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By: Stephan Spencer


Karen Noé
“To manifest your desires, you must embody the feeling of already having what you wish for. Fully immerse yourself in that reality as if it’s happening now.”
Karen Noé

Do you believe we have psychic abilities? If you’ve been a loyal listener to my show, you know I do, and I believe we all possess these unique gifts. I am captivated by the unseen world and the ways we can tap into it. One individual who played a pivotal role in my journey of receiving messages from beyond the veil is our esteemed guest today, Karen Noé, a renowned psychic medium and spiritual counselor.

She taught me how to receive without a doubt signs from the beyond. What a difference it makes to ask for and to receive without a doubt signs. I just can’t describe how profound I just can’t, I just can’t describe how profound this insight has been. Karen is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list.

She’s the author of We Consciousness, Your Life After Their Death, Through the Eyes of Another, and the Angel Quest Oracle Deck. She’s an instructor for the Omega Institute and Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, or ARE . She was previously a guest on episode 310. We had such a great, powerful conversation; I just had to have her back.

In this episode, we delve into a fascinating array of topics, including the law of attraction, angels, angel oracle decks, vision boards, gratitude practices, crystals, aliens, and receiving messages. It’s a journey into the ‘woo woo’ that I found incredibly enriching, and I’m sure you will, too. So, let’s dive right into the show.

In this Episode

  • [08:47]Karen Noe shares insights on creating from a higher consciousness, teaching people how to manifest what they desire in their lives. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on solutions and raising one’s vibration to create a better world.
  • [14:08]Karen and Stephan discuss manifesting the perfect soulmate using positive affirmations and soul contracts. Karen shares a real-life story of how a client manifested her perfect soulmate through visualization and positive affirmations.
  • [22:09]Karen discusses how her practice of gratitude has attracted new teaching opportunities at Omega and the potential to teach at Kripalu.
  • [28:30]Karen explains the belief in God across different foundational religions and shares her fascination with understanding the practical implications of this belief.
  • [31:27]Karen shares the concept of the universe as a reflection of oneself and how everything, including people and experiences, is a part of one’s own universe.
  • [34:09]Karen elaborates on the importance of maintaining a high vibration to connect with deceased loved ones and the angels, emphasizing the impact of one’s thoughts and feelings on one’s ability to receive spiritual messages.
  • [37:26]Karen and Stephan explore the idea of receiving messages from different sources, including the environment, and the significance of decoding signs as part of spiritual communication.

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Karen, it’s so great to have you back on the show.

Thank you so much for having me on.

First of all, I’m curious to hear what you think about this. All these technical glitches and snafus happened before we hit the record. It took about fifteen minutes to get going here.

We were having a little problem getting on, but everything’s for a reason. I’m not quite sure what it is.

We Consciousness by Karen Noé

Right. Everything is for a reason, and nothing’s random. What does your intuition tell you about why all this glitchiness?

I’m not sure. I may be more comfortable with Zoom. Maybe my higher self said, “Oh, I can’t work with Riverside.” As soon as I got on, I couldn’t hear you and see how our thoughts create our reality. So it could be that. I’m not sure.

That’s funny. I don’t know what it is, either. But I do know that everything happens for our highest and best good. I’m very confident of that. So absolutely, whatever, that snafu was for our highest and best good. But we’re talking now, and I’d love to hear a little about what is topical and hot for you. It’s been several years since our interview, and I’m curious to hear what’s new and interesting from your perspective. It could be for you, it could be for your clients, it could be for the world, or it could be for the audience that you’re reaching through podcast land.

What’s hot? Many things have changed since we last spoke. I am writing my next book. It’s about the law of attraction but creating from a higher consciousness to change the world. Top of my list right now is to understand that if we raise our vibration, not only can we create things in our lives, anything that we desire, but we can also make the world a better place, which is even better yet because we’re raised. 

If we’re all connected, which we are, whatever we do to ourselves or another affects everybody. If we raise our consciousness, we could create a better world around us. We are all one. That’s what I’m doing. 

We’re all connected. Whatever we do to ourselves, or another affects everybody.

Since we last spoke, I have also done an Angel Quest Oracle deck. Working with the angels was exciting, too, and that’s been popular. I’ve been traveling, working, and teaching courses at Omega Institute. It’s been a whirlwind, but it is wonderful. I’m doing my part in making the world a better place. We all can do that.

