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By: Stephan Spencer


Edwin Selij
“Hypnotherapy merges psychotherapy with the altered state of consciousness known as hypnosis, unlocking a vast potential. This unique combination can yield results in mere sessions that might otherwise take years to achieve through traditional therapy.”
Edwin Selij

From Kabbalah, I learned that a miracle isn’t defined as when the impossible becomes possible. A miracle is defined as removing the illusionary veils that don’t allow us to see the light in every experience and every moment.

In today’s episode, I’m honored to have Edwin Selij joining us, an acclaimed expert guiding thousands to transcend limitations through hypnotherapy. As the owner of Europe’s largest hypnosis institute, Edwin has spent over a decade empowering individuals to dissolve constraints and access greater possibilities.

In this discussion, Edwin highlights the distinction between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He talks about his origins in this arena in Holland, where he has become quite renowned. Drawing from client experiences, as well as parenting lessons, he explains how hypnotherapy can help reframe even seemingly impossible circumstances. Edwin outlines simple techniques anyone can practice to disassociate from distressing emotions and reconnect with joyful resources within.

As he compellingly expresses, his aim isn’t to hypnotize people but to awaken them from limiting trances. It’s a fascinating, consciousness-expanding exploration that will reshape your sense of what’s possible. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [03:36]Edwin Selij, an acclaimed hypnotherapist, discusses the distinction between hypnosis and hypnotherapy and how hypnotherapy can help individuals reframe seemingly impossible circumstances.
  • [10:54]Edwin talks about the power of the brain and how it can be used to ease pain, anxiety, and other negative experiences through techniques such as hypnosis.
  • [20:48]Edwin enumerates four simple steps to overcome challenges.
  • [22:24]Stephan shares a story of using pattern interrupt
  • [32:18]Edwin describes experiencing a profound transformation after hearing a voice he believed to be God, leading to his sudden and complete recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
  • [43:14]Stephan and Edwin explain how to protect oneself from negative energies.
  • [45:37]Stephan explains The Court of Atonement as a way to resolve conflicts through positive intention and blessings.
  • [49:20]Here’s how you can work with Edwin Selij.

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Edwin, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s an honor, Stephan. It’s very cool to be on. It’s my first international appearance.

It’s your first international podcast. You’ve been on other people’s podcasts in your home country.

Yeah, in Holland and the Netherlands. Not all of them, but a lot. If my English is not up to date, I’m sorry in advance, but I hope it will work out.

We’ll just fix it in post-production.

Yes. We have artificial intelligence to fix it now.

That’s right. There’s a tool called Descript, where you can change a transcript from the text, and it will use your voice to change the words. Isn’t that wild?

It’s very cool. I like where it’s going.

I’m excited. Some people have dystopian nightmares about the future, but as long as you see the hand of God and absolutely everything that happens, you can just relax and know that you’re guided and everything is ultimately for the good.

I think the same way. I’m excited as well. 

Let’s talk about hypnosis, how life-changing it is, and everything. First, before we get into your origin story and how you got into it, I’d love for you to differentiate hypnosis from hypnotherapy for our listeners.

Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy in a state of hypnosis. That’s it because hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. In that altered state, a lot of different things are possible. You see this on stage. For example, in the stage of hypnosis, things are possible.

If you combine it with psychotherapy, you can have great effects within almost sometimes half an hour, a few sessions with people who are otherwise in therapy for maybe months or years. The effects are sometimes even dramatic for some people.

Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy through an altered state of consciousness. Hypnosis can help you to conquer seemingly impossible life challenges. Click To Tweet

When you say dramatic, give me an example from your life because I’m sure you’ve gotten hypnosis and had some impact, and then something dramatic from one of your clients.

For example, I started with hypnosis a long time ago, in 2006. Before that, I was also introduced to different techniques related to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, like neuro-linguistic programming. It’s a variant of hypnosis.

In 2005, the technique was used on me. It could be a weird story. I have four boys, and one of my twin boys was moaning in his bed. He was six weeks old on the 2nd of January, 2005.

