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Aaron Bigelow
“The number one aspect of healing is reconnecting to your heart. Your head’s never going to have the answer for healing.”
Aaron Bigelow

Navigating life’s challenges can often feel like an uphill battle, especially when faced with chronic illness or pain. Aaron Bigelow, the founder of AmpCoil Bioenergetic Technology, knows this struggle all too well. After battling life-threatening Lyme disease for over a decade, Aaron embarked on a journey to pioneer a groundbreaking solution that harnesses the power of frequency and vibration to promote healing and optimize health.

In this inspiring conversation, Aaron shares his personal story of resilience and the “gift” he discovered within his disease. He explains how the AmpCoil technology, derived from the work of Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife, utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and voice analysis to pinpoint and address the root causes of various health issues.

We explore the science behind bioenergetics, discussing how the AmpCoil device can help neutralize pathogenic activity, penetrate at a cellular level, and promote a state of balance and vitality in the body. Aaron talks about the device’s applications for chronic autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, and optimizing athletic performance. He also shares some pretty amazing stories of transformation, including his daughter’s journey from illness to thriving health, and how the AmpCoil technology empowers individuals to take control of their well-being. Both my wife Orion and I have had amazing experiences with the AmpCoil. I highly recommend it. If you decide to buy one, use the discount code STEPHAN when checking out on the site.

Ok, let’s get into this amazing interview! On with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:06]Aaron Bigelow recounts his battles with Lyme disease, his personal journey, and the inspiration behind developing the AmpCoil technology.
  • [05:57]Aaron details how AmpCoil utilizes frequency, vibration, PEMF, and voice analysis to promote healing and health optimization.
  • [15:03]Aaron explains how AmpCoil can be used for chronic autoimmune conditions like multiple sclerosis and for optimizing athletic performance.
  • [34:05]Aaron discusses the importance of integrating heavy metal detox and infrared treatments with AmpCoil therapy to achieve more effective results.
  • [37:00]Aaron highlights the role of patients in actively participating in their healing process and how the technology helps change perspectives and connect people to their heart’s frequency using love songs in 432 Hz.
  • [38:20]Aaron outlines the recommended protocol for AmpCoil use, including the duration and frequency of sessions.
  • [41:08]Aaron describes the voice analysis method, its accuracy in determining health needs, and how it validates users by identifying issues blood work may not show.
  • [48:58]Information on how to contact Aaron Bigelow and his team to try AmpCoil technology.

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Aaron, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Well, thank you. It’s great to be here. We had the pleasure of meeting several years ago and talked about doing a live event like this. So here we are. The world’s gotten more exciting since we first made that possibility.

Yeah. Let’s start with your superhero origin story because you had quite an ordeal inventing AmpCoil and making a huge difference in so many people’s lives. So why don’t you share your story about how you got here?

Of course. I like to say Lyme. Many people call it a deer tick. I like to say that I was the right person to be a bit. I say that because if I date back 20-plus years now, I was an elite athlete in kayaking and skiing, and I was out in the woods constantly. Nature is my home away from home. And probably, if I dated back 30 years ago, I was already working with other biofeedback bioenergetic devices, and one of my partners, now, her name’s Lori Marcus, was already speaking openly about Lyme disease. I thought, “That sounds horrific, but I’m glad I don’t have it.” Little did I know then that I probably did at that point. 

Fast forward to 20 years ago now, my first child was about to be born, and I just started showing up with real brain fog fatigue. I couldn’t get out of bed, and I’m one of those guys who does nonstop 16 hours a day. I was like, “Okay, something’s up here.” I let a really healthy lifestyle otherwise. So, long story short, after doing several tests literally all over the planet, it finally came up as Lyme disease. When it finally showed up, my first daughter was already born. She’s now almost 18 years old. It got so extreme that by the time she was two, both she and I were kind of given a so-called diagnosis that this wasn’t going to end well. We may not live to see the day much longer. 

I didn’t want to take that as a so-called diagnosis, so I decided to continue to go down the path that I already knew, which was the holistic aspect of healing. I had already been involved with technologies that weren’t precise or powerful enough to really knock it out. I said, “Okay, well, there’s got to be an answer, and maybe there’s a reason why this is happening to me.” Plus, as a parent, most of you can understand it’s one thing when something like this happens to you, but when it happens to your child, you’re like, “Take the boxing gloves. I’m going to put up a fight till the end.” When I say I was the right person to be involved with this type of technology business, as long as I did, I knew a lot of the right players. 

After spending almost a half million dollars keeping myself and my daughter alive, we realized we could put a lot of pieces together. Just over ten years ago now, we developed the first version of the AmpCoil. It derived from the doug coil, which was built in someone’s garage and basically came from a modified Tesla coil. For those new to this, Tesla coils did not come from Elon Musk. You always know when you’re out with somebody when they say, “Oh, yeah, Tesla. That’s the car guy.” 