For sure. The Angel Quest Oracle deck, how is this different from other angel decks? For example, Kyle Gray has several angel decks that I quite like. Doreen Virtue has some angel decks from years ago that she did. First of all, what was the market opportunity or the reason for your angel deck before you even created it? And then, what’s its unique point of difference now that it’s been created?

Sure. I said, “Okay, I’m going to be doing my own angel quest deck.” I connected with an artist that I had been working with on previous books that I had. Her name is Marie Antoinette Kelley. She did the cover of my book, Your Life After Their Death, and some diagrams in that book. 

But what was different in this deck is that every single card, one day, I’d say, “Okay, Archangel Raphael is here. And I would receive the message, and then I send this to her to depict what I was saying.” Each card was co-created by both of us—the artwork and the message. Well, from what I hear from other card decks, somebody does all the artwork and then the messages, and then they try to put it together like that. Now, this was a total 50-50 effort. She’s also very intuitive and connected that way with the artwork. It was a wonderful project, and I got a lot of positive feedback.

What would be an example of something that you got feedback-wise?

If we raise our vibration, not only could we create things in our lives, anything that we desire, but we can make the world a better place. Share on X

They love that. Every day, I get a card, and I start my day using these cards. They’re so positive. They really resonate. They’re bigger than most cards and most angel decks. They’re larger and easier to use for those who can’t maneuver the cards, but they like the messages and the artwork as well. I love the cards, too. I’ll send you a copy; just send me your address.

You are much appreciated. Are you working more with angels, more with spirit guides, or more directly with God?

All of the above.

Do you differentiate or not?

Angels are God’s messengers.

Angels are God’s messengers. It’s just like having the hands and the fingers on our bodies. It’s part of our body, so it’s the same. But it’s all on a higher level of consciousness: God, energy, love, peace, all of that. And again, the higher we go with ourselves, the more we practice forgiveness, be more compassionate and see things through other people’s eyes. All that is is who we really are, and God within us is only all of these qualities. If we become more of who we are, we become more intuitive. We feel the angels more and so forth.

I’ve noticed that a lot of times, I don’t even ask. As long as they’re divine and sacred, that’s like the gateway that they have to go through in order to communicate with me. I don’t want anything lower vibration than divine and sacred. But if it’s angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, or my higher self or God directly, it’s all welcome. I don’t need to discern whether it’s an archangel, an ascended master, or some combination or group of them.

If we’re high vibrating, we try to resonate with God’s consciousness, the higher levels of who we really are.

Absolutely. I agree. It has to be of a higher consciousness. Besides, the darkness goes away when you turn on the light. They won’t be attracted to us—anything of a lower vibration.

If we’re high vibrating—I’m not perfect, and I’m sure you’re not perfect—we try to resonate with God’s consciousness, the higher levels of who we really are.

And now you’re working on a book about the law of attraction and how that vibrational frequency helps us manifest more quickly or effectively. What’s the angle on this?

Most of us create what we don’t want by default because we’re vibrational beings; we create whatever we think and feel, more importantly, in our lives. If we love people, we’ll attract loving people into our lives as well.

When you realize you’re like a magnet, if something in your life is not resonating with who you really are, something within you is creating that, not on purpose, but maybe by default. For example, if somebody says, “I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this.” When they keep saying that, they may create the very thing they don’t want. The most important thing to do is focus on what you want and on solutions. 

The universe will conspire to bring your vision into existence.

The first part of the book is about how to do that—how to create in your life. Because if you can’t pay the rent, if you don’t have a job, if you don’t have a relationship, you may not want to create better for the world. You want to make it better for yourself. I teach people how to make better for themselves. Once we learn that the second part of the book is, “Okay, let’s raise our vibration to be more on par with the energy of God.” Once we do that, we can create a better world. It’s all about ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ because we’re all connected.

One thing that popped into my mind when you were talking about things we don’t want and how we focus on the lack, not necessarily purposefully, is that we can’t seem to help ourselves. Then, that attracts more of the lack. That reminded me of something I learned, maybe from an emergency medical technician or somebody in the healthcare world. he said, “Don’t ever tell somebody who is going into shock, “Don’t panic.” What you tell them instead is to remain calm.” There are many reasons, but the reason he gave, and I love where you’re going with this, is that the vibrational match of remaining calm is so much better. But also, when you’re in shock, high stress, or high adrenaline and sympathetic nervous system response, you don’t really hear the ‘don’t’ because your amygdala is in charge. It’s kind of hijacked the executive function of the brain, and you’re just on edge, and all you hear is the panic part.

