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Life is all about energy. Life is energy after all. Without energy, you die. The key to vitality is having access to energy. In other words, energy utilization. In this episode number 160, you’re going to learn how to elevate your energy from a true master. Our guest is Dr. John Amaral. He’s a chiropractor, energy healer and educator who works behind the scenes helping celebrities, entrepreneurs, pro athletes and influencers elevate their energy so they feel and perform their best. John has worked with thousands of people from over 50 countries. He is the Founder of Body Centered Leadership.

Dr. John Amaral
“As we’re evolving, we’re growing and we’re experiencing more and more of the fabric of what we’re made of.”
Dr. John Amaral


John, it’s great to have you on the show.

It’s great to be here.

I met you through the world of Tony Robbins. I know Tony is one of your clients. We could start by you sharing how you ended up working with Tony and helping him and his physiology be able to get through those marathon weekends of four-day Unleash The Power Within events that he does. I don’t know how he does it but I bet you’re a part of his secret weapon.

There’s definitely a team that he has who’s taking care of him and helping to support him and be able to show up on stage like he does. It was the TED Conference in 2006 in Monterey. Before it was TEDx when it was the one TED Conference. It’s the TED Conference where Al Gore was there and Tony tells his story about his conversation with Al Gore at some of his events. That was when I first worked with Tony. He came down to Monterey. I live in the Monterey Bay area. He had found out not too far before that about the work that I do.

He had been working with a mentor of mine, Donny Epstein, for a little while. Donny referred Tony to me. Tony showed up in the middle of the night. It was [1:30] in the morning. I had never met Tony before. I didn’t know much about him other than we had some of his tapes. I get this call like, “Can you come to work with Tony? He’s going to come into town. He should be in around midnight.” I’m like, “Midnight?” It was the middle of the night, and it turned out it was [1:30] in the morning. I worked with him that night. I went down and his assistant at the time met me at the door, and she’s like, “Thank you, Dr. Amaral, for coming down. Tony’s not in a resourceful state right now.” It turned out he had lost his whole presentation for TED. His computer crashed or something. He had to, in the middle of the night, redo everything.

I met him at a time when he was under high stress. As a remarkable a human being as he is, he got care in the middle of the night to help him get his energy up, elevate his energy, get into a more expanded consciousness and get the job done. He showed up and had a remarkable event the next day. That was my first experience in 2006. Since then, I’ve been working with him at many events around the world. I’m traveling with him pretty constantly at most of the UPW events, Date With Destiny, Business Masteries and all sorts of events along the way.

What work are you doing on Tony that helps him get in a more resourceful state, more expanded consciousness, healthier, more vibrant and more alive?

I studied with Donny Epstein.

By the way, he was on this podcast. Was he your mentor?

He was my mentor for almost 25 years. My wife and I had been working with him, teaching for him and studying his work. Along the way, we were also developing our own methods too in conjunction with and adding to our own flavor, our own style and ways of working. I do some different things with Tony than what Donny does. Donny’s still working with Tony as well. My background is in chiropractic, the same as Epstein. We come from a chiropractic perspective, looking at how the brain and body coordinate energy and information and how you share energy and distribute it through your body in effective and efficient ways.

When people are stressed, when people are under fight or flight, when you’re stacking up all of the stuff you have, you’ve got your finance stuff going on, you’ve got your relationship, you have your time crunch things with you. All the things that concern about future events and what might happen, things from the past, the way your body is in a stressed mode, there’s a whole physiology and a whole cascade of things that happen. About 1,200 physiological changes happen instantly when you get into a stressed state. The body goes into these adaptive patterns where tension starts building up in your spine. Your posture changes, your breathing changes, your spinal cord gets stretched and under tension. We have cultural terms like uptight, wound up, high strung. We know when someone is in a high-stress mode, you feel it in their vibration. In their body, the cells are literally vibrating at a more frenetic frequency.

The work that I do is primarily focused on shifting the tension state of the body and helping to free up bound-up energy that’s held in the structure of the body and also access the energy around the body because there’s this field around the body, you might call it the subtle energy body. There are a lot of different teachings about it from many different cultures around the world for thousands of years from the Vedic traditions to the indigenous peoples of many different cultures. They all talk about a subtle energy system of the body that usually extends somewhere between three to eight or ten feet from the body, the physical body. That can be measured with instrumentation. HeartMath has done some cool research with that. There’s science that supports it.

