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By: Stephan Spencer


Ambika Wauters
“Intuition is the best guide we have. I’d rather trust my intuition than hear what others have to say about my life.”
Ambika Wauters

If you’ve been a listener for a while, you already know I don’t rely solely on the medical industrial complex for my healing. Our guest today reveals the power of homeopathic medicine, divine energy, and other nontraditional healing modalities.

Aside from being a renowned homeopath, Ambika Wauters is the author of 26 books that cover such topics as homeopathy, chakras, spiritual healing, and angels. She has also created three prize-winning oracle decks using her own paintings. Ambika runs the Life Energy Medicine School of Healing, where she trains homeopaths and people interested in learning about the human energy system.

In today’s episode, Ambika shares about the numerous elements of homeopathic medicine and how she uses them to overcome physical and emotional pain. She underscores the importance of forgiving yourself and others in the healing process. We also talk about the healing influence of angels, the power of intuition, and what it means to pray. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to develop a fuller understanding of holistic healing.

In this Episode

  • [00:30]Stephan introduces Ambika Wauters, a homeopath, published author of 26 books on chakras, spiritual healing and the realm of angels.
  • [05:39]Ambika explains the process of using Oracle cards and talks about the prayer she wrote to be divinely guided while using them.
  • [11:12]Stephan and Ambika define what it feels like to listen to your intuition.
  • [17:34]Ambika talks about Life Energy Medicine School of Healing.
  • [23:56]Ambika points out the importance of asking for help from angels rather than waiting for them to help you.
  • [29:16]Ambika and Stephan discuss the kinds of music that can help you be in a concentrated state.
  • [37:44]What is the difference between shame and guilt?
  • [43:54]Ambika tells a story of one of her client’s experiences where she used a remedy in treating sore throat, which is one of the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • [48:30]Ambika states how effective it is to ask for what you want in life and call upon the people you love and trust to help you.
  • [54:40]Visit Ambika Wauters’ website at to check out her books, products, free meditation, learn more about her and Life Energy Medicine.

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Ambika, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you, Stephan. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

The Angelic Year by Ambika Wauters

It’s a joy to have you. You’re doing so much in the world and have over many years. I’m curious. Maybe to start our conversation, if you could share, of your 26 books, which one’s your favorite?

Always the last one I wrote is my favorite, but I have some that I really marvel at. The Angelic Year is an incredibly beautifully illustrated book of prayers and meditations. It follows the zodiac year and it’s thematically organized. Let’s say we’re dealing with Scorpio. We look at the qualities for the four weeks of Scorpio and the equinoxes, the change of seasons.

I’m now in the process of republishing it—it’s been out of print for a while—and I’m going to put my own paintings in there. I’m really excited about it. It’s my art, poetry, prayers, and meditations in it. It’s just an amazing gift to be able to write that book. It’s won some awards for its beauty. I hope that I can help my painting do it justice actually.

I wrote a book that I really loved. It kind of fell through the cracks. It was called Life Changes with Energy. It was just a book of questions—chakra-related, but questions. It’s a whole book of questions. People really took to it. The people who used it said it was wonderful. They did it with their families. They did it with their kids. They did it with their grandparents.

It’s a lot about history—the history of our families, where they came from, what they learned, and what they suffered. I draw on that book quite a lot in my work. I think it must have sold 12 copies or something. But it’s a book I love. I love writing.

I’ve only had trouble with two books. They’re called “jinxed books” in the publishing world where something goes wrong. The first one was way in the beginning, way back in the ‘90s. I got a virus on my computer and I didn’t know it. I sent the book off to Italy—for some reason, it was being printed in Italy—and it corrupted, so I had to rewrite the whole book. There was nothing to draw on as I had sent them my text, so I had to rewrite the book. We call it a jinxed book. It was jinxed.

Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters

Then, there was another book. I can’t remember the title. But the rest have been a total delight. A trip into bliss, creativity, and inspiration. That’s why I love writing.

How are the Oracle decks in comparison? Are those also a joy to produce or is it different?

They’re deeply wonderful and fun because you have to figure out how it’s going to play out. You can’t have a card in there that doesn’t fit. It all has a mesh. You have to work out how the spreads are going to go and what the picture and the affirmation are going to be. I love doing them.

I’ve got a new one. I’m going to get it out in the new year on the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Feminine Principle. I am very excited about that. It comes from a poem written in the 16th century called The Litany of the Blessed Virgin of Loreto. It’s where she is described as the tower of ivory, the pillar of gold. They’re just these endlessly beautiful metaphors for her. I took each one of the metaphors and turned it into a card. I think it’s splendid.

What is the process when you pick an Oracle card or an affirmation card? There’s some guidance from above that helps you pick the right card, right? How does that work?

I actually wrote a prayer that whatever card you pick is divinely guided for you. I’m going to start to put that in my new Oracles because this isn’t random. It’s not helter skelter. It’s divine guidance. It comes through an Oracle. People have been relying on Oracles for thousands and thousands of years. The runes are Oracles. People threw bones to get an Oracle.

