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By: Stephan Spencer


Tian Mu
“What’s meant to be will always find a way. But almost always, our fate comes down to the choices we make in our life.”
Tian Mu

A spiritual awakening can happen in so many different ways. However it happens or whenever it does, one thing you can always say is that it leaves you a changed person.

I was an agnostic for decades until I experienced my first big awakening in 2012 in India, and I’ll remember it my whole life.

If you’re a long time listener, you’ve heard my awakening story before. And now you are about to hear someone else’s incredible story. That someone else is my friend and fellow METal brotherhood member Tian Mu. Tian is the founder of Brethren Shoes. He spent the first two decades of his career as a tech entrepreneur- from gaming to ecommerce to crypto investments. In 2009, Tian began focusing on self-realization while running his game studio.

In this episode, Tian and I discussed the nature of reality, the multiverse, timeline jumping, and much more. We went down some rabbit holes. I think you’ll find this episode to be a real mind-bender. And yet, I think you’ll find the core messages that Tian shares to be simple, refreshing, and inspiring.

And now, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:30]When does spiritual awakening occur? This episode features Stephan talking with Tian Mu, founder of Brethren Shoes, about reality, the multiverse, and timeline jumping.
  • [01:59]Stephan wants to know how Tian became spiritually awakened.
  • [07:20]Considering The Matrix and The Terminator movies, why does the unseen world seem more real than the visible one?
  • [08:15]Stephan shares a story about his spiritual awakening while they discuss lucid dreaming and astral planes.
  • [12:25]In what way does Stephan relate life’s unfolding to The Truman Show?
  • [22:05]What belief has Tian discarded? What is his opinion of “believing is seeing?”
  • [25:47]According to Tian, how does the universe respond to all of our declarations?
  • [30:19]Stephan shares what he learned from Esther Hicks.
  • [33:40]In Tian’s opinion, what should we concentrate on?
  • [38:10]How does the Mandela Effect work?
  • [42:46]Do you want to join Tian Mu’s Self Mastery Accelerator mentoring program? Connect with him via LinkedIn at

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Tian, it’s great to have you on the show. 

Thank you. 

First, let’s share your origin story—your awakening, where you were before, and how you ended up getting into the spiritual awakening place. 

Where was I before? I was more of an atheist.  

I can relate. 

There wasn’t a singular event that initiated my awakening. It was simply my time, through a series of synchronicities, meeting certain people and asking myself questions.

I was born in China. I spent the first 12 years of my life there. I was taught to only believe in science and this physical reality data. After I moved to the US, actually, even in China experienced certain supernatural phenomena in my life. Still, I had no idea what they were, and I thought maybe I had imagined them. Then in 2009, I had my initial awakening, and since then, I have been able to look back and understand what was happening to me.  

To be honest, there wasn’t a singular event that initiated my awakening. It was simply my time, I would say, through a series of synchronicities, meeting certain people and asking myself certain questions, and here I am. 

You said that some synchronicities happened. Tell us the difference between 2008 and 2009. That must have been a world of difference for you. Walk us through that. 

It wasn’t so much between 2008 and 2009. It was more after 2009. So when you have the initial awakening, it was more of this huge epiphany and suddenly this realization. I’ve always been a very alpha male. I have this type of personality where whenever I set a goal, I would just go after it and make it happen.

I never really understood the concept of going with the flow. I heard it a million times, but I was like, “Okay, whatever.” Then, after my awakening, I realized I didn’t have to fight all the time. It’s more about going with that flow, seeing that energy, and riding that way. 

It’s like you’re getting carried down the river. Don’t try and swim; certainly don’t try to go upstream. It’s not your efforts by themselves that are getting you the outcome. You have a lot of assistance from your unseen support team. 

When you have the initial awakening, it’s more of this huge epiphany and realization.


Trust it and go with it. Don’t go against it and don’t imagine yourself doing it all by yourself because then you’re pushing your assistance away from the other side of the veil. 

We can use those words now, but I had no idea at that time. I didn’t know anything about my team. I didn’t believe in spirits or anything of the sort. It was just me against the world. That was the mentality. I like the saying, “The teacher shows up when the student is ready.”

Or, “Leap, and a net will appear.” It’s a little different, but it still applies. If you’re ready for the awakening and haven’t had it yet, you could leap and just trust that the net will appear.  

Yeah, exactly. Just like in the movie The Matrix, there is no spoon. 