My wife said, “We have to go to the hospital because it’s not good.” But it was the holiday season, and I was using a lot of alcohol and drugs. That was my life for about 15 years, from the age of 16 up until then.

I don’t want to go there. She was persistent, so we got to the hospital, and the doctor told us, “Well, you have to take a seat because there is a chance he won’t make it tonight.” It went black. I didn’t see anything anymore. I was like, “Okay, numb the pain.”

Court of Atonement by Amy Jo Ellis

I drove home and called friends. I said, “Bring cocaine, alcohol, and whatever you got.” I tried to numb the pain, but it was impossible. Suddenly, I saw pictures of his funeral. I heard a voice that said, “If you’re going through with this, he’s going to die, and it’s your fault.” That was the day I quit. I didn’t drink and do drugs again. That’s a long time ago already. 

I discovered later on that it was some kind of technique that they call the compulsion blowout, a hypnosis NLP technique. When I discovered it in a book by Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power, I thought, “Wow, it was a technique. It was a grace-like technique.”

I had discovered the technique there in the 80s, and then I thought, “Why didn’t I learn that at school? Well, I have to learn it.” I hypnotized myself by doing that. Now, I’m learning those kinds of techniques from a lot of people.

For me, it was more of a discovery or an event that skyrocketed every other event after that. It was just like somebody just dehypnotized me at that moment.

That was a pretty dramatic experience in my personal and clients’ lives. One time, I had a man with an inoperable brain tumor. He told me, “They can operate it, but I have a 2% survival chance if they operate. I have a hundred percent chance of dying if they don’t operate. Can you help me?” I said, “I don’t know, but we can try.”

I used hypnosis, and I asked his subconscious mind, “Can you shrink the tumor so it’s operable?” A subconscious mind responded, “Yes.” With just finger signals, it said yes. He went back to the hospital and insisted on taking photos again.

The doctor was in shock. He said, “Probably you got the wrong pictures before that.” They operated him, and he’s still alive. That was a dramatic thing as well. Of course, it is probably not for everybody that hypnosis will work on a brain tumor. Let’s clarify that, but I encountered some wonders. The human spirit and the human mind are amazing. It’s dramatic.

Wow. What an incredible story. When you did this process on your clients, which was inoperable, how many years ago was that?

It was the beginning of my career. Between 2010 and 2013, about more than ten years ago.

And he’s still alive?

The human spirit and the human mind are amazing.

He’s still alive and kicking.

Have you spoken to him recently?

Not recently, but a few years ago. 

Consider this a nudge to check in on him and say hi.

Exactly. I will. I hope he’s still alive then. I don’t know. But a few years ago, he was still alive, kicking. He’s not that old, so probably he’s still walking on the earth.

Do you have a testimonial from him?


There you go. Reach out to him, check in on him, and ask him for a testimonial.

I will.

That’s powerful. How incredible.

I will make a note. For now, I’m on Instagram every day at 8 AM, doing sessions live with people almost every morning. That’s life-proof. I want to show the Dutch world that it’s possible to heal in this matter.

I had a guy who was 28 years old with low back pain and headaches since he was 14 years old. He’s been to a neurologist and physiotherapist—more than eight therapists, MRI scans, and everything. They couldn’t find anything.

Our brains can’t always distinguish between reality and fantasy.

We did a session for 40 minutes, and his headache was gone. He was in a state of shock because it didn’t happen for years. He looked at me and said, “How is that possible?” I said, “I just taught you a little trick to use your brain with fantasy.”

The neurologists don’t use fantasy. They use facts, and it’s okay. Everybody has their own profession, and that’s fine, but I use a lot of fantasy. For the brain, reality and fantasy are the same. If somebody thinks about an elevator and is scared of elevators, they panic, even though there isn’t any elevator nearby. They start sweating, they start having anxiety and stuff.

I said, “Where’s the elevator?” “Yeah, not here.” “Okay, so why panic?” Because the brain, as with the fantasy, has the same reactions. If you use those tricks of the brain, you can suddenly ease pain and stuff. I taught him a little trick.

