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By: Stephan Spencer


Dana Frost
“Our body is in continual communication with us. If you can understand how it communicates with you, you can be in alignment.”
Dana Frost

For some, a health crisis illuminates a path to their life purpose and mission. That is certainly true for today’s guest, Dana Frost. Dana is a body, mind, and spirit alchemist who works with women to optimize their health and vitality. She’s the host of the Vitally You® podcast. She’s been in the wellness industry since 2007 and is certified as a master life coach, aroma therapist, HeartMath® facilitator, Myers-Brigg facilitator, light therapist, and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner.

In this episode, Dana openly shares her own health journey, including a major heart issue that led her to discover the limitations of conventional medicine and the power of holistic healing modalities like heart math, light therapy, and acupuncture. We discuss the mind-body connection, how stress impacts health, and the importance of taking responsibility for your own well-being.

Dana also shares fascinating insights on adoption, family soul contracts, and communicating with spirit guides. Her wisdom on living without regrets and making peace with your journey is truly profound. So get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and uplifted. On with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:30]Dana Frost describes her personal journey with chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders and how she found alternative healing methods.
  • [10:09]Dana shares how her energy levels improved through light therapy after years of stress and health issues.
  • [15:17]Dana discusses LightWave’s stem cell patches and light therapy, sharing personal experiences and success stories.
  • [21:08]Dana highlights HeartMath® techniques for coherence, resilience, and improved health.
  • [28:45]Dana reflects on learning agency for self-healing.
  • [35:57]Stephan and Dana talk about the idea of souls choosing each other before incarnation.
  • [43:06]Stephan emphasizes the importance of journaling, citing it as a tool for connecting the dots and making sense of life experiences.

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Dana, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you, Stephan. It’s great to be here.

I’d love to start with your origin story. How did you get into the wellness industry? You could have gone any number of different directions. Why wellness?

That’s really interesting. Well, I started my education in social work, and I’ve always been interested in human development. I also got into coaching because we moved abroad in 1997. Prior to living abroad, we had this inspiration to adopt in conjunction with having biological children. That was an inspiration when we were living in Minneapolis before we moved abroad, based on seeing other families in our church adopting children amidst their biological children. We got pregnant with our third and decided, “Okay, that’s enough.” That was unexpected. We have a house full.

Stress impacts the body.

We ended up moving abroad, which was one of our dreams. After living in South America for several years, we decided we had the bandwidth to adopt. After the adoption, I decided to hire a life coach. The field was very new at the time and was unbelievably transformational for me. I found it very empowering to have the tools I needed to help me in our adoption process and get up to the level where I was and where I wanted to be. And so I became a life coach. That’s how I got into the coaching profession, which isn’t necessarily wellness, but fast forward; I had a health crisis a few years after we repatriated to the US. We were repatriated from Switzerland to Chicago at the end of 2008.

That was a lot of heavy lifting for me. Repatriating was more challenging than moving abroad because I realized we had been out of the US for ten years. During that time, it was a critical time in terms of how we were raising our family. When we came back to the US, we felt like our family style was out of step with the family culture of the US that we moved back into. Because family culture dramatically changed from my upbringing to fast forward to 2009, this period, Stephan, included a decade’s worth of stress, I would say abnormal stress. Whether stress is externally created or your own internal processing of the situations you’re moving through, the adoption process was one of those periods, for me, of understanding how stress impacts the body. I can go into that. I’m just going to give you an overview.

I was beginning to understand that stress produced physiological symptoms in me. One of my coaching tools is the body compass. That’s a coaching tool from Dr. Martha Beck, which is the realization that your body is in continual communication with you. If you can understand how it communicates with you, you can be in alignment with your physical body, your soul, and your mind. We learned that through the adoption process. Coming back to the US, I felt other than trying to continue my coaching practice and help my family of five children adapt to this new world, even if it was our home culture. That was about ten years ago when I felt my body was stressed. Even though I had tools and was using all my tools, my body eventually broke down.

