feeling a little too heavy and full yourself, just remember, you came from a drop of sperm. When you’re feeling a little low like, wow, am I even worthy for all this abundance? Remember, you are divine. 

Just to keep yourself in check. 

It’s the balancing act between those two ends of the spectrum, and whichever one feels like the thing that you need to remember at that moment. Because this thing about being aware is not just being aware. It’s being aware that you are aware. It’s very meta. You have to be aware of your awareness, conscious of your consciousness. You have to be, as Wayne Dyer said, “‘A spiritual being having a human existence because that’s the real reality, not a human being having a spiritual existence.

Having that understanding that we are here to do something, or we’re here to experience something, and to keep it in check is key to any spiritual growth. That’s what I help people with is various practices to keep people in their center to tune yourself in. We are instruments of consciousness. This is like a guitar string. Each energy center, whatever you want to call them, chakras, they’re strings of a guitar.

Understanding that you're here to do something or experience something and keep it in check is the key to any spiritual growth. Click To Tweet

When we tune them in, then we know how we sound tuned, and we need to get used to that. It’s like, how do we sound tune inside of ourselves? Then when we hang out with someone, we go to a certain environment, we literally feel in tune. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s great. They can start to tell you what’s really happening in that environment so the awareness becomes stronger of what’s being pulled or what’s being taught. 

That tuning in yourself, that daily practice—whatever it is we have—is so vital to keep ourselves centered. It’s so vital to know who we really are in terms of our signature that we are bringing something unique, and then how to share that with someone else. 

The spiritual practices that we have, whichever we choose to cultivate, I find anything that brings balance in the first place, anything that fires our center, great. Then it is easier to be like, what am I aware of? Then we’ll use that metacognition, aware of your awareness like who’s doing the listening, who’s actually listening. Who’s talking and who’s actually listening so we can start becoming that witness consciousness to circuit open our sphere of awareness and sphere of influence to a larger degree to be like okay, maybe today’s not a good day to do whatever it is, or maybe it’s a great day, and to allow that to come in. 

Without tuning in, it’s very difficult. It’s a tough gig. I’ve tried doing no practices for a week, my life just whooshed instantly because it’s got nothing to do with the outside world. It’s all to do with the inner world. Like you said, we come from sperm, but at the same time, we have the divine spark. It’s a beautiful way of bringing us back to the center, that thought. 

I’m looking forward to what the future brings, even though I feel like there’s going to be a lot of chaos before this birthing process that’s happening.

Another thought I love is from Michael Singer. It took 13.8 billion years for you and I to have this conversation right here right now. So whenever I’m in a situation or a problem, like wait, I’m not controlling anything. It’s so liberating to know that you’re not actually controlling much. It’s like, great, I can let go. The awareness can be watching to see how I can be of use and how I can be of service. 

These kinds of caveats or these threads because it might need something. We need to give it something to do. Otherwise, it will go into its craziness quite easily. Those kinds of threads kind of just keep us in, let’s say, check. I feel like we are at the precipice of birthing a new humanity. We are on the precipice on what it is to be a wonderful human being, and what is that? Even though we have created the phone that has all our memories and you can speak to anybody, but this is the technology. We actually have it, we just forgot how to use it. 

We can tap into many different types of memories; past, present, or future. We can have access to all sorts of different people telepathically, it’s there. We just forgot how to use this beautiful technology that’s in our system. I’m looking forward to what the future brings, even though I feel like there’s going to be a lot of chaos before this birthing process that’s happening. 

It gets me excited to know my dear friend, whom I’ve known for 10 years, is into Kabbalah, doing his work, and he’s got a spiritual coach. How cool is that? But 10 years ago, you and I with a spiritual coach? Get out of here.

I know. Ten years ago, I didn’t even believe in God. 

Me too. I believe in Science. It’s kind of scary. 

But it happened. Divine timing, divine guidance, and everything was there through the whole thing because even though I felt disconnected, I never was disconnected. Angels came in and saved my bacon when I fell asleep behind the wheel in my early 20s driving eight hours, veered off the road, going 65 miles an hour, hit a lampost, and walked away without a scratch. 