There’s a subtle energy system that usually extends somewhere between three to ten feet from the physical body.

We have a subtle body that organizes how the physical structure of our body shows up. It also affects how the energy flows. It affects our consciousness and how we perceive the world. I’m doing a combination of working with the physical and also working with the nonphysical, the energy and the informational fields that organize how the physical reality shows up for us. What that looks like in a hands-on session or an experience is it might mean touching the spine at different points. It might mean doing stuff off the body where we’re not even touching the body. Then you see the body moving and energy flowing through the spine. Some people will feel surges of energy up through the spine. People will see colors. Some people hear vibrations, tones, and sounds. The body can arch into these positions where it’s almost like a yoga Kriya where your bodies expand and start going into an arch. Things start moving around. Emotions start expressing.

It all is spontaneous because what we’re working with is the informational fabric that is organizing how things are moving on a 3D plane. When you go into the matrix, you go into the energy and information field behind the physical 3D world, things can change quickly. It’s like Albert Einstein said, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle,” which means basically the physical particle in the 3D world is controlled by the energy and information field that you can’t see. It’s an invisible realm that is like the matrix behind the physical plane.

Through different systems and approaches like a technology, we’re able to get access to the source code behind what’s happening in the physical and start to tinker in that area with a lot of care and mastery. We can get really rapid changes in conditions and situations that have been not responsive. When you try to work on something in the material world by going to the physical, rather than go into the energy behind it, it’s much more difficult. When you go to the energy behind the physical and you start shifting or changing, it’s exponential and a quick shift.

This is something that some of our readers might say sounds out there and woo-woo. In reality, this is backed up by science as well as by personal experience. If you ask around, you’ll get anecdotal evidence. You can point to quantum physics and see the things like entanglement, what Einstein referred to as spooky action at a distance, where two particles that are entangled, you affect one of them. Instantaneously across galaxies potentially, the other particle would be instantaneously changed as well. If things like that can happen, certainly there’s an energetic field that goes beyond our body, beyond our skin that can be influenced. When that is influenced, we can either be affected positively or negatively depending on how that field is influenced.

Nikola Tesla said the 21st century is going to be the age of energy. I see that happening. I’ve been doing this type of work for over 25 years. I’ve seen an increased openness to a conversation about quantum physics, conversations about the application of quantum principles in the 3D world. They used to say, “You don’t see at the quantum level. The quanta is a very tiny size.” We’re talking about Nano size, at the infinitesimal scale. There are all these crazy things that happen at the quantum level, like the observer effect, where the conscious observer collapses the quantum wave into a particle reality. It means what you’re looking for in a way collapses reality into that physical reality.

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That was another topic that I discussed with another guest, the observer effect. Do you know who Amit Goswami is?

I’ve heard of Amit. I’m not too familiar with his work.

He was a quantum physicist professor. He’s retired. We had a fascinating conversation. Where he’s most known for probably in the regular world, not within the scientific community, is from the movie What The Bleep Do We Know!? He was in that movie.

In the past, physicists and people say, “You’re not going to see effects of what’s happening at the quantum level in the macro world.” I very much disagree. In my twenty-something years working with people, I have seen seemingly miraculous shifts and changes in people instantaneously. When you look at a scientific explanation, it can only be described as this person did a quantum shift. They went from one reality into a different reality and instantaneously happened. The linear progression of, “You’ve got to go through these steps, it’s going to go from point A to point B over a period of time,” seems to get completely bypassed.

When you look at dimensions of reality, you have one dimension being aligned, two dimensions being flat-surfaced, three dimensions being a 3D object. When you go into the fourth dimension, you get into the dimension of time. Time is the ability where a 3D object can move about over a period of time. We’re a multidimensional being, but we have three dimensions of volume. We can move about in the space of time. The fifth dimension, it gets into what’s called Superposition in physics. It’s clouds of probability and possibility of different realities all coexisting all at once. Partly, we can look at the observer effect in this quantum realm. When you’re in a certain energy state and you’re in a certain conscious observer, you in a way collapse the probability wave of what can be into a certain reality.