I’m reading this biography of Alexander the Great. He and his father, King Philip of Macedonia, had soothsayers. The Dalai Lama has his group of mediums and people who channel the divine. I once was privileged. Very late at night, I couldn’t sleep, and I got up. I was living in Britain. I turned on BBC, and there was this film of the Dalai Lama and the people who wear this hat that weighs 200 pounds. It could break a man’s neck. If they were not in a trance, it would just snap their neck. These people do dances and rituals, and they channel divine guidance.

Often, when someone has died and they’re trying to find out the direction where to go search for the new reincarnation, they call upon these extraordinary channelers. It’s part of us. Intuition is I’d say the best guide we have. I’d rather trust my intuition than hear what a doctor has to say, a lawyer, or the government. Don’t get me going on this one.

I agree with you. I came to the new realization as of last year that intuition isn’t a gut instinct. It’s actually your angels, your guides whispering into your consciousness. I did not understand that before.

Intuition is the best guide we have. I'd rather trust my intuition than hear what others have to say about my life. Click To Tweet

Yes, it’s angels whispering in your ears quite literally. There are a few paintings I found where you see angels actually whispering into the ears of the muses. They’re very beautiful. To learn to tap into the wise guidance of your life, it’s work. It’s there. You don’t have to put it in place. It’s there. What you need to do or what we need to do is to pull back, tune in, and really listen.

I’ll tell you a story. Many years ago, 25 years ago, I had invested some money in the stock market. Somebody said, “Oh, take your money and put it in the stock market.” I’ve never done that. It was never my thing. I went to see a stockbroker. I gave him my life savings. One day, I was at my desk writing, and I heard a voice say, “Take your money out of the stock market now.”

I was like, what? It had been there for three, four months. I thought I’m either going to listen to my guidance or not. What’s the choice here? I said, I’m going to listen. I called him up. I said, “I’d like to take my money out of my account right now. I’d like it sent back.” He said, “You can’t do that.” I said, “Yes, I can do this,” and I really want to do that.

He begrudgingly got my money out. Four hours later, the stock market collapsed. It was one of those things that took years for the stocks to go back up. I’m talking about the ’90s. It was like, when I hear that little voice say you’re going to do this, you want to look at that, read this book, watch that movie, or go talk to that person over there, I listen.

Whether based on minerals, animals, or plants, all homeopathic remedies are archetype metaphors for the good.

Me too.

Good. In developing that inner guidance, I think one of the great ways to do it is with archetypal cards. The cards are archetypes. No matter whose deck it is, they’re two-dimensional and they carry a message. We each have the opportunity to read what we want into it. It’s not written in stone, it’s interpretive. It gives us a chance to really understand ourselves and the process of what goodness works through us. I think the more we get it, the better we can serve the Divine in what we do.

For sure. Step one is to not only listen to the intuitive hits but to then follow them.

Yes. It takes a lot of courage. Pulling that money out was like, oh, do I do it or not? Hey, come on. This is what I heard. We try to justify intuition a lot. People like to call it the creative call. It’s what I call downloads now. Oh, I got a download in meditation. I live my life that way.

I call them intuitive hits. That way, it doesn’t feel too religious to some people who are not getting with the program at the moment. Then, if they ask for an explanation, I just say, an intuitive hit for me means that it comes in unexpectedly. It’s charged neutral. There’s no emotion tied to it. It’s not anxiety-producing, exciting, or fear-inducing. It just simply is. Then, it doesn’t lead anywhere else. It doesn’t jump to the next thought to the next thought to the next thought, and the next thing you know, I’m thinking about some childhood cartoon or something.

You’ve really nailed it. I’ve never looked at those qualities that define it. I just simply accept it. But I love the way you’ve defined it. It’s excellent. A lot of the work that we do is teaching people to really listen. I bring intuition into homeopathy, but I don’t ask my students to count on it—just listen to it—because I want them to be able to back up any remedy they offer. They need to be able to do that in a classical way using the Repertory, the Materia Medica, and really standing behind their choice for a remedy.

I bring intuition into homeopathy, but I don’t ask my students to count on it—just listen to it—because I want them to be able to back up any remedy they offer.

I also say, well, how do you feel about what you’ve just heard? Some of the things we hear are very deep and sometimes very dark. What are you feeling about this? How do you feel about what you’ve been told? Because if you can’t really get your senses around your intuition, I think you will struggle as a healer. Everything will be prescriptive. Prescription is fine to a point, but there’s the art and the science of treatment. The science is very well-defined, but the art, not so much.

Right. There’s stuff that could be going on—contraindications, side effects, drug interactions, and things like that—that you’re not aware of.

They’re taught to ask all the questions. What do you take? What have you taken in the past 20 years? Have you had surgery? Have you had narcotics? Do you drink? Everything. Family, predisposition, to illness. The whole thing is laid out in a health intake form.