In this journey, I realized that a modified Tesla coil, because of its magnetic component and the copper used there, is superconductivity for healing.

In this journey, I realized that a modified Tesla coil, because of its magnetic component and the copper used there, is superconductivity for healing. So everything’s vibration and everything’s frequency. We realized from the technology we’d already worked with that we could find the right frequency for any pathogenic parasitic activity that comes up in the body. We realized we could, through a coil, help neutralize any aspects of this effect in the human body. 

So now the exciting part comes. We have to make this powerful enough to go intracellular, past the blood-brain barrier, which we were able to do. As a result of that, we can even get to where these bugs like to hide.

A lot of people like to think they hide in the back of your head, a thick part of your skull, because nothing can get to them there. We could effectively do this in a frequency range that the body loves, but these bugs can’t stand. The other part that we knew was going to be an even bigger challenge was getting a proper analysis of what was going on in that individual. 

We’d already explored a lot of things through voice analysis, which is another form of biofeedback. So we decided to use that. Our government is already using it for lie detector tests. After COVID-19, the most effective COVID test was conducted through voice analysis. We already knew we were on to the next great way to positively affect the outcome of what’s going on with somebody’s health. Through a 60-second voice analysis, we’re able to determine with pretty close to 100% accuracy what the body needs in real time. We’re able to do that and have been doing it for ten years now. 

We’re very fortunate that we have people using this in all 50 states and over 20 countries, and a lot of people like to call us the gold standard for Lyme and chronic autoimmune, even though we can use it for just about anything to optimize health work with a lot of world-class athletes. It’s been an exciting ten years, and we’re just getting started. We’ve got a new version of the technology coming out, or that just came out with a PEMF mat, which makes the experience even more profound, precise, and able to penetrate deeper in shorter periods. As the world continues to throw things at us, we’re continuing to counterbalance it with the right frequency for what allows us to thrive. So, here we are, and we have had questions.

What would happen if someone who’s 100% healthy uses the AmpCoil for some number of sessions? What are your recommendations? What would they probably notice? I’ll say, “All disclaimers apply. Consult your doctor. This is not medical advice.” What sort of things would someone who’s 100% healthy benefit or notice using an AmpCoil?

It depends on how well they know themselves. If they’re that healthy, they probably know themselves pretty well. You can test yourself against other types of technologies and do blood work and things of that nature to see differences, and we’ve done that constantly. But as far as overall feeling, let’s say they come in, and maybe they just have some back pain, or they’re getting headaches or not sleeping well. Depending on what they need in real time, the voice analysis is going to determine that. 

I always say to people, “Once you get better with this, I believe you must share this with others.”
Think of it like a tuning fork. It will tune the body back to its ideal state before it thought it had an issue. We have people like Novak Djokovic, the number one tennis player in the world, who owns four of our devices and travels with them all over the world. He had Lyme-like symptoms a few years back and had to get off the tour. We got him four of our devices. Not to say it’s all about the AmpCoil, but that got him back on the court, and he went on such a tear that he won almost everything for the next couple of years and broke every record in tennis. So that’s one example of somebody who was relatively healthy and could optimize their game to a point where they almost became superhuman. 

If you think of your body as a healthy fish tank, when you use the tuning fork with the frequencies in this and send the correct frequencies back into the body, these bugs no longer have a home. Now, all of a sudden, you have the proper alkalinity in the body, and the body is just at a place of peace that very few people ever realize until it actually happens. So it’s exciting to get there.

When I first found out how sick I really was and was told I may not live much longer, I said, “Okay, we’re going to develop the AmpCoil.” I told a good friend, “Within six months, I’m going to stand up paddleboard around Lake Tahoe.” At the time, I could only paddle about 200 yards before I had to get down because I would get too dizzy. Six months later, we paddled Lake Tahoe, which is almost 80 miles.

So, getting to the end of that and feeling better than before I started was proof that we were onto something. The next thing we knew, our first staff member, her name’s Sophie, came to us and had a really bad case of Graves’ disease-like symptoms. I was told she probably would not live much longer. After one session, we got her to walk up and down stairs when she had to use a cane to go up the stairs beforehand. Within months, this person not only got her life back but also went on to help thousands of people in our facility get their lives back. She’s still with us ten years later. It’s like missionary work; once you start doing this kind of stuff, you really get back to mankind. It’s super exciting. 

I always say to people, “Once you get better with this, I believe you must share this with others.” That is our philosophy as a company and mission, and it seems to serve well. I like to think there’s no greater gift than giving back to people around us. So here we are. It almost brings tears to my eyes.

How’s your daughter doing now?

