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By: Stephan Spencer


Truth Calkins
“Jing works like a battery or bank account. If you can build more Jing than you leak, you’ll create a strong life force that illuminates knowledge and allows you to live a full life.”
Truth Calkins

May the Jing be with you. After this episode, you should be well on your way!

Get ready to tap into some ancient wisdom on longevity as we connect with health coach, aka, the Jing Master, Truth Calkins.

In this episode, Truth shares his incredible health transformation after suffering from chronic infections, along with insights from running the legendary Erewhon Tonic Bar. As a Taoist tonic herbalist, he unveils the power of herbs like ginseng, reishi, and cordyceps for boosting Jing – our primal essence and life force. Truth touches on practices like yoga, meditation, and making fermented foods to stop leaking this precious life force, as well as advanced biohacks like EWOT to maximize cardio fitness. With over 20 years of experience, he provides a wealth of knowledge on optimizing your mind, body, and spirit. From kundalini awakenings to manifesting miracles, this master teacher radiates an inspiring light.

This knowledge-packed episode, chock full of ancient Chinese wisdom on health and vitality, will expand your consciousness and reveal secrets to living a long and energized life. So without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:02]Truth Calkins shares his journey of discovering the benefits of natural health practices, including herbs and supplements, after experiencing health issues in his late 20s.
  • [04:13]Truth speaks about the body ecology diet and various herbal remedies he explored to rejuvenate his body and improve his health.
  • [11:05]Truth describes his experience with the Five Tibetan Rites and how it transformed his health, including a Kundalini experience and improved sleep, sexual energy, and stress levels.
  • [18:43]Stephan and Truth discuss the Chinese energy concepts: Jing, Qi, and Shen.
  • [22:06]Truth elaborates on the benefits of tonics and herbal remedies for a balanced mind and improved nervous system.
  • [24:20]Truth discusses the benefits of Reishi mushroom and its different types. He mentions some mushroom-based supplements he prefers.
  • [35:12]Truth highlights the unique properties of methylene blue as an antioxidant and a redox agent.
  • [44:35]Stephan requests Truth provide further details about exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT).
  • [48:49]Truth tackles the benefits of a ketogenic diet and fasting for slowing down aging and reversing age-related diseases, including protein supplements he recommends.
  • [53:57]Truth stresses the importance of investing in high-quality herbal supplements for longevity and overall health.
  • [69:42]Truth emphasizes the need to reduce Jing leaks from stress, emotionalism, and addiction so that you can build Qi.

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Truth, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you. It’s good to be here.

How did you get started with focusing on herbs, supplementation, ketogenic diets, and all that?

My parents were very naturopathic-oriented. I had a hippie upbringing. They were into all the cutting-edge, alternative health stuff of their time. I remember as a kid in the 70s, I left home in my mid-late teens to a boarding school in Europe, with a normal lifestyle and food, which was quite different from my healthy upbringing. By the end of my 20s, I started getting some serious health problems.

After going through regular allopathic doctor stuff and not being satisfied with the results I was getting, I just really went back to my roots. My mom’s voice just having been dragged around health stories as a little kid in the 70s, hearing grown-ups talk about herbs and things like ginseng, just feeling the mystical lore around it.

In my later 20s, when I was a young man, independent, and I needed to be more responsible for my health, have a higher level of fitness performance, and couldn’t accept getting sick all the time, I had to get back into it. I had a head start because my belief system was already there. I knew that if I went back and harnessed the laws of nature, it just meant a little work, a little lifestyle change, a little diet change, but I knew if I did it, there was unlimited potential to help myself with that.

It was like reopening that treasure chest as a young adult. I had abandoned that system for a long time and lived a normal life and a normal diet. I was doing fine and having a great time until certain things were not starting to do fine, and then I wanted better. I went back to that treasure chest with nature and started to re-explore all of it, study it, fall in love with it, and make it a hobby, a passion, and apply it to my life to the point where I got sucked into the health industry.

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What were some benefits of returning to your roots and adapting to this new lifestyle? Did you heal all gut issues and things like that? What was the immediate repercussion of it? 

It was more of a journey than I thought. Some stuff I tried didn’t do that much benefit. I was a little naive in the beginning. I think a lot of people are when they start. But the main thing is that I had an open heart to try alternative things. I knew if I found the right thing, there’d be something good there.

I tried a lot of things that were not that good. I made a lot of mistakes in the alternative health scene. I had some grounded core knowledge from my parents because they were pretty hardcore naturopathic. I remember stuff from them as a kid that did help. But then, a couple of years into it, I started getting better.

When I first started juicing and doing a little bit of wheatgrass shots, that definitely helped. I tried a lot of megavitamin therapy, reading books by Paavo Airola, Norman Walker, and Bernard Jensen. It didn’t do anything for me. Wellness formulas in the beginning, when I discovered echinacea and goldenseal, my first most common go-to, I keep getting sick. I go into health food stores and ask, “Do you have something in the supplement section?”

Those helped in the beginning, but then they weren’t helping me any longer. I had the chronic Epstein-Barr virus. It has weakened my immune system. I had seven years of recurring antibiotic use starting at age 20 that led to systemic candidiasis. Those things, together with pushing myself hard, created chronic fatigue syndrome.

When I found the body ecology diet, after trying lots of random diets and not knowing what was helping, that system of healing, which is macrobiotic, is keto. It’s very low carb, includes a lot of culture probiotic foods, cleans the colon, the liver, and the lymph system, lowers chronic undiagnosed systemic infections like viral infections and Candida, and regains your immune system and digestion. That system started to change my life. Then I had a guide, a plan. I learn to make my kefir and my sauerkraut. I learned how to combine food.

Food is your medicine. I put the time into making food. I learned to detoxify my colon. It cleanses. I finally got over the fear factor and did a colonic, and it had such incredible results. I did 20 and felt the spiritual change with the purification. I was trying to improve my health to continue my acting career in my late 20s and be able to keep up my graphic design career, which is what I did to support myself financially since I left school.

I was struggling with those things because of getting flu over and over again. I took so many antibiotics because they seemed to work in the beginning for the Streptococcus pyogenes infections that I would get in the ears, nose, and throat areas. But after a while, my body got immune to doctor-prescribed antibiotics. I had to go natural.

After discovering the body ecology diet, I was looking for more things to rejuvenate myself. I felt like I had experienced premature aging from chronic fatigue. Ginseng led me down the path of discovering the three treasured tonic herbs: Ron Teeguarden, Jing Herbs, and the Three Treasures (Taoism). Those herbs were a whole other world that taught me how to rejuvenate my body.

I spent time in nature. I practice internal exercises, Qigong meditation, yoga, and tai chi. I’ve tried a lot of different things. I didn’t notice many rejuvenation benefits until I spent about three months doing a set of yoga exercises called the Five Tibetan Rites. Some people may have heard of it or not. It’s a quick set of old Hindu yoga that works on the core chakra energy centers with seven major endocrine glands. If you do it properly and you stick with it, it’s powerful.

I read the book, it blew me away. I didn’t know if it was true, though, if all these wonderful things would happen, so I did them. By month three, I had a Kundalini experience. It just changed my life. Nothing else had changed my program; I knew it was the rites.

I stopped the other four hours a day of internal exercises I was doing. I set myself up that period to not work and move into a cheap, affordable place to live close to nature up in the hills in Los Angeles so that I could devote 100% of my time to creating my health program, to doing the body ecology diet, making the cultured foods, making my meals, learning how to detox, reading health books, learning to meditate, spend time in nature, because I also had gone through quite a bit of stress before that period when the chronic fatigue kicked in.

That period was so valuable. I was like a health monk for three years. I didn’t work and had to pay any bills. I sold everything, lived cheaply, and didn’t see family very much. I cut off friends. I got a little lonely the first year, but then I went through a spiritual synching into that, surrendering, letting go, and then discovering all these treasures to all these health books I was reading.