But the intuitive part is do you feel you’re being told the truth? Do you feel this person’s integrity? Do you feel this person is suffering? Those are intuitive things that can lead you to deeper healing for yourself and for others. I bring it into my training.

Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J. T. Kent

It reminds me, I just learned in the book, You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson, that there’s a whole chapter on forgiveness and delivering miracles to people that are forgiveness-related. They need to forgive somebody. 

One of the key indicators that they need to forgive is you ask them the question, are you in torment about this issue or with regards to this person? If they are, that is a sure sign that there’s an unforgiveness blockage there that needs to be released.

Yes. Because when you hold on to enmity, anger, and rage, it eats you up. It literally torments you until you are willing to forgive. I think the price of unforgiveness is worse than anything that could have been done to you. I mean it.

It’s astronomical. It really is. It has sweeping changes across all dimensions. I think it’s one of the most destructive forces.

One thing I love about intuition that I just recently got the distinction around is that you can get confirmation. You think that you’re hearing something or that you get this gut feel, this knowing, but maybe there’s something about it that you’re doubting. Maybe you’re just not 100%. You’re new at this. One of the simplest ways you can go past this issue to go through it is to simply ask for confirmation. It seems so simple.

That’s right. It’s very simple.

But not necessarily easy because people get into the habit of doing something different. The well-worn grooves in our brain are from doing the same habit over and over again. I have to retrain myself.

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp

It’s either your will or God’s will. I’d pick God’s will every time because it’s so vast, so all-encompassing, and all-knowing. My vision is this big. What do I think I know? What kind of arrogance is that? I don’t.

Something I love in Kabbalah that I learned is this principle that we are in the 1% reality. The 99% reality is where everything else is. In our little 1% reality, we could spend decades studying just one little aspect of that 1% reality, and we’re not even scratching the surface.

I agree with you. That’s wisdom to know where you are in your limitation and that you really don’t know. Sometimes, in a case, you think you got an answer. There are remedies that are going to help this person. All of a sudden, the little voice says, no, that’s not what they need. I’ve learned to say, what would help this person?

I’ve been doing this for 35 years so when I hear a remedy, I get the books out, I look it up, and I go, wow, this would be a great remedy. A lot of times, I’m gifted with an answer, but I always will back it up. I don’t indiscriminately hand out remedies. I study it. But I do hear it quite a lot, and I trust that.

Where does the study, writing, and sharing about the angelic world, the homeopathic, and the other modalities and areas fit in? Are you mostly in the angelic realm of things? Because I know you’ve got your angel decks, you have books about angels and so forth, and then you have all the homeopathy stuff. You also have things about healing with other modalities like spiritual healing, chakras, and so forth. I’m curious, where’s your primary focus been and going to be?

My day job is that I’m a homeopath. I have clients, and I teach at The Institute for Life Energy Medicine School of Healing. In that, the whole first year of a two-year certification course is a study of the chakras. I’ve aligned the chakras with cell salts, which are for genetic predisposition, and conventional homeopathic remedies. They look at the life issues of a chakra, and there are several remedies, flower essences, and cell salts to look at and understand how they work within that range.

Then, the second year is all clinical work. I’m skilled as a homeopath. I’ve been doing it for 35 years. I studied for ten years in the UK, I run a school, and I train a very small number of very excellent students from around the world. It’s not big, and it will never be big. It’s small. It’s intimate. We have some really extraordinary people, doctors, nurses, therapists, and shamans. These are people that I’ve learned to love and trust. 

It’s either your will or God’s will. I’d pick God’s will every time because it’s so vast, so all-encompassing, and all-knowing.

Recently, our granddaughter got COVID. I had all the remedies prepared for them so that they knew exactly what to give her, but I sent an email out—which we call the call to prayer—to my students. Please pray for this child and her parents.

I know that I can call upon them, and they know they can call upon me and the rest of the group. Things happen in people’s lives. People get sick. Some people get terminal illnesses. Some people lose their dogs. It doesn’t matter what. If it’s something that stresses, we put the call of prayer out and we all hold one another in prayers. 

It’s really quite unique. That’s based on trust and love. That has nothing to do with the academic learning of this medicine called homeopathy or even life energy medicine.

It took me a long time to even bring the chakras into homeopathy. I had this teacher, this wonderful Jewish man in England. He was very academic. He had this vast library of 8000 homeopathic books. He asked me to write an article on why I had developed these remedies based on color, light, and sound. He asked me to write an article for the British Journal. I put in chakras. He said, “Of my 8000 books, there is not one mention of the word chakra.” I said, “There is now because that’s what I’ve done. I wrote that in.”

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The realm of angels, I am beginning to bring it in. I’ve made remedies based on the archangels. I have made remedies based on the holy waters from the Christian shrines around the world—the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, places in America here, Our Lady of Consolation somewhere in Ohio, Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado. People send me holy water from all over the place. I wrote a little book on it. These are powerful remedies. I started to bring them in.