I want to show people that that stuff is possible. We were born with 1500 grams, 1 ½ kilos, of the brain with 87 billion neurons. How to use it properly? I don’t know, and I didn’t get a manual. Probably, you didn’t get a manual. I don’t know how it is in the United States, but nobody gets a manual for it in Holland.

That’s weird if you think about it. But there are a lot of techniques you can use hypnosis to ease pain, anxiety, fear, and depression. There are a lot of ways, but you don’t learn it.

I want to share two things about what you said. One is when this guy was saying, “How is this even possible?” That reminds me of the definition of a miracle. I learned this from studying Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. A miracle isn’t defined as when the impossible becomes possible. A miracle is removing the illusionary veils that don’t allow us to see the light in every experience and moment.

Our brains accept fantasy to allow us to transcend our perceived limitations.

That’s the thing. You can also say with a different world of a veil, the hypnosis, and that we’re all hypnotized not to see the light. When you remove that, just as you said with the veil, things are suddenly possible for a great deal. I always say to people, “I don’t have to put you into hypnosis to solve your problem. I have to get you out of the hypnosis you call your problem.”

That’s profound. I like that.

For me, it is true. I hypnotize myself all the time into all kinds of stuff. But if you can see it like that, it doesn’t matter really what kind of words you use, suddenly everything is a story, suddenly everything is real, like “Okay, this is real, and this is how it’s going to stay.” That’s not true, because everything is changing. We all know that, but sometimes we can feel stuck. That’s just our story. If you change the story or the hypnosis, you’re suddenly in a different kind of hypnosis. It’s still in hypnosis, I think.

We’re still in the matrix, but we’ve wrestled some of the control of the program away from external influences to more internal ones.

The more you do that, the lighter you feel. Maybe that’s part of enlightenment that you’re just feeling lighter of trauma, fears, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, and negative self-image. Give it a label. I think that’s the fun part. But for a lot of people, that’s the fear part. “Oh no, who am I?”

There are a lot of hypnosis techniques you can use to ease pain, anxiety, fear, and depression.

“What am I capable of? What is possible if I remove all the constraints and limiting beliefs?” That reminds me of Marianne Williamson’s quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

But try to do it. I came from a place of darkness. Many people grow up in families that don’t know what they’re doing as parents. You don’t get a manual.

I want to get more into that. Before I do, I want to share my second point about your story of this guy with 28 years of back pain and how you got rid of his headache in 40 minutes.

The second thing that comes to my mind is that you were talking about this guy, but I don’t recall. You were talking about how somebody just thinks about getting in an elevator. They start sweating, they start having anxiety, and everything. They are nowhere near an elevator, but you just had them recall being near or about to get in an elevator, and then they are just about to have a panic attack. That reminds me of a story in this book called Provocative Hypnosis. You may know it. It’s a fantastic book. Are you familiar with that book?

Yeah, I know it. I love the title, so I read it.

Jorgen Rasmussen is this guy who worked on repairing telephone lines. He was definitely afraid.

Yeah, with the fear of heights.

He was definitely afraid of climbing—he would be up 10 feet to 20 feet from the pole, and he would be having a freak-out attack because his anxiety level would be ten out of ten. Then he’d be at the same point coming back down.

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His therapist was like, “Okay, now what’s your score in anxiety?” “It’s like one or two.” “Wait a second. You’re at the same height as a few minutes ago and were a ten out of ten. Now you’re one out of ten, but you’re at the same place, the same potential danger for you to slip and drop those last 10 feet. How does that compute?”

Suddenly, you cannot hold the story anymore. You try to hold onto it and find a way. No, but it’s still the same. But on the other hand, you want to get rid of the story because you don’t want the fear. So what are you going to do? It’s a very interesting point that people are getting into them because they’re confused.

When you are in confusion, suggestions are more easily going in. If you’ve got a good therapist like Jorgen, for instance, and he gives some direct suggestions when you’re up there, suddenly the fear is just gone because you’re confused. It was my story, but what’s happening here? Then he gives some great, good, direct suggestions, and suddenly, the fear is gone. People say, “Wow, it’s a miracle.” But if you see the steps of what he’s doing, it’s not a miracle, just a strategy.

