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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Brooke Stuart
“When we surrender and detox our system—mind, body, and soul—we not only exist but truly thrive in the boundless essence of our beings.”
Dr. Brooke Stuart

It’s fascinating that in many of my guests’ journeys, it’s the struggles they experience early on that inform their life’s work.

Such is the case with Dr. Brooke Stuart. Dr. Stuart joins us today to discuss holistic approaches to health, healing, and personal growth. As a child, she suffered from physical symptoms, which she now recognizes were due to EMF exposure. She speaks about her origin story in today’s episode, recalling how she could only tolerate limited time in front of a computer screen before she felt completely nauseous.

At the University of Miami, she became fascinated with medical anthropology. She went on to found Let Go & Grow International, where she utilizes her expertise in psychology, medical anthropology, and integrative medicine to assist patients in unlocking their innate healing abilities. Over the past twelve years, she has worked with thousands of people through her online platform, private practice, and corporate wellness division. Her goal is to help her patients clear issues, realize their potential, and experience true healing on all levels – mind, body, and spirit. To name just a few of the topics we touch on: the mind-body connection, natural remedies like flower essences, past life memories, and how to break limiting patterns. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:31]Stephan and Dr. Brooke commend Philipp’s groundbreaking work on Leela Quantum Tech, which has revolutionized the creation of a healthy energy field.
  • [11:14]Dr. Brooke, a firm believer in the power of affirmations, shares her personal practice of writing them down and placing them in a quantum bloc, a simple yet effective method to release and manifest desired outcomes.
  • [20:31]Dr. Brooke believes that shadow work, or facing and owning one’s darker emotions and experiences, can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.
  • [30:24]Dr. Brooke utilizes flower remedies and shares its benefits.
  • [36:45]Stephan recommends energy healer Jaye Lasko for releasing trapped emotions and imprints.
  • [40:09]Stephan and Dr. Brooke discuss N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) as a potential solution for various situations, with Dr. Brooke providing more information on its use in their practice.
  • [45:37]Stephan references an article from Harvard Medical School on the gut-brain connection and how probiotics can help correct imbalances in the gut microbiome to improve mental health.
  • [52:48]Stephan shares a story about the Golden Buddha.
  • [55:12]Dr. Brooke offers free training and consults.

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Dr. Stuart, it’s great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much for having me on, Stephan.

You were introduced to me through Phillipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, a guest on this show a couple of times. He’s the co-founder of Leela Quantum Tech and He spoke highly of you and suggested you as a guest, so I’m glad we’re connected. I think very highly of Phillipp, his wife Cru, and Leela Quantum Tech.

What they are doing is amazing. I’ve met so many amazing people through Philip and Leela Quantum. I should show you this. 

One of the reasons I love Leela Quantum is that they have all the science. People can dig into it. I truly believe that when you experience something that works throughout all realms. With Leela, I love how they provide that.

I personally don’t understand the technology, but I do experience it. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was working from home virtually, and I’ve always been very sensitive to EMFs. I remember being a freshman in high school, and we had a business systems and technology course where we had to be on the computer. It was a typing course.

Zoë Climbs The Stairs by Dr. Brooke Stuart

I kid you not, and it was at 6.30 AM, high school, bells would ring, and I’d be in this class. Every single morning, I would wind up in the bathroom throwing my guts up after being in this computer class. I never put two and two together until later when I realized that I work virtually and am on the computer quite often, and I thought I had to tap out. Even with phones and computers, I always needed to take that break. With Leela working from home, shifting from an in-office environment to fully working at home, I noticed that when I would wear this Leela H.E.A.L capsule, I would be able to have my energy field more intact.

A lot of the ways that I visualize that personally, HeartMath Institute talks a lot about the toroidal field. But in my work with patients, I also think about how we create a robust, healthy, expansive field. I feel like the H.E.A.L. capsule just creates that structure.

It was so interesting. I have both Blocs. When I put one of the Blocs into my office because it had a little more technology in my new place, I felt that little fatigue break off. It helped me to maintain a semblance of energy throughout the day that I do not believe I would otherwise have. I’ve had many different experiences with their products, but I’m a huge fan. I love them.

I have a little resources section in the treatment plans for my patients, and I just put it there. A lot of my patients work virtually, too, and they find it incredibly helpful. I’m so glad to have been introduced to you through them. They’re amazing. I have nothing but great things to say to them.

That’s awesome. Would you get EMF’s exposure sickness?

I have always been, as Kelly Brogan MD, calls it, the canary in the coal mine. That’s honestly what brought me into this field because I was so sick as a child on so many different medications. But in my family of origin, there are a lot of things like, “You’re not sick, you’re not tired, and you continue.” They weren’t placing doctors on pedestals either. It was very much just continuing on.

My life looked pretty normal. On the outside, I got great grades. I was athletic, played soccer, played golf in college, and different things. But inside, I was struggling so much to keep my energy up and focus on the point. I had severe cystic acne. I was just tired all of the time.