A lot of the work that I’m doing is focused in that realm. How do we change our energy state? How do we expand our consciousness and our awareness so that we’re in a high energy state, we’re in a high level of awareness, and we experience a different version of reality because we’re in such a zone? Everybody knows the zone. Who has accomplished anything in life, we know that super creative zone where we’re in the flow and everything’s working. You look around and you go, “Everything’s working.” There’s no effort. There’s no struggle. Everything’s manifesting in this beautiful way. The phone call comes in. The finances are there. Things are showing up. You’re doing an amazing, creative work. There’s nothing pulling you. There’s no tension in you. That place is an elevated level of energy. It’s an expanded level of consciousness where you’re like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, if anyone’s familiar with Steven Kotler’s Flow Genome.

He’s the author of The Rise of Superman, right?

Yes. Csikszentmihalyi, the Russian scientist, he wrote the book Flow. He does a great description of what’s happening in that flow state. I would describe it from a different angle. I would say when you’re in this super coherent state in the body in which you’re entrained, your heart rhythm, your brain rhythm, your respiratory rhythm, they’re all in sync with each other. You are in a state where there’s no dissonance, there’s no fragmentation. Everything is working like one. All the work that I do physically and energetically, is to help get the body and being into that place. From that place, that’s where we’re in our highest level of creativity and our highest level of true joy.

Abraham Hicks talks about the vortex and that sounds like what you’re describing.

There are many different ways to describe the state and ways to get there. There are multiple ways to get there. We’ve found a way that is fast. Someone can go into a state within five to seven minutes, that might take somebody decades of meditation to hit it, to be able to sustain it and stay in this expanded place. Oftentimes, we can take someone there on the table in less than ten minutes.

That’s facilitated, they can’t do it on their own in five, seven minutes. They needed a skilled practitioner to get them into that super coherent state.

I believe it starts with that in the way that we can get the whole nervous system, body, brain all coordinated. It’s helpful to have a highly-skilled practitioner to take you into that. Once you learn it in a way, the brain and body go through this learning process. You can access it more easily on your own with some simple practices and exercises that you can do. You can get aspects of it even without a practitioner. It certainly helps tremendously to have somebody take you there and take you into that land for the first time. A lot of people don’t have a real reference for what it feels to truly be in a highly coherent flow state. There are all different levels to flow. That zone of total oneness where you might say an awakened state of consciousness, where you’re in your body, you’re connected but you’re expanded. You’re open. You’re soft but you’re strong. You’re grounded but you’re floating. Your mind is totally clear. You become one with everything. You’re fully aware but yet you disappear. Some people have touched that. Not a lot of people have spent a lot of time there. It’s helpful to get guidance into that area and then it becomes easier to re-access.

Our nervous system is picking information up from everyone around us. We feel and sense, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, like animals.

People can feel when you are in that state. When somebody shows up somewhere, walks through the door, they essentially light up the room. People gravitate toward them. If it’s a guy and there’s a bunch of single women in the room, they might all gravitate towards him. I learned this from Neil Strauss that your energy can be outside of the skin, it can be under the skin, or it can be on the skin or at skin-level. At the time, it was enlightening for me. We did some exercises to take our energy and make it more outside the skin, like getting into a peak state and feeling more comfortable in our skin and more magnanimous, generous and showing up more powerfully. We had people, our peers in groups, rate us before we did the exercise and then afterward. It worked well. That might give the reader a sense for what it’s like to get into this super coherent state. Think about the fact that neurons are not just in our brain but also they exist in our heart. We have a heart-brain as well, and we can sync that heart-brain with our brain. Can you share a little bit more about that?

The organization that’s done probably the most research on the heart-brain and the relationship between the heart and the brain in your head is HeartMath, which is an internationally-recognized organization and they’ve got some solid science. They’re based up in the Santa Cruz area. They have been able to do measurement and instrumentation where you can measure the field that’s generated by the heart about six to eight feet off the body. They’ve also done research where they took two people and put them in a space together. When those people get into coherence with each other, they’ll monitor one person’s brainwaves and the other person’s heart rhythm, the EKG and the EEG. When the person who has the most coherence in their heart, so they’re in sync, their heart is open, their heart and brain are in sync with each other, they’re in a coherent state, when they sit down next to the person, whoever is most coherent and their heart will entrain or help the other person’s brainwave sync up to their heart. The person’s brain waves will show up in the other person’s heart rhythm.