Yeah, I love that scene. That scene encapsulates so much of what the movie is about and what our reality is about. I have now seen The Matrix at least four or five times, and I have always loved the movie. I didn’t care for the second and third movies very much, but the first one I really loved. 

It makes sense now, knowing that the Wachowskis didn’t actually write the first movie. It was essentially stolen. This lady wrote it for a science fiction script writing contest over a decade earlier and never heard anything. Never won, never got any contact, but then there shows up the movie like, ‘hey, I wrote that.’ 

“The teacher shows up when the student is ready.”

We’re in the M.E.T.A.L. Mastermind together, and that’s how we met, and, yes, Ken Rutkowski, who runs M.E.T.A.L., had her come and speak. She went after the Wachowskis in a lawsuit. I don’t know what the outcome was. 

In any respect, I was fascinated to hear that she also wrote The Terminator script, and those timelines intersected. What was his last name from the Terminator? 

Do you mean the main character? 

John Connor from the Terminator was actually Neo in The Matrix. These timelines intersected between the two movies. I had no idea until I heard the lady from that M.E.T.A.L. talk. Sophia Stewart, who wrote those two scripts: The Matrix and Terminator, didn’t get any credit whatsoever. Were you aware of that story Of her getting essentially ripped off? 

Yes, of The Matrix one. I didn’t know she also wrote Terminator. She wrote this script back in the ‘80s. I think she submitted it to some studios and never heard back. 

Yeah, and what she was describing was receiving it as a download. That makes total sense when it’s so kind of revelatory and premonitions of what the world to come, potentially, or the world that is, in some respects, maybe more allegory than truth. There’s a lot of truth in that. It’s more of a documentary than you might imagine that our listeners might imagine. 

Imagination is very real. It’s just in a different realm, dimension, and timeline.

A lot of my friends say that, but also, I think she was just tapping into a different timeline. A parallel timeline that was happening and that’s really what imagination is. When people talk about imagination like it’s not real, it’s very real. It’s just different from the realm in a different dimension, a different timeline. 

Yeah, and also in a dream state, you’re receiving and interacting in the astral planes. You’re astral traveling and doing all sorts of stuff that is not just synapses firing. You’re learning, growing, and interacting with people alive. On the other side, the deceased who passed—I don’t like using any of that terminology now because they’re as real as we are—the unseen world is actually more real than the seen world. I did not understand that at all until my spiritual awakening

I think it took the second spiritual awakening to really awaken that understanding. I had two awakenings. One in 2012, where I went from almost an atheist to spiritual. I got touched on the head by a monk in India and had the whole kind of LSD trip sort of experience without any drugs—everything in technicolor, and all that. 

Last year was when I had the second awakening and that awakened my psychic abilities as well. I was shown, essentially, the matrix and wow, it changed everything for me. This whole episode, for you listeners, if you’re unfamiliar with that story, I will go into it in some detail in episode 300. My wife Orion interviewed me in that particular episode. So I would encourage you to listen to that. 

Science has already proved that what we see is only a fraction of 0.5% of what’s in front of us.

This whole thing of The Matrix and that we are living in a simulation or an illusion of sorts, let’s talk through that a bit because I think that’s important for our listener or viewer to grasp the significance of that. 

Sure. First, when you mentioned that this unseen world is more real than the seen world, today, science has already proved that what we see is only a fraction of 0.5% of what’s in front of us. Really, it shows that we can see only a tiny fraction of reality, and there’s just so much more that we don’t even see or feel. 

In Kabbalah, they talk about the 99% reality and the 1% reality and we’re living in the 1% reality as if that’s all there is. Considering that the universe is vast and the number of stars exceeds the number of granules of sand on all the beaches in the world, that’s still inside the 1%, that vastness. The awe that we have for all that we can imagine inside of this reality of this universe is still in the 1%. There’s the 99% percent that we just can’t even fathom. We’re not even aware that it’s not in our awareness. 

Right. Hence, we need to level up our consciousness. 

That’s a great way of framing it because it is like a video game. Dolores Cannon, the way she framed it was like a play, and we were given the script. “We actually wrote the script or co-wrote it like ‘here’s how our life is going to unfold. You’re going to have this, and that happened, and all these little minor things, and all these big things, the health challenges, and everything,’” it’s all planned out, you’re just acting it out the script, and you don’t realize it. 