Now I know how that happens, but I didn’t at the time. I just thought wow, that was lucky. There was no luck involved at all. Angels came in and made this kind of geodesic dome of energy protecting me and everything else crumpled around me. My car was totaled. I was pulling a U-Haul trailer and the car spun out with the trailer attached back. There are plenty of times where we’ll have that kind of intervention because it’s needed, otherwise we’d be dead and it wasn’t our time.

To listen is the first step. Then, to follow the instructions, just follow and see where it goes and not be attached… like surrender.

Other than that, we got to ask for guidance. We got to ask for assistance. We’ll get the intuitive hits and so forth, but if we want divine assistance, we got to ask for it. The angels are ready and waiting, but they’re not going to interfere with our free will.

For those who are socially received by the Bible, it took me a while to get to that place to ask. At that time, it’s that lack of worthiness or not good enough. These beliefs that are given to us through our upbringing or passed down where it comes from, clearly there now. I find that when I’m working with clients, they’re just beginning the path. I find it very hard to ask at the idea of asking, I don’t know if I deserve that. Which is interesting because what I deeply notice, with just the people I’ve worked with so far, is that the majority, everybody’s relationship or everybody’s problem, when it comes down to it, is that relationship with the sacred side of themselves, whatever the label.

God created intelligence. Everyone’s problem really comes down to that. Our first gods are mom and dad. As kids, we have that. So when we heal those relationships with mom and dad, we actually heal the relationship with the Holy Mother, the Holy Father. We start with healing relationships with our siblings, friends, or wherever it is, we are actually healing ourselves from the Creator. There is this kind of fractal energy.

I always say, healing is just expanding one’s consciousness. It’s dense energy that’s trapped in a system that hasn’t been released. That’s all it is. That dense energy is fuel for creation, whatever it is. It’s great. So the more crap we have, the more we can actually create. It’s just unfortunately, human beings are just so attached to their crap and suffering. They don’t know how to let go of it. It’s just stuck there. It creates that reality where they don’t have that conversation with the Creator. 

The Mayan elders say we don’t talk about God, we talk with God. That’s a personal thing. That’s always very personal. I am bullheaded on what I should be like, but to not have that, I don’t remember, I didn’t have it. It’s tough. Life is a lot more lonely. It’s a lonely place. It’s very easy to get into that manipulation mode or envy. All those energies are just vibrant without that relationship. I hope that everybody who’s listening gives themselves permission to ask.

It’s direct communication. It’s a dialogue with God. When we go through intermediaries, whether it’s a guru, a medium, a priest, a rabbi, or whoever it is, that’s our way of getting guidance. The problem with that is you are essentially going to a false god and idol. You’re idol worshiping. I learned that in Kabbalah that you’re communicating directly with God then the miracles happen and God’s sending angels, ascended masters, or whoever to assist you on your journey, but it’s about the direct relationship. It’s not just about talking to God, it was about listening to God too.

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People who aren’t into this think that I’ve never heard God speak. I don’t have a burning bush in my backyard. What are you talking about? It’s subtle. It’s subtle because that’s how it works. It’s meant to be subtle. When you are tuning in to what God is telling you, it could be in the form of an intuitive hit. It could be in the form of just a deep knowing or in the form of some coincidence that isn’t coincidental, a synchronicity. 

It could be in the form of a sign that something is unusual or essentially placed there, like you keep getting feathers all the time as you’re going on walks, or you keep getting pennies in your path all the time. These are ways that the Creator is speaking to us through His angels and His spiritual beings. 

We’re all working for God. What our role just depends on where we’re at in our evolution. I learned this one from Joe Polish, it’s a funny quote. It’s like, everyone has a purpose in our lives, even if it’s for some to be just a bad example. Some person in your life may just be a bad example and that’s their job in this lifetime, but that’s okay. We’re all on our journeys at various rates and going on detours and all that. We’ll all get there in the end. It’s all leading to one destination. We’re all going home.

You said something very, very profound, which is being able to listen. This is why people find it difficult to meditate. That’s because it’s just noisy. There’s just loud noise. For whatever reason, our subconscious has just got dirt, garbage from God knows where so it’s very hard to listen. 

The simplest and easiest way to clean that noise out is to spend time with nature. Nature is the temple. Jesus went to the desert. Moses is all about go down under the tree. Just spend time with nature. They will just naturally start to clean whatever those heavy, strong thoughts are not allowed to come through. Such a beautiful place.