It’s still a miracle, just removing the illusionary veils.

Exactly. Opening the veil is also a strategy—if you know how. That’s the thing, most people don’t know how. Suddenly, if somebody’s doing that for them, well, they always do it themselves, but they think somebody else is doing it, but they do it. They say, “Woah, that’s a miracle. That’s a wonder.” I think it’s just following the steps.

Provocative Hypnosis by Jørgen Rasmussen

It’s very simplistic. Not easy, but simple. It’s always four steps. (1) Associate with the problem. (2) Dissociate from the problem. We get somebody distracted from the problem. (3) Associate with a resource—it doesn’t matter what resource. Laughing is a great resource. (4) Connect resources to problems. That’s what I do.

People are like, “Wow, but I just repeat four steps in my unique way.” Okay, that’s true, but everybody can do the four steps, from my neighbor to my children, everybody can help themselves or teach people how to help themselves. It’s not that hard. It takes some repetition.

One of my favorite examples of breaking a pattern is doing step two of disassociating with the problem through pattern interruption. Mike Mandel, who was on the show in 2017, ages ago, in episode 97, I don’t know what the problem was, but it was some sort of fear, anxiety, or something. As she described the problem, he would start sniffing under his watch.

That will distract somebody.

He tried to do it in a subtle and not noticeable way. Of course, he knew what he was doing. He was just ensuring he was getting noticed so she would not interrupt. She’s like, “What are you doing? This is serious. I’m trying to get to the problem here, and you’re sniffing under your watch? Are you crazy?” “I’m sorry, please continue.” By the third time, he completely scrambled the pattern. She couldn’t get back to this terrible, anxious state talking about the problem and completely scrambled it.

That’s very powerful stuff. Most people just don’t know that you can do that. You can also easily piss people off. That’s also true if you do it in a relationship.

My wife just tells me, “I’m angry with you.” Pattern interrupts her, so I don’t think we have a long-lasting relationship. But if she wanted to, and that’s also with the consensus part, and it’s also if somebody wants to get rid of a problem, and they say, “Well, I need your help,” then many things are possible.

Speaking of working with your spouse on something, one thing I’ve learned the hard way is to ask for permission to coach my wife, Orion. I don’t try to solve the problem if I don’t have that permission. I don’t try to pattern interrupt or whatever. It reminds me of this funny viral video from years ago, It’s Not About The Nail. Do you know this one?


It’s hilarious. This woman she’s talking with her spouse, and she’s like, “Oh, I feel just at odds, just at my wits, and I have this pain in my head. It just won’t go away.” The camera pans out and shows a nail stuck in her forehead.

The husband says, “Well, you know you have a nail there.” She’s like, “Stop, okay. You’re always trying to solve my problem, and I just need you to listen.” Okay, you have a pain in your head that is just nagging you. It’s so funny.

That’s the thing. They don’t want to hear you solve the problem if you’re not there to listen. They need to be heard first. Unless they’re in a place of being receptive to the coaching, you’re in dangerous territory.

I had it with my kids when they were little. One of my sons, I have four, and he was maybe three or four years old. He would always throw tantrums. It’s so intense that he passed out. When he was one and a half years old, he got so angry he turned blue and passed out.

When you’re confused, your brain is open to suggestions.

The first time, I was so scared. The doctor said, “No, some kids have that. They grow over it. Just lay him on the side.” But he was very emotional. When he was four, he got very angry, so I said, “Okay, where is that anger of yours? Where is it in your body?” “In my belly.” I said, “Oh, it’s in your belly. What color is that?” “It’s orange.”

“You can take it out and make it something, maybe a balloon.” He said, “Okay, I will do that now.” He got it out of his body, so fantasy. He got a balloon and held the balloon. “Okay, let it go.” “No, I won’t let the balloon go.” He was standing there, I think, for five minutes. He’s now 18 years old. He still knows it. He never had a tantrum again.