You get that spiritual amnesia. You come into it fresh and could want to go watch a movie or play where they’re given the script ahead of time when they read it. Nobody wants to read the Wikipedia page for a movie before they go see it. 

I remember going to see The Truman Show when it first came out in theaters, and I had no idea what the movie’s premise was. I didn’t watch the trailer. I didn’t even read a couple of sentences about what the movie was about. I went completely blind, and I loved it. I was as clueless as Truman was in that movie and that’s the way that our life should unfold for us. 

It’s a fun, exciting surprise, and not just I’m playing out the role given to me because that lacks the spice of life. If we know we’re going to get in a car accident next Tuesday, will we still want to leave the house? I don’t know. What are your thoughts about all that? 

A couple of things. One, if you’re talking about that, probably what you will know is you may die next Tuesday, and then you change your plan. It’s like, “okay, I was supposed to go to work. I’m not going to go to work.” Then your house collapsed. 

We have between 30-40 potential exit points in a typical incarnation. All these are possible.

Yeah, that’s your death date. That’s the exit ramp. 

There’s no getting out of it if this is indeed a script. My spirit guides told me that in a typical incarnation, we have anywhere between 30 and 40 potential exit points, meaning there are moments in your life where you exit. All these are possible. 

Everything comes down to the choices you make in your life. It could even be as small as turning left at a red light versus going straight, as you typically do, and that could completely change the trajectory of your life.

An example of that was, a couple of months ago, we were feeding a stray cat who kind of pseudo-adopted us, and we adopted him. Turns out there were other families in the neighborhood that also felt that way about that cat. He was cheating on us, but getting three or four meals a day. 

In any event, he didn’t come into the house. He didn’t want to be in the house. He just wanted to be an outdoor cat, but he would come and get meals from us. 

One day he didn’t show up, and my wife Orion told me that she had this dream that he died. I hope it was not true, but I have a really bad feeling about it that he was not coming back. 

Two days, three days, four days went by, and still didn’t show up. We go for a walk and we’ve got our little one in the stroller. I usually turn left at the end of our street to go north 98% of the time, going to the left instead of to the right. Orion was like ‘let’s turn right.’ Okay, all right, sure. We saw his body in the road just a block and a half away. 

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I wouldn’t have seen that on my own, because I wouldn’t have turned in that direction, but her inner knowing knew. It was just like she saw it in her vision. It is a big deal about turning right, turning left, these small things that could lead to the big synchronicities or the serendipities that are life-changing. 

You might think, well, what’s the chance of that? What if I screw it up? What if I don’t heed that little nudge or intuitive feeling? Think of it more like you’re being carried on the river and don’t try and go against the current, just let it carry you and things are going to happen

Another way to think of it is this is like a magnetized track, you’re on a monorail, and it’s really hard to go off track. It’s possible because free will is real. You do get choices and if you want to do something really stupid, you can. 

If you want to cut your finger with the steak knife, you can (not recommended) and it’s going to feel very out of alignment, but you have free will. So just allow these synchronicities and serendipities to happen for you and trust that it’s all happening and unfolding you’re playing that part in the play. 

Indeed. Ever since I was a teenager, I would get this funny vision where I see myself on the stage, and then I’m looking out into this audience, and I see, literally, people come on and leave and they just watch my show, and that just felt really strange. 

Know that you’re being watched every moment of your life without judgment.

I’m like what if this is actually my life? What if there’s actually this audience out there that I don’t see that’s watching me, watching this life? At the time, I didn’t know why I had that vision, and I decided it was silly. Now I’m like oh, yes, that’s very much what’s happening. 

It’s The Truman show. 

Know that you’re being watched every moment of your life without judgment. 

Actually, I was on a M.E.T.A.L. call. It was a daily Wim Hof Breathing Group. We all do the breathing together, the Wim Hof Method, which is fantastic. I highly recommend it. Wim Hof is an amazing human, and his breathing technique is life-changing. 

Anyways, I was on this Wim Hof call, not with Wim, but with Neil Cannon, who runs the group, who’s a M.E.T.A.L. member and then there are maybe 15 or 20 other people. After the breathing exercise, we go around to share a word or a thought that comes to us that’s something that we feel got away from that breathing. I shared that there are no private thoughts. 

