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By: Stephan Spencer


Agapi Stassinopoulos
“It’s not prayer that’s religious, but more the devotion and the reverence about your life force.”
Agapi Stassinopoulos

Regardless of whether or not we practice organized religion, connecting with our higher self opens the doorway to receiving divine guidance that can transform our lives. With my guest on today’s episode, we explore how prayer and conversation with God, Spirit, and Source lead to a greater understanding of our true nature.

I’m delighted to have Agapi Stassinopoulos here on the show with me. She’s an international speaker and author of Wake Up to the Joy of You, and published in 2022, Speaking with Spirit: 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and Uplift You. In our discussion, Agapi describes how she turned inward during the isolation of the pandemic, communing with Spirit through writing heartfelt prayers, uncovering more fully that still, small voice within herself. She shares how putting pen to paper grounds you in the present, so rather than focusing on a “to-do” list, you can refocus on your “to-be” list. If you’re seeking to deepen your relationship with Spirit, this conversation offers insights into the power of heart-centered prayer – a gift available to us all as a way to unlock greater awareness and inner strength. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:07]Stephan asks Agapi what inspired her to write the book Speaking with Spirit.
  • [14:42]Stephan shares insights on optimizing one’s relationship with God through personal prayer.
  • [17:36]Agapi describes feeling ungrounded and shares how to restore trust in ourselves and God, treating everything as a form of prayer.
  • [21:09]Stephan and Agapi discuss the importance of living life from a place of intention and awareness and how this can be applied to everyday activities
  • [24:09]Stephan recalls a lesson about volunteering to be sent by God, inspired by the book You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson.
  • [34:55]Stephan and Agapi talk about journaling as a way to connect with God and your inner wisdom, with Agapi emphasizing the importance of living in alignment.
  • [39:24]Agapi offers resources on how to learn more from her.

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Agapi, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

It’s so wonderful to see you, Stephan. You are in sunny Miami, and I am here in cold New York. 

I’m just very grateful to have you on the show. We met years ago, and I know you’ve got this new book out, Speaking with Spirit. What inspired you to create this book? 

This book is a sequel to my book before that, Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life. I discovered all my life, but especially during the pandemic, the power of your inner connection and what it takes to be more connected to your higher power, your spirit, God, or whatever we want to call it. 

Wake Up to the Joy of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos

Mark Nepo, an amazing poet—I don’t know if you’re familiar with him—is like a national treasure that people don’t know much about. Before he does his workshops, he always asks people, “Do you believe in a higher power? Do you believe in something larger than yourself?” Pretty much everybody raises their hand. Then he says, “Well, we know we’re all mystics. Because that higher power is something larger than ourselves that is incomprehensible and unknown, yet all of us strive to know more of it.” 

I wanted to connect with Agapi’s inner spirit more deeply, and I told my publishers I wanted to write a book about prayer but prayer beyond a denomination. It’s not prayer that’s religious, but more the devotion and the reverence about your life force. 

The way I saw that was that if you take everything that happens in our lives and the challenges that we have, all of us, and if we bring them to the table every day and ask for guidance, that takes a certain devotion, a certain way of you stopping your to-do list and you go into your to-be list. That’s what I call prayer: you’re now in your being. 

In that place, you then commune and listen. You ask, listen, and have this incredible, powerful relationship with that higher power. Again, Stephan, as I said, I allow it and ask people to name it for them. To me, it’s the spirit. For other people, it’s your high power. For others, it might be the universe, the one, or the I am—something that takes you beyond your “Agapinus” or your “Stephanus” personality. 

There is a conditioned being that Stephan is, Agapi is, and everybody is listening to us. That’s your story, patterns, ambitions, desires, needs, hurts, disappointments, and the whole kibosh of human conditioning. We all have it. The body, the mind, the emotions, and then you take all that, go beyond all that and come into the presence. 

Envision a golden, radiant light that can hold your worries, anxieties, and struggles. Feel your burdens ease as you offer them to this light. Share on X

This book was inspired by that principle. Then I worked diligently and very devotionally during the pandemic because I got a contract to write the book and bang, the pandemic happened. Then, I was in Los Angeles with my family locked down, and I had to write this book. 