In month three of practicing The Five Tibetan Rites while being celibate and taking kidney Jing herbs to regenerate the core vitality, I burned out my adrenal energy, all three of those together and doing the body ecology diet, where I stopped all the sugar and carbs, cleaned my colon, and started to kill down the infection levels, put the probiotics that were leaking Jing because of the chronic inflammation from living with active infections, when I got the infections down, stopped leaking Jing in other areas of my life—sleep, my sexual energy, and my stress—I started to find some joy in simple living peace in nature with my Daoist routine.

I knew that if I went back and harnessed the laws of nature, I would have unlimited potential to help myself.

Once I got used to it, I passed the loneliness phase. I would call it the weaning, the die-off, the withdrawal of society of the matrix, being otherwise in my 20s, making good money, going out to bars with my friends, buying stuff all the time, shopping, going to movies. Just being a real consumer in the middle of the 90s in my mid-20s, thinking I was really hip, and then I got chronic fatigue. It forced me to change my life so radically that I went through some withdrawal. I said I had to keep going. I had no other choice.

The doctors couldn’t help me. I had a hemorrhage at age 28 after a tonsillectomy, and they tried to stop the infections. That was really scary. I kept going and then hit the breakthrough point, where I connected. I went past my addictions and then had a spiritual experience. The colonics, the massive amounts of probiotics I put in my body orally and rectally that were boosting neurotransmitters, are so great for depression. They helped reverse the panic attacks, the stress, and the anxiety I was going through.

I got to a level of spiritual happiness and connection to nature and stopped leaking Jing. I just continued doing this lifestyle. It took some time. Lo and behold, it surprised me. After a while, I started to rebuild my body, my Jing, and my life force. I felt like I had a second childhood and a chance back at life. I now had wisdom because I learned from my mistakes. That was a real gift.

That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing all that. What was the Kundalini awakening like? Can you describe the process, some of the epiphanies, and how your life changed?

When I knew the rites had done that, I had a few different Kundalini experiences over the first four years of being celibate, doing the Five Tibetan Rites, and taking these herbs. The first one made me stop the other exercises and just stick to the rites. It was three months doing the rites. I was up to 15 repetitions. You start with three, four, or five in each. You increase slowly to get up to 21 reps. You can do it twice a day, which is the maximum to get the fastest results.

I got up to 15 twice a day. I honestly couldn’t say if I noticed they were working or not. I just fell in love with the book. I wanted to believe the story that maybe it was true. I said, “I have to give this a really good, honest try.”

I found a little book, the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, by Peter Kelder, at the Bodhi Tree, which was one of the best old spiritual health bookstores in Los Angeles back in the day. It’s no longer there, but it was probably the best health and spiritual bookstore I’ve ever been to. It was open till 11 PM. I could go there for free and read books because I usually didn’t have enough money to buy them.

I was open to trying alternative things. I knew that if I found the right one, there’d be something good there.

This little book was $13, so I bought it. I went home, and I read it front to back. I couldn’t put it down; I fell in love with this story. I started with five reps. My chronic fatigue was so bad. I struggled to do five repetitions of easy exercises. I thought I was slim and fairly fit, even though I still had chronic fatigue.

I did the exercises religiously and slowly worked up to 15 reps twice a day. Three months in, I didn’t notice any benefit. Once a week, I would go Saturday mornings to the Farmers’ Market. I just coincidentally listened to one of your podcasts with David Wolfe. He mentioned the Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings in Hollywood. I used to go there every morning. Hollywood has the greatest Farmers’ Market.

I go there on Saturday mornings to buy all my cabbages to make all the body ecology diet, raw cultured vegetables, and the probiotic sauerkraut. That was a labor of practically passing out with chronic fatigue over the juicer, pushing cabbage through the chute, and then I’m exhausted.

Every Saturday afternoon, my ritual hobby was to hike—I’ve always been a hiker growing up in Northern California, where I live. I’d go up to Mount Hollywood, and I want to hike to the top of the hill just to get out in nature and see the trees and the fresh air, and I love it. But my chronic fatigue syndrome was pretty bad.

I could walk a quarter of a mile. I could go around one corner on the same fire road, get around the next corner, get about halfway up that first hill, and the chronic fatigue would hit me like a wall. It was just total exhaustion that would make me feel depressed again because it just reminded me that I was still sick. I would just have to turn around, walk back home, and go to bed for hours to rest just to be able to recover enough to function.

After that, I attempted to do that same hike, that same trail, every Saturday afternoon for three months with no improvement. Then, this one Saturday, three months in, I hit the same point of the hill, and the same wall of weakness came over me, but something weird happened. This little voice inside me said, “Truth, just push it a little bit harder today than normal.” My conscious, logical mind is saying, “I’m exhausted. No way. This sucks. I want to go home and go to bed like a dog with my tail between my legs, just crawling home.”

I heard this little voice in me. I don’t know if it was my soul or a spirit guide. Something said, “Just try a little harder this week. Even though you’re exhausted, push yourself.” So I did. I tried to go a little harder.

Within a few moments, something happened. It felt like water, like air, like a floodgate, like a valve opened from my base. It came up gently, smoothly opened up everything, especially from the base of the spine, like light and oxygen. I was suffocating for two years, three years, and I didn’t know it like I was deprived of oxygen or I don’t know what.

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder

It came on, and suddenly, my peripheral vision expanded, my breathing opened up, my attitude improved, I got happy, and all the exhaustion was like, “Poof!” It just faded away softly within moments. My stride opened up to this fast hiking stride. I’m 5’10” but can hike five miles an hour when I’m fit. I have a wide hiking speed that I like to go when hiking hard to get good exercise. I always used to hike like that.

I started hiking fast and hard with a wide stride. I hadn’t done that in three years. I went all over the Hollywood Hills till past dark and sat at the top of Mount Hollywood, looking down on Los Angeles, this massive city with all these flat streets. The feeling of this new me was born. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, something happened. If I feel this good every day, my life has changed. I can conquer my dreams. I can go back to anything I want to do, and nothing can stop me.”

I was so happy and so excited, but I was also logically thinking, “What caused that? Where did that come from?” Because I’d been doing all this hard work on myself—everything perfect, eating right, detoxing—and nothing was improving.

It was so slow. These chronic infections I had were stubborn. They were deep. It took me years to overcome them. To this day, I am still careful about how I manage them so they don’t come back, just like a cancer patient who may overcome it naturally and has to understand how to stay in a remission state with their immune system.

It doesn’t come back. I’ve learned to do that with chronic infections, and hence, I’ve become very good with infections. But I analyzed my program for the last three months, and I just knew it in my heart and my gut: it’s the Five Tibetan Rites. There’s nothing else.

The next day, I was excited. I went to the park, hit the grass early in the morning, did my set of Five Tibetan Rites, and then other things started to happen. I noticed my buttocks muscles were stronger when I walked away from the rites. I stand up, and when I take each step, there’s this pogo stick, like a strength at my base. My butt cheeks felt like they were bigger, like they might push out my pants. I’m like, “Where’s that coming from? I’m not doing squats.”

It’s this core Jing energy, which is your lower chakra and libido. The rites build that first, and then they work their way up. If you’re not using it sexually or through stress, you keep building it, and you’re getting all your rest. They build until they fill those lower cavities with Qi, then they work their way up to the thymus, then you release anti-aging chemicals and substances, then they get to the pituitary, and then the spiritual gifts start to happen.

Over the next few years, other Kundalini experiences happened. My third eye went off like a magnet, tingling at weird times when I talked to a spiritual person at the bar when I took reishi mushroom. It’s like, “Why is that happening?” It was like a magnet in the center of my head. It’s like some spiritual phenomena.

It would always happen when I’d lie down at the end after rite number 5, rep 21. In the end, I’d lie down for a few minutes because I knew I stirred up my chakras. I opened them and wanted to sink into the glands. You’re supposed to rest for a little bit after the rites. Do not eat cold food or drinks because you’ve generated heat in the internal organs. You want that to soak it in.

All these other spiritual phenomena were happening. Mind you, I was reading a lot of spiritual books at that time. I was living a pure, immaculate lifestyle. I was doing so many other good things to catalyze a spiritual change. I never thought or knew that maybe I was a spiritual person before, but it was natural. My upbringing is close to nature and just being a generally decent person.