One of the M.E.T.A.L. guys chimed in to say, “Well, that’s a terrifying thought.” Everyone else said something really nice and gave good feedback. He was like, “that’s a terrifying thought.” He apologized a couple of weeks later. I saw a message from him saying, “I want to apologize for being like an old crank” or whatever he said about that. For some people, it is a terrifying thought. 

Let me kind of circle back to a little bit before that. There was this guy in M.E.T.A.L. who said it was a terrifying thought to him, and I could see where he would think that because before my spiritual awakening, I was pretty reactive, and I wasn’t very aware. 

My thoughts were not always the purest. I didn’t have very good mental hygiene because I didn’t know it was important and I didn’t know that other people were listening in and that I was broadcasting my own thoughts out into the field for not just the Creator to hear, but for everyone who is supporting me on this journey. 

All my guides, spiritual teachers, my loved ones, everybody picking up on this stuff so keep it clean and pure. Not because of potential punitive measures; as you said, this isn’t about judgment. This is just about them supporting you on this journey so that you get the best, most benevolent outcome.

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We didn’t know any better. I mean, growing up, no one taught me. No one said anything about energy, frequency, spirit, about any of those things. I thought this was it. Somehow I randomly appeared here, and I have this one life to live, and I look around, and I see, okay, everyone else is doing that thing, then fine, I’m doing that thing too. 

Then, later on, you go, “wait a minute. Where do I even get my beliefs? Are these even mine?” I think since my awakening, the biggest work I had to do was really to examine every belief that I held and then ask myself, “is this my belief or does someone feed this to me? If someone said this to me, do I still believe this? Let me do my own homework. Let me do my research and see if I want to still hold on to this belief or take a new one.” 

What’s an example of a belief you had that you discarded that was essentially given to you? 

So many. “No pain, no gain,” that’s one you hear a lot. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” How about that one? 

Money actually does grow on trees. 

Exactly, a metaphor.

You’re co-creating your reality with God.

Those sayings that are like, “seeing is believing,” it’s actually the other way around. 

Let’s unpack that a bit. Somebody who’s heard this for the first time will think, “what the heck are these guys talking about? Believing is seeing? No.” Okay, maybe seeing is believing doesn’t really lead to the best outcome because then you’re a big skeptic or perhaps even a cynic, and you don’t trust anybody until you’re given the proof or the evidence. 

I could see that that would be a limiting belief, but how is believing is seeing? How does that work? How is that true? Do you want to elaborate? 

Sure. First, you have to know that you are a co-creator. You’re co-creating your reality with God or source or whatever you want to call this creative source, and it’s force. That being the case, you create from your thoughts, from whatever it is that you first envision, but you don’t stop there. You visualize this thing, but also you need to believe it. You need to feel it in you. How does it feel? 

If you visualize this Ferrari that you want now, you visualize yourself sitting behind the wheel. You’re driving up the PCH, now what’s the sensation? Do you feel joy? Do you feel like, “yeah, this is my life, this is my car.” Or that moment, you go, “I could never have this. This is not mine. I’m just leasing it, borrowing it for a day.” 

That feeling is what’s going to help you manifest and bring this into physical reality. But, first, you believe it. You look at every entrepreneur who has ever succeeded. It’s because they believed in their vision. They probably got so many no’s and naysayers, and people say, “that can be done. You’re crazy, don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money.” 

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

But they didn’t listen. They’re like, “no, I believe this thing can be done and it’s going to be successful.” That’s why they persevered and kept going and made it happen. If they didn’t believe it, they would have given up. 

You first believe it, then you can manifest it into your reality. In a way, it’s like looking at your own reflection in the mirror. When you move, you can see your reflection in the mirror. In this world, we’re taught to tell the reflection to say, “hey, you move first, then I’ll move. You move, reflect, then I’ll believe it.” No, you got to make the first move, then you’ll see it in this reflection and reflection is this physical reality that’s around there. 

If it’s something you desire, then it’s already in your vortex. It just hasn’t necessarily materialized into physical reality yet. But it’s just on the cusp because otherwise if you didn’t desire it, it wouldn’t be in your vortex, and it’s not waiting for you. 

Exactly. Then take another step further. You know that saying the universe doesn’t give you what you want, but it gives you who you are. There are times when you want something, and you’re also saying to the universe, “I don’t have this thing that I want.” The universe can give you what you don’t believe you have. If you say, “I am abundant. That’s who I am.” 