She’s also on the spectrum, and she’s highly functioning now, but she was almost catatonic for a little while. My favorite story is to tell how much better she’s doing. It kind of started out horrific, but now we laugh about it for the first few years. I would say up till the time she was about nine or ten, she couldn’t eat more than a few items without getting really sick, having severe stomachaches, and a lot of things that go along with this. She’d been using the AmpCoil for a while now, and we’d really perfected how to use it for her, us, and others. She came home one day and said, “Dad, I just ate a huge bag of takis, and I feel great.” If you don’t know what takis are, they’re this extremely spicy Mexican version of hot Cheetos. At first, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, my gosh, she’s not supposed to eat that stuff.” But then she says she felt great at the end, and I went, “My gosh, well, talk about a proof statement.” It is cool that her body’s resilient enough now to where she could do that, and she was okay. 

God came through me and said, “You can take and redevelop this technology, make it so that it can reach the masses.”

Now, of course, we’re not encouraging her to do that every day, but that was a moment where she really crossed that threshold of being well, and this is a girl who wouldn’t want to walk more than a block or two because she would get dizzy, fatigued, and have muscle aches for the whole nine yards. I just talked to her the other day, and she’s like, “Dad, I got to go.” I said, “What are you doing?” She goes, “Well, I gotta finish my workout.” She’s at the gym, and she works out 2 hours a day. Now, there’s no way I could have even conceived that this would be her reality just a few years ago. I can’t think of anything better than to be able to see her thrive like that. And now, what was one of the big things that allowed this to happen? That’s the gift of this technology.

What made you so sure that this was the right route to take? You invested a lot in developing this technology. What if you were going down a dead end?

That’s a great question because I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years. When we developed the first version of this, I started to see what would and didn’t work, and I had to put all the pieces together. And then, long story short, my previous wife, who’s still my partner in AmpCoil, came down with paralysis of the whole left side of her body, and we weren’t sure if it was Lyme at the time. We went into the local hospital, where I am now, in Newport Beach, arguably one of the best hospitals in the country, and she was in convulsions. 

We saw the top neurologist there and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t find anything wrong with you here. Nothing’s showing up in our testing, but I can maybe recommend a good psychologist.” Here we go again. At that time, I knew of a chiropractor who did advanced muscle testing just around the corner. I brought her over to him. He had the first version of a doug coil, which takes up half the size of a room, and the amplifier would blow up every couple of months. But didn’t know all this at the time, other than he said he thinks he could help. He did all the muscle testing, realized it was Lyme-like activity, and all the paralysis stopped in one session. She couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. 

There’s no greater gift than giving back to people around us.

Without getting too out there, it was like an act of God. It was like God came through me and said, “Okay, you can take and redevelop this technology, make it to where it can get out to the masses. People can use it from home. You can develop a way not to have somebody who does muscle testing figure out what to do.” We knew we could do some biofeedback voice analysis. It made sense because there are no other attachments you need. The accuracy is amazing. So it all came together. In a matter of months, with another engineer who also had Lyme disease, we were able to collectively put it all together.

We had some other incredible people who are holistic MDs and engineers who are chimed in to help us put it all together. So, this amazing group of eccentric inventors helped put this all together. It was just one of those moments in time. It put it all together, and it worked. And then, after it helped me and my family, Sophie was the next person. It just started growing exponentially after that. Within the first year, in the small little town of Nevada, in northern California, where we live, which is definitely riddled with deer ticks, we had over 100 people in a town of about 5000 that owned the technology. 

It was amazing to see what an impact we were able to make in a little town like that. It got to a point where I would meet people coming to the office who looked like they were maybe getting close to the end of their life, and then all of a sudden, I’d see them six months in the market. They come up and give me a big hug, and I wouldn’t recognize them because they look so much better. So these are the things I just continued to see wherever we went. 

Everything has a frequency and vibrates at a certain level.

I couldn’t even fathom that this was where it would all go. When this happened, I said, “Okay, I’m better. My daughter’s better, my wife’s better. Let’s just move on.” Then I got this kind of nudge on my shoulder. “Nope. Now you get to go help everybody else out.” I was like, “Really? Because I knew what we were up against.” Over the last ten years, it’s been interesting to be below the radar but still reach out and help as many people as possible.

Wow. Somehow, you got a heads-up that a Tesla coil or a modified Tesla coil could be used in healing. Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil in 1891. I don’t think he invented it for the purpose of healing.

That was one aspect of it. He just didn’t get a lot of notoriety for it because he was so involved in affecting the ability to bring electricity to grids across the country. He went through a big battle with Edison, AC versus DC. If he was a money-hungry guy, it might have ended up differently. But he was really involved in all this to help make a difference in what he wanted, to get free energy out there. That was his goal. So, obviously, in a capitalistic environment, that doesn’t always go well.

Yeah. It was known to be a useful healing tool. But how did it connect as a modality for helping people with Lyme?