This is being in proximity to somebody’s field that their heart, which is again, it extends out from your body almost six, eight feet. What you did with Strauss where you start to in a way bring your consciousness, you bring your awareness to the space around you rather than the space inside your body, that space is real. It’s filled with energy and information. Our sensory system, our nervous system is picking that information up from everyone around us. We feel and sense whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, like animals. A dog will sense whether someone is sketchy. People will use horses for therapy because they respond to you based on your energy.

Our sensory system is wired to pick up this subtle information in the field around us and transfer that into our five senses. It’s like a sixth sense. This is showing up in the physical plane, that’s why HeartMath can measure that person’s brainwaves in the other person’s heart waves. They will show up in sync with each other, coherent with each other, when people merge and become in a way in sync with each other. You can measure this stuff, but you can’t necessarily see it directly in the 3D world or necessarily sense it with your five senses.

There are another sensory acuity and other sensory aspects that you might call extrasensory perception, but the ability to tune into that which is not just in the 3D scene world. I’d say that someone like Tony Robbins, some of the great masters at anything, it could be Kobe Bryant in basketball or something. How does someone know? This is the vision that needs to happen or they can pass the ball behind their back, one-handed. They didn’t even look and they hit the guy perfectly. It’s all coordinated through this entrainment and being in sync with a greater rhythm and energy that’s in and in all around you in the field that organizes, creates and shapes everything.

It might sound a little bit woo-woo. We’re talking about this zero-point field, this ground of being or the source code. Everything is connected. It’s a scientific fact that things are entangled. You talked about spooky action at a distance. If you’re reading this, I can guarantee you at some point in your life there’s someone you just thought of and they called you. They just came into your consciousness and then you saw them after that. There’s some other form of communication and knowing what’s happening outside of the linear function of your mental capacity. There’s what I would call the soul. There’s something that transcends the thinking mind, where there’s a knowing. There’s an effortless flow that happens when we start connecting there.

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I’ve experienced it myself many times. The stuff that you think is beyond coincidence can be commonplace. It can be everyday miracles happening all over the place once you plug in, get into coherence. For example, after an entrainment with Donny, I had blissed out, laid on the floor and was giving deekshas remotely to various people including people I didn’t even like. One of them was a guy I hadn’t had any contact with for fifteen years. I hadn’t even heard his name in over a decade. He called me four days later on my cell phone to ask for forgiveness. We had an amazing, powerful healing conversation. That stuff can be part of normal everyday occurrences, things that seem outlandish, extraordinary and out of the ordinary.

I’ve had this happen so many times, and this is because the universe is in our consciousness. We’re not in some universe that is out there and then we happened to be in it. We’re participatory. We are organized forces of the universe itself, experiencing it as we’ve evolved and grown a brain, this body, and this vessel to be able to sense. In a way, we’re more and more of what we come from. For a lot of us, we’re all limited in what we can experience of “reality.” As we’re evolving, we’re growing and we’re experiencing more and more of the fabric of what we’re made of, things become miraculous. Things become commonplace.

You talked about this experience you had where they came into your consciousness and then he called you up. I’ve had many times over the years, people on the table. There were two sisters I was working within Austin at an event. I was working with a pattern that was going on in their physical spine, in their body, anchored or locked in. You set these anchor patterns that hold around a trauma or an incident when you haven’t resolved it. The body will bind up energy and bind up the tension. You’ll be holding on to something. Literally, you’re holding it in the structure of your body. It creates a certain frequency or a resonant vibration in your body. That is then transferred into the field around you. You’re entangled, so it’s connected into whoever it is that you’re not resolved with.

These two sisters, I didn’t know this, but they had a falling out with an estrangement from this brother for over a decade. They were on the table together. I was working on multiple tables at once. I was going to one. I was going back to the other one. As I was working on them, one began to cry and then the other one was getting angry. They had all this expression going on. After the session, I said, “What was coming up?” Both of them, separately without communicating between them had recognized that there was something around their brother that had come up. Literally, while they were on the table, they were still in process. They told me this after the fact. They both got messages. He called them both and left a message while they were on the table going through that process at the exact moment that it was unwinding and said, “I’m thinking of both of you. You just came into my awareness. I want to let you know it’s time to be done with this, whatever this is. I love you both and I want to reconnect with you.”