When you’re going to the conventional model, it can be very lonely because if your intuition tells you that it’s related to something, and if that practitioner doesn’t believe you, they write it off.

This is how I got into wellness for that decade. I’m paying attention to what I’m experiencing, how my body’s responding, what my thoughts are about those things I am experiencing, and just learning so much about how all those things are interconnected. Eventually, I had a very serious health crisis. I can talk more about that, but I’ll just say I have a pacemaker. The electrical conduction of my heart burned out. This is what the electrical physiologist said when we finally did all the tests to understand why my heart’s electrical conduction wasn’t kicking in. It turns out it was just a burnt-out body part. Now, I knew because I had that information of, “Okay, this is my ten-year life experience, and my body was talking to me, and I knew that I could track it.” I experienced it, but it still resulted in this burnt-out body part.

I can share more about episodes when I felt my heart was on fire. Going through all of that and then the two-year healing journey post-pacemaker implant, I decided that I wanted to help other people who were having health crises. I tried to shepherd them through health crises or shepherd them through optimizing their health so that if they were having symptoms, it didn’t have to end. In a serious crisis, they can avoid body breakdown if they optimize their lifestyle, food, and stress response. So that’s the cliff notes of how I got into really defining my work to be wellness-focused. I think that what I experienced myself and what I know my client’s experience is that our conventional model, we go to our allopathic model, our conventional model when we’re having a health crisis, and so many times if it’s an autoimmune disorder or a chronic pain, they don’t have the answers. Even in my case, they had the answers so wonderfully.  They could implant a medical device that allowed me to keep living.

That awakened the electrical conduction of my heart, which got the heart pumping for me. That’s one way that they really shine. But what happened afterward was that I was still just as tired. Even though my heart was pumping, my body was still exhausted, and I was making the connections to stress. The electrophysiologist said there’s just no connection. It’s just a worn-out body part. Following this path of digging for information, I found HeartMath®, trying to understand the connections between stress, the heart, and the body. What happens to the body when we’re under stress? When you’re going to the conventional model, which is where most of us start, it can be very lonely because if your intuition or your lived experience tells you that it’s related to something or something’s going on, and if that practitioner doesn’t believe or their experience doesn’t match, they write it off and you can feel lonely.

I felt lonely and discounted. I guess I had a lot. They were isolated, in other words. It’s really important to support people and help them find that there are so many modalities outside of conventional medicine that are effective at helping people heal. That was a very long-winded response.

That was great. Thank you for sharing all that. Wow, you went through quite the journey. Is the exhaustion gone?

Your breath is the physical expression of your soul moving through this earth. Click To Tweet

Absolutely. Finally, nine months after my pacemaker was implanted, I found an integrative physician who took the time to dig into what was going on internally in the terrain, in the microbiome. She identified multiple things: parasites, gut dysbiosis, and an intestinal barrier. The integrity of my intestinal barrier was compromised. My adrenals were absolutely burned out, and I was in perimenopause. A storm of health variables contributed to why I was tired.

I was already doing some things I had learned about adrenal fatigue. I was trying to guide my diet towards healing my adrenals. I was already using HeartMath® on a daily basis, but she helped me clear some of the pathogens and then really got me tuned into traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which supported the menopausal symptoms. I would say a year after working with her, I felt better. Two years later, I felt a lot better. I will fast-forward you to a little over two years ago when I was introduced to LifeWave patches. They use the light in your body as the power source. It’s a little patch.


You put the patch on your body acupoints, and the light in your body reflects and sends messages to your brain to activate different biological shifts. This is light therapy, where your body is the energy source. It’s unbelievable how my energy is way back to what it felt like before I had this decade’s worth of stress. So yeah, my energy is back and better.

That’s amazing. What a gift. What a blessing. How did you end up finding out about this light therapy?