I was going through an incredibly hard time because you met me at the conference, we met at the World Domination Summit, and you know what an extrovert I am. I’m not only an extrovert, but I’m a Greek extrovert. It makes me a triple extrovert. It’s like I need to connect with people, whether going to the coffee shop or meeting with my friends. I’m interacting all the time with people. Whether I’m teaching or whether I’m speaking, that energy fuels me.

Suddenly, that did not exist, and you couldn’t even say hello to anyone. You couldn’t go to a shop to even get your cup of coffee. I had to go inside. At some point, I loved to read one of the prayers. It’s called “Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.” I had to really stop in my tracks, Stephan, and say, “Okay, I don’t have the outer, but I have the inner. Can I go deeper into the inner? Can I really build that so that it becomes alive and real?” 

I started to write about everything happening in my life right then, brought it to the table, and asked for help. The spirit always came in my tears, in my upsetness, in my incredible anxiety about what was going to happen. The spirit came and comforted me. The spirit came, calmed me down, and gave me answers. 

The Spirit always comes in my tears, upsetness, and incredible anxiety to comfort, calm, and offer me answers.

Stephan, it wasn’t easy, but at the end of it, I came in with a toolbox, so that even now, when I go through a difficult thing, or when I’m sad, or when I feel an obstacle, or when I feel like I don’t know what to do about a certain situation, I go, “Agapi, stop. Take a piece of paper, take your journal, take a pen, and ask the spirit to tell you what to do about this.” What I’ve learned is that communication got unlocked. The book is about these 52 subjects that are very human if I just read you some of the chapters. 

“The sweetness of doing nothing. The gifts that lie in between times. In the eye of the hurricane. Finding calm in a crisis, resetting your balance. Yes, you can kick the worry habit. When you shut others out, you shut yourself down. Our divine right to heal. To thine own self be true. You’re never really abandoned. Forgiveness is the greatest gift of all. Gratitude is the key to happiness and fulfillment. How to navigate being an empath, living with a sense of timelessness, which I love.” 

I would love to read you that prayer afterward. This book was written from that place, so I actually read it myself now to remember because part of being human is forgetfulness. We forget.

You know what I learned about forgetfulness and about remembering is that the stuff that you remember is by divine design, and the stuff that you forget is also by divine design. 

Optimize your life by optimizing your SELF. Connect with your higher being.

Tell me more about that. What do you mean by it? 

I was getting divine assistance from a particularly righteous rabbi. I had visited his grave in Israel, and his soul followed me home and had been helping me for months. Then I got kind of full of myself. The spiritual ego is the worst kind of ego. That vibration was not compatible with his, so he left. Then, I couldn’t remember his name anymore. I still can’t because he’s gone

That’s incredible. Could you ask for forgiveness and reverence and come back and allow you?

He’s left, and that ship has sailed, but I did get a message from him. I asked archangel Gabriel to relay the message of my gratitude, my request for forgiveness and all that. I got that there’s nothing really to forgive. “This was a lesson you needed to learn. Consequences. We live in a world of consequences and laws of cause and effect. You have to be humble.”

Speaking with Spirit by Agapi Stassinopoulos

I love that you’re sharing this story because the spiritual ego is a real trap, and it’s very insidious. It can creep in because there you are, thinking, “I’m doing all this good work and sharing this message about God. Look at me how great I am.”

I have a friend of mine who is a beautiful healer who helps clear energies, and he’s a very humble man. On his desk, he has this saying that says, “On my own, I can do nothing. It is through the power and the glory of the spirit that I do everything.” 

I remember long ago when I was about to speak at a big conference. I had just written this book called Unbinding the Heart, which was about how to find the power of your open heart. Because that was my journey, how I found from my locked heart to unbind my heart. And I was about to speak.

Until then, Stephan, I’ve been speaking about the Greek goddesses and the archetypes, doing monologues, and acting on stage. That was a very different vibration. It was a script, and then suddenly, I was about to speak from my heart. That was a very different way of speaking than getting up and telling the stories and the monologues of the goddesses.

I was very nervous. I was shaking because when the power of the spirit comes to speak through you, the ego, and the personality, the body just shakes because the spirit is so powerful. You know you’ll be taken over, and you have to let the spirit, or you end up feeling like an egg on your face. You feel like, “It’s about me rather than the higher spirit.” 

I remember I was talking to my friend, and I said, “Can you help me? I’m just really very nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach.” He said, “Before you go on stage, just put your hands in your heart, close your eyes and say, “This is for you, Lord. It’s you and me. I’m offering this to you, and I go beyond myself.’” 