The universe only says yes to us all day long, so whatever it is you believe, whatever it is you declare, the universe will say yes. If you say, “hey, this is such a beautiful, fair, amazing world,” the universe will say yes and show you that day in and day out. If you say, “this is such an ugly place,” the universe will also say yes to you and show you that as well. 

It’s not even just what you say in your self-talk. It’s just where you focus your attention. If you’re watching a lot of dystopian Sci-Fi movies, or you’re watching a lot of true crime or listening to a lot of true crime podcasts, not good. You’re amplifying that in your field and creating that reality. 

Also, again, we have to understand that we’re such powerful creator beings, and we also create through our focus, our attention. Whatever we put our attention to, that’s what we’re going to create. If you focus on fear, like “oh, I don’t want to be poor,” you look at that sentence; where is the most energy focused on? It’s on that word poor. If you’re thinking that all day long, you’re just generating more poverty, that’s it. 

If you flip it and you say, “I have abundance,” suddenly, the focus is on abundance. The universe says, “oh, you want abundance? Of course, there’s more of that. 

Fear is a very powerful energy.

Same thing for people who are like, “oh, I don’t want to be fat, I want to lose weight.” Again, you’re focused on the word “fat,” and there’s this fear around it. Fear is a very powerful energy. It’s not nearly as powerful as love, but it’s still very powerful. You’re going to generate more of that. If you say, “hey, I am healthy, I am focused.” 

“I am fit. I’m a healthy weight.”


“I am vital. I’m vibrant.” 

Yes, then the universe will give you more of that. 

It’s not just with your own self-talk. It’s dealing with others, too. This is very practical stuff. Watch your words, especially when you’re dealing with the kind of subliminal programming that you’re inadvertently giving to others as well as yourself, of course. 

For example, let’s say somebody is really out of sorts. You don’t tell them not to panic, especially if their amygdala has hijacked their entire brain. Wow, you just told them to panic, because they don’t even hear that. All they hear is the main keyword, which is “panic.”

Instead, tell them to remain calm and presuppose that you’re already calm, and then the main keyword they hear is the word “calm,” which will help them get back into a parasympathetic state. 

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I completely agree. This happened once when I was in China, and this woman was driving. I think it was her first time driving on the road in Beijing. She’s American, and she was freaking out because people there go like crazy. I felt her energy, so I put my hand on her shoulder, and it was okay. “Don’t worry. We’re here. We’re good. We’re safe.” 

Instantly her energy shifted, and she just said, “Oh, wow, I feel a lot calmer now. Thank you. I feel at peace.” I was like, “Yeah, don’t worry. We’re good. We’re protected, and then we had a very safe and smooth journey.” If I said, “Don’t do that, don’t panic,” as you said, I think that would have freaked her out more. 

Another thing, too, is that I don’t know if you follow Abraham, which is a group of entities, beings, that get channeled through Esther Hicks. Abraham talks about having a kind of fuzzy view of the dark dystopian stuff. So don’t focus on the conspiracy theories that are facts, and go down those rabbit holes, because that doesn’t serve you. 

Instead, maintain a fuzzy focus on the stuff you don’t want. You’re not pretending it doesn’t exist, but you’re not feeding it attention, and more importantly, you’re not feeding it fear. 

That’s where the Matrix analogy comes in. Again. We’re like Duracell batteries feeding the negativity, negative entities and so forth with our fear and negative emotions, so stop feeding them the fear and instead, just have that fuzzy focus. Don’t give it much attention, but you’re not pretending it doesn’t exist.

You need to know what’s going on in the world. But, at the same time, don’t let it distract you. Instead, focus on your highest excitement and highest joy.

A movie from the late ’90s came out around the same time as The Matrix, and it was called the Thirteenth Floor. I loved that movie. There was a scene where the simulation ended, and it was just a wireframe not filled in, not rendered. 

It’s like that, but we fill in the gaps with attention. We render what we want so we can go down these dark, dystopian rabbit holes and learn all about what’s happening with dark agendas and so forth, powerful corporations, and so on, but does that serve us? Does that serve anybody else? Are you going to be able to do anything valuable with that information, or does it just get you more anxious and fearful? 

Does it perhaps serve you better to believe that the highest and best outcome is coming to pass for all of us, for our soul’s highest and best good, that the light has already won, and you’re co-creating that reality instead? I think that’s more powerful because you’re the observer and the observer effect is very real. 