I have been researching stem cell injections for my mom because she has arthritis. My father had passed, and she was keenly aware that her one ankle was really problematic. We had both been seeing information about stem cell injection. I started this two-year investigation into stem cell injections. In February of 2021, I talked to a nutrition colleague about it. I was at the point of saying it’s a lot of money for my mom to try to get to a doctor where you think you will have a positive result after investing tens of thousands of dollars. I was just sharing with her that I was looking into this for two years.

In light therapy, your body is the energy source.

“I think that we’re going to take a pass because it’s the investment. There’s no guarantee, and she has limited resources.” My colleague said, “Oh, well, let me share what I discovered helping my husband heal from headaches.” They were these LifeWave stem cell patches. Two different patches activate different copper peptides in your body, which is evidence of stem cell activity. We know that stem cells are intelligent. They go where the body most needs them.

This particular stem cell, the X-39 stem cell patch, has much to do with healing. She said, “Maybe you could try your mom on the stem cell patches. We’ve got pain patches and an anti-inflammatory patch.” I gifted my mom a set of patches, and within two weeks, she said, “I don’t think I’m making this up, but my swelling is down. I still am in pain, but it’s much less.” I was like, “Okay, let me look into this further.” I started on the patches, and within two weeks, I noticed the radiance in my skin. That’s one of the results of this copper peptide that gets elevated.

It has skin remodeling and skin remolding properties for your skin. I noticed within two weeks that my sleep was better, and my skin looked better. I took a deep dive into these patches and decided I would be using them. My mom’s used them now. For her, it’s been two and a half years, and every year, I ask her, “What’s your headline on the patches?” She’s like, “I never, ever thought that I would. I’m better than three years ago and can still be active and do things.” She’s 80. She still gets tired. She still has pain, but it’s not debilitating. Did it reverse her arthritis? No. But is it allowing her an optimized life where she is now? Absolutely.

Are you still taking the patches yourself?

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Yes, absolutely. I wear two stem cell patches every day. I wear the energy enhancer. The energy enhancer was the very first patch created by the founder and scientist David Schmidt. He had a military contract and was asked to create a system that would support the Navy SEALs’ ability to work harder and longer and have more stamina. He created the energy enhancer. Well, 911 happened, and he was able to take it.

His contract ended, but he was able to keep his patented patches. He founded LifeWave in 2003.

Wow. What other modalities have you discovered that has been a godsend for you, your loved ones, or your clients?

That’s such a great question. Just to go back, light therapy was in 2015, and it was a very good friend of mine. Her sister had a tragic ski accident on the West Coast, and she was having headaches. Her speech and thinking were off, and she could not work. She was seeing different practitioners on the West Coast. I think she was in Oregon at the time. One practitioner said, “I want to see if these wellness light pads will work for you.” Her health was fully restored. I don’t remember exactly how long it took.

She rented the light therapy system from this practitioner for three months. This pad restored her speech, cognition, and everything else. I still use the Inlight Therapy. They’re blue and red, and they are infrared pads. They’re that idea of red light and infrared light, it’s more popular. Back in 2015, it wasn’t as mainstream, so thinking back to my mom, she started using the pads. They’re FDA-approved to decrease inflammation and pain and increase blood flow. Well, what do you have when you do all those things that light therapy offers? You have energy that’s been stuck and is now moving through your body.

When you decrease the inflammation, you open up blood flow. Your immune system can make it to the places that need support.

When you decrease the inflammation, you open up blood flow. Your immune system can make it to the places that need support. I started back with light treatment back then; what I found with the light therapy was that a lot of people didn’t have the patience, Stephan, to do a 20-minute session. You have to sit down, put the pads on your body, and do a session. I really had a hard time convincing people that it was worth stopping what they were doing. It was pre-pandemic. Everybody was just thinking about how we lived, like in a frenzy, thinking that we had to go at it 24/7, so that was one of the challenges I found for people that they didn’t want to sit down for that time.