Great question. It is a combination of Tesla’s work and Royal Raymond Rife, who is the other grandfather of electromedicine. Rife frequencies were already known to help with other more life-threatening issues. Because everything has a frequency and vibrates at a certain level, we knew what those frequencies were. We know what a Lyme tick vibrates at, a spare sheet, Rickettsia, or any of these so-called bugs in those related families. 

So, once we’re able to record that, it actually gets to a point where someone like myself, because I’ve been doing this so long, I’m so empathic, I can talk to somebody over the phone and in probably 30 seconds to a minute, know how sick they are, and a lot of times, just know what it is. That’s how in tune we all can be, and all have the ability to be. This is where the voice analysis comes in to help that attunement and ensure you’re going after the right thing. It was definitely about Rife. It was definitely about Tesla and then the great engineers that came along. 

Since then, they have been able to harness something like this amplifier, which we now have in a small box that is powerful enough. If you plug it into a nice set of concert speakers, you will hear it blocks away. That’s how much power had to be generated. Until ten years ago, you couldn’t do that in a home unit you could travel with. A lot of things just lined up, and now we’re 100-plus years later, and a lot of the great inventions of the world came way before us, and we just made a better mousetrap that is more effective for today’s world.

How do you innovate this product now? Let’s say that somebody has a disease that is supposedly incurable or they have undiagnosed chronic pain issues. They can’t figure out where it’s coming from. How do you utilize the device? Or can you adapt the advice or a device or innovate on its original design that you put out there?

Finding the hidden gift within your illness can be a transformative experience. Share on X

100%. From a hardware standpoint, we don’t feel much else needs to be done. We’ve got it to travel size you can take anywhere. The coil itself is mastered in how it’s put together. That part has been a constant for quite some time. The software, the fortunate part there, that’s constantly changing because the world around us is changing as we have more environmental stressors going on, as there are more 5G towers, Wi-Fi, all those things, those become more things that we have to so-called battle against. 

We continue to find better frequency codes, maybe longer periods of using certain things to which the body will react better. We can do much of this now through machine learning, through the positive side of AI, to determine what the body needs in real because it’s a software update. We can constantly go back and put it in the next software update. Or if somebody’s aware of something that doesn’t pop up in there, there’s a back end built into the tablet we use where they can just put in the appropriate frequencies and run that individual journey for whatever they may be going through.

How do you find a frequency for something? Let’s say it’s a weird parasite that you caught in the middle of a jungle somewhere in South America.

The way we developed AmpCoil pinpoints what you need.
There are books like encyclopedias and frequency codes, and they’re constantly being updated. If it’s not in the latest version of a book, you may find it in a web forum. Otherwise, we also have people on our staff trained to do muscle tests to determine the frequency. There’s a variety of ways of going about it, and then you can see almost immediately how it affects the person when you get the right frequency. 

It’s kind of similar to what I explained with what my previous wife went through after getting the right frequencies from the convulsions she was going through. It is a new science. But frequency medicine as we know it really is upon us as the future, and the future is now. But over the last few years, many people have lost almost all faith in the medical system for anything like this. It’s not really where they focus their energy. So that’s where we get to come in.

How does this technology differ from a Rife machine?

Rife is a series of codes that he developed again 100 years ago. That’s where it started. That was the kind of original catalog. The catalogs have expanded exponentially since then. And so we and others have entered many more codes that people call Rife codes, even though they were developed after his passing. That’s what we’ve done. The Rife component was just a benchmark of where we started, and we’ve just built upon his genius and then brought it forward. 

As great as a Rife machine is on its own, almost every Rife machine cannot analyze what’s happening in the body. So you’re guessing what’s needed. You might have to go for blood work or someone doing muscle testing or heart rate variability to determine your need. And then, once you need it, you hope you hit the right target. If you don’t, then you end up playing what we call whack-a-mole. When you start playing whack-a-mole, a lot of times you can cause a lot of discomfort to the body and then start a healing crisis, which in our community is called the Herxheimer. It’s not fun. It’s like a really, really bad hangover if you don’t hit it just right or if you hit it too hard. 

The way we developed ours pinpoints what you need. We have incredible support. With our support, we can go into a layered approach where we build up the body first and then go after these so-called bugs in a layered approach. Our Herx timer program keeps your energy up so you don’t get kicked to the curb while healing. You actually want to go back and continue using this. What we get from almost all our customers now is that they start with, “Well, how often am I going to have to use this?” 

I always reframe it. “Do you mean to get to use it?” What happens to almost all of them, even kids, which is astounding because getting kids to do anything outside of a computer or cell phone is sometimes next to impossible, is when you start using this, you start feeling so good, you want to go back and do it again. You want to keep using it. Even to this day, when I’m feeling off, I’m going, “Oh, good, the AmpCoil is right over there. I can do a rehab session on my knee,” or “I had a rough night last night. I will do the sleep program.” Almost all our customers say this is the one tool that doesn’t end up in their closet months or years later. It’s usually next to their bed or their favorite chair. And a lot of times, family families fight over who gets to use it.

