Episode 113 |

Tapping In to Your Infinite Potential with Dr. Robert Pope

Many of us know that we should be okay with failure because it’s an opportunity for learning and growth. Even so,  we tend to struggle and fight against failure when we experience it. A more productive response  is to meet failure with love and acceptance even as it’s happening, as difficult as that may seem.Dr. Robert Pope joins me today to discuss this new perspective on meeting failure and much more. We’ll talk about how to access more power and clarity, the difference between deciding and choosing your destiny, and why you shouldn’t struggle to get ahead in life. Robert is the creator of the Transperative Method as well as a healer, minister, transformational coach, and a great friend of mine.

Episode 103 |

Live Each Day Like It’s Your Last with Getrude Matshe

How would your life change if you saw every hardship and obstacle you encountered as a promise of a better future rather than as something that ruins your plans (or just your day)? This kind of perspective is often clear in hindsight, but may be harder to see in the moment. I hope that today’s conversation with Getrude Matshe, who opens up about her recent near-death experience and how past obstacles have led to her happy present, will help give you some of that perspective.Getrude Matshe is a native of Zimbabwe who now lives in New Zealand. She’s passionate about improving the human condition (which she ties to the concept of Ubuntu) and is working to make healthcare more accessible. Another of her deep passions is helping people find their individual life purpose and live consciously. She’s the author of Born on the Continent as well as a forthcoming book about her recent near-death experience, Dying in the Rice Paddies of Saba.

Episode 100 |

The 100th Episode! Lessons, Highlights, and Insights with Orion Talmay

Hello, and welcome to the Optimized Geek! I’m your host, Orion Talmay. Wait… that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, that’s because this week, I’m stepping in to interview my husband (and the usual host of this show), Stephan Spencer. In case you haven’t figured out yet what the big occasion is, it’s that this is episode #100 of this amazing podcast!In our conversation today, Stephan pulls together some incredible information from past episodes, talking about some of the very best wisdom, tips and tricks, tools, and insights he’s gleaned from these 100 episodes of the Optimized Geek. If you aren’t a regular listener, this is a great place to start, because this episode is something of a snapshot of the very best and most valuable conversations that have taken place throughout the course of this podcast.

Episode 99 |

The Four Steps to Happiness with Valerie Sheppard

Happiness is something that we all want to achieve. Finding a way to create a life that is fun and successful is possible through a culmination of study, searching, and personal transformation. Today’s guest, Valerie Sheppard shares a four step process to finding happiness that she has distilled from her own personal journey and search for happiness. Valerie spent many years studying and searching for information about finding and achieving happiness. Her four step process consists of the commonalities she discovered in many different teachings.She is the bestselling author of Living Happy to Be ME. Besides being a popular coach, speaker, and author, she was previously a VP of Marketing for Conagra Foods where she managed a popular food brand portfolio with net sales close to a billion dollars.

Episode 98 |

Connecting to Infinite Energy with Yehuda Ashkenazi

These days, when we hear about “the 1%” and “the 99%,” it’s almost always in terms of social commentary on the disparity between the highest financial class and everyone else. In kabbalah wisdom, though, the terms mean something else entirely. The 1% is the aspect of something (or someone) that we can perceive; it’s the external, physical aspect. The 99% represents the internal aspect, encompassing the energy underlying everything.Don’t worry if this Kabbalistic concept isn’t immediately clear! On the show today to help explain this, as well as many other profound and potentially life-changing ideas, is Yehuda Ashkenazi. Yehuda is actually my Kabbalah teacher here in Los Angeles at the Kabbalah Centre, so I can vouch firsthand for his deep understanding of Kabbalistic principles and his ability to explain them clearly. Yehuda was born and raised in Israel, but spent a decade studying and practicing Kabbalah worldwide before settling in LA. He has dramatically improved many lives, including mine, and I look forward to him changing yours as well!