I know what I wanted to mention about this particular light therapy system, which is unique compared to most on the market. You plug it into a device, and it’s not just the light hitting your skin that gets your skin to respond. It’s pulsed with frequencies; it’s pulsed with different solfeggia notes and binaural notes. It’s pulsed with other frequencies to get a different response from your cells. I don’t remember the name. The husband is the scientist behind it. It’s a husband and wife team that owns the company, but he was also in the military and spent years researching frequencies that the body responds to. To answer your question about light therapy, I am such a huge fan.

The idea of stem cells, I think, is so powerful. When I look at stem cell therapy, and I looked at it for my mom, it’s not affordable for everyone; for most people, it’s not affordable, and the patches are affordable. Because I think of light therapy and stem cells, you have kryptonite right there when you talk about optimizing your health.

There’s a connection between stress, the heart, and the body.

The other therapy, acupuncture, was a big one that helped calm my menopausal symptoms, and I’ve sent many women to acupuncture for menopausal symptoms because things aren’t flowing right in your body. The physical body shows the energy that’s flowing. Is it flowing? Where is the energy stuck? You’ve got to interrupt that physically, energetically, and mentally. You need all those mechanisms to be guided in the direction of harmony for optimal health. Those are the three. I mean, you said I am an aromatherapist.

Essential oils are just an easy modality. I do HeartMath® every day and teach it to all my clients. I can’t think of an easier way to bring a person into coherence from a physical perspective. So, your heart rate variability gets into coherence. That’s physical, it’s energetic. And then you are tapping into the innate intelligence of your heart. This is very powerful. Those are my highlights.

So, HeartMath®, let’s talk a little bit more about that. What does that look like on a daily basis? What sort of exercises or meditations are you doing? Why would our listener want to incorporate that into their daily routine?

HeartMath®‘s research shows that practicing these research-based breathing techniques is more effective than meditation.

Yeah, so many reasons, Stephan. So, HeartMath®’s research shows that practicing these research-based breathing techniques is more effective than meditation. There are so many different meditations that it sounds far too general when I say that. But when we are engaged, our mind and focus are engaged in an activity, and we’re guiding the body through the breath. So if we look at it, and this isn’t what HeartMath® is saying, my framework is that your breath is your soul’s expression. The first thing you do when you enter this world is take a breath. The last thing you do is release your breath. And if you look at the word breath, in ancient languages, the soul, the body, or the breath is the physical expression of the soul moving through this earth. 

HeartMath® is not like a meditation where you detach; you’re not detached, guiding the breath to be coherent. You’re looking for that inhale and exhale to be roughly the same. You envision the inhale and exhale flowing to and from the heart center. They have found that because the heart has a resonance that can be measured, its energy can be measured far from the body, whereas the energy measured from the brain is very close to the brain. It doesn’t leave very far from the head. That energy resonates from the heart, and it comes from the heart, the place of love, and the place of intelligence.

The research shows that when you connect to that, you create a powerful force field. I can give you so many examples of my own life and situations with my family where I’ve used HeartMath®. And you can feel everything calming down.

How many minutes a day does this take?

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Their research shows that if you want to change your default from fight and flight, let’s say they’re looking at coherence or incoherence. Are you coherent? Is your heart rate variability coherent where it’s going? If you look at an echocardiogram, it’s roughly the same going up and down. You also want your heart rate variability. Do you want a distance between them? When babies have the greatest distance in their heart weight variability, and as we age, think about this. As we age, that heart rate variability, or as we age, or as our health declines, that heart rate variability diminishes. What do we have when we pass into the next life? We have a flat line. The heart rate variability is a flat line on the echocardiogram.

You want there to be distance, and you want there to be coherence. That’s what they’re measuring with these breathing techniques. Why would you want to practice HeartMath® every day? So that you can be coherent. So that no matter what, you can be resilient. Those are the two words they use. You’re cohesive, and you’re resilient, which means we are all going to get knocked down. Things happen: you get in an accident, you have a pandemic, you lose a job, your child gets sick, you get a divorce, or you go on a big move.