That’s awesome. Now, I haven’t heard of Herxheimer reactions before, but I Googled them, and they’re apparently the abrupt onset of fever, chills, myalgia, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, flushing, and mild hypotension.

As the world continues to throw things at us, we're continuing to counterbalance it with the right frequency for what allows us to thrive. Share on X

Yeah, which is like an extreme hangover. It’s the easiest way to describe it. For those who haven’t experienced it, we don’t recommend it, and it’s not life-threatening if you go through it. I have nothing against it, but many times, people don’t know how much to use or which thing to go after, so they go and use that, and they hit it really hard, and then that’s what they experience. Our customers tend not to experience that as long as they follow the protocols we put in front of them, which are super easy to follow.

I got it. Okay, now that you mentioned you have PEMF mats, could you explain pulsed electromagnetic frequencies?

I’ll give a short version because there are so many aspects of PEMF, and it’s used for many different things. So, the way our PEMF system is built, if people are more familiar with a standard PEMF unit, which sends a jackhammer pulse to the body every few seconds, ours does not do that. Ours oscillates more at a lower level. So, instead of like a big roller coaster, it’s more just like this, just like little waves on the sea, which allows for the body to harmonize with it more, as opposed to feeling a jolt. 

The jolt component of a traditional PEMF unit is great for physical issues. Let’s say you had some sort of muscle strain. Those traditional PEMF units will be good to knock something like that out with that type of PEMF unit. For anything long-term, chronic, from chronic autoimmune issues, that’s not the right tool. The body wants to be more subtle, and it’s much more receiving through the oscillating forms that our PEMF unit uses. That’s the route we chose, and that’s why so many people with these issues end up on our doorstep.

Everything’s vibration and everything’s frequency.

Why did you pair up a PEMF mat with the AmpCoil? Why not just use the AmpCoil by itself?

If I had to look at it until about four years ago, there might not have been a lot of need for that much power, but the coil itself penetrates 4 feet in every direction, which is great. However, with the amount of attack on the body that’s happened over the last few years, a lot of things because of what happened during COVID, a lot of people are in a lot more compromised state, and you have to throw more at them to bring them back to an ideal state of health again. 

The mat was our answer to keep up with the constant barragement that most humans face these days. So now you’re basically sandwiched when you lie on the mat and then put the coil in front of you to where it’s engulfing the whole body and allowing you to have a much deeper penetration in a shorter period of time. Something that might have taken an hour or two, you can effectively change it in 30 minutes by sandwiching the two together. 

As people start to use AmpCoil devices, especially if they’re chronically ill, they become so attuned that they know when they’ve done too much.

And the results, as we’ve had it out there the last few months, have been astounding. We’ve had one person return it because they said it was too powerful for them. We have settings on there now that can bring the power level down to where anybody can handle me using it. It took us a couple of years to develop it and ensure it would be in harmony with what we already had out there. Because, at the end of the day, our goal is to do no harm.

How do you know the right amount is for maximum or optimal health or healing? This is a 30-minute session from 2010.

It took a little bit of trial and error. As people start to use this, especially if they’re chronically ill, they get to a point where they start to feel things in their body that they become so attuned that they know when they’ve done too much. And so, again, we have the layered approach that we go with. If they start to feel off, they call our team. Our team’s been doing this kind of work for decades, so it’s just an incredible group of healers that can guide them. 

A lot of times, it’s just tweaking it. Like, “Okay, well, you did five sessions last week. Back off to three.” Only do a 20-minute session instead of spending an hour on it. Every case is different. We overly encourage our clients to reach out to our team if they get stuck along the way. One of the things we’re really known for is our support. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other technology company out there that offers the level of support that we need. 

I think it’s imperative that you have the type of support we need because we’re often the last stand for the people who come to us. It’s almost a $10,000 device. Luckily, people can finance it, which makes it viable for them to own it. But when they get to us, they’re hoping and praying that this is their final answer to get themselves back in the game of life again.

What are some of the most extreme diseases or syndromes? I was googling the Rife machine as an example, and it is apparently used for multiple sclerosis, which I didn’t know.

Rife is kind of in the same family. A lot of things you’re going to see that life can affect will be similar stories to what we see on our end. And MS is another form of a chronic autoimmune issue. So, fortunately, when you build up the body to get it back to its ideal immune status and basically alkalize the fish tank, nothing can live in that unhealthy environment. It’s pretty much an impossibility. If you look at a healthy fish tank or swimming pool and see it look as clear as day, that is the goal with the body. We’re roughly 70% water. That’s what we’re effectively changing in the body to bring back any health condition. If somebody’s severe, then we’re going to make sure that they’re eating properly and detoxifying. 