From that day on, he suddenly knew how to manage anger. He learned himself a trick. Now, he can still be angry for sure, but not like that. That was very cool to see.

You set him free.

I taught him a strategy, a trick, a fantasy. He still knows that. He still knows that he made a balloon. He still knows that he was holding on.

He remembers that experience when he was four years old.

Yeah, he remembers it.

That’s telling because most kids don’t have memories except for the really indelible ones from seven years younger. That made an impact for him. 

It was because it had a lot of emotion. That’s when you remember stuff when you’re in a lot of emotion. Of course, you know that. It was something he invented with help. I said, “Maybe you can do this.” I said, “Oh, I released my anger.” I did that. I was four and learned a technique nobody else could, but I invented something. For him, it’s a thing.

If you discover something, everybody is very excited about it. I’m telling the story also to people, and he hears that as well, the memory. I know that.

If you know transformation is possible, you can take action.

Yeah, it was reinforced.

Exactly. It was reinforced. That’s also the thing. If parents know how to alter the strategy of being angry—those are all different things, being or doing angry. “Okay, let’s do something else. Can we do that?” “Yeah, I’ll teach you a trick.” “Oh, I like tricks.” A fantasy, an experiment, or something like that. 

Kids love to play. “Okay, let’s play with my emotions.” Suddenly, they find ways. If they know it’s possible and that’s for everybody, then suddenly you think of things. Suddenly, you can do it yourself. If I say to people, “Okay, let’s imagine you have all the people you don’t like, they are here now.” We make a persona here: here’s your mother, here’s your father.

I told them the story that it was possible to change the location. You change the relation. “We just moved, Mother, and how does it feel?” “Oh, better.” If I tell that story, people are thinking, “Okay, I have somebody. I want to do it.” Suddenly, it’s a possibility; it’s a model, and we have a family therapy.

You change the dynamics of the relationship.

Yeah, but you have to know the possibility. If you don’t know, you don’t know. But if somebody just tells the story, or they show it and say, “Oh, wow, so I don’t have to think about that person all the time, I just can move it out of my mental psychology space,” as we say that in Holland. “Oh, I don’t think about it anymore.” We can do that with ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. And that’s a relief.

It’s also a model. You can teach it to children when they’re 10, 12, 14. If it’s a possibility and it’s suddenly a subconscious thing, an automatic habit, you just do it yourself very quickly. “I don’t like it, out of my space. Oh, I like it. Okay, in my space,” instead of years of trying to do things that aren’t working.

Use your imagination to transform your anger and other difficult feelings.

Very cool. Let’s go back to your story of how you heard a voice, you were abusing alcohol and drugs, and then that voice and what the message was changed your relationship with the drugs, alcohol, and the desire to escape pain and changed your life. Let’s talk about that voice. Was it your inner voice, your subconscious? Do you think it was maybe angels, God, or spirit guides? What do you think that was?

For me, it was God. It’s a grace. I tried to quit like everybody who was using drugs and alcohol. You’re trying to quit every day, every hour. For me, it never worked, or I just started again. Suddenly, it was boom. It was different.

I had dark blonde hair at the time. My eyes were also more green. Suddenly, I cut off my hair because I got long hair. I cut out my hair, and it turned black. I looked in the mirror. I said, “Well, it’s a different guy. It’s a different life. It’s over.”

The weird thing was I was with friends in my house then. I went to the kitchen and came back as a different person. I said, “Well, guys, the party’s over.” They got up, they left. I haven’t seen them again until now. I saw them probably three or four times a week. They never called me again, and they never contacted me again. That life was done.

For me, it was logical as well because it was. It was just later that I thought about it. I was like, “Wow, they didn’t even contact me again. They didn’t call me or text me.” They texted me probably every day. “Hey, Ed, do you want to go there? It was done.” I always said to them, “Okay, it’s over. I’m not going to do it again.” They said, “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Subconscious or automatic habits allow you to actively pursue possibilities.