In quantum physics, you can collapse the wave function of the distribution of potentiality of light to just collapse it down to the wave from waves down to particles. You can do that with your focus and attention in terms of the potential outcomes and timelines. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on all that. 

All right, I 100% agree with everything you just shared. 

Did you see that movie the 13th Floor? 

No, I’m going to. 

Focus on what makes you happy today.

It’s been a long time since I saw it. It was before my awakening so I didn’t really get the real gist of it. It’s kind of like when I first saw The Matrix, I didn’t have my awakening, so I had no clue that this was essentially like a documentary. 

Something I would like to add to what you said there is that we do need to be informed of what’s going on in the world, but at the same time, don’t let that distract us and focus instead on our highest excitement and highest joy. Really, I think that is the best contribution one can make for the world. Really just focus on what makes me so happy today. What will bring me so much joy, true joy? I’m not talking about pleasure. That’s a whole different topic. Pleasure is usually induced by external factors and substances and what have you. 

Oftentimes very hedonistic. 

Exactly, but joy comes from within. You could be sitting in a jail cell, and you could feel this joy and peace inside you, and nobody can take that away from you. That’s what I’m talking about. You see what’s going on in the world, be informed at the same time, and go, “Okay, what am I here for? What brings me the highest joy?” Let me just do that, and I think if everyone just did that, this would be heaven on earth right now. 

Speaking of jail cells, I just think what would have happened if Nelson Mandela didn’t get that prison time? What would have happened if Viktor Frankl didn’t get imprisoned in a concentration camp? What if both of those guys had the opportunity to avoid that horrific experience? Would they opt out of it, knowing that Man’s Search for Meaning, the book, wouldn’t exist for Viktor Frankl? Or that Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have helped topple apartheid and won a Nobel Peace prize for his work? 

Joy comes from within.

I can’t imagine what they would have said of you know what? I don’t want that pain of those years in prison.  I’m going to exit the stage right? But, no, I’m sure their higher self already opted in for this and said, yes, I’m in for that because I know this will reveal a lot of light. It’s not just for me; it’s for everyone. 

There is no what would have happened. There only is what is. Probably there are other timelines, parallel timelines, where that did happen, and they looked at that light and went, that’s not interesting. Let’s come back to this one. This is where it’s at. 

There’s a lot of stuff coming on Netflix and other streaming services that seem to be kind of like disclosure of sorts of what’s happening for real behind the scenes, all these intersecting timelines and having multiple timelines, parallel universes, the observer effect in quantum physics. All that sort of stuff is being shown to us in a kind of a fast food format. 

For example, the Disney+ show Loki is all about multiple timelines. There was this one in the show, it’s called a sacred timeline. That’s the main timeline with all these departures from the sacred timeline snuffed out by this timeline police. 

It’s pretty fascinating to think about, “where do they get this stuff?” It’s not just some imagination. There’s some inspiration coming from the other side. The guides and teachers whisper into people’s consciousness, “hey, it’s time for us to share that multiple timelines are happening.” It’s possible to jump timelines to get upgraded. 

The Universe only says yes to us all day long. So whatever you believe and declare, the Universe says yes. Share on X

We do it all the time. That is what deja vu is when you go from one timeline to another, and there’s this cross-section, and that’s where you go, “whoa, I think I’ve been here before. I felt this. I’ve said these words already.” Yeah, on a different timeline, you did. 

There’s some sort of effect where you remember something from your childhood, and it didn’t occur that way. 

There’s a term for that. Some millions of people remember certain events that have been served differently. Then later, I said, “no, that didn’t happen.” People are like, “what?” Oh, yeah. I’ve experienced those a few times in my life. When that happened, now I know, I go, oh, I jumped timelines. 

There are stories my mom told me about my childhood that I remember so clearly, and now when I talk to her, she’s like, what? It didn’t happen like that. I’m like, “what? You repeated those stories for years, and now you’re telling me it didn’t happen?” I just go, “oh, I’m on a different timeline.” Yes, on this timeline, my mother did not experience those things. 

The Mandela effect

This is a very amazing, wondrous, beautiful, bizarre world, and there’s so much more out there than what meets the eye. Alright, that’s really the other thing is why is it that in the past 15 years, we have seen so many zombie movies and zombie shows? It’s because, on one timeline of this planet, there is an actual zombie apocalypse that’s happening right now. It’s just that the creators of those shows could tap into that timeline, so they see what’s happening and write that down. Not sure if you caught that. 