A lot of times, people are dealing with heavy metals, so we’re going to recommend a good heavy metal detox along with us. Many people are using infrared, so things go really well in conjunction with the AmpCoil—a lot of so-called biohacking devices that work synergistically with this if needed. We’ve been doing this for so long, and there isn’t much we are unable to deal with. What people will say to me constantly, or our team, is, “Well, when doesn’t this work?” And to me, the answer is simple: are you sabotaging or healing? And if they are, tell them how we can help them if they are ready to work with us. If they’re not, we don’t want to be the next thing they blame because they’re not better. 

All love songs were written in 432 Hz because they speak to the heart 100% of the time. That’s how we’ve developed our technology.

One of my favorite questions to ask once we feel comfortable speaking to a client, especially if they know they have Lyme disease or something along these lines, is, “Have you found the gift in your disease yet?” If they can answer that quickly, I know right away we’re going to be able to help this person pretty fast. If they don’t even know how to think about answering the question, it’s going to be a longer path. We tell them that upfront, but we’ll help them every step along the way as long as they’re willing. It’s like one hand reaching out when somebody’s falling down a ditch. 

As long as that other person grabs that hand and holds it firmly together, anything’s possible. But it’s a matter of time if they’re ready to let go. Fortunately, we don’t see that happen often because most people who come to us are looking for an answer. One of my favorite things I see constantly with this is we’ll get many people saying, “Well, I don’t know if this is going to work.” They say, “Well, this is definitely an experiential device.” 

If you’re showing up symptomatic, I always say, “Let’s just go ahead and do a quick voice analysis.” There are some standard programs that we can run that aren’t going to cause any sort of detox reaction and to see how it positively affects you. We get people who are, a lot of times, really in their heads. They’ve done a lot of research or are engineers, and they think, “Well, this is impossible.” It’s going to work. Then, we just get them to feel comfortable enough to do a session and answer enough of their questions to see that this may be effective, hopefully. 

Almost 100% of the time, after a 30-minute session, they get up, and all their questions go away, and it’s like they’ve done a complete 180. They’ve gotten out of their head and reconnected to their heart, which I believe is the number one aspect of healing reconnecting to your heart. Your head’s never going to have the answer for healing. This drops them back to that heart frequency of love and compassion; the frequencies we tend to focus on are close to 432. 

I think you and I have spoken about this on another podcast, but all love songs, for those who don’t know this, who aren’t musicians, were written in 432 Hz. Why is that? Because it speaks to the heart 100% of the time. That’s how we’ve developed the technology. This is kind of our ace in the hole—to bring people back to that place.

It is night and day, and a lot of times, we’ll have clients that will say, “Oh my gosh, my family couldn’t connect with me before. After a few sessions, my family comes up and goes, “Oh my gosh, you’re different. What are you doing?’” And that’s how our business grows. Somebody has something, and then they’ll say, “Hey, my uncle’s got da da da. Can it help with that?” “Well, let’s give it a shot.” It’s such an experiential device that if they’re symptomatic, there’s a strong chance they will notice a significant change even in that first session. It’s pretty cool to watch.

You mentioned a couple of use cases, including your own knee pain or sleep issues. What’s the protocol for using it on your knee? What’s the protocol for sleep?

In most situations, we have a four-time formula, where if something comes up, you run it four times over a four-day period. It doesn’t have to be back-to-back four days. If you do four sessions in a week, it’s still going to work, but it tends to be 30 minutes at a time. If I have a strong muscle pull on my knee, I will notice a big shift many times in that first session. 

You may not need multiple sessions, but in most cases, four sessions will move the needle. Again, if you’re talking about a parasite, four sessions over about a week will tend to knock it out to the point where it won’t show up anymore. That’s a benchmark we use, and we adjust that depending on how the person’s doing.

When you get your life back on purpose, you often feel better than before you thought you were sick and realize you're almost invincible. Share on X

And a session is usually 30 minutes?

Thirty minutes to an hour. Somebody’s showing up chronically, and they’re traveling a far distance. You’re probably going to do two journeys. That might be an hour. You don’t want to do more than that because it goes back to that kind of Herxheimer feeling. The general is thirty minutes to an hour, and there are 15 minutes of journey there. One of my favorites is brain reboot. It’s a 15-minute pick-me-up. So, if you feel foggy or just, “Wow, I can’t have my usual clarity throughout the day.” Put that behind your head, over your heart, for 15 minutes, depending on how much you can handle. 

That tends to realign the neurotransmitters and get everything firing, so if you’re a coffee drinker, you tend not to need the coffee and tend to feel a lot better throughout the day as opposed to the crash and burn that caffeine may cause.

Well, you don’t have to own this. You could find a practitioner, correct?

