Episode 192 |

EMFs: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss with Jason Bawden-Smith

On an average workday, how long do you spend sitting in front of a computer? Does your office have artificial lights? Do you microwave a meal for dinner and then sit down in front of the TV? Although we spend most of our time in environments filled with electromagnetic fields or EMFs, we rarely think about this kind of radiation exposure, but what effect are all these devices having on our bodies? There's growing evidence that our lifestyles could be causing adverse effects like headaches, ringing in the ears, lack of energy, weight gain or worse. One of the few people exploring this phenomenon is Jason Bawden-Smith. Jason was a successful entrepreneur until he was struck down by twenty chronic illnesses. He healed himself and now he's on a mission to help others via his books and talks. On this episode, Jason will reveal how he beat his own illnesses and how you can detoxify your environment and develop a healthy relationship to technology. It's essential reading for anyone who's ever wondered if their cell phone is secretly harming them. If this episode leaves you wanting to learn more about how to biohack your EMF exposure, then I also recommend reading my interviews with Brian Hoyer and Luke Storey.

Episode 187 |

Cracking The Code On Aging with Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Getting old is one of those certainties like death and taxes that most people just accept. A few tried to fight it with plastic surgery or biohacking but for everyone else, it's an inevitability. What if aging is not a certainty and instead a disease with a cure? My guest for this episode is one of the top scientists in the world on extreme life extension. He's not willing to accept small advances in this area. He has absolutely driven to getting humanity to longevity escape velocity where for every year we live, we get an extra year added on to our lifespan due to advances in medical technologies. His name is Dr. Aubrey de Grey. I first met him over a decade ago at the Foresight Institute, one of their events. He's been working on this problem for much longer than that. While the Fountain of Youth is still ways off, Aubrey's team has made some promising breakthroughs and incredible discoveries about why and how our bodies age. He'll reveal the seven hallmarks of aging and the latest research on the interventions that could stop them. Aubrey is a truly inspiring person in so many ways. I highly recommend reading this episode in full, in fact reading it again more than once, whether you're planning or not to live forever.

Episode 175 |

Secrets to Supercharging Your Health with Dr. Chris Zaino

Do you feel like you have a secret identity? Maybe we all have a Superman or Superwoman inside us waiting for the right moment to leap out and save the day. My guest for this episode, Dr. Chris Zaino, certainly believes that. He's the Creator of the "I Am HERO" Movement, where he helps people shed their complacency and tap their inner superhero to win heroic victories in their lives. He is also a speaker, entrepreneur, author and former Mr. America and Mr. Universe. In his late twenties, he became a hero himself when he defied a terminal disease, which inspired him to get his Doctorate and found a wellness clinic that would expand worldwide to help thousands of patients. If you're interested in changing your mindset, looking after your long-term health or unleashing your inner hero, stick around for some hero-sized insights from Dr. Zaino.

Episode 171 |

Wellness Doc to Hollywood’s Biggest Stars, Dr. Matea

My guest for this episode is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood, someone many famous athletes, celebrities and executives would rather you didn't know about. Dr. Matea is a doctor who's trained in both Western medicine and natural therapies. She's also a musician and vocalist, and the Founder of a line of aromatherapy products. Dr. Matea’s work taps into both science and spirituality, allowing her to provide a more holistic approach to healing, enhancing or maintaining her patients' health. Her specialties include IV vitamin therapy, nutritional supplements, custom herbal medicines and meal plans. She often develops innovative treatments for conditions that have responded poorly to conventional remedies. If you're someone who's serious about your health and general well-being, then the advice you're about to hear will be invaluable.

Episode 169 |

The Story of Your Blood with Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman

The food we eat has a profound impact on our bodies at the cellular level. In the long-term, it can even lead to a serious illness and disease. Some of these illnesses may even be caused by the acidity of our highly processed diets. Your blood provides important clues to understanding what's going on inside your body, specifically through live blood microscopy. My guest for this episode is Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman. She happens to be an expert in live blood microscopy. Mary Beth has helped thousands reevaluate the way they eat, live and even think through testing, counseling and promoting an alkaline lifestyle. If you think you can be healthier and more vital than you are now, stick around and learn some valuable tips on how to cleanse your cellular environment and rebalance your body.