If something in your life is not resonating with who you really are, something within you is creating that, not on purpose, but maybe by default.

Exactly. There are those who do vision boards, and I always tell them how to do a vision board. A vision board is to put on everything you wish to create. It should be present tense and positive words. Don’t write any words like, “I don’t want this, don’t do that,” or it will happen. You say, “I am abundant. I have the perfect job. I bring joy to people through my work.” I’ve had people create amazing things with their vision boards. I’m very excited about teaching people how to do it for themselves, but even more importantly, how to create a better world. That’s what my point is in this book. But once they see it, they say, “Wow, I could really do this.” They won’t do it before they understand how to do it themselves. If they are in a state of lack, they want to get the perfect job and have the perfect relationship before they can create peace on earth. I hope that makes sense.

It totally does. I think this is a big distinguishing distinction that I made a little while ago about the law of attraction and how it works. And that is, you have to have the faith that it already has manifested and has been fulfilled because if you didn’t have the fulfillment already occurring, you wouldn’t have the desire for it. If you hadn’t tasted the fulfillment, you wouldn’t desire it. If you already have it or it’s already manifested, you can’t see it yet. That requires acting as if and believing that it’s there. And not that it’s coming or not that it will come. That gets back to your thing of getting into the present tense and not the future tense. It is already here. Because if not, then you’re bringing in the lack of consciousness and pushing the thing away.

Exactly. In other words, you have to have the faith that all the great masters talked about. You have to assume the feeling of your wish is fulfilled. If you could feel that feeling and feel like it’s happening now, it’s a done deal.

You have to say everything you desire in the present tense, positive words as if it’s happening now.

Act as if it’s happened already. What are you doing differently now that it’s happened? Then, the universe works in ways that make it happen. It’s incredible. I’ve seen amazing things some of my clients heal from. I have one woman with stage four lung cancer and another one who has multiple myeloma. By assuming the feeling of being healed, women get pregnant, whereas before, they could not. I could go on and on, but I can’t get in their head, but I could teach them how to do it. They can’t just say, “I want this,” because they will always be in the state of wanting. No, that doesn’t work. “I have the perfect job. I have the perfect soul mate. My perfect soulmate loves me unconditionally. I love him unconditionally. He’s available.” You have to say everything you desire in the present tense, positive words as if it’s happening now.

My understanding of how this works is everything is already planned out. We have all these soul contracts or soulmates. If they haven’t arrived yet in the physical plane, that person is right around the corner, essentially on the side of the stage where they haven’t come to the front of the stage yet, haven’t entered the scene yet, but they’re already the actor or player in the movie or the play. They’ve been identified. They’ve come on set. They’re just waiting for the right moment. These are soul contracts. We can call this person into our lives because we’ve already made a soul contract with them that you’re my soulmate for this lifetime.

Exactly. May I share a funny story?


Your Life After Their Death by Karen Noé

A woman came to see me several years ago, and as she was for an appointment and as I do Reiki healing on them, I received messages, but she was saying to me, “I am destined to be alone the rest of my life.”

I said, “If you’re saying that, that’s exactly what will happen.” She said, “What do you mean?” I explained, “You have to watch your words and say what you desire.” I told her to do a vision board. Now, this is a real story. This even blew my mind, and I’ve seen everything. As soon as she left the office, she did a vision board. On the vision board, she put a picture of somebody who’s really cute online, a really nice little-looking person, and she sent it to me. That was all she put on the vision board. I called her back, and told me I could share her story. Her name was Jen. I said, “Jen, you have to put more than this.” She said, “If he looks like this, I don’t care what he’s like.”