We’re fortunate now that because we’re in all 50 states and over 20 countries, most of the time when people call us about doing a session, we usually have somebody within 30 minutes to an hour of wherever they live to experience it. A lot of times, they’re what we call our ambassadors. Our ambassadors are people who have their own healing journey or health practice, and they’ve gone through some basic understandings of how to use this. 

Tears are homeopathic. When they run down your face, it regenerates and allows the body to heal on its own.

They’re not making medical claims; they know how to use this to help that person move forward and not cause harm. The majority of the people who come to us decide to go through the ambassador program because it allows them to feel a lot more comfortable helping others.

Does an ambassador need to know how to do muscle testing?

No, most don’t. Most have no training in something like muscle testing, even though it is very effective. We also have to realize that many people are very skeptical about things like that because they just don’t understand them, even though they’ve been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

That’s why we developed the voice analysis—so you have that level of accuracy. A lot of times, people come in, too, and they already know what they want to use it for. The voice analysis will just confirm that what they think they need to do is the right target.

Do you download an app to do the voice analysis, or do you have to be in person?

It’s built onto the tablet and takes about a 60-second process. In the first 30 seconds, you’re going through saying the five values elongated, A-E-I-O-U, and then you speak freely into it for 25 seconds, and then after that, it tells you if we got an accurate read. More often than not, even the most skeptical people are fairly aware of their physiology of what’s happening. We’re going to share with them what comes up in the different panels, and usually, their first look is shocked, like, “Oh, my gosh. Finally, for the first time, I’m seeing all the things I think I’m dealing with in my body because traditional blood work doesn’t show many of these things.” 

The majority of people who come to us decide to participate in the ambassador program because it allows them to feel much more comfortable helping others.

A lot of times, mainstream medicine just doesn’t give the complete picture. It’s kind of a kumbaya moment for a lot of people. When they finally run across, it’s like, “Okay, I’m not crazy. This is going on.” Often, they should get to share it with their husband, wife, or partner, whatever it may be. It’s validating, especially as they see themselves improve. 

We have customers now that the game they like to play is getting to the point where almost nothing shows up in their voice analysis, which is a pretty cool game to play. We have one client who has virtually zero. He’s extremely competitive and wanted to see how far he could test it. I talked to him recently. It was a pretty cool moment when he told me he got there. So that’s the ultimate goal for anybody. A lot of people just get to a point where, like, “Oh, my gosh, I can breathe in my body again. I can function. I can go back to work.” 

I call it a hero’s journey because most people end up on our doorstep. When they get to the other side, they’re starting to do things like, “Join me on a stand-up paddleboard trip to 80 miles around the lake in four days.” Before, they couldn’t even conceive it. It’s pretty incredible what comes up with people on the other side because when you get to the other side of something, like Lyme or anything else, that’s kind of a life-threatening type of issue. 

When you get your life kind of back on purpose, a lot of times you feel better than before you thought you were sick, and you realize you’re almost invincible. Like, something else gets thrown your way, like, “Oh, compared to what I dealt with, that’s easy. Game on. Let’s do this.” It’s super empowering. Plus, for me, as a father, having teenage girls and having them say, “Oh, dad, I’ve got the flu right now.” Well, you know how to hook yourself up to the coil, set yourself up, run that in the morning, the afternoon, and the next day or two, and notice that almost all the symptoms disappear. It’s pretty awesome.

Maybe you haven’t missed a day of school instead of a week of school, or they’re studying for an exam, and they’re having a hard time staying focused. We have mental clarity programs to bring them back online to do it. And, of course, parents love that. Kids love it. Their confidence builds because they can now function better in school. You name it.

Did you teach your kids how to do muscle tests?

They know how it works. They kind of make fun of it for kids. Plus, on some level, I don’t think any parent, or most parents, know that no matter their gift, their kids don’t want to admit that their parents have that gift. Or, they might do it on their own, but they don’t want to tell us that they agree with us. But the cool part in all this is that when something’s going off, they’re smart enough to know that doing a session is better than anything else they can do. That’s the exciting part.

It reminds me of the Bible quote about prophets not being accepted in their hometown.

Exactly. Oh, trust me, I’ve attempted to buck that many times. I’m almost at a point of complete surrender.

It sounds like you have found the gift in your disease and having Lyme, and you see that as a blessing, right?

I was with a few friends recently, and one of them was talking about our health issues. I’m in my mid-fifties, so people all of a sudden start talking about their health issues at this age. One of them said, “Gosh, I feel really grateful. I’ve never had anything bad happen to me.” My other friend, who’s a little more bold, says, “That sucks for you.” He’s like, “What do you mean?” He goes, “Listen, I’ve learned more from going through these travesties than just kind of cruising through life.” 

Health issues are our biggest teachers. When something goes well, you’ll be much more grateful because of the journey you had to go through.