The spiritual ego is a real, very insidious trap.

Something happened that was so beautiful to me. I think you saw that when I spoke at the World Domination Summit. Something happens when you allow that. It’s really like death. You go beyond yourself, you bow down, and then you’re grateful that you allow the spirit to take over. 

I know when I have made something more important, like “Oh, I hope people will like me,” or so and so is in the audience, “I need to impress them,” or something comes in where you are now. You don’t allow that greater spirit that basically doesn’t care who is in the audience, what people will think of you, and what you will say because it’s free. 

I know it was so painful when I did that because the ego and the personality took over. So, I know the difference, and I thank you for mentioning the spiritual ego. I don’t know about you, but when you are in that stuff, it feels like you’re imprisoned because you are in your individuation. You’re into your personality. 

Stephan, it’s not easy. It’s really because the world is designed to get you trapped. The world is designed to tell you to think about yourself. There are no signposts or triggers that say go beyond yourself. 

Mother Teresa has a great saying, “Compassion is the art of going beyond yourself.” I think it’s a daily practice. How do you go beyond yourself? Would you agree it is a little like dying when you do that?

All thoughts are a form of prayer. Mindfully recognize your higher power, and let prayer envelop your existence. Share on X

Well, it might feel like it. My understanding of dying is that—and I love this analogy, it’s from Ram Dass—it’s like taking off a tight shoe.

I love it. Thank you, that’s so beautiful. 

I don’t think it’s like dying, but I think it feels like what we imagined dying to be. 

That’s right. How can we optimize ourselves? You tell me. 

Well, one thing I think that’s relevant to our conversation here about developing your relationship with God through personal prayer is a Hebrew word, Hitbodedut. It means essentially conversing with the creator in an informal, unstructured way. 

The world is designed to trap you, to make you focus on yourself. There are no signs telling you to look beyond yourself.

You have structured prayers, like the Ana BeKoach, which I’m wearing with this necklace as the 42-letter name of God on it says Kabbalah, and it’s the basis for the Ana BeKoach prayer, the most powerful prayer in Kabbalah. 

“Ana BeKoach gedullat yemincha, tattir tzerurah.” I can say the whole thing because I do it twice a day—morning and night. That’s a structured prayer. It’s the Shema Yisrael

There’s immense power in using structured prayers. The Our Father, or whatever your prayers are for your religion, are the go-to prayers. They are amazingly powerful but also very structured, so you’re in this box of structure while you’re saying them.

Meanwhile, just a stream-of-consciousness prayer where you’re talking to God like a friend gives you the ability to be real and raw, with no pretenses and no worrying about dogma, ritual, or structure. You’re just open, and that gives you, I think, the best ability—this is my opinion—to receive guidance. 

When I’m doing what I call the God journal every morning, where I’m writing to God, telling him things I’m grateful for—it’s a gratitude journal written to him—I’m also writing down what messages I’m getting. 

You said written to him. Why do we always say that God is him rather than she? 

Well, it’s both, and it’s everything, and it’s nothing. That’s all of it. God is all that ever existed and ever will be. God is all that is. I think it’s just convention. I am just following convention. I could say ‘her.’ I’m a male, you’re a female, so it’d be a lot easier for you to write her than for me to. 

Compassion is the art of going beyond yourself. – Mother Teresa

It’s just how we’re raised, but God is so much more than we can imagine. It’s literally incomprehensible for us as humans with brains to grasp even a small percentage of God’s immenseness. 

I love what you said about free-form prayer. That’s what I felt I started to do with this book. Writing these words flooded me, and now they’ve become in the middle of my day, I will always open up to that guidance. It’s not structured, but it can be so minute. 

It can be like, “Oh, we are waiting for this delivery of the mattresses for the baby.” Ariana has an amazing grandson who is pure light, and you’re in his presence. He’s 14 months old, Alexander. He just looks at you, and when he smiles at you, the universe opens up. There are no words.

We ordered his crib, and they’re being delayed. We want that to be in Los Angeles when we arrive, so I will automatically go into a moment of prayer or ask the light and say, “Please allow this to be delivered earlier.” You say, “But Agapi, that’s so minute.” Look at what’s happening in the world. Spirit doesn’t discern. Spirit is in the detail. It’s absolutely in the details.

