Episode 217 |

Beating Cancer with Michelle Patterson

There's an Indian proverb that goes something like, "A healthy person has many wishes, but the sick person has only one." Statistically speaking, we in the Western world are most likely to die from cancer. Yes, cancer recently surpassed heart disease as the biggest killer. It really is no longer viable to stand idly by without taking some proactive actions to prevent cancer and to innovatively treated if you have it. We all have cancer cells in our bodies circulating in our bloodstream. It's just that our immune system is keeping that in check. Well, until it doesn't. My guest today for this episode number 217 is Michelle Patterson. Michelle is the founder and CEO of the California Women's Conference. If you've ever gone you know how huge this event is. But now Michelle is on a wellness sabbatical from her business, as she was diagnosed earlier this year with stage four breast cancer. Don't worry about her though, as she is defying the odds and you're about to learn how. Michelle was on a mission to help women truly own their health and put their own oxygen mask on first. Her goal for 2020 is to build a community of 1 million women united by cannabis as a healing plant medicine. Get ready for a frank discussion that may just one day save your life.

Episode 209 |

The Biohacker’s Guide to Optimized Sleep with Claus Pummer

You might have a business coach, you might have a life coach. But do you have a sleep coach? You might say, "Why would I need a sleep coach?" Well, here's one reason. If you live to 75, and I do hope you live a lot longer than that, you will have spent about 25 years of your life sleeping. 25 years. Not only that, but the quality of your sleep will have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Lack of sleep can lead to poor mental performance, low sex drive, and even serious health problems like strokes and heart disease. An investment in your sleep is an investment in your health and your wellbeing. Sleep is something that my guest for this episode number 209, Claus Pummer, takes very seriously. Claus is president of SAMINA North America, which in my words, is a biohacker’s dream bed. It was through the original biohacker Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and past guest on this show, episode 38, that I learned of SAMINA and Claus. In fact, Claus taught a sleep workshop hosted by Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs that I attended, and it was excellent, which is why I invited him onto the show. Claus' involvement with the business of sleep began many years ago with a woodworking business he founded that designed and built beds. From there, his interest in sleep grew, he studied the science of sleep and he became an accredited sleep expert through the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology. Achieving the perfect night's sleep can take a lot of work. It's all about creating the right routine and paying attention to details in your environment, including light sources, background noise, and temperature. If you've had trouble sleeping in the past or just want to improve your overall quality of life, Claus will be revealing some powerful hacks that will revolutionize the way you think about sleep and ensure you are well-rested and ready for anything. And now, on with the show.

Episode 208 |

Achieve Healing and Balance through the Practice of Jin Shin with Alexis Brink

I'm sure you've heard of acupuncture. You may have even heard of Reiki. But have you heard of Jin Shin? I hadn't. Jin Shin is an ancient Japanese healing art that uses gentle touch and minimal pressure to unblock energy flows throughout the body. It's most commonly used to treat ailments like anxiety, digestive issues, immune disorders, migraines, and more. The best part about Jin Shin is that you can easily practice it on yourself and develop a daily routine that can help you achieve inner harmony and a deep sense of wellbeing and calm. Using just a couple of Jin Shin techniques every day could have a profound impact on your sense of wellbeing. My guest for this episode number 208 is Alexis Brink, master Jin Shin practitioner, author of The Art of Jin Shin published by Simon and Schuster, and president of the Jin Shin Institute in New York City. Alexis has been practicing Jin Shin since 1991 and teaches Jin Shin techniques to nurses in hospitals and teachers in the public school system. If you'd like more mindfulness in your life, Jin Shin offers a simple, effective daily routine that is not only relaxing but effective at treating many of the common maladies that can put a dark cloud over your day. Stay tuned as Alexis reveals how the Jin Shin philosophy has improved your life, how to use your hands as jumper cables, and how to deal with energy blockages in your body.

Episode 206 |

The Cribsheet to Health with Jay Foster

If you're like me, you have a cupboard full of vitamins and supplements. But what's your overall health maintenance strategy? Buying supplements on a whim, in other words, without the necessary due diligence, won't address the underlying health issues in your body. Dr. Jay Foster is the expert that many turns to for this kind of nutritional guidance. He's a nutritional biochemist and the president of Body Chemistry Associates. Jay has deep expertise in the interpretation of blood chemistry and mineral analysis. He also designs nutritional and dietary recommendations tailored to his clients' chemical profile and symptoms for maximum impact.Your health is your most valuable asset. And today, Jay and I will be discussing how to maintain it well into your retirement age and beyond. We'll be busting common health myths, revealing how to reduce your Alzheimer's risk by 70+%, and why you should increase your intake of vitamin C. If you're looking to live a long and prosperous life, you're going to want to listen on all the way through to the end on this one. And when you're done, don't forget to check out my interview with Dr. Matea, Hollywood's wellness doctor, on episode number 171, which is also a great resource on this very topic. Enjoy.

Episode 201 |

Transcend Aging with Dr. Terry Grossman

We all know that as we get older, our risk for certain diseases increases, our bodies wear out, and our mental faculties often fade. Aging is something that most of us just accept as a fact of life, but does it have to be? Scientific research is starting to reveal the underlying causes of aging and how diet, genetics, and environment can all contribute to the deterioration of our bodies. In fact, scientists can now recommend specific foods, therapies, and supplements that can reduce the risk of disease and combat the effects of aging.Dr. Terry Grossman is a thought-leader in anti-aging and preventive medicine and the founder of Grossman Wellness Center, a cutting-edge clinic which works to extend the longevity and quality of its patient's lives. He's also co-author of the book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever with world-renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil. Dr. Grossman has been studying anti-aging therapies and preventative medicine for over 25 years. Whether you're simply interested in fighting off those wrinkles or you're preparing to live well into your second century, I advise you to stay tuned as he'll be revealing some truly mind-blowing facts about aging.