Episode 251 |

Revealing Your Unconscious Motivators and Triggers with Debra Levine

You may be familiar with assessments such as Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, DISC and StrengthsFinder – and may have even taken them or encouraged friends, family, or staff to take them. There’s one assessment I was completely unaware of until recently, and I’m guessing you hadn’t heard of it either, and it’s called PRINT. And I have to say, it rocked my world. This is nothing like your typical personality test, it truly is next level. I got exposed to PRINT through Strategic Coach, a mastermind I'm a part of. After taking the assessment, I attended a webinar about PRINT taught by Debra Levine, the co-creator of PRINT. After hearing Debra speak, I knew I had to have her on my show. Debra and her PRINT co-creator, Paul Hertz, realized there was an indisputable connection between motivation and performance. They actually proved scientifically that many of the “blockers” to improving individual and organizational performance were rooted in people’s underlying motivational traits. PRINT is not an acronym, it's short for Motivational Imprint. Once you know your motivational imprint, you know what unconsciously motivates you to be in your best self, and just as importantly, what triggers drive you in your shadow self. This is valuable to know about yourself and about others. Think of the power to elevate the relationship you have with your significant other, or your boss, or your colleagues, or your direct reports. This could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Debra very generously offered a discount code for $100 off, which I will share at the end of this episode. Now, without any further ado, let’s get right into it with Debra.

Episode 242 |

How to Get Through Tough Times Using Applied Mindfulness with Dr. Jeff Schwartz & Josie Thomson

As we experience this global pandemic—we’re not only trying to navigate a very real health threat but we and the entire world are trying to process something very big and very scary. We find ourselves wading into waters we’ve definitely never imagined ourselves going into before. Today, you’re going to learn about a tool called the Wise Advocate that’s going to be invaluable in processing all this.  My guests are Dr. Jeff Schwartz and Josie Thomson, co-authors of the book The Wise Advocate. Jeff and Josie are both leading authorities in coaching and neuroscience. Their methodology provides new techniques for taking control of your brain, changing bad habits and ending unhealthy thinking.  In this episode, we talk about this powerful work and its applications to different situations, including, of course, coping with the COVID-19 epidemic and the economic downturn. We talk about mindfulness in general, taking control over negative thinking, negative self-talk and deceptive brain messages to make way for increased productivity, confidence, performance and happiness. And we talk about the connection between cognitive behavioral therapy and the work that Josie and Jeff do, which I think you’ll find really intriguing, and incredibly helpful. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

Episode 240 |

How to Prepare for Coronavirus with Steve Good

The new salutation seems to be ‘hope you're staying safe during these crazy times.’ It's trite and it's meaningless. Do not just throw around platitudes like this when so many of us are scared and lost. Instead, be a beacon of light for people. In other words, help them be smart, safe, and proactive. When connecting with someone, ask them if they have a thermometer and a pulse oximeter on hand. Make sure they know how to use it, that they're checking to see if their blood oxygen level doesn't dip below 90%. Ask them if they have two month's supply of food and water, as well as at least 30 masks and pairs of gloves. You need to educate yourself on what you need on hand and what you need to do if things go very wrong. That's why I've asked my friend Steve Good to be on the show today. Steve is one of the most in the know and prepared people in my network as far as the Coronavirus pandemic is concerned. 

Episode 239 |

The Narcissists Are Among You with Dr. Ramani Durvasula

I’ve titled this episode, “The Narcissists are Among You” for a reason. If it sounds scary, like the zombies or the vampires are coming—well, it’s kind of scary. The kind of vampires we’re talking about are emotional vampires. It seems the term narcissism is so much in the lexicon these days, not because narcissism is something new, but because of the increased awareness and knowledge sharing. And it’s sad to say, but narcissism is rampant throughout our society. My guest today is one of the world-leading experts on narcissism, Dr. Ramani Durvasula. Ramani is a psychologist, professor, author and speaker. Her most recent book, "Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility, provides a deep insight on how narcissism is impacting all of us, what it is, and what we can do about it. I think you’ll find this episode highly relevant, as chances are there is, or has been, a narcissist in your life – whether a boss, an employee, a teacher, a significant other—who has caused you trauma. It really is a fascinating area, and we got into what Dr. Durvasula calls the multifaceted stone of narcissism. Once you get a handle on all the facets, you really understand all the big player themes in the world of mental health. We talked about how much of this disorder is genetic, and how much is born of early trauma. It’s really great to know that arming yourself with education on the subject and learning coping techniques can give you control over the situation. Check out this illuminating and empowering episode.

Episode 237 |

Self-Mastery, Unlocked with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Personal transformation can come when you’re open--willing to go on a lifelong journey of learning, experimentation, and spiritual exploration. My guest today is a fascinating learner and teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., who grew up in Mexico steeped in the traditions and learnings of his grandmother, his mother, and his father, Don Miguel Ruiz Sr., who wrote The Four Agreements In today’s episode, Don Miguel Jr. and I discuss enlightenment, self-acceptance, and the dark and light sides of the human experience. One of the lessons Don Miguel Jr. learned from his grandmother is that we all go through our dark times. We have a choice--we can either let those dark times sink us, or we can learn from them, and use that experience to teach others.  Don Miguel Jr. has taken the lessons of his family and discovered his own personal freedom. He's the author of multiple books, including The Five Levels of Attachment, Living a Life of Awareness, and The Mastery of Self. He also co-authored the book, The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happier Relationships with HeatherAsh Amara.  As a Nagual, Don Miguel Jr. now helps others discover optimal physical and spiritual health so that they may achieve their own personal freedom. If you’re as fascinated and impressed with this family as I am, you’re going to be pretty blown away by today’s episode.