I caught some of it. This is one of those things where it doesn’t serve you to go down that rabbit hole because you can create that reality. You can create World War III by focusing on it so much and believing that it’s going to happen, and you might think, well, how the heck can I do that? I’m just one person out of billions. 

No, you’re the person for your universe, and there are countless universes all happening simultaneously in the multiverse. You’re the observer who’s creating the reality not just locally, but globally, for your universe. 

Exactly right because you are the main character, the lead character in your movie. 

You’re Truman, and everyone is Truman in their reality. I’m the observer in my reality and all the other people who I know are actors in my movie. A way to simplify this down in some respect is to think of this as it’s just me and God, everything else, everybody else is all God except for me and I learned that in Kabbalah.

We all are the spark of God, absolutely. Some people feel very threatened by that or that feels sacrilegious or heretical to say that how dare you say that you are divine or that you are God? No, we’re a spark of God. Everything is of God. When God created everything, He created it out of something, created out of himself. We are stardust, we are God dust. 

Exactly. My favorite Rumi quote says. “You’re not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop.”  

Yeah, that’s a good one. I know we’re getting close to time here. I wanted our listeners to find out where they could learn more from you because you have a big mission. You want to help change the consciousness of humanity. 

You’re not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop.

Where do folks ready to jump on that train go with you? Do you have courses? Or are you working on a book? Or do you have a blog or something where they can learn about this stuff? 

For many of us, a new kind of thing where I feel like a toddler, a kid in a candy store, and I’m really excited by it, but I also feel it’s kind of daunting. I don’t know who to turn to until I find certain mentors that help me to work on aspects of myself and of the journey. Where do our listeners go? 

A mentoring program called Self Mastery Accelerator. I don’t have a website for it yet because it’s only a word of mouth right now and I work mostly with people in their 20s and 30s. If you go to LinkedIn and just type in my name, Tian Mu, you can find me and connect me there. I do have an ecommerce business, and you can certainly go there and you can find me as well. 

That ecommerce business is Brethren Shoes and it’s got a really awesome angle to it where you give a pair of shoes away to somebody who needs it each time a person buys a pair of shoes. Was TOMS shoes an inspiration for you for that? 

Yeah, except we’re focusing only on those people experiencing homelessness in the US. We want to start with home, then expand outwards from there.

Awesome and that’s You’re a bright light in this amazing simulation. I appreciate you and everything that you do for humanity. Thank you. 

I appreciate you, too, listeners. Thank you for being open to this kind of outlandish conversation and to open to changing yourself and thus everything and everyone around you. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

Thank you, Stephan. Thank you for this. 

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Trust. Go with the flow and don’t try to swim upstream. My efforts alone will not get me the outcome I desire.

?Allow synchronicities and serendipities to happen in my life. Just play my part in the play of life and trust everything will happen and unfold in its own time.

?Keep my thoughts pure. Always remember that I’m broadcasting my thoughts into the field, not just for the Creator to hear but for everyone supporting me on this journey.

?Assess my beliefs from time to time. Do my homework and research whether my beliefs still align with how I live or whether I need to drop the old ones and take up new ones.

?Become a co-creator of my reality with God, the source, or the Universe. I create and visualize from my thoughts and believe in them.

?Always make the first move. I need to believe first; then, I can manifest my belief into reality.

?Focus my attention on what I want to create in my life. Being focused on one thing for a certain period allows me to do a better quality of work, more work gets done quicker, and my creative ideas flow easier.

?Choose my words wisely. The words that come out of my mouth have power; they can either encourage or discourage me or others around me.

?Focus on what makes me happy. Being happy instantly builds my confidence. Always ask myself this question, “What will bring me true joy?”

?Connect with Tian Mu on LinkedIn and check out his mentoring program, Self Mastery Accelerator. Also, visit his ecommerce business, Brethren Shoes – this business gives a pair of shoes away to somebody who needs it each time a person buys a pair.

About Tian Mu

Tian spent the first two decades of his career as a tech entrepreneur- from gaming to ecommerce to crypto investments. In 2009, Tian had his spiritual awakening and began focusing on self-realization while running his game studio. Tian’s main purpose in this lifetime is to assist the awakening of the mass consciousness and help usher Humanity into its next Golden Age.

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