Humanity needs to clean up.

There are big decisions in life that we want to make about whatever it is. You have this profound healing experience or this profound and great, but sometimes just nature is super quiet. You just clean out and then you ask, and like you said, there’s that kind of knowing. Knowing is very subtle. Sometimes I get that, and I’m like, what? You want me to do what? And I’m just okay, I’m just going to go do it.

I don’t know how it’s going to work out. My mind doesn’t know how it’s going to work out. I end up doing whatever I was given to do as an instruction to follow the instruction. Things worked out so magically. So then we start to build that trust from what’s been said, to taking the action. We all have intuition. Everybody’s got intuition. We’ve always had our ties. We don’t listen to it, our actions and intuition. It’s that guidance. We follow intuition, now we’re following our path. Our path is just that, our path of intuition. Whatever the intuition is, follow that. Always follow that.

We need to build trust in it. What does that mean? You also say, I don’t trust God, that means you just don’t trust yourself. Self with a big S that’s inside of you. That’s the part you don’t trust. I don’t trust myself. You don’t trust that. That’s all you have. To listen is the first step. To follow the instruction, just to follow and see where it goes and not be attached like surrender. They’re very simple ways to begin cultivating that relationship like anything.

We used to hang out 10 years ago or whatever. We had to cultivate that relationship before. Stephan’s like yeah, I like hanging out with Lazo. He’s a nice guy. We need to re-establish it for whatever reasons. That’s the best advice I could give anybody is to slowly build that relationship, but it’s worth it because it’s your best friend. It’s your best friend. When it comes to unite, you’re like, I miss you so much, really. So it’s definitely worth the pursuit.

It is. Something I want to circle back to what you said earlier. You said that, I know that some chaos is coming because that’s how it works. You also said something along the lines of that you’re comfortable with or you’re okay with whatever happens. You’re just the observer watching things unfold because you just know that it’s going to all work out. 

I want to also point out one very key point we talked about, which was that you’re the pilot in your cockpit of the universe. If you choose for chaos to ensue because you think that’s necessary for your soul’s journey, it’s common. It’s coming in states.

The daily practice of tuning yourself in is vital to keep yourself centered. It’s vital to know who you are, what you can bring that is unique, and how to share that with others.

If you believe I don’t even need to wait for the subtle and not-so-subtle nudges from the universe. I can preempt those, and I can just go full bore into my spiritual development, helping to assist people, and whatever else without even the nudges. I can be proactive. You don’t need chaos. In fact, the first line of the Ana Beko’ach prayer has a meditation. Each line of the seven lines of the Ana Beko’ach prayer, the most powerful prayer, and Kabbalah, which is based on the 42-letter name of God.

The first line is all about connecting to the Tree of Life, disconnecting from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and knowing that you are able to transform the chaos of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the duality, into miracles of the tree of life. It’s not just disconnecting from one tree and connecting to the other, but it’s about manifesting miracles and eliminating the chaos because it’s not needed. If you believe it’s needed, it’s common. So I just want to throw that out there.

Thank you. I checked what I said out loud so I can actually look at that and contemplate what I meant by that in my own subconscious. I’ve definitely had a deep look. I said that in the pretext of this new age, the Aquarian Age that we’re in. This is really from my elder teachers. Just before COVID came out, the second door or gate opened for the next 72 years. My elder teacher, he said, the next 72 years are going to be a big cleanup job. That’s where we’re going. Humanity needs to clean up.

Then COVID came, and I’ve seen how many people are much more into meditation practices, doing things, and taking care. It’s been great for that. It has been horrible in other ways, for sure. But for other things, it’s been fantastic. So you’re right, something beautiful came out of this particular chaos for quite a few people for future generations. 

We don’t talk about God; we talk with God.

In other ways, it’s not so because like you said, they chose. I just see that there is a huge cleanup job that needs to happen for humanity as a collective to get to that place. We’re all broadcasting receiver machines. If we’re all broadcasting coherency, tranquility, and prosperity, and then we can open ourselves up to take those actions, then we don’t need something super chaotic anymore to wake us up to that. We can go through with grace at ease. 