That happened with another person I was working with, a cousin of his that he had a big fight with. He forgave her. Once I got into this area around his lower neck, all this anger, he was projecting all this stuff. He was entangled with her. He was holding her in a certain pattern because ultimately that’s what we do. We think it’s the other person, but we’re a participant in it as well. When we in a way released the hold that we have on our end, it has to shift somewhere else. Whoever’s entangled with us, they have to shift. There’s no way for it to not shift. That’s a physics fact. That’s happened many times. While I was working with this guy, he had the same thing happened. The cousin texted him while he was on the table. I heard the phone pinging as I’m working on him because it’s instantaneous. As soon as that time was shifting, the other person was responding in real-time at the moment. This happens dozens of times.

The person got a text as you’re working on them and they were having this breakthrough.

Relative to the other person, in their awareness they recognized what it was as they were releasing it. The other person was immediately at the same exact time texting them. It’s happened dozens of times over the years.

It’s like the observer effect, where we see somebody or we observe somebody and we collapse them down by characterizing them to the version that we think of. They’re so much more than that. Their full embodiment is happy, angry, easygoing, rigid, everything. Then you think of that person as rigid and you collapse that person into a rigid person. You disconnect from them because, “That person’s rigid. I can’t even talk to them.”

That’s where we identify where there could be a quality or trait in ourselves or someone else. We collapse down this possibility of all these different realities that could exist into one locked-in reality. That’s where suffering happens because you’re not with the experience of this live, real-time flow. You’re in a story. You talked about giving deeksha, the Oneness blessing and the Oneness University and now it’s One World or O&O.

I’ve had the Oneness Monk, Douglas Bentley, on the show.

We took a group to Oneness University and One World Academy. We did an event there where we took people through our process and their process simultaneously, which was extremely powerful. He said, “All suffering is in the concept.” Once you construct the reality that locks in all the possibilities of what someone can be or what something can be, you lock it down into something narrow and rigid where you say, “This person’s rigid.” The reality is whatever you’re saying this person is, you can turn that around and say, “I’m rigid,” because whatever it is, you’re projecting it. We’re projecting this world out there like a hologram.

There are all these different densities, but it’s all patterns of energy.

A researcher named Karl Pribram, who’s a brain researcher, he did some brilliant research in the ‘70s, ‘80s, back in the midcentury or latter part of the 20th century. He said, “You’re projecting the world outside of you like a hologram.” The way a hologram works is like a laser. A beam of light is shot at an object and then it bounces off of it. When the beam bounces off, they shoot another beam called a reference beam that crosses that other beam. It creates an interference pattern that is the same structure as the object that you bounce the light off, and then it hits a photographic plate. When they shine another laser through that plate, it activates that interference pattern and it shows you a three-dimensional object.

That’s how your brain and nervous system works, that we’re seeing a world out there in a 3D world within the spiritual term you might call Maya, the illusion of a 3D world out there. These are objects you can touch. The table in front of you is hard. The chair you’re sitting on has got the structure to it. There’s concrete. There’s wood. There are all these different densities, but it’s all patterns of energy. It’s like interference patterns of different oscillating, vibratory frequencies of energy. Your mind, your brain, you’re focusing on it in a certain way. That is in a way collapsing it into this real, solid world.

When I was in chiropractic college during my early twenties, I met a man who had studied with these monks in Tibet and Nepal. He had spent time up in the mountains at some of these monasteries. They’d done healing work and he said, “I want to show you something,” and he had me put my hand on his leg and start to push down. He had jeans on but I’m pushing against his leg and I’m feeling his muscles yielding. He goes, “Keep going.” I go down. I could feel my hand pushing further. I’m feeling my hand hitting up against the bone of his femur. He goes, “Keep going,” and I go, “Okay.” I keep pushing down and I could feel the bone of his femur itself start to yield. Think of clay or Play-Doh, my hand went right into his bone.