The other person sat there and thought for a minute, like, “Wow, maybe my life isn’t full yet because I haven’t experienced these things, or they’re just not aware enough to really know that these things are going on.” But I think these issues are our biggest teachers, and I wouldn’t have any other way. When something goes well, I’m much more grateful because of the journey I had to go through, and I kind of put it back on. 

The music you hear from any great songwriter, and almost all their best songs are written from a place of some sort of hero’s journey, something terrible, painful, or deeply emotional. And most of our favorite songs, if we look at the essence of where they came from, came from a pain point that that writer had. That’s when it’s more meaningful, especially when you get to the other side.

Does your daughter also see the gift in the disease?

She does, 100%, without a doubt. She’s a blessing. Every time I looked at her, she didn’t have to say a word. I’m fortunate that she’ll be 18 in a couple of months, and she goes out of her way to hug me. She’ll grab and hold my hand while walking down the street, just that alone. For those who have parents to get any teenager to do that, especially in public, forget it. She and I have a different bond. I know it’s because of what we’ve gone through with this, and it’s priceless. It’s really priceless.

You’re going to make a grown man cry. Tears are a great aspect of healing. I think most of us as men, especially years ago, were taught to wipe away those tears to be a man. Quite the opposite is true. Tears are homeopathic. When they run down your face, it regenerates. It allows the body to heal on its own. So don’t wipe those tears.

It’s also really important for your soul to allow tears. If you repress your tears, they can manifest as all sorts of problems.

It is always better out than in.

Alright. So, if our listener or viewer wants to try out an AmpCoil device and perhaps even purchase one for their home, what’s the next step?

Tears are a great aspect of healing.

It’s really as simple as going to We have a toll-free number there. We have an incredible team that answers the phone almost every time. If they don’t, they’ll call right back. If somebody wants to talk to me, I’m also open to that. There is that possibility. As far as purchasing, luckily, we make it super easy. Many people come to us, and if they can’t afford the price tag right away, we can finance them. They can put as little as 10% down and make monthly payments under $200 a month, and that’s viable for people. 

When people realize that they can spend potentially less than $200 a month on their healing, that’s a huge win because a lot of people that come to us when they’ve done a cost analysis, if they’re doing supplements and all these other regimes and going to see alternative doctors, they’re spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a month. When they start to see how quickly they start to heal using the, and following our advice, they’re like, “Wow, not only do I have something I can use potentially for the rest of my life with my family, but I’m spending far less on all these other things because it’s all frequency.” It’s pretty cool. We’re just getting started with all the new technology out there. We will be able to speed up the process and have even more fun moving forward.

This was an amazing interview, and I’m sure our listeners will be excited to try out the device if they have the opportunity or to tell a friend. So, if they’re also interested in the ambassador program, that’s just on as well. There’s also a discount code for our listeners as well.

I want to just thank you. I’ve had a chance to work with you a little bit now, and it’s all frequency. You come from such a grounded place that I think allows anybody who listens to you that you’re probably going to be not only bringing people on that are really legitimate out there, but they see how you operate. And most people, I think, gravitate towards someone like yourself who is really looking out for people. And you can also tell that you’ve done the work yourself. I can always tell when somebody’s on the path mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I just want to say congratulations to you for doing what you do to hold the space that allows people like me to come on and share our gifts.

Thank you.

Have a blessed day, my friend, and you as well.

And to you, listener, go out there, make it a great week, and reveal some light in the world. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Research frequency medicine and its potential benefits. It’s fascinating how my bodies respond to different energies. I can start with some light reading or podcasts on the topic.

?Consider voice analysis as a non-invasive way to get a health assessment. It’s not a replacement for regular check-ups, but it could offer some interesting perspectives.

?Explore Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy if it’s a good fit for me. It’s gaining attention as a complementary approach to healing.

?Learn about the AmpCoil device for chronic health issues. It’s always good to explore options. Just remember to chat with my doctor before trying anything new.

?Implement a layered approach to healing chronic conditions. Healing isn’t always straightforward, so consider a step-by-step approach, addressing different aspects of my health one at a time.

?Try out some brain reboot techniques when I need a mental boost. It could be as simple as a quick meditation or a brisk walk – find what works for me!

?Find the silver lining in health challenges. It’s not easy, but I try to see my health journey as a chance for growth, unexpected wisdom and strength.

?Check into financing options for health technology investments. Health technology can be a big investment. Many companies like AmpCoil offer plans to make their products more accessible.

?Look for practitioners or ambassadors who can share their insights if I’m exploring new health approaches – sometimes, a chat with someone who’s walked a similar path can be incredibly reassuring.

?Take the first step by visiting to learn more about AmpCoil devices. If interested in trying them, connect with Aaron Bigelow and his team. Don’t forget to use the discount code: STEPHAN.

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