That was 15 years. It was weird. I call it God, but you can call it whatever you want. For me, it’s God. It’s like an intervention. Suddenly, things changed. I was suddenly propelled into this life.

If you told me 20 years ago, “Hey, Edwin, you’re going to be in hypnosis, dude, what kind of psychedelics are you, man?” I wouldn’t believe it. It didn’t occur to me that those things existed. I like spirituality, and I was into space. I am not interested in those things, but not like this.

Things can happen. To me, it happened. I call it grace. I couldn’t have done it myself because otherwise, I would’ve done it myself. I had help. Now, I also help others on Instagram or if I encounter somebody. If I can help, I will, but not all the time. For some people, I am that voice now. That’s cool.

Do you talk to God? Do you talk to angels? Do you hear from God, from angels, regularly? What’s the relationship like now?

It started when I was nine years old. My grandfather died, and suddenly, he was in my head. I thought, “Oh, okay, I talked to my grandfather and stuff.” It was just a fantasy for me, so I didn’t make much of it. I didn’t share it.

Every week, I went to church. My grandfather was in heaven, and he was with the angels, and he was there with the cloudy house. I said, “Okay, reserve a house for me.” I was talking like that because it was a fantasy for me.

When I was 26, I got my first Reiki initiation. That changed a bit for me because my father-in-law is a Reiki master. He initiated me. He’s a big guy, and he was initiating me in Reiki 1. I was looking through my eyelashes, and suddenly, I saw him change when he was doing the symbols and stuff and breathing into it.

I suddenly saw him change to a very thin man with a Chinese hat. It’s like, “Okay, weird.” Suddenly, he had a sword and carved the symbols in my energy. I heard the sword as well. He blew it. I opened my eyes. We went home, and I saw many people on the street. I know there weren’t any people on the street.

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I saw all different times, the 20s, 30s, 40s. I saw all kinds of people at different times. I told my sister, “Well, you don’t see what I see.” Because I also had the past and present at that time with LSD, psychedelics, and stuff, I wasn’t afraid. I thought, “Well, maybe it’s just a trip or whatever.”

A few months later, a girl came to me. She said, “Can you help me? I got a ghost in my house.” “A ghost in your house? I don’t know how I can help you.” “Yeah, you can help me.” So I did.

She always had somebody at night who was choking her. That’s what she told me. I gave a Reiki. I also get into a fantasy. I walked through her house, saw a boy in the room, and brought him to the light. My guide, so to speak, I called him master. “Okay, well, go with him,” I always said. “Okay, now to the light.” She didn’t encounter that feeling anymore. I said, “Okay, cool.”

Yeah, very cool.

I didn’t know what happened after that, because suddenly I got all the clients from everywhere. I got a phone with a Ghostbuster ringtone. If it went off, “Oh, I have another client with the ghost in his house.” I got a lot of clients suddenly. I didn’t have a website or whatever. I don’t know where they came from.

That is so cool. When you pop your head above the clouds, and a whole bunch of people’s heads already popped out of the clouds, they’ll see you and like, “Ah, Edwin’s here. He’s ready. Let’s send some business. Let’s work with them.”

It was weird, but then I encountered weird stuff. I said, “Okay, I have to quit now.” So I quit.

Something creeped you out?

Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins & Joseph McClendon III

That’s not good if you get fear and stuff. I quit. Five years later, I was doing hypnosis training. A guy comes in, a Suriname guy, a dark guy. I thought, “Wow, cool, dark people, dark colored.” In hypnosis, Suriname and Indonesian people they’re scared of ghosts and stuff. I don’t have a lot of dark people in the training, so I thought, “Hey, cool.”

He was in Jabala. We talked. He said, “Yeah, I’m here for the hypnosis training and stuff, but I’m here also for another thing.” He was from the Hague, so it’s about 50 kilometers away. He said, “Yeah. You’ve been in the unseen world, you encountered some stuff, and that’s why you quit, but I’m here to help you.”

