Episode 179 |

Leverage Your Time and Your Team with Rob Rawson

If you run a business, you've probably considered switching to a remote workforce. Why not? There are plenty of proven benefits for both you and your employees. That's not to say there aren't some challenges. For one, it can be difficult to keep track of what your team is working on, how many hours they've worked and if they're staying focused. My guest for this episode is Rob Rawson, a serial entrepreneur with employees in over nine different countries. That's not the only reason he's an expert in outsourcing. Rob also created Time Doctor, a time tracking program that helps your workforce easily keep track of their hours and optimize their productivity. It's so good, I even use it myself for my own team. If you have an outsourced workforce or you're thinking about heading down that route, this episode is a must as we reveal the secrets of going remote and getting the most out of your employees when they're working from home. You'll never want to see an office cubicle again.

Episode 176 |

Productivity Versus Distraction with Chris Bailey

In talking with various branding experts over the years, I have heard many definitions of the word, brand. My favorite of these definitions is this: A brand is a promise fulfilled. It is so short and so elegant. I have rebranded. The Optimized Geek Podcast is no longer. Welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. The reason for the rebrand is simple. I want to appeal to more than just geeks. My brand promise is to help you get optimized, regardless of whether you identify as a geek or not. This wider audience will allow me to make a difference for many more people. Speaking of which, if you know anybody who could benefit from this podcast, please share it with them. That will help them out and it will help me out.Every week, I send out an email newsletter called the Thursday Three. If you are not on my list, you should be. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from subscribers about the impact my newsletter has had on them. One subscriber emailed me to say, "I take advantage of your sharing every week. Super thanks for your emails.” This week, special thanks for the HBR article on productivity. I spent the last seven days revamping my systems in this regard. The article was very timely and helped me with some important insights and nuances. To get on my list, simply email me at Subscribe@GetYourselfOptimized.com. Productivity is something a lot of people dabble in. Maybe you have bought a book on the topic or tried the Pomodoro Technique or even downloaded an app to help keep you on the straight and narrow.My guest for this episode is someone who did not dabble. He went all in. Chris Bailey turned down lucrative job offers and spent a year conducting rigorous experiments to find out what works and what doesn’t. He documented it all in a blog that eventually became a book, The Productivity Project, which is a must own for anyone interested in the topic. It includes interviews with experts like David Allen and Charles Duhigg. His latest book, Hyperfocus looks at how to manage your attention in a world that is filled with distractions. It is a great read with some powerful insights. One of the more alarming arguments he makes is that distraction doesn’t just affect productivity, it affects our memory, our creativity and ultimately, it makes our lives less meaningful. Join us as we take a deep dive into productivity and distraction and reveal some practical secrets that will help you regain your focus and live a more productive and fulfilling life.

Episode 148 |

Accomplish a Year of Results in 90 Days with Todd Herman

In a world obsessed with five and ten-year plans, it’s easy to get so caught up in the big picture that you forget to take the smaller steps you need to get there. Believe it or not, any goal you make should only be 90 days out. Research around procrastination and avoidant behavior indicate that goals further out than this create high levels of avoidant behavior. While it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, sticking to concrete, 90-day goals helps you stay focused on getting there.As you may have guessed, this wisdom comes from the creator of the 90 Day Year. Todd Herman’s award-winning high-performance achievement system is used by athletes, entrepreneurs, and companies around the world. Todd and I met through a mastermind run by Taki Moore, and I’m excited to finally have him on the show!

Episode 145 |

Outsource Like a Boss with Trivinia Barber

For many of us, it’s hard to let go of control of many aspects of our business. Whether it’s our email inbox or our blog posts, it’s never easy to relinquish control. Imagine how much easier life would be, though, if you knew you could go on sabbatical for six months and your business wouldn’t miss a beat. When you have the right team of virtual assistants, your business can operate with minimal input from you. This means you can focus on the things that you actually need to do (like your videos or podcasts) and have your team do everything else (like your blog posts and audio editing).Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA, a boutique virtual assistant agency that matches elite-level entrepreneurs with highly skilled assistants. These assistants really understand the online space and come prepared to deliver a massive ROI right out of the gate. Our conversation is a fresh take on the world of virtual assistants, and we discuss the value that having the right team can make across various aspects of your business. You’ll learn how to effectively work with VAs, ensure they won’t leave you for a different employer, and become a grandmaster at delegation.

Episode 138 |

Tapping into Creativity and Flow with Barnet Bain

Fear sets up a dam across creative impulse, and doesn’t let anything through except fear itself. (And, as you’ll learn, fear takes a great deal of creativity in its own right!) Just as fear knows how to grow itself, creativity knows how to grow itself too. By focusing on creativity, you can become more creative. By focusing on desire, expectation, and imagination, you can find unbridled, unimpeded creativity flowing through you more powerfully than you ever thought was possible.You’ll learn all about this, and much more, with Barnet Bain in an episode that’s all about tapping into your creativity and achieving a flow state. Today, this genius is here to help you unleash your own inner creativity in every aspect of your life.