The longer you take supertonic herbs, they will build deep energies in the body that change your DNA and rebuild your inner power.

I love nature. I love animals. I grew up on a little farm. I went to school a little bit late. I love life, and I respect life. Automatically, once I made these changes in my life, a spiritual aspect turned on that gave more meaning to what I was doing.

Originally, I just wanted to not be sick. I wanted to slow down, reversing the premature aging I was experiencing, and I wanted the energy, strength, and vitality in the immune system to go back to this life in the matrix in the city and conquer my egoic dreams at the time, which all changed eventually because of the health and the spiritual changes.

That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing that. What is Jing? How does our listener stop from leaking Jing? Please also differentiate Jing from Qi.

Okay. Jing is a Chinese word. If we translate it to English, it would translate to primal essence. It’s the first treasure of the three treasures. In many Chinese and Daoist healing arts, even in martial arts systems, definitely, in the Daoist tonic herbs system, everybody’s heard of ginseng and maybe a few other tonic herbs, but ginseng is a famous tonic herb. It’s a Qi tonic. It’s a second treasure herb.

There are about 25 supertonic herbs that were revered and used in elixirs and tea preparation by the Daoist monks and hermits as literal elixirs of immortality. They studied these foods and substances and how they were safe to eat every day. Don’t develop a tolerance for them. 

The longer you take them—they’re cumulative—they build deep energies in the body that change your DNA and rebuild your inner power, your lifeforce, your bone marrow, your sperm count, your immune system, and your spiritual growth, to the point when you could stop taking them and you’ve permanently changed. They’re very deep substances.

There are the three treasures system, three main energies that Daoists believed made up your life: Jing, Qi, and Shen. Jing is your core constitutional life force. It’s your endocrine system, bone marrow, DNA, telomeres, and how long you’ll live. It’s your reproductive capability, how many children you can have as a man or a woman.

With strong Jing, you have confidence, courage, and vitality. You can recover from stress and rebound, and have more vitality and physical strength. It’s in the DNA. It’s in the nucleus; it’s a nuclear material. It’s the glands and the hormones in the endocrine system. It’s the sperm and the egg, the reproductive life force. It’s your genetic potential. That’s your Jing. It’s your mojo. It’s your core constitutional strength and your inner power.

The second treasure is your Qi. Everybody’s familiar with that. Your immediate energy and vitality, that’s the Qi that’s flowing to the 12 meridians or the system that we do Qigong or acupuncture to open up the flow, or yoga to increase the prana in the body, and in the Ayurvedic system that’s a little bit similar. It’s the oldest system as well, Rasayana and Ayurveda. They have Ojas, Prana, and Shakti.

In the Daoism in Chinese, they have Jing, Qi, and Shen. The second treasure is Qi. Your lungs and spleen act upon the food in the air to make the essential Qi that goes to the meridians. If you improve your breathing and diet and serve the output of energy, you can build your Qi. The defensive Qi helps your immune system.

The Yin component of Qi is the blood. If you have anemia, poor nutrients, and poor blood, you have low Qi—low energy. In Chinese medicine, men are ruled by Qi and women are ruled by blood. If women who menstruate—that is in younger women—are borderline anemic, that can lower their energy.

The Chinese have a way to diagnose these things. When a woman looks at her tongue and it’s pale, she has Qi deficiency. She has a blood deficiency. She’s slightly anemic, so she takes a blood tonic like Dang Gui or He Shou Wu. This helps build her blood, and then she has more energy. It’s a longevity herb, so it does more things like your hair, sperm count, fertility, SOD production, antioxidant, and even sirtuin activation like resveratrol that’s in He Shou Wu. That’s the second treasure, Qi.

Third treasure, Shen. That’s the spirit, the heart, the psychology of the brain. Herbs like reishi mushroom and the neurofeedback of Chinese tonic herbs create brainwave coherence, reduce stress, raise GABA, calm neurotransmitters, and reduce cortisol, which helps you adapt to stress.

Reishi is not psychoactive like psilocybin. That doesn’t release neurotransmitters, but a Shen Reishi, a wild Reishi, is a good extract. A good reishi will open doors in the psyche that allow people to grow spiritually. Their consciousness goes up. Their Shen goes up; they get wiser. Time slows down, makes you meditate, makes you more in the moment, and makes you more present.

If you improve your breathing and diet and serve the output of energy, you can build your Qi. The defensive Qi helps your immune system.

Reishi develops Shen. Some Shen herbs are Shen stabilizers. John McEnroe, the famous tennis player with a temper in the 80s, bought more Bupleurum and Dragon Bone. That’s a Shen stabilizing herb from Ron Teeguarden. My ex-boss, who was one of my teachers throughout the whole 1980s, to deal with his anger, that’s a famous formula. They call it the lawyer’s formula in Japan because it’s so good for stress.

There are two types of shen tonics. One is the shen stabilizer. When Shen goes out of balance and stress, ego, fear, or whatever comes up, you take a Shen stabilizer to calm you down, ground you, and balance you. Those are herbs like pearl, amber, and dragon bone. They’re descending like magnesium and calcium. They’re heavy. They have a direction. Every Chinese herb goes up, down, interior, exterior, yin-yang, warm, and cool.

The tonics have all these other effects that we know from the folklore, history, the original Chinese books, and now combined with modern scientific research on the vital chemistry of these plants and the biochemistry of what they do in the human body to back it up, which is really exciting. It’s a whole new world. Biohackers can tap into this stuff.

I use these supplements. I put together the best Jing, Qi, and Shen tonics. I make elixirs. I did it at the tonic bar for years. I do it here at my Jing cave private clinic, where I’m now in my kitchen for my clients. I take them daily myself as longevity superfoods.

Wow. You are a wealth of knowledge. That’s amazing. I’m curious about the reishi. There’s red reishi. Is that different from just regular reishi mushrooms?

Yeah, there are full wild reishis. There are all different colors: red, purple, and black. The red-brown reishis are the most common, and black reishi is maybe the second most common. If you go into a Chinese herb store like Chinatown on Broadway in LA, there are a lot of good, reputable Chinese herb stores. You can walk in and see all the bulk Chinese herbs, all the barrels of American ginseng, and reishi mushrooms.

This isn’t a soft mushroom-like Agaricus bisporus that you would see in a salad bar. No, this is a hard, woody shelf mushroom. If you’re not a termite, you can’t eat that. The Chinese would break, grind, and cook it to release the energetics. The phytochemicals break off from the chitin and start to make the magic.

This is a red-brown reishi, which is very common. You’ll sometimes see a black reishi, pre-sliced. The black reishi is even stronger if you buy and cook the bulk herb. Bulkers are different from extracts.

There are full wild reishis to answer your question. Hybrid, wild, and cultivated reishi are also very good. To produce enough reishi for a company like Ron Teeguarden and Dragon Herbs to sell a Duanwood Reishi extract, that’s a very good reishi, for them to produce that consistent, stable product around the mid-70s, they devised and figured out how to make Duanwood Reishi more like a medicine that the active constituents are consistent and stable. They’re getting the best of the wild with control and production through cultivation.

Once I made changes in my life, a spiritual aspect turned on that gave more meaning to what I was doing.

Once doctors in Asia started to realize that reishi mushroom increases interferon, boosts natural killer cells, helps fight cancer, helps with allergies, helps with hypertension, helps with diabetes, with blood sugar balance, helps with asthma, and helps with inflammation, when they learned all these things, they’re like, “Oh, my gosh, this is like a medicine.” But then they realized not all reishis were the same, so they tested a lot of different wild reishis.

They found a strain of wild red reishi that was the most consistent with having the widest, broadest pharmacological benefits of all those things I just listed, especially the immune system. They took that strain and crossbred it with a cultivated strain they could control to grow on stumps in tents in the mountains in China to start mass production. That’s how Duanwood Reishi was born.