What is our capacity for bouncing back when those things happen to us? That’s resilience. It’s our bounce back. How quickly does it take us to bounce back? I can see that my bounce back was flaccid for that decade’s worth of stress. It wasn’t robust. I had my tools. I was teaching a breathing workshop. It’s not like I was without tools. I was using my body compass, but I lacked that resilience.

I couldn’t get my system securely supported; I was functioning probably above what is normal but never rising above. Resilience, coherence, mood modulation, what do you do? I can think about it. I had a marriage crisis a couple of years ago. I already had these tools. I moved through that. Was I devastated? Yes. Was I sad? Was I angry? I was all those things but in all those depleting emotions.

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I was coherent, and I had to bounce back. I could still work every day. I could still do everything because I had. My system was built up. HeartMath® was one of the premier tools. You would want to practice those every day because even when your heart rate variability is regular and coherent, your immune system is healthier.

Yeah. You said earlier that your heart had burned out. Well, first of all, is that a gift, in your opinion, or was that a curse or unfortunate accident? And then, as a corollary to that, would you do things differently? Could you undo the heart issues if you had a chance to go back and wave a magic wand at your past?

That is such a great question because I spent years regretting something, and I learned that I actually had this before my pacemaker. But I regretted a decision I had made for a number of years within those ten years. I realized that I was down-regulating my immunity in my life, joy, happiness, and when I could make peace. This is what I believe about human nature. We make the best decisions at the time with the tools that we have at the time, based on our own experiences, based on our history, and our experience. I don’t have any regrets. Would I like to not have a pacemaker? Yes, but it doesn’t really change anything about my daily life.

I cannot outsource my health, body, thoughts, or emotions to anyone else.

To me, two things were my greatest teachers: our adoption and the health crisis. I would never be who I am today without that. I would never be who I am today without the health crisis either because it opened my eyes to the limitations of our conventional medical model and its gifts. I have a pacemaker, right? That’s the gift.

Emergency medicine is a gift, but it also opened my eyes. There are limitations, and we have agency. I was able to learn that I have agency for my own healing. My body is actually my responsibility. It’s my domain, and I am responsible for my thoughts that can harm my body. I’m responsible for what I put into my body and how I move my body. It’s my responsibility.

I cannot outsource my health, body, thoughts, or emotions to anyone else. It’s on me. I wouldn’t have learned those truths had I not gone through what I went through. So, I have no regrets, only gratitude.

Amazing. Very important. If you could maybe encapsulate the message that your heart burning out was there to tell you, what was that message?

The body doesn’t lie, and it does keep a record. That is our gift—that the body remembers, trying to bring us back into coherence. Because the electrical conduction of my heart burned out, I gave myself permission not to try to hold up the world. I realized I over-gave. I didn’t ask for enough help from my family members. I was trying to, you know, over-perform and over-save other people and that’s never our responsibility. So again, I would come back to energy medicine. It also awakened me to the power of our energy body.

No matter where you’ve been, make peace with whatever’s happened so that you can shed the heaviness.

Yeah. Something about trying to rescue everybody all the time is very problematic. It interferes with their karma.

It does. It’s absolutely true. We need to let everyone have their own journey, and as a mom, that is really challenging. We adopted two children. I wanted to rescue them and right the wrongs. Everyone has their journey. We can come alongside people and love them, but we can’t walk it for them. We need to be respectful of whatever their life is offering to them.

Yeah. This is a great visual that I got from my friend Erik Luhrs, a guest on this podcast a while back. He’s also a psychic and a business coach, and he got this vision of me climbing the mountain and trying to pull a whole bunch of other people alongside me instead of just trying to summit the mountain. That was such a powerful metaphor for my life at the time. I have to let these people have their journey. And so, I made some big course corrections because of that, but it took a little while.

It’s not easy to change our patterns. Recognizing that is the first step.

It’s not easy to change our patterns. Recognizing that is the first step. Just knowing the truth and the truth shall set you free. I think that’s step one. Then, showing up every day to work it out is where the real challenge comes in, and every moment is a new opportunity.