Pretty soon, after about 30 seconds, my hand was all the way down into the center of his femur. There was no blood or anything because I wasn’t penetrating the skin, but his whole structure had gone from the illusion that it’s solid to energy and information. When my hand was going in, his whole body, my whole body, and the field around us all started going into this pattern of energy and everything. In my consciousness, I’m looking at him. I’m young, I never had an experience like this. His face looked like it was vibrating through different frequencies. I was seeing different faces and it was tripping me out. I’m going, “What is this?” What I came to realize later, and I pulled my hand out. He’s like, “There you go.” I was like, “What does this mean?” He was just showing me a little window into another reality where nothing is solid. Nothing is static.

I got this experience of seeing his body, face and everything become amorphous. I could see different faces in a way, like flipping through cards in a Rolodex. It was wild. The way I came to understand that later is there are all these different versions of us that are coexisting. That’s in this fifth dimension of what physicists called Superposition. There are ways to get access and a way into that realm where we can start to suspend, shift or change which 3D world shows up. This can sound far out there for some people who are like, “Whatever, dude.” This has been my life focus and my experience. I’ve been able to have many mystical experiences where I know for a fact, in every cell of my being, that the world is not a solid, structured place. The body is not solid. Everything can change. Everything can shift in an instant. All we need to do is shift our consciousness, our awareness level, and shift our energy state.

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Many things are possible. Cancers can be gone in an instant. I’ve had patients that I’ve worked with where they had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They were on my table and there was a shift. They felt themselves shifting to a different reality where that nodule was gone. They looked for it and it’s gone. They would go in, get tested and it’s not there. They’re like, “What happened?” Spontaneous remission. They literally flipped, in my experience, into a different version of themselves. In that reality, they did not have cancer. I’ve experienced things like this many times working with people. It’s been validated by testing and science.

We’re moving into a different reality here. We’re going to see more stuff. I know you’re on the technology side and consciousness. You’re interested in all of this stuff. I love what you’re doing here. Technology and consciousness are merging. Tesla was a brilliant dude. He said the 21st century, that’s where energy is going to come to the forefront. We’re at the beginning of the 21st century. We’re going to see unprecedented, exponential growth in everything when it comes to the stem cells to how we organize. By the end of the century, we’ll be able to regrow organs fully. They’re already working on that. We’ll probably be able to regrow arms and legs. We’re making massive progress. We’re at the beginning of this.

What a gift you were given in your twenties to have essentially been given the red pill by Morpheus. You get to see the other side. This is a hard, physical thing but it’s actually mostly space in between the atoms. To experience that at such a young age, that’s an incredible gift. I didn’t get my awakening experience until I was in my 40s. It shifted me. I was in India on a Oneness trip with Tony Robbins and a bunch of Platinum Partners. I was 42 at the time. Everything shifted after that. It’s been an incredible ride. I want to delve more into the technology side of it a little bit and how things like extrasensory perception can be part of our normal five senses with the assistance of technology and technologies that are even being developed as we speak. There is the emerging of quantified self, this QS movement with what you’re doing.

Before we do that, I do want to mention when you were talking about, “He’s rigid,” example that I gave, the opposite is likely to be true. That reminded me of what Byron Katie teaches. Katie was on my show and that was an incredible episode. She talks about the turnaround and there are multiple turnarounds. You have a thought and this is where the suffering is, as in the thought and the belief that that thought is true. My thought is, “He’s so rigid.” One turnaround would be, “I’m so rigid,” or another turnaround is, “He’s so flexible,” and you try these other turnarounds on for size. You run those through the four questions as well as your original thought. Her four questions are, “Is it true? Can I know with absolute certainty it’s true? How does that thought make me feel? What if this thought didn’t exist, what would life be like?”

I’m familiar with the work and Byron Katie. She’s amazing. She had an awakening experience that set all the work that she’s doing. You’re playing with the software of the human mind. There are all these different realities that are just potential or possible realities of the many different possible realities that could exist. Someone told me about this, they call it the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is this speculation about people remembering things in certain ways and then going back and finding that it never existed in that way. They hear a song like Queen, We Are the Champions. Everyone remembers it as at the end of that song, “We are the champions of the world.” Most people remember that’s how it ends. The song never ended that way. There’s all this pop culture stuff that people remember in a certain way that when you go back and look at it, it wasn’t created that way. Optical illusions are like this. You see something that was never there, but you created it in your mind because of the way the light hit in a certain way or the pattern.