Then, this is the fruiting body, the sexual apparatus of the mushroom that comes up out of the log. The skin is glossy, it’ll pop in spores, the seed will go in the air, and they pick this when it’s the most ripe. This is ground into a powder and then pressure-cooked for 14 hours to make a broth. That broth is sun-dried to remove the water, and then what’s left from that sun-dry is a super potent and incredibly fine extract that we put in the capsules, or that we sell in bags now that people are getting so you can just use a teaspoon, put it into your tea, and make it super strong, cultivated, and wild reishi.

Those red reishi that are hybrid, wild, and cultivated are some of the best. If you don’t see a company that doesn’t put the polysaccharide count, the Ganoderic acid, or some of the other properties, don’t buy it because if you just get ground-up reishi mycelium or ground-up fruiting body, but it’s not extracted, you’re not going to get much benefit. You can get a little bit, but reishi is one of the greatest herbs in the world and one of the greatest Chinese life-changers.

It builds all three treasures but predominantly Shen and defensively Qi immune system. It helps with detoxification. It can work like a therapist, changing how it works psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally based on the person.

I had a customer at Erewhon. She was coming to the bar every day to get elixirs with her girlfriends. She was in her early mid-40s, a sweet gal, and seemed pretty innocent, friendly, and quiet. Her friends were excited about the reishi, getting the elixir every other day with Truth at the bar. Then they bought bottles of reishi and took three capsules twice a day or three capsules three times a day to get a dose of one of these high-quality reishi.

When you take it regularly, not just elixir once in a while, it starts to make changes in your physical health, emotional life, and spiritual life. The story that will happen to each person is a little different because everybody’s got a unique history, what’s going on in their mind and stuff.

Food is great, nourishing medicine. Put the time into preparing healthy food and learn to detoxify your colon.

Their friends were talking about it and said, “I love the reishi.” She said, “Truth, I want to buy a bottle of reishi.” I’m like, “Okay. Take this much.” She bought a bottle. She comes back a couple of weeks later, and she looks around to make sure nobody’s at the bar.

She leans forward, and she whispers in a soft way. She says, “Truth, can I talk to you? I started taking the reishi like you told me. I didn’t tell you, but about 10 or 15 years ago, I finished going through therapy. I had depression. I have had a severe case of depression since I was young. I went through therapy for about 15–20 years, and I was cured. I stopped the therapy. I’ve been fine ever since. At least, I thought so.

I started taking the reishi, and all of the same emotional symptoms, fears, and psychological challenges have been coming up.” I got goosebumps, and I said, “Oh, my God. You were trained, coached, and believed by talk therapist allopathic Western psychologists to tuck your issues under the rug. You paid them enough money, you went through therapy, and trained you how to behave and act like you don’t have depression.”

This is why she’s so quiet because inside, she still has issues. She’s living with them and pretending they’re not there anymore because someone told her she’s cured, but she’s not. The reishi was bringing it up. Now, it’s a whole new life to explore these things and look for therapy avenues because the reishi talks, too. It’s intelligent. That’s a rare story of how it knew how to find a psychological issue that this person had.

That’s amazing. I’m sure you’ve got plenty more stories of transformations in your clients. If our listener is looking for a source to get whether it’s red reishi or something else, would a source like Nootropics Depot be a good place? Could they buy it directly from you?

I have some red reishi, turkey tail, white jelly, and other mushroom extracts from Nootropics Depot. I’m hoping you will tell me that’s a good source, but tell me.

Ginseng is a famous Qi tonic herb.

I don’t know that brand. I could look at it. I don’t like using capsules with fillers that are hard on the kidney, liver, or gut lining, such as magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, etc. That’s the first thing I check, and then I want to know the extraction.

I just use the powder. I don’t get the capsules.

Okay. It depends on why you want to take Reishi. Some people want reishi to help their blood sugar with diabetes. It can help, like reishi and gynostemma, which are just two herbs. Type II diabetics’ numbers improve so much with just taking this herb twice a day, whereas some people want to take reishi for allergies.

They have dogs in the house. They want to let the dogs be in the house, but their allergies would get so bad. If they get on a good immunological reishi that’s extracted, hybridized, and grown, it has the constituents for the immune system. Their allergies can be reduced by 60%–100%, whether it’s hay fever, animal allergies, or seasonal allergies. I’ve seen that just changed people’s lives. I’m like, “Oh, my God, I can live normally again, thank you.”

If you’re picking a reishi for your immune system, I would probably go with Mushroom Science or my Reishi. Dragon Herbs’ Duanwood reishi are also very good. It does have a filler, but it’s bamboo silica.

I don’t want to say anything bad about Dragon Herbs. I love the company; they have some great stuff, some tinctures, and some tea pouches. But if you start taking several capsules and you’re going to do it long-term, I prefer to skip the bamboo silica because it’s not a biological organic silica like Biosilica Orgono Living Silica. This is an industrial-grade powder burn-off product from the bamboo industry that is very dry, like silica, and that’s why it prevents the powders from clogging in the capsule filling machines, and that’s why they use it.

It looks good on the label because it looks like natural bamboo silica, but it’s not any better than silicon dioxide or nanocrystalline silica, which is very fine glass. If you see the word silica and the other ingredients listed at the bottom of a supplement bottle, I don’t like to take that. It cuts up the cell membrane. 

I found that the body ecology diet, a macrobiotic system of healing, is ketogenic.

Dragon Herbs only have 5% or 10% of this silica. If you took that for a while, it’s not that bad, but if you’re going to take a higher dose long-term, I prefer not to take that. Dragon Herbs doesn’t sell these. They have amazing extracts of the quality of their herbs, but they don’t sell them in Ziploc pouches or straight powders. Because Ron is a little more old school, he thinks people want their herbs and pills to be supplements like drugs, to just swallow them. He did that by basing his company’s sales on the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Maybe people like me and David Wolfe are opening up these cowboys. We open all these bags, throw powders into teas, superfoods, and drinks, and make elixirs like we did at the Erewhon bar. It took off around 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, when companies like Jing Herbs started putting the extracted powders, which are highly hygroscopic. Somewhere with a lot of moisture and humidity, you must be careful and keep those bags airtight because they will clump up.

The capsules with the filler don’t have that problem, of course. We started getting these companies to put the extract powders in the ziplock bags, so that’s great. It’s easier to make it into a drink. Drink it, and you absorb it faster.

If you’re taking Reishi for the immune system, I’d go with Mushroom Science or my brand. I found the best reishi for both, which is very high in the immunological and all the other health benefits the reishi has. It’s a medical, physical wonder, but it’s the strongest Shen reishi I found.

My reishi, and probably Shaman Shack Herbs, have a lot of big reishi. If you call and talk to a brand, they have a couple of different sources. I’m not sure which one is on the website right now. If you contact her, her reishi is identical to mine, though I undercut other people because I’m generous with my customers. I sell at a little lower pricing, $175 for a kilo of my Reishi.

What’s your brand called?

Or $100 for 500 grams. It’s Jing Masters. It’s not on my site yet. My site is Right now, it’s just a consultation application page. I’m going to finish more of an official website.

I’ll mention a few of the special products I make like my Jing cappuccino and a few of my herbs. I hand-make a PhosChol, liposomal methylene blue 99.95% methylene chloride, a higher percentage than pharmaceutical grade. I have a great source.

Why would somebody want methylene blue?

From an anti-aging perspective, if you’re trying to boost ATP, if you can do it and not increase metabolic free radicals, that’s a win-win.

It’s a unique product—not a normal food like an herb that everyone can take. Methylene blue is a very specialized product. If you know how to take it, it’s a hormetic dose-response- you find the right dose. It’s an incredible nootropic for energy, oxygen, athletics, and detoxification. It’s good for COVID-19 and other viruses, fungus, yeast, and Candida. It’s very good for cancer to help lower these coinfections and boost the immune system.

If you’re interested in anti-aging, and you’re willing to take certain biohacking-type chemicals because they are chemicals, but they’ve been grandfathered in, we’ve known about them for 130 years. If you know the dose, it’s incredibly safe. It’s so good for you. In fact, it’s the only antioxidant redox synthetic supplement that works so naturally, that boosts ATP through cytochrome C oxidase, increasing energy through the electron transport chain without creating any free radicals.