I never talked to anybody about that, and he knew it. He helped me. He used the Quran with all kinds of Arabic chants. I don’t know what he said, sort of initiation. Suddenly, I could also enter the world, but now I know what to look for and how to manage around and not be afraid because he taught me a few tricks. It was cool.

You’ve been teaching tricks, and now you have some tricks.

Yeah, I got some tricks.

He gave you some tricks and used some tricks. Now you’re back.

That’s also a part of success. If I encounter people and do a session, I know things are happening. It’s not just because of what happened but because I feel and know it. Sometimes I say things, and you see your people, “Whoa, that’s it.” And they got a revelation. I think that’s not what I said. It just can’t be because there are other things around that are also helping.

I don’t say to people. But if somebody says, “Hey, I feel that something is helping me,” I say, “Yeah, that’s true.” It is. But most of the time, I don’t talk about it. Or somebody else like you. You started the conversation, and it’s like, “Okay, cool. Let’s talk about it,” but otherwise, I don’t. But I use it.

Consider this an invitation to start talking more about it. What happens is when you call on angels and get divine assistance, get divine and sacred beings, the unseen world, assisting you and your client through whatever issue is being addressed, that’s powerful. It’s amazing. There’s something even more. There’s another level if you use words because words are powerful and manifest reality.

When you use words, you’re not just thinking about the prayer but speaking it aloud. Something different happens. Something even more powerful happens. You start articulating or narrating your actions, like, “Okay, you can believe this or not. It’s just up to you, but so that you know, I’m calling in Archangel Raphael to assist us with this healing right now.” What are they going to do? Like, “Hey, no, I’m out of here.”

When we let go of challenging people and painful memories, we can heal from a lifetime of suffering. This can become an instinctive habit to find relief for our souls.

They permitted you to do the healing, do the work, and help them through this blockage. You’re just narrating what’s happening in the upper world, and now you’re helping them with their faith.

That’s cool. I’m going to use that.

Also, I’ve noticed that you are much less susceptible to the negative when you have this certainty, this belief, this faith that you’re only inviting in divine and sacred beings into your energy field, only ever. Anything not of the light is unwelcome because otherwise, you’re constantly warding them off, doing protection prayers, and so forth.

I’m not dissuading anybody from doing that. You have another level of protection when you’re only inviting divinely sacred, and nobody who is not of the light is invited into your field. You’ll get a lot less of the nightmares and the dark thoughts, intrusive thoughts, and that sort of stuff.

I’m very glad that he got on my path. He helped me a lot to make distinctions. If you know it, but it’s with everything, it’s very simple. But if you don’t know it, you’re just wandering around and don’t know what you’re doing. Not only there but also in this world, what we see. People wander around, and I think, “Well, I don’t think you know what you’re doing. It can be helpful just to know some tricks. Like you said, just ask for help.”

Another thing I want to point out is that you’re training and teaching thousands of practitioners. Imagine if you start incorporating the stuff you keep below the surface. Speak it aloud into your pieces of training like, hey, if you believe in God, try this. Try asking for divine and sacred beings specializing in whatever challenge you’re addressing with your client.

Learn to ask for help.

Ask them to come in, specialists who are divine and sacred. You’re incredibly powerful. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, usually. If you start incorporating this into your pieces of training, more people will incorporate these things into their sessions with their clients. Wow, what a ripple effect you’ll have in the world.

Yeah, that’s true. I will.

One other topic I want to address, I know we’re running out of time, but this is something that may be a game changer for you, is called the Court of Atonement.

This is a past episode, but Amy Jo Ellis is the person who came up with the Court of Atonement. Of course, she got it from the upper world. It’s a way of invoking a legal court session, calling the court into session, through words you speak aloud with a positive intention.

She has these e-books that explain how to do it, how to heal rifts and family relationships, and how to help with your financial situation, business, et cetera. There are five different e-books. I have a statement you say aloud, two or three sentences. I’ll give you an example.

Do you use it, Stephan?

 I do. I don’t use it all the time, but I’ve used it a number of times. Let me just find one to read on. Let’s say that you are driving, and there’s this crazy driver that you feel is reckless and going to get somebody in a crash or themselves.  You could place that driver into a court of atonement.  This isn’t for them to get punished, penalized, or anything. It’s just to resolve whatever is happening in the upper world because it trickles down into the physical manifestation.