Guess what happened? This is an amazing story. Again, this is going in the book. She called me back a few weeks later and said, “Oh, my gosh, this really works.” I said, “I know it does. What happened?” She said she joined, and some gentlemen called her. They were on the phone, and she said, “What do you do for a living?” He said he was a model. She said, “What do you model?” It happened to be the very same person she put on her vision board. So what do you think I’m going to say? He wasn’t nice. He wasn’t her perfect soulmate. I said to her, “But what did you say? You said, ‘I don’t care as long as he looks like that.’ Now, do another one. You know, this works. On it, say he loves me unconditionally. I love him unconditionally, and he’s available.” She was quiet a little bit. She asked, “Could I say he makes a lot of money and supports me? I said, “You could put whatever you want on there as long as you say he loves me unconditionally and vice versa. And he’s available.” She said, “Can I say that he travels with me?” I said, “You could say whatever you want, but just put those qualities.” So she did that. I didn’t hear from her. 

We are magnets, and we attract exactly what we feel and think. Share on X

In about a year and January before the pandemic, she and this gentleman came to her appointment together. They had just gotten married. He was the CEO of a company that loved her unconditionally. They were traveling in his plane all over the country. He’s amazing. That’s a real story. What I would say to people is to put out exactly what you desire, present tense, and use positive words. It’s very important. Crazy story, right?

It’s amazing. I love the way the universe works, and it’s also exquisite.

Well, we are magnets, and we attract exactly what we’re feeling, not just what we’re thinking, but what we’re feeling. You could be saying, “I have the perfect soul, or I am abundant,” but you feel poor. You’ll never receive the money or the abundance. That abundance is not only money, but if you say that, “I am abundant,” even though you don’t think you are at this point and assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled, as you said before.

When you’re grateful for things that are in your life, more things will come.

What if somebody is having trouble with that? It’s crazy to me. I can’t imagine myself rich because I’m eating ramen noodles or whatever the thing is that they’re trying to manifest, but they’re in that consciousness of lack, and they just can’t seem to suspend disbelief, even just for a little bit.

I would tell them that the first thing you need to do is practice gratitude because when you’re grateful for things that are in your life, more things will come into your life for which to be grateful. Going through this and writing this book, as I incorporate all the stories with my readings, appointments, and people I know, I’m also reading every single book I can on the topic. Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret and The Magic, and it’s on audible. Every morning, I listened to her. She has this amazing gratitude exercise. 

She said a habit is formed if you do the same thing for 28 days. If you do that for 28 days, you will change, and everything in your life will change. So she says, “The first thing in the morning you do for 28 days, you write down ten things that you’re grateful for. Now, here’s the thing. You cannot say the same thing twice after the second day. You cannot say what you said on the first day or on the third day, and you can’t say anything twice.” It’s great. 

Through The Eyes of Another by Karen Noé

The first day, you’re writing ten things. Your health, the people in your life, whatever else is in your life. Everything was wonderful on the second day, too. But by the third day, you’re up to 30 now. So when I was doing this, the things that you take for granted, I’m able to see and hear. I’m grateful for the air. I’m grateful for the hot water in the shower. I’m grateful for the air conditioning. I’m grateful for it. I was up to the point where, on days 10-20, I was grateful for the bathroom mat. I mean, I was getting everything that I was grateful for. You get into a different frame of reference. Every single thing in my life now is to the point where if something bad happens, I’m grateful that whatever else, and I get into a different feeling and consciousness. The more things you’re grateful for, the more good things will come into your life, and it doesn’t end there. She also said, “At the end of the day, get a rock or a crystal or something that you feel comfortable holding, put it near your bed stand, and right before you go to bed, you’ll see it. You go to bed, you see that stone, pick it up, and say, the best things that happened today.” What are the absolute best things that happened today? Go into things that you’re grateful for first thing in the morning, and the last thing before you go to sleep is that it changes your life. Everything that comes into your life from that point on is a state of being grateful for. So that’s how you create abundance. Even if you don’t have the money, what are you grateful for? You can see, you can hear the air that you breathe, the people in your life, and everything changes just by that state of consciousness.

Awesome. What would be an example of a miracle or something amazing that happened for you because of these exercises?

I love to teach at different venues. I’ve been teaching at Omega for three years now. Just recently, I’ve been very grateful for that. I came across a person who said she wanted to get me into Kripalu

You have to assume the feeling of your wish is fulfilled. If you could feel that feeling and feel as if it’s happening now, it’s a done deal.

I’m not sure how to pronounce it, either.

I was just thinking I would love to be there. Then here comes this person saying she knows somebody who works there and would love to get me in. I said, “Oh, it just falls right into place.” It just does because I’m grateful for what I have now with Omega. So that kind of just fell right into place. It’s amazing.