So many professional athletes have come to me over the years and said, “Truth, how can I boost ATP?” I give them a Chinese mountain ant because it boosts ATP. Runners and sprinters who are famous and have gold medals can run faster. They make more ATP. But when you make more ATP, you also make more free radicals.

From an anti-aging perspective, if you’re trying to boost ATP, if you can do it and not increase metabolic free radicals, that’s a win-win. Methylene blue is one of the only substances that does that because of its redox action. It goes back and forth and is reduced to active as an antioxidant. You could use it for anti-aging. You could use it as an antioxidant. You can use it to lower infections, improve the immune system for energy, and clarify.

When I had recurring Epstein-Barr, ear, nose, and throat infections, it was coming back. I learned to make this methylene blue when a scientist friend gave me the source and taught me how to do it. You only need lower doses because you’ve made it liposomal with PhosChol, a stabilized pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine, which in itself from the PK protocol from the Phospholipid Exchange Therapy, that phosphatidylcholine grade is incredibly healing because 52% of every cell membrane is made up of those phospholipids. It helps you use less methylene blue and get it to absorb faster.

I would garble these methylene blue shots, dealing with chronic strep throat infections, and it was a miracle. It was life-saving. How fast it cleared up the infection. He had used this product with some naturopathic doctors who had some Covid patients that were pretty late in getting serious. In 48 hours, he had a version of this that was injectable.

I’m doing an oral by gargling or holding onto the tongue for five minutes for each gulp of the methylene blue. You just get blue lips and your urine turns blue, but you can wipe that off with a little apple cider vinegar and a paper towel. You feel it, it’s pretty amazing.

I hold my methylene blue under the tongue while I bounce on a rebounder for half an hour, and then I go on my EWOT system and do 15 minutes of breathing pure oxygen at a high flow rate on a StairMaster with interval rates. You’re dripping sweat at the end. It boosts oxygen 70% throughout the whole body, the methylene blue. It’s pretty neat.

I just do it one day a week, two days a week. It’s a special boost when I’ve configured in my routine. I can feel the benefits. I see it on my face. The next day, I look years younger. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

Let’s talk more about the herbs. That’s what I make more often. The methylene blue is a specialty custom product, but I don’t recommend it to everybody. You have to know what you’re doing and how to use it and be careful with it. It can stay in everything.

All disclaimers apply.

It’s taking me 20 years to cut out the middlemen and find a source of herbs that are this clean, this highly extracted at such a good price. For some of my clients, I teach how to make a tonic herb elixir, where they buy all these herbs separately: the Jing herbs, Cordyceps, Deer Antler, Ant, Morinda, Eucommia, He Shou Wu, and then the Shen or add a little bit of reishi.

They put all these together in a warm Gynostemma tea, add a bit of ghee or coconut oil, maybe some hazelnut stevia and some coffee flavoring drops, and blend it. It will turn into a Starbucks-style espresso. You can make all these herbs; it actually tastes really good.

It’s keto because I’m using stevia. I don’t want any sugar. When you drink it, it is vagotonic, to use a term from German new medicine. The vagus nerve shuts off the fight or flight stress response. It shuts off the sympathetic branch of the nervous system, turns on parasympathetic, and then the Yin Jing download starts. As you’re sitting there, if you drink the tea, you’re like, why is it making me feel stoned, calm, or relaxed?

If your adrenals are a little spent, you might want to go to bed like the tea makes you sleepy. You’re thinking, “These are supposed to give me energy. Why is it making me sleepy?” Because they’re the most profound adaptogens that go deep into your body and sense where your core energy is. If you’re depleted, they’re going to make you credibly calm.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs by Ron Teeguarden

To use a quote Ron Teeguarden used to always say, “During that Yin Jing calm phase, that vagotonic Yin Jing effect lasts about a half an hour to 45 minutes, where you’ll feel serotonin waves coming up. You feel high and happy but super calm. You can’t stress. It’s replenishing you. It plugs the kidneys into the cosmos, and you download your Jing.”

It’s an herb that you’re taking. It’s exogenous. It’s outside your body, putting it in you. But when it goes, and a warm tea, empty stomach, it opens the stomach receptors and enters the kidney meridian, then this Yin Jing vagotonic effect starts.

Everybody in the Western world burns their adrenals. Everybody’s not getting all the sleep they should. They’re addicted to being slightly adrenalized like having their adrenals turned on and go. They have so many stimuli and things coming in their cell phones and activity, and they go to low sleep. But if you’re strong and see that you need to be slightly adrenal all the time, you can live in that state for long periods and still be relatively healthy. Eventually, it’s aging you. It’s going to burn you out.

Along comes one of my Daoist elixirs, a Yin Jing tonic. If you drink it for the first time, it makes you so calm, but there’s this warm inner good feeling with the calmness of that serotonin coming up. People can’t move. They sit in the chair, and you see color on their faces. The stress lines go away, circulation comes back, blood flows, and then it wears off. It’s like they had a nap and slept three hours; they just woke up rested, and they go, what happened?

I feel restored, strong, and like something’s been put back. I don’t feel stimulated. I have to use that energy like a stimulant, red Korean ginseng, caffeine, Ma Huang, or an upper. I feel deeply reset, replenished, rebuilt, restored, and nourished.

I went to Hawaii and slept 12 hours a day for five days. I took a vacation. I came back to my life, and I feel like a teenager. I’m so calm, rested, and restored. Now, I have all this inner energy built up to decide to use it if I want to, but I don’t have to.

The Daoist believes if you keep putting that Jing energy in, when you have a plant that’s getting sick, wilted, or struggling to survive, you don’t treat the stem of the plant. You don’t water the leaves. You treat the roots to help nourish the plant and hope it can grow back. The Jing herbs go to the root of your lifeforce, of your being, to nourish you and grow that back.

My customers at Erewhon were stressed. They were windy, as we say in Chinese medicine. They were chaotic—there was cheese all over the place. They were thinking about a million things, were behind, and had short attention spans.

They come to me, like, “What do you have here? I’ve got this and this. Can you help me?” I listen to their issues, saying, “Okay, I have to stop their stress, modulate their immune system, reduce some inflammation, calm them down, and restore their adrenals quickly.”

The Jing herbs go to the root of your life force to nourish you and grow that back.

The regular dose of three capsules twice a day of the Return to Youth Formula that Ron Teeguarden told me to use will not cut the mustard for these people. They’re not going to feel anything. They don’t have the patience to take it twice a day or three times a day for a whole week before it starts to work, even just a little bit.

I would take two weeks with the herbs and open it all up. Open capsules, customize a formula, put it into one big 16-ounce elixir, and then it would taste nasty. It’s something like, “Oh, God, I got to find a way to make them drink this. I’d find some creamers. I’d find some sweeteners so I can make it palatable.” It’s still a little herby, but it would start to taste good when I use the right things.

When the flavored stevia came out, that was great. I’d put in some hazelnut stevia. I make this thing taste like a Starbucks espresso, but it’s two weeks’ worth of Jing herbs in one tea. If I can get that person to just sit down for 10 minutes, relax, drink the tea, and then they stop. They change their appointments. They won’t answer their phone or even text. They have to sit there for half an hour, go through the Yin Jing download, and then it wears off. They’re like, “Oh, my God, those herbs.”

A first-time customer will always come back a couple of days later, wait for me or whoever made their drink, and say, “What did you put in my drink? I think I felt something. But I’m not sure if it was psychosomatic. Maybe it was just me. Can you make me that same drink again?” I’m like, “Okay. I’ll make the same drink,” and the same thing happens. They come back the next day, and then they’re a believer because they felt and experienced it.

From my experience, not everything in the alternative world of supplements is what every person feels. There are a lot of things that a lot of people don’t feel. The Chinese tonic herbs, these elixirs I use, have the highest success rate of anything I’ve seen, where 98% of everybody I put these tonics in has positive effects. Their bodies know they need this; they learn from the herbs and want to add them to their lives.

Wow. Again, you’re a wealth of information—a couple of things. One you mentioned, I think it was some device or modality called EWOT. What was that?