Besides the color remedies and the sound remedies, there are now remedies based on the chakras, gem elixirs I’ve made, and thought forms. You can make a remedy out of a thought form of love, peace, and joy because really, these are all just metaphors for good. They are archetypal metaphors. 

All homeopathic remedies, whether they’re based on minerals, animals, or plants are archetypes metaphors for the good. If the range is this big, then the world of physical matter expands it. It’s called the realm of the imponderables. That’s what they call it. The imponderables are things like sunlight, moonlight, color and sound, and X-ray. X-ray is one of the most powerful remedies in old homeopathy. It can cure cancer.

I tend to go into the angelic realm and love to write about it, also now that remedies are also going that way too. They play out. They work instantaneously. They do not have a long-term effect. They may hold for as long as it takes for you to transform your thoughts from something negative to something positive. They’re like that.

The realm of angels, I am beginning to bring it in. I’ve made remedies based on the archangels.

I love doing that. I love making remedies. I love sharing what I know about them. I’m really passionate about homeopathy. It took me a long time to talk about the realm of angels. I once was in Denver at a bookstore. The angelic ear had just come out. I took some friends of mine with me. One of them was a former Jesuit priest. I got up to talk, and nothing came out of my mouth, nothing. I just didn’t feel I had any authority to talk about it.

He got up, and he started reading from the book. I was so grateful. They went up selling a lot of copies. I couldn’t talk. He saw that. He saw I was really blocked and in shock. He got up, and he did that ever so grateful. Now, I can talk about it. It took me a long time to be comfortable sharing that publicly, but they’re really important parts of our lives.

Yes. They’ll save your life. They will literally save your life.

If you want your life saved, they will save your life. They do not do what they are not asked to do. That’s a hard one for people. I said to somebody the other day, “What do you think about asking for help?” This person said, “I never asked for help.” I said, “Oh, you might want to reconsider that one because without asking for help, nothing will be done.” They need to know you have free will in this matter. You have free will and choice always. But they’re there. They’re around us all the time.

It wasn’t until my recent spiritual awakening—the second one, the one that I had this year—that I came to understand how integral the angels have been in my life. There was one moment that I walked away without a scratch from a car crash where the car itself was totaled. 

I love doing that. I love making remedies. I love sharing what I know about them. I’m passionate about homeopathy.

I had fallen asleep behind the wheel in my early 20s driving all night long. One hour left to get to my destination, I fell asleep going 65 miles an hour. I walked away without a scratch. I’ve hit a light pole which popped out of its socket and the car spun out in a ditch. I was hauling a U-Haul trailer with me. I was very, very fortunate. It wasn’t luck. It was angels. They had formed a geodesic dome around me to protect me.

I’m infinitely grateful for what I’ve come to see as the guidance that is given to us. The grace—what I call walking in grace—you were obviously in a state of grace to have been spared.

Unbelievable pain, loss, and suffering wake you up. It’s a wake-up call. I think that illness can be a wake-up call. I call it an opportunity disguised as loss. We need to look at those moments in our lives and see how much grace we have. We are blessed by the presence of the divine all the time. We take so much for granted. All you need is a situation like that once in your life.

I had a similar situation, but not as devastating. I was on my way to a workshop in England, and I had a new car. All of a sudden, this big French truck came up, picked up the rear of my car, and spun me around on the motorway. I was looking at the first, and it was heading my way. Then, the car turned back around and was just on its way. I pulled over eventually, and I saw there wasn’t even a mark on the car.

We are blessed by the presence of the Divine all the time, yet we take so much for granted.

It was like, how did that happen? How does that happen in the flash of a moment when you think of what could have happened? It’s in our lives all the time, and all we can do is just say thank you. I’m so grateful. Being thankful for the goodness that surrounds us.

I don’t think they’d let us fall for an incident. I think that we are here to serve the Divine and we are blessed by strength, intelligence, and courage. It takes a lot of courage to be on this earth plane, this human level. It takes a lot of courage. I marvel at the courage of people. I marvel at their courage. They keep us going in the right direction.

To have that courage knowing what you’re going to walk into before you incarnate and knowing that you’re going to have the spiritual amnesia so you won’t remember all those different potential exit points or times where you could die if you so choose, but you can also be saved like that time that you were saved. Your car was flipped back around, amazing. I mean, these things are certainly a wake-up call, but they are also preordained potential exit points, potential off-ramps back home.

They are. You got back home quickly, absolutely. It’s a very safe place to be asleep until they’re awakened by some loss or some incident that jerks them back into reality. That reality is the reality of the divine and the spiritual world working at this. It’s not the reality of bricks and mortar. It’s the reality of being a spiritual being here on this earth plane with a purpose.

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Comfort is the enemy because when you get comfortable, you get complacent, and when you get complacent, you go deeper asleep.