Our hardware is designed to do things with information around us and collapse that into a 3D world that makes sense based on our culture and our conditioning. The piece that I’m doing and when I’m working with a person is working with the hardware interface itself. It gives you more flexibility to play different variations of software and try different things on and have less investment in it being a certain way. As your body and brain freeze up its pattern of holding, suddenly that thing that triggered you in the first place no longer is relevant because you’re no longer in that architecture. Your hardware upgraded and now you’re open to playing different software. The world changes because you’re trying on different versions of reality. You have the flexibility to do it. It made me want to riff on that a little bit. Byron Katie’s work is so much focused on changing those different options for different realities. It goes well with the work that I’m doing, which is changing the very hardware itself which can play those different realities. You get a great combination, a great new software and a great upgraded hardware system. It increases the flow of energy, increases the coherence and expands the consciousness. It all gets cool.

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Throw in some oneness to top it all off.

Expand beyond the thinking mind and connect into something that is transcendent.

Let’s get back to this idea of extrasensory perception, ESP. You were talking about how we can get in sync with other people through the field. One example of that that most readers will be familiar with, especially women, is that women’s cycles synchronize. If a group of women is together, they don’t need to communicate at all about this. Their cycles, when they menstruate, will collapse into the same time period even if their cycle is normally completely different from the other people they’re in the group with. Imagine if there’s technology that would allow us to sense our heart rate variability. That stuff exists now.

I’m waiting for my Oura Ring to arrive, it’s like a Fitbit, but you wear on your finger. It tracks heart rate, activity level and sleep. I have the app on my phone and it tells me when I went to sleep, when I woke up and how much deep sleep I got. The next version that they created is a version that is smaller. It’s more discreet-looking. It also tracks HRV, heart rate variability, which is a great health metric. It’s also powerful for getting into a flow state and getting more alpha waves instead of beta waves in your brain.

I love the technology that’s coming online. I’m familiar with the Oura Ring. I’m familiar with a lot of the new generation of biofeedback, and how much more sophisticated things are getting. It’s going to keep going in that direction. There’s an important combination of looking at data that you can check yourself and see, “What are the numbers here? Is my awareness in sync with that?” There’s been a good deal of research on what’s called somatic awareness. It’s the ability to sense, articulate and be connected to body sense, emotion, feelings, what you’re sensing in your body and be correct about it.

A lot of people feel things in their body that are not happening or don’t feel things that are happening. A lot of people will drop dead of a heart attack and they didn’t even feel anything going on prior to that. There was a lot of feedback that they were missing. Other people will be super hypersensitive and feel everything. They’ll be having anxiety attacks and there’s nothing physically detrimental going on. There’s this big range of somatic awareness of people that are super hyper aware or people that are not aware at all. One of the things that this technology starts to bring into play is feedback for people that don’t have the much somatic awareness to help them get some information. Also help people that have high somatic or body awareness to start to dial it in and get more specific with it.

We’re going to see huge strides in this area and people getting more in sync and more in tuned. The danger sometimes is that people can look at a number and get information and data, but they’re not connected. I was watching the HBO John Oliver Show. It was either Trevor Noah or John Oliver, one of those two. They were making fun of an app which someone developed. You hold the app up and you listen to the baby crying. It’s highly accurate in determining whether the child is crying because they have a wet diaper, because they’re hungry, because of this or that. It’s a little ridiculous when you’re that disconnected energetically from another human being that you have to use the app, this technology to try to figure out why is this baby crying rather than pick up the baby, check the diaper, have this human interaction.

Connected is, “Are you in sync with the rhythm of your body? Are you in sync with the people around you and what’s going on around you?”

There’s this range that we’re exploring between biology and biological cues. This is where the ESP, the extra sensory stuff comes in. I believe that we need to get better at sensing the subtle energy field around us and within us, and then transferring that into usable information in the 3D world. We also need to get some real data too and make sure that we combine those together because they’re both important.