Now, you said something about the body remembering, and that reminded me of a book called The Body Keeps the Score. Have you read that book?

Yeah, I love that book. 

What are the key headlines from that book for you?

That book confirmed what I intuitively knew about what happened with my heart, in that I can remember episodes where I felt rage and burning in my heart. It was very scary. I had never experienced that level of such intense feeling where I literally felt my heart was on fire. If you fast forward, the electrical conduction of my heart burns out, and my electrical physiologist says there’s no connection. HeartMath® took me to a book called The Heart Speaks by a female cardiologist, Mimi Guarneri. That’s how I discovered HeartMath®. She talked about the connection between the body, the heart and stress. And then, so I had that.

Then I read The Body Keeps the Score, and he goes into more detail. For me, that book was the confirmation of what I experienced. We all know when we might know something intuitively or our lived experience tells us something is true. If you can have valid, we don’t need validation. But when we get validation, it’s so powerful; I can feel it right now, even just wash over me, that the power of having our lived experience validated by another human, whether it’s a book or something, that even just someone says to us, it’s very powerful.

The Heart Speaks by Mimi Guarneri, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Yeah. If you believe in soul contracts and kind of our life is planned out by us or in collaboration with God or higher self, higher power, our angels, you know, some sort of unseen support team, perhaps, then you would have chosen or planned out to have your heart burn out. You would have planned to go through the adoption process before incarnating. Do you feel that way?

I feel neutral. I can see it in so many. What I believe to be true is that whatever we experience is what we experience; we made the choices, and everything led up to that decision. We have free will most of the time. Most of us do have free will. It depends upon where we live and the construction of the system and society. It’s predetermined.

Our soul comes in with a mission. I don’t have the answer if it’s specific to every day that you live on this earth. But I believe I came in with a mission and purpose: to be a beacon of light and love. I do know that unconditional love—adoption is part of, I mean, the basis of HeartMath®. The context for your listeners is heart-focused breathing. You’re inhaling and exhaling through your nose, and you visualize the inhale and exhale to flow to and from the heart. Now, I tell people physically that it should be deep, slow, quiet and regular. That comes from Dr. Andrew Weil’s research.

Your breath physically is deep, slow, and quiet. It’s the visualization. You’re visualizing the inhale and exhale to flow to and from the heart. Just talking about it now, I’m beginning to feel these heatwaves flowing to and from my heart. So that’s heart-focused breathing. Well, they have one technique, heart lock-in, where you remember when you felt an emotion that was fueling. So. So they label emotions depleting or fueling to be human to experience all of them.

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We’re never trying to x out depleting emotions but remember when emotion was fueling. I was so excited about our adoption. My whole family was. My husband was excited, and our kids were excited. I was inspired. I can call those fueling emotions up right now as we speak.

Just imagine for a moment that your adopted children chose you since you also chose them, at least in this lifetime, if not before incarnating. Imagine them choosing you, and you choose each other before incarnating all of you guys. What epiphany, insight, feelings, or sense did you get out of that idea or imagination when you were young?

Saying that, Stephan, I could see myself, my soul self, looking at each of them and locking eyes and that sense of, I see you. I know you, and this is our path. There’s so much that we don’t know with our mind, but our soul knows. In my experience as a mother with a family and those relationships, there is divine orchestration. I can reflect as a daughter. What’s become very clear to me through the years is I chose my family that created me, and I was always different. My husband calls me Matilda. If you know that, it references a Roald Dahl book. Matilda was very different from her family.

She was very studious, and her parents were kind of crazy and wild. She was just very different. She was straight-laced, very different from her parents. It was Danny DeVito in the movie. I’ve always felt different then, and it occurred to me because I’ve explored it differently.

I chose that. They taught me so much that I never would have learned in a different family because my dad was full of unconditional love and acceptance even though we were so different. He owned a bar, and everybody loved him. He just taught me so much about hard work and caring for people, just everyday people, that it’s so important to see the truck driver, to see the teacher, to see the grocery store person, just everyday people that you meet on the street or not just the people in your sphere of influence. But it was revealed at one point in my life that I chose that family. There was so much to learn from that family.