Well, I like that, but I don’t quite agree with you. 

Tell me more. 

I think comfort is hugely important. I think being numb or your senses dulled is not what I call comfortable. Comfortable is being present, aware, and at the moment with your body relaxed and being at ease. I used to sit in this chair and write. It’s a straight-back chair. I like my back straight when I write. I don’t like falling back and being all cushy. I’d like to be alert. But I started editing my new book on an iPad with about 10 pillows behind me and yet, I thought, wow, this is really cool. 

I did something I’ve never done before. I turned on this music called focus music, which really makes you concentrate, and I am just in bliss. Thirty-five years of writing books, and I never dare do this, and it’s very comfortable. The work is going very quickly and it’s very good writing.

If you don’t feel the pain, you will never release that energy because you won’t even know what you have to release.

When you say focus music, are you listening to Focus@Will? Is that what you’re listening to?

No, it’s called focus music on YouTube. That’s literally what it’s called, focus music.

Okay. I’m curious if who’s behind it might be Will Henshall. Because the founder of Focus@Will does have some audios that they’ve uploaded to YouTube too, but they’ve got an app that’s really cool and you can pick different genres of music.

I really like it. It does focus me and it gives me very intentional, but I am very comfortable. I once met some people who were really devoted meditation folk who had an Indian teacher, an Indian guru, who said, be comfortable. Be comfortable when you meditate. Don’t make it hard on your body because then your energy comes back down into the body. 

If you got while your back hurts, your neck is stiff, or your hips are locked in, be comfortable. I thought about that and I said, I really am comfortable, not writing. I haven’t dared to write that way. I like sitting straight up, but the editing, why not be comfortable? Why not? 

Be comfortable when you meditate. Don’t make it hard on your body because then your energy comes back down into the body.

I hear you. I guess my distinction around this, as I hear you talk about this, is it can be problematic to get too much into your comfort zone because as they say, all growth happens outside of your comfort zone. If you’re going to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone like editing your manuscript is certainly not as easy as binge-watching Netflix, for example. 

That’s outside of one’s comfort zone in that regard. It’s taking effort and discipline to do so, but yeah, why not be physically comfortable while you’re doing it? I’m all for that.

I once heard you. You grow in pain and healing love, and I do believe that. I think people are numb because they don’t want to feel their pain. I think they’re numb because it brings on shame, guilt, and all those really uncomfortable feelings. 

I mean, this book I finished is on healing, shame, guilt, and martyrdom. If you don’t address it, if you don’t feel the pain, you will never be able to release that energy because you won’t even know what you have to release. It’s so easy to say, oh, forget about it. Let it go. Let what go? 

Because it’s so repressed that you’re not facing it to allow it to present its lessons to you then you can let it go with love and gratitude.

The heart is the emperor. The heart is the source of the physical being, and it doesn’t like pain of any kind. So for good heart health, you need to do your work.

I’ll tell you once I was with a client and I said, “You might want to consider feeling the pain of this situation,” and she said, “Is it more painful than waxing your legs?” I said, “No. Nothing’s more painful than waxing your legs.” She said, “Okay, I will. I’ll deal with it.” I thought okay. 

You can’t equate emotional pain with physical pain, they’re there. I’ll take physical pain any day because the emotional pain, it’s from the spirit. It’s locked in the heart. It’s what blocks you from growing as an individual. It stunts your spirituality. Physical pain, nobody likes pain. The heart does not like physical pain that I know. It doesn’t like emotional pain. 

One of the reasons we look at our issues is to spare the heart. That’s a principle in homeopathy and in Chinese medicine, the heart is the emperor. The heart is the source of the physical being, and it doesn’t like the pain of any kind. For good heart health, you need to do your work.

There’s a lot of releasing to do. There’s a lot of forgiveness to do, a lot of self-awareness. 

Self-love. Forgiveness and self-love, they’re the key. They really are. You can’t do it without forgiveness, and you can’t do it without knowing that you’re truly worthy of the good and everything you say you want. 

You can’t expect healing to happen without ignoring yourself, and it’s a process. I’m surprised that my dotage is still uncomfortable, but I can move through it really quickly. When something’s there, I say, oh, there’s that trigger again. Oh, there’s that thought again.

People are addicted to misery and suffering so much that they don’t even know it.

When I was younger, I used to negotiate. You can’t negotiate. You just have to deal with it. Yes, this is painful and I can forgive, and let it go. I don’t want to hold on to this. 

Also, there’s another thing I’m learning. When something is done, we’re done with it. Stop picking at the wound, and let it heal. You’ve done your work, you’ve done your forgiveness, you’ve been self-aware, you’ve claimed your self-worth, now let it heal. Because there is this point, I do think people are addicted to misery and suffering so much that they don’t even know it. What people are willing to put up with is shocking to me, shocking. I deal in pain. That’s my work as a homeopath. I deal with physical, emotional, and mental pain. 