That’s a pretty advanced anti-aging exercise setup. It just stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. They’ve been around a long time. People like Ben Greenfield are into it. Professional athletes use it to get their VO2 max and their cardio performance up to an even higher level to break records.

People who are into anti-aging use it for anti-aging purposes. People with cancer use it to boost their immune system. Basically, you need a cardio device. Many people use a standing or fixed bicycle to pedal on like a lifecycle. But bicycles aren’t great at building bone density because they’re not weight-bearing. Long-term cycling and long-term swimming do not encourage bone density growth compared to something that’s weight-bearing.

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I got an Upright StairMaster like Ben Greenfield recommends, a commercial version like they would have it maybe in the 2000s and 90s at Family Fitness Center or something. These are $10,000, brand new, possibly $2000–$4000, used. I found an older one for $300 on eBay, but I had to drive a few states to pick the thing up, re-sand it down, and paint it because it’d been left outside and rusted, but they’re indestructible.

A solid stepper is what I like to use. I forget what they call when you have the arms and the legs. It could be one of those, but you want a solid one. The EWOT system consists of an oxygen concentrator, which is oxygen on wheels that older people have. They turn it on, and it pumps oxygen from ambient room air. You can control the milliliters per minute, 2, 5, 10. The older person would put the oxygen cannula on his ears and inhale and breathe oxygen.

You get an oxygen concentrator and run the tube into a bag about 6 x 6 ft and a couple of feet wide. It hangs on a frame that holds 1,000 liters of oxygen. You prefill the bag for an hour and a half until it’s full of oxygen. The bag has a CPAP tube—a high-flow, wide CPAP tube with a CPAP mask.

You put on this mask, prefill the bag with the oxygen, get on your stepper, and set an interval program that’s fairly intense. It will push your respiratory levels pretty hard and make you sweat halfway through towards the end, and you only need 15 minutes. Deep breathing to your lungs, full capacity breathing in that oxygen with the carbon dioxide compressing during that 15-minute exercise. You’ll flatten most of that whole bag in just 15 minutes.

It’s like four hours of cardio. It’s like a marathon runner training eight hours every day or every other day to get in great shape. I ran across the country when I was young, so I know what it feels like to be out of shape. When I’m training, when I’m running a lot, and when you get back into shape, that VO2 max, that Zone 2 level of fitness as Peter Attia calls it, it’s something you feel. Walking up and down stairs quickly is so easy because you never get tired. When you’re fit, when you’re in shape cardiovascularly, everything’s easier.

The best gift you can give others is truth-based knowledge.

It’s been proven that age-related diseases are reduced four times by using EWOT, or having that VO2 max in the 80th percentile of people in the world today, and your cardio fitness. All you need is 15 minutes, two or three times a week.

I have been out of shape because I haven’t run in years. I got the EWOT system only a few months ago. Within a couple of weeks of doing it just two or three times a week for 15 minutes, I felt the level of physical fitness I had to work so hard to get as a runner when I was young by training many hours.

That chronic cardio by running that much is not ideal for me at my age now at 53. That’s a lot of free radicals. I don’t want that. With the EWOT, I only need 15 minutes to have max cardio fitness for longevity. If I combine methylene blue before it, it’s even better. It’s a great training device.

If I do strength training one or two days a week, like reverse pyramid training in my gym, to maintain muscle mass, those muscles are glucose pumps. When you get older, you want to counter sarcopenia and keep the muscles up. I follow a strict ketosis diet, so I probably only eat 1200–1400 calories daily, one meal a day. My blood ketones are 2–3, and my blood sugar is maybe 70, so my GKI is maybe 2.

The Immortal by Stuart Alve Olson & Yang Sen

When I do a 72-hour fast once a month or every couple of months, while I do a five-day fast, my ketones are 5–7. When you’re doing that diet and fasting like I do, your insulin will be really low, which is great to help slow down aging. It’s great to stop and reverse age-related diseases. When your insulin is that low, you don’t hold water and sodium, so you’re really slim. You’re just skin, muscle, bone, and sinew. You don’t hold water. You don’t have any extra body fat because you burn your fat for fuel.

I chose to stay that way. Even though I eat some carbs and gain just 5–10 lbs, because my insulin goes up with a little water, people think I look healthier. Our brain and our eyes, the way we’re trained and how we see people, I think we’re used to seeing everybody fattened up, holding a little water, and inflamed about 10 pounds over their ideal healthy weight, which we think looks healthy.

When you do a strict keto diet, that’s the one thing you’re very slim. You’re very lean, but you’re healthy. It can slow down aging, and you’ll have the best longevity. It’s a balance. You have to get enough protein. That’s why I supplement with MAP. It’s the only special raw pre-digested protein supplement.

If I take eight of these twice a day with water, I check it with my hydrogen water. With my ketogenic diet, I don’t have to eat any meat, and I have to eat animal protein. I get a little bit of vegetable protein. Eat some fresh poached sardines, never canned, once a month, just to get some different nutrition. I think the fish are pretty healthy.

Otherwise, this protein has zero nitrogen toxicity and zero protein metabolites. It’s 100% absorbed into body protein synthesis. Every amino acid builds permanent new cells in my body—bone, muscle, glands, skin, hormones, and tissue. Whereas with animal protein, only 40% will be body protein synthesis. The body must digest it, break down those amino acids, and put them back together to use.

What’s the other 60%? That will be protein aggregates, nitrogen metabolites, thick blood, blood clots, and ammonia in your blood. We have to get it because the amino acids are so important. This is why people initially do well on a carnivore diet: They’re getting a lot of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of the physical body; you have to get them.

If you want to do a keto diet long term, like what I’m doing, if you eat more than two ounces of meat twice a week, it’ll pull you out of ketosis. You’ll start burning. Through gluconeogenesis, you’ll convert some of that protein to sugar. Your metabolism will change, and you’re back into more of a glycogen, carbohydrate metabolism.

It’s not easy to do a therapeutic ketogenic diet. You have to be experienced, practice, have your own meters, check yourself, find the right balance, and know how to supplement to get nutrition. I supplement with Omega-3s, and I supplement with enough proteins.

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If I don’t supplement with these, I’ll rebound, I’ll get cravings, and I’ll get protein deficient. I’ll get too skinny and weak. I can’t exercise. I can do the keto diet. I can feel many of the benefits, but I can feel the side effects, too. It’s like someone who’s over-fasting or, due to calorie restriction, goes too far. You have to know how to get the nutrients in. Sorry, that’s a little side tangent there.

That was a good one, though. The EWOT system, I’m curious if LiveO2 is one of those systems.

It is. Yeah, that’s a good one.

I’ve had one of the founders of LiveO2, Tom Butler, on the show. Where would you get the MAP supplement that you held up there for those of us watching on video?

I don’t make any profit from this, but I believe in it. Just Google or search on a search engine, MAP, and then type in the word master amino acids or master amino acid pattern. That website has so much science, like 20 years of science and research on how this works.

This does not raise your glucose like other proteins. It has no calories. It does not strain or put wear and tear on your kidneys and liver. I listened to a few of your podcasts before our podcast because I had never heard of you before. I enjoyed some of what I listened to.

I heard your comment, talking to David Wolfe, about how Dave Asprey said he plans to live to be 180 years old. I’ve heard him say that since 2015. I plan to live to be 256 years old because this is my hero right here, Professor Li-Ching Yuen, a Daoist hermit. He’s holding a ginseng root in his hand there, wild ginseng.

What’s the name of that book?

Healing is Voltage by Jerry L. Tennant

This book is called The Immortal translated by Stuart Alve Olson. You can get it on Amazon. This is a martial artist. A Western martial artist translated this book, who went to China for decades and studied with the greatest martial artists in the world who knew everything about the history of this gentleman, who lived long, left home at age nine, befriended some gathering hermit herbalists.

As a boy, he lived in a remote part of northern China. He was playing deep in the land outside his backyard. He met these hermits who were traveling herbalists. He befriended them, just left with them, and ran away from home. They would gather the greatest wild treasure tonic herbs, wild ginseng, wild goji berries, wild reishi, cordyceps that’s worth a million dollars a ton, real Tibetan wild cordyceps today. They’re the most expensive herbs in the world.