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When I started, I actually came in last place in the golf tournament. Then, it was the first time I realized I had a choice. “I don’t have to do this anymore. I can potentially live my life and focus on my dreams.” I was in the business school playing golf, and I started golf late.

It wasn’t like I was one of those girls who could just go out there and say, “I had to work hard.” I was working hard in college and all of the different changes. For the first time, I thought to myself, “I don’t have to continue playing golf. Maybe I could open up to something that’s more me.”

Weirdly enough, I had been working with a counselor. While working with her, I started to think, “Oh, wow, I would love to do something like this.” I was reading all of these sports psychology books. I recognized that on the golf course itself, I was paying way more attention to the books I was reading, the podcasts I was listening to, and the audiobooks I was doing putting drills on the green.

I had taken more psychology courses than I had known enough to almost major in it already. When I decided, “Okay, I’m going to go in a different direction,” I started to get introspective and think about who I was and what lit me up. I shifted my majors to anthropology and psychology, and that’s where I came into contact with holistic medicine for the first time in terms of medical anthropology.

We’re all just walking each other home. – Ram Dass

I had a teacher who would bring people from all around the world to talk to us about medicines from all around the world. Robert Halberstein was his name. This brilliant man was just so skeptical, but weirdly, in the same sentence, so open-minded to bring these people in and expose us to their work.

I started to take some of the advice from the different practitioners, especially regarding dietary change. They introduced us to flower remedies. They ran a couple of studies at the University of Miami with rescue remedies, a combination of five flower remedies, which are very well-known for stress, grief, and shock to the system. I use it with my patients to this day, all of the time, to work on that emotional component.

That’s when I started to lean more into myself and shift things. I literally thought I was just going to start a blog, interview people, and have my own company grow that way. But when I realized I could go to acupuncture school and get that cultural immersion, begin to work with patients, have a license, and do things in a holistic way. Florida, we’re primary care, so we can also use our licensure around the country in various ways, so I thought, “Oh, wow, this could be a perfect fit.”

I went in with an open mind because it’s not something my family wants. They had no idea what I was doing. They thought I was going off my rocker or something, but equally, they were open-minded enough to be intrigued and have conversations about it. My dad has a Leela Quantum capsule with him on his key chain at all times. They opened up and now love and have embraced it, too, but that’s how I started to get into this field.

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That’s awesome. To wrap up the conversation about Leela, you could differentiate for our listener who hasn’t listened to either of the Leela episodes on the show where I interviewed Phillipp. There’s episode 336 and episode 378. I highly recommend both of them. 

But can you describe the H.E.A.L capsule and the Bloc for somebody unfamiliar with this quantum healing technology? There’s the Quantum Bloc, and then there’s the Infinity Bloc, which is much more powerful than the Quantum Bloc. Give a few use cases of how you personally and your dad use that on a regular basis.

Absolutely. I could literally go on and on. Weirdly, there are messages that I bring into my private practice with everything I’ve learned from a variety of these tools. With the Quantum and the Infinity Bloc, I’ll place affirmations on things that I would like to release. I’ll work on it myself, bring it to conscious form, pull it from the subconscious and unconscious, and then write affirmations of things I want to develop within my own life or release in my own life. I’ll place it in the Bloc themselves.

Aside from mitigating EMS, keeping my structural integrity intact in-house, and keeping my house somewhat harmonious, I do not understand the technology. I haven’t taken the time to really deepen into it. But in terms of a utilitarian approach and how I use it, that’s how I use the Blocs. I have one in my bedroom and one in my office. There’s enough space in the house to have that.

Let Go & Grow by Dr. Brooke Stuart

Before you explain the H.E.A.L Capsule, I want clarification on this. You write affirmations on paper or label objects that relate to them, then put them into the Infinity Bloc. How does this work?

What you’re saying is that you write affirmations down on paper. Then you put that paper into the Infinity Bloc, write the affirmations on an object, maybe on a piece of tape or a label, and then put that on the object and put that into the Infinity Bloc. Can you explain that?

Absolutely. What I typically do is, for the audience, if you begin to explore Leela Quantum products, you can encode them on capsules, place different energies, and merge them, whether it’s an energy of an affirmation or something like an herbal medicine, and you can encode it. I don’t totally understand that. I have experimented and tried it before, and I do feel shifts.

The way I look at issues is going into other philosophies and theories, but I truly believe that we have patterns in our lives. If I’m continuously being met with a specific issue, for example, a feeling of being disconnected, and then I see that pattern in my life, I feel disconnected, my heart feels disconnected from my brain, my body feels disconnected from different experiences, or I feel disconnected and comes out in a myriad of ways, let’s say I called the issue specifically disconnection, or maybe I have an issue with being guilty, or I have an issue with being resentful, or I have an issue with being overpowered, or whatever is that experiential happening in my life, whether it’s coming up through a person, place, thing or situation, what I’ll do is I will write an affirmation that’s highly focused on identifying that this is my issue. I own it. It’s not that I have to like it, condone it, or want to recreate it, but I want to own it so I can shift my energy field and liberate my perspective to come into contact with what it is meant to be.