Sometimes I ask the question, how long have you had that symptom? And I hear something like four years. Four years? I mean, if somebody told me four hours, I think that would be too much. I don’t believe in that level of suffering. There’s enough suffering in the world without putting up with things so let’s find the remedy that will give you some relief. Let’s deal with that. 

There is this thing in us to think that suffering is noble. I don’t think it’s noble. I think it really blocks creativity. I think it blocks joy. I think it blocks connections. I think it blocks our happiness. But it takes looking inside to see what’s making you suffer. What’s making you have this repetitive need to pick on the scab of your wound and let it bleed some more and some more? There’s a point where it’s finished. Let’s move on.

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And there’s this expression that misery loves company. So when you’re miserable, you attract other miserable people in your life. You’re the average of the five people you hang out with the most, they say. 

I like that. Caroline Myss used to define it as woundology. I once said to my sister, as she was talking about her problems, I said, “Honey, people pay me to listen to their problems. I don’t want to hear your problem.” She said, “What do you talk about with your friends?” I said, “Not that.”

The good stuff. 

The good stuff. Where’d you get those cool shoes? 

That’s awesome. I want to distinguish for our listener or viewer, shame versus guilt. My understanding of it is that shame is, I am a mistake, versus guilt, which is I made a mistake.

Right. I agree with you. I think that’s how I defined it in my book. I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. I’m diminished. There’s something that matters. Nobody can love me. All those things are shame. Guilt is, I did something wrong and I feel bad about it.

They say in homeopathy that memory is the first thing to go in an illness.

Then martyrdom, which results by not treating those conditions, by not looking at the shame, and guilt we all carry. Everybody has it. It leads to martyrdom. I define martyrdom as the inability to experience pleasure.

There’s something I write about in the book called pleasure and deficit disorder which is now a defined medical condition about the inability to be able to experience pleasure. Think about it. That’s how numb are people, how deadened are the senses, and how paralyzed is the central nervous system. 

I did a big study on myelin, which is the fatty coating of the nerves. It’s a very interesting book I read on myelin. It says myelin can only be created through repetitive actions like the football players down in Brazil on these football camps because they’ve got Pele, Ronaldo, and all these famous soccer players. They’re constantly repeating the same movements—kicking the ball, and doing the thing with the head. They have very high levels of myelin. 

Violin players, repetitive movement, repetitive movement, repetitive movement. Piano players, almost all musicians, repetitive movement builds myelin, and so does meditation. They prove that meditation actually builds myelin. 

First of all, you need to preserve your nervous system. That’s really important because the nervous system is the last system. When your nervous system starts to go, you are against the wall, there’s no place else to go. You want to preserve your nervous system, you want to eat good fat. You want to eat avocados, certain fats, good olive oil, you need fat. 

When you hold on to enmity, anger, and rage, it eats you up. It torments you until you are willing to forgive. Click To Tweet

To build myelin, think about it—they’re really doing a lot of studies on this now because it will be life-saving. When you think of autoimmune diseases now, they’re all diseases of the central nervous system. They’re very hard to come back from, even in young people who have that elixir called youth and youth, don’t kid yourself, it’s a quantifiable factor in healing. 

But even youth are struggling today with high levels of anxiety, fear, and wondering about their lives and what they’re going to be able to do. They have such a limited outlook that they can only imagine that life is going to be one long plague. They need fat, they need to have robust bodies. 

It’s an interesting thing because it affects the way you eat, the choices for your food, how you exercise, how you rest, how you pray, how you meditate. If you want the long haul, you’re going to have to take care of yourself, you’re going to have to know you count, that you’re a value to God and to the world, and hopefully for yourself. 

Life Changes with the Energy of the Chakras by Ambika Wauters

Yeah, treat your body like a temple. 

It is a temple and that’s where all this stuff interweaves—health, chakras, and angels, it’s all part of the same thing on a spectrum, looking at it on a spectrum. You can look at the physical part of how much spinach do you eat too. I just heard an angel whispering in my ear. You can plugin on that spectrum anywhere you want or you can look at the whole thing.

I’m curious, for somebody who is older maybe facing some memory loss, maybe even dementia, out of all these different modalities, homeopathy, meditation, chakra, cleansing, clearing, or balancing all these different modalities, what would you recommend to somebody who’s experiencing memory loss or dementia? 



Absolutely. Let me be clear, if somebody has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you cannot reverse it but you can stop it. You can stop deterioration. I say to people who asked me about it, I can’t bring him back, but I can stop further deterioration so that you may enjoy one another longer. There are things that can kickstart the memory. There are herb, and there are remedies that can help with that. If you see signs of it, get to a homeopath as quickly as you can, really, seriously. 

Also, I believe in acupuncture. I love acupuncture because it stimulates the whole energetic field. You want to get blood into the brain, the bottom line is you want to decalcify the brain and get some blood flow in there. There are definitely things you can do, but don’t wait until it’s too late.