What spurred that on? Was it a request, like a prayer? Was it just a thought, a curiosity? Was it some synchronicity?

I believe I came in with a mission and purpose: to be a beacon of light and love.

I was always curious about my family, the challenging stuff and the good stuff. If you choose to have a family, you start looking at the family that raised you. I mean, at least I did. I started looking at the family that raised me. Where and how was I raised? How do I want to raise my kids? What do I want to do? I was very curious about that and recognized I was doing things differently, but some things, like the essence, were the same and making peace with some different aspects of my upbringing. It was in a prayer, it was in therapy, and it was in a circle of friends. It was in conversations with my own guides, who are unseen. It was a real collection of different opportunities, encounters, and knowings.

What does a conversation with your guides look like now? What did it look like when the farthest back you can go in your memories of the first or earliest times you conversed with your guides, your unseen support team?

These are really good questions. I love that. I love your questions. As a child, it was just like talking to God. My framework was super simple. I took myself to church on a church bus that came through our neighborhood just because I wanted to. Why? I don’t know. I wanted to go.

It’s like my soul took me there, and I chose to get baptized in my early elementary years just because my soul wanted the spirit experience. That’s what it looked like for many years. It really was a prayer. The framework was that there is a God who cares and loves me and wants to be in a relationship with me, and I want to be in a relationship with God. To be honest, it wasn’t really masculine or feminine, but it was just God. I would say that living abroad, I started experiencing light and the energy source of, if you want to say, God, which is just an easy way to try to encapsulate a higher power. I noticed I could see it in different people, and it wasn’t necessarily connected to a specific faith, so I noticed that.

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Then I just started noticing that I had beings that I couldn’t see, that wanted to communicate. It’s just conversations. Sometimes, I write them down. I don’t write them down as much now, but in the past, I wrote a lot of the conversations down. For a while, I was like, “Oh, is this prophecy?” And then I was like, “If this does, it doesn’t need a label. It’s that there are guides.” 

My dad is one of my guides. He’s on the other side. My great-grandmother is one of my guides. There is a Native American figure who is a guide. There’s a source that comes from alien life. It’s conversations and numbers. This summer, they’re communicating to me through numbers.

I will tell you this story because this is when things also opened up. Living in South America, my husband was traveling, and I had two of my daughters in bed with me. I woke up in the middle of the night, and six bats were swirling around my bed. At first, I was scared. But they ended up getting out of my room. I was so curious, “Is this a bad omen?” Like, you think bats? It’s a bad omen. It’s night, it’s scary, and it’s dark. I brought this to our session with my life coach at the time, and she said, “Have you heard of the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews? So she got the book out and read it, and I said, “Oh, my goodness, that fits. That was a message to me.” That was the first time I also recognized that even animals communicate with us.

Everything around is energy. There’s a support system saying, “Hey, I’m here. I’m with you,” if we just open our eyes.

One way I like to frame it is that if there’s a movie set, let’s say it’s a bedroom, and there’s an end table or some sort of side table with maybe a book on it, table, lamp and so forth, all that stuff was placed there. Nobody came in surreptitiously and dropped a few things there, like a watch or a couple of receipts. It was all placed. Everything was placed there. That’s how our life is, and that’s how the environment is. Everything is placed. Nothing is by chance; nothing is random. Nobody snuck onto the studio movie set and randomly placed some things.

Everything around us is energy. If we just open our eyes, there’s a support system saying, “Hey, I’m here. I’m with you.”

Everything else was placed there on purpose by the stage crew or whatever. That means that everything here is on purpose. Suppose you are looking out the window while doing a podcast interview, and you see whatever it is: a monarch butterfly, an ibis, a Muscovy duck, or whatever. In that case, it’s not by chance it was placed there, just like every object on that side table would have been placed there by the crew that works for the movie studio. 