From the years of doing this kind of work, it took me a long time to realize that I could have healing that’s actually kind of gentle. I don’t have to have chaotic healing. So you’re right. I just like another kind of gentle healing. Wow, it was just when. Before I thought it had to be this big dramatic thing, but now, you can actually release instantly that’s very kind and gentle. It’s funny, yeah. When you share, it’s great.

I also think that what can happen here maybe isn’t so much a cleanup but a wake-up. We need to do some repairs to the planet and to Mother Earth. I think of the awakening that’s happening like popcorn that’s popping. 

We get some kernels popping, maybe it’s in the microwave, although that’s not the healthiest way to make popcorn. Then a few more, then a lot more, then way more, and it suddenly is pretty much the whole bag or the whole set of kernels are all popped. That’s how I see the awakening of humanity that it’s contagious. It’s more contagious than COVID. Awakening is the most contagious thing.

We can’t change somebody, but we change the field around us, which changes everybody. Changing ourselves and changing the field changes everybody. Anybody that we get in touch with that we may not even share what’s going on for our spiritual development, but we just have a presence about us. We have a knowing, a trusting to that subtle energy that we broadcast, without even saying a word, changes people, then they awaken, then they awaken others, and then those people are awakening others. It just goes on and on. It’s fractal and exponential.

Changing ourselves and changing the field changes everybody.

Then we get to enjoy the popcorn and enjoy the movie.

What a movie it is.

What a great movie. The rebirth of humanity.

Did you see the Truman Show?

I did. It’s a great movie, yeah.

It is a great movie. I saw it in the theaters. I didn’t know the plot. I didn’t watch the trailer or anything. I had no clue. I was just clueless as Truman was through the whole movie. I thought it was awesome.

It’s very surreal.

Yes. Well, life is surreal, right? Another thing I want to mention that I think is a powerful perspective on things is that Lee Carroll channels Kryon and Kryon shared a parable about this fish in a fish tank. 

It is essentially like this, we are the fish in a fish tank. We don’t know what’s going on outside of the fish tank. We don’t realize that there are beings that are feeding us from the top of the tank at set times of day, turning the lights on and off, adjusting the temperature as needed, changing the filters, and whatever.

That’s what’s happening. Right now, things are in chaos, seemingly. But it is happening with divine timing and divine providence. It feels scary and chaotic because maybe the fish tank is being moved around, kicking up sediment from the gravel on the bottom. It feels choking and dark. Maybe the apartment that we’re in is under construction and getting a renovation. We just feel the vibration and what’s affecting us inside the fish tank, but there’s a much bigger picture that we don’t see.

Humbleness is needed when you ascend and elevate your spirituality because the pull of negative entities is strong. Click To Tweet

In Kabbalah, there’s this reference to the 99% reality. We’re in the 1% reality, which there’s a lot too. I mean, you could spend lifetimes just learning one small aspect of this 1% reality like biochemistry, which is what I went to school for. It’s a small sliver of the real reality and remembering that there is a 99% reality that we don’t see, we don’t grasp that we don’t fully comprehend or even perceive necessarily. That is humbling and also helps us set our priorities.

Yeah, and it’s exciting.

It is exciting.

I feel like I’m just beginning. I’m at the beginner’s place.

Yeah. I say this all the time. I’m a toddler. I’m just figuring this stuff out. There are people who have been psychic their whole life and they’ve been talking to angels and talking to spirits, and I’m like, yeah, this is all new for me. I had no idea I was psychic. It turns out everybody’s psychic. I did not know this. I thought when I was 42, there was no God, or at least if there was, he’s not showing Himself to me.

Then I had that first spiritual awakening where I got touched on the head by a monk in India and everything went technicolor like an LSD trip. The guy just touched me. Then I felt so connected to everything, to God, to all that is, and then the miracle started just pouring into my life. This is available to anybody and everybody. It’s our birthright. It’s part of our job description to awaken and to be of service.

I train people to get them to open up their gifts – like psychic abilities, love, and knowledge they deeply already have.

It’s the inheritance that we’re here to receive from the Heavenly Father and Mother that wants to pour forth this light. We’ve come out of this long sleepy gauge what we call the dark ages or whatever it was for X amount of years. It is a new dawn, literally the light just coming in. We’re entering that phase of humanity. 

You and I, if you subscribe to the reincarnations, we waited lifetimes to be here. There are many beautiful people that are so gifted, Stephan. I train people to get them to open up the gifts that they have like the psychic abilities, the love, and the knowledge they deeply already have.

