Episode 207: How to Have a High-Performing Assistant with Tim Francis |

How to Have a High-Performing Assistant with Tim Francis

If you run a business, you know it's tough to get out of the weeds and find time to work on the stuff that really matters, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur who can't delegate to staff. These days, you can easily hire a virtual assistant off the internet. However, it can be difficult to find someone reliable and trustworthy enough to take care of personal tasks, like managing your inbox or booking travel on a credit card. My guest for this episode number 207 is Tim Francis. Tim is someone who has thought a lot about assistance, delegating, and the most efficient way to run a business. After achieving success at a young age, Tim was hit with a rare illness which left him crippled for three months. The illness forced him to start again from scratch and rethink his entire approach to business. The result was two innovative new businesses, Great Assistant and Profit Factory. Tim is a master when it comes to hiring, managing, and delegating tasks to assistance. So if you employ one or you're thinking of employing one, the knowledge he shares today will have a real impact on your business's bottom line. We'll also be discussing plenty of handy tools you can use to streamline the management of your team and your business. And Tim will reveal some powerful insights like why you should only hire assistance in your own time zone. There's plenty to dive into. So let's get started. Shall we?

Episode 200 |

The 200th Episode! Life Hacks, Reflections, and Highlights with Orion Talmay

I’ve been podcasting for four years and it feels like just yesterday that the first episode was published. As we wrap up Get Yourself Optimized’s 200th episode, I can’t help but look back and reflect on the last 100 guests who have graciously agreed to be on the show. It was such an honor interviewing some of the best experts, influencers, and trailblazers in the world of biohacking, business, and self-development. So many lessons learned and tips and tricks gained to live a highly optimized life. This special episode is hosted by my lovely wife, Orion Talmay, who happens to have her own wonderful podcast called The Stellar Life Podcast. Tune in as she and I discuss some of the best advice my guests have shared. And to my listeners, thank you for tuning in all these years. Cheers to 200 more amazing episodes!

Episode 195 |

Achieve Big Productivity Gains from the 1% Rule with Tommy Baker

If you're a regular audience to the show, you know that I'm a major productivity nerd. My guest for this episode is someone who intrigues me because he has developed his own simple process for getting things done and achieving his goals, and it works. His name is Tommy Baker and he calls his system, The 1% Rule. It's all about embracing the daily grind and developing a routine that gets resolved. Tommy has applied this method to his own life, but he also helps others realize their dreams via his coaching business, the Resist Average Academy. This is going to be an epic deep-dive into productivity and the secrets that underpin massive success. We will be discussing everything from mindset and coaching to biohacking and ice baths. Strap in because you don't want to miss some of the powerful insights in this episode.

Episode 191 |

Outsourcing Your Workforce with Nathan Hirsch

The idea of hiring a remote workforce is highly appealing, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur or a small business owner. What's not to like? You get access to a flexible team without the pesky overheads of a traditional business, like office space and payroll tax. In reality, managing a remote team is trickier than it sounds. First off, it can be hard to find and retain top tier talents. Secondly, you might have other obstacles like work delays due to time zones or cultural differences that might affect internal communication. My guest for this episode number 191 is someone who understands these struggles. Nathan Hirsch is the Cofounder of FreeeUp, a company that connects businesses with professionals in eCommerce, digital marketing, development and much more.   Stay tuned as we reveal the secrets to hiring and managing world-class talent, implementing systems to keep your remote business running smoothly and much more. If you've ever considered hiring freelancers, this episode is going to provide massive value in terms of maximizing the ROI on your outsourcing budget. This episode is the perfect companion to episode number 117 with Carolyn Ketchum, my former head virtual assistant, episode number 62 with Chris Rugh, episode number 114 with Nick Sonnenberg, episode number 116 with Nick Loper, episode number 118 with Ari Meisel and episode number 145 with Trivinia Barber.

Episode 189 |

Becoming A Hands Off CEO with Mandi Ellefson

Many of us start a business to escape the 9 to 5 grind and take control of our lives, but too often the business ends up controlling us. We find ourselves trapped in a role we didn't envision for ourselves. We spent hours of each day on email and various mundane tasks with no time left over to work on longer-term goals. We work in the business when we should be working on the business. If your business seems like a never-ending slog, then you'll definitely want to hear from my guest for this episode, Mandi Ellefson. She is the Founder and CEO of Hands-Off CEO. She not only teaches business owners how to free 20% to 50% of their work week, she shows them how to boost profits at the same time. Many of her clients have added five figures to their net profit every month and even stepped away from day-to-day operations entirely to focus on growth. This is a powerful episode for business owners and aspiring business owners. Stay tuned as we discuss everything from finding the right talent to scaling strategies that work.