For example, when I liberate the disconnection, I can now focus on connection and having more of that thing you need to do with other people. When I put the affirmation in the Bloc, I will focus on a release specifically handwritten and the Bloc itself through just paper. I literally have notebooks everywhere, and I’ll just write it down.

There’s something about that release on the page, whether it’s actually like an expression. I’m acknowledging the pattern. I’m embracing it by noting where it’s happening in my life, experiencing it in an embodied way, tapping into that, and then expressing it through writing. Then, I will say the affirmation out loud and place it in the Quantum Bloc to saturate as I’m personally processing the release of that issue and seeing the shift in my life.

In terms of development, if I have a focus, for example, if I’m focused on cultivating abundance or, let’s say, something more specific, 75 new leads or something of that nature, I’ll place that in the bloc. It frees me into the development and the flow of the energy beginning to bring that about. Their products have been amazing. I don’t know if we have time, but I have one story. This is where I was like, “Oh, my gosh. Should I share it?”

Absolutely. Let’s go.

If you can do the shadow work, your awareness and openness become more graceful.

Okay. I feel like there are a lot of messages here. For example, when I first got this H.E.A.L Capsule, I was going through a rough time with someone in my family. I was on the phone with him, and he said, “You can’t do that.” It was simple, and it was about buying a townhouse. He said, “You can’t do that.” I literally thought to myself out loud, “Well, actually, I can, and how?”

That was the first time. Usually, I would believe it. I would think, “Oh, I don’t have the capacity to do that. I would never be able to be that.” I would literally be like, “That person is right.” I would have handed over my power in a sense, but it was the first time in that situation, similar to saying no to the golf thing to say yes to other aspects of myself. It was like, instead of believing me, I can’t, I felt like, “Oh, I can and how.”

One of the qualities of the H.E.A.L Capsule is an inner healer. When I think about the inner healer, it’s that pattern of being capable of healing, working through my experiences, and creating a life I desire. I can access my power of choice to choose how I perceive experiences, interact with them, interpret them, and make practical choices. If I can close my eyes and focus on the best version of myself, how can I choose choices in alignment with that and begin with a statement that I can’t make?

It just blocks us from that access because it doesn’t matter if I can do it now. But being on the journey of that self-actualization is a perfect companion commitment to the intent of growth. I think it provides healing energy and aligns with that whole trajectory.

What you were describing is taking something you’re feeling, a disconnect or dissociation from, and then writing that down, putting it into the Quantum Bloc or Infinity Bloc. That reminds me of shadow work, a different kind of shadow work. I love this quote. I saw this recently online. “It’s a common misconception that the shadow is home to the worst parts of ourselves, but this is false. The shadow is home to the rejected parts of ourselves. And for this reason, the shadow is full of untapped potential and creativity.”

Wow. I love that.

I also coincidentally, of course, there are no coincidences. I happened to see a video on the YouTube homepage about this shadow work and how it related to a movie called The Black Swan. It’s just really impactful for me. I watched that and could see how an event happened that same day, yesterday, with our neighbor. I got very angry with her because she bulldozed over us. She had a construction crew, a skid steer, and a dump truck that used our property and dumped a huge mound of dirt right in front of our house, not hers.

It got on our grass and the street, and then she had the construction crew drive over our property to get to her backyard and trampled over thousands of dollars worth of landscaping. It just made a horrible mess, pulled out bushes and things. It was upsetting. I haven’t gotten that angry in a while. I yelled at her. I’m ashamed to say that. Well, I’m not ashamed, but it’s embarrassing. It’s not who I want to show up as. It’s not how I want to show up, so that’s part of my shadow.

Also, I got triggered by the way that she did this. It was very manipulative. You know the adage, ask for forgiveness rather than permission? She waited until the very last moment and then asked my wife, Orion, if they could just access the backyard through our property from the side. It might disturb or ruin some grass, but she would get that replanted and fix everything. She misrepresented what they were doing.

There are these huge tracks now. It looks like a second driveway on the other side of our house now. It’s done thousands of dollars worth of damage. She complained to my wife, Orion, saying, “I don’t like that man. I don’t like your husband.” Orion’s response was, “Well, I do.” Orion was getting the brunt of this neighbor’s vitriol over this incident. She still got her way. She still got all those construction crews and all the equipment into her backyard through our property and did all that damage.

I learned from watching that video on The Modern Intuitionist channel about shadow work that the things that trigger us and are so upsetting are mirrors of our hidden and disowned parts of ourselves.

Where am I bulldozing, bullying, manipulating, misrepresenting, and asking for forgiveness instead of permission when I know I should be asking for permission or omitting important details to get my way? Those behaviors are parts of me, but that’s in the shadow. I don’t want to look at that. I don’t own that. Thus, I don’t integrate it. This experience gave me a big aha in my shadow and showed me how I need to do shadow work. It’s no coincidence that this would come up in today’s conversation after that whole experience. What are your thoughts on that?