That’s not in this life to start to just pour forward. It’s so beautiful to watch. Beforehand, we live in a society where we’re told this is a success, this is a failure. It’s none of that. It wants to just break free and break through. It’s very difficult for people on that journey who don’t have a support group or don’t have like-minded people to encourage that in a very thoughtful way. The soul wants to experience this. 

It’s nice to see you having these miracles and having these experiences. I could just imagine, let’s just say the whole humanity became like this, where would we be? It’s exciting. It’s a really exciting time on this precipice.

The Game by Neil Strauss

Yes. Wherever we’re at, there’s an epiphany and awakening, a transformation just around the corner for us if we want it. When we first met, it was about 10 years ago, and it was at a Secret Society intensive run by Neil Strauss. He’s famous for being a pickup artist and for being the author of The Game. At the time, I was there to learn pickup. I don’t know if that was your intention too, but there was a much deeper learning that happened as being part of that community, of that mastermind.

That was a very powerful experience for me going through that mastermind, that secret society for those years. It opened a number of doors. One thing that I recognized at the moment was that I was ready to receive my soulmate in this lifetime because I prayed for her to show up a couple of months after the event in India where I was touched on the head by the monk. It was the blessing that awakened me. I knew within five minutes of meeting her that she was the one, and I broke all the rules from pickup, from what I’ve learned from Neil and others.

It’s just a human experience. But to go into that place, where it’s a lot deeper, it saves you a lot of time.

I told her 18 hours after we met that I loved her. I proposed to her nine days after we met in a hot air balloon. She told me no. She told me not yet while we’re in this hot air balloon suspended above the Las Vegas desert. Wow, what a painful awkward 20-minute descent back down to earth with sobbing and the pilot dumbstruck like he had never had a failure of a proposal in his basket, in his hot air balloon ever. I ruined a streak, and it brought us closer together than ever. I don’t regret it for a moment.

When I went to the next intensive and I sheepishly shared what happened over those few weeks meeting a woman that I proposed to nine days later, and I was kind of a laughingstock. I totally violated all the rules of pickup—the negging, and all that sort of stuff. I knew that the rules of engagement, the rules of the game, the 3D plane, and this physical reality don’t apply when you’re dealing with the ethereal 5D reality. That there’s a higher level to it.

Not to say that you shouldn’t still be grounded in the 3D, of course, you should be. Of course, you still have to pay the bills. You have to win over people in some fashion so that you can help them to transform or find their purpose or whatever. There’s a higher level, just like your healing. You didn’t have to go get physical surgery from surgeons. You could get metaphysical surgery. That’s just so beautiful, profound, and available to all of us.

Yeah. I remember we actually shared the room when you shared the story about the balloon, that intensive, and I was amazed. You guys are like, what? Really? Yes, you’re so right. The rules are very different in the other space. The soul interaction and the soul relationships are there. That’s why I find it funny now with these 3D roles about certainty, whether it’s business, whether it’s relationships. Yeah, you can play it there. There’s nothing wrong playing it there. It’s an experience. It’s just a human experience. But to go into that place, where it’s a lot deeper, it saves you time, a lot of time.

For sure. The negotiation techniques, the persuasion techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all that is valid. But there’s something that trumps that, and that’s getting divine guidance and operating at a 5D level. A beautiful unfolding of that story is I proposed to my now wife, Orion, nine months after the nine days of the hot air balloon experience. She said, yes, and we have a beautiful boy, and we have the most amazing connection and life together.

Whenever you are in a situation or problem, it's liberating when you're not controlling because you can let go. The awareness can be watching to see how you can be of use and be of service. Click To Tweet

She is my person. She is the one. I happen to know five minutes after meeting her because I did a Deeksha, a oneness blessing on her that I had learned in India. She requested it. I was at a Tony Robbins event where most people got a blessing but she didn’t. Not everybody got touched because it’s not—

A lot of people.

Yeah, a lot of people, it’s dark, and whatever. When I prayed for her and connected in that way to her, I knew she was the one. That was my cheat sheet or a little hint from the universe like this is it. She’s the one. I knew immediately that I didn’t need to mess around. I could just go order the ring. I could do all that stuff because we don’t have to play games.