Are you interested in doing a TED talk or TEDx talk?

Everything that comes into your life is a state of being grateful for. That’s how you create abundance.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure how to do it yet. Where to go? Do you have the info?

Well, I don’t. I haven’t done one personally yet. But a TEDx talk is a lot easier to get than a TED talk. I think the most important thing about a TEDx talk is that it’s gonna be recorded with high-quality video and audio. Because that’s really the thing, it’s not the presentation on stage to that audience. It’s after the fact that the recording has reached millions of people on the TEDx YouTube channel.

I think the universe, God or whoever just told you to tell me that because I’m just open to everything right now. What I’ve been saying, my affirmation, is “I want to reach more people, help more people through my work.” So thank you for that.

What is your position on aliens or star beings? It’s not hard for somebody to accept that there are angels. Hopefully, they’re accepting that that’s a reality, but not so much that aliens or star beings exist. What do you tell somebody who’s maybe curious but not that believing in it?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I love that question because if we look up in the sky, we see that Earth is not the only planet. It may have life as we know it. Life exists on all the other planets as well. I know that without a doubt. I’ve had experience, and that’s a different subject. But not all planet’s dimensions are peaceful. It’s just like human beings. I call them extra celestials rather than extraterrestrials. We can connect with them as well as angels. They’re here right now on our planet to create a better world and peace in our lives. They see what’s happening. We don’t want to destroy our planet, climate and all that. They’re here trying to help us make a difference, stop the negativity, and create a better world. You may not say, “Oh, that’s an extraterrestrial.” You may not look at a person and say, “That’s extra celestial,” but you could see by what they’re saying, this is what you know: they come strong. They become a very strong activist for whatever it is that they’re like. Peace on Earth is very important right now.

One thing I’m noticing a lot is discussion in the media and with the government about UFOs or what they call, I guess, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). It’s another name for UFO. What’s your take on all that? Is this becoming so hot right now?

Well, my take is I’m not surprised at all. But in my world, they don’t need a UFO. They come as spirit as well as just as the angels do. They are here trying to create change on our planet as well, and not everybody’s open to that. But it doesn’t surprise me at all. We’re not the only planet with life as we know it, perhaps, but not at all. What do you feel about it? I’m curious.

When you're grateful for things that are in your life, the more things will come into your life for which to be grateful. Share on X

Well, my sense of it is that, or my understanding of it, there are star beings who have incarnated as humans to help us in this momentous time that we’re going through. There are star beings in the higher level dimensions that hang out in energy and not as matter, and then they can jump down to a lower dimension or slow down their speed enough to materialize, perhaps, but those are higher dimensional. Then there are ones that are incarnated in their species, and whatever kind of technology that they have is hidden from us. Some of it is actually known by the government, and that’s my understanding of it. But I could be wrong, so I agree.

I don’t know why they’re covering it up, though. That’s the question. I think they think people would be afraid of this.

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Perhaps or perhaps this is a power play so that they can maintain a technological advantage using alien tech for as long as they can without their enemies or adversaries having that same technology, or even knowledge that the particular government has that technology.

That’s interesting. But if they realize the majority of those who are coming, or the star seeds, the star people who are here, are here to create change in a peaceful way. It’s not about the technology; it’s about raising consciousness. But if they realize the majority of those who are coming, or the star seeds, the star people who are here, are here to create change in a peaceful way.

The way I like to think about it is it’s about cleaving to God. We are raising consciousness for the purpose of cleaving to God to be more and more like him and to be closer and closer to him.


Yeah, because the other direction is just an illusion, and we’re all of God. Everything has consciousness, and everything is made of God. There’s nothing that exists that is independent of God or has ever existed or ever will exist that is independent of God or not of God.

Correct. That’s a course in miracles.

Gratitude goes beyond a simple thank you. It's a potent tool that can elevate your vibrational frequency and attract positivity into your life. Share on X

Yeah, and it’s the Bible, too. Every foundational religion that I know of teaches that God—I guess maybe there are religions that I don’t know about, but my understanding of it—is one, and that’s not just Judeo-Christian religions that believe that. I find this all very fascinating and amazing to apply on a practical level and think about. If I have a children’s toy lying on the floor that I just accidentally stepped on and hurt my foot, I wonder if that toy has enough consciousness that it feels hurt, too, or that maybe it didn’t want to be stepped on. Sometimes, it just gets your mind thinking about how this wild experience of reality actually works. Because it’s not just what meets the eyes, what logically makes sense, that’s the game. It’s a video game, and there are so many levels to it. I just keep discovering newer and newer and higher levels of it. So it’s a lot of fun.

