Episode 255 |

A Remarkable Business and Life with Seth Godin

This interview, which was originally featured on my Marketing Speak podcast is so incredibly relevant in these turbulent times of 2020. My wise and wonderful guest, Seth Godin, has been such an influential force in my business, and in so many others.  Seth knows a thing or two about weathering the ups and downs of making a business succeed—he is an expert in prioritizing long-term survival over short-term profitability. He also knows a thing or two about unleashing viruses—no, not the awful kind that causes global shutdowns, I’m talking about unleashing idea viruses!  He’s written books on these exact topics, in fact, and many others. I often remember Seth saying, “when in doubt, get back to the reason why you started a business in the first place.” Which feels like great advice for this moment in time. Stay tuned as I go deep and philosophical about marketing, compassion, and resilience with the man with the iconic yellow glasses.

Episode 254 |

The Great Game of Business with Steve Baker

You’re probably familiar with the saying, a rising tide lifts all boats, which was part of a very moving speech by President Kennedy.  My guest today, Steve Baker, is someone who has made a career out of ingraining this concept to people in business. Steve is vice president of The Great Game of Business, Inc., and co-author, with Rich Armstrong, of Get In The Game: How To Create Rapid Financial Results And Lasting Cultural Change. This book is the how-to application of Jack Stack’s 1992 bestseller, The Great Game of Business, and it includes some really valuable tools, templates, and exercises. Steve is a top-rated speaker and coach, and he has a wealth of information to impart on business management and corporate culture.  In today’s episode we get into cracking open the financials to your employees in open-book management, and really engaging them around the numbers. We talk about demystifying business so that it’s approachable, and the ownership mindset that makes all the difference for people on the frontlines to really be invested in the success of the business. So, if you want to get in on some really high-level business strategy innovation, you’re not going to want to miss today’s show!

Episode 253 |

How to Be Productive in These Strange Times with Mike Vardy

Today, as I’m recording this, it’s World Productivity Day. And no, I didn’t make that up. As a productivity enthusiast, I took massive action yesterday and convinced Mike “The Productivityist” Vardy to join me for a livestream which we just finished broadcasting on Facebook. We covered topics as diverse as fear versus will, feeding the soil versus feeding the plants, modeling instead of teaching, habit stacking, the power of combining intention with attention, what to do when you break the chain of a new daily habit, and much more.  Mike Vardy is a renowned productivity strategist, speaker, and author of The Front Nine and the upcoming book, TimeCrafting. He’s also my productivity coach and my friend. Let’s dive in!

Episode 252 |

The Blueprint to Sustainable Growth with David Finkel

If you have the idea in your mind that success in business automatically comes at great personal sacrifice, you haven’t gotten into the Maui mindset yet!  My guest today, David Finkel is the founder and CEO of Maui Mastermind, one of the world's premier business coaching companies helping businesses in the $1-50 million range build their companies and get their lives back. David’s the author of 12 books, including his latest, The Freedom Formula, which will help you operationalize working smarter. No, you don’t have to kill yourself working nights, weekends, and family vacations to be successful. When you scale your business the right way, you get growth AND you get increased freedom. How?  Well, in this episode David and I talk about effective ways to hire and manage teams without micromanaging. We talk about delegating outcomes versus delegating tasks. We get into the distinction between grow players and role players, and why they are both indispensable for different reasons. We discuss Big Rock Reports, and so much more. Is your curiosity piqued? Well, if you want to find out ways to work smarter and you want tools for living a successful, balanced life, then you’re in the right place! Now, on with the show!

Episode 251 |

Revealing Your Unconscious Motivators and Triggers with Debra Levine

You may be familiar with assessments such as Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, DISC and StrengthsFinder – and may have even taken them or encouraged friends, family, or staff to take them. There’s one assessment I was completely unaware of until recently, and I’m guessing you hadn’t heard of it either, and it’s called PRINT. And I have to say, it rocked my world. This is nothing like your typical personality test, it truly is next level. I got exposed to PRINT through Strategic Coach, a mastermind I'm a part of. After taking the assessment, I attended a webinar about PRINT taught by Debra Levine, the co-creator of PRINT. After hearing Debra speak, I knew I had to have her on my show. Debra and her PRINT co-creator, Paul Hertz, realized there was an indisputable connection between motivation and performance. They actually proved scientifically that many of the “blockers” to improving individual and organizational performance were rooted in people’s underlying motivational traits. PRINT is not an acronym, it's short for Motivational Imprint. Once you know your motivational imprint, you know what unconsciously motivates you to be in your best self, and just as importantly, what triggers drive you in your shadow self. This is valuable to know about yourself and about others. Think of the power to elevate the relationship you have with your significant other, or your boss, or your colleagues, or your direct reports. This could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Debra very generously offered a discount code for $100 off, which I will share at the end of this episode. Now, without any further ado, let’s get right into it with Debra.