I love that because, on so many levels, people are afraid to own parts of themselves. They’re afraid because they’re used to the glass ceiling instead of the freedom that can come with owning a certain part of themselves. For example, I had an experience with someone who said all the right things, but these passive-aggressive comments came through. I just felt energetically shaken after being around them.

On so many levels, people are afraid to own parts of themselves because they’re used to the glass ceiling instead of the freedom that can come with owning a certain part of themselves.

It would be so easy. I don’t mean to be enlightened in some hierarchical way; it just means that the more you see, the more light is on certain situations and the more awareness you have. But I think the more enlightened you are, the more manipulative you can be because it would be so easy for me to twist this and make it seem that she is the villain and I am the little victim. That doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t provide peace, freedom, or integration.

When you know what’s available through shadow work, the natural curiosity comes about. You can begin to ask this question: instead of just happening to me, it’s important to note the part that feels like it’s happening to me because that’s an important part of that rite of passage. It lights the fire. That anger you felt, or that shaken feeling I felt in this specific scenario, catches your undivided attention to begin going there.

I find it when you begin to go there. Then things get interesting because what I recognize is, “Wow, this incoherence of the difference between what she was saying and what she was potentially energetically bringing forth, that incoherence I have, that sense of me feeling overpowered, how do I overpower other people?” Exactly, bulldoze over them too. What parts of me bulldoze over other parts? Maybe my brain and mind bulldoze right over my heart and its feelings to skate through the other side versus fully embodying and embracing the different lessons.

So many of us are afraid to look at the shadow because of that original quote you said. We don’t have that confidence and that enculturation that there’s something so sacred and special there, and it’s more of a retrieval. We receive more access the more we clear it, and the more we become aware of it. It’s also like a journey. It’s not like, “Oh, I checked the box of clearing disconnection.” I’m free, but parts of us become free through that awareness.

Having that intention to have that openness to looking and embracing all the parts of us while also knowing that, yes, there’s very much a business as a usual part of this game in a sense because it’s very important to be able to be direct to the neighbor, to bring things to the fore, and set your boundaries. But at the same time, if you can do this shadow work, look at the places, and own it, it becomes a lot more graceful. It becomes a lot more valuable. You just receive all of the lessons versus tapping out before you can.

That’s such a cool example that you just related. I’m super into shadow work, going there, and owning it because owning a lot of people will also be associated with blaming, faulting, or disgust of self. Those are all shadowy experiences that we can pay attention to. Like, “Okay, I feel disgusted.” That is the pattern of disgust here. There’s a sense of disdain about this certain pattern. If we can just go through a sense of connection, presence, and observation, which I think will bring in that body of compassion and unconditional love, what does that mean? No conditions.

How can I bring that to these parts that are hidden, hurting, and locked up in the closet? How much energy does it take to lock up anger or disgust? How much energy does it take to suppress and repress those experiences versus just simply beginning to express them, look at them, visit with them, and meet them where they are so that through your authentic self, all of the growth you’ve attained, and all of the light that you have, naturally can transform in your presence? I’m a huge fan of that. I found that to be so freeing.

The best part of this kind of work is that even though we have so many experiences to draw on, we know everything happens as it’s meant to.

Just one other quick thing on there. I was in this very deep meditation. It was a concentration brought about by Santo Daime, a form of ayahuasca, so it was absolutely beautiful. I have this list of realizations I had during that ceremony. One of them was the true focus on how judgment is parasitic and how observation is so healing. It showed me this with myself for my patients or things, but when we let go and detox our systems, the physical body, our minds, our hearts, all of these aspects of self, it’s like we exist. The beauty of us just simply exists.

When we bring that observation and that light instead of meeting judgment with judgment, it can be highly healing compared to that parasitic experience we received. During this experience, I saw how it poked holes in your energy field. When you’re judging instead of observing, it brings about this robust, expansive state of health, which is a lot about clearing out and releasing what no longer serves or is being called to the surface. I find all of this so interesting.

Yeah, amazing. Did you take that sheet of realizations that you wrote down and put it in the Infinity Bloc?

Very strangely enough, I was cleaning my house. I have an organizer. She uses something called the NEAT Method. I was working with her on clearing out my house. She goes, “The first step, Brooke, is to make everything visible.” I’m like, “You’re so amazing for saying that.” It’s so simple, but the way she said it in her experiences and energy.

I was looking through all my notebooks, and I just threw out my notebooks. I have hundreds. I go through one of these every three days. It’s ridiculous to keep them all, and valuing every thought in them is not the purpose. It’s more for the journey, expression, release, and throw-out.

I weirdly was looking through about 50 of the ones I haven’t thrown out yet. I opened up the page, which was a clear list of realizations. I’ve done Santo Daime twice. In the first experience, I had a clear list of realizations. It’s right on top of my quantum bloc, but I had them in my infinity bloc for about a year to help that processing period. Anybody who’s experienced something like Santo Daime or ayahuasca probably knows that it’s a continual process.

At this point, I feel like I’ve processed a lot of the material, but you still circle back around to it. You still have those reminders. Because you experience the concepts in the ceremony, every sentence I have on the paper feels like an embodied experience. I’m so glad I accidentally flipped to that page and that notebook.