That’s true. Absolutely.

What would be something that is counterintuitive, perhaps surprising to you, that you’ve discovered or experienced?

I just wish everybody could see through the eyes of God; their lives would be so much better as well.

I don’t understand why people would want to harm other people. They don’t see how their actions are affecting others. I try not to get frustrated because I’m trying to see through their eyes, too. Maybe they had a difficult childhood and so forth, but I don’t understand it. I just wish everybody would see through the eyes of God, and truly, their lives would be so much better as well. But it’s up to them. Why would somebody not want to forgive somebody for what they say? Surely, if this person did this to me, I would be entitled to be angry at them. And sure, they’re entitled to be angry, but I always use the saying that Wayne Dyer used. “It’s not the snakebite that kills us. It’s the venom that’s left behind.” If you don’t want to forgive them, forgive you, and you will feel better. You’re not holding on to this negativity, and I just want everybody to hear that and understand. But you can’t force anything on anyone, and I realized that.

One thing that really stuck with me was recently seeing this video on Facebook. It’s a little clip of Bashar, who is channeled by Darrell Anka. How he explained the universe is that if you have a fear of the unknown, the unknown is actually just more of you.


Everything that you don’t know or haven’t experienced is just all more of you that you get to experience. He said that the universe is your universe. It’s all you. There’s nothing but you, even the people that you love and care for—part of your family or soul family. They’re a version of themselves that showed up in your universe. It’s a version of them. It’s your version of them. Everything in your universe is you.

Is this the same as we are all connected? It’s not after you leave the physical body that you’re able to see that connection in an instant. You could feel your connection to everyone and everything, your connection with God, and so forth. We can’t usually feel that when we’re in the physical body. Only when we’re meditating. Is that what you’re saying? Because everything is part of it.

Angel Quest Oracle by Karen Noé

That’s part of it. That’s like a corollary to it. But what I got out of this is that if I have somebody in my life who is an enemy or some sort of adversarial force in my life. They’re doing that as a gift for me. They’re playing that role as a supporting actor in my movie. Even though that’s not who they truly are. In their universe, they are a different version of them. They’re the observer. They’re running that universe, that simulation. They’re working with whoever the supporting actors are in that movie. Who is doing different things and acting in different ways that support that person’s universe? So if your universe is full of you and all the just the supporting actors are. There are versions of themselves that are really just. We’re all one. We’re all part of God. So we are all not just connected, but we’re all together. We’re just all one. I love that distinction. It’s so much more, I don’t know, precise for me than simply we’re all connected.

Well, it’s very deep. But also what I feel is that any person in your life, no matter good, bad or indifferent, whatever they’re doing to you, is difficult to say, but you’ve created that for your thoughts. So, not on purpose. Sometimes, you create by default what you don’t want. But it’s part of the plan, part of what you’re putting out. So that’s hard to understand, too. But that’s what we were talking about, too—that we are vibrational beings. Whatever we’re thinking and feeling, we’re creating. 

I could tell you another story. In order to connect with deceased loved ones and the angels, you have to keep your vibration high and be more on par with the energy of who they are. Several years ago, I had a client who was very negative in my eyes. I know nobody’s negative. But she’d come to see me and say she wanted to kill everybody, and she hated everybody. In my thoughts, I was saying, “I don’t want that. I don’t want that.” The universe brought it on me and started to treat me in a different way. I’ve never been treated like that before. During that time, I was still able to connect with deceased loved ones. But I couldn’t feel the angels because I was angry. I was ranting and raving, and I was so upset and so forth. 

In order to connect with deceased loved ones and the angels, you have to keep your vibration high and be more on par with the energy of who they are.