If you see a sign of that or you experience a sign of that in yourself, there are 8500 remedies in homeopathy. There certainly are a few that can help with that. They say in homeopathy—this is what I was taught—that memory is the first thing to go in illness. I always found that really interesting. When you treat people who are ill with all kinds of things, when their memory comes back again, you know that they are on the healing path.

Healing Martyrdom through the Soul of Pleasure and the Spirit of Sexuality by Ambika Wauters

What about COVID? You had mentioned earlier that you had prepared some protocols for family members in case they got COVID, so you were all ready to go. Are these one size fits all protocols, or are they more specific? 

No, they’re not. They’re one size fits all. It’s pretty simple. I really can’t get that information out probably because it would be prescribing to the general public.

All sorts of disclaimers and all of that, yes. 

Yeah, there are. Oddly enough, let me just share this with you. There is one remedy in particular, that stops it in a heartbeat. Usually, the first symptom is a severe sore throat, burning sore throat, and I’ve treated 27 cases of COVID. I have colleagues that have treated 3000—colleagues in India and South America treated thousands of cases of COVID. 

This one remedy, a woman called me right in the beginning, a year and a half ago, and she’s screaming down the phone at me, I’ve got it, I’ve got it. I’m working at a nursing home right now. I know we’ve got it. She told me she had this sore throat and I couldn’t get to her. I was working and I could not get her, could not leave where I was. I said, “Do you have any homeopathic remedies?” And she said, “Yes.” I said, “Do you have this particular remedy?” She said yes. 

She took it, and I said call me in an hour. She called me about three hours later, she said, “I took it and I fell asleep, and I woke up and it’s all gone. The sore throat is completely gone. I feel fine.” Well, that’s interesting because when somebody calls you with a common cold, it takes at least five remedies to get rid of a cold. What is one remedy doing, getting rid of these profound symptoms of COVID? 

The COVID is not as problematic as the vaccines. They’re really problematic because nobody’s ever dealt in this field ever before in the history of medicine, nobody. It’s done very carefully. I don’t really want to talk about that.

That’s a very politicized and polarizing area and it shouldn’t be. We should have our own free will when it comes to what gets injected in our own bodies, not just whether we go and read one particular book or another. It’s pretty shocking how people have gone for the jugular with each other over their stance on and their disagreement with someone else’s stance about vaccination, about masks, or about who’s president. 

Ho’oponopono by Dr. Matt James

It’s darkest before the dawn, so I’m not letting it get to me. I just know that everything is divinely guided. That you got to see the hand of God in absolutely everything. Even if a family member won’t speak to you because of your vaccination status, that’s okay.

That’s okay. That’s right and that’s maturity.

Yup, and send them love anyway. Send them love, send them light. 

That’s the best vaccination. 

Yes, exactly. I know we’re close to time. I wanted to kind of switch to a bit of a lightning round here for these last few minutes. I’m curious about a whole bunch of different things, so let’s go into just a quick answer for each one. 

We talked about prayer earlier, and how you get your prayer warriors, your students to all pray for somebody’s healing. I know prayer can do so many miracles. Every prayer is heard, I know that. Not every prayer is answered the way that we want it because we don’t see the bigger picture. Yet, prayer can change the course of a hurricane.

What would be a very precise way to pray for somebody and their healing? One particular thought comes to mind before I hear your answer on this. I want to share one that I just recently received. It was through Jan Tober and she told me about Tom Moore and his way of framing it as asking for the most benevolent outcome for the person and for everyone involved.

I found that to be so powerful and really, really helpful. Anytime I’m praying for somebody for their healing, for their financial situation, or for whatever tragedy they’re facing, loss, et cetera. I’m praying for their most benevolent outcome for them and for everyone else involved.

That’s lovely, thank you for sharing that. I really like that. I recently had a client who was diagnosed with cancer. She’s a woman who’s had a big influence on my life for years, for almost 35 years. What I got was a council of her most beloved friends and family and have everybody pray the same prayer. 

The divine design of your life: health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression—the four squares of life.

Just write it down, what do you want? What do you want us to say? Whether it’s 4 people or 40 people in the circle, it doesn’t matter. Nobody has to be close to one another. We’re global and we’re connected globally. What is it you want and we will pray that for you.

I found that to be incredibly effective, and it’s really given her tremendous strength to deal with what she has to deal with. I like that. Ask those that you love who love you and only want the best for you and you the best for them to share a common prayer. It’s easy enough, write it down. What is it you want? I want healing. I want grace, health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression. That’s what Francis Scovel Shinn said. She was Louise Hay’s teacher in the ‘30s. I love that. 

She calls that the divine design of your life. Health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression—the four squares of life. What is it that you are asking for and then call upon those people you love and trust and ask them to pray for you and hold you in the inner sanctum of their hearts? It’s as simple as that. 