No accident.

I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, thank goodness. This is great. I can’t believe I almost threw this out.”

Yeah. That wasn’t an accident. That was on purpose, right?


There are no accidents, and there’s nothing random.

Health is a springboard to growth.

Nothing random.

Speaking of which, about my shadow work and the whole experience from yesterday, last night, I was guided to look up quotes by Marcus Aurelius. I felt he was talking to me and wanted to help me. I ended up on a page on Goodreads with some of his quotes. None of those quotes resonated with me at that moment. I set the phone down and did other things, but then I came back to it. I felt like I was getting nudged again to go back, and there was a load more button to load more quotes.

I’m hesitating. I’m hovering my finger over it and thinking, do I have time to keep digging through these? Okay, maybe one more. I hit load. The very next quote is this, which is spooky. “How much time does he gain who does not look to see what his neighbor says, does, or thinks, but only at what he does himself to make it just and holy?”

Wow, I have chills. That is wild. The best part of this kind of work is that even though we have so many experiences that we can draw on, we know everything happens as it’s meant to. It’s all magical in that way, that delight, that surprise, and that serendipity and the confirmation of our intuition; it never ceases to be so delightful every single time. I think that’s part of that reminder of that childlike wonder, but it’s just amazing when you open up to that. It’s just amazing. That’s so cool. It’s perfect.

Awesome. Let’s move on to the other modalities you mentioned in the interview. Let’s go to flower remedies. How do you utilize flower remedies? How did you discover that this was something that was of benefit?

The flower remedy system is extraordinarily valuable for families and people because it clears difficult patterns like guilt, resentment, or jealousy.

I was in that medical anthropology class with Dr. Halberstein, and he brought in this little flower lady because they were working on a study together. She came up during the exam period. She asked if anybody was afraid of failing the finals. I have a little rescue remedy for you if you want to try.

There were only eight of us in the class, and we all walked up to experience this flower remedy that’s supposedly helpful. For some reason, Robert Halberstein had her in. He’s the most skeptical man but, weirdly, the most open-minded. So we walked up.

A rescue remedy is recommended: taking four drops of it four times a day. In my practice, I’ve been working with flower remedies for 14 years now, and I’m a certified Bach flower practitioner. I did that out of pure interest after this experience.

We also explain what happened with the flower remedy system, which is extraordinarily valuable for families and people because it makes difficult patterns, such as guilt, resentment, or jealousy, into the name of a flower. It immediately lightens them up. It allows us to clear things because my intention is to own this pattern, work on it within me, and allow it to dissolve. 

I can do that by way of a companion commitment to a flower remedy and work with this energy. They’re extraordinarily helpful in working with emotions. For example, an NAC may be great for working with addiction, detoxification of old patterns, and setting in new ones physically, which helps the mental and emotional. But I find that these work on the emotional and, in that, trickle into the physical.

In that class with that flower practitioner, she gave us a glass of water. In an emergency, you would take a rescue remedy by putting four drops in water, four to 16 drops. It depends. Then, you sip it through every two minutes. That’s what she prescribed. You sip this flower remedy every two minutes until you’re done with the water.

My friend and I are sitting in class. When we turned to each other, I said, “Hey, Nikki, do you feel anything?” She goes, “Yeah, I do, do you?” I’m like, “Yes, I do feel something.” I was having roommate issues at the time. I walked into my apartment at the time, and I felt like I was on the Harry Potter, Felix Felicis, that little lucky potion that they have because I didn’t feel the tension in the apartment that I had been feeling tension for the last three months in the apartment.

I said, “I’m not walking on eggshells right now. I’m like, that’s weird.” Nikki and I came back to class the following Wednesday. It was a Wednesday night class. We decided to go to Whole Foods because they have all 38 Bach flower remedies and rescue available there.

We were looking through them. Her dad had cancer at the time, so she bought a bunch for her dad, and they ended up being very helpful. I was just so interested because one of the things I’ve always struggled with is body image and a disgust of body, different things. There’s one called Crabapple.

At the time, I had cystic acne. When I would look in the mirror, I just felt this immense disgust. I wish I had before and after pictures at that time because that’d probably be great for my business, but I think I hated all of the pictures of myself so much. I tried to eradicate and delete every single one of them.

This Crabapple was such a turning point because instead of meeting that with judgment, I was naturally beginning to observe my face and not make it more than it was. It was so helpful on so many levels. From that space, I took the training and started to work with them.

Our lack of confidence and cultural conditioning keep us from examining our shadow, which hinders our ability to experience its transformative potential. Share on X

Before I started my practice in grad school, I gained a social media following from my work with flower remedies. I was starting to coach people. I owned a company called Bach Flower Shop. I still have the website, but I would ship these personal remedies all across the country, make them for people, and formulate them.

What a cool way to have something, a companion commitment, that works for so many people while also setting the intention. I would give them an affirmation about the flower remedy. We would bring that process of clearing about in that way. I would teach courses throughout Orlando and different things like that on the remedies. That’s how I got my start.