Yeah, but my story is a bit different from yours. I’m just going to help other women out there. I definitely was a lady’s man. A lot of women in my life. I did this thing called Vision Quest where it’s like four days without food or water. You’re on a mountain and just praying. I decided just to clean all my relationships up. It was just there. I didn’t know what to do, so I just cleaned. Wow. I didn’t know how much I was carrying. Even if the one was right in front of me before that, I would never have known because I just had too much stuff that was there.

As soon as I cleaned that, it allowed a lot of blessing to bring in and have gratitude for the whole experience. There’s just nothing wrong with what I did, but it was just in my subconscious sitting there, all this information. As soon as I cleaned that out, that opened up the path for the one to be there for me. 

The simplest and easiest way to clean that noise out in your thoughts is to spend time with nature. Nature is the temple.

Sometimes, if you can’t do it like you, Stephan, you just know, then maybe just to clean something and it will be just like that. From the two extremes. It’s beautiful that you can just meet somebody because I have a few friends that have had that experience and they just knew. It was impossible for me to have that experience without saying goodbye to a lot of it like deeply, very soul level to be able to see it in front of me.

Yeah. Circling back on something you said earlier about humility, I think it does require humility and surrender to say, you know what, my soulmate is out there. The timing is divine. It’s meant to happen when it’s meant to happen. I would really, really humbly request that it happen sooner rather than later. That can happen for you. I prayed for her to show up that same day. I used the words right away. Twelve hours later, we were introduced by a mutual friend.


It wasn’t the pickup techniques. It wasn’t getting out there and meeting women at coffee shops, bars, and whatever. It was just surrendering with humility and positive expectancy, and boom.

Yeah. There was no forcing.

Yeah. That’s a good place to wrap up our conversation. Thank you so much, Lazo, for sharing from your heart and from your soul what’s been happening for you. You’re a light in the world, making so many people, and I appreciate that. Many people, I’m sure, also appreciate that.

You also have some courses, training, group programs, and things like that. If you want to share how our listeners can connect with you, learn from you, maybe study from you or with you, how do they do that?

As soon as I cleaned that out, that opened up the path for the one to be there for me.

Sure. I run a seven-week course, 7 Keys to Awaken the Heart. It’s really how to bring in certain energies into your system, whether it’s divine will, whether it’s forgiveness or compassion. Certain energy you can start cultivating into your system as a practice so that you’re ready to face whatever challenges that you’re going to have. As we cultivate these energies, they’re accessible. We can be super compassionate when we need to be. Just a step of training. It involves a lot of breathwork, shamanism, and this big journey. 

The best way to contact me is just We just select people. So if you feel the calling, I’m more than happy to be your guide. As I said, I’m not a teacher, I share, but I’m just happy to guide people through that journey. I’ve seen beautiful results from many of my students. We’re here to just help one another. Just email me at and I’ll send you more information.

Big thank you, Stephan. It’s always such a pleasure to be on your podcast, to just speak to you, hang out, and listen to your wisdom, my friend. Thank you.

Oh, thank you. And listeners, thank you for being loyal listeners to this podcast and joining me on this journey of life that we’re all on together. We’ll catch you on the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Be open to discovering and learning the nature of reality through the teachings of indigenous elders from all over the world, yogi practices, and people around me.

?Know what my heart is telling me and follow it. Don’t be afraid to go into the unknown and discover something new.

?Have friends who can keep me in check. My friends can keep me grounded, help me get things in perspective, and help me manage the problems that life throws at me.

?Find my purpose. Understanding that I’m here to do something or experience something and keeping it all in check is the key to any spiritual growth.

?Learn to let go. Whenever I’m in a situation or problem, it’s liberating when I’m not controlling. Letting go gives me a chance to be better and to do better.

?Ask for divine guidance/assistance. The angels are ready and waiting, but they’re not going to interfere with my free will.

?Look forward to what the future may bring. Anticipation can often be a stepping stone to hope. As a human being, I need things in my future to be excited and optimistic about.

?Learn how to meditate. My daily life can be stressful, but I can use meditation to give me a sense of calm, peace, and balance to improve my overall health.

?Quiet my mind by spending time with nature. Nature will naturally cleanse negative thoughts in my mind.

?Email Lazo Freeman at to learn more about him and which of his courses might be suitable for me.

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