Another way to articulate this is that you need to maintain a high emotional intelligence as you’re getting augmented with different devices, wearables and things like that. Those give you additional data on the world around you, your own biology and so forth, like your heart rate variability, your posture. There’s this thing called a Lumo Lift that will signal you if you’re slouching. There’s so much stuff. If you tie it into extra-somatic awareness, you’re taking that in as somatic feedback and not just looking at an app and saying, “I should change the baby because the app says so.”

If you’re not connected and connected is, “Are you in sync with the rhythm of your body? Are you in tune with yourself? Are you in sync with the people around you and what’s going on around you?” Not just in your head, observing it and looking at it as data. The people in your life are in an informational matrix. This feedback from your body about your heart rate variability and stuff, it’s informational. You’re trying to operate your body like a machine that you’re not connected with and in tune with. It’s devoid of the human element of exactly what we’re going for. We’re going for being truly connected in your heart, in your mind, your body, your soul, all one.

We’re going to see things coming more and more into a realm where people’s sensory perception of the subtle is going to increase if that’s where they decide to focus. Their ability to get real 3D world feedback from these devices is going to be great. The challenge I see for some people is they are going on the data side. They’re not going into the emotion and biological side. That’s why I founded the Body Centered Leadership.

They’re missing the consciousness part. You have this Body Centered Leadership courses, you have retreats. Talk about what these retreats are like and your courses.

I’ve been doing this for over five years now. We started doing a course where it’s a year-long process for those people that choose to dive into the whole course and immersion where we do one event per quarter. We do webinars. I have a comprehensive membership site with hundreds of hours of content. We’re teaching people how to get in sync with their body, how to get into a coherent state, how to stay in the flow, how to elevate their energy naturally, and how to expand their conscious awareness through different practices and become in a way that’s super highly productive and highly evolved being that they have the capacity for.

We're moving into a different reality. We're going to see unprecedented, exponential growth in everything. Share on X

We do four events per year as part of the course. I want to have spaces. I limit it to a pretty small amount of people. It’s just over twenty people per event. I want to have spaces open up for that, and then I allow a new person or a couple of new people to come in and experience an event so they can see if it’s a fit for them. What will happen in an event for people is they can have a profound shift in their whole reality. I’ve had people come into this program with serious health conditions that have totally cleared up. People that have changed their relationships, changed jobs and careers, had massive growth in virtually all areas of their life.

We also do some special events where we go beyond our program. We’ve gone to India a couple of times. We went to Oneness. We’re going to Tuscany. We’re going to go to Ladakh in Northern India, which I became connected with the nephew of the Dalai Lama. He has invited us to come up to do our event in one of the monasteries at 10,000-foot elevation up in Northern India. We’re integrating our work with also the sacred sites around the world so that we can be in these energies. I know you travel, you’re connected in this way. You go to these certain areas of the world where this energy is super conducive to healing and to go to the next level.

I’ve been to Sedona and Dharamshala. Yes, you definitely feel the energy.

We have an event in Sedona. We went and checked out some of the vortexes. We’ll be doing one there too.

How would somebody find more details and sign up to be part of your BCL program?

You can go to There are a few options there. You can find out about future online courses that I’ll be doing online only. You can also find out about my Body Centered Leadership program there. You can also go to, which is the site for that program. If you just go to, that will get you to where you can find out more and you can request information.

Thank you, John. Thank you, readers. I hope this has expanded not just your mind but your consciousness and the field around you. We’ll catch you in the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Be cognizant of what’s happening around me and within me. Everything is energy and a pattern and nothing happens by accident

?Take notice of how my body reacts to stressful situations. The more aware I am of my patterns, the better I can handle or go through with them.

?Identify my stress factors. Aim to manage it by planning ahead but also realize that everything is not under my control.

?Utilize techniques that have proven ways to release the body from tension and tap into positive energy flows.

?Seek help from skilled professionals that can guide me getting into a coherent or flow state.

?Reach out to organizations like HeartMath that conducts studies on the heart-brain relationship and find out how it can benefit me.

?Let go of prejudgment. How I perceive someone is usually a reflection of myself.

?Engage in events and retreats purposely held in places that promote healing and shift in positive energy.

?Research more about biofeedback devices such as Oura ring and LumoLift.

?Check out John’s Body Centered Leadership program that teaches people how to get in sync with their body and increase conscious awareness.

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