From there, my toolbox expanded by being able to do everything, all the things with holistic medicine, different herbs and vitamins, and different things like that. I have different protocols that stabilize it because I find all this interesting. It’s easy to have a cabinet that’s A through Z, spending tens of thousands of dollars on all of this stuff. But I keep it simple for people, so it brings in that torque of continual confidence, moving forward versus just like the one step forward, two steps back.

Especially at the beginning of my work with people, it’s about how I shift into a healing mode versus constantly having that waiver. I’ll bring in a core supplement protocol. This food-based supplement protocol is therapeutic and symptomatic, but we stay focused on that core to begin to access that regeneration and move forward. We have a core diet and different lifestyle changes based on their vulnerabilities.

When something simply works, it’s profound, especially in health.

I’m also happy to talk about that, but that’s what I find. Flower remedies have a very special space in that, even for children. They’re effective with plants and animals, too. But for children, you need to be able to teach them how to look at something like guilt and be like, “Hey, look at it. See how it’s affecting you.” They could read about the little flower and how it has the potential to shift. It just lightens it right away. It’s such a great dialogue. Many therapists recommend feelings charts, and they have that with Bach flowers, too, the light and the dark side of different things and how they can transform. I think it’s a cool system.

Amazing. When you were sharing your disgust for your body, what popped into my mind was a practitioner. You and she are meant to connect and work together. You could have clients of yours and patients work with her, too.

She does something that’s quite extraordinary. She uses muscle testing on herself while she’s having you recite things that will help her pinpoint where you have different trapped emotions and imprints from earlier in your life or even past lives, pinpoint where those are in your body, and what those relate to whether it’s disgust, anger, hatred, or whatever, and what it ties into, what kind of situation, experience, or trauma so that you can release that. She helps you release that and then replace the imprint with a new one.

She’s amazing. Everyone I’ve referred to her who’s seen her has been very happy and gotten breakthroughs. She’s awesome. Her name is Jaye Lasko. I learned about her through another guest on this podcast, Aaron Scotti. He’s the executive producer of The Peanut Butter Falcon, a great little movie about a boy with Down syndrome coming of age. I highly recommend you chat with her. She’s very inexpensive for what she offers. I will connect with you if you’d like.

I would love that. I feel like having a great referral database is so important. It’s such a fun way to talk to people in the field as well. I love that approach. Definitely, I would love her information.

That referral database, me, I call it my psychic seal team.

I love that. That’s awesome.

Yeah. I’ll send that whole list to people when I feel inspired or get the nudge. I always get good feedback about that. These are really highly curated by me and by my guides. They’re not charlatans, and they’re not posers. They’re legit.

That’s one of the things I realized. That counselor that I worked with, I was like, “Oh, I would love to begin to do it.” She does because I felt seen for the first time. Actually, I started working with her when I was 19. I’m 34 now, so 15 years ago. I still work with her to this day.

I have never, ever had a session with her. I worked with her every week forever, every other week, once a month—it just depends on our schedules. I literally have never had an experience with her where I didn’t have so much freedom and light as we went through it. I just think that was one of the things that blew my mind.

We are so used to working with practitioners in this country and working with different things that don’t work. When something simply works, it’s profound, especially in health. That’s what’s so cool about a list like that. It has been effective. You’ve experienced yourself differently. That’s super powerful.

Awesome. You also referred a little bit ago to N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). I looked it up. What does that do? What kind of situations would you want to use NAC for?

Absolutely. Do you want me to expand on the core protocol, like what I would have?

Let’s do that, and then you can include NAC in your protocol explanation.

Sometimes, the simplest changes can shift you into a profound healing direction and spiral of growth. Share on X

When I work with a patient, I do a full intake and then run labs. We do a treatment plan on the second visit. I call that the case review process. From that space, we partner together. We focus more on the counseling aspects and check in on the health plan to make sure it’s integrating. 

Health and growth are like the chicken and the egg. If they are working properly, they can spiral up together. Health can be such a springboard to growth. But if you’re not growing, you’re not going to be healthy.

Supplements can get complicated, so I try to have a system for them. My patients can put medication in this if they’d like. They can put whatever they want, but these concepts are very organized.

We have a core supplement plan based more on evolutionary biology. How can we meet the criteria and replete the depleted nutrients, have systems for detox in this day and age and work with the stress response to shift into a healing mode all the time? What I do is place supplements in three categories to keep it simple.

AM is in the morning. We want the things that support cortisol levels. PM Plus is between 12 and 2. We want to support energy production throughout the day. At night, before bed, we want the things that create a sense of calm and connection and help us wind down so we can sleep deeply, wake up the next day full of energy, and that kind of thing.

I typically have certain things, like multivitamins, specific to each patient. I use a variety of brands, and I’m happy to provide links to my thoughts on them and everything else.

That would be great. 

Awesome. We have tons of free information on my website. I’ll do a multivitamin, often a probiotic, an enzyme to help break down the food, and then something to help sleep. A lot of times, it’s more of an inositol or a magnesium glycinate. These things are gentler and not so pharmacological because when you get into things like estrogen or progesterone, it becomes a little bit more downstream.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) liberates a lot of natural energy in the system and helps detox the body.