Usually,  almost always, she says these court sessions end amicably with a settling of it. You settle a court thing, and then both parties make amends. You don’t have one person getting thrown in the slammer or whatever.

Here’s an example. I, and then you state your full name, place the driver of whatever car it was into a full court of atonement for soul recognition, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, and blessed travels. It’s a court of atonement, but it’s also a blessing. You’re blessing that person. It could even save that person’s life. 

We all wear blinders to the light around us. When we allow ourselves to see the good in every aspect of life, the impossible becomes possible. Hypnosis can help us to find the light. Click To Tweet

That’s a nice thing. You bless him. We’re protecting and blessing him.

It is a blessing, but it also is accountability. Let me give you another scenario. Let’s say that you’re witnessing a street fight. Two people are beating each other. You call in a full court of atonement to resolve all differences for everybody’s highest and best good. However you word it, you’ll learn about that from the full Court of Atonement book. Then they’re just going to stop fighting. One person walks away, and you think, okay, that was about to get ugly. Now, it’s just dissipated.

It works. That feels like a very powerful tool to add to your tool belt as you’re doing all this amazing work in the world. 

I think so, too, man. Cool. I will have a look.

Yeah, is her website. There are five of her e-books. Just pick whichever resonates for you and start there. They’re $5 each. 

I know we’re out of time. If our listeners—they’re obviously English speaking because they’re listening to this episode—and they want to work with you, they’re not in Holland, but they want to work with you, maybe they want to get trained by you, maybe they want to get some sort of resolution to past trauma, or get past some sort of fear or anxiety issue, where do they go? How do we get them in touch with you if you might be the right fit for them? 

For now, the easiest thing to do is go to Instagram @livecoachingnow. That’s the profile name, and that’s my English account. If you like what you see and think it’s interesting, you can also hop on for a session. Maybe you are lucky that we have a session. Otherwise, you can always see my profile for the links and other resources. That’s the easiest way to have a look and a feel of what I’m doing.

Awesome. Of course, those who are Dutch-speaking have your website. All your resources are in Dutch, but we’ll direct people to your English Instagram page for this episode. Awesome.

Edwin, thank you so much for being so open and transparent about the wild experiences that you’ve had and some of the incredible results from your work that you’ve already achieved. It’s really awesome. I appreciate you. 

Thank you, Stephan. Also, for the tips, a loving kick in the butt. Thanks for that. That was maybe a call from God. 

It could very well be. For our listeners, consider this a kick in the butt as well. It’s the uncomfortable thing, but your heart knows you need to be doing that thing. It could be as simple as telling a family member I love you; they haven’t heard that from you in decades or maybe ever. Consider this a kick in the butt. We’ll catch up with you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Maintain an open mindset towards the possibilities of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, recognizing its potential for life-changing outcomes.

?Combine hypnosis with psychotherapy. I should utilize hypnotherapy alongside traditional psychotherapy techniques. This allows me to experience rapid, enhanced therapeutic effects.

?Practice emotional regulation strategies to help identify my triggers and validate my feelings. Explore tools such as deep breathing and comfort objects.

?Use my creative right brain for new neural connections. Develop my fantasies and imagination to change my perceptions.

?Change my instinctive emotional reactions by transforming my thought patterns, habits, and behaviors.

?Prioritize active listening and validation in my therapeutic interactions. This can help my clients to feel heard and understood before I suggest solutions.

?Ask for divine assistance through angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings. This can help me to heal and magnify my energetic shifts by stating my intentions aloud.

?Set boundaries around energy work to protect my energy field. Only allow divine or benevolent energies into my life.

?Send light to people and situations that I find challenging, and avoid placing judgment on them. Embrace compassion and raise my energy vibrations.

?Connect with Edwin Selij through Instagram. Visit @livecoachingnow to explore his expertise, inquire about his services, or to book a session.

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