One day, I remember I was at my home in LA. I was feeling very off and out of balance. Sometimes, we have these days or these moments where we can’t find our grounding, and we feel like a buoy in the ocean. I went, “Wow, what’s going on?” I couldn’t almost grasp my centering. I literally heard the spirit saying, “Go to the cleaners and take your jacket there.” Usually, the cleaners pick it up from our home. 

People who feel broken or lost, don’t need empty words. Offer a listening ear or a hug instead, and allow your heart to connect with theirs.

I took my car and drove to the cleaners’ parking lot, and I ran into a person, Stephan, whom I had not seen literally in 20 years. This woman said, “Oh my God, I am so happy to see you.” She was going through a hard time. She had just lost her mother. She practically fell in my arms crying because of the grief of what had just happened to her. She said, “I can’t believe you’re here.” I went, “Wow. How did that happen?” It’s like, at that moment, I was able to be of service to someone else, and the spirit used me. 

The prayer is, “Lord, what would you have me do? Lord, what would you have me do?” I think before we started a podcast, I shared with you that if there was a message that I would leave behind if I were to leave this earth tomorrow—I hope I don’t because I love this earth, I love people, and I love my life—the message would be how do you restore the trust in yourself that you are never alone, and you are worthy to hear God’s message for you? To be in conversation with the beloved, open up, ask for everything, and test it. So many times, people come to me and say, “Agapi, I feel awkward praying, or I don’t know who to pray to, or I meditate. Is that the same?” Sure. Everything is a form of prayer. My mother used to say washing the dishes—

Absolutely. Washing the dishes can be prayer. If you live your life from a place of intention and awareness, your entire life is a prayer, your whole life. 

When we begin to live in our thoughts, we can become trapped.

And start where you are. You don’t have to come in your best and look your best. 

My spiritual ego would say, “Yes, indeed, I’m living that way.” But that’s the trap. That’s the spiritual ego trap that you think, “Wow, I’m all that and a bag of chips. I’m walking in both worlds at the same time. I’m living my life as a prayer.” When you think that way, then you’re not. 

Exactly. There is also something about taking in the goodness of you and the joy of you. I love singing and dancing because I think we are beyond our minds when we sing and dance. We don’t live in our heads. What traps us is that we start to live in our heads and think we’re so bloody important.

We’re all equally important. 

We’re equally important, and what is this great? Somebody said, “I have two stones in my pocket. One says I’m everything, and the other says I’m nothing.” But we do have an ego, we do have a personality, and we have to use it. Because if you wake up every morning and you think you are nothing, you’re not going to want to do anything.

“I’m nothing. Why should I exercise? Why should I make anything of my life?” But that doesn’t work that way. It works like what I do, and I do to serve the spirit and my spirit. That’s the shift that is so beyond words because it’s, in essence, right, Stephan?

Our personalities need to transcend our negative thoughts. If you constantly tell yourself that you’re nothing, you’ll begin to believe it, and you won’t want to do anything.

Yes, and it reminds me of some Kabbalah wisdom I learned, and that is that pebble that you hold in the one pocket that represents I’m everything is for the times when you are of service to others. You’re in a place where I need to channel God at this moment, so I’m everything. I’m all that is. 

Then, when I’m ready to receive something like, “Oh, I really need a check instead of a bill to arrive in that mailbox.” Then it’s time for the other pebble. “I’m nothing. I’m nothing because if I’m just a pauper, I’ll take scraps. Please, God, give me something right now. I really need you. I surrender. I give up. I can’t do this on my own.” Then, you’re coming from a place of true humility.

Exactly, true royalty and humility, because if we saw ourselves in the spirit of who we are, we would weep from how glorious we are in the spirit. To feel like you are royalty, I always say when you dress, dress for the radiant you. You honor that part of you, and then you honor it in everyone else. We walk a very fine line between the two. 

Yes, we do. What a great conversation. I’m really enjoying this, and one thing that I learned that relates to this thing of being that person of service who comes in and saves the day as you did for that person, that woman that you hadn’t seen for 20 years, is you volunteered and said to God in however you said it, “Please send me.” That’s from Isaiah 6, verse 8.

Bruce Wilkinson wrote this book called You Were Born for This, which I read with a study group, an entrepreneur group of men. We all read it together, and then we would meet every two weeks, on Friday mornings, to discuss what we had read that had happened in our life. 