If your body functions properly, it can make that out of the food. It can be built up in that way to access that. Even though they can be great tools, I would put them in more of a therapeutic to a symptomatic category in terms of how I think about things.

I often put NAC and L-theanine in this core category for two reasons. NAC is great for detox, and I always have something for detox in this core protocol, too. It just depends. It’ll either be at night before bed. I have this Liver GI detox supplement I like that has things like NAC that have DIM, different things like that, to help detoxify the body.

I would put that at night. But a lot of times, I’ll use NAC instead of that. I’ll put it in the AM and PM plus categories. It liberates a lot of natural energy in the system. It helps to detox the body specifically.

What I find strange is that it helps break addictive patterns and reflexes. I’ll use that in AM and PM plus to naturally make change easier for my patients. Something very similar that I will use in that category is theanine. L-theanine is a component of matcha tea. That’s where you could find it naturally, but it’s very helpful in bringing about a calm focus. It makes that observational state easier to access, almost like when you come off a meditation.

So often, we’re meeting experiences that we don’t necessarily have great data to utilize. For example, if I have food issues, every time I go to eat, I will typically have an aversion. I’m going to feel contracted and distressed. If I bring something like NAC to clear out the old and bring in the new pattern to allow it to take hold, that makes it easier to access that change. But then, bringing in something like L-theanine can help relax the system and engage a new pattern as we begin to focus on eating differently.

We can have that traumatic distress response for many reasons because subconsciously, unconsciously, the food is not good for us; it’s a mismatch, and it’s not in alignment with health and with the experiences that we’re working towards. There could also be different ideologies and certain perspectives when it comes to food.

Finding the right diet in a practical sense will often ease that tension. But something like theanine, once we are working with it, can make it easier to digest and assimilate things. That’s why we have a digestive enzyme in there, too.

I find NACs like an out with the old, in with the new. It breaks addictive cycles in many people while also being helpful for energy, focus, and other things. That’s what we’ll do with the core, and then we have the different categories to organize.

Before you get into those other ones, I want to point out something I read. This is surprising, but it makes sense when you look at how the body works behind the curtain. Gut health and mental health are inextricably linked. If you don’t have the right kinds of bacteria in your gut, you could end up with depression or anxiety. That was surprising to me.

Faith in ourselves unlocks new concepts and a genuine desire for transformation.

I found an article on the Harvard Medical School website about the gut-brain connection and how anxiety, depression, and so forth are linked to an unhealthy gut microbiome. That was interesting, and it would be life-saving for some if they heard that. They know somebody who is suffering from depression, but they don’t have a good balance of the right bacteria in their gut. They take a certain probiotic or some gut health assessment, find where the imbalances are, and then work to correct that, which could be quite healing.

Totally. I had one patient whose parents had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars going to all the hospitals across the United States. They were from Orlando, Florida. Somebody randomly referred them to me. I was practicing acupuncture at the time as well. I was doing these more functional medicine counseling experiences, and then we would go into acupuncture to help process it and set those patterns in the physical body.

They had spent tons of money, resources, and time looking for solutions. He had issues with depression and energy issues. He wasn’t able to focus in school. He was a freshman in college at Rollins, and he was just a local college in Orlando. He was having these horrible, horrible gut pains.

I kid you not, and we removed gluten and dairy for the most part. He wasn’t strict about the diet. The only supplement he could stomach and found useful was a digestive enzyme. He started taking that, and everything changed. It’s obviously not always that simple.

His parents are amazing people, but my first reaction was anger because it could have been so simple after all of the testing. This random doctor in Orlando said, “Hey, take a digestive enzyme, remove gluten and dairy, and let’s see where you land.” My first reaction was rage.

It wasn’t necessarily at me because they were equally happy that their son was feeling better. He was able to be social again. He was playing basketball with his friends. He could study and attend class. He could eat at Chipotle, which he was so excited about because that’s a social thing in college—they go to Chipotle.

If we begin to have access to that faith in ourselves, we can explore new concepts with a different kind of curiosity versus a need.

He could eat at Chipotle with his friends and take digestive enzymes. He felt like he could manage his health. Sometimes, changes can be so simple, and that’s a lot of what I’ll look for in the initial work with the patient. Where are the simple changes and things that we can do to begin shifting some points in the healing direction?

If you’re at 42%, healing that will feel like the car is in reverse, it’s dark outside. But if you get that 42% to 51%, 56%, 65%, just throw little points here and there, it’s like, “Okay, now I’m driving forward.” Now, the light of day, big difference, forward, reverse, dark, light, so different. That’s where a lot of confidence will come in. I find that just knowing, like, “Okay, I’m on a track. I’m in a process yielding progress,” so I have more peace moving forward because I see the lived experience of beginning to feel better.

What you were describing with their rage at how they’d spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and traveled all over the country to try to solve this problem for their son, and then some random doctor—of course, nothing is random. Everything is divinely orchestrated. I think that underlines the importance of being in a place of flow and attraction.