I see miracles with prayer, literally miracles. I had a friend many years ago who was in labor, giving birth, and the baby got stuck in there. She was pushing and pushing. She’d been in labor for like 35 hours and she was totally drained and had no more energy. I called a friend of mine who was an ex Jesuit. He had a phone number for a convent somewhere in Missouri or in the middle of America. 

Blue Ice: The Relationship with The Self Book 1 by Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, & Dr. Momilani Ramstrum

There were nuns who did nothing but pray for people, and he called them and said please pray for this woman. She’s struggling to give birth. We’re afraid we’re going to lose her. They started praying and this woman gave birth within minutes. 

Afterward, she said it was like a great wave. She said literally, it was like a great wave came over me and just took that baby out. I thought, wow, that’s incredible. That made me start to think about the group of people praying for you and you praying in a group. 

I think there’s a lot to be said for that “When two or more people come together in my name, your prayers will be answered,” Christ said. The Jews pray in groups of 10 adult males. I think they can include females now. This idea of collectively holding somebody, blessing somebody, and making sure they are safe and protected. That’s a beautiful thing. Okay, that’s maybe longer than you wanted.

That was beautiful and also not to diminish the power of one person’s prayer all by themselves.

That’s right because that too will be heard. Christ said, I am It lives within us. It is a living principle within us. It is the name of our spirit, so how could it not be here? Just remember to ask. That’s the trick. Please say I need help. There were only two prayers, please help and thank you so much.

Well, the whole Ho’oponopono prayer is, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. And I love you.” That is very powerful.

Oh, so powerful and that book is just knocked out. Dr. Hew Len’s book, I love it. 

Which one? 

The one on Ho’oponopono.

Yeah, there are multiple ones. I just am reading one from Matt James on Ho’oponopono: Your Path to True Forgiveness, a beautiful, beautiful book. The one you’re referring to is the one by.

Dr. Hew Len. He’s the one who brought it to our consciousness. He’s a Hawaiian psychologist. He worked with criminals and he had their files and photographs. He decided he was going to do it on this really hard and criminal, nothing can touch this guy. He had this photograph of him and every day, several times a day he said Ho’oponopono this photograph and slowly and truly, this man’s life turned around. He became open, receptive, healed, released in prison, and did service. Good grief, from a photograph, from sheer intention. That’s prayer. 

Blue Ice: The Relationship with The Self Book 2 by Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, & Dr. Momilani Ramstrum

I do that with one of my daughters who isn’t speaking to me, to my wife, or our little one. This has been going on for a very long time. I’ve been using the Ho’oponopono. I can’t speak to her, she doesn’t speak to me. 

You’re speaking to her through prayers.

Right, and the way I do it is I call in Archangel Gabriel and I ask him to deliver the message in the way that delivers the most benevolent outcome for her and for everyone involved. Choose the right timing and the right format of the message and then I’ll expound upon the whole Ho’oponopono of four statements and it’s powerful. I know it’s working. I know it. 

It’s working. How could it not? What else do you want to ask?

Well, I know we’re out of time. I will leave it at that. If our listeners or viewers want to pick up one of your books, in particular the new one that’s just out, the Releasing Shame, Guilt, and Martyrdom book, your Oracle deck, work with your school for homeopaths, or hire a homeopath and need some guidance around or if they just want to learn from you, where should they go? The new book will be up on our website in a couple of weeks and people can order directly or purchase and be given a free book on affirmations and a free meditation CD. That will be available. We just need to get your name and your email address. or my name, which is Ambika Wauters,

So is the website is for your email.

That’s correct. It’ll be up on the website too. 

That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Ambika. This was such a wonderful conversation. You’re just such a light in the world. Thank you for everything that you do for humanity, for all of us.

Thank you, and thank you, Stephan. It’s always a pleasure. You bring the best out and I’m very grateful. Never nervous talking to you, it just flows. Thank you so much. Be blessed. 

Yes. Listeners, please also be well and be blessed. Go out there and do some good in the world and you’ll get it 10 times back in return. That’s how the universe works. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Tap into my intuition. Believe there is a special type of knowing when something is incredibly amazing, off, or needs my attention. Listening to it can be life-changing.

?Don’t be embarrassed to ask for prayers. Requesting others to pray for me has healing powers.

?Don’t hesitate to ask for help when I feel like I can’t go through challenges alone. There is always someone willing to help.

?Always remember to thank my angels for guiding me and keeping me from harm.

?Practice my focus and concentration, so I become more aware of my surroundings and the messages sent by my guides.

?Listen to music to help me concentrate. Find ways to reach and remain in my flow state, so I become more connected with my subconscious self.

?Find comfort in meditation. Start small and grow as I go. It is not an easy journey, but everything will be worth it.

?Practice self-love and forgiveness. Be kind and compassionate with myself; I am only human.

?Pray for others and wish them a good life. Look out for their best interests and send positive vibrations their way.

?Visit Ambika Wauters’ website to learn more about homeopathy and access some of her books.

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