In the book You Were Born for This, there’s this framework for becoming an agent, a delivery person for God, where you volunteer just like Isaiah did when he was at the feet of God interrupting a board meeting where all the archangels were getting their assignments. Here’s little Isaiah holding his arm, saying, “Here I am. Please send me too.”

Unbinding the Heart by Agapi Stassinopoulos

Oh, my God. That’s a beautiful story. 

We can do that, too, which I’ve incorporated into my morning routine. My morning ritual includes imagining myself at the feet of God, raising my hand, and saying, “Here I am, Lord, please send me.”

I’m just getting the chills. I’m writing it down. I love this book. Please, God, send me.

I used to call that goosebumps, but a spiritual person corrected me. I forget who it is. That’s God’s bumps or angel bumps, which is another way to refer to it. What’s happening is when your angels want you to know, like, “Hey, underline this one. Get out your yellow highlighter. This is important.” Then they give you those goosebumps. 

He’s a Christian author. If you’re Jewish or whatever, then they could still read it, but just not take on board the Christ-related. 

I put all my little favorite sayings on my closet door, so as I open my closet, I see them there. 

Originally, that is from the Bible. “Here I am, Lord. Please send it to me.” That is Isaiah having an out-of-body experience. He’s astral projecting into a higher dimensional realm. Now, he’s where the angels, the archangels, and God are, so he was a very elevated being. He had that ability to go there, and they’re getting their assignments, and he wants one too. So you can be a pizza delivery guy for God. 

How about a slice of love for God? 

If somebody needs a hug, they need you to just hold them because they lost somebody. 

They’re lost themselves. So many people are lost. I always say when I’m feeling lost, or people are feeling lost, don’t start talking to them about why, when, or how. Just hug them because something about the hug, the connection, heart-to-heart, completely opens you up. 

When we seek daily guidance for our life’s challenges, we can transition to fully actualized beings. This is the essence of prayer—living fully and learning to embrace your whole self. Share on X

Stephan, when people often say to me, “I don’t know where to find God, or I lost my faith,” I go, “Well, if you close your eyes and you go, “My God, I have 36 trillion cells that are making me right now, and I have no idea how these cells are formed—I don’t even know what a cell looks like—but to have 36 trillion cells, that in itself stops you in your tracks.’” 

If you ask yourself, “Who is breathing me?” Because we do not breathe ourselves. We receive our breath. Let’s come present with Stephan, Agapi, and whoever is listening to us right now. Put your hand in your heart, and don’t take your breath; just receive your breath.

As you exhale, exhale any parts that doubt or say, “But I don’t know.” As you allow the next breath to come in, feel it coming through your nostrils. Feel that oxygen in your body, in your brain. As you exhale, bow down, literally bow down, and feel the presence that Stephan and I have been talking about here.

The Beloved is your true, authentic soul.

You can look at it like a golden, silver, or white light that comes over you, embraces you, and surrounds you. Any worries you have, any concerns, any projects, any financial difficulties, any health problems of yourself or someone else, place them in this chalice of a golden light. Whatever words come to you, say, “I offer this to the higher power, I offer this to the Divine, I offer this to God, and I go free, and I see this resolved. I walk in peace. I walk with the Beloved.” 

Now, just imagine that the hand that you have in your heart is the Beloved’s hand in your heart. When I say, “The Beloved is the soul of who you are,” you move into kindness, tenderness, and essence of yourself and any spaces in your heart that feel tight or shut down. Maybe there’s some bitterness there that didn’t happen. Just feel the light going in and opening up very gently the closed domains in your heart. 

Receive the breath and just say thank you. “Thank you. There’s so much I don’t know, but I’m willing to grow, learn, and see.” I just love and tell myself, I love you. “I love you. Thank you,” and see that energy just going out of you, thanking people around you and thanking God for your life, for the absolutely amazing miracle of your life. When you open your eyes, see if this light we brought here is alive more in you. So simple when it comes through, right?

Yeah, it’s all very simple, but it’s also necessary when you have a life where you’re just forgetting to allow the breath to be received and allow the miracles to come. You think you’re doing it on your own, and then you push everything away. 

You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkinson

That’s right. Can I read to you this Finding the Ordinary the Extraordinary?

Yes, please. 