Attract the solution, be in a place of openness and a growth mindset, know that everything happens for a reason, trust in the creator, and there’s a larger plan. If you are devoid of that, and you’re just trying everything and chasing after every lead in a place of lack and desperation, which makes sense if, I’m not faulting them, they were at their wit’s end, but it also is going against the flow of the universe to feel alone, separate, and desperate. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that.

I love that. This is the first podcast I’ve been on where things like past lives can be touched on psychedelics, this openness, and this truth of attraction that everyone knows is so real and they have experienced. But for some reason, people have difficulty being open and having it in conversation.

It’s changing a lot now with the younger generations. I have two little brothers, one ten years younger than me. I remember showing him these flower remedies, and he was like, this is so cool. I said, “Oh gosh, don’t tell anyone I’m doing this yet.” I don’t know what I’m doing. He was showing his friends.

He was in a frat, and all his friends had rescue remedies. They thought it was the coolest thing. They started using the vitamins he was on to study for their test. I completely agree. If any part of us is open to consciously growing, everything begins to rework itself in that direction.

That’s where it’s this interesting aspect of observing the mind that wants to go, do, and try new things after new, shiny objects. But then, if we can have that ability to just come back, reconnect, reset, remember, and remind ourselves of a foundation, we’re always growing and healing. We’re always growing and healing, no matter what.

If we can just begin to have access to that faith in ourselves, then we can explore these new concepts with a different kind of curiosity versus a need. They’re more like exploration. There are different ways of bridging those other sides and many multidimensional ways. But I think as long as there’s that crack of openness and not a constant shutting down, then it’s just so inevitable.

When you get that little light of somebody seeing you, it’s like something hits home.

Yeah. It reminds me of the story of the Golden Buddha. Do you know the story?

I do not know the story.

Back in the 13th century, there was a golden Buddha in a village. The villagers heard that an army was coming. Of course, they would have left with the golden Buddha. What they did was they disguised it. They put mud and plaster all over it, making it look like a stone Buddha. Sure enough, when the army came, they thought it was just a stone Buddha and left it alone. Eventually, the people passed, and everyone forgot what that Buddha was. It was golden.

Fast forward to the 1950s, and it gets a crack. It shows the gold underneath. They carefully removed all the stone, all the plaster and everything that looked like a stone on the outside, and it revealed this beautiful, very expensive golden Buddha. It’s like who we are. We forget because it’s the veil of forgetting. That’s how this life works. You’re supposed to forget who you are and then find your way home together. We’re all just walking each other home, as Ram Dass said.

That’s one of my favorite quotes. I think it’s so beautiful and so true. It’s like the times we can’t see ourselves. When you get that little light of somebody seeing you, it’s like something hits home. I know that’s one of the feelings I got with my counselor, who I’ve been working with forever.

It was the first time she saw right through me, through all the BS, all the distractions, all of the things I was so good at, saying right into my heart. Just that little moment, I couldn’t not see myself anymore. It was a continual thing. It is a constant thing. That’s so beautiful.

When you talked about how we need to remember who we are and that golden Buddha story came into my mind, I thought that’s an appropriate way to end this episode, to share that story and remember that we are the golden Buddha, not the stone one.

I love that. Thank you so much for having me, Stephan.

I know we’re at the end of the episode here. How do our listeners sign up if they are intrigued and interested in working with you? Where do they go? Where do we send them to? Where do we send them if they just want to learn from you and follow you?

Absolutely. is a great place to go. We have a heartbeat. It’s a little video training. Honestly, it’s just concepts that come through. They’re very much like channeled little concepts that I just can’t wait to bring out into the world. That’s every Sunday in our email newsletter. Of course, we’re sharing a bunch of information through there. We offer free consults and a free 7-day mind-body reset, but you can receive all that if you head over to and sign up on the list. You’ll see everything we have available.

Awesome. Thank you, Brooke. Thank you, listener. Thank you for being open-minded, exploratory, and curious. We’ll catch you on the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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?Practice shadow work. Observe and embrace the rejected parts of myself without judgment to unlock my untapped potential and creativity.

?Explore flower remedies to lighten and transform difficult emotional patterns like guilt, resentment, or jealousy. They provide a compassionate way to work through emotions.

?Implement a core supplement protocol tailored to my body’s needs for replenishing nutrients, detoxification, and stress response support.

?Try or learn more about N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) to help break addictive cycles, support detoxification, and boost energy and focus.

?Discover more about L-Theanine to promote a calm, observant state that makes it easier to establish new patterns and perspectives.

?Eliminate gluten and dairy to address gut health issues. Dr. Brooke suggests taking a digestive enzyme supplement.

?Look for simple changes to shift me toward healing and build confidence through visible progress. My true divine essence may be temporarily obscure but can be revealed through the journey.

?Maintain an openness to growth; even a small crack of openness inevitably leads to expansion and healing.

?Practice embodying concepts learned through experiences, not just intellectualizing them, to integrate the wisdom fully.

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