I will never forget this. I went for a walk with my dog, Duke. As I’m walking the dog, I’m saying in my head, “Angels, I know you could hear me, but I can’t hear you. I know you could hear me, but I can’t hear you.” And with that, I was guided to look up at the sky, and I saw clouds in the formation of an ear with a finger in it. Because I was ranting and raving, and I was so upset, I didn’t even understand what that meant. I continued to walk. In my mind, “That’s so silly. What are you trying to say to me?” Then, all of a sudden, I started to hear the birds. How beautiful. That was springtime. I tuned into the beautiful flowers that were just blooming. As I got closer to my house, I felt the love coming from my house, and so did my family. Only then did I understand the message was from the angels. 

When I was angry, upset, ranting, and raving, I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. I had my finger in my ear. But when I was able to raise my vibration to who I really am, God within me, pure love with the birds and the flowers and my family, I could understand what they were saying. I had my finger in my ear, and when I was doing that, I was able to hear them when I was more on par with the energy of the angels and the energy of God. It is with all of us. Don’t keep your finger in your ear. Be more on par with the energy of who you really are, which is God within you.

One thing I learned about that’s beautiful, and I learned this rather recently, is that your environment is populated. Let’s say that you’re doing a reading for yourself or somebody, and you’re connected. You’re normally getting, let’s say, a clear audience or normally clairvoyance or whatever. Well, that’s not the only way that you are being communicated with from the upper world. It’s also the environment that you’re in. You just happen to look out the window, and you see an ibis eating in the grass, and you’re like, “Okay, that isn’t random. So what does that mean?” Or you glance at the clock, and it’s 04.57 PM, and, “Oh, that means something.” You get to decode these messages that are part of the whole message. You know those movie theaters at, like, amusement parks where they claim it’s 4D, where you get to experience getting wet or whatever when it’s a scene with a storm or whatever, it’s like that. It is full immersion. You’re getting messages from all the different sources—from the environment and everything. So pretty, wildly

When you turn on the light, the darkness goes away. Anything of a lower vibration wouldn’t be attracted to us.

Beautifully said. I know. I call them signs, too, without a doubt. They love to give us signs like the deer outside the window or a butterfly lands on you, or you’re driving, and the car cuts you off. And on the license plate, it’s your loved one’s name or something like that.

We talked all about that. I love that. It was such an important thing for me to learn from you from the webinar that you did. I think it was 2021 when I watched that webinar, and then I invited you to my podcast and everything. You’ve made a big difference in my life. It really started with asking for, without a doubt, signs.

You have to be patient and wait; the sign will come when you least expect it.

Yeah. It’s so important. You have to be patient and wait, and the sign will come when you least expect it.

Amazing. If our listener wants to learn more from you, get your books, attend your courses, and everything. Where should we send them to?

They could go to my website, or social media @karennoeauthor. 

Awesome. Well, thank you, Karen. And thank you, listener. Thank you for being open-minded and interested in the unseen world. We’ll catch you on the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Practice gratitude by writing down ten things I’m grateful for first thing every morning for 28 days. This trains my mind to look for the positive and create a gratitude habit.

?Try to use a rock or crystal and reflect on the best things that happened to my day before bed. The rock or crystal is meant to be a physical anchor for my nightly practice.

?Create a vision board with present tense and positive words for what I want to manifest. Using present tense, like “I am” statements, aligns me with already having what I desire.

?Assume the feeling of my wish already being fulfilled to raise my vibration to match the frequency of my desired experience.

?Let go of saying, “I don’t want this,” as I’ll attract more of what I don’t want. My thoughts and feelings invite matching experiences into my reality.

?Focus on solutions and what I do want, not what I don’t want. Look for ways to get myself in a positive mindset oriented towards my goals.

?Strive for qualities like love, peace, and compassion to tune into higher realms. The higher my vibration, the more I can connect with benevolent divine forces.

?Ask for signs from the divine and be open to receiving them. Signs can come through nature, number sequences, physical objects, etc., so stay present and aware so I don’t miss the signs I’ve asked for.

?Connect with the natural world (birds, flowers, etc.) to tune into higher vibrations. Spend time in nature, paying attention to its sights, sounds, and sensations.

?Be patient and have faith that my desires will manifest at the right time. The more I can embody patience, the sooner I’ll see results materializing.

?Learn more about Karen Noé’s teachings, get her books, and attend her courses on her website at

About Karen Noe

Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list. She is the author of We Consciousness, Your Life After Their Death, Through the Eyes of Another, and the Angel Quest Oracle deck.

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