This was, as I said when I was asking for help from the Spirit, and I said, “Dear Beloved.” All my prayers start with “Dear Beloved” because I feel we address that soul called the Beloved. 

“One of the greatest joys in my life is feeling your presence. I connect with others by speaking and inviting others to participate in my heart’s expansion, and recently, I have been feeling the absence of my connection with you and feel I am lacking in that magic from which I convert with my spirit. So I ask now that I may find new ways to engage, move my body, be present in the minute of my life, in the miracle of the now of my life, and awaken to the aliveness that I have in me. 

I ask that I may remove the resistance, the limitations, and stubbornness of wanting things to be a certain way. When things don’t happen that way, I cave in. I shut down, and I blame you, the world, and myself, and then fall into doom.

Instead, I ask that I may again find the magic in the ordinary, that everything in this world, as hard as it may seem, is still wonderful and all. For whatever reason, my ego and my sense of self move into righteous indignation, and God forbid I might miss the awe that I so seek in the simplest of little things. 

The trees still grow upward, and I’m able to walk on this earth through the law of gravity, and even that is a miracle. The earth still moves around the sun in perfect motion, and how amazing is that? There are invisible worlds of millions of stars and planets that are all moving in perfect relation to one another, and they don’t seem to collide. The ocean meets the shore in perfect rhythm, even when it’s turbulent and stormy. Let me wrap my mind around all of that and know that I, too, have perfect harmony within me. So be it.”


Writing with a pen and paper, rather than typing on a computer, is a very powerful tool for your brain.

Part of it is coming to God with whatever you’re going through and putting the words there. Now, I write a lot of words, and poetry comes to me easily. But you can just write anything. Writing with a pen and paper, not a computer, is very powerful for the brain. 

When I write in my God journal every morning, I’m writing on a remarkable tablet using my stylus. Instead of a pen or pencil, it’s just a stylus pen for a computer, but it’s for my remarkable tablet, which is different from an iPad because it doesn’t have all the distractions of an iPad. I’m only doing my journaling and note-taking. I’m not surfing the Internet or reading books or anything. 

Do you keep them? 


It’s a tablet where you write by hand.

Yeah, and it stores all of it, and I can access a copy of my writings on my phone or any other device with the app. I usually review what I write on the tablet itself, and then I see what I wrote, what messages I received earlier in the week or the week prior and so forth. 

Just like you can open a book like you were reading from your book, there’s a term called bibliomancy where you can just open the book seemingly randomly, but you’re doing it with intention, and it takes you exactly to the part of the book that you needed to read to the listener. 

Radiate your energy through expressions of love and gratitude. Bless the people around you.

You can do that with your journal, too, for your own private writings and say, “All right, God, take me to the journal entry that I need to take action on something that I didn’t do or something I need to remember or know.”

Also, one of the things that I love to do, and I encourage our listeners to do, is to ask before you go to sleep. Ask your unconscious, which is your subconscious, your God power, “What do you need help with?” 

Especially for me now, I started to get overwhelmed and lose my joy because we have this and that, and we have my list of all the things to do. I go, “May I hand her over this list to you and tomorrow, as I wake up, divine harmony of doing everything with my joy.”

Before you sleep, ask your God power, “What do you need help with?”

You’re about to do something, and something says, “Get up and walk around or get up and go have some water, have something so that you don’t become on automatic, but you are in service to the spirit, which is more important than anything.”

My mother always used to say that having that essential connection to me is more important than the to-do list. Or to say no. When people say, “Can you do this?” Sometimes, I put my list, and I go, “Why do I want to do this? Why do I need to call this person back? I don’t.”

It reminds me of something, again, I learned from that book by Bruce Wilkinson, which is that if you’re living in the land of good works, there’s no room for you to live in the land of miracles. You don’t have time or the space to deliver God’s miracles if you’re doing good works and everybody else’s to-do list every day, just operating off of what’s coming into your email inbox.

Yes, and so many people, Stephan, are trapped by living that way. Then they suffer from mental health or depression, but that’s odd to me. Depression and anxiety are when we’re not living in the truth of who we are. 

I have a saying here that I wrote in my journal. I want to read what was said to me. “One day, we will look back at this existence and be astounded that we spend our precious life worrying about success, how people like us, if they don’t like us, our appearance, and millions of other trivial things rather than focusing on every spending, walking moment, awakening to the divine soul of who we are, learning more about our divine nature, learning how to love, how to open our hearts, and the light within. We will be astounded. Why did we do that and not walk the path to know the beloved in us?”

