Episode 257 |

How to Get Unstuck with David Henzel

Some people talk about changing their lives, but they lack the tools to get them unstuck. Then there are people who manage to change their sleep habits, diet, and move to a different country for an optimized lifestyle.  My guest for this episode, David Henzel, is that guy. He is an inspiring serial entrepreneur. He has started, as well as invested in, a number of successful companies, including MaxCDN, TaskDrive, LTVplus, and UpCoach. His true passion is to help people, teams, and businesses succeed, which is why he created Managing Happiness. Managing Happiness is a coaching program, but with a twist—it’s a group coaching mastermind that fosters connections and, most importantly, accountability. It helps you zero in on your true passion, core values, your North Star, and be on your “A-game.”  There were so many things that David said that really resonated with me. So much of what we discuss in this episode can really enrich your life across the board, especially if you’re feeling stuck and you want to connect with your passion and move forward with your work and your life. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

Episode 253 |

How to Be Productive in These Strange Times with Mike Vardy

Today, as I’m recording this, it’s World Productivity Day. And no, I didn’t make that up. As a productivity enthusiast, I took massive action yesterday and convinced Mike “The Productivityist” Vardy to join me for a livestream which we just finished broadcasting on Facebook. We covered topics as diverse as fear versus will, feeding the soil versus feeding the plants, modeling instead of teaching, habit stacking, the power of combining intention with attention, what to do when you break the chain of a new daily habit, and much more.  Mike Vardy is a renowned productivity strategist, speaker, and author of The Front Nine and the upcoming book, TimeCrafting. He’s also my productivity coach and my friend. Let’s dive in!

Episode 248 |

The Practical Kind of Productive with Darius Foroux

We live in a world of distractions—social media, phone calls, emails, and constant news updates on the new normal we’ve all been living with the last three or four months. The subject we’re delving into today is so relatable—whether you’re working at home for the first time, or you have an idea or a project you really want to start but you’re a little intimidated even knowing where to begin, time management and productivity are two things we all have to master. And my guest today, Darius Foroux is a master, as well as a teacher of productivity, habits, decision making, and personal finance. Over half a million people read his articles every month. His ideas have been featured in TIME, NBC, Fast Company, Inc., Observer, and other publications. We all have daily habits that center us—if you’re sporadic with habits you really will get a lot of benefit from this episode.  We talk about strategies to make working from home (or anywhere) productive and smooth. And what I really like is that the things he suggests aren’t set in stone in any way. They are suggestions which you can tweak to make work for you. I love his positivity and I think he has so much to add to this conversation that is so relevant to all of us right now, so without any further ado, let’s get on with the show!

Episode 235 |

Optimize Your Memory with Guinness World Record Holder Ron White

I’m sure everyone has probably had the frustrating experience of not being able to remember important things--whether they’re facts, names, or just information that feels like it’s at the tip of your tongue, but somehow it’s inaccessible. My guest today, Ron White, is a two-time national memory champion. He held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of shuffled cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds. As a memory expert, Ron has given talks all over the world from Zimbabwe to Milan. He has appeared on Good Morning America , CBS Evening News, CBS Early Show, FOX, NBC, and newspapers across the country from the New York Post to the Dallas Morning News.  I heard Ron speak recently at a mastermind and I found him so compelling, not just on stage, but in conversation afterwards, that I had to have him on the show! In this episode, he talks with me about how memory works, how to lay the groundwork for actually improving your memory, and devices we can employ to access more of our memory which I found really fascinating and terribly useful, and I think you will too. And now, on with the show!

Episode 233 |

On the Path of Self-Discovery with Jeff Goins

I'm committed to revealing light in the world in everything I do, including this podcast. I believe revealing light is in large part the reason why I'm here on this earth. But as my guest today, Jeff Goins so aptly puts it, every light casts a shadow. Jeff and I discussed how often we end up chasing the shadows rather than chasing the light. It's easy to focus on your social media persona or keeping up with the neighbors, especially when that new Tesla shows up in their driveway. But are you ignoring the realities of your deeper life or what it truly takes to get that Tesla?  Jeff is the bestselling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. He founded the Tribe Warriors writing community and has an award-winning blog. Jeff opens up about how his personal struggles gave him lessons and leadership. We discussed the shadow monsters of impostor syndrome, shame and trauma. Jeff says you can do really great things while still feeling incomplete. And while every writer can struggle when confronted by that blank page, Jeff's story is both insightful and inspirational. And now on with the show