He got to eat these. He sometimes had only herbs for three months. He’s probably fasting-mimicking on a diet of 500 calories a day just by chewing on some wild red asparagus and ginseng until he doesn’t have food.

I believe this man put together so much research on what empirical evidence we do have to prove the high probability that this man was real and that he truly did get an award on his 150th birthday and his 200th birthday, that he did do a longevity lecture when he was 250 at a university in China. The original author, Yang Sen, who wrote the book in Chinese, documented everything and was honest and true.

This American author went back and verified as many of the sources as possible. It’s an incredible book. When I was 30 years old in 2000, those three years, I was a monk. I told you about it in my program. When I first discovered what led me to tonic herbs is a little juicing company out in the valley of Los Angeles, I was researching all the best juicers trying to upgrade to a better juicer.

This company led me to many good things because they had slant boards, food dehydrators, Norman Walker books, and Jensen books. In the back, they sold a good Korean ginseng paste. The Korean ginsengs for cultivated ginseng are good. They talked about this man in their ad and the herbs he ate daily, like Fo-ti, He Shou Wu, goji berry, cordyceps, deer antler, and ginseng.

I learned about this man from that ad when I was 30 and started my commitment to this healthy lifestyle, my healing. That led me to all of this. This guy’s been my hero ever since. Suddenly, the Chinese herbs like ginseng, these herbs I just listed, at that point and when I read this book, they were elevated in my mind to a sacred status of gold, of the Holy Grail, like opening up ancient artifacts from an Egyptian tomb and getting some precious treasure.

To me, buying grade one, expensive, high-quality herbs if you go down to Chinatown, while ginseng roots will be nailed on a blackboard. They’ll be tens of thousands of dollars. You just go home and warm it up in an oven so it’s soft. You slice it, boil it, and drink the tea.

The old Chinese were smart. When they win the lottery, get an inheritance, or have some extra money saved up, they invest it by going and buying some good, expensive ginseng. A supply that they could consume for one month out of the entire year, just one for the whole year. Once in a while, buy some really good top three treasure tonic herbs like ginseng, take that ginseng home, super expensive ginseng, and take it every single day for just one month because the wild ginseng has so much more of the three treasures.

The three treasures are your life. If you’re buying something that gives you your life, it’s not something you want to bargain with and buy grade number two or grade number three and cheapen and lessen the amount of life force that’s in that substance. It’s something where you decide to splurge and say, “If I’m going to do this, I’m going to go for it, buy the best, and buy this expensive ginseng.” Maybe I won’t do it every day my whole life, not all year round. I can’t afford it, and I don’t necessarily have to. Because this herb is so powerful, it will stay with me if I just do it for one month out of the year.

My goal is to be 256 years old for this guy. I bring this up because I believe that studying amino acid synthesis and protein chemistry in the body is very important. It’s a whole complex area of nutrition.

The experts really agree. You need 30 grams of protein if you eat meat, once in the morning and once in the evening, to hit net nitrogen balance so you’re not catabolic. You can build back the tissues that you have to live long. That’s a lot of meat you have to eat for a long time. If I’m going to live 250 years and eat that much meat, it’s going to make it difficult to achieve a therapeutic ketogenic diet first off to eat that much meat, and then there’s the toxicity effects of the colon and stuff.

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I make a lot of cultured foods. I make the best sauerkraut in the world. I’ve got some right there. I just made a fresh batch of salsa that’s going. I can pick up my webcam and show you if you want. Over there, I have my Instapot going. I make the Super SIBO Reuteri Yogurt with the Gasseri in the back, as well as those Coagulans B30 that Dr. William Davis—I saw you did a podcast with him—came up with that recipe.

That recipe is incredible. I make two forms. I make raw young Thai coconut meat with Reuteri yogurt using Irish sea moss gel blended as the thickener instead of kerogen. It’s incredible.

I have the original half and half. I use A2/A2 grass-fed, half-and-half dairy, fermented. I do a Budwig meal once a day, where I get A2 cottage cheese and whip it with flax oil. I have a little temperature press to press my flax oil and put it in my ring glass so there’s no rancidity.

I believe that the electrical charge in the Budwig protocol is not for cancer, just for energy. Cancer is a metabolic thing. That’s why it works and helps people with so many types of cancers because of the high negative charge of the solar electrons in the flax oil. You blend it for 90 minutes with the cottage cheese; the high negative charge of the sulfur amino acids is in the cottage cheese. The two mix together, and you can create an electrical circuit, which you then consume. Right after you blend it, you have to consume it fresh after you’ve mixed it, and then you take in that electrical charge.

Chinese Tonic Herbs by Ron Teeguarden

Dr. Jerry Tennant wrote a book called Healing is Voltage. It’s all about free electrons. That’s why raw food has a bigger aura than a Kirlian Photograph. While you eat it, why does it give you more energy than cooked food? Because it donates free electrons.

I have a hydrogen machine, and I drink hydrogen water only. When I put my meter in there to measure the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), the positive or negative charge in millivolts, I’m measuring electricity in the water. It’s at -450, negative ORP, minus millivolts, negatively charged hydrogen. The disease cannot live in the presence of negatively charged hydrogen, the greatest antioxidant.

I inhale hydrogen gas once or twice a day, just five minutes of deep breathing, 5 to 10 minutes, enough to feel it, and then I drink a liter and a half once or twice a day of the molecular hydrogen water. Whenever I drink that water, I swallow my MAP. When I get my water, I get my hydrogen, herbs, and amino acids, and then I make lots of cultured foods. I do all these yogurts, I do the Budwig meal, and I make blended raw soups. Otherwise, everything else is plant food, lots of C8 MCT oils, organic that I put in there, so the ketone’s high.

I supplement with Omega-3, pharmaceutical-grade, high-DHA fish oil products because I think they help cause mortality as well. I love talking about this stuff. I feel so blessed to have this knowledge. It’s taken me 23 years of full-time work. I’ve gone through incarnation after incarnation of this protocol and program.

I do consultations with people, and I customize programs for their specific goals or needs because I have a lot of experience helping various people with various things. I had ten years at the tonic bar listening to people’s issues, taking my knowledge and experience, and then trying it with people. That was like my internship.

That gave me the confidence to feel like I could quickly listen to someone’s issues and throw together a really good program that’s specialized for them based on their budget, access to what things they could get, and what diet changes they could make. I incorporate health technologies. I do ozone. I do a lot with rife machines, with frequency machines, and a bunch of other stuff.

You’re offering a 20% discount on private consultations for three months after the release of this podcast episode.

Sure, why not?

That’s amazing.

I’m happy to extend a discount to your listeners within a timeframe of when this video is released or whatever. People go to, fill out the application page, and I’ll get an email. I emailed them back. I have four different console package options with various amounts of follow-up, email support, whether a phone or a video console, and how long it is. 

Do I record? Do I create a custom ebook? Some of the custom ebooks that I type up with all the order links, all the coupon codes, exact recipes, what to take, and at what time of the day I’ve designed with the person. That’s a bigger consult because it takes me about one to two days of work. It’s a little book that I make for that person. It’s the final perfect program for them at this time of their life that they will need. It’s a master’s plan. The cheapest consults are just a call. They got to take the notes, but I still do one month of free follow-up quick questions by email at no further charge.

Life is a gift. We have to work with nature and harness the power of nature.

I love helping people. I love working with people. Life is a gift. We have to work with nature and harness the power of nature. We’ve been breaking the laws of nature left, right, and center for a long time. The body is adaptive. We can get away with a certain amount, but you go too far, and this is where we run into issues.

When you’ve lost it, you get to get it back, and you get a second chance. It’s like the cat with nine lives being reborn. It’s a real gift. You gain wisdom, and you have the honor to use that responsibility. You’re renting this body from God, some people say. You want to steward this physical vehicle and have it tuned up. When you activate it, it can do things beyond what you knew were possible and just the physical, spiritual, and emotional joy of being in the moment in such a healthy body.