If you’re getting numbers, if you’re getting animals in your purview or your scene if you’re getting songs or little lyrics or bits of conversation that you’re catching and other parts of the conversation you’re not catching, you know, maybe it’s some seemingly random couple seated a couple of tables away from you. It’s all part of the experience, and it’s all done by design. The message I’m getting for you is you’re being invited to write down more often. Because you mentioned that you got off of that habit, they’re encouraging you to journal what you’re receiving.

Okay. Thank you. I will do that. 

Yeah, it feels like breadcrumbs or connecting the dots, and it only makes sense after you finished, like, oh, yeah, that led to that. All these things connect up, and you can’t really do that if you don’t write it all down. You have to try and remember everything and interrelates. I journal every day, and if you would have told me this a couple of years ago, I would have said, “Oh, never. I’ve gone 50 years without journaling, ever. I’m not going to start doing it every day now.” But no, I can’t imagine not doing it.

Light therapy is kryptonite when you talk about optimizing your health.

Yeah, that’s a really good word, and I’ll take it not just to heart but to pen and paper.

Amazing. I know we’re out of time, so we can leave our listener or viewer with one last bit of wisdom before we wrap up the episode and share your website and social media. What would that nugget be?

Based on our conversation, I think what I’m feeling is that there are no mistakes. You’re not a mistake. There are no mistakes. Really take in the beauty of who you are as a human and appreciate the gift that that is. No matter where you’ve been, make peace with whatever’s happened so that you can shed the heaviness.

Take in the beauty of who you are as a human and appreciate the gift that that is.

Great advice. Where should we send our listeners to learn more about you and work with you?

Yeah. I have a website,, and a podcast that airs weekly Vitally You®. You’ll find it anywhere podcasts are posted, such as Apple, Spotify, etc. You know, I haven’t been active. I was so active on Instagram but went away this summer on this transformational retreat, so I haven’t picked up Instagram again. I do have a presence there, but I haven’t been active, and we’ll see when I’m led to reengage. 

All right, awesome. Well, thank you, Dana. Thank you, listener. We’ll catch you in the next episode. In the meantime, shine your light bright and make it a great week. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Practice HeartMath® breathing exercises daily. HeartMath® techniques use heart-focused breathing to get my heart rate variability into a coherent state.

?Explore light therapy and phototherapy for healing and optimizing health. It increases blood flow and unblocks stuck energy in the body.

?Consider trying stem cell patches as an affordable stem cell therapy option. They are a more accessible alternative to expensive stem cell injections.

?Try to incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy into my wellness routine. Essential oils provide an easy way to directly impact the body’s energetic systems.

?Seek out an integrative or functional medicine practitioner for a holistic approach. They take a whole-body approach examining genetics, environment, lifestyle, etc.

?Look into acupuncture, especially for issues like menopause symptoms. Acupuncture works by removing blockages and restoring the flow of energy/chi.

?Keep a journal to track my health journey and any messages from your guides. Writing things down creates a record I can look back on to connect the dots.

?Make peace with past experiences and choices. Releasing heaviness from the past allows me to embrace the present.

?Appreciate the gift of being human and embrace my unique journey. Practice gratitude for simply being alive and the wisdom gained along the way.

?Connect with Dana Frost and learn more about her work at Dana also hosts a weekly podcast at Vitally You®.

About Dana Frost

Dana Frost is a body, mind, and spirit alchemist who educates and coaches women toward optimal health to enjoy vibrant lives with the people they love and fulfill their mission in life. She hosts a weekly podcast, Vitally You®, with conversations that provide inspiration and insights for feeling younger while growing older.

Dana has been in the wellness industry since 2007. Dana has a lifelong commitment to continuing education, including certifications as a Master Life Coach, Aromatherapist, HeartMath® Facilitator, Myers Briggs Facilitator, Light Therapist, and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner. Dana’s rich life experiences, including navigating the challenges and joys as a mom for thirty years to five children, thirty-three years of marriage, and living abroad for ten years, empower her coaching practice.

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