Depression and anxiety creep in when we’re not living in the truth of our authentic selves.

Beautiful. This is such a great conversation. I’m bummed we have to wrap it up because I know you have to go. If our listeners want to learn more from you, they want to pick up some of your books, take your Mindvalley Quests or course, or follow you on social media. Where’s the best place for them to go? 

For social media, my Instagram is @agapisees. My website is Feel free to email me at, which is the title of my third book. I will send you some of my guided meditations as my gift. 

The book is on Amazon, which I am very proud of, and I love this book so much—and Speaking With Spirit. Of course, I love supporting independent bookstores, as well as any other bookstores. You can ask your local bookstore to bring it to you.

I’m very proud of my Mindvalley course. It just launched. It’s a six-hour course called Speaking with Spirit. It’s a 17-day awakening where every lesson takes you through an exercise, a practice so that you learn how to build that inner muscle.

If you don’t have a membership to Mindvalley, you can sign up for $99, which is just for a month, and there are many wonderful quests. If you have a Mindvalley membership, you can see it right there. You see me speaking with spirit, and I would love you to take that course. I put my heart and soul into it. 

It has lots of wonderful pearls of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. Stay in touch. I send you so much light. Stay in the light. Stay loving. Keep your heart open. Then life is beautiful—love, love, love.

It’s not just doing. It’s being. You are loved.

Embrace your innate royalty and humility. Recognize your spirit and see yourself for who you truly are to allow yourself to honor others and your own spirit. Share on X

You were born to do this. A new title, You’re Born To Do This. Love that. Stephan, I love talking to you. You really enriched my day today by talking to you, and it’s so wonderful to reconnect with you. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you to all our listeners. Optimize yourself by optimizing your SELF. That’s the self we want to optimize. 

Your higher self. Awesome. Well, thank you, listener. Have an amazing, beautiful, and heart-opening week. We’ll catch up with you in the next episode. I’m Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Communicate with my higher power openly and through prayer. Speak with transparency and honesty, without judgment or pretense, to connect with my higher power.

?Cultivate happiness by regularly expressing gratitude. Practice thanking God through prayer for five things in my life. The practice of gratitude can help my happiness to thrive.

?Develop my intuition and self-expression to release my emotions. Sing, dance, and move my body to transcend my thoughts.

?Write down my prayers and reflections. Journaling can slow my thoughts and help me to process emotions. Remember, letters to God can reveal my inner truths.

?Ask for guidance around obstacles—big or small. Continually request navigation, and believe that God rejoices in my growth.

?Offer my worries and concerns to my higher power. Anxiety means I’ve forgotten I’m not alone. I should allow God to carry my burdens.

?Visualize the resolution of my challenges, bathed in golden light. Let this light dissolve the darkness I feel. This can positively shift my energy.

?Discover magic and miracles in my ordinary moments. Reflect on my day to find beauty in even the smallest moments. I should remember that God hides in plain sight.

?Remain open and ask how I can serve God and others. I can share God’s infinite love through selfless acts of service. Trust that when I give out of love, my light can help to heal the world.

?Connect with Agapi and explore her teachings by visiting her website, Read her books, including Speaking With Spirit, and follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration.

About Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. At age 18, she entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and became a Young Vic member. She moved to the U.S. to act and later earned her Master’s in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

While her sister, Arianna Huffington, was doing research for her book about Greek mythology, Agapi’s love for the gods and goddesses was ignited and led to two books of her own — Conversations with the Goddesses and Gods and Goddesses in Love — as well as a one-woman show and a PBS special.

Agapi speaks and conducts seminars worldwide, empowering others to create the lives they want. She lives in Los Angeles and New York and is a frequent blogger for The Huffington Post.

Disclaimer: The medical, fitness, psychological, mindset, lifestyle, and nutritional information provided on this website and through any materials, downloads, videos, webinars, podcasts, or emails is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/fitness/nutritional advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek the help of your physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, certified trainer, or dietitian with any questions regarding starting any new programs or treatments, or stopping any current programs or treatments. This website is for information purposes only, and the creators and editors, including Stephan Spencer, accept no liability for any injury or illness arising out of the use of the material contained herein, and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the contents of this website and affiliated materials.


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