You have to be spiritually and emotionally healthy, too. You can’t be allowing bad addictions to continue your life at the same time as you’re trying to do all this physical stuff and expect great results. You want to work your mind, body, and spirit and start doing the right thing. That means you have to think about what you want.

For some people, it’s too late. They want to help other people before their time is up. But if they damage the soul too far, they can’t forgive themselves. They can’t heal emotionally and spiritually and might give up on themselves. You can heal anything at any time for anyone.

Obviously, it can be harder, and it can take more things. I’ve had some stories and issues. I literally could not heal an accident I had once with anything I could find in any physical tool, with any practitioner anywhere in the world, with the particular injury that I had. It was getting very serious. At that point, I had to use a manifestation technique to manifest it all through meditation, a spontaneous remission to the ceiling. It took me five hours a day of meditation for two weeks straight, and then I had a miracle happen.

I know if I wasn’t trained in this ancient mystery school discipline of this quantum focus meditation technique, which is a little bit similar to some of the techniques that Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches—how to manifest a healing and spontaneous remission through meditation, through consciousness, from the void, through your focus—the sky’s the limit, Stephan. It’s awesome.

Yes, it is. It’s amazing. If someone wants to buy the products, as well, you’ll be launching the site in the summer.

I may not have the products’ pages up at the add-to-cart level. I may have information on the site that says email me and contact me for a list of the products, for any specific product, or I may put a list there. As it is now, I make these products in my clinic, just custom for myself and for my close clients, the private clients that I work with, that I consult with from a distance, I ship it to them, or for people who come here. I make some of these products.

You could give out my email that you used for this podcast that was sent to any of your listeners if someone knows about my work and goes, “Oh, wow, Truth’s making the Jing cappuccino bagged,” which is my latest version of Jing City. Jing City was out from 2009 to 2014 and was pretty famous. It was the biggest-selling product from Longevity Warehouse, David Wolfe’s company, and at the events.

Healing can occur at any time.

It was my strongest three-treasure tonic herbal elixir. Instead of buying all the herbs separately, making a scoop of each one, putting it into tea, and blending it yourself, some clients just said, “I don’t have time to do that, Truth. If I do, I’ll buy them separately once in a while for the ritual to make it, but I’m busy. Can you just premix it for me?” So I made the Jing City, and now the new version is the Jing cappuccino, which I took all the dairy. Protein powder tasted really good in the old Jing City, but there are too many problems with the casein, lactose, etc.

I have a coconut cream powder that has no maltodextrin. It’s keto and just a little bit of that, a few little superfood powders to cream it, and then an incredible tonic herbs formula recipe that’s mixed. Here is a recipe for how to make that real fast: just put scoops to the mix right into the hot tea or water. Optional: Add a little stevia and oil to cream it, smooth it, blend it, and drink while it’s warm. You’ll get that vagotonic Yin Jing like a full elixir of immortality in one drink. It’s pretty amazing.

I am selling Jing cappuccinos now. I make it, I can take orders. If somebody wants one, they can email me. It will be up on the site at the time, and then, at some point in the future, I’ll have it on the cart, where it’s easy for people to order. I love to podcast about it and see people because they’re life-changing. Everybody has a powerful, profound effect when they drink this stuff.

I’m sold. I want to work with you. 

My goal after I get the site going successfully is to create another tonic bar open raw to the public that’s like a healing center disguised as a juice bar, like what I had at Erewhon back in the day that so many people loved. It was the greatest job of the public to change the community. What you’re doing is the next best thing. You’re doing great podcasts online, with so much good content that a lot of people can watch from home from their devices.

It’s quite something different when you’re there standing behind a bar with all of these supplements, herbs, the skill to make them, the heart to listen to people, and to give them some good advice—emotional, spiritual, physical advice—and then they sit down and have one of these teas. They let the herbs teach them the rest of the way. They’ll feel it. They’ll come back and go, “Oh, my God, what was that?”

You give them the book. You’ll need this book to learn about The Three Treasures—The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs by Ron Teeguarden. You can read about Jing, Qi, and Shen. You can look up cordyceps, eucomma, reishi, he shou wu, read the combination of modern science with ancient Chinese knowledge, and go, “Wow, I have uncovered a treasure chest of longevity superfoods.”

By the way, I love the analogy of Jing, which is the wax and the wick of the candle, where its condensed energy becomes material. Qi is the flame, which through its burning, makes the candle burn, and then Shen is the light emanating from the candle.

You nailed it. That’s The Three Treasure candle analogy that Ron Teeguarden’s teacher taught him, master Sung Jin Park. The wax and the wicks are the physical substance. That’s the thing you see, feel, and touch with the candle.

The Qi is the active purpose of the candle, the flame. The second treasure is the flame. The flame eventually consumes the candle. But the bigger the candle, the more wax you’ve got. The harder the quality of the wax, the stronger the wick. The longer that flame, the stronger it will burn, the more Qi it will have, and the longer it can burn.

That’s why the Jing is like your battery. It’s like your savings account, your bank account, like the Energizer bunny. If you can build more Jing than you leak, you leak Jing through loss of semen for men, through nine months of pregnancy, and childbirth for women. You leak Jing through chronic stress, lack of sleep, chronic inflammation, and excessive emotionalism or addiction, irregular menstrual problems for some women. Those are the leaks of Jing.

If you reduce the leaks and put back more Jing than you use, you’re adding to your candle. It’s growing as it’s burning. It could be an immortal candle and never die. Then, you build your Qi. You have a big, strong flame. What do you get from a big, strong flame, the actual purpose of the candle? You get the ultimate purpose of the candle, which is the light that emits that illuminates all things to make it known. You’re out of the darkness. To be enlightened means to be in light of, which means to have knowledge.

One of my spiritual teachers said, “The best thing you can give another human being is knowledge based on truth, if applied to their intention, leads to freedom, not victimhood.” Ignorance is bliss when you’re a kid; you’re playing, eating cotton candy, going to the dentist, get your root canals, and deep sleep with your cell phone or what until one day you get cancer. Now you’re suddenly heartbroken like, “I’m so young, I’m still growing up, figuring out what I want to do in life, and now I’ve been told I have the disease that could take my life?” That’s a shocker.

Now, ignorance is not bliss. Now you’re angry at victimhood. Now you want knowledge. Knowledge is power, and you need to apply it. You need truth. You need to learn a lot of knowledge rapidly. That’s why you got to take care of the quantum computer, the brain because you can store that knowledge. It’s just conjecture if you only learn it through words and academia. You have to apply it hands-on.

When you live this lifestyle, wiggling the neurons, making your kraut, making your Kiefer, doing your Five Rites yoga, doing the program, hands-on, hands-off, wax on, wax off, like the Karate Kid.

Awesome. You’re inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing all this wisdom. Thank you so much for revealing your light in this episode.

Thank you for having me. You’ve got a good chance, Stephan. I can sense it.

Thank you. Our listener, I want you to take something from this episode and apply it this week because knowledge for knowledge’s sake is not enough- you have to apply it. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Follow a therapeutic ketogenic diet to slow down aging and reverse age-related diseases. Maintain my ketosis by moderating protein intake.

?Supplement my diet with amino acids, such as Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP), to meet my protein needs without disrupting ketosis.

?Incorporate high-quality Chinese tonic herbs like ginseng, cordyceps, and reishi in my diet to nurture Jing, Qi, and Shen.

?Prepare and consume warm tonic herb elixirs on an empty stomach for vagotonic “Yin Jing” effects.

?Practice celibacy, ensure adequate sleep, manage stress, and address inflammation and infections to reduce my Jing leaks.

?Utilize an Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) system coupled with oxygen therapy for powerful anti-aging, cardiovascular exercise benefits.

?Drink negative-ORP hydrogen water and inhale hydrogen gas. This will fill my body with antioxidant electrons.

?Incorporate raw cultured foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, and kefir into my diet for optimal gut health.

?Implement a 5-day fast once per month and practice longer fasts more frequently for metabolic benefits.

?Take advantage of a 20% discount on private consultations with Truth Calkins by visiting Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to enhance my well-being.

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